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Updated Monday October 19th

Monday 19th October: After Saturday it was good to see our one Winform Gold Club selection win the Seymour Cup yesterday. This was clearly the only selection on the Gold Club page and as it happend we actually quinellad the race if you took it.

It might have only been $2.90 but a welcome winner.

Today we have Bairnsdale and Lismore so an easier operating day for those who have the time and patience to wait for each race.

On Saturday we had single selections from several methods. It is just a coincidence that all of them failed together although B4 had a winner and our Premiums had a winner and the Best Bet won. On other dyas all the plans have won. Our WGC2 plan has had a brilliant run but this month has failed miserably. Wild N Famous wasselected by two plans and the reverse photo result would have made all the difference.

Sunday 18th October: Not the best day ever yesterday, that's for sure. Once again I failed to win the Caulfield Cup. But the Money Factory combined strategy made another profit on a hard day with over 100 races and gaps of just one or two minutes quite often. It beggars belief that a country race was scheduled to run 4 minutes before the Cup AND they had the audacity to be running late as well.

On our single selections we had the worst day ever with just one winner but the Daily Feature Race was a win. Our Ivanhowe looked likely to win 300 metres out but faded at the finish to run 3rd at $26. That would have been a nice result.

The Winform Daily Mail featured ten races and we collected six Quinellas with two of them over $40 for a $129 collect forthe $100 outlay. There were also 5 Trifectas and two First Fours.

Only three winners in our selected Spring Package races so a day to forget. Cox Plate Day next week and we could get an on pace bias there too.

Our Gold Club runner yesterday started favourite but copped a bad check in the straight and finished last.

Saturday 17th October: Caulfield Cup Day. What else needs to be said. Thse of us doung the topr three Powerplay and so on will be pushing it with lots of extra meetings. More single selections than usual too. I'm flat out having reassessed every Caulfield race.

The Gold Club had a runner at Canberra ysterday which ran 2nd and today has a runner at Randwick which has already firmed from $13 to $8.50 and I wish I took the early price.

Friday 16th October: Well I had a good day yesterday. Some nice winning races and time for a sale in a strong nor easter before a fun movie with Ros.Not so fun today. Physio this morning then a return trip to Sydney.Mr X resumes Sunday after an extended holiday inclduing the Caulfield Guineas meeting so should be refreshed and ready to go.

The Spring Package is online at the Winform Godl page and we will amend after scratchings PLUS we have a Gold Club runner at Canberra today which is a genuine chance at double figure odds.

Plenty of action on Good tracks today plus Cranbourne tonight where to be honest, we dont go that hot. So tkae your profits this arvo.

English man walks into a bar. There's normally a Scotsman, Welshman and an Irish man too. But they're still at the Rugby World Cup.


Thursday 15th October: Our bradband speed this mornig is so bad it is barely better than dial up. I had hoped to add a link to the Caulfield Cup video but can't get fast enough to view the link. Just go to the home page and click our YouTube link.

Won the Murray Bridge Cup yesterday and the $58 Quinella in the Top Two. Clsed off our Money Factory several times.

Wednesday 14th October: What a great day yesterday! A Daly Feature Race win (expected) but lots of wins for Powerplay, the Winform Favourite strategy and the combined strategy. The Punting Pool picked up $500 for little effort. As we are using Money Factory, we were on the bottom level. There will be times when we are not.

Today we have Group and Listed races at Murray Bridge and Caulfield and so the Spring package has been sent by email to those who get it that way and via the Winform Gold page for those who pick it up off the website. The Punting Club has some bigger bets today on our Singles Money Factory.

Tuesday 13th October: Just reran our HR2D rankings for September and we are maintaining a race strike rate in excess of 44% for the Top Two 27% topr ranked and 18% second ranked but @ $4.07 that is down on normal, probabaly because the increased number of Good tracks.

38% was the strike rate of HR2D top ranked runners when also the race favourite @ $2.65 so basically square. The Money Factory staking plan is a no brainer with a maximum losing run of just 9. 67% of the selections were placed.

see www.stakingkings.com for a subscription to Money Factory which costs just $25 per month.

Monday 12th October: Some good priced Powerplay winners yesterday. Good track conditions all round today and three meetings to play with. All uploaded by 8.20 a.m. with no Qd or WA meetings.

Our Punters Pool keeps moving ahead but it's steady as she goes.

Sunday 11th October: Boy the month is going fast. Great racing at Caulfield yesterday even though we got the worst of it. We did get three good winners but nothing at decent odds. We aso got our money back on some selections like Harlem River and The Bowler and these money back options are always worth havijng. Of course I also backed a winner so no money back there!.

Subscribers to WinformGold Club got our new selections yesterday and two winners but not enough to clear out outlay. Hi World has proved to be a shot duck and Peeping can't run the mile. Amralah was brilliant winning the Herbert Power and so was Big Memory last year but I liked the way Amralah was able to make a mid race move using lots of eneregy and then powered away again at the turn. It wasn't the best field but next week is up another level.

Press Statement was able to dictate terms and win in very slow time (relative to the day). That makes future asessments subjective and not backed up by race speed. Best tactics and probably best horsein the race but against all ages??

Our Punters Club did okay for the week but dropped some of our profit on the Quaddieand on reflection , it wasn't a good idea but I was swung by the big jackpot pool.

Cranbourne Cup Day today and maybe at last Taiyoo gets his chance to win one. He is 22 days out and so our progrma automatically applied a penalty but it is ridiculous to apply itwhen obviously his trainer has him set for the race. So we reversed it and he rightly takes his place at the head of the ratings.


Saturday 10th October: The return for the Punters Pool using Money Factory has now topped $5,000 after two weeks of operation but only 6 actual days of punting. Take off the $1,000 welost on the Quaddie and it's still a great result. We are using a $10,000 Money Factory Bank at this stage with plenty of back up. We suggest if you bet on this scale, you use three banks so two in reserve. We are already half way to having a fourth Bank in reserve.

We are not doing anyhting an ordinary punter could not do for themselves with just the Winform ratings and having enough betting accounts to be able to get a competitive price. We have used Betfair but find we basically lose there. Why??? The only time we use them is when the Betfair prices is much better than the bookmakers or tote pricessoI guess what is really happening is that the better prices are for a reason.

We probably shouldn't but we are, looking ahead at today with great optimism. That leaves us open to failure and feeling bad about it so we should instead expect another hard slog but adequateky rewarded over time but it is hard not to be excited at this time of the year. Not because of the champion horses that evolve but because of the fact that a few horses which we have spotted outperform the market.

Friday 9th October: 50% winning races yesterday @ $2.09 so profitable but not as profitable as if we did Powerplay. There we would have had only a few winners but with a $13 winner (yes our limit is $11 fixed but it paid $13.30 best tote) the profit would have been substantial.

RichARD SAID THE OTHER DAY, he didnt't like busting banks, well what he said, that he had busted a couple of banks , was not quite right. For Powerplay we split our Bank into ten and then bet until that 10% of the Bank is exhausted before starting again at our base bet. If we do "lose" two banks ina row it is just 20% of our Bank.

Now yesterday using Money Factory we had a run of just two small wins in 11 races and so Money Factpry was down $3,000 + on a $10,000 Bank. That winner collected oer $2,000 for us and then after a run of four wining races in a row we cleared the rest and as we do in Money Factory,"went green" which is our ultimate goal.

We went green again before quitting in time for a nice dinner.

Thursday 8th October: I ran into Amelia Burton yesterday (now a mother of two and no time for punting), who has just been appointed senior acccounts manager at the accountants she went to after leaving us. Figures were always her strong point and that came out in her book Punting In The New Millenium, which by the way, was a sellout, and the figures in that book are still valid today. An E-book version is available at the online store.

Yesterday was a wiining day for all strategies. The Punters Pool closed two Money Factory series for a small profit. This happens (a small profit) when we get a string of shorter priced results.

Wednesday7th October: Updates and Best Bets and Daily Feature willbe online after 11 a.m. with Qld and WA scratchings. The ratings for everywhere else will be on line by 8.30. Can't help it with Daylight saving misery. A lot cooler everywhere today. We lost Kilmore yesterday so only one meeting at Nowra. A boring day all round.

Today should be better with plenty of action from a late start of 1.18 through to the last at Launceston at 10.30.

Tuesday 6th October: Average performance from our ratings yesterday but HR2D had an absolutely blinder landing 15 from 23 when the favourite was in the Top Two.

Nothing much happening today with only two meetings at Nowra and Kilmore. Our usual strategies will apply and for those stil learnign the gaps between races will help you work them out.

Monday 5th October: What a great winning weekend for our Winform Gold Club subscribers. Probabaly the biggest winning weekend this year with winners FRiday nigth Saturday AND Sunday.

Our ratings and Winform Daily Mail subscribers did very well alsoand we missed the Flemington Quaddie but we had three legs in including the $51 winner.

Todays ratings are also available to Saturday only ratings subscribers under the Saturday file.


Sunday 4th October: It's 9 a.m. and I will shortly get Queensland scratchings.


Saturday 3rd October: Video preview https://youtu.be/Vcd4qIhDXB4

Only about 33% winning races yesterday for our combined strategy but that is againxt an expected 37% so not too problematical. Today is a big day. How can you get all your bets on AND watch the AFL Grand Final?? It's a challenge but we're up to it.

Personally I'm hoping to be well in front before it starts so I can give it my undivided attention (is the Epsom on in a qtr or half time break??).

The Spring package did well last night Escado was our second rated selection winning at $35 but our strategy didn't come up off as we couldnt get that all important 2nd horse in the Quinella.

Our new Winform Gold Club selection wasa winner at $5 best fluc!. The Winforn Daily Mail also had a big win.

Friday 2nd October: A very good day fro the Winform Favourite/Powerplay strategy combined early yeserday but then after 3 o'clock the pickings were hard to come by. You can never pick where the joiurney starts and ends.

Five good meetings today although Benalla hasnt been our favourite playground, still with Moonee Valley back on tonight something to keep us all going.

Thursday 1st October: No luck for members yesterday,horses that were hailed the winner 100 metres out when clear by 2 or 3 lengths , were cut down with religious monotomy and our bank balnces with it.

Powerplay might have escaped with a good winner at Belmont but overall just one of those days.

I've been up since 5 a.m. working the Saturday fields and bemoaning the poor quaity of Caulfield Saturday and then I realised. Grand Final weekend and Flemington, the Group and Listed races moved to Sunday. Extra work for all.

Saturday we look like having just one Gold Club selection and Sunday at Flemington none but between the two some good singles.

Wednesday 30th September: Well, at 7.40 a.m. early today. Our Daily Feature Race yesterday produced a $19 Quinella and $400+ Trifecta. Our recommendation wat the Quinella. It was an ordinary day class wise and not a great day all round. The Punting Pool had one profit fromt the three bankse we have running and of course all three are curently in an ongoing series.

I expect good tracks at all venues today, Beaudesert may get late rain but shouldnt affect things. Historically Beaudesert has been good to us as has Mt Gambier, Ballarat we have a poor strike rate but dividends can be good.

Tuesday 29th September: Late today , sorry, but lots to do like getting our Punting Pool organised and we now have over $100k in the pool including one for the good ole U.S.A of course Damian is from here.

A few glithces along the way, obviously I have had no bets placed myself having all the admin to contend with but after this week we will be operting with at least three mMoney Factory Banks.

Anyhow, hoping to get a few bets on now.

Monday 28th September: I don't understand why but there has been a drop off in interest last Saturday compared to the previous saturdays in September. The drop has been in the order of 10% and is across the board, web visits, betting turnover, Racing viewers and so on. Is it the Footy Finals fever?? At one major corporate Racing turnover was down 34% compared to the previous Saturday.

In the meantime our Winform Racing Club punters pool has passed $100,000 and now the challenge is how to get the most out of it. Our thinking is that a minimum of a 10% increase is expected but a hope of 20%. One key element is "can we score a Quaddie?" Well 3 out of 4 legs Saturday in a $18k quaddie that paid double that in NSW. With our Bank we can participate in all three pools. You still have to get it though.

Sunday 27th September: Our Spring package only had two winners (40%) from the 5 selections. Lucky they paid $19+ between them! If any subscriber is not in front then it may be that they were somewhere else yesterday.

So I sent a little jibe to Elizabeth this week wiht an LOL at the end...yes I know it's so 2010!! She replied with a complaint....I resent the LOL remark "Little Old Lady".

Anyhow, we started our Winform Racing Club Punting Pool yesterday as plenty of funds had already arrived so in the end we were at +14.5% profit on turnover and this wih a below average strike rate of 28% @ $2.77which is spot on for dividends. Not bad for below par day?

Saturday 26th September: **Results for Friday spot on with forecasts***. So David asked "What about tonight?" And I said "Not for me." There were only three winners from the two night meetings but that was enough to put the icing on the cake with a $10 winner provideng the big collect.

So on to today and the last Saturday of the month. It has been good so far. I'll let you know when everything is loaded.

By the way, our 2015 Punters Clubwill be off and running next weekend but it's not too late to be in it. Interest to direct@hunterlink.net.au. Minimun is $1,000 and the plan is to finsih at Christmas.

Friday 25th September: A good day and night of Racing today. At home it has been pouring rain on and off all week and at Scone hardly a drop yet at Barrington close by it has been snowing.

How come that Racing Australia does not even have Canberra listed as a meeting today and no scratchings twenty minutes after the finals are done?? It'spathetic isn't it?

My day centres around picking up Mr X's computers he uses to load the ratings to have them reprogrammed for our new website which is finally sheduled to go online in the next 2-3 weeks. Mr X is having a well deserved break. So off to Sydney then back to central Newcastle to our IT expert.

Our Winform Gold Club members can watch two of our three horses run around at Canberra today.It's cold but fine whch compares favorably with cold and wet here in Newcastle.

Mr X found the winner of the Daily Feature race which was at Kalgoorlie. It was a fabulous winner and we have had many good reports this morning e.g. David ( a brand new Gold Club subscriber) "thanks for Kalgoorlies Race 7.It paid my subscritpiton and then some in one hit. " and Karl said the "Daily Feature has been good with 46% Quinellas and the Best Bets has had 52% winners the past three months." well worth the $99 a quarter ($363 a year).

Karl has also been doing Bonza Best Bets and B4 but with access only to Ubet (Tatts) his dividends meant a loss so far instead of what could have been a profit if able to get beter prices.

Thursday 24th September: All tracks are good except Lismore which is a soft 6. All the weekend races are liekely to be conducted on Good tracks too so good news all round. I'm doing a video shortly and will upload the link soon. Here it is https://youtu.be/uH49g1ObU2Q.

Great start to the day yesterday, four winners and easy close off. There may be a protest at Warwick Farm but those getting the protest payout won't be woried. Even those that don't will get a great collect out of thesecond at Murray Bridge.

Wednesday 23rd September: Yesterday only two meetings and we would have closed out Money Factory maybe a coupleof times before a run that was not closed. Only about half yesterdays races were eligible for us.

It rained at Albury and the track was downgraded from a God 4 to a Slow5. That;s not a major change and so no need to worry but had the trakc been further downgraded I would have ceased working that meeting for the Powerplay strategy. Seymour stayed Good all day.

Our Best Bet won but not much of a price and we were nowhere on the Daily Feature which to be hinest wasn'tr much of a feature but promised a nice return if we collected.Today we expect a couple of tracks will be rain affected but a busy day otherwise.

We have had few responses from DynamicOdds subscribers and we need to remind our ratings subscribers that our ratings will not be available if you have not ntoified us before September 30th as there is a change to how this is done.


Tuesday 22nd September: Just a quick note to let everyone know that today's Ratings will be up after 11am.

Monday 21st September: You'd think someone would have told me I had the wrong date for the past week hey?? Oh well, all fixed now. Our Gold Club Members have two runners at Canberra on Friday. Can't wait. We've done very well with the first two runners and now another, the third of our horses, is making her debut.How many owners never get a runner to a race at all and not only have we had two out of two so far but both are winners.

Tomorrow only two meetings so an easy test for our Seminar attendees who are gradually all finding their way. As I said at the Seminar, it takes about two weeks to find your way.

Once you get ona rollthought it becomes easier. I don't get back until after lunch tomorrow (bookeepers day).

EVER BEEN STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!!! I just got missed today as lightning struck our Foxtel satellite dish and the bolt just missed me as it found an out via the Foxtelo modem. All I know is I had 30 cms of flash under my desk. My lucky day I guess and nothing else in the house was affected.


Sunday20th September: Started with three from three for the Winform Daily Mail yesterday. Got the Daily Feature Race winner at $9+ and the Best Bet ran 2nd. and overall it looked like enough winners to cover our strategy.

Today started with a $3.70 winner, so very helpful. We've strtaed work on a new book which pulls together all the main features of the past two books plus an important update on Racings biggest Class group Benchmark Handicaps. Punters generally simply can't figue them out but we have tried to, analysing every race since the concept was introduced in 2010.

Also we are starting a new Punters Pool to follow on from the one last year which made 23%+ profit. More info in the E-News.

Saturday 19th September: We have added quite a few new subscribers this week so it will be interesting to see how they all assimilate what will be a new experience. Just remember that we are here to answer queries, just not today please.

A very disappointing day today with Randwick ruined by the weather. It affects not only today but will put the form out for future events as not all horses will do their best today. We couldn't find any Winform Gold Club selections at all but better days ahead.

A great wining day yesterday for all our Members, especially those following the strategy with Money Factory or Powerplay. Forget at around $9.50 won the Cameron andthat would have closed any series to that point. Gatton was heavy and Ararat was slow 7 so not a lot of action.

Today we will have all the updates done by 11 a.m. and good luck.

Just a note. Members who see our ratings via Dynamic Odds will have to pay an additional fee from October . It's not a lot for individuals and we will keep it to $20 a month and we will pay the difference. The only way we can organise this is for subscribers to advise us directly if they require it.


Friday 18th September:Hi Garry,

Came home after yesterdays seminar with the 4k betting bank still open in money factory. I bet on every race today using the combined strategy and it got a bit scary then just before I was going to stop for footy training along came LONHTIME at $8 with $369 the full stake on it to rule of the column and a profit $529.30.

Sticking with it paid off. 

Cheers Trev

I've provided this for our other Seminar attendees as you will know what Trevor is referring to. Good work to stick at it.

Thursday 17th September: The last of our Seminar guests left this morning and all have been more than happy with the week. Yesterday we put together a Bank and spent the afternoon puntign with the combined strategy and we started with four wins from 5 races before a mid afternoon meltdown with a certain winner running off to just miss the first of several unexpected results. We had decided to set a limit of 5.10 p.m. so we could have our evening drinks and snacks before heading to El Lago raestaurant by the Raffertys Pool.

At around 4.50 pur winner arrived and we cleared the Bank for a steady profit.Not the biggest profit but enough. Some of the punters carried on with their own persoanl banks and grabbed acouple more winners but all agrred the Seminar had met their needs and set them in the right direction.

This morning it was abreakfast meeting with those who wanted to refine their future strategies and say their goodbyes. In 20 years of doing these Seminars we have never had a single complaint, rather we have continued to make new punting friends.

Some Members couldn't make it due to the timing and so next year we are scheduling a Seminar early in the year, around May at a guess, so this is early notice. Our new Seminar location was ideal for the 9 of us that were there and one more is definitely the maximum. It did mean that everybody got the personal attention that they needed and towards the end we loaded up the info and the presentation of the facts.

Packing up now, a big job, and then back to "normal". I had intended to sail this afternoon but the weather has turned cool so I;ll wait for a better day.

Four meetings today and all Good tracks so back in action folks.

Tuesday 15th September: So the first day of the Seminar went well yesterday. We identified at least half a dozen approaches yesterday and all won with a profit of $200 to $300 for the day on small outlays, we didn't stop to count as Happy Hour was approaching and we all wanted to get acquainted.

A great night was had by all at Freddies Tapas Bar with 11 different dishes available to share on the table. Today with just two race meetings means that most of the day will be spent clarifying the strategies and working out individual betting plans to suit each individual.

As it turned out the venue is just about right for the 9 of us here and everyone can have their point of view and discuss. We are having issues with racing.com and seeing live races via that site but the Skychannel site solves that problem. We have also been able to view race replays to see how things work in practice, how horses settle differently and how seemingly minor errors competely stuff up a horses chances yet for some runners it all fits together perfectly.

We used the Winform Strike Rates table to see how the Ratings were expcetd to go at the days venues and the resuts bear that out. We expected a good day and go it.


Saturday 12th September: Plenty of winners early yesterday, the good run continues. Hope today is as good. We have an amazing big book of single selections today, more than enough to keep everyone happy excpet the bookmkers if we win enough. Normal expected strike rate is about 25% to 30% and while several runners are favourite or near favourite we might pick up soemthing aorund the $9 or $10 mark like the lst couple of weeks.

Friday 11th September: Another good day yesterday. I was busy at Raffertys and getting organised for the Seminar next week. Peter is flying in from Vancouver Canada today and so hopefully will not be toobadly jetlagged Monday. No he's not Canadian but has been on a great holiday.Another winning day today we hope.

Thursday 10th September: A very good day for me yesterday. With limited time I found two winners from three races. Off to Raffertys again today, more reno work to bring our Seminar room up to scratch for next week. We'll be live betting so we're just hoping we see an average three days, not a completely blank one that happens from time to time. Of course a good three days would be great.

Yesterday was a day where all the winners fell in the right place. There were two $30+ winners, although in our Professional strategy we probably wouldnt have been on them. Ten of the first 20 races were in the HR2D Top Two.

We thought it might be interesting to run the HR2D top two betting only up to 50% except where one of the Top Two was favourite, in which case we include it even if 2nd rated. We would also exclude any raaces where there was a first starter favourite. Just a thought. HR2D only cost $595 for a whole year.

Wednesday 8th September: I was too busy to even look at results yesterday but today looks good. We have two good selections at Warwick Farm and all tracks are rated Good. We still have some presentation stuff to do for the Seminar so apart from trimming the lawns today we will do that and also have time to have a punt.

