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Email: direct@hunterlink.net.au


The Money Factory staking and the way it controls the C Plan is Unbelievable!!! You can have a rouhg trot but it always come back. Dad and I are still ticking over with C Plan sitting on a R.O.I of 13% since August.

Geoff and Andrew


Been a great weekend Gary.tks.Jeff T.

Jeff travels Australia with his blue heeler mate fishing here and there inbetween stints as a professional bus driver. Jeff spent a few days with us at the Winform Racing Seminar and followed up with advice and making a killing with this weekends Group Racing at Moonee valley, Randwick and Flemingon. Sorry we missed the Quadei Jeff. Funny how we got the 50/1 shot up but missed with Royal Descent gping down ina photo.



hi winform team i would like to thank gary and john furgal for making for virtually free [token price] his ebook b4 makes interesting reading  how something so profitable has so few rules and has kept up the win rate over time  but then trevor johns done the same with chapter 5 and chapter 6 also back to his coming winners guide from years ago also with few rules your c plan i suppose as with life less complicated rules the better thanks again all the best to you and ros and family 

Paul Grasso



Hi Garry,

I just wanted to say thank you, one I was wondering what time you started (5 am for those who are wondering but sometimes its as early as 3 am) ,  that makes my thank you even bigger, I have taken your advice after looking at the your "winning with favourites" book and for the first time I am making money, and stop as soon as  I am a unit in front, which can seem funny with lots information available but it works.

Cheers Garry,


Ed John has retired to the Gold Coast area and uses the recommended approach with Winform Ratings.




Hope you enjoyed your winter holiday. Dad and I are getting 60% winning C Plan races this month. We've lost count of when we started but it seems like about ten years ago at least and it is still winning regularly.

Of course these days we are making even more money with sportsbet paying best of three totes or starting price.


(readers wanting best prices need simply click on the bet now button, then the sportsbet banner ed.)


Hi Garry,
just a quick thank you for the two e books, both of which are excellent!
Regards, tom mallard


Hi Garry,
I have always enjoyed reading your daily updates(mistakes and all, which can create much mirth. Sorry!) Keep up the good work.

Tom Mallard
Ed: I think I'm getting a bit dyslexic.


Morning great email from the heart.

Ebooks are always a great read.




Good morning Gary and Ros,

You sure know how to start a week, you’ll be reading emails for the rest of the day.   

I’m a bit different than most people who bet, I don’t really enjoy it. “Enjoy “ is probably the wrong word “like” is better. What I do “enjoy “ is the work and preparation before hand, I am by no ways a “punter “in the normal way though though I don’t mind the occasional social small bets with my friends.

When they retired me I started to be serious with betting as a way to keep my brain working. I don’t know if it is working ( my wife will say it isn’t ) or not but I am having fun finding a winner or two or three.... so any “free” is welcome.



ED:kEITH IS TYPICAL OF MANY. The best thing is to work a balance between yourself and your partner so you can happily dothe Rcaing while they are doing their "seomthing else"/


G’day Garry,

You mentioned remembering clients from your early days of using the internet; I remember accessing your information from the ‘90s.  In the mid ‘80s I wrote a weight rating programme in the
Microsoft basic programming language but it was very time consuming entering the data.  It was based on Rem Plant’s book and  updated on Don Scott’s books but the information I used for
the ratings had to be manually entered based on the form from The Sportsman.  I decided to look for similar ratings programmes on the internet which had just become a viable solution for
that type of selection process.  I remember subscribing to your Winform Publishing site and I also checked out Neale Yardley’s site.

I now base my selections on a mixture of ratings methods; weight and speed, with moderate returns. 

All the best to you and Ros and the family,

Graeme W Brewer


Hi Garry,
Thank you for the e-Book, very much appreciated.
I read and re-read your books and your 20 HRA magazines on a regular basis.  Each time I either pick up something I had missed in earlier readings or I get reminded of something that I had got out of the habit of doing.  Excellent reference material.
Once again, thank you very much for the e-Book.


Ed: We still have limited sets of all 20 HorseRacingAustralia magazines available from the online store.


