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Autumn Edition
By Garry Robinson
Last Updated: Thursday May 31st, 2007

Thursday May 31st: As predicted yesterday was a god day for the Winform Top Two with 40% Strike Rate. The Winform Singles had two wins from three bets and the WSE (Wet Sucess Express) bets from Premium had a winner and 2nd from two bets. We suggested the Doubles and Trebles yesterday but the only one that was successful was the Canterbury running double which paid $1354.50 with our $141 winner: 'Eddie Rapido'' which was rated 5th on the Dead track. Had the track been rated Good this runner would have been our top rated selection. The Double in Victoria only paid $251. What was going on there?

Today was to be the last day for acceptances for the Special Offer on 'The Key To Winning Consistently' but in fairness we will accept orders until 3 p.m. tomorrow (WA residents pleased note). We did get several calls yesterday after closing time, luckily we were still here.

The latest Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine will be in Newsagents tomorrow.

Today is D Day for our Betting Pool for May. So far we are well down but I am plunging today (sensibly) and will let you know tomorrow how I went.

Wednesday May 30th: A number of Members have advised that they get the message that our Bookshop is "insecure" and our security license has expired. This is simply not true. It just means that we have not paid a certain worldwide organisation a fee to say that it IS secure. You could call it a form of blackmail. It all depends which browser version you are using and which software to access the Internet. I have long held the theory that viruses were invented so that firewalls and virus checking software could create massive profits. I think most computer users feel the same way. It is a massive industry.

Anyhow, just a reminder that the Members Special on the David Bendeich book 'The Key To Winning Consistently' ends tomorrow. It then goes on general sale without Member bonuses but we will honour any mail orders placed sent this week.

Todays races have an average top two strike rate of 33.7% so Powerbet should do O.K. The Top three is 46%, Top Four 58% and Top Five 68%. Maybe a good day for Doubles and Trebles.

Tuesday May 29th: Sad news today with the loss last week of two of our Members who had both attended the week long Seminars we ran over the past few years. Paul Egan was our unoffical breakfast cook and a great bloke who enjoyed a drink and a feed and a good punt. Trevor Pope attended many meetings of our Members and the GTX focus group in Melbourne. He is the person responsible for me making the Winform Strike rates available. Each day he checked the tables and only bet in race meetings where the strike rate was in our favour. They will both be missed.

On a brighter note the David Bendeich Premium selection won today by about six lengths.

Monday May 28th: Our Winform Special ran 2nd and we had a Bravo winner at $6.30. The Top Two was on song at 33% but our Sports Selection busted big time when the Bulldogs "home" game looked more like a Swans picnic. Our record in Aussie Rules this year is, in a word, hopeless!

I hope Members noted my note to not bet the Knights. With three of their top four players out they were never going to be a chance against the team that until today was bottom of the ladder!. The Broncos won 71 to 6, a new record win for them and a record loss for the Knights.

There's always next week. Just one bet from the Bendeich book today and it ran 2nd but should probably have won.

The Winter Edition of the magazine reaches Newsagents on Friday. There is a new system and the opportunity to get a free book by filling in our reader survey plus many great features.

Sunday May 27th:
Not a good strike rate for the Top Two yesterday but Winform Specials had one win and a 2nd from two bets, our Best Bet was 2nd. The UNITAB Selections from the Key To Winning Consistently ran 2nd and the only selections from the Punting Path To Heaven had one bet for one winner. There are just over 40 copies left for Pre-Orders to our Winform Members which must be in by May 31st. The book will be available to all comers from Friday 1st June but without the current bonus offer. We expect orders to be despatched the second week of June.

Th Betting Pool had a disaster last night with a $500 bet on Manly at -2.5 going astray. I got too greedy. Had I accepted the $1.74 on offer for an outright win it would have been better. Those viewing the Weekend Sports bets should now NOT bet the Knights as three of their starts are now officially out. Even at the new start of 12 points it is a big ask, not that the Broncos are that good anyway at present.

The Simpy The Best pan from the magazine had a great $12.20 winner yesterday and three other plans all had the same selection and winner in a previous race. the Bravo plan had a good day Friday and is now looking good for the year to date. We also had a fantastic Winform Single Winner on Friday also: Casino Race. 4 No. 10. 'Remington Steel' at $31.10. There are four selections today.

One thing that I did notice on coming back to the office is that as far as betting opportunities I did not miss much as tracks have been consistently rain affected.

Friday May 25th: To all Winform Members don't forget the fantastic 'Key To Winning Consistently' Bonus Offer for Pre-Sale purchases ends next week, so please get your orders in quick. You can express your orders to the Winform Bookshop or Phone the office on: 02 4950 1747.

Don't forget last weekend's highlight was the Winform Grandslam Selections with three fantastic winners from five Selections: 'Tonlyn Spirit' at $3.20, 'Lasoron' at $6.00 and 'Masked Assassin' at: $5.50 that's better than 60% wins. To access to the Winform Grandslam click here

Good luck this weekend...

Update for Thursday: The betting pool had $1000 on NSW to win the State of Origin last night. Fortunately at half time we were able to save our stake betting on QLD, due to the half time score 18-6 NSW. The end result was no profit due to QLD coming back to win, but no loss either.

Thursday May 24th: The venue for the Launceston Seminar yesterday was superb. To top things right off the hotel even had a huge flat screen television, which was perfect for viewing last night's State of Origin match between New South Wales and Queensland (with a few fun bets along the way).

The Winform Singles were little disappoitning yesterday with only one winner: Belmont Park Race 2. No. 1. 'Centrum' at $1.80, although we had another winner with David's bets and two places.

Horse Racing Australia Magazine: Issue 7. Winter should be available online for purcahse from tomorrow. Please visit the Winform Bookshop.

Wednesday May 23rd: There was some confusion yesterday morning with the condition of the Mackay track, NSW TAB had it listed as good where as others had it as dead, even the bookmakers such as IAS and Sportsbet had it as good for the first part of the morning. The confusion was sorted though and the track ended up being dead, which meant we were left with only 2 selections, one bravo and one wet success express. The Bravo failed running home for 5th while the success express managed to pick up a place in 3rd.

The Newsletter was put up on the net for members to view this morning, if you haven't already recieved it in the mail, you should in the next couple of days. Be sure to check out the enclosed flyer on the new David Bendeich Book, yesterday his selections had 2 bets for 2 places with an average place dividend of $1.72.

If you are not a member and do not recieve the newsletter in the mail you can view details of our new book by clicking here.

Tuesday May 22nd:
Some Horse Racing Australia Magazine Subcribers should have their new Winter 2007 Editon as early as tomorrow. There is some really top shelf information in this Edition, so get in early, click here. Wet tracks are seemingly slowing our selection process down, although we did have a Bravo Selection at Muswellbrook yesterday: Race 1. No. 4 'Power Lines' that ran 2nd at $1.30.

Don't forget that the Pre-Sale launch of David Bendeich's book: 'The Key To Winning Consistently', has now started. Visit our Winform Bookshop for more Pre-Sale details or simply phone the office on: (02) 49501 747
Good luck with your punting today....

Monday May 21st:
Another success for the Winform, with Garry hosting the first of the 2007 Professional Punting Seminars in Tasmania on Sunday with a friendly gathering at the Accor Mercure Hotel- Hobart. Garry gave some vital information on Staking Plans and Strategies as well as methods to apply in Professional Punting. The Seminar extended into ideas of advancing your betting with the Winform Money Factory Software and even applying it to Sports Betting.

Subscribers of Horse Racing Australia Magazine, it’s time to get excited as the 6th Edition of the Magazine; Winter 2007 will be posted out from tomorrow. If you are not currently subscribed to Horse Racing Australia Magazine, please click here to subscribe to one of our fantastic subscription offers, or phone our office on:
(02) 4950 1747.

Garry is continuing his promotional tour of Horse Racing Australia Magazine in Tasmania today. There is only one Newsagent in Hobart that still has copies of the Autumn Edition available the rest have sold out, so you will need to get into your Newsagencies fast for our Winter 07 Edition from the 1st of June, or subscribe.

Good luck with your punting this week.

Friday May 18th: David's bets had another successful day yesterday with 4 from 5 place wins and 3 from 5 win bets. The Newsletters are currently being packed into envelopes and will be sent out today, so you should get your copy early next week, included in this mailout is a special offer for all Winform Clients on David Bendeich's Key to Winning Consistently so be sure to check it out when you recieve it in the mail.

Today is the last day to secure your seat at the Tasmaina Seminars, the Launceston Seminar has sold out and there are only limited seats left at the Hobart one, so if you were thinking about going, you better get in quick, to secure your seat simply send your online order through by clicking here, or call the office on (02) 4950 1747. Good luck with your betting today.

Thursday May 17th: Well there were lots of places amongst the Selections yesterday, with just one winner for the Winform Single Selections; Eagle Farm Race 7 No. 1. 'Scenic Silver' at $1.90. It is projected that Horse Racing Australia Magazine- Winter 2007 will be available in Newsagencies around Australia by Friday the 1st of June 2007.

David Bendeich's bets went well yesterday with two wins from six selections, one paying $5 and another $3.40 at IASBet (now SportsBet) top fluc. The Place selections also went great with 5 wins for 6 bets, with an average dividend return of $1.30.

The AFL sports bets will be up on the net today, there will be no NRL betting this weekend due to the unavailability of many players due to State Of Origin. If you don't have dont have access to these sport selections be sure to subscribe by clicking here. Year to date we have had a strike rate of 56%, We ran the selections for this year through money factory and compared to just betting $50 per game we increased our profit by $178 for the year.

Wednesday May 16th: Good Morning everyone, Prue here. It's good to be back and away from the hospital and the dentist. Yesterday the Winform Singles were are little disappointing although we picked up one winner at Ballina Race 9. No. 1. 'Never Miss' at $2.80.

Garry and his wife Ros have now touched down in Tasmania, ready for our upcoming Seminars. In the process of doing a little site seeing, Garry has looked at all Launceston Newagencies that stock Horse Racing Australia Magazine only to find that most have sold out of our Autumn 2007 Edition. For all Locals or Members visiting Launceston who are after Horse Racing Australia- go to Birchell's Newsgency who will be stocking our Winter 2007 Edition, but to ensure that you get your copy- please click here to subscribe or phone: (02) 4950 1747.

