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Updated Friday January 2nd: Money Factory Video now uploaded New Winform Powerplay video

New video about Winning Is Everything.

Friday 2nd January 2015: You couldnt lose yesterday BUT we did not have a good day with our single selections although the top rated in the last at Ascot wasa good $13+ winner. Sadly we had opted for our second rated horses which lost. There were only four singles so not the end of the world.

ONe of our Members joined the Hong Kong syndicate we are in and he's glad he did. The first Hong Kong meeting of the year produced 1.1 million profit!! The next syndicate doesnt kick off until the end of March and entry is $50k. Not for everybody but the last one found $28k profit.

Our Members Win pool reached $89,000 yesterday so $10 profit for the first month. That's using the strategies in the new book Winning Is Everything. Since commencement early December the Bank has never been behind.



Thursday 1st January: Two out of three for our new Bonza Tips service yesterday at $2.80 and $5.20. What's not to like??? 11 race meetingstoday so pretty full on. The details about how to get the Bonza Tips SMS service are on the online store. There are monthly and annual options.

Wednesday 31st December: I spent today at my Dads 91st for a seafood dinner by Newcastle Harbour. Lovely day, great food.I expect most following the Powerplay method would have had some very good wins today. But way too much action for Ken to keep up with so no reports. Tonight already it looks like three double figure winners.

It will be a full on day tomorrrow. I doubt if I will be up for the (lack of) fireworks as most sessions are on at 9 p.m. to suit children. WE were discussing today how New Years Eve used to be an adults celebration, anyhow it will all be good.

Years ago Ros and I used to take in a movie and dinner and still be home in time for midnight. I remember how lush (wet) lawn and mosquitos spoilt one night but there were many good nights and more to come.

Anyhow I'll be bright and bushy tailed for tomorrow with a strong betting day to start the New Year, although we will all be swicthing channels over and over again.


Tuesday 30th December: Two meetings today. NSW is back on Sky 1 today I think. Here's Kens last report. I think he has done well to produce these for Members and potential Members.

G’day Garry

This is the last one.

Yarra Valley Race 1
C Plan race: Favourite Marocan Diva won @$2.10. Longer price was available during betting due to plunge on second rated horse. Your choice, let it blow or get on? This time it shortened again late.
Gosford Race 1
A couple of short priced first starters so no bet for me. New Wings and Fireworks fought it out. These were the two shorter priced first starters. Could have Dutch bet them maybe?
Gosford Race 2
Favourite second rated. No bet for me. Just got up to beat second favourite.
Corowa Race 1
Only five starters. Favourite Alice From Albury wins…… I think I knew her years ago…..
Yarra Valley Race 2
There is techically a Longshot Powerplay here: Nijinsky Code @$9.00. My series will be a new one if I start it. Just a small bet, but I see three other horses in the market at less than $4.20. This could mean around 60% chance of one of them winning.
Maybe I will leave this race alone. Let’s see what happens nearer the race. Nijinsky Code out to $18.00, so no bet. Storm with lightning has delayed the meeting. Another thing us traders don’t like.
Favourite wins again. Nijinsky Code tried hard (third). Never thought of a place bet here….maybe should have. $3.30
Gosford Race 3
Winform Daily Mail race. Ends In Tears @$4.60. Speed map says it may lead. A short priced first starter in the race is the unknown. Maybe a saver on it? Ondina @$2.50. No Longshot Powerplay again. Ondina shortens in the market. Doesn’t matter if neither wins does it?
Yarra Valley Race 3
Top rated horse short in the market and short priced first starter again. No bet for me. Delicacy Queen tongue tie first time and has placed. Consider each way @$13.00? No, kept blowing. Favourite wins again.
Corowa Race 2
Top rated horse favourite so no bet again. Favourite wins again.
Yarra Valley 4
Top rated horse 9YO. Only possible Longshot Powerplay bet. A couple of short priced horses in this race too. No bet.
Gosford Race 4
Favourite second rated horse. No bet.
Corowa Race 3
C Plan race. Second selection is @$10.00. will split them. Favourite may have to come from last. Didn’t make it off a slow pace. Sleepy jockey maybe.
Yarra Valley Race 5
First Longshot Powerplay all day. Subiaco @$5.50 and Tankster @$9.00. Tankster wins easily @$8.70. Rule off time.
Gosford  Race 5
Second Longshot Powerplay: Bob’s A Dazzler @$5.50, Nissile @$8.00, More Precise @$6.50. Lottery race. Only two horsed have even started over this distance. We’re on on pace horses. Nissile falls in from Bob’s A Dazzler @$9.40.
Another rule off.
That will do me for today for Longshot Powerbet.
Corowa Race 4
No bet, one possible selection @$4.20 with Betfair. Probably will get out a bit. Consecrate. Not much value though is it?
Yarra Valley Race 6
C Plan race. Darabin @$2.70. Valpincon @$12.00. I’ll back them both Dutch. Well that was nice win by Valpincon @$25.90!!!! Not sure why. Ended up at only $15.00 SP. Form at distance was OK. Again, it’s something to do with intuition. Try to develop it.
Gosford Race 6
C Plan race. Qamar @$4.00, My Dream @$5.00. My Dream late scratching. Messed up the bet.
Corowa Race 5
Two for Longshot Powerplay: Hardenup @$9.00, No Prior Knowledge @$4.00. Hardenup wins@$10.80. Should have kept going shouldn’t I?
Yarra Valley Race7
Three for Longshot Powerplay: Glory’s Girl @$6.50, Dane’s Edge @$10.00, Gala Arch @$6.50. No Joy here.
Gosford Race 7
Three for Longshot Powerplay: Myseventyseven @$7.50, Sweet Serendipity @$8.00, Man of Destiny @4.20. Sweet Serendipity wins @$13.00 SP.
Corowa Race 6
Nothing here, prices too long. However, the second rated horse won @ $17.90, $14.00 SP.
Yarra Valley 8
Two for  Longshot Powerplay: Way Of A Tycoon @$5.50, It’s No Joke @$6.50 No Joy here.
Corowa Race 7
Two for Longshot Powerplay: Magic Draw @$6.00, Delayed Reward @$10.00. And a poor finish to the day.

That’s it for Monday. I got out early with a good result. If I kept going, I would have made more, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.


Ken Henderson


Monday 29th December: It looked like a good day yesterday for both Powerplayand C Plan. Today there are three meetings, all on Good tracks.

Sunday 28th December: Winform Powerplay only found a very small number of bets yesterday, often going 5 or 6 races wihtout a single bet. That's why we only won $166 yesterday. The two Money Factory plans we are running were both successful with our singles plan now $2600 in front for the month and the Money Factory all races plan $2200 up.

The singles plan has 31% winners at $3.64 a profit of 10% but Money Fcatory turned that into 30.7% and the all races plan , well nearly all races, 71 wins from 149 races at $2.17 or 4% profit, turned into 10.4% using Money Factory. Winform Powerplay is running at 16% wins at just under $7.

Another three legged Quaddie yesterday with the Treble providing one of the losing legs.

Bonza Tips has also had a good month with 29 selections 15 winners and 35% profit on turnover. The Bonza tips are available by SMS directly through us at $1995 a year or $199 a month.

Saturday 27th December: Three legs of the quaddie again for Winform subscribers BUT the Moody trained favourite won the last race second up with a penalty of 20 points. The second up run last prep was nothing special but the market was a key factor. Also in the second leg Jaquinot Bay is a 7yo well into this prep having his 9th run from a spell. So what am I saying?? You could justify leaving both those winners out and also with Jaquinot Bay having his best run ast start at this track and distance you could include it in. And if pigs could fly we'd shoot them all down.

Powerplay is still the star now 322 selections in the past three weeks (averge three betting days per week for 52 wins at $6.80  R.O.I 27.8% and couldnt get all the bts on yesterday.They even ran some at the same time and TVN is f*&^%$d!!! No Terang No Ballina no Bowraville no big deal, well no radio either.Hey! Waht's new? The punters don't count right??

A quieter day today with only 80 or so races to navigate. Did you know at least a dozen meetings yesterday had no TABcoverage?

Friday 26th December: How many races today?? I've lost count. Mr X is hard at work on loading up the fields. Of course today the races will be at both Friday and Saturday. Then at 5 today we cut off the Saturday (todays races) to reload Saturday for Members to do their prerace Saturday adjustmentsso... Print them out when you see them if you want to bet on after 5. Or those working on Saturday today..pritn them out before 9.30

Have a good day today, its massive with nearlyt twice the nukber of races cmpared to tomorrow. Many of the meetings we have covred today ARE NOT available to bet on but are for Members in the locall area attending.

Wednesday 24th December: Good to see Hendo has time for this. My day started poorly with Mat hitting a wet patch and smacking his fron wheel against the curb. His car is only orth $2k and the slgiht damage could cost $1500 to fix (suspension rod bent) . Anyhow, I helped him get it back on the road to get home but lost most of my day. Then two of my bets didnt get on ,both won.

Heres how Hendo went. BY the way Ken, althoughy I've known him for over 40 years, is a clients and attended my Seminar so he could get into puntign again after retiring from hsi Power Station electriacl role.

G’day Garry

Not sure you want to see this, but I have nothing important to do leading up to Christmas, and there are only two meetings again today.

This must be one of the worst days betting I have the misfortune to lay my eyes on but I have enough experience to know that these days are sometimes OK.

A lot of the top rated horses have not even started at the distance they are contesting today.

C Plan
Benalla Race 2 No Answer is @$1.70 and has never started over the distance. Very poor race though. No longer favourite at 5 minute mark. Still won though….@$3.40.
Wagga Race 5 Smiling At Shadows is @$3.10. Again, has not started at the distance, but at least there is some value. South Of Sanity @$11.00 early is the value I suppose.
Wagga Race 7 Meticulously if there is money for it. At present @$4.60. Art Thou Ready @$5.00 is the second selection.

Benalla Race 1
This race has an odds on first starter @$1.80. Not a recommended betting race for me.
Longshot Powerplay: Nothing
Burton Powerplay: Nothing
Wagga Race 1
This race has another first up odds on favourite, but has had a couple of starts before. Danger but the rules say one bet for the strategies.
Longshot Powerplay: Sweetly Gliding – won @$4.40 – this bet cleared the series leftover from yesterday. Not a lot of profit, but keeps us in the game. Just looked and the winner’s Winform nett rating was only 14.6 (oops). Another mistake, but I’ll take the money anyway. Just so you know, as I am looking at Dynamic Odds only, I don’t see the Winform nett rating, so I don’t personally take notice of it. On looking, it was the only race where the top rated horses were under 20.
Burton Powerplay: Sweetly Gliding – won @$4.40 – at last, a winner for Burton. I am not betting on this strategy, so I don’t know how it is travelling. I would assume this didn’t clear the series though. Need another winner I think.
Benalla Race 2
C Plan is not active, the selection is out to $2.50 or better on support for Monahro. I wont bet on it. I think the other horse will end up favourite. What can I say? Early favourite gets up @$3.40.
Longshot Powerplay:  Nope. Prices too short.
Burton Powerplay: No selection. Distance
Wagga Race 2
Top rated horse @$3.70.  Superior Command favourite, but pulled up lame at last start?
Longshot Powerplay: No selection. Only 7 Starters. Would have been on Tea Clipper @$11.00 and Mr Sommerville @$5.00, even Where’s Scotty @$4.80 on Betfair (I don’t bet with them though.)  Tea Clipper wins @$15.30 You can make up your mind about this type of race. I generally don’t worry if there is value and only 7 starters. Personally, I find these middle distance races seem to throw up a lot of strange winners. Maybe you might try betting on them if your Powerplay is right at the start and there seems to be a query over the favourites. After 40 odd (very odd) years, I use my intuition. Try to cultivate this. My wife reckons I’ve got none apart from racing.
Burton Powerplay: No selection. Distance
Benalla Race 3
Top rated horse @$3.40. Nothing to bet on here due to pricing filters.
Longshot Powerplay: No bet.
Burton Powerplay: No bet.
Wagga Race 3
My favourite type of race. The favourite is @$3.20 and the three top rated horses are at bettable odds. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee a winner. (Note: Missed the winner, but favourite didn’t run anywhere either.)
Longshot Powerplay: Nariel Dash, Rusty’s Delight, So French. 2nd and third in a close photo.
Burton Powerplay: Nariel Dash, Rusty’s Delight. 2nd
Benalla Race 4
Top rated horse @$2.30 so no betting for this race. No value.
Longshot Powerplay: No bet.
Burton Powerplay: No bet.
Wagga Race 4
Another no bet race due to prices and top rated horse in the top two and only 7 starters. No value. Burton PP could be on @$1.55. Not me. Maybe Ski Angel @$6.50 E/W? Only two place dividends so no. (Paid $3.00 place)
Longshot Powerplay: No
Burton Powerplay: No Could be on Tiger Eyes I guess. (won @$1.70)
Benalla Race 5
No bet for LS PP as only 7 starters and a sprint. There is a short priced favourite down the ratings, but Burton strategy seems to be OK.
B PP: Bluegrass Dan @$5.50, Merlin’s Fury @$4.80. 9YO wins at 20’s
Wagga Race 5
Definite C Plan race, but very ordinary horses. I have backed the top three instead of two. Not confident. (WOO HOO!) Somedays are diiiiiamonds. $13.00 South of Sanity. Intuition again.
B PP: No
Getting sick of typing…..
Benalla Race 6
LS PP: Pretty Possum @$4.00, Go De Orpen @$10.00 – Pretty Possum won @$4.40
B PP: No
Wagga Race 6
LS PP: Pintupi @$4.80 – no dice
B PP: No
Benalla Race 7
LS PP: Master Shaft @$7.00 – no dice
B PP: No
Wagga Race 7
Eventually got a selection for Burton as well as Longshot.
S PP: Meticulously @$5.00, Art Thou Ready @$5.00 – Art Thou Ready won @$5.70
B PP: Meticulously @$5.00, Art Thou Ready @$5.00 – Art Thou Ready won @$5.70
Benalla Race 8
Two long shots followed by a favourite, so no bets.
LS PP: Nope
B PP: Nope
Wagga Race 8
Another one of my favourite plays where you can get all three selections in the 50%, and there is two selections for Burton stategy too.
LS PP: Grey Drama @$7.50, Corsa Rosa @$10.00, Fair Call @$5.00 which is around 43% - Fair Call wins @$4.30. Unfortunately a late plunge shortened the odds but enough to close another series albeit with the first bet.
B PP: Grey Drama @$7.50, Corsa Rosa @$10.00, second with Corsa Rosa flying home. Would have been a nice result for both plans.


So, All in all, a good days punting.
One from one C Plan winner for me.
Four series of Longshot Powerplay completed, although not a lot of profit, but that’s how it goes.
I think there would be enough winners to get a Burton Powerplay series home, although I’m not sure. Two winners at $4.40 and $5.70 should do it with the small amount of selections staked.
Again, not many Burton selections as there was only one selection in the race and the others were too long to make up the second selection, so no bet.

Not sure if this stuff has helped or hindered anyone, but you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself. Rick Nelson anyone?

Merry Christmas to all those who are into it. To those who aren’t, like me, Bah Humbug!


Ken Henderson


Tuesday 23rd December: Firstly heres a press release of inyterest to all punters.

Tuesday 23 December 2014


Punters and the racing industry will benefit from NSW Government changes which make it clear that wagering operators cannot refuse to accept reasonable bets.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing Troy Grant said he had approved regulatory changes to support a minimum bet rule implemented by Racing NSW on 1 September 2014.

“The introduction of a minimum bet limit by Racing NSW followed regular complaints by punters that some wagering operators were refusing to take their bets, particularly if they had a winning record,” Mr Grant said.

“The new Racing NSW condition requires wagering operators to be prepared to take on a bet for a minimum amount on any single fixed odds wager on NSW thoroughbred races.

“This is the same rule that applies to on-course bookies and maintains the integrity of thoroughbred racing.

“Some online bookmakers have refused to express unqualified support for the new minimum bet rules and therefore the NSW Government is making a regulation to enforce the new minimum betting rules.

“I applaud Racing NSW for their nation leading push to ensure punters get a fair go.”

Under the September 1 change, wagering operators with a thoroughbred turnover of $5 million or more must be willing to accept at least one bet from a punter wanting to win up to $2,000 on a metropolitan race ($800 for a place) or $1,000 at a non-metropolitan race ($400 for a place).

In addition, wagering operators with a thoroughbred turnover of less than $5 million must be willing to accept at least one bet from a punter wanting to win up to $1,000 at any thoroughbred race ($400 for a place).

“Racing NSW has also established a complaints mechanism for punters who believe they have been unfairly treated by a wagering operator,” Mr Grant said.

“It is not fair to have wagering operators profit from punter losses but then bar or restrict successful punters in the amount they can wager on any one bet. Shutting out punters impacts racing’s reputation and potentially distorts betting markets.”

Further detail on the minimum bet limits can be found here.

And here's Ken Hendersons report on yesterdays races.

G’day Garry

A bit easier to manage today’s meetings.

Only one C Plan that I can find: Kyneton 6 no 4 Razzle Dazzle Rock.


With the Burton strategy, I have included short priced horses, even if the second horse is too short to include. Obviously it would be different if you left them out.

Kyneton Race 1
Top Rated horse won. Would have been a selection for the old Top Three Plan. Longshot Powerplay: One bet, ran second. Burton Powerplay: No bet, distance
Tamworth Race 1
Third rated horse won, would have been a selection for the old Top Three Plan @$24.00 if you disregard price barrier. Longshot Powerplay: One bet, ran second. Burton Powerplay: Two bets, one ran second.
Kyneton Race 2 wasn’t a C Plan race at the 5 minute mark, but would have been one closer to the race as Quick Beers shortened up late. What do you do? I tend to leave it at the 5 minute mark.
In this case it would have been a losing race as neither of the top two ran a place. Longshot Powerplay: No Selection. Favourite in top two ratings. Burton Powerplay: one selection for unplaced.
Tamworth Race 2
Third rated horse won, but not a value chance. Top Rated Power Of Liberty was a long shot. Longshot Powerplay: No selections. Burton Powerplay: One selection, ran 2nd
Kyneton Race 3
$1.50 shot. Not with my money. Longshot Powerplay: No selections. Burton Powerplay: One selection at cramped odds if you wanted it. Won very easily @ $1.55 SP.
Tamworth Race 3
4th Race horse won @$6.8 Longshot Powerplay: One bet, 2nd. Burton Powerplay: One bet, 2nd
Kyneton Race 4
Longshot Powerplay: Three selections, just 50%  and won @$17.40, second too. Burton Powerplay: 2 Selections, one second
Now a Plan C race with Pantuo being backed in at the 5 minute mark. 2nd selection run down on the line.
Note: Winner was $10.00 when I put the bet on. It was a free bet that I scored somewhere down the line too.
Tamworth Race 4
Longshot Powerplay: Two bets, no placings Burton Powerplay: Two bets no placings
Kyneton Race 5
Longshot Powerplay: Two bets, one 2nd  Burton Powerplay: Two bets, one 2nd
Tamworth Race 5
Longshot Powerplay: Two bets, one third Burton Powerplay: Two bets, one third
Kyneton Race 6
C Plan race: Second rated selection is $2.30, First rated selection $3.10 and looks the winner to me? First rated horse won @$3.00. As it turned out, this horse started favourite. I did back it and saved on the second rated horse. A small profit I guess.
However, I made another mistake and backed another horse with the saver bet by pressing the wrong button and therefore didn’t profit from the race. I added that bet to another column as a loser.
Burton Powerplay: no bet, distance. Longshot Powerplay: no bet, prices too short.
Tamworth Race 6
Longshot Powerplay: one selection, no potatoes Burton Powerplay: one selection, no potatoes
Kyneton Race 7
Longshot Powerplay: 2 bets, no joy. Burton Powerplay: no bet, distance
Tamworth Race 7
Longshot Powerplay: 1 bet, 2nd Burton Powerplay: 1 bet, 2nd
Kyneton Race 8
Longshot Powerplay: 2 bets, won @$5.90 and 3rd Burton Powerplay: 1 bet, 3rd
First up sort of horse in this. I went 1x2. Mark’s Matilda. Probably wrong. And I was.
Tamworth Race 8
Longshot Powerplay: no bets Burton Powerplay: 1 bet, short but did win at $2.50.

So, Longshot Powerplay had one rule off, and is now only $18.00 behind off only two winners at @17.40 and @$5.90.
Burton Powerplay was not successful at all today, but only a few bets and one winner @$1.55. If you didn’t add in the $2.00 to $4.00 horses, there was 17 bets for 1 win, 6 seconds, and 2 thirds.
If River Flower had held on in Kyneton Race 4 there would have been a good result for both plans, but I’ll take the $17.40
Now that’s boredom for you. LOL.

Ken Henderson


Monday 22nd December: Family day yesterday so no punting for me BUT aother good day for Winform Powerrplay. Average number of runners per race 1.7and best dividend #11.40 but that was after we leimintaed a $67 winner and a $31 winner. It happens and there may have been good reason for those long prices, there were but on their best ever runs they rated. Problem is you only get 2 or 3 winners per 100 out of these and very long runs of outs.

This month so far the Powerplay runners are actually making a good solid level stakes profit which is roughly trebled when bet thorugh the Winform Powerplay program.

The C Plan had a nice start yesterday too. Obnly two meetinsg today but we nromally do well at both venues. There is a B4 selection in Tamworth Race 6.

Sunday 21st December: Ros and I will eb going to her mothers Christams party today, she is 93. She thought Christmas was two days ago but she knows us, just gets confused with days of the week. Sort of like us punch drunk punters I guess.

So Mr X found the First Four in the Daily Feature Race, but 2nd 3rd and 4th in thw Weekend Feature..there's that Phelan Ready again. He's like a frisky 80yo man who suddnely remembered how to do it. We only found 8 winners in the 13 races on the Daily Mail seven Quinellas, best $39 four Trifectas and two First Fours, the Doomben Race 7 one being the best.

The HOng Kong syndicate I am in won four out of five races yesterday yet still lost, nealr 4 million in front with one race meeting to go before it winds up for the year, Can't lose.

For the seocnd week ina row we have three legs of the Quaddie, well it only paid $4k this week, not much to miss out on.

Saturday 20th December: Today I am helping build a cubby house. Don't ask me why? I'm also having a Quaddie at Flemington for the Win pool. Mr X selected Excellantes at Doomben for the Weekend Feature. It's scratched but Mr X will reassess and post a bit later as well as selecting the Daily Feature for today.

I've placed most of the selections I want to have but will duck inside periodiacally to see how I am going. I am out for a while but luckily I will have access to where I am with the Money Factory on my mobile thanks to www.stakingkings.com

What a donkey! Just 2 wins from 23 starts but Hey Presto, he knocks us out of the Quaddie. Goodbye $600.

Friday 19th December: Here's how Winform Powerplay defies the odds. Yesterday there were only two winners all afternoon. One was $4.20 and another $12.10. Profit for the afternoon was just under $300 and the series only ventured past half way once.

Here's another "imposible" scenario. The Barrier plans from the Winning Is Everything book, and bear in mind we don't back anyhthng in barriers 1-9, had a 16% win strike at better than $6.50 and a place strike of 40% at $2.40+. Further analysis reveals that those selections that were first or second favourite won $1800 for the win and $640 for the place at level stakes for $100 bets.

And if you simply took those runners in the first four in the prepost you also made a similar profit. There's a lot to find out in Winning Is Everything.

Thursday 18th December: We've had an outstanding result from our investment in a Hong Kong betting syndicate. Our opening balance of $5 million is currently over $9million. You need a minimum stake of $50,000A and while nothing is certain, we are confident enought to go into the next one starting at the end of the year and probably increase our stake. We are willing to share this information so email direct@hunterlink if you wish to get further details. Put Hong KOng in the subject line of your email.

The C Plan was running at 50% wins yesterday but I fell for that Ascot Race 5 deceiver again. Our B4 lost last night but we can't win them all. I am away this Saturday but don;t be concerned Mr X has everything in hand.

Wednesday 17th December: Nobody told me I put the wrong month on yesterdays Diary. What!! Have we all got Alzheimers now???

More problems yesterday. Little Elle had to have a growth cauterised on her neck yesterday. You could hear the screams throughout the hospital. It was a precaution as the earliest she can have an operation to remove, well we still don't now what it is, is January 5th. She was still traumatised late last night.

I admit I wasn't happy with results yesterday, as There was little joy for Powerlay users, almost certainly losing a series, which is why we keep enough cash to run ten series. I havent actually heard from anyone who has lost one yesterday but it's only 6.15 a.m.

The C Plan had a very good day early yesterday and thos who quit and run did well. Overall it had to be a winning day.

I have the dentist (last visit for a while I hope) followed by bookkeeper ( it doesn't matter if the numbers are samll,you still pay the same amount to have them balanced) and then ...well who knows?

Six good meetings today and the rain appears to have gone. I hope to get into action whene I get back.



Tuesday 16th December: Mr X's instructions for the Daily Feature Race back 2and 12 . Winner was 2 $6.80. No Quinella but a good winner and one that was included in the Winform Powerplay.

I spent most of yesterday and last night with another emergency visit for one of the twins. They are still prone to bouts of unexpected illnessand no chances are taken. We are helping again today with more specialist testing.

Racing wise, it is not a huge problem as not so many race meetings this time of the week.

If you have an email ending in bigpond.net.au, your E-News didn't get delivered. What time I have had available has gone into individually reinstating you. I dont knowwhy this happens but it does. We have had smiilar problems with Optus and Telstra in the past. We get what is called a Hard Bounce, in other words we get a response which basically says "this email address des not exist" Thats funny because our individual records often show that email has been regularly opened even as late as the previous week.

My next email will probabaly go out tomorrow afternoon.

Monday 15th December: I did fail to mention that we had two Best Bets on Saturday and both won. Three meetings today but I am guessing everyone will be glued to the siege in Sydney. Clearly, nowhere is safe anymore.

Sunday 14th December: I've just come back from sailing and noticed a great result at Tatura Race 7. Our Powerplay qualifier was $11 in the market and won and paid $20.90 best tote. A big winner for Powerplay. The C Plan looked up and down today.

SaturdY 13TH DEcember: EVERYTHING IS UPLOADED AT 10.10 A.M. a GOOD WINNING DAY YESTERDAY. The Powerplay Top Three is $2469 up after one week at $20 base bets. Can't complain.

I can't believe the "junk" put out by some of our competitors. One in particular has said in an email that if Money Management staking worked, then casinos would be out of business. Obviously the writer has never been to a casino or he would know that casinos don't allow you to use money management staking plans and why is that?? It's because Money Management staknig plans have been proven to work in casinos, if only on their low margin games.

Uninformed people, like the writer don't understand that level stakes punting is actually a loss chasing operation so it is no differentt to Money Management systems like Money Factory or Winform Powerplay. And here's a nother surprise. You can use a Money Management plan when levelstakes is winning and actually have a loss, which is why sensible punters always use a reserve Bank.

Now it is true that if your system, plan etc doe fail at times to make a level stakes profit, you might lose but it might not happen in your lifetime. This is usualy because your losses accumulate at the base level and you may never have enough higher levels takes to fullfill that "inevitabel" loss.

Of course , you must always try toget best prices and that is another key element. The other key element is to have a stop loss level where you refuse to lose anymore and instead start fresh. It won't happen often.

But if your overall strategy is a dead set loser, it will never make a profit nomatter how "smart" your plan is. A lan that makes say 5% loss at best tote will lose 17% if you only use one tote. But if you are lsoing 5% on average then you have already beaten the game by about 10%.

Here's a link to Sportsbet and Beteasy, both of which offer nest tote or starting price on all Australain gallops races.

We found the winner in every race but one on the Winform Daily Mail. C Plan had 5 wins from 11 races for a two unit loss, and the Powerpay strategy won today again. The Quinella in the Weekend Feature Race was $122.


Friday 12th Deecmber: No betting for me yesterday. It's hard to have a putn or do anything much without power and that's what happened so Ros and I were doomed to go Christmas shopping. We also got one of those quickie massages , you know $10 for 10 miniutes, but hey Dave was great so might go back for a full back massage next week. Anyhow after that it was getting late so we took in tyhat ne movie Horrible Bosses 2, boy was that a mistake.

It was a shocker! And we couldn't get any sleep because of the crap that was coming out of their mouths. Definitely a candidate for worst movie of this or any other year!

Today we have mainly slow and heavy and very heavy trcaks and Ipswich is abandoned. Boring day coming up.

Thursday 11th December: We've made a couple of changes to the online Money Factory program. These updates are free and that's the beauity of having an online program. It doesnt chnage any of the calculations but what it does do is make it more familiar to those who are used to the program on their computers.

Here's why it is important to use staking programs. The Win Bank kicked off last Friady and is $2629 in profit. We are using a Mney Factory Bank for singles selections... Profit $441.3, one for the C Plan $563.7 and one for the Powerplay strategy + $1624. Total profits $2629 and time spent Friday 4 hours, Saturday 5 hours Monday to Wednesday 8 hours in total so $154 per hour.

I must confess we did take the Quaddie and a Treble yesterday for a loss of $744. Three legs won, second in the other.potential profit had we got the photo? $18k. Worth the investment?? Sure was but we didnt land it this week.

In your own coffee shop business you would put in 60-80 hours per week and make about $30k net profit for the year. Big difference.

Wednesday 10th December: Here are the Powerplay statistics for the Win pool since last Friday when we kicked off

78 15 19 6.55 3780 5136 1356 35.87

Thats 78 bets 15 wins averge div. $6.55 and profit $1356 at 35.87% POT.

Of course we are also operating two Money Factory Banks which have both made profits.

Rarely a week goes by when I dont get asked how to make a living as a punter. All the startegies our Win Pool is using are from the new book which is only $295. Is $295 too much money to pay to learn how to do it??

It beats University fees! I often recall how two guys quit six months before finishing Uni to go full time punting. They eventually establisheda Racing information business with my help and then quit that as their bank roll increased. Punting professionally has provided them with an unbelievable lifestyle and they kicked off their career by buying every book and program on punting they could find worlwide.

Too often people wnat it all handed to them on a platter, well with our books they do get that if they actualy follow through.

Tuesday 9th December: Hows this? Dubbo yesterday a soft 7 downgraded to a soft 8 (well that would be a heavy 8) then upgraded to a Good 3. Someone got it awfully wrong. Anyway, the Daily Feature Race found the $4 winner Tableaux in spite of the changes or was it Good to start with and they jiust stuffed it up??

Good going at Taree today, that's a surprise as a soft 8?? was expected. Wangaratta and Armidale are soft 6.

Monday 8th December: One thing is certain. The days roll into weeks and the weeks into months, and still some punters don't get it. You have to leverage your money if you are to finish in front. That's why the majority of our clients that are successful, use the Money Factory or at least keep details of all their bets, even fun or speculative ones. For example, I might have a few bets during the day that fail e.g. Quinella here, Trifecta there but I add them into a total and enter them as as a single lost bet. hat way the program spreads that responsibilty across all my betting. So if I am betting say $500 per bet or per race or whatever, those exotics are also done in $500 total blocks.