Thanks Garry,

Much appreciated and I will enjoy reading this tonight. I really liked you book on favourites I purchased recently and has helped enormously. Actually, just on that book - can I ask you a real quick question (I don't want to take up too much of your time). In your studies - did you happen to look at the success of favourites based on their running position? eg, on-pacers vs backmarkers etc.. I'm just curious because speed maps (position in-running) are my over-riding form factor and I like to concentrate on favourites who are leaders or on-pace. Just curious to see if you had any data to back up my assumptions on this.

Anyways, thanks again and enjoy all of the work you are doing. I live in Newcastle so if you're ever over at Royal Broadmeadow and happy to accept a beer from me, let me know and I would be happy to buy you one.

Kind Regards,


In regards to Phils question, the racing style is factored in. Its all good to say only bet if in the first 3 or 4 last start but then you have to quantify it and it then comes intothe realm of how far back, was it wide etc. etc. That's beyond the scope of a statistical book. "Hey Phil may not know what I ilook liek so if you see him, introduce yourself as Garry and you'll be up for a free shout!!



G'day Garry and Winform Team,
                                                     Thanks for the offer of a free book, I am most happy to receive anything that provides more info.
   Just thought you might like to know my results so far for May, using my version of the current Winform strategies with Money Factory.
   11 Betting days, 98 Bets, 55 Wins, 36 Winning series. Av Div $2.16. ROI 33.53%.
   I can't see how anyone wouldn't be happy with that. As I said, keep up the great work and thanks to you for the book offer.

   Cheers, Micheal Matthews.  


Thanks Gary for the heads up re unclaimed money. I enjoy 
Reading your daily diary and it together with the information
You share in the news letters I find informative. 

Joe Shelley


Thanks Garry.
The service has always been great.
All the best.

Hi Garry

Just confirming that I have now received the transfer into my account.

Once again, thanks for organizing and running the Winpool and congratulations on the fantastic return of 20% plus.

Looking forward to participating in the next one.


Bill Seeto


Hi Garry.

Your regular newsletters and daily diary are always very interesting.

Warwick Smith.

Hi Garry,
A small number of businesses in this impersonal tech and "number of hits" world, are slowly starting to learn that providing the personal service can generate the customer loyalty that provides a business with longevity that flashy graphics on a website cannot. 
Sadly, the majority of the new age tech businesses, probably including many at the corporate event that you attended, have not yet learnt that (and in some cases, may never learn it).
Thank you for your excellent service over the years, it is appreciated.



That was a nice email.I agree our younger generation are driven more by numbers than customer service.


Gary Chapman

What a great read. Thanks Garry and also for the Free book. I have gained so much knowledge from re-reading all your books that I have purchased over the years so thank you for your offer of a new book to read.

Best regards,

Phil kellaway


Thank-you, for the generous gesture, Gary.
I have purchased - hard copy - all of the available E-Books.
However, your Race Winning Strategies book "fell to pieces"
after about four months. I was disappointed because I really
liked that book. I was going to ring you about it but changed
my mind. Like a lot of "boomers", I do not like complaining.
So, it would be great to get the E-Book copy from you. It will
surely get a good work-out, Gary.
Best Wishes, Shane.

Ed We would have replaced it back then had we known so yes it's on it's way.


Hi Garry,

I enjoy reading your professional diary every day and also your emails that are sent, it is a rarity these days  for someone to be bothered to provide their clients and others with such information.I Would be extremely grateful to receive a free e-book.

Thankyou and Regards



Gday Garry

It is nice to think we as members are known as names and not numbers.
This racing game is hard so I would be keen for some more reading material.
Good onya Garry.


James Muller


Hi Garry. Your articles are thought provokingly and informative. Thanks. An E- Book would be most welcome. Regards Steve Whiley

Hi Gary,
you are right about the service you provide. Am enjoying reading your book
Winning is everything and as usual there are some hidden gems in their that
are helping me already.  I did the form and got the winner in the goodwood which was
a satisfying result. Made an otherwise ordinary day for me into a very good one
Look forward to the ebook.


Thanks Garry...

Do enjoy your regular newsletters and no need to apologise for being old fashioned when it comes to service.
Its actually quite refreshing to see there are still organisations who care about people not numbers.!!