You know we have a very steady following, much of that from Members who first joined in the nineties but also from those Memebsr who recently joined in the past two or three years. A ot of the loyalty comes from the fact that we never stop looking for ways to improve.

Tuesday 7th September: Two race meetings today,the synthetic at Pakenham and a Soft 5 , possibly upgraded later at Kembla. Yesterday looked okay for us.

I always suggest to new Members that they consider using the early midweek races to start their strategies as there is usuallybplenty of time in between racesso no dramas getting on and no dramas filling out your Money Factory or Powerplay entries.

As I compile more date for our presentations at Raffertys Resort next week I more and more fail to understandwhy so few people succeed in Racing and punting. Of course I continually get asked "Do I really need to have Winfprm ratings to operate these strategies." And there is only one answer "Only if you want to win!"

Yes there are times when no matter what you do, some strategies will temporarily fail, that's just because horses are animals and so are jpckeys and trainers and so on. Cmbined with things like weather, track bias and so may other things that we can never take into account, we will see a string of results that go against us, we have even seen the judge call the wrong number and legitimate holders of what weere winning tickets denied their win becuase it'sthe rules. The judges decision is final even when he's wrong.

By and large though, you win consistently. Hang onto the ins until you first cover your Bank and from then on it's only "thier" money at risk,not yours. Too many times Members make mistakes thinking "it can't go on. We must get a series of winners soon and so they pursue their losses to the last race at Whoop Whoop, only to come undone by the sand tracks of Northwestern Australia. Yakea breath, take a break and you cn ALWAYS come back tomorrow or the next day.

Sunday 6th September: Happy Fathers Day. I' arose at 4 am to set off on a hot air balloon followed by breakfast at Crown Plaza Cessnock, the busiest brekfast spot I have ever seen. It rained overnight but no rain on our trip where we viewed the kangaroos fighting, grazing and bounding away. A greceful journey folowed by lunch with my 91 yo Dad.

So no time for the ponies today but had a good time with the family.

A coiple of good rated tracks today and a xouple of soft 6 but should have been enough action for those who were on the punt.

Yesterday wasa good winning day, 4 single selections recommended for our Gold and Sprin Package Members for two winners at $5 and $2.50 so not spectacular but better than losing.


Saturday 5th September: We don't get a lot of testamonials as most of our subscribers are long term. Some have been with us for over 20 years and a coupel as many as nearly 40 years. So thanks a lot.

It's a tougher day today with Randwick a soft 7 but a soft 6 is probable and a 5 possible. The narrow straight will cause problems and some jockeys will head for the fence which is quite firm but how many lenghs do you lose getting there. I imagin in the early races the rails will be the place to be but as that gets chopped out it will change.

Good luck today, with the specialist track at the Valley and not many Valley specialists running it will be an interesting day and Chataqua may well be a champion but will need to be over the very short course. He will have to make his run from the start.

Friday 4th September: Always good to seeMembers take my advice and come out ahead.John has retired to the Gold Coast area and looking to the punt to make afew extra bucks.

Hi Garry,

I just wanted to say thank you, one I was wondering what time you started,  that makes my thank you even bigger, I have taken your advice after looking at the your "winning with favourites" book and for the first time I am making money, and stop as soon as  I am a unit in front, which can seem funny with lots information available but it works.

Cheers Garry,


A nice winner from our Winfoprm Daily Mail yesterday We also got the Daily Feature Race and plenty of winners all round.

Wyong Cup Day today with EARLY MORNING SHOWERS TO KEEP THE TRACK DAMP. Uniquely, every track in Australia is a Soft 5 today.

Our amazing book offer has ended and Belle has been inundated with orders. They will all get out so don't worry if you don't get a response today. Our last mailing of the hard copy books will be on MOnday.

Thursday 3rd September: I suppose today started like normal, up at 5 a.m. check the website and make sure everything is working, finalise the Winform E-News start analysing Saturdays races, get to Coles for food for breakfast (try not to run out the day egfore would help) find a dozen items you didn't plan to pick up. Arrive home to find the twins there as Natalie has taken Isla to preschool, unload and store groceries away and try to catch up on the news and financial markets.

Ros is heading off to visit her sisters for the day and I respond to email queries. I've run the GTX program with the scrathcings to check for any specials for today, there may be one or two once Northam comes in and soon it will be lunchtime and I'm peckish already. Just another normal day. Good luck!

Wednesday 2nd September: Good track and a good 3 at that at Sandwon today, Balaklava Good and Canterbury is a 5 but should be upgraded with 21 degrees suggested. Sunshine Coast is a 6 but expect an upgrade with 26 degrees.

Can you believe real esttate today. We sold Mat's house in Normahurts Sydney, it is only a Villa, for $600k in 20010 ($115 more than when we bought it) and it sold last year for $850k and is now estimated at $1.1 mill market value.

We sold in Wallsend a two bedroom hardlank in April for $365, current market value is $400k. Can't lose on Property can you? Good luck today and Oops! Almost forgot. Get B4The Start for just $11 on Ebook today only or $22 hard copy Onlt at the online store.

Tuesday 1st September: Spent the mroning getting eyes checked , nothing really wrong but long distance vision getting a little blurry. As it turned out, not badly enough to warrrant any action. Besides I wear glasses when Im driving and my left eye reads perfectly. So it should, it's an artificial lense.


Anyhow a few winners ahead Wagga is a heavy 10 but even we are told.

Monday 31st August: No joy in the Daily Feature yesterday which was reduced to just six runners. Yes the First Four was found easily but this is one of those occasions when faced with the betting odds you simply decide to leave it. Looking back I can see that there were more scratchings on the day than runners.

Only 3 out of 12 for the WGC# but most runers placed, so in the mix at least. Like allmethods here are ups and downs but more downs at present with this plan.

We noticed that over 1500 people have viewed our videos on Money Factory and Powerplay. No surprise there excpet that there shpuld be more players. I imagine the main reaosn for peopel not to use the programs is that it revealas you ahve to do it properly by devoting the right amount of time and money and the reality is that most people simply don't have the patience.

Vale Bart Cummings, one of his most impressive feats was celebrating his 61st wedding anniversary on Friday but he also trained over 260 Group One winners and we would have to wonder if we ever see the likes of him again.

Sunday 30th August: Some good results yesterday. Winform Gold Club hit the front for Spring, no 2nd place this time.. But Our Winfrorm Dali Mail special, whcih I got $15 fixed in the morning, ran a close second at $9. So close to making a meag profit on the day.

Our first race in the Spring [package got the Quinella and Trifecta but as Caulfield copped the rain, we missed the last three races there.

Saturday 29th August: No really bad track conditions today and I expect Rosehill to be upgraded with fine conditions persisting for now. Todays ratings and Powerplay have been posted at 8.05 a.m. Remember when we sent Zoutenanat out as a special at Rosehill?Randwick?? It disappointed BUT wins today $5 into $2.70 in a three horse race at Hawkesbury. Unbelievable!

First race Sunshine Coast Gazimber Powerplay selectins at $8.50. Big result.

Yesterdays Daily Feature was a good winner at $5.50. The Weekend Feature race is only a Benchmark 75 but looks likely to find us a good winner also. We're taking a risk with todays Daily Feature as both selections are second up but both have won second up and are rated on their second up run over a similar distance last preparation and that'swhat trainers like to do...replicate previous performances.

Thursday 27th August: generally soft today but Grafton is a 5 and Mackay is good and so is Pinjarra where we do find winners but the fieldsa re generally big. We have anew video https://youtu.be/AEqVem-dHEA you can look at and our Spring Package is $895 and covers every major meeting up until the end of November and we have never let our supporters down with many good winners even though last year they came later than hoped for. The good news is you can either access the website for the Spring races OR get them by email OR get the single selectiosn by SMS to your phone.

I'm out today checking on renovations at our new Seminar venue at Rafferys Resort Cams Wharf (near Newcastle) where we will have a tight little group learning the ropes of Professional Punting. The three day course costs $2200 including accomodation and meals etc. on September 14th to 16th inclusive and due toone Member missing out due to work commitments we now have 2 and only 2 vacancies available. The difficulty we have always had is in trying to get people together at the one time at the one place. Not always easy but we have done it and we will all benefit fromthree days with evrtyone having the same purpose. Click the online store if interested.

New Video

Wednesday 26th August: Well the stockmarket has kicked up and those who had the cash available Moday could have made a fortune selling back on Tuesday. A new set of millionaires could be made but nto ordinary Superannuants.

Not enough action to make big money yesterday at the races but plenty of good tracks today so here's hoping.

Tuesday 25th August: The stockmarket is in dissaray but punting carries on. Sure we have bad runs on the punt at times but that is no where near equivalent to losing 20% of a million dollar super fund and that is what has just happened to many thousands of ordinary australians who think puntin on the horses i s a gamble.

If you were sitting ona bundle of money today you would be buying like crazy. BUT I wouldhave done that last FRiday and lost 5% by MOnday.

The same applies to taking prices on horses. You take a fixed price and they drift. You don't and they firm. Hard to judge but the Super funds willbe fine BUT not if you want to draw out your money today.

Only two race meetings today, Gosford is very heavy.

Monday 24th August: Members had a good result Saturday with the mix of the favourite strategy and Powerplay with $1,000+ profit by 3 .30 , not a bad effort ona $10k Bank. At that rate the Bank would double in a few short weeks in spite of ups and downs.

Only two meetings today with Warnambool Heavy it leaves Lismore which is currently okay but watch the weather. I have to be at Raffertys today with a lounge delivery for our Seminar area. Our Unti there is now decked out in the latest "style" which these days means metal seats for dining. Could it be a "created style" to use up iron ore to keep the prices stable?

Sunday 23rd August: Not happy with results yesterday, lots of placings, some at good prices but overall a losing day for me. Two strong winners with Royal Descent and Lesleys choice which helped Powerplay. Not a lot of favourites winning for us though. Plenty of action today but a few wet tracks and take care with Taree, Good for now but rain expected.

Saturday 22nd August : A bit damp up north but still good betting programsand at Randwick wee start with a Good 3 and at Moonee Valley I am advised that the current Soft5 should upgrade to a 4. We have a good mix of Group and Listed races across Randwick the Valley and even one at Belmont.

Mr X's choice of Randwick Race 8, the City Mayors Cup was a bit of a surprise but he has been going well. Yeterday the Daily Feature was Mildura Race 6 and the top two whish were rated $3.3 and $3.6 were recommended but the third rated horse at $5.40 was a $21 chance and duly saluted. Hard to say "dont be on it" at that price and he di score the $30 Quinella and $71 exacta as well so good work. A lot of the time, well I suggest most of the time, the amount of work that goes into finding these races is not appreciated, especially when the annual cost works out at less than One Dollar A Day.

Ratings and Powerplay for today were posted at 8.18 a.m.

Friday 21st August: Made it back home by 1.45 yesterday, even though the wind failed and I had to paddle for an hour but it kicked in again around midday and from then it was a straight runwith the wind behind me. I have been asked if I would be willing to assist novice sailors in the techniques on the Hobie Adventure Island and I am thinkng of that as a "hobby" if you like to keep me from being 100% on Racing and research.A few hours on the water every now and then appeals, especially on "bad" racing days.

All orders placed overnight have been set up for action today if possible in time for the weekend. There's a fair bit to do and we will just do it one at a time in order of placement.

Thursday 20th August: Today is sailing day so ot of touch for the day. Midnight tonight is the cut off for our 100% money back sale at the online store (click on the sidebar on the left) . Every purchaser at the online store gets their money back upto $900 in a vicbet.com betting account. Bloody good deal and will not be repeated and only tilmidnight tonight.

Applise to ratings, book, selections services, software anyhting except the Seminar and the GTX package. Hey got to fly....Good luck and please don't say we never gave you anyhting. The offer is for exisiting and newvicbet members and if you havent got an account we will organise one for you in coming days. Just get those orders in. Today..Before midnight.

Wednesday 19th August: Our Gold Club horse today has an enthusiastic report from the trainer woscratched from a weaker race at Hawkesbury tomorrow as "his opposition today is mostly ordinary and only bad luck in running will beat him" Former jockey Malcolm Johnston told me that as a trainer he always toldl his owners that their horse was a chance of getting a place to give them hope without false expectations.Most trainers are the same. Som e encouragement. Our trainer has always told it like it is and I can recall him in his beginnings when he trained a horse for us to win at Cessnock.He was confident gping into the race and told us so. We ever got told a horse was a chance when it wasn't.

Gold Club Members will find the horse in the Gold Club area.

A very good Powerplay winner in the last at Newcastle yesterday. With 50 to go it didn't look like winning but then came with a rush to win relatively easily.

My new boat gets delivered tomorow and the weather forecast is still favourable. I should be able to sail it home, although it will be a slow drift in the morning.

Tuesday 17th August: Racing is never ever predictable! Yesterday proved profitable after all with 33% winners in the Top Two. One less and it's below average and one more and its well abve average. Today just Bairnsdale on a 5 and Newcastle ona Good 3 . We do okay both venues but prices can be shorter but hey! who's to know.

This Thursday I take delivery of my new boat, a 2015 Hobie Adventure Island. I am siling it home from Belmont and hoping the predicted nor'easter kicks in otherwise Ill be stranded for the day. With luck it will be a four hour journey and wihtout it 6 hours or needing a tow.

Our website traffic has picked up over 10% the past three months, so that is good but we hope for better once the website gets updated. The front page will be totally different but more acessible for mobiles and Ipads etc.

Our WGC# selections had a great result for July according to clients but was that because I was away and not betting??


Monday 16th August: Echucha Goulbourn and Coffs Harbour are all good tracks today. We've never done all that well at these tracks being around 2% lower strike rates than our average and I guess we'll never know why but between them we will still probably find enough winners to finish in front.Note that Goulbourn has historically been a gold mine for Favourite backers with a 38% strike rate but Coffs Harbour at 26% is one of the worst which is probably because of the many wet tracks they get there.

Bonza Best bets had two out of two yesterday at $1.70 and $5+ and is continuing ona good recent run.

The Daily Feature Race bounced back with a nice win after Saturdays loss so a win across the two days.

Sunday 16th August: Plenty of action today but a few soft tracks about, plenty of Good tracks left though.A few good results yesterday,enough winners to work through the stakingplans at www.stakingkings.com. Has anyone used Windows 10 yet?? What do you think? Does it have any effect on GTX or our older programs? Love to hear at direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Some good winners at Caulfield too with the last race a good winner for our second rated and with the win of Dig A Pony, our weekend Feature Race selection and also a B4 it was a good day. The Daily Feature was a disappointment but you can't win em all.

Saturday 15th August: Mostly good tracks today excpet Morphettville Heavy and Narrandera Slow. Some early Group Racing and the caution here is that you will see some horses with winter form and some resumking from Autumn. A time to be careful and yes, some 3 yos will have improved a lot but we won't know until they run.

Casino Race 1 Finno rated $4.00 won at $71. Another longshot at Kembla. Spring Package $6.50 winner + $1.5 units for the day. Vancouver disappointing.

Friday 14th August: Well Ros has the flu now but has a vital appointment today so I'm the designated driver. This after a late night with Mat watching a great band at a charity fundraiser. No alcohol so clear headed at least, if a bit tired. It does take me out of the office but my phone is diverted and I can answer any queries.

Not a great day yesterday racewise, although Powerplay would have cleared the bank with just one of the winners.

Here's a missing link. It is to a UK bookshop which has an outstanding range of UK based titles

We used to advise Members about this site but somehow over the years it got lost. We've had correspondence with them and they are still going strong.

Thursday 13th August: Four meetings today at Sale, Gosford Pinjarra and Rocky. I tend to look at where they are and the track conditions just to get a feel for the day. We do okay at Gosford but prices usually arent that great,same for Rocky. Pinjarra means huge fields and competitive racing so bigger dividends to be had and Sale seems to have a whole lot of scratchings on what is A SOFT 6 to start with. The Daily Featur drew a blank yesterday.

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, "You're next."
They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

Wednesday 12th August: We have a single selection in the Winform Daily Mail today but in that race we also see a possible first starter favourite. The smart thing to do would be to at least "save" your stake on the first starter favourite.

**The first starter favoruite won by 4 lengths. You have to ask yourself "why would you have a first starter ina 1300 metres race if you didn't think that was the best opportunity to win, especiall in a field of experienced horses which included three winners?**

I had a 6.50 appointment at the dentist this morning and wlthough the work is done it was in an awkward position so feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself. I'm putting together some stuff for the upcoing seminar and I found a few surprises in the Benchmark Handicap races. Punters are learning how to assess them after three years of practice.

Tuesday 11th August: Today we get the postponed Wagga meeting but at a heavy 10 I wont bother. We also get Broome Taree and Geelong synthetic and we do well at both courses. Sounds good to me. Let's hope so.

Monday 10th August: Well how about that $195.80 winner yesterday?? An indepth form reveiew would have tempted you even though the winner had just one win from 17 starts to date AND the outside barrier to boot. In the previous preparation it had scored its Maiden victory at Launceston and this was its first run back with winning jockey Vwong.

Our Daily Feature selection won yesterday as well so all good. Three venues today.

Sunday 9th August: 5 single selections on our Winform Daily Mail for two winners, Mardi (we took $4.20 in the a.m.) and Sebring Sun $3.30.

Our Gold Club bselection got blocked but dropped out. The Daily Feature Race was a fail but the Weekend Feature found Oakhurst Flyer @ $6.70.

Saturday ** All ratings and selections now updated and posted.**As expected Randwick has been upgraded to a Good 4 at 12.38. It doesnt affect our current ratings as we adjusted them to take this into account this morning. Our first single selection lost but the C Plan has already had a good win @ $4.10 and was bet on it's own as the second rated runner was a longshot as per the advice on page 47 of Winning Is Everything and page 25 in Winning With Favourites.

Saturday 8th August: With a lot more good racing surfaces today we are seeing more single selections although we may lose a couple if Belmont gets the expected rain early.It is currently raining in Perth.

We have our first Gold Club selection of this Racing year and if it wins it will be our best priced Gold Club winner yet. It has been making heavy weather of the wet tracks and will aprreciate the better surface today. Randwick I would hope for an early upgrade.

Friday 7th August: Only three meetings today,Ipswich Wyong and Pakenham synthetic. We have no figures for rating runners from Pakenham synth. yet so every run there gets an automatic rating of 10 less losng margin and weight and barrier factors. This means all horses are rated on what they have done elsewhere and we are starting to see that there are some horses that have spent most of their career running exclusively on synthetic tracks. Long term we will be ableto interpret this but short term we are still in the dark.

Thursday 6th August: Well, spot on with our single selection a winner at $19+ in the Farm Race 5 and the $80 Quinella in the Winform Daily Mail plus the ratings had Speedy Squib on top in the 6th at the farm $81 into $18 and a dividend of $27.30 best tote. These horses are returning to better ground, that's the simple explanation. Watch closely, all the form and take a chance. In the 4th I was on Dellas Diamond at $34 win and $8 fixed the pl;ace. It photoed out for second in a close one, two career wins and both on firm tracks with no wins on slow and heavy tracks.

Think about it! I won enough persoanlly today to purchase a new boat. Can't wait to sail it.

A rare opportunity to bet at Mt Isa todaybut watch the trcak rating. It's given out as a soft 7 but is in fact a sand track so treat it as good.

Wednesday 5th August: Not the best day yesterday but had you stayed until the last at Kalgoorlie you copped a massive Trifecta in the Top Five, $1500+ I am told. Today our "special" has had mixed form in the big wet but back to a 5 today might just improve enough to at least run a place just 1 kg off the bottom weight. It's down in class up in distance and up in weight but the best jockey in the race and barrier one with thr rail true so will have the best running.

Did I tell ylou the price?? Currently $15 fixed.

Today I had to rush my daughter to the emergency room, it may have something to do with Canberra where she spent the last two days at -7 then the plane flight and lack of sleep plus the flu virus hitting back. Luckily we now have a private emergence service and she was able to get looked after straight away, however normally they might have put her in a bed to rest for a few hours while the medication kicked in but every single hospital in the Newcastle area, inclduing all the private hospitals, had no beds whatsoever and as a result she is sleeping in our place but she has carte blanche to go back if her condition worsens for no extra charge. Anyhow, that's why I missed sending out renewal notices in time but will attend to it now. Anyone I have not notified I will update you for a couple of days togive you timeto get organised.

Tuesday 4th August: In retrospect, Liteinthenite was only an 8yo for three days yesterday and he was second up when running third , not second in last years Cup but the winning factor was the ride as he left the other contenders standing.

Today we alos have the postponed Kalgoorlie meeting and we don't often see that happen...rain in Kalgoorlie?? It adds to our chances of finding a winner today now their weather has settled down again.

Preparations for next months Seminar at Raffertys have commenced and we are using a large screen TV instead of a whiteboard and digitalprojector. The HD screen is a lot easier to read. It looks like another place has gone so time to commit. There won't be another one this year.

My first Seminar in 1994 was conducted on a DOS computer and 80cm whiteboard. We had a great experience and found winners back then so the only thing that changes is the technology.

Monday 3rd August: It's Darwin Cup Day and I will get there one day but for now I haveto be content to win the race nearly every year. Last year was another very good win for Winform ratings subscribers.This year I am worried as I have a standout and I hav't had one of those for a while.

Last year Winform found the winner in the Top Two in six of the nine races. I love the Darwin Carnival!!

Today , as all mondays now, Ros and I have the twins and now they are two, it is more difficult to manage work and play so Belle is coming over (her day off from her regular job) to assist. Belleis also likely to take over admin duties for us to free up more time on a daily basis. To do this most payments will be processed the night before.

Luckily, the Cup is run at 6.05 so we will have handed over the twins by then and Dad should have them in the bath. Who said Professional Punting wasn't fun??

