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Dynamic Form had its beginnings back in February 2002. This was when David Begg developed an interest in the analytical side of the Racing Industry and started researching the Form from all three Racing Codes that were being either published in news print or on the Internet.

While he was following Form for the various Racing Codes, he found that a significant amount of Form was incorrect and/or inconsistent. Examples of this with Thoroughbred Form was the same Horse being shown as running at different venues on the same day or a Horse not showing overseas Form. In 2005, with the knowledge gained over the past three years, Begg decided to investigate building his own form Web Site. He knew that it would take time to win over punters that were using other form Web Sites to 'Dynamic Form', as being a punter he knew how sceptical punters are of new ventures as there have been several come and go over the past few years. Along with an investor and a software developer he formed a company. This gave Dynamic Form a strong team and financial base which means they don't have the financial pressures that normally accompany a new venture.

In June 2005 they began the construction of their web site with a couple of key points in mind:

1. As a punter himself, he has zero patience when it comes to slow Web Sites so this would be an issue they would always strive to avoid.

2. Also their Web Site would never be a 'Finished Product' but instead a 'Work in Progress' with their team always looking at ways to enhance and expand their services.

They launched their site, dynamicform.com.au officially on the 17th of January 2006. They started with a 'Soft Launch' via web forums both here and in New Zealand promoting free products and hoping to draw suggestions from a very critical and experienced median on the content and quality of their site. This proved extremely successful and drew positive support and some good constructive suggestions.

Their web site on launch night included:

  • Form for all three codes, Thoroughbreds, Harness and Greyhound ('Dynamic Form' meaning the Form is continually updated immediately after any changes become available, right up until race start. These include changes such as Jockey, Barrier, Track condition and Local weather conditions etc.)
  • Form available in three formats 5, 10, and All Start, costing as little as 15c per race.
  • Rather than displaying Form in a single line separated by commas (comma delimited), their Form is in an easy to read table with the option to turn some of the information on or off.
  • Live local weather conditions for all tracks from the nearest weather station.
  • SMS service for race updates for meetings you have selected.

Dynamic Form is a very user orientated company and to that end they will make any user suggested changes to their Web Site if they think they will improve it's functionality for all concerned. These changes are normally carried out in a matter of minutes/hours, something their competitors can only dream of.

As part of their Web Site 'Work in Progress' philosophy they have added 8 new services in the last 4 Months:

1. Free 6 Source Market Comparison Service. The fastest and most reliable service of its type
2. Free 3 Start Form
3. Free Track Reports
4. Free E-Blackbook Service
5. Free Raceday Lists (i.e. Jockeys by Rides, Trainers by Runners, and Runners by Acceptance).
6. Live Raceday Chat Room
7. Latest Racing Industry News
8. Sectional Times for most Metro Tracks (Electronic Only)

Dynamic Form is always looking for new ways to serve the punter. Now just months since launch, growth has far exceeded expectations and it appears that even the most sceptical punter can't resist what they have to offer which is great for business.

More extensive form coverage is available for all three codes from just 15c per race and access is easy.

So if you want detailed form that is easy to read and also the fastest 6 Source Market Comparison Service on the internet then 'Put the odds in your favour' with:


'It's the tool the thinking punter needs!'

Many readers have been asking us where to find up-to-date form for harness and greyhound racing, and it looks like we found it! Membership is free and allows the user to view the last three form runs free.

Above your can see:

--- Meeting Details
Form Selection
Raceday lists

---Race Details
LIVE weather

---LIVE Market
6 Sources
Market Percentages
Results (First 4 Places)
Lightning Fast

---Market Summary
Win/Place pools
Exotic pools

Above you can see:

---Meeting Details
Rail Position

---LIVE Weather

---Race Details

---Field Details
Runner Name
Form Summary (Last 5 Starts)

Note: Tick boxes allow you to turn off form for runners in the field you do not wish to be shown in the report.

---Runner Details
Gear changes
Career statistics

---Runner Form
Sectional Times
In Run Positions
Spell Lines
Days Since Last Start
Other Place Getters
Shows Trainer for Each Start

Note: We have electronic Sectional Data for Metropolitan tracks which use electronic timing equipment. Horses will only show sectional times if they have run at one of these tracks.


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