Brian J Kennedy


Hi Garry!
It's been  while, but I check in to the diary each day to see what's doing.
Thanks for your continued commitment to helping us all !
Best wishes,


Hi Garry,

Well done on your Goodwood Trifecta. . If a book is available it would be of interest and i am sure a benefit in punting.

Yours thankfully.
Colin Gleeson.


Hi Garry
Well I am replying and am interested in your Free Ebook.
I have received $s in bank account from the last investment, congratulations to all on the effort., well done.
I am a modest horse racing enthusiast and enjoy for fun.
Keep up your good work
thank you

Francine Larkin



Hello Garry,
Thanks for the free tip through the Diary on the last at Gawler yesterday.I had a small bet at$7.
Did not respond to the weekly newsletter as apart from your latest publications I think I have most of them.Nevertheless a fine gesture that I am sure many will gain some benefit from.



Hi Garry, I fully endorse Peter Brrton’s comment.

Ken Anderson



Hi Garry,

I just want to thank you & the winpool team for all your great effort & great results.

Peter Berton,



Gary not everyone's unhappy.$8.00 fixed miss Caitlin.$17.00 fixed royal cargo . Cheers malcolm **rnett.

Malcolms one of our Gold Club subscribers.



Hi Garry,
I trust things are settling down in the wake of the storms and you have not suffered any major damage.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the win pool and for providing a profitable outcome.



Not too shabby!

Only played the Metrop tracks for the day and dutch booked the top 2 where I wasn't watching the footy and able to take fixed odds close to jump with Sportsbet

Some nice winners there, some under the rated odds, some over.   A couple of good overlays I got:

  • RAN 3 Slightly Sweet rated $3.60, I got $11.00
  • DOO 6 Write Cheek rated $5.10, I got $10.10
Malcolm (Malcolm tried our ratings for the first time last weekend)



Good morning Garry,

I was just reading yesterday’s diary entry and thought I would drop you a quick note.
I have been using the WAAW service for about a week due to work and study.
And days when I can, I use Powerbet and Money Factory combined with your ratings.

Besides my very good turn of luck on Saturday, the other days have worked out very well too and I am so pleased to have this service in my kit too.
So have a terrific week and thank you for keeping on helping us all learn about racing and punting and keeping us in the profit no matter what our situations are.

Cheers Garry,

15th April 2015

Steven loves the new Walkawayawinner SMS service.

Service is fantastic suits my needs especially on weekdays. Thanks and keep up the great work.



Sorry to have messed you around with Staking Kings..But I thought I should let you know that once I got the hang of it (I'm an old bugga who has always gone my own way and done everything with paper and pen so to speak)PowerPlay worked beautifully..On a $1000 bank and a strike rate of 22% ..Outlay $568 return $968..Prof. $400..ROI 70%..As you say in Winning Is Everything.."Who would shake a stick at that"!!!..Oh I know this was one of those better days but a great start just the same..
Thanks again for your program and your patience..
Regards Graham


May 10th"

Thanks Gary

That is special service. Hope you make an extra good profit over the weekend !!


Ed: We sent Paul the wrong book, so as soon as we were advised we sent out the E-Book of the correct one.


May 1oth

Hello Garry. ....."Winning is Everything"..Wonderful book full of so much extremely useful information..well done and thanks.

"Winning Is Everything" is our latest comprehensive form book. It includes the complete text of "Winning With Favourites" and Winning Barriers" The Essential Barriers Book.


Hi Garry,
Thank you for that.  
Great service and very much appreciated.


Ed. We always do our best to get orders processed the sameday. Happy to help.


9th April

Howdy Garry,
                     I try to minimize mistakes when online betting.
I have had plenty of practrice so I rarely stuff up my larger bets thank god.
Here is the three card trick so to speak.
Fixed odds bet $14 Win x $26 place; 1/2% x 1% placed the night before.
I clicked on $6-50 the win and $2-35 the place and placed the bet before the
odds would be reduced as happens frequently with markets the night before.
I subscibe to Probet which mainly has bets mid week.
Place a Phantom bet on any race as above then try say Luxbet/Bet365 for the same bet.
What is the difference? for my above bet which ran 2nd.

