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To view previous editons of Professional Punters Diary, please click here

2012 Current Edition| Last Updated for: Monday December 31st

Monday 31st December: Two wins from Three for Premium yesterday. Mr X found the $8.40 winner of his recommended Daily Feature Race. A good result.

The year ends with a flurry of races at six venues with the last race at Toowoomba finishing at 9.40 and what?? Fireworks after? Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday 30th December: So yesterday I set my bets and went to see Les Miserables. The theartre was packed to thr rafters and I wathced and waited for that show stopping scene which seemed to me like it never came and then in the final minutes something strange happened. People started crying and it ended then a standing ovation and cheers and clapping before everyone sat back down in silence and sat through until the end credits finished then the audience left in silence. I have never seen anything quite like it in a move theartre. As for Hugh Jackman (our hero from X Men continued) give that man his Oscar now!

But now to the Racing. The good news is that when I arrived home and checked my results I was well in front. I picked up the Feature First Four $1700+and Trifecta $500+ Mr X found the winner of the Weekend Feature Race at $4.80 and our only Winform Daily Mail selection at the Gold Coast won at $5.40.

From 11 races on the Winform Daily Mail we had 4 top rated winners,five Quinellas including one at $141 plus two Trifectas and two First Fours.

There were no selections at all for the new Winform Profitmaker Service. That prompted several calls and emails as it is extremely rare for there to be zero selections on a Saturday.

Trevor Larsen's Invest To Win found Almas Fury in the one Open Handicap on the days Racing calendar on the East Coast. I added it to my own selections to score the First Four and Trifecta.

Saturday 29th December:Updates at 11.45

It is interesting that our new Winform Profitmaker service has been taken up immediately by a number of professional and semiprofessional punters who are Members. That is how it should be of course. They already know how to win with the ratings and so on but treat the new service as an add on to their other successful punting businesses.

It is also an opportunty for aspiring professional and semi-professionals to "dip their toes in" with a relatively small amount of money ($5,000 subscription and at least $5,000 to punt with) . That is not to demean those who don;t have anywhere near those funds a vailable as we have plenty of options for Members who can only bet small e.g. the Best Bets at $149 a year yet whoch still producesd 45%+ winners for the year and The Daily Feature Race at $363 a year which adds races liek yesterday where Mr X didn't get the top rated winner he recommended but did get the Quinella $24.80, the Exacta $59.80 and Trifecta $799.30. Please tell me where you can get results like these for ONE DOLLAR PER DAY?

Todays Metropolitan race meetings in Sydney and Melbourne are second rate as next Tuesday is the Big Day. Yet we still expect to find winners. So good luck. It would be greta but not essential, to end the year on a winning note.


Friday 28th December: I simply spent most of yesterday on the water. I had a Oneup bet (from the book) which ran well wihout winning. I backed our one Best Bet and it won at $3.00. Mr X found the Daily Feature race winner at $5+ . A nice profit for the day.

Brenton Burford's new method is running hot with a 33% increase in the Money Factory Bank after only four weeks. Can't wait to see profits this time next year. You know looking back at my year, I now wish I had bet bigger but that'salways the case when you make good profits in what has been a challenging year. The new methods I have been using along with new information obtained in Invest To Win by Trevor Larsen, have given me a solid year.

What has been missing are the $50k winning days from that big Quaddie or First Four but they will come. I just can't predict when.

Our new selection service Winform Profitmaker, is now on the online store and I think you wll like the very special opening offer on this. You'll like the strike rate and profits to date even better.

Two good Quaddies yesterday, Mornington $1051 and Gosford $3695.

Thursday 27th December: Some nice C Plan winners yesterday afternoon. I also "saved" a few bets whne I spotted some no chance selections. BY that I mean like a 2nd rated runner which was a 7yo and another one which had a very low win strike. In both those caes it meant I couldhave all my cash on just the one horse and ineach case they won.

Our Oneup plan from Winning YOur Only Option, found another good winner at $12+ from just two selections yesterday.The logic is undeniable, yet so simple it leaves your mouth open. "What the?"

Invest To Win by Trevor Larsen found just one winner from one race yesterday, and at $7.70 was a real treat. The rest of the runners were long in the tooth.

Our SMS service struck out yesterday with just two winnersn from 5, although it was $4.60 best fluc.Every other selection ran a place except one. With four days to go til the end of the year it has been a successful one with the Bank near doubled on level stakes and miles and miles in front using Money Factory.

Mr X missed the winner in the Daily Feature Race but rounded up the Quinella, Trifecta and First Four.


Wednesday 26th December: I think Iggi Pop gets his chance to win today but in small fields like this it is hard to get true running. Most punters get into Boxing Day in a bit of a haze and it is a day for caution. Those who are on the ball though can reap the harvest.

NSW and Qld look like they need to be looking for swimmers.

Saturday subscribers can see todays ratings under Saturday. Ratings have been posted at 10.30 a.m.

Monday 24th December: I've been using and updating the Powerbet Top Three recently on $5,000 series and it is interesting that in the past two weeks it is over $10,000 in front with many successful series and only two losing ones. Yesterday looked okay too.

Not all races were included, for example I rarely went after 6 p.m. and to be honest nobody is going to work it seven days a week but while the corporates are paying so well it is time to take advantage, Average dividends, by the way were $6.31.

Enjoy your day tomorrow. Happy Christmas.

Sunday 23rd December: Trevor Larsens Invest To Win had three races selected today. Two standard races and one Premium. The two standard races yielded one winner, Future solution at $10 best fluc. and the Premium was All Legal which paid $23.40 and the Premium races require a double stake BUT Mr Larsen remonded everybody that the rul is no bet in races with more then 16 runners, well Hey! I'm glad I didn't follow that rule.

My video suggested a dutch bet on the race but also suggested an each way bet on Darcci Be Good which paid about $12 the place.

Larsen, for those who subscribe to his service got the Trifecta of $8,000+ and between his selectios and mine the First Four was available. It paid $129,000 but no I did not have it. I stood Darci Be Good out from all the others and for a while it looked like a great bet. Bet you've heard that before.

Anyhow, I also had the Daily Double which paid $129 and a full size place bet which I placed at the $11 fixed on Thursday. It was a good day for me but could have been great. I have Ros family all day today, 32 people altogether. Busy ay but fun!


Saturday 22nd December: I found a couple of good winners yesterday and gave uyp the rest of the afternoon preparing for a family Christmas dinner we host for Ros's extended family at our place. My son in law is helping set up tonight to leave me free to work today. I haven't had a $50,000 winning day for quite some time but you never know , it could be today. Regardless of size any win would be welcome.

The Villers video is here. The only scratcjing is Als Gold (19) and he wasn't a realistic chance anyway. Galah has eased to as much as $6, everything else is static. Bookmaker.com.au has Darci Be Good a lot shorter than everyone else so they obviously aren't concerned about barrier 16.

If you get the Quinella or Trifecta I reckon you will be doing well, let alone what the First Four might pay.

Friday 21st December: So here's some good news. Natalie finally owned up last night, she is pregnant, which we suspected all along. The cruncher is that she is having twins! I can see that next July when we get back from holidays we will be working hard keeping up.

: I put up a 10 second video yesterday, not Racing related, it was my grandaughter Isla who has just discovered iceblocks. Inbetween looking after her for the day I did manage to back a couple of winners.

Last night I set myself a task of putting together all of my betting accounts in case anything ever happened to me. I got to 21 separate accounts, not that I use them all regularly, for example Tom Waterhouse has proved a waste of time but you never know when you need it. Centrebets system is such that the promised bonuses never seem to turn up and some other accounts I only use when they offer top up bonuses. And speaking of Centrebet, try querying them, they never reply.

If I ever fully need my credit accounts I have access to over $100,000, not that I think they would all let me on for what my limit is. The credit is useful as I would not like to keep 21 accounts funded in cash.

The accounts I use most are all listed here. And if you are wondering what the mistake was in my Villiers video I said the straight at Warwick farm was "straighter" instead of "shorter". Tony Hoagn was first to find it and so won the free book Last Start Winners Guide.

Thursday 20th December: I've put my review of the Villiers Handicap on YouTube. I've also posted the IASBet (now SportsBet) prices. Today is a Feature day at Wyong and of course tonight Moonee Valley is the night meeting.

I had a severe case of sunburn from yesterday and alI did was take my short off to dry it out after an hours sailing. The Hobie Adventure Island is a lot of fun but it is genuine seat of the pants stuff. Yesterday wa s about 25 knots and I came close to being tossed out as I stood up to adjust the sail. Whoops! NO winners for me yesterday either.

Wednesday 19th December: Kevin called yesterday for some staking advice. The method he is using is the single selections in the new book Winning Your Only Option. I advised simply levels stakes or the Professional Staking Plan. Kevin is woring out his own ratings using the guidelines in the book and only doing the recommended races and having great success he tells me.

I also spoke to Trevor about staking and so on and also about using Money Factory for footy punting. Trevor is new to Winform ratings and is keen to run Money Factory and or Powerbet. His problem though is time. You can't be a Powerbet punter if you don't have the time to bet as the action takes place.

My life has changed recently with the arrivalof my grandaughter who is now 15 months and exploring everything and hiding and so on and the other day managed to unplug my computer and Skychannel. It makes it hard to gte a bet on when that happens.

Back to a full punting day today with the regular midweek action. Have fun everyone.

Tuesday 18th December: No action for me yesterday punting wise but lots of activity last night. One word of advice, don't get in trouble on the Lake in front of our house. See why shortly.

Mat was staying for the night and he went outside about 9 to his car to get gear when he spotted a man walking through the house two doors down. Michael, the owner wasn't home as he is in Sydney recovering from a heart operation. Turns out this fellow has capsized in the middle of the lake after starting out on the opposite shore about 4 kilometres away.

He was padelling a Kayak for the very first time and got caught out wen a wave capsized his craft. He and four friends had rented holiday accomodation and he set out at dusk,another mistake. Exhausted by numerous attempts to remount the kayak he gave up and with the kayak attached headed for a distant light (our house).

Mat got him a towell to dry off and called his friends to drive around to get him and stayed with him. I went inside and told Ros what was going on and she said "I thought I saw someone in the water but thought it was just someone fishing." Like I said,don't get inot trouble in the lake in front of our house.

Anyhow, finally more drama with police turning up to question our new friend as his mates had called police and reported him missing. It all ended well.

Not much action today with just three meetings.


Sunday 16th December: Some good results yesterday. We have a short video explaining the Winform Daily Mail. Best Bets found winners and the SMS service found 3 from 5 but sadly the prices were way too short.

Today I am off to a renunion BBQ to meet up with some of the people we went to see Black Caviar with last June/July. It is The Laurel Oak group and many of the Members are in Racing syndicates operated by the Laurel Oak group. Their syndicates have a lot of success.

Trevor Larsen had two races yesterdayand found Alcohol at $5.50 but Iggy Pop ran 2nd in the other selected race. Still, a nice profit on the day.

Saturday 15th December:

The first two races on our Winform Daily Mail have resulted in the Quinella and Trifecta with top rated runners winning both.

We expect an upgrade at Morphettville but Flemington will stay damp. The first ratings update happened at 8.45 and the next will be up by 9.30. Daily Mail should be there around 10 am then all updates by 11.30-11.45

We have had a good response to the SMS/Email service even though it lucked out last night with two selections for two seconds.


Friday 14th December: Our first bet today was a Oneup from the new book and it paid $7.70. A good result. two and possibly three more best of various types to come today and tonight.

Ros may have got the right result with her test yesterday. We are having another expert opinion and will know where we are at late next week.

Here's hoping for a good weekend.

Thursday 13th December: Two of our selections from Winning Your Only Option ran yesterday but we only got one winner. It paid $6.50! I was happy with that.

David Bendeich has been doing lays with UK Racing using a bot, there is no other way. Usually there are half a dozen or so selections and the trend is up and down thena big jumpup or a step back. It takes patience. Profit is about 5% after expenses but it all happens while we sleep.

Brenton Burford is working on his method using Winform Ratings but is betting level stakes. It is also up and down but in line with expectations. The method has been winning for a couple of years and it to goes up and down before taking big leaps forward or back. Profit is usually about 10% to 20% but we will be looking for an extended period before we put pen to paper. The method requires us to look at the odds as Racing takes place so not for the "Put the bets on and see what happens later" punter.

Ros is doing tests today so I will be out for much of the day. Our Bank was offline for a lot of yesterday so many orders havent been charged yet.That should happen later this afternoon but I wlll endeavour to get as many orders in the post today as I can. The book sale is gping well. Not all books are on sale but they don't date so if you have been thinking "I wouldn't mind that book but not at that price" Well now is your chance. The sale ends soon but some books may actually sell out.


Wednesday 12th December: I have just put up a demonstrationof the Professional Staking Plan. It follows my personal betting from mid February for two months earlier this year. Using such a plan definitely takes control of your betting and this is the most important thing in your betting..Control.

Yesterday I had a difficult day with heaps of orders to process and I also had to track down Andrew Martin as I completely sold out of his two incredibly funny CDS. It turned out he is on holiday in Fiji and so I will get enough stock to fill orders next Tuesday in a last ditch effort to get them into homes by Christmas.

I did have two bets yesterday, a C Plan race at Taree where the two selections ran 1/2 but I took the wrong price, I could have made an extra $100, however I also took two horses in Wangaratta race three for the oneup plan and scored the winner there.

Tuesday 11th December: Our Premium bet at Narromine yesterday got as low as $1.20 on the TAB and was beaten by 8 lengths. I seriously wonder if the leaders gate opened early, such was the pace of the winner.

Just a note that our stocks of Monologue and Epilogue have run out. We are contacting our suppier to try to get more but no guarante we can get them by Christmas as he may have gone on holidays.

If you like innovative surprises you might like this.

Moday 10th December: Here's one bit of feedback I was happy to see.

Hi Garry

Like many people, I was dubious as to the bonafides of your tipping service. Without getting into the finer details, I have a bit of advice to anyone wanting to win at the races, "listen to what Garry tells you then do it!"

Thanks Garry

Colin Bice JP
PH 4961 0411 "

Sunday 9th December: I'm spending today packing up orders we took over the weekend. Our Winform Daily Mail had ten races on it for 8 Quinellas and 5 Trifectas, the best Quinella $186.00! There were five selections fro the new book with a winner at $11.70 and a 2nd at $5.90. Our other four singles got 3 wins and a second.

If our $34 2nd had won I would have still been out celebrating.

Saturday 8th December:** All info updated 11.20 a.m. First winner on top $4+ and a C Plan winner too!

A $8000 Quaddie at Moone Valley last night and no I wasn't on it. I had other things to do last night unfortunately. The Quaddies come but you just have to be patient. There were two standout top rated selections. One paid $1.70 and the other $28.60.

Will we get the Quaddie today? I don't know but one thing is for sure, they always keep coming and most when you don't expect them. The Perth Quaddie could pay well today if Lucky Gray is beaten.

Friday 7th December" Well do I have a good excuse for missing yesterday?No,I don't. Al the wrong winners got up yesterday, like a 2nd rated 7 yo at longshot odds and I think there was one of those pesky 8yos yesterday. I shouldn't be slamming the oldsters, we are all getting on a bit but experience tells us that we should avoid them. Tell that to Fuimincino who robbed us of a $17 winner last Saturday.

Tomorrows Festival Handicap at Rosehill has attracted a huge field and I suspect that Alma's Fury will go close in spite of the impossible barrier. The Kingstown Town Classic at Ascot has drawn a similar field and God Has Spoken is coming back into form at the right time. Caulfield has the Hayman PLate of $100k and it looks like 5yo and up so mature animals only please.

The good thing is that the betting is wide open on all of these. So work on those races and see if you can narrow down the field. And yes , in one of those races we have an 8yo on top but I won't be backing it.

Invest To Win results: A couple of Members have queried the latest Premium results on the Trevor Larsen website. Larsen has changed the results to include the additional races that are now included in Premium. There is no disputing that the winners were there and as I have stated in the diary previously, I invest in all of his races, not just Premium.


Wednesday 5th December: Some amazing C Plan winners today including a $50 second and a $20 winner and a $8.70 winner. A few good paying Quinellas and Trifectas as well.

A new video to show you some of the books on sale this week. A bit of verbal info from me and instructions on how to use the online store. Here's a link to the internationalbookshop whoch features hundreds of authors.

I expect some solid Premium bets today with good track conditions at most venues.Good luck today. I;m otu of the office all day but Ros is here.

Tuesday 4th November: The two that got away. I spent my day with my Dad today. Roas and I picked him uop from the home and spent the day shopping with him and finding his Christmas present, a new shirt, and then a nice lunch etc.

We dropped Dad off then I droped Ros at the doctors and headed home to process orders etc. and spotted two C Plan races, one of which was the Daily Feature Race. So I thought "yes yes yes" but then after printing out Trevor Larsen's newsletter I made the mistake of reading it as it was very interesting. You guessed it. I missed both races and they both won.Oh well, both Ros and my Dad had a great day and that is the important thing. It's a pity my son is up to his problems again so all I can do there is pray.

I have a busy day tomorrow with my programmer and then my accountant. I hope to get a diary entry up but may miss it. I'll be up until late packing orders from our online book sale. and will post those on the way.


Monday 3rd November: Thanks for the many well wishes for Ros. The good news is that her blood pressure is down but she is now expected to see a cardiologist with the most likely expecte result being a stent. She is feeling a lot better today.

Between the SMS service and the Premium yesterday I found three winners from five yesterday and a nice profit. Natalie, Belle and I took turns waiting with Ros while she had her tests and waited for results. I used my time off for good use.

Today is a bit bleak but I am updating results for the next E-nEws which I hope to send later today.

Sunday 2nd December: Well the day has started out well. Ros has been taken off to hospital for tests following a possible mild heart attack. It might have started when she found out how down I was yesterday before Privately at $15.50 came to the rescue. Full Reign at $6.50 followed and the day ended in profit.

Ros does have high blood pressure and this is not the first time she has been off for tests. She would never survive as a punter with the highs and lows of a typical day like yesterday. So many close photos going the wrong way.

Anyhow,it's just a quick report and now I am off to relieve Belle from hand holding duties. Plenty of ounting action available today for those with a strong temperament.


Saturday 1st December: A good winner Thursday for theOneup plan from the new book. It paid over $15. Last night we found the Big Six at Moonee Valley and the Quaddie of course plus the Quaddie at Canterbury.

We found Makesr Mark at $4.40 at Ipswich with the Daily Mail as the top two horses were almost eaqual but way ahead of the rest but missed out with the Daily Feature.

We have some good chances today.

Friday 30th November: Greg Horn has advised me that Luxbet have a very good offer tomorrow on Wartwick Farm Race 4. That just happens to be our selected video race. So for your very first bet of the day make it the second rated horses for up to $100 and if it runs second to the favourite you get a bonus bet equal to your stake. As it happens out other bet in that race is likely to be the favourite so we could win on the favourite and get a bonus bet on our other horses if it runs second. Of course if the second horse wins we still finish in front. I looked on my account and the info isnt there yet but I suspect it will be today or tomorrow.

Luxbet ars still offering our clients a dollar for dollar matched opening deposit up to $500. The only drawback is that the bonus bet has to be used in one bet. Nevertheless if you do win it is a bet for free and save soyu the outlay you would have had on it anyway, even if it wasn't gping to be anywhere near that amount. I guess it also allows you to have a bet that would normally be a long way ahead of your means.

Thursday 29th November: No wins of note yesterday even though we found the Quaddie at Launceston last night. I spoke to a Semi Pro Punter yesterday who does nothing but Quaddies.He has a relativelky high strike rate but "for some reason", he says "I never get the third leg, so I always take the field in the third leg."

I have to be honest, the third leg has been a bogie for me lately, getting "nutted" in that leg last Saturday. The other legs dropped into place nicely at $7, $^ and $11.50. In the third leg I ran second with the $39 shot Koe and missed out on what would have been a $20,000+ result. The key to Quaddies is patience firstly and secondly only betting when the market is wide and the pool big.

Our weekend video tip is up.

Tuesday 27th NovemBER: Mr X missed the winner with the Daily Feature Race Monday but found the Quinella The expected glut of C Plan races did not eventuate so it would have been disappointing for those who were betting live yesterday. Three race meetings today so more interesting.

Monday 26th November: One of our better priced Best Bets saluted yesterday at $6. It was also one of two out of three for the SMS/Email service.

I was reviewing the C Plan for October and even betting all selections level stakes (instead of ducth betting) it is showing a profit. I have a few days left to check but it just goes to show how consistent this method is. It is fully explained in my book Winning Your Only Option which costs just $295but there are not very many copies left. Order at the online store.

My gandaughetr has to go see the Doc today so I will be out of the office until after lunch. No drams, just two meetings today at Scone and Hamilton. There are upto 7 potential C Plan races so it might be worth watching these.

Sunday 25th November: In our video explaining the Winform Plan we looked at our top five horses and we win with these 67% of the time. That was not the case for our example race. But we did win many other races yesterday.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win had three horses earmarked in Race 6 at Rosehill. The 3rd horse, Classics, also happend to be 2nd rated by Winform so I could not leave it out. In the end the result wasa $32 Quinella with the equal top horse by Larsen, Tromso, being photo'd out.

At Moonee Valley, Larsens method's selection Mouro ran 2nd to the 2nd rated Winform runner Lord Of Brazil. The Quinella was only $7.50. I encourage users of Larsen's method to combine the Winform selections with his as a smart move.

Saturday 24th November: I took my grandaugher (in her mothers arms of course) across the lake to a playground yesterday but the wind died a bit and slowed us down. Isla threw a tantrum and started throwing out anything that wasn't tied down. She got bored. Last weekend we took her out in heavy winds and she was happy and excited. It reminds me of a lot of punters. Even when they are winning , if there aren'tmany selections they get bored and throw out their winnings on impossible chances for soemthing to do. But when there's plenty of action they actually bet better.

With the Perth Carnival hottting up there is plenty of action today. Here's hoping. There's a horse in Rosahill Race 5 , ridden by an apprentice and going up 400 metres after a first up win at 1200 last start. Today will be only its 5th Start and is in from $15 to $10. Makes you think. Have a look.

Friday 23rd November: Yes, the new James Bond Skyfall is really worth seeing. In the meantime our new video on the Winform Plan fetaures Race 5 at Ascot on their first Feature Raceday of the Summer Carnival. I've explained my thinking on the race and I hope I am right.

Thursday 22nd November: So James Bond movies have been around for over 40 years. As Natalie said to me at dinner last night "that means they have been going longer than I have been alive." "Hey Natalie."" It also means that I have been around longer too and I have seen every single one of them."

Mr X came good again yesterday with the winner and Quinella. I got $3.80 about the winner and won just under $1,000 on the race.

In Sports news the shoulder charge has been banned from Rugby League. It makes sense, given the high injury toll bu maybe they could add a policy about head high contact. This happens continuously in every game, if not in the actual tackle then on the ground afterwards but is penalised maybe half a dozen times in each game.

Would it reduce the spectacle? I think players would last longer in the game and allow more skills to be on show.

The Quaddie arrived at both Balaklava and Doomben yesterday. Today we have Wyong, Warnambool and Port Lincoln plus Rocky and Northam. A busy day. Port Lincoln isn't what it used to be. Before the ferry service you had a local pool of horses and winner finding was easy. Not as easy today with many more visiting horses.


Wednesday 21st November: I don't know where yesterdays diary entry went. I know I wrote it. Not to worry, but did you know that Trevor Johns jockey trainer combinations now have a gurnsey in Tasmania. I found this out when perusing the results of Hobart races yesterday. The combination produced a fabulous long shot winner and of course, not looking before the races I missed it. It goes to show you need to stay on your game.

We had a pest treatment yesterday and that disrupted things for a while as I had to manage my sons dog and my daughters dog while it was happening. At least I got some exercise. I did manage to find two C Plan winning races in a row and it was good to be able to just walk away with a profit in hand.

We had two single selections for the method in Winning Your Only Option at Hobart in their feature race but could only finish second. Today I hope to produce a new video reminding everyone of some of the interesting information we have available.

Launceston has a strong program tonight with the listed Newmarket Handicap. We have 3 strong chances in this with 4,12 and 14. It's Crunch Time (4) is our top rated horse and is over from the mainland but will have strong opposition from the locals. A Quinella might be the way to go.


Monday 19th November: No Daily Mail winner yesterday as the Sunshine Coast was abandoned. My son in law and I took the grandaughter out for a ride on the new sailboat and we got absolutely drenched sailing into a feisty nor'easter. She loved it. No betting for me yesterday but I didn't miss much. We narrowly missed the Quaddie at Donald with 3 legs up and 2nd in the Cup at $15.

Trevor JOhns followers had a big $36 winner yesterday. The Powerbet top three had one of those miserable days with not a lot of races with 8 or more runners and a shortage of reasonably priced winners. Saturday was more kind through most of the day with winners at most venues.

Sunday 18th November: With my son in laws birthday lunch on something had to give and so I didn't get any Quinellas on. You guessed it. The Winform Daily Mail found 10 Quinellas from 14 races covered. Our single selections did not fare as well although Ohara De Belle at $6.70 was good, our others were content to run 2nd or 3rd. Mr X found the TRifecta in the top five in the Weekend Fetaure Race and I found the Quinella in the top two in the Daily Feature race. Our one and only Best Bet won.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win had an interesting day, finding Levis Choice at $15.80 and in the one Premium race it was a $3.30 winner. Anyhow, Levis Choice was an equal second with Praecido and both these runners had an awful strike rate which for me wouldnorally preclude them from a bet. But Larsens method investigates the weaknesses of all runners and then backs the ones with the least weaknesses. You would have to read the book to understand. All I understand is the money in my pocket afterwards.

Saturday 17th December: Kastelos won at $7+ yesterday for another triumphant day fro Mr X. Sandown Race 7 is his Weekend Feature Race today so ket's hope for a repeat. It has benn an astounding week for him.

A busy day for me yesterday and I missed getting on the only SMS/Email service selection which was a winner of course!. Getting ready for what looks like a good betting day today.

If your email is with Optus you are not getting our emails. You should make us a safe sender for starters and email them complaining. Every single optus subscriber has had their emails from us stopped since last week. Why? Objectionable content. What??

Friday 16th November: Mr X recovered his internet service, so all is good. The Daily Mail is going really well the past few days and that seem to be how it happens. You have to stick with it. Yesterday didn't go that well with a lot of personal delays but Roas and I did get out for Christmas shopping last night. Sanity had a DVD sale 4 for $50 incuding Blue Rays and we actually found a few movies we hadn't seen before.

Yesterday while waiting for my car to be serviced ($584) I spotted a bulk book store where all books, or 90% of them, were just $10 or 6 for $50. That was a good buy and I pisked up a few. It helped fill the time as well. Last night I found a book store where everything was just $5 and I picked up some more. In both cases these were full size books, some hard covers and I left thinking "how do they print these books, many 500 pages or more, transport them here, and then make a profit. And it is not as if they were racing off the shelves. The first store had just 2 sales in the half hour or so I was there, and last night it was just oir $20 sale in a similar time and the whole centre was quiet. Christmas isn't coming for retailers. Both book stores had just one staff Memebr in 200 sq metres or more of space.

Today Im in Sydney for talks with Betezy and another company about offers for Christmas. Hopefully they'll be worth your while.


Thursday 15th November: I suffered from seconds syndrome yesterday. After a sweet collect on a C Plan, and I should have stopped there, I became disorganised when Ros decided in one of her bursts of gloryto clean up the office and file all the paperwork. That is her task but it does accumulate. Needless to say concentraion is destroyed for the time being.

I've had a brief look at Saturdays fields and there are prospects. And it looks a little easier with the best horses gone but what's left makes for competitive racing.

A car service takes up half my day today. No doubt I'll miss some early winners.


Wednesday 14th November: I go with Good at Ascot regardless of the opening rating unless it is raining or expected tp rain early on. Today is predicted temp is 27 so got to be upgraded.

Mr X found the Trifecta in his race even though the top two failed. Mr X suggest you focus on his 1400 metre races as these can be deadly. He is very confidentv when he selects these.

I'm hopeful I'll get my laptop back tomorrow as it has a lot of form letters on it that I need to send out. It also has all my email contacts. Only a small inconvenience as I have them on a spreadsheet but time saved is good for me.

Tuesday 13th November: One quaddie from the two meetings yesterday and three legs in the other. I was thinking about Trevor Larsens Invest To Win and the little bit of criticism of the price Trevor was charging for anyone who wanted it all worked out for them. $21,000 a year is one of the biggest subscription fees I know of but of course we pay much more than that for our professional subscriptions. Looking at the results for the year, and bear in mind that I receive the selections well in advance of the races, I have to say that it is well worth it but only if you are betting $250 a selection or more. That strategy could have made you over $5,000 profit just last week depending on what price you bet at.

My single selections mentioned in the new book Winning Your Only Option, have made over $15,000 for the year to date for $100 bets per selection but at an average of only $4.49 for the 500+ selections so $37,500 for $250 bets.

Larsen only bet in less than 100 races for the year so perhaps 200 selections, and I admit, a higher race strike rate and average dividend with the expenses well covered.

Trevor Larsens selections can be worked out form form guides , thus saving $21,000 a year and my selections can be worked out on form guides which saves $1750 a year. For those who are betting small you can invest your own time wokring out selections for free. It just depends if you have the patience.

Monday 12th November: My worst fears were realised yesterday when my faithful laptop failed. I'm hopeful it's just a power failure and it can be fixed easily. So off to the computer shop. To change all my programs to a new machine is a nightmare. Some of the software cost me $4,000 and microsoft can be harsh and a pain.

So the worst aspects are the time spent talking to phone operators half a world away and explaining why I dopn't know passwords etc which I havent used since I installed the original some years ago. I hope your day goes better.

11th November: What could have been at Flemington yesterday. We won on the Quinellas and Trifectas, well just 3 Quinellas and one Trifecta but it paid $700+ and the Quinellas $18 $3 and $88. There were 5 C Plan races on the 9 race card. Race 2 we lost in a photo, Race 3 we won and never in doubt, Race 7 was never close, Race 8 was never in doubt and Race 9 had two runners almost equal in 2nd place. Launay was to be the clear choice if the track was upgraded to Good. As it was it can't have been far away. I took both Regalmain AND Launay as it still made a good result with 100% profit and the three horses ran 1,2,3 for the big Trifecta.

Overall the Flemington Carnival was a bust for us but a win in the Cup was a positive and yesterday could have been a really good day but for a couple of photos that cost us Galah and Fawkner. On Thursday our top rated horse Darci Be Good won the Hawkesbury Gold Cup at $13 and of course last Saturday finding a $301 winner shows that we are still right in the game, and for me it has been another winning year with more to come over the next few weeks.



Saturday 10th November: Not as hectic today and intersteing at Flemington, three of the last four races are C Plan races. That makes it interesting. It has bee our worst Flemington Carnival so far bu a few ins today will put us back on top. I hope so for the 177 people who are getting the Spring Package today.

Can you believe Optus blocked 134 of our Member newsletters last Thursday because they didn't like the content???

Firday 9th November: Up until Flemington the Spring was going fairly wihout breaking any records. The past three Carnival days have been awful for punters but the bookies are doing well. What do they say about an ill wind? One day left to redeem our Spring.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win followers are having a ball though. Tuesday and Thursday have yielded two wns fron two races , the first at $11 and the second at $12.40. In a nutshell that's four units out and 23.4 in. The first of those winners was not in the Winform top five (not that many have this week) but the second was. The $295 cost of Trevor Larsens book which can be bought from our online store has been a worthwhile investment for many. Trevor told me that Green Moon came out on top using his assessments, even though he does not recommend betting in such events.

I feel a bit frustrated, having just finished checking our Octiber results which showed once again a 67% strike rate for the Winform Ratings in the top five and a 37% strike rate of Quinellas. The past three Flemington racedays are a long way behind. Maybe that will turn around for tomorrow for myself and my clients.



Thursday 8th November: Not having a good day today Oaks Day and now Emboldened which I thought would win, has lashed out and knocked out a fence post. I sort of hope he gets scratched. Anyhow Mr X found the winner in the Daily Feature race today. A solid $5 winner.

Bugga! Emboldened close up and our second rater Run Diego 3rd paying $5 the place. The 5th rated horse won as favourite at $3.90. We badly need a run of winners here. Arinosa is only yhe 5th favourite to win at this Carnival so far. Zydeco should be the 6th.

Wednesday November 7th: So how did I spend my day yesterday? Phone call after phone call requesting interviews on various radio stations. I ended up doing three. I even did TripleJ and was asked to explain Racing to a younger audience.

The questions were about Damien Oliver and should he have been allowed to ride yesterday. Well we all know the answer. In these cases riders must fulfil their obligations to connections and the betting public. I had to explain that it was not about giving Oliver a reward. My last interview yesterday was after the Cup. By this time Green Moon had won and that was the horse that connections sacked him from following the allegations. So he stands punished but his riding form yesterday was outstanding anyway.

