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To view previous editons of Professional Punters Diary, please click here

If you have listed this as a favourite please go to this page and replace your favourite shortcut as the file has changed.

Please also take a look at our YouTube channel with plenty of interesting videos and product information.

Updated for Tuesday December 31st Buy Lotto and lotteries online. Sign up to get started with a free Ozlottogame. You can join syndicates online to get a share in the bigger pools. The next jackpot is the Saturday Lotto draw on January 4th. It's only $30 million.

Tuesday 31st December: TOOWOOMBA LAST RACED IN SEPTEMBER and this afternoon and tonight they celebrate a return to their grass track with a nine race card and a New Years Party afterwards. It looks like being a big hit with all on course venues sold out well in advance.

The Winform ratings did very very well at Toowoomba for many years on the old grass track and even on the artificial track. MOst punters just don't understand the dynamics of Toowoomba and we look forward a to a return to the good old days where one client virtually made his living punting exclusively at Toowoomba using WinformRatings.

Happy New Year to all.

Monday 30th December: The winner of yesterdays Daily Feature was the 5th rated horse. Even so a ducth bet profit could have been had. I doubled up on that race and took a $1200 hit. Not happy but my Dads 90th went well and that is more important.

My brother in laws partner has copped an infection that could mena they won't be joining us on our cruise next week. That would be disappointing. Theybhave travel insurance and I am sure that P and O would allow them to swap to a later curise but with early January being a relatively quiet period I am able to get away, later on I can't. Still Ros and I will have fun regardless without any communication or email for ten days. I could access it but I don't want to. Ill read a book instead and come back raring to go.

As an interesting aside, our clients as a group are doing really well for December.

Sunday 29th December: Wins for both Daily Feature and Weekend Feature yesterday. Enquare was disadvantaged by the barrier draw in comparison to Missy LongStocking yesterday but overcame that with daring tactics on the pace. Not her tactics usually.

A solid Daily Feature today and we reckon the winner is in the top three and a big result at the expected prices I think.

We're taking my Dad out today for a seafood feast. It's his 90th birthday. A much coller day but it's always a good day at Scratchleys on the Harbour at Newcastle.


***BRILLIANT DAY FRO PROFITMAKER $26,000+ ON A $375 PARLAY**** 6 from 8 races with one selection to go.

Saturday 28th December: With high temperatures expected everywhere we have assumed upgrades across the board. Moonee Valley is a dead 5 but expect this to be a precaution due to the 38 expected today. Canterbury cannot do anything but upgrade with strong breeze and high temps.

Yesterday I bet in just one race and it was a wipeout, still, if I win the first betting race today I will be in front. Good luck.

Friday 27th December: Nine races on our Daily Mail yesterday and six of those found the winner but nothing spectacular. Four Quinellas , average and they paid $3.60, $28.40 and $9.90 and $22.90 $64.80 back for $63 outlay. There was a $263 Trifecta and the other paid $44 so $307 back for $360 outlay.

The Daily Feature race suggestion ran 3rd and paid $4.10 for the place. Our Profitmaker series had a good win with one of our selections being $7 at best fluc into $5 at the jump.I took Best Of The Best with Luxbet and a fixed bet of $5.50 elsewhere.

Our family problem was resolved last night and so a good day all round and we picked up a few bargains last night as well.Have fun today with plenty of action with six meetings.

Thursday 26th December: Caulfield should be upgraded today at some stage but we dont know. It makes a bit of a dilemna doesnt it? It;s like Race 8 where a 10yo is our top rated horse. I cant back a 10yo, especially in a city race and he prefers a good track by the way. Can he win? Any horse in the race can win but will he?? I will take a chance on that and say no.It's a hard decision but there are several chances in this race with most horses going up in prizemoney. An ideal race for the last leg of a Quaddie. The favourite is $4.40 in an open betting race and I will only have somehting on it if I have three legs of the Quaddie in and only as a saver.

I've put my bets on and will check later to see how they go. Ros wants to see a few of the bargains at David Jones, well perhaps not really bargains, but finally at a fair price for some regular itmes such as new sheets and towells. Hopefully, my choices will pay for our expenditure.

My son had a dummy spit over my daughter cooking the turkey yesterday. Being Bi Polar, it was enough for him to go home and now we have a rift again.He was right though, the turkey didn't turn out. Lucky we had a nice Pork for back up. Not a nice way forChristmas to finish up but it's not the first time. Fortunately, those of us who are not afflicted with problems learn to just shut up, it is only one day of the year, and look like we're having a good time.

New Year is next week. Resolutions need to be made. Good luck today.

Tuesday December 24th: The Daily Feature race was always in our keeping but it turned out no value even though the Quinella and Trifecta came up. At the time of making selections the dividends are not known except for Metro and some provincial races. As selectors we can only do so much. You make the final decision about whether any particular strategy is worth the effort.

Have a great Christmas and I'll be back Boxing Day.

Monday December 23rd: Yesterday was busy at a family Christmas party so no comments to make and today I have Ros getting some medical tests. Trevor Johns book has now officially sold out. Only two race meetings today. The one bet I did have yesterday could only place. I am relying on Mr X to come up with a winning Feature today.

*Sunday December 22nd: More than enough winners yesterday to fill the Christmas stocking. The Weeekend Feaature Race found the winner for Mr X and the Daily Feature, which I did myself, found the Quinella $30+, the Trifecta $328 and the $1933 First Four. Quinella outlay was $10, Trifecta $60 and First Four $120 for a full unit.

I sailed yesterday thorugh the southerly change with winds of 35 -45 k. I wanted to prove I could do it. I had to wind in the sail to half size but got some thrilling runs with the waves driving the nose of my Hobie under half a meter of water. The first betting race for me wasnt until 1.40.

Mighty Lucky at $8 Hobart Jones $5.80 and Magnifisio at $3.70 and Sistine Demon werte good winners for the Winform Daily Mail.

Christmas with Ros family today takes up most of my day. There are 7 race meetings for those who have time to punt today.



Saturday 21st DEcember: Cooled down a bit last night and my son in law and I sailed the cat in the evening breeze and dark only to wake up this morning to find the headline story about a Great White which has been breaching nearby threatening local fishermen.

Things have started off rough this orning with delays on scratchings so I expect to post ratings about 9.15 .

Friday 20th December: It's hot ! Bloody Hot! and there are so many race meetings today. Here are A FEW we are backing today.

20/12/2013 2:10: Yarra Glen 3 1 Australian Venture R2D
20/12/2013 4:40: Yarra Glen 7 7 Super Hunter R2D
20/12/2013 4:44: Morphettville 2 2 Real Delight R2D
20/12/2013 6:12: Orange 7 2 Oywotzy R2D
20/12/2013 7:15: M.Valley (N) 2 1 Mother Grace R2D
20/12/2013 7:45: M.Valley (N) 3 5 West Africa R2D

I'll probabaly quit as soon as I get in front and go for a swim.

Thursday 19th December: Yes I missed yesterday and to be honest I was so tied up I simply forgot. I won the first three races yesterday afternoon and thought "that will do" and I took my daughters dog out for a Kayak ride.I got the usual glances as I paddled past the shark proof pool "look at the puppy!" To the kids it's always a puppy. Don't you like the way they think?

Anyhow, I came back and there were a few orders to process so I finished my day that way. Later I got an email offering me a $100 Free bet if I made a deposit to one ofmy accounts so I did that and thought I was being smart when I backed a horse at last night's Launceston meeting and then took my $100 free bet on another. oth runners were from a plan I use that has 50% winners. Welll the first horse must have got lost because it missed the placings altogether and the second one covered 5 or 6 extra lengths in the run nbefore going down by a length or so. Still, I was in front for the day.

I will be helping at a movie preview tonight for the Cancer Council, tomorrow might be a tidy up day, although I plan to do a video to show everyone how to load Winform ratings into Rewardbet. It has taken nearly a year but now they are in there, provided you subscribe of course.

Saturday will be the usual all day grind, Sunday it is a family Christmas party at my mother in laws retirement home. They have lent us their function room for the day. Then a quiet MOnday and Tuesday with the last few pre Christmas meetings, although Tuesday will be busy with analysis for the Boxing Day races. NO rest for the wicked as they say.

Tuesday 17th December: We have been advised that the offer of a free Ozlotto game tonight as above, does not apply to Queenslanders, must be some loca llegislation. I'm sure you can still buy tickets though at that website I would guess.

Yesterday Mr X posted two races to the Winfrom Daily Mail. The first of those provided the First Four in order! The second was won by the 4th rated horse at $17.60 but sadly that one wasn't the recommended bet.

I delivered a new computer to Mr X yesterday at his Sydney Harbourside apartment opposite the Opera House. I took the Ferry to get there, what a fabulous ride for a couple of bucks!

My latest Youtube video is actually a photo of my grandaughter having a moment with Santa. I posted it for a few of my friends. Santa was actually having a rest at the end of a long day.

It looks like we might get four good meetings today. Should be fun.


Monday 16th December: It would have been a big day on Money Factory yesterday using the experimental ratings that had such a hard run, athough winning, on Friday and Saturday. It shows the power of Money Factory. The ratings show a race strike rate of 40%+ for the top two rated horses at better than $4.

I'm out of the office today but wil process any orders via the online store overnight. Have a good day without me.

Sunday 15th December: By mid afternoon yesterday I had reached the point where, using Money Factory Professional Edtiion, I had collected Fridays loss of $4,500 and added a profit. It was only a small[ profit but that's not the point. The method I was using has a regular strike rate of between 40% -50% and on Friday it had only reached 20%+ but by wintime ysterday it was back to 40%+. Betting level stakes , the preferred method of the know it alls , you would have lost 10.5% on turnover for that period but instead I made just under 1%. Is that an achievemnet? Bloody oath it is. Holden would love it!!

Money Factory staking is not so much about winning more, although it does, but returning to profit and getting you through a leaky patch.

For our regular selections, the Winform Daily Mail found the winner in our top five inthe Villiersand every one of the five was $10 or better in the market. I personally added a couple to the placings for the Trifecta and Quinella but my 4th place set ran 5th, denying me a $10k plus payout.

We pulled in five Quinellas from 11 races and Backstedt at $10 best fluc took us to a win on the single selections.

Saturday 14th December: I had a shocker yesterday, seriously. I "played" from about 4 o'clock until the last at the Sunshine Coast which was 11.30 our time. I lost $4.5k so it was definitely Black Friday for me. I concentrated on horses that were short in the market and it was a day for outsiders and I was using a different ratings system and was disappointed with how many times the horses I backed were beaten by my own top rated Winform horse. The point is that I was pursuing an unrelated strategy which just happens to work but not yesterday. Funny thing.One betting account went form $3000 to $6000 and another from $7,000 to $3000. It is quite possible that the first beting comapny thinks I am a definite winner so may ban me. The second will welcome me.

FRIDAY 13TH December: Okay , I've had a good sleeep and I've also had feedback from other people about the difficutlies with Windows 8 generally and 8.1 in particular. Thanks for the comments.

Today I.m backing these.

13/12/2013 1:18: Scone 1 5 Hennys Intrigue
13/12/2013 2:00: Ipswich 1 5 Rocket Billy Rebel
13/12/2013 3:24: Oakbank 1 4 Night Breeze
13/12/2013 7:26: Bunbury 4 7 Authentic Style
13/12/2013 7:37: Caloundra 1 1 Bit Of A Hero
13/12/2013 8:45: M.Valley (N) 5 1 Prettyhappyabout it
13/12/2013 8:56: Bunbury 7 14 Alyeska

I guess I'll know tonight if Friday 13th is lucky or not! Using Money Factory with these has proved very successful so far. The prices are way too low fro Powerbet though.

Here's a newvideo.


The best Microsoft can do is to "ask the community" about the problems. Hey, the public can mabe find ways to solve the problems but the Microsoft Company Software Engineers can't? I can't tell you how angry I am right now.

Here's todays tips.

12/12/2013 2:30: Goulburn 3 1 Kazoom R2D
12/12/2013 3:30: Gold Coast 3 10 Famous Grouse R2D
12/12/2013 5:30: Gold Coast 6 2 Crocodile Dancer R2D
12/12/2013 5:40: Goulburn 8 3 Sansui Drawing R2D

Hopefuly one or two winners there.

Wednesday 11th November: We've been known for so long now as Horseracingaustralia it is getting harder to promote Winfrom Ratings as the HRA name is now much better known.

A good set of races today and for the next week we will see an increase in race meetings as Race meetings at this time of the year attract mainly Christmas Parties with most punters on course casual players. This leaves some spoils for those of us who are better educated. On FRiday we have 9 meetings across the day and night. Hard work for the subscribers betting race to race and a long long day.

I find the coverage of the so caled Punters Club that dropped 194 million dollars a big laugh. Not funny if you are in it but our expereince has been that it is very difficult to place punters money even with pools of about $50,000 which is what we generally have had over the years. The challenge is to place the money wihout affecting your dividends. Also, in the past some Members of our funds have been painful to the point of causing losses. I find it hard to beleive that these Members with 194 million at stake haevnt been more vocal right from the beginning.

We stopped runnigng punters clubs years ago with invested funds and now we only run Punters Clubs with our own funds and give the profits away to our Members who have participated in promotions of our products. A Club we are currently running made its Members $200+ each earlier this year and is on track to make a small profit in the second half. Good luck today.

Tuesday 10th November: Heading off to Mats house for maintenance while he is away working. That's after a night programming computers after last week's special offer. I spent about 8 hourswith one computer and finally got it right but then when I restarted I got it.The blue screen of death! Sure I get a refund on the unit but I can't get back that waste of time.

We ended up with a nice profit after the third of our selections got up at $4.50 yesterday. This was on our free E-News. You can sign up for this on our home page.

Anyhow, all units have now been processed and the last of them goes out today. I've got three laybets today but couldn't find a standout win bet.

10/12/2013 3:35: Taree 5 10 Murtajack 1st $19
10/12/2013 3:55: Ararat 6 2 Imply Scr
10/12/2013 5:20: Taree 8 12 Varvo 1st $44

Luckily I didn't do anything today and the prices were too big for me to lay anyway. Ironically Varvo was out top rated horse for Winform ratings, rated a $3.10 chance so a big overlay for rating subscribers.

Monday 9th November: Two wins and a place for Premium yesterday, not acrtually a good result as both winners were quite short in the market. The Daily Feature race missed out too although one of the selections ran 3rd at a very good price.

The ratings had the Traralgon Cup winner at $12+ top rated. I spent my day yesterday sailing and so missed it completley after putting in some form study at 5.30 a.m. and forgetting all about it after some seat of the pants sailing in a brisk nor easter with my daughter and 2yo grandaughter in the back. Funny thing, in spite of the wild ride Isla was sound asleep when we hit the shore.

The first at Terang today looks like our best opportuntiy as we have a promising Premium selection. No doubt Mr X is hard at work coming up with a Daily Feature which will be posted just before midday.

We've had a lot of orders for the Andrew Martin CD Monologue which sends up our Racing personalities. Andrew is currently a SkyChannel presenter.

Bloody hot here today so I am spending the day getting all the weekend orders out, including Racing My Perefect Investment Edition 3 by Trevor johns which found a $38 winner yesterday.

Sunday 8th November: On the latest video I pointed out that it doesnt matter how many selections there are, you just take them all. In the end you get what you get. Yesterday I ended up backing 27 horses and came out winning $1250. It was disappointing and I have to be honest, I took a set against two horses and halved my bet on one of them, it won, and skipped the other altogether and it won. So I made mistakes. I also cameacross that problem you get when you have one horse selected by two or three different plans. I only bet the one stake. As long as I am punting I will never resolve this issue but I think if you have a separate Bank for each plan you operate you should have a bet for each one. If you are putting allyour plans together then just one bet.

I would welcome feedback on this to direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Saturday 8th November: I still have a dozen or so orders to process from yesterday so kicked off at 5.30 a.m. and should have it all completed by the time scratchings and track conditions are noted. I'm expecting a genuine Dead at Caulfield today to start but with an upgrade.

I've just used my Ozlotto dividend from last week to take a syndicate entry in next week's Ozlotto $50million jackpot. I have a 10% share of 6 10 number entries at around $90. You can also organise your own syndicate entries at the ozlotteries site and they are still giving away free tickets for new players. Yes I know the odds are stacked against you and its a dumb play but you have to be in it to win it.

The same applies to parlays and I will have another go today. My odds are small, a 50% win rate gives you just a 6% chance of completing your parlay but just one winning parlay can return massive results. Good luck today.

Friday 6th December: I just posted a new video. It looks like one of those long summer days with Racing from 1 p.m. to about 10.30 p.m., I suppose it gives everybody a chance to join in. I'm flat out busy today processing orders because I was silly enough to offer a free Monologue CD to anyone who placed an online order of $100 or more.

Thursday 5th Decemeber: I actualy wona prozein Ozlotto. Enoguht to play again next week when the jackpot hits $50 million, well I only have to win it once.

A busy day today and I got a cold courtesy of the babes next door. Funny how babies can give you colds when you havent had any for years. It's cold windy and miserable now but I did a workout on Money factory and it is so good, it's hard to imagine you can lose but with low priced commodities you can take some tieto hit the front. Worth it though.

Wednesday 4th December: Sale race 5 2 looks a likely winner today but that's assuming the meeting isn't washed out as heavy rain is expected. A percentage of people reading this will back it anyway just so they "don't miss out". Personally I wouldn't be on if the track is worse than Slow 6 or 7 just because we don't know how it will go as so far it has only two starts, even though it did win well at it's first start which was on a rain affected track.

We had a big sales day yesterday with Trevor Johns final book. It is unlikely many copies will be left after this week unless those who asked us to set aside a copy while they send cheques or money orders don't come good. Those orders placed yesterday will be desptahce today or tomorrow by Express post.

Tuesday 3rd December: I received this email from Trevor Johns today.

Hi Garry,

  We are down to the last few Racing my Perfect Investment 3 books, so I thought I would give you a few stats for November.  Chapter 5 horses produced 29 winners as follows.... 11.7, 12.8, 12.8, 17.3, 12.1, 7.4, 8.1, 11.5, 8.1, 15.1, 26.8, 6.4, 8.4, 6.1, 14.7, 7.2, 8.5, 97.9, 12.0, 9.4, 23.4, 10.6, 7.3, 10.9, 9.1, 7.5, 8.9, 21.4, and 52.6.  The last two being a good way to finish the month.   I warned on page 41 about the increase in the number of Chapter 6 horses, but for those who relentlessly chased a profit, there were 30 winners totaling 299.9 return.  A $10 average.  The best ones were 18.8, 32.1, 46.5, 16.1, 45.0 and 17.3.

  Our easy profit system on page 34 is breaking even after collects in 2 out of six meetings but it will shine.  And as for the Chapter 4 database training, the 18 trainers marked with an asterisk for demonstration purposes as being reliable, produced 55 winners for the month at an average price of $6.1, helped along by winners at 60.6, 19.0, 11.2, 15.4, 13.3, and 11.5.  

  So once these few are gone that’s it.  The only way to get one will be from Ebay sometime in the future

Everything ends, and it will be sad to see the last Trevor Johns book sold , packed and sent away. It's obvious that prices havent been overly affected since the book was released just a few weeks ago. Those that have it and use it are assured of backing heaps of longer priced winners in the years ahead as basically nothing much changes.

I heard from one of our more recent subscribers the best excuse ever for missing a winning day. Turned out he was in hospital 3 a.m. Friday with heart troubles. In the end they had to get out the padddles and give his heart a "heart starter" to get him back on his feet.

Yesterday he was on the punt again but lost $5 on the day. He only found two Johns horses and both lost and of course he missed the longshots that got up over the weekend.




Monday 2nd December : Only the one bet yesterday and it was a loser. No money to spend today as a consequence. Actually, I did have one bet today on a oneup. Unfortunately, it started favourite and failedto finish in the top three. The Daily Mail missed completely, so on a slight losing streak. Better days ahead.

Sunday 1st December: I started yesterday with four winners in a row on an allup and ended with four losers in a row. What a coincidence!! The first leg of the Caulfeld Quaddie yesterday was won by a Trevor Johns horse at $50 after $61 was bet. I had the last three legs but thought I would leave the 8yo mare out . The 8yo mare had no 8, had started 8 times (including Saturday) at the distance for now 2 wins and 6 places and tis time last year rated a 61 at Flemington. Yesterday our top rated runner rated just 57! But I couldnt do it. I couldnt have an 8yo. Well that cost me $20,000+ . As it happened I had 2nd and 3rd so could have collected the Trifecta as well.

It happens doesnt it but yu cant win them all. I had a new plan yesterday which came up with 8 nselections for 6 wins and a 2nd and $156 back for a $80 outlay. Not bad. Maybe I should have just backed them?

Saturday 30th November: Yesterday finished off nicely with a $40 winner at Moonee Valley. Plenty of action today with Black Type racing at Rosehill and Doomben. It could be very wet up north. Pity about that as it means we will have selections BUT you will have to keep an eye out as I wont be keen to bet if conditions deteriorate too much.

We've used a Good track rating for Caulfield today. All updated 11.20a.m.**assumed heavy gcoast and doomben** new upload 12.32

Friday 29th November: Yesterday I took a patent, that's three win bets all ways. Two winners and a place was just enought to make me 2 units profit. Had the thrird horse won my profit would have been 28 units.

I have a car service first thing and I was planning a walk while I waited for my car. No such luck, it's pouring rain. I'll take a book instead. I'll have Natalie home and be home myself by lunchtime, in time for todays races , sixmeetigs starting at 1 and ending at 10.15 tonight. That's enough for anybody.

Thursday 28th November: A good day yesterday with the Winform Daily Mail finding a $13+ winner. It was backed in from $17, so a good result.

Lost most of the day taking Ros to the eyey specialist. Luckily, her eye has stabilised and requires no treatment. Today I have to take Natalie to hospital for a procedure as a follow up from the birth of her twins a few months ago.

Tomorrow I have a car service and then I pick her up and so nearlly three days lost this week. It's the sort of thing that happnes to us all but there's no need to worry about it because Racing continues on regardless.

If your are in Money Factory or Powerbet, the progtram willsimply pick up where you left off as there is no next race and no last race. For every 1,000 races the overall picture will be similar, although not the same. If we lose but would have won, well that's tough but funnu thing, if it turns out we would have lost we forget that, we only remeber if we would have won had we not had these tasks to do.


Wednesday 27th November: One of the Members did a silly thing. He forgot that he had taken a ticket in last nights Ozlotto and took a second one yesterday, same numbers of course. Then he realised that if he was the pnly winner he would have it twice but could have saved the price of that second ticket! Ha Ha!

So my Dad was waiting at the doctors the other day and he saw a fellow all stooped over with a walking stick, head into the surgery. A few minutes later he came out, no longer stooped over and walking faster. My Dad thought it wasa miracle and so he said to him "That's Amazing! What did the doctor do to make such a remarkable difference?" He said " He gave me a longer walking stick."

WEll yesterday, Trevor Johns method, well one of them anyway, found a $10+ winner from just a handful of selections. They just keep coming. Whejh the second edition of his book came out, I used Powerbet with the selections but I was happy to put 3 and sometimes 4 selections, in at a time. This is because the strike rate is quite low but the price is quite high. For really long priced selections I even put in some place bets so ina race where there was say a $10 runner and a $20+ runner , I might have put the $20 runner in for a win and a place.

Sometimes the place dividend was enough to turn a profit for the series.



Tuesday 26th November: I'll take a ticket in tonight Ozlotto. I only take tickets when jackpots are high and I only take syndicate options online. Tonight would be the ideal time to sign up and get free games. I take 1/15th of 10 and 11 number games and most times I do get a collect. One day I may wake up to a million dollar collect but I won't lose sleep over it.

Last weekend I parlayed all of my wins only to find that I cahived no doubles or trebles at all. That makes a 100% loss. Tough! I could have used Money Factory or Powerbet to make $1,000 or more on the day. That's called slow and steady and it's the way most of our Professional and semi professionals play it.

This morning I am taking my grandaughter to see Hi Five but that still leaves me with the afternoon free for the punt, although it does look like all three tracks wil lbe damp.

Monday 25th November: Our top rated horse ran 3rd in the Ballarat Cup and our second rated horse won the Goulbourn Cup. I had two bets in the first at Ballarat but that was before I found out, as they jumped, that the track had been downgraded to Heavy. Had I known I wouldn't have been on. Tough luck.

Here are some horses today that shouldn't t win and we are right 95% of the time.

25/11/2013 3:20: Hamilton 5 7 Tane Mahouta
25/11/2013 3:38: Scone 5 4 Shuttle
25/11/2013 3:38: Scone 5 7 Summa Cum Sadie


Sunday 24th November: It's Ballarat Cup Dayand I know a lot of Members will be going. It looks a tough race with several runners attemoting the distance for the first time as 6 yos or older. Along with that are the Ballarat specialists who do well there regardless. It's a top day but a tough one for punters.

Yesterday was a tough day. The Powerbet top three came through with good profis up until around 4 p.m. and then things dropped off. The C PLan had an off day and the Winform Daily Mail, on fire to start with after a Quinella and Trifecta in two of the first three races, dropped off from that point. You can't win every day.

The Daily Feature Race had the Quinella and Trifecta boxing just 4 runners after our top rated horses was scratched an hour before the race and Mr X's Weekend Feature Race special ran 2nd.

Saturday 23rd November: It's quiet time of the year but not too many of the bookies and Tabs are letting us think that. The promotions are stronger than ever and we should take advantage of them. I have taken advantage of a $100 deposit match from one corporate and the same corporate is offering me $100 back for running 2nd or 3rd in the Winterbottom at Ascot.Others only offer up to $100 money back to Buffering. That's an entirely different proposition especially if you want to back Buffering!

Personally I don'thave time to chase down all the deals of a Saturday but do you know if you had say 10 corporate accounts and took every deal ad nothing elseeach Saturday you would have to be an idiot of you didn't finiahs in front and I am sure some Members do that. One thing I do suggest, is that you write every propostion down so that you can check back aftwerwards as soe of the free bets have to be used by a certain day or in a certain way.

I will have our first upload about 8.45 today, then again at 9.30 and a final at midday. The Winform Daily Mail will be available at 10.30

Friday 22nd November: The Perth Video is online now and I show you the current E-Book sale and also show how the raceday selector works in GTX. There is alsomy thought about the situation when two horses finish close up in their previous encounter.

I can't believe the huge winners for Racing My Perfect Investment yesterday . $97.90?? Obviously not many purchasers were looking at that one. Cuba Libre ran last at Eagle Farm but prior to that ran respectably at Sunshine Coast before being trucked up to Mackay. It was only $21 on course and paid heaps between $50 and $97 on the TABS. The point is that the form wasnt as bad as it looked.

Thursday 21st November: Nothing for me this morning, I will have a look again after WA scratchings. This afternoon I will record a new video for the Ascot Railyway meeting. It looks good with massive fields and toght racing. stage I see Buffering , Moment Of Change and Barakey fighting out the Winterbottom and I doubt the market will disagree.

I'm still seething over my treatment from Ladbrokes.

Wednesday 20th NOvember: Another late start for me, grandfatherly duties. Found the nose loser of Sale Race 7 then 2nd at Morphettville and a $15.90 winner at Pinjarra to square me up.

Tuesday 19th November: Late start for me, sorry. Lots of winings for Winform Members today though. Good to see.Interesting alos to see Stephen Fletcher at work, if you can believe the News reports. Watch any channel today and read the papers tomorrow. They make it seem like a criminal conspiracy but all it is is punters fighting back against the corporates. Mind you, Fletcher is no basic punter. Make of that what you will.

Monday 18th November: It was Shaynes birthday yesterday so spent the day socialising, which probably explains why the ratings went so well. A good day for Powerbet top three players I would think. Feedback welcome.