My Honk Kong syndicate won over $400K last night. There are many of these syndicates, most don't make money and I will be honest, the rebates received by the syndicate make up most of the profit but hey! I got over $1,000 in rebates last year just on my Quaddie bets. All up was not successful with a handful of Quaddies retruning less than the outlay a coupe of about $4k and one at $11.7K so a net loss for the year BUT I only need one blockbuster result to come in and most years they do.

Sunday 7th December: A lot to keep up with yesterday. I was already on our selection in Doomben Race 1 before the track downgrade but I wasnt on Race 5 Savreaux. Luckily, the track had an upgrade to a 5 before that race and so I got on then. It was a $7.10 winner.

Winform Gold Club had no wins from three our Weekend Feature misssed but the Daily Feature found the $29 Quinella and Trifecta. There was one Bolter selectio yesterday and it was a winner...just.

Our Win Bank has started nicely enough with Powerplay 66 bets for 14 winners (21%) and $5.95 average dividend. The C Plan has had 21 races for 14 winners or 67% and average $2.11which meant our Money Factory never got out of first gear and overall profit is $1787.

Saturday 6th December: We had one new Member for the Winform Daily Mail yesterday and what a surprise it must have been. The very first race produced an $18,000 First Four, and a massive Quinella, Exact and Trifecta. I wouldn't mind somemore ofthsat today.

Our Win Pool made $892 yesterday, a nice addition to the Bank for the 30+ Members who are in it.


Friday 5th December: My daughter has headed off north for a few days free of obligations ( no babystiing duties now until Wednesday). But my first day is a bore. Only two race meetings after Coffs Harbour was called off. Doomben doesnt start until 3.30 our time and then twilight and night meetings which will make it more interesting.

The C Plan kicked off okay yesterday and I was out after three races with two wins. The Win Pool which we have opened up for new Members will close today I reckon as we are close to out goal of a $60,000 Bank.If it ends up more (we wont knock back anyone who comes in today) that will be a handy reserve and may allow us to inlcude NZ and HK fo a little putting the toes in with some of the info we have access to.

I knew there was a reason why I hated autofill.......................

A man received the following text from his neighbour:

I am so sorry Bob. I've been riddled with guilt and I have to confess.
I have been helping myself to your wife, day and night when you're not around. In fact, more than you. I do not get it at home, but that's no excuse.
I can no longer live with the guilt and I hope you will accept my sincerest apology with my promise that it won't ever happen again.

The man, anguished and betrayed, went into his bedroom, grabbed his gun, and without a word, shot his wife and killed her.

A few moments later, a second text came in:

Bloody autospell!
I meant "wifi, not "wife"


Thursday 4th December: A red letter day for users of Trevor Johns methods with a winner freely available at $151 and possibly better on an exchange basis. It would be agreat basis for promtoing Trevors book but of course, under our agreement,the print run was limited and all three editions completley Sold Out!!

At the moment we are trialling a new software program which is basically "leased" at $50 a week and highlights the selections in every race and that includes the greyhounds and harness although the bigger the pools the more reliably it operates. The producers of the program have been trialling it themsleves and with small money have been picking up about $2k a week with hardly any losing days.

The Golden Rule is "no betting inot the TAB directly" as this would destroy it. When we have finished trialling it forourselves and can verify the results it may be available to selected Members only. Don't enquire now as we have only seen it for the first time on Tuesday.

Wednesday 3rd December: Everyone who has contacted us has been winning this week including Ian who is using the HR2D ratings available form the online store. Ian refers to page 100 in the new book for his strategy.

Hello Garry,
                    I have following page 100 & using HR2D ratings, the whole day, every day since last Saturday & have never looked like losing, making 66.51% on Saturday, 46.16% on Sunday, 31.63% on Monday & 59.40% on Tuesday using only BetEasy prices. This style of betting suits me as I get bored quickly, especially putting up with long losing runs of some plans as well as just religiously following one plan for whole day. I hope this email my inspire your members to try Page 100 & HR2D rating who have a similar mindset or personality to me. Feel free to put this on the feedback page.



Tuesday 2nd December: Andrew advised that he wished he had more time to punt. Andrew and his Dad take turns punting so that all races are covered But Geoff is overseas at present so Andrew begrudges missing any C Plan races. He and Geoff have been doign this for several years now and simply bet level stakes (ducthing the two selections) and averaging abiur 10%-15% profit on turnover. Andrew reckons with $1,000 a race they would eb making over $4,000 a week on average. His only problem is time to get on all races.

Mind you they are still doing alright just the same. Yesterday he reckons he got 3 out of 4, although some Members may have missed the $4.40 winner which drifted late.

Ken, who was at the Brisbane Seminar, has kindly offered to pass on his notes on the new Powerplay strategy form the new book. SO. If you want this and you have already purchased the new book email us at direct@hunterlink.net.au and we will send you a copy of Kens advice.



Monday 1st December: Yesterday was a poor day by some standards. I was engaged in various domestic situations yesterday which involved a nice seafood lunch AND A BIT of repairs and maintenance aorund the house.

At one stage I did spend somt time with a Member who has not been achieving the best price about selections I recommended dynamicodds.com. This cheap $30 a month subscription can alert you to price movements and fluctuations every few seconds. Our Member only had a couple of accounts so this has been rectified as well. You have to take advantage of the competition out there.

Psycholigically too, you have to be able to stand the heat. No good having a Bank if you worry about using it.

On another note, while Money Factory is a great plane it is not infallible and this is why we recommend splitting it three ways. Runs of outs are generally short but in a period where winners arent coming, you do need patience and persistence. They will always retrun to the mean.

Sunday 30th November: A very good day yesterday for all Members. One Member reported backing 11 C Plan winners! And the new Powerplay program performed well too.

Nine race meetings today and mostly fine weather. With the later start to Racing I was able to go for a short sail before betting commenced and the afternoon , pardon the cliche, was all smooth sailing.!

Saturday 29th November: Our win bank is filling up rapidly and over half our Pool target of $60,000 has been reached. As a consequence we will be able to start our bigger Banks for the Money Factory and Powerplay strategies from as soon as each current smaller series ends.

Mmebers wishing to participate cane email direct@hunterlink.net.au to let us know.

Friday 28th November: Contrary to what I wrte yesterday, the Lay bank is still going , although flogging along the bottom. And I can also report that the Member currently running the Win Bank has reported that the Win Bank is now well over $1,000 in profit and after chatting last night we have decided not only to continue it but open it up to the membership to create a pool in the $60,000 range, enough to run both the new Money Factory AND Powerplay plans until May next year.

It remains a private pool but with the bigger amount of money we can atke advantage of rebates. On that Bank we would expect to turnover at least $20,000 a week so even a 5% profit makes $1,000 a week and more. Plus there is the possibility of picking up a Quaddie or two along the way.

Thursday 27th November: A day to forget yesterday. We have those from time to time. The Daily Feature race found the winner in 2nd spot but that wasnt the recommendation. Funny thing. Ive had clients say we shouldnt put in the bad news as that wont do the business any good. I disagree. As punters we are all in this together. When we win we wanrt to share the news so when we lose we should admit it and comiserate with ine another.

So on another bad note, we are giving up on Lay betting altogether. Our Lay bank has disappeared in a "puff of smoke". No recovery is now possible. It lasted six months so it's not as if we didn't try.

On the other hand the Win Bank has fully recovered and we may even end up with a small profit. The win Bank took a big hit early on and almost disappeared while I was overseas on holiday. We persisted with the Plan and some good results in recent weeks have seen us recoup all losses and now with a fair result the next four weeks we'll come in with a bonus.

Wednesday 26th November: Yesterday I dutchbet the two selections at Port Macquarie each way and the last one win only. The 7 in Race 3 paid $7.7 the place and the last race winner was $5+ I had al ups on the first two and thought I should have done pace allups the first two into the win on the last one. Dont know how I missed that as it would have given me a $37 dividend. Anyhow, won nearly grand so no drama.

Today is 8.56 and I have Launceston scratchings for tonight but no sign of Ipswich selections which start at 2.23?? Very unprofessional.

The Barrier plans, there are six of them, are all profitable long term but I still assess them individually to check their racing style. We'd all like to think that we copuld just push a button put our money on and collect every day. It doesnt happen like that.

Most of our Members KNOW that the C Plan works but few have the patience to sit and wait to see the prices. Those that do win.

Tuesday 25th November:Another two meeting today, Moe and Port Macquarie. There are three selections at Port Macquaire from our Barrier plan in Winning Is Everything. You see its not that these horses have a better chance, they don't . It might even be a lesser chance BUT because of the barrier draw they are much more likely to pay a value dividend.

25/11/2014 2:10: Port Macquarie 3 7 Regents Park BA2
25/11/2014 2:10: Port Macquarie 3 11 Smart Bet BA2
25/11/2014 5:23: Port Macquarie 8 2 Marmadukes Lady BA2

All three are double figure odds at the moment but evn after allwoing for the barrier penalties we apply are rated $3.3, $4.6 and $2.3 by Winform. Very big overlays.

Monday 24th November: Only two race meetings today and Scone could be called early as temperatures approach 40C.

We have had enquriries about the Powerplay strategy and the answre is on page 92 of the new book. One of the reasons I still put otu new books is that there are always new ways to work the ratings and of course the new program works very well. Possibly better than the old one but more cpnservatice and so slower to win I guess but more secure excpet when there is a run of zero winners for more then ten races.


Sunday 23rd November: Here are the Powwrplay stats from yesterday. We ceased at 5.45 aftre the win of Brimarvi at Morphettville.

61 bets 9 wins 14% (expected average) avg dividend $6.85 and profit on a $20 base bet $597.

On level staes the profit would have been $13. That's a big difference.

The C Plan was firing early too so plenty of chnces to walk away a winner.

The Winform Daily Mail started okay but the later races let us down and it was a losing day. There was a nice B4 winner. I actullay got $8.5 about it early in the day but final price was $5.


Saturday 22nd November: A brilliant day for the C Plan yesterday.At least that's what I am told. I spent the day heping Mat resolve issues with the new house. It turns out his dishwasher was indeed designed for midgets as standard size crockery and cutlery wont fit in it and the builder says effectively "tough titty". At least the plumbing faults were fixed today.

I finished the day with a painful remedial massage. I find that after a few days f walking, my calves seize up and need strecthing beyond the normal pre and after walk stretches we all know. They are much better now but bruised from the massage therapist.

Today the weather has cooled, 41 yesterday, but we put up with the Randwick inner track today. That measn another day of smallish fields in Sydney. At Ballarat the oppositeis the case with massive fields and it will be hard to com out a winner. Waltzing To Win was scrathed from Moonee Valley last night and looks like it will t start in the Ballarat Cup today. The $7.50 the place seems a reasonable place investment.



Friday 21st November: Members tell me there was a nother good B4 Winner yesterday and I was also told by a member that they had restricted their selections to only those that finished second last start. Cuts down selections I am told but massively improves strike rate for the past year or so.

I'd be interested to see if the 20/1 winner we had a few months ago woudl be eliminate dunder this plan?? If not then great. If so then I might prefer to collect these, even if it meant longer losing runs. Any thoughts?? direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Thursday 20th November: A losing day for me yesterdy but I am told the C Plan started off okay. The new Powerplay Top Three madea profit. Once again is it Members who have told me but two Best Bets placed when I was hoping they would win.

The E-News is on it's way as is a brochure to try and get update details from members. Ros and I are off to get new tiles for our outside deck as Eden Brae the so called master builders claimthey are not responsible for the fact that the original tiles are falling off one by one. Fair dinkum, they are the worst builders, over $60 k of rectification work done by them and now another $20k at our expense. I'll need a big Quaddie!!

Wednesday 19th November: Sportsbet is launching their own debit card so Members can withdraw their funds at ATMS whenever they want. We don't have the details but no doubt they are catching up some other agencies. Of course Members have been able to withdraw for the ir local TAB since forever, so it's not such a new idea.

Today there is a B4 selections for those who have the book. It is a $20 shot and I could not find a good reason not to back it. I was able to get $29 the win and $8 the place. Our own Winform ratings is just $3.60 so a great overlay. If it wins it will be the third 20/1 winner this year for the B4. One of our Members does his own eliminations form these and actually gets about 50% winners as a result.

Here's a video showing you how to use the new stakingkings website.


Tuesday 18th November: Apologies for yesterday as our server went down mid afternoon and wasnt restored until late last night. I won't say it can't happen again because it can, the Internet is held together with lots of bits f string and every now and then it breaks.

At least it hasn't happened on a Saturday for a long long time but Cox Plate day it was, what a day to go wrong, but it was several years ago.

Two meetings today and both are usualy good for us.


Monday 17th November:Here's a link to last Saturdays Sandwon replays . A lot of scratchings at Hamilton today but still good fields. Not,like yesterday when there were small fields race after race at various stages. I'll probably keepa record of Saturdays races and watch Petrology win over and over again as it's our best priced Winform Gold Club winner this year.

I've got over my bug fomr the weekend but now Ros has got it. Oh well, what goesaround comes around... It's my son in laws birthday today, hope he doesnt end up with this unwanted "gift".

Sunday 16th November:

Hi Garry

Yesterday at the Metro meetings on the Better C Plan, I had 11 qualifying races  ( 6 wins)….i noticed in your email you mentioned the C Plan having 2 Q Races.
Would this be correct?


Craig C.

Ed: Craig, I was ill and woke up mid afternoon, had those two C Plan races, Rosehill 5 and Adelaide 6, won, and that did me.

Saturday 15th November: * 4 races Winform Daily Mail 4 wins 3 quinellas 2 Trifectas 2 First 4"s**

Just switched on the races and had two C Plan winners from two races+$1034, that'll do me. Actually I was quite ill and went to see if I could sleep it off. Still a bit crook but those winners helped. They alwasy do

hree wins frm four for our Premium selections yesterday. Today we will have ratings up by 9.30, Daily Mail by 10. Updated around 11.30 The first rated race is at 1p.m. Eastern.

Friday 14th November: HOW GOOD WAS THE DIVIDEND ON OUR SECOND PREMIUM SPECIAL YESTERDAY?? NOT EVERYDAY WE GET ONE AT $5.70.Unfortunately for me I took the $4.20 that was available in the morning, we rated the horse a $2.70 chance.

If you have our site bookmarked then you will need to refresh to bring up the latets version. You wont notice much difference, as it is mostly in the back end.

Today the first races is at 1 and the last 10.15. We have had a bit of a drought with our selections at Moonee Valley and we have one selection tonight , Race 7 3. Here's hoping we break the drought.


Tuesday 11th November: A B4 selection yesterday Red Wolf. $2.50 best tote, $2.oo SP it's a bit unusual but it happens. Anyhow, the main thing is that it won well and the plan is working.

I noticed the C Plan has had an outstanding weekend and the above was also a C Plan race, the only one eligible on the day I think.

The Ducthbet program at Stakingkings has a couple of miinor bugs which I hope will be fixed today. I was a bit stunned though when one user cancelled his really expensie $9.95 subscription on the same day! Personally it took me a litle while to learn to use the program and I ceratinly couldnt decide in one day to give up on it and nor would I be that desperate to get my $9.95 back without giving it a go.

Anyhow, we are adding a description of how you can use the program to receord single bets and win/place bets, for example, you might have a runner at $4 the win and $1.80 a place. The program will tell you how much to put on the place to ensure you get at least money back, especially now when you can get fixed price place bets. When lodging the plce bet in the progrma just add a 3 at the start to identify it as a place so for example you bet horse 6, when you enter it a again as a place bet call it horse 36. This will also helpyou identify waht you did when looking it up later in your reports.

Monday 10th November: This from Wayne

Hi Garry,
I have subscribed to Stakingkings.com,

looking forward to the new Money Factory.

For info, I have developed a very simple system using your HR2D ratings and on Sat + Sun had

32 Bets   16 Wins   25 Places for Win $51.60 & Place $38.90

A very good result, mind you the previous 20 bets I only had 3 winners, but the weekend made up for that.

Best regards,


Ed : Altogether 52 bets 19 wins 37%. Not bad.

I noticed that under our new process for the C Plan as outlined in Winning Is Everything, the winner of the first eligible C Plan race today had the total race outlay on it.

Hi Gaz

Just thought I would point out, that you got the first four at Goulburn R1 Saturday for $5183.70.
No mention of it in the daily mail.



Sunday 9th November: Looking only at C Plan races 1300+ 22 eleigible races yesterday for 12 wins. Only two of first seven were winners. Our Spring package Members could have picked up the Quaddie. We said "inlcude Hucklebuck in exotics". Our SMS clients had a good day with a $13 and $8 winner as well as a couple of shorter ones. Gold Club missed for the day, Alll but one placed and near the money. A fabulous #149 Quinella in the Winform Daily Mail gave us a winning day for Qunellas. We also landed two Feature Race Trifectas for the Spring Package.

Spent most of the afternoon yesterday cleaning up a house for Open House next weekend. So got that done, my car washed, the lawns mowed and a nice profit for the day.

Another busy weekcoming up so I will indulge today. My plans include sailing if the wind comes up, a movie and some reading.


Saturday 8th November: C plan had a good day depending on Cranbourne Race 6. It lloks like our second rated horse was the Favourite a few minutes out at lessthan $4 before starting at $4.20. The winner was our top rated horse at $5 so a nice return. It was three wins from five races yesterday if that was the case.

We now have a Ducthbetting program that works on mobiles, tablets PCs and laptops including Apple and the cost is just $9.95 renewable yearly,, yes, less than three cents a day. It is an introdductory offer beyond belief and guess what?? You can even use it with one bet a race if you want so you can keep an accurate record of all your bets. Everyhting is recorded and updated to the Cloud to be available when you log back in. Click www.stakingkings.com .

Friday 7th November: Another day another commitment. Anyhow, I hope to update tonight.

Thursday 6th November: Up early again, I have to help Mat move today. It's only a 20 minute drive between houses (for the removalists, not me) but at an hourly rate they wont be moving too fast. Hardest part is being motivated to unload all the boxes when they get there.

I noticed Sky 1 and TVN are now included in Foxtels basic package at $25 a month, very cheap. Add a Drama package to get Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones and you are sweet. In footy season Ill add the add the free AFL and NRL coverage.

Mat is a doco junkie.

Anyhow, bu tomorrow I hope to be clear to go for a sail, it's been a busy time with Seminars, the new book and all the research that goes with it and of course the Carnival. It will be good to get back to basics. Of course with all the sickness gone that helps too.

And then Ive been asked to make a series of Eductaional Videos for a major Racing company....


Wednesday 5th November: I AM UP EARLY. I have a 6.30 a.m. at the dentist for a chipped tooth. HOPEFULLY ITS MY LAST VISIT FOR THE YEAR. My task today is to finalise the fornt page of our new staking website. I also have to provide subscriptions to the NEW MOney Factory and Winfor Powerplay programs. So many races yesterday and it looked like ratings subscribers should have collected on most of our regular strategies.

As suggested on the Video, a dutch bet was in order and I won my 37th of the past 42 runnings of the CUP. I didn't outlay much though in the end. The betting was very conservative with many horses given a chance but not at long odds. I;ll never understand why I am so consistent in this race and so consistently a loser on the Caulfield Cup??


Cup Video Those who watched the Video and followed the Dutch Bet strategy got the winner.

Tuesday 4th November:7.30 a.m. we get scratchings, 7.45 late scratchings after officials recheck them all. Trcak is rated Dead 4 due to deliberate watering. It will dry up quickly.

Monday 3rd November: I wont be posting anything other than the Spring Package tomorrow. Mr X will post the Metromeetings under Saturday and all meetings under Tuesday for those Members using Dynamicodds.

Sorry the video is poor quality but have a go anyway. I'll get back tomy regular stuff netx time.




Sunday 2nd November: I reckon that after this week I might be able to get my life back together. After all the illness (Belle and her husband Troy are still ill after catching the virus while helping with the twins this week) Ros and I are having a nice lunch wiht friends. It's almost the first normal meal of the week,

Things were going very well yesterday, Winform Gold Club had a win and two placed from four selections, and we had the above Quinella fo a massive collect, my Hong Kong Syndicate ( I am in it but don't run it) collected over $1,000,000 in a single Quinella during the week but after the Mackinnon, it was all a matter of placings and placings and no further returns.

I will post a Melbourne Cup video but I despair at the necessity to match form from s omany different regions. I have done well so far, only losing on the Cup four times in my lifetime. Tuesday is the ost difficult yet.

Saturday 1st November: Already we have had to change some selections due to rain at Ballina. RAIN SEEMS TO HAVE PASSED AT Flemington. Good Luck today.Uodates approx 11.30 a.m.

Friday 31st October: Some great results late yesterday, especially for Powerplay users but did the winners arrive too late?? The big lesson to be learned is that there is no next race, no race that you especially had to be on as while we don't see other races happening because they are not covered by the TAB, these other races are happening and filling in the statistics and we are blithely unaware of the many winners or losers in these other races.

It came to memany years ago that idiotMug punters were running their plans on say Saturdays only and looking at winning or losing sequences which didn't really exist because as far as they were concerned the 50% of races that are run on other days weren't part of those sequences.

Hows that for starters?? Makes you think I hope. We had a cut off rule in our office. The last race we could bet on each day before leaving the office was the last as far as we were concerned. Any carryovers started with the first race next day even though a dozen or more races were still to be run. It made no difference, the inners and losers are scattered like confetti and they fall randomly so what does it matter when we start or when we finish, just as long as overall we work on average??

By the way, Sportsbet are one of the only corporates still paying best tote or Sp on every Australian gallops race.


Thursday 30th October: Wasn't that a great ride on the Bendigo Cup Favourite Under The Sun?? Not! I'm surprised it fought back to finish third.

Spent last night in the hospital again, this time with Harper who wasin emergency Monday, the virus keeps turning back. All okay now though, hard to keep the twins hydrated when they dontr want anyhting in their mouths.

Im working on Derby Day today.

Wednesday 29th October: Another day of dramas yesterday as the bug affecting our grandkids took to Ros and I and at 4 a.m. wednesday are still in play. Elle, the smaller of the two wins spent all of yesterday in emergency and because her veisn had collapsed had to have and insertion in her bone. Taken to a specialised unit overnight, improved but still in trouble.

In no condition to process any orders yesterday but hopeto attend to most of them today.

A $19 winner for the ratings yesterday but at that price we didnt take it. Not a winning day otherwise, but only two meetings. Today we look like having a Gold Club selection and there are six meetings.You cna get your teeth into those.

Tuesday 28th October: Picked my son in law from Sydney airport last night and homeat 1 a.m. Woke up this morning at around 6 a.m. to the dulcet tones of Ros having just caught the bug, lucky we had a big bucket handy. I am still safe for now but the incubation period will maybe get me later today. Talk about the glamorous life of a Professional Punter? Sounds abit like life in the BUrbs to me!

Only two race meetings today and the first st Scone tells the tale of how 10yo horses still have a life under the Benchmark conditions. Have a look at Kwilas Law. Still abe to race in a low class Benchmark 65 after 12 wins and no I am not suggesting you back it. Our pickw ould be Hyacintha which is coming off two good wins.

Monday 27th October: Time is really flfying by now with the Melbourne Cup just one week away.

I have been run off my feet today with orders PLUS the twins are both sick, one had to go to hospital. I have just come back from a stint up there keeping my daughter company as Ros is looking after the other twin, Isla is at preschool and my son in law I out on a plane to Melbourne last night to do seminars on suicide prevention. He's got the runs and chucking up this morning so that'll be a fun seminar to be at.

Have to fly. Get Isla from preschool, pick up Natalie and Haroer from hospital and then home. I've been iup since 1 a.m. and buggered, the E-News will have to wait until tomorrow.

Powerplay Result

Sunday October 26th: The above report is quite amazing. 98 bets altogether and 32 winners @ $3.86. This indicates a level stakes profit of 26% exactly the same as the Winform Powerplay profit. The average bet was just $30 and the base bet $20. This is was because there were few losing sequences.

There were just 1.7 runners per race, only one winner at $11. That's a race strike rate of 56%!

As for Adelaide yesterday. There were some very fast times in it's brief history but coming back from 2400, not having raced for a while and while winning it confirmed what I said about the outside barriers in the Cox Plate. Look it up and have another listen. I should have listende myself maybe.

I'M running Amelias plan using the new Powerplay program. What a result!! Really enjoying the profits. On a $20 base bet over $764 in profit FOR THE DAY.They say you cant back every winner but I havent missed many today.

Saturday 25th October: I hate daylight saving time. It sets me back so badly. Here I am at 8.17 and the only thing I have posted is the Spring Package and Gold Club. It will be another 15 minutes before I can post the ratings, then 40 minutes before Queensland can be added and then after 11.15 before WA goes up.

I started today before 5 a.m. and won't finish until around 8 ish tonight I reckon, later if anyhting shows up in the late races at Ascot.

I got out for an hour on my Hobie Adventure Island yesterday but for half an hour of that Inwas stranded after a breakage. I was the only boat on the lake and if I needed help there wasn't any. I maganed to rig up before I hot ground and then a conctant strugle to get howm against the strong nor easter. It was fun though and then it was inisde to cook Ros a roast for dinner, well it was for me too of course and I loved it. Women tend to overcook meat, I got it perfect. Maybe cooking can be my hobby when I retire??

I spent most of yesterday packing and sending out books.


Friday 24th October: Picked up the print copies for despatch today but already have feedback from those who received the E-Book Winning Is Everything.

"Excellent!  Thank you Garry, I've just opened and started reading your new book.  I am so pleased that you have written this, your efforts are highly valued and appreciated. 

There aren't many people prepared to put time and research into racing, just wanting answers and of course, easy profits.

Back to reading, meanwhile, just to say - great work Garry!

"It's what's inbetween the lines of your new book that is interesting. One thing I picked up on is that there are a number of tracks identified in your new book where all you have to do is back the favourite in every race to make a profit.



"Just wanted to say what a great idea it is to have your new book spiral bound. Your previous books are well read but spreading out the pages flat is difficult. Can't wait to get my hand on the new one,much easier to get at the information." Shane

" Attended the Seminar and it has rekindled my interest.I am having a go with the right size Bank and the new guidelines in your excellent book.


I noticed a big bet placed on one of our top selections in the Cox Plate video. I might have to get on before the $21 at Sportsbet goes off.

New Video for Cox Plate. Had a call from Andrew last night. He had six winners from six C Plan races yesterday. Don't you just love it??

My unique story: I'll add it to the next E-News. If you are not registered click the link above.

I have a very interesting story to tell, and it ends today. If it comes off, that is. I'll report tomorrow.

Wednesday 22nd October: Was at the dentist at 6.30 a.m. this morning and now back at work by 8.a.m. and I get this email.

It's from a marketing guru and is the opposite of our approach. We believe in slow and steady, picking up profits on turnover. Any how have a read, you'll find it interesting. If uou are in business their free seminars are always good value as they try to promote their expensive merketing package, although to be honest, a lot of people I've met in business over the years could well learn form them.

Hi Garry,
Slow and steady wins the race…
Ever heard that one before?
In fact I’m betting you did hear this often when you were growing up, probably along with, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.
Am I right?
Well the slow and steady saying comes from Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare.
And the message goes something like this…
If you work slowly but constantly over time you will succeed better than if you rush into things and don’t see them through.
It’s good advice for the young if you’re teaching them persistence.
You have to be VERY careful with this one because the message actually heard can very easily be translated to…
The only path to success is to follow a long, slow linear process.
NEW event alert: http://millionairemakerssummit.com/x10
Get a good job and work your way up and retire with the gold watch scenario.
This will keep you stuck and poor.
No, I’m not saying you should rush headlong into something.
What I’m saying is there are many more ways in the modern world to reach your financial and life goals than “slow and steady”.
The ladder of success… where you must climb each rung at a time is as false as the “magic pill, get rich quick” nonsense you see some people peddling today.
I’m talking here about NEW ways to LEVERAGE your time so you make more money faster and easier than ever before.
Let me say that again…
If you want to achieve riches today you must find ways which do NOT mean more work but ways to help you work smarter.
So would you be interested in discovering NEW ways to do things so you set 2015 up as THE turning point in your life?
Ways which don’t involve “slow and steady”?
Still here?
Good because very soon you’ll get the chance to learn from 3 of today’s genuine “millionaire makers” at a series of “one-off, one time only” events in a city near you.
New York Times best-selling author and millionaire business owner Daven Michaels will take centre stage to teach you how to create LEVERAGE in your life so you smash through the barriers keeping you stuck.
If anyone should know how to shortcut success it’s Daven…
He runs his company of 600 employees while he travels the world teaching people like you how to work smarter, not harder.
Now that’s leverage!!!
So if you’re interested in new ways to do business better so you make more money in less time…
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Then you need to book one of the limited FREE seats at the event Daven will be speaking at, the upcoming Millionaire Makers Summit.
Information and tickets available at: http://millionairemakerssummit.com/x10
It’s not often you get to spend a whole day with real millionaires who are prepared to share their success secrets.
The “Millionaire Makers” at the event recognise the importance of taking action.
So to reward the first 100 that jump on this and book their seats, they’ve provided 6 business and success building bonuses valued at a very real $3,108 - only available at the event.
Here’s the link again:  http://millionairemakerssummit.com
Christmas is fast approaching so as you turn your attention towards 2015 my question to you is…
What plans have you got in place to ensure next year is better than 2014?
Seeing Daven live will teach you the important skill common to all millionaires – LEVERAGE.
One thing is certain…
You never learn from the seminar you don’t attend.
I look forward to seeing you there.
To your success
Dmitri Stern

PS Discover the key to leveraging your time just like today’s wealthy elite do… it’s about working smarter not harder so you smash through the barriers keeping you stuck… join Daven Michaels and 2 other world-leading “millionaire makers” at this historic one off event which you can come to for FREE if you’re quick. Jump on this now and learn how you can get your fair share of today’s “speed wealth phenomenon”.

Today is Geelong Cup Day and a possible guide to some Melbourne Cup chances. Our Spring package will be there today for a couple of races.


Tuesday 21st October: The insurance company has advised us that they are crushing Mats car today, they wrote it off along with the $4k of improvements, of course we only get back the insured value $3k less the $650 excess.

Bugga. We move on. Sending out all the info to Seminar attendees today and have sent out the new book to E-Book purchasers. Some wouldn't go through so I am setting up a download link and will send the rest tomorrow.

Getting lots of complimentary feedback about the Seminar, so that's great. And the new mobile applications are going well too, we need only update our help files and we are done. (easir said than)




Monday 20th October: A very well attended Seminar is Sydney yesterday and a very busy aftermath at the bar for those who elected to stay for drinks and a bite to eat although I have to say the SportsBar at Rydges provided the worst ever hamburger meal I ahve ever seen and eaten simply because I was hungry.

Anyhow, it was a convivial occasion and I have already had several emails confirming that it hed sparked a lot os future interest in the new strategies. There were also several people wanting a more extensive Seminar at Raffertys over 2-3 days so we will consider that for next year. Email me at direct@hunterlink.net.au if interested.