It is imperative that you act soon if you are thinking about going to the Winform Professional Punting Seminars, as our first starts this weekend. For those people who are unsure about going, the Seminars are truly a good eye opener for all punters and will assist and improve your punting methods, strategies and knowledge. Please click here to book your seat or phone our office on: (02) 4950 1747.

Tuesday May 15th UPDATE:
The Winform Ratings Strike Rates has been calculated and the results for the past seven years is now available by clicking here.

Tuesday May 15th:
Well it is just us girls here in the office for the next two weeks, Garry has left for Tasmania today ready to start the Professional Punting Seminars, one on the 20th May in Hobart and the Other the 23rd May in Launceston. Time is running out for you to book your seat, Garry will be discussing some of the staking plans that Winform Offer at the seminars, including The Money Factory Professional Edition and Winform Powerbet, and there will also be details explanations on the GTX program.

Don't miss out, seats are limited so BOOK NOW to secure your seat!

Monday May 14th: The Key bets yesterday were one win and two placed from four so we can't win every day. The Winform Top Two was outstanding at 38% but expected after our lower than average result on Saturday. The winners prices were even more astounding including Rhodiamont $21, Fab $14.30 and Unrelent $34.

Our one Winform special flew home 2nd at $13 and I for one would have been happy with the place dividend. It is frustrating.

The weekend Footy bets were proftable with three wins from five bets. Only one team actually lost and that was Souths. The Western Bulldogs won but not by the 15.5 we needed for our win.

The Money Factory on our footy betting won handsomely. There will be no NRL betting this weekend due to the unavailability of many players due to State Of Origin.

Our review of the Winform strike rates is nearing completion and it shows remarkable consistency. There are some tracks where for some unknown reason we find many more winners and others where we just don't. Some can be explained by some venues having consistently big fields and others small fields. That is obvious. What is less obvious are such things as layout of the track, the pool of horses that race in some areas e.g. Port Lincoln and so on.

Yesterday there were five race meetings. Our best three were +35% average and returned 40% yesterday. On Friday only one of the three meetings qualified and this was where most of the winners fell. Jenni will post the results on Wednesday.

Sunday May 13th: Happy Mothers Day. This is one day which involves all of us. We all have 'em so we have to look after them.

I'd rather forget most of yesterday. The Top Two was diabolical with only 27% winners. Grandslam missed the boat entirely, both Best Bets ran second and the three Winfrom Specials went down.

There was one outstanding ray of light! The selections from the new book The Key To Winning Consistently produced one win from the two selections out of the Free Ratings section and from the segment using Winform Ratings there were twelve bets for three wins and ELEVEN placings. One of the key features of the book is that by using bookmakers that pay Tote odds (that is the bets don't go into the TAB pool) a consistent place profit can be achieved.

Friday May 11th: Top Two yesterday was a surprise 38% with winners up to $11. We were only expecting 32%. The Winform singles had 4 from 18, so average is O.K. The Winform Special won at $4.40.

A number of subscribesr are using multiple Money Factory banks to try to split up the losing runs. This strategy seems to be working. It also leaves open the possibilty of clearing all banks, including those still in progress when a big winner comes in. This avoids the situation where one bank coincidently contains all the losers and another all the winners.

So what are the top venues for Winform Top Two? I considered only those tracks where there have been at least 500 selections or 250 races.

Try Bairnsdale 37%, Cessnock 36%, Clare 40%, Colac 39%, Hobart (Elwick) 38%, Grafton 37%, Mildura 38%, Murwillumbah 39%, Port Lincoln 39%, Stony Creek 39%,Tamworth 37%, Taree 36% and Toowoomba 38%. Some of these venues have about 3000 selections (Toowoomba has over 5600) so it is no coincidence that we do well there.

Regretably they no longer conduct TAB racing at Beaudesert, Dalby, Kilcoy and Gatton where our strike rate was around 40% .

When we finalise the new up to date list it may well be a good idea for Powerbet users to concentrate their activity only at the venues that consistently produce good results.

Thursday May 10th: I was queried yesterday about the Betting Pool and how it was going. We are in front, we have thousands of dollars out on future bets in the NRL market. Our Racing action has been somewhat subdued for a variety of reasons including rain affected tracks and my own time restraints. In fact these reasons are no different to what individual punters face on a day to day basis. In spite of this I believe we are well on target to make between $12,000-$25,000 for the ten months of the campaign.

I am currently reviewing our Winform Rating results for the past seven years and will update with strike rates for current tracks for both Top Two (good result yesterday) and top three and top five. The analysis will take some weeks to complete.

David Bendeich's selections had a rare losing day yesterday with three wins from nine and five placed. Our win bet Bank on these has doubled in May to date. Ironically yesterday, David selected our second rated horse in one race, only to see the race won by our top rated horse and Winform single selection at $11.00. In one plan in the book David Bendeich looks at all Winform Top Two horses and applies elimination factors.

Top fluctuation is a very good bet mosty of the time. The three winners from yesterday's selections were all better at top fluc through IASBet (now SportsBet) which offers this at most venues these days provided bet are placed 45 minutes before start time.

Wednesday May 9th: Only two race meetings yesterday so little action. Today I will be at the accountant's working out our current position. The magazine has proved a financial success as everybody prefers it to any of the other magazines out there. We will find out why when the next edition hits the shelves on June 1st as we have enclosed a survey to find out what readers want.

90% of our articles are devised to either improve your Racing knowledge and or to help you win.

We noted one interesting thing today. Warwick Farm offers $25,000 prizemoney per race, Eagle Farm, $13,000 and Cranbourne $30,000. Belmont Park in Perth offers $20,000 per race and Murray Bridge $6,000. It says something don't you think? We are focusing more and more on Perth Racing which is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

Tuesday May 8th: We have a client in the office today who has come all the way from Brisbane, he is spending the day with Garry as he has found that he can win with horse racing, its just the staking that is the problem.

Time is running out for you to book your seat at the Tasmania Seminars, Garry will be discussing some of the staking plans that Winform Offer at the seminars, including The Money Factory Professional Edition and Winform Powerbet, and there will also be details explanations on the GTX program. Don't miss out, seats are limited to book now to secure your seat!!!!

The Top Two has a 31% strike rate yesterday, most prices were around $2 -$3 although we had a $9 winner at Ipswich.

Monday May 7th: It's hard to tip Footy winners when there are major changes to the teams an hour before the match. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The Winform Top Two caught up on Sunday after a bad run Saturday. The losing run for the Winform Specials finally broke. Maybe now we can get on with our winning run.

The "Key To Winning Consistently" selections had two wins from four bets yesterday and both at good prices, $3.65 and $5.90. The final draft was completed at 5.12 a.m. (good to see a hard working author) last night and so we will edit and send off to the printers in the next couple of weeks. A pre-publication offer will be in the next Winform Newsletter.

Our Money Factory on the Footy bets is behind after a very upsetting weekend with most of the favourites going down at the line. It is an extraordinary trend this year. A nunmber of bookmakers are now offering a $2 line by shaving off a couple of opoints. So far this is a good bet with few close results.

The Brisbane Carnival now has the spotlight and the weather is fine. It should give us some excellent results.

Sunday May 6th: We lost our Footy bet overnight with the Kangaroos winning easily, now nobody predicted that. We had our first Best Bet since the east coast got wet and that won and we finally got a Feature race winner but we won't eat out on the small price.

The Horse Racing Australia magazine systems continue to perform well with one $4 winner form the two selections yesterday.

The new book "The Key To Winning Consistently" by David Bendeich managed just one winner and three places from four bets but at $7 the winner was welcome. It has been another good week for these selections. We hope to be in a position to start taking orders on David Bendeich's book in a couple of weeks.

The Top Two yesterday had just 23% winners but several were at good prices. I personally bet in just two races yesterday for a nice win when Coalesce won. It paid $10 but I bet on Austote and got $18.60. The 200% Plan (from Make Racing Pay) had a great result in the last at the Gold Coast with a $20 winner. The C Plan had six out of eight if you quit by dinner time and six out of ten if you continued on. A profit either way.

It's a busy Sunday today with Group 1 racing at Morphettville. It's a pity it will be a wet track. There will be lots of action elsewhere with three Victorian meetings alone.

Saturday May 5th: Our first Winform Special ran 2nd paying $3.20 the place. I would have been happy with that for the win. We got our first Footy bet up last night so that was helpful.

They race at Belmont in Perth from today and I suggest we be wary as it is a very different sort of track.

Friday May 4th: Beaten again. We had the first two legs of the Rocky Treble and ran second in the third leg missing the $1800 dividend. Ironically our 3rd rated horse won the race for a $1892 dividend. We will collect one day. You can see why punters with a small bank should never pursue the exotics. Our other horse, by the way, was paying $11710. It ran about 4th.

Contrary to my earlier report, we did actually make a small profit for the Betting Pool for April.

The Weekend Feature race is up and the Weekend Footy Bets are up too. The Top Two for today is missing out as expected and I don't expect much better tomorrow unless Wagga is a upgraded to a good track.

The Money Factory for the Winform Singles lost in April and the Winfrom Special ran 2nd again. I guess all our good luck will come at once. We wait with baited breath.

Thursday May 3rd: It didn't look like it would be a good day yesterday and it wasn't. More wet tracks today. I did have a go at the Trebles again yesterday and missed out yet again. I have changed my strategy slightly and had the 2nd horse in the last leg at Doomben running for the treble at $3774. The new strategy only wins one in six but pays up to 1.5 times the dividend if successful. Patience is required, especially when we got 20/1 winners in almost every Treble we attempted.

Prue is in day hospital today getting her wisdom teeth out so she will be off for a few days. Tegan and I will be here though to keep things running.

Wednesday May 2nd: Two meetings Monday and two yesterday and now seven meetings with many overlaps. It will be as busy as Saturday without the benefit of Saturday quality.

Money Factory is simply the best staking plan ever devised. As readers would know, I have been betting every AFL and NRL game and both teams in each using Money Factory. We are making 14% profit on the AFL and 21.7% on the NRL. This is inspite of the fact that on average the dividend we get is $1.92 which should guarantee us a 4% loss. It is proof that Staking strategies can make a profit.