The interviewers all pushed me towards saying that Racing was crooked but I kept saying, and I believe it and my ratinsg say so, Racing is basically clean, although there are always going to be some "crooks" for whom too much money is not enough. You might have noticed that it is the well off in Racing that do the most damage.

Jockeys having a bet on their own horses doesn't worry me. Jockeys backing other horses in the race that they have a ride does. Oliver has admitted to backing a horse with a $10,000 bet in this way according to yesterdays reports but I ask the question? Is this because it is the only time he has been caught? I'm sure that is the subject of an extended enquiry or if it isn't , it should be. And why di he do it? Surely he doesn't need the money?

The big question. What did I do in the Cup? I nominated six chances in the race and to get a decent result I used the Winrate Plan.

This plan gets you to enter your rated price and the available price. The programallows you to set a required profit or your outlay. It then provides the correct bet sizes in which it backs the horses where the price is equal to or greater than your rating. It gives you a bet size for those of your runners that are under the odds so that you get your stake back if one of those wins.

For the 37th time in the past 42 years I backed the winner and Green Moon was a value bet. In my view and the view of many others, this year's Cup was the hardest for many years.


Tuesday 6th November: Yes it'sthe big day. My selections are upon Youtube still and ,my worry is the horse which on paper has the fastest times of all Mt Athos. What I havent been able to determine is how accurate they are and of course the horses is first up and has an inexperienced (by our standards) jockey. Also it's hard to save on him because he is a short price. Only one horse has won the Cup first up in Australia ever. That alone is against him. Good luck everyone. Remember, it's only one race. And hey. When was the last time an 8yo won the race?? Yep, Americain has to beat a hoodoo too.

Today I am being interviewed on ABC radio about the Damien Oliver situation. Question? He will be suspended by the stewards for 12 to 24 months BUT should he also be charged in court with "fraud" as he has possibly deprived puntersof their money in the affected race??

Monday 5th November: Rosehill race 4 on Saturday was a C Plan race and therefore I bet two horses on a dutch bet. Scream machine required a $29 bet to return $100 and Too HI Tek only needed a $1 bet at the 100/1 fixed price. Because I bet to take out $1,000 my bets were $290 and $10 but then the second part of the process kicks in AND I LOOKED FORTHE BEST PRICE. The TAB was offering $201 fixed price, Betezy $202, slightly more and Bet 365 offered $301 fixed. That's where I placed my bet so my outlay was $300 and my return $3010, a profit of $2710.

Using the Powerbet Top Three strategy I wouldnt have backed the winner at all, however please point out the person who could resist having a bet when you see that price.

Here's one that will surprise you. A friend who is also a subscriber, went to the races with some mates. He told them about it and they both backed it but he didn't. To be fair, he was at the races for a fun day but if he had ben home, he would have backed it because he follows the C Plan.

Did anyone take the exotics in this race and win?? Wed love to hear from you if you did and here'sa fun part. If I had looked at the form before I placed my bet I may not have backed it. It's previous form was a win at Nowra which is a country venue and it is rare for a country winner to win a Metro race.


Sunday 4th November: Here's the Melbourne Cup Preview. I hope we have a better day at Flemington than we did yesterday where we did not land a single winner and only scored one leg of the Quaddie but we weren't alone. But here's the good news.

Winform ratings finds 300/1 WINNER!!!
2:35 Rosehill Race 4 03Nov12 1800m BM78 3YO+  HCP $85000 Good

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
12 294X5471 Too Hi Tek           4.7 56.3    wH 
 7 7219X633 Scream Machine       5.0 56.0 T  W  
 8 X05669-3 Honourable Aussie    5.7 55.1   DWH 
 2 42-230X1 Lucripetous         13.1 49.5 tcdW  
 9 -49X0X14 Pipette             15.7 48.3    W  

Here is the result of Rosehill Race 4.
1st 12 Too Hi Tek $101 BUT available at  BET 365 at $301 Fixed price
2nd 9 Pipette
3rd 7 Scream Machine
4th Lucipetous
Quinella $781.80  Exacta $1154.50 Trifecta $6462.50 First Four $51537
All four in the Winform Ratings top five.


Saturday 3rd November: We couldn't get the Quaddie last week at Moonee Vallley btu last night it just lobbed in no worries. Unfortunately, I wasn't on it. A big day today with all Femington races Group races. It is actually the biggest day of the Carnival.

All Spring Package emails will be despatched before 9 a.m. the ratings go up by 9.30 (we have to wait for Queensland scratchings)and then the Winform Dail Mail by 10.30 and updates for WA between 11.30 and midday.

Saturday ratings subscribers will see Cup Day ratings for the Metro meetings under Saturday and Oaks Day will appear there also. Full week subscribers will get every meeting under Tuesday.

The Racing authorities water the Flemington track each day to start Dead. We treat the races as Good unless it is actually expected to rain.

Friday 2nd November: Here's the IASBet (now SportsBet) offer for this weekend. It's worth a go.

Double Your Winnings up to $200 CASH on Derby Day
Win more with IASBet (now SportsBet)!
There are no bigger days than Derby Day for racing punters. To celebrate the start of the huge Flemington Melbourne Cup Carnival we’re offering Double Your Winnings up to $200 IN CASH if you can back the winner of the Coolmore Stud Stakes – Flemington Race 4 with your first bet of the day!
Place your very first bet of the day Saturday 3rd November on race 4 (CITY Superprice or Fixed Price) and if it wins, we'll Double Your Winnings up to $200 cash!
Want to Double Your Winnings but don’t have an account? JOIN NOW for a $450 Free Bet! – BET WITH DOUBLE YOUR DEPOSIT with our 100% deposit match up to $450!
Need help to find a winner this weekend? Let IASBet (now SportsBet)’s race preview help you:
IASBet (now SportsBet) Racing Preview
Coolmore Stud Stakes – Flemington Race 4
Nice race with good speed expected from the outset. Lankan Rupee ($13.00), Hidden Wonder ($31.00) and Snitzerland  ($4.00) likely to roll forward, while Nechita ($3.60), from perfect draw, expected to sit just off the leading trio. Sizzling ($4.50) is the top pick, he’s a classy colt capable of brilliant times and looks to have been set for this. Nechita was galloped on in the Golden Rose, but has freshened up and trialled nicely this week. She’ll be very hard to beat. Snitzerland is having her 5th run this preparation, and looks slightly vulnerable. Jolie Bay ($10.00) and Knight Exemplar ($13.00) have similar form lines and can be competitive.
Victoria Derby – Flemington Race 6
Looks like a race with good speed, ensuring this will be a true staying test. Keen on Honorius ($6.50) who was unlucky at his last two starts, has a nice staying pedigree and looks primed to peak in this race. No doubt It’s A Dundeel ($2.90) is very talented, but he has the task of trying to peak twice in the same preparation. The big track will suit him and he’s been well found in the market. Super Cool ($7.00) is a lightly raced improver who was holding the favourite on the line last week in an impressive victory. Hvasstan ($6.50), Malabar Man ($21.00), Our Desert Warrior ($26.00)and Electric Fusion ($11.00) are all promising types tackling the 2500m trip in their first preparation.
Myer Classic – Flemington Race 7
Looks to be only moderate speed in this race which should see Streama ($3.00) sit just off the leaders. She’s our top pick on the back of the perfect preparation and she looks beautifully placed up to the mile and at WFA. Secret Admirer ($6.50) is a class mare, but she has a task of coming back from the Caulfield Cup trip, however WFA suits. Improving mare Pear Tart ($8.00) is probably best on a soft track but she goes forward and makes her own luck. Skyerush ($17.00) ran 4th in this event last year and should be included in the exotics. Soft Sand ($10.00) and Full Of Spirit ($21.00) get back but are capable of running on strongly.

I'll gladly take the extra cash and so should you. If you can find the winner. It applies to only your first bet of the day so if dutch betting the race put your biggest bet on first. The offer is on Flemington Race 4.

Thursday 1st November: Our VRC Derby preview is now up. Yesterday for the Vquaddie I found three legs but finished 2nd in the last leg. Yet again!! I have only four Quaddies left to go and yet to snare one although I let the Geelong one go thinking it wouldn't pay much but it did so it goes to show I guess.

Another busy day today as I go through the weekend form for Flemington. Mat is in Tasmanai where it is raining heavily. Will the rain front move all the way North to Melbourne? If it does, let's hope it clears up for Saturday.

Wednesday 31st October: Matthew Benns is currently investigating a rort against punters by a corporate bookmaker that has gone belly up. That will make very interesting reading when the story breaks but in the meantime his new book FIXED has just been released and should be in your local book store soon.

Most of us punters are focused on bookmakers and the TAB and Betfair and we all know of unfair dealings and the odd race fix or jockey rort is no news to us. What interested me most in Benns' new book is the blatant rorts that have taken place in the past in the breeding industry and possibly continue not only in Ausrtralia but around the World today.

As I said "interesting reading". The book FIXED is nearly 300 pages and every story, all true, is a page turner. And the chapter on the Fine Cotton affair has a new angle that not many might have thought of. Was Robbie Waterhouse a victim?? And in the end who got to keep all the money?? There is a lot of thought provoking material in this book and some of the rorts backfired with the perpetrators found dead.

After reading one section you would have to have second thoughts about taking tips from jockeys, no matter what their standing.

Luckily today nothing is going on?? And we cam all enjoy the Melbourne Cup Carnival next week.

The C Plan lost 3 in a row yesterday but today has two out of two so far.

Tuesday 30th October: Mr X could only get his selected runner into a place BUT his top three ran the TRifecta and obviously the Quinella. There was just one Premium bet yesterday and it was good enough to do the right thing and win. It was my only bet for the day.

This week, all focus will be on the Melbourne Cup, which horses will drop out and which will sneak in. Some peoeple or syndicates will even try to buy their way into the Cup with offers for exisitng entrants. It will be fun won't it?

Monday 29th October: Three out of the first three C Plan races today. The only Premium bet today was a good winnerso its all good so far. Kevin called to say how much he enjoyed the new book and "iT is the best Racing book I have ever got from you." so that's good to know when you've spent a life time learning and three months solid just putting it altogether into a readable format. Luckily, there are still copies left of Winning Your Only Option.

Sunday 28th October: After a brilliant Friday night for the Spring package, Saturday was looking bleak. After five races we had 3 winners in the top five, which is average but nothing top rated and one $2.70 Quinella. Then in the last a $54 Quinella, $299 Trifecta and $1237 First Four.

The Winform Daily Mail fared better though because of the Daily Feature Race which was the Cox Plate. I suggested we add Green Moon and Ocean Park to the exotics and so that got subscibers the Quinella $32.70, the Trifecta $278 and First Four $3110. Not taht big a deal I suppose. On our initial ratings which we had on our YouTube video we had the First Four in our top six.

The C Plan had a good day and overall I finished about $1500 up. Not great but okay.


Saturday 27th October: Five legs of the Big 6 at the Valley last night and obviously 2nd and 3rd in the final leg. Bugga! Bugga! Bugga!

For the Spring Package we landed two out of two and both Quinellas $39.60 and $23.40 and we recommended the race to race Double which paid $66.10.

A very busy day today with a second Moonee Valley program. The Quaddie is probably not worth taking but maybe for a little. Here's my Cox Plate preview

Friday 26th October: Tonight we have Group Racing at Moonee Valley and it is a great program. To enure that the track is right for tomorrows Cox Plate, the rail will move out 3 metres tomorrow. So far this week there hasn't been eough rain to dampen the track so the Racing surface should be perfect.

I have been to the Cox Plate twice. There is nothing quite like it. This year'sis either the hardest because of the quality of the contenders or the easiest, because the 3yos Pierro and All Too Hard stand out. I though I had identified the best "smokie" in Ethiopia but I see that most experst have identified it as a chance but the price hasn't moved from the $21 following acceptances.

Thursday 25th October: You could have predicted it. Our selections won the Geelong Quaddie which paid $2800+. Not a massive result but a profit that would have covered some of our previous losses. Neverthless it is the big one we are aftr and tmorrow nights fields are all big ones which should provide a biggie if we get it.

The C Plan started with a loss which persisted for a while before finishing at 9 from 15 or 60%. You ceratinly have to be patient. The same applies for the Oneup plan which had a winner yesterday and the only selection. OnTuesday we had one finish second AND PAYING $5 FOR THE PLACE.

My son Mat is enjoying his tour of Tasmania and finds the locals friendly. It's also been easy to get around he tells me. As he is a smoke alarm inspector, he should leave it a safer place.

I'm putting up a Cox Plate preview on YouTube . Subscribers to our YouTube channel MrWinform get notifications and it costs nothing to join at YouTube. I'm not saying I will find the winner but I hope to clarify some aspects of this great race.

Wednesday 24th October: Those of you who are in the Vquaddie promotion should note that we are skipping today's Geelog meetimgand now doing Fridays night'smeeting. The Quaddie ie easier today , which is not what you want.Instead we want a Quaddie that's hard to get as that pays more.

3 out of 8 for the C Plan yesterday,just one race less than average. The Powerbet Top Three bettors would have been nervous until a $20+ winner in the 3rd at Mackay. It was the second winner from nine races to that point.

We have six race meetings including tonights Launceston meeting. Spring package subscribers will get their email by 8.30 today. We are still taking subscriptions which are just $99 and go until Saturday the 10th of November which takes in 7 Group Race meetings inclduing Cup and Oaks Day.

Tuesday 23rd October: We have four potential runners for our Oneup plan today with at leasta couple likely to do something. To get the best of it you do need to know the odds. Today I have to be with Ros while she does an eye exam as she wont be able to drive after it. That makes it hard so I may have to take a risk and back all four so I hope I am lucky.

John Furgal of Bonzatips has been going brilliantly with his lays. It is averaging $1200 or more profit per month for $100 lays. The types of horses he is laying are all in the market so it is an impressive performance that has been going on for sometime.

Those clients who have ordered the new book Winning Your Only Option should mostly have them delivered by now. As the last of the preorders left last Monday. Anyone who hasn't received their's by this afternoon should email and request the tracking number and present that to their local Post Office.

Did you know? Woolworths owns 4% of all Australian hotels and 6% of all Poker machines in Australia. And you thought they were a family friendly grocer? The are a good investment though. In the 90'sI bought shares for about $2 and sold them at $3. Now they are $29. Basically they are into the female martket with groceries and the male market with gambling and grog. How could you lose?

Monday 22nd October: My son Mat is working in Tassie, Smithon today and being so out of the way even GoogleMaps isnt up to date. He can't find a street because it is simply too new. I don' t think they've had a new street for years. It amazes me that younger people Gen Y in particular simply refuse to ask for directions from for example, the Post Office. MInd you, I don't know the streets in my local area.I know where I live and how to get there but I don't know anybody else's street.

I know Ron and Margaret next door and Stan across the road but don't ask me their surnames. It's not like the old days is it?

Andrew who uses the C Plan and Powerbet Top Three, took issue with me the other day about my comments re the C Plan last Wednesday as he had a good day.It turned out he bet early and won well ahead but I started late and hit the run of outs. Andrew also spotted some great winners in the Top Three inclduing one that started $21 fixed and so was eligible, but paid $38+.

Andrew and his Dad share the betting and so on but at the moment Andrew does it all while Dad has a knee replacement.

Sunday 21st October: Well I did it. I added to my list of Caulfield Cup winners when Dunaden, rated $4.70 won at $14 after touching $15. I did not invest in the race though due to my consistent lossses on this race over the years. A smarter man than me would have jumped in after realising that Dunaden had outstanding stats over 2400 metres and after I actually watched him run at Ascot and told all that would listen that he would win the Melbourne Cup again.

Selections from the new book had 2 wins from 8, a bit below average. Our Winform Daily Mail had a nice $384 Quinella in the last at Randwick, even though our WFM selection failed to place. It is close to the biggest Quinella we have had.

I was approached by Betjack and succumbed to their bonus offer but now find that their Quinella dividends are Stab only, so my dividend was only $317.60. Also they are barely competitive at the moment and their bet confirmations are slow. I will be backing off of them. I have trebled my initial deposit so they will be happy to see me go.

Yesterday was probably the worst ever result for the Premium selections.

Saturday 20th October: All of the Winning YOur Only Oprtion books have been sent. The preorders were sent by registered mail.

hi garry
just letting u know that i received your new book today.
thx for your great service and quick delivery
happy profiting
graeme morley

Graeme has his and many Members have theirs. If yours hasn't arrived contact us and we will give you the registered number so you can check at your local post office. Ironically, one purchaser who lives just 45 minutes away, has not received his although Aust. Post told him it was at his local distributuion Centre.

Today is Caulfield Cup Day and I wonder if I will select the winner. Whilst I have won 90% of all Melbounre Cups I have lost 80% of the Caulfield Cups run. It is just that much harder because of circumstamces , like for example Americain. Connections said yesterday that they are here for one race, the Melbourne Cup and didn't even consider Americain a chance for todays event so it was immaterial whether they run today or not.

After the Melbounre Cup he is retiring to stud. You have to wonder how many more of the International runners have the same idea? And Southern Speed, one of oue best chances, has been scratched to be saved for the Cox Plate where in my opinion, she has no chance.

Thursday 18th October: Some days are diamonds but yesterday was not one of them, although I did notice three big longshots in the Winform Top Two. The C Plan found just one winning race that I know of. If there were more I was drowning in Bundy by then. It's the first day I've been available to punt all week but I do know that the previous days were all big winners for the C Plan.

I'm in the process ofbuying a new boat and I could have just about paid for it with yesterdays losses. But you can't have big winning days without the occasional big losing day.You just have to be philosophical about it. The quaddie didn't even get close. Only three race meetings today but we do well at all of them, although only the Gold Coast produces high average dividends. Maybe I'll try for an all up with Parlay Magic.?


Wednesday 17th October: Thousand Guineas Day. I am hoping for a good day today with few surprises for us but big surprises for the rest. I have a few selections from the book and I am after the Quaddie at Caulfield. For the Vquad I have spread our items across the three Tabs, hoping for a fluke high at one of them. Two years ago this Quaddie paid $60,000.

Here's the YouTube link for Winning Your Ony Option. Here's the Caulfield Cup Preview.

Tuesday 16th October: Received today. Hi Gary,

Just a short note to congratulate you on your latest publishing effort.

I received my book yesterday and it is compelling reading.The amount of information contained is extraordinary and the insights displayed are fascinating.

I have been an observer and non punter over the last 12 months given my work commitments and frequent absences whilst travelling.

Upon receipt of the book and the digesting of all the detail I was immediately prompted to take out a one month premium subscription to enjoy and participate in the carnival. I look forward to putting into place some of your well explained and analyzed strategies.

Keep up the great work and good luck for a successful and enjoyable punting carnival.


Paul Hedley

The wogs wont go away. Ros was ill yesterday so I had a grandaughter to look after, a pile of books and orders to get out, bank statements from July 1st for three months to balance and so on. And yes, no betting. And I also prepared the E-News.

It's a pity because it didn't take long for two juicy C Plan races to come along. I am also missing out on the new deal with best tote or SP on just about everywhere. As Ros pointed ou last night, and yes she is feeling better again now, we haven't had a day out together with no commitments for a month. It doesn't matter how much money you have, you can't buy time.

Now talk about frustrations. A significant number of Meebers arent getting their Vquad selections or Spring pakages due to heavy spam filters at their end. You might note that we use * in our E-News to confuse the filters so our mail gets thorugh but I mentioned the word account two weeks ago and now 100's of Memebers no longer get email because the spam filters thought we were phishing.

Monday 15th October: A quiet today just sending out the remaining prepaid orders for Wiinning Your Only Option.

Sunday 14th October: We came unstuck with our video tip race yesterday with the caulfield track being a lot firmer than expected. Without the wet track penalty, Instinction stood out clearly on top in our ratings. You may remember I tipped this horse last start and backed it each way at $81. It ran 6th that day..

In the Guineas yesterday both Pierro and All Too Hard qualified under our rules from the new book, and as I said in the Spring package "you have to back them both". That may semm like a losing proposition, especially with Pierro at $1.20 but you never know when the horses you select are going to win or lose. The "rules" don't read the betting markets, they only tell you which horses to bet on. The $15 fixed in the early market worked out well for me. In the six Group Races yesterday we found four winners in the Top Two and four Quinellas, one at $44.10.

I'm trying out a new boat this morning and you know it, there's no wind after a bloody windy week. Bugga!

Saturday 13th October: It's importnat to note that due to daylight saving we are at least 30 minutes behind collecting the basic scratchings and loading up. Also updates are now one hour later so about 11.45 at best. Not a lot we can do about it. It's bad enough that the curtains are fading. Good luck today.

** All site updates done 11.27 a.m.

I notice in a rare occurrence Larsens selections conflict with one or two of mine. I disgree with two of the four equal selections in Caulfield Race 1 where Larsen suggest too close to have a bet. In Race 8 two of the three selections are mine but I disagree and have left out one of them from my Quaddie. Fascinating stuff.


Friday 12th October: Busy putting books in envelopes today and it is freezing cold and parts of theHunter area getting snow in the tops. Here's the video for tomorrow.In it I tell you how much to invest on each of several runners fora guaranteed profit (if they win, which is a 60%+ probabaility) . It is longer than my usual videos but it illustrates how you can back several runners to win and others simply to save your stake.

Well back to the packing. The book has come up very well and all the example pictures very clear. No reader should have a problem reading it.


Thursday 11th October: Mr X found a nice toprated winner yesterday. I missed it yesterday due to circumstances after losing big time on it last start when it could only run 5th. It happens. Our own Premium bet missed the place completley yesterday, what's going on there? Both Morning C Plan races won and Rowie was a nice winners for us in Warwick Farm race 5 at $11+.

For some unknown reason my last lot of emails went to junk mail so please double check your junk mail boxes if you wish to see them and mark us as a safe sender before I send out the next video link.

My new book Winning Your Only Option arrives today and is being despatched on time. It is now over 70% sold out so don't delay if you want a copy.

Wednesday 10th October: Good news! The books are in stock tomorrrow and are being despatched Friday, right on schedule. I'm weak from the body drainage, I can only remember being like this a couple of times ever I didn't get up until 7.30 when I'm used to being up by 5.30. My voice is very croaky so I'll postpone my video until this evening or tomorrow.

Today I plan to get out for a while and see what the sun looks like. I'll take phone calls and return messages and also monitor email on my return.

We have had an unfortunate incident this week in that we sold a GTX package to a gentleman who wished to use the program and the ratigs to turn his punting around after he got ripped off by one of those scamsters. You may have heard of the scam where selections are purported to be provided by former jockeys, track riders, insiders with trainers etc.

Well this guy was all enthusiastic but this time he has been thwarted by the phone companies. We've all heard about the problems that were occuring with Vodaphone and others, well he couldn't even download small files with his Vodaphone modem. Is it his location? A Brisbane suburb? You woudln't think so. It doesn't matter how good your computer is as without an adequate connection you don't get to do anything. Needless to say a refund has been offered by us but with luck and a proper ADSL connection it might be salvaged. These days communication is the key and a lot of places ,even in our cities, still don't have it.

Tuesday 9th October: Still a bit off today but I did manage to run off the ratings results for September.

Top Two 33.5% Av Div $5.70

Top Three 44.7% Av Div $6.00

Top Four 56.9% Av Div $6.65

Top Five 67.5% Av Div $7.17

The Premiums seem tohave had a good month too. The NC had an off month. Best Bets had 67% winners for the month.

Monday 8th October: I've managed to pick up a really bad virus so unlikely to get much out today. The ratings will be up as usual. I expect to get the E-News out tomorrow.

Sunday 7th October: The First Four in the Epsom for Winform Daily Mail and ratings subscribers at $7500 was a highlight yesterday. In the Daily Mail we said "include Ambidexter in your exotics." I was very late getting the Daily Mail out yesterday as I struggled to work out the Daily Feature Race. I had already spent five hours on the Spring package which features our top five.

The final figures for many of these races have no relation to the initial figures provided in our program as I try to work out the current fitness levels and the tactics of the major stables. There were eleven Group races yesterday and I admitted defeat insome of them and it was a good thing that I did. There were three winners from the seven single selections that were the result of the methods in the new book Winning Your Only Option.

We pointed out that Prosir was a bad bet, well I hope everyone could see that and that Mosheen was a good bet.

In the end a very interesting day but a profitable one. The Winform Top Three couldn't stop winning and piled on thousands in profit but clearly with an unusually high strike rate it coudln't go on and later in the day didn't. In the end it was even.



Saturday 6th October: It wasn't a miracle but Mr X did find the Daily Feature Race winner and Quinella. It has been a good week for the Daily Feature and it pays to be persistent. There will be ties when we get no results but it always comes back.Mr X spends hours on the selection,often by passing what mug punters perceive to be Features. Ou ridea of a Feature is a race that we belive can be won.

No video tip this week, and yes no E-News yesterday. I only caught up with book orders this morning and it does look like our allocation will be sold. Those that have asked me to save a copy until your budget is better, well I have done that. Please let me hear from you to confirm next week as we expect to be shipping next Thursday or Friday.

Peter Trappelwants to know is anyone has set up a program for Larsens Invest To Win strategies. Here's his number if anyone wishes to assist 0427964073

. Of course only those who purchased the book should be involved and the program would be for personall use only.Peter is happy to recompense.

Friday 5th October: It's a little miracle. My shoulder has been playing up since I grappled with a thief when attacked in a local shopping centre back in April. I had some massage therapy and other stuff but it didn't get better.I couldn't sleep comfortably. Finally after coming back from overseas I had Xrays and scans and found that I had signs of some old injury that they suggested may have been stirred up. So off to get an injection and that would fix it.

Well, it didn't. I had no relief and no better. I wasn't able to report back to the doctor until yesterday and he was concerned. He checked the joint out and decided he would give me an injection into my AC joint. He used a biro to mark the spot that he believd ay have ben the source of the problem.

So while holding it firmly to the spot he aske me to move my arms to where the pain was starting and voila! No pain and total freedom of movement. I actually went home and shifted furniture about (our carpet is getting cleaned today) and then slept pain free for the first time in months.

I'll be seeking another miracle tomorrow. A 50/1 winner will do. That's good for pain relief too. I actually have physio this morning and can't cme into the office until late today. So I will try to get a video tip up tonight.

Thursday 4th October: A nice Quinella and Trifecta for Mr X yesterday in the Daily Feature. IN Ballarat race 3 we found the winner and then the Quinella and Trifecta in order and it paid $2000+. I was on the winner but not the exotics.

The new book Winning Your Only Opiton is only days away from being posted. Those who order by Friday get the Spring package as a bonus.

Wednesday 3rd October: Mr X found a $100 Quinella in the Daily Feature Race yesterday, although his chosen picks did not win, the 3rd horse in his set did and at long shot odds. Rayhan had a 20 point penalty as she had not raced for a month but her runs have been spaced between 3-4 weeks throughout this preparation. I guess for the trainer, his tactics have paid off. I sometimes take this sort of thing into consideration. For the Top Three strategy it was just a standard race with three runners bet.

Tuesday 2nd October: Big day yesterday. Andrew tells me he had six straight C Plan winners yesterday. It ended up 8 from 13 and Powerbet Top Three had a big winning day yesterday too I am told.

Monday 1st October: The Melbourne Storm had no problems winning the Grand Final and making our last sports bet of the season a winning one.

We had six single selections from the new book run yesterday for two winners but both were short priced favourites. Today I have the pleasure of helping Belle clean up her garden and then I have someone driving down from Queensland to buy my sail boat. I am upgrading to a Tandem model so my son in law can sail with me instead of us taking turns.

Todays ratings are also being loaded onto our Saturday file for those subscribers who are on holidays. To get these you have to go direct to the website.

Sunday 30th September: Our second last footy bet lost and tonight it is the Storm to win by 2 or more. It has been a good year again for the Weekend Sportss Bets, whatever the result.

Yesterday was a very good day for the Winform Daily Mail with 11 races on the sheet and 7 Quinellas 6 single winners including a Best Bet.and in the Weekend Feature Race Mr X found the Quinella.

Trevor Larsen' s Invest To Win produced three winners from the four eligible races over Friday night and yesterday at $2.60, $3.80 and $17. There had been a few nervous souls as there had only been a very small number of races over the winter due to the wet tracks and trhe winners that arrived were all favourites. Profit for the year is well on its way to expected levels. Yesterday morning I had a call from someone panicking about how the method was going. He asked "what do I do? My Bank has dropped and I have already spent the money from our last big win." I pointed out that whatever Bank he had , had to be bet until the last dollar was gone, if he was to be successful as a punter. When you start betting with frightened money, you are doomed to failure.

We do have good stocks of his book Invest To Win and the good news is that even though we know of some Members who are betting these horses in the thousands, the long shot winners don't seem to be affected. Yesterdays big winner did nothing but drift in the market.

There were 9 selections yesterday from our main method featured in our brand new book Winning-Your Only Option and four of those were winners. I also noticed some good results fromthe C Plan until I switched the races off to watch the Grand Final.

Saturday 29th September: The Spring package had no trouble finding winners. From the four races last night we found two Quinellas, Two Trifectas and Two First Fours but it was a wasted night with prices a bit hopeless. The three odds on favouries won, Pierro returning money back on Tattsbet.

Four Grouo Races at Rosehill today on a track that will improve from Dead 5 to a Dead 4. We don't like the field sizes.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win had two races last night for the Quinella in the first of those races and like most, failed to pick Bianmick, the longshot winner of the last.

We've had a lot of happy reactions tothe Betezy $500 bonus bets offer. See the entry on 26th September for details.

Friday 28th September: We now hear that no more rain is forecast for Melbourne and so the track tonight will be okay. The Spring package is going out before midday today, then tomorrow early and then another one by 11 a.m. Sunday.

The book is now in its final stages and scheduled to return from the bookbinders on the 12th or 13th of October. The prepurchase deal ends next week. So if you want the October spring package free then order before then.

I see there is a copy of Trevor Johsn book on Ebay. Last I heard the bid was $150. I dont know if its his old book or last years.

Thursday 27th September: The new book is promised by the 11th of October which means it will be in the mail by the 12th. I am very happy with it and can only hope that those of you who have ordered it will be happy too.

The Top Three Powerbet strategy made an easy $900+ profit yesterday. The only problem was too many winners but no long shot results. The series was never out of control.

Here's my latest YouTube video. It's a dutch bet that should win,

Wednesday 26th September: I see in todays Laurel Oak Newsletter that some of the friends we made on the Ascot and Irish Derby tour have had success with Swift Succession at Sandown recently. It is a good way of getting into a horse with a group. www.laureloak.com.au.

In the meantime we have negotiated a deal with Betezy for our readers and Members. If you already have a Betezy account you will get a credit of bonus bets to match your next deposit up to $500. So deposit $500 and get $500 in bonus bets. The offer applies to all accounts except those that are in debit. Once deposited you email support@betezy.com.au with the promo code "Spring Fever Reload Bonus" and your bonus bets will be credited within 72 hours. I reckon they will be busy. If you don't have an account open one here to be in it.

A few Members missed the Grandslam winner last Sunday and like me I guess it woudln't have hit you that there were Metro meetings last Sunday. Well don't forget to look today.(bugga! it lost.)

Tuesday 25th September: Our two Weekend Sports Bets both won last weekend and this is our last weekend coming up. We have two again.

Belle got engaged at the weekend, so another big event coming up. At thisstage she and her fiance are looking to marry on one of the islands so we have skipped the engagement party and hope to be off early next year for a fun trip to Fiji? Vanuatu? Hayman perhaps?? It'll be fun.

My new book is better than 50% prrsold and it is in final countdown for printing. Another Plan from the book, had two briliant winners at the weekend, and I hav had a lot of people who can't wait to get their hands on the lay betting section.

Monday 24th September: The very first few pages of the book Winning Your Only Option, includes a "system" which is there for those who don't have access to the internet but can access just Newspaper form. There were two selections yesterday for two winners $17+ and $2.30+ . In the past two weeks I have won over $4,000 for $100 bets on about a dozern or sselections.

This proif tould be $400 for $10 bets so anyone who even thinks $295 is a lot of money to pay for a book is sadly mistaken. That's not to say you will win all the time but for the year so far, your Bank has already doubled and is on the way to doubling again.

Did I tell you you had to do some work? Yes, it takes about 5 minutes each day to check for selections.

With Saturday being Kalgoorlie Cup Day, Belmont was run yesterday and there was another Randwick meeting at the Kensington track. This gave us a couple of Grandslam selections for just one winner at $7.50. I no complain.


Sunday 23rd September: We found yesterdays Caulfield Quaddie $8785 and the last leg Quinella $38+, and Trifecta $1103. We also had Lady Of Harrods $10 ($17 early odds) and of cause the Caulfield Treble at $551.

Next week we commence the vicbet Quaddie pool and all you have to do to be in it is make your next deposit to your vicbet account and 15% bonus wil be sent to us to place in the Quaddie pool. If you dont have a vicbet account simply open one and you will be eligible. Be sure to notify vicbet that you want to be in it. The offer closes next Friday.