A good B4 winner yesterday, not many of these but they are still coming in.


Sunday 19th October: Just heading off for the Sydney Seminar this afternoon. I had a winnign day yesterday, $3k profit and thats after losing $3k on teh Cup. I should know by now. Iliked the Japanes contender that was scratched, not the one that won.

Why was Caulfield so slow yesterday?? The Cup was as much as six seconds slower than it's best time.

Anyhow, the other problem I had was that four times ina row when I tried to place a bet on Powqerline the price kept changing. I didnt get on and of course it won. Missed out on $2k and then in Adelaide I missed a notehr winner for the same reason. That was only $700 but what a difference if I get on both. It cost me a Poweplay series.

All posted. WARNING!! I had a dollar for dollar match offer and as it turned our I had a win with some of the money. LO and behold, my bonus and winnings were taken from my account. WHY?? Apparentyl I had to bet again in the next 14 days??? Unbelievable. There are numerous offers out there today. I suggest you all carefully check the conditions of each offer. Cant believe the y took back the winnings as well. They were welcome to my losses!!!

Saturday 18th October: Been up sin ce 4 a.m. and no closer to Caulfield Cup solutions. It's that sort of a race. A lot of personal setbacks this week but 100% concentrating today and of course the Sydney Seminar to a full house tomorrow, actually had to add a few seats.

The newbooks was almost finalised and then in reviewing the proof gfrom the printers noticed that a whole page was missing. Ironically this related to Caulfield race course. I know I had done the analysis I wanted BUT it must have ended up on my clipboard. Anyhow we have gone to 104 pages I think and preciosu few photos.

Those who have read it particularly liked the historical section which tracks my personal journey into professional punting and form analysis.

I noticed that Garry Roberts, a professional punter and the owner of Vo Rogue, has packed them in for a lunch on the Melbourne Cup wednesday. It interests people but I guess they get a shock when they find out what it is really like.


Friday 17th October: A very good offer from the new Beteasy with $700 deposit match up until Sunday. Details are at the link. Today should be a workable day and Yesterday was a good day for the new Winform Powerplay software and strategy.

Tributes for Caitlin Forrest.

Apprentice rider Caitlin Forrest passed away at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the early hours of this morning, succumbing to injuries she received in a fall during Race 8 at Murray Bridge yesterday.
Caitlin had been riding since mid-2013 and was a member of Thoroughbred Racing SA’s Apprentice Jockey Academy.
She had ridden 51 winners (7 metro, 20 provincial, 24 country). Such was her success that she had been recognised at the recent Thoroughbred Racing SA industry awards as the South Australian Provincial and Country Apprentice Jockey of the Year for the 2013/14 season. She was 19 years old.
Jim Watters said
“Like the rest of the South Australian racing family, we are devastated and shocked at the tragic loss of Caitlin Forrest who passed away in hospital in the early hours of this morning following yesterday's fall at Murray Bridge.
“Caitlin received the very best medical attention both at the track and at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and - on behalf of her family - our thanks go to all the medical professionals who did so much for Caitlin.
“Our thoughts are very much with the family at this stage and we are doing everything we can to support them through this incredibly difficult time.”
Cahirman of Sotuh Australian Racing ,Frances Nelson said,
“The South Australian racing family has lost someone very special ; a young woman who had already achieved much and yet was still at the start of her career.
“She was an incredibly bright, vibrant and hard-working young woman who was committed to her career and loved the racing industry. I know I speak for the entire racing industry when I say that she was very much loved in return.”

Libby Hopwood was also injured.

As with all racing incidents in South Australia, Thoroughbred Racing SA stewards have commenced an immediate review. Safe Work SA has also been informed and has commenced its investigation.
- Barrier Trials scheduled at Murray Bridge today have been cancelled.
- Thoroughbred Racing SA will be offering professional counselling to all industry participants, family and friends affected by this tragedy.
- Caitlin was riding Collo Voce when the horse fell at approximately the 500m mark of the 1000m Race 8.
- After initially being treated at Murray Bridge Hospital, Libby Hopwood was transferred to the Flinders Medical Centre where she is being treated for a suspected broken collarbone.

Thursday 16th October: 103 Pages approximately and spiral bound. This means that "Winning Is Everything" can have the pages laid flat to make it more easily analysed page by page and notes made if necessary. Ever trid to lay flat the pages of a bound book or manual??

"Winning Is Everyhting" is available to order now for desptach next week.

I'll aim to do a Caulfield Cup meeting video later today.

Wednesday 15th October: The new book "Winning Is Everything " is off to the printers today so we expect to mail it out next week. It's been a busy few days with a succesful Brisbane Seminar behind me and only a couple of vacant seats for Sydney next Sunday.

Problems since I returned however, Mat's car had a problem with the LPG motor cutting out at low revs and so I lent money for a major overhaul, $4k worth and picked the ute up Monday on my way home form the airport. Yesterday the fault occured at a T intersection and to avoid other traffic Mat steered as best he could into a vacant block.From there the vehicle rolled down and hit the fence and part of the adjacent house. It's a write off and already the Insurer is hedging. On top of that the twins have chicken pox so Isla cant go to Preschoolso she is here all day everyday, not that we don't love it but another distraction. AAh the life of a professional punter. They don't out that into the guide books.

Saturday 11th October: A busy day for me. After loading the ratings and selections to the Internet we head off ro Brisbane for the Seminar tomorrow. The track is good today at both Caulfield and Randwick and we have some interesting selection based on our Barrier plan. Caulfield Race 6 Sacred Falls, Caulfield Race 7 Arabian Gold and in Race 8 Traveston Girl.

Ill be in the air while these races ar taking place and I will be includingthem in my Quaddie. Today is the first Saturday of Daylight saving so the ratings are delayed while we ait for Queensland scratchingsand the 10.30 update for WA is now an 11.30 update. It'sa pain for the next six months. Good luck today.

Firday 10th September: This link should work. I had some trouble with YouTube yesterday but it's working now. I hope we win after all that effort.

Busy today with Seminar stuff and editing the new book. And yes, I know yeterday wasn't a great dividend but better than losing.

Thursday 9th October: Today is the last day for registering for the Brisbane Seminar. The Spring package preview has been uploaded.

Another busy day for me today as I finalise the new book ready for the printers.This new book is definitely a work book and so will be spiral bound so the pages sit flat for easy reference.

new video for Saturday

Wednesday 8th October: Well how do you think I would be after 2 hours in the dentist chair?? I have a bloody sore mouth , that is for sure. I also spent two hours from 1 a.m. entering data in the new book when I relaised I had picked up the wrong data. It took another two hours to fix it.

i have the race fields for Saturday and I wish I could say I'm excited but I have only spotted three good bets so far. Normally I would expect 6-7 each weekend but nothing is happening. I guess it will all come at once.

Tuesday 7th October: Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask "How Long has this been going on??" We always intended restricting ourselves to a maximum number of copies of WINNING IS EVERYTHING but with the new information in this book we will definitely have to.

Not only will we have to restrict this information but we may also have to impose a restriction on how many people can subscribe to the Winform Ratings.

You know we rate every single racehorse every single day and the big question has always been "How do we sort out the best selections?" Is it by price? Is it by age of horse? Is it by Class?? Well in the new book we belive we have enough answers to satisfy everyone.

It'sa funny thing. My rating process has been published as far back as 1988, so everyone since then has been able to see it and use it because once it is in the public domain, anyone can use it including oppostion form and ratings providers and I know that many do use them.

So my "secret" rating formula is out there. What isn't out there is my "secret" analysis and that is what is in this book.

Monday 6th October: How would you like a system that makes 8% profit and doesn't cost you a cent to find the selections? The average dividend is a healthy $5.20 over 8 years and it is included in the New Book WINNING IS EVERYTHING.

It is only one of a number of free systems, which combined could make plenty of money for hobby punters. The $295 cost of the New Book is a bargain.


Sunday 5th October: SERIOUSLY FOLKS, IT'S ONLY A WEEK UNTIL THE BRISBANE SEMINAR and two weeks to Sydney. It's likely your last chance to see this NEW material although, depending on interest we may have a three day Seminar at Raffertys next year,

In my NEW book WINNING IS EVERYTHING I have come across some amazing stats. Things like certain barriers which always win on level stakes. And if you saw one barrier in particular which loses on average 68%+ you may well have found the ideal way to save money.

The new book is on sale now at the online store for delivery later this month.

Our top rated horse in the Epsom was oh so close and I just wonder if Royal Descent is doomed to keep running second.



Saturday 4th October: Spring package is updated on the web 8.15 a.m.

Friday 3rd October: Mr X came up with another big one yesterday. Quinella $43, Trifecta $465 and First 4 $3678. The top rated horse failed but still finihsed in the First 4. My preference is the box 5 Quinella as it is cheap ($10 for a one dollar unit) and comes up 40% of the time.

Tomorrow is our first really big day of the Spring with numerous Group Races BUT I am disappointed to find that my selections for the most part have already been anticipated by the market. It means that if I get the expected number of winners, it wont be as big a payout as I would have liked.


Thursday 2nd October: Spent most of yesterday travelling home. Taxi at 9, Plane at 11, Train at 1.45, home at 5 then dinner and flake. Up this morning at 2 a.m. to try and catch up and tthen form analysis for Saturdays big meetings. It's now 9 and the Spring package is now online.

Wednesday 1st October: Another month and a big one for Racing with Group Races lining up one after the other: Yesterday I found an opportunity for Members who want a better deal than Betfair. You couldbe betting or laying with a 1% commission. Nothing else, that's it. It is based on Tote prices BUT you getb generous rebates of up to 24% and that's regardless of whether it is a win bet or a losing bet. It's a little complicated at first but it took a while to get used to Betfair didn't it?

Interested?? Email direct@hunterlink.net.au with your best contact number and well get back to you.

Tuesday 30th September: We had a ood group of Members for our Melbourne Seminar last night. good to see many of our Members again and some new faces.

We covered as much ground as we could in the allotted time and focused on simply making a profit. We introduced a few people to the new Mark Read broking product where there is no danger of being banned and also the Hong Kong syndicate which is being run from next week.

A few of us stayed behind for nibbles and drinks afterwards, wihtout ocerdoing it of course,"where's my aspirin?"" Anyhow, met up this morning with Betesy who provided us with a $200 door prize which was won by Ros Wood, a disappointed Geelong fan but then there are a lot of diappointed fans of very team except the Hawks. We also discussed the possibility of a Seminar next year at Raffertys which combines the right atmosphere for stress free couple of days AND learning to make money.

Anyhow, on to Brisbane in two weeks time. Theere was a lot of interest in the new features in the GTX program and everyone was kken to get a llok at the new version of Money Factory.

The fact that you can use it on any device that can access the interenet, even your internet enabled TV, was appealing to quite a few. Alrogether an interesting night.

Oddest thing? I felt a little uncomfortabel standing out the front and my shoes felt unbalanced. So I was sitting ona bar stool later on when I felt some thing give. The soles of my shoes actually fell off onto the floor. Won't be buying that brand again!





Monday 29th September: Off to Melbourne this morning. We had a very good winner in Trust In A Gust yesterday. We managed to pick him up at $8.50. It was a photo then a protest but I had bet with a bookmaker which had a protest payotu so would have got paid anyway.

We had one Gold Club winner but the Spring package and Daily Mail subscribers got Trust In A gust anyway.

Looking forward to renewing acquaintance with many Members tonight. For those in the Lay Bank. Good News. The Bank has just reached $8k. It is along way back from the 3k of a couple of months ago.


Sunday 28th September: Whoops. Missed my entry for yesterday. Had a winning day though. We told our Spring package clients Rock Sturdy would be on eof our major investments and it did not let us down. We also told them to be wary of Catkins and our second rated horse knocked her over.

Only a few meetings today but of course Caulfield is on and that will give us a lift I think. There should be four or five good bets today I think.

I had a new one yesterday. Danny called and wanted to get selecions but he has no computer and no mobilephone. I said"well how will you get the bets if you subscribe?" He said "well you can phone me!" At the end of the day, no one could ever have that time commitment, plus he didn't want any losing runs. Neither do I?

A day of finalising arrangements for tomorrow nights Seminar in Melbourne. Hope we don't have any terrorist delays tomorrow.

Friday 26th September: There'll be nothing wrong with the Moonee Valley track for tonights meeting and Rosehill, surprisingly, is still a Good track for tomorrow. Caulfield will be okay fro Sunday. We've loaded up the Spring Package previes for the next three days.

Note that Zebulon is running tonight, not Sunday but still meets stiff opposition.

Thursday 25th September: Rain in Sydney and Melbourne won't help us much for the weekend. Today though, plenty of action with Symour Heavy but other tracks okay for now. Moonee Valley will probably be okay tomorrow night and then we can just hope for fair surface for Sydney saturday if the weather improves. Melbourne will have an extra day to dry uo as the Group races arent on until Sunday.

Today is the last day we can take bookings for the Melbourne Seminar. We only have 2 or 3 seats left. Plenty in Brisbane on the 12th and a dozen or so for Sydney on the 19th.

We'llpost the Spring package as we get the fields and the weather is clearer, so tomorrow a.m. instead of tonight.

Wednesday 24th September: Be aware that this weekend we have Group Racing Friday night at Moonee Valley, Saturday at Rosehill and Sunday at Caulfield. So the Spring package will be updated each of the three days.

Tuesday 23rd September: Three meetings today and no badly rain affected tracks. The weather gurus are now telling us we are heading for a dry period. Who knows?? With this timeof the year being a period when each horse is in a new age bracket we will see lots of different form. We also see with the older horses, 4 and up, that their preparations are geared for firmer tracks. The horses that were running in winter in expectations of getting tracks with give will be finishing their prepartions now. It is a changing of the guard.

Our clients well know this and simply continue to follow the ratings and compare with the market looking for an edge. Our edge is that we listen to nothing and follow the form.

Monday 22nd September: Some very different form on Saturday and a tough day. Yesterday was much better. I did have aproblem though. In spite of not having had much luck with multiples lately, Luxbet seems to have restricted me on these. I took my multi with Bet365, only to have my special run 2nd in a 5 horse race but I did collect a double with the tother two, one of which was a B4 @ $5.50.

: Sunday 21st September: Winston Doyle found an article we wrote back in 1999. Does nothing disappera from the web?? Apparently it cintains some wrong info and so we have agreed to correct it. Here is his own summary.

My attention has been drawn to an article headed "Punter wins at court" which contains a number of inaccurate statements and important omissions.
The article is therefore misleading and I would be pleased if you would agree to rewrite the piece after I return home on October 12, review my files and can confirm the following.

The bet was placed on Tiger's Image
$8,000 at 11/2

There were two entries in Holloway's ledger under my name.
One was $8000 on Tigers Image .
There was another entry of $8000 on Tiny's Finito.
The entry on Tigers Image has a line drawn through it.

After 10 years the matter was heard before a judge at Southport District Court.
I was awarded $54,000 plus interest at 10% p.a.
The judgement was for $108,000.
I was also awarded costs.
Holloway appealed and three judges sitting on the Queensland Supreme Court unanimously upheld the original decision.

Holloway has not paid me.

Winston Doyle
71 Hilly St
Sydney 2137

Here's a link to the original article


Sunday 21st September: Kalgoorlie Cup yesterday we land the First Four in order $4k approx . It's the best thing that happened in a very long day where pretty much nothing worked. Eight races on our Spring Package and the winner top 5 in 6 of them, and six Quinellas, and four trifectas but I didnt recommend all of those. The Weekend Feature was abust but the Daily Feature had a standout which won.

The Winform Best bets had two recommendations for one winner. We had a few small compeltions for Powerplay before dropping a series.

Plenty for me to do today. We also had a major glitch with Topbetta. They were refunding any of our clienst who lost money on the day but instead it looks like those who took up then challenge mostly won. Overall that group of punters gave them a hiding.

Saturday 20th September: A nice comfortabel group of punters will be at the Melbourne Seminar but about 10 seats left. I've posted the Spring selections at 8.20 a.m.

Friday 19th September: Time marches on. Here's something worth reading. It relates to Trevor Johns book released last year.

Hi Garry,

A recent email from you contained this gem and I felt compelled to reply that it is the single most relevant piece of horse-racing advice I know of:

**   If you read the middle paragraph on P76 you will realize why each horse must be looked at in detail and decisions made.  Hopefully, you will then understand why in chapters five and six, I set out GUIDELINES for selectingthese horses.  NOT rules.  These two chapters are not systems and cannot be run as such.  Having said that, i would hope that you also realize that rigidity in thinking is death in punting.  You hear this rigid thinking all the time, like "i never back 2nd up horses or whatever." I can guarantee none of these people are successful.  Every race is a different set of circumstances.


The weather has been cold and overcast in Melbourne, fine and clear in Sydney. In our Spring Package I couldn't find anyhting which I believed was outstanding for the weekend but there were one or two races which offered goo exotic value.



Thursday 18th September: We couldn't have backed Hooked yesterday with bad money. 2 wins from 17 starts is not the usual profile of a Group 3 winner. Today the Newcastle Cup is very competitive. Kris Lees has Slivovitz and Ay No Digas but was very non committal in his response to their chances and has stuck to Slivovitz. A win would surprise.

Wednesday 17th September: A dry day so far here in the Hunter so a good day ahead for the Cameron Handicap and Spring Stakes at Broadmeadow.

As a from analyst I dont take any notice of what you read in the papers otherwise I'd be backing McEvoys horse Mr Chard or the Cummings horse or one of Chris Wallers 3 runners. I check the form as it is the only true guide. It is a list of each horses capabilities, and that is what is important.

If you add in the commenst of the media, comments by trainers, trackmen and jockeys you coul easily end up backing the entire field.

Paul Messara pointed out in an inteview on Sunday morning that Scissor Kick was one of those horses you could wait a lifetime for and how it was so bad luck that the barier beat him on Saturday after three successive wins.He is being taken forward to the Guineas yet to me I would have thought he might have done enough now after some very tough runs. In the end, though, we just have to assess his form in relation to the other entries in the Guineas and what will be will be.

Today I am organising to helpMat into his new house,just another diversion from my daily punting life. I do have a very good bet for the Winform Gold Club today so will place that bet before I leave.


Tuesday 16th September: An easy day today with just two meetings at Benalla and Tamworth and both no Good Tracks. Alan made money yesterday with wins in two of the first three races and there is no problem with taking your profits and waiting till tomorrow if that's what suits you.

Monday 15th September: It seemed like profits were fairly easy to get early yesterday but no longshots. It's a good case for taking profits and getting out while you are ahead. Today we have Nowra which is Heavy and its hard enough at Nowra when the going is alright. Taree and FDonald are both just Dead4 which should upgrade wirth fine weather prevailing.

The Melbourne Seminar is just two weeks away.

Sunday 14th September: A case of seconds yesterday. It seems to happen so often. Scissor Kick at $14 is just one example. Fawkner, another. Two winners for me yesterday $3.30 and $1.60. Nothing to write home about but we did find our usual 40% Quinellas on the Winform Daily Mail , one at $36 and another at $44 but my First Four attempt landed 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th.

Plenty of action today and mostly on good tracks. It's a pleasant day outside but I am inside working on the presentations for the upcoming Seminars, and our Queenslanders are still late prdering seats.

Rosehill Race 1 Quinella $39 Trifecta $344 Flemington Race 2 Winner 2nd ranked HR2D Winform Quinela $57

Saturday 13th September: Here's the video link for today. It's 5 a.m. so no scratchings yet but they say we could have a Dead track by this afternoon. Here's hoping.

We are aware of a new Hong Kong Syndicate operated by some highly respected people. They will be managing a pool of near one million with the minimum buy in of $50,000. We;ve jumped in. That's how much we respect their ability. Enquiries to direct@hunterlink.net.au. There are only five shares left. And yes I don't expect a flood of enquiries at that level.

We also now have access to a broker who will be able to get almost unlimited bets on for a low turnover based fee. This will help those punters who have been banned. Many of these are current Winform Members.

Friday 12th September: In todays Sydney Morniing Herald there is an article about Betjack and their tardiness in paying punters, particularly winning ones. If you are a loser don't be concerned, you were never going to get your money back anyway, so just enjoy the journey. We have been running alertsabout Betjack since January last year, just be aware that they have recruited many new agents offering amazing deals e.g. deposit $5,000 and get an extra $5,000 in your account. Easily done when you probably won't get paid according to the Herald.

Terry, won a bit of money there and persisted for months to withdraw his money as he was going for an expensive back operation. He finally got his initial deposit back but he had already come back home from hospital by the time he scored his cash. Forget about his winnings.

In the meantime, that pesky rain is still coming down in Sydney making Better Land a fair dinkum prospect in the Rose. Luxbet offfers a 10% better price than best tote or SP on this race up to $250. Better Lansd is by noted wet track sire Sharmadal.

Thursday 11th September: I noticed a 7yo started favourite as a first starter at Hawkesbury today. Must have been a crook bunch! At least the weather is improving and we migh get a reasonable surface at Rosehll on Saturday.I noticed that Sportsbet is paying upto 4th Place on the Golden Rose. An each way on Scissor Kick is probabably a good option. Nothing wrong with thee wins in a row and probably suited on top of the ground.

I noticed a good C Plan result in Nortjam Race 2 today but so far have had no time to do anyhting but work.

Wednesday September 10th: My good mate Charlie, long gone now sadly, always said that Wednesdyas were the hardest days to punt. That was because of the mix of horses that ran in the mid week Metro meetings. Whereas your Country and Provicnial meetings mainly featured horses that regularly raced in that area, the mid week meetings featured many horses from all over the place and it was hard to get a line on them.

Of course these days, the Benchmark Handicaps should have gone some way to alleviating this and our figures show it to be the case,although favourites have a lesser strike rate in them, probabaly because the betting public still don't understand them. Take care today as wet weather will affect things as well.

We've had a very good responseto our GTX packages. Click the online store button on the left and then software to view the offer.

Tuesday 9th September: An ordinary day yesterday but didn't go too bad. Today all tracks ar rain affected with Tatura on the edge of a persistent rain event. Dead for now but liely to get dwngrades as more rain falls. The other two venues are Heavy so nothing on for me, not that I;m not busy, I am but the punt will wait until tomorrow.

Members houlr read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday re Willaim Hill companies Sportingbet, Centrebet and Tom Waterhouse. I have exerienced the phenomenom myself. The roice on offer if you are a good Punter declines when you try to place your bet. So $4.00 may become $3.80 for you. So you aren't banned, you are merely "managed".

Sunday 7th September: Yes, no posting until after dinner today. BUT, the new powerbet 2014 strategy worked a treat for those who might have had a go. Only a few Members are trialling it but no bad losing days reported so far.

See below for how I went in realtime with it on Saturday.

1.35 and Powerbet top three basebet $25 $208 in front. 3.18 $597.40 in front and that will do. Over 2 and a hlaf hours, that's only $238 an hour.Who'd work for that???

Final stats 41 bets and 9 winners which is 21% @ $5.27 av. that's $12.9 % level stakes or 25% in Powerbet.


Winx $6.50. On a sow track we would have been on it. But we advised no bet at Randwick, still a good plan on a heavy 9.


*** WYONG CUP TRIFECTA $500+** daily feature race Winnerr at $8.40

Friday 5th September: Only 6 winners from 33 selections for the New Powerbet Mobileprogram yesterday and four units of profit. It was a tough slog and there were long gaps between suitable races before we sailed home with winners in the last two races at Pinjarra.

I quit after Race 7 as I had taken a running double with the two eligible runners in the last. This was successful at $36+ , a win of over $600 for me. Witht the Balaklava Cup winner and a couple of other bets during the week I am well over $2500 up for the week and I have been very very busy,

Mat found a brand new house in a new area at a very reasonable price plus an introduction to a firm which may provide him with up to date training and a new job. His old house has risen in price and will more than cover the move.

Natalie is back working and she and her husband are both doing flexitime doing four days a week. This cuts down the need for day care, allows Ros and I more free time (free to work in my case) and with the extra income may one day finally pay off their hex fees!

Last nights rain in Sydney, probably spoiled the prospects of a Dead track for tomorrow, that will upset the chances of a horse our Spring Package Members backed from $51 into $31 yesterday. His sire does not appear on the wet track sires list. LUckily we also took the $11 fixed place price at Sportsbet. This is probabaly the place where you get the best early fixed odds, usually wednesday night for Saturdays races.


Thursday 4th September: The Sring package selections are posted now. These will be updated on Saturday a.m. One of ur single selections has blown from $21 to $51 and so I wonder if it broke its leg in trackwork this morning??

Anyhow, I tried to get on with Sportsbetand they cut my bet back. As I also had an Iasbet account I tried using that one and guess what. I was let on for a second go at the same amount so apparently if you have both the limits are applied to each account separately. For now of course.

If you read yesterdays diary you will have a healthy bank balance after Longshoreman won at $8 in yesterdays Balaklava Cup. I know I have .

I also noticed that Sportingbet which made such a big song and dance about top tote plus 5% on all Australian gallops races, has now cut that back to Metro only. No announcemnets about that I noticed.




Wednesday 3rd September: Sorry for the delay but I was making a video showing this weekends Spring Races and also the new features in the GTX program.

Today is Balakalava Cup Day and I remeber I tipped you onto the winner last year so I might as well try again.

The 8, 10and 12 seem the best and I worry about the 8 Gambking Guru which is secnd up in a very gruelling mile. Longshoreman and Boristar are both fit and in form. Streets Away and Outlandish Lad originally sit on top but as 8yo and 9yo I simply can't bring myself to backt hem.

Tuesday 2nd September: Well back to winter today. Wet and windy here. The meetings today look okay thoguh with the worst a Dead5 which could upgrade.

Well I was right yesterday, that horse now has 23 runs and 13 places, often favourite or second favourite and still can't win a maiden. Goes to show. The horses that do well usually win their maiden in the first few starts.

Got this from Graham "

Dear Garry, I am having trouble finding the right approach for my betting. I am 66 with a lifetime of bad betting habits which I am slowly overcoming. I have found Money Factory a great tool as it helps me focus my attention on the nitty gritty of actually making a profit. "

There was a lot more but I was able to answer a few of his queries and so he will probably upgrade to Winform Gold Club. Ironically, the book that answered most of his questions was Winnign Your ONly Option, which I think is one of the few books he doesn't have.



Monday 1st September: Yes it is Spring and we start off with just two meetings at Grafton and Wodonga. Both go alright with Winform. In Race 3 at Grafton our top rated hprse is True To Form, ten runs in from a spell and 22 starts for 12 places but has not yet won. Very few miadens go on to win if they havent broken thei duck by now but just typing this probably gives her a chance in what is a very ordinary field. She'll probably be near to favourite.

Winform Members wagered ove hal a million dollars with Betesy last month with the majority of members winning. The past theee months since Betesy swapped to best tote or SP, they havn't made a profit from our Members, most of whom are also winfom ratings subscribers. The average bet was $35, whereas our Members using Iasbet (now Sportsbet) wagered a similar amount but the average bet size was around $50.

Don't worry,we dont have access to individual accounts, but we do know that Winform Members either win or lose less than the public at large, regarless of whether they are current subscribers. This is proabaly because over the years they are better educated due to the large number of punting books, software staking programs and magazines purchased and read. Also, on average, Winform Racing Club members are older and more patient than the younger brigrade.


Sunday 31st August: Winform Daily Mail yesterday had 6 races for three Quinellasand two Trifectas. Best Quinella was $48 in the Weekend Feature Race. The $412 Trifecta came in the last at Morphettville.

The Spring Package covered five races and our update was important as the winner Chivalry was added after Nostradamus scratched. It wasa very open race. Gregers killed the value in the 7th at Caulfield and Dissident spoiled the party, beating our top hope Sweet Idea. How good was she? Headed a long way out she had the rest of the classfield well beaten.

Mat finally gets a bed at hospital tomorrow to sort his medication out. He is on his second lot of antibiotics but while gall stones has been ruled out there is still no explanation for the massive infection of just over a week ago. His absence will allow meto focus on the new book which is only about 20% complete.Normally I would be over 50% by now.It will produce many surprises for readers.

Racing is constantly changing.


SATURDAY 30TH AUGUST; All files have been updated. My download speed is back up to 10,000kbps thnkgoodness, it dropped to 2300 but apparently my modem was faulty. It's worth the $240 to get it all going again.I have been complaining since February, so finally after three service calls.

Friday 29th August: Since Betesy started paying better dividends, our Members have been giving them a hiding. Our new strategy was unworkable today. It includes no slwo or heavy tracks and no fields less than 8. A very slow day with only about 5 or 6 races eligible.

Don't forget, the Spring Package starts tomorrow. Vost is $295 until November 1oth, that covers all the main meetings. Order at the online store.

Thursday 28th August: Already Grafton and Gosford have been abandoned so now we are left with Mackay and Cranbourne and for us in the Eastern states a twilight at Pinjarra which ends at 7.10 eastern. Better than nothing I guess. It will give me more time to assess the Spring races, although I will leave Sydney alone.

I'm quite excited about the changes we have made to the Powerbet TopThree program. The markets have changed since we first out this out several years ago. With our latest research, to be revealed at the Seminar, we can even see level stakes profits occuring.

It is intersting how th different approaches are ore suitbake to either Powerbet or Money Factory but can't see it working with both.

Wednesday 27th August: Our Win Bank has had a very hard run, not helped by Centrebet dropping out , not helped by the run of wet tracks either. The balance of the funds may recover the lot and move forward and we will be switching to a more reliable site using best tote or SP. The Lay Bank continuees o pick up ground after looking somewhat hopeless just a few weeks ago.

Warwick Farm is as heavy as it gets but not too bad at the other venues today. For some reason , Wednesdays can be the hardest day with a mix of provincial and metro tracks.

Tuesday 26th August: Vinery Stud has released a video of their stallion parade from the weekend. It features these well known stallions


Only two meetings scheduled for today at Dubbo and Geelong and we normally do quite well there. I also found a new system which makes around 15% profit on turnover since January 1st 2008.I'll be releasing that plan free to attendees of the upcoming Racing Seminars. If released to the public we expect that $295 would be a fair selling price for the system.

Monday 25th August: The month rolls on. The Lay Bank has had a good resurgance, lifting from a bottom of -70% to a more workable 49%. Personally, I did the impossible yesterday having one lay bet in a field of 16 and laying the winner,which was as close to bottom rated as you can get. Qutie frankly I find it easier to find winners.

My only commitment today is to pick up Isla from preschool. While that is mid afternoon, it's not a busy day punting today with the only meeitng standing is Warnambool, and that is a heavy 10 anyway.

Sunday 24th August: We're only a week away from Spring, the season,but Spring the Racing season is already under way. Surprises galore at Moonee Valley yesterday in spite of the Good track. The Randwick form can't be trusted, it was very very heavy.

We stll need some beta testers for our new software. If interested email direct@hunterlink with details of what betting accounts you have.