Now the smarties would say that eventually we will lose and they would be right if we lived to make an equal number of bets at each level. The fact is we don't. The larger bets are nearly always winning out of proportion to the smaller bets. Think about it and you'll see what I mean.

Tuesday May 1st: I am expecting a massive increase in the price of my IASBet (now SportsBet) shares today after yesterday's third quarter results. Indications are for a $1.1 Billion turnover result with an underlying profit of $10,000,000 or 18 cents per share. It won't be coming this year due to the settlement with the Commonwealth Bank which will eat most of that up but with a continuation of that strong third quarter result IASBet (now SportsBet) shares could be worth $2.50 or more by this time next year. I hope so anyway. I am not a financial adviser but maybe I remain the eternal optimist.

The Betting pool sank into the abyss for April even though we did manage a good win on the Newcastle Knights last night at $2.10. We dropped $250 on our Trebles yesterday with four wins from the six legs. We only need to get three at one venue and one at the other. We will succeed; eventually. The April Poolers still have some future Footy bets that may well drag most of the losses back.

Today we have two wet track meetings and historically our Top Two is not too hot at either of today's venues. We will have another go at the Treble if the prices are right though.

Monday 30th April: Hi its Jenni here, just though it might interest some of our members that bet on our Best Bets. Many of you may have noticed that the system has been refined and there have been less selections. I checked the data and the new system has had a strike rate of 47% for the month with 7 from 15 wins, compared to the old system with a strike rate of 39% with 14 from 36 wins. So yes, there are fewer bets but there are more winners.

Only two winners from five for the Footy bets and only points separating us from the profit. Souths led 16-8 minutes out to go down 18-20 in the last ten seconds.

We hit 19 in our Winform Specials losing streak, the worst ever seen. Can't wait for the turnaround. In the meantime our Top Two excelled over the weekend with around 38% in total. The Betting Pool has lost money for April unless we magically find some big winnings today. The last three months remain in profit however. External factors have prevented me from betting as much as I would have liked so instead many of my betting options have relied on long term propositions. In May I have a ten day tour with two seminars in Tasmania which will also restrict my short term betting.

The David Bendeich book is taking longer than expected to put together but there have been some great results from the first section of the book which features selection sourced from the free ratings available on the Internet. The results had to be closed off at a set date but since then there have been five bets for four winners and all five were placed!

Today they race at Cessnock and Wangaratta. The Winform Top Two always do well at these venues.

Sunday April 29th: Manly missed by four points 30-26. I accept that, results can vary. Manly tried to the wire. In the Swans and Demons game the Swans tried desperately to score right to the end even though they were 50 points up. The West Coast Eagles missed beating the line by a couple of points after missing a sitter. The Richmond line came in after heavy backing. The last two minuites of the game, the Weagles kicked the ball amongst themselves in their defensive line. If I didn't know better it is almost as if they were keeping their score below the line. The AFL, NRL and others are negotiating for Bookmakers and the Tabs to pay a product fee for betting on their games. The Bookmakers and TABs argue that if they are to do so they want assurances that the game is clean. The AFL should investigate thoroughly incidents like the West Coast performance if they want to convince the betting industry that everything is above board. Forget about fining players for having a few $5 and $10 bets. This was just for show!

Now Racing. The Top Two was 42% yesterday with several very good priced winners. The Grandslam selections had two from eleven. Our Grandslam selection sheet found six winners three Quinellas a Trifecta and a Running Double from the 12 races selected but it was not a good day.

I decided to bet just Gold Coast, Ascot and Toowoomba but failed to profit, losing $560 and stopping after Toowoomba was abandoned. Had I continued I would have made a profit but you have to stop somewhere. I did score the Ascot Treble. We also selected the Ascot Quaddie. Top Two on the races that ran was 52%.

Saturday April 28th: Three Trebles from five yesterday but we were unlucky, losing $144 on our $300 outlay for the Betting Pool. Last night was better with a profit from the first our Footy bets. There were winners from or singles but our Winform Special lost. The continuing wet weather has dried up our supply of Best Bets and it is getting frustrating. The Top Two yesterday was over 50% so we have caught up.

Today the weather is mixed. Hopefully WA will be fine which gives us Perth and Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba to work with. Perth and Toowoomba continue to be our best Top Two destinations with a 37% strike rate at averge dividend of $4.72. There has to be a way to win with that!

Friday 27th April: Yesterday was an unlucky day with no winners from the Singles. Let's hope the weekend gives us better results.

Just a reminder that our Grandslam promotion expires on Monday 30th April, if you haven't already subcribed then this is your chance to do so. Simply email direct@hunterlink.net.au or call (02) 4950 1747 for more details.

We are holding two Professional Punting seminars in Tasmania late May. For more information please visit our Bookshop.

Thursday 26th: A steady flow of winners yesterday. Our Betting Pool bets on the Aussies Rules missed and we lost $17 but we could have won over $500 so it was worth the risk. We did win with the Roosters cracking it for their 1000th win for the Club. It only took nearly a year to go from 999 but now they may actually win a few as for once a few balls stuck. The Melbourne Treble was easy but paid just $177. We missed the Quaddie so I'm glad I didn't take it.

The Singles are now on a bad run but it has been good for the month to date. The Premium WW's had two from two and once again we had no Best Bets.

I am doing the Footy tips this morning to get them up there for the afternoon. On the one hand I want to be careful but on the other hand we have to take a risk to make money. It is the AFL that is holding me back and that will change this weekend.

Wednesdat 25th: Saturday subscribers will find the Anzac Day meetings are posted on Saturday for your benefit. The Betting Pool won and lost yesterday. For few small bets we won $82 for the April Pool but we lost $213 from the February Pool as our Dancing With The Stars bets came undone. We won't be betting in this event in future as their was insufficient liquidity in the market to lay off to save our stake. We will probably bet in Australian Idol though as betting is very big in this one.

We still have Footy bets in the February Pool and we have all eventualities (well almost all) covered,

Today we are hoping for a mid result in the Essendon/Collingwood clash. We have Essendon at -15.5 and the Magpies at +18.5. An Essendon win by 16,17 or 18 will win both bets.


Tuesday 24th: Winform had both Unitab Trebles yesterday but the return was basically money back with short priced horses featuring. Our last Footy Bet won last night with the Rabbitohs being the more disciplined side. As we said in the Weekend Sports Bets the 9.5 start offered by TAB Sportsbet was a gift. Those more adventurous would have been very happy with the ouright price of $3.25.

Warwick Farm is a bit soggy today but Wodonga and Mackay have proved good venues fo the Top Two rated horses in the past. If I get time I may place a few bets at those venues myself. There's a remote possibility of a good dividend in the Mackay Treble, not so at Wodonga.

Monday April 23rd: No luck with the sports bets yesterday, Geelong blew a winning lead early and The Knights dominated for long periods but just couldn't nail that last scoring play. We have one more chance tonight. The Betting Pool made $250 on the footy for the weekend using the Money Factory. It really does bring in the dollars. Even if our last bet wins tonight we will have a small loss for the weekend and I will have a large one as I had a couple of parlays with no winning legs.

Sunday 22nd April: Sports bets are one up and one down. Last night I bet the Storm at -9.5 and Penrith in the same game at +10.5. Won both bets for the Betting Pool.

Grand Slam had just one short priced winners yesterday and it's funny how you read all this argument against staking plans because each event is an individual event and past resulst don't affect the future yet a bad run is always followed by a good run or a "catch up" and the same applies after a good run. So seven winners from 15 47% is followed by one winner from 9 11% or should we read it 8 from 24 = 33%?

The same applies for the Top Two which has been poor since Thursday (yesterday only 26%) after a 40%+ performance for the previous few days. Only a few race meeting today and none of them special but sometimes these are the day when it all picks up again. Time will tell.

Saturday April 21st: Disappointment came after 5 yesterday. We took three Trebles for the Betting Pool at $187.50. We "got" the Ipswich treble at roughly two grand (our 2nd leg won at $50). You beauty! Then I checked the account....no cash. What happened? Turned out one of our last leg selections was a late scratching. Our money went on the substitute. Our 6th. rated horse now appeared to be our fifth rated horse which is why I assumed we had won. This is one of the problems with looking at past results. A casual observer would have assumed we had won with our top five horses.

I have successfully closed four of our twelve Money Factory columns for the football betting and in the process increased our expected profits.I hope to reduce to just six columns over the weekend.

Top Two was unsuccessful yesterday, I guess it is a catch up on the great run we had starting last weekend. We have a lot of new Grand Slam subscribers starting today. Good luck for today but I doubt we'll match last weekend's seven winners!

Friday April 20th: Well they must have stolen our tips yesterday, as the ones we came up with were pretty average. The Winform Specials both failed and we are into a long run of outs (at least 10 but I'm not counting, just paying the bookies) . The Top Two dropped to just 22% for yesterday and we had to wait for the mainly short priced winners late in the day.

The thieves on Wednesday night found themselves trapped inside the building with security outside the bottom door (any Members who have visited our premises will know what I mean. They ripped out the phone lines in an effort to turn the alarm off and in the process stopped anybody from contacting us before lunch yesterday and we could not access the Internet.

Those clowns broke through a number of gyprock walls before finally escaping onto the roof through an iron bar grill. The bars were 1/2 and inch thick but so close together that they were able to "jemmy" them apart and squeeze through. They escaped with just $100 from petty cash but in the process caused an estimated $10,000 worth of damage to walls doors, windows and lighting. Winning on the punt is easier!

I was able to put the races up at our Mannering Park Office which is not normally manned weekdays unless we are meeting clients there so another lengthy return trip. The afternoon was spent answering angry emails about our "lack of service" and failure to answer our phones and turn the fax machine on and so there were no bets for the Betting Pool yesterday. We are in profit overall but down slightly for the month so far. I expect to rectify that situation over the weekend.

This afternoon I am meeting long term Member John French and wife Jan who are visiting to see the Broncos get beat by the Knights at the weekend (sorry John). John wrote earlier this week to advise us of his long term success with Grand Slam. His profit confirms what we have said many times over, that patience and persistence pays off. Right now we are waiting for it to pay off with the Winform Specials. We thought we had it yesterday with Metro Gold which was paying over $8 but could only place. The Place dividend was better than many of our win dividends and adds to our frustrating run of placed selections. We need wins.