Sunday 2nd August:: Horse's brithday went by without incident with no horses playing up or taking ecstasy and all horses were taken home by their designate drivers.

Our highlighted selection was scratched but that left our Top Two to take the Quinella which paid $17. A box Quinella worth $30 turned up in our Weekend Feature Race. And we found winners inour WGC# selections as well. The Best Bet won, not a great price but one out of one is okay so overall can't complain.

Our live in Seminar at Raffertys Resort (near Newcastle) is confirmed for September 14th, 15th and 16th.

We commence 10 am on the Monday and finish Wednesday evening with a final dinner, hopefully a celebratory one. Anyone can attend but there is a limit and so only 3 or 4 vacancies and there won't be any more this year. It is for people wanting to see all the ins and outs of punting for profit.It joins people who are all there for the same reason. Our email is working again so email direct@hunterlink.net.au. Cost is $2200 including meals and accomodation.

Saturday 1st August: The WGC# selections provided to Gold Club clients have had soe very good days, regardless of their position in the market. Yesterday from 9 possibe selections the winners were $7.20, $2.90, $5.80, and $4.80 although if we only bet them when favourite it was not so great. There was a very good B4 winner yesterday at $5.70 AND Mr X missed the winner in his top two but found the trifecta in the top three and the Quinella paid $23.90. A good day for one Member who was on the very first day of his less than a dollar a day subscription yesterday.

At home today it will be aroud 26 degrees,a long way ahead of our Melbourne friends. Didn't the Tamworth track look awful yesterday? Didn't affect our results luckily.

Friday 31st July: Congrats to Mr X with a trifecta in the top three and the winner at $3.80 in yesterdays Daily Feature. His Best Bet was also successful at Sale. Our top rated winner at $126 at Gosford ony came up with the track upgrade which applied after RACE 2 but we don't make our profits from the occasional longshot. One client advised me that $300 was available at Betfair but you would have only got on for a minimal amount.

The punting professional makes money by constant turnover and ignoring most long priced runners but 99% of us will have a little something if we see our top rated runner at such massive odds. Before I took our holiday I had a $60,000+ potential win two or three times and in fact found the winner in all of the legs of my all up...except one!

Heres the video linkfor tomorrow and now our email is working again. Hooray.

They race at Pakenham synthetic again today while in NSW we continue to talk about one. At least in Victoria they get to race.

Thursday 30th July: A busy day today after yesterdays painful dentist visit. I reckon he numbed my mind as well as my mouth.

I noted that there are a possible six single selections for Winform Saturday and in one of those races our selection is 2nd rated and one of only two runners that does not have a Winform penalty againts its name, however on closer inspection I find that one runner is penalised for being first up over 1400 metres and last prep it won ...at Rosehill first up over 1350. When I removed the penalty it leapfrogged our initial selection into first place.

The horse in question is Saintly Lad and is currently $17 and $4.60 fixed the place at Sportsbet. It hasnt had a run since February this year..175 days and finished well back in two recent barrier trials, however jockey Parr is to ride and has a win and a place from three rides on him. Can he win?? Check the results about 5 o'clock Saturday.

Wednesday 29th July: Our Gold Club runer yesterday won easily so we have had two runners for two wins with our remaining horse yet to start. A great experience for our Gold Club Members yesterday at $7 best price AND ran nearly two seconds faster than the other race at that distance. The future is bright.

Had a lengthy call from Andrew today, who with his father takes turns putting on the C Plan selections and now using the Money Factory for their staking (used to do level stakes). Having switched to Money Factory Andrew reports that they are achieving 16% profit on turnover over the last month or so while Ros and I have been away. In fact in July, clients who are using a similar approach are giving the corporates a beating. One thing of interest is that the corporatesdon't usually ban punters who back favourites.

By the way, Andrew is in his eighth year of C Plan and was doing Powerbet for some years before that.

Tuesday 28th July: The Gold Club has a runner today at Wyong and you can see how frustrating it is to be an owner. In four races tis prep it has run 2nd each time. Maybe todays the day?

I was heartened to get several call from Winform Gold Club Members who are using the new selections which we put in place back around May. They are all using Money Factory and Mie and Kate are doing well with the Winform Favourite strategy. Jeff is disappointed wiht his results but as we discussed last night before my grandkids intervened (it was outside office hours) better to be in front than behind.

Results can be different because obviously not everyone is working on the same days. Sunday for example , it was near 100% winners, Saturday was not good at all I am told. Overall it shouldnt matter (most readers will have read the confetti principle).

Monday 27th July: I'm baaack! Yes, it was an itneresting four weeks with gambling varying from country to country. It seems like the "gambling den" is alive and well from what I have seen with much gambling taking place from tobacco shops and so called "casinos". Many countries in Europe have banned gambling altogether. especially online gambling, the latest being Portugal. For most countries it is sports that are the most popular gambling investments. To be honest, we have enough to do here without worrying about it.

I will send en E-News this morning and hope to have a new video later this week.

Sunday 26 July: Two weeks ago I recommended to bet two cyclists in the Tour De France to make at least 20% profi and then 10 days ago said everything was looking fine but that Nairo Quintana would make a big challenge on Froome in the French Alps. Last night we watched great cycling as Quintana did just that by halving the time difference in an epic race up Alpe d'Huez, the most famous of the climbs in this race. If you want to see exciting sport on TV watch this climb as all cyclists battle themselves and the mountain and the crowds. How the cyclists manage the crowds 4 and 5 deep and in some parts screaming 1 metre from the cyclists is great viewing.

Garry and Ros are back in the country. Garry will resume this page maybe tomorrow depending on jet lag. Hope you enjoyed my jottings and the sports betting. I continue the DFR selections and today's is looking good for a boxed trifecta.

Mr X

Saturday 25 July: The daily mail, including the DFR (Daily Feature Race) and the weekend feature race had a total wipeout today.

Tomorrow's Ballarat meeting has been transferred to Geelong and the Quirindi and Wodonga meetings have been abandoned.

Friday 24 July: Today's DFR got the winner and it paid $4.50 best price

Racing NSW changes to handicapping

The minimum topweight in benchmark races will be raised two kilograms from October following a Racing NSW review into Sydney field sizes.

Racing NSW chief executive Peter V'landys said the compression of weights had become an issue and hoped increasing the minimum topweight to 61kg would provide more opportunities for lower-rated horses to progress through the grades.

"The increase in the benchmark weight and overall spread of weights will make for more competitive races and improve winning opportunities for more horses at the bottom of weights," V'landys said.

The change to minimum topweights was among several amendments to the handicapping system announced by Racing NSW on Thursday.

Handicappers have also been given more discretion in the way they weight a horse against its benchmark rating.

Country-performed horses can currently be handicapped up to 3kg below their benchmark rating when they tackle a metropolitan race but Racing NSW's review found that was insufficient.

Under the changes, bush gallopers will be given up to 6kg less than their benchmark level in a bid to help more country-trained horses make a successful transition to city racing.

Handicappers will also have more room to move when determining whether to decrease the benchmark rating of a horse struggling for form.

Apprentice jockeys will also benefit and will be able to ride more winners before their allowances are reduced.

However, the biggest change will be for junior riders who finish their time.

They will be allowed to continue with a 1kg allowance during their first season as a jockey until they reach 90 winners to help their transition to the senior ranks.

The changes will be introduced from October 1 this year and will be reviewed again in six months.

Thursday 23 July: Today's DFR got the winner and it paid $2.80 best price, but I took $3.20 fixed this morning. We have a system in GTX which allows us to hone in on the right races, but then the skill comes in which was evident in today's race. Normally I say 'back the top 2' but today the second rated horse was resuming over 1600 m after having won a 1400 m maiden so the third rated horse became the second selection and duly won after firming significantly to $2.60 fixed.

Wednesday 22 July: Today's DFR got the winner and hooray it paid $5.20 best price! And at least the severe cold has dissipated to make it a happy day.

ITuesday 21 July: Today's DFR got the winner in the top 2 but nothing else but you can't complain about a $3.80 winner.

Is it too early to be looking at Dutch betting the winners of the NRL and AFL? The NRL market has Easts, Brisbane, North Queensland, Souths and Canterbury all under $10, while the AFL has Hawthorn, Fremantle, Sydney and West Coast much clearer as the only 4 who could possibly win. I will have another look at the markets later in the week and suggest the better betting option.

Monday 20 July: Happy landing the man on the moon day!

Today's DFR got the winner in the top 2 and the trifecta, but boxing the top 5 made a small loss on two totes but a profit on the other. What I do on the DFR is put my win bets on and then only spend my expected profit from those on the trifecta.

Sunday 19 July: Today's DFR winner paid about $6.50 fixed and better on the totes. It was the second rated horse and it beat the top rated horse into second for the quinella but we didn't get the trifecta.

I switched on Channel 78 today to watch the last at Cranbourne and when they jumped we (anyone who tried to watch) were greeted with Vision Unavailable. Grrrr!!! I can get that message on Sky but I thought that the channel wholly devoted to Victorian racing would not have such a problem. And people wonder why I am cynical and grumpy. I did read on the racing.com website that Channel 78 is in test mode until August but ...

Saturday 18 July: Unfortunately both the DFR and the WFR dipped out today and got nothing. The favourite in the DFR (not one of our selections) firmed in the betting to under its morning line price and won easily and so I was wrong this time.

My Tour De France bets are looking solid. The only thing which will stop me collecting is if both both riders fall. This is unlikely because they keep out of trouble up on the pace and they have team mates to 'protect' them.

Friday 17 July: I have chosen this week's weekend feature race on the basis that the top two selections are in a suitable race and that the pre-post favourite only won its maiden last start (No 5 Supido) and has been easy in the early betting and so is not in a suitable race. The two recommended horses to bet are both around $5 and very importantly this price is under their Morning Line price.The Morning Line price is an indicator derived by the GTX program. When a horse's price is below the Morning Line price, it is a good indicator of what the market thinks. You will also notice that Rough Justice is in an easier race while Lord Esprit is in a race of similar difficulty and they are to be both ridden by very capable apprentices. The only negative for me is that this is a 3 year old race.

Garry and Ros were interviewed on TV in Budapest last night. It was an extensive interview on how the culture of the country is changing, they were there four years ago, and what they thought of their new technology which has enabled then to manufacture the latest Mercedes cars for example.
The documentary is to be shown in Europe.

Thursday 16 July: My recommended Tour De France bet is looking very safe. The race is now in the mountains and although Chris Froome is not a specialist there he did enough in yesterday's stage to be nearly 3 minutes in front of the next rider. His main opposition in the mountains is Nairo Quintana who is a mountain specialist. So the betting has Froome at $1.16 on Betfair while Quintana is $6.40 but there is no betting activity because it is clear cut. So my recommendation of nearly a week ago to Dutch bet these two to make at least 20% POT is currrently on target. The race finishes on July 26 in Paris.

Wednesday 15 July: From Garry and Ros, After travelling form Norway to Prague you immediately get some perspective about the value of your money. What cost us in Denmark, Sweden and Norway cost about a third in Prague. It's like getting $10 for a horse in the morning and it wins at $4 in the afternoon. Same chance either way but a more valuable result which is also like comparing a single tote price to the best tote price and so on. I always check the morning price. The Wednesday/Thursady price is not such value because scratchings can reduce the price and weather conditions can change drastically, it's worth having a look though.

The shopkeepers in Prague see t-shirts for the equivalent of $10 but in those countries the same quality cost as much as $40 to $50. The point being that they are the same items, just a different cost.

Of course each country has unique stuff where no comparison is possible, e.g. in Norway whale meat is common, in Finland it is hand crafted genuine furs, both items taboo in other countries. We bought neither.

In those countries most gambling is not out front and obvious, in Prague it is everywhere and they also have greyhounds, no problems!!

We now head for Budapest, where food is cheap but handicrafts not necessarily so. We sail on Avalon to the Black Sea so will then have travelled the full length of the Danube from Amsterdam (started four years ago after watching Black Caviar win at Ascot).

Tuesday 14 July: Well the great run of winning DFR came to an end but I am sure that if you keep following it will provide a good return, especially considering the cost of the service. My advice then is to Dutch bet the advised selections and take the top 5 in a boxed trifecta so that if the selections don't win the trifecta should make up the investment. Take a boxed first four if you wish.

Monday 13 July: The men's singles at Wimbledon finished as I predicted and for the final I had some extra money on Djokovic to win at $1.93. Yesterday's Daily Feature Race missed the winner in the top 2 but got the first four ($977 on NSW TAB) and everything else. The quinella paid well at $27.

Sunday 12 July: I did a trifecta all up yesterday on the Weekend Feature Race and the Daily Feature Race. I put both trifectas on and then when the WFR race won, put the profit from that onto the DFR and won a bit more.

The WFR selection Settlers Creek had the race won but the winner (a relative horse, refer to Trevor Johns's book) came back after being headed 100 m from the line. The DFR was an easy Dutch bet the top 3 for a 55% profit and was a very good trifecta with a long shot (in the top 5) getting second.

To make it really clear that you don't have to invest big money on my recommended sports bets (refer to yesterday's post) you could aim to win $100 by investing $423 on Betfair for the Tour De France. You still get the same percentage profit.

From Garry and Ros. " If you,re going to Sweden or Norway, and lots of Aussies do, be prepared for price shock! We knew it was expensive for drinks but even pensioners over here pay $10 for a single zone tram ride. Ordinary restaurant meals with a single beer or glass of wine, expect around $120 plus per person so yes you do need to have plenty of good wins to be able to enjoy yourself here.

On the plus side the scenery is spectacular and we are heading to Bergen on the Flam railway, look it up. It is truly amazing.

Each year we plan to visit Europe for their summer to escape the worst of our winter but this year it is colder than back home so far, and like Melbourne, four seasons in one day is the norm. still, we are having fun and finding about 29% of the tourists seem to be Aussies and the locals we meet all seem to have Australia on their travel itineraries.

Mr X continues to find the winners for our subscribers so that is great and we also welcome a number of new subscribers to the Winform Ratings from people gearing up for the Spring already( that,s the news we are getting from Belle).

As much as there is always money to be won, you do need a break and so we expect to be home refreshed and ready by the end of the month.

Saturday 11 July: Thursday's DFR advice was to back one horse and it duly won at $1.70. Yesterday's was the familiar 'back the top 2' strategy and they ran the quinella, with the winner paying $2.70

I'll do a Johnny Warren and say 'I told you so'. Yesterday the last 3 players in the men's singles were the ones I said to back and so it's Novak v Roger. There are lots of other northern summer sports but this was the one I concentrated on because you could safely make 30% profit in a market which would be very difficult to be wrong. I excluded the women's singles because it was a one horse race and the Tour De France at the time wasn't a settled market. Now that there are 7 stages completed, it is quite clear that either Chris Froome or Nairo Quintana will win. Sportsbet have them at $1.83 and $3.50 while the Betfair prices are $1.81 and $3.90. To Dutch bet them to win $1000 at Sportsbet you need to wager a total of $4958 (20% POT) while at Betfair you need to wager $4233 to win $1000 (23% POT).

Thursday 9 July: Yesterday's DFR was a C plan race and got the short priced winner but no exotics.

Winform found the Ramornie winner but I don't think the Grafton Cup today will be as easy. Banca Mo has a chance but there are some last start winners not in the Winform top 5 which also have a chance.

Wednesday 8 July: Yesterday's DFR missed the winner in the top 2 but got the trifecta which paid between $1825 and $2247. The box 5 trifecta costs $60 so you need to not get it 30 times ($60 x 30 = $1800) to be losing. The DFR has been getting many winners and many trifectas and some first fours, so it's well worth the small investment.

Tuesday 7 July: Sunday's DFR turned out to be a C Plan race - the top rated odds on horse ran second to the second rated horse which was $5.50. Yesterday's race saw us get the winner at $2.60 and the first four which paid a bit over $200, which was good because the horses which ran the first four were the the top 4 in the betting

Monday 6 July:

From: Garry Robinson
Sent: Sunday, 5 July 2015 10:18 PM
Subject: News for diary

Here in St Petersburg there are plenty of mad gamblers but mainly on soccer and ice hockey. The other big gamble is with your life on the roads. Pedestrian crossings , lane markings and other signs are suggestions only. Yesterday on a two lane road our professional driver moved to the kerb to create a third lane, very bumpy too, but just when you thought it couldn't get worse another driver opened a fourth lane beside us.

The other interesting game they play here is " hoe close can you go to hitting another car and just miss at 110 k in a 70k zone. And Also, how many lanes can you cross both in and out in less than 100 metres...

Well the other interesting aspect of life here is Vodka of course. If you drink it alone you are considered an alcoholic but if you drink with a friend your are being very sociable.

So Ros and I have survived the latest episode of worlds worst drivers and now move on to Sweden and Norway.

Hasn't,t Mr X been doing a great job!

Wish I was home to get the tips. Anyhow have only had brief contact via wifi but I did get advised of my profit for the Hong Kong racing season. Investing $50,000 last October I have cashed out with More than $94,0000. A new fund has already started being funded at $50,0000 minimum and will have $12millin Hong Kong. It is already 65% filled but anyone interested can email direct@hunterlink and belle will pass your details on. Sorry about the huge startup price but you really are laying with the big boys if you want to do well I the Hong Kong market.


Sunday 5 July: We didn't find the winner in the top 3 in Yesterday's Daily Feature Race but we got all the exotics in the top 5 with the trifecta paying $220 and the first four $1400, all this with the favourite winning.

Remind me not to back Lord of the Sky again. What a hopeless horse.

Saturday 4 July: Yesterday's Daily Feature Race selections ran second and third.

The only group race today is the Sir John Monash Stakes Caulfield race 8 on a good 3 track. I reckon that the top 2 are the ones to beat and that Lord of the Sky will run a place.

Friday 3 July: Yesterday's Daily Feature Race winner paid $5.00 starting price but it's top fluctuation was $6.50 and the best tote price was $5.20, so I was right on the money to make just under 100% profit and the top 2 selections ran the quinella.

Here is a little system some of you might like to try:

No first starters, track condition good3 or good4, no group or listed race, NSW or VIC tracks only, horse age 3 to 7 years only (i.e.no 2 year olds, no horse aged 8 or older), Winform rank 1, 2 or 3.

So when you have got all that back the first and second favourites in each race. The result backing those 2 horses in the qualifying races is to get square from 2015 bets (number of bets not the year). The race strike rate is 36%.

The strike rate for favourites in this system is 33% which is the number expected, but the second favourite strike rate is 24% which is 5% above the number expected.

However if you back the second favourite only you make 10% profit or $10080 for 946 bets of $100 each. All the above is for the seven months starting 1 December 2014 (when the new track conditions were introduced) until 30 June 2015 .

Thursday 2 July: Tuesday's Daily Feature Race winner paid $2.60 but yesterday's paid about $7.00. Today's DFR is the Grafton Cup Prelude and the favourite is third rated horse (Sportsbet has it at $2.10 while UBET is $2.25). Each of the 3 horses has won at the track and distance so I think it is just a matter of Dutching the 3 to win a small amount and see which one is better on the day.

Tuesday 30 June: I hate winter.

It's the end of the FY 2014-2015, so on a brighter note

An accountant is walking down the street when he comes across a beggar. ‘Spare some loose change?’ asks the beggar. ‘And why should I do that?’ asks the accountant. ‘Because I’m skint. Haven’t got a cent to my name and nothing to eat,’ says the beggar. ‘I see,’ says the accountant. ‘And how does this compare to the same quarter last year?’

Two accountants are in a bar when armed robbers burst in. The robbers line the customers up against a wall and proceed to take their wallets, watches, etc. The first accountant slips something in the second accountant’s hand and whispers, ‘Here’s that $50 I owe you.’

Monday 29 June: Wimbledon 2015 and Ladbrokes now have Djokovic at $2.25, Murray at $3.50 and Federer at $7.00. Betfair prices are $2.48, $3.80 and $8.20 respectively. Using Betfair prices and aiming to win $1000 whatever the outcome, the stakes for each are $1905, $1243 and $576 for a total outlay of $3724 compared with $3065 a week ago which is still a respectable 26% POT, but it would have been better to invest a week ago from a % POT perspective.

Using the Ladbrokes prices you would have to invest $6875 to get the same $1000 profit (14.5% POT) because each player is shorter in the market.

Sunday 28 June: Yesterday's DFR was brilliant. The winner paid $6 (UBET/Tatts, I got $6.84 on Betfair) the quinella was $18, trifecta $111 and the first four paid $622. All these dividends were better on NSW TAB.

Today they race at Atherton, in far North Queensland. I have never seen a TAB meeting held there before today.

Saturday 27 June: Yesterday's DFR was one of the conumdrums of racing. We got the first four which paid over $1000 but how the fifth rated horse won after being beaten a combined total of 33 lengths at its last 2 starts is a mystery.

Today there is a lot of daily mail action which is rare for this time of year. Hope they go well and there are some good prices on offer about today's selections

Friday 26 June: Can everyone see how I picked yesterday's Daily Feature Race winner? Have a look at the ratings page for yesterday or GTX if you have it. Go to 4:00 Mackay Race 6.

In the PrzCh column for my selection Vo Heart is -40 whereas all other runners have a + number. I look for these sometimes and when they are not in the Winform top 2 I can't put them as the DFR but they win often enough and sometimes at better prices than yesterday's.

Anyway, Vo Heart's SP price was $4.40 (bit more than fixed price) but as a triple bonus we got the quinella and trifecta in the top 3 rated horses. On UBET (previously Tatts), the trifecta 'only' paid $476 despite having a larger pool of money ($11000) whereas NSW Tote the trifecta paid $819 with only $7600 in the trifecta pool.

Thursday 25 June: Daily Feature Race yesterday got the $10 winner (top rated), $60 Quinella and $900 trifecta, which builds on the $3 winner yesterday.