Three meetings to day so enough action to keep us going at Wangaratta, Tamworth and Moruya. Remember that at Moruya, the track is actually firmer when rain affected as the undersurface sand "packs" when wet.

There was a nice B4 winner yesterday. It was available for as much as $6.50 at one stage and ended up $5.90 at the TAB.

Sunday 17th November:How unlucky can you be? Diine Calling was a certainty beat in the last at Eagle Farm, and guess what beat it? The 2nd rated horse! So it'sa winnign C Plan right?? Wrong.The 2nd horse we backed was scratched at the barrier so we never got the opportunity toback the new 2nd rated horse or we would have been on a $5.20 winner.

A lot of track condition changes yesterday and not a lot you can do about that. Wellington even ended up getting abandoned.

How could we get the Weekend Feature Race winner? A horse with a 10% strike rate starst $2.60 favourite and wins at its leisure. The form horses ran okay but never had a chance. How would you know a poorly performed horse was going to win? On the other hand the Daily Feature was an easy win betting the first four horses as suggested. They were all $10 or better and the eventual winner $14. And we got the $50 Dunkeld Cup winner but I dont expect many would have spotted that.


Saturday 16th November: I have a shot at the Double Trio today in raes 8 and 9 at Caulfield. There are still plenty of Group races today at Caulfield and Ascot. The track at Caulfield is not far off Good so that's how we will go. It'sso frustrating having to wait around for scratchings until after 9 a.m. now. At least I get time for finalform assessments and I have changed afew runners at Caulfield but not much changes although a lot of punters get caught out as Caulfield suits some horses but not others. I prefer the Caulfield experienced runners.


Friday 15th November: Ros and I went to a Jessica Mauboy concert last night and she is a world class act BUT the majority of the crowd went ot see the Hi5 at their previous concert. I couldn't believe it!! One unintended consequence, there was no line up at the bar.

Anyhow. How long is NSW Racing going to stay behind the times?? Their ridiculous scratcjhing policy for night meetings beggars belief!! You would know if your horse was fit to race when you get to the stables in the morning.

I note that the 8th at Caulfield tomorrow is set to be a very competitive race with good quality about it. Mr X has chosen it for the Weekend Feature RACE.

Thursday 14th November: Just got cleared of any sort of BowelCancer. Pretty happy about that. I notice over 30 emails in my in box and thats after I cleared the same number very early in the morning before my procedure. No rest for th wicked, no rest for the good guys either!

I'll work on the E-News tomorrow.

Tuesday 12th November: Here's an important email I received last night. Maybe copy it somewhere for future use.

Thanks Garry,

I've had all sorts of problems with Money Factory after reinstalling. It wouldn't allow me to edit or amend last bet or even enter the results. So I uninstalled it again and reinstalled it. I'm using Windows XP. I found out that XP doesn't actually remove all the files when you uninstall. This causes a registry file conflict when you reinstall. I used a prodcut called "Revo Uninstaller" which is free (and simple to use) to get rid of all the leftover files and it fixed the problem. HOORAY!

In case any of your clients have similar issues (or it just might be my old computer) anyway :

Here's where you can download it http://tips4pc.com/freeware/revouninstaller.htm

Blessings. Maarten

Monday 11th November:Just heard a complaint form a Queensland client. It's bee so cold in Melbourne as we know but Gordon has just arrived home after a week in Melbourne but got sunburnt while donw there in those very high 14 degree temperatures. He thinks it was from watching the parade Monday and the Cup Tuesday.

Only two race meetings today, talk about boring. Dan the local butcher thinks its all over now that the Flemington Carnival has come and gone but now we get back to the ordinary races and that's where the mojey is for us mere punters.


** FLEMINGTON RACE 5 QUINELLA $80+ TRIFECTA $1500+ sorry, missedf the First 4


**BANNED BY lADBROKES** My email said they recognised my name and that was the reason they banned me. At the bottom of the mail they said "thanks for your understanding" Really??

Anyhow,just won 4k on our Daily Feature Race our Members have started well!! The winner was $12.10


Firtsly Tim O'Loughlin [tjoloughlin18@hotmail.com] is a disabled man (had an accident) who thought he might be able to punt to help his situation but it didn't work out. He has some items he wishes to sell. Here's the list "I have the Staker, and books, Garry Robinson's  Race Winning Strategies, Racing Pays More and the $100 a day plan. They are all in excellent condition, half price would be over $700, but I thought about $600, what do you think?" So there;s the question. It is the $995 Staker and books and Ill just leave it up to anyone who is interested to contact Tim and negotiate.

Last day of the Cup Carnival today and I expect the track to stay Dead with the low temperatures in Melbourne today. Same applies to Adelaide and Goulbourn.

Here'smy latest breakfast recipe. A lttle canola oil and one onion in a medium pan with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Add chopped up bacon, two strips is enough, a sprinkle of sugar, just a sprinkle, a little celery to add crunch. Give it 10 minutes on medium heat then add a desert spoon of peanut butter, pepper and a teaspoon of honey, simmer until most of the moisture has reduced. Eat and enjoy, serves two. Actually it wAS ALL i HAD LEFT IN THE FRIDGE. It was yummie!

Friday 8th November: An easy day today if there is such a thing. Three meetings followed by Cranbourne tonight. These are your bread and butter meetings with ordinary horses chasing their owners training fees and where astute trainers can get a quid.

You can also choose to have a rest ready for a final asault on Flemington tomorrow.

Thursday 7th November: Oaks Day.
We might see a reversal of last weekend with two issues today. The rail will be out so the rail will be fresh ground and that pace ay be too slow, which could be bad forthe favourite which is still rated highly by me.

I'm told of a punter for whom Kirramosa is the last eg of a $550 allup which will pay $195,000. Firstly I am amazed that the TAB took the bet. Second, I would be laying off as much as I can to try to bring a guaranteed return no matter what happens. The problem is that bookies are only affering $1.35 about KIirramosa getting beat.

In hindsight, did we all miss the "tip" Tom tried to back Fiorente to win $1,000,000! Was he laying off or being fair dinkum? Or was he making a market? If it was serious we probabaly should ahve all had a lot more on it.

Ou ducth bet market was a profit of 176%, not bad for a 85% strike rate. That's my personal strike rate on the Melbourne Cup after 41 years of punting on it

Wednesday 6th November: Our Profitmaker plan has been in trouble over the Winter but after yesterday we are back in front for the year. Those Members that started last October saw their profits used up but are now well in front again as are those who started in form Jan 1st. Those who came in n February are still behind but we are not finished yet. It reminds me of when Ros and I owned Toyworld. We were behind all year and only got in front around Decmember 23rd. Some years, if there was a late election, we didn't even come square but long term we paid all our employees our suppliers and ourselves for over 20 years. Long term we have always been winners, no fortunes but always managed our finances so we covered the bad times. It is such an important element.

**IF YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO YOU ARE ON THE WINNER!!! But I couldnt have picked the quinella or trifecta with a pin. Damian Carrolls system in the latest magazine got 2nd!!

Tuesday 5th November: It seems to me that the best from race for this year's Melbourne Cup is the Caulfield Cup. We still haven't seen even one International winner taking the Cup without first having a run in Australia. That's 66 so far withouta winning result. Plenty of places though and we will get one, well Vintage Crop was one and I'm sure the weather helped.

Good luck today. It's all I can say and it IS the most open Cup for years.

Monday 4th November: Only one more sleep. Today is quiet racing wise with all ofthe attention on tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do to organise our end and tomorrows Metro races are on the Saturday file for Saturday only ratings users. They will be update tomorrow. All the Tuesday races both TAB and non TAB will be posted under "Tuesday".

Sunday 3rd November: Had lots of fun and made lots of money yesterday. We got the Weekend Feature race and the Daily Feature Race, our Spring package was on fire and pletny of Quinellas, Trifectas and even First Fours. Our Phanotm Call of the Melbourne Cup is online now.

In th meantime the new edition of Horse Racing AUSTRALIA mAGAZINE IS NOW ON SALE IN THE BOOKSHOP. Just click here to order.



###melbourne cup video will be posted about 11 p.m. tonight***IT'S A PHANTOM CALL.**

Saturday 2nd Novembert: We've assumed Flemington to be Dead for race 1-3 then Good. Sunscribers entitled to the magazine will find the link under both Winform Daily Mail and Best Bets.

A very busy days Racing. I'll post the ratings by 9.15 am. then again 11.30 after WA. Winform Daily Mail by 10.30 and update 11.30.

Friday 1st November: Here's a link to Veremas run at Longchamp. It's juts one of the internationals in the Cup.I didn't have time to punt at all yesterday as I was finalising the latest issue of Horse Racing Autralia magazine. It is issue 20 Spring/Summer 2013 and will be issued overnight. It does not have the bells and whistles of a glossy publication, in fact it is very wordy in its 50 pages but there are no ads as such.

There are links to information elsewhere which enhance the articles.You can read about a horse and then clcik thorugh to get a carreer history to see what we are talking about. There are links to public and private videos for the same purpose.

We point you to websites that you haven even thought about it and in the pdf format you can simply choose to print it all out or simply print the pages containing the in depth articles you might wish to scribble notes on.

It costs just $10 and is the result of a lot of hard work by many contributors. Order here. All paid up Members will receive a copy for no extra charge over the weekend.

Thursday 31st October: I'm finalising the magazine today. It can be ordered at the online store from later this morning AND YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE SENT OVER THE WEEKEND.

The Spring package preview is posted and emailed.No big dollar winners expected BUT we do have some strong opinions about the Derby for one.

Wednesday 30th October: I should have the Spring/Summer Edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine finished on Thursday. It remains then for me to have it uploaded ready for distribution. Today is Bendigo Cup Day but I doubt well see another Puissance De Lune emerge. It is a very open race. I'll be spending the morning doing physio.

I have no connecftion with this syndicate but thought it might be of interest to members.

New racing club targets the Cup

A new low-cost racing club is giving racing enthusiast the opportunity to live the life of an owner and to achieve horse racing folklore - winning the Melbourne Cup.

Aptly named The Cup Club, the venture targets proven stayers by leveraging existing syndications and reinvests every dollar earned back through the Club and winning the Cup.

The brainchild of Melbourne entrepreneur John Wall, the Club already has a stake in three promising stayers and is endorsed by some of sport and racing’s most recognisable names including Simon O’Donnell, Tiffany Cherry and champion jockey Damien Oliver.

“The Cup Club is not about making money.  It’s about chasing the world’s greatest horse racing event with likeminded people at a fraction of the cost.”

“Having a horse that races in the Melbourne Cup shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of a select few.  We want to rewrite the rules of racing and share the dream of competing in the Cup, “John said.

The Cup Club’s stable of horses include: Only A Pleasure, a 4 year old by Montjeu who has already pre-qualified for the 2014 Melbourne Cup; French colt Au Revior who won the listed Toulouse Derby and has qualified for next year’s cup; and Peter Moody trained gelding My Quest For Peace.

“We’ve already established fantastic relationships with all the bloodstock brokers, horse syndicators and advisers from around the globe and we aim to have 20 horses over the next three years,” John said.

Members of The Cup Club will enjoy a series of year-round industry functions and gala events, behind-the-scenes stable visits, exclusive web content and tickets to racing events around the world, including the big race at Flemington.

The Cup Club has set monthly payments of $199 that cover all expenses and since launching in October the syndicate already has 100 registered members, with numbers capped at 1,500.

Interested punters can visit thecupclub.com.au for more details. 


Monday 28th October: A busy day for me working on the magazine. It is coming together slowly but we will get there. 22 RACES AT just 3 meetings today at Scone Cowra and Swan HIll.

This week we have an awesome special at the online store. The Staker which sells for $995 is free with the purchase of the Money Factory Porfessional Edition software. The software will come preinstalled ready for use and you also get three months of Winform Gold Club (normally $895) so for $1595 you get $3485 worth of value.

When you click the button for the online store on the left hand menu, click software. You dont need to log in to make a purchase.


Sunday 27th October: I had a fabulous lunch break yesterday. With the races starting late I got to take my boat out in a blustery Sou Easter which drove me as fast as I have ever been, A great hour of exhilaration.

At 5.45 yesterday I wasn't exhilarated. Shamus Award and Chris Schofield had made monkeys of his fellow jockeys by stealing the WFA championship after a host of Group One winning horses challenged one by one and dropped off, leaving this maiden galloper in front at the post. And we're not talking about class horse here, not yet anyway. His best run yielded a rating of just 55.7,not a bad rating for a 3yo in an average Metropolitan 3yo race but nowhere near the 60+ ratings of at least half the field.

Time will tell but what I think we have here is a smart jockey who outwitted his peers on a horse that loves Moonee Valley.

Mr X chose race5 at Ascot as his Weekend Feature Race.It was just a Benchmark 72 but he achieved his task of finding Members a winner when Black Uma won at $8+.

Trevor Johns method found some nice winners yesterday at places as far apart as Albury, Ascot and Pioneer Park. I only backed one of those winners but at $12+ who's complaining?

I'm not a fan of so called track bias but after Rosehil yesterday I concede the point as horse close to the rails had lengths advantage as horse after horse that would normally swamp the leaders,simply failed to make ground from the 200 to the post.

Luckily forProfitmaker, our final selection became a dead set certainty because of it.



Saturday 26th October: I constantly get asked to provide information that is already sitting here on the Diary. It gets annoying sometimes. Thanks to you for reading, it saves me a lot of time.

I noted our top 6 rated runners in the Cox Plate remain the same regardless of a possible track upgrade. It is very cool in Melbourne today with no wind so you would think no uograde but then the Valley drains really well so a watch is necessary as two horses in particular, wil become selections although I suspect one of those won't like the Monnee Valley surface which is softish even on Good. So many things to think of. Good luck today.

Friday 25th October: Off for some exercise this morning then back to get scratchingsand latest weather and track reports for Moonee Valley tonight. We'regetting our first reports back from Members who have Trevor Johns new book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition three. Gone is the fancy cover but in with a more workable workbook format as we expect the pages to be thoroughly thumbed over.

It's taken Trevor six months of work to get the final edition together,having overcome his heart and eye problems of the past 18 months and it goes to show how so many of us are so attached to Racing that we can't give it upand we never stop learning.

One of the best punters I have known, works for my opposition these days but we worked together for years on Turf Monthly and then with the ill fated Enjoy Racing magazine before I finally got my own magazineogether. I gotin touch yesterday and he agrees with me that we will see Buffering bac to his best tonight and that another tough campaigner, Foreteller, is in the Cox up to his eyeballs.

It's a pity that the magazine market, i.e. actually in Newsagents, has disappeared. And it wont be too much longer before the Newspaper type form guides go along with it.

Good lcuk tonight.

Thursday 24th October: Just one race bet yesterday for me and a $550 profit. Unfortunately I took $3.80 fixed about the winner and it ended up $4.88 with Sportingbet who pay best tote plus 5%. It paid $4.70 with Luxbet

The B4 has had two very nice winners recently at $7 and last night $4.50 at Launceston. We still have plenty of copies available.

Trevor Johns has shipped 60 copies of his new book so far so with any luck the balance of the orders so far should be away by the end of next week. Those who purchased his previous books get the new one for $245 or $50 off but even new purchasers pay only $295 so at that price will recoup their outlay easily.

The preview for this weekends Moonee Valley meetings has been sent and for Gold subscribers is posted on site now.


Wednesday 23rd October: Our Melbourne Cup competition is close for the week with all four prizes going off yesterday. The answer was Drongo and he is the subject of a new book by Bruce Walkley. He wasn't actually a bad horse having won the equivalent of $160,000 in 37 starts in the 20's including placings in Black Type events. It's worth a read and it's released now.

Very disappointed with the field AND the heavy track at Geelong. Nothing that happens there today will reflflect on the future races I doubt.

Tuesday 22nd October: Another flat out day processing orders for Trevor Johns book, so much so that wemust apologise for delays in getting them to you. Trevor reckons he's sending 10-15 a day so it will take a quite a few days to get them all up but he is meticulous in putting them together into spiral bound books so it is easy to use.

The very first race today was at Kyneton and we copped the Trifecta in the top three. It was also a successful C Plan race.

We will be covering tomorrows Geelong Cup for the Spring package and that will be sent by 10 a.m. tomorrow.

I wonder where SAtalantic Jewell is going now?? Connections were worried about a possible wet track this weekend but hey! The weather men have been wrong before??

Monday 21st October: Another busy day processing orders for Trevor Johns latest and last book Edition 3. There were a lot of winners at the weekend, although only a couple of double figure winners but $13+ and $23+ are not to be scoffed at.

We are holding the "loyalty" price to $195 until Wednesday. New purchasers fo Trevor Johns product pay $295 but no one will be upset once they have read it and put just some ofthe strategies into action.

IN the meantime we have the Spring Package at $175 covering Friday nighst Moonee Valley meeting, the Cox Plate meeting and the four major Flemington meetings. Press the Online store button on the left anf then choose selections services to order.

Sunday 20th October: I don't kno why it is but I have a dreadful record in the Caulfield Cup. I've lost almost as many Caulfield Cups as I've won Melbourne Cups and I rarely miss the big one.

I don't know what Cassidy was thinking on Hawkspur, well yes I do, he'sthough he'll tail them on the fence, get an easy run thorugh like Boban earlier, and accelearte away. Problem is, that is not how Hawkspur won his races. He needed to be right on the pace.

Sure, he was only beaten 2.4 lengths and he did have trouble finding a run but bad ride Jimmy!

The C Plan had 9 wins from 18 races but I missed getting on one of those and that was my downfall. I won the first two C Plan races and maybe I should have stopped there because it was win one, lose one all day from then on. Funny thing, using Money Factory it was just win win win all day.

The Oneup Plan had two winners from two including a $13.80 winner but I missed that one while upgrading the track conditions etc. It is a really great plan and simple to operate but you have to watch the odds. The second one I misseed while I was telling Mr X how I had missed the first winner.

The Winform Daily Mail found a $131 Quinella and others at $11 and $20+ but we missed with a few 1sts and 3rds. Best winners were Best Case $9 and Enquare $11 although $15 was available late. I won the Treble, $134, big deal and a running Double $46 for a $40 outlay.


Saturday 19th October:**It may be only Narromine but 2 winners $13.80 and $12 in first three races**

All updated 11.18 a.m.Todays Dead4 tracks are expected to upgrade so we have rated them Good.

Winform Daily Mail posted 10.04 a.m. WA update for ratinsg and DAIILY MAIL 11.45

The fire danger is gone. Raffertys Resort was saved by back burning. We had no problems and road access was restored late yesterday. We even got some orders out. Trevor Johns is in Melbourne organising the printing and despatch of his new book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition 3rd and Final.

Friday 18th October: ** LateNews** We are surrounded by bushfires at present, not in danger, but being on a peninsular, possibly cut off. We can drive west but not east. ** Our only exit is now cut off** Simply means any orders will not be leaving Mannering Park today. Our local shops will be busy selling bread and milk and the butcher will have his best day ever.

The road between here and Newcastle is showing flames up to 100 metres high with sporadic bursts even higher than that.

Check out the Caulfield Cup Preview here . You can safely expect surprises in this race, although the favoured runners do seem to do better than in the Melbourne Cup. The favourite drawing wide has simply given us the opportuntiy of getting a better price but there is no great amount of money to be made.

Thursday 17th October: We've had some excellent feedback about Trevor Johns with past purchasers of Editions 1 and 2 coming back for Edition 3. We are leaving orders open until October 24th, so another seven days. One of Trevors methods relating to jockey /trainer combinations had two winners yesterday at $4+ and $8 + . I had a good day with the Daily Mail finding a $5 winner from three single selections. The Daily Feature missed but you can't win all the time.

Only 3 meetings today but I am busy anyway with processing orders and at the same time trying to get the Magazine together. Good luck all.

Wednesday 16th October: Another good win for me yesterday. Strangely enough my win was best tote + 5% at Sportingbet. Since they changed to this instead of best tote or starting price, over half our members have stopped betting there. What does that tell you?? I now only use it when tote is clearly best.

Trevor Johns new book is being out together manually as the volume we are prepared to sell is so small. It willcome Spiral bound which makes it easier to find pages you want.

We had this from Bonita today when she paled her order."Hi Garry and workers

Could I pls purchase Trevor's new edition by direct debit, like I paid for Spring package?  Husband away working and he is the credit card holder in the family.  He is working flyinflyout in North Western Australia and wont be back until end October.

I don't want to miss this new edition, The Edition 2 I purchased paid for itself the first Saturday after I got it, with a Chapter 5 horse.

All the best,

Bonita F

No surprise when one of his horses won yesterday at better than $18.

Tuesday 15th October: Nobody told us we got our dates mixed up, did they? I scored a ncie winner at Wangaratta yesterday at $2.45. It started $1.90, so that was a coup. Our Premium selection missed the place completely thoguh so I gave sime back. That firmed from odds against to odds on so I don't know what happened there.

The new Trveor Johns strategy from his latest book due out this week, found two $37+ winners in the last three days. The good thing is that you can actually work out selections the night before and then you only have to check the daily things like scratchings and track condtions.

We hope to have full details of Trevors book online this afternoon.

Sunday 13th October: Spring singles slightly in front with top fluc Long John $4.80. Blustery hot day today so I am staying inside. Maybe I'll read a book. Lots of races but I feel a bit jaded after yesterday. Gotthrree Quinellas ysterday from 7 races. Can't count Atlantic Jewell of,course, dumb race to bet on although Mr X had a good win.

Weekend Feature had the winner and the Daily Feature which was our YouTube race this week got the $9 winner and Quinella. I got the Quaddie but it paid nothing, well I didn't get my money back, put it that way.


**Good luck bad luck** Late scr Caulfield Race 2. If it was out beforehand we are on the winner. As it is we ended upwith 4 horses for the Quinella $12.80 Trifecta $131 and First 4 $560. Cost $6 Quinella $24 Trifecta and $24 First Four.


Saturday 12th October: Todays Double Trio is on Caulfield Race 9 and 10, probabaly two of the most difficult races but at least it will pay well. There is a 3 million dollar Big 6 Jackpot at Caulfield today through Stab and I will have a go. The last time I did this I had all the correct numbers using my selections plus Greg Horns selections. I missed by going cross eyed in one leg which alos cot me the $150,000 Quaddie on the day. I'll try to avoid that today.

In NSW there is a Caulfield Quaddie jackpot and there are others today. It is always worth getting involved in the jackpots as it increases the margin to the punter.

Today we have some unusual meetings, not all covered by the bookies but we post them anyway. Also we are delayed in posting the ratings with Queensland the NTand WA not participating in daylight saving. Ratings will now be update daiy 9.45 the Daily Mail 10.45 and updates now 11.45 or later for finals. The Spring package involves only Melbourne and Sydney so that is sent early as normal.

Winners of the Melbourne Cup quiz this week, Garry Orford, Barry Thomas and Bob Martin. The book winner will be announced on Monday in the E-News. Don't forget this weeks video.

Friday 11th October: The 6 won yesterday at $8.50 which gave you a nice collect. It shows how you can't take form for granted and do need sometimes to delve more deeply. Trevor Johns explores this in his new book which will be released later this month.

A very busy day today with Caulfield to be looked at very closely, in fact I have someone checking the course as I write this. I may post a video later today. If I do it will be listed here.

Thursday 10th October: Members will be pleased to know that we have added Paypal to our payment options at the online store. We also have a trick question for our Melbourne Ciup quiz this week. There is an additional prize of a first copy of Trevor Johns new book which is edition 3. Certainly worthwhile entering.

I had a look at Ballarat today race 5 number 1 and 6. I'm hoping that track conditions don't deterioarte though because I am already on. Initially 6 had a 20 point penalty which I apply for horses with low win strikes but this horse has good recent form and is just coming good after 11 starts. If it wins today it loses the penalty anyway. The topweight will probabaly win anyway but it is a litlle easy in the market.

Wednesday 9th October: Our top rated horse won the Nowra Cup with our 2nd rated horse 3rd. It was a C Plan race. I didn't like the winner as it was an 8yo and would have backed it to save only.

Members who did the sign up promotion with Betezy have to notify us of the new account number for verification so we can provide the Spring package promised. The promo is in addition to the normal Betezy deposit match If you havnt received the offer it is simple. As well as getting a dollar for dollar deposit match for a new account you get our Spring package selections up until November 10th as well. If you already have an account there is no reason why your partner couldn't have an account to take advantage of this.

Tuesday 8th Octiber: There's a photography exhibition which may be of interest to readers who are passing nearby. Here are the details.

Courses for Horses

By Richard Shaw

A photographic exploration of the global allure of Horse Racing

Yering Station Gallery
October 4 - November 24

38 Melba Highway

I know there will be many Members heading for Victoria for the Carnivals.

Only two race meetings today and the only three bets I see are all lays, although Sailors Farewell could be a winning chance in the Nowra Cup (race 7).

Monday 7th October: Here's the video my daughter and son in law made up for Belle's wedding. It's a pretty good production.

The only bet I got on yesterday was a winner at Northam so I'm not complaining. The bills keep coming though Oh well, that's the last wedding I have to pay for.

Not a lot going on today. A few race meetings to keep everyone "happy" but not a lot of quality races now that all the best ones are squeezed into Saturday.


Sunday 6th October: Some incredible close finishes yesterday, some going our way and some not. Hawkspurt in 5th, when 4th gives me the First Four, Malvolio only 3/4 length away at $51 with a massive place bet from yours truly but my best Boban overcoming bad luck in running to take out the Epsom. Same with Rock Hero!

At the end of the day wins were well below average but it only takes one good day.


Saturday 5th October: When I had my music retail store October became "Roctober". It was a big promotion in the industry. In Horse Racing it is similar with so many Group 1 races and the lead ups to the world's greatest promotional event, the Melbourne Cup.

Yesterday our special won but at ridiculous odds. It was better when we decided to go with it and those who took the early price might have been happy. There won't be any massively short priced winners today with many events as open as Sydney Heads but we may get lucky as one of our choices is currently $51 and $13.50 the place. Its real chances of winning is probably one in ten but it is worth a punt. Check the video.

Mr X will be posting the ratings and Feature races today while I attend to Belle's wedding. Maybe I'll get a chance to check results but I wont see any races. Really what I will want to see is a healthy growth in my bank balance.

The TABS all have big jackpots today. Checkthe First 4 for the Epsom, and Turnbull and the Trifecta in the Epsom at Tatts. Worth going for. I have an hour to get all the final bits and get my bets on.

Friday 4th October: Wedding rehearsal today. Oh well. All over Sunday. I miss tomorrows massive Racing program but already have most of my bets on.

Thursday 3rd October: I hope to add my video link by lunchtime. It's going to be very hard to pick a race but I ill probably look at the Epsom and the possible strategies. As for today , we have another TAB meeting at Dalby. We used to have great results from this track and hope to again. Back then a lot of horses came from Toowoomba and dominated the winners. For today there is no Toowoomba form to go on while they rebuild the Toowoomba track.

Wednesday 2nd October: My one bet yesterday didn't even get on. With Belle's wedding this weekend and other things I was just too busy. The $2.30 on offer in the morning proved to be easily the best price as $2 was the best later in the day.

SomeMembers had trouble downloading our free E-Book. Just in case you did here's the link.

Tuesday 1st October: Two wins and two losses on the C Plan for me yesterday. It should have been an easy win in the first race but that's called luck. In the end two losses and then two wins and a nice profit when the horse I backed at $6 turned into an $8 winner which earned me an extra $200+ for the race. In actual fact Winforms top four rated horses ran the First Four which paid $2,000+ . I missed out on the evry next C Plan race which was a good winning result.

How things have changed. Thismorning you can already get fixed prices on all of todays race meetings at Kilmore, Goulbourn, Tamworth and Townsville. It seems this is a point of difference for Sportsbet and Iasbet

It's a great deal for the punter who could now place their bets on the way to work on their smartphones.