Thursday April19th: 32% Top Two yesterday so almost exactly what we predicted.
Today should be about the same.

Have to leave now. Just been advised that our offices have been broken into overnight. Hope they didn't steal our tips!! Just kidding. Don't know yet if we will have problems loading up info.

Wednesday April 18th: We scored the Treble at Port Macquarie and Albany yesterday and why not. Our Top Two strike rate yesterday was 54% including one run of ten races in a row. That doesn't suit Powerbet or Money Factory as we are stuck on our base bet but it is great for Parlay Magic where the winnings multiply rapidly. Parlay Magic is Free with the purchase of 'Racing Pays More'.

The Betting Pool only had the Port Macquarie treble which paid poorly at $140+, we missed the Ararat Treble and so actually lost money yesterday. In Dancing With The Stars we are looking at either a $200 loss if Kate or Fifi win or $180 profit if Tim the $1.67 favourite wins. Two weeks to go. To be honest, this market was so thinly traded that it has not been worthwhile this year. The profit or loss will be debited or credited to the February account.

The new book "The Key To Winning Consistently" by David Bendeich is coming along nicely. The method (s) can be operated in a TAB for people who don't have access to the Internet or obviously anyone who has access to the TAB website(s). It utilises, in the first method, the free Ratings provided by the TAB. For people who are prepared to spend a little to make a lot, it then combines this method using the Winform Top Two rated horses as a filter to find better results and finally, there is a chapter specifically written for Winform Subscribers which further refines our Premium selections to get even better returns.

Today we are faced with Race meetings which return only about 31% Top Two winners although Ascot is good. To see the Top Two and Top Five strike rates for Winform click here.

Tuesday April 17th: A quiet day yesterday except for the Footy last night when we made a good profit for the Betting Pool which is now over $1500 in profit and there are underlying profits of another $3,000 or so once all Money Factory columns have finalised.

Today our top rated horse won at $4.40 in the first race at Ararat in a four horse race. The $1.50 favourite finished last! I just got off the phone from a New Member, Pam from South Australia and one of her rules is never bet in fields less than six. You can see why. Pam also informed me that although she has several betting accounts, she sticks to IASBet (now SportsBet), especially on Saturday when you can take a fixed price Saturday Morning.

Monday April 16th: Two winners from three for the Sports bets, yesterday was great again for the Top Two with 42% Strike rate. The Betting Pool is down overall on the Money Factory but still in profit. I am going to reduce the number of columns to reduce the overall capital requirement even though it will mean an extra 20 minutes work each weekend ( I will actually have to get results and get the next bets on within a one houre time scale and I may actually miss a match or two when they are played simultaneously but the profits will come in faster. If we successfully close all series we will be over $3,000 in front to date.

I will only place bets now in the six columns that are behind and let the profitably coulumns go. Results are still a bit topsy turvey but with the Money Factory approach we still win. The AFL is making 26% and NRL 12% so far.

David Bendeich is not happy with yesterday's results. Ten bets for only two winners but ALL TEN SELECTIONS WERE PLACED. This is the second time in the last month there has been a run of ten placed horses and the dividends were as high a $2.50. Overall the profit is four times higher for win only betting but using parlay opportunities there may be some use for a place only strategy using IASBet (now SportsBet) which alllows you to string as many as eight selections together.

After the weekend, Money Factory has reached a profit of $3281.30 on a strike rate of 22.4% and profit on turnover of 46.31%. Lets hope these great results keep appearing so the month can finished way in front.

Sunday April 15th: Top Two yesterday 40%, Best Bets Two from Two, Grandslam seven from 15 including a $19.70 winner! The skeptics will be saying what happend to the other eight Grandslam selections? I don't care about them, they know what they can do.

We have just mailed out a number of invitations to Members who don't have the Grandslam service. The special offer is only available until April 30th and you would have to be a fool not to take it. We are now in our twenty first year of providing this Saturday only service and we still have subscribers who have been with us all the way. Of course there have been blips but we don't think there have been any losing years.

How about the Footy lately? Two favourites down on Friday night, Collingwood comes back from a long way down at half time, Essendon go from 48 in front to three behind, it just doesn't stop. Our Money Factory lost just $36 Friday but lost a bit more on Saturday (I'm writing this Saturday evening so waiting on results) but could be in front by this afternoon.

Oh by the way, the favourite won the Treble on Friday and our other selection ran second and would have paid $3700, instead we won $40.

I forgot. Winform won the Melbourne Quaddie yesterday $3600!

Friday April 13th: Late News. We have two legs of the Gold Coast Treble and five of the ten horse field in the last leg. Unfortunately one of our selections is very short in the Treble so we cannot back the remaining horses even to get our stake back. However if we win we will get a profit of between $40 and $3600 for our outlay of $125 on two Trebles. So a loss of $125 or a profit on horse 1,3,7,9,and 10 in Gold Coast Race 8. I'll leave it to you to check if you are in the Betting Pool.

Two winners and a second in the Gosford Treble yesterday. We got blown out by a $191.50 chance! We did have 34% Top Two yesterday and can expect an even better performance today. The Betting Pool lost $62 yesterday. Our one Winform Special is still running.

Winform Singles had two winners from ten and the new book by David Bendeich led us to four winners and two placings from seven selections. David is compiling the book for editing now. We will take pre orders in May for a June release. We hope to preview some of the book's features at our upcoming Seminars in Tasmania in May which will be held at Hobart (Sunday 20th) and Launceston (May 23rd).

There were also a very good winner using the 200% Winform strategy (as listed in Make Racing Pay) Soldiste at $26 from only three betting opportunities.

The C Plan from Racing Pays More had six winning races from eight for a spectacular winning day. Sorry to say circumstances left me too busy to bet except for the one Treble, although I did get our Footy bets on.

Thursday April12th: Weekend Sports bets will be up by 12 noon. The Betting Pool scored in one of three Trebles yesterday but we had the worst possible result with three favourites winning. We lost $158.

The Winform singles were successful and the Top Two had 35% with a couple of $8 and $9 winners. The David Bendeich approach yielded three winners from 9 selections and David is on target to have his book out by June. I expect the first drafts this week.

Best Bets followers would have noticed a drop off in selections lately and this is for two reasons, the first is the conditions of the tracks and the second is that we have amended the rules to increase the strike rate wihout harming the average dividend. We are considering going back to the original selections and providing subscribers with our tighter rules so you can decide what to leave in and what to take out. If you have any ideas about this you can email editor@hunterlink.net.au.

My Newsagent is a skeptic. He has a business that would have cost $400,000 or more, tied him down to 4 a.m. starts and 70-80 hour weeks, has to pay rent and staff and make about $800 a week if he is lucky and he can't even find a buyer if he wants to get out (it has been on the market for two years). I told him how we can make as much as $500 per week on the Footy in season for a few hours work i.e watch as many games as you can and keep up with the news and get the best odds. He just laughed. Why? His experience is his reality and he can't see himself getting out of his rut and expects everybody else to be the same.

Wednesday April 11th: A 50% Strike rate yesterday for the Winform Top Two, the singles had three good winners (they needed it) and some of the Top Two winners were $17 and $12. There were no Winform Specials yesterday. Bravo had one win from two bets.

I spent a lot of yesterday doing the Business Activity Statement, so no betting for me.

Money Factory has improved greatly over the weekend with a profit of $2388.30 and profit on turnover of 63.05% lets hope it continues for a great month.

When you bet Doubles Trebles or Quaddies, you can be at a disadvantage because the races are set by the TAB and you may not be confident of getting the winner in all legs. Using our Parlay Magic program, you can choose to bet two leg, three leg, four leg or even five and six and as much as ten leg parlays and you choose your own races, the ones you have confidence in and you can also choose how you want to bet in each of these races.

You can bet different ways in different legs. You can dutch bet one leg, you can simply make another leg a place bet. In the end it is up to you. My most recent book Racing Pays More shows a detailed explanation of how parlays can work for you and it includes a free copy of the Parlay Magic software.

The Newcastle Knights have lost Andrew Johns for the season, and while the bookies have taken a set against Newcastle, they may have made a mistake. In the last several games Andrew Johns has played just once (they lost in that one) and have won most of them. You may now get a good price about them making the final 8 and they should do that. Look for them to have a "let's win it for Joey" attitude.

Tuesday April 10th: Business as usual today. Yesterday was not a successful day with just 28% Top Two strike rate. The Winform Singles which have been going so well this month, had just one winner yesterday and the Winform Specials lost two from two. The Betting Pool has $292 profit from the weekend, yesterday's Doncaster result was not kind to us. How could you back Haraduson on a slow track when that horse had never run on a wet track before?

Money Factory continues to be outstanding for betting sports. You will get a strike rate of close to 50% betting footy teams at the line and it doesn't matter whether you bet the favourite or non favourite. It works out about the same. Dividends can be as high as $1.98 (loss of 1% level stakes) and the longest losing run this season is just four. Betting judiciously we get better than 60% winners and make level stakes profits but even if you have no idea, you can win using Money Factory.

The biggest single factor in Professional Punting that I have learnt over the past forty years is patience. In the last twenty or so years I have had just two losing years and they were 1992 and 1993. Most punters would have given up, I didn't. I lost about $20,000 in each of those years but since then my profits have fluctuated between $20k to over $100k. Some years my Betting Bank has been as low as $1,000 but that year I made over $50k.

Monday April 9th: Our Sports bets for the weekend were two from four so a slight loss. Had I not been greedy and gone for the extra half point, it would have been three from four with the Warriors going down by three with four start.

The Strike rate for Top Two was excellent yesterday at 40%+ but many were at short prices. I took the risk and backed both Winform Specials yesterday even though Mornington was given as Dead. It ended up staying that way all day but our second runner did win, although at a short price.

Another soggy day at Randwick today and the favourite has never even started on a wet track before. A bit silly to back him but who knows.

Indications that have suggesed a record low in Easter betting. The Professionals definitely take a step back when it's severely wet like Randwick Saturday. Just a reminder that history shows wet tracks are bad for favourites.

