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Courses For Horses
I can't recall being more delighted to receive a book for review than when I opened the package containing Robert White's Courses For Horses. At a cost of just $29.95 ($39.95 for hard cover) I hadn't expected such a large and colourful book, and that's before I started reading the wealth of information contained on Victoria's (plus Tasmania, S.A and southern NSW) racetracks.

Firstly, let me say this. The pictorial record of Racing contained between these covers is a must have for anyone interested in horses and the Australian fascination with them, in any way. Any number of the numerous photos captures the spirit and charm of Racing both in the City and the bush. It is an absolute pleasure simply turning the pages to see what comes next.

Then there's the stories. Like the protest in the two horse race where the rider of the second horse (the protest was upheld) later admitted that the evidence he presented was in fact caused by his own mount. Or how about the rider who rode two horses twice for four victories in a single day.

From a punting viewpoint there is also a wealth of information about the courses themselves, their history, their layout, their future plans and their unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies.

I can imagine ourselves looking up the course of today's meeting and then looking for the horses that could be expected to do well there because of their racing pattern. That said, I must make one small criticism. I would have liked to have seen the course records added to complete the information that is presented. This information is of course available from other sources. That aside, we would have to thoroughly recommend the book to you for both punters and readers.

Robert White has kindly made his books available through the Club at a discount price. The soft cover version is available for just $26.95 and the hard cover copy, $35.00.

Class Racehorses
Many Members would be aware of this series of books released annually by AAP. They feature full records of all Group and Listed races run in Australia and New Zealand and feature stories on all Group 1 winners with full colour pictures. Running to just under 600 pages they are great gifts for anyone interested in Racing and this year's edition features Might and Power's 97/98 record. Normally priced at $95 + $10 postage the Club has secured them for just $79 including postage (save $24). A soft cover version is available for $59.95 inclusive but we have found that the majority of Members prefer hard cover editions.

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