Monday September 30th: Sportsbet offers the best ofthe trhee totes or Starting Price, whichever is the greater on all Australian horse racing whether country and provincial or not so when our 2nd rated horse in race two at Coleraine won at $41 yesterday they paid the best Tab prices which was $43, $49 and $56, so $56. It is a good way to bet. Those who open a new Sportsbet account today via this link get whatever opening bonuses they have PLUS we will supply our Spring Racing package which included Eclair Bang Bang yesterday which won at $13 which was , in this case, better than the three TABs. The Spring package sells fro $225 and covers all major meetings up until November 10th and is emalied by 10 a.m. and is alos sent out a day or two before that so that you can see what we are thinking if you want to get the early odds at Sportsbet.

Sunday September 29th: Disappointment for Freo and Knights fans. Disappointment all around at Rosehill yesterday with a few knockout results. We beleived Red Tracer was a good thing and got on early, only to be nose out by Sharnee Rose which had only two wins from over 20 starts, a clear penalty in our book, and Red Tracer had an abysmal run facing the breeze wide most of the way. I suppose you woudl call it a meritorious run but it doesn't pay.

Caulfield today is rain affected even if the sun shines but there are still two fantastic races with race 8 almost impossibe to predict. More race meetings today though than yesterday.

Saturday September 28th: AFL GRand Final, NRL Prelimnary Final and Rosehill Group Racing. What a day and night it will be! Last night saw patience rewarded when Larsen's followers got a $19 winner to get back in front for the year. Needless to say many followers would have dropped off when the worst ever losing run arrived and persisted for several months. This can easily happen no matter how good your strike rate. Because there are so few races chosen it takes an eternity for things to happen. Ironically, Larsen's selections in Race 7 at The Valley last night scored the Trifecta at nearly $900. My selections for the race, which I combined with his, got the First Four at $2831.

The Spring Package had Thump as one of two selections in that race and Divine Calling as part of the nominated dutch combination for that race.

Friday September 27th: A horse gets backed from $13 into $4 and then..... A barrier mishap, all horse are withdrawn and replaced and our selection gets into a muck lather and is beaten by the time they jump. That's Racing!

Thursday September 26th: The lay plan in B4 The Start has lost three times this month. That produces a massive profit for lay bettors as there were 36 selections so far. This year there has been just two losing months and that was in February and August. Overall 24 winners from 426 selections with a loss of over 50% using the very best odds combination possible.

Whenever I use the plan I simply lay bet at Betezy. That way I can lay whatever amount I like and pay no commission at all.

Wednesday September 25th: Trevor Johns emailed me yesterday with a draft of his new book. I noted one winner in particular which as he states, was fairly obvious. It won at $90+ . The problem is that punters dont think logically. They simply dismiss horses in this price range. The winner led to a $50,000 Quaddie, so you can see the benefit of including it in.

As many would know, Trevor was having health problems when he decided to hang up his pen back in 2011. After overcoming those problems he then developed eye problems but then decided this year to follow up in the feedback from his two most recent books Racing My Perfect Investment 1 and 2. This latest edition, which we expect to release in the next month or so, provides further guidelines and more clarity in his investment choices.

It come scomplete with lists of the outcomes, strike rates and average dividends. Following the release of his first two books, the dividends for his methods dipped but as time went on and punters dropped off, the dividends soon came back to original levels. You see punters want immediate results and when they don't get them, well its off to the next big thing.



Tuesday September 24th: What Tuesday already?? It's going on 3 o'clock and I still havent finished processing todays orders. The new E-Books are proving verty popular and from $19.95 you can see why. There is a ton of wisdom in the Barriers book and at $89 I can see why we didn't sell as many as expected but when you read the tables you can soon see where you could have saved yourself many hundreds , if not thousands of dollars, just by leaving out those runners which are nearly always bad news. The thing is. What is revealed as bad barrier draws by the public is often a good barrier draw according to the facts.

And of course, what the thousands of stupid punters perceive as the good barriers, are often the very worst ones and a dead loss. Anyhow, with the E-Book now just $19.95, how could you afford not to own one??

Monday September 23rd: Profitmaker broke the duck today with a $5 winner. There was a protest but with all the corporates paying out even if the protest was upheld it wasn't a problem anyway, although we had a few anxious callers.

A lot of Members didn't notice the attachment today on their email. It was a very serious punting article from Greg Horn. If you have the E-News thenopen the attachment and have a read and maybe give us some feedback. We'd appreciate it.

Sunday September 22nd: Nine races for our Spring package yesterday and we found the winner in eight of them. There were 5 Quinellas and wefound a $1943 First Four in the George Main.

The Winform Daily Mail found a $1431 First Four and seven Quinellas. A successful day but our Profitmaker series has found a real hole,with no winners yesterday and a week long losing streak. It will change. As of last week we were still in front over the past 12 months but that lead was eroded yesterday.

New Video.

Saturday September 21st: After spilling a whole cup of coffee when I was advised that Caulfield was upgrade to Good I am running late and now I find the correction was wron. bACK TOWORK.

Friday September 20th: The Newcastle Cup was a blowout for me yesterday with form topsy turvey in the two Group Races. Vaquera, first up after a staying preparation last time, won at $21 and once again I was next to Gai Waterhouse and the owners, although Gai was quite subdued about the result so I expect the win was unexpected. I certainly didn't expect it but the stiff westerly affected most on pace runners.

Thursday September 19th: I thought the crowd for the Cameron meeting at Broadmeadow was much bigger than last year so maybe today's Cup meeting will be up as well. Not as good a quality field as Green Moon's Cup in my opinion and no really good Spring prospects.

Having just loaded up the Barrier book in E.Book format I was forced to take a look and got reminded of some highly relevant facts. At $19.95 it is well worth a read. Order at the online store $19.95 as an E-Bookor $24.95 in hard copy posted.

Wednesday September 18th: No joy for yesterdays Feature Race on the heavy track at Tamworth but you can'twin every day. Two Group 3 races at Newcastle today and another two tomorrow. These are included in the Spring Package. Always a good day at the Newcaste Spring Carnival and a few Members are going. I expect to be there as well later today and probabaly for the Cup tomorrow.

There was an error at the Winform bookshop re the Barrier Book but that has now been fixed.

Tuesday September 17th: Yesterdays Daily Feature Race found a $200+ Quinella and $5,000+ Trifecta. I missed it, as I had already had a win for the day on the C Plan and quit after I saw no upcoming races for a while. I'll bet our Daily Feature Race subscribers were on it. It only costs them $363 a year, that's less than a dollar a day. How good is that?

Monday September 16th: We're past the half way mark with two more Saturdays for the monthas trainers prepare their horses for the Caulfield Cup, the Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup. Listening to the many tariner interviewers it is obvious that they carefully map out programs in a way that a) for horses already qualified, avoid weight penalties and b) for those not qualified a way to get a weight penalty.

We as form analysts do something similar. It didn't help memuch yesterday as I selected just three races to invest in and ran 2nd in all three.

Just three minor meetings on offer today.

Sunday September 15th: The Daily Feature Race was alos our video feature this week in which we showed you the benefit of Traffic Lights in the GTX program. The winner was $20 as we also pointed out the value of sticking to Moonee Valley specialists.

The Weekend Feature Race special was Arctic Flight and although it ran 3rd (the winner was rated 4th by us) I was able to get $9.50 fixed for the place in the morning so a very profitable race for me.

With Belmont off the Winform Daily Mail had only five selected races so a very profitable day.

The Spring Package covered seven races and we suggested only betting four of them. In those races we got the Golden Rose Quinella.

**So is it worth being in the Rod Cleary's Mebourne Cup Quiz? Here's what this week's winner had to say.

Hi Gary
Used my $100 bet on Le Bonsir @ $50 each way.
You have definitely MADE MY DAY!!


Saturday September 14th: Well I said no good reason why we wouldnt win yesterday but we did. Goes to show. The Thursday threw up winner afetr winner. I've got all information up by 8.36 excpet the Winform Daily Mail which I am starting on now. Some disappointing scratchings today but what can you do?

Geelong could only win by 16 last night so a losing bet. Let's hope for better tonight with the Swans/Carlton game.

Less rain tahn expected for Sydney so Rosehill stays in the Good range. Fantastic and Moonee Valley is Dead but even when Good has give. Should race truly today.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH: Here's the video link for Moonee Valley tomorrow. In this video I show you a feature available in GTX alled traffic lights. It consists of a set of rulles you can out in place to a) advise you if the race conditions suit your personal criteria or b) the horse statistics suit your criteria. This can quickly give you a guide to theliklihood of that race being one worth further study. Very few people even know of the existence of this feature.

Yesterday I missed the diary as I was caught up in the bushfire on the M1. Four Good track meetings today. No reason why we shouldn't win.

I notice that Rod Cleary is offering each way punters on the Golden Rose money back up to $100 if you run 4th.

Wednesday September 1th: One of our Members is organising a trip to Hong Kong for abut half the price of other operators. Here's his details.

Hi Gary,

I have attached a HK International Tour pdf for you to have a look at.

Maybe you could promote this fantastic package  to your member’s.
It is about half the price of Ambassador Travel tour and which they are heavily  marketing on Sky.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Adrian Rebbeck

GG logo
Ground Floor, 10 Cloyne St. Southport  QLD 4215
Mailing address: PO Box 3100, Southport  QLD 4215
Phone:     +61 7 5585 4186
Facsimile: +61 7 5585 4188
Email: adrian@getawaygolf.com.au

In the meantime we are getting together the 20th Edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine. Lots of work to do.

Tuesday September 10th: At last a new article. I spent my day organising a new suit for my daughters wedding. I better back a few inners before then, they ain't cheao!

Monday September 9th: Yes DEnnis, you were right, forgot to update this Sunday but all the information is in the E-news which has just gone out.

For those who don't get the E-News the big announcement is that I am currently working on the 20Th edition of Racehorseaustralia magazine. More information closer to the date but the new issue will be totally electronic as that is the way the world has gone. You can still print out at your end but the online advantage is that you will be able to click liks to extra information, view videos and so on.

i HAD THREE BETS YESTERDAY. Two of them ran 2nd and the other missed but the Weekend Sports got two from three.

Have a look at this link. Punter versus the corporate.

SATURDAY September 7th: I think it was our 3rd rated horse that won the Wyong Cup yesterday. No big deal. Less than 100 peoepl viewed my video compared to nearly 500 last year. It shows the interest in what sadly has become just another race.

Our 2nd rated horse on the Mona Lisa on the other hand , ran 3rd at $250 and a haqndy $31 fixed for the place. A few Members got onto this. I dropped big bucks on the top rater which dropped out to last in a complete reversal of her normal racing pattern. It happens.

Today I am under the pump due to the large number of qualifying races no that Spring has truly sprung. Ratings are up at 9 a.m. and I now start on the Daily Mail. The Weekdn Feature Race by Mr X is slightly different to my version so ratings and Daily Mail subscibers should have a clos elook.

Friday September 6th: I've just recorded a Wyong Cup video but have no confidence in the race. There may be a way to make a profit e.g. the C Plan but with only 8 runners it could be a procession. I just hope we can see some better horses in the Newcastle Cup in a fortnight's time.

Winform GoldClub Members have a good looking bet today and at good odds. I am thinking of having my biggest bet of the year on it each way at the price. The favourite in that race will have to improve 5 lengths or more to beat it.

Thursday September 5th: If you want to have a laugh click here. Yesterday the French import won the Balaklava Cup. Our selection, a $67 shot ran close up after a checkered run in the straight. On a close look the impressive looking grey had run Group 1 winning times in France but only over 2000 metres, and of course was first up. Amazingly, the trainer managed to Quinell the race after having just 2 wins from his previous 28 starters.

Profitmaker had a win thank goodness, in spite of the heavily backed runner in the last at Eagle Farm being twitched out in a photo.

Today Wyong has a very average looking meeting ahead of tomorrows Wyong Cup, which sadly has not attracted a very talented field, given that most of the runners are 7yo and up.


Wednesday September 4th: A big days Racing today with the Balaklava Cup a highlight. All punters need to be wary with improving track conditions, for example, there is one horses ttoday with a strike rate of just 10% BUT looking at Good Track runs only , it is 15%. With just one win on rain affected tracks from 24 starts it has brough the overall record right down. I first highlighted this in my book Racing Pays back in 1988 when I found a $15 winner simply because the horse had bad form on wet tracks and at his very first start back on a Good track, won easily.

The Balaklava Cup is our Daily Feature Race today.

Tuesday September 3rd. $30 winner Wodonga followed by a $7 winner Wagga! What's not to like??

HAVE A LOOK AT THIS FEEDBACK. I have to thank Peter, I nver thought of it like that but he bet the favourite out market and got $21 Ferlax to beat all but Atlantic Jewell. Well done Peter.

We alwasy felt we did well in Maidens but most peoepl skip these. So how di we go last month?? Our top two rated horses in all maidens that were favourite scored 44% wins at a profit of 20%. How's that??

Monday September 2nd: Did all our specials really win yesterday?? Did anyone have them all up?? Did we have yet another great Oneup winner? Today both meetings are listed as Slow but we have acouple of possibilities, and I wonder what Mr X will come up with today??

Sunday September 1st: Some great results yeterday and the $14 fixed for the place Ferlax was a very very goood bet.

Have a great day with your families today and forget all the family squabbles.

Saturday August 31st: Ratings and all files are loaded ready to go. Spring package has been emailed and those getting SMS notified. JF Notified us that on Thursday he got $3.50 about our Premium winner.

On reflection the new deal at Sportingbet, top tote + 5% is a great deal for when we get the longshots up. There was a disparity the other day when one horse paid $40+ $50 + and $100+ so the dividend was $100+ with 5% extra. No I wasn't on it.

You woukd expect Caulfield to get an upgrade to a Dead 4 so I have few concerns aprt from the early races where the dampness changes the ratings for some races.

The Double Trio is on the last two races at Caulfield.Problem is that you cant stand out anyhting which means if Atalantic Jewell places anywhere as expected, the dividend will be down dramatically. Already one Professinal has told me he wont be taking part. Of course is she fails to run a slot it would pay a fortune.


Friday August 30th: Mr X had a great winner yesterday at $4. I got $4.20 I am pleased to say. The Winform Premium selection won and I got $2.20 about that after $2.40 was bet. It paid $1.50 to $1.60 on the TABs.

Today I stated with a sardine omellette. Yes!! A sardine omelette. I'd never had one before but using googel I found that it is a popular choice...............for backpackers. One quoted " I always keep 3 tins of sardines and some eggs for emergency protein." He went on to say he mixed the two ingredients one day and was hooked.

Anyhow, here's my successful recipe. Cut up a handful of button mushroomsand heat until they are turning brown. Add the sardines but drain off the oil in the tin before you do if you want to avoid being spat at. Add a little water (about a deserrt spoon) to a bowl and two eggs and whisk. You can get these great new very bendy whisks at Coles for $2. For us older citizens it makes it easier. Add pepper to taste and sprinkle a little cheese. Flip after a couple of minutes and eat. Definitely pop a peppermint before you get close to anyone.

Mildura is a Dead 4 to start with but all other tracks are Good. I'm looking at up to 4 selections at the moment.



Thursday August 29th: Mr X could only score a place with the Daily Feature Race yesterday but the Winfor Daily Mail found a $37+ Quinella in the only other selected race. Quinella outlay on both race $20, return $37+...no complaints.

Regarding yesterdays piece about the "anonymous" email. Police and Racing NSW detectives, who were informed, were able to find the perpertrator by yesterday afternoon and the trainer involved tells me he is able to get on with his life now that action has been taken.

Wednesday August 28th: A nice double yesterday with Mr X finding a good winner and our Best Bet hit the spot too.

The problem with social media is that people often say things they actually can't get away with. We were offered up an "editorial" submission yesterday about a well known Sydney trainer that was nothing but a slanderous rant. The offer came from a supposed writer who normally charges $1 a word and came via an "anonymous" hotmail address. Well there is no such thing as an anonymous email address. The email has been passed on directly to the trainer concerned and also the authorities who will quickly collect the real name and address of the person concerned who is obviously "close" to the trainer.

The allegations are of a highly personalised nature involving , I suspect, a jilted lover. Well there is no shortage of those around and we have no interest in that sort of rubbish.

Racing is at Warwick Farm and at Good tracks around the country. Even Sandown is only a Dead 4 with a possible upgrade.

Tuesday August 27th: Here is information on the new Double Trio bet from Tattsbet, along with the table to work out what it costs. We'll send the info out as an attachment with our next E-News.

Today we have high hopes for our single selections. I am taking our Profitmaker selections in an all up for the win.

The new Double Trio works like this. To win a Double Trio customers are required to select the first three
placegetters in any order across two nominated races.
For ease of costing the trick is to understand the divisor applied to what it would cost to box the same amount of
selections in a box Trifecta. In the case of a Trio it is a factor of 6. For example a 3 runner box Trifecta extents to 6
combinations, hence for 100% the cost is $6. In the case of a Double Trio the same three runner box amounts to 1
combination (having regard for any order) hence for 100% the cost for this leg is $1. Apply the same
methodology to both legs of the Double Trio and then multiple the number of combinations (i.e. nos of 1st leg
combos by nos of 2nd leg combos just like a double) and that is how you cost a Double Trio.
The table below is designed to further help you crystallise how the aforementioned methodology is applied. This
advice also appears on the InfoTAB screen.
Selections 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
3 1 4 10 20 35 56 84 120 165 220 286
4 4 16 40 80 140 224 336 480 660 880 1,144
5 10 40 100 200 350 560 840 1,200 1,650 2,200 2,860
6 20 80 200 400 700 1,120 1,680 2,400 3,300 4,400 5,720
7 35 140 350 700 1,225 1,960 2,940 4,200 5,775 7,700 10,010
8 56 224 560 1,120 1,960 3,136 4,704 6,720 9,240 12,320 16,016
9 84 336 840 1,680 2,940 4,704 7,056 10,080 13,860 18,480 24,024
10 120 480 1,200 2,400 4,200 6,720 10,080 14,400 19,800 26,400 34,320
11 165 660 1,650 3,300 5,775 9,240 13,860 19,800 27,225 36,300 47,190
12 220 880 2,200 4,400 7,700 12,320 18,480 26,400 36,300 48,400 62,920
13 286 1,144 2,860 5,720 10,010 16,016 24,024 34,320 47,190 62,920 81,796
14 364 1,456 3,640 7,280 12,740 20,384 30,576 43,680 60,060 80,080 104,104
15 455 1,820 4,550 9,100 15,925 25,480 38,220 54,600 75,075 100,100 130,130
16 560 2,240 5,600 11,200 19,600 31,360 47,040 67,200 92,400 123,200 160,160
17 680 2,720 6,800 13,600 23,800 38,080 57,120 81,600 112,200 149,600 194,480
18 816 3,264 8,160 16,320 28,560 45,696 68,544 97,920 134,640 179,520 233,376
19 969 3,876 9,690 19,380 33,915 54,264 81,396 116,280 159,885 213,180 277,134
20 1,140 4,560 11,400 22,800 39,900 63,840 95,760 136,800 188,100 250,800 326,040
21 1,330 5,320 13,300 26,600 46,550 74,480 111,720 159,600 219,450 292,600 380,380
22 1,540 6,160 15,400 30,800 53,900 86,240 129,360 184,800 254,100 338,800 440,440
23 1,771 7,084 17,710 35,420 61,985 99,176 148,764 212,520 292,215 389,620 506,506
24 2,024 8,096 20,240 40,480 70,840 113,344 170,016 242,880 333,960 445,280 578,864
Second Leg
First Leg
Selections 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
3 364 455 560 680 816 969 1,140 1,330 1,540 1,771 2,024
4 1,456 1,820 2,240 2,720 3,264 3,876 4,560 5,320 6,160 7,084 8,096
5 3,640 4,550 5,600 6,800 8,160 9,690 11,400 13,300 15,400 17,710 20,240
6 7,280 9,100 11,200 13,600 16,320 19,380 22,800 26,600 30,800 35,420 40,480
7 12,740 15,925 19,600 23,800 28,560 33,915 39,900 46,550 53,900 61,985 70,840
8 20,384 25,480 31,360 38,080 45,696 54,264 63,840 74,480 86,240 99,176 113,344
9 30,576 38,220 47,040 57,120 68,544 81,396 95,760 111,720 129,360 148,764 170,016
10 43,680 54,600 67,200 81,600 97,920 116,280 136,800 159,600 184,800 212,520 242,880
11 60,060 75,075 92,400 112,200 134,640 159,885 188,100 219,450 254,100 292,215 333,960
12 80,080 100,100 123,200 149,600 179,520 213,180 250,800 292,600 338,800 389,620 445,280
13 104,104 130,130 160,160 194,480 233,376 277,134 326,040 380,380 440,440 506,506 578,864
14 132,496 165,620 203,840 247,520 297,024 352,716 414,960 484,120 560,560 644,644 736,736
15 165,620 207,025 254,800 309,400 371,280 440,895 518,700 605,150 700,700 805,805 920,920
16 203,840 254,800 313,600 380,800 456,960 542,640 638,400 744,800 862,400 991,760 1,133,440
17 247,520 309,400 380,800 462,400 554,880 658,920 775,200 904,400 1,047,200 1,204,280 1,376,320
18 297,024 371,280 456,960 554,880 665,856 790,704 930,240 1,085,280 1,256,640 1,445,136 1,651,584
19 352,716 440,895 542,640 658,920 790,704 938,961 1,104,660 1,288,770 1,492,260 1,716,099 1,961,256
20 414,960 518,700 638,400 775,200 930,240 1,104,660 1,299,600 1,516,200 1,755,600 2,018,940 2,307,360
21 484,120 605,150 744,800 904,400 1,085,280 1,288,770 1,516,200 1,768,900 2,048,200 2,355,430 2,691,920
22 560,560 700,700 862,400 1,047,200 1,256,640 1,492,260 1,755,600 2,048,200 2,371,600 2,727,340 3,116,960
23 644,644 805,805 991,760 1,204,280 1,445,136 1,716,099 2,018,940 2,355,430 2,727,340 3,136,441 3,584,504
24 736,736 920,920 1,133,440 1,376,320 1,651,584 1,961,256 2,307,360 2,691,920 3,116,960 3,584,504 4,096,576
Second Leg
First Leg

Monday August 26th: It finally happened. The Tinkler group has unsubscribed from our Newsletter.Maybe if Nathan had subscribed to the ratings and the Winform Daily Mail he would have been suing Luxbet for his winnings rather than them suing him for losses.

A busy day today but only a possiblecouple of best at Grafton although Warnambool and Bathurst are usually kind to us. A big winner for the Oneup selections yesterday. I got $34 early in the day on Betfair but that became $29 after commission. Could only get $10 on too but enjoyed the final dividend of $10+. The C Plan had some nice returns on Saturday and I noted some good results yesterday too.

Mat is in hospital this mornings so will be running around organising his affairs after having already spent some time helping with the twins.

Weekend Sports was 2 from 4, still not good enough with only a few games left in the season.

Sunday August 25th: Our Video tip won easily at a very good price yesterday. Initially we were to back two horses but one of them was scratched. It worked out well.

Our Spring package was quite negative about most of the races we covered yesterday. We recommended only three single bets for no winners and a possible Quinella/Trifecta. One Group race was won by a maiden. The risky favourites lost.

The Winform Daily Mail had 11 races covered for 6 winners and that included the $570+ Trifecta in the Daly Feature Race.

Saturday August 24th: All Spring package selections have gone out. Some changes, not a lot. A challenging day at warwick Farm today with three very short priced favourites and all risky in our opinion.

Ratings will be posted by 8.45, Winform Daily Mail around 9.30.

** Three Quaddies today $6800, $2187 and $4751 not a bad days work. (FRiday)

Friday August 23rd: Buggered up yest again with the E-News and put in the wrong link forBetezy. This one is correct.

Yesterday we had an e/way 100/1 shot run 4th.Nearly got ther at $21 fixed for the place. Coup Ay Tee surprised as I thought it would have trained off by now. Wrong again and Loaded disappointed after firming all day from $10 in the morning to start $4.40 favourite.

Here's the link to the latest YouTUbe video. We have spotted value at Moonee Valley.

Some good midweek meetings on today and mostly good tracks for a change. The big wet seems to be in South Australia at the moment.



Thursday August 22nd; Hawkesbury Cup Day today and A Group3 so we have sent out our Spring Package members our selections. Already one horse we recommended has had its price more than halved and another is in 10%. It's a good track and a couple of our selections have been racing on rain affected tracksand will improve with the better going.

I've postponed my colonoscopy from the first week of November to the second. Something to look forward to. It's juts precautionary as my specialist says I had dodged a bullet last year when he removed some large polyps, as he said "just in time." See. Even life's a gamble!


Wednesday August 21st: Yesterdays Daily Feature Race recommendation was bet the Top Two. Well the 3rd rated horse won in a photo beating the Top Two. The news is not all bad thouhg with the Quinella paying $70+and the Trifecta $500+.

Today I have bookeeping this morning and my colonoscopy expert this afternoon. In between I will find the weekend sports bets which will be posted by 5 p.m. Last week 2 out of 5 so we need a good week,hell, I need a good week. We are now down for the year to date, a rare thing to happen. JUst need to pick up the strike rate in these last few rounds to clear the decks.

Tuesday August 20th: Just had a chat to Trevor Johns who is still making good money with those chapter five and chapter six horses. The way things were going downhill for Trevor healthwise 18 months ago I didn't expect to hear a lot from him but apart from some eye problems and some adjustments to his heart he's going so well he's working hard on analysing a better way.

Any how, we found a good winner that was $21 into $15 with the corporates and always double figureson the TAB but on course was never better than $7. It shows that you have to be on the ball if you want the best result. There is a helluva lot of difference between $21, the best price bet, and the $7 Starting Price. If you continue to take the worst price or just the TAB price you are going to lose.

To see the variety of corporate sites we recommend clcik here. Today has started out well enough but no longshots at this stage.


Monday August 19th: Only two meetings today. The CEO of Racing Victoria would like there to be a race free day on Mondays. Hasn't happened yet. He also wanted night racing at Cranbourne on the all weather track.That hasn't happened either.

I've been reading a new book about the racehorse Drongo. It seems he wasnt half as bad as everybody makes out. Bruce Walkley wrote it and it is out now (in time for Fathers Day) at regular bookshops. It is quite readable and interesting. He actually won more money than most horses win today and ran 2nd in Derby. For around $20, it's better value than dinner at McDonalds or KFC.

I'm also starting todat on another new book, this one about Shannon and written by Jessica Owers who also wrote Peter Pan. I have no release date and will advise when I have read it.Jessica ia brilliant writer, so I am looking forward to reading it.

Sunday August 18th: We honestly don'tunderstand why we have so few subscribers to the Winform Daily Mail? Yesterday again 7 Quinellas from 13 races , the best $176. A $1386 Trifecta and a $5000+ First Four in two states. There were 15 nominated selections with winners at $3.50, $2.20 $10.10 and $3.40 and a nice profit. The Winform Daily Mail is only $295 a quarter or $1100 for a whole year.

Our ratings subscribers get it free!

I'm off with Mat to the Knights/Melbourne Storm game. It will be a very tough game and I expect Melbourne to win. The Knights have several crucial injuries and you need to be at your top and then some to beat the Storm.

Saturday August 17th: :** Winner Quinella Trifecta and First Four in our first Spring Package evnt today."

Rosehill Race 4 Quinella $176.90 Trifecta $1386.60 First Four $3916.10 on the Winform Daily Mail

The Spring package has been sent after a surprise upgrade to Caulfield to Good. Rain is now expected late in the day and light. Ratings will be posted about 8.40.

The winner of our Melbourne Cup Quiz is Colin Bice from NSW. He gets $100 to bet on his choice this afternoon. I'm looking forward toCaulfield as we have several runners selected at very good prices. I want the Quaddie too!