We have now tested Ipad , PC Laptop and Mac and all work. Yesterday I tested a Samsung tablet and it worked fine as well. We move into a new phase this week and will have a productto present at the Seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney on Sept 29th, Oct 12th and 19th.

MOONEE VALLEY RACE 1 QUINELLA $24.50 TRIFECTA $287 FIRST FOUR $907 a very good start!

Saturday 23rd August: A lot of material went in the new book last night. I feel I am making progress. Kembla and Gold Coast join the list of abandoned meetings this week.Doomben and Randwick are heavy.

Scratchings seem to be taking longer to appear for some weird reason. I've had to enter a lot manually lately. I actually scrathced the wrong horse a couple of weeks ago. Wish I hadnt added it back in, it ran like it was scratched!

Ratings should be posted by 9, the Winform Daily Mail will be brief today as we dont bet heavy tracks.

Friday 22nd August: A few good meetings today and tomorrow looks alright and even Randwick has a rough hope of getting into the slow range although rain is expected late tomorrow. In my new book I noted how the average trifecta dividend dropped by 25% the year after they introduced flexibetting. That was the year we stopped betting Trifectas except when there were very big pools in major races.

It does lool like Mr X has found the winner of our Weekend Feature race tomorrow. I'll look forward to that.

Thursday 21st August: Our new everyday plan had winner after winner yesterday. Can't complain except that I didn't get on. Had to take Ros to the dentist and that just riped my day to shreds. But, family comes first.

Bet365 were kind to me after I took a hammering early this week and sent me a free account top up of $40. I took it. All I need now is to have just one successful all up on four ten to 1 shots to get square??? Maybe Ill just have to win Powerball tonight instead. I simply take a syndicate with system 10 or and 11 and I rarely missa payout. You cna get into syndicates here.

My latest video is online now for this weekend.

Wednesday 20th August: With only two race meetings and one on Monday it is a hard task to sit and watch for investment opportunities. I eventually found just four races and only won one of those although the Powerbet Top Three strategy may have done better. Who knows how many race meetings will be on today? It won't wprry me, Ros had a painful tooth removed last Week and it has become infected, so off to thedentists again today. Mat needs medication isues resolved and with Natalie nack at work this week, we are both more involved with the twins.

In the meantime, I was able to finally spend most of yesterday on the new book . I dragged myself off to an early bedtime after starting at 3 a.m.

Do you know anyone who would like to make a couple of hundred dollars by simply placing a few bets?? If interested , simply email wrc@hunterlink.net.au.

Tuesday 19th August: Wet and Windy in Newcastele today and the races are off. In a discussion yesterday it was said that todays punters hve no idea about ratings so I thought I would summarise how mine came about.

Winform Ratings are the brainchild of Garry Robinson who realised a long time ago that speed matters. He also realised that many of Racing “truisms” were absolutely false, and so he created a set of Ratings that find many longshot winners instead of the regular run of short priced winners that many other ratings find.
While strike rates are lower than “traditional” rating methods, the average dividend of Winform s Top Two rated runners averages between $5 and $6 across every race every day, Country, Provincial and Metro.
Many Professionals use Winform Ratings as a sounding board for their own selections and frequently that added in Winform top rater is the key to that Quaddie, or Quinella or other exotic type.
In addition, when Winform Ratings confirm the chances of the favourite, it wins 20% more often than the average favourite.


Monday 18th August:Only the one race meeting at Echucha and the very first eligible C Plan race is a winner! It's pouring rain here and I have to take off to pick Isla (my grandaughter from her first day of preschool).

You'll see a banner on our home page which has details about the Seminars when you click through.

There's a B4 in Echucha Race 5 and it should win.

Sunday 17th August: Not my best day even though the Daily Mail founr Top Tone $% top rated, Sensualism $9 top rated, and the Quinela Territory 3rd rated and the Quinella, Nostradamus 3rd rated, and Star Rolling 2nd rated $11, Thateldo was 4th rated and so from the 8 races only two failed to find the winner. None of our Featured horses won though, which means that I gave up half of what I won last Saturday.

Belle had aweek off to celebrate a promotion for her husband Troy. They went to the Sunshine Coast where it has rained every day. When she gets bakc tomorrow, it willbe to rain here for the week, they say.


Saturday 16th August: It's a problem making predictions. Yesterday didn't go as right as planeed although we did get a top two horse into 2nd place at Tamworth with a fixed place price of $21.

Rosehill was expecting rain today but may have missed it. More later? Watch for it. A lot of resuming horses today.

Friday 15th August: Three of todays meetings go alright for Winform Ratings. We get 36% top two winners at Canberra, only 29% at Mornignton AND NOT GREAT DIVIDENDS, Ipswich 34% and Tamworth 38% but lesser dividends.

We can confirm that our Seminars are in Melbourne Sep 29 th at 6p.m., Brisbane Sunday October 12th at 2p.m. and Sydney Oct 19th at 2.p.m. SEats are limited so book as soon as you can.

Rosehill Race 6 Saturday video preview Dont' forget, you can subscribe to our video channel for free.

James Packers Crown Resorts has bought out the Australian operation of Betfair . It is now 100% in Australian hands.

Wednesday 13th August: Our win bank is collecting well now and moving forward. We are keeping it going a few weeks longer than planned to take advantage of the improving weather, although today we have three rain affected tracks at Bendigo , Randwick and Strathalbyn.

The Lay bank picked up $1,000 in recent days to lift us after it was decided to continue on rather than fold it at the end of this month. It was and is an experiment after all.

Don't forget, we are taking bookings for the Melburne Racing Seminar on September 29th now at the online store.

Mat continues to lay low with little improvement. Back to the docs for more tests tomorrow.

Tuesday 12th August: For punters who don't want to be banned and get good bonuses and a rebate regardless of whether winning or losing try this link.

It looked like a good day early before I had to leave for my meeting with the software developers. Using Ipad and Smart phones is difficult. You need to stop what are supposed to be "helpful" things like "autofill" and so on. We've also had to try to make our characters black and bold, hard to do on these devices.

PC or laptop is still the best option but when you are out, the smart phone or tablet option will still work.

With the dutchbet section on Money Factory we have removed the "save" function as it is useless in this context.

Eagle Farm farewells 149 year old track
There have been countless highlights in a century and a half of racing at Eagle Farm but August 16, 2014, marks an important milestone in the history of this famous course.
On this date the final Saturday metropolitan race meeting will be conducted at Eagle Farm Racecourse before the track closes for a total reconstruction.
The works which allow for subtle improvements to the course proper layout will include major flood mitigation work infield to facilitate the building of 400 plus stables. The plans for the $22 million overhaul also include the inclusion of tunnels for the movement of horse floats and work trucks plus cars for infield parking and racegoers passage to the grandstands.
To celebrate this landmark day for racing at Eagle Farm, the Brisbane Racing Club will host a range of activities for all ages to showcase the rich history of the course.
Family friendly activities including a free jumping castle, face painting and live entertainment will take centre stage on the public lawn, while an open day will be held for the wonderful Racing Museum located on the upper floor of the old Tote building
The museum which is managed by the Queensland Thoroughbred Historical Association is regarded as the finest of its type in Australia.
The BRC will also be inviting all racegoers to take a nostalgic walk on the hallowed turf after the final race of the day. The first 250 racegoers on the track will receive a special memento of a small slice of the track.
When the reconstruction is completed around the middle of next year Eagle Farm will boast state-of-the-art racing and training facilities.
The course proper will be laid with a sand profile turf with an unparalleled drainage system which will direct water back into the infield dams.
Once the track and stables section of the BRC Master Plan has been completed the focus will then turn to the development of residential, commercial and retail operation within the non-racing precinct at Eagle Farm and Doomben.
It is noteworthy this track reconstruction will begin in August which is such an important month in Eagle Farm’s history.


Monday 11th August: It looked like a reasonable day yesterday, up to mid afternoon at least. After that I didn't have a chance to follow up. A busy day again today with tax work, taking Ros to a couple of specialist appointments, (I will be writing notes for the book form the waiting room) and organising Mat who is feeling much better although his white blood cell count is still near rock bottom.

Four meetngs listed for today. I dont have scratchings yet but Murwillimbuh Race 3 1 Mestalla looks the sort of horse that could follow up his maiden win with Class 1 win against an ordinary bunch. 2 Carry Me Gee Gee is the logical danger.

Sunday 10th August: A very good day yesterday. Some good winners and if only I had them all up.Nevertheless I made enough to pay for my holiday next year, now for the airfares, that's the big one. For once Id like to go business class.

No massive Quinellas or Trifectas to report but we had one Premium selection which was a good winner, one Winform Gold Club selection which broke a minor drought and with more quality races coming up we will get plenty more.

Gradually we are all getting our health back here, so its all good and Ill soon be back to getting that new book done.

In it, by the way, will be an improvement to the C Plan, called the Everday Plan, that allows us to bet on 40% of all races. It's not a huge profit maker but on a $20k Money Factory Bank made $14,000 between June 13th and July 15th,a period where the race strike rate fell to the mid 30's at one stage but ended up 48% as expected. Level stakes was only 1.8% but Money Factory turned that into 5.6% profit on turnover.

**Winform Gold Club Scissor Kick $8.10**

Saturday 9th August: I worked around things yesterday and Ros took Mat for more tests. Those results in by tonight. I did manage to get three bets on and all won! Two C Plan and one Premium in a race where a 9yo was nominally on top. I ignore these and so it was a sweet victory. I didn't have time to do them all up regretably.

Today all tracks except Morphettville are Good for us and ratings and Powerplay have been posted before 8 a.m.

Friday 8th August: Only four meetings today, just enough to manage easily and get a result. A quick search showsme that punters don't understand the Geelong synthetic track. Our Winform ratings seem to though as you could have backed every single horse in the Winform Top Two and made 5.5% profit on turnover. We don't get a greater percentage of winners than other tracks, in fcat it is less, but the dividends are greater at an average of $7+.

My day yesterday was horrendous.No betting and no inetraction with clients. My day totally taken up with family matters. Today should be better. I got out our E-News last night and that is a good thing. It's progress. With Spring coming up I am now hoping to have everything in place including the launch of the new Money Factory Edition for PC, tablet and laptop.


Wednesday 6th August: Ros had to go next door at midnight last night as the twins and Natalie were sick at the same time. It disrupts everything, howver I got Mat into a specialist tomorrow afternoon, still hasn't eaten since last friday.

Win Pool members. We are still plodding along , won $91 Monday lost $61 yesterday. Would have been more but the corporate we used was offline on and off. Members report that the transition from Iasbet to Sportsbet has been smooth. PLenty of action today and the first at Canterbury is interesting with boom colt Guiliani resuming and in the third we see Twirl,a long way down in class on the Autumn when she was going to be the next boom filly.

Tuesday 5th August: As we do most years we were successful with the Darwin Cup and the winner at $10.40. Mr X scored the winner if the Daily Feature Race at Forbes as well. It was $2.50 but Iwas able to get early dds of $2.80.

Today was my first presentation of the new Money Factory and it was amazing to see it in operation on my I Phone. It works best on Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, Firefox is probably best for PCs.

A few bugs in the program but so far so good and we will have a program on a virtually fault proof server that is monitored 24/7 so any problems will be fixed quickly.

We'll also be doing an updated version of Powerbet that will work exactly the same but will have the option of working on all your devices. Existing software owners will get a free trial of the new product.

Iasbet Members will find that they now log into Sportsbet where they will actually get better prices. It was always expected that the two businesses, which are both now owned by Paddy Power, would merge. Other than that nothing changes. We have over 1200 Members with Iasbet accounts.



Monday 4th August: Darwin Cup Day. Ballina is abandoned but Forbes,Mildura and Port Hedland are okay to back up Darwin where we usually do well on Cup Day. Mat's still crook so helping out there plus the twins need extra care today. A busy day but I will have some input with the neddis today.

Sunday 3rd August: We found the winners of both Feature Races yesterday on a featureless day. That was a good performance. Subscribers would also have liked the $71 winner in the top two at the Gold Coast.

Bu then disaster! My son Mat, yes he's an adult, lives alone and yesterday spent the whole day throwing up, scarring his throat and suffering paranoia and panic attacks to the point where he couldn't drive himself to hospital. So 9 o'clock last night Ros and I headed off and got him to emergency where Triage put him sraight through (waits can be up to several hours) to see if they could relive his breathing difficulties.

Once he had been stabilised, he couldnt hold any medication down, we were invited in mainly to keep watch to relieve staff to attend to other emergencies. Thus we found ourselves getting him back home early in the a.m. and getting to bed when most are getting out of bed.

A great start for Ros on her birthday. You know, we never end our commitment to our offspring do we? Needless to say our rhythms are out and we still need to follow up this afternoon so had I been intending to punt today, it's just not on. LIfe and its commitments are just part of the life of a professional punter just like in any occupation.

One consolation. While watching Mat alterntively throw up, including when he missed the cup and got the bed itself, and checking his breathing when he dropped off, I was able to write a page or two of the new book.

Hope your day went better than ours.


Saturday 2nd August: Who would back up on Lord Of The Sky today? Short odds and a risk. Not a great race anyway and it will probabaly go better than last time.

We have bugger all in our Winform Daily Mail as with horses birthday, a lot of horses in work are now out of our age range. Note the large number of 7yo and 8yo running around today. And just what is it with Sydney Racing?? Another day of small fields running around for big prizemoney.

I expect a result for our Premiums today. Moonee Valley is Slow but drains well so possible upgrade to Dead.

Friday 1st August:Those horses are a year older again today so watch out. Those runners you could have backed yesterday with your systems are , statistically, less likely to win today.

I'll be adding to this idea a little later today.

Thursday 31st July: Im on the road today. Back in the office tomorrow. So no E-News today but depending on the weekend races there may be anew video and probably a late E-News

Wednesday 30th July: Mr X sent me this.

Didn’t get the winner in the top 2 as I wanted


Tatts Bet tote

Quinella top 5                    $29.40

Trifecta top 5                     $218.70

First four top 5                  $934.40

What's he complaining about? Sounds like a good deal for the Members to me. quinella cost $10 +19.40, Trifecta $60 profit $158 and First Four cost $120 for profit $814. And that's just on Unitab.

I'll take more of that please.

Last Saturdays H.G. Bolton Sprint, a listed race , was lost when Belmont was abandoned but it is now on today. Eagle Farm adn Warwick Farm are going to be Good by the afternoon.


Tuesday 29th July: Hope a few of you followed Paul's lead.

"good call diggers daughter $4.40 the place welcome back from your  holidays paul of langwarrin "

Geelong Race 3 5 . Hows this for a record. 17 starts and 11 seconds,including three out of four this course and distance. I can't back it but it will go close again. It has been in the stewards report at each of its last five starts!!

For those in the Lay Bank. Apparently we laid a $12 and a $30 winner recently which just another dip in the road. Current bank is -20%. So it has been very up and down,just need a good bump up.

Monday 28th July: My body is still recovering from my vigorous exercise this morning. To be honest my body is shaking and my head hurts. When you get back into training aftre a break it often happens. You can push yourself too far so I'm hiding in my room until my physio appointment in an hour after considering Swan Hill Race 2 Diggers Daughter which might just show something today.

All three veues today are Dead 4 which as you know is the new Good 4 soon. Still, not too bad forthis tie of the year.

An interesting comment in the Sydney Mornign Herald today quoting that last weeks Dubbo meeting had bigger fields and the track was in much better con dition than Randwick Saturday. Says a lot about NSW Racing. BY the way, Dubbo does not have a $165million stand.

Sunday 27th July: I'm not excited about today, Qurindi is abandoned, Coffs Harbour and Sunshine Coast are good but Sandown is heavy and Wodonga Slow.Kalgoorlie may be okay later.

Yesterday our Weekend Feature Race found the Quinella/Exacta/Trifecta and First Four and the Daily Feature Race found the winner.

Our Caulfield video was for aGood track and as explained in the video neither Le Bonsiror Thumbtacks were at their best on rain affected tracks and after scratchings Lord Durante was our best rated runner with good (4 from 19) runs on wet tracks and duly won.

Four days to go at the Seminar I am attending with Ros but have still bee able to get all my work done in scheduled breaks. Only ordsres that have to be physically posted are late . Enjoy your day.

Saturday 26th July: A nice B 4 winner yesterday,there havent been a lot of selections but I am told two $20 winners in the past couple of months for the base plan.

Today I have used weather radar to assess the track conditions and I wont be far wrong if at all. Good luck.

The order of the Weekend Feature does not change regardless of the weather. Mr X got the Daily Feature race Quinella/Trifecta and First 4 yesterday, here's hoping I can do it today.

Friday 25th July: You meet some interesting people at Seminars and today I spent some time with Sue Williams, a successful author who recently wrote about Father Bob. It's a book I might get for myself. Anyhow Sue's most recent book is "Outback Heroines" currently on the Top 50 list but here's another quirk about Williams. If you search on YouTube you will see her in an outback boxing match.

Another person I met is related to the William Hill family, the original Willaim Hill of bookmkeing fame. Distant of course but it was interesting listening to her story. Very different today of course.Tony, in her shows, she's an old style comedienne, recites a gaellic dedictaion to "haggis" yes "haggis". Just the decription of itscontents is enough for me. Anyhow, Tony puts on a lot of shows for seniors these days at her Mollys Bake Shop business in Morrisset. She also regularly does shows on Cruises.

So much for my week so far.Not alot of success punting I guess but it's Saturday tomorrow. We have a Group 3 at Caulfield and a listed race at Belmont,nothing in Sydney of course! Seriously, how can they hope to be a leader in Australian Racing?





Thursday 24th July: Mr X was on the money again yesterday with the winner, Quinella and Trifecta. Okay $112 isnt big money but it keeps you going while you wait for days like last Sunday.

I see intodays paper more rugby league players have been banned for having a bet. Seriously?? ne player got banned for the year.I don't know what his "crime" was. It's certainly not criminal for everyone else to have a punt. Maybe he was betting on a game involving his own team, I don't know having been away a while but overall the authorities never seem to put the genuine "bad guys" away.

The only rain affected track today is at Bendigo where we don't have a great record anyway. It has soemthing to do with the track, can't actually bring it to mind right now but plent of action everywhere else today on good surfaces.

Wednesday 23rd July: I've just discovered another stumbling block to my punting career. Natalie goes back to work shortly and we will be looking after Isla and the twins two days a week. But Isla is going to preschool and I have to pick her up at 2.50 each day. I know what time the winners will arrive? I now understand what some of my clients mean when they miss a winner because they had to go out.

PLenty of action today. I've picked up a bit of a virus so not totally comfortabel but geting on with things.

Tuesday 22nd July: Scott asked whether place betting was profitable. Here's my reply


Place is unprofitable. It shgouldnt be but legislation allowing rounding down of dividends takes away as much as 5% extra.

On occasion though the corporates have stupid fixed prices for the place so taqke advantage of those. We once got $17 fixed about  a horse that started at $17 for the win. Learn to take vaue when you see it.


I know regulars know this so I have out it there for the new readers out there.

I noted a top rated $19 winner at Cessnock yesterday. Today we have Bathurst where we usually do well plus Ballina which is Slow and Warracnabeal which is Dead .


Monday 21st July: This from Mr X

I didn’t like many of the races today but chose this one for Winform Best Bet and Winform Daily Mail subscribers.

STAB prices

Top rated winner             $8.60
Quinella top 2                    $45
Trifecta top 5                      $478                      
First four top 5                  $3765

Hope a few of the Winform Best Bet subscribers got on. The Win pool made just under $300 yesterday so it is going okay.

Members requiring assistance can call as usual but leave a phone number and message and we will call back when available but on the same day during our breaks. We'll also respond to emails overnight at the worst.

Sunday 20th July: The Top two Winform rated horses had many successes, so a good day all round.

Our Best Bet ran 2nd, the Daily Feature Race was a second as was the Weekend Feature Race. I had three bets and all three just missed and then the closeness of races yesterday cost me a $5 winner, all my own fault though as still a bit jet lagged.

I've just finished staggering through several hundred email enquiries but hopefuly all those queries have been resolved.

This week I am off site again for about ten days working on the new book which is a bit different, while reinforcing successful strategies.

Today some heavy tracks down south but a few good ones up north. Personally, coming from 42 C in Madrid to 10C back home is a bit of a shock. I better get used to it.

Saturday 19th July: I'm baack!!! Some good tracks today for some regular Racing. HOPEFULLY WE WILL DO WELL. The ratings will be online by 8.35.


Thursday 17 July

The lay pool did well yesterday but it still has a way to go to get back into profit. One of the premium bets won well at a good price but I think the distance was too far for the other one.

Garry is back so dasvidaynya until next year!

Tuesday/Wednesday 16 July

Both premium bets on Tuesday won, and the Daily Feature Race had a win at just over $3. The next race was the 1200 m open handicap at Townsville so I backed the top 2 and got the winner at $14. It was a good price because it had such a bad barrier, but was down in prizemoney.

I have cashed out my profit on the Tour De France. I backed two cyclists and last night the odds on favourite crashed and abandoned the race. Because my bet on the other man was at $2.54 I now have a guaranteed profit and Betfair allows you to 'cash out' which means that you can use the profit elsewhere.

In the NRL I have Dutch bet Manly, Canterbury, Easts and Souths.

Monday 14 July

The Weekend Feature Race bombed out. I don't consider it a win when the second rated horse wins against an odds on top rated, except in the C Plan races of course. The Daily Feature Race found the winner on Saturday but we were nowhere close yesterday.

The lay pool is recovering from a $12 winner which went against us last Wednesday. We need to make up $1500 to be square.

I won the World Cup - I had it won days ago so I didn't really care who won. My Tour De France bets are looking stronger as one of the riders who I backed at $2.5 is now odds on because they are now getting into the big mountains and that is his strength.

I have Dutch bet the following teams to win their comps - Sydney Swans, Fremantle, Hawthorn and Geelong in the AFL and NSW Waratahs and Crusaders in the Super 15 Rugby Union. I will look at the NRL later.

Saturday 12 July

The Daily Feature Race found the winner at as much as $14 (top rated) and the quinella at $28.

Tomorrow's weekend feature race selection is going to be short but she is proven at the track and distance.

Thursday 10 July

The single Winform selection Big Money won the Ramornie yesterday. The Grafton Cup is today. About 10 years ago I won about $5000 by taking the Winform top 5 in boxed exotices in this race. There is no reason why it might not happen again today.

I have used some of my profit from the World Cup (I cannot lose having backed only Argentina and Germany 3 days ago) and put it on the top 2 favourites in the Tour De France. I am lucky because the odds on favourite crashed for the third time last night and is out of the race. The top two in the betting are around $2.48 and $2.68 so I have Dutch bet them. The next cyclists are $13 and $28 and then its write your own ticket.

Wednesday 9 July

I had a bit of fun yesterday. I got a phone call from one of those Indian call centres telling me that there was something wrong with my computer and that he was from Microsoft and that he would fix it because it had a virus. I kept asking him how did he know that my computer had a virus, he kept asking me if I was a computer technician and to please turn on my computer, so I kept asking him what was the problem, etc. After nearly 5 minutes HE said 'Stop wasting my time' and hung up!

The Grafton carnival started last Sunday and today is the Ramornie handicap.

I have put more money on Argentina and Germany. It is still possible to make 20% profit by backing those 2 only and leaving out Netherlands. If by some miracle Netherlands make the final I will only back them then because I know I must win because of the staking I have done.

Tuesday 8 July

The Daily Feature Race found the top rated winner at around $10 and the quinella at about $70.

The lay pool made a profit of $527 but today there are no qualifying bets which is very unusual.

Betfair terms and conditions say that bad luck if they have a disruption to their service but they asked me to do a survey which has a $1000 credit to my account for a 'lucky dip' random draw.

Now there are four teams left in the World Cup and by Dutch betting Argentina, Germany and Brazil (current market order) you can make 23% profit. My Dutch bet calculation says that to outlay $840.50 you can make $200 profit with those 3. I really don't think Netherlands can win so it seems reasonably safe.

Monday 7 July

So there are four teams left in the World Cup and I had bet before the first match. My bets were on Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France, who were the top four in the market. About two weeks ago I had a bet on Netherlands so that whichever of those five won I would make a profit. When the 'outsiders' started dropping out I had a few more dollars on the top 3. My best result would be Argentina to win but if any of the four win I make a profit. This is mainly to prove that with judicious Dutch betting a guaranteed profit can be made on the 'right' markets.

The lay pool had 1 bet for a win and then Betfair had a major outage which lasted for about 6 hours. I have asked them if they will recompense users for the lack of service.

Sunday 6 July

The Daily Feature Race found the winner, who was a course specialist at the 1400 m at Caulfield.

The lay pool lost $700 yesterday

The top rated horses had a field day yesterday and anyone using Money Factory with those or Power Play with the top 2 or 3 rated horses would have no problem making a good profit.

Saturday 5 July

Here is the opportunity to make 8% reasonably safely, only you won't get paid until 14 July. There are 6 countries remaining in the World Cup and at the prices I used in the Betfair market (there has been $55.3 million traded in the outright winner market alone) you can Dutch bet the top 4 in the betting. For example you can make $200 by spending $2458 safe in the knowledge that neither Belgium nor Costa Rica could win the World Cup and beat Brazil, Germany, Argentina or Netherlands in the last 10 days of the tournament.

Brazil are $3.45, Germany $3.60 Argentina $4.40 and Netherlands $6.00. Belgium is $14.50 and Costa Rica are $75.00

Friday 4 July

The lay pool won $284 yesterday but lost $135 today. For the first ime we had 2 winners go against in consecutive races, which is very rare but it has happened. The pool is $635 in profit.

Thursday 3 July

I think it is important to reproduce this article in its entirety to get a punter's view of what the authorities are doing

Reproduced with kind permission of Champion Picks

By Scott Woodward

So we have Racing NSW and the Australian Wagering Council swapping media releases in an endeavor to each maximize their booty from punters.

Both boards would not be in existence if not for punters but nobody has actually asked a punter what he thinks. It would be ideal if a punter like Ken Callander or Kingsley Bartholomew was invited to sit on these boards so there would be some objectivity and balance then perhaps a mutual agreement could be reached, even better, a bookie who fields at a race track and a non-professional punter.

RNSW are doing their best to kill off every bookie by taxing them on turnover so that they only have their beloved TAB, and the bookies are re-acting by limiting bets and sacking winning punters. The losers here are the punters, or the authorities the “Goose that lays the golden egg”.

You would think that the industry authority would encourage bookies to turnover more cash and grab their slice of the pie based on the profits, but the more any bookie grows their business the more they will be taxed. This is the brain child of RNSW, the same “brains” that have allowed the TAB to market their digital sports and racing product called TRACKSIDE and take market share off the industry.

That’s right folks,” Trackside is an animated racing product that combines thoroughbred and greyhound racing with fixed returns on Win, Place, Quinella, Trifecta and First 4 on make believe digital races.

There is only so many punting dollars available and “Trackside “is a direct competitor for it, but due to the incompetent negotiations between RNSW and the TAB, a zero product fee is paid, which means that no money comes back into the industry, in fact, it takes market share and RNSW will only allow the TAB to advertise on their tracks. Go figure the logic in that!

While RNSW have shown a total lack of vision when applying a product fee to bookies as well as giving the TAB a dream rails run with “Trackside”, which will strip hundreds of millions from the REAL industry, they have at least finally started to listen to the many complaints from punters and have put in place a policy that will force bookies to take a bet from any punter and bet to lose a set minimum amount.

The Australian Wagering Council or maybe I should call them the “Overseas Online Bookmakers Council” because they do not have any punters on their board with no affiliation to a bookie and the bookies represented are all from the United Kingdom.

I know most of the guys on the Board and would call some mates, but at the end of the day, they know where their bread is buttered and they feel they can discriminate who they do business with.

The dictatorship of RNSW has implemented an added tax that does not encourage growth, but at the same time they want to tell the bookies who to do business with.

The bookies are saying that this is Australia (even though they are owned overseas) and you cannot hold a gun at our heads.

“If there has been an increase in the practice of AWC members restricting bets, this has been necessary to maintain commercially viable operations since the fee levied by racing authorities on online wagering operators moved from a gross profit model to a turnover model”, according to Chris Downey, the CEO of the AWC.

The AWC are concerned that they will be forced to trade with clients “with whom they do not wish to trade”, or is simple terms “winners”.

Racing NSW, in typical arrogant fashion, clearly do not recognize the AWC and sent out the proposed change in a media release on Jun 12 without any consultation from the bookies.

Mr. Downey, a former Minister of Sport, rightly points out: “Any new policy affecting wagering must be developed in a way that properly assesses its impact on the long term viability of the racing industry; protects the integrity of racing and stems the leakage of customers to illegal and unregulated offshore providers.

The possible implementation of a minimum bet rule is better addressed as part of a broader discussion on nationally consistent regulation of the wagering market”

So we have a standoff.

RNSW want more turnover and they are forcing bookies to hold more bets so they can collect more tax and product fees, and the bookies are saying to the punters that we don’t want to bet you if you are a winner.

This is what I don’t get!

When I walk into a fruit shop and they have apples for $5 a bag, I assume that they wish to sell that product at that price. So if I go online and I see that my bookie is offering $1.90 for Hawthorn I also assume that they wish to make a sale at that price. The only problem is that if I am assessed as a “smarty” then I would have my bet reduced to only a couple of apples. If I am too smart then I would have already been sacked. They are happy to sell the apples to someone else but not me.

RNSW are saying that it does not matter if the punter is Zeljko Ranogajec every bookie must bet him at least “a couple of Apples”.

What RNSW and the bookies need to understand from us punters is that we don’t like being discriminated against and they are not the only game in town. It is not difficult to bet in other territories where they have huge limits. Take the World Cup for instance, in the Group stages of the WC overseas bookies will bet you an outcome to win $250,000 and in the Final being $1million. They don’t care who you are and you never get knocked back.

Isn’t that what bookmaking is?

Try doing that in Australia! RNSW need to be very conscious of how far they can push the envelope or that arrogant smug could turn to rotten apples and the bookies need to do what they are given a licence to do – be a bookie and make a book with all punters.

RNSW and indeed all authorities must provide an environment where our bookies are encouraged to grow and they can be competitive with fair and reasonable limits to all punters.

All the major bookies have invested heavily in risk management teams and have sophisticated tools, models and stats all available to them as well as odds comparison websites including betting exchanges so they can maintain competitive prices and importantly not make a mistake.

There is no reason why they would not want to accept any bets in this day and age. It is not like every race is a maiden at Gulgong with unraced runners, these are prices and lines that are very accurate and come with a nice fat margin to the vendor.

If you don’t want to lay something then shorten the odds, but if the price is up then it should be a fair go for the punters, regardless of colour or creed or their expertise.

How’s them apples?

Wednesday 2 July

The king of Cessnock reigns supreme. Yesterday Robert Thompson won his 10th Jungle Juice Cup aboard an 8 yo who has now won the race 3 times. It is truly legendary stuff.