Saturday 22nd September: A very busy day coming up with ten Group Races and the Winform Daily Mail has 18 races today. That's what happens when you get the best horses coming back and good racing conditions. Kalgoorlie gets a stand alone raceday today for the Kalgoorlie Cup.

It is a big outlay today and let's hope we geett a good return. In the Groupraces we have a couple of $80+ shots agaon. One day we will get one up. They're not speical of course, and I fear one of those is there because of a freak time, but possible in a race last preparation. My standard bet would frighten a few bookies on this horse. Mind you, allmy bets are getting vetted thes days but if I get on early they dont mind as they can always lay off.

Ridiculous when you think I am betting a $250 unit. They know we do get long shots up and that's the problem.

Friday 21st September: New video today for the George Main Stakes Headed off to lunch at Raffertys Resort. Ill take my phone as I am getting lost of orders for the Spring Package and the new book. You can order at the online store (see left menu) but I have a pen and paper on hand if you want to order by phone.

I am close to finalising the book so won't be betting today. Tonight and tomorrow night are reserved for the footy finals and I will finalise editing and formatting the new book Monday.

Thursday 20th September: Our 3rd rated horse won the Cameron yesterday at $15. I gave Racing Heart a chance today in the Newcastle Cup. The Waterhouse runer is $1.30. It doesn't inspire you to head over there and so I have stayed home for the first timefor some years.

In the book Winning Your Only Option I include a simple plan that has won me well over $1500 in the past week or so. I thought I had collected another $2,000 today but the racecaller got it wrong. Bugga!

Wednesday 19th September: Two Group3 race at Newcastle today. I have sent out the selections to all the eligible Spring Package subscribers. I have a selection at $15 e/w so watch for that.

IASBet (now SportsBet) is offering Double Your Winnings on Race 7 at Newcastle today and if you find the winner you deserve it. I could call it the veterans stakes as half the field is 7yo or up.

I'll also be sending the Newcastle Cup selections to Spring Package subscribers tomorrow.

Tuesday 18th September: I've been working on editing the new book since 3 a.m. this morning. I get very few distractions that way. I am happy with the way it is all shaping up and I am confident that you will love it when you get your copy.

I guess my problem is this? While I take myself out of the world to write, the world goes on around me. It feels like I am missing out some days but I am dedicated to the task of producing something solid as I don't feel that I will be producing anything like it in the future.

It would be easy to "whisk something up" because I know that there are many Members who trust me enough to purchase anything I write but I am writing to satisfy myself that I still have something new and important to say. Something that will help readers to improve their punting.

And by the way, I was banned by another corporate bookmaker yesterday. But on the positive side, Bet365, which has paid for my overseas holiday next year, has instead of banning me given me hundreds of dollars in bonuses, even when I am winning.

Monday 17th September: I had a day out yesterday. Ros and I visited a couple of historic properties which maintain huge gardens. I can't tell you how much more exciting that is than betting on recehorses.

I didn't leave though before placing bets using the Oneupmethod which is in the new book. Two winners from four bets helped pay the expensesfor the day.

Another busy day today as I continue to format the bookwhich is bang on schedule for its October release.

Sunday 16th September: I am extremely upset with Betfair. BY gollly, I honestly didn't think about how much the Betfair commission affected things with the racefields levy added in. Honestly, when you loook at the Betafir prices do a mental calculation of 10% and if it's not at east 10% better than the market you are far better off with best Tote or Best tote or SP or for that matter just take the best market price you can see.

It didn't help that I had a bad couple of days on the punt. BUt it couldhave been worse, much worse. I am using the plan that has made over $13,000 in the past two weeks. It is down $2300 on the current series which represents a loss of 20% on turnover using Money Factory but Hey! On level stakes it is -37%.

The race stirke is only 28% instead of a normal 37% and the average dividend is only $4.40 INSTEAD OF the average $5+ . Of course it will turn around.

Our Spring package drew blanks yesterday but found two good Quinellas of $21 and $19. Our Daily Mail was another dud but we did find 44% Quinellas with 8 from 18 races and 5 Trifectas. Best Bets had one $5.50 winner from two selections.

Saturday 15th September: In today's Spring Racing package there are two selections at $71 and $81. iIBACKED BOTH EACH WAY and I don't expect a result but every now and then one of these types of selections win or place.. Last week the horse I backed each way at $71 ran 4th. Initially I tried to place one of these bets on the Internet witht the TAB. No go. I had to ring up. They have to have a "maximum amount to be won" filter in there somewhere. For Tatts I know it is $10,000, obviouls Tabcorp are worriers. The ratings are posted and the Spring package has gone out.

Friday 14th September:Go to the 7.30 report to see a report on a scam. The scam was exposed after investigation by NSW police but apprently Queensland police failed to follow up. Check it today Friday before it is deleted. It is worth a look. It's sport not racing bu t it involved people seeing their balances rising but of course once they attempted to make withdrawals it was found to be fake.

I don't purport to win all the time, you only have to read the diary to see that. What you get from us is honesty and our best effort. It infuriates me when I see that peopel are so happy to give their money to scamsters, while those of us running fair dinkum businesses miss out but then so do the people who choose to get involved.

Another chunk of money found its way into my betting accounts yesterday and I stopped betting mid afternoon to take a few orders tothe post office. I would have won more money had I stayed but you can't sit and concentrate all afternoon. My body needed the exercise.

Personally the plan I have out in the book is so good I am thinking of setting certain days to operate it, maybe Wednesday Thursday and Saturday.

The Oneup plan which needs no ore than 5 minutes a day to operate and is also included in the book had four bets yesterday and two won at $6 and $8.

We had a few more subscribers to our video channel yesterday i.e. MrWinform at YouTube. It is free to join and my currrent video is for a race tomorrow at Rosehill which I am confident we can win.

Thursday 13th September: The new plan in my new book made me $894 yestersay, and I didn't even start betting until about 3.30.

I did want to add a section on where to get free form and how to analyse it the Winform way and so yesterday I chose a fairly weak race at Belmont,purely to find a race where all runners had form and it was a "middle" distance of 1400 meters whinch meant we could use past form for runners with form over 1200 metres, runners with 1400 metre formand alos runners with 1600 metre form so I coulduillustrate the ways to deal with that.

This morning I looked up the result and surprise surprise, the very horse that was used for the illustration just happened to be the winner. I couldnt ask for more, especially as by another coincidence, I had backed it as part of the new plan.

I will have a new video up today about a race I like at Rosehill. The good news is that you can get on now.

Fixed Odds Specialists!
IASBet (now SportsBet) is now offering post nomination, all in markets for the upcoming Saturday feature races on a Monday! The Early Fixed Odds Specialists have just become much more special…..

From late Mondays/early Tuesdays, IASBet (now SportsBet) will allow punters to bet before final fields are declared on the key Saturday races.

Wednesday 12th September: The Black Caviar book is on sale now. It's not my book and I have no vested interests in it. I like it. It is a potted history of Black Caviar so far. The colour plates are worth a look. You know they say books are dying and that we are going digital but there is nothing like the smell of opening a brand new book. I was excited by it. It's not a literary triumph, in fact, it couldbe put in the class of an upmarket souvenir guide. Hell, I want one. I don't expect to see another Black Caviar anytime soon.

On another subject, there is a Plan in my new book which on a bankk of $10,000 has won over that sum in just the last two weeks. It has now made over $2,000 since Sunday, including about $800 yesterday.

Tuesday 11th September: New book on Black Caviar. You have to get one. I made a mini video just to show you what it looks like.

As part of my newbook Winning Your Only Option, it was necessary for me to run a losing period for the Winform top rated selections via a new strategy I first presented at the Melbourne Seminar. In essence the top rated selections for the best part of a two week period were running at just 15% strike rate, 30% or more less than normal.

In the test with a $10,000 Bank the result was a $9678 profit. Like all professions, it required you to actually do some work but I don't know too many jobs that pay $5,000 a week,even with overtime.

The book is coming together well and the printing arrangements are in process. We are currently finalising the editing. I do intend limiting the book to just one print run though.

Monday 10th September: A good resut fo rthe Weekend Sports again. Only one losing bet. Premium had five from seven for the weekend. Can't complain. A beautiful Spring day today. Pity I am trapped indoors working.

Sunday 9th September: A Bonanza for some as the Winform Daily Mail had 15 races covered yesterday for 8 Quinellas with the best $210+, 5 Trifectas , the best $1500+ and First Fours as well with the best $4457.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win Premium strategy only covered one race and that was a winner but the last at Warwick Farm was a standard race and there were three horses, although he recommends just betting the Top Two. I don't know if the 3rd horse being a $48 chance means you should include it? The 2nd ranked runner had an RCL of 8 and the third 9 so maybe they were close. He did have the $1500+ Trifecta in his top five ranked runners as did Winform.

The Spring package did not hit any great heights yesterday with 8 races covered. but 3 Quinellas and the prices were $5, $49 and $210 so had you taken all 8 at a cost of $80 you would be in front. Taking all Trifectas cost $480 and there were two winning ones at $560 and $1543.80. There were no top rated winners this week, Very disappointing but at the prices, several were $40+ we only needed one. Maybe next week.

Both our Best Bets won and Grandslam had a very good day. Premium found some winners too.

Saturday 8th September: Had a prblem day yesterday, my son didn't help, he really has gone over the top lately with the gambling, mainly Pokies. I caution anyone reading this to stay away if you have a problem. I don't want your money if you have a problem. It only leads to heartbreak.

Yesterday, apart form anything else I accidentally clicked a wrong button and cost myself a small fortune. They tell you not to do anyhting the day after a procedure where you have had anaesthetic. I should have listened.

The Spring packages have gone out and there are some massive prices with our selections today. I don't really expect to collect on the $51 and $61 chances I have backed but stranger things have happened. Wouldn't it be nice? Flemington Race 7 is a lottery but I will be in it. The Trifecta is a jackpot on Tattsbet.

Friday 7th September: It looked like a good day for the Powerbet Top Three yesterday but I spent the afternoon relaxing and dong in depth form analysis for tomorrow. I've adjusted many of the runners in tomorrow's Group Races, one in particular, Lamasery, which can win second up if he stays sound. He's not necessarily my top rated horse but he was down the list due to an automatic 20 point penalty I apply to second up runners.

Today is Wyong Cup Day and my thoughts on the winner are at YouTube under MrWinform.

Thursday 6th September: ** Good News** I am clear of any sign of malignancy. My colonoscopy was a nuisance more than anything and that's another test out of the way. I now have no more due and can get on with what I do best...helping my clients work their way through the form puzzle.

I won a free colonoscopy today so I won't be in the office. They tell me it is fun, well more fun than losing anyway, and it was probably a fluke that I got a dud test. Anyhow, I gave you the winner of the Balaklava Cup and if you have the ratings then you could have the $25,000 Quaddie as the winner of the first leg was $21 and the second $71 and both in the Winform Ratings market. We had the last winner on top and while the Cup winner wasn't in our top five I included it in yesterdays E-News to all Members.

I had a dud day there for a while and two odds on selections lost but I came good with McBlitzem, a selection for our SMS/Email service and won on the day. I can't believe I looked so briefly at the Balaklava Sprint. Our market was $8 the field and I just let it go. You can't do that in these highlight races. The odds are always extended. Have a god day today.

Wednesday 5th September: If you have our home page in your favourites please refresh it as it has changed. A good betting day today and I ilke 2,10 and 11 in the Balaklava Cup. Tomorrow, well they tell me colonoscopys are common but I would rather do without, however better safe than sorry as they say and so I will be unavailable tomorrow but Weekend Sports bet are up and the ratings and selections will be there as normal as well.

I did get home from my medical appointment yesterday in time to bet in three C Plan races and won two of them for about $1200 profit. My shoulder shot on Monday seems to be working and so that is a relief after neary four months of constant but minor pain. I might be able to start doing weights again.

Funny thing. I havent been betting as big as normal since I came back from overseas, mainly because I have been busy with the new book, but I have won more than I did for the first five montsh ofthe year in just five weeks and the best is yet to come. Can't wait.


Winform Ratings Top Two 32% Av Div $5.97: Top Three 44% Av Div $6.35 Top Four 57% Av Div $6.63 and Top Five 66% Av Div $6.80. We had some good Quaddie results with the Top Five last month.

Tuesday 4th September: A nice profit yesterday and I will shortly add a brief instructional video to show how easy it was to find. I've discovered that you can subscribe for free to our YouTube video channel MrWinform and it's free. You'll also receive notifications whenever I add new videos.

Monday 3rd September: I only had the one bet yesterday and it was the SMS/Email special which duly won. Can't beat 100% winners, should be more of it.

Weekend Sports had a losing weekend with just one out of three. Even if we lost every match for the remainder of the season we would still be ahead for the yearbut that won't happen.

Today I am getting a shot in my shoulder which was injured way back in April when I was "mugged" at a shopping centre. Hopefully it will work and I can get back into a few weights to keep up my fitness. The problem of course is that it takes a chunk out of my day. Luckily there is not much on today and no specials. I hope to get a look at some of the later places at Wagga where we generally find good winners.

Sunday 2nd September: WEll it's a Happy Fathers Day for our many subscribers who had Lady Of Harrods $38.60 yesterday and not only that one but Let's Be Happy $17.80,and Ancient Spell $16.10.

On the Winform Daily Mail yesterday we had eleven races selected. We had 6 Quinellas with the best $50+ ,but only two small Trifectas.

A big day for punters today but note that Mt Gambier has been abandoned.

Weekend Sports had a good win yesterday. We're not sure whther or not you got the required price on Friday night's match. If you did you lost. If you didn't you saved your money. One game to go.

Saturday 1st September: Here's my video tip and I take you through the selection process using the GTX program. I hope that explians a bit about the selection process. It should be a good day today. I am told that Caulfield track was so firm that it was to be watered overnight. I will be treating Caulfield today as a Good track as no rain is expected and the track is in very good order.

Friday 31st August: I had to take my car in for service this morning. It is a Mitsubishi E380 and the best car I have ever owned and that includes BMW. Sadly, the tow bar is worth more than the trade in valuation but I have found nothing good enough to replace it so at just 165,000K I'll keep it.

Today we have had a good run at Dubbo. Mr X found a $500 Trifecta the other day and today found the winner and Quinella at Dubbo at $25.20. On the Winform Daily Mail the previous race found a Trifecta and I have had just two bets and found a C Plan winner already and also got Hellifield at $8.50 fixed ( I missed the $11) in the C Plan race 6 at Dubbo for $1300 profit for the day and I wil leave it at that. Too much to do.

In compiling the results for some of the plans in my new book I have already found $97,000 worth of profits and seriously, you wonder "if I hadn't committed to produce this book, I might be better off just betting the selections." With the level of betting I do that would have found me over half a million in profits since January 2010. What we have decided though, is to restrict the number of copies to be sold.


Thursday 30th August: Just minutes after we released our video value bet for the weekend, the odds firmed from $6 to $5.50, and here we were hoping for $9 on an each way basis. Nevertheless a fixed place price of $2.10 is available for the place.

The video selection is indicated with a link in the Newsletter. If you google Mr Winform you will see all of our videos.

If you are interested, here is the Today Tonight video about the punter "robbed" by Bet365. As you watch the video, ask yourself why a punter would invest $4900+ on the First Four in an Ipswich greyhound race where the pools are rarely above $2,000 for a First Four. You might also ask yourself "is the punter a foolish mug punter" or is he a very smart punter taking advantage of an error in the terms and conditions. That doesn't excuse Bet365 for trying to have the terms and conditions backdated but it does make you look closely at all the terms and conditions of every agency you bet with incuding the TABs.

I personally have no qualms about exploiting any niche I can find that gives me and my customers an edgeand it came in very handy when I and several of my clients all received a $7,500 payout when we correctly selected a Treble where the entire pool was that $7,500. This means that bookmakers paid out several times the pool size and this is because each punter was guaranteed the declared dividend or maximum of the pool held by the TAB. This niche is still available, although the maximum payouts at most corporates has been reduced.

A fun day ahead today with Racing at Grafton where we aways sem to do well, plus Mornington on a Dead track plus Northam and Ipswich.


Wednesday 29th August: IASBet (now SportsBet) have announced that you can now start betting on the weekend's main races as early as Tuesday. Click here to get the market for the Memsie Stakes. Just be aware that betting this early is all in. You can get the Run To The Roses market here.

The early Mebourne Cup market is ineresting with Dunaden at $21 and considered an almost certain starter. His chances of a repeat are quite good. That said I reckon half the decent horses in Britain and Europe are probably going to be nominated.

An early look at today's races gives me hope of landing some nice winners. Murrray Bridge has a good hope of an upgrade which would leave only Sandown as rain affected. The Victorian horses might get a shock when they eventually have to run on firmer track conditions but it won't happen today.

Don't forget our special offer on Money Factory and Powerbet. See the details here.You have until the end of the week for these.

Tuesday 28th August: We missed our last Sportsbet but still made a profit from the weekend. Mr X tipped the top rated horse in his selected race but it was the second rated horse that did the job.

In my new book Winning The Only Option, I reveal a 5 minute method called Oneup which features horses that are first up. Profit for the year is over $4,000 for a $100 bet and yesterday we had jiust one bet for a $12 winner.

Monday 27th August: John Furgal's Bonza Tips has introduced a lay bet service which is going well and making about 12 units of profit per month. The average lay price is below $5 and 85% of selections lose, which is exactly what we want when laying.

If we win our last Sports bet tonight we will have won back the 2 units lost last week and be further ahead.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win had two eligible races on Saturday. The first race was a standard race and Title was the closest of his two runners at $7.50 and second. In the other race, a Premium Race and a double bet, he found the winner and second. It was only $3.10 but with the double bet more than covered the outlays. Overall Winter has been very quiet as expected.

Three race meetings listed for today. That's enought to sink your teeth into. I'm guessing Warnambool will be very damp but that's normal. I hope to actually get there one day.

Sunday 26th August: Something unusual happened last night. The Cowboys beat Newcastle by 8 points. WE tipped two options because Bet365 was being generous and had Cowboys to win by 7 or more but the other agencies offered Newcastly 8.5 point start. This means that both bets won in the same game!!! And we tipped it! We are well ahead of the game this weekend.

I ran the Powerbet Top Three strategy using a $5,000Bank yesteday and won $2080 after placing 117 bets altogether for 17% winners at av $4.97

The Premium bets went well with three from five or 60%. Special video offer for this week. Free Netbook Computer with Money Factory or Powerbet. Order via the online store (see button on the red panel at the left.

Saturday 25th August: Well our grandaughter has made the news and she' already in training for her marketing career. Have a look. Yesterday was Daffodil Day, a major fund raiser for the NSW Cancer Council and if you have a win today please make a donation and let us know how much at winform@hunterlink.net.au and we will send you an appropriate Racing gift for being generous.

Todays Spring package includes just three races, races 5,6 and 7 at Warwick Farm which are the only Group Races in Australia today. Race 7 is the most difficult of these. Race 6 , the Warwick Stakes, has a $1,000,000 First Four pool at Unitab or Tatts. We'll be having a piece of that.

Friday 24th August: Saturdays Video tip.

Missed the day completley yesterday, just too much mundane stuff to do and I did miss some good betting opportunities. I could have been $1,000 up early but having missed it and having a Doctors appointment I didn't want to kick off then and be behind as I had to head off.

As it is I have physio just before lunch today so have continued setting up the new book. I can bet tomorrow which at this stage looks good. Don't worry too much about Moonee Valley as it drains as fast as it rains. The layout has more to do with how horses perform than the actual surface condition.

I've set up a preview of my new book and it can be ordered by emailing winform@hunterlink.net.au. I also have a video of this week's Moonee Valley preview for E-News readers. I expect to be backing up to four runners in the selected race. IASBet (now SportsBet) have another money back ordouble your winnings bonus for tomorrow and I will post it as soon as I have the info.

Our Spring Package kicks off tomorrow and can be ordered at the online store. Just click the button to the left and go to "ratings and selection services".

Thursday 23rd August: Not so good a resut for me yesterday. With very few C Plan opportunities I took an all up and dropped the lot on that. I picked upwith our Premium winner at a good price but Belmont was to say the least unkind. I quit after race 5 when the 8yo Exhit had the hide to win. Minus $3k is a bit hard to take but the rack of lamb I prepared with Ros went down beautifully. I had to take over as Ros took Mat's dog to the vet for a treatment ( Mat is working away in Sydney).Lucky I did as the fire in the oven was getting a bit intense.

Honestly, once I turned it down, the fire went out and we had a nice pink centre with just a hint of that smokey flavour on the outside.

My punting will be a bit restricted today and tomorrow as I have follow up medical and physio appointments. I will put on any specials and leave it at that. The Weekend Spirts bets are up.

Wednesday 22nd August: The very first race of the day was a C Plan winner yesterday and I followed up with two winning races ot of three. At that point I was over $400 up and so quit to concentrate on putting together my new book Winning - Your Only Option . Those who order early receive one month of our Spring Racing Package which is delivered by email immediately scratchings and track conditions are known each Saturday. It covers every Group Race with our top five rated horses and highlights any specials.

Of course the Spring Racing Package is alos available as a stand alone for $149 for September, the same for October or $298 for the whole Spring until the end of the Flemington Carnival.

My grandaughter is staying with us three days a week as Natalie goes back to her job part time to start. I get extra exercise as I have to take her in her stroller when I go down to the post office. Right now I am looking at this weekends Sports selections.

Here's an offer for sports fans that's too good to miss. If you open a luxbet account and add the promo code EPL500 you get a $500 bet for a $500 opening deposit. Details of the offer are at their website.

Tuesday 21st August: The first three C Pan races yesterday were all successful. Not surprised really. Winners were $1.90, $3.90 and $4.70 and that's just the Tab price. The beauty of the C Plan is that you can use it any day and start and finish whenever it suits you, and mostly in front.

Four good meetings today but a bit soggy at Mornington.

My new book is now available to preorder. Those who get in early get a months worth of our Spring Racing Package valued at $149. Details are nw at the online store.

Monday 20th August: Can you believe it? Zero winning bets on the NRL. EVERY SINGLE BET LOST.

Now the AFL...EVERY SINGLE BET WON!!! A losing weeend though with 2.36 units lost and stilla very respectable profit for the year.

Our Best bet could only place yesterday but in the Daily Feature Race there was a $62 Quinella even though the nominated selection missed the place. Only two race meetings today. I had a good winning week last week so have won every single weeks sincd returning home from Overseas.


Sunday 19th August: It looked like New Day Rising was set to reward us for the effort with 200 to go but quickly the sunset on this plan and it faded to miss the place. Our 3rd rated horse won the Weekend Feature Race

Weekend Sports has won 3 out of 3 for the AFL but lost 4 out of 4 so far for the NRL. Three of those teams actually won but we were beaten by the margin, in one case with just 1 minute to go. Three games to go today and we need all three to make a profit for the weekend.

Track conditions do play havoc and Larsens two races on the heavy track at Caulfield resulted in a $6.30 winner on what would have been a double bet BUT he doesn't recommend betting on slow or heavy tracks. The one bettable race but on a single unit failed to find the winner. It hurts.

For us, we would have had seven extra bets in Melbourne but we also don't bet on the slow or heavy tracks for this method. Those 7 bets produced 2 winners at $8.90. Racing can be a cruel game at times. We ended with one out of one for Grandslam and two losses for WFM.

The Winform Daily Mail had 8 races on it for just two Quinellas and Trifectasbut you can't win them all.

Saturday 18th August: I was having a lovely day yesterday when I came thudding to earth when I doubled up on the Daily Feature Race which I selected and analysed mysefl. It was an absolute dud. I hope today's is better.

The Weekend Sports got the winners but because of the margins we have just one from three so far.

Just a comment on Trevor Larsens Invest To Win. Because of the prevailing wet track condittions there have been very few bets following his method strictly, however one Member has set up his own rules across many more races and has great results. I have applied some of his negatives to cross out some of my own selections and that has saved me money.

Rosehill is Good today BUT the severe westerly winds introduce another hazard. Horses don't like it, jockeys don't like it and people in generally are moody because of it. Take care today.


Friday 17th August: I had a new player for Daily Feature Race yesterday and walked him through yesterdays Daily Feature Race. Mr X recommended a bet on Mr Merc at Northam. It ran 2nd at $9. I was aksed about Quinella possibilities and I suggested that a wise move would be to use Mr Merc as a banker with the other four horses listed. This strategy came off with the 2nd rated horse winning the race. Cost of this strategy for the Quinella is just $4 or for the Exacta $12 and Trifecta $12. Missed the Exacta and Trifecta as it turned out but it doesn't change the idea of the strategy. The Quinella paid $31.60.

I have had some feedback on the youtube strategy but very few indicated that they "liked it" Then again nobody ticked the "dislike" box. The link is in yesterdays post.

Double Your Winnings! $100 Cash! Win more with IASBet (now SportsBet) on the Cockram Stakes
To celebrate a great day of racing at Caulfield this Saturday, IASBet (now SportsBet) is Doubling Everyone’s Winnings on the Cockram Stakes (Race 7).
Back the winner of Race 7 with your first bet of the day at Caulfield this Saturday 18th August (CITY Superprice of Fixed Price), and if it wins, IASBet (now SportsBet) will DOUBLE YOUR WINNINGS – with up to $100 CASH!
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Caulfield Race 6 – PB Lawrence Stakes
Luckgray ($3.00) is top pick. He has proven Group 1 quality, is very capable at WFA and would be odds on if the track was firm. The fit horse, Ready To Rip ($4.80) has the Moody/Nolen factor and looks drawn to get the perfect run, he’ll be very competitive again. Heart Of Dreams($6.00) and Rekindled Interest ($5.50) are the class runners, proven at WFA. They’ll probably need this run early in their spring preparation, but expect them to be running on.
Caulfield Race 7 – Cockram Stakes
Best race of the day with many proven mares engaged. South Australian visitor, Avoid Lightning ($5.50) is a winner of 5 from 6, so clearly very talented. She was impressive winning on the slow last start beating some handy types. She’ll go forward and make her own luck. Le Societe ($6.00) comes through the same race where she was a tad disappointing in Adelaide, but she’s fit, proven at Caulfield and loves the wet. Lady Melsham ($4.80) is up in grade but looks untapped and must be considered. The fit mare Rue Maple ($13.00) is drawn well, down in weight and is super consistent. 
Rosehill Race 6 – Starlight Stakes
An interesting race for punters. Satin Shoes ($3.00) is top pick however she is resuming without a trial, but in a smart stable with leading rider. She also has an excellent first up record. See The World ($4.00) comes off a freshen up, but has developed into a very good sprinter. Skytrain ($5.50) carried too much weight last start, but is down 4kg for this assignment and racing consistently. Mrs Onassis ($8.50), first up from a long break, is a knock out chance. She’s lightly raced and has shown plenty of ability. 

Thursday 16th August: How did you like the $25.80 Daily Feature Race winner yesterday?? Mr X excelled himself!! Don't forget, you get the Daily Feature Race for just $363 for a whole year! You also get complimentary access to Winform Best Bets and Weekend Feature Race and Weekend Sports.

Its my grandaughters first birthday today. Did I feel silly at 7.30 a.m. this morning wearing a little party hat? Well a little bit.

Here's my weekend tip.

**Sports tips are up. DON'T TAKE LESS THAN THE MARGINS SUGGESTED. It will be hard enough with a record number of "value" selections due to stifff competition fromthe bookies this weekend.

Wednesday 15th August: Right race and wrong advice but who's complaining? Mr X tipped the top rated horse in yesterday's Daily Feature race but it failed to even run a place It happens. But the race produced the Quinella $40+ and Trifecta $309 and First Four $624.

I have a post op eye check up today but hope to get back for a good punt as we have a Grandslam and the SMS service has a good possibility too. We wil get good tracks in three statesand Gawler is only Dead4 at present.

I'm looking at a new way to present the weekend preview. I'll trial it today and se what happens. Hapy punting.

Tuesday 14th August: A flood of renewals has kept me busy and I did miss a coupleof calls yesterday while I was setting up my new surround sound system. It is not as good as my old system but the problems is that at as good as it was all the connections have changesand Blue Ray hadn't been invented then. It reminds me that Racing is constantly changing and in my new book I take account of the recent ones.

I had just one betting race yesterday and made $500 easily as my two selections ran 1st and 2nd. The Powerbet top three strategy had a good win on the day with a $19 winner to finish it right off.

Monday 13th August: One out of 5 for the SMS/Email service yesterday but given the state of some tracks I'll take that as good luck. In some locations horses are running on good tracks for the first time since late Summer. Many horses have never raced on a Good track before. It leads to a bit of inconsistency.

Am I a victim of a new scam? Today I received a letter from an accounts department saying that we have an unpaid bill. It was addressed to Prue who hasnt been here for two years now. It is either an attempt at loading a virus on my computer or a misguided attempt at marketing. How careful you have to be now.

Sunday 12th August: Best Bets three out of three yesterday. Weekend Feature Race Trifecta and Daily Feature Race $8.80 winner. We alos got the first weekend sport match up. Worse we can do is 50% this weekend.

Still bloody cold here but I'm reading a good book and working on my new book in between.

Saturday 11th August:***So far today have all 7 races at Flemington in our top five. So 3 legs of the QuADDIE in and five legs of the Big 6 in. Only 7 runners in the last, what's the bet we miss the winner???

Go Lago 4th rated. Quaddie paid $9751 nd the BIg Six $101,000. Hope some of you were on it!! And no I wasn't. 4th rated or not , a 7yo with a 8% strike rate. Oh well, they're racing again tomorrow.

I've picked up Ros's cold and so my eyes are bleary. It won't affect todays races though, just take me longer to doube check everything. I will have it all up by 9.30 with any luck and the day looks promising with Warwick Farm actually having a Good track today, however no Open Handicaps. What is wrong with them? At Flemington where we are stuck with a Heavy track we have two. At least in Sydney we have the Group 3 WFA Missile although it looks like the pensioners derby with the majority of runners being aged but even Morphettville can put up their Group 3 WFA Spring Stakes featuring last year's Caulfield Cup winner Southern Speed.

Friday 10th August: We hear complaints in a regular basis about members being banned from various bookmakers. We have never heard a singlecomplaint about Betezy banning Members. Their betting product changes and you can only withdraw your funds oince a week but they are ever reliable and now that fixed price betting is available on nearly every race it would be hard to complain. We have several hundred members with accounts there.

I have to admit that I have now found one flaw with Bet365. Their minimum withdrawal is $200 and you only get one withdrawal per month. That won't worry a lot of Members and it doesn't worry me as I am using their excellent product to advantage (mine that is). I had a horse at fixed price $3.50 yesterday but they paid me $3.80 as the price blew out. Ill take that every time. I've already made enough profit this week to pay for my holiday next July and I've done the smart thing and prepaid so there's no losing it back.

I still remember my winnings from 1994 going into a property investment which is still making me money nearly 20 years later. I did spend some of my cash on a holiday as well so at the end of the day I have enjoyed my winnings over and over again.

Thursday 9th August: An easy quaddies for our members yesterday at Doomben and how it paid $2000 I will never know. Of course I was relaxing in Day Surgery getting a lens implant in my left eye which I am using now and have been using since 6 a.m. today and I am told it will only get better. I chose a lense whch allowed me to read the newspaper at the right distance and also the computer screen without straining my eyes. My right eye was lasered some years ago for distance and I have 20/20 vision in that eye. My brain knows to use the right eye for the highway amd my left eye for placing bets. How cool is that??

We have had a very good response to bookmaker.com.au and for those who have missed the E-News, you get a dollar for dollar match up to $250 in free bets PLUS you can forward your username to direct@hunterlink.net.au once you have deposited and advise if you would like My Favourite Book ($69 worth), The Barrier Book ($89) or The Last Start Winners Guide ($99) OR ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO THE WINFORM DAILY MAIL). Your choice.

Four good race metings today. Naracoorte is abandoned. I epect a rain affected track at Pinjarra but it is a very good track surface these days.

Wednesday 8th August: A good winning day for me again yesterday with an easy $500 off the C Plan. Heading off now toget that left eye done.

****WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP*********** as Billy Connolly would say.

Tuesday 7th August: The ABC program and the interviewees did nothing but insinuate that our racecourses are infiltrated by shady characters fixing not races but A RACE and no actual proof of that. The most cash anyone can invest without a report being sent is $10,000, every TAB has CCTV which can readily identify every punter who places a cash bet of any size if they want and all internet bets are monitored.

Criminals forever have used many sources to "clean" their money including Keno, Lotto, Poker machines and casinos. Persoanlly I resent the inference that bookmakers as a group are knowingly involved. Anyone, whether suspected criminal, politician, publican, priest or sports "hero" can place a bet at our racecourses. Racing isa great leveller and everyone has the right to win or lose.