I have to go to my grandaughetrs 2yo birthday party at midday so may miss a race or two,hopefully not the winning ones.

Friday August 16th: No winners yet (10.40 a.m.) for the Melbourne Cup Quiz. In fact only 44 Members so far have viewed the video which includes the question and of course the value bet for tomorrow. The answer is all over the web and there is a $100 cash account bonus to the winner. I guess everyone thinks that they are too late to enter. Not so.

Four meetings today and only one of them is on a rain affected track. This could be because two of the trcaks at Canberra and Geelong, are on artificial dirt tracks but they are holding up okay. No joy earlier this week at Geelong but today could be the comeback as we usually do well there.

The Spring package is free for Winform Gold subscribers and the early mail will be uploaded later this morning and most Friday mornings with the update posted on Saturday about 10 a.m.

Those who paid separately get their email when it is ready, this week it went Thursday. We don't send out SMS messages until Saturday as these are single selections for the most part, whereas the email includes our top five rated runners.


Thursday August 15th: Let's just pretend today never happened. Vaery busy with everything and didn't select a winner, there were some though, just that I didn't pick them.

We sent out the Spring package early so subscribers could take advantage of the early prices. Apart from scratchings, the ratings should probably stay the same. Mostly in the quality races, scratchings are rare.

Wednesday August 14th: 1981 & 2005 - Two Interesting Years
Interesting Year 1981
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe.
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. The Pope died.

Interesting Year 2005
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe.
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. The Pope died.

Lesson to be learned:
The next time Charles gets married, someone should warn the Pope.

See , it's not all about Racing.

My days are getting busier. I now have to be with Isla from 6 a.m. so Natalie can look after the twins. Shayne has done the night shift so he grabs a few hours sleep. This is because of Isla having a broken leg and being in a cast. We have to be with her to stop her natural exuberance. Of course when Shayne goes back to work in two weeks, that acenario will continueexcpet weekends.

So I'll be doing the next days form work in the afternoons so it is back to the 90's for me when I spent 4-5 hours a day studying tomorrows form. Who knows? Maybe I'll find more winners. Luckily, my ealy shift ends about 8, which is when the scratchings start to come in.

Wagga is abndined today but everywhere else is Good excpet Strathalbyn but I go well at that track, even in the wet, so here's hoping.

Tuesday August 12th: What a hectic day yesterday with Isla and the twins. Isla is back to see a surgeon today but Shayne is back so lesss work for Ros and I. Yesterdays races started as a mini bonanza and as I remarked to one Member, "nothing wrong with runing off with the profits."

Today we have race meetings out of the woods, 5 meetings ona Tuesday? Murwullimbah is actually having a meeting on track rated Good, as is Sunshine Coast and Broome is dirt. Bathurst is very damp and Mornington is , well it's Mornington isn't it?

There's a new website set up by a Member to alert us all to suspected scams.James has dedicated himself to this task. Here's the website.

Monday August 12th: Took my grandaughter for a walk yesterday. She had an innocuos fall, as toddlers do but then she couldn't stand out. A 5 hour wait at the hospital and she has a plaster cast on her leg but they still havent figured out what's wrong. Ligament damage they expect, anyhow, off for scans today so Ros and I are sendning the day feeeding the twins While Natalie spends her day at the hospital. MY son in law is in Melbourne giving a Seminar on suicide prevention.

A very good B4 winner yesterday at $6.50. There were two qualifiers in the one race and the horse I expected to be the lesser chance was the winner.

Only two race meetings today.

Sunday August 11th: It's a wipeout for weekend sports so far with three losers. How Geelong blew their 58 point lead I have no idea. Anyhow we can get square today.

Apolgiesfor not putting Weekend Feature Race on the Daily Mail. Luckily it was on the site anyway and Mr X fournd the 3rd horse at $51 and I had a nice collect at $10 fixed the place. We gave out two races on the Daily Mail which were only to be bet if the track was uograded. It wasn't. As a rsult we only had two races tyo be betand got the Quinella and Trifecta in the first race and the winner and Quinella in the second (only $4.30 so a loss on that deal) overall the two Quinellas paid $22.30 for $20 outlay. The Trifecat $166 for a $120 outlay over the two races.


Saturday August 10th: A very disappointing coverage on both ABC and SBS with no mention of who I was in either, I clould have been just a disgruntled member of the public and both segments looked like an ad for the new William Hill acquired of Tom Waterhouse.com business. I am told the radio interview was more extensive, they might have even said who I was.

There is hope that the Randwick track will be upgraded to day as more sun is forecast so that is what we are going with. There is some hope that Flemington is no worse than Dead. That's an improvement on the outlook a few days ago.

**I've just recorded an interview with a number of TV stations, re the Tom Waterhouse Sale. Checkout tonights ABC main bulletin. SBS has also done an interview for their News broadcasts tonight. How much they will use is interesting given that Nick Xenophon is also appearing on the same segment with ABC.

Friday August 9th: Inglis are offering a free Seminar on Thursday 15th August at their Sales Complex at Oakland Rd Oaklands junction at 4 p.m. As well as the presentation by experts such as Peter Orton from Vinery, Dr John Khonke on animal nutrition anda presentation on Radiographs there is a presentation of yearlings PLUS a number of leading trainers re the market for yearlings this year.

To attend please contact 03 9333 1422 by 5 p.m. monday.

* Question* Which of our Members backed Curlew $51 into $31 today?? It won of course.

The weather has cleared up in Sydney but a damning report by pace expert Vince Accardi on the state of the Randwick track in todays Sydney Morning Herald would give noone confidence for tomorrows Randwick meeting which will have only about 60 starters int total.

Here's the video link.

Thursday August 8th: Lost another race meeting and Randwick is likely to be heavy Saturday. The good news is that Brisbane at least should stay fine so I'll concentrate there.

Wednesday August 7th: We've gone up very early with Weekend Sports as some AFL games look very good valueand could gooff quickly. The NRL this week is very closely graded and we could only find two bettable matches and both support the outsider.

I'm disappointed to see that Canterbury is still a Dead5 after a 24 degree day with blustery wind. A few good winners yesterday but nthing spectacular wlthough a couple of seconds at $20+

Tuesday August 6th: Two major incidents yesterday. Sadly we lost a jockey in Darwin highlighting the dangers of the profession. Simone Montgomerie was a mother of two making it all the more tragic. In Sydney a construction worker had a luckier result when a load of precast concrete fell on him. He could have died tooand there is no doubt construction is another dangerous industry. He faces the possibility of being disabled for the rest of his life. The difference? The incident in Sydney was the result of safety regulations not beeing adhered to as the concrete was not securely tied. In horse racing you cannot protect riders against the traits of a herd of animals charging at speed.

Monday August 5th: It looks like a good day today as we always do well at Fannie Bay in Darwin. We do okay at Ballina too but the challenge is the heavy track today. ildura is alright and at Forbes, well not many TAB meetings there but the same horses as the surrounding districts you would think.

See yesterdays Diary fro the darwin Cup preview.

Sunday August 4th: A lot of success yesterday but a lot of failure also. The failures. Profitmaker almost had its worse day ever with 13 selections (one was each way so that counts as two selecions) and the only result was the place bet at $10 fixed on Kinnersley which was a winner. With 50 to go it could also have been a $41.80 winner but missed by 1/2 a length.

Bookmaker odds on none of the selections to win was well over 100/1 yet not a single win selection saluted and only a couple were not in the market. It happens.

On the plus side the Winform Daily Mail got the Daily Feature Race and the Weekend Feature Race, our YouTube video got both runners into the Quinella (the 3rd recommended horse was scratched) and in the Daily Mail we got two races with the winner/Quinella/Trifecta and First 4. The Daily Feature also got the Quinella and Trifecta.

It was also a bad day for the Larsen selections with one winning race from the three available. And the B4 method lucked out also. But we can't let it stop us as it will all come back. The Weekend Sports is 2 from 3 with one remaining match.

Here's the Darwin Cup Preview


Saturday August 3rd: The old Double Coincider plan from Best AustralianHorse Racing Systems had a winnig July. B4 looked to have a good month for the place but a loss for the win. The Winform Top Two was expected to have just a 30% strike rate for July but this year hit 32% with an average dividend of better than $6. The Morning C Plan had a good month.

Not a lot of exciting races today but Racing condtions look okay for this time of the year. Our Winform Daily Mail selections had a peak month with 44% winners and 26% level stakes profit. Good luck today.

The basic ratings will be up by 9.a.m. and the Daily Mail about 9.30. We'll update by 11 fro WA and Darwin scratchings.

Friday August 2nd: The answer to our quiz was Peter Pan won his second Melbourne Cup in 1934 and drew the outside. There were 22 starters. There is an excellent book about Peter Pan by Jessica Owers. He won by 3 lengths carrying 62.5 kgs and Darby Munro raced him on the outside of the bog track all the way. He started at 14/1!

Cameron Lamb of Mernda in Victoria was the first in with the correct answer.

Our twins go for a brain scan today and I believe that is the last of their tests. Unfortunately the smallest one Elle, has developed a coupleof hernias whcih will have to be fixed up but other than that all is well.

We have a video tip ready for tomorrow and we are focussing on Darwin this (long) weekend. It's Ros birthday tomorrow so Ill be placing all my bets early so we can celebrate.

Thursday August 1st:: I just want to say Happy Birthday to all you horsies out there! I also want to thank Nev for his kind words after we helped him out recently.

I have used Winform services many times and found them to be very professional and I have no hesitation in recommending this service to other punters.

Nev Taylor

I noticed we go t the Ballarat Quaddie on Wednesday.

Wednesday July 31st: I'm busy today laoading up programs on computers for clients that have taken advantage of the Winform GoldClub offer of a free Netbook computer and Money Factory program with an annual subscritpion. The offer ends today.

I've also booked my holiday for next year so I have something to aim for with my winnings. Once again itll be June July while Racing is virtually at a standstill here.

Just by the way. Another business is heavily advertising Power Play. This is NOT the Power Play that we have been offering to subscribers forthe past ten years or more. There is no comparison. I don't expect any of our Members to be taken in and I don't think it is intentional on the other businesses behalf.



Tuesday July 30th: A day away today, which is a pity as I think it will be a better day than yesterday. As predicted, I didn't expect many winners yesterday and didn't get many either. Today we have Mackay (okay) Mornington (not much good) Wyong (OKay) and Canberra Acton (Okay). Today should be a much better day.

Monday July 29th: You could look at today as an easy day. Quenbeyan has been abandoned leaving just two meetings at Swan Hill and Warren. Warren has so few meetings we havent even included it in the Strike Rate tables and we dont do so great at Swan Hill with a 30% Top Two BUT the average dividend at $5.74 isn't too bad.

A winner for the Oneups again yesterday. I have been restricting these to just 3yo and 4yo lately.

Sunday July 28th: In the last Video I suggested the below selections with these runners rated 3rd 2nd and 1st in a wide market. I wouldn't have snagged the First Four but everything else paid well.

16   LADRETTO 9.80 3.20  
4   MAZUKA   3.80  
3   JABIRU DREAMING   4.20  
SCR 1, 5, 19, 20, 21
Sub Fav 10
QN   4* 16 72.10  
EX   16* 4 160.30  
F4   (Jackpot) 16* 4* 3* 7 2766.00  
TF   16* 4* 3 1064.10  
A2   4* 16 14.90  
  3* 16 19.00  
  3* 4 15.20  

Our Daily Feature Race missed the Quinella and Trifecta althought the winner was in the chances. The Weekend Feature missed too, a rare losing Double for our Saturday Features after a long run of winners.

Only one sportsbet yesterday for a nailbiting win.

Saturday July 27th: A nice $5.50 winner for the Daily Feature Race yesterday. Let's hope we get another today. In the good luck bad luck department, I was unable to get on the Cowboys at the recommended -4.5 as thye blew out 2 points before we could get set. They lost by 2 and so the blow out in the price saved us all money.

Friday July 26th : Another easy Quaddie yesterday at Gosford. Not a big dividend but as we said yesterday, winners come at Gosford for the ratings. Not a lot of the races eligible for the Powerbet Top Three though. Today another Geelong synthetic meeting. The strike rate for the ratings is fine but the average dividend at $5.69 is not that great. Geelong is more of a venue for specials, and the C Plan has done well there.

I note tomorrow we have the Townsville Cup And Cleveland Bay sprint. Both races are open affairs but the track will be good. There are some good races there today. Goulbourn is Dead and Taree is Heavy but could upgrade to Slow. At Taree our race strike rate offsets the $5.48 average dividends.

Here's this week's video link.

Thursday July 25th: An easy Quaddie at Canterbury yesterday. Pity they aren't all easy, Sandown was impossible to pick.

There are signs the weather is improving, Rocky is Good today, Bendigo is only slow and Gosford is Dead and the sun is shining , if still a bit cold. At Rocky we do well but longshots are rare. Gosford thestrike rate is excellent and we can get good winners at times. We don't usually go well at Bendigo and we have never figured out why?

The dreaded grocery shopping is on this morning but back for Perth scratchings and maybe a good tilt today.

Wednesday July 24th: Another wet tracker today but Devonport races on the sand track. It retains its unique uphill straight which finds out a lot of horses. Our ratings have done very well there. Belmont won't b too bad by comparison with the Eastern States but rain is expected.

I will have the weekend sports bets analysed and posted by midday. Both NRL and AFL are eligible for selection. It could be a big weekend one way or the other.

Monday July 22nd: A few good exotic results today. Pity I wasn't on them. I had a few goes but photos beat me, then I would nptice the First Four in the top four and so on. It happens.

SUNDAY JULY 21ST: My first day I have felt reasonably well this morning. My poor old doggie buddy got beat when Flemington was downgraded to Heavy and our main hope missed the start. Worse still, it was the only leg of the Quaddie we missed.

Weekend Sports finished just one from four but the Daily Mail had a good day when from 8 races on the shette we found six winners and four Quinellas incuding a $31 and $51 collect.

I'll start my bookwork catch up today now that I feel in touch.

Saturday July 20th: I thought I had a good bet yesterday but the races got called off. I havent seen an artificial track meeting called off before.

I'm feeling a little bit better today but will concentrate on getting the job done then placing a few good bets if there are any and checking back later. We missed last nights sportsbet by one kick.

Friday July 19th: I am still really ill. Was it in Dubai that I picked this bug up?? Anyhow,no Youtube video this week, I can hardly talk. Here's my latest video. My sons dog recorded it,hope he has selected the winner.

Better news for Brian Keefe. He won this weeks draw from Rod Cleary's Vicbet and has a $100 free bet of his choice and the goodnews for Members is that from next week, right through Spring, our Members will all be in the draw for a freebet by answering a simple question. It will be in the Thursday E-News.

Thursday July 18th: A streaker at the Origin Final last night caused over one milion dollars to swap sides with a late try being denied Queeensland and in fairness, you couldn't fault the deciison by authorities. Sadly it is 99% certain that the try would have been scored anyway.

So why $1,000,000?? This is the minimum amount that was invested on the line market so for example, we backed Queensland to win by 5 or more so our money (the try would have taken the margin to 6 plus a possible further two for the conversion) went to those who backed NSW with a 4 point start.

Have any of the corporates decided that under the circumstances they should refund these investments? I don't think so. And the streaker gets a nominal $1,000 fine.

By the by, Ros i recovering from a bad cold she picked up on her way home but I am suffering from the same thing which I obvioulsy picked up from her so today I will be doing the minimum possible.


Wednesday July 17th: Sadly my one bet yesterday copped a massive check at the 600 and never recovered, finishing 4th, however subscribers had a second horses as it was a C Plan race and no, it didn't win either but paid a massive price for a narrow second.

Powerbet Top Three punters would have been disappointed as nothing was going right but then Just Bling , a $13 chance on course, won at $34 fixed which was available at several agencies.

On a more sour note, Greg Horn has advised that after his big win on our Daily Feature, the Ipswich Cup, Bet 365 has virtually banned him by restricting him to a maximum bet of just $10!!! Greg uses four bookmakers to spread his bets but now has to look for another.

Tonight is State Of Origin and I will be assessing the odds to see if there are any worthwhile bets for our Weekend Spirts subscribers. We should have these and the AFL selections posted by midday.

Tuesday 16th July:

Yesterday's single daily feature race selection ran third behind the second rated horse which paid $4.30 best tote.

Garry and Ros are back from their sojourn so the office is now open as normal and all those who filled in can breath a sigh of relief that we didn't have any hiccups, especially the web site disaster of last year

Cheers, Mr X!!! Hey I ilke Geelong Race 5 no 7 and have backed it.

Not quite right Mr X, Just got a call from my sister in law. She was looking after Mat's dog while he is in Tasmania. Well, she tripped over the dog and had a fall so I am now on my way to pcik the dog up, back after lunch.

Monday 15 July

Yesterday's daily feature race winner was the second rated horse (I said back the top 2) at $8.20 best tote price

Sunday 14 July

As Professor Julius Sumner Miller often asked "Why is it so?". My question relates to the three 'best bets' at Belmont yesterday. I put them on the best bets page with the usual proviso that these are only to be bet on a good track. The track stayed dead and each of them won.

Miller was an eccentric American physics professor who came to Australia and made the famous black and white TV program explaining science to the younger generation. While there is a lot of physics involved in racing, it can't explain yesterday's anomoly.

Saturday 13 July

Well we got the daily feature race winner again at $5.10 best tote and we also got the $10 quinella and $90 trifecta in the top 5 which were profitable if you stood out the 2 selections

Friday 12 July

A reminder that Garry is on holidays but the office is open part time. Just send an email or call the office number and you will be helped.

Yesterday's daily feature missed with the single selection but the second rated horse won at $5.00 best tote price.

This time of the year is such a 'dead zone' that I have decided to give this week's Weekend Feature race a miss unless something worthwhile comes up on Saturday morning

Thursday 11 July

Another daily feature race winner at $2.90 best tote price. My selections are usually based on system selections from GTX. Today I couldn't find any so I started at the first race and just 'looked'. When I came to today's race I noticed that the Super TAB win price was $1.04. There was just over $2000 in the win pool so I assumed that where there is smoke there is sometimes a fire waiting to burn and so it turned out.

Please note that there are no sports selections this week.

Wednesday 10 July

I guess that yesterday's daily feature race selection was never going to win when all the support came for two first starters. I backed my selection for a place so the $2.10 was good but not until the finish line was it looking good

Tuesday 9 July

The winner of the daily feature race yesterday was the second rated horse, making it a C Plan race. The single selection ran second. The trifecta was in the top 5 but it was filled by the first 3 favourites in betting order so it would have paid tuppence hapenny.

Monday 8 July

The daily feature race single selection won at $5.60 best tote but the premium selection just got beaten

Sunday 7 July

The only winner yesterday was the C plan race. Again instead of backing the odds on favourite, I took the standout trifecta for $12 which paid about $80. The daily feature race got the trifecta but I stood out the top 2 so missed there. Then last night I watched the Wallabies get thrashed, so all round a generally forgettable day.

Saturday 6 July extra

NRL selections have been posted. Sorry that they are late - there was some misunderstanding about the Origin influence

Saturday 6 July

We just missed getting the recommended trifecta in the Friday Daily Feature Race with first and third

Friday 5 July

Winform top 3 for June was 42% race strike rate and average dividend of $5.50

Wednesday's daily feature race bombed out when a lowly rated horse which hadn't raced over the distance won. Funny game Rugby League!

Yesterday's daily feature race however produced the goods when the second rated horse won at $5.70 best tote. I said to bet the top 3 but the third rated horse wasn't wanted in the betting so you could have left it out.

Thursday 4 July

Garry and Ros travelogue

The first part of our trip has been somewhat of a disaster. Ros had a very bad set of flulike symptoms ,although we have both had our flu shots back in April. It is the day before we are due to start our 28 hour flight to Nice in southern France. On the same day I started with the trots about 4 p.m. And it coming uses unabated through the. Night, so much so that by 4 a.m. I am looking for phone numbers to postpone our trip by at least a day.

By 5 a.m. My body has nothing left to give and my only hope is the local pharmacy. In the meantime, Ros is still unprepared, although after ten days of it she is well enough to eat and waddle through the house collecting whatever clothes are still clean.

On the Wednesday, Natalie has brought the twins home from hospital and Ros can only view them through the glass partition and I can barely stand up, although I would have been very well prepared to have a colonoscopy.

I make it to the pharmacist who sets out a three pronged attack on my problem. "So, what time are you going? Midday? " he says with a look of " you think?" On his face.

I also find out some things I didn't know about about my problem. Yes I knew I needed to rehydrate with salts and glucose and it is easy enough to work out that you only take the tablets until your convulsions stop for a time but did not know that you should take nothing sugary other than the hydrolate. And also no dairy. To my complete surprise , I find that not only have my motions stopped by midday when Belle arrived to take us to the airport, a two hour drive away, but I am feeling almost like a person again.

Ros takes more cold tablets, and that relieves her symptoms a bit and somehow we manage to pile clothes and things in two suitcases and away we go. We are on our way to the richest country on earth.

Three 8 to 9 hour flights later we arrive at Nice to find the slowest bag handlers on Earth and two hours later we arrive at the Fairmont hotel , over the waterfront and just below the Casino on the hairpin of the Formula One course. We both crash!

It's Saturday and the first thing I discover is that it is all uphill, and that the streets are narrow, marked pedestrian crossings are merely targets and I am the only one not still in bed. Nevertheless after a long searching walk I find a hole in the wall cafe with room for no more than six people and being the only person enjoy a fresh ham baguette and coffee. i am back up to about 80%. My gamble in sticking to the schedule has paid off.

Now for the other sort of gambling. My hotel, would you believe? Has recently undergone a $40 million dollar refurbishment and that includes their own Casino, right in the shadows of the famous Monte Carlo Casino which was the sole source of income for the Principality from 1863 and even today it provides 4.6% of the economy of Monarco.

The Sun Casino at Fairmont has just the one floor and plays the traditional Casino games along with a huge bank of electronic gaming machines. The tables are all in play but the gaming machines are untouched.

In the pAst I have published articles in how to win at the Casino and my formula worked world wide. Not any more! The Casinos now impose minimums maximum limits designed to stop staking plans from working. The minimum investment is only two euros but for red, black or lines it is 25€. The maximum is 500€. For my formula I need 54 units or 54x 25 which is way way over that.

To summarise, the formula was to take any set of 12 numbers which pays 3€ and invest this way.
1,1,2,3 ,5,8,13,21. A win at any stage of the sequence gives you at least one unit profit.

At our Casino the roulette wheel has just one zero and so with 36 numbers, the house wins only if the zero comes up so the house margin is just over three percent. That,is fair.

The card tables have some hefty minimums, heavy enough to Leave most players out. You would need at least 500€ or about $900 depending on exchange rates to make it worth entering the game and even that might not last thirty minutes if you are lucky. Of course, if you know what you are dong the house percentage is small and you cold win but the right approach is to cut and run with a profit if you can. I save my assault for another day.

Ros and I find a comfortable outdoor restaurant on Monte Carlos gravel beach, which has no waves at all, and have an affordable meal with helpful wait stuff who'd quickly switch to English when they can.t handle the pace of my schoolboy French.

Sunday is the day when all of Monte Carlos shops close. There is the odd cafe and an emergency pharmacist open and the only other action is on the beach, where the food lines are lengthy and the beach restaurant, so cosy in the evening, can take no more customers so it is off to the real Casino but that too is ruled out.

The Monte Carlo casino opens at 2 and the line up is choked with tour groups, in for the weekend . It is only an hour flight from most parts of Europe and 100,000 tourist have arrived. Okay, we walk around on a pleasant afternoon admiring the many private yachts anchored off the beach. The least of these are probably the 10 to 20 Million class with the others up to 300 million. Some have helipads on the rear deck and even the small ones with crews is only 20 or so, have full size launches exiting from hidden panels in the hull. It is very James Bond and just like in the movies.

It's not until Monday when we finally make it to the casino, the heritage section where dress rules are fairly casual. Although you still have to have a passport check before you can enter as the locals a not allowed in and with good reason. The Casino was built to fleece wealthy businessmen from the UK and Europe and not to cause hardship for the locals. So successful was the Casino that tax was completely banned for residents and part from their GST equivalent, that tax free status continues today.

Okay, this casino is really heritage and not fake like the Las VEgas models, you do have a sense of being back in time if you ignore the bar. The atmosphere is comfortable with limits on how many people are allowed in at a time, of course access to the other parts of the casino requires payments and a more strict dress code.

It is soon evident why the Casino is such a good contributor. They have double zero on the roulette wheel, the same restrictions and minimum and maximum investments and with two sets of zero the house percentage is doubled.

The players don,t care. They are here for fun and on my table I walk away with a 25% profit aft just 40 minutes of play. It paid for a nice dinner or the equivalent of two drinks in the champagne Bar but I won't shock you with the prices here, instead ill leave it to your imagination. It's mostly the millionaires who frequent the Bars here.

One tourist beside me decided to have one single 100€ investment. He goes red but black wins. His Casino visit is over. A group of men from Slovakia invest hundreds and cover as many as 20 of the 36 numbers and after three or four spins have several thousand in chips but instead of collecting they spread them to the max on most of the numbers only to see the red 3 come up two spins in a row. The first time they had covered it but with the chance of the same number rolling up twice in a row being 1000 to one, they deliberately left it out on the next roll. The house takes the lot and they're out.

In dozens of vista to the casino, I have only walked out with a loss once using my sequence and strategy. Now that the strategy is effectively banned except for the high rollers room, although I will never find out, my Casino visits are over and now that the worm part of my trip is taken care of it is on with my holiday upriver to gay Paree!

By the time I get back I won't have laid eyes on a horse or horse form for weeks and will start completely fresh and ready for action for the 2013/2014 season. Can,t wait!

Wednesday 3 July

Another winner for the daily feature race on a heavy track. The selection was in a maiden and its form line was 0X0439, but its last start was at Kembla Grange over 1500m, a strong provincial venue on the South Coast of NSW. Today's distance was 1400 m.

As in most heavy track races, you must look for runs the selection had at today's distance or greater. The same was for a horse I backed at Bathurst yesterday in a 1800 m race. It was second favourite and had won at 1800 m. The favourite, which ran second, had won at 1400 m but had never run over 1800 m.

Tuesday 2 July

Great to see the Australian team Orica-GreenEDGE get their first ever tour stage win yesterday in Corsica.

Two premium bets yesterday for one winner. In one race I thought the second rated horse a good chance so I backed both selections but didn't take the quinella for the 1, 2 result

In the other race the selection was $1.35 SP so I took the stand out trifecta with the next 4 rated selections for a $38 return on my $12 investment. So my profit was over 200% instead of the 20% for backing the winner at the tote price.

And the daily feature race got the top rated winner $3.60 winner, $4 quinella and $30 trifecta in ratings order, but of course the trifecta in order doesn't happen often enough. Once again I went with a real standout selection on a heavy track. I said to back the top 2 so it was still a good profit.

Monday 1 July

Fine and sunny at last. I don't know how people cope with not seeing the sun for months. We only had to cope with about 10 days

I will report on the Winform top 3 performance for June later in the week.

Sunday 30 June

If it keeps on raining, levee's goin' to break - first line of one of the great songs from one of the great groups Led Zeppelin. And if it does yesterday's transferred Rosehill meeting may still not be a goer on Monday. If it does go ahead, it will be on the Saturday file because they are Saturday horses.

In yesterday's daily mail there were 4 quinellas from 6 races (no profit) but the first fours were profitable.

For me the highlight was the top rated winners in the Sunshine Coast feature races 8 and 9 and the treble were the top rated horses in each race. I like heavy tracks and horses which really stand out in the fields.

The Cats easily beat the Dockers so one bet, one win for the Sports Selections

Saturday 29 June

The third rated horse won yesterday's daily feature race at around $16.