Just imagine you take advantage of the 100% Sportsbet markets Sat morning to place
say a dutch bet with 4 horses in the order of your ratings and naturally outlaying different amounts.
I regularly dutch bet this way with Classicbet and Luxbet and check my bets carefully.
How much longer would it take to correctly place the same bets with Sportsbet?
PS I like Sportsbet promotions this Autumn if the track is no worse than soft 5 on Saturdays.
I am waiting a reply from them;their betting portal needs changing to what most other corporates display.
They have plenty of $$$ to refund bets which they brag abound; It is only $25. (only applies to the first bet you make in a race Ed)

Ed Peter is always working to get the best dividends and so should you. Go here to see what ecah bookmaker offers.


9th April 2015

hi garry i doubted you but e book did pay for itself first day i wish i could get your ratings but im an aged pensioner now but winform makes it worthwhile to get up of a morning --george

Ed George boguht Winning With Favourites whch costs $89 as an E-Bookand $99 hard copy

8th April 2015

Hi Garry,
Ruled off at end betting today.Since 1st Feb until today including 3 weeks away on holiday.Total 177 bets,46 wins.Strike rate 26%.Inv $17,521 ret $19,296.Profit $1775.I was a long way down when I returned from NZ but Money Factory recovered the bank quickly with some good winners the last few days.

Lisle H. Lisle gets Winform Gold Club and Bonza Best Bets plus Profitmaker which concentrates on Saturday Racing.


Hi Garry,
Further to our phone conversation.
For those people who don’t have FOXTEL  or  TVN   (now defunct)
the problem arises as to how to get live racing.
Well through their TAB account and or site they can access live racing on the computer.
They can access live racing in Victoria on this site

I was one of thousands who were quite happy to access racing on TVN  on my T-BOX
and was very sorry to see it’s demise.
BTW don’t see Telstra rushing to reimburse me having
got the T-BOX for only one reason.
But we have to try and rescue something and this is the only way
at present.


Here’s a link to the Betting Assistant


Best Regards,
Paul Lanigan



I'll probley do that. Don't get me wrong... money factory online is good... I just don't want too depend just on that.. I want a hard copy of money factory. Hope you understand.. and money factory is the best staking program around! : )


-----Original Message-----
From: Winform Racing Club <winform@hunterlink.net.au>
To: 'Scott Biladeau'
Sent: Thu, Mar 19, 2015 7:42 pm
Subject: RE: question


You can get plenty of virtual PCs but then you need to get a copy of Windowa 7 32bit to put on it. I had to buy that from miscrosoft, cost about $145
From: Scott Biladeau
Sent: Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:05 PM
To: winform@hunterlink.net.au
Subject: Re: question
know any good virtual PCs programs? one that has windows 7 32 bit?  please let me know

Ed : Scott is anxious to have our original Money Factory Professional Edition program on his own computer and it works bulletproof up to Windows 7 32 bit. We've had it reprogrammed to an internet based program so even people using Ipads, Tablest Macs or amart phones can use it. see www.stakingkings.com for more info


March 18th

Hi Garry

Thanks so much for the books, have started to read them.

Look forward to talking.



March 12th

We've just started with your Money Factory strategy and made $175 on the first day, thank you and as suggested we subscribe to dynamicodds but needed some help selecting columns and setting up. Dynamicodds were terrific and gave wonderful customer service and couldn't habe been more helpfull.

Mike Putt Queensland.

March 3rd

i have had a good look at the new book" winning with favourites" and have won the cost of it in just a few days . you may use this comment as you see fit.
 regards nev t

26th February

Hullo Garry, I will probably buy your new book.  Your book on barriers helped a lot.    Im currently using free ratings.  Ive been looking at reasonable class races, ie BM70, or class 4 and above.   I look at the top two or three in the tipsters poll in these races, and apply a fairly simple rating that Ive devised over a couple of years, which lets me consider fifteen or sixteen factors, which can be done in my head as its faster than keying into a computer. (basically the old classics, form weight and class plus jockey barrier and so on). That in turn  lets me give a rating  number for those two or three horses.  If then the top number is high enough and is above the next one by a certain amount,  it becomes a place bet (8 or more starters and good track conditions).  For the last few weeks this has been giving around 80% place on horses with fixed price place of 1.50 or more on WA tab.  Not so many bets but so far reliable, and the large number of tipsters in their system gives a fairly sensible idea of the chances of a horse, although it cant make a poor race into a good one.  The  simple rating however, does give a measure of the quality of the selection.  Now if I can use your ideas on favorites as well, I might be able to broaden the scope, though I dont think I can better my strike rate.