As for the allged sting to make an alleged $200,000! It's chicken feed compared to the drug deals that are done daily on our streets. If the truth be told, our police resources are better spent on keeping order in our streets.

Back to thr real Racing business. We rarely miss winning the Darwin Cup in our top two picks but this year we missed out in a photo to our 4th rated horse and last years winner Hawks Bay. We actually had the Trifecta and I personally wanted Hawks Bay to win as he was paying $16,000 in the Quaddie compared to $5,000 for Bolton. So we hada good day at Darwin yesterday.


MOnday 6th August: Six from nine for the Weekend Sports Bets and aprofit of 28%. I was surprised with some of the selections but it wins so why not stick to it.

Bank Hoilday today for some which means we have a good spread of race meetings including the Darwin Cup and I can't remember the last time I didn't back the winner. As a matter of fact, one of our subscribers owns a horse that won it a few years back. I had an invite to be there today but maybe next year. It was just too much with my recent jaunt and then an eye operation to come this Wednesday.

How about a selection service which has 32% wins January to March so I started supplying the selections from April. What usually happens is that the strike rate drops off. I just ran thoruhg the selections since April until June 30th and guess what? 32% wins. I think it'sa keeper! I'll be sending out the details in the E-News later today.


Sunday 5th August: There is no substitue for sheer stupidity! After viewing Trevor Larsens selections and my selections I placed bets on the horse, $200 on each based on my recollections would you believe. I did NOT look at the ratings for Race 5 after scratchings and track conditions. My top rated horse won at $13 and I WAS NOT ON IT. You see before scratchings the order of my top three was different. And because of Ros's lunch date I had to head off and din't get back before that race. Sound like THE AVERAGE PUNTERS EXCUSE?? YES IT IS. It is a $2600 lesson well learned...again.

It wasn't a hopelss day, I di get the Monee Valley Quaddie and Treble and yes, I had to go 6 deep to get all the chance in Race 7 but I only needed the top three in the last leg. At Doomben, we had the first three legs but I had doubts about the favourite in the last. At $1.55, it was not value but it did win easily enough.

Our Daily Feature, my pick, found thew winner and it wa also a C PLan race. Glows wasa good winner for the Weekend Feature Race and also we quinellad the race, the Daily Feature did that too.

Only 50% wins for the Weekend Sports so far but Money Factory rips profits out of that easily.

I have been engaged on a quest to rid the garden of the weed buildup while we were away and Mat is bringing us his dog JJ to look after while he spends a week away with work, yes he is still woking ten months on. Can't wait!

Saturday 4th August: I seriously have more content than I can fit on one page. I feel like recently we the punters have been hit from pillar to post by the TABs and some bookies but there is Good News.

Today I am applying Tevor Larsens main negative rules to my personal selections. I am learning to apply these and the projections are great. Before his book Inest To Win was released Greg Horns book Professional Punting My Personal Approach, pointed the way to the right races we should all be betting on.

I have had discussions with Rod Cleary of Vicbet and we are running the Great Vicbet Quaddie Promotions again, details in the E-News this week. Last time we ran this we landed a $90,000+ Quaddie for those who participated and paid out a 600% bonus to Members.

July Results are IN! The ratings for this time of the year performed as normal. The Top Two was only 31% BUT the average dividend was $5.98. The results spread out amongts the top five mor randomly and this is because of the effect of all the wet tracks and evenness of class. To put it in a nutshel. If you found a superior horse amongst the entries you got rewarded.

Our Premium selections are a good example. From the last 16 standard Premium Bets we have had 13 winners. Several Members have reported this week that they have reached new highs for the year. In additon the new Premium selections (NC) have maintained a 40%+ srike rate over this time with 21 winners from 44 bets.


3 August 2012
Victorian TAB enters into new pooling arrangements with RWWA
Tabcorp Holdings Limited has today announced that the Victorian TAB has entered
into a new, 12-year pari-mutuel pooling agreement with Racing and Wagering
Western Australia (RWWA).
The pooling agreement will commence on 16 August 2012, subject to regulatory
The agreement ensures that pari-mutuel wagers placed through RWWA will continue
to be co-mingled into the SuperTAB pool, which is hosted by the Victorian TAB. The
new arrangements also include an extension of the bet types pooled with RWWA to
include Quinella, Doubles, Exacta and First 4.
Other pooling parties in SuperTAB are the Australian Capital Territory, New Zealand,
Singapore and South Africa. The Super TAB pool is the largest of Australia’s three
pari-mutuel betting pools.
Securing Western Australia’s continued participation in the Super TAB pool will allow
for deep pool liquidity and reduced dividend volatility for TAB customers. The
addition of the new bet types will as a result deliver these benefits for the first time to
Maintaining the liquidity of the SuperTAB pool is also critical in terms of international
expansion as a big pool makes international co-mingling more attractive and viable.
To facilitate the new pooling agreement with RWWA, changes to the maximum
Victorian TAB commission rates for three bet types were necessary, and these have
been approved. The bet types are: Quinella (currently 14.75% and will be 17.5%);
Doubles (currently 17% and will be 20%); and Exacta (currently 16.5% and will be

The new commission rates align the commission rates between the Victorian TAB
and RWWA and are a condition precedent for the new pooling agreement.

Friday 3rd August: An early start for me today as I set off at 6 a.m. to get flowers for Ros for her birthday. I also booked another river cruise ship for the south of France next July,only two weeks this time but it will be great.

I was way too busy yesterday but as a result the C Plan had a brilliant day. I know the C Plan can be a bit boring waiting for the opportunities but it just continues to win.

Mr X found a $912 Trifecta in the Daily Feature on Wednesday and can you believe we had a $70+ winner at Coffs Harbour yesterday? I wouldn't have backed it. A 10yo?? But then at the price I would have had something but I was talking to a client at the time and it seemed too much trouble to worry about having a bet so late in the afternoon.

I notice that Tabcorp shares had a rise after our comments yesterday.

Warrior: The Real War Horse - DVD

The man: a famed adventurer, Cabinet Minister and close friend of Winston Churchill, who led the Canadian Cavalry in a crucial charge that helped save the Allied cause in March 1918.

The horse: a uniquely brave and talented thoroughbred which Seely bred on the Isle of Wight, took to France in August 1914 and was still riding on that fateful day towards the end of the war.

In this film Galloper Jack's grandson award winning journalist and broadcaster Brough Scott takes to the saddle to explore the past. Brough's life has included 10 years as a steeplechase jockey, 30 years as main presenter of Channel 4 Racing and a continuing role in racing. But this is the project of which he is most proud.

Watch it and see why.
Warrior: The Real War Horse - DVD

Here's where you can get it from info@equitainment.com.au   02 4883 4003. Just thought you might be interested.


Thursday 2nd August: You will have received recently or will do in the next few days, a set of terms and conditions for the transfer of your Victorian TAB acc*ount to the new licensee Tabcorp Wagering.

Have a good look at paragraph (f) on page 3. It states in part ”you are not entitled to any interest or other accretions on, or in respect of, funds standing to the credit of your TAB account and Tabcorp Wagering is entitled to retain for it’s own account any interest or accretions that are earned on, or in respect of, such funds.

Now I don’t expect Tabcorp to go broke anytime soon, but remember Sportsalive?? There is absolutely no suggestion that Tabcorp would do a Sports Alive. But here's what happened with them.

There are allegations that company was using accountholders funds for operating expenses. I am sure there would be legislation covering this but that doesn’t help you after the event. The receivers of Sportsalive SOLD your private details and account records to at least one other business AND refused to supply account holders with details of their own records so that they could make a claim.  Fortunately very few Members were affected by this although I personally lost out on a return of $20,000 plus on a prepost investment and another Member was owed $10,000 on a winning bet.

My advice is simply don’t leave large sums of money in your accounts. Instead put your bulk cash into an online cash management account where you earn the interest and can make online transfers to your investment accounts as needed.

We have spread our own funds across a range of corporates and TABS which makes sure we have access to funds as needed. Ironically as Tabcorp Member balances probably exceed a hundred million dollars at any one time their shares are probably a good investment. How can they lose? They are using your money.

In my best selling book Make Racing Pay, and most readers woudl have this, turn to page 12 and you will see my layout for how a professionalwould have their funds allocated.

Bet 365

I have seen one negative feedback about Bet365 and this involved an instance of a professional punter landing a big win at odds substantially over what was generally avaialble. The horse won and I suggest that had it not there would have been no issue. I have had a similar result with the Victorian TAB but luckily they did not stop taking my bets on other days.

So why am I recommending Bet365? My philosophy is a simple one. Take them for what you can get. For the average punter who is not betting in thousands, I don't expect any problems at all and the bets I am having are where their footy odds are better or their fixed prices on Metro races are better. It's as simple as that.

I have found an edge and exploited it yesterday ina C Plan race. With a minute or so to go I bet the $2.15 favourite which had frimed from $2.40 to $2.15. I had no choice but to take the $2.15. I backed my other selection at $9 fixed. Using Bet365price I noticed that I was paid $2.60 which was the best tote, a massive over. The orther horse was only $6 and so had it won I had already been fixed at $9, another big over. Had I bet elsewhere I would have only got the $2.15 and I would have taken best tote or sp on the other horse with Sportsbets Citybest or Sportingbets Maxidiv.

My experience with Bet365 so far is a good one. They emailed me as soon as my bonus $200 (they do a dollar for dollar match for the first deposit up to $200) was in.They then emailed me when I had bet through my initial deposit which allowed me access to the $200 cash bonus and finally they emailed me when I had met their turnover requirements to tell me I could now withdraw my entire balance if I wished.

I know that we are all probabably thinking we have enough accounts and to be honest I keep my old accounts because when you have stopped betting they always come back and offer a bonus to start betting again, foe example, yesterday I recieved an offer of money back if I had a Racing bet and it lost. It did unfortunately but it cots me nothing and actually saved me the amount I bet as it would have been placed elsewhere. I call that smart punting.

Wednesday August 1st: Some interesting selections today with the only good track being Darwin or Fannie Bay. Of course the Darwin Cupis next Monday and we rarely miss the winner. I had hoped to be there but missed out again as I can't be away having just come back from over five weeks away.

So what exciting new things will be in my next book? I am constanly asked about my par alues for different race tracks and although I wont include every trackI have decided to include these for the main tracks. I will alos have the results of some in depth research which is available nowhere else. I expect to continue in business until at least 2020 so that's eight more years but I will probably spend more time travelling at this time of the year when Racing is at its lowest ebb. There's still money to be won as Racing never stops but my clients drop off in Winter before returning in Spring.

I notice Trevor Larsen has only had about three bettable races since I left. It's not a concern as I am sure the flow of bettable races will pick up from now on, let's just hope the weather does too.

Tuesday 31st July: The best bet of the weekend sports wnet down last night when Parramatta beat Brisbane , that's the bottom team beat the fourth team and by 44 to 22. We still made a profit for the weekend in spite of that.

I notice a lot of Members have dropped off over Winter and I don't blame them but I expect most will be back for the Spring which will feature some great Racing. Mike Pelling, the ex Brisbane champion jockey, on radio this morning fears for the future of Racing as too little spcae is devoted to the great characters of Racing.

He feels the country is getting ignored and so the great mass of people are now focussing on the easier markets like Sports Betting.

We have some good bets at Geelong today and I have taken both the Quaddie and the Treble. Here's hoping. I'm away from the office this afternoon as I have an eye inspection. That's another $380. Luckily I won $730 in the very first race at Echucha yesterday and folded tents for the afternoon.

Monday 30th July: Weekend Sports recovered yesterday and we are now 5 from 8 with just tonights NRL match to go. The three out of three for the AFL helped.

I woke up ANGRY this morning at 4 a.m. thinking about the owrk I have to do today. It as nothing but RED TAPE, RED TAPE, RED TAPE and it's all for Government agencies like the tax office and so on. We have all these impostions on us and we get no reward for it. At least when I spend hours and day and weeks working on new ways to attack the Races, there is actually money to be made at the end of it.

I had a very pleasant day yesterday with my son in laws relations from Qld. At least it gave me a chance to relax in between catching up with the BAS and other rubbish. After they flew home to Queensland I was able to watch the amazingly transformedNewcastle KNIGHTS play back into form. Four of the players weren't even in the team when I left for overseas a few weks ago.

David Toulson'slays had a big winning Saturdaya but with mainly Heavy tracks yesterday,we took a few massive hits. Maybe Heavy tracks shoud be avoided althought on a brighter note the SMS/Email service has had a brilliant weekend with a $10 winner yesterday.


Sunday 29th July: $2097. That's what the Townsville Treble paid yesterday but I cant believe I didnt take it myself after preaching Townsville the past two days. It wa s the only good track in Australia other than Perth.

Oh well, at least the SMS and email service rallied with four wins from nine bets and a handy profit. It's on again today.

Saturday 28th July: The lay bet plan had a good winning day again yesterday BUT we have had a call from Betfair advsing us that as well as paying the extra 1.5% for the racefields levy we are also being told that we may be liable for a further 1.2% turnover levy from Betfair on NSW and Qld Racing.

Well, operating as we are on a very small margin and turning over a mere $10k or so per week on large numbers of very small bets it may signal the death knell to this operation. Win lose ro draw, Betfair has been having a picnic on our contribution to their coffers and if their proposal is what we think it is then that will be the end, I mean why risk our money for such small margins? And what happens when we up the ante to a reaonable bet to try to make $1,000 a day instead of $100 or $200??

A lotof slow tracks today with the possibility of upgrades I hope. At least Townsville has come up trumps with a good track and a great days Racing with the $100k Cup and $75k Cleveland Bay. Greg Horn would be salivating with the prospects of a good payout as Ikow he loves these two races.

Have a great day. My grandaughter is being Christened today so I have whacked on the Quaddie and Treble in Brisbane and Caulfield and a few smaller bets. I'll check on those after the celebrations.

Friday 27th July: Davdi Toulson's lay bet plan lost $34 yesterday, well you cant win everyday, but we are up for the week so far. Please don't expect the total solution soon, even with thousands of bets placed we are still refining things. The problem is you can't play with betfair manually, you'll get eaten alive unless you are just playing the odd bet. When setting up automatic programs you have to be absolutely spot on.

I'm guessing we might get some Dead, rather than slow tracks tomorrow and even Sydney, with a biting westerly today, might get up to Dead but we would have to be lucky. There are a couple of good races on tomorrow and two good races at Townsville which are often neglected. We probably will have the winner in both these races. In the Cup our top rated is 7yo but in form with the next two both good chances.

I expect to be testing the new corporate tomorrow and compare to prices elsewhere. I've l already more than trebled my opening deposit with them so happy so far.

Thursday 26th July: How does $74,000 sound?? Thats the result of the Winform Quaddie yesterday at Belmont. It only came up because of two horses being equal 5th rated in Belmont Race 7 and a bigger outlay than usual but it wasn't the only longshot with 3rd rated Starting Over winning the 8th at $39+.

I was long gone before the first leg of the Quaddie with a handy $500 profit after both good luck and bad luck. A Murray Bridge I had intended to back three runners but only got on one of them, a loser. My fault I was too late getting on. Then the same happened one race later but this time the winner was the only bet I got on and at $11.90 so a good result.

No luck with the Daily Feature race yesterday but no other bets at all. I havent had time to check how the Powerbet Top Three strategy has been going since I left, perhaps someone who is doing it could let me have some feedback, although with all the abandoned meetings I wouldn't be too hopeful of big profits. Stangely enough though, our June result was the best we have seen in the past ten or so years when June 2011 was the worst result in 23 years of supplying ratings.

Wednesday 25th July: It's a watershed weekend for the sports bets with many matches to be bet under our formula. I have taken a risk and have accepted $1.88 instead of $1.91 about a couple of games to get a greater start. Have the bookies got it so wrong?? We will see after the weekend but we do have a very strong profit to date. Only a few rounds to go and the NRL is as close as I have seen it. Any team can win on any given day.

Yesterday I had problems with Foxtel so missed a lot of races inbetween contacting clients. I did bet in four races though and landed two winning races for a profit of about $500. David Toulson's lay bets lost $70 but after a zero loss day Monday I guess you have to expect it. It's Ros' birthday on the 3rd and the profit from yesterday will go towards it.

I am currently assessing where we are at as a business and my current task is to update all of my strategies into a new book. With any luck it should be available before the end of the Spring Carnival. I will have a better idea of the target date after my next eye operation which will be mid August with a recovery of just 3-4 days.

We are looking for some of our Members to try a new corporate bookie which we have been advised privately, will not be banning anybody just for winning. Having been banned myself this year by some agencies I have opened an account myself. The new (to Australia) agency is one of the worlds biggest and promise some newbet types. To check them out, they offer a $200 deposit match as their opening bonus, clcik here. If you are in a state where bonuses aren't allowed we are looking at an alternative way for you to get the bonus equivalent, perhaps as a Winform Member credit. We'll advise.

I'm out having physio this morning but will be in the office this afternoon from 2 p.m.

Tuesday 24th July: Mr X did the right thing yesterday and found a winner in the Daily Feature Race. I am back and after waking at 3 a.m. have started catching up with correspondance since I departted these shores nearly six weeks ago. It will take me a while. When I left we had been losing a lot of meetings and I see that nothing has changed.

I hear that Trevor Larsen has been visiting the capital cities and meeting purchasers of his dedicated racing book Invest To Win. I have been receiving the selectionsand as far as I can tell there has only been one eligible race since I left but he had predicted that this might be the case, which is why he chose to use the downtime in Winter to meet as many purchasers f his book as possible. The feedback I have had so far has been positive.

I am currently investigating a newcomer to the Australian betting scene which promises to allow punters to bet and win without being banned. We may have to see how long this will last but I have established a personal account to give it a go. If all is well, I will pass on my recommendations in the next few weeks.

Youmay remember that David Toulson and I were reviewing a Betfair "bot" and backing and laying, having up to 800 bets per day. We have now established that you can forget "backing" with Betfair. Except in unique individual cases we have been unable to get any better odds than with betting selectively through other agencies, even totoe betting is frequently better.

On the lay betting it is an entirely different story. The drawback is that any interruptions to the Internet can cause bets to not be placed and there have been some bad days where very few bets have got on. Yesterday was a perfect day with 100% of the lay bets losing. Generally David has been acheiving much better than 90% winning bets which is what you do have to do to make a profit. We are still not in a position to pass on our strategy but we are heading that way. There is no doubt that the strategy is a winner and the next test will be where we step up the lay stakes without affecting the returns.

I'll be sedning out the E-News later today.

Monday 23rd July: Guess who's back??Check tomorrow.

There were 10 races in the Saturday Daily Mail.

7 quinellas for $51 profit

6 trifectas for $634 profit

2 first fours for $250 profit

Total profit $935 using IAS dividends and betting $10, $60 and $120 outlay for each exotic respectively, so the POT was 49% ($935 profit from $1900 full outlay, not using flexi betting in the trifectas and first fours).

The first fours just happened to be in the daily feature race and the weekend feature race!

In the Weekend Feature Race, clearly no one believed what I wrote (that the favourite Rantorini would be beaten) and she went out $1.60 favourite. Elusive Image was top fluc $13 and SP $10 after the scratching of the second favourite Operational

Mr X

Saturday 21st July: I have just watched the world champion sprinter Mark Cavendish win his 22nd Tour stage. What a stunning race! From 500 m out he just wound up and powered past the breakaway group, who with 1 km to go were still 100 m in front. Just like watching Black Caviar toy with her rivals. Stirring stuff, even more amazing because he won by about 5 lengths. These sprint finishes usually have 3 or 4 riders within a length..

I have looked further into the Weekend Feature Race and will declare the $2.10 favourite Rantorini (fifth rated) as very beatable, which puts Operational (currently $2.50) as the main bet as its form is clearly superior to Elusive Image.

A note about yesterday's best bet. Yes, most will just bet them irrespective as they have a very high strike rate, but sometimes when you look more closely, there are extenuating circumstances for not betting. I don't know about you, but most of the time I look at the jockey and when I saw J Childs (a4), I opted out very quickly. Usually I have a place bet on the best bets but didn't even think about today. To me the connections weren't interested as this was J Childs' first ride in a race and the betting and the result bore that out. I bet on the $1.65 winner.

Mr X

Friday 20th July: Things didn't go our way in the Daily Feature Race yesterday. The horse that ran second (paying $11 if it won) protested against the winner and I thought that it would be upheld, but it wasn't. We had the first 3 legs of the Rocky quaddie and as this was the last leg it would have given an excellent result as the first 3 legs paid $5, $8 and $33.

I have posted the Weekend Feature Race and there were only two possible races. I have selected the Belmont Classic and the two top rated horses happen to feature the two top jockeys in WA, Harvey and Pike.

Mr X

Wednesday 18th July: Last weekends sports bets were successful in keeping the expected strike rate of 60%. Mr Z got 4 from 6 (66%) so he is doing a good job while Mr G is away.

The Daily Feature Race found the $4.60 winner and the $37 quinella which we got only after a protest against the second across the line was upheld.

Mr X

Monday 16th July: The terrible winter weather continues in some areas. On Saturday 4 meetings were abandoned and 1 yesterday. The Weekend Feature Race got a $55 quinella and $371 trifecta (NSW divs) in the top 5 but the win selection Think Mink was terrible. I think Mr Z's race was symptomatic of the wet tracks and the best bets got 1 winner from 3. The winner was the clear favourite and while the other two were second favourite they did not win.

We will just have to be patient until the tracks dry out for the Saturday services like Grandslam (no slow or heavy tracks in the rules) and the Weekend Feature Race (no heavy tracks in my standard strategies) to perform to their best.

Mr X

Saturday 14th July: There were 2 premium bets yesterday for 2 wins. One was very short but the second one paid between $4.00 and $4.60 on the totes compared to SP of $3.70.

Mr Z has chosen his race and it is the race distance I like being 1400m.

Been following Le Tour? I have and just like horse races you can sometimes spot the 'horse' under pressure. Even as far back as the time trial (4 days ago) Cadel Evans was still well in the betting market, but I would have laid him not to win then. Even though he has been well in the leading pack, Cadel has never looked settled, while Bradley Wiggins has looked so comfortable the whole way. Had he not crashed last year.....?? I hope I am wrong about Cadel but I am being realistic.

And then last night there was a protest for interference 10 m out in a 210 km race and it was upheld!

Mr X

Thursday 12th July: Today is Grafton Cup day which means a half day holiday for those in the area. My daughter will be there as she works for the sponsor (Maclean Bowling Club). Racing is embedded in the psyche and history of the region because the Clarence River Jockey Club was established in 1861, the year after the AJC established Randwick.

The Weekend Feature Race has been posted. I normally select a group or listed race but when I pressed my GTX button for the list of possible races (using filters I have established) only one race came up and for the likely track condition of slow or heavy there were no selections so I have selected a race at Warwick Farm.

Mr X

Tuesday 10th July: Townsville is abandoned. Today is very unusual as there are 2 best bets and both will be favourite.

WFM and WFMH This is the last of the reviews of the Winform services. WFM is for non handicap races and WFMH is for handicap races and the selections appear in the Daily Mail

212 bets for 59 wins in the 6 months (strike rate 28%) but the race strike rate is 35% because 45 times there were 2 selections in the same race.

The win profit for all bets was 9.5 units (4.5%) but with the high occurrence of 2 selections per race, dutch betting the races where there are 2 selections will improve the profitability. The average dividend of the winners this year is $3.75.

For interest this year the WFM section of these bets has a higher strike rate and profitabilty than the WFMH but this trend is not evident in the long term (the opposite happens).

Mr X

Monday 9th July: Here are some more 6 month reviews of Winform services.

Grandslam In early January we changed the Grandslam service and the results have shown that it was a very good move, although the number of bets has reduced.

45 bets for 21 wins (strike rate 46%) and 33 places (strike rate 73%).

The win profit was 18 units (40%) and the place profit was 6 units (13%).

You should note well that there were 42 races to bet in because in 3 races there were 2 selections

Bet Only if Favourite The new service this year is in the Premium section and is called Bet Only if Favourite (Code NC).

81 bets for 34 winners which were favourite (strike rate 42%) and 54 places (strike rate 67%)

The win profit was 2.3 units (3%) and the place bets lost 6.5 units.

Mr X

Sunday 8th July: The Best Bet yesterday won easily.

The Daily Mail had some mixed results. Mr X missed out on the Daily Feature race winner but got the first four which paid around $300 and the Weekend Feature Race missed. Mr Z missed on his race (who picked Glaneuse at $40?)

We got the winner in Eagle Farm race 8 at $5.20 but the second horse meant that we missed the exotics and the other notable winner for the Daily Mail was Toowoomba race 2 where the winner paid $5.40 (ridden by the latest whiz kid G Goold) and the quinella in the top 2 paid $9.

Mr X

Saturday 7th July: The C Plan results for the first 6 months of this year continue close to the expected strike rate. The 6 month result is 47% race strike rate.

The One Up (the selections are in the Powerplay section) results are 355 selections for 16 % strike rate at average dividend of $6.22

The top 2 for June: 2620 selections for race strike rate of 32% and average dividend of $5.26
The top 3 for June: 3930 selections for race strike rate of 44% and average dividend of $5.64
The top 4 for June: 5239 selections for race strike rate of 54% and average dividend of $5.94
The top 5 for June: 6540 selections for race strike rate of 65% and average dividend of $6.23

Mr X

Friday 6th July: Ok, seems Garry is having a little trouble enjoying himself overseas and keeping the diary churning along so I’m going to attempt to fill the void for a few days.   I won’t promise to be anywhere near as informative as Garry but hopefully can impart some daily titbits worth noting.  

Firstly, it hasn’t been mentioned thus far in despatches that the quaddie in Sydney last weekend, ($33k), could have been got by taking Garry’s top 3 ratings in each leg.   As usual, I missed the boat but some lucky punter took it 3 times, thank you very much.

David Toulson has been continuing the work with the ‘laying’ betfair system.   It’s having some ups and downs as we expected but it is still showing some promise as a long term earner.   Yesterday there were 24 from 25 winning races.

There hasn’t been that much to crow about as far as big winners go with the ratings since last weekend, however, the 3rd at Gunnedah today scored the tri, with the top 5 boxed, in excess of $6k.

The E-News has found the winner for the past two weekend selections at better than $6 each.   David has hinted at a very large priced selection for tomorrow in ‘Population’ at Flemington, quoted yesterday at $51.   It has been suggested to forgive its last start and obviously at that price perhaps represents big value.

Mr X

Thursday 5th July: 30 June has been and gone which means that we are in the depths of winter and of course tax time. It is also a good time to review the various systems which we provide. Today I will look at the Best Bets and the Premium Selections (but not the Bet only if favourite NC system) for the first six months of this year.

Best Bets 62 bets for 23 winners (37% strike rate) for a loss of 6 units. Money Factory would have no problem making a profit. It is also interesting that if the selection was not first or second favourite they did not win. There were 4 bets which were not first or second favourite

Premium (code P) 109 bets for 52 winners (45% strike rate) for a loss of 8 units. Again Money Factory would handle that. In June there were 7 selections and they all won!. As with the best bets, if the selection was not first or second favourite they did not win. There were 10 of these for the first 6 months.

Tomorrow I will look at the C Plan selections as provided in the services and also the system called One Up which is listed in the Powerplay section

Mr X

Tuesday 3rd July: What a great venue is Croke Park! I took some enthusiastic fellows from our group to the Gaelic football semi-final today. This is the county championship and today there was a double header with Meath against Kildare and then Dublin versus Wexford. The most expensive seats were just €30 and the entire end of the stadium is the terraces which have no seating but is just €15. More about that later.

The game rules are similar to AFL but a round ball is used. There is a soccer goal with extended posts. A goal is worth 3 and a kick through the post above is one. The speed of the game is faster than AFL simply because there is no pause whatsoever when players take marks. It is catch and run or handball or kick and the pace is a cracker!

Meath conquered an enthusiastic favourite Kildare and then a strange thing happened. The Kildare supporters got up and left the stadium. Next, thousands Of Dublin supporters turned up, including an army of blues like in State Of Origin but without the blue wigs. These all took up the entire terrace and let out enthusiastic chants whenever the blues had possession.

Wexford was on top in the first half and at the break it was a matter of how far but after the break it was a different story as the local team took charge, restricting Wexford to four points.

What was good about the management was that no alcohol can be consumed inside the stadium seating. No getting up and down to let in supporters carrying trays of beers. And afterwards, the stadium cleared out easily just like Etihad in Melbourne.

Now the taxi rider from hell. We fellows caught up with the girls in town and had a great dinner at a Dublin bar where seven big screens showed the Euro2012 final while we ate great food and the manager even organised a maxi taxi back to our digs 40 k from Dublin.

The driver was a great bloke, a red headed Irishman who had spent a couple of years in Australia. Amongst all the banter though he missed the turn, well actually his GPS missed the turn altogether and the next thing we had gone 40kms is too far. Needless to say a few of us got a bit concerned. In the growing darkness we circled the Irish countryside as our driver lost his cheerful temperament and started losing his cool.

In the end our 40 k thirty minute taxi ride turned in an hour and 45 minutes before Geoff recognized the back end of Barberstown Castle. We parted ways with the original agreed fare and apologies from our driver. Luckily the bar staff were st I'll up as we finished up with a late night tipple.

By the way, our sports formula worked very well in the two Gaelic football matches with both teams getting up.

Mr X and Mr Z take over now with comments on the ratings and progress while Ros and I head off to our adventures into Europe.

Monday 2nd July: Mr Z has been keeping the kettle going with the weekend sports with three wins from five matches since Garry and Ros left our shores.

Today Garry is researching the Gaelic football code in Croke Park in Dublin where the National Senior Finals are taking place.

Special Report : Irish Derby

What a great racecourse is the Curragh. With all its ups and downs it is a magnificent looking track with a straight 7 furlong uphill to the winning post with just a slight kink. There had been substantial rain and a full meeting the Friday before yet although heavy there was never any doubt the meeting would be on. It was bloody cold though but our booking was for a suite overlooking the course at the furlong mark with big screens every few hundred yards.

Inside the catering was superior to Flemington b a mile. You could even get hot tea and coffee unlike Flemington where even at $1,000 a seat you may get better than a lukewarm substitute. The stands were almost as old as the hills but the friendliness we experienced right throughout from the hardworking staff left us feeling good. We even convinced the local, Garda to let us pick up and drop off right at the entrance so our ladies didn't get their feet, wet. Of course once we mentioned we were from Australia all the doors were opened for us.

On the day there were two special features, the first was an interview with Black caviars owners and the second a full live concert at, the last with Ronan Keating. Now the Racing...

The first few races were fairly ordinary affairs for little prize money. We offer better at our provincials and mid week Sandown meetings. Surprisingly there was Aiden O’Brien backing up his runner from Ascot last week. They don't normally do that. It was an easing fab urine but when it hit the front by two lengths at the one furlong pole it was how far but the horse stopped as if shot and was lucky to finish second.

The Derby was decimated as two runners scratched because of the heavy track and Camelot the €1.25 favourite was handed the race thorough lack of opposition. But you can't take it away from him although now he will probably be retired to stud and probably at a value of $30 to $60 million. They are unlikely to risk the horse losing after an undefeated run.

The Racing is over but I hope to have a chat with Tony Noonan who is here with us until Tuesday. He has some very interesting things to say.


Special Note from Mr X: The top 3 rated horses got the Rosehill quaddie paying $33000 in NSW. Great result!

Sunday 1st July: Wednesday we left Cork and headed for Kenmare. On the way it was a visit to Blarney Castle where we kissed the Blarney Stone, no doubt the promised luck will turn up sometime. Kenmare is our overnight stop prior to visiting Irelands most prestigious stud Coolmore. Call it horse heaven by another name. We spent a pleasant hour or two being shown around by their enthusiastic staff and had a parade of their current stallion roster, some of which either have or will beshuttled to Australia.

Galileo, which was a failure in two seasons back home is the number one stallion over here. there have been some cases of vice versa as well.

the town of Kenmare is a delight, as are the people if you can find one. It is a very touristy town with shops being pubs, restaurants or souvenirs with occasional local shops shuffled in between. Employment on Ireland is a major isssue with construction jobs almost nil and row after row of houses left incomplete. Many of the local trades are now in Oz working in the mines. Some areas have 60% unemployment but the people we meet seem used to what has been inevitable in their history.

Thursday we headed to Tiperary and due to some good luck we find we have missed the floods that have driven through Cork and many other cities and towns but when we arrive at our destination we find the town almost on the brink and the races abandoned. we spend the might in our hotel overlooking the racecourse disappointed. After all it has been a long way to Tipperary.

Friday. today we inspect Darleys Kildangan stud and if we thought Coolmore was horse heaven then this is another level. They tell us that this week they have had eight bus loads of Aussies through but of course we are the best!

To add toour day we move on to the nearby Irish National Stud where we find a different type of horse heaven. The paddocks are sodden but there in the open yards are their stallions enjoying a more natural environment. At night most are brought in but some prefer to stay outside and get anxious if boxed.