The Coastal NSW big wet continues with Rosehill and Gosford abandoned. I have switched the Weekend Feature Race to the Sunshine Coast

Friday 28 June

Yesterday's C Plan race landed the short priced winner, however the second rated horse ran second for $39 quinella and the fourth rated horse ran third. Both second and third runners were big prices so the NSW TAB trifecta paid $969. In this type of race a box trifecta using the top 5 would only cost $60 however astute punters might have used the top 2, or even the short priced favourite only, as standouts for a better profit.

Thursday 27 June

Anyone who likes omen tips couldn't go past the top rated selection Bendigo race 7 5 Election

Wednesday 26 June

We got the winner in the Daily Feature Race, which paid around $8. The second rated horse ran third.

Mr X

Updated for Tuesday25th June 2013:

Tuesday June 26th: My last diary entry before I leave. Not a single winner from those four yesterday so glad I didn't have a punt.

Here's an article that is on our site somewhere but Google can'tfind it. It's a great read for punters lookin into mud form.

With the winter months come the rain effected tracks. Whilst some punters steer clear of betting in the wet others try use the conditions to help them pinpoint good priced winners.

Below are some of the things to look for when assessing a horse’s wet track ability.

1. Form in the Wet
A horse’s form in the most reliable indicator as to how it will perform in wet track conditions. However, having said that, form can also be misleading. For example horses can win their maiden in the wet but not really handle the going – their superior ability can be the factor that gets them home. Just to further complicate things, a horse with good wet track form early in its career, and therefore possessing seemingly ‘good wet track credentials’ on paper, may fail in the wet when it gets older. Older horses can get a bit wily and refuse to put in when the conditions get too tough and uncomfortable. When assessing a horse’s wet track ability, it pays to place greater value on recent form.

2. Breed’s Form In The Wet
Some breeds possess physical conformations that predispose them to performing well in the wet. (See Horse Characteristics below). A website that tells you which breeds perform well in the wet and the ones that don’t is: www.racenet.com.au

(Go to the home page click on Stats and Data and then Wet Track Sires). Scroll down the page to ‘Best Wet Track Sires’ and ‘Worst Wet Track Sires’ - and you’ll see that some breeds are such wet track duffers that they have never had a runner win a race on a wet track. This is powerful information for a punter to be armed with during the rainy season.

3. Sire and Dam’s Race
Records in the Wet
If dad and mum were good in the wet, there is a strong likelihood the progeny will be as well. The former Sydney sprinter Snowland’s progeny have one of the highest win rates in the wet. It’s no surprise that Snowland was also a nob in the wet in his hey day. Arguably the greatest player ever to take the field in Australian Rules football was Geelong star Gary Abllett. It’s no fluke that his son Gary junior is now being hailed as the best player in the AFL. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. A web site where you can check out horses’ past race records and how they performed in the wet is:

(Go to the home page and click on Form Search).

4. Horse Characteristics

(A.) Physical Conformation
Different muscles come into play depending on the type of going a horse is racing on. For example, on a firm, good rated track, a horse’s feet do not sink into the surface, and most of it’s energy is directed at going forwards. Therefore the muscles that help propel him forward are the ones he calls upon most. On the other hand on a very rain effected track, a horse’s feet dig into the surface, and the muscles which help him haul them up and out are brought into play. As horses by the same sire often have similar physiques and muscle conformations, it isn’t surprising that certain breeds are better equipped to handle rain effected going than others.

(B.) Hoof Dimensions
Imagine if you will, a woman attempting to run across a muddy paddock in stilettos. The small, petite shoes with their pointed heels would penetrate deep into the mire and impede her progress considerably. Another woman wearing wider, flat soled shoes, could sprint across the same muddy paddock with relative ease. 

Similarly, horses with big, wide hooves tend to handle wet tracks better than those with small feet. The greater amount of ‘splay’ in their hooves minimizes the degree to which they dig into the surface. The more a horse’s hooves dig into the ground, the more energy it will need to expend in pulling them out again – and the less energy it will have left to put towards it’s forward motion.

(C.) Thoroughbred Size
Small horses tend to handle rain effected going better than do big, bulky types. The smaller a horse is, the lower it’s centre of gravity, and therefore the less likely it is to become unbalanced in running. Rain effected ground, especially uneven ground, is just the sort of going to upset a big, heavy horse’s balance. A good example was the Bart Cummings trained mare Empire Rose. In the Spring of 1988 she finished last on a heavy track in a 12 horse field at Te Rapa in New Zealand. A huge mare, she simply became unbalanced and floundered in the heavy going. Several weeks later she won both the Mackinnon Stakes and Melbourne Cup on firm tracks. That’s the difference moisture on the track can make.

(D.) Degree Of Speed
Horses whose greatest attribute is their speed, are often hindered by rain effected going, as they are slowed down by the wet ground.

If a horse goes like a greyhound on good track surfaces, you can bet it will also ‘paddle’ like one when its wet.

(E.) Racing Style
A horse’s racing style can impact on its ability to win in the wet, especially in heavy conditions. As mentioned, such conditions can take the edge off the speed of front runners diminishing their winning prospects. Back markers can also be handicapped by heavy going. Such conditions slow down their characteristic fast finish, as they tend to ‘plough’ home rather than power home. Back markers can also experience the hardship of having rain soaked clods of earth kicked up into their faces by runners in front of them. Many a horse has had it’s winning hopes dashed by getting a mud pie in the eye or worse still a clod in the gob causing them to choke down. By default, on heavy rated tracks, it can pay to focus on horses which race just behind the pace.

(F.) Soft Feet and Jarring Joints
On rock hard racing surfaces horses with soft or ‘shelly’ feet can put in a below par run as they ‘feel’ the ground. Some horses with suspect joints can also ‘jar up’ on such ground.

These horses can bounce back at good odds at their next starts in wet conditions or on tracks which have some ‘give’ in them so are worth keeping an eye on.

(G.) Geographical Origin
Horses get used to racing in certain kinds of conditions in their own region and can be uncomfortable when taken to another area to race in different conditions. For example, UK and Irish raiders which come here for the Melbourne Cup each year are used to soft track surfaces and can jar up if they strike a very firm track surface on Cup day.  The opposite tends to be true for horses from Western Australia. Perth champion Placid Ark, used to racing on very firm track surfaces back home, performed at his top on firm tracks when he ventured east to compete in races like the Lightning Stakes and Newmarket Handicap. On the flip side, mud larks to come from the west are as rare as chook teeth.

(H.) Character
When its, wet and miserable, and a track surface has turned to mud, some horses will put in whilst others will pack it in. It’s a case of ‘when the going gets tough, the tough horses get going’. On the other hand, some horses would much rather be back in their box rather than out on the race track in such conditions. Consider it – if the weather is fine a jogger probably won’t mind doing some laps around the running track. However, if the weather is freezing cold, and rain is coming down in buckets, he would probably much rather be at home in front of the gas fire than out jogging. As Roy Higgins once said, ‘Horses are only human’.

Foot Note:
The author is a former Product Development Manager at the Victorian TAB and runs the innovative Australian horse racing web site: ww.aussieraces.com


Monday June 24th: Only Echucha has a reasonable racing surface today and so instead of having a punt I am packing for my trip to the Monte Carlo Casino later this week. I guess I'll report back, depends if I break the bank I suppose.

If I was having a bet today I would have a parlay Echucha 4 10, Coffs Harbour Race 6 5, Wagga Race 5 2 Echucha 9 2, War Is Over. But I'm not so it's probably a good play for someone.

On another subject I just bought back into NAB and Westpac at 20% less than what I sold them for a few weeks ago. I don't see the banks going broke anytime soon. Mr X takes over the diary later this week and I expect he'll have something to say about how he goes about selecting the Daily Feature Race.

Sunday June 23rd: Four winners from nine yesterday but prices so low there was no profit. Bugga! I was aksed to day how a horse with 2 wins from 4 starts could be at the bottom of the ratings. Well the horse had all four runs at Devonport and we simply don't rate them from there. This horse qualifies as a B4 but is having his first start on a grass track and his first start longer then 1150metres. Could still win though.

Saturday June 22nd: **** All updated*** We assume an early upgrade at Belmont

This from Phil

Hi, I don’t know where you get your info from, but you say Clanga’s Glory (no 8) & Lord Durante (no 12) have good wet track form. Both have not had a start on a heavy track, no8 has had 2 starts on a slow track for 1 win.No 12 has had 3 starts on slow track for 2 wins & a 2nd. So if it is a heavy track, what no bet? Slow & heavy is classed as a wet track. Phil

My reply "Clangas Glory has 14 starts on wet tracks for 7 wins.
 He’s a fair risk on a heavy track..

Lord Durante has won his two most recent starts and both on slow tracks.

The program we use in GTX has an inbuilt forrmula based on 100,s of thousands of races and the formula works for us.



Phil was referring to our latest video in which I try to explain how Winform Ratings are affected by rain affected tracks. We'll ceratinly get to use the wet track factors today!

Friday June 21st: Our Profitmaker selection wonnicely yesterday. A rise in Class menat a $2 return for what is quickly becoming the Champion Of The North. Our Boy Malachie has now won 9 races ina row inclduing 6 from 6 at Rockhampton with its 600 metre straight.

I saw a picture of The Queen this morning watching her horse win at the Ascot meeting. What a change from her usual dour appearance!! She cheered like every winning punter does. Wonder how much she had on it??

Thursday June 20th: A nice return from the Daily Feature Race ysterday with a $5 winner as selected, a $109 Quinella and $1200 Trifecta. Hope we can do it again today.

Did I say that none of our selected value AFL markets moved? I was wrong . One game moved to our disadvantage by 2 points and here's the rub. It didn't move when I first posted the selections (Tuesday night) but when I advised yesterday that I had posted the selections, so it is this diary that is being monitored not the site itself.

Here'e a video Ive put together explaining how e do ratings for winter tracks.

Wednesday June 19th:Not a lot of people backed Anagold last Saturday. In a rare advantage Betfair SP actually paid $159, however our experience is that Betfair SP has been a disaster compared to best of three totes and bookmakers Starting Price. In fact we withdrew all our funds.

The Weekend Sports bets are up and unusually, none of the three games we posted changed margins. I did note that several of the AFL games this weekend are delicately posied with no clear value on the margins.

Tuesday June 18th: I was just doing a bit of bookeeping and found one of our Premium methods (Premium is made up of several different methods) has just had 15 winners from 17 selections. It makes you wary doesn't it? But the longest run of outs since January 2009 is just 7. It records 80% placed runners. Only 13 of these selections did not start favourite or second favourite. Geelong Race 3 no 3 is a selection today BUT it is only a selection because the Geelong Synthetic track is always described as Good.

I looked up all the synthetic tracks and found the following results.Canberra Acton 2 from 2 , Toowoomba 12 from 26,Sunshine Cushion 15 from 29 and Geelong synthetic 16 from 28. Due for a loss? Or a win?

Sunday June 16th: Got the last two legs of the Quaddie. It paid thousands less for me on Tattsbet but when I looked at the pools it worked out that the reason it paid less was because in the other States they didn't have to pay me out. There were 20 units paid out on Tattsbet, 13 on Victab and 13 on NSWTAB. Maybe I should have had a flexibet on each State??

Our Profitmaker pool had a very poor result yesterday but we also invested in the Tattsbet Quaddie for the Pool as two of our selections were in two of the legs although neither won.

Greg Horn had another briliant day yesterday and he just used the method he revealed in his best selling book Professional Punting My Personall Approach. Greg has now set himself up as a punting coach. He is taking on a small number of punters who he wil train for a monthly fee. Something to do over Winter??

Saturday June 15th: We expect Ipswich to upgrade to Slow so we have changed our ratings accordingly at 9.00 a.m.

Bugga! I had Calvo each way at $151 and phot for 3rd ran 4th. The First Four in the Winform Top Five $25,000!! Cost $120.

***DID YOU NOTICE WE HAD ANNAGOLD RATED $3.10?? it won at $55. mY MONEY MOSTLY WENT ON THE EXOTICS AND I COULDNT GET A PLACE. I'm on the Quaddie though. Just need two more winners.

Friday June 14th: Well we avoided that hoodoo by one day. Emirates wanted to be a safe sender s they sent us instructions. I've included this link to help readers do the same for us and anyone else you wish to add as a safe sender.

Today I can see only wet tracks. Geelong is artificial but raining I am told. Not a day for specials , that's for sure. Tomorrow we have the Ipswich Cup and I have a preview on our channel on YouTUbe.

Thursday June 13th: It happened again yesterday. Two minutes after I posted Storm to win by 12.5 or more the market moved to -13.5. This is happening too consistently and at different times of the day. It always happens within minutes of our Weekend Sports bets going on line.

I have withdrawn this match from our list. Here's our Footie video.

Wednesday June 12th: My attempt at a Quaddie yesterday backfired badly and I wont be tempted today on what are heavily rain afffected tracks every where, except Belmont. 2,4,7,9/ 3,4,7,9/2,11/2,3,8,10 which is only $12.80 for a 10% share.

I have had a Member ask me to update My Favourite Book. As a project it is simply not viable but I did agree to provide some specific reports that my client asked for . As he is a pensioner I did it for just $99 and it took quite some time and is still unfinished but some very interesting things came up. There are some edges there tat could be exploited and so I may out together a special report which clinets can purchase at a low cost. It will also enable me to do more work and add value to what Neville requested as I will be justified in providing extra material. Maybe if I received enough requests at say $39 I could do a more comprehensive update. Feedback to direct@hunterlink.net.au

Tuesday June 11th: Only Townsville has a good track today and I thought I ight try a Quaddie with the numbers 3,12/ 1,2,3,8,9/2,4/ 2,5,7,8,9 which is $100 for 100% or $10 for 10%. Just a hunch.

In two weeks time I get ready for holidays starting with an investigation of the gambling scene in Monte Carlo. After that I get an actual holiday cruising up the river from Arles towards Paris before returning home in time for the new Racing year. Can't wait! Of course Mr X , and David Toulson and Belle will be lokking after things while I am away. MR X had a good day Staurday, turning $500 into $4000+ with wins on a Winform Top Rate at Flemington and his Weekend Feature Race selection Hawkspur.

Monday JUne 10th: Ros and I are kept on the hope with Natalie recovering from the birth of her twins and I still have work to do for clients just the same. The E-News has suffered but maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I completely missed getting my bets on which probably explains the positive result. The last winner we gave out was bet at as much as $7 I am told, however Iain informed me that he put it on before ducking down the street for an ale or two. When he retirned home he was disappointed to find that he hadn't pressed the "confirm" button. As he says in his email ". I'm off to get this "L"removed from my forehead!!! :-[ ".

And haven't we all been there?


**fIRST rACE qUINELLA $24 AND eXACTA $37.90Flemington Race 1 wINNER $6.50 INTO $4.40

**now four races foUR winners three quinelasand exactas AND a $394 trifecta***

first three race on winform daily mail. three winners two Quinellas and Exactas.

Saturday June 8th: Two very positive selections for me yesterday and neither were even placed. What is going on? It can only get better today as my special each way for the Daily Feature I backed at $17 fixed for the place.


A 5 a.m. start.has the bubs at 7.30. I have my grandaughter all day and I also have to supervise some painting that is going on. I'm not sure if Ill get my tips out for the weekend on YouTube but I might give it a go.

I have maybe two possible selections tomorrow. The past two weeks I have found two great bets but both got cut down on the post at good odds. And I am having problems with Mat at the moment too. It all happens at once.

Betjack. A number of our members have been contacted by this Vanuatu based bookmaker which we are advised is Australian owned. We did not supply our contacts to this organisation or anyone else.To be honest, their aproach reaches the point they become pests. Our experience is that the web site is too slow, when you win your payments are too slow, we waited nearly six weeks to be paid winnings. I have had no good reports about Betjack. Any feedback about them is welcome. Read this.

Thursday June 6th: All red blooded aussies would have loved that punch up by Paul Gallen, one of our favourite players BUT the judiciary have failed in their aim to clean up the image of Rugby League by charging him with a low grade penalty that will cost him only one game. Why wasn't he given at least a 10 minute penalty? Would it be be because the league needed a NSW win to keep Origin alive after seven straight series defeats to NSW in a row?

Wednesday June 5th: Yes I know it's Orign night and yes, when two equal teams play back the value one. Well that's Qld at $2+. Personally I think NSW has made some selection errrors but it's still an even money game.

I think it's a bit dumb that players from to nights match mostly back up for the Club games at the weekend and so I don't bet this round of NRL. That's dumb too.

The AFL has a lot of lopsided matches these days and this wekend we could only find two bets and I am not totally convinced I am on the right side in one of those. The other match we selected we reckon the winning margin will be more than double the start we are giving.

My daughter is booked in Friday for a Ceaserean so we are crossing our fingers that all goes well.


Good luck today.

Tuesday June 4th: No feedback from my E-News yesterday s maybe no one else ever had an irritating neighbour. You know we put up with Kevin for nearly 25 years and never said a thing. We just kept the peace.

I don't think we would have now.

The Lays from the B4 The Start book had 56 runners for just 1 win last month. All selections were last start winners and a few were at such long prices you couldn't lay them but plenty were in the top four favourites and lost. With the correspondance we have had it is clear that a lot of punters don't quite get the concept of laying and particularly understanding how it all works. You have to be willing to bet at odds on all the time. A dividend of $1.20 is a very good lay. It's a bit like place betting.

We always have members who want to place bet but you need a 90% place strike at $1.13 or better to make it worthwhile. We have one Member in particular who is very good at it. He bets $1,000 a race and quits as soon as in front for the day. His strike rate remains high because of this.

Monday June 3rd: We had visitors yesterday and so I missed getting any bets on. I missed the Oneup selections and there was a winner at $10+ from the two selections and also the Profitmaker selection won at $3.10 and I missed that one also. On the plus side our last Sports selection won and I collected the all up Double for a good win.

Maree assured me that our selections would win big as she is overseas for two weeks. "It's started as you predicted Maree. Enjoy your holiday!"

Three meetings have survived today. Northam should be a good track and if it is we have a winner there.

The Toowoomba Cup was won by our 3rd rated horse and it was the only one backed following our Powerbet Top Three strategy.

Sunday June 2nd: It's Toowoomba Cup Day today and something to look forward to. We usually do well at Toowoomba and today should be no different. The Cup itself is a bit wide open as you have to compare horses experienced on the track but with indifferent form against horses with good form elsewhere but no form here.

In the meantime , we have had three from three with our Sports Bets and one match to go.

Yesterday we gave out a selection at Adelaide River but only Tatts covered it. With a really small pool it was not worth betting but amazingly it paid as much for the place as it would have for the win. It ran 2nd.

Kerrific was a good winner of the listed Belmont Sprint yesterday at great odds. Our Winform Gold Club special got beat at Eagle Farm yesterday by our second rated horse. Our top rated runner won the Queensland Guineas but we failed to snag the anticipated Quinella with our other Gold Club runner. Our third Gold Club runner won and better than $3 was available but it shortened on course to $2.40.

** Newcastle Race 2 Double Pluggas $71 into $31 and 2nd. Quinella top5 boxed $100+**

Saturday June 1st: We've lost three meetings today, Sandown, Lismore and Kilmore but maybe gained one Warwick, which is near Toowoomba. The only meeting to be held on a Good track is Newcastle and Townsville is good also but Sunshine Coast tonight is on the dirt track. Winner finding won't be easy but we'll give it a go.

We started last night with an easy win for our Weeend Sports Bets.

Friday May 31st: Four meetings today and all on a good track. Haven't seen that for a while. Might be a day to make some money. I'm doped up with cold medicine so just hope my voice holds out for the weekends video.

Thursday May 30th: We had a fantastic Profitmaker selection yesterday, right horse right day right race BUT we missed in a frantic photo. It was a planned plunge with connections, who are not big punters, lashing out with $10k for a $100k collect. Sadly it was not to be.

Weekend sports bets went up yesterday but within minutes I had to change one seleciton as bookmakers moved the line before evn I could place any bets. It seems to be happening every week which suggests that some bookmakers have subscribed as a defensive measure against our punters.

We have some really exciting news going out with our E-News this afternoon. It is a unique but free program for our Members.

Tuesday May 28th: All wet tracks today except Townsville which is Good. No selections for the B4 plans today. Tony queried yesterdays selection but it was the plan on page 42 which found it, not the basic B 4 Plan which still stands alone. There are several laybets today.

I noticed in the paper today it is stated that Betfair has 6.38% of the Australian betting market. Considering that it is my understanding they are not making a profit here you ccan understand why their odds are no longer competitive, expecially when they have the hide to send an invoice for extra commission if you actually win as has been reported to us by many Members.


Monday May 27th: Just my luck. I had to take Ros car in fora service today and got a complimentary wash but when I picked the car up it poured rain. Oh Well. We had one bet for the B4 for those who have GTX today and it was a good winner at $5.10.

Tomorrow I spend the day taking Natalie to the hospital for twin checks while Ros look after Isla who now has a bad cold.

Also we think we got stung today. We need a large tree cut down and when the tree truck turned up they said because of the rain if we took their quote straight away and paid cash they would do it for $850. Our previous best prices was $2,000 so of course we said yes.

Today they came backand cut it down and got paid but guess what. The truck that cuts it up and takes away the cuttings hasn't turned up. Tomorrow???Or have we been done by a couple of unscrupulous employees?

Sunday May 26th: I had a hunch Epaulette would do something so I added it to the Daily Feature race and we got the Quinella and Trifecta.

7 Quinellas , 6 Trifectas forthe Winform Daily Mail but a poor performance from our win selections. Larsens Invest To Win had a great winner in the last at Randwick BUT becuase of the track condition was no bet. It's a pity as we have been waiting for a good priced winner.

Weekend Sports is 3 from 6 so far with three to go. We missed the Manly game by 1/2 a point.

Saturday May 25th: One from two for the sports bets last night. A good result froProfitmaker,I got $6 early odds and on track $5 into $4 but I had a saver on the horse that ran 2nd. A bit too conservative.

I await the track conditions with interest. I'd hate to see Doomben's big day ruined but their were signs that the rain band was swinging back out to sea.

3.30 this morning I was watching the Diary Of An Invisible Man, a bit of fun for the night owlsbut there are times when you are having a bad run and you wish you were invisible. A good winner or two is agood cure. Let's hope we can nail it today.

Friday May 24th: I had big plans for today but here it is 10.51 a.m. and I have hardly started. Mat had an accident in the company car so will have to pay the excess as it was on his own time. Another setback. In the meantime I think there is a good bet today fro Profitmaker, I hope so. Our longshot hit the from 300 metres out yesterday but collapsed in a heap. Luckily, it won't be eligible for a further bet.

I have a new video going up later today. I'll list it here and in an email.


Thursday May 23rd: The countdown continues and I am taking Natalie to her check up today so won't be home but Ros will take any calls and I will call back.

Yesterday I had 2 wins from 3 for the C Plan before quitting in front. The Daily Feature Race selection won at $4.80+

Wdnesday May 22nd:I couldn't believe the start times today. I didnt actuall look at them until I got back from the bank and then found that four races had already run. It's not raining in Sydney yet and the rain is still off the coast. We might get Canterbury in on a Good track.

I hope to have the weekend sports bets up by 1.30 and note that the odds do change rapidly on Wednesdays.

Tuesday May 21st: Here's a hint to save time looking for B4 selections. Firtsy, having checked the career record which is usually at the head of the form guide for each horse, check only horses that have been beaten by less than the required margin last start. Remember there are only an average of 4-5 selections per week.

Today only, everyone who purchases any Staker package (check the online store) will receive a free copy of the B4 The Start E-Book. There is no need to say anything when you place your order as we will fix it manually at this end. Also you can phone your order through. Ill be in the offcie all day. So if I miss a call it is because I am talking to another Member.

Here's a link if you want to watch Four Corners story on gambling and sport.

Monday May 20th: Boy, make an error and it doesn't take long to bite you in the bum. There were two selections for B4 on Saturday. Tony was a bit upset as he had spent many hours rechecking but he did miss out on selecting yesterdays which luckily for him, unlucky for us, ran 2nd.

I ran Powerbet through for the week last week and it was very very good. There was only one possible series loss and had we missed just one race, we would have not lost at ll. Profit was equivalent to one and a half series (banks). In the workout I didn't pursue any races much after 5 unless it was the last race of the day. Checking the figures after the races is not 100% accurate as prices may have been slightly different than the final prices but it does give a very clear picture. Of course, individual punters may have done things differently too. I included the Dubbo meeting on the Monday which had no winners at all but I imagine most would not have wanted to stick around for the afternoon with only one race meeting on.

Sunday May 19th: One B 4 selections yesterday. It won at $6.00+. We got $8 in early markets. There were four lay selections and all four lost. Weekend Sports is two from two so far.

One B4 selection today and Sydneys Warwick Farm races today due to Scones stand alone meeting yesterday.

Saturday May 18th: Most purchasers have now received their B 4 The Start books. This is a typical response.

Hi Garry,
    just a quick note. I have recieved my copy of B4 and it is excellant! looking forward to good profits over the years and also look forward to future publications.
Tom Mallard. Thanks Tom and wishing you luck.

Sadly, our selection yesterday didn't make the cut. I found a winning C Plan race, collected on that and had an investment on the Scone Cup and the B4 but had no further collects. It looks like a good day today. I think Powerbet probably went okay yesterday with a nice $20 winner late in the day. Dennis reported that he went well up until 3 p.m. when a few visittors dropped in to end his days punting activity. His shoulder operation next week will further curtail things. He had backed five good winners up until then.

Dennis is a semiretired plumber and not use to doing nothing. His Racing hobby keeps him occupied and of course he is enjoying the challenge. Sounds like many of our Members. I note that according to the Sydney Morning Herald today, over 1,000,000 australians are still working aged between 65 and 71 and it is probabaly the threat of not having anythingto do (and no money to do it with) that is keepign them there. Have a good day today. Firt ratings will be posted about 8,45.

Friday May 17th: A bit pushed yesterday as I took Natalie to her drs. appointment. She can no longer drive safely but all went wel

Today looks like a good punting day as we normally do well at Mt Gambier, Wagga is a heavy track so caution there, but we go well at Geelong, average at Scone but good at Ipswich wehere we have a B4 in the 7th race. I know the guy who trains it and he is alright too. Albany has a rare rain affected track and a couple of resonable looking bets in Race 2 4 She Bares All and Race 4 3 Hot Goth which while a good winner last start goes up 1kg but has a 2kg allowance for C Parnham.

I feel we can win the Weekend Feature Race at Doomben tomorrow and the Doomben Cup looks a bit open witha good size field but there could be an opportunity there.

Wednesday May 15th: The big wet has hit the southern states which lessens betting opportunities but Canterbury is good and Belmont will probably be no worse than Dead. Gold Voast, Gawler are heavy and Sandown wont get any better than Slwo with rain continuing. We don't do the basic C PLan on heavy tracks but the second version we do as they woudln't start these horses if they didn't expect them to handle it.

I noticed some major shake ups in teams fro this weekends footy aftre last weekends upset results. I'll have the footy bets up by lunchtime.

Tuesday May 14th: We had 24.5 start on St Kilda last night and we didnt neeed it as Saints won despite a spirited Carlton comeback in the last quarter. It was our only win at the weekend, a rare blot on our sports folder.

Physio this morning, shoulder,hip and right foot but it is Natalie who has real pain having torn a muscle just weeks out from the twins arriving. We have extra grandparenting duties too but we will still get all the B4 The Start books away today.

There might be one good bet today.

Monday May 13th: The B4 The Start books have started posting out and we expect all will be in the post by tomorrow. All E-Books have been delivered to the email addresses provided.

Natalie has pains, so we are taking no chances and she is on the way to hospital.

In the meantime, we have added two more reportsabout disputed betting activity to your feedback.