Sunday April 8th: Three excellent Grand Slam winners, 33% Top Two result and two winning Sports Bets from two last night. The Betting Pool had a good day with the Money Factory Sports recording a $400+ profit. We have reinvested that and more today.

The Bolter and Double Coincider both had a win yesterday and even Saturday Flyers got a good one. There were no Best Bets yesterday for the first time I can remember for some time.

Get your bets one early and enjoy the day with family if you can. I've started with a family breakfast BBQ in between getting the Racing info up and I'll simply relax today and hope the last Footy Bet gets up. I am very confident.

I've also assumed Mornington will be upgraded today and have two Winform Specials there which I've already placed.

Saturday April 7th: One winner one loser from the Sportsbets so far. I'm actually off to the Knights Vs. Storm NRL game this afternoon and our Sports Bet is Storm at -4.5 but overnight Andrew Jones, Newcastles ace card is out with a neck injury. In a flash the odds changed to -7.5. The track will be heavy with nearly 100mm or 4 inches of rain last night and today so far.

I don't know what's going on at Broadmeadow as the Newcaslte track is still listed as Dead. Must have been flint hard before the rain.

Be careful with today's Sires Produce at Randwick as this race has a history of upsets. The Betting Pool is down $2.50, yes that's right, a mere $2.50 from Thursday. That will change dramatically overnight depending on results. Our end of season NRL bets are in a guaranteed winnig position but to do this we have sacrificed some profit. We will make $400-$500 or run square if something unexpected happens.

Monday is our big Racing day and anyone who wants selections for Monday can order via the website at $22 for the day click here to get yours NOW!. Bookings close 4 p.m. tomorrow. Please note the Winform Top Five is not available for Monday.

Thursday April 5th: Our Sports bets were posted this morning about 7.30 a.m. Regretably reliable markets just weren't available yesterday. The Betting Pool dropped $75 on the Canterbury Treble. We didn't get even one leg. We do have some massive outlays on the Weekend Sports and will either be well in front or deep in it by Monday.

The Winform Singles had one good winner at $6+ and our Best Bet won. Our Winform Special also won but our Winform Gold let us down by running second.

Our next report will be Saturday. For Sports and Racing Fans Easter is a feast. If you are driving anywhere for Easter..Good Luck, you will need it. If you're having a bet you will probably have better luck.

Wednesday April 4th: We did get the second leg of the Ballina Treble and we had five horses running for us in the last leg in a field of 11. I looked up the estimates for the treble at Unitab and noted the minimum dividend was $500. I took $100 of this and had a dutch bet on the remainder of the field.

So what happened? Our bottom rated horse won the race from two of our selections. Our end result was a win of $157.50 AFTER we covered our Treble stake.

I had decided not to invest in the Gosford treble as the fields were small and all had short priced favourites. It won and paid a profit of less than $60.

Today I have to be in Sydney so won't be seeing much action but this morning I am making most of the Weekend Sports Selections before I go so you can check these after 1 p.m.

Tuesday April 3rd: ADDITIONAL TUESDAY ARVO; We have just snared the first leg of the Ballina Treble at $23. We have the first five Winform horses in the second and 3rd legs for the Betting Pool admittedly for a minimal amount. We finished March with only $450 profit and over the weekend we are down $159 but we have $2,000 invested in end of season bets which should make a good profit of up to $2,000 to add to the March total. We are also still looking good for a small profit in Dancing With The Stars.

If we win the 2nd leg at Ballina I will look to bet some of the expected dividend on those horses in the last leg we don't have for a guaranteed profit. But we're not there yet. Check this page Wednesday.

On Saturday we closed off Money Factory for the month of March, we finished behind with a loss of about -$1200. However, April has so far been profitable and we are currently in front by $612.

Over the weekend we only had 2 from 7 winners in the Sports Selections, but overall we have had a great start to the season with 11 out of 17 winning selections.

Grandslam has had a successfuly few weeks and hopefully it will contiue to provide great selections and winners. We have a new page dedicated to these results so why not have a look for yourself by clicking here.

Monday April 2nd: Only one winner from our Sports tips yesterday but we stand at 69% still and there is still tonight. The Top Two yesterday was strong again with some good winners.

We are having a couple of Seminars in Launceston and Hobart between the 16th and 24th of May at a cost of just $99 per person. Mainlanders can also attend as Virgin have flghts from as far away as Sydney for just $49 and $59. If you are interested just click the link and we will send details as they come to hand. All attendees will get a Free book or software program.

I spent all day yesterday covering all AFL and NRL games. The AFL was unpredictable, with several teams coming from several goals behind at three quarter time to win and the Swans almost did the same on Saturday night. Hopefully teams will be less rusty next week.

Saturday was such a good day there was no topping it yesterday, I just hope next weekend is as good. My personal punting reached a new high for the year even though I only had half a dozen bets over the weekend but it did include the Moonee Valley Quaddie which I take every week. At a mere $10667 it isn't anywhere near my biggest ($120,000 is hard to top) but it was welcome. With flexi betting anyone can take the Quaddie but the Victorian Saturday Quaddie is still the best one to go for with almost double the pools of anywhere else.

To give you an idea of the value on Saturday, the Quaddie should have paid a little over $2,000 at the price of the winners.

Sunday April 1st: It is no April Fools joke! Yesterday was our best Saturday since June last year. Bluetigeroo was rated a standout by Winform and it duly won by lengths and never looked like losing at $13.40. Other Top Two winners included Moonee Valley Race 7 $12.40, Gold Coast Race 2 $16.30 and Echucha Race 8 , wait for it...$69.00!! Our Top Two strike rate 54% and it was a catch up on the week.

We had two Footy Tips last night for one win and one loss. Four bets today and one tomorrow, we are now ten from twelve 83%

Forgot to tell you about the Quaddie in Melbourne $10667!! And the treble $990, plus $319.5 for the Adelaide treble which was won by our top rated horse in each leg, then there were the Daily Doubles too! I hope you have read the article in Horse Racing Australia magazine about how to win the Unitab Treble. Better get a copy if you haven't seen it.

The Betting Pool was inactive yesterday except for the Footy which is just two dollars down for yesterday with most action today. Our Money Factory is currently well ahead but several columns are in progress so we wont declare a win yet. When we clear all current columns we will be over $1,000 in front.

Our end of Season bets currently stand at a clear profit and I may well lay off all our bets to make a guaranteed profit of about $500 or so and we will still have at least three teams running for us with big profits possible. We bet Penrith at $25 and can bet back at $18 to win seven times our stake. We bet the Warriors at $16.50 and can lay them back at about $9 for another seven. We bet Melbourne at $6.00 and can bet back at $4.50 if they win today for a $450 profit. We saved our stake on North Queensland. We layed the Bulldogs and then backed them back for a 0.8 unit profit and we have done the same with the Roosters and West Tigers.

Saturday March 31st: Top Two went well early yesterday with many good winners. The Winform singles were good if you had your bets on early. Stashalot win at $14.30 but those who knew of the track downgrade would have missed it. The Winform Specials had one win and two placed. That's 100% placed if you're place betting which we're not.

The betting pool had a losing day with two Trebles and a Double going down. Finished second in both needed legs. Thursday Winform landed all three Trebles at $696, $398 and $149 but we didn't play, our computers were being serviced.

The footy was interesting last night. I was persuaded not to tip St Kilda last night. Bugga! Our first footy bet goes off tonight. So far this season 50% of the outsiders have win with the line start and 44% of the favourites have won at the line. At season's end it should be 50/50 so we will see.

A big day of racing at Rosehill today. Have fun.

Friday March 30th: Yesterday went well for Powerbet with a nice $13 winner at Cranbourne. Whether you made a profit though depended on where you left off Wednesday. It's all in the timing. The Winform Singles had a good day and the Winform Specials had one winner and a place from two bets BUT the winner started $1.30 after $1.70 was bet.

Tonight is the first round of AFL and the 3rd NRL. It gets tougher from here. We have nine from ten so far but could lose all seven bets this weekend and still be in front and on 60% wins. We're not looking at it like that though and we are all out to finish in front again. Our Sports Bet Subscription for the season is ONLY! $99.00 Most people win that back their very first weekend.

Sports Acumen introduce their Super Club product this weekend and we are advised that it is the very best dividend available on Saturday Metropolitan Racing ever. We will be trying it ourselves this weekend. If you don't have a Sports Acumen account you can click here and register as a Winform Member (use Winform or Horse Racing Australia as your promotional code).

'Murtajil'l has firmed at IASBet (now SportsBet) from $7.00 to $4.50 overnight and everybody conceded that this is the best horse in the worst barrier in the Golden Slipper. I won't be betting in this race. I might have taken the risk at $7.00 There are plenty of other races and a bet on 'Tuesday Joy' at $3.20 with a saver on 'Miss Finland' at $1.70 makes a guaranteed 32% profit as I can't see any other possibilities. You ight even get $1.80 - $1.90 for the mighty 'Miss F.' at best fluc. as I expect big backing to come for 'Tuesdays Joy'.

Thursday March 29th: Financially, this has been our worst month ever as a business but the winners keep coming. A good day for the Winform Singles, especially after the Warwick Farm track upgrade. We posted these to the bottom of our sheet for subscribers. The Top Two is normally so, so at the venues yesterday but it was an outstanding day for Powerbet users. John spent the afternoon getting a demonstration but after a dozen or so races the strike rate was O.K but we were just not getting the longshots. John had to return to Sydney at 3 p.m. and then they poured in at $5, $7 and $12. By 4 p.m. the profits were solid.

The Betting Pool tasted failure yesterday with only one race bet. The value was there but not the results.

I expect that by 10.a.m. the last of the Weekend Sports bets will be up. We have four AFL bets and three NRL. I cannot rightly expcet to continue our early season strike rate of 90% wins but I am very confident we will get 60% this weekend. I have fudged by sticking to handicap bets this weekend and haven't gone out on a limb.

TAB Sportsbet has strong opinions in the NRL, all of which have been wrong so far but take advantage where you can. The TAB does not give much away. Most of our bets have been placed between Sportsbet, IASBet (now SportsBet) and Sports Acumen.