We find each of the Studmasters have different methods of covering the mares. Each tells us their methods produce better results. We,ll never know. One thingis for sure. the staff at all of these establishments care 100% for their horses and do everything they can to keep them safe and happy.

Before we leave the National Stud we get a special showing of a 25yo resident. It is Vintage Crop, the first of the Northen invaders to take our Melbourne Cup!

Saturday. Last night we drove last The Curragh. S rudely one of the most amazing courses we have seen. It just sweeps across the rise with undulations all included in the course. Our digs have been at Barberstown Castle which still has remnants of the original 1300yo building and an unusual past owner, Eric Clapton. Today 59 extra rooms have been added to spectate for guests such as ourselves.

The news agents have been invaded and our party has copies of the punting bible overs here the Racign Post. it is a bit like Sportsman. I'll concentrate on a Market Forces approach as the form is very hard to read and the track is going to be sodden as rain continues to fall. It is maximum 15 degrees, just another Irish summer day.

Thursday 28th June: It is Thursday and it is a long way to Tiperary but that's where we are going. They are night races but no lights necessary as sunset is about 10.pm W are visiting Coolmore Stud. Need I say more?

The excitement is building as Derby Day approaches.

Tuesday 26th June: A few of our party found out that today In Cork their was a game between Cork and Tiperary in what is Ireland's most populaor sport Hurling. EVen though it was televised we thought we would go to experience the atmosphere. We didn't realize that 15% of the entire population of Irelands biggest city would be in attendance!

Seating was difficult to get and we found that the numbers oN the tickets didn't really mean anything but we did find enough seats and surprisingly there were no bad seats in the entire arena.

I won't explain the game but it was fast and furious and the atmosphere was electric. Unlike Australia, no one left at halftime to get drinks. They stayed seated glued to the two junior games with the announcer naming e Rey single junior player and which school they came from with applause from the crowd.

The local team lost by a point 25 to 24 with the opposition goalie soaking up time for the restart after Cork scored with one minute to go. Then came the hard part. Public transport is over a mile away and cars and pedestrians blend into a dawdling mass with parts of it dropping off as we passed each pub but there were. No drunks, no agro from either teams supporters and after 30 minutes we finally found our transport.

Today is a lay day prior to visiting some of Irelands most prestigious studs before the races then onto the Curragh for the Derby.

Monday 25th June: After today's almost upset at ascot the opinion of the Aussie contingent was that
She should be retired. The poms here kept stopping us and congratulating us and they all think her win was effortless.

Watch out for CAmborne this 4yo trained by, John Gosden at Newmarket won sensationally and in brilliant time over 2400 metres coming from well back and looks an ideal Caulfield Cup or Melbourne Cup prospect. It looks like one well known owner may try to purchase him.Sea Moon was also a good winner over the same distance, coming away although Dunaden was making good ground at the finish. maybe he will come back for a second Cup?

Ros made it to the TV ,being taped on camera as we entree the course with most of us wearing Black Caviar ties and many hats. Instant celebrities!

A big thanks to Natalie, Belle, Brendan and others who worked flat out for two days rebuilding our website. Hopefully it will all go well from here.

Sunday 24th June: Today Friday was a lay day and Ros and I spent the day in Bath. It's a fabulous city and was a welcome break. I'll be spending tomorrow at Black Caviar day at Ascot. Our stand looks head on down the straight. It should be spectacular!

Saturday 23rd June:Professional Punters Diary offers you all the Official Updates, News and practical punting tips from Winform. Written daily by Garry Robinson and the Winform Team.

They were right. It was pouring down at Newmarket. it didn't stop us from getting out by the side of the road and chatting with the track work riders as they filed past headed for breakfast after their first lot.

Then it's out to the yard and a gallop up quite a steep hill in lots of three or four and this will continue until all of the horses have had their work. All up on a typical day, over 2,000 horses will get their daily exercise this way. Gallop up the hill, walk back down.

The riders tell us today is nothing compared to their winter workouts when they can be working in snow at minus degrees.

We reboard our coach and head to the town of Newmarket whe we visit the National Horse Museum. In the museum is a mechanical horse which duplicates riding real horses. A few of us have a go. Boy did the calves and thighs get a workout!

On to Darley stud where we were shown the current Stallons and then a tour of the breeding facility with a complete rundown of the operation as we went. Then a visit to the horse cemetery where the good horses are buried.

Exceed And Excel, our own Aussie horse stands at Darley.

Next is Cheveley Park Stud where the current stallions include the 19 yo and still going strong Pivotal.

The evening was less exciting with a two hour hold up in the London traffic.

By now you all know the problems we a having with our web site. We are working on it so please bear with us for now.

Thursday 21st June: Thursday we are off to Newmarket to see how they train their horses over here. They say we might get wet. I’ll take a raincoat.

Ros has a few things to do around town but I don't expect any of them will top having a cappuccino with Keanu Reeves this afternoon. It was quite funny, because when he got up to leave after paying his bill, the girls out the back came out to catch a glimpse.

Well Ros thinks he was great but I won't be happy until he brings out Speed 4 but he wasn't impressed when I asked him if he was doing another one. We reckon he has moved on from that type of movie.

Yesterday was about 30 degrees we reckon so the return of cooler weather will suit, as long as it doesn't muck up the ascot track for the weekend. And on that, we spoke to one of the people with Black Caviar and they tell me she is staying a few hours away from Ascot and very well within herself. Don't forget Yadzi tomorrow.

Wednesday 20th June: We met Adam Sangster and his family today at their amazing training centre which is just outside Marlborough about 2 hours or so from London. The place is so big we had to use our coach to tour the facilities and we all got out just to touch the ground it is so good. No wonder horses love it so much. There are several gallops of up to a mile and a quarter and Tony Noonan was somewhat jealous of the ground which is so kind to horses’ legs.

A day after heavy rain it was back to no worse than a Dead 4 with the water draining off the chalk surface under the cushion of grass.

After the tour Adam presented to us his runners for Ascot this week and his best for Ascot is a 3yo colt having his third start this Friday named Yadzi. This will be only his third run and it is over 2 miles!! Last start over a mile and a half he won by 7 lengths. The race is a Group affair restricted to 3yos. He looked a picture!

Following this we had a fantastic lunch with pigs on a spit , free flowing drinks and the most delicious strawberries and cream we have ever tasted.

The second season stallion Equitano was also paraded. He didn't look tired but he should have. This season he has served 145 mares and has 75 progeny due from last seasons work.

From Monton we travelled to Windsor night races but don't think glitz and lights. It was still light after the last at 9.10 was over. Thousands of racegoers turned up for what was a meeting of a standard similar to Pakenham and there was a huge bookies ring by our standards for this class of meeting.

The course is a figure 8 and this means that the horses are out of sight for long periods of time and it is quite novel to see the jockey tactics with horses being on the fence in one leg but when they come out of the other side they are now on the rails! Luckily they have a couple of big screens to reveal the action.

As there is little cover we were all rugged up for a chilly night but hey! It could have been Melbourne. The sun came out to heat us up and after Tony Noonan landed his first winner it was |Pimms all round to cool us down. I spent most of the meeting trying to catch up after a major setback in the first when the winner was a 19 race maiden scored against all the tried horses. Three winners in the last four races saw me in front though and it was good to arrive back at our hotel with our pockets full.

Tuesday is Ascot and Ros will be able to display her special hat for the new Royal Ascot dress code. Can you believe that the controversy about the dress code took up half the news about the carnival? More tomorrow...

Tueday 19th June:Garry had a great discussion with Paul and Andrew about racing in general and racing over here. Andrew is for the race fields levy and I put up the argument for punters. In the end we agreed it was a chicken and the egg situation I. E racing would not get anything without punters and there would be no racing without owners. We called a truce before I moved on to uk raing with Paul who has been here for six weeks already.

Paul has been to many race meetings and he is amazed at the denseness of the uk punters he has met. He described how they line up to take any odds and most don't even understand it. They just line up race after race to get a bet on to have something to watch.

While Ros and I waited in the crowd for the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham palace I heard about the prize money situation over here. Horses are racing in ordinary races on the card for between 2k and 4 k and unlike Australia the horses here basically don't spell during the flat season which means the trainer’s charges continue at the full price.

Today we head off to the Sangster’s stud and tonight we continue with the night races at Windsor which is the closest track to London. It will be cold.


Sunday 17th June: Garry and Ros have arrived in London and Garry spent the afternoon getting measured up for a morning suit for the Ascot meeting next week, about $300 for the hire. They don't have to punt and were flat out as there was a long waiting time to get fitted.

The interesting thing was that the big topic of conversation amongst the Aussie group was does anyone know the footy Scores?

Tomorrow is an orientation day for London generally. It was put to Tony Noonan that he should go for the Black Caviar Ortensia quinella next Saturday. He is the friendliest person but being used to starting early and sleeping early, as trainers do, the trip has affected him more than most.

last night over 60 enthusiasts enjoyed a getting to meet you seafood banquet. Garry and Ros will have to watch their waist, sorry weight.

I'll post more news as Garry and Ros forward their news.


Friday 15th June: Garry and Ros are busy packing before heading off to Ascot after lunch where Black Caviar and Ortensia are set to do Australian racing proud. They will also be including visits to the Sangster’s Stud and the Newmarket scene to see how the English trainers operate. Maybe they will see this years Melbourne Cup winner on the Heath. Following England they will attend the Irish Derby. In the meantime I will be on hand to post reports and attend to member queries.

Natalie Connell

Thursday 14th June: I had just one race pencilled in yesterday fir myself and that was Gawler Race 5 where Limbo Queen was the clear favourite with 5 minutes to go. I dutch bet the two runners as usual and even though it ended up not being favourite and not winningbut our other runner won at $6 fixed (backed to $4.30 in the end.) The result was $572 profit for my $500 outlay. Good enough.

I spoke to Mark in the morning as he was fine tuning his Powerbet Top Three approach. A bit of a dodgy day with three heavy tracks and a lot of smaller fields which we eliminate. Gawler race 5 was the first wining race followed by Sandown 6. Canterbury 5 found no room for the $10 winner but we were on Sturgis at $11 in the next at Gawler for a clear win. That was the last of the good news for the day.

Did you take NSW to win the series. I did but was disappointed to see the price had firmed after I recommended it. Anyhow,maybe I;ll have a few bucks to come home to. The Weekend Sports bets are up and once again we hav e left the NRL out as teams get back their battered and bruised Orign players.

Wednesday 13th June: Gawler is one of two tracks today which aren't heavy. I decided to check the new Gawlwer track which has had just 214 races since the trcak was rebuilt. Out Top Two are maing a level stakes profit but that's courtesy of a $201 winner on July last year. The Top Two strike rate is just 29% or much less than the strike rate at the old Gawler trcak which favoured front runners and we had about 35% race strike rate. It may be an anomaly though as our 65% race strike rate for the top five is close to our normal top five race strike rate everywhere.

I doubt whether there have been anywhere near enough races run yet to assess any "horses for courses" and this is probabaly due to the fact that the track is a lot fairer than it used to be. Good luck today.

Tuesday 12th June: In spite of the weather yesterday the Powerbet Top 3 yielded some good results. Nothing came to fruition for Mr X though. The only Morning C Plan race missed out and our Powerplay single selection ran 2nd at $14.

The forecast for Ortensia's run at Ascot is showers but not enough to worry about. There is also talk about her backing up on the Saturday. That would be interesting. We will be there with Tony Noonan, the former trainer of Ortensia so that will be interesting. As disappointing as it was to lose the mare, Tony is one of her keenest supporters.

This year could see the biggest turnover ever from Australian punters on the Ascot Carnival. Maybe we could take an Ortensia/Black Caviar double. $7 and $1.50 so $ 10.50 but it would be all in.

Sydneys Daily Telegraph is all in Blue today. Will that be enough to get them home against the Maroons on Wednesday night? Well at least they are at home and have been training in the big wet and cold that has been Sydney this week. Luckily, it should be fine Wednesday night.

Monday 11th June: Mat came over yesterday and cooked up lamb shanks for lunch. It was a rare event and the day went well. He tough he should spend some time with us before we left for Ascot. That was the porsitive.

You might remember that David Toulson and I missed out a massive profit Saturday when the Internet dropped out and most of our bets did not get on. Yesterday they did and it was only the second big losing day experienced with $891 going west. Well you can't win all the time.

Our records suggest winning streaks of as long as 250 or more (lays that is) but you can still get a bunch of them all land together and thats waht happened yesterday.

Today Randwick is abandoned and of the four remaining tracks three are heavy and could end up the same way. I'm not betting.

The Weekend Sports is having a rare losing weekend. Only three matches selected and two lost wth one to go today. It won't affect our average. I note that Game 2 of State of Origin is $1.91 each side but Queensland is $1.24 to win the series as they get two chances. But if NSW wins this game the $4 for them to win the series is attractive. So think about this. You have a 50/50 chance of winning this game and if they do you could save by taking Qld in the decider. It looks a reasonable "edge" to me.

Sunday 10th June: A good day yesterday when you think about it. The Premium did O.K. with Brambles being a selection at a very good price. The gremlins attacked our lay and bet scheme with the internet dropping out at 1.25 just a minute after we had laid a $43 winner. The auotmatic betting "bot" can't beat an internet outage and so as DT was out for the afternoon the damage wasn't discovered until too late to do anyhting and so the profit of over 100 units, YES 100 units or $1,000 fro $10 lays or $10,000 fro $100 lays, didn't arrive. We also missed winners like the Stradbroke winner at $29. It shows that nothing is perfect in this world.

This morning I joined a group of en thusiatics kayakas ranging in age from 30 up t0 70. We set off in misty conditions and after 2k paddled through a series of stormwater drains to access an interesting creek system on the other side. I begged off through lack of fitness after another k or so and headed home through a strengthening rain event but the tie I got back to write this the sun was just starting to peek through the clouds.

See. There is somehitng else to do besides punting.

Saturday 9th June: What a day yesterday! One of our lay bets won at $70 but we still won on the lays for the day. One of our back bets won at $60. Overall a good day even if it took until the last few races. For theweek it is massive for such small money but here's the thing. Betfair made 50% of what we made on their commissions. Remember. They now have to pay the 1.5% racefields levy which means that YOU not THEM have to pay it out of your winnings.

So to put it in perspective. YOU win $2,000 but that might be on a substantial turnover. You pay the levy PLUS their normal commission on every dollar you collect, not just winnings. Betfair collects $1,000and passes on about one quarter of it. So, on a vey rough mathematical basis YOU end up short 10% plus of our profits. That means no more risk but a lot less gain. AND if you are losing it hurts a lot more.

Good luck with your horses ploughing through the mud today. There are not too many moderate tracks today. We are putting our ratings up for the current conditions. We genrally don't bet some of our selection in slow or heavy unless they are proven on the ground. We'll be laying plenty though.

Friday 8th June: Yes I'm early but I wanted to add todays Betfair results, over $400 up and should be more but the bets for the last ten races somehow didn't paste into the Bot. Because it is automatic we missed three winning races before we noticed. The rest are on and luckily so far we havent had a single lay bet win but being Pinjarra and big fields anything could happen in the last three.

Natalie is reconfiguring my office and so it looks a lot prettier even though I have trouble finding everything. I did find some amazing offers we have made over the years and I can't believe the lack of response to some of them which turned out to be absolute winners. Unfortunately I noticed that many of the people who regularly sent feedback are no longer with us and I mean that physically. I can also tell that the type of punter that is surviving these days is a different type of person. The Racing scene has changed dramatically since 2007which is where I stopped browsing.

The Winform Newsletters make such interesting reading and provide great insight into punting generally. It also highlighted for me how long I have been recording my thoughts in the daily diary. It seems like just yesterday but in fact it has been many years.

Today "Friday" I am doing my best to get my "books" up to date for the taxman.

Thursday 7th June: I can't follow it. I gave up yesterday as with over 270 back and lay bets I just didn't know where to look. We were often on half the field or more and in the end simply looking at the results was the easier function. Commission to Betfair aside, we collected something like $1400+ worth of profits for $10 bets.Only two of the lay bets won and on the back side we had numerous collects with $45 + being the best.

I have to say again, we are in the early stages (started April/May) and no detailed info will be given until around August as by that stage we will have placed over 10,000 bets. We expect that we may well provide an instructional manual.

We've had some Members asking about any bookie offers lately. Here's the link to Luxbet who seem be doing a better job for our Members lately. That page shows this weeks promotions and there is a dollar for dollar offer up to $250 toopen an account via this link.

Wednesday 6th June: David Toulson has his Weekend Sports Bets online now. There are no mistakes, it is a simple formula, just match up the value with the best price or margin. Yesterday the Betfair back bets won nicely and we won every single lay bet on the day. A lot of Members have had appraches from Intral. They do not have our data base as we keep that very private but there are some smaller businesses that have sold their databases recently or more to the point, they have been offered to sellout with the value of the business being in the database. Intral basically manages your Betfair account I am told (they approached me too) and you pay them up front for a 2 year or more licence. They claim a 95% success rate (we get 97% but who 's counting) and we are wary of anyone we don't know and nor would we let any 3rd party control our account as there can only be one winner there.

Plenty of "fodder" today with five meetings.

Tuesday 5th June: Pakenham is off today wich is a pity as weusually do well there. For some reason they have not taken the meeting to Geelong which leaves just two meetings, the Cessnock Cup meeting on a heavy track and Mackay, which looks like being a good track.

Dvid Toulsons plan copped an unusually large number of lay bets winning yesterday, including the last at Noprtham which won by a head. That was the difference between winning and losing on the day.

Our analysisi has now reached over 200,000 win bets and 400,000 lay bets for a consistent long term profit. It would be just our luck if Betfair dropped out of the Australian market just as we are getting it right.

Monday 4th June: Weekend sports bets 5 from 7 so can't complain. Lost big time on the Knights Broncos match. The turning point? A penalty against the Knights when a high tackle from the Broncos went unpunished. Broncos score and put the game beyond reach.

Another winning day for the back/lays.It's simply impossible to do it manually though. Once you accept that 10% of the races will see a lay win you can simply ignore. On the other hand we are extending the back bets to include long shots as this is where some of the best win prices can come from. So the strike rate can be low but even a 1% strike rate wins if you get $120 or more. Also, our increasing turnover is reducing our commission rate.

Sunday 3rd June: So what's new? 3from 4 for the Weekend Sports so far. I personally backed GWS at +84.5 but I couldn't give that one out as starts that big aren't even on the chart. Our system said Melbourne was the value bet against Essendon. Who would have believed it?

Grandslam had on winner from two yesterday. At $1.90 it wasn't enough. The Daily Mail only covered four races yesterday and just as well I think, given the deterioating conditions at Eagle Farm and Warwick Farm.

David Toulsons betfair plan made over $1150 on just $5 bets yesterday and that was after laying three winners at $$20 or better. It just seems to work. But please. No more request for info. When we have it all together we will be happy to share and train those of you who want to do it.

Saturday 2nd June: The first of our Sports bets went down big time. We have to lose some. I was excited to see that Warwick Farm is a Good track today. They have avoided all the recent rain BUT just ONE Open Handicap race today??

David Toulson's plan has been expanded and yesterday, even though he laid a $60 winner, the day ended up in profit. The Powerbet Top Three strategy would have done so as well. I was busy. My daughter Natalie decided that as she will be working in my office it would be a good idea to revamp it. Not a single piece of paper was in its right place when I walked in yesterday. I have some nice new cupboards though. I just sih she could have attacked it after I left.

Good luck today.

Friday 1st June: David Toulson has been experimenting with his betting and laying plan and after two winning days hit a loss both wednesday and thursday. Thursday should have been a winning day except for three long priced lay bets winning. Each of these bets shouldn't have been placed as one vital factor got missed when inputting the bets. The loss was only $88 so no big deal.

Natalie has had another training day today as she prepares to look after our Members while Ros and I are away. Mr X is taking over Saturdays for me from the 16th onwards and I am forced to admit, his selection of Feature Races is at least as good as mine.

We have the Larsen Invest To Win results from January 1st to May 31st available for anyone considering purchasing the book. Email wrc@hunterlink.net.au for these.

Wednesday 31st May: I was about to post the Weekend Sports and I noticed the maket has changed. Two of the matches have changed in our favour and to get the prices we want we have had to change the recommended agency. Ill post them by 11 a.m. today so get on before the price goes off. The system forces me to recommend the Swans but my gut tells me the Bulldogs will give them a shellacking. But I have to go with the "system". Interesting to see what happens.

Wednesday 30th May: We have sold the very last copy of Trevor Johns Racing My Perfect Investment. It will no longer be available for purchase.

Yesterday I had $100 on our Premium bet just for interest. It ran 2nd. I thenlooked to the next C Plan opportunty and this came up in Townsville. I found the winner, made well over 100% profit on the race and finished in front. With only two weeks to go before Ascot I am not betting seriously. The last thing I want to do is head off after a losing run.

In the meantime I am working with David Toulson to improve the results of his betting and laying method. Yesterday was another winning day even after two long priced lay bets winning. Profit was 21% on turnover.

It was also a good Powerbet day yesterday. We rarely miss out wehn Grafton and Geelong are on. Grafton had ytwo $17 winners top rated and Geelong provided the losers that built the bet sizes up.


Tuesday 29th May: John Bradmore wanted me to publish this.

Good Morning Garry
I notice lots of positive feedback on Trevor Larsen’s book .I have a copy and have picked up many very interesting statistics which are sure to be of  use in the future. May I ask if you have met anyone who has been able to decipher the information manually?
I have my doubts that it is actually possible. I emailed TL on one point (his weight rating) and he replied that without subscribing to his service it is not possible to work it out manually. If anyone has been able to accurately apply TL’S methods successfully from the book alone, I am sure many of us would like to know how he did it. Greatly appreciate you publishing this email in the PP Diary.

Personally I am sure Larsen is right in saying you can't produce his weight assessments manually but I am equallys sure anyone who is a serious form follower can get an approximate assessment. The same would apply to race ranking, jockey ranking and so on.

Anyone can produce my Winform ratings manually but you won't get them exactly as I do because of the many formulas in my computer program. That's why many readers subscribe rather than do it for themselves.

What I have said to many people is that you don't necessarily have to apply the formulas in Larsens book in full to improve your punting. For example, I and several subscribers are looking at the Winform Top five in the selected races and then removing the horses with the most negative factors. This would probably leave us with just one or two horses and a very respectable strike rate at good odds. If you don't think this makes sense then re- read the book.

***Heres an interesting link**

Monday 28th May: Talk about snowed under. I will be flat out today organising everyones requests and orders following the successful Seminar last week. Eddy's comments reflect pretty much everyone's comments.

Hi Gary,
               I’m back from my holidays and like to congratulate you on producing a great seminar evening as I thoroughly enjoyed
listening to all the speakers and seeing how passionate they are into horse racing as I am also.            

                                                                          Regards EDDY

It seems my decision not to selectany NRL games during Origin period is spot on. Just check the results as favourite after favourite went down. It is the same every year.

On a persoanl note, it is always the same. I put on weight in Melbourne. There's just too much good food and at least 2 kgs of it seems to have stick to my body in spite of going to the gym every morning.

***Steve hasa copy of Trevor Johns COMING WINNERS GUIDE he would like to sell for $195 OR swap for Greg Horns book Professional Punting My Personall Approach. Email garry.robinson@y7mail.com and I will organise it.

Sunday 27th May: We head home from Melbourne today. The feature story in today's Racing news is a suggestion that the way to get people back to the track is simple. Pay on course punters a 10% bonus on their dividends, obviously only tote dividends but still. The writer pointed out that Caulfield was wet and miserable yesterday and the TVN gave such good service with their experts and the fact you could view the races with cheaper pub meals and drinks made it hard for raceclubs to compete and then there is the cost of entry, the cost of getting there and the cost of a racebook etc.

Hey, I have a suggestion. Let'smake it so that your wi fi and internet access is good enough at the track so we can read the form online, place bets without leaving our spot in the stand and still be able to walk down and view the horses live in the parade ring and in the stables if we want.

I also wonder why people go to the footy. The TV coverage is much better than most live viewing areas but what you can't recreate on the telly is the atmosphere and the excitement. So there's my take on all things that are relevant.

The SMS/Email service had 50% winners yesterday and some very good prices too. Mr X did his job well yesterday and Trevor Larsens' Invest To Win didn't have any selections due to zero eligible races in Sydney and of course the wet track at Caulfield.

Saturday 26th May: Two out of two for the Weekend Sports bets that's 46 bets from 68 @ $1.90. It's all wet for Saturday and I have assigned Mr X to look after the day while I have a little break. Back for Monday though when I sort out all the orders from this week and there have been a few. The feedback from this Seminar is about the best we have ever received even though several wished it were longer. Maybe next time??

Friday 25th May: We announced on Monday evening that unfortunately Trevor Johns suffered a repeat of his heart problems of last year and while it is not life threatening, meant that he was unable to attend. He did however provide me with some stats on his Chapter six horses and these have had an increase in average dividend. Why? Because many Members who have the book gave up on these after a bad run back in December/January. This month there have been many good winners but you dohave to hang in there when the strike rate is not likely to be much above 13%. The average price has risen though to over $10. So 30% profit on turnover??

Anyhow, we had just a couple of Trevors books left over for anyone who wants them and then we are taking it off the online store. Remember last year when one of Trevors first books (he has only written three) went for $1,000. Was it on E-Bay? We still have the E-Book version of Trevors book but he and I have decided that after seeing how prices were affected initially last December/January we would withdraw that option totally. This is to be fair to those who paid full price last year.

Thursday 24th May: Back to normal??? Well not really but we have had two great days at the Melbourne Racing Seminar. Over 40 people at the evening Seminar on Monday and a full house for all day Tuesday. The evening was great and Vince Accardi lighted the room up with his passion and fervour and John Furgal, Trevor Larsen of course David Toulson covered the idea of automated betting on Betfair and I finished the evening with the enhancements for the C Plan. After that we all emptied the bar even if it did take til 3 a.m.

On Tuesday we raised the bar several levels higher and Trevor Larsen really got stuck into the most important parts of his book Invest To Win. Vince came back with an elaborate presentation and David Toulson showed us how his plan worked live.

Greg Conroy from Rewardbet gave us even more information than the previous evening about this new product which our group will be testing with real money before the public release of the program. We'll be releasing much more information about this through the E-News.

Last night a group of us plus David Toulson and Rod Cleary of Vicbet watched State Of Origin. What a great night. and what a drama. Let's look at it unemotionally. It was 3 tries to 2 with one contentious try luckliy going to the Maroons. There was one denied try unluckily not going to NSW so in reality the game was very even all the way although I do think the blues lost a bit of heart towards the last quarter of the game.

From a betting poit of view I suggest NSW should be favourites in game two but they won't be.

Monday 20th May: I'm getting ahead of myself I guess but I have arrived in Melbourne to great news. Trevor Larsen's method found the winner Adroitly at Randwick plus the Trifecta and Quinella and it's great news because I took $17 fixed this morning and also, before I took the flight. Sadly, Trevor can't take it as a victory because he doesn't recommend betting on heavy tracks but that's okay for those of us who didn't see it coming. It's like a winner I was on a couple of weeks ago on a slow track.

That's the other good thing. With Scone taking the focus yesterday the Saturday meeting for Sydney was transferred to today, making it a workout day for Larsen.

Tonight we will take anyone aho sihes to attend the Seminar this evening and you can pay at the door. We have had several requsts at the weekend. C/card or right money only please. Also you can purchase an autographed copy of Trevor Larsens book at the door.

I was cursing yesterday when I realised that we had two out of two losses for the SMS but when I discussed itwith John Furgal he advised me that the second horse had actually deadheated for first at $6. Beauty.

And Weekend Sports got 3 out of 4 and Best Bets is on a roll with three wins in a row.

Sunday 19th May: Another win for the Weekend Footy yesterday, that's 2 from 2 with two matches to go. The new Winform selections had 3 wins from 7 yesterday at $8, $2 and $1.70 but the SMS service failed to soar. After some very good results last month, May could end up a losing month if we don't find anything good soon.

Off to Melbourne today. Can't wait to meet everybody and renew acquaintainces with those Members who have been before.

Saturday 18th May: The Quaddie paid over $2,000 and the Treble was $1152 at Scone yesterday. It often pays to take on the biggest meeting of the day as you get the best dividends in the bigger pools.

We spent most of yesterday organising the Seminar for Monday Evening and bookings for this event have now closed although we do have some people purchasing tickets at the door and have alllowed some additional seats for this. In a weird twist,the reason we are doing the Seminar in Melbourne is that we have had many many requests yet here we are with more people flying in from Interstate for Monday nights event than locals. It's going to be a great evening and yes we have a lot to fit in but there is a lot of content that will help the punter. Good luck today.

**Final updates are up. I have assumed an upgrade for Doomben

Thursday 17th May: Jeff Knapman had reason to celebrate last night. Before dinner he whacked a lazy dollaron the Trifecta in the last race at Belmont. Well it came in and paid $4600 due to one of our top five selections placing at 100/1. Outlay is only $60 for a box five.

I am off taking my grandaughter to lunch before I get back and work on the weekends races. I'll send out E-News later with my thoughts. Did you know that I have only missed a couple of race winners over the past couple of months. I hope I havent put the mockers on myself.

Wednesday 16th May: Weekend Sports bets are up todayand what's been haeppening in the past few weeks is happening again. You have to be quick to get the best prices. Already someof the winning propositions have firmed from $1.91 or so into $1.85. We don't touch NRL during the Origin period as it makes a mess of things with few teams being left intact. Those that are, are usually the unreliable teams anyway. There are some good opportunities in the AFL this week.

David Toulson has been sharpening his betting and laying techniques in preparation for the Seminar next week and reports that he hasn't had a losing day since he started. Yesterday looked bad initially but turned around late in the day to once again to finish in profit.

We have had a good response from the media and will have both newspaper and radio journalists in the audience for the first time.

We told you yesterday we were due for a ghood result at Grafton and so it was with the Quaddie $14092.The Powerbet top three strategy was right on top yesterday.

Tuesday 15th May: So I have a rotator cuff injury and I had an hour of physio on it yesteday so I feel a bit bruised . It's midway through the Panthers and St George game and I have already given up on the Dragons so we just scraped through the Weekend Footy with a modest profit.

Monday wasn't a winning day for any strategy except the Morning C Plan which had one bet for one winner, and there are no specials today that I can see. That said, we are due a good winner at Grafton and here's an odd thing. If you bet every single top three Winfom horse at the new Toowoomba track , you made a solid level stakes profit. They race there at least once every single week and sometimes more than once.

** Peter is coming down for the Seminar and will be going to Flemington this Saturday. Peter wouldn't mind meeting any of our Members who might be there. Email direct@hunterlink.net.au and I will put you in touch.

Monday 14th May: Intown for a car servcice this morning followed by a body service. My shoulder feels like I have a pinched nerve, maybe it is a tight muscle somewhere cauisng the problem. I hope so. Anyhow Glen will usually get it right.My health fund covers about 20% of the costif I am lucky.

We had another money back game yesterday when the raiders led Parramatta by 14 points before giving up 12 of them with a minute to go. Tehy scored again to get out to +6 but missed the gal attempt. Still beter money back than a loss. We have one game to go but stand one unit in front which will be nearly 3 if we get this one up.

Our SMS selection got too far back and arrived second at Kalgoorlie. I shold be back in the office after lunch.

Sunday 13th May: We only found out late Saturday morning that our form was incomplete. It was necessary to rerun it and our Daily Mail was updated well before the first race but not before many subscribers would have picked it up. Such errors are rare, however in the end the final update did get done around 11.30.

It does show the importance of checking the Diary for any late information. We did email everyone but not everyone checks their email.

In all there were 17 races on our amended card and it included the $69.80 winner Noogoora Burr and the $63 Quinella. In all we found the winner in 12 of the events, and 9 of thes were in the top three plus in Black Caviars event which we havent counted her as a winner, we recommended a place bet on Stirling Grove which came off quite nicely. We found only 5 Quinellas and one Trifecta.

The Weekend Sports are four out of five so far with three matches to go.

Only one week to go until the official launch of Trevor Larsens book Invest To Win and the new Rewardbet software. The Book launch is free to attend at 6 pm Monday 21st at Novotel On Collins in Melbourne. This will be followed by the Melbourne Racing Seminar where five professionalpunters will reveal information which they have found as key ingredients in making ongoing profits from punting. Bookings for the Seminar are at the online store.


** Today we've assumed upgrades for Doomben, Gold Coast and Rosehil and Belmont. All these tracks should be O.K. We have doubts about Caulfield and Morphettville.

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have exerienced.Even avoiding the heavy track at Coffs Harbour didn't help. Ipswich provided only placings as did Geelong and Canberra. Luckilytoday is another day and a much better one. Could we really get two really bad days in a row? It didn't get much better last night. The Brisbane Broncos outlayed the Sea Eagles scoring five tries to four but their goal kicker missed four goal shots in a row and a stupid kick to give back the oppostion possession inthe last 60 seconds gave the Sea Eagles an out. Luckily our other selection, the Titans, didn't need the 11.5 point start and won easily.