Robin Hall

Editor: Robin has been using our earlier publication The Barrier Book which is currently on sale in our bookshop. Our up to date Barrier Book is to be released in the next few weeks so we have decided that anyone who purchases the current book (sale price $24.95) will get a rebate of the same amount when they purchase the new one on release.



Hi Garry,
            Just got your email about the revised Professional Staking and Money Management  book if I was entitled to a copy it would be good I have only subscribed to the Dutch book program which as yet have not used as I still use the old program . Have found staking the most important part  on this strange and frustrating journey of punting a huge learning curve and the apprenticeship is long and hard .
Just went through the updating of a hard disk and talked into Windows 8 found only program that worked was the new Microsoft Office so changed back to the old version of Windows and will be happy to use for as long as possible . Funny when I last upgraded Vista was around which was no good so downgraded to XL now they don't support it . Got a real laugh out of the email about Ford and Microsoft after this experience but found I deleted it after reading it have a new appreciation of the comedy . If it wasn't too much of a pain could you resend it to me so I can pass it on to a couple of mates but it doesn't matter if you cannot .
All the best hope all is well .
Bob Martin



Greg is in our Win Pool and until recently wasnt aware that several Members were volunteering to pace the bets so that we could cover the several strategies that we use at Winform. I thought that it might be best to explain to him and everybody about whats happenign with out Win Pool which is making juts under $4,000 a week.

Sorry Greg if you misunderstood. I thought between the E-News and the Diary which is updated daily on the website that I had covered everything that was happening.

The reason for the whole thing is that it shows that anyone with the tools that we supply, can win at this game. The Members who are punting for us are being forced to discipline themselves because they have responsibilities to the other Members of the pool.

Acting on their own for themselves punters tend to bet according to their own opinions and this is why most punters lose. Armed with a professional set of ratings and firm guidelines they are winning for us by the bucket load with no single Member having access to more than $11k of the pool.

Not one single operation is behind.

My feeling is that once the pool is concluded, those members will probably go back to punting for themselves having proved to themselves that they are winners. They are all either retired or near retirement.

The point of view for me is that their success proves to the membership at large, what can be achieved.




Hi Garry,

Thanks for your info this afternoon & my upgrade to yearly payment of the Bonza Tip Service.
I must apologise for my incorrect statement today, that since I have been taking the Bonza Tips, level stakes are ahead of the Money Factory on Bonza & B4. I was looking at the wrong spreadsheet & of course Money Factory is miles ahead of level stakes on both products.
Thanks again for the excellent service you provide.
You can put this on the feed back page if you want to. I must air my dirty laundry sometime.


Peter Berton, 


Jan 11th

Whoa! What a lot of news.
Good job.

Jan 11th

Hi  Garry, Very happy with new Bonza tips. 2 selections 1 winner. Great. For my records do u have previous results u could send me re this service??? Like this service, limited quality selections. cheers vern 

Editor: It's agood genuine service for those who want to get their selections and just out on in the morning with all tips out by lunchtime.

Jan 8th 2015

Hi Gary  ..  Thanks for the phone call to solve my problem.
The personalised service was much appreciated . I like the way you do business. Regards  ..  Kel Dangerfield


December 29th

G’day Garry

This is the last one.