Late item "Morning Garry.

you might like to have a read of this decision. In essence it means that if a bookmaker licenced by the NT is offering a fixed odds product the NTRC will enforce the new rule requiring the bookmaker to accept bet(s) plural while they continue to offer the price to lose $ 1,000. Now I wonder why this decision has not been made very very public. And there is a second one which is similar.

  http://racing.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/132874/s_v_luxbet_02_11.pdf "

Sunday May 12th: So far this weekend we haven't won a single sports bet. Luckily, one of them we couldnt get on at the price. The heavy trcak blew us away at Eagle Farm but my suggestion of each way Better Be Ready was okay. In Adelaide the winners were in the top few, Platelet at $9.90 rated 3rd, Wowie at $19 rated 2nd . Vo Hart $18.70 and Oompa Loompa $12.30 hiding in the Daily Mail in the top few.

There was no joy from Trevor Larsens strategy either but as I have said before, it can eb all or nothing. Luckily the C Plan got away to an excellent start with three wins from the first four eligible races and it has been a good week before yesterday.

Happy Mothers Day today.

**All E-Book purchasers were given the passwords to download B4 The Start yesterday.

Saturday May 11th: A Trifecta in yesterdays Daily Feature Race. I'll be content today with the winner.

Friday May 10th: So you are on a ship and somehow or other she falls overboard. The correct procedure is notify someone ASAP as the captain can then plot a course to return to the approximate spot and assist. So how would you react? Would you immediately go over yourself in a vain attempt at rescue?

My latest run on Money factory ended yesterday with a proift. My normal race strike rate is 50% at $2+ but the present one, which was interrupted by many personal and customer related issues, returned just 41% winning races at $2.27. The profit on turnover was 0.37% That's still better than the current bank interest on $20,000 of just 0.5% per annum. My return was over a few short weeks and is an annual returnof 22.5%.

**Here's a link to run Winform software on your computer with 64bit and Windows 8: We have gotten more feedback from members who are restoring their Money Fcatory and Powerbet programs.

Video link to this weekends QTC CUp

Thursday May 9th: One message I tell people is that you never know when your good run is going to come.That applies to all systems, ratings, selection services and the like and even your own personal selections.

Saturday was really good forthe C Plan and it was also good for Profitmaker clients and the Winform Daily Mail did well with winners but not so well with Quinellas and Trifectas. It wasa good day for me.

Yesterday we conferenced on our Profitmaker selections as we do daily. We often argue about selections, about what to send out and what not to. On Tuesday I had earmarked two very god selections and in one race I had marked a danger horse. As it happened my orignal selection was scratched in one race leaving just the "danger" horse.

I expected both of the final selections to be around $2 to $2.50 at best. One of those horses paid better than $7 and the other was $1.50. In our conferencing it wa argued thet the first horse, even though the method had a 50% win strike, would end up being the one that fitted in the 50% of those that lose. It won. It turned out the $1.50 chance was the loser. The end result for me was a 12k win as I was coming to the end of a long losing run and the end of a Money Factory sequence where the divisor had dipped to just $2.70.

Wednesday May 8th: Weekend Sports will be posted by midday (approx.) Sportsbets are up 12.45: You have to be quick with Sportsbets. Two changes since I posted them. Didnt even get tie to put my bets on West Coast and Newcastle Knights are now at Sportingbet if you want the best.

Sportsbet is under fire in the Victorian Consumer Tribunal for refusing a punter all up bets. So far the punter is winning so we will follow with interest.

Tuesday May 7th: It finally happened. We had a lay bet win after 90 or so losers in a row. The lay plan is in B4 The Start. The B 4 selections themselves have been in short supply, alhtouhg we did have a loser yesterday afyer it was backed in from $41 to $6.50. It sat out th back and never got hot. Imagine you are the owner and get to the track to find that your odds have been knocked off? Do you give your horse a light run and wait for another day? Or did the horse just have a bad day??

Wednesday tomorrow and we have one bet for B4, one bet for Premium and one bet from my Winning YOur Only Option book.

Monday ay 6th: Already today I've done an interview with ABC Radio pn the Waterhouse enquiry and the interviewer had hardly any idea about Racing other than what he read in today's Newspapers about the enquiry. I guess he was a member of the public at large who are being lead to belive that there is something rotten about the whole industry.

On that subject, the politicians are getting involved and Tom Waterhouse may have cruelled his own business because of attracting such a high public profile for betting on Sports.

AS a betting person I was interested in the odds on the Newcastle/Cronulla match at half time. "Did I need to lay off?" wasa question I may have had in mind but I can look up the price on the Internet if this info gets taken off the TV screen. On the other hand, what is being said is right. The footy is broadcast mostly during childrens viewing timesand do we want our children to grow up thinking betting is normal, well from an industry point of view the answer is yes but from a moral view is it?

The point is this issue is now out of our hands and into Tony Abbott's and all due to Tom Waterhouse and his high profile. Today's enquiry can only lend further bad press on Waterhouse and by inference on Sportsbetting advertising and possibly racebetting advertising.

So what might happen? I can see that advertsing of betting agencies could be banned again.

As for our weekend Sports. We had 8 selections for 5 winners and 1.55 untis profit or $155 for a $100 bet.

Sunday May 5th: At the Gold Coast our toprated horse was Famous Seamus. It won at $7 and the top four runners were the First Four. Most of the time this race would have attracted a jackpot First Four and as those are the only time I take one it would havebeen in the bag but not this year. No jackpot pool no bet. The Flemington Quaddie was a disaster too.

My on the spot advice was that Flemington would be dead all day but it was uograded after the first so we had to hastily upgrade our online ratings.

There was a glitch with our SMS phone service yesterday with some subscribers still not having their selections. Luckily every subscriber has access to a hidden webpage which supplies the selections for those rare occasions when technical problems arise. In the past it was the OPtus networkthat let the team down. This time those that advised me were on Telstra.

As you can see below we tweeted this yesterday.

**WE'RE ON FIRE Moparee $6.00 Felidea $7.20 CPLAN 8 wins from 9 race so far (1.14) Toe to go fishing???

12 FROM 16 AT 2.30. tHAT'S IT FOR ME

Saturday May 4th: Stand alone metngs at Hawkesbury and the Gold Coast plus a Super Saturday at Morphettville.Big day. Ill have the ratings uo by 8.20 for all except WA I expect. The Winform Daily Mail will take longer and I will be rehandicapping some of the major events so don't take the ratings in those big races as Gospel.

There will be some penalties reversed as I doubles check for successful 1st up or 2nd up horses PLUS these days you have to check the Internatinals, there are so many of them.

Friday May 3rd: There havent been many Best Bets recently but it can be worth the wait with a very good winner at Kalgoorlie last night. With a 40% + srike rate a winner at $4.60 to $5 is very nice indeed.

Personally, I had a big miss yesterday due to many of my bets being knocked back. One in particular hurt. I had $750 on our Top Two at Wagga in the last and you guessed it, the one that was knocked back was the winning one. I wasn't left with time to get on elsewhere because my bets are referred to a supervisor before the operator can confirm them. It's all very well to say "get on sooner" but with races following on the heels of the previous and still trying to answer phone calls, it is not easy.

It's also easy to get tricked. Races start before the vision starts on SkyChannel. It's only seconds but that counts and then there are races which get switched at the last minute to Sky2. The list goes on.

The final draft is at the printers for B4 The Start. As I read through it again last night and early this morning I can't help thiniking waht great value it is. The B4 method alone could have made $229,000 from 2008 til now if bets were allowed toaccumulate but try getting bets on now at the current size of $3,000+

Using The Professional Staking Plan the Bank at least doubled every year since 2008.

Thursday May 2nd: The good news is that the first set of tests on the twins has been positive. More results to come but Natalie is resting in hospital and all good so far.

I just finished tabulating al the bets I have recorded since I have been monitoring Trevor Larsens selections and from December 2011 until now I recorded 276 bets for a return of 366.6 in dividends.Most races had just two selections but some had 3 (refer to the book I guess) and I did not separate the Premium races from the standard. Included was a $23 winner in an 18 horse field (Trevor recommends nothing over 16) but my research suggests the additional price you can get makes it worth it.

I also lined all his selections up against the Winfor Ratings and surprise surorise, his criteria are so different in many cases that it was pointless. Yes soemtimes his selections trumped mine and sometimes Winform trumped his and other times they coincided but in the end I woudl have been better off leaving his selections in a "separate" box if you know what I mean.

Wednesday May 1st: We havent had a huge number of B4 bets in April but yesterdays was an exciting one.Warnambool Race 8 no 9 was not only a highly rated Winform Ratings selection but also a B4. It was backed off the mao after being available for as much as $4.00 in the mornin. It started $2.90 after a late flood of money, I personally had $1,000 on it, and I won another $1,200 on the winner of the last,( a C Plan race).

This morning I am being interviewed by an ABC team and then after lunch I have an annual check up on my eyes after surgery in recent years. As Ros is also having a check up and Natalie is in hosipital getting tests on the twins, the office will be closed virtuallyall day but don't worry. We did get all those overnight orders for B 4 THE START and will process them and the mail orders tomorrow.

The editing on the book is 50% completed and will be finished and off to the printers by week's end.

TRILOGICS. Many Members asked us about Trilogics , a company claiming to make money on Racing. A New Zealand man has advised ne that they have gone in his words "belly up" althoguth their web pages are still on the internet.I advised Meembers that it sounded like a scam to me and hopefully theose Members who aksed the question, did not go ahead. I can't say for sure that Trilogics is or was a scam but if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck???

How people can believe that using a relatively small bank can make regular profits is beyond me. Some people get upset when I suggest they should use a Bank of $50,000+ if they actually want to make a living form punting but that's simply because I have upset their "dream." You cna stil start small and build up but sadly noone wants to spend 2-3 yeras to reach that desirable stage and there is also tha fact that along the way, big chunks of your Bank can be lost before ultimately coming back. Many pull out before this can happen.

Tuesday April 30th: Seriously. Today is the last day for discounts on the B4 The Start book. FINAL EDITING IS TAKING PLACE AND IT WILL BE PRINTED NEXT WEEK AND DESPATCHED AS SOON AS IT COMES BACK.

I have physio and will be in the office from 1 p.m. approx. for phone orders but we will take online orders from 5 p,.m. til overnight at the $100 discount price ($195 hard copy $175 E-Book version). We have decided not to supply Tom Waterhouse with a copy (we often get orders from various bookmakers). So far this April there have been 50 selections for the lay plan and not one single winner. How good is that?

We have apologised to Robbie, as he has been a supporter of our business and has purchased from us before.

Monday April 29th: The days are getting shorter and the work periods getting longer. I am midway through a review of Trevor Larsens Invest To Win method since December 2011.That's when I came in. The number of eligible races is small, in the period I have finished (up to October last year) there were only about 90+ races and the profit at that stage about 42 units or $4,200 profit on $100 bets. I am comparing my own Winform ratings in those eligible races, looking fo any points of comparison. I noted particularly, that you had to be patient, with some weeks over winter with no races at all or very few.

It's 4.30 a.m. and I have to leave soon to pick up my son Mat's dog as Mat is heading off to Perth for a two week stint.. He leaves for the airport at 6 a.m. Also today Natalie (my youngest) heads off to the specialist to get the latest reports on her twins. Tomorrow she gets more steroid injections to build them up and Tuesday more tests and scans on Wednesday. The problem is that either of these can bring on labour at 29 weeks. We are on edge.

I see we will have some Oneup selections today. It seems like a while since we have had a good winner but then they bob up when least expected. It's interesting. Two of these selections are ridden by the same jockey today. The first is trained by a very well known trainer and is right in the market, probabaly $5 or so. The second horse has the very same credentials and formline, yet being trained by a no name trainer, will be closer to $15

I ended the weekend well up with just the one bet yesterday, our Sportsbet, winning. We had +4 Newcaste Knights.They won 30 to 6..

Sunday April 28th: A great day for the Winform Daily Mail. Missy Cummings at $22.90 was a highlight. Our Winform Gold Club Members got Maybe Discreet at $7.10.

We lost another sports bet last night. More on today. I hope we get it right this afternoon. The new book ordres are flowing in and it is still about 40% E-Book. I am still proceeing orders today.

Yesterday Trevor Larsen found no eligible races at all to bet on. A a rare no bet day. I scored three legs of the Caulfield Quaddie yet again and 2nd and 3rd in the final leg.

he Quaddies drag my profits down but when they strike they can double the Bank in one hit. Even without it I doubled my Bank on Saturday. I'm busy organising withdrawals from my betting acccounts today.....Yippee!! That'll pay for my eldest daughter Belle's wedding in October.


Saturday April 27th: Sydney Cup Video . WE'LL What a difference last night! The South Sydney bunnies gave it to Manly Sea Eagles in the match of the season so far.

I had a very disappointing photo loss at Ipswich in the only race I bet on yesterday. I spent most of the day doing orders for John Furgals new book B4 THE START which hopefully, will go to the printers by the end of the week and off to purchasers the week after. Those who purchase before the 30th get $100 off. Order at the online store (on lefthand menu).

final updates posted 10.25 a.m. all trcaks except Hobart rated as Good by us.

Friday April 26th:

Weekend Sportsbets flopped with two losers yesterday. The Swans were +29 at the last quarter and we had -27.5 so ina good place but saints came back and reduced the margin to 16 and the Sydney Saints capitulated to the Roosters big time.

A great day for the ratings though. Powerbet strategy found two $40 winners and the C Plan was great as well. Ill release a video for the weekend after lunch.

Thursday April 25th: I have two tickets for the Sydney Cup but anyone around Newcastle or the Central Coast would have to pick them up from me. Email direct@hunterlink.net.au if interested.

We had some great results yetserday including a $20 winner in the Winform Daily Mail and another $8 winner as well. Here's hoping for more of it today. I was very busy with orders for the new book B 4 The Start and just spotted Mr X's Daily Feature Race too late to get on. I hope Members had better luck.

We've had a heap of orders lately for Greg Horns book Professional Punting My Personal Approach. The fact we have it on sale might have helped but either way, it is a perfectly logical approach, especially the staking approach to the exotics. I have never advocated Exactas but Greg Horn has done very well with them over the years.

Wednesday April 24th: A few good bets expected today. I will post Weekend Sports later today and hope for more success.

Trevor Larsens selections last Saturday had two qualifying races. In the first of those Cosmic Causeway won and I secured $4.40 about it by betting early. In the secnd qualifying race the top three selections ran the Quinella $78.40 and Trifecta $343.60 but the winner was 3rd on the list and NOT backed.

Sadly we are no longer able to sell Larsens book, it is not a disagreement,it is simply thatTrevor has decided to reprint the book, correcting some minor errors and adding new information but it wont be availabel for quite some time yet, nor will it be the same print quality. There is a market for the original as has been evidenced on E-Bay and it wouldn't surprise to see the original selling for many hundreds of dollar more than the original price, especially those that have been autographed.

Tuesday April 23rd: Not a good day for Natalie today. Tomooorws session has been delayed until next Tuesday so more uncertainty and it has everyone on edge.

I had a bet on our Premium selection roday and it won easily but at $2.Mr X found the winner of the Daily Feature Race and Members using Powerbet had a good day witha couple of nice priced winners later in the day.

Im hoping to see a winner in the last two races at Canterbury tomorrow.

Monday April 22nd: Natalie got the first of her steroid injections today to try to imporve growth in the twins. It didn't go well and she was upset so It's been a slow start to the day.

There are three meetings today including Grafton, where we always seem to do well but nothing jumps out at me. I feel that Powerbet will go well today. Grafton winners in our Top 2-3 have high average dividends and a good strike rate. Narromine is a poor strike rate but high dividends but Stawell is a good strike rate but low dividends just above $5.

Wednesday I have to take Natalie to the Hospital for the last of three days of tests on the twins. That wil lbe the day a decision may have to be made to leave her there until they are born. Inthe meantime Ros and I are enjoying our time with our grandaughter Isla as she starts to string a word or two together. Luckily, she is generally sleeping of an aftrernoon while I work and punt.

Sunday April 21st: A mixed bag yesterday. One of our Profitmaker selections was backed from $8.50 into $5 and had the race shot to pieces, only to be run down at the post. That cost me $12k in profit. Another selection dropped dead before the start. That was a huge shock to everybody.

In Sydney Pierro could only run second and Appearance ( Ibacked it at $13 earlier in the week) didn't make one but Mr X was spot on with his Weekend Feature Race with Royal Descent, the runaway winner of the day.

Well, after being cooped up yesterday I am off with Ros to see her sister who is in hospital and then a day out in the open which is nice and sunny so Ill be placing my bets then heading off.

Saturday April 20th: Mr X found a $67 Quinella with yesterdays Daily Feature Race even though he recommended betting the Top Two. One of those placed but it was the third horse that won the race. Actually Scone looked like a lottery yesterday with the outside rail being the fast lane. The only other place Ive seen it like that is Port Macquarie where in wet weather the smart jockeys head for the hard packed lane at the top of the track in the straight.

The rain right now is very light above Randwick but a large rainband passed ny their a few hours ago and the rain, however light is likely to persist through the day. We've had some good wins at Randick in the wet.

Friday April 19th: I've been given a couple of tickets to Randwick for the Doncaster meeting tomorrow but of course I can't go. If anyone is interested email me at garry.r@hunterlink.net.au.

I might be able to find the winner of the Doncaster and I am just hanging off for more weather information before I commit.

Today Geelong synthetic looks promising and Scone is only Dead and will possibly improve. Ipswich and Ballina are Heavy.

Thursday April 18th: I've just added a bit of feedback from a Member, Paul Grasso. You might find it interesting re old punting books etc.

***a message of national importance has just been made. Black Caviar has been retired*******

I thought myself that she should have been retired after Ascot last year, that is what I would have done as mares have a limited stud life, and you could just imagine what a male progeny would be worth. I have been on course to see her win both here and at Ascot and it was a thrill still to see her even on TV last Saturday but like the owners I am sure everyone has their heart in their mouth hoping that she doesn't get beat. Well that can no longer happen.

I see horses winning every day and even when I am on them to collect big money it gives me no special thrill unless it's a long long shot. MOstly it is juts another bit of business but Black Caviar was is and always will be different as was Makybe Diva.

Wednesday April 17th: Glyn lives in Ormeau in a retiremnent home and was hoping one of our Members who has Money Factory might be able to assit him. His email address is glyn.roberts@internode.on.net. If anyone has the time and lives nearby, perhaps they could contact Glyn.

Yesterday, our dentist trip didn;t wokr out too well as they were unable to do anything while Natalie is pregnant, howver they did have some painkilling cream which she can apply to relive the symptoms. She needs to lats a few more weeks if possible before the twins are delivered and assigned to humidicribs for two to three months, yes months. Apparently this is normal for multiples.

I've got tendoninitis in my achilles and heel. Does that qualify for any sympathy?? No I thought not. Good luck on the punt for Wednesday.

Tuesday April 16th: I had to take my daughter, yes the one expecting twins, to the dentist as she has a bad tooth.The problem is that she cannot have painkillers and the stress may bring something on. Pray for me PLEASE!!!

A good day yesterday and a nice profit.

Monday April 15th: Donald has been upgraded and so we've made the change on our ratings page. We've also mailed out our Autumn Newsletter and uploaded a YouTube video showing the details.

**It's not every day we geta top rated winner at $66 but today we did and no reason not to back it. It was $81 at Bet365. The $244 Quinella was in our top three.

Sunday April 14th: Patience is the main thing a punter must have to be successful. Our Profitmaker clients had an uninterrupted run of profit until a bad February follwed up by a bad March but April so far has recovered all those losses and advanced our profit further. Of course the Money Factory would never have been in danger for those who used that plan. We can be reasonably sure we will make a profit, we just can never predict when or how that profit arrives.

I landed the Quaddie and the crosstrack BIg 6 was easy but low paying at $1800. If you include Its A Dundeel and Black Caviar you ended up with a Quaddie. I had to remove the 20 point penalty for The New Boy to get him into my selections but the others were all right up there in the ratings.

Skyerush was my 2nd rated horse in Randwick race 6 BUT as it was a 7yo mare I applied a penalty and cost myself the win. Most of the time though, I would have been doing the right thing.

Weekend sports is 3 from 5 so far.

Saturday April 13th: BLACK CAVIAR DAY.

B 4 THESTART is selling well but now that I've seen more of the draft I have to advise that the "shorties" method does rely on a subscription to the GTX software and Winfrorm ratings. The other two methods, which are the basis of the book require nothing more than standard form. The Lasy, for example have had two selections in two days for two losers. Just what we want, and they were very easy to find.

Good luck today. We have a number of promising selections and already this week our Money Factory strategy has made over $1,100.

Friday April 12th: An easy $661 profit yesterday from the Money Factory /Winform Ratings strategy but I had to wait for it. In two hours there were hardly any eligible races but then came a flood. Even when it was only a saver that got up, that paid two points over expected and resulted in a profit on the race.

The Daily Feature Race was an easy collect for Mr X. and it was also an eligible race which resulted in a good result when the favourite blew from $2.60 to as much as $4.20 but won as he liked.

There was just one lay possibility and although it did not win, at $91 to lay it was not a good investment. The book B 4 THESTART, is still selling well and is on track for a May release. On the other hand , all remaining stocks of Trevor Larsen's Invest To Win have been removed from public sale, although previous purchasers have been offered the opportunity to obtain copies for family and friends. There is a strong possibility it will end up like Trevor Johns' Coming Winners Guide which is being traded fro record amounts on Internet sales sites even though it was last on public sale in 1986.

BLACK CAVIAR DAY IS TOMORROW. It won't be a gift as the field is strong. I'm sure most bookmakers will operate a "favourite out" market and a lengths won market.


Thursday April 11th 2013: l have a policy that I pack my tools at 5 because you simply have to stop somewhere. It's a pity because last night at Launceston the Money Factory found five winners from five eligible races.

I've had a look at Randwickfor Saturday and the TJ Smith is probably the biggest field Black Caviar has faced for some time. She should simply stay clear and out of trouble and it will be alright but there is a chance if caught in traffic as we saw with More Joyous last week.

Wednesday April 10th: Some days there are too many winners. Well, there are never enough really but when you are using Powerbet and the top three Winform rated horses and you get good priced winners one after the pther the stakes don't build up enough to have that rally big win.

We did missa $19 winner when the precentages added up to 57%. That winner was only $7 fixed. Had it been $10 we could have been on. Still, we had already nabbed sone great winners before that. TheMoney Factory Plan was quiet after a good Monday.

The new book B 4 The Start found a very nice winner at $5 and that was the plan which finds 50% winners! The Lay Plan from the same bok had a winner and a loser. Remember, all prepurchases of the new book get $100 off the regular price.

Tuesday 9th April: Remedial massage tis morning. Painful. Hope it feels better when the bruises go down! Not a lot of meetings today but Money Factory and the Ratings had a good day yesterday and probabaly again today. I won abut $10,000 on Winform Gold last weekend and $2,000 using Money Factory on days.

Monday April 8th: Weekend Sports ended up 6 from 10. By coincidence I placed four winning selections at one agency that all one and I parlayed those for a nice win.

I have just out together the E-News and here is a list of the words in the E-News which are considered "spam"

Contains the word 'club'
Contains the word 'bet'
Contains the word 'result'
Contains the word 'result'
Contains the word 'pro'
Contains the word 'race'
Contains the word 'room'

I also had the word "music" in there but I had to take it out because the spam count was 1.2 and I also took out the word "wager" it has a count of 1.2. Luckily I didnt inlclude the word "dance". Stupid isn't it? And you wonder why sometimes you don't receive emails? In our E-news we fool the spam computers by including * in the suspect word so bookmaker becomes book m*ker and bet becomes b*t and so on.

Hey, here's good news. We just receievd new stock of Monologue. It is the CD sending up the Racing game by Sky Channel presenter Andrew Martin. You can get it at our online store but don't play it in front of the kids. When you hear this tape and then recall Gai's performance on Saturday both before and after the races you will get the family connection.

Sunday April 7th: Weekend Sports 5 from 6 so far. Yesterday started out dreary with a rain affected track at Rosheill but the end result wasanything but for us with 8 wins from 9 races on the Winform Daiy Mail, Five wns from eleven for our Profitmaker clients including two at $10 and Four Winners from Six bets for the Winform Gold Club. We also had the Golden Slipper Trifecta in that race which was our Daily Feature Race. The Weekend Feature Race had a Quinella at $21.

Our new WINFORM GOLD CLUB was launched just three weeks ago at the Melbourne Racing Expo and those who took advantage have already made excellent profits. You can see more details at the Online Store. Just click the button on the sidebar menu to view.

Saturday April 6th: It's all in the timing. From tomorrow, our ratings are effectively available an hour earlier with daylight saving ending.

A good jockey gets the timing right as he makes his run to a close finish.

A footy team plans everything down to the finest detail and creates an upset result over a "form" team.

We land a big winner in Powerbet or Money Factory justas our bets reach their highest peak of the series.

Today at Rosehill, over a hundred horses will be lining up that are set for today's Group Races.Not all will win but of those that do we will be hearing about it tomorrow, how the big wn was a result of all that timing and preparation being just right. I'll bet they didn't plan for conditions they will encounter today though. That is what is in the lap of the gods.

Friday April 5th: Do they have a Super Sopper at Rosehill?? The track was a Heavy rating this morning but the showers look as though they have eased off and a Slow rating is possible for tomorrow. Conditions are right for a boilover and all of a sudden wide barrier draws are not as big a worry but you still have to plough through it.

I have delayed my YouTube Video but it's up now.

Thursday April 4th: I forgot to put the headers on the columns in yesterdays E-News. Obviously the first column was number of bets, then number of winners, outlay for $100 bets and return for $100 bets. Either way the winnings were clear to see.

This morning I was having a look at the Lay Plan in the new book B 4 THE START. Last month 48 lays for just two winners. Its hard to do better than that. Thats 46 WINNING bets from 48. I like it.

I'll be recording my Youtube assessments in the morning tomorrow for the Rosehill meeting. It should be ready by lunchtime. In the meantime, if you havent yet takena free subscription to our YouTube channel you should organise it today and you will be advised whenever we post anything new. The weather will play a big part in waht happens this weekend.

Wednesday April 3rd: I'll be working on the Weekend Sports bets this morning and punting all afternoon. Iexpect to post the sports by 11 a.m. and be quick about getting on because the bigpunters soon spot the value bets where the bookies have it wrong. A busy punting day today.

I had to change one of our sportsbets as the odds changed before anyone could get on and the market changed from one side to the other. All of the selections are available at the suggested prices though as have juts placed all my bets.

Tuesday April 2nd: In spite of yesterdays difficulties I had a winning day. The Winform Daily Mail had 9 races on it yesterday for 6 winners, right on average, inclduing Cannery at $26 and Eminent Domain at $20+. There were only 3 Quinellas, a little less than normal. There are fhree good country meetings today plus Warnambool which is warming up for its jumps season.

You should refresh your horseracingaustralia home page if you havent already done so.

Monday April 1st: Only 3 from 8 for the Weekend Sports and the AFL had a 100% loss 0 from 4. It has been a weekend of upsets with the Carlton game being our closest and only 10 points out. The other losses were as much s 50-60 points out. IN a nutshell, the NRL has been far more predictable.

A good meeting list today, similar to Wednesday Racing. We should find a few winners, especially in the Winform Daily Mail which is so good.

I had plans today based on Money Factory but the computer it is in has gone "funny" and I can't see the image. Being a holiday I can't get the monitor reset until tomorrow so that sequence will have to wait. Luckily, the Plan doesnt rely on what happens on specific days. I simply expect a 50% + strike rate any day of the week.

Sunday March 31st: Some nice Quinelas and Trifectas yesterday including Rosehill Race 8 where Trevor Larsens "Invest To Win" foudn the Trifecta and Quinella which coincided with our own ratings. We just missed the First Four with one of our selectionsfinishing 5th. We recommended three runners in our Daily Feature Raceand found the winner which firmed from $13 into $8.50.