The best bet yesterday won at $1.70 and the day before paid $4

There were so many good priced winners in the top 2 yesterday that anybody using Power Play or Money Factory should have had a good day

Wednesday 24 June: Wimbeldon 2015 starts next Monday. I believe there is a great betting opportunity if you are preapred to wait for the reward. The men's singles market has shaped up to be limited to 3 possible winners - Djokovic, Murray and Federer.

It is possible to Dutch bet these 3 and make approximately 30% profit if either wins. They are under $10 in the market and the next player is currerntly around $16.

I looked at this market on Monday night

Sportsbet and Ladbrokes had Djokovic at $2.00, Murray at $4.00 and Federer at $7.00. Betfair prices were $2.52, $4.20 and $8.40 respectively. Using Betfair prices and aiming to win $1000 whatever the outcome, the stakes for each are $1613, $698 and $484 for a total outlay of $3065. Get some friends together, make use of bonus bets for new account sign up with whoever you decide to bet with.


Tuesday 23 June: Mr X logging on. Garry and Ros leave tomorrow for their summer holiday so I will be keeping you up to date on all things racing and some northern summer sports betting.


Monday 22nd June: I've just run through the ratings files from December 1st when we've had the new track ratings and guess what? You would have got similar results regardless of tracvk condtions.

Our Powerplay hough was a brilliant result. A level stakes resulted if you kept your bets to those runners that qualified up to an S.P. of $7.5 And you could do this on a race strike rate of just 24%. The details are on page 93 onwards in the new book Winniong Is Everything.

Saturday 20th:We've backed 16 winners from 20 races so far today, leaving out the Heavytracks of course. Just hoping for the winner of the Beaudesert Cup 4,7,9,10 How did I do??

TRSA: Statement from the family of Amy Herrmann
On behalf of the family and Amy's boyfriend Chad, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the many messages of love and support we have received following Amy's fall yesterday.
I am pleased to report that Amy's injuries are not as serious as we first feared. Although she remains in an induced coma, her doctors are positive about her prognosis.
She is receiving the very best of medical care and our sincere thanks go to the ambulance crews and the staff at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Our thanks again to everyone for their support and we would ask the family's privacy be respected at this time.
Peter Herrmann
(Amy's father)

Saturday 20th June: If our singles fire today (and we have been on a losing streak alhough still in front for the year) we will kill it with all but one of our selections at very, very good odds.

The Soft track at Gold Coast has robbed us of opportunities I think as the results may be determined by trcak condtions. Nothing we can do about that. I will probably speculate on some of the better class races so I can have extra spending money on holidays.

All our ratings are now online. If you downloaded the ratings early,the track ratings were wrong and we reuplaoded at 9.30 a.m. We'll update again when WA scratchings come in.

Friday 19th June: Two race meetings abandoned today. That leaves only the synthetic track at Pakenham and the Soft 6 at Ipswich which might be upgraded to a 5. Our WGC# selections for Winform Gold Club Members are slowly returning to profit. These are supposed to be backed when favourite and depending on the other rated horse in the Top Two, dutched with it.

So as I sit looking outside, all I see is a complete drenching. I had plans to take a cot to Belle today as she and her husband are shortly to start fostering. It won't be today but we will get clear weather at some stage.

Tomorrow will be back to a full day for me but only if we get a few good tracks. We sent out a message yesterday, mainly for exisiting Members, advising that Crownbet is one of only two corporates who have the visual rights to Victorian Racing.

Thursday 18th June: All races at Rocky have been put back today due to fog delaying the stewards plane out of Brisbane. Albury is abandoned. pINJARRA IS THE ONLY gOOD TRACK TODAY.

The last Group 1 of the year is at Gold Coast Saturday and a likely wet track, even with the warmer weather up there. It's a time of the year when you are best being selectiive with your tracks.

Bear two things in mind. Most trainers will know in advance what the weather and track is likely to be like, in fact many trainers bring in horses that are expected to be suited by the typeof tracks we get over winter. Also, a good horse can overcome the conditions especially if the oppostion is out spelling waiting for Spring.

Members who stick to their guns can still make a reasonable living over the Winter, just remember, just because there are races on every day doesnt mean you have to bet everyday.

Some of our services will be disrupted over the next few dasy due to two of our laptops being stolen. tHEY ARE WORTH BUGGA ALL BUT IT IS THE RESETTING OF ALL THE INFORMATION THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

We are once again vicitms of crime. There should be a law against it!

Wednesday 17th June: Balaklava and Belmont will be the only two bettable tracks for us today with Heavy tracks everywhere else. DEvonport is a very hit and miss track for us as we don't do ratings for runs on the sand track. This means all our form is based around runs at the other two Tassie tracks. Aazingly we still find 30% winners in the Top Two, I don't really know how. When assessing form it is important to see how the horse has run at Devonport previously asthere are two elements to it.

One) A tough uphill run to the post and Two) the ability to handle the sand track surface. Not all horses like it.

Tuesday 16th June: Not a good day for the Cessnok Cup. Our Gold Club Members might have watched their horse run around today into 2nd place behind a first starter. We could have led and won BUT the horse is being trained to come from behind and he did that on a bog track and the rider was instructed not toknock the horse around if he couldn't win. A perfect ride in that respect. It paid $1.90 for running second and this morning was a $1.90 fixed price win favourite before the backing for the first starter which won.

There's a good reason why we don't recommend heavy tracks.

Monday 15th June : Honestly, I havent had a look at yesterdays results so don't know what sort of day the Members have had. But I did review the month to date and as far as the Winform strategies with Moeny Factory and Powerplay it seems as though, from feedback and my own brief snapshots, that it is all going well. Nobody has reported that they have gone broke.

Our single selecton strategies have been poor though, time of year maybe or bad luck with several double figure selections just missing. Anyone of those would have been enough to trun things around and they come, we just can'r predcit when.

Personally I am feeling a lot better today but have lost my voice from the constant coughing which still haunts me. I'll be putting together the E-News later this morning.

Sunday 14th June: Finally. Not feeling so sick today. I can start to get things done. I should be able to start replying to Members about Tuesday, so I hope that is okay.

Yesterday our singles had a losing day which sort of parallells last year so it will all pick up like last year too.

The GOOD News is that we had many good priced winners for those who are using the various strategies.

Today there are some Good tracks but a few heavy ones. Enough action to keep those who want to have a bet to have a bet but personally I'm going to sit up and watch thr Collingwood/Giants game which should determine where these two teams, currently on the same points, will likely be in September.

It's a home game for Collingwood and they will be highly fancied but GWS has to stand up at the MCG in a big game atmosphere, even if they get beat, make it by a few not many points.Now back to my backlog of paperwork.


Saturday 13th June: Had a fallback in my progress yesterday and got upset when I dreamt that a client advise me Unibet had closed his account and refunded his $500 opening deposit . The reason given was thet he already had an account theere previously and funny enought there was no mention ofteh $2700 Brett had won.

I've advised the client to chase this up with the authprities in every relevant state. The key thing is that Brett had never had an account there unlessit was under one their older names such as Betchoice, I think it was.

So had he not won I wonder if his account would stil be open?? Luckily as I had advised him to open several accounts he is still able to operate and he has madeprofits almost everyday since he started running our Money Factory combined strategies.

Still a bit dizzy today so taking a small break and will have the Winform Daily Mail loaded by 10.45. Everythig else is up. And that raises another very importatnt point. I am sick to death of clinest who call me up to ask about things I have already ansered in the Diary like track upgrades, web problems and so on.

The purpose of the diary is Punter Education AND advice about the ratings etcso if there are any outages we will have the info here first. NOW, if you think there is nothgin there make sure you refresh the page as if you have already seen it you nee to let the site know you want the LATEST posting. Details are in the FAQS after uou have logged into your current subscriptions.


Now go have a good day. Ill be resting again.


Friday 12th Jnauary:Well I must be getting better. One of the clinets said he had a bad dAY YESTERDAY. It was his first losing day for the week. ll never know the right advice as it is tied up in your psyche. Besides , what feels right one day is wrong the next.

I am told we got the Dooben Quaddie the pther day. It paid between $66k and $122k dependng on where you placed your bet.

Anyhow I'm not conecentrating wll still and today is the first day I feel I'm starting to recover. That'll make me right for tomorrow. Remember I liked Volkhere in the BRisbane Cup last week.He only lost by 1.3lengths and everybody spotted the run because now he's $4 favourite for tomorrow.

I'm extremely lll with the flu. I can only remember being this sick once before in my life.

Ive been able to look at one race today and then its back under the blankets so dont call up, I wont be ANSEWRING THE PHONE

Anyhow in Mackay Race 6 the pld stager Blame Game is right on his game lately so we might give him a go. Im into my fifth day and the Doc said last night I only have the garden variety flu, the one that is not coebreed by the flu injection...great. So anyhow seven days apprently puls it up.

Monday 8th June: We had forty plus people here yesterday for the twins birthday. They didint know what was going on. We didint have much of an idea by the end of the day eoither. Today will be rest up for a while and clean up.

For those who stayed home to punt you should have had a good winning day. Plenty of winners met our criteria. The WGC# selections only found 33% winners on Saturxay for a small lossand to be honest I havent had a chnace to check yesterdays.

Our Hong KOng Syndicate had a winning Wednesday but sadly after starting well dropped more than the win yesterday.

It was just as well hat we didnt worry about prices in the Black type races on Saturday with two $15 winners in the top two at Doomben. I missed the Treble by the shortest of margins in the BRisbane Cup. Pity. It was paying $1500 AND to make matters worse one of pur specials was pating over $20 in the 7th at Belmont, only to be run down on the post by a poorly performed near bottom rated horse. Our turn will come....PLEASE!!


**Winner $14 Quinella $28 and Trifecta Doomben Race 1 .** Good Luck everybody. Dont forget the 2 million dollar quaddie pool on Ubet. Reminding eveyone we dont worry abotu prices in Listed and Group races as are ALL RACES AT DOOMEBN TODAY

Saturday 6th June: All Queensland tracks are Good. Elsewhere the Soft 6 tracks may upgrade to Slow 5 but our ratings wont change. At Morphettville we have anticipated an upgrade to a Good 4 or at least on the better side of 5. Belmont will be Good for sure.

In the meantime I have been invaded. It is the twins birthday and we have interstate visitors staying with us so I have had the two 3yos running into and out of the office but luckily they are being taken out for a treat while the baby and 2yos are otherwise occupied and out of my hair soon. All good fun???

Friday 5th June: Good 4 at Rocky then Slow 5 to Slow 6 elsewhere and not much expectancy of upgrades. Not too bad a day though as wedo well at all of these venues even if prices are not that hot. Swan Hill is usually the hardest of these asmost runners come from far and wide.

We have or Doomben vidoe preview online and the track is expected to be in perfect order.


Thursday 4th June: Some good tracks to work on today. I think they are running on the synthetic track at Pakenham today. Must have a look. I'm wowkring on a video for tomorrow and the link will be in the E-News later today.

Also we are plannign a live in three day Seminar at Raffertys in late August. Deatilsin the Newsletter.



Wednesday 3rd June: A bit of bad luck today as when Warick Farm was upgraded a WFMH became available. This is where there are some problems with past data.On a soft 6 there was no selection but after the upgrade we had a $8.80 winner. I just got on a couple of minutes before the race.

That's what we mean by luck. We could no thave known for certain that track condtions would be upgraded. It works the other way as well.

A very good day for our Members regardless.

Tuesday 2nd June: Here's an interesting video. Original footage of Sydney Harbour Bridge before during and after construction.

Three meetings set down for today Geelong synthetic, Grafton and Hawkesbury. Historically Grafton has a very poor record offavourites winning, only 30%Geelong Sythentic on the other hand is strong at 36% but usually the faviurite price reflects thatand Hawkesbury is alos strong at 36%. My guess is that Grafton gets bigger more competitive fields with horses coming form both sides of the border.

We found 5 possible bets at Geelong, 1 at Grafton and 4 at Hawkesbury where there have been many scratchings due to the Soft 7 rating. The rail is 5 meters out at Hawkesbury and similar at Grafton but Grafton is a much more spacious track. The possibles are on the Winform Gold Club page.

Monday 1st June: With Cessnock abandoned and Goulbourne going Heavy there wasnt a lot of action today BUT the Daily Feature Race found the winner and the Quinella at least.

Now just ans explanation of the WGC# selections. One clinet just backed the lot and soemtimes this will work but most times not. The idea is simply..if these selections are favourite a few minutes from the jumpthen they are fair dinkum favourites because they have already passed our true favourites test BUT we cannot assess whether or not they are actually fit enough and being fairly aimed at the race. The market generally tells us that.

Often favourites are favourites just because the Sky commentators tipped them not because connections know the horse is ready and the races are filled with false favourites. Now we cant get it right all the time but we can lift the strike rate to winnable levels and that's what its all about.


Sunday 31st May: Our one Gold Club selection was a winner. There were three WFMH selecions for a $3.3 winner and a third.

Dubbo is abandoned again, there are two and possibly a third Good track meeting with the rest rain affected. Enough action to keep us going if you wish. Good luck for the last day of the month.

Saturday 30th May: Just sorting out today. At least there are no heavy tracks but it is winter on Monday. Mr X has been havign abriliant run with the Daily Feature Race. Yesterdays was $4.80 and a recent $8.50. If you are patient the winners come. Being Saturday the challenge is for me to find today/s. I'll give it my best shot ona day which has few good bets. Ratings should be up by 9'ish and the Daily Mail 9.30 or so. Updates for WA scratchings by 10.30.

Friday29th May: Went to Vivid in Sydney last night.Disappointed in the Opera House show, the best light show was opposite Circular Quay looking South. We , Ros and I went on a Tall Ship but bugga me, the worst food imaginable, pulled beef on a stale breadroll and bulk coleslaw. Worse the light show was barely visible where we went except for Luna Park which lights up alright. Was it worth he trip, well a bit of abreak. okay but lucky it was only a two hour trip. Glad I didnt come in form interstate.

Thursday 28th May: Les has been incontact with his local Member over Betjack and The Betting Shop. He has his doubts about what can be done but suggest everyone do the same. Hopefully that might prevent future problems.

Today for WalkAWayAWinner we have found just one good bet. MrX found it independently for the Daily Feature Race and no doubt everyone will agree. For one reason or another the horses hadnt raced for over a year and then put in two very good runs which did not rate up to his best BUT far superior to what every other runner he is opposed to today. Our only problem is that everyone knows it, let's just hope that doesnt stop him from winning.

People often visit our home and office and ask "How did you get this?' And I;ll say "I worked for over 40 years and owe the Bank a million dollars" Well, that shuts them up BUT the fact is that I paid my mortage off over the paste ten years with my profits from Racing. I'll post a video later this morning at our Youtube channel. I think you'll agree we have a beautiful outlook.

The two books I've highlighted cost a few hundred dollarsand a susbscription to our Winform Ratings between $40 and $60 a week on an annual basis. Now you wont make a million bucks tomorrow but you can build up towards it with the information in the books and the ratings, which by the way you cna work otu yoursel with zero dollars and a bit of time.

By focussing on the races and horses that are best suited, you can pick up money year after year. The two books highlight what you need to do.

Wednesday 27th May: We dont recommend betting on wet treacks but ironically, the best results came from Gosford yesterday and w dont back 8yos eitherbut we had a top rated 8yo win at $6 yesterday. These are anomalys , it doesnt mean you should chaneg your strategy just because it stuffs up your strategy for a day.

Canterbury is soft 7 today but should upgrade,Ipswich is Good 3 and Gawler is a 5 and Seymour a 4. We have years of back data but the only data (for track conditions) that counts is sinc the changes on December 14th last year. The same for those looking at weight changes. Only data from the most recent chaneg inweight conditions counts, yet we still have peoepl flogging the same outdated theories.

In our book Winning The ONly Option, we revealed the secret that is still secret because the vast majority of punters are too dumb to educate themselves. That book sold out but luckily is still available as an Ebook.

Tuesday 26th May: Our top three rated selections for all races since December 1st 2014 when the new track ratings were introduced was sorted by price and taking only those selections that were favourite up to $2.90 or 15/8 in the old money, produced a level stakes profit of over $14,000 for $100 bets. Useful information??

Monday 25th May: Well yesterday went in a blur and somejhow the last two diary entries went funny too. We had the three girls for the weekend so Ntalie and Shayne could have a rare weekend away to celebrate their Anniversary. Where has the time gone. It seems like yesterday we were in Tuscany to see them wed. It was a great two weeks and here we are with three grandkids. Belle assisted so I could get my work done and there were some good results for the Winform strategies. A heap of Racing yesterfday even with one meeting abandoned and two with heavy tracks.

I also had lunch with Mat so covered my whole family on Sunday. In addition we launched a new service over the weekend for our Winform Gold Club Members. It really is worth $60 a week (on an annual basis) to have theGold Club subscription.


FRIDAY May 23rd: ** Who Is Betjack?? They have gone and probably their clients money with it. We warned everybody as long as two or three years ago. Stick to our recommended legitimate corporates as listed at the bet now button or on the home page.

Saturday 24th May: Doomben should be okay today but dont expect it to upgrade beyond a Good 4, same for Gold Coast Wodomga and Morphettville. No changes will be necessary. Have a good day everyone.

Friday 23rd May:

“Rocky is Good, Dubbo has been abandoned, Geelong is on the synthetic track and Grafton and Cranbourne are very rain affected.

At Rocky we do okay at 34% top two but prices are generally short and the same applies to Geelong. Thinking in reverse, the Winform favourite strategy should do well at these tracks.”

Had to add this.

Husband went to the sheriff's department to report that his wife was missing.
Husband:  My wife is missing. She went shopping yesterday and has not come home....
Sergeant:  What is her height?
Husband:  Gee, I'm not sure, a little over five-feet tall.
Sergeant:  Weight?
Husband:  Don't know. Not slim, not really fat.
Sergeant:  Colour of eyes?
Husband:  Sort of brown I think, never really noticed.
Sergeant:  Colour of hair?
Husband:  Changes a couple times a year, maybe dark brown now. I can’t remember.
Sergeant:  What was she wearing?
Husband:  Could have been pants, or maybe a skirt or shorts. I don't
Know exactly.
Sergeant:  What kind of car did she go in?
Husband:  She went in my truck.
Sergeant:  What kind of truck was it?
Husband: A 2015 Ford F150 King Ranch 4X4 with eco-boost 5.0L V8 engine Special ordered with manual transmission and climate controlled air conditioning. It has a custom matching white cover for the bed, which has a matching aftermarket bed liner. Custom leather 6-way seats and "Bubba" floor mats, tailoring package with gold hitch and special wiring hook-ups. DVD with full GPS navigation, satellite radio receiver, 23-channel CB radio, six cup holders, a USB port, and four power outlets. I added special alloy wheels and off-road Michelins. It has custom running boards and indirect wheel well lighting. At this point the husband started choking up.

Sergeant:  Take it easy, we'll find your truck.

Thursday 21st May: Got this from Jon Roberts. There's some sense there.

good news on goodwood trifecta but i still missed one of them

These tris are harder to get value wise than ever before







Years ago we used to sella list of wet track sires which found many winners in maiden races and at really big prices.

Gatton and Hawkesbury are good and perhaps Pinjarra will be so we will focus our attention there today.



Wednesday 20th May: How's the C Plan going?? Andrew is on 58% winners for last week and Michael who is following the latest strategies with a few adjustments he makes himself is as below.

G'day Garry and Winform Team,
                                                     Thanks for the offer of a free book, I am most happy to receive anything that provides more info.
   Just thought you might like to know my results so far for May, using my version of the current Winform strategies with Money Factory.
   11 Betting days, 98 Bets, 55 Wins, 36 Winning series. Av Div $2.16. ROI 33.53%.
   I can't see how anyone wouldn't be happy with that. As I said, keep up the great work and thanks to you for the book offer.
   Cheers, Micheal Matthews.  

Tuesday 19th May: Cessnock is slow Hobart heavy But Geelong is the dirt track and Gouldborun is okay but I dont like the track because it gives every horses a fair chance and doesntt help our speed horses. Geelong has been much better for us because it does.

I'm spending my day answering the hundreds of emails from Members. It may take meaday or two to cATCH UP with everybody but I will.

Monday 18th May: Well..King Derota 2nd and Mermaid Run 1st.Hope you got on. We've had a huge response to the E-News and please appreciate that I need to check each one of you individually so you get something you dont already have. It will take me a week just to read through all the comments so thank you very much.

This from my old "adversary" (well he was a bookie) .

Hi Garry ..A very good gesture on your part to return cash to punters whom had forgotten their winnings . I am sure I do not have any cash with you but I still have many thousands
owing to me  from when I was working at Newcastle races but that has gone .
I am now 86 years old and not much money but still like to have flutter on the horses .I would appreciate the “EBOOK “ or any old  computer programmes you have discarded that can be sent via the computer..
Thank you very much for taking the time to contact me along with many of your customers .  Gordon Derkenne

Is typical of the many replies. And it is clear that punters (and my many friends) appreciate not being treated as a number.

I've just come from a meeting with a major corporate and got an insight into their thinking. It is very much a numbers game for them and that is why they are giving away so much cash and free bets. They want every dollar of turnove theycan get and they will do almost anyhting to retain customers. They all want to be the biggest!

Stop betting with them for say a fortnight and you will get an account top up offer. Bet in any of ther Feature races and you will get money back 2nd and 3rd and so on. The same applies to virtually all the corporates and even the TAB.

The latest "offer" to let you get out if you have all but one of your mutibets in front may be a good idea but think of it this way. Why are they doing it?? The answer is simple. It gets them out of a massive payout if your last leg gets up!!

Normally they would be laying these bets off.


Sunday 17th May: Did you like the Goodwood Trifecta yesterday in our top three?? Hope so.

Today I dont mind Mermaid Run in the last at Gawler. Her trial run was similar to the one before her last prep when she ran really well first up in much better class at Morphettville. First up again today she should be too good for this moderate field at around each way odds.