Today I am expecting average results from our Top Two. I'm hoping for some Specials. These have been lacking lately as we don't bet them in the wet.

Everyone has been asking ,my opinion on the Golden Slipper. To be honest I'm not interested, it's just another race but I will analyse it and post the analysis on the Feature Race for subscribers by midday today. We don't often miss the winner in our top selections.

Wednesday March 28th: The Weekend Sports Selections are online now. The Winform Top Two Rated horses have also been doing exceptionally well today, with some resonable results at Eagle Farm.

Tuesday March 27th: Our last bet for the round last night and another winner. Nine out of ten! Mind you we had to sweat a bit in the last couple of minutes and won by a point and a half.

The Betting Pool picked up $45 again yesterday. Our Money Factory experiment on the Footy will make $244 when our next set of series closes but currently we sit at -$8. Our Winform Singles Money Factory copped a hiding on Saturday with a shoscking bad run and sits at -$2165 for March. We need a mammoth longshot by Saturday to clear the decks and secure a profit. Ironically, the singles are showing a level stakes profit for the month.

As predicted yesterday was good for Powerbet , picking uo a $20+ winner early in the day. Today I expect the run of damp tracks to continue but our Top Two strike rate at Taree, Stoney Creek and Townsville is normally very good.

UNITAB now has estimates for their Footytab available online. This is so that you can look at the estimate after the second last match and possibly lay off on the final leg. Laast night we were on Cronulla. Suppose we had a Footytab ticket running for $500? We could have saved our stake at $1.85 with 3.5 start Cronulla or @ $1.70 on a Gold Coast win. For the record, the Titans won by 2, tries were equal but the difference was one goal. I thought the performance of both teams was good but for two horrible errors by Cronulla late in the game the result would have been different.

Monday March 26th: Another Footy winner yesterday and you'd think our phones would be running hot with people trying to get on but they're not. Call the office (02) 49501 747 and start getting set. We have one more game tonight and we're now at eight from nine @ $1.90. It won't continue at that rate but it will continue to make a profit. There will be a few surprise results next week, we haven't been surprised by any this weekend.

The Top Two was good again yesterday, our Winform Special won and we won with Best Bets again too. The Winform Singles had a $10 winner but as it was late it might have been too late to clear Money Factory. Just can't win everything. I hate Kalgoorlie and I always have the feeling that it is a losing track for us but the statistics say no. Last night we got almost every winner.

Today should be good for the Top Two rated horses. There are no Specials but the Singles look good.

The Betting Pool made $43 yesterday and our Money Factory on the NRL (we are using six Banks and betting both sides in each match) is looking good. We have closed several series and of course three are always in progress. Three of our five Premership hopes have firmed in end of season betting, the Warriors in particular as we backed them at $16.50 and now $9 is the best you can get. We backed Melbounre at $6 and they are now $4.25.

Sunday March 25th: My the month is scurrying on. The Betting Pool won again last night and the Weekend Sports bets are up to seven from eight @ $1.90 and that's a winner in anyone's language.

I don't know how the Sportsbet Big Saturday promotion went but it was reported that the website crashed at times. My personal opinion is that punters would be happier with a more consistent promotion which didn't require a huge increase in transaction in a limited time span at the busiest time of the year (Autumn Carnival). A similar thing happened last year causing disgruntled punters and harrassed staff.

Our Best Bet won at Toowoomba last night, The selections from the magazine (Simply The Best) had a good result with three winners from six races but the Winform Singles and Grandslam failed miserably. On the other hand the Top Two had a great day with many longshot winners in the $13-$20 range. There was one dip in the middle of the day so I can't say for sure how this affected Powerbet users. One such user called me half way thorugh with the question "It's been so good can it go on?" Ah, but that's often the question. In this case the client eased off during the dip and then had a successful three race Parlay later in the day.

I had a big go at our Feature Race bet which was backed from $8 into $4.60 second favourite but was upset by the lack of pace in the Guineas and finished fifth. I recovered my cash in the last at Rosehill where I was able to back the top six horses on a dutch bet that paid me a 200% Profit. Unbelievable!! Last night I had just gone from the office to grab dinner, got the oven open and then Bang! No power and a monster storm. I ended up with a cold ham and cheese sandwich by candlelight (not very romantic on your own) and missed the footy action until the power came back on about three hours later and I caught the last few minutes of the Nth Queensland Roosters clash.

Today I can see nothing but constant rain from my office but the power is on and there are two Rugby League clashes to keep my interest. I might also have a couple of bets if they look solid. The Betting Pool is on the Warriors at -5.5 and Cronulla tomorrow night at +3.5.

I have just finished running through Powerbet on yesterday's races. Profit for the day was $491 with a $10 Base bet on a $1,000 Bank.

Saturday March 24: Yesterday the Betting Pool lost $45 on a treble then recovered $46 on last night's footy. Our Weekend Sports tips now have six from seven. We have three more possible bets and if we lost all three we would still be right on average. Let's hope we end the season abaove average. Last night the Panthers justified our end of season bet and I can't understand why their odds haven't firmed. The Bulldogs fired for about 20 minutes in the first half and about two in the second. The other match was lack lustre but it did prove that there is life after Joey as far as the Knights are concerned. St George have bigger worries.

I have very high hopes for our Feature Race selection today. Rosehill is a meeting worth watching. Regretably we are unable to sell any more ratings for today due to time constraints. All orders for Saturday Ratings have to be in by 4 p.m. the day before.

Top Two yesterday was poor at 25% but I ti\hink the $10 winner would have helped Powerbettors. Our only special yesterday was unsighted.

Friday March 23rd: Recovered yesterday with 33% Top Two but without a clear profit. This would have come a few races later with yet another spectacular Toowoomba winner but I had to go into Sports mode and get our weekend bets on. The Betting Pool has invested well for the weekend round and you can see our main bets on Weekend Sports. We have about 1000 subscribers to this service and why not with over 60% winners! Cost is just $99 for the whole AFL and NRL seasons.

The Betting Pool has stated with a Money Factory for every match and betting both sides. It is a huge commitment but one which should make a small % profit but a convincing one. I'll let you know if we are convinced.

So the ol 1,2,3? What is happening there? Well we made a profit at first but now we have researched back as well as working live and regretably, it has been another dead end. The randomness of the longshot winners has made it virtually impossible to beat. For the record. We were betting the Winform Top Three using three Money Factory columns and closing all three down once in overall profit.

Our conclusion is that Powerbet using the Winform Top Two is still the best way to reel in those longshots like Mukareena $10.80, Densarray $12.20 and Dusty Taan $17.30 and we are still kings of Toowomba with five of the eight winners in our Top Two ratings. Most rating service simply don't know how to treat Toowoomba which is significantly above sea level.

Money Factory on Winform singles is now over $200 in front for the month so the year is starting to look positive.Tomorrow I have found a very good Feature race bet at excellent each way odds. All Winform subscribes have access to it and it is online now.

Thursday March 22nd: Recovered a lot of Tuesdays losses yesterday but still a little way to go. My divisor on Money Factory is down to 2.2 which is a bit low, so I might reduce the bet size manually until the new divisor kicks in. That way I have plenty of time to recover and clear the Bank. This is one of the features of Money Factory. You can nominate a maximum bet size to prevent bets getting too high or you can adjust things manually as you go along. At one stage yesterday our selection was 100/1. A 10/1 win would clear the Bank and make a profit. I made the bet each way as even a place would clear the Bank. It didn't happen but another option would have been to reduce the bet size altogether, they rarely win but it's nice when they do.

Steve spent the day with me yesterday and so he experienced that fact that I sometimes get frustrated with photo finishes and the like just the same as everyone else. Steve also asked me about using Money Factory for the Sports betting. We ran several trials and the worst case scenario is L,L,L W,W. This sequence is the worst experienced last year. At just $1.90 dividends this represents a loss at level stakes but a profit using Money Factory.

This weekends Sports Bets will be up soon. This round is harder than last week.

IASBet (now SportsBet) account holders are currently receiving offers through the mail. I simply say "take advantage" you can't lose getting free bets or rebates.

Wednesday March 21st: Wow, what a bad day yesterday. Calm Seas $50 and run down on the post and then later Kulminatyor at $19, the same deal. It cist the Betting Pool big time but we are aiming to pull it back today where all meeting have fair averages. Wish me luck. I have Steve here demonstrating with real money.

We'll be using IASBet (now SportsBet) either fixed price or Super price, whatever is best six minutes before the jump.

Tuesday March 20th: More food for thougth last night with Souths beating the Roosters 18 to 6, and a lucky 6 it was too. The Betting Pool has laid the Roosters so we are right on target there it would seem. The bad news from yesterday was the one from 16 Top Two result at Armidale and Mildura which are both normally good for us. The Market Forces got just 6 from the sixteen races so it was no good for anybody but that's what can happen on a two meeting day. The Goulbourn meeting was abandoned. Perhaps that was where all the winners were.

Looking at today we have four meetings and only Ipswich and Warnambool have average performance. Narrogin has too few meetings for us to tell. I am hoping for a good track somewhere and a few specials to kick start our week. There were no specials yesterday. Patience is a virtue.

Monday March 19th; Some Weekend Sports Subscribers got as much as $2.30 about Newcastke Knights beating Canterbury Bulldogs yesterday. We actually got four winners but as we tipped the Melbourne Storm to win by 11.5 that bet was lost. Still five winners from six to date is not bad.

The Betting Pool bet up on the Warriors to clear the first Money Factory Series. It was only $12 profit but add the $90 yesterday and we made $102 for the weekend.

We did well yesterday with the Winform Singles but i have not seen the other results at this stage but with 8 winners from 22 bets and several at $7 we could not lose. Best Bets and the Winform Specials lost yesterday.

Sunday March 18th: Had three legs of the Quaddie yet again. Last night I bumped up our bet on the Warriors and closed out a profit. It was only small but that's what Money Factory is about...taking a profit instead of a loss. We then made a profit on the Cronulla game and we have one game tomorrow. If it wins the series closes again. So far we have four wins from five this season and if we lose tomorrow we are right on averge but I wnat to win anyway . The Betting Pool will be square at worst this weekend on our Footy bets.