WINFORM DAILY MAIL 14 races 13 winners 9 Quinellas, best $60, 4 Trifectas, best $600+. Only $995 per year.

Today being Easter Sunday, is a family day, so no punting form but tomorrow, Saturday subscribers will once again have their ratings for Monday on the Saturday page asa free bonus.

Saturday March 29th: All went well as expected for Natalie yesterday. So we go for another two weeks and so on until hopefully 30 weeks.

I spent most of my downtime Thursday doing a workout based on backing the favourite if in the Winform Top Two and saving on the other horse in the Top Two rated selections. I worked on Monday to Saturday, no heavy tracks, and quit with the first race to run after 5, 5.30 on Saturdays. Strike rate was the same as for the C Plan 51% and average dividend similar too at $2.10. That's a nice level stakes profit. Using Money Factory bumped the return up to nearly 9% and on a Bank of $20,000 made $13,500 for February 1st to March 20th. Average outlay per race was $300. A similar result could be expected with Professional Staking Plan.

Mr X has a standout selection for the Weekend Feature Race and the ratings are up before scratchings.

Thursday March28th: Another big priced Oneup selection yesterday and seriously, this plan on it's own is worth more thehn the purchase price of my book Winning Your Only Option. There is one secret of success! Remember to put your bet on! Admittedly I had a busy day yesterday dealing with a family illness and other matters but it hurts when you miss one. Ironically, out of half a dozen misses two have won at $10 or better.

I am on today but will be out for some time as Natalie has a major specialist appointment today to decide when her twins will be plucked out. They are verey premmie but Natalie is only small herself and doesn't relish the prospect of being in hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. They were not due until July.

Anyhow, I don't think my E-News will be missed too much with many people on hoilidays.

Tonight we see the mettle of both Carlton and Richmond Tigers. My gut tells me maybe the Tigers and the favourites Carlton have eased since our "system" pointed to a Carlton win when we posted our selections yesterday. At present we have footy on every night of the week except Tuesday and Wednesday between the NRL and AFL.

Wednesday March 27th: A lot of match bets for the Weekend Sports and I note we have missed the $1.90 odds on some of the AFL matches but the $1.87 on offer is close enough as we get up to $1.95 on our other lines at times. Bet365 have gone out on a limb on a few matches but they , I am told, takelimited amounts at the better odds so we have advised the best odds but in a couple of cases the odds elsewhere are still good bets on our averages.

I didn't bet yesterday as my son in law was home in the afternoon, the wind was up and I saw a rare opportunity for us to go out together. It was amazing. Big waves, fast reaches and soaked to the skin for two hours. I didn't even check to see how much the outing might have cost me in missed opportunities but you can't spend your life in front of a TV screen so I have to take the opportuntiy when it comes.

Tuesday March 26th: My son Mat mised his flight to Tasmania yesterday where he was working for four days. The checkin desk was closed while he was waiting in line. At least Virgin calls up passengers for closing flights. Not so Jetstar apparently and he wasn't the only one. They happily took his $100 to rebook on a later flight though but he missed a days work. Also Jetstar no longer accepts responsibility for transferring your luggage to the next flight. I'll stick to Virgin.

Four meetings today and I see one of the Oneup selections from my last book. These are in a slight rut, although there was a beautiful $12+ winner the other day

Monday March 25th: We ended with three win s from six for the Weekend Sports so that's overall on line with our normal strike rate of 60%+ @ $1.91. A nice profit in anyones language.

The new book Before The Start will have a very good lay method included. The author believes in adding value.

Sunday March 24th: 20 races on our Winform Daily Mail yesterday and 16 winners amongst them. That's not to say betting all those races were profitable. Quinellasand other exotics were harder to find.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win approach found three races. The first had four equal selections so no bets recommended, neverthe less the winner at $9.60 was amongst these. In the remaining two races the Premium event had the $4.20 winner and a nice profit. The Standard event had the winner in the 3rd slot which doesnt count as only two selections are backed. Nevertheless it shows how good the method is. Is it worth buying the book for $295 to see what the method is based on? That's up to you. I doubt whether too many people will match the results without access to Larsens databut they will imrove their punting dramatically through race selection and the key criteria.

We found the Quaddie at Caulfield and Rosehill easily yesterday. Appearance was our top rated horses in the Daily Feature Race and $19 was available.

One from three so far for our sports bets. On our video we highlighted value. We had the Quinella and Trifecta easily enough but no value and of the two runners at long odds, one found the place at $6.50.

Of our value bets there were 17 selections and 4 winners 23% at $8,$5.50, $3.40 and $4.80 for $21.70 return.

Saturday March 23rd: Here's todays video. It highlights that people's perception from viewing Tv and Radio do not equate with price. It doesn' say certain horses can't win but it does say that some horses are instantly undervalue because they are touted on TV and in the press. Of course it also menas that some horses are seriously overlooked in spite of good form. Once again, it doesn't mean those horses can win either but ti does mena that if they do win you get more for it.

FridayMarch 22nd: It could have cost Melbourne the game. How they can come up with a penalty for a player who goes up for a ball and accidentally contacts an opposition player with his foot. I don't know. League players are harassed by the oppostion and the two players come from opposite sides at full tilt. Anyhow, that was early in the game and while the Storm won, they didn't cover the line. I am sure that on review, Billy Slater will have no case to answer.

If I had to have something to beat Black Caviar tonight it would be Fawkner. If Nolen eases up like he did at Ascot he won't be laughing this time perhaps. Don't get me wrong. I'm not tipping it but don't be surorised, that's all. No sprinter in the land can touch her but these types of horses that have a brilliant last minute sprint are the type that cause boilovers.

Wednesday March 20th: The weekend sports bets are up and we have another five matches. Once again I have mixed feelings about some of them but I can only follow the plan. We have our first AFL bet this weekend too. Some Members missed getting on last week simply because the odds were gone by the time they tried to place their bets. We can only put them bets out and don't do so unless the majority of the bookmakers have thos odds available.

At the Racing Expo we were told to follow the Sadler's horse Scarletini. It won today at $3 and is headed tpo Sydney for the 3yo Classics. It was an easy victory today after going up 900 metres in distance. It doesn't ofetn happen like that but I suspect the field was ordinary.

Tuesday March 19th: Back from Melbourne but took me a while to catch up. 5 from 5 for Weekend Sports, 6 from 8 so far. It was good to be able to meet some Members at The Racing Expo. Peter Moody wasn't able to make it due to illness but David Hayes was there. We handed out a few Polo Shirts and Caps to those new Members who signed up. Thanks to John Furgal for his assistance especially the set up and take down.

Our NEW Winform Gold service has been set up and we will be advsing all Members about this over coming weeks. The service runs from August 1st each year til July 31st the next year and everyone who signs up will get the selections for no extra charge until July 31st this year.

The service has only about 250 selections a year and on the website we include possible Quinella or Trifecta possibilities or Savers. For example, recently one selection failed even though backed but our Saver selection was a winner at $11.50. Anyhow, waith until you receive the info before thinking too much about it.

Sunday March 17th: Horses sure know how to make fools of you. Yesterday one set of selections had a savage loss. Assail at $1.75 is a leader but missed the start and never saw the front. Ferlax in the Guineas, a natural leader but went missing. I could go on. One horse was 20 points clear of the field and could ony run second. Golden Archer never looked likely to run a place, mssing at this distance for only the 2nd or 3rd time ever.

Oh well. Back t the showgrounds today for Day 2 of the Melbourne Racing Expo. Not too many punters turned up yesterday but then most would be punting. 90% of punters only punt Saturdays.

Our weekend Sports bet was a nil result last night as the Roosters just held the Warriors to their exact margin but it's not a losing bet.You get your money back.

heres some info for Members wanting to go to Warnambool for the Carnival.

Hi, We have superior, private accommodation in our home in Warrnambool for up to 4 people for the up coming May race carnival. We can arrange member enclosure ticketing and transport to and from racecourse. We are situated between racecourse and town centre and our stay rate is reasonable. If your wish to contact us further .Details are as follows. Bryan and Margaret Sinnott, 127 Coulstock Street, Warrnambool. Victoria. 3280 Phone: 0355612523 Mobile: 0498076282. Regards, Bryan Sinnott

Saturday March 16th: Heading off to the showground for the Racing Expo. hOPEFULLY A BETTER DAY THAN YESTERDAY Late planes, massive trafiic gridlock etc etc.

Our first weekend sports bet arrived okay. Profitmaker had a good day with 4 winners from 4 races (6 selections and all placed).

Friday March 15th: I was mucking around this morning waiting for scratchings and decided to put through my C Plan results into Powerbet. Previously I had thought this wouldn't work and if you split the two runners up and input them individually it won't work. But putting them in as a dividend per race it did. So if you outlaid $100 for the race and got back $200, well that's a dividend of $2.00. If you only got back $150 then $1.50 and so on. I think the best result was a $3.55 dividend.

So. After 93 bets the reuslt was 49 wins or 52% which is average but the dividend of just $1.94 was below average. That is a profit of less than 1% BUT using Powerbet the result was a profit of 9%. There's more work to be done yet but perhaps some of you who have all your back results have time to run them through. You would be putting each race in as a single bet.

The key is to keep betting and not quitting when in front. You need that turnover to collect sufficient profit to make it all worthwhile. I suppose you could get a bank bust but it looks unlikely. ON a base bet of $50 the biggest outlay was $153 after a bad run.

In tomorrows Challenge stakes the two bets chances are Golden Archer and Hay List. Hay list has only missed a place twice in 23 starts and is $1.44 fixed at Bet 365. Golden Archer has missed the place just once at this distance and is $4.20 fixed for the place at Ias. You work it out. Which is better value?

Thursday March 14th: The Weekend Sports bets are up and the first game covered is tomorrow night. I was able to get on all five suggested bets. The market has the three highest scoring teams of last week as outsiders and some doninant losers as favourites. I hope th market isnt too wrong or we will be hammered.

Yesterday both Morning C Plan race resulted in winners , one was $2.35 and the other $22. The Daily Feature missed and our one WFMH selection is still running. The Premiums had two selections for two wins.

Don't forget. We will be at the Melbouren Racing Expo at the Melbourne Show Ground all weekend. We have demonstration sof all the software programs including Money Factory and Powerbet and the GTX program. It has cost over $5,000 for us to be there so we hope to see lots of Members.

No Melbourne Metropolitan meeting on Saturday due to the Formula 1 being on.

Wednesday March 13th: As you probably know my daughter is having twins but she is nowbeing hospitalized to ensure all goes as well as hoped for. I guess we will be having my grandaughter every day now, well weekdays anyway. It'll be a challenge but luckily we have lots of support.

Im at the Melbounre Racing Expo this weekend. Hope to see some of you there. Have a good day today.

Tuesday March 12th:Time fliesand the Newcastle Knights are on top of the table after round one. At the prices just before the match the Knights became a vakue bet at the -6 on offer BUT it was much too late for us to make an adjustment to our recommendations so for us it was a no bet event after loisng the Cronulla match Sunday night.Of course, had we not been on already last Tuesday we would not have bet in this controverisal match at all. So our record is 1 from 3 to start.

Sunday March 10th: We bombed out with canterbury Bulldogs last night so one win one loss. One match to go.If that wins we are right on our average.

The Flemington Quaddie was relatively easy yesterday although Super Cool took his time getting to the front. It paid $12,000 + and the Treble on Tatts paid $717. By then I needed it. Today I am taking my funds away from Betfair for the final time. Virtually every winner we had paid less than the corporatesand I am talking big money. For example $5.50 Luxbet $3.43 Betfair and $4 SP. $3.10 bookies $2.41 Betfair. It adds up. We were using Betfiar for our Punters Pool but sadly we reckon we have lost over $10,000 in winnings.

We now have to play the game with the size of our bets so we can get on. If we don't we simply wont win.

Saturday March 9th: Firstly the footy. We tipped Broncos giving away 2.5 @ $1.91. Before we could get on though the market had firmed to -4.5. Some Members thought this simply meant it was a better bet. Well actually NO! At this Manly now with +4.5 became the better investment OR it became a no bet match.

So here's the deal and it is very CLEAR on the website If you can't bet at the recommende price don't bet. On the other hand, one of our teams has gone from -2.5 @ $1.91 to -2.5 @ $2.10. We are already on of course and the market has decided that the away team is a better bet. It doesn't affect us, we will simply win or lose. For Members who havent already placed their bet we are getting a better deal. I was able to get on at $1.91 and giving no start at all.

Today is a big day at Flemington and a Good track (after the watering has dried up) and good Racing. We find Fleington the hardest track in Australia to find winners BUT our average win price is higher than at any other track. We are hoping for some big wins today.

Yesterday I started my Flemington analysis at 5 a.m. and finished at lunchtime. Later in the afternoon I downloaded adjustements and inadvertently overwrote all my changes for the program and had to start again. Today I started at 5 a.m. again. Iam seeking an appropropiate reward!

Friday March 8th: Heres the promo for next weekends Racing Expo in Melbourne. The video tip for the newmarket is below. 7 Race meetinsg today from 1 pm to 10.15. A busy day if you watch them all. We think we might have just one or two bets for the day depending on scratchings and track conditions but in the 50+ race we would be betting in 20 of those races if we followed the strategy we noted on Wednesday (see below).

We won with our first Footy bet of the season last night.Plenty more to come.

Thursday March 7th: The NRL kicks off tonight! Saturday is the Newmarket and we now have our video link running.

Wednesday 6th March: In the last 14 months the favourite has been in the Winform Top Two 8044 times or 40% of all races. In field sizes of 11 or more,simply backing these selections on levelstakes made a profit of over $9,000 for $100 bets. Backing all favourites made a savage loss as expected. Is that telling you something? It tells me that building your investments around the favourite can pay dividends if you have a good ratings provider. Clearly Winform is one of those.

The weekend Sports bets is online and already overnight, two of our selections have become unbackable at the price we want. It's hard to miss out but that's what you have to do if you wish to win. Taking a lower price reduces your profit and giving a bigger start at the line could cause you to lose. We don't lose if the rules are followed. It costs just $149 a year to get 60+% winners at average $1.90+. Any fool can see that this is profitable yet I have lost count of the Members aho have tld me "I don't follow the footy" well you don't need to. This is just a simple money making proposition. We have made a profit every years since we invented our tables in 2006.

Tuesday March 5th 2013:Ever wonder about the origin of the Tote?? Here's a historical website that is worth a look. Also worth a look is the Winfor Ratings for February.

68% winners in the top five at $$7.08, 58% top four at $6.95 topt two were $5.76. The one disappointment ws the top rated which were down a bit. Favoutites only had a 30% win strike for February at $3.03 so I guess you can see why the average winning prices were high.

Subscribers to our Weekend Footy Tips. The odds and betting suggestions are on our site NOW!

Monday 4th March: The Premiums had six selections yesterday and only one winner. The Profitmaker didn't win either but we had just one selection. Sometimes its not about finding winners but avoiding losers. The Premium selectons win long term but a bad day here and there is inevitable. Mr X found the Daily Feature Race winner plus the Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First Four. Not massive dividends but clearly he chose a winning race.

For February, the Winform Ratings were good overall finding an increased percentage of winners (68%) in the top five at $7.08 average. The disappointiment was a drop in the percentage of top rated winners yet the top two was average at $5.76.

Favourites, had a very bad month, averaging just 30% wins and the Market Forces strategy, which bets against the favourite had a strike rate of 43% wins.


Sunday March 3rd 2013: Beware the ides of March? Well so far so good. We kicked off the Winform Daily Mail with a nice Quinella and a winner about which I took $11 fixed in the morning. By start time it was $6. The second race of the day gave us a Quinella, Trifecta and First Four. The Feature Race gave us the Quinella and Trifecta as well as the winner of course but the Weekend Feature was in a rain sodden Eagle Farm which was called off.

I woke uplast night absolutely soaked. The rain traversed our 4 metre balcony and another 2 metres into our bed. I expect another set of abandoned meetings today but with a huge number of meetings listed we will still be busy.

Hows this for weird? We couldn't land our last Profitmaker selection at Darwin but for the place it paid $4.90, $1.00 and $2.00. I guess the smaller pools created this oddity. Good luck today.

Trevor Larsen had four races selected yesterday. Two at Flemington wher he found a $4.80 winner and two at Rosehill which were no bet races because of the weather. He did find the winner in both races however. I was on Bello, simply because its wet track form was so good and it was alos my top rated horse.

Saturday March 2nd 2013:

. We should get the Flemington Quaddie today and the Gunieas is very open with All Too Hard a scratching.

Friday March 1st 2013: What's the weather like in Melbourne? Bloody terrible in Sydney. Thsi time last year with similar weather we found a $40 winner in one of the major races. We already got Alams Fury last week at $25 so who knows what tomorrow can bring?

With Ipswich and Gosford abandoned today we are left with just Ballarat , Port Lincoln Cup Day and Moonee Valley tonight weher we have a few good possibles.

Thursday February 28th:

As supplied to our subscribers

3:28 Launceston Race 6 27Feb13 1200m LR 2YO  SW $100000 Dead
No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 1   111-11 Grand Tycoon         1.7 47.5 T  W   WFM 1st $3.40
 3     5431 Gee Gees Style       6.4 38.6    w   3rd
 2   63267x Gracious Prospect   17.5 32.0   dw   4th
10       22 Geegees Velvet      36.5 27.0 t  w   2nd
 4    5213X Geegees Red Rock   101.2 20.2    w  
Quinella $$9.70  TRIFECTA $$87.30 FRIST FOUR $$311.40

 3:40 Canterbury Race 5 27Feb13 1200m BM70 3YO F HCP $35000 Dead
No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
11 X52-11X1 Diamonds Of Dubawi   5.5 59.8   DW   WFMH
 2 1464020X Ciao                 6.7 58.3   DW   1ST $11.60
 3 X15155X2 Agon                 7.1 57.9 t Dw   2ND
 6       51 Angel Bee            7.6 57.6 T  W   3RD
 4 25X3313- Kristy Lee           9.1 56.3 TCDw  
Quinella $31.80 Trifecta $ 239.90

************DAILY FEATURE RACE***********************
Back 7 Lucky Angel
 4:09 Launceston Race 7 27Feb13 2400m Gp3   HCP $225000 Dead
No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
 7 32214124 Lucky Angel          1.5 89.5   dWH  2nd
 6 X00X1325 Fieldmaster         14.8 74.3 tcDWH 
 1 X0122413 Geegees Blackflash  18.3 73.0 TcdWH  1st $$8.10
 5 77X33539 Dream Pedlar        27.4 70.2 tcdW   3rd
 3 3X512331 Hurdy Gurdy Man     55.5 65.6   DWh 
Quinella $28.90 TRIFECTA            $ 1199.40
Would you pay $995 for the year for this information? But what if you got $1,000 rebate too!! Rebate offer closes today.

You get $500 cash and $500 freebets in a Betezy account as a rebate and yes you will need to turn it over but Hey! Aren't you having a bet anyway? So no problem.

Wednesday February 27th: A good day today with Lanceston putting on the Launceston Cup. Lucky Angel looks like a great each way bet.

Tuesday February 26th: Mr X had a runner yesterday that ran 3rd at $6.10. That's a massive dividend. He was quite clever in selecting that on an ordinary day's racing.Today again there are only two meetings after Port Macquarie was abandoned. Trainers couldnt get their horses there anyway due to roads cut off in various places en route. I note Werribee is getting rain. It is very dry down south.

I've been to physio this morning for my crook shoulder and with Ros ill, will be taking over Grandma duties for the day but I have a lot of orders on the go which I can do while Isla plays.

In Victoria Rob Hines the CEO wants Mondays to be a gallops free day and I think I would agree. We could have those meetings on Tuesday and make it worth our while.

Monday February 25th: I got straight back in the saddle yesterday and landed four winners from five races. It felt good and all of a sudden it is 8 from 43 and up to 19% and heading North. A quiet day today with only two meetings.

Sunday February 24th: Punters always ask things like "what's your worst run of outs?" Well how long is a piece of string? Last night we had a gust of wind here which blew my outdoor furniture off the balcony, ten metres, in a single gust. I wouldn;t have believed it. It happened.

Well including all races, Trrifectas Quaddies etc. I maintain a 35% or better strike rate over many months but this last week, even including several very short priced horses I have only managed to back four winners in 38 races at an average dividend of $2.06. That actually includes a Quaddie, although it didn't pay much. And there was only one close photo finish in that.

I use the Professional Staking Plan to control my Bank and it actually halved my operating Bank twice in a row. But prior to that it had already doubled twice over the past couple of months.

I remain in profit. It is just unfortunate. Trevor Larsen, for example had a losing day last week and yesterday he chose two races and got the winner in both BUT because the track was Slow, no bets were placed. For the same reason, I did not give out a $25 winner yesterday because up until now it has been a "duffer" in the wet. It was in the ratings and many subscribers would have had something on it and there was a $35 winner at Wodonga too so it's not all doom and gloom.

The Winform Daily Mail had 60% winning races and 40% Quinellas as usual but the highlighted selections all but one, fell in a heap. Bring on March I say, although last year my opertaing Bank halved five times between January and March before it doubled several times in the first two weeks of April last year giving me a very solid profit as usual.

My son Mat had the very best day of his life yesterday with 17 winners and all at double figure odds. He had enough sense to realise it couldn't continue and actually walked away with a profit. He said "maybe you should have given your Members my tips??"

Saturday February 23rd: It's the last Saturday for February and waht has been a dark month for most punters. Once again the number of places, rather than wins has astonished. It sent me rushing back to the archives to see that histroy repeats. The good thing is that history of great winning months repeats too and quality Staking is and always will be the answer.

Using the Professional Staking Plan, your betting is controlled and in a crisis like this your bets are scaled back but not so far back that you can't get back up off the canvas. I had a similar experience this time last year which carried on into March but by the end of April had dragged me out of the mire and into brilliant positive territory.

I suppose it had to happen as I have been on a winning run since August last year with my only experience being a continual rise in my punting back even after I paid in full for my holiday in France this June/July.

Warwick Farm is slow already and likely to get worse but Caulfield will be good and a great day there. Gosford is an hour away from me and sadly being there would be a misery for those trainers and jockeys who will be there and it would be no surprise to see it off before start time. I am seeing 80kmh winds and consistent rain.

Friday February 22nd: You'd be excused if you suggested that I don't know what day it is. It's okay, i've fixed up the incorrect days. I'm just so busy they all seem to roll into one.

I mentioned the Listed races at Launceston Wednesday night. We actually did get the Trifecta of both those races in our top five. Yesterday I wasn't here for all races but I did find a nice winner at Mt Gambier and we usually do well there. The C Plan was all over after the very first eligible race for those who take their profit and go. The Powrebtet topthree strategy had some good wins as well.

We have night meetings at Canterbury and Moonee Valley and a busy day. I am busy organising our Melbourne Racing Expo appearance and we will be presenting free Mini Seminars on both days. See below to see how you can get free tickets. Our Video tip will be uploaded later today. Video tip

Thursday February 21st: Sandown Quaddie yesterday $14,000, anyone on it? It stoodout. I can't give a good excuse why I wasn't on it. Here's a joke I just got from Rod Cleary

After dying in a car crash, three friends find themselves at an orientation to enter Heaven.
Each one was asked, "If you could, when you are in your casket, what would you like to hear your family and friends say about you?"
Sean says, "I would like to hear them say I was a "Great" Doctor and a brilliant family man."
Karl says, "I would like to hear them say I was a wonderful husband and an excellent leader who made a difference in children's lives."
Todd answered, "I would like to hear them say, 'Look! He's breathing!'"

Next month the Melbourne Racing Expo is on at the Melbourne Showgrounds and we will be there.If you are in Melbourne or going there email cv-events@dodo.com.au with your reference courtesy Winform or Horse Racing Australia and ask for your complimentary Double Pass.

Wednesday February 20th: Plenty of action today with six meetings including tonights Launceston meeting with a couple of Listed races. We reckon we have the winners tagged too. The Wyong meeting is a midweek Metropolitan meeting which means that many systems wiil be missing selecting horses. It also means many punters will not ntoice this when they require a last start Metropolitan start. These meetings are generally substitues for what would have been Randick inner track meetings.

The Profitmaker Punters Pool is going to place a few selected place all ups just to see how they go. Fixed place prices would be preferred but the corporates are no bunnies. One selection today which will probabaly pay as much as $1.80 is only $1.12 fixed. The other which should be about $2.00 or more is only $2 fixed. Based on the win price the place should pay at least $2.50 and you can't win taking unders. We noticed the Betfair place prices are almost always unders too but the one advatntage is that you know exactly what you get.

The Betezy offer will end this Friday most likely. If you havent receievd the E-News about this email direct@hunterlink.net.au. You have to make a purchase of at least $995 or more from the bookshop. Anyhow check the diary entry for February 12th to get the idea.

Tuesday February 19th: With the Grafton meeting a heavy track yesterday there wasn't much action. Today we have four meetings so a bit more going on. The low action days are good opportunities to work on our strategies with plenty of time in between races to make decisions.

One Member revealed to me yesterday that he didn't know what cut and paste was. He has been using a conputer for years but until now hasn't had a need. The issue was that the ratings of a Saturday for example, could mean a print out of 30 or 40 pages if all meetings were used. Most of us would simply "cut" the races we didn't want, leaving us with the ones we do.

We have to include all the files because we don't know if for example, we have Members attending Espernace or Geraldton or Alice Sprngs or Kangaroo Island for that matter. So we have to include them all.

I can recall when resulst were difficult ot organise so we would print out the lot every day and one of our staff would add in all the dividends on paper. We would even prunt out each races dividends 5 minutes before the race so we could investigate various strategies based on pre race dividends. That's how we came uo with the A Plan, the B PLan and the C Plan.

Sunday February 17th: A very disappointing day yesterday although our Premium selections went very well. Two very poor performances by two very short priced favouties in Perth were hard to take, the horses from TrevorLarsens Invest To Win couldn't quite get there at good prices ( I hate running second on 10/1 shots) and I had one runner break down. All in all, it was one of those days you wish you hadn't experienced.

The highlights though, backing Golden Archer for a place at $3.50 fixed behind Black Caviar, watching that great mare win yet again and an endless stream of Quinellas and rifectas for the Daily Mail. Those however, were short priced. In all 20 races on the Winfrm Daily Mail, a new record I think, and 10 Quinellas 8 Trifectas 3 very small First Fours. Fifteen winners in the top five. All in all a very busy day.

Today it is a bit of yard work for me. That'll test my shoulder but outdoors will be a change after a day locked in yesterday.

Saturday February 16th: A better day for me yesterday with six wins from nine races. I was a bit surprised this morning to find that very few peoeple had a look at today's video tip, only 80 or so compared to usually several hundred. Even so, the quoted price has firmed but maybe it'snot too late to get on before the price drops further.

Friday February 15th: Here's this week's video selection. It's a horse that has 7 places out of 8 this distance but is oaying $3.50 fixed. Have a good day today and a better day tomorrow.

Thursday February 14th: My son has started a campaign via Newspapers and local politicians against the sale of "legal" syntheitc drugs. He has seen the damage they have done with them being many times more potent than even the best "weed". I met some of the people affected and they included a 50+ train driver, a 39 yold computer programmer and a 60yo grandmother all tempted to try a legal party drug and found themselves hooked after just one use. Unlike cigarettes and alcohol ther is no age restriction on their sale.

One local dealer, a main street tobacconist, sells $30-$40k per day, another struggling retailer paid off her house in 3 months and the product is even sold in those key kiosks in some mainstream shopping centres.

I'm just making you aware for those readers who have kids.

On an important note, William Hill is about to takeover Sportingbet Australia. That will continue the domination of our local market by Uk or Irish based bookmakers.