In the Parkes Cup today I thought King Derota had a chance. He probably got a bit to far back in the Mudgee Cup last start and will be more handy today. A fun day of punting ahead we hope.

Saturday 16th MAY: A good looking Day today and with the uopgrade to Morphettvile it can get better. It doesnt seem to have overly affected our selections but we will update in the next hour or so.

I dropped into the gym today for the first time for a while as I didnt have time for a walk. Got a good workout on the treadmill but not so good on the weights. I do have a problem shoulder but even so, I strugged with 5kg hand weights. That;ll learn me. Back exercising my mental capacity to find winners now and I would like the Caulfield Quaddie.

In the meantime Ive sold my Hobie Tandem and will pick up the lighter single hander which is one third the weight.

So far today a very good winner Gold Coast Race 2 $15 and the First Four $1500 in our top four rated horses.

Friday 15th May. Members from our Punters pool may be awiuting a bit longer for their payments as Ive had to draw deposits back from bookmkers and also there is a limit to how much a day I can transfer fromthe Pool account. Also Sportsbet now pays via Paypal, fine but it takes 2-3 days for money to arrive. And slo to complicate things our Paypal account is a business one so I have to journal it out to the Pool account meaning another delay, however all but about 15 Members and those who havent yet supplied their banks account details have been paid and all are happy with the profit.

I'm hoping the weather in Adelaide will improve for the Goodwood but Melbourne is looking fine and so is Scone today. We have work being done at home tomorow but they cant work in the rain so cross the fingers. It has been out off six times since January. Ros and I are getting a bit sick of it.

LOts of races today but not many good bets, howver I suspect the MOeny Factory and Powerplay strategies witll carry on as usual, stay away from Mt Gambire though with teiri Heavy10.

Thursday 14th May: A reasonable looking day today and WalkAwayAWinner made a profit but is till a bit down with 38% winning races instead of expected 50%+ It will turn around. Today we backed a runner from $19 into $6 only to see it run nearer last than first. It should be blackbooked and I wonder if connections may have seen their price knocked off so decided to wait until another day?? If you were on it blackbook it for a similar race.

Wednesday 13th May: It's appreciated when we get an acknowledgement for the work we do.

Hi Garry,

I just want to thank you & the winpool team for all your great effort & great results.

Peter Berton,

Today we have a couple of good tracks so might be an alright day. When we get varying track conditions it makes life difficult. There were some horses yesterday that last raced on heavy tracks ad did well but failed yesterday. It's not because they perform better on the Heavy but because the run on the heavy track took it out on them.

Tuesday 12th May: After a few races I decided I didnt like the state of the track at Wagga. It might cost me winners but better than losing. My third bottom horse won the 5th and that wasn't a surprise, given the day.

Geelong was okay and Hawkesbury is improving. WalkAwayAWinner had a samll win in the first race today and has a possible at Wagga.

We're exploring the possibility of having a Seminar, maybe in September. We'll keep you posted.

Monday 11th May: Bathurst upgrade at .1.04 p.m. Note some horses that were preselected are nolonger bets ,not because they are worse off but because other runners will race better on the upgraded track.

Sunday 10th May: Happy Mothers day to all our punting mothers. We do have them you know, You'd be surprised how many and they usually are winners.



A big winner for Winning With Barriers with the favourite beaten from Barrier 1 as per our tables.

How good is Pornichet? I was impressed. It was a hot field and even though temperamental, the horse creamed them. What I wasn't impressed with was the last two single selctions we had yesterday.Both started odds on and both got beat. But overall it was a good day. From 9 singles (exclduing Gold Club) we got three winners and 12.6 units back.

The Money Fcatory strategy struggled intitially but came home in front as did the Powerplay strategy and our top rater won the last at Flemington with $9 being available at Bet 365. Thier deal isnt as good as it used to be but I like that you cna get a lot betteer fixed price at times and get Starting Price Guarantee with it. Not for all races but for most.

As it is a big family day we wont be doing WalkAwayAWinner todday but it was a good day yesterday aftre an ordinary week. You have those.

Saturday 9th May: Doomben is Soft 5 but we expect an upgrade to a 4. Rosehill will stay soft 5 or 6 so workable, Morphettville has been downgraded since yesterday to a Soft 6.That may affect horses like Delicacy which have spent most of their career on better tracks.

We have six Gold Club selections today including a last start inexpicable failure. Do we go with it?? Or is it another Wineoak? I recal llast year we followed a horse as a Gold Club for three or four failures before it won at $18 so maybe we do.

Friday 8th May: I have a new video for the Doomben meeting tomorrow. Hope it helps what should be a great day tomorrow.

Today we have started off with two out of two fro WalAWayAWinner but it was expected. There are only three more eligible races today so hopefully we can chip away at it without going too far.

Thursday 7th May: Nothing but damp tracks today so not expecting too much. Rosehill was still Heavy 8 this morning but three fine days should have it up to at least a Soft 6 by racetime Saturday. The main races from last weeks abandoned Hawkesbury meeting have been added to the program so should be a much better day than it would have been.

Racing returns to Doomben where Pornichet heads oru list for the Doomben Cup after last saturdays very soft win in the Toowoomba Cup and with nothgin but sunshine up North it should be agreat day. We have SIX GOLD CLUB bets at this stage subject to scratchings and track conditons between Rosehill and Doomben.

Wednesday 6th May: Bonza Best Bets didnt have a great April but using Money Factory it stands down just 10% of the Bank and this is after racking up $1900 profit so far. WalkaAWayAWinner would have to considered unlucky. The other Sunday there were 22 eligible races. The first of these was a winner and so no more action for the day but 15 of the next 21 were winners. We are looking at more races each day looking for the square up from last week but so far nothing is happenign but today could cgange everything.

We;ve had some starnage statitsics for the year to date. Other peoples ratings and indeed our ratings, are doing better on Soft and Heavy tracks than Good ones. It'sa complete revrrsal from normal.

Tuesday 5th May: No WalkaAWayAWinner today with two Heavy 10 venues at Newcastle and Warnambool is mainly jumps today and liekly wet.

Yesterday worked okay for subscribers without being spectacular. With a very busy few days I have not put together the E-News but have some great stuff to advise when I do.

We are still finding new areas of rain intrusion BUT the forecast is for good weather all week this week. I get out tomorrow ( I have achiropractor appoiment) but other than that I am tied to the computer.

Monday 4th May: Every now and then we hit the wall. It is unavoidableand Saturday was the day. Nothing worked and to be honest I lost my third Money Factory Bank this century. That's now three in the last sixteen or so years since I created it in the late 90's. I have won hundreds and hundreds of Money Factory series and the loss on Saturday stripped only a percentage of my profits for the year to date. You can easily see why we advocate the use of dividing your Bank into three.

Of course there were a number of factors that didn't help. Changing track conditions is just one of those. We would have won the first at Toowoomba had the Club upgraded the track before the race. And a number, small as they were, of photo finishes that didnt go our way.

Late in the day we landed two good winners and needed just one more to get us in a comfortable position. Didn't happen.

Today we have more than the usual number of meetings due to it being Alice Springs Cup Day. Don't underestimate it as it is worth $110,000 and is targeted by many trainers. We've had some memorable days at the Alice.


Sunday 3rd May: NOT ONE OF OUR BETTER DAYS. Winform Gold Club had two runners for a $4.40 winner. tHERE'S THE HIGHLIGHT. Everything else fellover and Walk Away A Winner has had it's worst run ever. We chose to continue after we made a small profit and there it is..The mistake. No drams, the Bank is still secure and better days ahead.

**KALGOORLIE RACE TIMES**These have changed by 2 minutes back but oly the first three races. This is so they fit into the Sky 1 Channel. All races are now upto date.

Saturday 2nd May: Two abandoned meetinhgs and three meetings with Heavy tracks with Newcastle needing maybe one more heavy shower of rain to stop it. Still, it makes an easier day for those of us using Money Factory and Powerplay, both of which made money for me yesterday.

Friday 1st May: Maybe Kourkam in the Wagga Cup today?? Best horse in the race I reckon. I'm hoping to put a video up if I get time. so check back after 5 today if I get i up. Here's the video link.

Thursday 30th April: Rocky is headed for heavy, Wyong already is so that leaves just Wagga, upgraded to a Goood 3 and Ballarat a Soft 5. Doesnt matter, both Money Factory is already in front. Amelias plan is $3 behind so no big deal. Looks like a fair day.

We're putting together some value packages for our online store and readres may find them helpful. I;ll let you know when they are up online.

Wednesday 29th April: A mixed day today with some uncertainty about the weather. Off the Gold Coast there is major rain but will it hit land?? Geelong and Strathalbyn are cold today so dont expect the tracks to be upgraded. Canterbury coulr upgrade to a 5 and Bunbury is Good.

Tuesday 28th April: We didnt like the races today.Kembla wasa heavy 10, as bad as it gets Geelong was back on the artificial track, leaving only Taree with a Good 4. Had we proceeded we would have had 2 wins from 4 and no worthwhile profit so the decision was a good one.

Tomorrow there will be challenges with the rain expected from Sydney through to Brisbane. The rest of Oz is clear though so we shall see.

The Winform Gold Club has a runner on Thursday at the Wagga Carnival and that will be on the Gold Club page tomorrow. There may also be some Gold Club selections over the Carnival.

Monday 27th April:

Walkaway a winner is going as we expected it to. We have had just three losing days since it started a month or so ago, every other day we have won. We will soon take annual subscriptions for this service with an appropriate discount.

The Hong Kong syndicate I am in has me in personal profit of about $11,000 Australian after the first four weeks, eight weeks to go. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Our First Win Pool closes at the end of this month and is just under $20,000 in profit.Our second Winpool had problems with power (we are in the Hunter) so no action last week but it has made 19% on capital so far after one month.

Our next winpool wont start until August.

Sunday 26th April: I used Amelias plan yesterday and sit at 23% P.O.T after two hours or so. Money Factory combined strategy about $500 in front. Walkawayawinner!! is in front again and the first three races were all winners even though we quit after our first winner. In the end almost every race preselected by WalkAWayAWinner won but without us vetting the individual races we don't claim anything but we are sure some Members would continue anyway.

Plenty of races listed for today, including the Tamworth Cup. Kris Lees has Scorpio Queen entered and is so far down in Class you would think she could walk it in BUT she hasn't run for 29 days and she has never won with this sort of break before but then...maybe that's what Lees is trying with her now?


Saturday 25th April: The morning is for rememberance, the afternoon for celebrating our history and our mateships.My Dad served in New Guinea in WW II and luckily, his worst wound was cutting himself on coral. he may have been one of the numberbut it was a numbers game. No one got past him on his watch. In years past he marched every Anzac Day and afterwards enjoyed the day. It was the only day of the year he drank.

At 91 he is still well with it but now he cannot march being confined to a walker and he has no surviving mates. So he'll be watching the Dawn service on TV. His Dad served in France.My service was confined to the CMF but after being called up for Vietnam I was discharged due to a foot injury that made me unsuitable for service. It probably saved lives as I was to be an Army cook.....

Friday 24th April

Walking on water; Well WalkAWayAWinner is going okay won yesterday and today with first selection.

Had a query from a client today about Amelia's plan so as I havent personally done it since April last year I am going tohave a go with my cash starting tomorrow. Ill let you know how I go.


Thursday 23rd April: Lucky I wasn't betting yesterday or I may have injured myself stacking all that money I would have made. Winners galore it seemed to me in the Winform Top Three.

It's always nice to be appreciated.

Hi Garry,
I trust things are settling down in the wake of the storms and you have not suffered any major damage.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the win pool and for providing a profitable outcome.


Not too shabby!

Only played the Metrop tracks for the day and dutch booked the top 2 where I wasn't watching the footy and able to take fixed odds close to jump with Sportsbet

Some nice winners there, some under the rated odds, some over.   A couple of good overlays I got:

  • RAN 3 Slightly Sweet rated $3.60, I got $11.00
  • DOO 6 Write Cheek rated $5.10, I got $10.10

Malcolm (Malcolm tried our ratings for the first time last weekend)

Back to business today. Ros has headed off toa doctors appointment but that mightnt last long as it possible the road is stillflooded. We'll restart the WalkAwayAWinner service as well now that we have power. And yes we woud have won yesterday.

Wednesday 22nd April: A scary night after a scary day. Soenthing is loose on the roof Idont know what. We have no power at all and I have just got access to internet for about 20 minutes. My mobile is working but I can't rechareg ti and they say 2-3 days before power comes back. Half a dozen houses, a childrens playground and powerlines down in Mannering Park.

Supermarkets have no powerand shops and garages shut. Lucikly we have a gs top and will cook our food before it spoils. No ice around either, no power to make it.

Ill let you know when its all working again. Sunny today but all water fronts flooded.Mat is out insoecting smoke alarms and it took him one and a hlaf hourse to go 5 kilometres becuase of trees on the road and detours. Cooked out toast over an open gas jet. Good fun. Reminds me of the old days.

Tuesday 21st April: I dont have to watch National Geographic to view extreme weather. We have it right here at home with one metre waves having taken the bricks off our sea wall (even though we are on the lake) and sweepeing through our boatshed.

I thought I'd write up the diary in a break between power outages. We.re making a run for a few groceries while we can inbetween the fallen down trees on the road. Apparently most Newcastle homes have no power. You see fallen trees a lot in a summer thunderstorm but this is just consistent heavy and violent winds with downpours inbetween.

Have a nice day....

Monday 20th April: What a miserable day today. Pouring rain and bloody cold. Conditions are not much better at todays venues so we are staying away. Tomorrow is not looking good either. However we are still doign very well with the MOney Fcatory and Powerplay strategies, my strike rate is down 3% over the last 752 races and amiserly level stakes profit but MOney Fcatory has boosted that to aroubd 18% profit on turnover or $21,ooo+ on a $10,000 operating Bank.

Sunday 19th April: WalkAWayAWinner lost yesterday but still a profit for the week. We seemed jinxed with horses leading by lengths and getting run down, one horse dropping the rider at the start and an internet drop out that prevented us sending out confirmation on the last winner. WE will always experience this sort of problem at some stage. That's the "luck" aspect I suppose.

On another note, our Win Pool had a great day and the Winform Top Three strategy and Powerplay longshoit strategy all made good profits while the pick em with a pin strategy was a failure once again.

Anyhow, we had several neew starters yesterday so it is hard to identify which one put the "mocka" on us.

We caught Harvey Norma out yesterday with their "Every electrical item discounted". We priced a new Samsung monitor at $548 two weeks ago and again a couple of days ago and this same price was at all the outles that sell this item.

I was heading past their store so I though "well. let's check the "secret sale price." Guess what $548 with a Sale sign on it. I queried it if course but then they said "well that's the online price it's normall $599 in store"".

Hey , I bout it at JB HI Fi 30minutes later for 5% off because I simply asked "can you do a better price?" Hope I like it. I;m trying the 27" curved screen split to make things easier for em. Remains to be seen if I can get it set up right.

Saturday 18th April: WalkAWayAWinner won again yesterday and some new subscibers did even better. we added them after the first two races lost so they only got the winning races. Not bad hey?? Everybody made a good profit yesterday and our last winer blew out to $3.80. We took $3.40 fixed early. Still, a win is a win.

Last Saturday we worked hard all day but struggled and eventually just missed getting otu with a $33 loss on the day. Well hope for a faster out today and with a profit this time.

Bonza Best Bets had a 50% win strike yesterday. Pity one of those winners was only $1.20 but a $3.80 resultl earlier meant a good profit on the day. You simply can't forecast the prices or track condtions. We pulled oru selections for Werribee yesterday as the track deterioated.

Friday 17th April: I must have been off with the fairies yesterday as I thought I had posted to the diary. Our second winpool had a massive day yesterday with the combined Winform top three strategies. Race strike rate was over 50% and average retrun $2.83. Impossible to lose with those figures.

WalawayAWinner had another winning day yesterday after only two races. The heat is on to repeat today although it may take longer, who knows OR we could win the first at Gatton.

The new service is great for those who need someone to assess things , not in the early a.m., especially when track condtions are changing as they are now. New subscribers get until the end of May for a monthly sub, thats about an extra two weeks for free. Click the online store button and then selection services for more info.

For those lloking for another account option you coudl try Unibet. We've had no instances of anyone being banned so far and their fixed prices on country and provincial indicate they are prepared to take a risk although they pay middle tote on some of these. A good place to take a better fixed price thoguh as Crown prices go off fast.

Wednesday 15th April: Steven loves the new Walkawayawinner SMS service.

Service is fantastic suits my needs especially on weekdays. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Comments like the above are always appreciated. Today we have five meetings and all damp tracks except Balaklava. SunshineCoast could upgrade a little and W Farm should be a Good 4 at some stage.

Had some good results early yesterday but dropped off late. Walk Away A Winner had a winning day as it does most days.


Tuesday 14th April: Four meetings today so should be a busy day. Only the two yesterday but very profitable for both strategies. And yes the E-News is late. Oh well, this afternoon.

Monday 13th April: Yesterday started off well and I quit for the day before the footy started. The rest of the day was a struggle. The Winform E-News will go out later today.

Our Winform Gold Club runner (the Gold Club has a share in three horses with one stil to make its debut) won the first race at Wagga yesterday. Flash In The Dark was not expected to do as well as it did and is green as grass, not wanting to come out to challenge but when it did, it pounced on them. My only regret is that my bet was insignificant. Isn't it always on a winner?? All prizemoney is to be reinvested in future runners.

Sunday 12th April: A very good day yesterday for both the Money Factory strategy and the Powerplay strategy. Not a great day for our singles. It started well with our very first selection winning. From there we couldnt get anything home but not many selections yesterday. Griante ran 2nd at a good price. So 3rd at $51 then 2nd at $7 and next it will probabaly win at $3 I guess.

I also hit up two sets of allups for the Winpool but no success. A day where we won but lost so about even in the end which is a lot better than the other possibilty.

What do they do with Protectionist now?? A spell and then another tilt at the Melbourne Cup? It's probabaly all they can do. And who were the dummies who took odds on Hartnell?? Big Memory didn't seem comfortable in the conditions either but our top two rated horses Roya Descent and Criterion ran 1st and 3rd in the Queen Elizabeth.

It's back to nromal bread and butter racing today. All day with Caloundra running 12 races.

Just got this from Graham."

Sorry to have messed you around with Staking Kings..But I thought I should let you know that once I got the hang of it (I'm an old bugga who has always gone my own way and done everything with paper and pen so to speak)PowerPlay worked beautifully..On a $1000 bank and a strike rate of 22% ..Outlay $568 return $968..Prof. $400..ROI 70%..As you say in Winning Is Everything.."Who would shake a stick at that"!!!..Oh I know this was one of those better days but a great start just the same..
Thanks again for your program and your patience..
Regards Graham


Saturday 11th April: Will Randwick be upgrade again as it was on Monday. Hard to say but the rail is out and so the going on the rail will be better than it has been. Even at 6 metres there is plenty of room out wide. All other venues seem okay.

Yesterday was good for Powerplay. And it was overall a good day for our strategies. Both our winpools made some money, not as much as we want but is it ever???

Friday 10th April: 5 meetings today including Cranbourne tonight. Grafton is a soft 5 but could improve. Heres feedback we got today from a Member.

Hello Garry.. ....."Winning is Everything"..Wonderful book full of so much extremely useful information..well done and thanks.

Those who cant afford the $295 purchase price should know that Winning With Favourites is included in this book, as is Winning Barriers ...The Essential Barrier Book" each of whcih can be purchased for just $99 post paid or $89 each as an E-Book.

Some good winners in our Top Three yesterday but the favourites let us down again. Maybe the catch up comes today.


Thursday 9th April: Geelong wasa leaders track all day except when I was on the only leader all day that got run down! We did have some interesting feedback from Members yesterday, you can see that in the "Your Feedback" section.

I had a nice collect to close myown Money Fcatory yesterday but then I went on a long losing run. If I was on the favourite it lost,if I was not on the favourite, that was the horses that beat me. It happens like that some times. At the end of the day my Current Bank is 20% down, no big deal.

The variable weather at different tracks had a lot to do with things yesterday. We did have a run of winners at Launceston last night that helped.

I should also mention that Bet365 pay you the final starting price if it is greater than the fixed price you took during the betting. Thay don't do that at Launceston. Not knowing that cost me $300 last night as I would have taken best tote instead. Just another little "quirk" in the game.

Wednesday 8th April: It's wild and wooly outside, the sort of weather you would expect in August.Makes you want to rollover and go back to sleepbut work to do. I have chiro this morning plus orders of the new Winning Barriers book to pack and send and so on.

One of our Punting Partners had a month away in New Zealand and left a huge hole in Money Factory when he left. A week later and he's filled the holeand then some foranother great return.

"Hi Garry,
Ruled off at end betting today.Since 1st Feb until today including 3 weeks away on holiday.Total 177 bets,46 wins.Strike rate 26%.Inv $17,521 ret $19,296.Profit $1775.I was a long way down when I returned from NZ but Money Factory recovered the bank quickly with some good winners the last few days. LisleH "


TUesday 7th April: I was amazed that the Randwick track was upgraded yesterday. Had this looked likely in the morning our Gold Coub members would have had an additional $10 winner. Bu anyway, have alook at what our regular Members and ratings subscribers got. And look at the prices.

Three meetings today but Armidale ia a heavy 10.