Yarra Valley Race 1
C Plan race: Favourite Marocan Diva won @$2.10. Longer price was available during betting due to plunge on second rated horse. Your choice, let it blow or get on? This time it shortened again late.
Gosford Race 1
A couple of short priced first starters so no bet for me. New Wings and Fireworks fought it out. These were the two shorter priced first starters. Could have Dutch bet them maybe?
Gosford Race 2
Favourite second rated. No bet for me. Just got up to beat second favourite.
Corowa Race 1
Only five starters. Favourite Alice From Albury wins…… I think I knew her years ago…..
Yarra Valley Race 2
There is techically a Longshot Powerplay here: Nijinsky Code @$9.00. My series will be a new one if I start it. Just a small bet, but I see three other horses in the market at less than $4.20. This could mean around 60% chance of one of them winning.
Maybe I will leave this race alone. Let’s see what happens nearer the race. Nijinsky Code out to $18.00, so no bet. Storm with lightning has delayed the meeting. Another thing us traders don’t like.
Favourite wins again. Nijinsky Code tried hard (third). Never thought of a place bet here….maybe should have. $3.30
Gosford Race 3
Winform Daily Mail race. Ends In Tears @$4.60. Speed map says it may lead. A short priced first starter in the race is the unknown. Maybe a saver on it? Ondina @$2.50. No Longshot Powerplay again. Ondina shortens in the market. Doesn’t matter if neither wins does it?
Yarra Valley Race 3
Top rated horse short in the market and short priced first starter again. No bet for me. Delicacy Queen tongue tie first time and has placed. Consider each way @$13.00? No, kept blowing. Favourite wins again.
Corowa Race 2
Top rated horse favourite so no bet again. Favourite wins again.
Yarra Valley 4
Top rated horse 9YO. Only possible Longshot Powerplay bet. A couple of short priced horses in this race too. No bet.
Gosford Race 4
Favourite second rated horse. No bet.
Corowa Race 3
C Plan race. Second selection is @$10.00. will split them. Favourite may have to come from last. Didn’t make it off a slow pace. Sleepy jockey maybe.
Yarra Valley Race 5
First Longshot Powerplay all day. Subiaco @$5.50 and Tankster @$9.00. Tankster wins easily @$8.70. Rule off time.
Gosford  Race 5
Second Longshot Powerplay: Bob’s A Dazzler @$5.50, Nissile @$8.00, More Precise @$6.50. Lottery race. Only two horsed have even started over this distance. We’re on on pace horses. Nissile falls in from Bob’s A Dazzler @$9.40.
Another rule off.
That will do me for today for Longshot Powerbet.
Corowa Race 4
No bet, one possible selection @$4.20 with Betfair. Probably will get out a bit. Consecrate. Not much value though is it?
Yarra Valley Race 6
C Plan race. Darabin @$2.70. Valpincon @$12.00. I’ll back them both Dutch. Well that was nice win by Valpincon @$25.90!!!! Not sure why. Ended up at only $15.00 SP. Form at distance was OK. Again, it’s something to do with intuition. Try to develop it.
Gosford Race 6
C Plan race. Qamar @$4.00, My Dream @$5.00. My Dream late scratching. Messed up the bet.
Corowa Race 5
Two for Longshot Powerplay: Hardenup @$9.00, No Prior Knowledge @$4.00. Hardenup wins@$10.80. Should have kept going shouldn’t I?
Yarra Valley Race7
Three for Longshot Powerplay: Glory’s Girl @$6.50, Dane’s Edge @$10.00, Gala Arch @$6.50. No Joy here.
Gosford Race 7
Three for Longshot Powerplay: Myseventyseven @$7.50, Sweet Serendipity @$8.00, Man of Destiny @4.20. Sweet Serendipity wins @$13.00 SP.
Corowa Race 6
Nothing here, prices too long. However, the second rated horse won @ $17.90, $14.00 SP.
Yarra Valley 8
Two for  Longshot Powerplay: Way Of A Tycoon @$5.50, It’s No Joke @$6.50 No Joy here.
Corowa Race 7
Two for Longshot Powerplay: Magic Draw @$6.00, Delayed Reward @$10.00. And a poor finish to the day.

That’s it for Monday. I got out early with a good result. If I kept going, I would have made more, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.


Ken Henderson

Ed Thanks for your report. A good way to show Members what it is actually like to follow the races on a daily basisi in real time.


December 29th

Hello Prue,

Pretty impressed with the data provided in this publication, however are you able to give me the time frame in months or years for each of the states tables?

I.E. Chapter 2 page 5  Cheltenham 181 runners, Morphettville 335 runners, for what period is this analysis?

Could I have the period of analysis for all the other states and the period of analysis for the Provincial circuit on page 22?