Good luck today. If you think I'm down and out, ask Mark Neld after Melbourne went down by 66 points after leading at the end of the first quarter. His reform plan is now out to five years. In Racing we can't wait for years to make a profit or we'd run out of money.

Fridat 11th May: Two artificial track meetings today at Canberra Acton and Geelong. We have long since lost our fear of howGeelong will play and we are getting good results. Canberra is just average but winnable. I am encouraged to see Ipswich rated Good today which augers well for Doomben tomorrow.

I noticed Belmont was playing up yesterday and this always seems to happen with then changeover from Ascot to the winter track. It really is different and some trainers prepare their horses specifically for the Belmont season, and vice versa of course.

There was a good Quaddie result yesterday I am told at the Gold Coast, $7600. Not bad for a week day.


Thursday 10th May: Last week I had trouble getting any value in the NRL but found several games of AFL at value prices. This week is the reverse. Almost every NRL game has value odds but only two AFL games came up. Personally I had difficult recommending bets against my favourite teams but I have to go with what the value chart says. It is right over 60% pf the time regardless of what I think.

Back in the 80's and early 90's when there were fewer races around I would often get hauled up over horses that I didn't select. A horse might have won for us but then two weeks later it is running again and didn't get selected. I found that clients would get hung up like that. Because it won for them they wanted to back it againeven though I had worked out that this time it wasn't suited. You can't afford to get hung up on that sort of thinking. Always go with the numbers even though sometimes you will be right. Most of the time you will be wrong.

Last week I and everyone else thought that Manly wold wipe Canberra off the map in the NRL. In the end it was only one pieced of good luck that stopped Canberra from winning the game outright. At the line we won easily and never looked like losing.

Wednesday 9th May: Went out to get lunch and a few things and got back just bfeore the last at Balaklava and Sandown. In both races the Winform Top Two was well above the 3rd rated horse and we got both winners.Perfect. We're finding the spots to the Evening Seminar on May 21st are filling up so it is time to book now if you wish to come. It was suggested to me this morning that the schedule looked too busy, well it is a bit but let me assure everyone thatwe are making sure each attendee will leave with some new knowledge that will make them money.

Tuesday 8th May: I wonder where yesterdays entry went?? I'M SURE I DID ONE BUT I MUST HAVE MISSED SAVING IT. I know I wanted to tell you about our continuing success with the Weekend Footy Tips. I did receive advice from one corporate how they would let you bet up to $50,000 but I imagine that would only apply until you won.

I rewatched the movie Two For The Money which was about the explosion of sports betting in the USA in the late 90's and how one tipster attracted such a following that up to 20 millions dollars was being invested on his tips.

In one season though, his tips were so bad in the first few weeks of the season his clients lost all their money and also what they borrowed to get out with. Of course they didn't get out. It's a classic situation. Gamblers don't have a staking plan. We do. The tipster got out after being burnt out from five years of tipping. In the end it was the sad stories from his punting clients that he couldn't take. He then decided it would make a good story and so sold it to a movie insider he met at golf In an interview he said that he had never bet on any of his tips.

Personally, I wouldn't take tips from anyone who doesn't bet them themselves.

Sunday 6th May:Sometimes I look atthe odds for a footy match and I think to myself "that is plain wrong". The line for the Fremantle Gold Coast game was -38.5 and I had to follow the "system" if you like. Fremantle won but by a few points. If Gold Coast had 40.5 start then they would have been the bet. So yesterday one win and one loss. Fortunately, my system is winning at 67% so far this season and has been 60%+ for seven years in a row.

On the Racing front Mr X was successful with the Weekend Feature Race. My choice of Daily Feature was a disaster. It was my worst of the day.

I did find the Flemington Quaddie and Treble easily enough for our subscribers.

Our WFM and WFMH selections had an unsuccessful day even though the Daily Mail had a Quinella and Trifecta in each of the first two races. We had 5 Quinellas and 3 Trifectasfrom the 13 races altogether. The best Quinella $50.20.

Trevor Larsen's Invest To Win found Chasse in a Premium race BUT Larsen does not invest on slow tracks. As it turned out I had already placed bets and the rain that arrived was not predicted. I made a profit though which offset my loss in the Daily Feature. For our offical record it counts as no bet.


Saturday 5th May: Two out of two for WeekEnd Spirts Bets so far. We have two Metro standard meetings, actually probably better than Metro at Hawkesbury and Gold Coast today. I'll be treating these as such and amending our filters. Hopefully this will provide a better solution for subscribers. The WFM and WFMH selections which are free with the Winform Daily Mail, made $22900 profit for $100 bets last year and over $5,000 so far this year. This from about ten bets per week on average. Is it any wonder I and many subscribers are looking forward to today?

I booked long ago to see the Western Bulldogs and Geelong this month and I was worried that the game would be a bit dead but afer watching the Bulldogs ast night I am confident we will see a much more even contest than expected.

Friday 4th May: We got the first three legs of the Quaddie in Wagga yesterday but ran 2nd in the last. The payout was the pool in some cases. It hurts that the winner, which was favourite, had a mere 9% win strike. We would have laid it. ** Just been advised by a client that he got the Warnambool First Four yesterday. It paid $16000, the Quinella $200 and Trifecta $4000. All you had to do was box our top four rated horses. I backed our top two horse only for the win and missed out.

It's Wagga Cup day today and possibly both Bendigo and Wagga could be upgraded later being just Dead 4 this morning. Some of Australias best trainers have runners in the Cup, which is as open as Sydney Heads. At least you should get value. I might actually have ago at the Quaddie today and I might have to go to six runners in the CUP.

Thursday 3rd May: yyou never expect this to happen to you but.. after telling Mat I was there to have lunch with him not watch him blow his dough on poker machines, I had to go to the bank to deposit a cheque at Lakehaven. I picked up a few items from Coles for lunch and headed off to my car. I got a call on my mobile and as I turned it on to answer a young thug came up and bumped me, taking it out of my hand and running off. I dropped my bundle and took off but was 20 metres behind when the guy from Eagles Boys Pizza flew out of his shop and grabbed my phone and the perpetrator as I caught up.
Have you ever wondered what you would do in this situation? I yelled at him as I grappled with him but he had loose clothes and wriggled free. After a 500 metre pursuit behind the shopping centre I gave up but not before telling him “see this phone?” It’s got your photo on it and I’m sending it to police. They’re on their way.” Well that was my exercise for the day.
I’ve been warned I shouldn’t have continued with it as he may have had a knife but you don’t think. I’ve also been told they think they know who it is. Hope that is my turn done for now.

I can tell you that this morning I am feeling the effects of that "fight or flight" adrenalin rush that sent me in pursuit.

Our SMS/Email service found two winners and all four placed yesterday. Our results for all services for April have been good. Details will go out in the E-News today. It's 4 a.m. and I am working on this weekends Footy Tips hoping to add to our winnings so far. If you don't currrently get the E-News subscribe by clicking the online store then free betting tools.

Wednesday 2nd May: I should have included Trevor Johns chapter six horse yesterday as it beat my horse in the first leg of the Quaddie. The Treble didn't get me my money back and I ran 2nd wiht better priced horses in every leg.The Quinella in the 7th paid $86 I think. We also selected the Taree Quaddie with a $20+ first leg winner it was always going to pay well.

The Warnambool Carnival continues today and this time last year we won the Wangoom. It is harder today but oru top selection is double figure odds and worth a go. The 9yo Stanzout is having another go after finishing 2nd last year to Uxorious.

The blastback from Betfairs 1.5% levy on Australian Racing is so bad that they may give up on it altogether and simply pull the plug. In the meantime, new island based corporates which dont pay anybody anything are set to step into place. Is it going to back to the bad old days?

Tuesday 1st May: If you want a good read see this. It was sent to us by Peter Savage, one of our many readers and a smart punter. Of course here in Ausrtalia, betting on the run is not available except by phone and even then on a delay.

Our SMS/Email selections are going well. We hada big run of outs from April 1st to 7th of 13 outs but for the quarter, Feb 1st to April 30th we have made 36.4 units profit or 16.8% Profit on turnover. It was February 1st that we switched to our new formulas.

It costs $995 for a subscription which ends on December 31st 2012. and the average number of bets per week has been 16. To subscribe you need to email direct@hunterlink.net.au with your contact detailsand we will call you to get your ccard details and start you off. Only a limited number of places are left.

The State Of Origin odds will have firmed dramatically for Queensland as three certain starters for NSW were injured in last nights NRL game. Kurt Gidley, Danny Buderus and Michael Jennings are unlikely to be fit in time with Gidley out for the season. One posirtive is that McManus surey wrte his name down for a spot on the wing.

Monday 30th April: So you'r think Wets Tigers leading 31 to nil with 12 minutes to go would be a winner. We gave 5.5 start. The result 31 to 30 and we lost what looked a ceratin bet. Still 5 from 9 for the weekend and still 68% wins for the year at $1.93. You work out the profit.

Three of the new WFM and WFMH selections yesterday for two winners and a recovery after Saturday. The averages are holding up and the prices will too.

We have a four month list of the finalworkout for Trevor Larsens Invest To Win and it includes the placings which reveals that the mehtod alos finds Quinellas Trifectas and First Fours too. We have that list for anyone who wants it. Simply email garry.r@hunterlink.net.au with "Larsen Results" in the title line.

Sunday 29th April: A mixed reaction to yesterdays news about the racefileds levy being passed onto punters. Some just accept it along with electricity price rises and the carbon tax etc. Not may see the further implications.

In the meantime we are 5 from 7 for the Weekend Sports Bets with two matches today.

Some amazing performances yesterday. More Joyous looked under pressure at the turn but from there she turned on the afterburners and left them in her wake. In Adelaide,Nolen took no chances and cleared out long before she needed too. Where was the sense of drama? It was out in and takeout and all over.

Here's a classic. Haven't we all done this? Mat was at Newcastke races yesterday and backed two horses in Adelaide. He returned to his date to watch the race and showed her the two horses on the ticket when "Oh no." they'd given him 7 and 10 instead of 7 and 9. He raced over and changed the ticket just in time. Two minutes later no 10 won at $109! What's that superstition about getting the wrong numbers on your ticket?

Yesterday I got a Treble, a Quaddie and a First Four. Can someon please explain how I lost money?? Well to be honest I had a massive place bet at $14 fixed about Sybil which led Black Caviar, well almost to the turn. She went into her shell as the big black cast her shadow.

Saturday 28th April:


This is the letter I personally received this morning.
Dear Garry,

Many of you will be aware of a recent decision by the High Court of Australia which upheld Racing NSW’s decision to impose a turnover based fee on wagering operators.

Due to the additional cost to Betfair associated with this decision and in order for us to continue to offer an Australian racing product to customers, it is necessary to implement an increase to prices on all Australasian racing markets.

From 1 May 2012, Betfair’s market base rate (‘MBR’) on all thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races in Australia and New Zealand will increase from 5% to 6.5%. Customers will still obtain Betfair Points on these markets in the ordinary manner and will remain eligible to receive a discount on the commission payable in accordance with their discount rate (the maximum discount rate remains 60%).

This price increase does not apply to any sport or overseas racing markets.

Betfair remains committed to providing our customers the best products and service in the market and despite this adjustment, Betfair’s prices will remain the best of any wagering operator on Australasian racing.

Customers seeking further information on this pricing alteration can call the Betfair Helpdesk on 1300 238 324 or email ausinfo@betfair.com

Corporate bookmakers have a diffferent approach. They are trolling their clients accounts for punters who are moderately successful and closing off their winning options by limiting access to ceratin products. In other caese they are simply putting limits on how much money can be won on certain types of bets. The first the punter learns of this is when they have a big win but get told "no you only get *** dollars because that is our limit payout for that type of bet.

The bottom line is If you are a losing punter you have nothing to worry about. Your bets are welcome everywhere!!

Have a good day today. With no rainabout we've assumed Caulfield will upgrade to Dead. All others as they are.



Friday 27th: Boy does time fly. I never even noticed I missed yesterday. Can you belive that our ratings found the Treble at Wyong $3443 and the Quaddie $27146 on Unitab and a nominal $129,000 on Victab as there was not even one full dollar investment on it. Sadly I wasn't on it either.

Wednesday 25th April: I was in the CMF back in the sixties but never left our shores. The experience was a good one though and I missed it. It's not hard to understand the mateship of serving brings and noone could ever begrudge our soldiers this day.

Punting wise we have had a good start. John French got a lot out of yesterdys Daily Feature Race with the $1600 Trifecta and anyone who collected the First Four has Mr X to thank because quite frankly I was out of it yesterday as I was advised that I had a hernia. Bugga! I only went for my flu injection.

Arctic Flight at $6.30 was never going to miss the first at Flemington for the Daily Mail and Somaly Miss at $4.60 was a good winner for our SMS/Email service. Only two selections to go as I post this during half time in the Collingwood/Bombers match.

All of our special Powerplay selections have run well without winning. It only takes one at the prices on offer.

We still have just two places for the Melbourne day seminar which also includes the previous evening presentation.


Tuesday 24th April: Ros and I stayed up late last night packing orders of Invet To Win for desptach today. So just when we thought we were finished, we had more orders form the online store this morning including one order from China. That's ironic considering our shipment just arrived from there.

A busy morning then. It's off to the mail centre but will bebback in time for the races. Last weeks washed out Casino meeting is listed for today if they get to run it.

Monday 23rd April: I organised just one bet yesterday but it was scratched at the barrier. I spent yesterday catching up with family and did no work at all.

I received an email yesterday from a professional who had plans for expanding his tipping service and after the weekend made a decision to simply close up shop. Why? He tells me he has made so much money over the Carnival that he has almost enough to retire on. More Joyous was the icing on the cake. He now plans to take the rest of the Autumn and Winter off and resume his punting activities only in the Spring.

I have been tempted in the past to do the same, but to be honest, the part of my punting journey that I enjoy is the interaction with my clients, many of whom are now my friends. I like nothing better than to hear how you have made money and improved your punting. Educating the punter is what I have spent my time doing and will continue to do.

Sunday 22nd April: The Winform Mail was highly successful yesterday with 6 Quinellas in 16 races. Both the Daily Feature Race and the Weeked Feature Race found winners.

The new Metro selections found just 3 winners but made a profit of 2.3 units profit and really the 25% winners was slightly above the average.

The Morning C Plan was profitable too.

The SMS/Email service had a good win and over $7500 profit now on our Money Factory Bank.

I have been using my own Professional Staking Plan for all my bets this year and although only making 5% profit on turnover the journey has been interesting. Altogether I have had 494 bets since February 1st, found 169 winners at an average of $3.01 . Remember, that includes may C Plan races where my average is just $2.20. I actually expect to do even better from here on in.

Saturday 21st April: Trevor Larsens method found Herculian Prince 2nd at $11 and Utah Saint 1st at $17.50 from the only two races bet today. We have ten books left from this week's shipment. Order via the online store.

Utah Saint was also our 2nd rated horse in the Daily Feature Race.

A slight losing day for me yesterday but our SMS/Email selection won. The ratings are posted at 8.31 and I will start work on the Winform Daily Mail. Only four Group races Australia wide today but plenty of opportunities in spite of wet tracks in NSW Qld and Victoria.

My persoanlbet size through the Professional Dtaking Plan has risen dramatically. I am close to doubling the Bank for the second time this week. Alternatively, if it doesn't happen I can see last weekends big wins disappearing down the sink hole. Think positive G!

Friday 20th April: Today the sun is shining and Randwick is on tomorrow. That's good news. I didn't finish in front yesterday even though I backed several winners. In fact my bets size increased during the day but I finished with a close second. And yes I could have quit in front after some early winners.

Orders for Trevor Larsens book continue to stream in and I am thinking that the latest shipment will be sold out soon. It left Brisbane this morning so I will be shipping next week for sure. So if you have already ordered then your book will arrive soon, about two weeks earlier than expected.

You know from time to time we get flack about the fact that many of our published strategies work a lot better if you use Winform Ratings. So out of the woodwork come the knockers and why? Because it costs money to buy them...Duh!! But wait. We supply a book for free via the online store which shows you how to work out the ratings yourself. Of course the knockers then complain "but that's too hard to work out." Well since when was anything achieved without a little effort.

Thursday 19th April: Yesterday was a frustrating day as I sat waiting for C Plan races. They were so rare that I started looking for opportunities. One such opportunity was the 6th at Sandown where I was able to back five horses and found the winner right near the top of the pack. Better still, because of the openness of the race al five runners were top odds and my return on the ducth bet was $2.65. Minutes later I noticed that our top two rated horses at Strathalbyn were $7.50 and $9 with our rates prices under $5. The next horse was rated $15. We finished 1st and 3rd and better sttill I got the winner at $10 for a race return of $4.47 and my Bank hit a new high for the year.

There was just one C Plan race after that at Mount Barker and in this race the odds turned against me as I took TAB prices which fired from $7 to $2.70 in the last two minutes. This reduced my expected win of $1.5 to $1.25 but it was a win. Plenty of times it goes the other way.

The Weekend Sports tips are up, AFL only as the NRL has a week off for Rep footy.

Wednesday 18th April: Not a lot to note about yesterday. Taree was eventually abandoned, probably when they ran out of hot water in the jockeys room. It was a miserable day up there. We did find the Quadddie at Townsville but with small fields it didn't pay a lot.

Today holds promise....more wet tracks I guess but Interstate looks okay. I'm thinking the C Plan today but no bets where there are heavy tracks.

I've seen the field for the Doncaster and there is a real mud lark among them. That's if they even get to run. It's that bad at the moment.

Tuesday 17th April: I'm not hard selling the Winform Daily Mail but I will be putting the price up, however we will also be offering monthly subs. In the meantime, the opportunity is there to pay now at the reduced prices as I don't expect I will have time to do anything about the price until after the Melbourne Seminar.

With only two meetings yesterday I used my time organising things for the Seminar and I am surprised at how many of our Members will be flying in from interstate. Melbourne is vastly underperforming. Hey I did the right thing and made sure it was on when there were no footy games on. As I suspected, there are some very experienced punters attending who will surely benefit from the Seminar of course but also from talking with one another. After the Evening Seminar on the 21st we will meet in the cafe/bar informally where the presenters wil stay around for a while to chat.

Three meetings today.. that's 24 races and 24 opportunities to make a profit.

Monday 16th April: We had 100% winners yesterday for our new method and overall aprofit since we went live on Friday.

The SMS/Email service struck gold too with excellent level stakes profit for the year. Using Money Factory and a $10,000 Bank we have now hit $7000+ profit for the year to date and with a similar performance could hit $25k or more by year end. The good news is that we are now expecting to open up the Membership of this service from today up until April 30th. The one Membership fee will be $995 and that will include all selections from today until December 31st 2012 so the sooner you order the longer service you get.

Today's E-News will have more details. If you aren't already receiving the free Winform E-News simply go to the online store, select "free betting tools" and we will organise it for you. The Winform E-News goes worldwide inclduing such diverse places as Korea, New York, Germany, Finland and more.

The latest delivery of Trevor Larsens book INvest To Win have now arrived and orders are being despatched this week. Go to the online store if you wish to order your copy.

Sunday 15th April: If you follow Invest To Win, Trevor Larsen's method, you have to suspend your beliefs. Winform's second bottom rated horse is actually second on Larsens list, a 7yo in a good quality Handicap at Flemington wiht a 12% lifetime strike rate and 7 yo to boot. AND ridden by an apprentice.. It wins at $11.90. Normally, similar horses in my massive data base, have a strike rate of about 5%, well all I can say is that this is the one in 20 that actually make up that 5%.

Our SMS/Email service (which is still closed to new subscribers) has an unlucky huge number of selections but has a massive win with several winner and Quick Retort (our bottom rated horse and a maiden) runs second at $51. And get this. Mat has three runners in this race, I have two and his runners run 1st and 3rd. A combined Trifecta, had we got on, paid $12,000.

The point about the previosu two paragraphs, is that you have to follow whatever method you are on. The Derby was won by a maiden for only the secon time in my memory but something must have told them to have a go. So why did you have to knock off our top rated selection Polish Knight?

We expected 23% winners from our single selectiosn yesterday. We got 25% with 4 from 16 BUT no big dividends so on the day finished behind. If we include Fridays winner we are all square.

Weekend Sports Bets are 3 from 4 and Mr X found the winner of the Weekend Feature Race at $8.40, the Quinella $37 and Trifecta $1060.

Saturday 14th April: Yesterday was the very first day we had a selection using the new handicapping process. One bet one winner so we cannot complain. I have been very busy this morning setting up new subscribers and processing further bookings for the Winform Seminar in Melbourne. At this Seminar I will reveal the new titbits that have led to making the selectiosn process more successful.

Overall 2yo races are marginal but I have left them in for now simply because those Members using Money Factory or Powerbet need them in to increase turnover. We don't recommend betting the selections on slow or heavy tracks but will still supply them as there is alwasy the possibility of an upgrade just as on dayes where the track is listed as Good or Dead the track could be downgraded. The strike rate does drop BUT the average dividend does increase to compensate. Wild And Proud at $31 is just one recent example.

We have assumed an upgrade for Flemington but left Doomben and Gold Coast dead as rain is expected this afternoon.

Friday 13th April: Liste below are the single selections fromthe Winform Daily Mail for Metropolitan tracks. The bet size is $10

January 28 bets 4 winners (yes a losing month) -$137

February 67 Bets 21 winners $319 Profit

March 85 Bets 25 Winners $549 Profit

Overall 180 bets 50 winners and $731 Profit for just $10 bets.

The cost of a thee month subscription is $225 and annula $695. For the record form January 1st 2005 there have been no losing years but as you can see some months can be disastrous. If you wnat to take a risk simply click the online store and choose selection services.

I am out today for the launch of the Newcastle Rugby Union Season. I may not be in any condition to answer your queries this evening but any ordres for the Winform Daily Mail placed via the online store I guarantee will be up and running by 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.

Thursday 12th April: Our footy method is not infalllible but sometimes you just have to go with it. For example, it says that the value bet of the weekend is the Titans away against Manly at 13.5 start. Personally and using my observations I would suggest 30 start may not be enough but in the end you have to go with the method. It is what has found us 63% wins long term at $1.90+. I ignored one lead two weeks ago and missed a winner. I don't think I could bear to watch this match but I will check the result.

For the AFL, the bookies are running much tighter markets and I couls only find two matches with any value this weekend and I am suss about one of them but once again I have gone with the method. The selections are online now for subscribers.

Yesterday our SMS/Email selectins found two wins and a place from three selections and prior to that one from one, so a losing wekeend compensated for with a winning midweek. The Money Factory Plan following all those selections has reached $5731 profit for the year to date and as that is on a $10,000 Bank it is more than acceptable just one third of the way through the year.

Wednesday 11th April: We've just finished a review of our Metropolitan selections and come up with some amazing results with over five consecutive years of profits. Previously we had 25% winners at close to $4 average, and to be honest, concentrated on horses with strong in running and great form at recent starts. It's not been a mistake but it has been hard to turn a level stakes profit.

With our new approach we have used some high striking statistics and our own ratings. Along the way we have left in what are normally considered "bogie" stats. We have ended up with just one or two selections per race for a race strike rate of 28% since January 2007 and NO losing years but around 10-12 selections per week.

We end up with fast, fit horses with weight advantages and an average dividend above $5. So instead of 25% winners at $4 we get 22%-23% winners at $5 PLUS>. For a trial period we are including these selections in our Winform Daily Mail which is still available at $225 for three months or $695 for a whole year. Just click here to give it a go.

Tuesday 10th April: We've updated the race files for today with all tracks now rated Good but apparently at Townsvlill a water main has burst and so they may not race.

Jeff would be happy again yesterday as the only Morning C PLan race resulted in a winner. I saved money as I didn't take the second horse as it was a 7yo. At the Melbourne Seminar I will be advising attendees on my latest C Plan strategies. This wlil be in the evening session on Monday the 21st.

Yesterday I decided to sail around the island sanctuary known as Pulbah Island. It was a long round trip which eventually took me 3 and a half hours as when I rounded the island I found the wind had changed and not in my favour. Along the way, my rudder got tangled in someones fishing gear and in the struggle to free it in the prevailing high winds I lost my Bellhus Racing Cap. Peter, if you are reading this maybe you could send me a replacement. Anyhow, what was good about the trip is that I was able to sail competently in the highest winds I have ever encountered. Ironically , when I arrived back, the wind had abated and finally I had to paddle the last few hundred metres.

The afternoon was a good winning one for me.

I heard today from along lost Member (he has been overseas for some time) who has had success with Powerbet in the past. The first thing Mark has done since arriving home is scan the Diary forthe past couple of years to see what has been happening. I highlghted the success of those lone selections I have been providing for Members in Powerplay. They continue to do well.

Monday 9th April: Here's a note from Jeff. I'll let him tell the story of the weekend.

Hi Garry

What a weekend so far!!


All my bets came in apart for Pinwheel

(I luckily skipped the Slipper, as reckoned the field was too wide to pick the winner (and had big winnings in the bag already))

Spent some time on Rosehill Race 6 after reading your comments in the newsletter. Bet each way on Miss Keepsake, took the Morning C Plan, and then reckoned there was a fair chance that the quinella and trifecta would come in - and if Keepsake was involved - should give a really good payout for both. However, puzzles me why the payout was not a lot larger for these exotics when no2 was an such high odds, and it was major meeting. Does your newsletter have that great a coverage that it wrecked the odds?! Or was all the money on the Slipper? Most disappointing as I was really expecting a monster payout when we scored 1,2,3! 

Took the first 3 Morning C Plans and skipped the last as had already won the most ever for a day and reckoned it would be pushing our luck for 4 out of 4.


Disruptive day so missed the first Morning C Plan. Got on the second and thought I should not try the third as already you had scored 2 out of 2. However, on close analysis of the form for the top 5 horses, I reckoned that Jobeth had a fair chance of pulling off the Cup, and she did.

So that must be one of the best winning streaks for the Morning C Plan - 6 out of 7!?

Keep up the good work (including more of the Keepsake variety)



Sunday 8th April: Well,Happy Easter. Anyone who followed our ratings yesterday and didn't win has no excuses at all. It was winner after winner and at great odds too. Money Factory, Powerbet, Ducth Bet C Plan. There were winners in all categories. Our recommende each way bet at $67, well I got $91 the win and $15 fixed the place in the end and got the $49 Quinella too, and the Trifecta and the First Four.

The Winform Daily Mail didn't do well but the win of Itala Prince soothed the nerves a bit.

Driffontein was the hard luck story in the Slipper, always a risky race, and Pierro just didn't have the numbers on the board for me. It happens. Well have a good dayand a Happy Easter.

We missed the Essendon result by 1/2 a point but we got the Swans home easilyso 2 from 3 and one refund.

We won on the Western Bulldogs last night but lost on Collingwood so we are now 3 from 5. That's a profit.

There has been a lot of feedback to Trevor Larsen and myself because in Caulfield Race 6 yesterday the winner was an eliminated runner uder his method. People get hung up on why horses are left out of ratings or selections and for the record, we left him out too because 90% or more of the time they don't win. This one did.

  His last start was 28 days ago and there are no indications
of winning after a letup or spell.  He had won in his first careeer race
start which is not unusual and many horses do this and it's no indication of
future letup or firstup wins.  He then had 15 races without a win until the
last two which he won.  The horse also needs a longer distance and its very
unusual for a horse needing a longer distance to follow a last start win at
at the same sprint distance. Regardless of price the horse had to receive a
poor classification.  70% to 72% of favorites do not win.

Saturday 7th April: A big day at Rosehill today with 9 Group Races and another 2 at Caulfield. I can tell you that Trevor Larsens method has highlighted the competitiveness of some of the fields and I wonder how many of the hundreds of readers will stick precisely to the guidelines.

We found the winner in the very first race of the day at Taree but how many of us were ready for that 10.15 race??In the second race at TYaree we found the First Four in our top five at over $2,000 and the Trifecta $1358. Who says you shouldn't bet in maidens?? Hope you all do well enough to have a feast tomorrow.

Our Weekend Sports Bets have one from one. I agonised last night as I believed I had recommended the Broncos at -5.5 but in fact when I looked at my workings I had recommended -4 which means we got square.

Thursday 5th April: Yes , I missed yesterday. Lots of stuff going on. I got my four bets on then headed off to the eye specialist where I organised my cataract operation for after my return from Royal Ascot. At the same time Ros was taking Belles dog Piper (she has been liviing with us while Belle was house hunting) to the vets for an ultrasound to follow up on a suspicious lump. It all turned out badly so I had an unhappy wife and daughter for the afternoon.

Did you notice the Winform Daily Mail yesterday? From four races selected we got three Quinellas , $28, $72 and $27 and two Trifectas at $495 and $121. There was a First Four at $249, not worth worrying about. I still ask the question. At $225 a quarter or $695 a year, is this the cheapest and best service going?

I start again today with a pile of paperwork and I am sorting out the Melbourne Seminar bookings , which are going along nicely. I will also be posting the Weekend Sports bets and getting off the Winform E-News. I noticed one longshot winner among the ratings yesterday but my four bets failed to even run a place. That's a bit rare as all four looked promising. Have a Good Easter. My next post will be on Saturday.

Tuesday 3rd April: I noticed a $20 winner for Trevor Johns Chapter six yesterday. They're still out therearen't they? I expect Trevor will update us on results at the Melbourne Seminar next month. Trevor's eye operation has gone well and I find out tomorrow when mine will be. Trevor has had a permanent lense inserted aftre cataract surgery. A few days of minor discomfort and then good for life. We are all living longer as medicicne advances.

I sent out the E-News which I put together at 4 a.m. this morning. Ican sleep when I'm dead.

Not much luck wiht our Weekend Sports bets,just three from seven so that's 12 from 19 so far, still in front but Money Factory will now earn its keep.


Winform Top Two 33.4% Average $5.47

Top Three 46% $6.18

Top Four 58% average $8.01

Top Five 68% Average $8.17

Grand Slam is doing very well with 38% winners so far this year.


Monday 2nd April: Runs of 9 outs and 11 outs three times in March for our SMS/Email selections but they still finished with the right strike rate and with a solid level stakes profit for the month. Two bets yesterday and both placed.

Today I am on maintenance duty at our unit at Raffertys. I'll do the E-News this evening or first thing tomorrow. I'll have the result of tonights NRL game , we have 3 from 6 so far, our worst result for the year to date but not a disaster. Money Factory breezes through results like that.

Have a good day back at work for those who still do. By the way, Trevor Larsen asks that all who want selectiosn register before Friday please. So if you get your book do it immediately.

Sunday 1st April: No fooling. The SMS/Email service came back with a vengeance yesterday with 10.45 units profit or over $1,000 on a $100 bet. In the mentime I missed out with our weekend sports bets because even though our chart said that Parramatta was a good bet, I didn't believe it so there goes a good winner. There have been a few shocks iver the weekend so far and I will need my last two bets to get up to recover.

The SMS/Email selections have struck at better than 30% for the year but importanty, our Money Factory has produced $5400 profit at a rate of 17.5% POT.

We have a few vacancies for the Melbourne Seminar but only about 12 for the Day Seminar. There are 37 places for the Evening Seminar. If you are considering coming it would be a good idea to book soon.

Saturday 31st March: Great to see a Good track for the Guineas meeting today. Tatts has a jackpot on the Rosehill Treble so I will have a go at that but this morning I am not around as I have meetings at Raffertys so Mr X will be doing the Dail;y Feature Race as well as the Weekend Feature.

Trevor Larsen's Invest To Win is looking at only two races today I reckon and orders for the May delivery are already coming in. Those who have recieved their books are in raptures about it and you can see some of the comments on our feedback page (click the link on the home page). As I suspected, many readers are looking to use some of the negatives to refine their own selection processes.

While I thingk about it, we are making some changes to the home page so next time you are there please refresh itas otherwise the old page simply sits there.

Okay, well I have to go but later when I return I will be live punting on a Saturday for the first time for months as the sailing season has ended. I need to find some spending money for my trip to Ascot in June.

Friday 30th March: Trevor Johns chapter six led to a $50 winner yesterday. Wehad a very unlucky 2nd in a C Plan race at Geelong. Our top rated runner missed the start badly but our other runner Dominant was available at as much as $61 and held them off at the finish to go down in a group of four across the line. The Place dividend was over $10. I am due for one of those to get up.

Earlier in the day I did score a good C Plan winner, getting $4.60 about a $3.50 runner. The win resulted in a race dividend of $3.90. Compared to the average race dividend of $2.20- $2.30 it was a great result.

Here's the reason why I sometimes recommend books by other authors. It shows you don't stop learning.

