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is a Professional Staking and Money Management Program that converts precious minutes of recoup betting calculations into seconds. This program is an invaluable punting tool which will save you time and your bank.

Betting on Wednesday 16th July 2008, Powerbet helped produce a profit of $449.80 by 2:30 PM. Not bad for just over two hours work.

Powerbet works by using a percent of the overall bank as a base bet (you decide the %). In addition to the base bet, Powerbet is designed to recoup losses through a controlled stop loss system. Using this method we make a profit on our losses.


When setting up a Powerbet account you are required to enter an account name, your bank, bet percentage, and strike rate. Once saved your betting account is ready to go. You can have unlimited accounts with Powerbet, this is suitable for trialling different systems and strategies. Simply make all names distinct and enter the statistics.


Betting with Powerbet is simple and easy to do. The first step in the betting window is to select your betting account using the scroll buttons. This allows you access to all the accounts you currently have.


The first bet in the series will always be the base bet, depending upon the result your next bet may be your base and your recoup amount. Because our first bet was a losing bet, our next be will be our base bet plus a recoup bet amount. 


Once you have entered all the dividends you can use the unique status window that allows you to check your average dividend and strike rate with out leaving the betting window. So you can always keep track when you are busy. 


Once your betting series has ended, whether it is the end of the day or week, or you have reached a profit Powerbet provides you with a series report. This is the End Betting Series window which provides you with number of bets, number of wins; Powerbet calculates your strike rate, average dividend and profit on turnover. Powerbet also keep track of amount bet, your return and profit generated. By clicking Transfer you end your betting series and Powerbet transfers all data to the main database to be displayed in the Master Report. When transferring any profit or loss is transferred to the bank.


The Master Report contains the information of every bet placed and transferred. This Master Report is useful when determining the overall feasibility of your system.


Like all Winform programs Powerbet has a Quick Start Tutorial to get you on your way. 

Powerbet can be used progressively or bets can be placed all at once. The progressive method allows you to recoup losses immediately where as entering all bets and entering results later will take longer to break losing runs.

Powerbet can be used with any selection method, strategy and is an excellent way to keep track of your staking.

The Powerbet Software is so easy to use it can be used with:  
  • Grandslam
  • Powerplay
  • ‘Racing My Perfect Investment’ by Trevor Johns
  • Winform Ratings (Top Two)

The Powerbet Software includes a copy of ‘Make Racing Pay’ and ‘Make Racing Pay with Powerbet’ and is available for $990A . To purchase your copy of the Powerbet Software click here to visit our Bookshop or call Winform direct on (02) 4950 1747.


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