Bob Long

Editor: The book was published in 2008 and includes the stats for over 28,000 last start winners or two years of data whcih is more than enough to assess trends which rarely change. Lay bettors have used our statisrics to lay many last start winners which simply don't repeat. This data is worth the price of purchase on its own let alone the book is currently on sale at our online store for around half price.


December 11th

Hi I spoke to you about getting the seminar the book looks like a great read cheers
  Dorelle newton


December 7th

I was wondering if it is possible to treat punting like a business.what would be ones typical expenses.

Hope you can help?

Scott Sam...

Hi Scott,

To be honest, we mostly supply our information to professional and semiprofessional punters, so yes most of them make money.

Your first step would be “what will it cost me for the information”. Unfortunately most people who ask these questions want to know how much it costs, well the right question is "how much do I need to be successful".

Scott, your basic info you need , there are no shortcuts, is Winform Ratings, why?? Because they are the best supported in the business. We do Seminars , we put out books to show the latest successful strategies and we have the best professional staking software in the business.

Now if I haven’t scared you off, here’s your budget.

Total expense should be no more than $100 a week But you also need to purchase some upfront info so the two books which will help ypu the most are my previous publication Winning Your Only Option and my latest one Winning Is Everything.. so total only $595.

If you cant afford it then don’t even start. Most would be punters take one look at the cost and refuse to pay anything thinking they can get it ALL FREE on the internet. Its true, the free information though is not worth much more than you pay for it.

You have to have the time available to punt. There is no way you cna simply place all your selections in the morning and go out  and play golf and come back home and see how much you have won. That’s what most people want and it is simply not achievable so anyone who says they do this and make a professional income , are lying.

Now here I am working for you for free when my normal fee is $595 for a 3 hour session. Oh well. I would rather disillusion you than have you lose all your moneyon the impossible dream.

Your ratings can be done by a $199 monthly payment ($2400 a year but $1995 if paid in advance).

With a Bank of $50-$60k you should be able to make a $1,000 or more tax free per week but some weeks you will make nothing and some months even you will lose but other weeks you will make double or more and some months $8k - $10 k. Exactly what you get is unpredictable as prices constantly change.

One month you will win every second race or even more then another month it might be one in three.  

So the question for you now is are you prepared to pay a few hundred dollars to find out how to win or not? We do have a book sale on this month but not on my new book but even though the old books are a lot cheaper they are not out of date.

I’m happy to discuss it all further once you have done some basic reading.


P.S I generally use a bank of $20 -$25k and the past few weeks have averaged between $4k to $11 k per week but sandwiched in between was a losing day of $9k. Wow ...How would you feel??


December 6th

Hullo Gary
Thank you for tonights good win at M/Valley 3 no 7  I enjoy getting your emails but as you are probably aware  I do not purchase a lot, have bought a couple of books at times  but being an aged pensioner in my late seventies and with the cost of living as it is and only living on a pension I find it hard to have the spare money to have a bet but tonight I was able to have a small e/w bet on your selection thank you,  when possible I have my little bets it has always been an interest of mine  and living out in the country with the nearest Tab nearly 50 klm away can only punt using the computer  or the phone so once again thank you keep picking those good winners  yours         Sincerely Allan Cunningham

December 5th

Thanks Garry appreciate that.  I’ve had to deal with banks, insurance companys, super fund and medical fund this week and you’re the only one that’s provided any customer service.  Maybe I’m getting old and grumpier.


Ed we appreciate Greg note of thanks. We do do our best.


December 4th

Hi Garry

I’ve just got a new laptop and being absolutely bloody hopeless with these things, while installing it I have lost, somehow, Winning is Everything. 

Would it be possible to receive another copy of the ebook please.

If it can’t be done, no problem as I’ve made notes every time I’ve read it which will be a good reference.


Greg R.

Ed we sent this assoon as we were aware of Gregs problem.



Hello Garry,
                    I have following page 100 & using HR2D ratings, the whole day, every day since last Saturday & have never looked like losing, making 66.51% on Saturday, 46.16% on Sunday, 31.63% on Monday & 59.40% on Tuesday using only BetEasy prices. This style of betting suits me as I get bored quickly, especially putting up with long losing runs of some plans as well as just religiously following one plan for whole day. I hope this email my inspire your members to try Page 100 & HR2D rating who have a similar mindset or personality to me. Feel free to put this on the feedback page.