Top Two was good Saturday and Best Bets and we had two wins and a place from our three Winform Specials. I took doubles and three trebles so scored a Double and a handy profit.

Today we have a number of good Top Two tracks so Powerbet should do well. I'll be at the Knights / Bulldogs game so no Racing for me but I wil have done the races for subscribers.

Saturday March 17th: As predicted yesterday, plenty of winners and some good rices , It culminated ina $21+ winner at Moonee Valley last night so Powerbet users did have a good time. We snared about $50 for the Betting pool with a lost Treble (it was a photo that cost us $900) holding up our profits.

We lost our first Footy Bet of the season last night when Melbourne won by just 2 points with the West Tigers showing unexpected steel in defence. That's 2 out of 3 though so far and we have three more bets tonight and tomorrow.

Yesterday I used Money Factory to effect , winning early then riding an unexpected losing run of about six races then cleaning it all up later in the day as out top rated horses started finding the line. There were no specials yesterday and all the Dead tracks stayed Dead.

Friday March 16th: Hey it's St Patricks Day tomorrow . Let's hope we're all in the green! Yesterday the Betting Pool won the princely sum of $24. Did you know we have won three trebles form six this week and still lost. More important we have won all of the races with our selections exept three. Dutch Betting we would have won more BUT with a bit of luck (we have had four $11-$29 pops run second) we could have won a thousand or more and that is what you need when playing the exotics.

Another Member reported today on their success using Money Factory. There are a lot of you out there and we haven't actually heard from anybody who has lost the lot using it. Everybody seems to use it differently too.

I've looked at today's race meetings and the Top Two look slightly above average today with only Moonee Valley being 2% below average. It could be a good day and I will be betting big I think, depedning on prices.

Thursday March 15th: We lost both trebles yesterday and lost three races betting Quinellas and Trifectas. Total loss for the Betting Pool $162.50, luckily we had won one Geraldton Race late to take the sting out.

It was not a great day yesterday but as Dave said to me when I met him at the Newcastle Races yesterday, "once the bets get up in Money Factory and you get a few winners it doesn't take long to get it all back and then some."

We were able to get our bets on all four recommended Rugby League games for the weekend and subscribers can view out thoughts now. We actually found a couple of our prices best at Vic TAB (Tab Sportsbet are usually at $1.85 but all of a sudden they are competitive at $1.90) and the others at Sportsbet.

It's Gold Cup Day at Bunbury but that doesn't mean we will do any better than normal there. We only get 30% Top Two there but elsewhere today we are O.K. Good Luck.

Wednesday March 14th: Looking at the status on the Winform Betting Pool. Out of two trebles taken yesterday we had five winners, the sixth letting us down with our Top Rated horse running 2nd at $20.00.
But Dancing With The Stars has put us $20.00 in front, with Naomi Robson getting voted off the show-
maiking us square for the day. We’ve taken  trebles at Ballarat and Ne
wcastle today and there are some long priced chances amongst them...

Tuesday March 13th: Who said he isn't coming? Yesterday was another good day. Winform Speiclas only one from three but at $4.60 that's a profit. The Top Two wasn't bad as well. Hope you all enjoyed the profits.

Today should be an average day at best although I note already there was a $25 shot running 2nd and a $100 shot placed 3rd at Port Macquarie. I'm finally home after getting new glasses, one of the curses of growing older I guess. No bets for the Betting Pool, although I might place a Treble on Port Macquarie and Terang. We are due for one of those.

Monday March 12th: Today is Adelaide Cup Day and Melbourne has a Public Holiday so plenty of action for a Monday. Yesterday I suggested a good result and overall we had 42% Top Two and one of our worst race tracks Corowa, produced 'Prince Romme', at $52.25 IASBet (now SportsBet) which was one of only five Winform Single winners for the day. Added to Saturdays results it has been a pretty good weekend.

We had just one winner from our Specials yesterday and beacuse of the Dead Heat we actually lost money for the day.

Today is only an average day for Top Two with Pakenham and Ipswich having the best strike rates. There should be enough winners.

The February/ March Newsletter is online now- please log into your Members Area Account.

Sunday March 11th: A good day and a bad day yesterday, depending what you did. The Winform singles and Grand Slam were profitable, Bets Bets had a win and two seconds, the Feature race was a bust, the Top Two 28%, way below average but using Money Factory for the day would have been O.K.

Our betting pool suffered badly. We had a big loss on the Australian Cup (what was Arnold thinking with Maybe Better?) which was a very slowly run race and doesn't prove anything from a long term form viewpoint. Miss Finland ran very slow, Miss Andretti very fast. We recovered with the win of Recapitalize but ended up down $250. Potentially it could have been $1500 up.

Today Mount Barker and Corowa are among our worst performing tracks, in fact we won't use Corowa form in our assessments. We don't know why it is so. Stoney Creek and Clare are amongst our best. Overall we have reason to expect good results today.

Saturday March 10th: The betting pool made a small profit of just $18 yesterday. We were well up and invested our winnings in the Echucha treble. Two legs don't pay.

There were no Winform specials yesterday. The normal Winform Singles and Bravo found winners though and there were some good top two winners in the 38% strike rate. Even the heavy track at Quirindi couldn't beat us.

What a great day today. Last year we scored a $94 winner in the Australian Cup. We'll have another go today. I like Maybe Better and Bluetigeroo even though neither horse is top rated, in fact, over half the field has credentials. I am concerned Marasco has been up too long and El Segundo really doesn't have a really fast time to his credit at this trip. Remember also, that Caulfield is not Flemington and favourites at this track have the worst record of any track in Australia.

Friday March 9th: The betting pool collected $250 yesterday . That's a good start. Our one Winform Special ran 3rd at $2.50, pity. Best Bets had a profit again.

If you've wondered why our reporting on Money Factory has slowed down, yes we believe we are losing but no that's not it. Jenni, who does all the figures, has commenced a three day week so she can concentrate on her Uni degrees (yes she is doing two at the one time). This means we can only update once a week.

Dave is running three columns simply because it helps him manage the races that are too close and he is doing well for the year. Taken strictly in time order, we have just missed out at least three times when the vital winner we need is two or three races away from where we need it. In spite of this, long term players are well ahead still but of you started in January you are bleeding.

No Sports selections this weekend although we note that TAB Sportsbet has a market for all the games of the NRL first round commencing next Friday. They appear to have made a couple of blunders with some generous odds on offer. Problem is that noone knows who is playing until mid next week.

Today all venues are profitable on average and with four meetings it should be manageable. Our 1,2,3 workout is currently in debit for Wednesday, Thursday. Will this be the dark days?

The Members Newsletter for February/March will be available later today and the mailout will be in your hands next week.

Thursday March 8th: The gremlins stole Wednesday's entry which didn't say a whole lot except I hate computers. I have now lost at least two days punting as my new computer was stuffed up by the installer who just didn't know his job. Apprentices have to start somewhere but why here?

It's still not right but I do have all my back data from GTX loaded.

Yesterday was a great success for the 1,2,3 but of course with computer problems we couldnt actually place our bets which included a $50 winner. There was one Winform Special and it won easily at a short price. Even the wet track Se (WSE) was a winner at Doomben.

The Betezy website was down yesterday and when we checked this morning it was still down. Unfortunately, that's computers for you and of course a lot of the problems are caused by hackers having fun. Fortunately they will take bets of any size over the phone. I used that service yesterday to bet one 200% race at Mt Gambier. I won $255 for the Betting Pool.

Today I received a battery operated unti from the Commonwealth Bank. In future if I want to check my balances I have to get a number generated by this device to access my account. Therefore I virtually have to have it with me at all times, another inconvenience.

It's like the vandals who spraypaint. They have no respect for anyone's property, funny thing , when they grow up and have their own property they will not like it.

Tuesday March 6th: The Old 1,2,3 was again successful yesterday but we still won't jump over the moon about it as in trial we had weeks where we just lost, lost, lost. We'll wait until we have successfuly made a profit that exceeds our Bank (we're about a third the way there after one week) and then pass it on.

Tegan is currently nursing a broken arm, well she will ride motorbikes at the weekend, but she was able to get the bets on yesterday typing one finger like most of us do normally. You have to be dedicated in this business and with Tegan already having the successful 'Market Forces' book published she is keen to do as much of the leg work as she can to validate the latest strategy.

A quick glance at the latest NRL markets confirmed that all of our season bets for the Betting Pool have firmed. Good thing we got on early, the trouble is that all that will change as the season progresses. At one stage after six rounds last year, everyone was convinced that the Cowboys and the Knights would fight out the Grand Final but by Round 12 neither team was in the betting.

The weather continues to play havoc around the country and we have to carefully select our bets. You do need to keep an eye out. We got sting with a WA bet last week when one track was downgraded. Our bets were on a wet track no hoper but we had already gone home for the day.

Monday March 5th: Sunday we had two Winform Specials for two good wins. The Singles had just 3 winners from 17 and a severe loss yet we know that they will come good. Soon?

Here's something interesting for NRL followers. Which team has the most actual monetary support to win the competition? I reckon you're wrong, it's the Warriors! It's O.K, if you're in the betting pool we're already on and before the price went down. Oh, and we're not on St George who blew from $12 to $20 overnight. It's a bit of an over reaction but probably the right price.

My daughter Belle, who used to work for Winform, has been having a few bets on the Winform Specials herself. She is using IASBet (now SportsBet) now that quite a lot of meetings have best fluctuation available. One of the winners yesterday was 40 cents better and on a $100 bet that's an extra $40 in your pocket.

The Winform Top Two was on song again today with 33% winners and the 200% Plan from Make Racing Pay had it's moments too. The old 1,2,3 looked like another winning day and we will reveal this plan once we have proved it with even more real money.

Sunday March 4th: With the benefit of hindsight yesterday we could have had a ball with Powerbet at around 35% Top Two although there were some bleak patches.

The Betting Pool made just $50 for the week from our one and only bet at $2.00 on St George last night. Our Sports Tips are now two from two. We made virtually no Racing bets for the week due to spotty track conditions but we did place about $2,000 worth of Future bets, some of which won't be decided until October.