Tuesday 1 July

The lay pool is now in profit after another winning day yesterday. We started betting on 4 June and at one point had lost just over $3000. In the time since that low point it has made just over $300 per day. The losing period coincided with a skew away from the 'standard' trend, which you must expect otherwise you are not dealing with real data. Otherwise not much else to report, except that it is too cold.

Monday 30 June

The lay pool is in the zone - it made around $750 on Saturday and Sunday. One of the races on Sunday had the lay selection at the bottom of the Winform ratings. It had never run over the staying distance, so I looked at the top rated horse which had won many times over the distance, so the $19 I got on Betfair was very juicy.

From the results I have observed it would appear that the win pool should be going well also.

The Daily Feature Races on both days completely missed, but hang in there because the results will come.

The Weekend Feature Race also missed although the winner was in the top 5 it was a lay for the lay pool, but we came back in the subsequent bets on the day.

Saturday 28 June

The Daily Feature Race missed the winner in the top 3 but got the trifecta and first four in the top 5 but they only paid tuppence halfpenny, so no joy there.

Today's Daily Feature Race and Weekend Feature Race are wide open, so they are definitely worth a go for the recommended win bets and exotics.

The lay pool made $110 yesterday despite a winner going against it. It uses a staking plan to safely recoup losses.

Friday 27 June

The Daily Feature Race got the winner at about $3.00

The lay pool started pretty ordinarily but in the last 6 days has had only one winner in 37 bets, so is now well within sight of the anticipated profit.

Thursday 26 June

The Daily Feature Race selection yesterday did not run to market expectations but the second rated horse won at $10.

I got a free bet recently from Luxbet to have any bet on the World Cup, so I went for England to beat Ivory Coast, which goes to prove that there is no such thing as a safe bet. England have been really woeful. If you thought that the Socceroos were thrashed by Spain then you were right because 'class', which we sometimes talk about in racing, was really the factor in that match.



Saturday 21st June: A good day yesterday for the Lay Bank and the Win bank. It was good to see. Today Ros has taken our grandaughter to see Disney ON Ice before we head off to Spain and Portugal tomorrow. So it's juts me in the office today with a mission to win big but at least I wont have anydistractions EXCEPT for the internet dropping out as it did a couple of times this week and costing me thousands in missed wins.

I have a monile dongle for emergencies but guess what? When the ADSL goes out so too does the wireless which leads me to believe the singnal for both wireless and the ADSL is coming fromthe one place.

Anyhow, some good racing today. Enjoy it. Mr X will update the diary with whats going on around Racing in the meantime.




Friday 20th June: Ros goes mad at me for calling peoepl idiots, well here's to Racing Victoria! The Idots now in charge have decided to adda 9th race to all Saturday Metropolitan meetings by adding a country standard race worth half the normal Metropolitan prizemoney.

Apart form the fact that it is for basically Class 3 or 4 horses, it means that all of those horses will have a Metropolitanb race as their last start in their form. This will throw out hundreds of "systems" as their will be one complte field of horses that will have the wrong classification on their formline.

The reason they are doing it is to get an increase in the turnover for the day and this will happen because most mug punters wouldnt know the difference. It will also provide bigger Quaddie pools with large fields trying to get a Metropolitan win on their stallion records.

Well, with stupid stuff like this about it's no wonder I need a holiday!!


Thursday19th June: The Daily Feature race was fine yesterday but the winner no big price. Overall a good winning day for the ratings. The lays copped a longer priced horse winning. Ironically, the winner was backed by our Win pool.

In my new book, I include stats on favourites and where they win most at. The 70,000+ survey shows some shock results, although I do restrict my findings to Favourites up ot $4. Over that price we are better laying them. At one trackk 67% of favourites won at 93% profit on turnover, at another 50% of faviurites won. The full analysis will be in my new book to be released in September.

Wednesday 18th June: As usual we found a good winner at Kembla esterday. It paid about $38 and until just before the start was $21 fixed,less at the TAB. Bookmakers generously offered $23 and more right at the jump. For our Win Bank it triggred a negative as our maximum price is $21, then we take best tote or SP. The bet wasnt placed and cost our win pool a mammoth winning result. That's called "luck". Ironically I am considering a new limit price of $11.

I wasnt doing the C plan yesterday but it looked to be a 2 from 5 result. For my new book I am continuing to look at new ways to make C Plan users more active and to get better winning prices. It's a tough ask. Statistically it's relatively easier. In real time it is a lot harder.

As I leave for overseas this weekend I placed a few investments for my Super Fund yesterday. True to a fault, each of them dropped a few cents, adding to the pain of brokerage fees. I took one stock o the advice of my broker, and afterwarsd, to my horror, I see that it is operating on a P/E of 37. Most of my stocks are on 13 to 18. It's a funny game. There are some good quality stocks out there trading at multiples of just 10. These bstocks are on the nose for no particular reason. Telstra used to be one of those. Their only problems was that investors had bought in at the wrong price.

Tuesday 17th June: I could have dine without Coffs Harbour yesterday on a heavy track. I am expecting some good results today from Geelong, Kemble, Townsville and Cessnock wher we always find a good winner or two.

The Lay Pool had a second good winning day, not in front yet but getting there. Now only 10% down.

The win pool is still in a current series.

Monday June 16th: What an awful day it was yesterday. Freezing cold here and not a welcoming day at the racetrack. The Laybank had just three winners hit us Staurday but because they were big prices it wasa losing day. Sunday was a god winning day but still behind although in the hunt.

The Win pool is using Money Factory so while profits are set aside, at any one time the Bank will be down whenever in the middle of a current series as is the case now after yesterdays start. We are still waiting for another few shares to be paid for but for some reason some banks can still not get money across to our bank in what is now 48 hours. They make excuses about security but rthere is no reason why we can't have instanteneous transfer. Anyhow, we have enough cash in for the current operating bank and that's the main thing.

Saturday June 14th: Ratings posted. We expect Dead to slow for Ipswich and Gold Coast after looking at the Radar. If anything our Ipswich Cup selection is even better off and double figure odds like last year.

Australia is doing better than expected against Chile. Half time 2-1 to Chile.

Not a lot of sngle selections today so a breif Daily Mail.

Lay Pool. The Pool made over $500 profit yesterday so on the way back. The Win Pool is almost filled and we will start punting Monday with any luck.

Friday 13th June: Spooky! I didn'trealise it was Friday the 13th today. What a great day for a punt. I'm going for an all up and parlay today, so here's hoping.

The Lay pool was another small loss yesterday but once again nothing dramatic. The Last long temr win only about 11-12% so the chances of say two in a row are 1 in a 100 but that happened in the past week. On the other hand the chances of two ina row losing is 75%+ and three in a row better than 2 in 3. Maybe we should go that way but who knows??

Four good meetings today and we usually do okay at all of them.

We have had requests to start up another Punters Club. Interested?? Shares are $500 each and are for betting to win only using professional staking. Email direct@hunterlink.net.au.




Thursday 12th June: The only chance of a good track today is at Northam with Slow at Seymour Heavy at Wyong and Dead 5 up north. The Lay Bank was only square yesterday, well $9 something down after Betfair commission. Treading water at the moment.

The C Plan started up with a very good win at Strathalbyn then another at Sandown.Nothing like two in a row. When we scored our next at Strathalbyn that was 3 out of 4.

Wednesday 11th June: One thing I've learnt about lays is that winners hurt you.7 lays yeserday and only one winner but thAT WAS ENOUGH TO LOSE $100+ on the day. The nromal win strike rate is 10% bu the last week it has been closer to 20%. Worse still ,because we don't lay anyhting under $4 quite a number of $2 and $3 chances were not laid and most of these lostwhch would have been good winning bets for us.

ONly 5 meetings today, rare for a Wednesday and while there is no rain forecast anywhere, the tracks are still quite wet in some venues. Sandown is slow Canterbury Heavy Stratalbyn slow but Doomben is Good. Belmont should be okay.

Ive noted that wwe may be able to increase the number of Gold Club selections to take us to $89,000 profit since 2008. I have some more checking to do yet but I am looking at seeing how the criteria we use might be effective fo other rating methods.

In the meantime, David Bendeich has checked the selections from his original set of "rules" form 2007 as revealed in his E-Book The Key To Winning Consistently whoch is now just $55. For year tpo date the profit is over 27 units or $275 on a $10 bet. It takes a little bit of work but Hey! Do nothing you get nothing.

Tuesday 10th June: Saturday and Sunday were bad days for oue new Lay Bank but we recovered somewhat yesterday with just one lay winning from 14. Bank stands at $8751.

Mr X missed the winner in the Daily Feature yesterday but found the Quinella at $21.10.

It's been "announced" today that the Newcastle Knights are to be taken over by the NRL with only one Newcastle director on the board of seven. The community won't be happy and one thing we will see is a massive increase in the ticket prices. The NRL needs a strong Newcastle Knights for the good of the national game.

Bathurst and Tamworth are both having fine weather and good racing surfaces today and Winform does well at both venues. Warnambool is Heavy, which is usual for this time of the year.

Monday 9th June: Nothing spectacular happening today with two heavy track meetings and a slow one. Plenty of action for those who want to play. Remember, the C Plan dodges the Heavy stuff.

I actually slept in this morning,just got up in time for scratchings. Taking Ros and my Dad out for lunch today, Ros had to get some serious pain relief from the Hospital last night with her back playing up again. Time to slow down now with holidays coming up in two weeks but she had to get out in the garden and just put too much in. She loves it, you see. Gardening is a passion which i s hard to give up, juts like punting but more physical than psychological.

Sunday 8th June: A disappointing day for the lay bank yesterday and we would have been far better backing them as an amazing 50% of the lays won. Our minimum lay price is $4 and most of these were laid at just a bit over that price and all ended up favourites or close enough too. The Bank stands just 10% down though and with a "normal"run can pick that up easily.

It was almost a record low for the Winform Daily Mail with just the Daily Feature, the Weekend Feature and one other race on what was a pretty blank sheet, not much action at all. That's winter I guess.

Saturday 7th June: Plenty of wet tracks to choose from and that makes our single selections cut right back but Eagle Farm has great fields and a genuine Good track. What's not to like??

Our Members doing the C Plan have been having a few good wins this week, even though the race strike rate is a bit down on average. I wasa bit concerned to learn that Queensland Rcaing is intending to increase their racefield fees to 3.5%. Just where will it end or will it end before punters stop punting? The first to go will be the professionals who live on margins of as little as 2% and even less. Lose this group and turnover will drop by 20% or more. Already we have seen turnover on the Racing product drop. It's still a very big pool but ask me again in ten years.

Ros has had a recurrence of acute back pain so I expect I wont be betting this afternoon,instead we'll be at the hospital for some relief. These things just happen unfortaunately. She'll be fine in a day or two I reckon.

Lay Pool Members. Dropped a few buskc yesterday after the last lay got the photo and the $5+ price we gave cost us but left us in front for the week sofar.

Friday 6th June: D Day again. Edge Of Tomorrow is another spin on the D-Day recreation. It happens over and over again but no one is learning as wars are still happening everywhere.

The lay PLan was having a great day and then one horse actually won. We still made a small, very small profit but we have hit the $200 mark So $10,200 less a few cents.

Where is this Eagle Fram wet track prediction coming from?? I've been watching the forecast and they are all cool but sunny. Let's hope it stays that way. Wet tracks everywhere except Rocky today.

Thursday 5th June: Our Lay plan started with a very small outlay yesterday, just 40% of our normal unti while we waited for the rest of the participants to come in. Profit was $194 but we're not getting excited yet. Plenty of winning and losing days ahead.

Four meetings today, enough for fun and profit especially with our premium today. Can't see how they can catch him in the short straight ...UNLESS he misses the jump.

I'm at the dentist today. I guess I'll survive....

Wednesday 4th June: The lay bank is well and truly full. It was more than double oversubscribed so we have allocated everyone 5% with a couple of standbys in case those who committed have any problems. It is pure specualtion, not that it will win, Monday and Tuesday 11 lays for one winner but a very nice profit, had we started then.

The trick is this. Will there be enough liquidity to place all our bets?? If there is no problem then the 90% + result we need is a given but if we can't get on a significant number of those then the actual "winners" will kill the Bank. Last week there were 70+ selections, about 4 could not be laid and two actually won at what were bad prices but the overall win of 57+ units was a great result.

There were some nice winners yesterday for our Winform approaches. And we noted that we have several new subscribers, some coming from other ratings providers. We hope you like our approach. Te thing that sets us apart is that our strike rates are less but our dividends are much hogher than everywhere else.

The other thing is that we have some winning staking approaches that are far superior to the "standard" approaches used by others.

Tuesday 3rd June: Did I mention Mr X got the winner ot the Toowoomba Cup at $6 on Sunday? It was another good Winform Daily Mail result. Four meetings today two wet two dry. As long as the Slow trcaks dont become Heavy the C Plan can be operated. Members using it report profits using the Money Factory but not much action Sunday or yesterday.

One of our Members has a new lay betting plan that is going very well with small money. He wishes to ramp up the action to a $5,000 Bank and is looking for ten Members altogether to join him in a punters Club in an earn or burn attack over the next three months. Anyone wanting to be in it at $500 each (it must be spare money) can email direct@hunterlink. We already have four people who have paid up.

Monday 2nd June: Every Winform Member who logs in to their Betezy account this week gets a free $50 bet on each of Australias matches in the first rounds of the World Cup. There are no ifs or buts, just log in. It is possible that SA residents can't have it thanks to Nick I guess.

Cessnock was Heavy today courtesy of a massive downpour overnight. Today Ros and I were out walking while waiting for a car service and fair dinkum, if we had gloves, scarves and bomber jaclkets we would have out them on. By lunchtime however when we picked up our cars it was 25 degrees and off came the jumoers.

We had a B4 winner today winning by 9 lengths and wouldnt you know it, I completley forgot abou it.


Sunday 1st June:. We did get the winner in the OAKS YESTERDAY and the Quinella and the winner of our Daily Feature was in the top five horses. Five of the 11 races on the Winform Daily Mail found Quinellas and that's the good news.

I spent the late afternoon lamenting the strategy I embarked on, it is different and was designed to be included in the new book. It was a failure and wont be happening. There are many reasons for the failure and it inlcuded the fact that several corporates chose yesterday to limit my bets. Any future strategies I use will be those restricted to much smaller bets. The strategy would work for most Members , just not the bigger players.

Today I get to see if Darius Boyd plays as well from Newcastle as he did for Queensland last Wednesday. Most of todays meetings have been abandoned or are badly rain affected.

Saurday 31st May: Effectively just two meetings yesterday and so I am looking forward to today with lots of good racing at Eagle Farm and elsewhere. 13 Meetings in alland ratings provided for all of them as usual.

Friday May 30th: Only four meetings today and two of those rain affected at the "Sunshine" Coast and Albury. Yesterday I had intended to not have a bet but as I found myself at the computer during race time I bet in half a dozen races and quickly accumulated a few hundred dollars more profit.

In todays Newcastle Herald there is a piece by former top NRL player Tony BUtterfield and it relates entirely to his experience in bringin sports psychologists to the Newcatsel Knights in 2000, they won the Premiership the next year. He explained the mental pressure of things going against you and also the mistakes you make having an effect on you. MY view is that this affects punterssch as ourselves the same.

Butterfield had seen experieinced professional players make a mistake and then with that added pressure, making the same mistake again. It is important to move on after we make a punting mistake and forgive ourselves very quickly so we can avoid making a similiar mistake again.

On page 42 of Winning Your Only Option, I revealed a "new" Winform strategy for those players who want more and more action. In fact the more you bet the more you win is a good philosophy. Using Money Factory a $10,000 Bank made over $16,000 from January to April on about 350 actual selections. In May I have made over $5500 on ten betting days with 2 horses a race on 188 races and a $20,000 Bank. The first featured single selections at an average price of $4+ and the second involved mainly favourites for an effective dividend of $2.20+

The first strategy AND the second strategy had long runs where the series did not end for some time. For the first strategy there were some series where due to a smaller number of selections, it took weeks to conclude a series. Using the second strategy it was mere days. I recall one client who persisted with a series for over a year before he made a clear profit. Psychogicaly, you can see the problems and strengths of both appproaches.


Thursday May 29th: Five meetings today again. More than enough action. I cleared my C Plan series yesterday so the Bank has reached a new peak. I am having a break from it now with a lot on my plate for the next three weeks before holidays. The exercise has been worthwhile and will be used in my new book due out later this year.

In the past few days I have been in touch with a few Members who have had computer problems. Today, one of them is dealing with a printer that wont pick up from their computer. It could require hours of mucking around for no result and it can be costly when you consider what technical "experts" charge. A lot of the time it is cheaper to simply get another printer.

One Member has had two faulty computers in a row. Very frustrating. Another has a computer screen which is dying but the computer itself is perfect. Is it the monitor or the video card?? Who knows. It puts us out of action for daysand sometimes weeks. It's just another fun day with Microsofts products.

Good luck today although if you do it right you wont need it.

**Bet 365 are nuts. $51 about Oamaru Rose (Mornignton Race 3) where we got the Quinella and Trifecta in the top three $86 and $1200 Officialy it was $21 TO $26. Yes they ban big wiining punters but the averge punter can go pretty well. We rated OamaruRose a $9 win chance and Bet 365 offered $9 fixed for the place!

Plenty of C Plan action today and winners. I;m up $2700 for the day so far after dropping $1800 yesterday. There's a oneup selection just waiting to win and I could get $5 or more about it. Premium ratings subscribers get these selections for no charge but anyone who has the Winning Your Ony Option book can work the selections otu pretty easily.

Wednesday 28th May: Not a lot happening for the C Plan yesterday with several races being so open the favourite was over $4, in some cases well over. Geelong race1 the fav and second fav switched at the last minute, Armidale 3 the fav was $3.8 and blew out to $4.2 but luckily I was on it before then and it was a massive result. Townsville 3 was a loss Townsville 5 was a great result for the Powerbet top three, Geelong 6 a loss for the C Plan, and it's hard to quantify any plan when there are so few races on the day.

Today only five scheduled races but only Mornington has reported a rain affected track so far.

Tuesday 27th May: A good day yesterday after Sunday was brilliant for the C Plan. Today Albury has been abandoned due to severe wet weather but with Geelong, Armidale and Townsville we have three good meetings to work on. A few runners are at long prices too.

The first at Geelong our C Plan ran 2nd. A clever ride by the winning jockey left our runner flat footed.

Readers opening a new Sportsbet account today get a matching bet up to $250 PLUS, provided you use this link, you will also get a $200 voucher to use on our online store. The offer ends 5 P.m. Friday.

Sunday May 25th: Some amazing results yesterday, especially the Daily Feature Race but not everything was rosy. The C PLan was a big let down with just 6 winners from 24 eligible races, although not all of these were apparent at the time. I actually ended up on a race where the $4 fav drifted to $5.50 in the last 30 seconds and I missed one race where the odds changed the other way in the same time.

I am sitting on a 44% strike rate this month, down from the norm of 50% but the dividend is $2.13, and my profit is $5500+ from just 9 betting days.



Randwick Race 3 WINNER $20 QUINELLA $77 TRIFECTA $1536 FIRST FOUR $3157


Doomben 10,000 winner Quinella Trifecta.


Saturday 24th May: Another good winning day yesterday even though I missed 8 winners from ten races. There was a top rated winner at $15+ as well. One Member has reported profit of nearly $500 from a $3,000 Bank this week which was achieved under difficult circumstamces with a number of outages. At that rate it would be $25,000 for the year and wouldnt that be worth it??

Personally I have had over $5k profit from about 8 betting days and one of those was just a bet in one race.

Doomben is GOOD TRACK today for the Doomben 10,000 meeting so that's a great boost to the day.

Friday 23rd May: Want $200 worth of E-Books?? Simply opne a new Sportsbet account using this link. Send the new account details to direct@hunterlink.net.au and on verification we will send you $200 worth of the best Punting E-Books you can buy. Of course you must also deposit $200 but you also get whatever bonuses that Sportsbet offer including a free bet up to $200 and your money back on several racing and sports bets.

I was late back today after feeding Mats chooks while he is still in hospital. That meant I was unable to bet in hte first ten races and guess what? 8 Winners in the first ten races. Can'tcomplain though as I am $1700 up at this point after less than an hour. Bathurst, Geelong, Grafton and Rockhampton, all good tracks for Winform ratings. Just look up the tabel Winform Strike Rates , on the home page.

Heres a link to our latest video.

Thursday 22nd May: Some very bgood results yesterday including Randwick Race 2 where our top rated horse won and paid $67. We also got the Trifecta in that race and later in the day there was a $98 Quinella. Speedy Wally had the advantage of a rider upgrade for the day and I guess it was time, winning at the 11th start. I know of one Member who did very,very , well.

For some strange reason we have never done well at Bendigo but Pinjarra and Hawkesbury are always good to us, although dividends at Hawkesbury can be lower than average. Gatton hasnt been racing as a TAB venue for some time so we can't comment there but no reason why we wouldnt go well. An interetsing day ahead.

Wednesday 21st May: We have warned readers before but we recieved this from a Member overnight.

I receive at least one solicitation phone call a week from Bookmaking firms, spivs, and system floggers. Unfortunately being a registered owner of racehorses has put me on a database that everyone in the industry is using. 
Recently I was contacted by a bookmaking operation called Betjack, who like most of them promised the world. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to join them and started betting. I won a few thousand dollars and when I tried to get my money out it all turned out to be a sham. Not only have they not paid me, they have wiped my balance of my account out. That is just plain theft. After this occurrence I googled Betjack and found a sway of complaints and quickly realised I have been duped and being a Vanuatu based bookmaking firm have no recourse. I am sending you this email in the hope that you may choose to do an article and warn other punters about this dodgy mob. 
Due to extreme embarrassment I would rather that you dont mention my name, but Im happy to provide you proof of the skullduggery.



(full contactt details disclosed to us)

Yesterday was a poor day for the C Plan yet Members using it with Money Factory staking made a profit by the end of the day. Amazingly, in one race the prices on offer differed markedly between Unitab fixed prices and other agencies where the position of the first and second favourites were reversed. Those using Unitab as their price guide would have lost that race but I guess in other races it may have gone the other way. Swings and roundabouts??


Tuesday 20th May: A great winning day yesterday. C Plan had 4 from 5 in the end. Of course I was busy dealing with Membership matters and wasn't able to invest. Oh well, more today I guess.

For horse lovers in Brisbane here's a press release

** Attention – Event calendar **

Watch the horses in action at Fig Tree Pocket

If you have an interest in horses and are up for a day by the picturesque Brisbane River, head to the Fig Tree Pocket Equestrian Club on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of May.

There’ll be dressage, showjumping and cross country over the course of the weekend, with competitors ranging from junior riders to an Olympian.

The canteen will be running all weekend with hot food and cold drinks. Best of all entry is free.

For more information go to - www.ftpequestrian.org

As a result of the Racong Victoria announcement yesterday Tabcorp and Tattscorp shares dropped up to 10% It's okay though, the TABS are allowed to make a certain percentage profit. They will make up for the losses by increasing their takeout on other bet types.

Monday 19th May: The weekend went so fast I didnt even notice I didnt post the diary yesterday. I had a productive day on the C Plan but once again missed one leg of the Quaddie but I did get the Treble three times. A B4 selection won one of the legs so of course I was on that.

The E-News goes out later today with some more bad news for punters.

Saturday 17th May: They ran under 1.10 in the first at Doomben so we have loaded an upgrade at 12.15

Doomben is Dead for sure but bettable. On the plus side Caulfield is Good as is Morphettville. A good day ahead hopefully.

Racing Victoria has increased their product fees. Wow, what a great idea. NOT!

Friday 16th May: I continued my profit makiing yesterday while talkign to a new Punting Partner and sofar after 82 races have been bet, including a couple where mistakes were made, I am on 45% strike rate at a profit on turnover of 12.8%. I can't complain.

Today I have a meeting at the hospital to check on Mats progress and then I am helping Ros get her mother to a podiatrist and so today is a write off punting wise and will miss todays Scone meeting. I haven't been to Scone races since the 1970's and I belive the track is excellent but the amenties not do great.

Ill be back to 100% attention tomorrow and was pleased to see Brisbanes weather seems to have cleared up. It will be a good day punting tomorrow.

Thursday 15th ay: Almost zero action yesterday as far as the C Plan is concerned. Quite surprising reallly. I've had a good look at Doomben for Saturday but while it looks like a great meeting that weather curse has struck and southern Queensland is swamped. The Sunshine Coast meeting had to be abandoned and more rain is forecast today for Brisbane and the Gold Coast..

Owners and trainers have targeted these races from months ago and most will still run. We as punters get to choose whether or not we will punt. If it is heavy Saturday that is a no for me. Slow I will have to think about it and Dead, well okay.

Wednesday 14th May: I went to Sydney yesterday for a training session. I also had my first training session in using my navigator. I discovered that the turn right message comes a few car lengths too late to do it. That required a 10 minute diversion around the back streets to arrive back at that very same intersectionwhich took another ten minutes to get through.

Once I arrived, the area was very tranquil. My client has been punting since 1950 (started young as we all did back then) and yet to make anything from punting. Now he has Money Factory and instead of at best getting square he will make a profit. William is dividing his Bank into three, just in case, a very sensible move, and taking the same approach now to punting as he has in his professional life running a successful business.

He is intent on following Winform ratings for now and learning everything he can from books and videos and adjusting to his own personall punting style. It is a very sensible approach. He plays golf twice a week, for fitness and leisureand that leves him plenty of days for the punt.

Personally, had I bet Sunday I would have recovered my losses from Saturday and made a profit but I had to fit my punitng around my commitments. That meant just one race bet Monday and then a concerted attack using the C Plan yesterday. As of last night I am back in profit thanks to Money Factory. In 46 races in total, my strike rate was just 42% , 20% less than normal ,but Money Factory just covered it all and made a small profit. Bettr than losing I say and with a return to normal it will just carry on from here.

Our One Up Plan which is in the Winning Your Only Option E-Book which is on sale for $199 (E-Book only) at the online store, found a $18 winner this week. You beaut! It only takes minutes to work them out and mostly can be done the night before.

MONDAY 12TH MAY: If Saturday was a poor day for the C Plan then yesterday made up for it with 7 from 11. ONly two race meetings today so not much action and easy to keep up with it for all those new starters.

All of the punting partners using the C Plan and Money Factory have reported wins for the week. Those on the singles had a luckless weekend after a good winning weekend previously.

Sunday 11th May: Another day of changing track conditions. We upgraded Morphettville after Race 1 from Heavy to Slow. It changed the ratings, particularly in Race 5 where Blue Ribbon went from 4th rated to top rated and won at $61. No I wasn't on it as yesterday I stuck to the C Plan which actually had a losing day. At Doomben Famous Seamus came good and I think it may have been the first time I wasn't on it this preparation.

Alan had his first real go on a frantic Saturday and it was a shock to the system after spending a relatively relaxed week when only 3 or 4 meetingswere easily managed. Hopefully Alan will find it a lot easier now he knows what it is like.

Personally I find it best to have one computer doing the bet calculations and the other computer doing the actual betting.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone and their mothers.

Saturday 10th May: Our Members at Betezy are now making a lot more money now that their pricing policy has changed. WE've had a flurry of Members jion in the past couple of weeks and we guess that may contnue. They now pay best of three totes or SP n all Australian gallops races just as some agencies are ceasing doing this.

Yesterday was a $3.5k profit for me with the C Plan and Money Factory. One winner qualified for me when backed from $7 into $4 favourite, the border price for the C Plan. A couple ofminutes late the price had eased to $5 and had I seen it at that point it would have been a no bet race. Having taken the better of SP or tote I was rewarded with a $5.90 final dividend which increased my expected profit markedly.

There was another race I bet on which was NOT in the end a qualfying race. That one lost, so you cna see the market is not infallible but the wins and losses tend to cancel each other out, so why worry?

FRIDAY 9TH MAY: The HR2D started with a $14.70 winner today. As it happened it wasalso top rated by Winform and a C Plan race too. The C Plan wasn't the best yesterday but will quickly pull itself back into order.

I'm not betting on the Heavy 10 at Coffs Harbour but more than enough action at Dubbo Ipswich and Geelong.

Thursday 8th May: Joy of a different kind yesterday when Ros passed her health check and the infection she currently has eased with the antibiotics finally kiciking in. It makes life more bearable.

Punting wise, the day was unkind although I have not been able to check on the C Plan which obviously I could not use yesterdayas you have to be wtching the odds.

The E-Books made the online store though so they can be purchased from today. Just clcik the Online store button at the left on the main menu and remember, no need to log in to purchase. Have a good day with four meetings all on reasonable going.

Wednesday 7th May: I only scored one C Plan win form 6 yesterday before I had to go out to take Ros to an appointment. I honestly don't know what happened after that but ti will right it self later. It would be wonderful if this50% strike rate plan went win loss win loss etc because we could simply double up after a lossand never be behind. It doesnt work like that, nothing does.

I've been sucked into doing Lumosity brain training but discovered that my brain doesnt meet their expectations. Is it because I think differently? Or is it because I havent been used to using my up down sideways keys on my keyboard? And why am I currently rated in the bottom 6% in the memory test for my age group? Anyone else had a go at this? Or is it just me??

Funney thing. In those TV quiz shows I get a 90% plus strike rate of getting the answer right , Can't be too mcuh wrong can there? In the 90's I used to do memory presentations i.e. I would be blindfolded as the audience set up 20 or more items on a screen. I was able to call them out minutes later in order, in reverse order, by individual numbers and names items if given the number. It is the same "trick" that race callers use to remember racehorsesand tehn wipe their mind clean to get ready for the next race.

Funny thing. I have never had much recall of names and faces but often recognise Members who call up by their voices or their domicile.

Some good meetings today with Dead traks being the worst condition.


TUESDAY 6TH MAY: Hard to believe the first week of May has passed already. Mr X found the $6 winner of the Alice Springs Cup yesterday.Nice work! I also noticed his lay plan had another profitable week. I'd love to pass on the details but to be honest the market on Betfair is so thin on these races only a few punters can get on.

I had just three investments yesterday and I guess I chose three wrong races. We always find winners at Grafton and yesterday they arrived in the races I didn't take. Another "special" could only run 3rd but still another was 2nd and 3rd.

There are four meetings listed today. Plenty of opportunity although not sure how Mornington will play today.

Sunday 4th May: 6 from 10 for the C Plan yesterday. I ONLY HAD A FEW SMALL BETS ON THEM AND STILL MADE $640. Mat is out of hospital tomorrow all ready to give it another start. I pick up the E-Books tomorrow and just have to get them loaded to the website and online store.

All of the Professional Punting Partnerships are in profit, although one is just square. It wiil take us most of this week to sort out the rest and get them running. It has been a very good response.

Only 3 from 8 Sunday but one result was so good (2nd rated horse 100/1) that it was still a level stakes profit.

SATURDAY 3RD MAY: Surprisingle Hawkesbury is rated Dead 4 and could upgrade with the strong westerly winds coming off the mountain. It wont be a pleasant place to be though.