 1:35 Sandown Lakeside Race 3 06Apr15 1200m BM64 3YO F HCP $35000 Good 4

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 8      3X1 Florelle             5.0 43.4   d    WFMH 3rd
10     33-1 Mrs President        6.5 41.7   D    WFMH $10.50
 4   6X316X Solar Burst          7.1 41.1       
 7  559X2-1 Faction             12.0 37.6       
 5   5594X1 Amanzi              12.4 37.4      

 2:45 Sandown Lakeside Race 5 06Apr15 1600m BM64 3YO  HCP $35000 Good 4

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 8  3246X41 Go Jennio            3.2 44.6 T     
 4  16X5221 Oriental Play        3.9 43.5        WFMH
 6 88x94842 Redentes Edge        6.1 40.4    W  
 1 6X5123X0 Lucques             12.5 35.6       
12      1-0 Primeiro            52.6 26.1       

 4:40 Sandown Lakeside Race 8 06Apr15 1300m BM70 3YO+ F&M HCP $35000 Good 4

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 8 02518X10 Carashan Girl        4.2 57.0   d hB WFMH 2nd
13 1X01X752 Belcrest Lady        4.5 56.5   DwH  WFMH 1st $21.70 Quinella $84.90
 5 X1-5X232 Catherine Louise     8.3 52.5    W  
 4 376X0X81 Misscatelli          9.8 51.4    W  
 2 6X2X32-3 Miss Softhands      13.1 49.4 tcd  B

 4:44 Oakbank Race 7 06Apr15 1050m RB82   HCP $40000 Soft 5

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 3 1X65X467 Heart Of A Lion      4.0 63.3   DW   WFMH 1st $5.70
 5 X311-516 Rock Out             5.2 61.7 tcDW  
 7 0-9-6652 Toms Luck            6.3 60.3   dw   2nd Quinella $28.80
10 812342-2 Spoilspot           10.1 57.3 tcdw b
 1 -4-3-7X9 Wise And Happy      10.7 56.9 T  W  

Hi Garry,
Further to our phone conversation.
For those people who don’t have FOXTEL  or  TVN   (now defunct)
the problem arises as to how to get live racing.
Well through their TAB account and or site they can access live racing on the computer.
They can access live racing in Victoria on this site

I was one of thousands who were quite happy to access racing on TVN  on my T-BOX
and was very sorry to see it’s demise.
BTW don’t see Telstra rushing to reimburse me having
got the T-BOX for only one reason.
But we have to try and rescue something and this is the only way
at present.

Here’s a link to the Betting Assistant


Best Regards,
Paul Lanigan


Monday 6th April: Randwick is on but still heavy 9, vERY FOGGY IN SYUYDENY THIS MORNIGN SO DONT EXPECFT AN UPGRADE UNTIL VERY LATE IF AT ALL. My one bet is a freebie on Royal DEscent in the Doncaster and I would like to be on Chataqua but coming from so far behind hard to see it at a meagre $3 quote. There are better best elsewhere.

I have three bets in two races at Sandown. Our resulst over the weekend at the meetings we had have ben very good. Bonza Walkawayawinner and Profitmaker all did well. Good lck today

Saturday 4th April: Randwick is a heavy 9 still raining AND MORE HEAVY RAIN EXPECTED THIS MORNING.We are out of there. You can throw the form out the window.

Melbourne is a totally different picture but the Caulfield Easter meeting has often eluded me. Is it because it is Caulfield or is it the transition to lower class horses with the "stars" in Sydney? Maybe today will be a reversal of fortunes? I hope so. Overall a lot fewer bets today and we'll concentrate on those.

A very light week for our Win Pools but the new pool which kicked off this week is already in profit. Only $140 but a profit is a profit.

We will have a decent shot at the Caulfield Quaddie today.

Friday 3rd April: We finally got our high speed Telstra broadband and WalkAwayyAWinner kicked off yesterday with just one winning race. A shocker to start. A day earlier we would have had a winning start..

It's rainign where I am, abotu 5ks from the coast and two hours North of Randwick. We have Royal DEscent on top for the Doncaster.

Thursday 2ndApril: Ray sent me a copy of his TAB ticket yesterday. For $20 each way he backed our 3rd rated horse at Sandown at $201 fixed the win and $51 fixed the place. It was alst start winner. It won and returned Ray $5,000.

We had three legs of the Quaddie, including that runner BUT as luck would have it, our bottom rated horse won the last with our runners finishing 2nd and 3rd. Happy Easter Ray, who is one of our Gold Club Members and attended last years Melbourne Racing Seminar.

Free Lotto ticket

Wednesday 1st April:Heres a complete list of Bonza Best Bets from the first release date. We recommend using the selections through the Money Factory.

3/12/2014 4:15: Bunbury 1 4 Miss Cyclonic $2.2
3/12/2014 7:20: Bunbury 6 1 Indigo Sun
4/12/2014 3:40: Warrnambool 5 5 Corporate Takeover
7/12/2014 3:28: Murray Bridge 5 4 Sandhill Hero $2.9
7/12/2014 3:53: Caloundra 4 1 Mestalla
7/12/2014 4:08: Murray Bridge 6 6 Lizana $3.9
7/12/2014 4:53: Devonport 7 6 Geegees Velvet
10/12/2014 9:15: Mowbray 6 1 Streetwise Savoire SCR
10/12/2014 9:45: Mowbray 7 1 Deux Foix $2.6
12/12/2014 3:55: Rosehill 4 3 One Direction
12/12/2014 6:16: Murwillumbah 7 5 Just So Bruno
17/12/2014 10:30 Mowbray 8 5 Seven Falls
19/12/2014 6:30: Morphettville 6 1 Tangier Sun $4.8
19/12/2014 6:35: Elwick 8 1 Hellova Street
19/12/2014 9:10: Albany 7 2 Our Royal Demon
19/12/2014 9:30: Caloundra 5 1 Three Beers Please $2.0
21/12/2014 1:19: Cairns 1 2 Rylees Saga
21/12/2014 2:04: Moruya 2 1 Silver Threads
21/12/2014 2:58: Bendigo 4 1 Estaminet
21/12/2014 3:07: Cairns 4 1 King Of Thebes $3.1
21/12/2014 3:34: Bendigo 5 2 Oh So Assertive $4.4
21/12/2014 4:19: Bunbury 1 2 Tudor Bolt $1.5
22/12/2014 4:35: Tamworth 6 2 Tableaux
26/12/2014 4:14: Newcastle 5 1 Ballinaclash $1.75
26/12/2014 4:44: Pinjarra 2 1 Tranquilla Sunrise $1.9
27/12/2014 1:30: Scone 1 1 Sargent Doakes $1.7
27/12/2014 2:15: Beaudesert 2 2 First Draft $2.6
27/12/2014 2:50: Morphettville 5 2 Majestic Moment $1.65
27/12/2014 5:30: Beaudesert 7 1 All Host ABN
27/12/2014 5:48: Geraldton 3 2 Blue Flame $2.3
27/12/2014 7:45: Ascot 7 1 Helder The Painter
30/12/2014 2:38: Canberra 3 3 Because We All Can
31/12/2014 5:39: Mowbray 1 1 Dream Roller $2.8
31/12/2014 6:15: Port Lincoln 7 1 Hanks Nephew
31/12/2014 8:40: Mt. Barker 7 10 Zipabout $5.2

33 bets for 17 winners 33 units out 47.3 units back

1/01/2015 3:34: Terang 4 1 Eastern Peak $2.4
1/01/2015 4:10: Doomben 5 2 Shes Miss Devine
3/01/2015 3:35: Rosehill 5 3 Craftiness $1.65
3/01/2015 4:15: Rosehill 6 5 Vashka $1.55
3/01/2015 4:47: Rockhampton 5 2 Photobomb $1.6
8/01/2015 5:32: Albany 2 1 Gibraltar Rock
8/01/2015 6:42: Albany 4 2 Run Liam Run $3.6
10/01/2015 6:35: Ascot 5 4 Sujet
11/01/2015 3:29: Coffs Harbour 5 5 Kareems Edge $4.4
16/01/2015 2:13: Gosford 1 2 Ends In Tears
17/01/2015 1:10: Randwick 1 1 Good Project $2.2
18/01/2015 3:11: Benalla 4 1 Danvito $3.2
22/01/2015 4:12: Pinjarra 1 2 Little Sincero
22/01/2015 4:40: Wyong 6 1 Global Domination $1.85
24/01/2015 7:10: Ascot 6 3 Cool Trade
26/01/2015 3:40: Sandown 5 3 Tried And Tired
28/01/2015 6:10: Ascot 4 2 Fire Born $2.4
28/01/2015 7:35: Mowbray 3 7 Geegees Baritone
29/01/2015 6:40: Albany 5 2 Fathoms Of Gold
31/01/2015 6:00: Ascot 4 2 Mr Mankini
31/01/2015 6:35: Ascot 5 1 Chanzig
31/01/2015 8:25: Ascot 8 1 Shalo

22 bets for 10 winners 22 units out 24.85 units back

4/02/2015 1:48: Gawler 4 1 Not A Zerprise $2.6
4/02/2015 1:53: Sandown 2 1 Northern Lyric
5/02/2015 2:15: Wyong 3 1 Final Conqueror
6/02/2015 8:30: Canterbury 4 6 Bella Galeano
6/02/2015 9:00: Canterbury 5 5 Meursault $1.9
7/02/2015 2:40: Sandown 3 2 Rock Arena
7/02/2015 4:45: Ascot 2 1 Dragonlead $2.8
7/02/2015 7:52: Ascot 7 3 Dawn Approach
8/02/2015 2:53: Ballina 4 1 Dunsinane
9/02/2015 5:15: Elwick 9 10 Admiral
11/02/2015 6:55: Mowbray 2 1 Valiant Warrior
12/02/2015 5:37: Ballarat 8 12 Pendles $2.0
12/02/2015 6:38: Bunbury 5 2 Return On Capital
14/02/2015 2:30: Doomben 2 2 Best Of The Rest $1.75
18/02/2015 6:05: Mt. Barker 3 1 The Express $5.1
19/02/2015 4:35: Rockhampton 4 4 Forbarrel $2.0
19/02/2015 6:05: Bunbury 4 2 Deceitful Road
21/02/2015 4:50: Ascot 2 1 Dragonlead SCR
23/02/2015 1:40: Scone 2 2 Golden Shoes $1.7
26/02/2015 7:45: Albany 7 1 Scampin
27/02/2015 4:40: Mackay 4 2 Magic Decision $1.6
27/02/2015 9:45: M.Valley 7 2 Duplicity Jones
28/02/2015 5:50: Caulfield 8 8 Fontiton

22 bets for 9 winners 22 units out 21.45 units back

1/03/2015 12:20:Mackay 1 1 Charcoal Melody $2.4
1/03/2015 3:10: Bathurst 5 6 City Boots
1/03/2015 3:25: Armidale 5 1 Opera Blu
1/03/2015 7:15: Bunbury 6 1 Seul Homme
2/03/2015 2:30: Terang 3 1 Blue Blood Boy
5/03/2015 2:06: Rockhampton 1 1 Casiroll $1.7
5/03/2015 6:45: Pinjarra 6 1 Because I Said
6/03/2015 12:16 Port Lincoln 1 1 Propshaft $1.7
6/03/2015 2:13: Beaudesert 4 4 Head Dragon
6/03/2015 3:15: Port Lincoln 6 2 My Boy Brando
7/03/2015 2:20: Caloundra 2 6 Vodnik
7/03/2015 3:30: Randwick 6 1 Hallowed Crown $3.2
7/03/2015 3:50: Flemington 6 2 Girl Guide
7/03/2015 5:43: Dalby 8 8 Squeemi
7/03/2015 6:00: Gold Coast 8 1 Nudgee
7/03/2015 8:45: Albany 7 3 Canna Lily
8/03/2015 1:31: Kilcoy 1 2 Eagle Shaman $2.0
8/03/2015 5:28: Elwick 8 2 Geegees Doublejay $2.4
8/03/2015 5:48: Canberra 8 6 The Waco Kid
11/03/2015 2:58: Geraldton 1 2 Kim Dynamite
11/03/2015 3:03: Sale 5 7 Magnus Slipper
11/03/2015 4:08: Strathalbyn 6 5 Joy Flipper
11/03/2015 5:01: Sale 8 13 Skellig
12/03/2015 3:15: Mackay 3 3 Greedy
12/03/2015 4:30: Mackay 5 2 Cleaver
14/03/2015 1:45: Gold Coast 1 1 Anton En Avant
14/03/2015 3:48: Rockhampton 3 1 Craiglea Blitz $2.4
14/03/2015 4:35: Morphettville 7 8 Rich River
14/03/2015 5:08: Rockhampton 5 1 Schoorwin
14/03/2015 5:20: Ascot 3 10 Seeker
14/03/2015 8:25: Ascot 8 1 Bayatorio
15/03/2015 4:45: Pioneer Park 1 5 Noels Dream $1.7
15/03/2015 5:25: Pioneer Park 2 2 Sirbible
15/03/2015 5:33: Mt. Barker 2 1 Gibraltar Rock $4.6
15/03/2015 6:15: Mt. Barker 3 1 Quality Fair $2.5
19/03/2015 2:12: Warwick Farm 2 1 Denpurr $3.8
19/03/2015 2:48: Warwick Farm 3 1 Lofiel $2.6
20/03/2015 4:00: Mackay 5 1 Destruction
20/03/2015 5:21: Fannie Bay 3 2 King Dejour $2.2
20/03/2015 6:04: Fannie Bay 4 1 Breathe Free $4.2
22/03/2015 2:53: Kyneton 4 1 Oriental Play $2.1
22/03/2015 4:20: Dubbo 6 1 Prettylittlefellow
22/03/2015 4:53: Geraldton 3 1 Slingsby
24/03/2015 2:14: Scone 3 1 Invienna
25/03/2015 5:28: Murray Bridge 8 3 Dr Dapper $2.2
27/03/2015 8:15: M.Valley 4 2 Wawail
28/03/2015 2:30: Rosehill 4 1 Catkins $1.65
28/03/2015 3:50: Rosehill 6 1 First Seal
31/03/2015 4:02: Tamworth 6 1 Sir Hagrid

50 bets for 17 winners 50 units out 43.35 units back

Toal 111 Bets 53 winners.137.1 Back 24.4% Profit on turnover. Better on Money Factory.

Todays selections Str 2 1, San 2 5, Str 3 3, Asc 1 4

Tuesday 31st March:Winning Barriers is now released. Cost is only $89 on E-Book and this week only $99 Post Paid for hard copy which will be in the mail by the weekend.

The Essential Barrier Book is released this week.
The 48 Page The Essential Barrier Book covers Australian Racing generally with regard to barriers and in more detail for all Metropolitan Racing over every distance.
Those who purchased Winning Is Everything already have this information and no doubt have benefited greatly from it.  The Essential Barrier Book may well save you from backing horses from some of the worst barriers in Australian Racing and we are talking Barrier 1 and 2 over certain courses and distances.
Surprised?? We were too! Imagine a course and distance where just 5  runners from the past 112 horses which drew Barrier 1 were able to win!
Imagine for the same course and distance 15 horses in barriers 13 or more were able to win.
If you knew that the vast majority of horses running from Barrier 1 at this popular Metropolitan course lost as much as fifty cents in the dollar would you be laying them to lose and make a fortune?? Wouldn’t this one piece of information make the purchase of The Essential Barrier Book one of the best investments you have ever made?
Price is $89 on E-Book and for this first week $99 Post paid for hard copy. 
Wouldn’t you like to know where you could back every single runner in barriers 9-14 and make over 25% profit on turnover for the last five years?
Once again, let me remind you that this information is available now for as little as $89.
Wouldn’t you like to know how to make as much as 21% profit R.O.I. backing only the top jockeys when they have drawn certain barriers in large fields?
Order here. http://www.winform.shopfactory.com/contents/en-us/d2.html
All orders despatched within 48 hours. Hard copy to be posted by end of the week.

A few longer pricerd winners from the three venues we covered yesterday. i CLOSED OUT A MONEY fCATORY SERIES AND A POWERPLAY SERIES. iT ONLY TOOK A FEW BETS TO DO SO. I start today with just one win from the last six races but no big deal.Only two race meetings today, both on good surfaces.


Monday 30th March: Here's a summary of our current strategies. The Money Factory and Winform Powerplay software is available at www.stakingkings.com.

Capital required. 10 series of $500 MINIMUM total $5,000
Base bet is $5. Max BET in each series approx. $50
If a series reaches minus $500 go to end series and transfer. Start a new series.
If a series reaches a profit at any stage go to end series and transfer. Start a new series.
A series can have any amount from $500  ($5,000 total). Strike rate for the longshot plan is 15%.
Track Condition to Soft 5.
Field size 8-18
No first starter Favourites. Favourite NOT in Top Two.
Starting at top rated back horses until approx. 50% is reached up to 55% if you feel the most recently entered horse is needed. We don’t go past the third rated horse or horses with a nett Winform rating less than 22
Runners with fixed price of more than $11 are not included, horses below $4 can be included IF NOT favourite. Horses aged 8 or more are not included.
No Heavy tracks.
If Favourite is in Winform Top Two in the Money Factory choose Dutch and back the Top Two according to the figures that come up.
If Favourite is in top two and the other horses is 8yo or up or more than $11 fixed choose Win in the Money Factory and back the favourite only for the amount that comes up.
If a first starter is favourite you can choose dutchbet and take it with the top rated horse unless it is more than $11 fixed or 8y0 up. In that case take the first starter favourite only.
FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES THE FAVOURITE IS THE HORSE AT THE SHORTEST PRICE UP TO $4. After that don’t consider any horse as an outright favourite.
If you have the Bank you could use Money Factory to bet the Favourite Strategy and in the races which don’t qualify for that strategy use the Longshot strategy in Powerplay. This means that most races will be covered.
Using Powerplay for the Longshot strategy you will get approx. 30% winning races. Using the Favourite Strategy you will get approx 46% winning races at approx. $2.30 average.
Using the two strategies in the one Money Factory system you will get approx. 40% winning races at approx $2.70 average.
I always keep three Money Factory Banks as it is possible to lose one. I have only lost two in fifteen years. None with the combined strategy but have gone close and some clients have lost a bank. My past 537 races have found 200 winners @ $2.71 @ 18%R.O.I.




Sunday 29th March: Using the Winform strategies no one could have lost yesterday. It was a very good day but in a way just average or "normal". Winform Gold Club had two from four but our singles had just one odds on winner. Very disappoiting although as Lisle, who is using Money Factory said "

"Good win to start back with today after a couple of wins last night.

Lisle has had a holiday for three weeks and it has done him no harm starting back where he left off.

In the E-News I told everyone that the Crownbet app worked well. In light of having looked up my account and a review by Crownbet I have to change my opinion about the app. Details are in my next E-News out tomorrow.

Saturday 29th March: Our Winform Gold Club selection Griante, ran 3rd in the William Reid at $51 (well $34 officially) and paid $8.90 for the place. sO THE QUESTION IS "SHOULD WE HAVE BET IT EACH WAY?"


It was remarked to me yesterday that some corporates have been cutting their fixed price dividends to as little as one fifth the win price. It matters little. If the price is clearly "overs" you can afford to take it.

Once again we have a Good 4 at Rosehill with an almost certain upgrade to a Good 3. That makes for good racing and good times. It's far from our best track though. We have foru Gold Club bets forthe day.



Friday 27th March:I have no voice today due to my flu type symptons so no video this week. A small profit yesterday but I will collect big time today..LOL Yes I will. I'll shutup and do my best to concentrate on the 23 selections my various plans have thrown up today. Some are experimental.

The 8yo Verdsant is easily the top runner in the Albury Cup today but how can I back an 8yo in a listed race ? Queenstown rates second on her win at Grafton last winter but her two runs this prep have been awful. Kourkam is only rated 4th but has ideal lead in form as has Self Sense. I've had some great wins in this race but not having a go this year.

Winform Gold Club has some nice bets tonight at the Valley. I might take the three of them all up and ad the Grandslam in the 6th.

Thursday 26th March: Struggling a bit with the flu at the moment so quit yesterday once I hit the front. Today I woke up and realised we have a new challenge. A brand new racecourse. Here's the info from Racing Victoria.

Victoria’s first new racecourse in 40 years – the new Pakenham Racecourse – will be known as Racing.com Park as part of a five-year naming-rights agreement announced today by Racing.com and the Pakenham Racing Club (PRC).

In a coup for the PRC, the new digital destination for Victorian thoroughbred racing will partner with the state-of-the-art racing and training complex in return for naming rights, substantial on-course signage and branding presence, and on-course promotional and entertainment opportunities.

The $72 million racing and training facility, which is located 10 kilometres east of Pakenham on Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry Road at Tynong, is set to host 40 race meetings annually on turf and synthetic surfaces.

The impressive 608-acre development includes a 2400m turf track and a 2000m Polytrack synthetic track. Racing at the syntehtic track begins in May.

Wednesday 25th March: One of our members went to Scone Races yesterday. He was in one of two buses that went for a look around and lunch at the races. He tellsme there was one bookie there and about 20 or 30 other people who didnt come on the bus.

The races still ran though and Michael told me he had a winning day as usual. Of course he quits when in front for the day. We found a $50 winner at Scone but our new strategy eliminated that one... Bugga. Not enough of these win to recommend them but it hurts when they knock out your other choices.

I only managed one bet fo the day and it was a $2.80 winner late in the day but it paid for a nice dinner for Ros and I at Raffertys plus change last night.

Tuesday 24th March: On race days with few meetings I rarely operate. The reason is simple. I get bored between races. For many of our clients though, the gap between races gives the opportunity to look more closely at the market, check the form in more detail and compare betting moves as the money comes in before making a final decision.

A lot of punters liked TVN for example as they showed closeups of the horses parading and discussions with localtrainers and jockeys for meetings where they had access. Next best thing to being there I suppose.

I am currently reviewing our Winform ratings figures for the past few yearsto see how the changing of things like race field levies has affected our dividends and already I can see that it has. Overall we are stillgetting a similar strike rate but across the board dividends have become eroded so that we can no longer assume that eventually it will be alright by simply backing every top rated or second rated horse. It requires a bit ore guile than that as we discovered with our top three Powerplay strategy we revealed in the new book Winning Is Everyhting.

It will take the best part of a week to pist the new figures and we'll do that on a progressive basis.