The Winform Singles had another horrible looking day. There were no Specials and our Feature Race each way bet 'Red Dazzler', ran 4th. Caulfield looked risky for the Trebles and Warwick Farm was wet. I wnet to Cessnock to watch the Knighst against Cronulla. Even though Cronulla lost I was very impressed with them and even thought the Knights won in the 40 degree heat I was very disappointed.

Saturday March 3rd: As predicted yesterday was average but the money flowed all day with some very good winners late. Powerbet players were very satisfied. Only about 3 Winform bets yesterday which all lost but you can hardly judge the day on that.

Our new betting plan the ol 1,2,3 had another profitable day but we need many more to call it a success. There were actually another ten profitable races after going home time here. We doubled yesterdays profit with little effort. There were a lot of very damp tracks though.

David Bendeich who is currently writing a new book which features a series of bets at Win only, Each Way, and Place only, had an 80% strike rate yesterday. We reckon that the book when released will rank as one of our Best Sellers.

Today we expect that most tracks will be good. Warwick Farm is not one of our favourites, even less so on a slow track which will improve as the day goes on.

Our second sports bet is on at better odds than anticipated and I will be on hand to watch the Knights / Cronulla game at Cessnock when Andrew Johns has his first hit out for the season.

Friday March 2nd: Hey it's not my birthday until tomorrow and there are about a dozen balloons in the office courtesy of my wife Ros who knew I wouldn't be expecting anything today. Honestly , who needs to be reminded they are turning 60? And I got a card from my Dad who never says anything, normally just a card, who wrote "wish I was 60 again". Well I never thought of it like that.

I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I was 40 but missed out. Knowing what I know now about Racing and so on, if I went back 20 years I would be a multi millionaire!

Anyhow, yesterday it was winner after winner but many small prices. The new plan we are experimenting with had a very good profit for the day. We'll call it the old 1,2,3 but it'll be our little secret until we are more convinced now that we're betting with real money.

Looking at today's meetings it looks like an average day, not above, not below, just average. Maybe we'll make some more money?

Thursday March 1st 2007: Sorry, somebody overwrote yesterdays diary entry where I suggested yesterday was a poor betting day for Top Two because of our poor record at some tracks and expected wet conditions at others. As it happened there was a 30% Top Two strike rate which is fine and a good $16+ Winner at Eagle Farm late.

The Winform Singles had 2 from 10 (unfortunately Launceston was downgraded, which cost us some winners) , Winform Specials one $3.20 winner from two and that will do. I also notified yesterday that the betting pool has some unresloved bets on Dancing With The Stars where we are expecting an almost certain profit.

We will soon place our best on the NRL and AFL premierships. Thes long term bets will be part of the betting pool for March so will be credited (or debited) to those subscribers who are in it at that time. The February pool profit was $974 which is not bad considering the conditions.

The Winform Singles will show a small profit for February but a loss with Money Factory. Remember with Money Factory we put all bets in that are listed in the a.m. which means that bets that would not have been placed because of track downgrades of dead tracks not upgraded, are included. The "on the ball" punter may well have made a profit. Twice we lost banks one or two bets before long priced winners.

Tuesday February 27th: Yesterday was a slow day with two wet tracks. There was no action for most professionals who had the day off.

Monday February 26th: Only two race meetings today and we have a poor Top Two record at Scone (30% )and Warnambool is only 32% too..

Yesterday was outstanding. Powerbet users hardly got out of gear with a 50% strike rate and some excellent winners at good prices. Our only Winform Special went out at $51 and ran like it too. The Winform Singles had a 50% strike rate, at one stage there were five winners in a row (great for parlay players) and a little notice im advance would have been good but my crystal ball wasn't working.

Did you like Sylvester Stallone and Rocky? You won't like his new movie: 'Rocky Balboa'. Stallone and I share one thing in common. We are both 60 (me next Saturday) but when he (Rocky) was winning boxing championships I was noted in the Racing Press as Australia's No. 1 Form Analyst for Sydney Races.

These days Rocky (Stallone) is just one ugly bastard who can't win but gets brownie points for trying. I am probably better at my craft now than when I had the attention in the Press. If being fit means boosting myself on steroids and having varicose veins in my biceps i think I'll stay like I am.

Good luck for the week.

Sunday 25th February: A good day yesterday if you liked running second. We think Powerbet players may have had a good day, while only 28% saluted, there were some excellent dividends including a $31 winner and a couple around $18+ . Today we expect upgrades at Yarra Glen and Bendigo but downgrades at Bathurst and Gosford.

Saturday 24th February: Bloody hard yesterday. I struggled all day to clear a profit and jumped on a couple of winners at the wrong price. That meant an end profit of just $20 for the betting pool for the week. At least we did not lose. I did maintain my strike rate of 50% winning races but a couple of late plunges saw one winner come in from an expected $15+ to $10.50 and another the same. It works both ways though. The day we back a selection expecting $15 and get $24, we collect big time. This almost happened yesterday when one of our longshots was nailed on the line by the $2.40 favourite. That race was worth over $1100 if successful.

Our Winform Specials had two from three yesterday and Moonee Valley was never upgraded which saved us a losing bet.

Most Members who have IASBet (now SportsBet) accounts would have received a special offer starting today. The offer is similar to the one that we had this time last year which was so well received by our Members. I don't know how IASBet (now SportsBet) is goint ot come out in front if they continue with offers like this. One Member took up every IASBet (now SportsBet) offer last year and picked up over $1,000 in bonuses.

The Autumn Magazine should be in everyones hands by now and we thank all those who have told us that it is our best issue so far. If you haven't yet subscribed you should see the special subscription offer which is supported by UNITAB with a $50 betting voucher for new subscribers to be added to your Unitab account. This means that effectively your subscription is Free but there are only 100 of these available so get in quick.

Friday February 23rd: David has given up fishing to do the job properly and bet the Single Selections through Money Factory. Today was a good day for that. We had one Winform Special for one $6 winner. That makes up for Mr Pannell falling off at the barrier a couple of days ago. If you backed it you know which one I mean!

Greg reckons he is backing every Victorian Special even if the track is given out as dead because he knows "they are a pack of wankers down there" and he's probably right. "x%#&* the punters" seems to be the attitude of the authorities down there." And they reckon we're in drought and don't have enough water. They can ceratinly spare it or the horses that run later in the day. What about the horses that can't handle an off track that are in the first couple of races??

Subscribers have been advised today how to adjust the races for when there is an upgrade.

The betting pool recovered all but $60 of yesterday's loss and we had five runners in the last leg of the GOSFORD Treble, only to run 2nd and 3rd. Alan's sons horse was our top rated selection at Gosford so we bet a little bigger knowing that the horse was right. It ran last!!! Luckily we backed the second rated horse too for an impressive win.

Friday is going to be the busiest day of the week so far. Check the strike rates to see where the best opportunities are. look at the Winform strike rates link on the main page.

Thursday February 22nd: I'm getting a head start on Thursday. Our three Winform specials went so bad that the third one couldnt even go around with it's rider on board. A couple of seconds cost us big time and for the day the betting pool is down $375 but still in front for the month. I told you it was not a good day, nevertheless there were some good opportunities, which, if they had paid off, would have yielded us a substantial profit.

The day today should be okay. Gosford is nearly always good for us and if Beadman has a day off we might even get some value.

Wednesday February 21st : A testing day today and we note that our results at Morphettville, Warwick Farm are poor with Morningon and Ipswich just average.

I am committed to winning for the Betting Pool and so will be extremely selective today. Yesterday was a day off ,and as luck would have it I took off on my Laser but the conditions were pretty awful with an inconsistent NorEaster, gusting up to 25 knots.

I thought I would sail safely back, as it was no fun with very sloppy conditions and I was the only boat on the lake but like punting, the unexpected can come along and a tough gust tipped me in with my shin scraping along as I went.

Today I am bloodied and sore and what happens next...you guessed it, computer gremlins again. So what will today hold? Three Winform specials after the expected track upgrade at Mornington with the other bets at Ipswich. I'll take a patent at IASBet (now SportsBet) for the pool if value is there.

The magazine has been posted to subscribers.

Tuesday February 20th: Yesterday, even though it was a slow day for racing, was successful with a $19 winner from our Single Selections at Swan Hill. This brought Money Factory a large profit of $1000. Previously in February Money Factory went bust, but thanks to a few good priced winners and yesterday's very good winners, we are now only -$750.

Monday February 19th: Anybody who was disappointed with the results at the weekend would have to be hard to please. The last at Kilmore provided a $1500 Trifecta in the top four. All of those horses were rated less than $10 and this is generally a good guide to where the winners will come from.

I was tempted to back Australia in the one day Cricket yesterday for the betting pool at what appeared to be good odds at $1.95 outsiders . At 4/ 336 you would have expected that quote to be in to about $1.20 but the Enzedders came back to win easily. I do think Australia will win tomorrow.

The magazine will be sent out to subscribers this afternoon and here is a big test for us. The readers who were impressed enough to take a subscription in February last year are now due to resubscribe. If they do, the magazine will become a permanent part of the Australian Racing scene. We think this is our best isssue ever with UNITAB getting behind us with a $50 betting voucher offer for the first 100 subscription or resubscriptions taken up.

Sunday February 18th: No action for the betting pool yesterday but subscribesr had a great day. Powerbet, Grandslam, Winform Specials all went well yesterday. Today about seven meetings, Goulbourn is a genuine Dead but we have assumed an upgrade at Kilmore. We usually do really well there and Port Lincoln.

I reckon Powerbet would go well today if we achieve just the normal strike rates for most venues.

Saturday February 17th: $140 profit added to the betting pool today and we didn't get the best prices. A $23.37 result with Betfair could have been $31 with IASBet (now SportsBet) and several members complained they took the wrong option when the horse was backed in the fixed price market from $21 to $14 with IASBet (now SportsBet) and yet drifted on course from $21 to $26. We cleared out today with an IASBet (now SportsBet) Super price $18.03 winner which was $24 on NSWTAB but much shorter everywhere else inclduing a top fluctuation on course of just $9.50!!!

That's a lot of variation but still we won easily in the end. We can't understand how Werribee did not get upgraded today in the 35 degree heat. The Winform Specials had one win from three at Pakenham for a $3.20 return. Have fun today!!

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