The scratching system is down at the moment so cant even do them manually. The authorities cant do it either. Hope they get it up soon. (8.15)

Thursday 1st May:Betezy have announced that as from today they will pay the best of three totes or SP on all Australian gallops races. It is the first day oftheir transformation under the ownership of Mat Tripp and there will be more and better changes to follow. You still get $500 in free bets when you join and deposit $500.

Warnambool continues to race on a Heavy 10 and I imagine the gorunds continue to squelch under heels of the rugged up crowd. Good fun! Mr X tipped our top rated runner in yesterdays feature only to see our 2nd rated runner successful. At least he picked the right race. A similar situation applied a day os so before but he got it in one on Saturday in the Weekend Feature.

Wednesday 30th april: Another month has come and gone and we can see why people want to make a tax free income from Racing. More tax if you have a decent income. I suppose an extra $1,000 a y ear won't hurt people on $100k PLus but the lack of increase in pension and other payments means low income earners wont be getting any of that.

Some solid meetings today but Canterbury and Warnambool are very wet. I'm on the runaround today, I have computers to set up, E-Books to prepare and Punting Partnerships to set up. I'll divert the home phone to my mobile so I can assit anyone who needs it.

Tuesday 29th April: No specials today for the start of the Warnambool Carnival (wish I was there) but today as always there will be opportunities to make money by simply using the C Plan (remember we don't do heavy tracks) and Powerbet or Money Factory. We have so many Members doing this but because it is all on different schedules and different times prices remain unaffected.


Here's an update on Amelia Burtons Powerbet plan which dates back to 2003. For April up until the 12th there was $18439 profit using a $20 Base bet which requires capital of $20,000 all up, mainly for safety as each series ends if $2,000 behind. There were two series losses during this period and the profit is after this is taken into account. The average bet was $118 so an amazing amount of money.

We are redoing Ameilas book as an E-Book. Hopefully to be rereleased next week.

Monday 28th April:We have had an amazing amount of interest in our Professional Punting partnerships which we hope to have off the ground soon.

Only two Race meetings today but both on Good tracks..Hooray! Already plenty of winners. Nothing big but then small fields so far.

SUNDAY 27TH APRIL: A couple of our Professionals have made an interesting offer. They will pay the Winform subscription fee for one year AND provide a Staker and Money Factory program (total cost $4,500) for someone who has the time and a matching amount of money to operate the program. Return to them is 50% of profit each month. The benefit is that the Pro is not being banned and the Member who might have enough cash and the time to bet but does not have the extra cash for the info and the Money Factory program as well.

We have the benefit of having the Pros pay us. It would only suit those who have the actual time to watch the betting and place the bets as required. The agreement would be for one year with the option to continue or if not simply return the program and laptop. Anyone interested should email direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Yesterday wasa bugga of a dy for me with three legs of the Quaddie and a huge potential payout but missed the 4th leg again. The C PLan made me a profit of just over $1,000.

Saturday 26th April:With our first bet today Correggio winning at $11 we closed our Monet Factory Bank again to make it $16,551 Profit for the year on our $10,000 Bank. If we could do that two more times for the year that's $60k profit and wahts wrong with that? All up there were less than 350 selections for the year so what's that? About 22 bets per week, not hard work I reckon.

Saturday 26th April: We expect an upgrade to Dead5 for Randwick with a warm forecast and 35kmh northerly winds but who knows?? Where will the fast lane be? It remains to be seen but there do look to be opportunties there.

Mat is on his way here to repair our electriciy supply. Half the house is still out and every circuit has to be tested to see where the "short" is. I'm glad I'm not paying by the hour because it's a log job if it is the last of more than 50 separate checks.

Yesterday would have been a bonanza for me if able to work the usual way but with thelaptop oly having 1.5 hours charge, I couldnt risk Powerbet and then not being able to work for an hour or so while wAITING FORA CHARGE. Just another hazard faced by professional punting.

FRIDAY 25TH APRIL: Mat has been to the Dawn Service and got soaked along with everyone else. It has been Thunder, Lightning, and Rain here since 1 a.m. and a complete turnaround in the weather since yesterday.i AM NOT SURE BUT POSSIBLY SYDNEY MISSED THE WORST OF IT.

At Mannering Park the wind has shifted from the South East to the North West in less than 30 minutes. It's like the Perfect Storm here at present. A genuine mini-cyclone just for us. Estimated wind gusts up to 200kmh. The upper balcony outdoor furniture has been trapped by the railing otherwise it would be 200 metres down the road.

Ros has left the door open overnight and rain has hit me 20 metres down the opposite end of the house but I have closed it now. Hello Cairns and North Queensland. Lucky I put my boat away on Thursday.

As I close, the rain is sweepeing off the balcony, I am up here behind closed doors now, inches deep and I am not exaggerating.

Power has gone, I have switched to wirelesss internet as a backup but only have a small amount of battery power in the laptop. Luckily Mr X is on the job today and he is not affected. Signing out for now.

Thursday 24th April: It was good to hear from Trevor today. Trevor started as a Gold Club subscriber back in March and also use the C Plan (never fails) and recently he took two weeks leave to spend his time with the Powerbet Top Three strategy and he reports wonderful success with it with just one series loss over the period and every other series making a profit. Yesterday with a $20 base bet he cleared $200 after 5 or 6 races and retired for the day.

Sometimes people do start and then find after a few losing days that they simply can't cope with a losing run even though overall success is assured.

I remember an article I wrote about people opening a food franchise and needing $200,000+ to get started and that's without staff costs and the 50-60 hours you have to put in to run it. Trevor reckons that with just $50k he could make the wage he is making as an employee now but working far fewer hours.

Sport Racing and more Sport. What a weekend it is going to be. A remembrance day tomorrow for the start, my 90yo Dad will get out his old war time photos from New Guinea, he's not mobile enough to attend any marches now, and reminisce for a while. Most of his mates are long gone.

Wednesday 23rd April: It's lucky that we rely on our regular subscribers, many of whom have been with us since the 90's. New subscriberssoemtimes expect to make riches overnight and when they don't "poof" they're gone. I guessthere are some who, having taseted success initially, get carried away and then take a heavy loss when they've lifted their outlays dramatically expecting success to come in a steady stream. Sometimes it happens like that but mostly you get runs of wins and losses with your edge taking you to the fornt long term.

Hi Gaz

Cant rap MF enough.

Would be super if some how we could put our personal copy on the cloud and therefore access it from anywhere.


Kenny wants to be able to back his Money Factory to the "cloud" well that's what we hope will be happening when we redelop it. That will take several months but will be worth the wait we think. The new subscription plan will mean that it will take us three years to get s to the point of what we make in a single sale but then again we have many Members who have used their programs for two and three times that many years. Besides, it means Members will be able to use almost any platform to view their program.


TUESDAY 22ND APRIL: I'm looking at the first at Wagga today and using the new Barrier trial feature that comes with the new GTX program. In this race Worthington has two potential runners with either runner to be ridden by Nestor who has a 20% win strike rate as a jockey. ON The Scene won a Warwick Farm trial by 4.5 lengths and Reason To Believe ran third beaten 2.6 lengths in a different trail on the same day. The intersting thing is that Reaosn Tob Believes trial was over two seconds faster than the other one. Also On The Scene drew barrier 1 and Reason To Believe barrier 5. Whichever of these are chsoen to start will be the favourite BUT another first starter , the locally trained Micthell Road should not be overlooked. Trained on the track it won a trial here over this distance in January in a three way photo before it was spelled.

The GTX program which is $1249 on a oney back ten day offer now includes Barrier Trials and Jockey stats for their history and also for last 100 runs on all runners at $8 or less to make comparisons more honest. Purchasers get the GTX program which features ongoing free upgrades as well as two rating programs PLUS Winform Ratings all included for three months at a bargain price of $1249. On going costs after the trial are about $100 a week, still a bargain for the Premier Racing software.

With ongoing family commitments we wont be in the office today but all emails and phone messages will be answered by later today or evening.

Monday 21st April: Todays races are listed under Saturday for Saturday only subscribers. Plenty of action if you wish. I'm taking the grandkids out on the tinny this morning for a bit of sun and salt air. It's been a busy weekend as you can imagine.

I'm also workng today on the Money Factory program update. The vast majority of Members are evry happy with their existing programs.

SUNDAY 20th April: Randwick Race 5 yesterday Quinella $132 and Exacta $292. We just couldnt crack it for a Trifecta though. I quit the C Plan at +$500 and went for an end of season sail. I came backto find that one of our WYOP selections had won at $6 and another at $9. Overall a reasonable day. The improving track conditions helped Its A Dundeel hold off Sacred Falls which would have been the icing on the cake for me. Gypsy Diamond would have been a dream result as well. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Saturday 19th April: The Autumn Package is away for email recipients and on the Winform Gold page for Gold Club subscribers. The Randwick track will improve thoruhgout the day and markets will change as this happens. I have a new video so just click the video link on our home page. It also shows the GTX jockey feature. Good luck today, we'll need it I think but at least soem value opportunities at Randwick.

Thursday 17th April: I just finsihed installing the jockey tables on my computer which are now available trough the GTX program. Remember we have a trial subscritpion for 3 months for just $1249 whcih allows you to get your money back in ten days if not happy.

Anyhow, we were looking at Nash Rawiller and his stats are interesting. He strikes at 28% on all rides at $8 or less and at 21% or more for all rides. So is it a matter of the prices going down when he is the rider OR does he ride a few longshots as favours to owners or trainers, getting a 21% strike rate overall. It makes you wonder if you woudl make a profit only backing his longer priced mounts?

Anyhow the new stats in GTX allow you to check. I noticed that in the Oaks this weekend that EVERY jockey had a strike rate on the $8 or less horses overall at 20% or better.

As a matter fo interest, of all the jockeys at Randwick on Saturday two stand out. Nash Rawiller and James McDonald on 25% or better, Kerry McEvoy is right behind on 24%.

WEDNESDAY 16TH APRIL: Finally, we think our email server is back up and running. Our first E-News this week will be ff overnight. I've had just one bet so far today and it was odds on and a bad loser. In the meantime we have had a $21 shot pay over $30 and a $8+ winner at Sandown.I

m working now on Saturdays Randwick meeting and will send out the preview package tonight.

TUESDAY 15TH APRIL: Rain rain rain, willit ever goa way. Already they are predicting a Slow at best for Randwick Saturday. BUmma! I

Im at the bookeepers this morning, then checking on Mats chooks, they havent laid a thing since Mat went in hospital. Start planning for the weekend.

We are taing suggestions for the reprogramming of Money Factory Professional Edition. So far,nobody wnats to change a thing. Any ideas?? email direct@hunterlink.net.au. I send the fianl draft to the programmers next week.

Did anyone else back the B 4 winner at $26 last FRiday??

To: Bonza Tips <bonzatips@gmail.com>

What a bloody win with the 1st of 2 bets today John I got $23 fixed
for it but it went to $26, well done mate



Monday 14th April: Richard Irvine, a professional punter who has had his accounts closed or restricted by Luxbet, Sportingbet,Sportsbet,Centrbet and Bet365, has started a campaign against online bookmakers, mainly UK and Irish owned who continue these unfair practices.

It is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today that TAB agencies have been warned about punters betting cash on fixed odds in agencies becuase they have been banned online by the TABS themselves.

I, personally, have had my best reduced by the TAB on fixed odds OR had my odds reduced, so I know what he is talking about.

It does open the door once again for commissioners, in the past these were peopel who placed bets with bookmakers for professionals who didn't want to reveal that they were the ones backing certain horses. These commissioners received a percentage of the profits for placing the bets.

I wonder if the TAB will use their CCTV cameras to restrict cash bets taken in agencies by people that are "recognised". This will be the next step in an attack on our freedom.

Sunday 13th April: We still have no access to send out the Winform E-News. Winform Gold Club Members had a good winning day. From three selections only one winner but that was Gamblin Guru $6 at best fluc.

My only bets at Randwick were the exotics in the Doncaster which I won with the Quinella at $41. I also had Scratch Me Lukcy at $41 win and $9 place fixed so a handy return and of course not much on it.

I had three lesg of the quaddie at both Caulfield and Randwick. Tough! It's a challenging situation at home with Mat in hospital as I am looking after his chickens as well as making visits, which I will do again today.

Our SMS service had just one winner from 10 yesterday with the majority placing at quite good dividends. Doesn't pay when you are betting for a win. Plenty of action today and how good is Lanken Rupee which has improved out of sight since being gelded. No wonder "well they've cut me balls off so I better win as who knows what bits they will cut off next?"

SATURDAY 12TH APRIL:$188 Quinella Caulfield Race 4. Pity we couldnt get the $50k First 4? Talk about a good result foe the Powerbet Top Three. Statring at $21 we got $41 fixed. Brilliant day for the Powerbet Top Three Strategy.

Quinellain the Doncaster. 3 legs of the quaddie in. % horsesin the last at Caulfield the 6th rated won! Bugga!



12:15 Randwick Race 1 12Apr14 1100m Gp3 2YO  SW $200000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1     3133 Klammer              3.1 57.8 t  Wh  OUT TO $10
 8  251x441 I Am Snippety        3.7 56.4   D    $8
11        1 Loved Up             8.2 51.2        INTO $41
 2        1 Hallowed Crown      16.0 46.7    W   OUT TO $9
10     180X Echo Gal            16.8 46.4       NOW $10
It’s a 2y0 so straight up and down.  I Am Snippety won at Wellington by over 6 lengths but Klammer has Metro wet form. A first starter is favourite but at $4.60 Klammer Would be a qualifying single ON A SLOW TRACK BUT THAT WONT HAPPEN.



12:50 Randwick Race 2 12Apr14 1600m Gp3 3YO  SWP $200000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1 6154X249 Gypsy Diamond        1.9 73.8 t DW   into $2.50
 7  113X262 Malice               8.3 64.1 t  W B out to $10
 4 31225X39 Libertys Choice     21.4 57.7 tcdw   $11
 5 324X2992 Gamblestown         31.6 55.1 t  w   $13
 6 7X170X31 Ryker               32.1 55.0 t  W   $23

Malice missed by a whisker last start and wil qualify as a single unless the track is heavy. IT IS .Gypsy Diamond didn’t have the best of luck last start and is massively down in class on last start which is why it is so short but that class drop can be meaningless.

Some good evenly rated runners in this race but at least we know Malice can sit on the pace which in itself can cover the “bad luck” element. The Quinella could be on here.

1:25 Randwick Race 3 12Apr14 1200m Gp3 3YO F SWP $200000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 6 5X31311X Calming Influence    8.1 71.0 T dwh  $7.50
21 0X29X115 Mesmereyeser         9.3 70.2   dW   $34
 9 X4X1121X Miniature            9.7 69.8    W   $13
12 2111X346 Flight Academy       9.9 69.7   DW   $15
 4 -224X887 Everage             10.3 69.5 TCDwH  $21

A very wide open race with Miniature being heavily backed overnight Thursday but now eased. Of course it may simply be that the prices were wrong to start with.It is a very good race for use to win the Trifecta or even the Quinella will pay very well. I’m still smarting over the Trifecta/First 4 that got away last week because of the heavy track. You don’t get $7200 First 4’s every day.TRACK HEAVY BEWARE

2:00 Randwick Race 4 12Apr14 2600m Gp2 3YO+  HCP $300000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1 121X2354 Sertorius            1.6 65.8   dWH  $3.50
11 7X073113 Lucky Liaison        5.9 57.2    W   $51
 6 X7470X52 Hippopus            27.8 46.9    Wh  into $11
10 X5843412 Retort Courteous    68.3 40.9    W   $126
 7 0000X863 Tremec             130.2 36.6 TCDWH  $13

This is another race where the favourite is there because it ran in a super high class race last start.  

2:35 Randwick Race 5 12Apr14 1400m Gp1 2YO  SW $1000000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 6 825X7162 Scratch Me Lucky     2.2 60.5 t dWh  $41
 1 1111x520 Unencumbered         7.5 52.4 T  w   $17
 9    3X615 Lucky Raquie         9.4 51.0 t  W   $10
 7     1X14 Believe Yourself    12.8 48.9 T  W   $4.4
 3      1X1 Time For War        22.4 45.1     H  $8

 . Just remember that this race is typically won by an outsider most years. Scratch Me Lucky could be that longshotespecially if it ends up Heavy.

3:10 Randwick Race 6 12Apr14 2400m Gp1 3YO  SW $2000000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 4 2310X374 Savvy Nature         4.7 61.9 t  w   $13
 2 x14111-0 Puccini              9.3 57.3   DW b $10
 1 224X4281 Criterion            9.9 56.9 t  W   $3.25
13 68X61012 Singing Flame       12.8 55.2    Wh  $12
14 2419X128 Cadillac Mountain   16.2 53.6    W$41

I expect Puccini to improve dramatically after the saddle slipped last start. Savvy Nature could improve but I am suspect after a poor run in the VRC Dearby. Criterion may have run well last start because of a liking for the track conditions. Forgive Puccinin I reckon but I would prefer an improving Dead track for him. (NOT gunna get it)

3:50 Randwick Race 7 12Apr14 1200m Gp1   WFA $2500000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
10 31-35X39 Famous Seamus        4.1 76.8 TcDWH  $61
17 2X11-172 Sweet Idea           4.8 75.7 TCDWH  $17
 5 0X14157X Rebel Dane          10.9 70.2   DWh  $11
18 X2440X13 Villa Verde         11.6 69.8 T dW b $16
 3 311X111- Lankan Rupee        19.1 66.5   DW  $3.8

I felt robbed when Sweet Idea just missed last start but I don’t like her coming back from 1500 to 1200, still a place chance though. I gave Zoustar no chance last start AND THEY’VE DONE THR RIGHT THING SCRATCHING IT. Famous Seamus is not a wet tracker but way over the od*s at $67 and has one win on heavy, Lankan Rupee , can he run this way??He is the star sprinter of the Autumn. I include Rebel Dane simply on class i.e. guts. This is probably the best sprinting field we have seen for years.

4:30 Randwick Race 8 12Apr14 1600m Gp1 3YO+  HCP $3000000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
21 5640X534 Malavio              6.7 78.0 T  W   $81
 7 423X6272 Speediness           9.1 75.9 tcDW   $17
 9 23205X45 Royal Descent        9.7 75.5 TcdWH  $11
 4 47835X44 Sacred Falls        12.5 73.8 TCDWH  $13
 5 570X6-34 Hawkspur            12.5 73.8 TCDWh  $9

 What a huge shift in the ratings now the track is heavy. Is Malavio a chance?

I don’t apply barrier penalties at the Randwick 1600.

5:10 Randwick Race 9 12Apr14 2000m Gp3 3YO F HCP $200000 Heavy

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 8 5X292119 Amanpour             1.7 72.2    Wh  $7.50
12  75X1327 Paris Match         16.3 56.9        $21
 4 251X23-1 Lady Cumquat        18.4 56.1   DW   $5.5
10 6X8-3124 Moorluv             21.7 55.0        $15
 5 312-0501 Estonian Princess   37.2 51.4 T  W   $17
Amanpour and LADY Cumquat both have question marks but most of these runners are lightly raced and in their improvement cycle. At the prices I will risk it. I can’t think why a trainer like Gai Waterhouse would bring Amanpour back to 1600 last start after winning at 1900 the start before. And it went form a leader to a back marker. Was it a test??


 No single selections.

The exotics in some races might be worth a go just for fun and there are a few runners with a genuine chance which are way over the rated prices.

Friday 11th April: Our email provider still has no service so we are unable to send out the Autumn package at present. If that previals we will post it here.

Here are our early thoughts.

 Once again, we expect a wet track and I’ve been generous in assuming it will only be Dead but probably a Dead5 subject to weather. Latest estimate is Slow which won’T affect the ratings

12:15 Randwick Race 1 12Apr14 1100m Gp3 2YO  SW $200000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1     3133 Klammer              3.1 57.8 t  Wh  $9
 8  251x441 I Am Snippety        5.8 53.4   D    $8
 2        1 Hallowed Crown       6.5 52.7    W   $8
11        1 Loved Up             8.1 51.2        $51
10     180X Echo Gal            16.7 46.4        $9

It’s a 2y0 so straight up and down.  I Am Snippety won at Wellington by over 6 lengths but Klammer has Metro wet form. A first starter is favourite but at $4.60 Klammer could be a qualifying single.



12:50 Randwick Race 2 12Apr14 1600m Gp3 3YO  SWP $200000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1 6154X249 Gypsy Diamond        3.7 70.8 t DW   $3
 7  113X262 Malice               4.2 70.1 t  W B $6.50
 4 31225X39 Libertys Choice     10.7 63.7 tcdw   $10
11       13 Juantorena          20.4 59.4    w   $17
 9  7147X71 Darci Magic         24.4 58.2    W   $13

Malice missed by a whisker last start and wil qualify as a single unlessthe track is heavy. Gypsy Diamond didn’t have the best of luck last syart and is massively down in class on last start which is why it is so short but that class drop can be meaningless.

Some good evenly rated runners in this race but at least we know Malice can sit on the pace which in itself can cover the “bad luck” element. The Quinella could be on here.

1:25 Randwick Race 3 12Apr14 1200m Gp3 3YO F SWP $200000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 5 31X1-30- Champagne Cath       6.2 74.2 TCDW   $17
 6 5X31311X Calming Influence   10.0 71.0 T dwh  $6
 9 X4X1121X Miniature           11.9 69.8    W   $21 into $8.50
12 2111X346 Flight Academy      12.1 69.7   DW   $13
 4 -224X887 Everage             12.7 69.5 TCDwH  $$51 into $41

A very wide open race with Miniature being heavily backed overnight. Of course it may simply be that the prices were wrong to start with.It is a very good race for use to win the Trifecta or even the Quinella will pay very well. I’m still smarting over the Trifecta/First 4 that got away last week because of the heavy track. You don’t get $7200 First 4’s every day.

2:00 Randwick Race 4 12Apr14 2600m Gp2 3YO+  HCP $300000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1 121X2354 Sertorius            2.6 68.8   dWH  $3.60
 4 2x6311-3 Epingle              2.7 68.6    WH  $9
11 7X073113 Lucky Liaison       14.8 57.2    W   $34
 6 X7470X52 Hippopus           108.7 43.9    Wh  11
 2 82811X8- Permit             237.2 38.7 TCDW   $67

This is another race where the favourite is there because it ran in a super high class race last start. You would have to think the top would have it between them and that’s the way I will go but if only Permit was slightly fitter it would top my list.

2:35 Randwick Race 5 12Apr14 1400m Gp1 2YO  SW $1000000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 9    3X615 Lucky Raquie         3.5 60.0 t  W   $8
 7     1X14 Believe Yourself     4.7 57.9 T  W   $4.00
 1 1111x520 Unencumbered         6.8 55.4 T  w   $13
 6 825X7162 Scratch Me Lucky     7.8 54.5 t dWh  $34
 3      1X1 Time For War        31.9 45.1     H  $8

Our top two qualify as singles if no worse than Dead. Just remember that this race is typically won by an outsider most years. Scratch Me Lucky could be that longshotespecially if it ends up Heavy.

3:10 Randwick Race 6 12Apr14 2400m Gp1 3YO  SW $2000000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 2 x14111-0 Puccini              4.0 66.3   DW b $8.00
 4 2310X374 Savvy Nature         7.7 61.9 t  w   $10
14 2419X128 Cadillac Mountain   10.8 59.6    W   $21
16 10X31434 Mountain View       13.6 58.2    W   $81
 1 224X4281 Criterion           16.2 56.9 t  W   $3.50

I expect Puccini to improve dramatically after the saddle slipped last start. Savvy Nature could improve but I am suspect after a poor run in the VRC Dearby. Criterion may have run well last start because of a liking for the track conditions. Forgive Puccinin I reckon but I would prefer an improving Dead track for him.

3:50 Randwick Race 7 12Apr14 1200m Gp1   WFA $2500000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
17 2X11-172 Sweet Idea           5.9 75.7 TCDWH  $17
16 411-1X8- Zoustar              7.1 74.5 TCDW   $10
10 31-35X39 Famous Seamus        7.8 73.8 TcDWH  $67
 3 311X111- Lankan Rupee         9.5 72.5   DW   $3.80
11 21430X64 Sessions            20.7 67.4 T DW   $41

Watch 5 Rebel Dane at $13

I felt robbed when Sweet Idea just missed last start but I don’t like her coming back from 1500 to 1200, still a place chance though. I gave Zoustar no chance last start but it may be a chance here. Famous Seamus is not a wet tracker but way over the od*s at $67, Lankan Rupee , can he run this way??He is the star sprinter of the Autumn. I include Rebel Dane simply on class i.e. guts. This is probably the best sprinting field we have seen for years.

4:30 Randwick Race 8 12Apr14 1600m Gp1 3YO+  HCP $3000000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 7 423X6272 Speediness           9.8 75.9 tcDW   $21
 9 23205X45 Royal Descent       10.5 75.5 TcdWH  $13
17 11X11X11 Messene             10.6 75.4 TCDW   $4.40
 4 47835X44 Sacred Falls        13.5 73.8 TCDWH  $13
 5 570X6-34 Hawkspur            13.5 73.8 TCDWh  $9

Boban reminds me of Super Impose. Super went out of favour and then stunned punters with a win at $21 in this race. Boban could win this if the track dries out but looking AT THE FIGURES it’s another very tough race.

We have a record of winning these Group 1 miles and there is no doubt that Speediness could win and probably should have last start. Chris Waller maintains his view that Hawkspur can win and Messene, well you can’t fault the form.

I don’t apply barrier penalties at the Randwick 1600.

5:10 Randwick Race 9 12Apr14 2000m Gp3 3YO F HCP $200000 Dead

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 8 5X292119 Amanpour             2.5 72.2    Wh  $7.50
 6   311X09 Marmelo              3.5 70.0    W   $17
 4 251X23-1 Lady Cumquat        27.8 56.1   DW   $5
12  75X1327 Paris Match         38.7 53.9        $19
18    32131 Postnthyme          49.2 52.3    W   $15

The top two both have question marks but most of these runners are lightly raced and in their improvement cycle. At the prices I will risk it. I can’t think why a trainer like Gai Waterhouse would bring Amanpour back to 1600 last start after winning at 1900 the start before. And it went form a leader to a back marker. Was it a test??









Thursday 10th April: Betstar was in the running to be sold to Matt Tripp but today it has been confirmes that Ladbokres have been the successful bidders. Bad news for Betstar account holders. I expect my account to be closed soon, after all I won a bit over $2,000 from them recently. I guess in the end the Eskanders have seen the writing on the wall.

I think Top Sport is probably the one remaining corporate still in Australian hands.

If you want to see a horror story, just look at the radar south of Sydney. It's a massive rain band, not heavy but it has the look of being "set in".

Randwick has prices to die for these next two weeks, they are charging like Ascot in the U.K. but it isn't Ascot. It isn't even Flemington.

I'll post the Autumn package to Winform Gold Club page before 9 a.m. but the email server is down so Autumn package only subscribers should get their email after lunch. I set it to the Dead/Slow rating but sadly I think we are heading for Heavy.

Wednesday 9th Apri: All dead track meetings today except possibly Bunburyand the Farm is Heavy. Nothing exciting for me today but yesterday the C Plan had a good day I am told.

Members who have XP will be getting numerous messagse from Microsoft trying to persuade you to upgrade and giving you dire warnings about security.The answer is simple. Just get AVGFree. It isa good basic securty system and costs zero dollars and is easy to install.

Tuesday 8th April: Betfair have advised that they can no longer accept business from Russia. One by one various countires are making it illegal to bet on the internet. It wouldbe in avery punters interests to mail your local Member, both State and Federal, that you do not wish to have the right to bet on the Internet taken away from you.

All it does is force Australians to look for illegal ways to get on, mostly with overseas operators in tax free havens, thus denying our Racing from any revenue and beleive me, many of these operators, while willing to take your money, are not that keen to pay you when you win.

Monday 7th April: You can be.t on Araratand Armidale f your like. Nowra is abandoned and it's a race against time to see if we can get a reasonable track for Randwick next Saturday. Don't hold your breath. It wasa clear sky and the moon and starts out brightly last night but by the time I had woladed upstairs and hopped under the covers it was raining heavily again.

Yesterday I placed my bet before heading off to visit Mat and Ros's mum. By the time the race was on at Gosford (we had a Gold Club selection in the Gosford Gunieas) the track had gone from a sunny Dead to a pithc black Heavy 10. Goodbye $500 that I wouldn't have spent had I known.

It might be a good thing that I quit the Sports service as so far this year both codes have been unreadable with the outsiders having an amazing strike rate. It will turn, it always does but when? When the bookies work out which teams are the real deal.

Sunday 6th April: I made just under $1,000 today on Powerbet and it was one of those results that Powerbet users love. The last bet of the series was a winner at $21 BUT 3 selections were involved and it could have been a disaster had it lost. The first of the three selections took us into the red so you had to decide "Go over OR quit now. Well back to a base bet would have been too much and as the favourite was included I concluded that my chance of winning in this very open race (fav was $4) were good.

I have Mat in hospital, and far away (about hour thirty away) so visiting is a bummer at present. Also his laptop jammed up yesterday so trying to get something to keep him occupied. No betting today and my actual work is getting behind.

I am processing a netbook computer with Money Factory at 2 a.m. this morning to get a bit ahead for the day. Got a bit bored with the footy last night.

Unbeleivable the dividends we have missed out on at Rosehill like Race 2 Winner/Quinella/Trifacta and First Four ($7207) plus the First 4 on the BMW. What next???Our top rated horse won the first leg of the Flemington Quaddie at $17+, now for the next three legs??

SATURDAY 5TH APRIL: Dumb mistake get penalised. Even though I had bought a First Clss train ticket they would not allow me to chaneg it even two days after the erroneous purchase. Point is, I now need to win a few extra dollars today.

In the Autumn Package today I have supplied race 8 and 9 at Rosehill as both heavy and dead and would you believe that Earthquake actually rises three places on the heavy track, not because of her wet track form (she has none) but because she has not failed on a wet track and others have.

Friday 4th April: Dumb mistakes department: This week I was finalising travel arrangements for my holiday in July. We planned to leave Dublin for Madrid and then Fast Tarin Madridn to Barcelona to pick up our flight home. I was routinely checking my emails for a missing payment advice when I happned to see my booking in the reading pane "thank you for booking etc and we hope you enjoy your journey from Barcelona to Madrid...Ooops, wrong way. Lucky I bought a flexible ticket!

Today we have lost the Canberra meeting and I woke to hear that Sydney has had an ovenight storm and dumping with more today and early tomorrow. Out latest YouTUbe video shows the only two runners in our top chances that have wet track sires in the Golden Slipper whcih will now be at least a Slow track.

Thursday 3rd April: The funeral of my aunt May today in Sydney at the age of 94, was expected, and a blessed relief which relieved further suffering. To hear on the way home of the death of Nathan Berry at such a young age is both tragic and unexpected.

I've interviewed hundreds of jockeys over the years, I've interviewed smart jockeys, highly intelligent jockeys, very passionate female jockeys, great horsemen and women all of whom I respect in this dangerous profession.

