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TAB Limited in NSW has to be congratulated on their initiative in introducing Flexi Betting for Trifectas, First Four and Superfecta betting.

The excellent news for smaller punters is that the NSWTAB will now accept Trifecta bets from as little as 10cent units. It’s called Flexibet and you can now take a Box Six trifecta which normally costs $120 for as little as $5.00, yes Five Dollars! Of course, your dividend is proportionately smaller but how many times have you wished you could add an extra horse or two but not had the money? One purchaser of trifecta profiles could see the results but didn’t have the money to take advantage of several of the winning profiles. Now he can. Trifecta bets can now be bet like win bets. For example, with Box Six trifecta bets our Profiles book indicates an overall strike rate of better than 30%. Why not bet for $12 units? If losing after ten bets you could increase to $24 units, just like you would do with the Countdown To Profits plan. A Bank of $3792 covers a possible losing sequence of over 40 bets but you shouldn’t get one on this strike rate. Your maximum bet of $300 represents just over two full trifecta units so you wont kill the trifecta market with this plan but you could make good money. Betting $5 units needs only $1580 to start.

Last month we told you how our new Winform Trifecta Profiles book helped identify where the best trifectas were and on what track conditions and which combinations and field sizes were likely to be the most profitable.

As one reader commented “ the average punter can’t afford many of the suggested strategies” and he was right but of course, we were aware that Flexi Betting was coming and now virtually all punters can afford to take as many exotic bets as they wish with the minimum cost being an affordable $5. As you may have noted above, Trifectas can now be bet as win bets, it’s an entirely new way of betting.

Our initial figures suggest that the average trifecta pool has increased dramatically  but the interesting thing is this. The mugs are still out there. We have done some research inside TAB branches and discovered that people who couldn’t previously afford to bet trifectas are now doing so but still restricting themselves to only combinations involving four horses, sometimes five. If you read the Trifecta profiles book you will soon see this is not the way to go. Flexi betting allows you to take large numbers of combinations so why be greedy and try to win it all at once. A few judicious bets can snare a large combination, we note the Newmarket $6800+ trifecta for instance. Not too many could have picked that in their first four choices.

We have about 100 copies of the Trifecta Profiles book left and these cost just $99. You can order your copy here.

To further assist Members to understand this let’s say the trifecta pays $1200. You get 10% for your $12 base bet which is $120. That’s a 9/1 result. Last year we got several trifectas of $3,000 and up which is equivalent to a 30/1 or more winner.

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