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Well at last it's here, the NSWTAB share float. There's been more hype about this one than Telstra, and that will ensure that the shares will immediately rise when floated on the stock exchange on June 29th. With a guaranteed first dividend of 8 cents fully franked you simply can't lose on this one, in fact it is tipped to rise to at least $2.40 or plus 20% from day one. I for one, wouldn't be surprised if it reaches $3.00 by July. Just how many shares each applicant will receive is hard to say. At least one stockbroker who was expecting to be able to distribute 89 million shares to clients has been allocated a mere four million shares or just 5% of the expected demand. Already the government is saying that the minimum shareholding of 700 shares as declared in the prospectus, will be cut back to 400 shares which is hardly worth the effort. The most likely scenario is that the float will close early. After all the government doesn't want to have its hands on all those application monies and then have to give them back does it?

Focus on Winning
The focus for our Winter Edition is going to be on winning. There will be new articles and a stable to follow from that irrepressible romantic Don Antonio and more interesting articles from Brett Craig on rating horses from their basic statistics. Our links pages are being updated with new additions and I'll be writing several articles on winning the multiple bets like quinellas and trifectas and so on.

Winform Ratings on the Internet
One thing that we have been able to do now is to provide the Winform Ratings on the Internet. This has been a boon to our overseas subscribers and especially those in the USA where Australian races are getting good coverage but with little form information. Our spies tell us that the American polls on Australian Racing are providing big overlays. Some smart American punters have been able to watch the odds on our TAB and their local pools and picked up huge extra dividends. There is one drawback though. We understand that in the USA any trifecta dividends over 300/1 are taxed. That would never do. Aren't they the ones that we want? I can see that your whole focus would have to change to be able to bet and be successful in that scenario. 

Winform Racing Seminar
We have recently concluded our second 1998 Seminar and our weeklong attendees have all been well prepared to tackle the balance of 1998 with renewed vigor. It was a great week and you can see from the photo what an enthusiastic bunch they were. The next round of Seminar dates will be advised once the new season racing dates are known.

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