Prue Hawkins and I interviewed Nathan and Tommy Berry some years ago and I can honestly say we never met such honest and enthusiastic riders, both of whom were brimming with natural talent. Always competitive, they brought fun into their game and reached the peak of professionalism. Vale Nathan,a talent and personality we will all miss.

WEDNESDAY 2nd April: No abandonments today so plenty of activity if you want it. No April Fools jokes today either. On course punters lost their advantage years ago. Remember when off course pools closed 20 minutes before the start??

The E-news has been sent and I am sure many will be interested to see if we can get Money Factory reprogrammed. Ill be the most interested. The hardest part is finding non racegoer programmers to leave their biases behind. Might get lucky, you never know.

Tuesday 1st April: It has been announced that in order to get crowds up Racing NSW will now pay punters to attend country race meetings by paying on course punters 5% above the declared NSW TAB dividend for a three month trial period commencing June 1st.

The policy applies to all country NSW meetings but does not affect the dividends on Interstate meetings. Nevertheless punters are finally getting something back from Racing NSW after spending years being shafted by policies such as the rounding down of dividends.

Smart punters could attend these meetings to pick up the 5% extra while still punting by smart phones on Interstate meetings.

Yoru feedback woudl be welcome at direct@hunterlink.net.au

Three meetings today but all rain affected. Depending on scratchings we may get a good bet at Townsville.

Updated for Monday March 31st: Yes it's the end of the month and one of our clients betting with Sportsbet, took out the Rosehill Quaddie on Saturday. It was one very good result on an otherwise losing day for most punters. The winners were mostly omen punters, Criterion hadn't won for a year, the Irish horse was first up here in St Patricks month and so on.

April and Golden Slipper month tomorrow. Expect more topsy turvey form due to changing track conditions. Three meetinsg today, two of them are heavy. I'm staying away.

Sunday 30th March: Not a great day yesterday in the end in spite of a $100 Quinella in the last at Rosehill. It wasn't just the wet track either that was a problem as Ascot was Good for most of their Carnival meeting, and although we found the Weekend Feature Race winner it only paid $1.30 after $ 1.70 was available earlier in the day.

The Winform Daily Mail found 6 Quinellas from the ten races on the sheet. The best two were just $20+. Five Trifectas (best $189) and three First Fours (best $494) were nothing to write home about even thought the winner was in our top five in all but two of the races.

Today the twins get baptised so no punting for me with family coming from interstate which makes it a good day for everyone else to punt. I dropped 6k yesterday after collecting 3k Friday so a net loss for the week. It happens, as they say. No need to panic. 20% winners from my singles yesterday instead of 30% but so far ahead this year and plenty more to come.

(No change to single selections) ** Trifecta/First 4 $1183)Rosehill Race 2 in spite of heavy track.

Winform Daily Mail: First two selected races Quinella/Trifecta/First Four. Not huge but a start.

Newcastle Race 1 Quinella $127, Trifecta $1255 (honestly, 5th rated wasa first starter)

***Updated for Rosehill upogrADE**

Saturday 29th March: Unibet is a newer player in the Australian market and they offer a $500 matched bet for your first investment. Of coure the bet can be any size up to $500. Also today your get money back 2nd and 3rd in the Roshill Guineas. There are a few money back offers and they are for maily $50 so if you have a few accounts you can get on for a good amount. Personally I won't be betting in the mire at Rosehill today.

In the old days they would have super soppers and helicopters drying out the track. I don't think they do that now?

Well,did you take our advice yesterday?? WE got 1st and 3rd oin the Albury Cup, a $3k PLUS result for me.

Moonee Valley is Dead today and the course wont upgrade we are told but that's not a big deal at the VALLEY. No Group races but bread and butter races. Casino is off and that's not a surprise.

Friday 28th March: It's Albury Cup Day and thank goodness because we have lost two of todays meetings to the weather. I see no reason why Jacquinot Bay can't win. The main danger is Canny Ballad but the drawback with that horse is that he is untested over the distance. If you take the risk these two are currently $4.60 and $6 in the fixed price market.

Here's the latest video link. If Rosehill is still on tomorrow, it might be useful.

This morning I have a trainign session with a long term client. She is very experienced with Racing and attends many actual race meetings. I guess on some days she is likely one of only a few people there. I was told that a recent Wyong meeting was evidenced by only about 50 or 60 punters in attendance.

Anyhow, it simply means I am busy this morning so leave a phone message if you need me and I will get back to you this afternoon.

Thursday 27th March: Here's an email we received from across the ditch.

Hi Garry
I am a new subscriber, with  the Autumn selections and I have well covered my investment with a couple of exotics that paid real well  ,
Just two questions if I may ?
A Single is obviously your win selection for a race –However sometimes it is second or even lower in your rated list .

I know what going’ Dutch’ is –But not sure how it applies when you say “Dutch “ these .It may be an Oz racing  term that as a Kiwi I am not up with .
Mike D

Editor: The reason that our singles are soemtimes NOT the top rated horse is simply that the top rated horse doesn't always meet our very strict criteria regarding things like Career starts or runs from a spell, last start location or qualifying run location etc. etc. In these cases our second rated runner may not have as high a strike rate as the top rated is expected to BUT it may simply be that statistically it is "more likely". In other words it may simply have a better chance of winning and making us a profit.

Anyone lookf for info about "dutching" can find it at our online store under "software"

Even Professional have to practice. We have witnessed many instances of subscribers who wish to make money punting, go to water, once they have had a setback. It is a hard thing to overcome psychologically. The other problem is being too ambitiousand trying to run every strategy at once for fear of missing out without understandong that each strategy needs a separate bank and often, a different mind set. e.g. One strategy involves a 15% individual and say 30-40% race strike rate, and another a 45% race strike rate and 35% individual strike rate. The Staking strategies and the likely run of outs vary enormously for either.

On Tuesday night Ros and I attended the first "preview" showing of Strictly Ballroom. The cast AND crew,made many mistakes. At one stage the lead was left stranded mid stage when he was supposed to have jumped backward and landed on a lounge right on the last note of the orchestra. He was embarrased, we were bemused.

There are 15 of these "preview" shows prior to the "official" Premiere. They will need themand aven then some of the scenes don't make sense. Overall , though, it was still fun especially towards the end when the audience is invited on stage. The final problem is is "How to get them off the stage without leaving them high and dry after the cast has departed and the house lights are up".

Very wet in Sydney and Brisbane. Take care when punting.

Tuesday 25th March: I'm taking Ros to the first viewing of the Strictly Ballroom musical by Baz Luhrman tonight and wont be back in the office until late Wednesday. Please note that I wont check my emails or process orders until then. The same applies for phone calls. Ill answer my voice mails on Wednesday night.

So with me out the picture it is probabaly safe to have agood bet.

Monday 24th March: Yes, a day off yesterday. The Winform E-News HAS BEEN SENT. Anyone wanting the E-News is welcome to subscribe for free. Simply go to the online store and choose Free Betting Tools.

A bit damp around the place today but we alwasy do well at Grafton so hope we can again today.


RACE 2 ROSEHILL WINFORM DAILY MAIL Quinella $16 Trifecta $428 First $4 421, yes not a misprint $4421.

Eagle Farn Race 3 Winner $33.70/ Rosehill 5 Winner $5.50 Quinella $45 Trifecta $631.70

Over $1,000 in front on Powerbet top three today. Time to have a break. Still 5 specials to go which I;llcheck on in between watching the footy. I really needed Sweet Idea to get that photo! Still money back 2nd with most bookies. It was a $10,000 payday if she got there.

Saturday 22nd March: I recokn they must have left the sprinklers on at Rosehill to come up with a Dead 5 today. What! No improvement since 9 a.m. yesterday?? Anyhow, up to 30 degrees today so expect soem improvement. We have posted Rosehill as a Good track under our Wednesday file. The Autumn package is out and posted to the Gold Club site at 8,45 a.m.

As for the package last night we got the Quinella in the William Reid and the Quinella, Winner, Exacta and Trifecta in the 6th. Mr X had a ncie win in the Daily Feature BUT, personally, and totally brelate dtothe time I bet, I have had just one winning race in the past 21. It's purely coincidental that I missed the ge=reat aaPOWERBET TOP THREE winning run yesterday.


Friday 21st March: Did anyone find any winners yesterday?? I didn't and blew a Powerbet series. I also made a mistake and bet on a 7yo. That's a no no unless they are top rated. I wish we didin't have days like that but it is unavoidable. My son Mat had no trouble. He waas stuck away from home for work and spent the evening from 4 til about 7 punting. At one stage he backed 15 straight winners but here's what he does. He bets in every race regardless of whether its cats dogs or horses, gallops or harness. In several races he backed the horse that beat my runner into 2nd. One race at Kilcoy was gong to pay me $4,000 and close the series by a country mile.

I've been spening my ights with my daughter Natalie, while hubby is away giving Seminars in Brisbane (not gambling but heath related). It adds up to that set of different parameters which make you slightly uncomfortable and I look foward to going back home in the morning, even if that's to do work. You lose that little bit of freedom. On the plus side, I have seen one of the twins, the hours older one, start to crawl and you can't beat that interaction with kids as they change from day to day. I reckon I actually spend more time with them and my grandaughetre than I ever did with my own kids, just because I had to leave the behind to go to work every day as most parents do these days.

Natalie can't wait to get back to work but I know she will miss being with them in the day time while Ros and I do our share of having them.

Wyong tariner Tracey Bartley had two runners at Warick Farn yesterday.His stable "star" he tells me is Strace which failed to place yesterday in the 4th race, finishing 9th. We had it one place worse on our ratings. Magna Amica which I suggested might be his best horse , finished 4th in the 7th. It just ran out of puff after running to the lead in the straight. It is a horse to follow and will be fitter after yesterday. Bartley has a good strike rate as a trainer from limited opportunities. Strace needs a nother run I reckon but will be a winner thereafter in suitable company.

I'm disappointed. It now looks like Rosehill is destined to be Dead tomorrow after a major downpour last night which is more then treble what was predicted. Several of my "specials" were expected to improve dramatically with a Good track.

Thursday 20th March: If only my day yesterday had been as good. Here's our new video.

Hi Garry

What I'm about to tell you is probably a familiar tale to you, and I'm not so naïve as to believe that it will always be this good, or even that it will be good at all, but you should know that I made my first Any 2 bet today using your Daily Feature on the 21:05 at Launceston and cleared $82 on $10. I lost a couple of $10 to win on the same horses, but I'm still $52 up, 173%.  Together with $26.50 on $20 I made on a sample which you kindly sent of the Gold Service a few days back, I'm 117% up.

So it's early days, and I'll carefully monitor the percentages, and particularly how long a losing streak goes on, but I think I might have found a very helpful buddy in Winform!  Thankyou very much for the enormous hard work which you put into the site and service. You could just have sat back and reaped the rewards all to yourself of your rigorous ratings method, but you've chosen to spread the joy around.

Grateful Regards

Richard signed up Tuesday so yesterday was his first betting day with us. Congratulations toMr X for choosing that race for Richard and our other subscribers.

I expect to have the Autumn Preview for tomorrow night and Saturday out be midday.

I spent yesterday at the races renewing acquaintances and what I discovered was that most of the people I knew were still there, from the past Chairman down. Even the same bookies were still there AND their clerks were still the same only older. In this Racing game everyone seems to go on. I thought to myself , well they are all still here but gee some of them are looking old, and then in the mens room I happend to glance in the mirror.............

Wednesday 19th March: Well couldnt' somebody have told me I didnt know what day it is?? Yesterday I posted as the 18th February and didn'tnptice. Maybe noone else did either?

I'll be at Newcastle todat for the Newmarket, which can give pointers to the Doncaster ad it is a good field, well supported by the major stables BUT the rest of the meeting is substandard amd I doubt if we will see more than 1,000 people on course. As late as yesterday I was still seeing ads for places at the restaurant overlooking the course. This is usually booked out along way in advance.

Betfair Autralia has been running at a continual loss since launching here several years ago. The Australian market was never suited to the Betfair model as our options were always much better than in the UK where punters could even be banned from main street betting shops simply for being regular winners, and that even applied to $10 and $20 punters. No Betfair is still struggling to get enough market share to make a profit, although in one rare year they did make a about $1.5 million.

According to the news today, James Packers group, a 50/50 shareholder, is likely to takover the business in full and revert to fixed price bettng as the mainstay of the business. Imagine that? I have been telling everyone that will listen that Betfair was never a good bet for Australian punters and so it has proved. Two years ago they introduced Betfair SP which should have been better for punters but it wasn't. Our betting in Janaury/February last year, whoich produced a winning result at level stakes, cost us $15,000 just in the difference between the best tote/Sp prices and the Betfair SP.

Packer has big pockets and so Betfair will come out with more competitive products and operate at a bigger loss until they have sorted out the winners from the losers, the same as the other UK backed corporates. Once that is doen their profit will come.

Tuesday 18tMarch: Brett lives about half an hour away from me and so I dropped Money Factory into him and loadedit onto his computer and did a bit of training. That's why I'm a little bit late today.

I have been busy as you know and so only got stuck into the punt late yesterday with two wins from three races, good on you C Plan and a profit of $1,000 give or take a couple of dollars. I noted a new feature at Betezy. At the bottom of the bet slip you see a nominated amount that you can take to win e.g. yesterday I could bet to take out $4,000. I'm guessing thAT THIS FIGURE CHANGES AS MORE punters get on at the nominated price. It is a good feature because you know where you stand.

It continues to be one of the best starts to a year I have seen.

Monday 17th March: Today is St Patricks Day and it's also Armidale Cup Day. I remember a very big win when Akwazoff won it many years ago. I had a five horse parlay and collected some mammoth amount from a couple of $55 outlays. It was many thousands.

Here's a list of one of our Winform Ratings subscribers betting for the past week.

13/03/2014 Bunbury Cup Classic Ivory 1 21.00 Win  1st 
14/03/2014 St albans Stakes  Oruju 1 5.00 Win  2nd 
14/03/2014 Alistar Clark Stks Honey Steels Gold 1 21.00 Win  unp 
14/03/2014 Able Stakes Solsay 1 8.00 Win  3rd 
15/03/2014 Skylinee Stakes Valentia 1 4.50 Win  1st 
15/03/2014 Sweet Embrace Occitan 1 10.00 Win  unp 
15/03/2014 Randwick Stks Margins 1 31.00 Win  unp 
15/03/2014 Vobis Gold Rush Eloping 1 2.25 Win  1st 
15/03/2014 Aspiration stakes Dimond Drill 1 15.00 Win  1st 
15/03/2014 Challenge Stks Whittington 1 14.00 Win  3rd 
15/03/2014 Randwick Gns Dissident 1 9.00 Win  1st 
15/03/2014 Canterbury Stks Speediness 1 17.00 Win  unp 
15/03/2014 Skyracing 2yo Plate Executed 1 3.00 Win 2nd
15/03/2014 Bendigo Stayers Fnl Beauty Perception 1 11.00 Win  unp 
15/03/2014 Bendigo Gold Braclet Hai Lil 1 8.00 Win  3rd 
15/03/2014 Roy Higgins Tribute Lilliburlero 1 4.80 Win 2nd
15/03/2014 Yalumba Golden Mile Bass Strait 1 9.00 Win/ NonSys 2nd
15/03/2014 Bendigo Guineas The Bowler 1 11.00 Win unp
15/03/2014 Fireball Stakes Flight Academy 1 10.00 Win unp
15/03/2014 Gimcrack Stakes Fermette 1 11.00 Win unp
15/03/2014 Perth Stakes Jezpark 1 3.20 Win 1st
15/03/2014 Natasha Stakes Balmont Girl 1 3.80 Win 1st
15/03/2014 Robert Stakes Temporise 1 10.00 Win unp
15/03/2014 Various 6 leg all up 1 0.00 Exotic 1/unp
16/03/2014 Yarra Valley Cup Commanding Time 1 4.60 Win 1st

The punter I am referring to doubled his punting bank in one week. Hi selections are not for sale but I can tell you that he rarely has a bad year. All of our Autumn Package subscribers had a great week too. Phaedon at up to $9 Friday night , Dissident at $12 Saturday. So far Autumn Package subscribers have had only one losing day. Subscitpiotns are still available AND are less than $200.

Sunday 16th March: Lots of success allround yesterday. A pity about the late change in track condtions which blew most of us away. We were going very well before that.

I have started work on a new book and will be using my database of over 90,000 races to provide winning guidelines for serious punters. Some of the statistics will surprise you, some not but with such a massive dataset, a lot of preconceived notions by so called "smart" punters will be simply blown out of the water.

The markets for races are set to some extent by connections inside knowledge, barrier trials both public and private, the popularity of jockeys and trainers and some vague public concept of "Class" and value. I'll be showing you how to work your way around the nonsense and concentrate on the facts.

Saturday 15th March:

** Winform Gold Club First winner Randwick $4.70.**

**RANDWICK RACE 4 Quinella $38.90 Exacta $$84.40 Trifecta $1731*** Autumn Package.

**Winform Daily Mail Winner Randwick Race 1 Quinella Exacat Trifecta Randwick Race 2**

Saturday 15th March: We have an error logging in at present. We've notified our IT team and hope to have it resolved soon.. **ALL OKAY NOW , All files loaded and Autumn package sent. Winform Daily Mail Done!

Autumn package subscribers landed a $7.50 winner ( I got $9) and we also collected the Quinella and Trifecta last night. That means those who took the package paid for it in one go.

My Bet 365 account is embarrasing. I have won somuch money this week but still they sent me a $50 loyalty bonus. I have up to $1,000 with them qith no problems yet I know of many betting $50 to $100 that have been banned > I can't work it out? Ill keep taking the bets odds when they offer it though. They still offer opening bonuses to new players though but they must "hate" me because in two years of referring our Members to them they have yet to record any profit from them. My advice? Take it while you can get it.

Friday 14th March: Middle of the month already. Yesterdays Daily Feature was the Bunbury Cup which was alos featured on our Youtube video yesterday and it also shows ehere to get free form,in running pictures and the finish itself. IT also includes a preview of Randwick Saturday. If you've already viewed it you would know that we found the winner at $19.90 and Quinella was at the Daily Feature Race at $124+. Yes I was on it. I was probabaly a bit remiss in not using Greg Horns strategy for the race whcih would have given me the Quinella and Exacta as part of my outlay but as I secured $10 fixed for the place earlier in the day plus the win price I did okay.

I am setting up a "stats" pack at the online store later today with My Favourite Book (favourite stats) the Barrier book (barrier stats) and the Last Start Winners Guide (last start winners stats) for one low price in hard copy and E-Book

Thursday 13th March: Natalie was too ill after her procedure for me to take her home last night after waiting for 7 hours so it was late last night before my weekend preview was available for Autumn Package and Gold Club members BUT! It is all sent and updated on the website now. I took advantage of backing an $81 chance. Should I be surprised they would only let me on for $30?? Reality is that even though down in class it is a tough open race but every now and then these horses will win one. At that price one win in 50 makes a goodd profit.

This video is interesting. It shows how to view past photo finishes and in running stills for Western Australia.

Wednesday 12th March: I feel like I missed a day. Well I did. Bookeeping yesterday morning and then because I was unable to fax some hospital forms for a preocedure my daughter is having today, I needed to drive there and back and that took care of yesterday afternoon. Because she has been ill, Ros and I have been helping with the twns but it it is all part and parcel of how life is.

So no E-News sofar tis week and today is mostly lost as I will be taking Natalie to the hospital. Her husband will pick her up after work and Ros is looking after the kids. Of course Natalie will need assistance for a couple of days.

So I wont be punting but I will be putting in the hours tonight as the focus of the Autumn turns to Sydney. I might even record my video tonight.

I did get a chance to see the results and I have noticed some good results for powerbet.

Monday 10th March: It was one of the closest photos I have seen. I was on the second horse but which one was it?? It was the difference between a winning and losing day as I had secured $3.40 about a horse which started half a point shorter. You'll note that you can view the photo of the 600 and finish. Ain't technology grand?

It's Adelaide Cup Day today and our Autumn package subscribesr will have their copy of my final thoughts. The Kembla meeting washed out from Saturday is on today. The market for the Cup looks about right. It is traditionally run at a slow pace as the vast majority wouldn't stay 3200 at a normal pace which is why we don't see Adelaide Cup winners at Flemingotn in November.

Sunday 9th March: So typical isn't it. Flamberge, our recommended each way selection runs 5th after we backed it at Sportsbet. My other each way bet ran 4th. And don't get e started on 2nds for the win!

Profitmaker had a great day yesterday. There was some argument about the number of selections but in the end we went with what we had and two great collects at $13 and $9 for a big wiining day. In January we had a bad losing run of 28 or 29 which finished with a $15 winner and the last week saw 15 losers before our $9 and then our $13 winners.

The Autumn package had it's first losing day of the season but still miles ahead on level stakes. We missed the winner in only two of the races and we did find Thump but sadly no Quinella. We had three legs in each of the two quaddies. The only reason we didn't have the 4th is that neither of those two legs were Group Races but Winform did get both Quaddies.

Sportsbet is paying up to 4th place in Flemington Race 6. Great for each way bettors.

Saturday 8th March: I was all set to have a punt yesterday as a break from processing the many orders from our half price book sale when I copped my two selections 1,2 at Swan HIll and colected over $700 from my first investment of the day. That lifted my lethargy and I got stuck back into getting all orders out by 4 p.m. A few more today which I will process Monday.

Ill advise as todays Super Flemington Saturday races are posted.

Friday 7th March: Well I do special promotions to stimulate sales and keepme busy but I have been way too busy to punt. PLus Ros is babysitting the twins today which menas, yes , I have to help there too. Not a worry. What orders I dont get out today I'll work on Sunday.

A big day at Flemington tomorrow and I am semi-confident. Not so much at Warwick Farm where the weather looks dodgy. Glen Schofield gets back on Boban and he is expecting to see improvement.


As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today, a consortium led by Matthew Tripp has entered the competition with a new brand Beteasy taking over from Betezy.
 With the Herald reporting Tripp who made the BRW Young Rich List having gathered together a stable of shrewd investors , Tripp is prepared to take on the current UK and Irish owned operators including Sportsbet which he sold for hundreds of millions three years ago. He started Sportsbet with a few hundred thousand in 2005 and sold for 338 million after turning it into a powerhouse. What will he do for Beteasy which already has a solid customer base  and was at one stage the 4th biggest corporate operator.
Read the story.
The effect is that Beteasy will have the funds needed to offer better dividends to existing and new clients and new Internet platforms.
Members with Betezy accounts will be better off than ever. For now though it is business as usual.
Personally I have known Matthew Tripp since he started as Sydney All Bets and our Members used to gather on a Saturday at Wyong Races where he had a dedicated fully catered room for clients. His Dad Alan Tripp was the founder of Sportingbet.  No family is better known in the business.

Garry Robinson

Wednesday 5th March: My good thing lost yesterday, not even a place.I hope my special gets home today. It's a maiden jumping to a BM70, a massive leap but most of the runners are similar with their recent form. In Melbourne, we now have the situation where we have a lot of Good tracks and some horses can't handle it. Amazing hey! Orange had been abandoned for a second time.

I'm on the road today after being in the office to help with the many set ups required. I might even catch a movie, whoa! Who am I kidding? I'm working longer hours now than two years ago.

Tuesday 4th March: Robin submitted this thought.

vagrant thought due to some work Im doing:  have you ever looked at your strike rate versus phases of the moon.  Dont assume Im just totally silly -- a lot of animals and humans appear to be influenced by the moon  -- thus lunatic.   If  horses and jockeys become less consistent at various moon phases, it should show up.   I would expect an increase in strike rate on the leadup to and about a week after full moon then a decrease until just after new moon.  I dont believe in astrology but am reminded of the story of the nuclear physicist who noted a horse shoe nailed up on his colleague's barn and exclaimed "you dont believe in that stuff do you"   and the answer was "no, but it works whether you believe in it or not"  
     Good luck!

I had a Trixie yesterday and found two winners and a third. The winners were so short, I actually lost money. Maybe it was the lunar tides?

Today is a quiet one except that I will be wihtout power at somes stages as I have a solar installation today.

Nice Oneup system winner today at $9+

Monday 3rd March: If you havent seen the newsletter you will be unaware that Hucklebuck was full of mucous when he came back so maybe he had a cold that was undiagnosed. It had to be something unexpected as the backing was unbelievable late.

Four meetings today. I am on Werribee 1 Three Bears, Argos in the second and Quenbeyan race 6 4 Hot Pistol. If they all win it will be a nice birthday present.

Sunday 2nd March: Mr x turned a $1,000 shared bank into over $6,000. At times the bank reahced a low of $600 but after hitting just under $7,000 we withdrew our capital and so it goes. It has been going for about 14 months now and consists of automatic lays , mainly on maiden races. We are not selling the plan at this stage, this isimply to illustrate that patience is required in any endeavour.Now with a $6,000 Bank is it not logical we could build that into $36k by this time nest year, over $200k by the next and over a million th eyear after that. Well that won't happen of course. We'll probabaly take out some of the cash moving on, maybe for holidays or property investments. We'll see.

In the meantime, my profits have stalled! I made just under $4k yesterday but narrowly missed three pays of $4k to $8k with runners that didn't quite get there.

Winform Gold Club won well yesterday and Premium had two winners from three at $2.80 and $2.25. The Autumn package had a 6 unit outlay for 8.1 in with the recommended singles and we missed the winner in only one race but only found one Quinella, a Trifecta and a First4 in a 6 horse field.

Today I'll be at Raffertys Resort all day for meetings about the resort. Hundreds of Members have fond memories of the Seminars we ran there with many still professionally punting as a result. The reunion seminar we had there in 2010 remains a highlight for me.

Orange has been abanonded today but plenty more action otu there. Did you notice the great results for the C Plan at Yarra Valley yesterday?

Saturday 1st March:: On Thursday night we had a downpour. Today it is official. We had 260mm or over 10 inches in the old scale. No where near as much rain anyhwere else but Dubbo is abandoned and Rosehill a Slow 6. Unless that imporves we wont have much action there. I'm now busy with the Autumn Package and expect ratings to be posted about 9.15.

Firday 28th February: A couple of Blackhawk helicopters on exercise swooped low (less than 100 meters) over our house last night and they mght have beat the radar but you could here them coming form several kilometres away. They were quick though, by the time I had run upstaors to get the binocularsthey were flying by.

I have a training session in the morning followed by another good look at Saturdays fields.I note that of all the horses we selected, only one has a gear change of any sort. That has to be good.

Today is the last day of our bonus offer.

At Wagga we are being cautious because some runners have their recent form on the Wagga Riverside or inner track. We have no wy of assessing the differences at present as times have so far varied across the board and of course some horses will relish the new track and others not so much.

In Newcastle we have had overnight rain of biblical proportions. Our waterfront is flooded and the rain continuse but radar shows no current rain around Rosehill but I would expect the fringe of the low to sweep over it in a few hours. It will make a difference if it is more than a few showers.


In 23 Races we had 28 selections and 12 winners for 43% wins and a profi of $1220 on $100 bets. We actually made nearly double this as many of our selections were identified whileprices were much higher, e.g.Hucklebuck, Earthquake, Rubick, Spirits Dance just to mention a few were all more than $100 better




Wednesday 26th February:

Tuesday 25th February:Mr X didn't find the winner in the Top Two yesterday but he did find the Quinella nd Trifecta. That's the good news I suppose. The Previous day he had the $5 winner (wish I was on it) and Saturday we had Lankeen Rupee of course so all is going well.

Four meetinsg today so enough action to keep the C Plan going and of course the Powerbet Top Three strategy. A few small fields today so watch those, they can be tricky.

Monday 24th February: A busy week this week. Ros has physio today, Gastroscopy tomorrow, not sure Wednesday but a HIDA test Thursday and Friday is the day she looks after her 91yo mother. I'm in for a bit of transport duty but don't worry. I'll forward calls to my mobile so I'll still be contactable.

Until Friday we are running a very good offer. Simply subscribe to the Winform Ratings, Premium or Winform Gold Club for a year, and we'll give you the choice of Money Factory Professional Edition or Powerbet for no extra charge. That in itself is a $1,000+ bonus but there are also additional books and or netbook computers to be added. (02) 43592779 if you wish to learn more or email direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Funny thing. I had a guy seeking info on our Best Bet service which costs $149 for a whole year. He needed several years results in time order etc. etc. Well after being here for well over 20 years and finding that basically the results don't change much year on year with 40% winners PLUS the Weekend Feature Race which always manages to bring in a massive Quinella or other Exotic resultover the year I explaine I no longer needed to waste my time listing results, preferring to spend my time analysing form to find selections and choose races. I really aren't that desperate for 30cents per day. Needless to say he has signed off in a huff.

Peter will now go to a website posting lots of results which probably show how he can make his fortune with a $500 bank. He'll probably end up being scammed and paying thousands to one of those Gold Coast scam artists. I suggested he should take the Best Bets and back them in real time so he could verify everything himself.

Sunday 23rd February: Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit hungover this morning after Belles'husband Troy had his 40th last night. Ros was the designated driver and I actually had a few. That's very unusual for me but with a bit if barefoot bowling and a BBQ which I didn't cook myself, why not?

I could have called it a celebration after another winning day for the Autumn Package and Profitmaker had a good day as well (now +$1485 for the year).

One of my bookmaker accounts was empty and I hadn't bet there for a few weeks so I got a call offering a free $200 bet if I deposited $200. That account is now +$1200. Another account I started abotu 3 months ago with $500 and a $500 bonus is currently $3900and I have already drawn out more than that.

Today I twaled through and found two good bets for today then went back to bed for a spell. Oh well, off to lunch now.

Saturday 22nd February:

Yesterday, as I do on and off, I retested our Powerbet Top Three strategy with happy results. Plus $406 after 13 eleigibale races. I was a bit rusty so I outlaid too much, missing the fact that one runner was a 9yo. I noticed a big dip later in the day so glad I hadn't started then.

My specials last night found just two placed from three and one was beaten by a $201 shot. That wAS UNEXPECTED.

Friday 21st February: I'm being kept on my toes with a massive list of meetings today and likely track changes tomorrow. Already Caulfield is only a Dead 4 and that should dissipate by the major race time tomorrow. Here's my video preview of the Blue Diamond for a good track rating. Sportsbet are offering money back 2nd and 3rd if either Earthquake or Rubick win. With Nayelli a genuine chance on a good surface and at $9in the market we could take it at Sportsbet. and bakc the other two elsewhere for the possibility of two collects in the race. Rubik in the meantime has firmed while Earthquake has eased markedly out to $3.70 yet the wide draw favours her.

Readers looking for quality ratings should consider Winform everyday $1750 or Premium $2295 or Gold Club $2995, for until February 28th we are giving away your choice of either Money Factory Professional Edition ($1595) or Powerbet ($1295) . These programs move you into the era of disciplined punting and staking.