Monday 23rd March: The Lotto promo may not apply in allstates but I use the Ozlotto site so that I can get a share in the big syndicates, for example I have a share in 11 system 11 tckets for Staurdays $21million Lotto. I only ever have a ticket in jackpots. IT costs me between $30 and $150 depedning on what systems I take and that can be for a 6% or a 3% share. Being in syndicates is the only way.

Only two race meetinsg today and our records show our best chance of winning is in Maiden set weight races at Cessnock and Terang. It doesnt hurt if the eselection has had a fair run at the place before as it has a downhill straight.

Terang is a lot fairer track and so we find it harder to win there as we are usually on the speed horses.

Saturday 21st March: It's here Golden Slipper Day and reputations will be made and lost but it's also Ranvet day, Galaxy Day and George Ryder Stakes Day.

Our Win Pool will be active in the exotics with the much bigger than normal pools and hoping for the best.All other activity will be suspended as our Member who place the bets will be at Rosehill today as a thank you for their efforts.

Friday 20th March: A busy day today but it includes Grafton where we usually go okay and Goulbourn which is not that great because it is a very fair track and a lot of favourites win. We have a couple of Winform Gold Club selections today and also theWFMH at Moonee Valley. A very full day.

A possible "good" thing is that because the public back a lot of horses by name, colurs etc tomorrow, Vancouver could end up "overs" on the TAB compared to the bookies price and also the place price could be good and so we may get near to our assessed price. In that case it might be worth a bet after all but not at the current price on offer.

I am hoping I have used up my bad luck today as I had todrive 50 ks to pick up some stuff on a trailer but when I went to comeback the battery gave up and so four hours later I am just starting work.

Interested in

Join CrownBet – Deposit $25 and receive $75 in Bonus Bets*

Thursday 19th March: Not a good day yesterday. Laser Hawk which I was keen on last preparation won the Newmarket yesterday as our bottom rated horse. A couple of good winners yesterday but overall a very poor wednesday.

Nothing stands out today but four solid race meetings. We used to do well at Gatton. Lets hope we do so again today.

Tuesday 17th March: Heres the final Golden Slipper field and barrier draw.









Gai Waterhouse

Tommy Berry





Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes

Glen Boss





John O'Shea

Hugh Bowman





John O'Shea

James Doyle





John O'Shea

James McDonald





Mick Price

Nick Hall





Rodney Northam

Ryan Moore





Gai Waterhouse

Blake Shinn





David Hayes & Tom Dabernig

Kerrin McEvoy





Gai Waterhouse

Damien Oliver





Gerald Ryan

Brenton Avdulla





David Hayes & Tom Dabernig

Stephen Baster





John O'Shea

William Buick





Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes

Dwayne Dunn





Nick Olive

Kathy O’Hara





Clarry Conners

Craig Williams



17 em


Michael Moroney




18 em


Gary Portelli




19 em


Gerald Ryan





Monday 16th March: Fom tomorrow welcome Crownbet. Yes Crown has taken over Beteasy and so from tomorrow the presitgeCrown brand is onboard.

Sunday 15th March: A record 29 I think it was, Profitmaker selections yesterday but ten winners overall and those using Money Factory would have done alright I reckon. Persoanlly it was a long day and I didn't scrape over the line unitl the last at Ascot where I collected a major all up to finish about $2k ahead.

I started at 4 a.m. yesterday so it was a long long day. We recommended the top two runner in the Weekend Feature race and found Burbero at a good price. Or Daily Feature, well I was very very confident but didn't even scrape any of our selections into even a place. My personal Best Bet won at $4.40.

Spending some time helping with landscaping today, a different type of risk reward principle. Tuesday Tom is dropping in for training in our new strategies and they did well yesterday.

Saturday 14th March: First Race Flemingtom Single selection $3.20 PLUS Quinella/Trifecta and First Four.

WalkawayAWinna our new SMS service is a Winner with wins last three days. Not quite in front today one winning race from two. Get the selections pre noon. Get confirmed selections with recommended bet 5 minutes before the jump. No confirmation no bet. $199 a month.

Must be Quinella Day Ou Daily Mail has 70% Quinellas today inclduing $121.9 $25.5 and $60 in three successive races. Then $26 to make it 6 Quinellas in a row the first two were $8.3 and $10.2 so you just never know.

Friday 13th May: Well, we lucked out big time in the Bunbury Cup but at the $71 on offer I am not surprised. Today we have had a significant downpour here so don't know if Rosehill got it but all tracks today are Good so that's helpful.

We have had a huge response to Members wanting us to place bets on our successful strategy for them but it seems as though many Members only have a small amount to commit. So to this end we will open it up to smaller amounts (minimum $500) and create a new betting syndicate for all comers up to certain limits. This means we will have to use Betfair and co. and pay their fees to accomodate the size of our betting and also get on at a time where prices wont be affected.

To this end, anyone who wants to be in it and is prepared to pay a base fee for service plus a percentage of profits earned (no profit no profit fee of course) should send their expression of interest along with contact phone AND importantly, the amount you wish to bet, to direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Whether it is worth our while to go ahead or not will depend on the responses we get. Our Winpool which turns over about $50,000 a week on a Bank of around $80k has had no problems getting bets on and is making a profit still, even after only the second losing week since the beginning of December.

Thursday 12th March: Bunbuary Cup Day and Rests Mate is as good a chance as any. Not a world beater but has a good record at the track and distance and while only 15% wins not many others are much better.

Our Winpool took a hit yeserday but in one photo the difference is closing the Bank in profit or blowing the bank. Luckily it is only one of several banks we are using so still fashionably in front.

Wednesday 11th March: A normal Wednesday a big mix of runners from here there and everywhere. All good tracks so that should help but a lot of favourites getting rolled today.

A couple of certainties beat but I cleared my latest money factory but only for a small amount due to a late scratching.

I've seen the NRL prices for the weekend and I cant believe the Cowboys are odds on favurites after being slaughtered last week.

Tuesday 10th March: Winners were elusive yesterday but we completed a workout of the Money Factory for the Bonza selections up until last week. Profit was over $950 on the 63 selections up to date and at A massive profit on turnover.

Currently the profit for March is - 4.5 units whch will soon turn around.

Today I have two clients dropping in from Brisbane for a trainign program so will be unavailable until about 3.30. Be aware that the jumps season starst today with the first three races at Ballarat. We don't actually rate jumps races so please do not follow out ratings as they are purely statistically based. Be awrae though that according to our data, favourites are usually good bets in these races.

Monday 9th March: A weekend of lost opportunities. I was travelling yesterday so completley missed the Winform Gold Club selections which won three out of the four Listed races yesterday at bloody good prices. A miss of $5,500 to me and an even bigger miss for our Winpool (for a different reason).

It pays to pay attention. IT's Adelaide Cup today so possibel we find more Gold Club bets today.

Friday 6th March: I love the excellent service that you provide!!! Graeme (labrador).

Thanks Garry.

I’m just slowly working through the winform library and buying pretty much the library.


I'll be honest. I love that I can open my email each day to comments like this. Business people, and I am one of them, run their businesses to make money but if that is all there is then it wouldn't appeal to me. I'm in this business for people like Graeme and Simon and so many others who want to learn about Racing and who trust me to provide it for them.

Yesterday we had just 3 winning races from 23 at one stage but even this was enough to make a profit with the Powerplay top three strategy. The Money Factory conbined strategy couldn't stop making money yesterday and then hit the same losing streak but has not yet broken out but it will. When you average 40%+ wins a 13% race strike rate is soon overcome.

I'm off to the GoldCoast for the weekend but I'll be keeping in touch. Mr X is back in the saddleand Iam sure he'll have another winning Weekend Feature Race like last week.

Thursday 5th March: The day itself started awful yesterday but recovered to make a good profit about 5 or 6 depening which state you were in and I quit to make a nice beef curry hotpot. LOved it actually but then I found out from a Member that we had picked up some very nice winners after that, three from the last four I think it was and one at $%11.

A few may have pulled out before the winning run, for psychological reasons or timing such as "dinners on the table and I'm not calling you again" In the end it all works out. Those who struggled through Monday and Tuesday finally came out on the sunnyside but not if they skipped Wednesday BUT it may be alright today.

It all goes to show that it is more about the volume of bets and not so much the timing. What our winpool won we lost on the Quaddie but at least we were in it.

Wednesday 4th March: Plenty of action today and hope for an improvement. The last two days have been depressing, although we did get a $9.50 winner which would have gone close to clearing a Powerplay bank.Money Factory strategy is still behind after two days but it was a big winning weekend and we should clear again today.

Tuesday 3rd March: February was a great month for favourites that were first or second rated by Winform. Top rated winforn runners that were favouritemade $1700 profit for a $100 bet.

The average dividends seem to have been down across the board in February with top rated just $4.45, 2nd rated better at $5.98 3rd rated $7.07 and downwards from there.

Terry called to day to warn Members about ads appearing on the NSWTAB website for Windows certified updates. He is complaining that after the people who advertised taking over his computer he was advised there were bugs but that for $349 they would fix his computer and kep it clear of virusues, when that didn't work, they offered him the same service for $249.Instead Terry hung up and has taken the computer to his local computer shop to eliminate the access he gave these peoepl whoever they are. Terry believes it is a scam.Ill be interste to see what the TAB says about it. Apparnetly it is in their skyform section. I havent actually seen that area but I am sure you would know where it was.

I have just seen the ad myself and it says (recommended) whch soundslike the TAB is recommending it. Terry has a case to get his money back.

Only two meetinsg today but both good tracks so should be a good day.

There was a good B4 winner yesterday.

Monday 2nd March: Mr X made the following observation

Know anyone who wants to make $2000 profit this month, nearly zero risk, 12% profit?

First 4 in the betting on Betfair in the cricket world cup are

$2.86     Australia

$4.90     South Africa

$4.90     New Zealand

$7.80     India

The next best is $22

There is $8 million already traded and enough money available to make the following bets

$6135    Australia

$3581    South Africa and New Zealand

$2250    India

Total $15547

The final is on March 29

Lismore is a heavy 9 today so only the Ternang meeting and Geraldton later for today.

Hong Kong is proving difficult at present. The syndicate I am in racked up 8 million in wins byu the end of January but has now dropped almost $5 million after , I have noticed, several "winning" races where the dividends have returned well below the outlay. I'm still confident however as I am yet to see a losing Bank from the syndciate we are in.


Sunday March 1st: A brilliant day yesterday, sort of. Our new opunting partner took out $1800 on a $5k money factory bank. Beauty! Our Win Pool lucked out on a lot of exotics and we thought our day was stuffed as we ran an all up strategy on the Winform singles. No decent prices all day and then Bingo, the last three winners landed for an $8888 profit so after the $5k outlay (we set them up in twins i.e. two runners toegther as one bet.) we had a very good day.

Plenty of action now but a day off for me. Mat is feeling a lot better and we are out for the day.

Saturday 28th: Can't belive I missed entreis for Thursday and Friday. tHAT'S HOW BUSY IT HAS BEEN WITH ORDERS FOR THE NEW BOOK "WINNING WITH FAVOURITES" .

It's another hectic day today and I'll be flat out. We got bloused last night with a $300 to 1 shot winning at the Valley and I've alwasy said, don't knock longshots in Group and Listed races. Unfortunately for us it was rated about 10th. There goes the Quaddie too!

I had a massive all up into Duplicity Jones each way but as they say, bet them to win they run 2nd bet them to place they run 4th.

It wasn't all bad though , there was a protest last night which was upheld. WE had both horses in the protest and so we got paid for the original winner which lost the protest and also for the longshot winner that was elevated to first.

Good luck today.

Wednesday 25th February: Flat out taking orders for the new book today. So the E-Book will be despatched overnight once I have processed all orders. Don't forget the offer is simple. Order "Winning With Favourites" before the end of this month and you get the hard copy for $99 and a free Ebook copy

To order just go to the online store (see the button on the left of screen) and there is no need to log in.

Some good meetings today, I wont be betting at Ipswich on the heavy track but it is Launceston Cup day today and I fancy Pelicano to improve.

Tuesday 24th February: Winners were few and far between yesterday but only the two meetings and today only two again. It hurts when you lose but by the time todays meetings are behind us our statistics are likely to look better. Warnambool looks the better meeting but you never know.

Monday 23rd February: You could not failt to make money yesterday as there were plenty of opportunitities.

Only two meetings today so an easy day to follow live. ** Best bet and Daily Feature will be up at 11 a.m.To be honest I fell asleep. Fprgot Mr X didnt have any internet thanks to the folks at Telstra.

Sunday 22nd February: As far as the singles go it was probabaly our worst day but for Powerplay and Money Factory a great day. We missed Wednesday which was a very down day and how it ended up I have no idea but overall the Money Factory on actual betting that I was able to do was 77 races 30 wins (39%) at average $2.75 nett a 7% profit but Money Factory turned that into 40% profit on turnover or $3092. In just over two weeks and 288 races we have made $9838 on a $10,000 Bank.

And people still write in and ask how to win money at horse racing! The truth is that unless you can tell them "back these horses" and then "check to see how much you have won at the end of the day" they don't want to know, although I must admit that following the Bonza Tip s has operated at a profit for December when it started and then Jnauary and now February so far (the selection for yesterday was scratched at the barrier).

The truth always hurts. You need to watch the prices, place your bets at the best prices and then you are on your way. IT takes time, patience, attention and money, same as anyhting else that is worthwhile doing I guess.

February 21st: We might even have everything up early today. No daylight saving to worry about Except Ascot.

Still plenty of meetings to go around and you might even have time to concentrate. A good day yesterday in the end with Jurasound a good result fro Powerplay last night and Taiyoo won yet again as I advised clients. It was my persoanl best on the day.

Friday 20yh February: Back to a regulation winning day yest4rday. Some double figure winners with the One plan from Winning Your Only Option getting a $13 winner and Powerplay with a $10 winner.

Ipswich has been abandoned but plenty of other action. I amat hospital with Mat today, his blood levels have been dangerously low and badly dehydrated. Goes to show what happens when you drink too many sugary drinks and then cop a dose of gastro. Not fun.

Anyhow, a great weekend coming up. Ill answer any queries tonight hopefully.

Thursday 19th February: What a shocker yesterday. It wasn't so much the lack of strike rate but the lack of dividends that worked against us. There were lost of winning odds on faviurites both winning and losing and several races where there was only one eligible selection but not winning.

Our Singles Peeping was a great winner but only $1.80 best fluc. the Bonza Best Bet was completley different. It paid $5.10, our best dividend of the month. It was enough to make it a winning month and get the strike rate back to well over 40%.

Wednesday 18th February: Very wet in Queensland and bound ti get worse. I donr exoect to do anything at that meeting. A few Soft 5 surfaces but that's the old Dead5 so okay there.

Interesting day. We have one Winform single and expect to collect.

Tuesday 17th February: As we said yesterday, Grafton is good to us AND IT WAS very good to Powerrplay users yesterday with a couple of very nice winners. A first time Punting Partner collected over $900 for the day for a share of $454. Not bad for a few hours work on a Bank of $5,000.

Today I am driving a launch for Ros and her sisters so they can spread their mother's ashes on the water. More and more people seem to be doing this and my son in law Troy, who is associated with surf clubs, tells me they often get requests for the surf boat crews to take ashes out beyond the break.

Mr X resumes today as Telstra has finally granted him internet access over a week after his move. Anyhow, he'll soon be back into the routine and finding winners and hopefully afew Daily Feature Race Quinellas. Luckily, I did find the winner and Quinella in two yesterday on my last day. I'll still be doing the Daily Feature on Saturdays.

Monday 16th February: My little tinnie broke down in the middle of the lake yesterday but luckily our neighbour Dennis was quickly on the job in his tinnie and after a brief search, he found us and threw us a tow after about 15 minutes.

I had my daughter Nataie and Shayne on board and the twins plus Isla and Shayne had his mobile so was able to place the call to organise the "rescue". We were the only ones out there and a storm was threatening but in spite of the half metre waves we were stable enough.....until we got near shore that is.

Coming into the jetty our rope wasnt long enought for Ros to catch it. In the meantime Shayne was trying to let the tow rope off and forgetting that we were now broadside to the waves, leaned over...just a little too far, and capsized the boat.

Luckily the water was just over waist deep at that point but his recently purchased Iphone is history and the kids and Natalie got a bit of a dunking. Hopefully a lesson in boat safety has been learned.

Did I tell you we ddnt have a bet yesterday?? Wonder why.

Grafton and Benall are both a little damp today but Grafton has always been good to us, so heres hoping. Benall is not one of our better places to bet but there should be somebread and butter bets there for us if we watch carefully.

Saturday was a bit of a blur with so many bets and I honestly didn't notice that Scarlet BIllows , a scratching at the barrier, was one of our bets. IT means we lost 9c in the dollar on the winner but got our stake back on the other one and increases our winnings on the day.

Sunday 15th February: Our singles came back into profit yesterday. Powerplay had a losing day and the Winpool dropped a series. Money Factory had a big winning day, the Quaddie was a dud with wins in two of the four legs.

The preview of the 2yo races in Sydney was spot on. We idnetified that Furnaces was poor valueand suggested that if you did bet in the race Guiletta and Haptice were the two to back. Haptic had a remarkable drift in the betting and won at $7.90 best tote.

It really is worth looking into the early races in detail. Haptic burnt them off early and then was able to cruise the last 600 with an averall race record time. His connections expecthim to be better over longer distances and that coudl well be the case. He is a natural leader and can reel of his sectionals, somewhat similar to the pattern of horses like Sunline. Keep following.

Eight meetings today should be enough to keep everyone happy. I turned over nearly $40k yesterday so will take a break for the day. Mow the lawn, clip the hedges, you know the sort of thing.

Saturday 14th February: It's a massive count for our singles today as the Autumn Carnival gets into full swing. Luckily Caulfield missed most of the bad weather,although the track could drop to a Soft 5 before kick off, and the brand new surface should work well today. WE'VE WORKED OFF A BASE MUD FACTOR FOR CAULFIELD TODAY.

Fine weather in Sydney today but a lot less action. We have just two qualifying singles today for Randwick and we are coming off a 22% win strike for the past week so a turnaround is needed. Good luck today.

Our Daily Feature Race was washed out last night.

Friday 13th February: Will we be unlucky today?? Hope not as there are plenty of races on. Heres the link to the new video for Caulfield tomorrow. Too busy to say much more.

Thursday 12th February: Subscribers to Bonza Best Bets are being tested with few selections and few winners thsi week. Horses with 60% plus strike rates are being rolled but it happens. The Money Factory staking we have done on Winform singles plus B4 and Bonza is many thousands of dollars ahead since December. Our Money Factory is on a 50% draw down so plenty of time left.

For a 50% win strike get 2 from 10 then the next ten need 8 from ten, or 5 from 20 needs 10 out of ten from the next ten. It all straightens out in the end and only the uncommitted get the shakes and drop out but that's the nature of punting. It's psychological.

Peoepl often ask about what happens if the principle drops dead?? What happens to the ratings? The answer is nothing much. The ratings are produced in accordance with our rules and policies and so 99% of the time rarely need any adjustment. Mr X loads these to the website each day and we always have a back up plan.

In all the years we have been in business (since 1986) we have had onle a few days where we havent been able rto meet oru commitments, for example, a tractor guy cuts a Telstra cable or our server gets hacked or is temporarily down.

We have had only one or two really disastrous months and they were genearally due to weather conditions at the track.


Hello Garry,
Put this one in the file of another way on How to get beaten ! Trainer told TVN after a veterinary examination, that the barrier gates had knocked one of her teeth out when they opened.



A small winning day yesterday. Plenty of good meetinsg today but Canterbury has very small fields so few worthhile races at that venue.

Tuesday 10th February: The interest I am getting on my bank savings is 1.3%. Needlessto say I have to keep that in cash to settle with bookies etc. but it brings home to me a point. Many of our Members are retired or semiretired and won't be getting anywhere near what they need to continue on with their lifestyle and this wont change for years.

Yesterday I made about $700 and was only able to place bets from about 4.30 to 6. Much better than bank interest. Today we only have Cessnock and Warnambool and we always get a decent winner or two at Cessnock.

Monday 9th February: We missed the Quinella in the feature race yesterday. Today we have the Hobart Cup and the trick is to sort out the form given that the mainlanders that have come over are mostly coming off 28 and 30 days , not a normal staying prep yet there are some top trainesr involved.

There are lower class stayers with ow strike rates but how do you compare a 13% mainland Metro strike rate to a good Tasmanian strike rate>?? Good questions and ones that need to be answered if you wish to find the winner.

Sunday 8th February: Saturday is extremely busy and I lost the Daily Feature Race, well it wasn't lost, it was with the Best Bet where oit should be but it is also supposed to be in the Daily Mail section.

It included a winner and all I can do is apologise, however the Best Bet Daily Feature Race section is on everybodys access list.

One of our worst days ever for the singles but Money Factory pulled it back pretty quickly once a couple of winners arrived. There were some very very good priced 2nds.

Saturday 7th February: Good results yesterday.One Powerplay sneaked in at the last minute winning at $13 but we jad already placed bets. Some of the favourite options missed. Bonza had one from 2. The winner was $2.20 in early betting but only $1.90 best fluc.

Our 4th rated horse won the Tasmanian Derby at $101!!


Friday 6th February: So we now have to post ratings at 9 a.m, 9.30 for Qld to be added, 11.15 for WA to be added. Lucky we have somone on hand to do it. Hope they done change SA times back to WA??

A couple of our selections didnt get on yesterday and Wednesday which cost about $3k all up so far. Hard to make up for those sorts of errors. Yesterday I wanted a Quinella and called the TAB line. It was on hold, but of course. I was having internet problems intermittently so on this occasion the phone back up plan didn't happen. The Quinella paid $159 on our Daily Feature.

Plenty of action today and right into the night. Lucky the foorty season hasnt kicked off yet.

THURSDAY 5TH FEBRUARY: A Daily Feature race win on my first day at $4.90 best but my Best Bet ran 2nd. A profitable day for Powerplay, actually a very good day.


