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By Garry Robinson

Here we are, already into the new year and just starting to think about what to do for the year 2000.

Let’s look at just a few resolutions based on comments we’ve received from readers over the past 12 months.

  • Whenever I bet horses to win they seem to always run second. When I change my strategy to each way they then seem to run 4th. This year I think I should be betting the field against my selections. That way they’re sure to win!
  • Always have an adequate Bank. Whenever I feel comfortable with my selection method and increase my bets I always seem to run into the longest losing streak I have ever experienced. This year I’ll have a Bank reserved just for such occassions.
  • I find that my best results are achieved in races where all the runners have revealed form and are all fit and well. This way there are few surprises, well fewer than usual, anyway. It may mean fewer bets but I will win more.
  • Jockeys are terrible tipsters. One well known country jock told me he would win for sure but his horse ran to the front and collapsed in the straight. Connections took him off next start and the horse won well when more patiently ridden. Jockeys are human even when they "know" they’re on winner. This year I’ll stick to my own choices.
  • I’m a bit of a duffer. Often when I have assessed a sure thing and have come to the track expecting to get great odds, I don’t back my horse just because it has been backed into a shorter price than I expected. I now know this simply means that many others agree with me and provided it’s not too short I should still go ahead.
  • I have been betting horses for years but decided to only invest when I could get at least 8/1. Unfotunately, while I’m waiting and waiting for that great long shot winner I have missed many good winners. I recently assessed my bets and found that for every 10/1 winner I was betting on about 12 horses. This year I will simply back all my selections.
  • I have stuck rigidly to my rule of refusing to bet if my selection is longer than 3/1 in the betting ring. The trouble is that several times, my selection was 7/2 but firmed in the betting in the last few moments, causing me to miss several winners. This year I’ll bet all but the real longshot selections.
  • I want to put all my bets on in the morning and simply add up my winnings tomorrow. Trouble is, I have often found that track conditions have changed and prices have changed and I would have preferred not to be on some selections. On the other hand I have seen winners that I would have backed had I know the price I could have got. This year I am only going to bet when I know I am able to watch the market.
  • My problem is, I spend all my time looking for big winnings. I have wanted to invest $200 and make $1000 when realistically, I would have been better off looking for a profit of $200 on an investment of $1000. This year I will change.
  • Last year I concentrated on place betting. The returns, when they do come in are pathetic. This year with GST and the TABs getting greedier, I will have to change my tactics. There is just no value in place betting.
We could go on , but that’s just a summary of the types of comments we hear over and over again. You should go out to have fun when you bet but it’s no fun when you’re losing, believe me. This year get set on a plan and stick to it. Make sure you have an adequate Bank and something in reserve. It makes it so much easier to have fun when you are betting without being frightened to lose.

What are your new year resolutions? Email Garry on garry.r@hunterlink.net.au

We would like to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous year 2000.


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