Thursday 20th February: Last night the Autumn Package subscribers had an easy win in the Group 3 at Launceston. A ducth bet was recommended. The track was upgraded to Good, this disqualified a selection we had already sent out to Profitmaker subscribers. It is rare for this to happen and seomtimes the luck comes out the other way. The track upgrade cost me $500. Some race clubs pay millions for an upgrade!

Today we have five race meetings including Kilcoy where we used to make a lot of money before they stopped having TAB meetings there a few years ago but now they are back and so are we. The home straight is only 143 metres long!


Wednesday 19th February: Amazing! The socceroos now have white socks! I didn't back that option.

I am in the miiddle of upgrading the ratings as Doomben is now rated Good.

Good luck today.

**Two C PLan races two winnersand I'm Plus $760 with a $500 bet out tonight at Launceston. Can't lose,worst case scenario is a $260 profit for the day.

Tuesday 18th February: I was disappointed wiht yesterday as Grafton seems to have let us down, especially when there were eligible bets and none won. Our special at Port Lincoln won and was $3 early before plunging to $2.20. Pays to get on early most days.

I notice my bets are now being referred to a supervisor before they are accepted at most places. Sportsbet are now taaking my win bets at Metropolitan meetings but restricting me at the country and provincials but I have to say that Sportsbet are not hampering my clients who bet up to a few hundred dollars and certainly those Members who normally bet $100 or less have no problems whatsoever.

What I do like is that most country and provincial races the fixed prices are up before anyone else which allows you to make informed decisions. It is handy for those who are unable to view the prices live due to work or family commitments. If you are looking for this sort of option I would get an account with them as they are one of the biggest. They also offer the best of tote or SP on every gallops race in the country.

Monday 17th February: An extra 1.2 units profit for Profitmaker yesterday after our one selection won at $2.20. The horse in question is owned by one of our longest running subscribers,over 18 years, and he deserves to be in a winning horse at last, in fact three wins on the trot. The prizemoney is not great but you can't beat that winning feeling. Congratulations John!

I am reminded that many of our subscribers have dipped the toe in with racehorse ownership and a few are long term owners who continue to support the imdustry but they are seemingly no more in the know than anyone else. A classic case was when we tipped a hprse as an each way special. It placed at around $5 and was unlucky not to win. The owner had been told by the trainer that it had no hope at all and not to even back it for a place. On another occasion, our recommendation resulted in the owner upping his bet which led to a six figure win. Racing is such a fickle game.

On the weekend , I was supremely confident about HUcklebuck and rightly so but still only took my normal unit. That's simply being professional about it. Otherwise I might have invested my entire bank, I was that confident, but that element of bad luck remains which is why it pays to be solid and stick with your plan.

I have aseveral best today and will invest in some multis but in total only one unit. Port Lincoln race today following the postponement on Friday last.

Sunday 16th February: Our Profitmaker series is 9.5 units in front for the year in spite of a run of outs of 27 in early January. Now that's sticking on, if you made it. It loks like there are two good bets today for Profitmaker from the nine meetings available. We willbe teleconferencing once we get the selections to check whthere ornot these selections are good enough to sendto subscribers.

Saturday 15th February: ** First Quinella/Trifect of the day up Doomben Race 1 $46.50 $284** ***AUTUMN PACKAGE STARTS OFF WITH A GOOD WINNER****** MOSSFUN

Half way through the month and thanks to all our readers. I wish everyone read it and that way there wouldn't be anxious phone calls on our office phone wondering why I am not responding to messages. I do of course respond but I can't do that when I'm in a plane high in the sky.

The rain was easing off when I left so perhaps Morphettvielle will race today? Soon know. Welll all my computers are up and running and I will send out the Autumnpackage emails in the next hal hour and post to the web page for Gold Club subscribers.

Friday 14th February: Port Lincoln was washed out for the first time in memory. It will run now on Monday and over today and the weekend Kingscoteon Kangaroo Island races. I'm sure they race there for fun, pity about the rain but it's not too bad at the moment. Morphettville will be heavy at least. It is the heaviest rain in 40 years. I fly out of Adeleide at 3.30 and am in the back half of the plane which means you walk across the tarmac to board.

A really lousy coupleof days for me with no wins at all. That's what I get for having such a good start to the month. The weekend looks promising though.

Tonight at Moonee Valley Race 7 some of our rated horses have penalties for being second up. A couple of those could be reversed as those horses eiether won second up previously OR their rated run wa a second up run. These are adjustments subscribers need to decide about themselves.

Some subscribers who also have GTX , have turned the penalties off altogether which has the result of the horses being rated solely on their time and weight ratings so a horse running on a Saturday with a 5% win ratecould be rated above a horse with a 25% win stirke purely because fo one very good run. Not a good idea in my opinion but a targeted approach of trawling through the runners and removing penalties which for the individual horsewhich don't make sense is a much better approach.

Thursday 13th February: Some really "good" bets yesterday for no result, just a couple of placings. They can take that Laid Back Larry back to Sydney, the sooner the better Gai! I made money backing it at odds on but have given it all back and more since.

I just finished the Autumn Package early preview and there are some very good bets and some nice races coming up. The weather may have an impact on Rosehill and I have factored in a Dead track. Here in Goolwa we have had overnight rain so some relief from yesterdays 42.

Brenton took me for a walking tour of Goolwa and the beach where David Jolly works his horses. I am seriously sore from our "jog". We did participate in a wine and port testing at the historic Goolwa Wharf which is at the end of the Murray. Last time Ros and I were here (we had a seminar in Adelaide) there was hardly a drop of water in the whole river and the boats were sitting on sand. Talk about climate change!

Brenton found a nice Irish Pub in town where we featsed ona beef Guiness pie and a glass of the same. What a beautiful dish it was, one of the best stew type dishes I have had.

Today we are talking RACING atrategies and one that Brenton is working on ( a longsshot plan) had 89 selecions yesterday fora return of 183 units. A very nice profit. Running the results via Money Factory/ Power Of Ten tyle staking since January made $18,000 form an initial $500 Bank. Of course it's a lot harder in real time but ti shows the potential.

I reckon the Powerbet workout is the way to go. We'll see.

Wednesday FEbruary 12th: Bloody hot 38 in Adelaide but just over an hour away at Goolwa it's mid 20'swith a cooling breeze off the river. Two dead kangaroos and then a three car pile up in Goolwa which we just missed. So Brenotn and I have caught up in the flesh after working remotely for the past few years. Nice spot Goolwa. Much more relaxed than the city.

Two listed races at Mornington today and two horses we have bbacked previously line up again in tough fields. Richies Vibe was a good winner for us last start but Laid Back Larry let the team down and is around $6 and easing.Form reversal is required.

Tuesday 11th February: Mr X's 2nd rated horse won the Daily Feature at a good price. I'd finished betting by that stage, having won 2 of 3 C Plan races for a profit of $345. I missed a couple of prices and had to settle for less or do without.

Trevor Johns could be in trouble with the Victorian bushfires near his town in central Victoria. Let's hopethe fire threat eases soon. Tomorrow I am off to Adelaide to catch up with one of our strongest contributors over the years , Brenton Burford. Brenton is retiring from writing but never from punting. He still spends many hours each week researching new systems but limits his time to three days a week, spending more time with friends at more stately pursuits such as lawn bowls.

According to the weather forecast I'm flying into another cauldron with temperatures over 40c. I'll come home late Friday in heavy rain so the cool off maybe on it's way.

I'll update the diary either late wednesday or early thursday.

Three race meetings today including Cessnock where we always find something, Ararat where they filmed the Biggest Loser (were they talking about punters??) Maybe because we rarely do well there and Townsville where the track is damp but the weather is fine enough. We find winners at Townsville but the prices are usually a bit shorter than we would like.

Monday 10th February: OOPS! I wrongly attributed an email to Gus Rankin in our E-News . It was actually Robin Hall. Gus did contribute feedback but on a different subject. Sorry Robin.

Yesterday I did one bad thing. I went out sailing while I was waiting for the Hobart Cup and got a bit sunburnt. I was surprised to see that Hobart was abandoned and fuinny thing. There was NO INFORMATION on why the races were abandoned. Surely the Club could have an update. It takes but seconds.

Anyhow, I cleaned myself up and then switched Sky and Dynamicodds onI had one soecial bet at Ballina and straight after there was a C Plan race at Naracoorte. It won as well as my special. Two races and PLUS $1180.

Lats year February was a disaster for me, not so this year as I have had one of my best starts ever with my bank increasing by 70% after just six weeks and for this year's Group Races I have only missed the winner once.

Sunday 9th February: A good winning day yesterday. I used nine different betting agencies and won with Centrebet, Sportingbet, Bet365, Betezy and Iasbet but lost with Luxbet, Topsport, Palmerbet and Sportsbet. So why so many agencies? Well several of the above limit how much I can bet, some as low as $100 a bet but some allow me to bet to win $6,000 (not many of those I can tell you).

I skipped the Quaddie in Melbourne yesterday, just as well, as I think it paid $50.

The C Plan was good, the Autumn Package was good and the Winform Daily Mail found the winner in nearly every race. Our Premium selections won well. What we missed was a good mix of double figure winners but you can't have it all. I had my best start to February for a long time.

Saturday 8th February updates.




bendigo race 4 another C Plan winner. It won while I had lunch

WinformDaily Mail 3.50 5 winners from 12 singles so far. Three Quinellas betst $56 so far.

Saturday February 8th: Peter is busy whittling away his Betezy free bets and turning them into cash using the C Plan. He has been working on getting used to what is needed to operate the plabn for some time now and is growing in confidence as he sees for himself how it does indeed collar those 50% or so winning races.

Robin Hall sent some very good feedback after our recent E-News about the formula for Patent betting. Feedback can eb accessed from our main page but here's the link anyway.

Don't forget that Caulfield kicks off at 11 a.m. so we will have the early races ready for you and then we will do an update following WA scratchings about 30 minutes later.

Friday 7th February: I dropped $200 yesterday, my first losing day for the week so only about $7k up. Luxbet are offering best price PLUS 10% on the CF Orr stakes tomorrow, Race 8, and well they might as it one of the hardest races because of the unknown fitness levels of the horses. Moment Of Change is a short priced favourite based on the fact that it has already had one solid run. The extra 10% might just be enough to make it a fair bet. With a $500 freebet to play with if you open an accpoutn and deposit $500 it might be a good time to opne a Luxbet account

Thursday 6th February: The Winform Daily Mail had three single selections yesterday and all three won. That's a good result.

I heard from Peter yesterday who wanted to alert Members to taking care when placing bets. He had, on my advice, used his $500 freebet at Luxbet to back the winner of the last at Taree. He waited until late to place the bet, but then had to rush as he had somewhere to be. Yesterday when checking his result he discovered that he had, by mistake, placed his bet for the place. The good news is that of course he won $300, the bad news is that if he had double checked before he hit the confirm bet button he would have noticed his mistake and changed to win for a profit of $1300 instead.

Fortunately, Peter is definitely going to be more careful in future but as I told him yesterday "we have all done it ourselves." Peter is doing the C Plan and happy with progress.

I also heard from Ron yesterday who is doing very well with the Powerbet Top Three, especially recently with many double figure winners from Winform.

Wednesday 5th February: I only had the chance to bet in the last two C Plan races of the day yesterday and I won both for $1045 profit. In the last at the Sunshine Coast I backed the favourite but the 2nd rated horse was at $6 at the time and I was a "bit of a risk" I thought so I only backed it for a saver. This is why my profit was more. That strategy doesn't work al the time and when it was backed in late I thought I may have taken the wrong rein but no. The easing favourite won and I secure half a point more than expected.

Here are some results for HorseRacing2Day ratings for January.

Race Strike Rate Top 2 44% at average $4.15 Top 5 79.3%, close enough to 80%.

Imagine running two Money Factory Banks. Bank One runs Winform Top Two where one of the top two is favourite and Bank Two backs the Top Two HR2Day.

Frequently the top two HR2D are low in Winform and they would rarely be the same horses. End result? Two income streams...maybe. The HorseRacing2Day ratings are only $595 for twelve months. You cna order at the online store. Exisitng subscribers can upgrade to Winform Gold as thes subscribers get HR2D for no extra charge.

This is from January 1st working as above. A lot of turnover but never more than $500 behind on a $10,000 Bank. 3.34% profit is not much either but the strike rate is okay at 57.5%.

Mf Workout2014

Tuesday 4th February: Only 72 people took the running double in the last two races at Grafton yesterday on STAB but only 20 on NSWTAB. That is why the Victorian dividend was $112 and the NSWTAB dividend $309. As far as I know, the corporates don't offer running doubles so you have to bet directly into the TAB pools. This illustrates why you shouldn't do it if you can avoid it.

Mostly the corporates don't need to bet back as the 20% plus the TABS take out of the exotic pools represents a very good margin for them unless they have some combinations heavily bet.

Today we have Benalla and Taree and Sunshine Coast. We don't have a great record at Benalla and don't know why but Taree is very good for Winform and Sunshine Coast is okay too, depending on track conditions.I havent seen any standouts today though.

Monday 3rd February: I'm told that January was a record losing month for most people. Not for Winform subscribers I wouldn't think. Our Winform singles have been going well and The Autumn package started with success.

Today we have only one race meeting, Grafton. That would normally suggest a day off BUT Grafton has always been good for us and last year was no exception with our Top Two rated horses winning $2540 for $100 bets at level stakes.That was at 34.5% race strike rate. Using the Powerbet top three principles the result was almost double.

I'll be watching the Super Bowl at some stage today and as usual will back the loser. I have a $100 bet every year and no matter what I do have never, ever backed the winner even if it looked safe at half or even three quarter time.

It is the best offensive team (Denver) against the best defensive team (Seattle) and Denver set a new offensive record so are favourites and I will probably go with them giving away as little start as possible.

Sunday 2nd February: Mr X is back from the wilds of Tasmania and the challenge is on after we found a week or so of winning Daily Feature Races and although we didn't get the winner of the Daily Feature yesterday (it ran 2nd) we did find the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First 4. In fact from 12 races for the Winform Daily Mail there were actually three First Fours and nine, yes 9 Quinellas. That'sa great result from a service which only costs $995 a year or $275 a quarter.

An amazing Premium winner!! Mountain Haze won after $11 was bet. Our Premium selections win at 40%+ and usually at up to $3.50 if we are lucky. Mountain Haze, well I couldnt' understand the price. All the signs were there, it was alast start winner at $2.25 and similar class and expected to be favourit e again in our computer predictions.

Saturday 1st February: No luck with our Daily Feature yesterday and not a good day overall.Those Fridays which start about midday and stretch to 10.30 are a long haul. Not alot of C Plan races yesterday either.

Our ealry selections for the Autumn Package have all firmed and are mostly the only ones in their race to do so. Maybe we are right , either that or we and everybody else is wrong too.

Everything was posted by 11.20 a.m. first 5 races on Winform Daily Mail found 4 winners $14, #2.30, $11 and $3.10 Just got $12 Goodfun Girl Morohettville 4 top rated Winform.


Friday 31st January: No worries with the Daily Feature yesterday. The winner was available at $7 before being backed in to $5 and won easily from barrier 15. The Quinella was ours but missed the Trifecta. I was out and to be honest forgot to bet before being reminded by David Toulson, who as you know is one of our associated professionals and writers. It'sa long time since I placed a phone bet and I was worried . By the time the operator told me all the "details", yes it was the TAB, the race could have been over, but I got on woth the price changing as we spoke. The key is don't levae it too late if betting with the TAB.

I may not be able to update todays ratings for Esperance as I am getting some major work done on my computers today but everyhting else will be up AND RUNNING BEFORE 10 A.M.

Thursday 30th January: Missed by "that much" in yesterdays Daily Feature. Luckily I picked it back up with a nice C Plan win. I noticed a slump in the middle of the day followe by a burst of double figure winners especially for Powerbet top three. Winners continued into the night with Launceston 6 and 7 and Ascot 8 good results. Launceston Race 3 was a C Plan race with the right result but Powerbet Top Three followers might have had to think about it as the winner was 2nd rated and 7YO so normally not bet BUT we can't leave this out if favourite, especially in a C Plan race.

With Powerbet you have to have the bility to hang in there as sometimes you can close 2 or 3 series in a row without a cent to show for it but when they hit!! Well the payoff is great.

We havea couple of really good races at the weekend for our Autumn Package subscribers inclduing a big longshot possibility.

Wednesday 29th January: Yesterday was an easy dutch bet win at Port Macquarie with our 3rd rated horse winning at a double figure price. Missed the Quinella though, 1st and 3rd.

The C Plan won the first two eligible races and many quit with a nice profit at that point.

Tuesday 28th January: I missed with my win selections for the Daily Feature Race yesterday but found the Quinella $13 and Trifecta $519 in that race. Quinella cost was juts $10 and Trifecta $60 but a $10 flexi would have paid $50+. We can be very smart but that doesn't always lead to a win. The winner just did not seem suited to the short straight at Beaudesert.

Just 3 meetings today at Port Macquarie, Stoney Creek and Goulbourn. A lot of Sydney based horses run at Goulbourn these days.

Monday 27th January: Yes it was Australia Day and yes we had a lamb BBQ last night. I didn't have a bet at all yesterday, what was wrong with me, very unAustralian! Thousands did though but it didn't look like being a good day to bet.

Grafton was looking like a disaster until a $19.90 top rated winner in the 7th followed by a $6 winner at Wagga straight after. It probably wasn't enough. Our one Premium selection couldn't win at odds on. Chances are the correction will come today.

HorseRacing2Day ratings had 45% winning race in the tOp Two from the first third of the day.


Sunday 26th January: 67 runners on our Winform Daily Mail in 14 races and we won in 11 of them. That's not to say we would have backed them all but even if we did the return was almost dead level. There were 7 Quinellas, the best $69.

Today there are 10 race meetings, more than enough to keep us all going. It's our wedding anniversary so I guess we'll be going out somewhere for a nice lunch. Funny thing. Last night was nothing like our wedding night 42 years ago! We looked after our grandkids while Natalie and Shayne had a rare night out together.

I checked the resulst of the last few races around 1.15 a.m.this morning. Good luck today.

Oh, by the way, I know this is racist but if you had Irish and Catholic roots you were probably born a natural gambler.

Saturday 25th January: A great night last night with our Winform Gold selection winning. Our first Autumn package was also successful with a 100% win rate. Profitmaker had a good day as well with two wins and a place from four selections and it was needed. All up a ten grand collect for me.

Today I rate Caulfield close to good, Randwick if upgraded will be later in the day so I will stick to the Dead rating while Morphettville will upgrade.

Friday 24th January: Thanks to the idiots at Racing NSW we won't have tonights Canterbury scratchings until closer to 11 a.m. When will they wake up!!! If we can have tonights Moonee Valley scratchings now what's the difference??

I'll let you know when final scratchings are in and also I'll load up the details of the new video.

Thursday 23rd January: Seymour race 2 our equal top rated runner wins at $22. The second horse qulafied for a place bet under Trevor Johns criteria and the Quinella paid $84.

Yesterday the HR2D copped a hiding from the first 20 races with a run of 8 or 9 losing races at one stage but they recovered to be 43% from the Top Two with a few good priced winners around the $6 and $7 mark.

Winform Ratings came up with several double figure winners, especially for the top three Powerbet strategy.

The Daily Feature Racefound 1st, 3rd and 4th amongst the top five but no Quinella. I was disappinted with that result.

Wednesday 22nd January: I had one bet yesterday for one $4.00 winner. Can't argue with that. JUts had a southerly change come through here but bright and sunny otherwise. At least the rain yesterday dampened the grass.

Today we have the Tasmanain 1000 Guineas at Launcestonalthought the filed for the main Sprint is disappointing but Robert Thompson and the 8yo Youthful JACK ARE BACK He ran 4th at Devonport on Cup Day so he can still gallop. Black N Tough will be the hardest to beat and value not likely in this race.

The Guineas is our Daily Feature Race today. It costs Members just $1 a day for this service but I am sure I put more than a dollars worth of effort in sorting out the chances. Maybe Mr X will be there tonight?

Tuesday 21st January: I hadn't sent out the E-News for more than 5 minutes when the orders started coming in. Subscriptions to the Autumn Package which includes both the Melbourne and Sydney Autumn Carnivals and the HorseRacing2Day ratings were popular but also the books featuring the C Plan.

I won my first race yesterday but was tempted into the last at Moruya and thought o have it won when down the outside...familiar story?? Anyhow, finished slightyl in front so better then losing.

It's amazing what you find when you have a look through your database. The Mokbels used to subscribe to Winform. Not sure that's a recommendation.

Amazing coincidence 2) Renae Lawrence used to rent a property from me before we had to kick her out In Bali they are working overtime to keep her in!

Monday 20th January: A $5700First Four in the Tasmanian Gunieas yesterday in the top four ratings. I wish I was on it but I had a good bet on the top rated favourite which ran 4th. Today I am putting together a comprehensive E-News to cover what we are doing for Autumn. Winning I hope.

We also had another one of those races where the Winform Ratings and the Horseracing2Day ratings were the same and we had another win. So far the majority of Members subscribing to the new rating are those who already subscribe to Winform. It is good to have both for comparison but it was also intended to allow Members who couldnt afford Australia's number one ratings to have a quality rating at a cheap and affordable price. Clcik on the Onoine store button on the left to check it out and order. Remebre if you do order you get the rest of JANUARY FOR FREE.

Sunday 19th January: The Winform Daily Mail covered 14 races yesterday and found nthe winner in 12 of those races. If all runners were backed the result was a 15.5 unit win or $1550 for a $100 bet. There were 7 Quinellas, the best $61.80. Our single selections just kept running places until finally a $15 winner at Ascot.

I returned in time to have a losing day but at least the C Plan fired with four wins from five races before I quit after we discovered that someone had stolen our trailer while we were away.

The P and O Pacific Jewell isn't the best ship out there but is hard to fault at the price and Isle Of Pines has to have the prettiest beach I have seen with powdery white sand and clear tropical water. I took a trail ride through the rain forest before we unsaddled the horses and we went swimming in the sea to wash the sweat off there horses and ourselves.

It hasn't taken nlong to get back in the saddle here and today I will be catching up on ordesr over the past few days.

My thanks to Mr X who heads off to Tassie for a much needed break.


Saturday 18 January

The Daily Mail single selections (WFM and WFMH) had a resonable day, helped only by Rusty Peaches at Ascot.

The best bet of the day anywhere romped in. It was my Daily Feature Race selection of Index Linked. The Cleaner predictably did what he normally does and led until the final 200 m when G Boss got to work and then over the final 50 m looked around 5 times to check that - yes the 1.75 length was ever increasing. The Cleaner held on well for second to get the quinella in the top 5.

Garry is back so we have tagged and I will sign off. I am having a real holiday (going away) for the first time in 5 years, so really looking forward to the cooler climes of Tasmania.

Friday 17 January

Two meetings were abandoned today due to the heat, including where the daily feature race was to be held.

Looks like the heat wave has passed and we can get back to normal programming in Victoria. The 11 am starts had me thinking it was winter.

Thursday 16 January

The DFR got the winner but only after a protest was upheld. I watched the race but didn't see anything obvious, only that it was very close. The winner paid $4 and the second rated horse lost the protest. The quinella paid about $15

Wednesday 15 January

Found the winner in the daily feature race but it was fourth rated so that doesn't count. I generally try to find a suitable 1400 m race for the DFR if there is no 'system' bet

Tuesday 14 January

We got a result for the Daily Feature Race with the winner paying $9.50 best tote and the top 2 quinella paying $10.

Tomorrow's Caulfield meeting has been brought forward to an 11 am start to avoid the late afternoon heat just like today's Wangaratta meeting was.

Monday 13 January

If there is one thing to be learned from today's races is to never discount the older generation. Of course I am talking here about the horses racing in the country. Among today's winners was Star Of Universe (Gunnedah race 4) who is only 13. If you had a close look at this race (in hindsight of course) he had a reasonable chance, especially since he was the only horse in the field to have won at the course and distance. And he was given the limit weight and then a 1.5 kg claim for the little girl. Now here is the important part because the market also believed he had a chance because his tote price very closely matched his morning line price. The morning line price of course is only available if you have GTX.

I keep picking the wrong races for the daily feature race. I chose Ascot race 6, the Scenic Blast Stakes. One of my selections (a course and distance winner) was travelling pretty well on the pace but faded in the straight. The favourite won the race (a course and distance winner) coming from well back in the field. Funny game, Rugby League.


Sunday 12 January

A reminder of the value to be found in the Winform top 3 occurred in the mid afternoon races today. From 3.40 pm to 5.30 pm there were 21 races (63 bets). The total return was 80 units with dividends ranging from $4.80 to $22. The Winform Powerbet program would have made really good profits from these races. The races were a good mix of maidens, rating based and bench mark races, class 1, 2 and 3 handicaps and open handicaps and the whole distance range from 1200 to 2000 m.

The Ascot meeting that was transferred from yesterday to today has now been postponed to tomorrow. I will put the ratings on the Saturday page for Saturday subscribers.

Saturday 11 January

The ride of the day just had to be O Ay on Barigan Boy in the first race at Morphettville. He lost his irons just after the start and went to the lead on the horse and despite riding straight back for most of the 1400 m won the race beating the even money favourite!

Friday 10 January

Due to the predicted heat for Saturday, the Ascot meeting has been transferred to Sunday.

Today's ratings upload was delayed because the building I live in had no power from about 2 am to 11 am. The service wires arced due to moisture (there was some very light rain) and lots of dirt

January 9

The conspirators lost because Garry and Ros are on their cruise. The daily feature race ended up with the single bet being scratched. Bad luck for all those on it because it was heavily backed.

Mr X

2014 Current Edition - Happy New Year Punters

Updated for 8th January 2014

Wednesday January 8th: Anybody would think events are conspiring to keep me away form my holiday.Last night Ros's mother was taken to hospital suffering form a possible stroke and so we might have had to stay rather than go tomorrow, however, her condition was stable andshe will stay for a day or two just to monitor her condition.

Ros is getting better each day so we are definitely off tomorrow. Let's hope the ship doesn't sink and the captain doesn't take it too close to land to impress his girlfriend.

On another note we are currently looking into a shipbound Seminar and cruise for late this year. It could include a land based section including a race meeting and stud tour.

Yesterday our new R2D rating include a $14 top rated winner in Wagga Race7. Looksmart the 2nd rated horse ran 3rd at $3.80. The two R2D singles had a win and a 3rd. So from tomorrow, Mr X takes over the diary and I suspect he will have a few things to say.

Tuesday January 7th: It's official. Ros is feeling well enough to make the Cruise and besides I reckon getting away will be a good way of getting over her current problems.

Peter called today "complaining" once he saw the rewardbet video he was hooked and stayed up to 2 a.m. viewing all the videos we have posted on the subject.

Hope you all got on Full Hand yesterday. I did. It was a nice win.

Monday January 6th: An ideal use for the new rating. Cessnock Race 5 Winform goes for 1 and 2. The HR2D rating chooses 1 and 2 and the result is no 2 $5.90 1st no 1 3rd. Spot on!

We have a new video which I might have to reload as the sound is a bit light. There's also a mock up of a new film featuring my grandaughter Isla.It won't help you find winners but you might get a chuckle.

Three meetings today and it includes Cessnock which is usually a good meeting for us. There's also the Narooma Cup at Moruya and I reckon n0 5 Full Hand will be hard to beat. Brian Cox has brought him up from Wodonga for this race.

Sunday 5th January: Nearly lost my boat today. The waves broke the seawall and took it out but the jettee stopped it and zi got it back in. I just rode the waves and dropped it on the grass parallel.

So not betting today, probably not until we get back now. It looks like the tests Ros has to have can't be scheduled for a couple of weeks so she can take it easy on the cruise and relax I guess. My brother in laws parner is having different problems being attacked by some sort of bacterial virus and may not make it. Lucky we all took travel insurance.

Starting this year , I decided to leave out certain selections. The first two runners I eliminated yesterday won and I would have collected over $9,000. Instead I stuck to my new qualifiers and they could only run 2nd.

I noticed the new HR2D rating won 10 of the first 11 races today and the singles 2 from 4 so far. Winform had a $41+ winner today.

Saturday 4th January: Todays Ipswich meeting has been abandoned because of the heat. It is expected tobe over 40 degrees. At the Gold Coast, sea breezes are expected to keep it down to the mid 30's.

Here's the link to our latest video. It shows you winform ratings and rewardbet. You can now have the ratings in rewardbet as long as you have a current subscription. You simply select the ratinsg and put i your usual user name and password.

Members scored the Daily Feature Race winner at a better price than expected. I didn[t have a great day myself, losing the other three races I selected for myself, then I received a phone call that Ros was in emergency. Turned out they don't know what the problem was but possibly a pinched nerve and they dosed her up with relaxants and some heavy pain killers including suppositories, valium, morphine and Forte.

I was able to get her home late last night and into bed and this morning the pain has eased but now I have to take her forscans this afternoon. So maybe we are still going on holiday Thursday or maybe not? It's pobabaly lucky that I work from home.

fRIDAY jANUARY 3RD 2014: A good variety of meetings again today and includes tonight for Cranbourne and Esperance. Todyas ratings have been posted and there's an interesting Daily Feature Race.

I accidentally resent our earlier E-News so had to send a update. That annoys some peoepl but as long as I get it right in the end.

I lost yesterday with just one winning C Plan race during the period I was active. So one out of four but there had been winning C Plan races earlier in the day. It always wins. The Lates C Plan info is in Winning Your Only Option and I am currently looking at the last six hard copies.

It's interesting. At present 10.36 a.m. there are peoeple viweing the following pages on our site. That Diary of course, the Members log in, The Daily Feature Race, the archives, and Winform Top Two strike rates and Industry sources i.e the links page. Google is getting very clever. I can even track to see where visitors go to after they have read each page. We leave visible traces no matter what we do once we have an Iphone, Ipad or PC or laptop. At the momenet 10.38 50% are using PC pr laptop, 30% mobiles and 20% Ipads.

**All services updated 11.28 a.m.

Thursday Janury 2nd 2014: You can log into the website using username SAMPLE and passwor R2D to see our new ratings and selection service. It isa budget priced service for those who can't afford to have Winform Ratings. And it is a handy service for those wanting to do a comparison.

A variety of tracks and track conditions today to keep us all happy. We had a good start to the New Year with good wins on the Winform Daily Mail and Profitmaker started with a profit.

Our new budget ratings have a sample online now . Use username Sample and password R2D to access. First race today top rated horses pays $6.80 Geelong.

January 1st 2014: Our Profitmaker program made a level stakes profit for 2013 as promised. It wasn't much in a hard year and mid year was disastrous, giving back profits made in January. It proves once again thoghh that you have to stick to the plan. In 2014 we have made some necessary adjustements, this time actualy sacrificing strike rate for the possibility of better profits. That new plan starts today, well actually, it started in December and that is why we are back in front.

Saturday subscribers will find todays ratings posted as Saturday. Everyday subscribers will see it as Wednesday of course.

**Ascot Race 4 Thunderlovin 1st at $39.80 and top rated.Second Rated runs 2nd.** Plus Trifecta in top four $1789 Quinella $71.80



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