Hi Garry
Just received my copy of invest to win.what a great book,have been punting for 20 years,seriously for the last 8 years and have learnt heaps already and only half way through it.
Many thanks
Greg Laing

I imagine that those people who are intending to come to the Melbourne Seminar will be looking forward to hearing from Trevor Larsen in person.

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Thursday 29th March: Today is Weetwood Handicap and Toowoomba Cuo Day. The Weetwood used to be 1300 metres, then again, it used to be a grass track. In the viewing areas you won't find a single blade of grass. The crowd will be massive. Winform Ratings always do well at Toowoomba so I hope it will help us to a good winning day as we also have Geelong, another good track for us. Hawkesbury is O.K. but try getting a decent priced winner.

I have my issue of the Sportingmail. It's a very well laid out magazine with mostly poor quality articles, well written but meaningless and mostly dated. I mean who needs an article on who is likely to win the NRL competition when four rounds have been completed and the "celebrity" tipsters have the egg well and truly on their face highlighted. Corey Pearson and Michael Sullivan both have West Tigers on top. Sullivan also predicts St George to be "on the slide", not from what we've seen so far. Sadly there are no articles which might actually help the punter with their punting. It illustrates yet again that what you get for free is never as good as what you pay for.



Wednesday 28th March: Well, they're all away and I can relax for a bit. I have had a brief look at the odds for this weekends NRL games and virtually all of the favourites except one, are value under our rules. I will have a closer look once a few more bookies put up their quotes. One thing I have learnt is that when the winners are "obvious" the reverse happens.

Typical of what happens when you are too busy to bet. The Winform Ratings had a "blinder" yesterday.

Our Premium subscribers have access to a new set of selections through the Powerplay area. Not many bets but 48 this month so far and not a great strike rate, around 16% overall but this month so far over $4,000 Profit for $100 bets. I was discussing these with Ken yesterday but he admitted that he hadn't even been looking at them because he does so many other things.

Tuesday 27th March: I've taken a break from packaging books. My fingers are suffering from the scissors. I'd never make a seamstresse. I've only got about another fifty to package, so about lunchtime. The last of them should go out today.

Two specials today. Here's hoping. You know.I had an idea and ran it through the GTX system developer. It proved fruitful, finding abotu 500 selections a year for a clear level stakes profit for the past three years and for the past five years BUT in amongst that was a run of negative returns which persisted fro 18 months!! Could you survive that??

I havent looked at things like distance or track condition but no doubt once I apply even just those two things, especially if I use Larsen's criteria, I am confident that even that lean period will be profitable, after all the premise is sound and I will be issuing strong pointers to the methodology at the Melbourne Seminar.

Okay, my two bets are on and I am back downstairs to pack more books.

Monday 26th March: Trevor Larsen arrived with Robyne yesterday and so started the laborouis task of packing and posting hundreds of copies of his newbook Invest To Win. Packed in 15 kg. boxes it took many tripsjust to get them into the office. Next, Trevor personaly signed and numbered each book that was preordered individually. Our next task was more fun as we stopped for a BBQ t fuel up for the afternoon.

Trevor and Robyne headed off to Sydney to meet relatives before driving back to Queensland while Ros and I settled in to our task of individually wrapping each book in bubble wrap before addressing the courier bags and then applying tracking numbers to each item thn recording the date each book is despatched. Later today and agina tomorrow, the local post office has to detail every pack through their computer terminal and so their journey begins. We quit our task around midnight a lot lesd than half way through.

The book itself is an artwork. The leaves are gold tipped, the cover is gold embossed and the detail inside is complex as expected. Is it all worth it? Yes it is. I can see that the ideal way to work this method is to compile a check list for each aspect e.g age of horse, distance range, class range, jockey ability and so on. It will take some thorough examination and I can see that one user "Hello Gil" will start preparing his spreadsheet like he did with Trevor Johns book.

Australia Post quotes 1-4 days delivery for most destinations but up to seven days for country destinations so expect to receive your advance order later this week or by mid next week. IN anticipation Trevor has set up his website so that those who took advantage of his offer will be able to access his final workouts from April 6th.

The next shipment of books will wrrive in time for the Melbourne Seminar which is on May 21st and 22nd. Details at the online store.

The Weekend Sportsbets got three out of three, including longshots Newcastle Knights at $2.85. We are now 9 from 12, that's 75%.

Sunday 25th March: All the advice I get from other people is "Don't put your losses on the net. Talk positive." he problem is, well it's not a problem, I have arepuataion for honesty so here it is.

Some good news. WE now have two from two for this weekends sports bets. Our Premiums were okay. The Winform Daily Mail had 14 races on it for six Quinellas and four Trifectas but nothing big enough to make a profit, so a losing day there. The Weekend Feature Race didn't turn out like Mr X planned it but he did get the Quinella and Trifecta. The Daily Feature Race found the winner. And the Caulfield Quaddie and Treble was in our selections. Not so bad so far but Trevor Larsen's mehod had a rare losing day with four races covered and just one winner. Not enough to turn a profit bu the good news is that his books have arrived and we are packing and positng them over the next two days.

Our SMS/Email service had a great Friday but yesterday we wiped out all our profit and more with only two winners from a dozen or more selections. ON a brighter note our Money Factory for these is over $4,000 in front on a $10,000 Bank and the losing streak yesterday hardly put a dent in it.

Saturday 24th March: Our first weekend sports bet Penrith had to win by 3. Well at 39 to 6 I think they did that well enough so 7 from 10 with two to go this weekend.

Our SMS/Email service had four selections yesterday for three wins at $5, $6.50 and $2.20. That's a good pay day. I am using the Professional Staking Plan and have reached the "double your bank stage with 42% wins at $2.87 average and that includes many C Plan wins at around $2.30.

Our Winform Daily Mail had a blockbuster result today as well. The Premoiums had two wins and a place from three bets so no complaints there either.

Friday 23rd March: Did I really say the AFL starts this weekend?? I should have said betting for the opening round has started. There were sonme good C Plan results yesterday and I could have used them. I had a win and a place from three bets yesterday for a small loss. What I did do in between taking orders from clients attending the Melbourne Seminar, was fix a boat wheel and out my "tinnie" in the water for the first time since last Easter. As you can see I am a real "boatie." Anyhow, it all worls so if the kids come out it will be working for them. My boat licence and registration cost a lot more than the fuel I use, that's for sure.

One of our selections yesterday had a 9% strike rate but was a last start winner and was racing in the right class. This particular plan has a 28% strike rate and excellent profits long term. I used the GTX program to analyse the past few years data and amazingly, low strike rate runners won just as many bets as those with higher strike rates. It didn't even run a place even though it was from a strong stable.

Nash Rawiller is riding Extra Zero at the Albury Cup meeting today. It is a quality field and Rawillers mount has 8 starts for just two placings at the distance. If he gets it home it will be a remarkable effort. He then rides Foxwedge at Moonee Valley tonight

Thursday 22nd March: I did win that Newmarket yesterday with three runners backed. I did lose all the profit back on the Quaddie and First Four etc and Dao Dao robbed me of that and the Quinella and Trifecta as well. My other specials both ran 2nd....again.

Brenton Burford is working on a new method using the ratings which to date has been very very profitable, although an even day yesterday.

Trevor Larsens book Invest To Win will be posted to those who preordered next week. Those orders placed after the deadline will be fulfilled once remainign stocks arrive late early to mid May.

Wednesday 21st March: It's a fine day in Newcastle, a little overcast but potentially the track will be upgraded by the running of the Newmarket. Uniquely, every runner except All Legal is affected by a Winform penalty for 1st up 2nd but not one single runner is penalised for a low strike rate. The only runner that would get a low strike rate penalty in this class is Latin News. You can see the market by following any of the links below for IASBet (now SportsBet)'s double dipper promotion for today. I will be on All Legal as the fittest horse in the race at least each way but take him out and there are many with a chance.

Want a Free Double Dipper Bet but don’t have an account? JOIN NOW for a $200 Free Bet – 200% Deposit Bonus!

Rod Cleary's vicbet.com is offering best of three totes on New Zealand races.

Tuesday 20th March: A slow day today but maybe that just means we have to look harder at the races which are available. Tomorrow is Newcastle Newmarket Day and I usually find my way there at some stage. Punting can be a patience game. But then so is the stockmarket and bank deposits are even slower to produce a result.

Over the past two years there have been around 40 meeetings at Benalla and Ballina and the Winform Top Two have made a generous level stakes profit over that time. Let's hope it keeps up today.

Trevor Larsen has advised that the presold shipment of his book Invest To Win arrives in Brisbane tomorrow. He still has to clear them through customs and he and Robyne will then go through them book by book and Trevor will personaly sign each one. If all goes well we will be packing and posting them next week.

Bookings are now being taken for the Melbourne Seminar in May. Details are on the online store and you should book early. The punting talent at that Seminar is far greater than any previous event. Attendees will take with them punting knowledge that is simply not available anywhere else and never will be again. The logistics of putting all those "gurus' in the one place is just too difficult.

The advantage of Melbourne is that it is central to the rest of Australia with cheap flights from almost everywhere and massive availability of reasonably priced accomodation. If you could only ever find the time or money to attand an event then this is the one you should attend.

Monday 19th March: This morning I had Ben call around to fix a problem with my Adventure Island. He was on a day off but didn't want me delayed in getting the boat fixed. It took him nearly three hours. Just before he left I asked could he just check the sail controls to make sure I had them right. It was then that he discovered that my mast had been installed incorrectly and the next time I had gone sailing I was in real danger of losing the mast and likely being injured as well. He is reporting back tomorrow. So I ask mysefl? Should I bet todaY?? Am I temptin fate? Check tonorrow.

Actually I did have a bet. Lost the first race won the second and $200 up so took the profit and back to work.

I checked my website figures as I was concerned we werelosing ground but you know what? Our web traffic is up 10% on this time last year with more pages being accessed and more time spent on the site on average. So it's all good.

A question? And I will take feedback. If you had $50,000 to bet with and knew that you would at least double your bank that year , would you pay $20,000 to get the information when you only had to spend less than ten minutes a week of your time?

Sunday18th March: I was battered and bruised sailing yesterday battling the wind and the rain and when the spinnaker took off with just my tenuous grip on the clew it was like Bass Strait. The last thing I wanted to do was turn the computer on and find that I had a losing day. Far from it.

I suppose a day where there are seven races on the Winform Daily Mail and not one top rated winner might seem like a failure, even allowing for our Grandslam selection (second rated Nobbys Snip) being a good winner. But as I have been pointing out week after week, we get at least 40% winning Quinellas and the Feature Race Trifectas and the occasional First Four can be worth waiting for and yesterday there were four Quinellas from the seven races with two of them around $50 and two Trifectas at $600+ and near $500. A good days work in any language.

Mr X chose Randwick Race 5 and talked up Nobbys Snip. I chose the Daily Feature and said "we should at least get the Quinella but of course we got the $46 Quinella dn $486 Trifecta. Our SMS/Email clients got seven selectiosn for three winners and three paces with only the well backed Shangai Warrior missing a slot. I had some each way parlays and won them all.

Saturday 17th March: I was at a business Seminar all day yesterday and in the lunch break I took out my Amex card to pay for lunch but somewhere in between the two restaurants and the ATM it must have slipped from my grasp. A quick search by myself and Natalies found no sign of it even though we looked just a few seconds later. It was an inconvenience as I cnacelled the card immediately and these days we all have several cards.

Our Seminar was about improving business and the presenters give you basic business advice and the way to "sell" hasn't changed but the delivery methods have. For their work they get really big bucks. One of the presenters told us how wecould get 16% to 35% interest investing in US Property tax liens and purchasing US properties under pressure to foreclose. For their experitse you pay several thousnd dollars.

The point is that these are real investments and anyone can do them by themselves with a lot of work and I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this market. However, it is a lot easier to get someone to show you th shortcuts as they do at their upcoming Seminar.

We do the same thing in a way. Anyone can spend hours and hours doing their own ratings. And you can win with your own ratings. We even give the book away free which shows you hpw to do yur own ratings.

The point is that many of our Members take the shortcut and get us to do the ratings and they pay us to do it. And we also run Seminars to teach you the shortcuts. Can you see the similarities??

Our next Seminar is on May 21st and 22nd in Melbourne and there are cheap flights from everywhere to get there. Why Melbourne?? Well most of the expert presenters live there and those that don't, myself included, love to go there.

Friday 16th March: I decided to have a little snooze about midday yesterday while I was waiting for the first race. Three and a half hours later was when I managed to warm up the computer and place my first bet. I got nicely in front on the C Plan before I went for "one more". That ran 2nd , one of several for the day, and cut my profit to a few dollars. Gree Gree Greed!Is it realy good??

I have just sent out the Members Draw for the week PLUS we now have the Melbourne Seminar at the online store so you can register. We have also announced TheOddsbroker as our Seminar sponsor. Due to their generosity those attending will have much of the cost rebated. In addition we have a number of $100 vouchers available to attendees to assist them with purchases of the products they want from the expert presenters at the Seminar.

I am at a conference all day today with Natalie but will be able to respond to any messages after 5 p.m. today.

Thursday 15th March: Weather played a part in my decision to quit punting after two C Plan winners put me in front for the day. Strathalbyn was off after a storm and at Doomben everyone wanted to scratch.

The Weekend Sports Bets are online now and we are hoping to continue on our 5 from 6 so far. We have found another three value selections. For example, why take a team at $2.00 outright when you can get 1.5 start at $1.95. That means if a game goes to golden point and gets beat you still win, and you only gave up 5 cents.

Winform. I have no enthusiasm for backing the two favourites at the price but I do give Wild and Proud a chance each way. If we get a good track I still like mOsheen.

Wednesday 14th March: It's good to see Sale running again on a firm track. We always find something there. I wont do the Quaddie as there are too few runners in the first leg. Things are getting back to normal here though and that's a good sign. I'm looking forward to a good day today.

Tuesday 13th March: It was a fun day. I took Norsqui each way in the Adelaide Cup and he finished third. Damien Oliver roder the perfect race on Drunken Sailor for 3199 metres of the 3200 event. I collected the Moonee Valley Quaddie with 1st 2nd and 3rd in the last leg. In fact I backed every runner that wasn't already in my Quaddie so I couldn't lose. It Paid $2500.

I also noticed a longshot chapter 5 horse and a longshot chapter six horse from Trevor Johns book. Both were double figure odds and both won easily. Both were highly rated by Winform as well.

Our new Grandslam strategy has paid off with some nice winners in recent weeks and yesterdays Daily Feature Race found the Quinella and Trifecta and First Four but alas, Mr X recommended betting the top two selections and they did not win.

My boat gets fixed this morning, I have a meeting which will benefit Members at noon and then? Wellmaybe Ill see if there are any C Plan races.

Monday 12th March: Adelaide Cup Day. A fun day for all with three Metro meetings. I'll probably get some reading done and check the results later. It's been hectic. This morning I had to check my order forms for Invets To Win against our data base and then out of the blue a money order arrives after being posted ages ago. Check again. Luckily, we have just enough to cover our orders. I had hoped to end up with a spare copy just to sit on the shelf untouched but that has had to go to fill that last order. At least I will have one persoanl copy to work with.

The next shipment wont be here until May.

I am also waiting for someone to repair my boat. The rudder pin snapped when I was out last week and right in the middle of the lake. It was a long paddle home. Turns out there has been a design fault that will be rectified but it will be later today or early tomorrow. At least it wont cost me.

Today we are taking 25% off all book orders placed via the online store. This excludes Larsens book of course.

Sunday 11th March: After last night we now have four wins from five for our Weekend Sports. One bet to go today.

Yesterday we had 15 races on the Autumn package and Daily Mail. We found 8 Quinellas and are maintaining our 40%+ strike rate but we also got a $3995 First Four and five Trifectas.

Our Premium bets did okay too. I got set and then crewed on a local yacht. It was a toguh assignment as due to a breakage we missed the start by 6 minutes. It was hard work all the way and in the end we lost by less than 30 seconds after hitting the front mid way up the second last leg. Unfortunately, the wind turned and we lost our advantage. We are three people on a yacht that needs four hands.

On arriving home I found I was well behind with just three bets left. Two of these won to take me to a nice lead. It was then only the fact that I missed the Quaddie and the Treble that left me officially out of pocket on the day.

No rest day today. The grass is growing faster than I can cut it down but I will find time to see the Knights in action today at 2. Mat heads off on another away assignment today and in two weeks he is 6 months in his new job and "permanent" but we don't take anything for granted.

Saturday 10th March: Mr X suggested a bet yesterday in Orange Race 7. It didn't win but boxng his top five found the Quinella and Trifecta so it's not all bad news. We did Okay at Cranbourne last night.

We expect upgrades at all threeVictorina tracks today and Warwick Farm may upgrade to Slow. That's how we've set them up. A lot of scratchings at the Farm but at Flemington we have an absolute feast.

We dodn't need the 6.5 poits start for the Cowboys last night who got us our 3rd win from four Weekend Sports selection so far.

Friday 9th March: I expected to be able to win the Pinjarra Quaddie yesterday but didn't see value. As it happened it came easily enough but with all legs taken out by favourites or near favourites it would have been a losing proposition.

Hey It's Friday and there are no night meetings. I guess they're giving everyone the night off in preparation for tomorrow's Super Saturday at Flemington. We have an Autumn Package for just $225 that gives you the top five runners in each Group race in March and April. We win in these races AND get 40% winning Quinellas. You can ourchase the package at the online store under HRA promos.

Apart from the usual I will be taking the day off today but you can still call and leave messages and I wil get back to you this evening if needed.


Thursday 8th March: The Weekend Sportsbets are online now. Two wins from three last weekend but we are looking for three from three this week. A lot of teams were very disorganised last week but combinations will be better this week. Some teams were underestimated and some teams overperformed without winning. That hurts.

I had a shocker yesterday and didn't even get close, sorry, I did get close to the Trifecta in the last at Sandown with 2nd 3rd and 4th. I couldn't even land a C Plan winner in the races I bet and that is very rare.

A planned meeting had to be resheduled at the last minute and so the good news I expected won't be announced until this time next week. It rained again here yesterday and overnight. Nothing changes. Remember the drought?

Wednesday 7th March: No bets for me yesterday I was way too busy taking orders for Invest To Win. Our current allocation is all but sold out and further orders which must be made via the online store, won't be delivered until May. The orders for airfreight have been finalised today.

Ros is having a day off but I willbe going for the Sandown Quaddie again. I really get sick of getting three legs, especially if it is one of the legs of the Treble which I often take as a back up. I have five bets today but too are in one race. I guess I will have another go at a parlay, I must get one up soon I reckon. From the last 8 attempts my best result has been a Double three times. On Sunday I missed in a photo what would have been a $4,000 payout. Instead I lost $100.

P.S. Those Members who are sending cheques or money orders for your book please ensure they are on their way.


Tuesday 6th March: The only special of the day won yesterday. I'm not complaining. I'm also not complaining about the incredibel response to Invest To Win and we have just handful of books left from our airfreight consignment. which we expect to despatch after customs clearance to purchasers the last week of March. I have to be out of the office this morning but will be back later in case of any phone queries. We have had more than one client purchase two copies, one for its collectors value and one to be thumbed through on a regular basis and some are gifting a copy to a punting mate. And yes, the occasional partner is also donating a copy to their spouse for an upcoming birthday.

We will check and double check our orders this evening so the final airfreight order goes in tomorrow first thing. Order via the online store and note you don't need to log in to place an order. The online store log in system is completely different to our normal Member log in.

Not sure how many race meetings we will have today but I note that the 1 in 100 year flood level is set to take place at Wagga today. My mum was from Wagga and I was there for more than one Murrumbidgee flood as we watched the brown water edging further up the main street. Thank goodness it didn't flood the theatre where I was able to wacth the classic movie "Smiley".

Monday 5th March: We have only 39 copies of Invest To Win left of our exclusive allocation that will be airfreighted to us for local distribution from March 25th. We will continue to accept orders until 5 p.m. tomorow or until sold out. Any orders received after that date will be subject to availability and wont be delivered until at least May.

Larsen advsied us today that by sticking to certain distances, his method had an increased strike rate from above 60% to nearly 80% but of course this means that you would invest in fewer races.

Three specials yesterday for two wins and a second and just one specila for today for our SMS clients.

Sunday 4th March: Our worst day ever for specials. I can't believe not one winner from those 9. ON a better note the Auttmn package and Winform DailyMail delivered with 13 races selected and 5 Quinellas, they are so consistent yet no one seems to get the message, yesterday they paid $100.30 and $27 $60.70 and a couple of ordinary ones.

Anyone who has been using the Greg Horn strategy from his book, Professional Punting -My Personal Approach, would be ecstatic with their results over the past 12 months. It just continues to pump profits and yesterday included Wild And Proud $31, Mosheen $5 and Enchanting Waters $3.50, Red Tracer $1.65 and Fire Thunderbolt $7.

Trevor Larsens Invest To Win found only two races to bet on yesterday and one of those was deleted when the Flemington track was downgraded to Slow. In the other race he found the winner on top at $16 and the Trifecta in order. So 100% strike rate yesterday.

My visit to the Chilli Factory yesterday was worthwhile but it meant I missed the first few races and arrived home just before the winning Invest To Win race. That was lucky for me. Orders for the book will cease after 5 p.m. Tuesday. All preorders will be despatched as soon as the airfreighted shipment arrives over the next couple of weeks and clears customs. Orders for the remaining books, will be for May delivery if there are any left. Click on the online store button to the left to order.

Saturday 3rd March: 9 selections for our specials service today. That's one more than last week when two winners yielded a 1.5 unit profit. I'd like four winners today and the prices look better.

Mat is taking me on a Chilli Factory tour today so I'll be out burning my innards while several of my bets run around. I've gone for the Flemington Quaddie ($2 million pool), backed up with the Treble and took the Eagle Farm Jackpot Treble and Jackpot First Four on the Guineas.

Plenty of rain around Flemington and expecting a downgrade but slow at worst. Good luck. I don't like Helmet but included it in my Quaddie just in case.

Friday 2nd March: John B asked us why we included the losing races in our E-News yesterday for Trevor Larsen's method. The answer is simple. Here's my reply.


It’s as simple as that John. We don’t believe in presenting you with false information as our reputation is built on honesty.

At the bottom of the list you will see that there were 26 races over the period and 13 of these were won and the profit figures are very clear.

We also pointed out how much you had to bet to make enough profit to make it worthwhile, no point getting a $295 book if you can only afford $10 a time, although we do have members who treat this whole thing as a hobby.

Hope that clears it up,



I cna tell you there is no chance of Trevor Larsen having any bets in Sydney tomorow but with the Melbourne weather clearing (some minor showers expected tomorrow) Flemington could see some action. My special may come unstuck with the better going, I had anticipated a slow track at least but my money is on and I have no choice but to stick with it.

Today it is disappointing to see Sale and Sapphire Coast abandoned as we usually do so well there. I have two good bets to place today and I will do so with confidence.

Our very first sportsbet of the year won at $2.50 last night. We said "With St George winning 11 of the past 13 encounters the $2.50 is value even if they lose. Knights are at home but $1.50 is not good value even if they win. Watch this one or take a chance. Your choice."

Our Weekend Sports Bets cost just $149 for the season and you also get our Best Bets and Weekend Feature Race for no extra. We have to fix a link today so you can subscribe. Ill let you know when it is done.

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Lucas Cranach – S Tab = $5.10, IAS City SuperPrice = $5.44
Dystopia – S Tab = $3.70 IAS City SuperPrice = $4.13

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Thursday 1st March: The first C Plan race of the day yesterday was a winner but I missed it. I also missed the Quaddie but unfortunately I was on.

The E-News will be on it's way shortly and I have found a special for Saturday and won't be the only one who has found it as the odds have already shortened. Check your inbox soon.

Wednesday 29th February: Only two meetings yesterday but on the posiive side my one bet won at $3.40. It was also a Morning C Plan race. At Coffs Harbour we got the Quaddie.

After the coldest Summer in over 50 years we finish with another rainy day.

Mr X and I were discussing yesterday how Racing is getting oushed towards a Wednesday start. Racing Victoria is looking to have zero racedays on Monday and who, of the Racing States would want to run their races without an away meeting to keep the punters interested in between races? What we arae getting instead are Fridays and Sundays wirth as many race meeings as there used to be on Saturdays only. The problem is that not all these races are on the one channel and you have to switch between Sky 1 and Sky 2 while still keeping up with the odds. Hard work.

An early evening meeting today means that I will be quitting as soon as I have a worthwhile profit today. The C Plan is probabaly my bets option today, although I might have a Quaddie.

Tuesday 28th February: Many of the Members who requested a copy of the results for Trevor Larsen's book Invest To Win have been reading the results incorrectly. Each race includes the winners name and winning dividend. On the right it indicate whether Larsen won or lost on that race and there is a running total for a $10,000 Bank. As the bank rises above $10,000 the profits ARE TAKEN OUT.

If you wish to see a copy simply email direct@hunterlink.net.au with the subject "Larsen results".

Only one meeting yesterday and to be honest I didn't even look at it until afterv it was all over. Today there are only two meetings and I have one special in the last at Donald which I have already placed. May it run the legs off them!

Today Ros is focussing on finding suitable accommodation for her 90yo mother. It wont be easy.

By the way. I am now on Skype but after two days I am already getting hoax calls. The latest from "lovely Regina" does anyone know this lovely creature??

OUR NRL FOOTY TIPS ARE ONLINE NOW. 2011 was yet another winning year. To subscribe visit the online store. Yoru $149 includes footy tips for NRL and AFL PLUS Best horse tips for the year as well.

Monday 27th February: More moving today, hopefully this is the last day. Back in the office before lunch. Here's a tip for property investors. When a house comes with A CAR PORT, CHECK THAT A CAR, ANY CAR , ACTUALLY FITS IN IT. Belle didn't and it doesn't and it's only a Yaris. Luckily the driveway takes one car and there is no problem with parking outside in the street.

Sunday 26th February: Bugga! Just wrote it all up and forgot to hit save!. The first day of the Autumn Carnival package produced 7 Quinellas from 12 races. Not a bad start and winners at $8 , $9.50 and $13.

The SMS service found $9.60 from 8 bets so a handy profit. We needed it after virtually all midweek runners placed but not enough won to make a profit.

Money Factory did well though. As Alex says " Thanks for giving me the password to put Money Factory on my new computer. As you knw I would be lost without my Money Factory. Too true Alex.


Saturday 25th February: I'm told that readers only want to see racing information on my site but I don't believe it. I believe we all have events in our lives which interfere with our punting but as long as it doesn't become vice versa, we can live with it. If the punting controls our lives we have a problem.That is not to say we should punt haphazardly, we should still give it the attention it deserves so that includes watching the prices and track conditions and so on if that's what our method requires. It's a discipline.

I've missed a few winners this week due to personal circumstances but also I've backed some losers in the time I have had available but it could have been the reverse so no regrets.

Yesterday another nearly there day with the SMS selections. Five bets in foru races for one win and three others placed. My each way parlay returned me 75% of my stake, not good enough but once again just one more winner makes it a juicy result. Good luck for today. With Gold Coast and Eagle Farm abandoned we can concentrate on Caulfield.


Friday 24th February: We've just uploaded the raytings for today again as Caloundra grass track has been replaced with the artificial track for tonights meeing. It's important because trainers would have nominated their horses expecting to run on grass as the cushion track night racing season had finished. The change in expected track conditions has obviously had something to do with it with heavy rain predicted for tonight. Think twice before betting there tonight.

We've settled on Belles house, now there's the celebratory drinks at 5.30 but I;ll save my celebration for when I've backed four or five winners today. No luck so far with a certain winner run down on the post.

Thursday 23rd February: Just the one winner for the SMS with three of the four placed. We did find the Doomben Quaddie at $3000+ and four Morning C Plan winners.

In the meantime today I am hleping Belle into a new house and Mat who has been given a few days off due to an error (someone forgot to line up his service calls) is getting his house organised with some furniture shifting and that means all my action will be this morning. At this stage I see nothing but that might change with scratchings.

The Best Bet won again yesterday. The E-News might be going out tomorrow. We have upgaded the online store so would apreciate any comments on the new layout and feedback on any issues.

Wednesday 22nd February: As the month winds down we see more changes coming upto Racing conditions . This time it is for the 3yo races in Perth. For more inforation go to this site. We also use this site for scratchings as we get them about 30 minutes before the TAB site.

We have four good bets for the SMS service today, our first for the week. Two of them look specials, one looks like good each way value and the last would have to improve on last week's performance but we are giving him one more go, a chance to redeem himself. We have a Grandslam selection today. With the new gudielines it is possible to get selections at any Metro meeting.

Tuesday 21st February: Denis McGrath asks "Hi,
What is the " the new odds and evens bet type for Vicbet.com? "

At Vicbet.com during live betting i.e. from about 30 minutes before each race (MetrO) you can back all horses with odd numbers at a fixed price or all horses with odds numbers for a fixed price.

If your market suggests that  a horse with an even number is more likely to win then back that. The market is only 4% against you which means you only have to be right by a few percent to.make money.

Yesterday Wangaratta went to heavy but Grafton as usual found enough winners to make a profit. My only bet was the Treble but one leg doesn't pay. I'm getting pretty excited about the upcoming Seminar in May. Anyone who does not walk away from that Seminar totoally convinced that there ounting will improve out of sight won't have been listening.

Monday 20th February: We always seem to do well at Grafton and today the track is good but we do poorly at Wangaratta and I don't know why. With only eight races at each venue the tables could get turned quite easily on this very small sample but you would think we could achieve 5 winners in the Top Two.

Yesterday I had the choice of World Wide beer tasting (which I chose), the Food and Wine Festival or the Caravan and Camping Expo. The winners of last years My Kitchen Rules were there and I actually picked up a couple of worthwhile cooking tips. Sammy and Bella reckon this years crop of contestants are much more aggressive than in the series they won. It as as you would expect though.By the time the food is tested it is all cold and all the comments are recorded the day after. I hate cold food (food that's supposed to be hot that is.)

The upgrade of our online store is scheduled to take place later today so it will be ready (fingers crossed) for tomorrow. I hope to have the order forms for the Melbourne Seminar ready for Members to book. The line up of presenters is simply stellar and while not all their Professional secrets are secret they are all vitak tools for maing long term profits.

Sunday 19th February: Lone Rock ran on well to be close up but not near good enough. He did just enough for everyone to pop him in their black book so no value next time out. Black Caviar is upto 19 straight, equal to the record. I am disappointed to see her heading to Dubai for her next race as she will encounter a dirt track for the first time,an extra challenge. A 20th win here would be more fun.

The Winform Daily Mail had 13 races and we did get 6 Quinella 3 Trifectas and a First Four but nothing to rave about. The Ratings got seven of the eight races at Warwick Farm in the top three rated horses and overall the ratings had some nice double figure winners.

I have been whinging all week about our SMS/Email Profit Accumulator service running placing after placing. Well it finally broke clear yesterday with eight selections and three winners but look at the prices. $14, $5 and $9.60. That's a $20.6 units profit and puts us in front for the month after a winning month in January. You just have to hang in there.

After the disappointment of getting three legs of the Quaddie we finally hit it with the Jackpot Quaddie in Brisbane paying over $4,000. Imagine this. You have three legs of the Quaddie in and you are watching the last leg. There are three horses in contention in the last 50metres AND YOU HAVE ALL THREE!

Saturday 18th February: My recommendation for Lone Rock has seen the price shorten dramatically. Pressure has come from all quarters but no one seriously expects Black Caviar to be beaten. It comes up as a selection for us under some plans but do we give that out?? I'm not bothering to place a bet. Still we have to give it out.

Last night one bet copped a massive check which cost him over 5 lengths. The race commentator completely missed it. I'm not going to back it next time because there's no guarantee it will do better but it was yet another loser for me in what has been a savage week with only places. Luckily, the C Plan is keeping my head above water.

Last night I did it again. Three legs of the Quaddie at the Valley and a second in the other leg. I will stay out of the Quaddie again today as there is no point with Black Caviar in everybodies ticket.

Friday 17th February: Tomorrow there are two races at Flemington over 1410 metres and race 7 is 1400 metres. I wonder what that is about? A big day ahead with tonight having four race meetinsg if you include the tail end of Esperance. Also we have a meeting at Kingscote, one of two annual TAB meetings. I'd be cautious betting there if I were you but some peoeple wont be able to help themselves.

Thursday 16th Febraury: Trevor Johns Chapter six horses were quiet over the December/January period and average dividend dropped to $8.35 by my calculations. I know a few dropped out and to be honest, I hadn't had time to to keep up to date but I received information yesterday that has the average dividend for February at $12+ so far. Another Member told me on Monday of his ongoing success with the chapter 5 horses.

I had some good profits from the C Plan yesterday but once again, couldn't score with our specials. I am waiting for the turnaround and it will come. You just have to be there for the upsurge so if you havent planned your Staking right you will lose. Sounds awful but it is so true.

