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Readers would be aware of Professional Punters Diary on our website. Well, Garry Robinson wanted to prove that Money Factory will work on almost anything so for all the skeptics he set up a demonstration to prove it.

Now if we had said we would toss a coin and enter the details in the Money factory Staking Program the skeptics would say that we rigged it one way or the other to get the right result.

Instead of that we asked readers of the Diary to email Garry with their choice of Heads or Tails and as each email came in it was entered into the program. Anyone who called it and ended the Money Factory sequence was rewarded with a $50 gift voucher. The only thing we didn’t tell people was that we had decided Heads was to be the first call. On the opposite page is what happened.

Our first player chose Tails. On the printout 1 equals Heads and 2 Tails. From the first 27 responses 13 were Tails and 14 Heads, so close to average. On a level stake there is one unit of profit. Using the Staking Plan the total bets were $2705 so average bet size was $100. That’s $100 profit on level stakes but using the Plan the profit was double that at $205 or 7.58% profit on turnover.

We used fair play and paid the correct and fair odds of $2. If the result paid just $1.95, you can see that we would have still won, even on level stakes. But reduce that to $1.91, the average footy line bet and level stakes loses but the Money Factory Professional Staking Plan is still under control and needing just one more Head to clear the current series and make an extra profit. There’s only one conclusion. Money Factory works.

Money Factory

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