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Everyone wants to have a Money Factory, so we thought we'd have a go at making one. We used Success Express for our selections. Why? The simple reason is Consistency. Since November 1st we have had 40% winners at an average of $2.68 from over 400 selections. For the past twelve months we have had 40% winners at $2.70 from nearly 1300 selections. Clearly, in spite of those horrible runs of outs we must endure, we still finished about 111 units in front for the year or roughly 9%. For a $100 bet that’s $11,000 profit.

The average Member who is backing Success Express selections is using some sort of staking plan. This may be a daily staking plan such as bet $5 the first selection, $10 the second and so on and quit when in front. If a winner and still not in front, reduce the next bet one step. On most days this would be a winning strategy. One thing that you don’t do with this one is carry forward losses as the staking can quickly get out of hand.

Many Members are using the Power Of Ten staking plan. This should work fine although we disagree with the idea that you quit when your Bank is 25% down. If your Bank is there you should use it and I know of no instance, so far, where the Bank would have busted, but that’s up to you.

We are using the Money Factory. It is a divisor plan i.e. we set a target and divide by a figure which depends on the average dividend achieved. For the Money Factory concept we simply double the average profit per winning bet. In this case our average profit is $1.60 to $1.70 and our Divisor would be 3.2 to 3.4. For ease of operation we are going to simply use 3.

With a strike rate of 40% we can expect to see two winners from five bets, not that it always works out that way. If we get no winners from five we can rightly expect four winners from the next five and if still no winners there must shortly be a few. To stop our bets getting too big we add three to our divisor after five bets which have not achieved a profit. If we do get a winner but have not made a profit we deduct the profit from that bet from the divisor provided that at no stage do we lower the divisor below two. Let’s look at this recent sequence. L L W$2.50,L L L W($2.90) L W($2.10) , THREE WINNERS FROM NINE BETS but a loss of $1.50 .

Target Divisor Bet Dividend Profit/Loss
15 3 -$5
20 3 6.5  -$6.50
26.50 3 9 $2.50 +$13.50
profit to date $2 sequence restarts.
15 3 -$5
20 3 6.50  -$6.50
26.50 3 -$9
35.50 3 12 $2.90 +$22.80
profit to date $2.30 sequence restarts.
15 3 5 $2.10 +$5.50 sequence restarts

You can see that we have made a modest profit quite easily. Because many Members work and can’t bet in sequence like this we suggest that because there are rarely more than seven bets on any one day  we can set up seven separate columns. This way we can operate each column independently and place all bets at once. At the end of each day we simply calculate each columns’ bets for the next day when results are known. Using a target of $150 we calculated that starting in November 2000 to March 27th you could have made $432 per week.

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