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By Garry Robinson

It’s everybody’s dream to be able to win big with trifectas. In over six years of conducting Australia’s only live in Racing Seminars, this dream came across loud and clear from the hundreds of participants. My own personal experience has seen me invest as much as $20,000 per week on as many as fifty or sixty trifecta races per day. At that time (back in 1995) I even had a staff member whose role it was to place our trifecta bets with each of the three major mainland TABs . Since then my personal
dream has been to maintain the profits with less outlay and far fewer bets but firstly some history. 

In 1994 I had managed to win the entire pool on the Queensland TAB with a $30,000 trifecta in a ten horse maiden race at Sale in Victoria. I also had the trifecta on the Victorian TAB at a mere $9,700 but I guess the owners may have stood their horse out from the field. In late1999 I was having a bad day with trifectas and about five o’clock I decided to place trifectas on the last eight races to be run that day and forget about it. The strategy I had been using was having a bad run and I had given back a substantial portion of my profits for the year.

The following day, a Saturday, I was too focused on that days racing and the previous days trifectas completely slipped my mind. After completing Saturdays selection process, I remembered to look up the results.   Race by race I checked the results and had virtually given up, as seven of the last eight races had produced no result at all. The final race had been a non descript maiden at Nowra. The type of race, which rarely produces a decent result. I needed a $3,000 dividend just to get square for the day. At first glance I could tell the numbers were mine and I thought “you beauty! A $900 trifecta would go a long way towards my recoupment process and then I read it more closely. The NSWTAB had paid not $900 but $9,000 but wait. My trifecta was placed on the STAB. My first response was to look up the Queensland TAB dividend and this paid only $5,800. My heart skipped a beat, knowing with my luck the STAB dividend would be even less. 

But Bingo! The STAB dividend was $18,292, more than double the NSW TAB and I was well and truly back in business. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Trifecta is everybody’s favourite exotic bet.

This year of 2000, I decided to do a thorough analysis of Winform trifectas, and the result is brilliant.

In all our reports we have used the Winform horses ranked in the order produced by our Winline GTS database. This doesn’t mean that you have to have this or any other program to be able to use the strategies revealed in this report. All of the Winform ratings can be worked out manually from any good form guide and my book The Ultimate Strategy, is available for free on our Internet site at http://www.horseracingaustralia.hl.com.au and can be downloaded through your local library if you don’t have access to the Internet yourself.

Although we have never had problems finding winning trifectas, the strategy needed an analysis to see where the profits were coming from. Last time we discussed trifectas, our phones ran hot as readers called in , in search of the Holy Grail. The problem was that very few of the callers had the money to invest on the scale required. In our new report we have identified where the returns are the most consistent  By doing this we have reduced the number of bets by needed by 80%. The profits for year 2000 was a whopping $48,342.20  for just one of our strategies.

Our Trifecta Report was produced with the assistance of Amelia Burton who joined the Winform Racing Club in July last year. Her field of expertise is data bases and analysis and our report (which is available for less than $100) shows the results of her analysis with various locations, field sizes and track conditions. The Trifecta Report is a valuable tool for people interested in making money from trifectas.

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