Wyong we go alright but not always the best prices, Albury not so good but much better prices. It looks a reasonable day ahead. Let's hope so, I have a Daily Feature race to come up with.


WEDNESDAY 4TH FEBRUARY:When time gets away it really gets away. So here I am Wednesday and relaise I completely missed the last two days. Okay only two meetings each day and not good results at that as I've since found out from our Winpool operatives AND the Honk Kong poll lost nearly $2milion on Sunday so Heck? Only 8 million in front for the month.

Today's another day and Mr X is moving so it is over to me to do the job. Mat starts on the Winpool team next week inbetween work commitments but I guess we all do that.

Yesterdays Dailoy Maillost our selections with two late scratchings so at least we got our money back. AND there was a tyop rated winner paying $35 but under our new strategy we were not even on it. Loprestis was actually a good selection as it had one win at the course and distance from two attempts. Anyhow..on with today.

Our Winform Gold Club bought a minor share in three horses yesterday and one of those is paid up for the Golden Slipper. A long way to go yet though.



Sunday 1st February: The biggest turnaround in Australian political history looks like it hapened in Queensland yesterday. Why??? Forget the politics of the economy or how the State was run, blame and the anger of even the most ardent Tony Abbot supporters to the knighthood of Phillip!

You think I'm kidding? And as an observer I can tell you that the Baird government in NSW could be the next to go, not on that but on the Queensland result.

The big probem we do have in Australia is that the Governent is not being allowed to govern. Simple as that.

We had internet probems yesterday and that cost us over $2k in the hour or so it was down for us. Yes we phone bet with Betfair but the angst was in getting results in time to place the next set of bets and so on.

Bonza had its worst day ever and biggest run of outs for the month with three losers yesterday. One was hampered, one didn'teven appear totry and finished last (we'll read the stewards report,probably injured) and the last ran 2nd to a longshot.

For one reason or the other I havent been able to get out on my boat so rain (likely) hail or shine or great white sharks I will be out there today. Tomorrow I am at the reptile park for a family outing. Havnt benn ther for over 20 years.

Oh! In spite of everything our Money Factory made plenty of cahs yesterday.

Saturday 31st January: The Hong Kong syndicate I am in pays 50% of the profits direct to the operator of the syndicate. Our Win Pool pays nothing to anybody. I'm greatful for the assistance I am getting with this but from a commercial point of view I am extrenely happy to be paying 50% of rthe profits of the Hong Kong poll back to the operator because I KNOW that they can't afford not to put the effort in and leave nothing to chance.

The difference with our Win Pool is that we are using volunteers, who are all in the pool so yes they do their best as it directly affects them but they are all Winform subscribers already paying for the privelege of getting the very best Racing information and atrategies to the effect that the Win Pool is now averaging just under $4,000 dollars a week of clear profit and yes we know it could lose anytime.Not the point.

So a round of thanks publically to those deserving individuals.

Friday 30th January: Peter Berton called me yesterday. He attended the Sydney Seminar and since then his "punting career" has taken off but he told me yesterday that his Bonza selections were making more level stakes than with Money Factory staking. I hadn't actualy checked this but I have know this sort of situation to happen , albeit temporarily so I didn't contest his statement, or have time to check it and then got this this morning.

Hi Garry,

Thanks for your info this afternoon & my upgrade to yearly payment of the Bonza Tip Service.
I must apologise for my incorrect statement today, that since I have been taking the Bonza Tips, level stakes are ahead of the Money Factory on Bonza & B4. I was looking at the wrong spreadsheet & of course Money Factory is miles ahead of level stakes on both products.
Thanks again for the excellent service you provide.
You can put this on the feed back page if you want to. I must air my dirty laundry sometime.


Peter Berton, 

So thanks Peter, you've saved me a little work. By the way. All BOnza subscribers who are on monthly are welcome to upgrade to annually and still get the saving if they do so before their next monthly debit.

A busy day today with 7 meetings including tonights Moonee Valley meeting.


Thursday 29th January: The Powerplay took an early win and then had to wait some time for another decent winner in the last at Strathalbyn at $9+. Bonza Tips had two selections for a good win at $2.40 to $2.70 and a 2nd at Launceston.

The B4 The Start book found a good winner late at Launceston at $4.80. Longest run of outs for Bonza Tips this month is just 2.

The Win Pool is "stagnant" this week after reaching a new peak at the weekend.

Wednesday 28th January: Mark Zahra rode a perfect race on She Says So, the favourite in the first at Ballarat but the 4yo mare simply couldnt get across the line. Fortunately our 2nd rated horse Siddles Birthday was the winner at $14.30.

The C plan has started with a winning race yet again.

Tuesday 27th January: Another big winning day for the Powerplay strategy. A run of 17 losers in a row ended with four from six at $5 to $10 and another profitable run. Combining this with the C Plan strategy on Money Factory added some more money to the coffers.

Littleaction today with just Stoney Creek on offer as Port was washed out. It hasnt stopped raining here all night either. I'm at my bookeepers today plus I have many orders to process AND my grnadaughter is back at preschool so that takes me out between 2.30 and 3.30 Monday to Thursday. How many winners will I miss? How many losers?? It's no concern as it'a all a numbers game. What I dont see I wont know.

Monday 26th January: The Gold selection we expected to have yesterday was scratched BUT those following the various strategies, the Gold was definitely there. 25 winners from 51 races using Money Factory with a longest run of 5 and best result, for a ducthbet of $6.80.

Powerplay just never stopped with 33% race strike rate AND $2440 profit for level stakes $100 bets.

Since Winning Is Everything was released we have been watching the various strategies closely and we just hope this is not just an extremely profitable period. We like what we are seeing though.

Group Racing is from Sandown today and we will have some good selections. Saturday ratings subscribers will see todays meetings under Saturday.

Sunday 25th January: A small losing day for our single selections I would say BUT plenty of winners amongst the ratings. Today we celebrate our wedding anniversary (Ros and I), we nevre keep track of the exact date but it is always the Australia Day long weekend. Tonight it will be the GOld Lounge and Clint Eatwoods latest movie epic after an outdoor lunch at Raffertys Resort. No punting today for me EXCEPT I expect our Gold Club selection to win as Tasmania's Carnival continues.

I actually backed 6 winners at Randwick yesterday and didnt bt in the last. Not bad. A couple of really good priced winners at Morphettville too.

For the Win Pool we dropped the Powerplay program temporaraily (we have well and truly proved that it works) and started backing the selections in a Professional Staking Plan system. In just wo days we have won over $1100 with a $50 base bet and the bet size has grown with the Bank to $61. You still have to be watching the races a few minutes before the jump to check the prices but it all works.

I'll be honest. I bet for something to do wehn theres nothing else particular to do. It doesnt matter if I cant eb there to bet for an hour (when I pick up my grandaughter from preschool) or all day Saturday until I get bored with it (yes you can get bored when you are winning every second race) . Besides, I decided it was time to sit and relax.

Tomorrow I will more than likely tackle the lawn (very loose definition at the moment) and on Tuesday our upper deck is being retiled (Eden Brae Homes refused to rectify their mistakes) and so as they have to use my office for access I wont be ableto do much for a day or two next week.

Have fuun today and tomorrowtoo.

Saturday 24th January: We are negotiating to provide HR2D selections to a company providing race selections. We have also agreed a reseller deail for our books and promotion of our staking and other products but not winform ratings. It includes ans agreement for Garry Robinson to provide education to their clients through videos, articles and seminars.

We've lost three meetinsg today to the weather up north but plenty left to bet on including some great selections in our Winform Daily Mail. It has been another winning week for our Winpool, having no passed the $100,000 mark. It started on December 5th so that'sgood news.

But anyone can do this on their own. Bting mostly one or two runnesr per race and sometimes three, we get a 33% race strike rate and averge dividend of $7+

Friday 23rd January: Big weekend coming up and today's okay too. The news that Ipswich is abandoned will be good news for punters, bad news for jockeys owners and other connections.

With William Hill amalgamating Tom Waterhouse, Sportingbet and Centrebet it eliminates a lot of individuals accounts. I think they will find though it will be to their detriment.

MOst of our memnbers arent silly and have noticed how Sportingbet pays less now. Same with the other two.

I have physio this morning but back after lunch.

Thursday 22nd January: WinformGold club winner1from 1.Our WFMH selection placed.

Today Ros's mother is laid to rest. At 93 it was a good innings and we had all comes to terms with the inevitable before she passed away last weekend. So this morning is a celebration of a life well lived. Seven years ago we were called back home urgently from Adelaide as we were told she wouldnt make it past lunchtime yet a few more good years followed before the steady decline. May we all live that long.

None to take your call today of course but Mr X will make sure all is posted to the site as usual and hoepfully another Daily Feature Race.


Wednesday 21st January: Not the greatest of days yesterday but still in the game. In Sydney all day and hope to move forward on some new projects.

No selections for Bonza Tips yesterday as they are vetted very carefully before they go out. A couple of top rate selections today for Winform Daily Mail subscribers

and Winform Gold Club Members. I havent seen scratchings yet but I expect them to start.

Monday 19th January: This from a new client Stefan

Hi Garry,

(Dont respond if you are busy with todays races)

Im using the Amelia Burton Strategy and had a great day yesterday ($1000 bank $10 base bet) although a high number  of shorter priced winners ensured a higher than normal strike rate…. I also (only testing) include runners up to $21 and Toowoomba Race 4 provided a massive return. Likewise i do not back odds on ensuring i can get a 100% dutch profit… I am sure there are improvements that can be made to minimise a series loss and whilst maximising returns! (Such as your price and age suggestion)


# of Bets

# of Wins

Strike Rate %

Avg.Div. $

Amt. Bet $

Return $

Profit $










I do have a couple of quick questions for you if you have minute to respond.


1) Do I transfer the profit to the new series or start with a fresh $1000 bank after each series is in profit? I was transferring the profit but must admit I could not see what it was achieving. I always started at $1000 for each new series…. ALWAYS START WITH A FRESH BANK

2) Setup wise - I have set a strike rate of 15% and entered a Base% of .75% due to including longer priced winners and having a longer series of outs. Is this a flawed approach from your experience by being to conservative? Maybe best to let the banks fall when they may and the profits to run on the flipped. MAKES LITTLE DIFFERENCE. NO GENERAL RULE HERE. THE OLD PROBLEM WAS PRESET AT 1% AT A TIME SO YOUR VARIATION NOT POSSIBLE THEN

3) With races so close together I found yesterday that we had overlaps. May run 2 strategies and go alternate races in each to avoid any issues. All works out in the wash I guess? YOU DONT HAVE TO BE ON EVERY RACE FOR THE STRATEGY TO WORK. IT WORKS OVER THOUSANDS OF RACES AND YU CANT BE ON THEM ALL.

Must admit I have been struggling with C Plan in Money Factory. These are my results for the first 17 days in December using a $5000 bank, $100 profit goal, 45% Sr @ $2.00 (Which are great results by the way)


Number of Bets


Number of Wins


Strike Rate


Average Dividend


Amount Bet $


Return $


Profit $





The following 7 days i am still stuck in a series which seems will never end and a30% drawdown…. 

I may be doing something wrong or just need to stick it out……...NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING...PATIENCE. JUST BE WARY IF THE DIVIOR GETS TOO HIGH



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I might try the Winform strategy outlined in the Seminar notes and see what results are obtained…

Anyway sorry that the quick question turned into a thesis an have great day!


Stefan W.........




Sunday 18th January: For the very first time since the beginning of December, we have experienced a series loss with Powerplay. Overall though,it remains in serious profit and by the end of yesterday most of the loss had been recovered. Tragically you might say, the first six races in the new series produced four winners, and all at good prices.

For the record the results since December 1st are 669 selections for 110 winners at $7.10. I doubt that any other service in Australia could go anywhere near those figures.

Our Winform Daily Mail covered just 9 races yesterday with the winner found in 7 races. There were only 4 Quinellas but nothing exciting.

The Win Pool has reached $97,000+, a profit of over $18,000 since commencement December 5th. Anyone with the new book Winning Is Everything and a subscription to Winform ratings could have done the same.

My personal profit for yesterday was a bit over $3.5k. I backed the same selections that everyone else did but at $500 a bet so for $100 bets it was +$700. Not bad for one day.

Saturday 17th January: My body is battered and bruised after the assualt by my dainty masseuse who has very strong elbows. After a few days of recovery I will be back for a "refresh".

I felt battered and bruised after yesterdays encounter with the bookies and Skychannel. Several Dalby races were switched to Sky 2 and we dont get those yet but it will happen. Very frustrating.But how would you feel if you backed a winner and then discovered 30 minutes later that it was a"no race"? It was good forme as I had $400 on the 2nd horse and got it back. I had to create a false winner to out the cash back into Money Factory but gladly accepted.

A poor day before two wins from the last two day races and then Cranbourne proved fruitful. Betesy gives you a credit for an up to $50 on the last race Friday night to be used at the next days Melbourne meeting. I keep winning with this amazing offer.


Friday 16th January: I've been putting it off but I cant any longer. I need a remedial massage, maybe its all the sitiing at my desk, so to get a serious professional it is a three hour turnaround. It will be painful but worth itand this time I will follow up. You know it takes me 2 or 3 days to recover from one of these as my body reacts quite unfavourbaly to be stretched and pulled and squeezed and definitely no happy ending.

A friend of my neighbours dropped into one of those Thai massage centres that seem to be poppoing up everywhere and got a masseuse that at the end of the massage offered him a happy ending for an extra $20...what? Any rebate on that? It's getting hard to tell these days so thats why Iam driving 60 ks to ones I know.

ON another subject. Can you sit at your computer 20 hours a week Monday To Friday or instead Sat/Sunday and place last minute bets when promoted by your computer screen? AND refrain form having large bets that would kill the golden goose??

We have been in secret development with an IT partner and the new program is producing up to 90% profit on turnover and around $2k to $3k per week with rare losing weeks in the past few months.

As we discussed last night,it is not a few fun bets, it is actually like a real job but hey! Tax free after all. You have to be adept at placing bets quickly via computer and on days wth few meetings patient as hell as you will only see the signals at the last minute.

There is an upfront cost of $2200 per annum and then monthly rental fees for the monitoring program of $110 per week. If you wish to be among the first to see this email winform@hunterlink.net.au.

Our partners have askedme to take this down as they belive the price will put people off. Nonsense I say,we already have enough interest that we may have to restrict numbers.

Thursday 15th January: I can't apologise for a fault that was not of our making. I just wish contractors would watch where they dig. What I do apologise for is not taaking swifter action.

On reflection I could have sent yesterday ratings to every Member and a separate file to dynamicodds. I don't know why I didnt think of it but I guess my reaction was similar to most of those who called to query us. "I guess we'll just not bet today".

We got the message on the diary quickenough and that page was there most of the time bit it takes 2-3 hours to reboot our very extensive website, let alone that hundreds of websites were affected, not just ours.

Corss fingers our stskingkings website has never gone down and that one is on the same server as some of Australia's rescue services so it is monitored 24/7. That doesnt mean it can't go down,anyhting is possible, but it is less likely.

Anyhow the good news is that once restored mid afternoon our very first race was a good winning race.

Also many members had already downloaded theirraces and still about a third of the members use GTX and of course that wasn't affected.

Have a good day today. Our members as a group are doing very well. Iasbet told us many years ago that our members as a group lost les than half what the average punter loses. The last few months we have been told that over 50% of Members referred by us are winning with one punter alone winning over $50,000 in January so far. We don't see individual accounts by the way, just the overall result of all punters we've referred, that's about 4,000 in total.

Wednesday 14th January: Some rain affected tracks today. kEMPSEY was good yesterday but no luck for us and I still managed tomiss two races due tocomitments. One of those was a wining one that would have collected $2k+.. Oh well.

Last Saturday only 21 favourites won out of 103 races overall . Of those 23 were top rated and 9 of those were winners so 40%.but the C Plan had a bad day although after the bfirst two races it was in front. Good day for quit after a profit hey? On Sunday it was 7 from 12!! And 50% of favourites rated 1 or 2 by Winform won.

Overall 25 favourites won in 64 races, which sort of shows how the statistics can bounce back.

Tuesday 13th January: Don't know where yesterday went. Made a smallprofit on the Gee Gees though.

Today just the two meetings again with Nowra off. Tomorrow is a fuller day.

I am in touch with a tipster who hands out the most obscure bets imaginable, like did you know you can bet on how many yellow or red cards are given out?? Anyhow, this guy chruns out some amazing and weird winning sports bets. The biggest problem sometimes is finding where you can get the bets on.

The Hong Kong syndicate I am in lost $315k at theweekend. Pity. That means we are only one milion in front for the month so far. Have a good day today. More action tomorrow.

Sunday 11th January: The win pool passed $95,000 yesterday. I reiterate that the process is what we published in "Winning Is Everything".

We are once agaiin looking for someone (retired [probably) to place some bets. Interested ? email winform@hunterlink.net.au with phone contact and list of betting accounts you have.

Saturday 10th January: Most of the meetings marked Soft 5 will stay the same or downgrade except Gold Coast could go to a 4. We've used mud factor to all 5's.

Good results again yesterday although Hendo dropped a Powerplay series, it's all in the timing. My series is 25% in but I had to quit early, still a nice $10 winner popped up. Funny thisn a top rater wasnt backed as it was $41. I looked at the form and couldn't fault it, but didnt include it, following the rules a bit too strictly on that one.

A big change in track condtions today may alter somehorses form. Be wary.


Friday January 9th: Big winning day for Powerplay yesterday if you got it right. A $21 runner firmed to $11 in the last couple of minutes and some Members missed it. Those who got on had a great win, even at just the $11. The Money Factory approach which has been used for years, had no problems collecting consistently.

Today plenty of action and more tomorrow for Magic Millions.

Thursday 8th January: Powerplay stalled for a long time yesterday with small fields and short priced winners leaving us short of a bet. But then it started and it would have been all smiles. I dont think I have ever seen such a long winning period.

The Quaddies. Well three out of four and two out of four legs and all winning legs were long shots. Pity we hadnt taken advantage of those. The Win pool had a good winning day but ended up short purely because of the losson Quaddies but you gotta be in it to win it.

Looks like a good day today with all meetings on Good tracks.

So you want to be a professional punter too? Back yourself with a Bank that you can afford to lose. Get your best information source, solid staking plans and a tenacious attitude without worrying too much about missing days or races. You cnant be on them all and a computer won't do it for you. If you only want horse at $4 or more and it firms to $3.80, surely that's an indication you should still get on. A computer can't compute that. Or a horse is currently $14 and has already firmed from $20. If you upper limit is $11 then with a minute or two to go isnt it likely that $14 will continue down to near enough??

Gotta go. The treadmill is calling and I already missed two days, although I had a solid sail last night in 20 knot winds.

Wednesday 7th January: Only had a very few goes yesterday but an easy profit for Powerplay again I would think. ***A warning for today*** Devinport is a unique track and we do not have accurate ratings for that venue. As a result selectiosn are based on their ratings from other tracks. Have a good look at A HORSES RECORD at the Devonprt track before disimissing it as this can be a major factor.

Tuesday 6th January: A sleepless night. I wanted to see how e had done for December based on total results. Well you could have backed every top rated horse and made a level stakes profit. Nothing wrong with that. Overall everyhting went well.

Elle's operation went well yesterday but still trouble with Mat's car so helping him again today. I'm sick of the sight ot wreckers.

Powerplay didnt have a lot of selections yesterday but there was a $10 winner so couldnt lose. Three race meetings today and we should win again. No specials forBonza yesterday.

Monday 5th January:! Nothing fo me yesterday and it looked like a hard day. Certainly I can see that a Powerplay series could have been wiped out and that is the reason why we rule a line after 10% of our starting Bank has been lost. Several runners were on the border of being a bet but weren't and they all won, two were Berimans mounts at Geelong.

Only two meetings today and a busy day otherwise for me. Elle, the smallest of the twins has an operation today. It should go okay. I have to help Mat fix his car so he can get to work, I have a number of people to call. A very busy day and out of the office all day.

The orders that came over the weekend and last week are being despatched today now that the Post Office is back at work.

Sunday 4th January: Hot again today. Only 6 meetings but more than enough to work on. I'm taking the twins out on the tinnie this afternoon so nothing for me. Yesterday our startegies all worked nicely but a run of four outs for the singles last night.

I'm doing an E-News for those who attended the Seminar. Should be out later today.

Saturday 3rd January 2015: Mat got scammed by a work from home site which required paid registration. It's a scam, just hope he gets to cancel the monthly debit. Ros is off to take her mother to hospital with an infected toe. Can't understand why the Home cant organise that?? There is care and there is care. Where my Dad is living they whip him to hospital because they beleive you cant take chances with the elderly.

Anyhow, it made me a bit late getting things organised today. All good now. Moonee Valley is a late start because of the heat and really not a lot on today. Hoping for improvemnet at the Gold Coast, dont know if we will get it. Good luck whatever happens.

Friday 2nd January 2015: You couldnt lose yesterday BUT we did not have a good day with our single selections although the top rated in the last at Ascot wasa good $13+ winner. Sadly we had opted for our second rated horses which lost. There were only four singles so not the end of the world.

ONe of our Members joined the Hong Kong syndicate we are in and he's glad he did. The first Hong Kong meeting of the year produced 1.1 million profit!! The next syndicate doesnt kick off until the end of March and entry is $50k. Not for everybody but the last one found $28k profit.

Our Members Win pool reached $89,000 yesterday so $10 profit for the first month. That's using the strategies in the new book Winning Is Everything. Since commencement early December the Bank has never been behind.


Thursday 1st January: Two out of three for our new Bonza Tips service yesterday at $2.80 and $5.20. What's not to like??? 11 race meetingstoday so pretty full on. The details about how to get the Bonza Tips SMS service are on the online store. There are monthly and annual options.

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