How would you like to get eve money about Back Caviar this saturday? Betezy are offering new account holders to have up to $100 at even money.

Tuesday February 13th: Ash Wednesday. A few goodmeetings today including the Mornington Cup. An interetsingentry is the Kris Less trained Award Season which has won three of his five starts since being imported from France, the last three in succession. He is on a traditional Australian preparation and heading fora peak performance. Tuscan Fire is having his 8th start this preparation and will lead into the short straight and be hard to run down. Both head the market at $4.50.

Tuesday February 12th: How would you like the world's best punting software on a mini laptop and make $5 into the bargain? Here's how it works. Betezy and HorseRacing Australia present the following offer,

Here’s how it works. You make your pur*chase form the choice below. If you already have a Betezy account that was opened through us you get $500 cash and $500 f*ree be*ts in your existing account. If you don’t have an account click this link and open one and email us the number. If you have an account but it is not linked we will organise a separate account to receive your rebate.  Yes you will have to meet the normal turnover requirements BUT who wouldn’t want one of these brilliant products for virtually nothing?? And the good thing about Betezy is that unlike other corporate you will not be banned for winning.
When we run out the above runs out. So don’t wait.

On your 10" Netbook (same as a laptop but smaller and more convenient) which is the same size but superior to any tablet is a suite of Staking Programs that keep track of your be*tting as well as helping you to get the right be*t amounts in your chosen race or races.
Included in the Winform Staker is.
1 Dutch be*tting: Choose two or more selections to be*t or sa*ve and make the same profit no matter which horse wins or get your money back if your sa*ver be*t wins.
2 Winrate Plan: This is a plan for use with any set of Ratings. Simply enter the rated price of each runner you wish to back and the rated price and the program automatically selects the best value be*ts for to win and the least value b*ts to sa*ve your stake.
3 Winform Plan: For this plan you simply enter the horses you wish to back in your preferred order and the program provides you with the win and sa*ve choices based on available prices. You simply choose your option and place the be*ts. You can even choose to increase your profit on different races if you choose.
5 $100 Per Day Plan: This is a simple plan based on the market order. Simply enter the expected prices of all runners and the program selects the best runners to back and how much to be*t on them.
6 Professional Staking Plan: This Plan devised by professional Punter Trevor Johns allows your be*tting to be controlled. It cools off your punting as stakes rise following a run of winners but manages your be*ts in a controlled way when you encounter a bad losing run.
For a demonstration of some of these programs please click here to see our YouTube channel MrWinform


Monday February 11th: So I am sick of running second. That problem wassolved when yesterdays first selection ran 3rd. My next runner came 2nd to restore the balance.I could panic but then when I inspect my records forthe past month I see that I have a 32% win strike rate overall so really there are no dramas and the good news is I wont get banned by anyone else while I can demonstrate the ability to lose!

Sunday February 10th: Fair dinkum, I am sick of running second!! In hindsight, should we back horses when they are stepping up in distance?? Two runners in particular yesterday just didn't quite make it. The difference to me was thousands but maybe it'll swing around, well it will, it always does and the Professional Staking Plan is looking after my funds.

Premium had a huge numbers of selections yesterday but had 7 winners from 14 final selections. That's 50% and the best winner was $4.20 so an easy profit.

The Winform Daily Mail had 10 wins from 12 races, that's in the Top Five , five Quinellas and only two Trifectas but $523 and $1360. The Weekend Feature missed and Daily Feature missed but got a Quinella. It's something I suppose.

Saturday February 9th:

Honestly, we think we are really clever and we are good form analysts but sometimes we don't look so good. Yesterday we eliminated three selections from our prime service. Two of them won , admittedly only at $2.30 and $2.60 and the other one photod into 2nd place. Our official three selections had two places. That's it!

On the C Plan I admit to having a couple of rotten days. I have now put the C Plan into a Money factory program and strung it out to a loss of $3,500. After yesterday I pulled all this back and went into a decent profit, so $823 up after two days. It's actually conservative and what is interesting, on level stakes I would have lost one unit with the same selections.

I noticed later that the next 5 races I would have bet on were all winners including a $41 winner which paid $49 best tote. .

Friday February 8th: Im hot, I've had a frustrating day but a winning one and I'm off for a sail after picking up my broken part repaired. Hope I dont break anything else.

A big big day tomorrow.

Thursday February 7th: The place dividends I got yesterday for some of our selections , were perfectly acceptable win dividends except they didn't win and I didn't back them for a place. $1.60, $1.60 and $3.20, even each way made a small profit. It's disappointing. One of my selections was 2nd rated and got knocked of by our top rated horse which paid $11 for the win. "It happens" , as one of my ex Turf Monthly mates used to say.

Wednesday February 6th: Profitmaker subscribers wil receive a user name and password later today so they can check our website to see if there are any selections. We are still sending out to your email and or SMS of course. We wish all selections could win as easily as yesterdays. Pity we didnt get the $2.40 that was on offer at one stage.

Powerbet users had a good day yesterday I expect with a nice double figure winner early.

We expect to finalise details of our upcoming offer which involves Members spending $995 or more on our software packages and getting $1,000 rebate with one of our corporate partners. It's like getting paid to give it a go. Details will be in our E-News.

Tuesday February 5th: I was out yesterday and missed the Daily Feature Race where Mr X was triumphant. Also got the first four in the top 4 paid $1260 UTab $780 NSW.

Those taking the Winform Daily Mail also got Danerule at $2.30, also at Benalla. We saw a rare Good 2 at this venue.

My son Mat seems to have turned the corner for now with a completely different attitude to life. We are holding our breath as Mat has alos started doing community work.

Monday February 4th: Some interesting feedback the past few days. We scored the winner of the Tasmanina Derby yesterday at $19.90 but missed the Beag Cup winner and didn't do that great at Terang either but we did find the Pinjarra Quaddie which paid many thousands and no I didn't take it either.

Here are our January figures for the Winform Ratings. A good month.

Top Two 34.5% Av Div $5.54

Top Three 47% Av Div $6.19

Top Four 59% Av Div $6.45

Top Five 69% Av Div $6.57

The Best Bets went well wth 7 winners from only 12 bets for the month.

Our Oneup selections fromWinning Your Only Option had 11from 41 for 9% POT and the Premium selections did Okay too but a couple of categories within the Premium performed poorly to drag down the profit.

The WFM and WFMH performed poorly for 22% winners but no good prices ,luckily that was reversed on Saturday with several good winners at up to $13.

I busted a part on my boat yesterday. It was the first time I had been out for nearly two weeks and only got out for half an hour when the part broke in a mean wind.

Sunday February 3rd: A bonanza day fro Winfrom Daily Mail subscribers yesterday 8 races 8 winners.

Quinellas 6 Trifectas 5 one First Four but only $400+ 10 single selections from Winning Your Only Option for 5 winners at $9, $1.6, $3.9,$1.35, and $11. My personal Bank has doubled since December 1st. For the last two weeks I had 45 C PLan races (I didn't bet every day) for 26 wins 57% and 10.39 units profit , that's $1039 for $100 race outlays.

Track conditions improved rapidly at some venues yesterday. Today is Derby Day in Tasmania and there are a number of Group and Listed races in Hobart. There's also a big day at SapphireCoast (near Bega) where we usually do very well.

Saturday February 2nd: ** Ratings and Winform Daily Mail posted all uodate 11.26 a.m.**

Profitmakers selections to be sent by 12 noon.

We'll pop up the ratings for Casino, Rosehill and Kembla but with Heavy 10's we'll be amazed if they get through the meetings. With good tracks expected in Perh, Adelaide and Victoria there's enough action to keep us going.

Friday February 1st: A big Quaddie at Warnmbool yesterday but How did we get it?? Simply the Top 5 rated horses PLUS the chapter six horses from Trevor Johns "Racing My Perfect Investment" and I'd like to tell you that we have copies of that book to sell but we don't. The occasional copy turns up on E-Bay but that's it.

Our Oneup plan from the book found another first up winner yesterday at double figure odds. Sadly I was not on it as I was involved in discussions with a computer supplier and got back to my car te minutes too late. I like to see my clients win however so it was a good result.

Thursday January 31st: Got this from Shane who started with Profitmaker a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Gary,

Let's hope we have a good year. Using Money Factory am just over $1000 profit.

Have a good one, regards Shane 30/1/2013

Nothing from Profitmaker today but it has been a good month. Today is the last chance for our Winform clients to subscribe.Order at the online store. After today we will remove the offer from the online store altogether.

I had a winning day yesterday. If the track doesnt deteriorate too much I will probably be on the 1 and the 6 in the first at Warnambool.

Wednesday January 30th: As Paul predicted the Trevor Johns book sold quickly. Gosford has been upgraded to Slow. Not bad after a record 8 inches (in the old money) on Monday.

Betfair is offering money back up to $200 for your first bet for opening a new account. With so many winning punters being banned Betfair is looking their only option. Those betting amounts of $250 or less need not worry as these size bets are below the radar at the moment.

I am watching the C Plan today and remind you that Heavy trcaks are out but that only affects Eagle Farm now.

Tuesday January 29th: Not much happening today so I thought I would post this infor from a Member.

hi garry because you have no copies left [sold out] i thought i let you know that on ebay there is a copy of trevor johns book 2rd ed. for sale at buy now $100 or opening bid $50 as some members who missed out  might like to know about it re diary,feedback or your email newsletter at a $100 i cant seeit lasting long. as per forums having a go at you about your new service [$5000 per year]  most of them wouldnt know what  $5000 looked like you see them at the tab in their $10 tracksuits  losing their $50 bucks  every week backing favs and the late mail  on the forums there are some good posters but there are others who hide behind a non de plume who rubbish every thing without knowing the facts if you asked some who  don scott was most would say a ex aussie rules footballer i was the one who said to you a while back a cheeky remark [in jest]  that mr larsen book was a plug for his service it was just between you and me not plastered on a forum  little did i know that trevor worked with rem plantes son marcel in the 80s as per i found out in a old punters choice 1988  a good reveiw given the old saying look before you leap should have been me  before i said that silly remark all the best  paul g

Monday January 28th: It's been battern the hatches all day here today with winds up to 125 kmh. Not alot of action left after the abandoned nmeetings but late in the day I managed to back two seconds again so a loss on the day with only the last at Bunbury to try to recoup a dollar or two. I'll wait and see. I doubt we'll see any Racing tomorrow except perhaps Murtoa in Victoria.

Sunday January 27th: There goes the BBQ, as the rain continues to fall. 3 wins from 8 yesterday for Profitmaker and a one unit profit but originally there were 13 possible selections and the 5 that were eliminated ALL LOST except Happy Galaxy and that was a mere $1.40 dividend. This clearly shows the benefit of having your form analysts get together for a phone conference before decisions are made. Some of the selections were very disappointing especially after only four selections issed the place for the month, four of yesterdays 8 missed out but still a winning month and nothing today.

The Oneupplan from Winning YOur ONly Option had two selections yesterday for two places which paid $11 and $12. Our hearts were in our mouths as they both looked winning chances on the turn.

The Winform Daily Mail had 11 races for 5 Quinellasand 4 Trifectas. Trevor Larsens Invest To Win found 2 good priced winners from three races. Nobody could possibly complain about what is proving a very goodmethod forthose prepared to do the hard yards.

Saturday January 26th: ** All files updated 11.33 Good Luck. OUR FIRST WNFORM PROFITMAKER SELECTION WAS A $5.50 WINNER.

A win a day keeps the doctor away. Well maybe. Winform Profitmaker had one bet for one winner yesterday at $4+ and $1.70 for the place. Our strongest puntig subscriber has made over $50,000 for the month to date and that was simply the place side of his punting.

One client cleaned up with the Terang Quaddie yesterday. The Victab paid $6,000 more than NSWTAB and it was in the Winform TopThree.

Winform Profitmaker clients will be pleased to learn that we have had another winning week with the Punting Pool. The Pool has reached $65,000 and is split into three Money Factory Banks of $20,000 each. It is unlikely that we will get into the second or third banks but they are there becuase that is the safety first approach we recommend. If we blow all three will we throw the $5,000 on the very next selection?

Fridya January 25th: We're still having problems with our email. In the meantime we had two possible selections yesterday and one was rejected out of hand even though it had won it's last two starts and was favourite. It lost. The one we did go with ran 2nd at a very short price after the second favourtie was a late scratching.

I had a good win on the C Plan yesterday, two out of three races actually so finished in front.One of the selections was $11 but I backed it at $20 fixed and so got nearly double what I expected to win on that race. My last race I lost in a photo.


WINS 17 FROM 40 20.6% POT PLACES 34 85% PROFIT 15.8%


I have to take off at 11am today and havent had a sail all week now. It's been very busy with IT problems and finalising the Winform Profitmaker subscriptions. There are only six days left to subscribe.

Thursday January 24th: How lucky can you be. Winform Profitmaker clients were quick to advise me AFTER THE protest was upheld, that the following corporates pay you, even when your horse wins but loses on protest. They are Bet365, Iasbet, Sportsbet, Sportingbet, that I know of but Betfair don't and Luxbet don't.

Anyhow, on balance that makes it 2 wins from 3 yesterday but on the bad luck side Angola which won by 10 lengths, paid dramatically less after a late scratching. Still, had punters know how easily it was going to win you wouldn't have got anywhere near the final price of $2.10.

The C PLan had a good day yesterday and here's some Winform Ratings trivia. Back the top rated horse in maiden races when it is favourite and you win 38% of the time. That's an easy earner.


Wednesday Janu ry 23rd: Becoming increasingly busy and at my first C PLan today I fell in a hole straight away with a $20+ shot getting up. Three Winform Profitmakers today and we had quite some arguments about it all today. We got almost passionate about our selections and as I watch the first one it is wide and second last at odds on but it runs on and wins but not wihout a bumping duel and I am certain we will lose the race on protest. In fact I have put it in as a loser already.

Tuesday January 22nd: For some reason none oif our emails to bigpond clients is going through. It will take us a day or two to get them set back up. So only those who are NOT with bigpond will have gotten yesterdays E-News.

I am out for the day on family matters but only a small number of meetings. Our office phone is diverted to my mobile.

Monday January 21st: Off to the dentist first thing for a crown, then a meeting with IT for our new website. Today just the three meetings but it includes the Narooma Cup meeting at Moruya. This track is unique in that it is a grass track with a beach sand base and when the tide is in or it rains, the track is firmer the locals tell me.

Winform Profimaker had two seconds and a $5 winner from three selections yesterday. I believe it is 14 from the last 17 placed but I'm not a place bettor.

Sunday January20th; It would be great if every day could be a winning day. Yesterday was a great winning day for those doing the Trevor Larsen Invest To Win strategy as outlined in his book. Those subscribing to his service pay $21,600 a year and need crackerjack days like yesterday.

I learned long ago not to doubt the selections, and how the method could come up with Kutchinsky, a horse with just 10% wins and not having won for years, I just dont know. But it did. Win I mean and at $6. It just means the other horses must have had serious disadvantages under Larsen's system. Later, Larsen's addition of Benchmark races of 90 or over paid off as Riva De Lago won at $8. It is the rarity of Open Class races for older horses that have forced Larsen's hand and it follows on from my decision three months ago to add Benchmarks to our race Class criteria.

That decision didn't pay off yetserday as none of my selections won at all, although our Oneup system as listed in my latest book, Winning Your Only Option, found a $7+ winner from the two selections yesterday. Oneup selections come as part of our Premium service with Powerplay.

the Winform Profitmaker started badly when our selection was run down by a 50/1/ shot and our last selection a $2.25 favourite didn't even place. But as smart as we are as punters and form analysts, the runners we select can conjure up circumstances to leave us looking like fools. That's the nature of Horse Racing. We stand at 48 winners from 101. Nothing wrong with that.

Saurday January 19th: And so it begins again. 20 minutes to the first lot of scratchings and then I can commence the final assessments to forward to the other form analysts for Profitmaker. It's interesting. They are now having a go at us on forums, why? $5,000 a year is too much to pay for a service. What? We know of many people paying $500- $1,000 a week just for accurate form and we know this because we are one of them. Add to this pace analysis and the like and it adds up to quite a pretty penny. Yes $5,000 is a lot to pay if you are only betting $10 - $20 a bet but once you get to serious investment the game changes. In fact it is no longer a game and sadly a lo t of weaker souls who know nothing of punting professionally are the ones who criticise. The ones who actually pay the freight simply don't complain but get on with the job of making their bets at the best price and keeping accurate records for their future.

The time spent whingeing and whining on forums would be better spent doing form analysis.

All ratings posted and up to date SMS for Profitmaker sent at 11.55

Friday January 18th: I've won 8 of the last 9 races I bet in and missed the Daily Feature Race yesterday as I decided to get out and go sailing. I missed a good profit but had a very enjoyable time taking out my next door neighbours grandson and then Ron himself who is in his late 70's. The wind builds after while and is the best sail I have had so far this Summer.

In the E-News today I summarise our discussion yesterday in eliminating our potential Winform Profitmaker selection. As it turned out, it was an unlucky second.

Today I have eliminated two potential selections. One has a tendencyu to get run down and in the other race there is no known pace and a first starter Moody runner. It may turn out to be a good C Plan race. The C Plan did well again yesterday by the way.

Thursday January 17th: The Winform Profitmaker is probabaly more about eliminating losers than finding winners. nThe winners are always out there. We spend hours analysing and reanalysing form and for example, yesterday there were four eleigible selections and we eliminated three. The fourth one was an easy winner. Two of the eliminated horses placed. The other runner did win but we anticipated a dividend of between $1.30 and $1.40 and decided the risk waS NOT WORTH IT.

When you bet you have to assess whether the odds on offer are worth the risk and sometimes a horse at $1.30 is worth the risk and sometimes not and it may not be about the horses we are on. It might be about how many horses in that race are possibly going to cause an upset.

Today we will most likely be on a short priced runner but not so short priced that it isn't worth the risk. There are other chances but we will be on the horse that is on the up. **Bugga! scratchings have reduced the field to too few runners so now there is no bet for Profitmaker today.** Small fields can turn into cat and mouse games.

Today the races start at midday because of the expected heat.


Wednesday January 16th: A bit late today but at least I can confirm a winning day for the Winform Profitmaker program but we still have vacancies for the program and a couple of Members have paid a deposit to secure their place. Of course selectrions wont be sent until the balance arrives but they still participate in the profits from the pool.

A hectic day for me today, yet again. It never stops, family matters, accounting matters and other matters but the form keeps lining up evety day. Just check out the feedback.


Tuesday January 15th: A busy day yesterday but nto much luck. The Daily Feature Race was a washout and our Proftimakert selection failed to rally form the 600 metres on.I had no luck with the C Plan either yet there was a $50+ TOP RATED WINNER. But who backs a 12yo??

It is only one day. Tony has complained to me about the corporates as some of them do not give you what they claim to offer. Excuses can be "we don't get SP prices from Hobart" or we don't get fixed prices at for example Geraldton. Sometimes this is because there are some meetings where there are no bookmakers at all. Many venues have just one or two. As I explained to Tony, we just have to do the best we can and it is because of the racefileds legislation that bookmkers and the TABs are rswtricting some account holders in what they can have, even Betfair has restrictions. The only place there are no restrictions is betting directly into the TAB win and place pools and if your bets are big enough you can reduce your own odds by betting there.

I have been forced to reduce the size of my bets and will place bets in smaller amounts with several bookmakers to avoid making too much money with any single one of them. It's part of the game we play.

SUNDAY 13TH January: Profitmaker had five selections Staurday for one scratching and four winners. The Punters Pool is aiming for $1,000 a week profit and after starting midweek, we are $840 in front on a conservative plan. I believe we have had 13 winners from the past 24 selections.

Ros and I are in Sydney tomorrow for a belated birthday present. We are having a Beer Tasting and BBQ cooking course which should improve our skills beyond just throwing another shrimp on the Barbie.

Subject to scratchings there are no eligible selections for tomorrow.

Saturday January 12th 2013:*** Please Note*** Rosehill has been postpned to start at 2.55, it is not missing from our ratings files. Uopdates have been posted at 11.35 a.m.

Check out our feedback if you are not sure if we are a legitimate and trustworthy organisation. Friday went by in a blurr for me. Ros had a fall while working in the yeard Thursday night, yes night as it was cooler, but in the morning we realised she needed to see a doctor to clear her of possible concussion and an X-Ray for possible ligament damage or muscle tear. As it turned out, there is a sprain on her left arm which nature will heal, probabaly at too slight a rate to suit her, so it will be up to me to manage the washing once the machine has done its job. Just another little task for a professional punter.

Our early form analysis revealed possible flaws in yesterdays selections and so it was decided to pass. As it happend two of the possible five selections won but at slightly less than $2 so a negative return and the benefit of the Winform Profitmaker strategy is proved once again.

There are many potential selections today and once again we will have a critical look at every selection before we pass it on to Profitmaker subscribers. We still have vacancies for the program with several potential players sitting on the fence, possibly waiting to see more profitable results before they make their move.

Friday January 11th 2013: A good result for subscribers to the E-News with the winner, Quinella Trifecta and First Four all coming up in our Gosford Cup Preview. Our Profitmaker selection came second yet again, very frustrating.

Yesterday a motor launch of the old design ran into our jetty. I assisted the novice crew into securing the vessel until they could get it running again, aso definitely a different sort of day for me. Whta surprised me was that when the boat got away from the jetty, instead of heading home to sort out what the problem was, they set off to the opposite side of the laek where I noticed they got into troiuble again. Its the sort of thing you expect frpom mug punters. They get a good result to recover lots funds but instaed of regrouping and changing their strategy they go back to their same old losing pattern.

Another warm one today.

Thursday January 10th 2013: We've just sent out our E-News with our Gosford Cup preview. Yesterday our Profitmaker selection firmed from $8.50 to $6 and ran 2nd. That doesn't help much but it does show we were on the right horse in what was an open race. Our 4th rated selection won at a very good price. Maybe I should have taken the Quinella, but yesterday, sadly, was taken up with domestic issues.

Today we have another good day I would guess as the Gosford Cup Meeting has three very good races and I will be going for the Quaddie and Treble.

Wednesday 9th January2013: Our Proftimaker selections had just one win and all three placed yesterday. The winner was only $2.05 so a loss for the day. It looks like one possible today. We have enough subscribers now to start our Punting Pool and we are using Money Factory.

Our good friend Tom has been inside with the heat so spent his time dpoing staking plans on the Winform Daily Mail selections as suggested in the new book. All have been profitable but his cponclusion weas to run all plans together as a group. That seems a sensible selectrion idea.

Tuesday 8th January 2013: Mr X found the winner of the Daily Feature Race yesterday and it squared me up for the day. The previous day the Daily Feature turned out to be a C Plan race and the winner was $11+ for a good return.

I had a good sail yesterday in moderate wind and it was good to come back and spot a winning selection.

Today we didn't expect any selections for Profitmaker but there are three and all expected to be favourite so here's koping they perform to there expectations.

Monday 7th JANUARY 2013:

Below please see the ratings performance for 2012 and then services.
                                    S/R      Av Div
WF      Top 2             33%    $5.77
WF      Top 3             45%    $6.13
WF      Top4              57%    $6.50
WF      Top5              67%    $6.83
Winform B Bets      43%    $2.60
Winform Daily Mail singles  26%  $4.50
Winform Premium                        46% $            2.25

The ratings , as expected, show a small loss but that is taking every single race every single day,and who does that? You get a better picture of what can be achieved by looking at the single selections wher profits are recorded and the Premium and so on are excellent selections to be used in conjunction with the Money Factory Professional Edition software.

Sunday January 6th 2013: Did I tell you the drama about the car? On Friday Natlie was to pick up her new 7 seater Subaru in preparation for the twins coming. All she ha to do was take in the trade inand pick it up. Well the keys went missing and both our houses were searched, and the garbage bins and son over several frantic hours. Still no key so it was rganised for the vehicle to be towed to the dealers to get a new one coded on Saturday.

Lo and behold , at breakfast yesterday Natalie sat in a diffeent seat and there hidden in a pot plant holder were the keys. We soon figured out that our grandaughter Isla, had picked them up and dropped them in the pot when she was finished with them. Well that saved money anyway.

Yesterday the Melbourne Quaddie was easy but paid just $1000 and the Treble $220. Winform Profitmaker reached 9 winners from the last 18 bets and that sounds great but it was just one win and four placed from 6 yesterday with two very close photo finishes. The good news is that the horses we had eliminated all lost so no regrets.

The Weekend Feature Race was a winner again and the Winform Daily Mail had 9 races nothing for the first five races then three good Quinellas in a row and an $1139 First Four. The selections from my new book had just one winner and a close 2nd from 8. The winner was $4.80.

Brenton Burford had a brilliant day yesterday with his method. He is using Money Factory and it is working magnificently. Yesterday picked up $1200.

Our Video feature found the winner at $9.30 BUT our rover horse missed the start completely and tagged the field home all the way. It was only the 4th time in his career that he failed to run at least a place.

Saturday January 5th 2013: ** All files updated at 11.06 a.m. Good Luck.

Can anyone help Neale? Neale wants to import our ratings into a spreadsheet but is not sure how to do that. I am sure there are subscribers who do this already. Any help would be appreciated, just email direct@hunterlink.net.au.

A very hot day today. We should get true Racing though and we are hoping our Profitmaker i particular continues to mover upwards. Our very first unplaced horse of the year yesterday. If you just subscribed yesterday it is not you. There were a number of new subscribers and you can't all be Jonahs!

The link below shows how you can do a Rover Trifecta.

Friday January 4th 2013: Here's the YoutUbe link for this weekend.

At the new Jack Reacher movie last night and as usual turned the mobil back on about 9.30 to find that Ros Mum had another fall with a suspected broken collar bone. We went stright to hospital and finally left there 6 a.m. this morning. Copped A 3HOUR "beauty "s sleep and am now working on Warwick Farm form for tomorrow. I will be posting my findings on a major race later today and will add hte YoutUbe link after lunch at the latest.

In the meantime, Winform Profitmaker had two selections for a winner and a 3rd yesterday to advance the profit again.

The hospital rang agan this morning and have now cleared Ros' mother of any breaks and will be sent home today after some observation to make sure she is okay. Suffering bruises and loss of dignity but will make her 91st birthday this weekend.

January 3rd 2013: The Winform Profitmaker had two selections yesterday for a $4.60 winner and a close up 2nd. So far all seven selectio placed and there were 5 winners. It's a good start but I am sure we will find plenty more winners along the way. We have had more interest in this service than any other.

Yesterday I had a good C Plan winner which got up and knocked out our other C Plan horsein that race. Brenton Burford who was running a different plan in that race, was denied a big payout when our A horse got up. So you can see that there are times when one punter is on winning method and another isn't. In an earlier race it went the other way. You just have to go with the flow, there is no other choice. And of course, you can't do everything or cover every possibility.

January 2nd 2013: The Winform Profitmaker hasn't found a bet since December 16th. On NewYears Day we had five selections for 4 winners and a 3rd.

**Subscribers should note that the Punting Pool associated with this service will start when the subscription list is finalised or January 31st, whichever is the earliest..

Jan 1st 2013: At 9 p.m. and then again at midnight last night the fireworks went off from all around the Lake at over a dozen venues. We also had a fireworks display from a house just s few blocks down the street so we had our share.

This morning I went through dozens of emails from punters determined to make a new start with our Winform Profitmaker service. The main thing that stops punters from winning is a lack of discipline and our approach does resolve this by providing a source of good selections and also assistance with a good Staking Plan, the Professional Staking Plan.

There have been no selections for our New service since December 16th and so the phones and emails have been running hot. "Have I been missing out" "Have I set my email permissions worng?" The answer is no and no and patience is a virtue.

It's just that nothing worthwhile has come up. Normally there are 8-10 selections per week but nothing goes out wihout a thorough examination.




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