We found the Mornington Treble easily yesterday at $425. The first leg was the Mornington Cup and Norsqui was our top rated horse at $31 fixed. It came in 5 points late but that was Okay.

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Wednesday 15th February: Mr X was keen on a runner the other day. It didn't win but the Trifecta came up at $600+. Good work.

When depositing money to our account, it's a good idea to put your name on as reference. We have an orphan at the moment. We might be expecting a deposit but by the time that happens we may have several deposits.

The very first race of the day didn't kick off until 1.45 yesterday. It was a C Plan race and a winner. With the kast race of the day at 7.05 it was a good place to start and end.

Tuesday 14th February: I can't remember the exact time but I just can't remember when I killed the Chinaman. Another placed special. I did have chinese for lunch yesterday.

I've paid to upgrade oneof our programs but I am not eager to download it. I know I'm in for a world of pain, that's just how it is. You know the average person these days has such fun with their computers. Games, music pictures etc.etc. but to me that is all just more work. I spend so much of my time just making sure our computers work.

Anyhow, another C Plan race coming up. Here's hoping.

Monday 13th February: Over the weekend our online store stopped working. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IT IS BACK UP AND RUNNING.

I wish I could say the same about our profits. Unfortunately that is not so but I have spent considerable time with our data bases back to Jaunary 2005 and no matter what scenario I try there is no avoiding at least one very bad run per year even with a 30%+ strike rate or a 40% + strike rate or a 50%+ strike rate.

It is something we must endure.

Sunday 12th February: Our SMS service had a win and a 2nd to finish 1.6 units down. I take the Mwlebourn quaddie every week and the Untiba Treble as a back up f the first leg loses. Yesterday, with Black Caviar as a given in the first leg I though it was a waste of time. It paid $3400 and the Unitab Treble paid $3199. Outlay in each case was $125.

Anyone betting Black Caviar on best tote got a pleasant surprise. And the guy who bet $500,000 to win $20k never had a worry in the running.

The Winform Daily Mail didn't have much to boast about yesterday but from nine selected races there were four Quinellas and one Trifecta. The Quinellas paid $16, $17, $55 and $58 so for a $90 outlay the return $146. Our Best bets had one from two. The Morning C Plan also had a good day with four wins from six. The Morning C Plan is just $225 a quarter or $695 for the year. You can only subscribe by phone at present or by emailing direct@hunterlink.net.au and we will contact you to organise payment.

Saturday 11th February: We had a big book of Premium specials yesterday and all had conditins on them. The three at Ipswich were for a good track only, well that wasn't going to happen but two of them won and all three were placed.. The bet at the Sunshine Coast was for a wet track only. It was upgraded to Good and the horse did nothing. The last runner was interesting. It was Go Katrina and a bet only if favourite. It was but could only run 4th. For our SMS service we ended up with just one runner and it was the closest of 2nds in the last at Moonee Valley after Glen Boss came back into for to ride his first city winners for a long long time.

The track today at Caulfield is a Dead5. Litlle chance of a Good rating by Black Caviar time but she should get a Dead 4 by then and she has won on wet tracks. I don't back 8yos but Danzylum has dead track form, is a specialist at the distance and a front runner, which depending on the wind direction, could be a good place special. I had Playing God in mind for the "buster" bet but it has been hopeless in the wet after four attempts.

Friday 10th February: $500,000 to win $20,000. The bet is on and you know which horse it is so what are those odds? $1.04. I guarantee it wont be the only bet of that size tomorrow. Tonight we have two good bets. May they have fast legs!!!

Another day, another two specials running a place only. I had good wins with the C Plan so covered myself Okay. I can understand why a lot of Members go back to the C Plan. It always finds winners.

We now have available race and pacee charts from a Melbourne Professional. Anyone serious about subscribing (net cost $30-$40 per week) can get a sample by emailing garry.robinson@y7mail.com . Final cost will depend on the number of subscribers but I am confident the cost is more than worth it.

Racing today starts at 12.30 and goes thorugh until 10.30. Big day. We expect to have two more specials today. Maybe these will win.

Thursday 9th February: Yesterday was a bit of a let down with two specials both going down. Funny though, we had great success with two good longshots at Sandown and Doomben which yielded me $2400 on a small investment.

My day was disrupted as we had to collect Mat from the airport after his stint in WA. He arrived back severely dehydrated after the heat in Perth and the marathon red eye flight home via Brisbane. He also arrived back with a dozen WA Marrons which he cooked up for lunch, however it made me late for getting onto Gogonski at $13, winner of the first at Sandown and top rated.

Today Mat is back to his normal schedule and after drinking water (which he rarely does) he is feeling much better. The mild weather will help too.

I finish, I hope, my root canal today. Three of todays meetings ARE TWILIGHTS. That does mean I will be back in time forallbut the first one or two at Port Lincoln.

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Wednesday 8th February: I was confident I had updated the diary yesterday. Obviously not.

What I did do yesterday was go through our worst ever period for the last few years of the NEW SMS/Email approach ( a win on Monday and a 2nd yesterday) using Money Factory. Using 1% of the Bank a $10 bet requires $10,000 of Capital and that is for level stakes and should never give anyone cause for concern. This same size Bank using Money factory uses a $50 base bet so in a situation where the selections are running sweetly, level stakes will outperform Money Factory but over this "bad" period where after 40 best level stakes was just equal (7 losers a $1.60 winner then 8 losers among this test) Money Factory made $1751 profit.

We have some outstanding offers for new SMS/Email subscribers which end Friday. Average number of bets weekly is about 10 and there is one today which looks okay and could be around the $8-$10 mark. Great if it gets up.

With Invest To Win, Trevor Larsen has advised that if the book is unduly delayed (getting printed and bound now) he may get prepurchased books airfreighted In that case they would be despatched in order of receipt of orders. There are no guarantees as the printers may not be able to split the delivery, that's the problem with dealing with overseas operators although I must admit I have had my share of problems with printers here.

Monday6th February: Sunday was a very productive day in the end. I spent way too much time intthe plane as when we landed the 100kmh wind meant that the stairs could not be lined up with the plane as it was rocking too much. The turbulence was so severe on our approach that those of us who were reading could not keep control of our books and had to pop them into the seat pockets. And yes, hanging on tight to your arm rests was the norm.

Recently I engaged John Furgal of Bonzatips to manage our email and SMS send to subscribers and John added his selections to the mix as a bonus. Reviewing all the selections for the past year, it became apparent that the best use is to combine both sets of selections and the overall result is very satisfying. 179 units of profit. And you could have even more if used with Money Factory. The best winners were around $10-$12 and the overall strike rate was close to 40%. So? Stick to 50% wins at around $2.20 or near 40% wins at av $3.30?

It's a no brainer as they say. Between the two services there were many duplicates but taking these out leaves an average ten bets a week which is more than enough for most people.


Sunday 5th February: , As I am off to melbourne before sunup tomorrow I thought I would update what I could Sat night. Trevor Larsen was spot on with a longshot 2nd, I couldnt have had it myself but I succumbed and took it each way for a $5 place dividend. He also scored a $7 winner in the only other race selected.

Grandslam has had one bet for a winner, the SMS service 6 bets in four races for 2 winners, not good enough really and we quinellad the Daily Feature and Mr X did get the Weekend Feature winner but a shortie.

I have a couple of meetings with Professionals in Melbourne and I hope to report on these Monday night.

Arrived in Melbourne all shook up due to the high winds. I thought I was smart booking intothe rear of the pane so I could be first out down the rear stairs. Trouble was, the wind was so strong they couldnt put the stairs against the plane. That meant last out through the front of the plane. Anyway, here now.

Saturday 4th February: Best fluc was the best option last night as I got $3 for our winner. Sunshine today, haven't seen that for a while. Below are the ratings results for January. Strike rates were good but dividends slightly down.

Top 2 33% Av $5.19

Top 3 46% Av $5.38

Top 4 58% Av $6.02

Top 5 68% Av $6.25

All our single selections services for January performed poorly, although not a great number of selections. One service that had an outstanding result was our new series for Powerbet. From around 40 selections the profit was $3690 for a $100 bet. Well worth the effort. 34% winners at better than $5 will do that. These are found in our Powerplay section. The normal strike rate is 17% and much higher average dividend. I guess the result is becuase of several winners being highly favoured which offset the longer priced runners.

Not much on for today, but a couple of possible Grandslams.

Friday 3rd February: While Melbourne sweats, we drown in NSW. Tamworth is off , Warwick Farm tomorrow and Canterbury tonight are in jeopardy.

We have a rare event tongiht with two selections in the one race qualifying as Grandslam. As I see it that's double the chance of winning so I have taken top fluc as the likely best option. The Winform SMS had a winner from the only race to run yesterday.

If you're headng to Warwick Farm tomorrow I have some good advice if you want to have a good day (this from a Sydney bookmaker) "Don't Go!"

I'm processing last months results this morning and will send out in Mondays E-News. If you don't already subscribe (it's free) to E-News then you can do so at the online store under HRA Promos.

Thursday 2nd February: I was a sht hd away from the $50,000 Sandown Quaddie yesterday after finding winners in the other three legs at $25, $10.50 and $26. Members who included the Moody/Nolen horse in race 6 would have been happier.

ON a brighter not eour SMS selection won the first at Launceston. At $2.40 it wasn't a mjor win but it did clear out by nearly three lengths so it wasn't a heart stopper.

Strathalbyn Race 6 was a good example of our Powerbet top three strategy. We don't back 7yo and up unless top rated so that race was just Savvy Smokin and Sonny Piccollo which won and paid $6.50. Five minutes later, a good winner $5.50 at Ascot. A good day for the Powerbet group.

Wednesday 1st February: I'll have yet another go at the Sandown Quaddie today. I just can't crack it lately but maybe today.

Places , Places , Places. That is all we have had this week and it'stime for a chnage don't you think?? The bonus offers in the brochure are extended to the end of this week as that makes sense. I'm having a break from the office this arvo as I have been chained to my desk processing orders for several weeks now. Back to the chain gang tomorrow though.

Tuesday 31st January: I think it might be a new record. Warnambool today we got the Quinella and Exacta in race 2. Quinella $329.30 and Exacta $2006.70. A Quinella boxing the top five is $10 and gets the result 40% of the time. In spite of the Exacta, we don't recommend them because it costs a lot more and the pools are too small. IASBet paid $338.63 for the Qluinella. (now SportsBet)

Our first SMS special could only run a place and the next is about to run at $2.60. Here's hoping. Yesterday one winner from our two races but a very short price.

Monday 30th January: The E-News went out OK but the dipaly of Trevor Laresens workout may not have appeared correctly. If you need to see it in a.pdf file, simply email winform@hunterlink.net.au and we'll send youa copy back.

The bonus offers from our brochure end this week so make sure you send your orders in. You can call the office as I am in all day today and tomorrow solving, or trying to, computer problems.

Sunday 29th January: The Invest To Win strategy landed a $15 winner yesterday to make January another winning month. So here's my hard luck story, or good luck, depending on which way you look at it. It was my 40th wedding anniversary and we had all of our children together for a very pleasant seafood lunch, which Ros and I prepared ourselves.

Betting wise everything was done in haste and so I only had time to take out the Sandown quaddie and no time to work through the actual race strategy.

I scored three legs of the Quaddie and ran 2nd in the other at $28 for a zero return.

The "correct" strategy on the one selected race was 2 bets and a save bet. Why? The 2nd best selection was paying $10 but had a 9% strike rate so even though the "2nd best" sensibly you would have had two bets of say $50 and then $11 to get square. Outlay $111 and return of $750.

Anyhow, once our kids went home I sat down and set about a few C Plan bets and made good profits with four wins from six races. I also had a good win on Belora, our one Grandslam selection for the day. At $3.60, it paid better than expected, considering that we now expect a 40% strike rate on these.

Later I noted that from the 7 races at Toowoomba, there were four eligible C Plan races for four winners.

Today I take Mat to the airport for a long journey to Busselton in WA. He is there for ten days so his employer must be impressed with his work and last week he was training a new employee. Fingers crossed as usual. He is much more prepared for this trip.

Saturday 28th January: The Sandown Quaddie is gettable today, so I will have a go at that. The Sydney program is forgettable, not even oneOpen handicap on the card. Morphettville has two. It doesn't matter I suppose as we simply line up the best of what is there in each race. The key to Winform ratings is the answer to two questions? "How fast can they run?" and "Can they run that fast today??" From that point we apply the adjustments for weight, barrier, distance and so on.Good luck.

Friday 27th January: Mat arrived back safely from Darwin but flies out to Busselton in WA on sunday for another away assignment. To my surprise he arrived with a live Mud Crab, I didn't know they would allow items like this on the plane but there you go. An expensive treat for our Australia Day BBQ, presented with chilli and garlic...delicious.

With the abandoned meetings and heavy tracks I had a go at the Quaddie but lucked out although the last leg was a winner at $14. Our SMS service had two selections for a $10 second. That 2 units profit we are looking for just became harder.

Tonight is Balack Caviar night. What more can I say?

Thursday 26th January: Darwin and Doomben are already off but down south they are watering the track to take the sting out. We will post Vic tracks as good in anticipation. We won't be far out.

The SMS/Email service had one bet one winner again yesterday, we had two bets to come at Gosford but it was too dark to race in the end. So for the week so far Monday placed, Tuesday and Wednesday won. Would that it would always be so.

Have a good day today. Saturday only subscribers will see todays ratings under Saturday BUT after 5 p.m. they will revert to early Saturday so we suggest you print out races after this in advance.

I had some good C Plan ressukts yesterday. Three winsout of five when I had to leave for a family dinner.See Wednesday for a special offer from IASBet (now SportsBet).

Wednesday 25th January: There won't be any beach wars in Sydney tomorrow, too wet.

We had just the one SMS selection yesterday and it won okay. The first C Plan race of the day was a winner, the first Powerbet top three strategy race was a winner.

Mat gets back from Darwin tomorrow so organising for a BBQ at his place, yes being a hoilday tomorrow we have to get the food today for him. Ros is busy with her 90yo mum and visiting whille she waits for her turn at physio to get her tired knees working and on top of that Ros is helping Natalie with the baby as she is ill and our son in law is away for work. Still, that leaves me free to attend to the orders for Invest To Win and our netbook packages which have proved popular.

I have been too tied tot the office to do any sailing and that is one regret but silly me for putting on a promotion in January. Anyhow, here I am if anyone wants me..

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Tuesday 24th January: Our only SMS selection ran 3rd yesterday. Our Premium bets missed completely but I used some of Trevor Larsen's philosophy to find a $41 winner yesterday at Moruya. You see all three of our toprated selections in Race six, the Town Plate, had weaknesses.The winner had twice placed at this track from three runs and of his 4 career wins, 3 were at this distance and the price, well that was because of a last of 5 runners at Canberra but it was only 3 lengths and it was a fast run race. Hurriconi had good recent form but was 7yo and Sebony had good form at the track but was 8yo. A bet on all three was justified. A $41 winner the result.

Monday 23rd January: Ros sent out the E-News today from her email address. Wehave had a few reports that for some weird reason it went to junk mail so check this if you haven't received it.

I spent a lot of time processing Powerbet through December. There were 2542 bets 419 winners at better than $6 average and that was after we took out the $81 winner (skews the stats if we leave it in). I used all races that met the criteria and all meetings, including the bad ones. I did include Fillies and Mares races though as the statistics support them staying in since two years ago.

Betting level stakes made 87.4 units of profit and with Powerbet 113 units so $874 and $1130 respectively on the average bet but using Powerbet the actual cash return was $3246 on $10,000 BANK DIVIDED INTO ten series. During the months 11 series losses were recorded (when a series is lost (maximum $1,000) we start again).

Now I agree that no one would be on every bet every day.I simply put them all through to make sure I got a massive sample. Some clinets only bet Saturday Sunday and would have about 800-900 bets I reckon or betting just midweek, a similar amount, maybe even less if you cut out the twilight and night meetings. I also have to say taht the average dividends seemed a little light on to me so you can do better, I mostly took middle tote excpet for Metro meetings.

Sunday 22nd January: It was nice to see a $500 First Four for our Daily Feature Race yesterday but it was even more fun to see the $3000 First Four on the Daily Mail where we got 4 Quinellas from 8 races. For the first time that I can remember there were no Grandslam selections yesterday.

Mr X said back the 3 and 2 to win for the Weekend Feature Race and the 2 won at $5.30.

The SMS/Email got just one win from three races but the bonus Bonzatips got a $13 winner. Over 60 people took the free trial of Bonzatips last year and though the trial period was not great, overall the year's results have been impressive with a 40% strike rate and level stakes profit but more importantly a much better profit using Money Factory Professional Edition. Press the button on the right side menu here to learn more about how Money Factory works.

Trevor Larsen's book "Invest To Win" pointed to two races yesterday scoring a win in the Flemington race at $3.80 and a 2nd in the Rosehill race.

Saturday 21st January: ** We've downgraded Rosehill with more rain on the radar. Those Premium results quoted yesterday were just for last year. WE couldn't survive on 135 bets over 8 years could we?

I was overly cautious yetserday and pulled 3 selections in two races due to the expected low price. $1.30 was quoted in the morning. The two 'A" selectios won and at $1.70 which is more than worthwhile. Meantime the one race I did send out, because the odds quoted were good value, won and paid $11.70. No complaints there I expect.

We expect Flemington Moe and Morphettville to be upgraded so we have rated to a good track. It will be close enough.

Friday 20th January: Do you have the patience to sit and wait to see the odds? If you do then check out the results from our New Premium series and you only have to check Metro. Admittedly we only started this new series in December but when we looked back over the last 8 years we found the results consistent.

There were 135 bets for 74 wins and the longest losing run was four. PROFIT ON TURNOVER WAS over 30%

With our other Premium bets we now expect only about 400 or so bets a year. We no longer apply any sets of rules except the obvious ones. If track conditions change dramatically, then common sense prevails.

Commonsense or no common sense, after being 1 unit in profit yesterday, the SMS service went behind when our star runner missed the jump and was hopelessly tailed off. At least the stewards had a good luck to decide if the horses had a fair start. It reared just as the gates opened. A fraction sooner and they would have held the start. That's how it goes. Better luck today.

Thursday 19th January: It must be the start of the Autumn Carnival, we have a fabulous offer from IASBet (now SportsBet). Sounds good to me.

More work on my desk than you can shake a stick at but I had time to review favourites for 2011 and the striek rate last year was similar to normal at just over 30% and av div $2.87, not enough to make a profit. No surprises there but one thing that is surprising is that the favourite in the top two winform rated horses has dropped significantly to less than 35%.

You would think this would make a difference to the C Plan for instance but it doesn't because as the favourite strike rate drops off the other runners have a higher win percent to make up the difference.

We have just sent out a Newsletter to Members in hard copy with some fabulous offers. These end on January 31st, although obviously the products are still available after that at normal prices.

Yesterday Mr X found a standout winner at $3.80 for the Daily Feature Race. The SMS/Email service is going well and while zero selections the past two days, there are a couple today.

Wednesday 18th January: 4:55 Canberra Race 6 17Jan12 1300m BM55 HCP $14000 Good

No Form Horse Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
8 32424X13 Our Angelina 4.2 49.5 tcdW
2 135X1 Sydneys Destiny 4.2 49.4 T BB
10 74X13 Our Brightest Star 4.9 48.4 t W

This is what subscribers to the Winform Daily Mail got yesterday. The Best Bet won and the Trifecta was in this top three.That's the advantage of having the Winform Daily Mail. You get the top five runners in all races where we have a single selection (excluding Premium). You also get the Daily Feature Race and Mr X was hapy to tell me he had selected a winner yet again.

We predicted we would find winners at Canberra and Warnambool yesterday and we did but no big prices and the small fields at Warnambool restricted our opportunities. The first three C PLan races won yesterday but I was only on the fourth and last one of the day. It just missed..one more stride.

Tuesday 17th January: Ros's mother has been transferred to another ward where the care level has picked up.

There was just one bet for the SMS/Email service for one winner. Premium also had one bet for one winner. Yesterdays meetings were very average.

Talk about a spanner in the works, Hobart has been abandoned on a predicted hot sunny day. Wonder why? And Towsnville is off leaving just two meetings. That's a bit boring but we usually find winners at Warnambool and Canberra.

Monday 16th January: Ros's 90 yo mother had a sore knee the other night but when she got out of bed she could not stand up and fell to the floor. She could not move or even crawl to the phone and that was 11 at night. Ros found her the next day when she dropped in to take her to lunch. Since then she's been poorly treated in John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle where her calls for toilet assistance (she still cannot walk) are ignored for hours.

Ros was angry the other day and went to the nursing station where a nurse was on the phone discussing her finances with an associate. She got off the phone eventually to be told that "that's not part of my job", when asked for assistance. Eventually someone else came. Now Ros and her sisters have had to set up a roster to make sure she is looked after.

We've heard some very good stories about John Hunter but this is not one of them. One thing. It puts trying to back a winner into perspective.

Yesterday the SMS/Email service got off on the right foot with a $4.60 winner. Today we are sending out some extremely generous bonus offers which shouldreach the majority of ourMembers by the end of the w eek. It icnludes our Janaury Newsletter and there are some interesting items of Racing news that affect allpunters.

Sunday 15th January: The Daily Mail had 11 races yesterday for 5 Quinellas and 3 Trifectas and two First Fours. One of these was in the Weekend Feature where on the Daily Mail I said "include At The Heads if the track is upgraded." Thanks to At The Heads I scored the Flemington Treble which paid $417 but had the second horse won the last leg it would have been over $2,000. Pity.

Only one winner for the SMS/Email service to make up for our wins during the week. The averages always catch up...both ways.

Saturday 14th January: A very good day yesterday for the SMS/Email Profit accumulator service, in fact I think that we won everyday this week. The aim is to make 2 units of profit per week, well some weeks you make none and some weeks you lose then there is this week. A good result.

The C Plan has had an off week and by coincidence, John starte this week. It has been a bit of a let down so far but our records are clear. The C Plan wins.

We continue to get strong orders for Invest To Win,and why not,the promise of race strike rates of 60% or better once you learn the metod fully, is a worthy goal. The other promise, that it requires a lot of work, has obviously appealed to those who enjoy reding deeply into the form. That said, the task is not onerous, for example there are only four races to be looked at today. There is a lot to be said for concentating your efforts. Those who purchaed Trvro Johns book were the first to order Larsens book but now we are seeing orders from the group that wanted to do their own work rather than find out where they could get access to winning strategies that for the most part were done for them.

The ratings yesterday were a huge let down. You get days like that. Powerbet users would have incurred a stop loss early, and there were no longshot winners to save the day.

Friday 13th January: The SMS winner yesterday was $4 best fluc, so a very good result. A lot of bets today but our aim is to make 2 units profit per week so do you go on when you have made that profit? Good question. It's another busy fruday starting at 1 p.m. and going until after 10 p.m. And this will be the norm until daylight saving ends.

Some good races coming up at Flemington tomorrow and one difficult race in Sydney. Also I remembered today that ozeform.com.au allows you to look up an individual horses form for their whole career for free. as well as providing results. So if the horse had 100 starts then all 100 starts are there. And it is not only horses currently racing you can look up.The records go way way backas it was Mark Reads original data base and it includes barrier trial form.

Thursday 12th January: So much for my warning about the Devonport race track. It only took a few races to fins a top rated $35 winner and we got the $10 Cup winner close to the top as well.Looking at the form I found that most of the ratings relied on form from the other two Tasmanian tracks. Amazingly the bookmakers even bet fixed prices all day, a rarity for Tassie where we do have a good strike rate.

The orders keep coming in for Invest To Win, the new book by Trevor Larsen so it is a commercial success already. We happily send out the first chapter free , just email winform@hunterlink to request a preview. At $295 it may not sound cheap even for a 300+page book and for some people who are small bettors that might be right but for many people the price is just one or two bets and the philosophy is "if I learn one new thing that saves me a loser or two it will have been worth it." Actually that makes it worth it for even small punters as they will avoid many losing propositions and that's even before you start to find the winner as a result.

Belle is house hunting and today is the day the sale of her villa is final. The house she likes is just a little beyond budget but in time, if interest rates remain stable,will be in reach. The house is $400,000 and ten years ago would have sold for about $125. Lovely to be in the right place at the right time hey?

Wednesday 11th January: I wouldnt be relying on our ratings at Devonport today as there are too few meetings held there for us to come up with anyhting that means anything. It is an artificial track with a huge rise in the straight. That's two unique angles at the one track plus the distances are odd as well. That's a lot to cope with. In the future we will no doubt work it out. In the mantime there are plenty of other venues to bet at. Funny thing is that when it was a grass track we had a great record there.

The Morning C Plan had a small win yesterday.

Tuesday 10th January: After strugling with the computer overnight and today I finally got the E-News away.Then I started processing orders for Trevor Larsen's book Invest To WiN. Five hours later I got to have a few bets and finished on the downside but a Quinella in the last at Ballina almost got me out. It paid $40+ for the top four. I'm beginning to think Larsens book will be one of our fastest sellesr ever and PLEASE, if placing an order vai our onoine store DO NOT LOG IN. Just place the order.

I also had an emiail from Phil, who like almost everyone else forgot that I have been advising for at least the past 18 months that our software will not work on a 64 bit machine unless you download Virtual Machine and XP 32 bit from microsoft. The other way is to reload your windows 7 software and overwrite the 64 bit with 32bit. An expert can do it easily but do it before you start loading up your other software.

Monday 9th January: Spent a lot os time getting the E-News together, processed more orders for Trevor Larsen's book Invest To Win, but now I have a problem getting the E-News out as the file has corrupted. At the every least I have to type it out again.

We got a nice winner at Moruya after it looked like it had no hope, so that's a plus for the Email/SMS service but we have to do better. I ran a set of selections through two ways this morning. The first way was to bet just $100 on each horse for a profit of 12% on turnover. The second way was betting to win a set amount on each horses according to it's price. That won too of course but only made 9% profit on turnover.

I'll try to get the E-News out overnight.

Sunday 8th January: It's a big day today as it is Ros's mums 90th birthday. She thinks she is going to a restaurant with just her three daughters for lunch but instead is being picked up in a Limo and taken to her grand daughters house where a marquee has been set up and appropriately stocked.

One of our Members is considering doing the same for his family (setting up a marquee and a feast that is) after snaring the $11,000+ First Four in our Daily Feature Race and the Caulfield $9,000 Quaddie.

And Jason, another one of our semi professionalssent me this text. "Thank you very much for the effort you guys put into your Daily Mail. That Trifecta and First Four turned my even day into a erfect day, woooohoooo. Thanks Garry and crew. "

Saturday 7th January: I thought I might have a go at Caulfield Race 8 as there are some weak investments in that field. I've got it down to the 2,7 and 9 with with the 7 being the early market "plunge" horse. I expect to use these three as my last leg anchors on the Quaddie. I don't see any other serious chances, although anything can happen in Racing.

I stuffed up big time Wednesday and yesterday, sending out a draft of the Winform Newsletter instead of the preview of Trevor Larsen's new book Invest to Win, If you received the wrong file, let me know and I will send the correct one.

We should get Good tracks everywhere today so a winning day is expected although not a class group of horses going around today.

Friday 6th January: JUST GOT HOME AT 4.30 so no time to send out E-News this week and looking at tomorrows races ( I looked at these with Trevor Larsen last night) nothing stands out that would be brilliant value. I guess I was looking for another Western Jewel. The last race at Caulfield might be alright but to be honest, some of the form looks dodgy. More tomorrow.


Thursday 5th January: Well I know our SMS "good thing" could only run 2nd and the other one seems to have disappeared and as I wont be back until Friday afternoon, here's something to keep you all occupied.

1.  Two blondes walk into a building ....... you'd think at least one of them would have seen it.

2.  Phone answering machine message - '..If you want to buy marijuana, press the hash key...'

3.  I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.

4.  I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 quid that he couldn't reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, 'No, the steaks are too high.'

5.  My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in.

6 .  A man came round in hospital after a serious accident. He shouted, 'Doctor, doctor, I can't feel my legs!'  The doctor replied, 'I know you can't, I've cut your arms off'.

7.  I went to a seafood disco last week and pulled a muscle.

8. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it.

9. Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands.  Police say that he topped himself.

10.  Man goes to the doctor, with a strawberry growing out of his head.  Doc says 'I'll give you some cream to put on it.'

11.  'Doc I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home'.  'That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome.'  'Is it common?'  'It's not  unusual.'

12. A man takes his Rottweiller to the vet. 'My dog is  cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?'  'Well,' said the vet, 'let's have a look at him'.
So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then he checks his teeth. Finally, he says, 'I'm going to have to put him down.' 'What?  Because he's cross-eyed?'  'No, because he's  really heavy'.

13.  What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

14.  So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me 'Can you give me a lift?'  I said 'Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it..'

15. Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. There are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them.  It's either my mum or my Dad, or my older brother Colin, or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu.  But I think it's Colin.

16. Two  fat blokes in a pub, one says to the other 'Your round.' The other one says 'So are you, you fat bastard!'

17.  Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.

18. 'You  know, somebody actually complimented me on my  driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice.'

19.  A man walked into the doctors, he said, 'I've hurt my arm in several places'.  The doctor said, 'Well don't go there anymore!

20.  Ireland 's worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two-seater Cessna plane crashed into a cemetery.  Irish search and rescue workers have recovered 2826 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the night.

Wednesday 4th January: I've been up since 5.30 a.m as I had several netbookcomputers to set up for clients.I sent these away plus orders for completesets of magazines. I also paid a few credit cards as last month I missed my ANZ card by a couple of days and by the looks of my latest statement they havent stopped charging me interest on my WHOLE account. I'd have already called an complained but I have been too busy sending out previews of Trevor Larsen's book Invest To Win and then processing preorders and I have just finished in time for a quick lunch before the races start.

Well actually, that might not be happening either as my left rear window is refusing to shut. It's another motor burnout. About the fourth I think. So off to the dealers I guess. I might just sek a winning C Plan race and make some tax free money for the day.

There won't be a diary entry for tomorrow, unless I think of eomething to add tonight and then on Friday I dont get back from Brisbane until the afternoon when I expect more news about the new book. I will also have to look at what race I can analyse for Saturday.


Tuesday 3rd January: A nice $3800 Quaddie at Pinjarra yesterday and the Powerbet strategy had an early exit after two good wins in the first four races yesterday. Another busy day for me today and later this week I am off to spend a day with Trevor Larsen, the author of the new 300+ page book Invest To Win. I expect it to be a very positiive experience.

Today my grandaughter leaves after a few days. I had completely forgotten after all this time what it is like to see a baby growing up with each new step, she is just starting to eat solids, and how the whole process of becoming a human being is really so complicated and time consuming.

It makes you appreciate how much easier it is to learn about just one subject - Racing and people whinge because they have to do form study at times if they want to achieve success. You also appreciate how day by day we still learn new things.

Monday 2nd January: I had the chance to place a few bets yesterday and won every C Plan race I attempted, except one. I also noticed that preorders for T Larsens book Invest To Win are flooding in. Once again I spent a lot of yesterday attending to email enquiries about the book. One question was "Is it hard to work out and do you need any special Racing knowledge. The person asking sent the email from his Iphone. Well I reckon if you can learn to send email from your Iphone, racing is not a difficult task. We learn how to use technology because we have to, just to exist in this age. How much more incentive is there to read and learn about how to win two out of every three races we invest in?

I ponted out that in 1970 I was given a book, and when I read it I put it away as being too difficult. I wished I had paid more attention as if I did, I would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 70's instead of only getting seriously into betting in the mid 80's. I read my copy of Rem Plantes' Australian Horse Racing and Punters Guide now and realise how simple it was had I taken the time to apply it.

And I had good news this morning. I took a syndicate share in the 31 million Lotto and was notified overnight that we had won. Okay so it was $124. But hey! How often do you get anything back? I only take random tickets and only when the big jackpots are on and well, as much as I know it is lousy value, you've gotta be in it to win it.

Sunday 1st January: Quite a few inners around yesterday. I missed most of them but I hope readers of the E-New didn't miss out as I correctly assessed in Fridays Weekend Preview that Western Jewell would win the race and she was certainly a great each way bet at $9.50 on Friday. We also got the Trifecta in the top three as our Daily Feature Race which I chose myself. Mr X selects the Weekend Feature and all the midweek features.

Preorders have started to arrive for the Invest To Win book by T. Larsen. I was reviewing sales of Trevor Johns book Racing My Perfect Investment and notcied that it went from on sale to near sellout within six weeks and it looks like this book will go the same way. The difference in the two books is that Trevor Johns didn't focus on just one method but indicated a number of different approachs that all work. Larsen foucses on just one method, his own, which took many years to develop to the stage where he now attains such a high strike rate. Yesterday he lost but the two horses selected , ran 2nd and 3rd so you are always close, if not collecting.

Today I am actually working, preparing a special Winform Racing Club Newsletter which will go out in two weeks. We are making changes to all of our selection approaches and we wish to advise that plus define what you get from Winform for 2012

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