Editor Ian is usng the HR2D ratings which are $199 a quarter or $595 for a whole year. Cheap enough and good enough. Ian refers to page 100 in the new book Winning Is Everything.




 Gary, I have just completed my first full month using the Winform ratings and am writing to thank you for finally getting me on track.

 I.had to face the fact that I was not being critical enough of my setting unrealistic targets, then giving up when they were not achieved.

After I read and read again everything I have of your strategies I opted for backing the top rated when they are rated at $2.50 or less, with a few filters. As I mentioned before I still work full time and wanted a strategy that would enable me to bet every day. What I have done is set up 5 columns and each morning before I go to work ( the 3 hour difference due to daylight savings is a big factor ) I am able to make my first 5 bets. Consequently most days I only have to look again at the state of play once or twice during the day which easily fits in with my work.

Having fixed prices for most events from Sportsbet is also a big plus as I am able to get prices that often are much better than SP. I am getting better at this as time goes by and am right more than 70% of the time, and frequently by a big margin.

My strike rate so far is 19.4% @  an average div of $5.35. Using Money Factory I have made $1320.00 in 4 weeks, a return of 7.69% POT. As you have pointed out this beats any returns you are likely to get elsewhere.

Having confidence in your long term averages is a major factor as I have faced losing sequences of 12, 14, 18 (twice), 21, and most recently 30, without flinching.

The biggest problem I have had is how to manage the columns. After a couple of good results today I ruled off 2 columns that had really got out of control, which left me with the results I have quoted. Looking back over the last few weeks I realise there were other times when I really should have ruled off these columns. I estimate I could have been as much as $500 better off.  At least I can now see a pattern developing and will be aware of the need to take any opportunities that present themselves.

Thank you for your practical  & helpful books.


Graham J


Cheers Garry, it has been great being part of the club, certainly haven't lost!!

Scott H.



Hi Gaz

Just thought I would point out, that you got the first four at Goulburn R1 Saturday for $5183.70.
No mention of it in the daily mail.




Hi Garry,

Just wanted to let you know I think your new book is brilliant! (as your other books are).

Thanks again for your help, and your book.

Kind regards,

Greg Dougal

PS. Are there any future plans to have a conference in Adelaide? Ed: Thanks for your remarks. As much as I would like to combe back to do another Seminar in Adelaide, the cost of doing so is prohibitive and not as many punters there. I will have the Seminar notes from the Eastern States available at some stage.


Just a quick note on the recent publication, ‘Winning is Everything’.  
This has to be one of your best and I am sure you are justifiably proud of the end result.   Providing a ‘who is’ Garry Robinson is both informative and entertaining.   The book is well rounded in the thought process for the average mug punter whilst provoking some different ideas for the better than average punter.  It’s a thumbs up from me and well worth the investment

.d Toulson


G’day Garry,

I received the new book today – Great stuff!! 


Graeme W Brewer 29th Oct.


Hi Garry,


just called to tell you that your C Plan had five winners out of five races today. It never stops.

Andrew Boyce

The C Plan was presented to the attendees at the three recent Seminars. Editor

Hi Garry

All set to go with MF + PP all works fine, Im quite impressed! 
Vic Bet have done my 100 as well.
Cant wait for Sat to try it all out.


(Ed is trillaing our new Cloud Based staking plans.


Hi Garry

Seminar was a buzz yesterday, I thought it went OK.
Sorry I could not stay for a drinks, I will catch up with you later.
I was wondering if I could the details and log in for Money Factory and Powerplay x next weekend?



Ed is referring to the new mobile Money Factory and Winform Powerplay programs.


Take a tip.If you want to recoup your $4large [wednesdays diary] follow Mr X-- Patrick Annand


Mr X files the Daily Feature Race for HorseRacing Australia.


October 15th

Hi Garry,

Please cancel my membership. I’m afraid I’m hopeless at this gambling caper and have decided to give it up.

Thanks mate. Cheers,


Editor: We have to commend Johns approach. No good going on with it if you dont have the consistency to match the enthusiasm for the punt. W e happily comply with requests to not send any further emails or promotional material. Funny thing, one corporate cancelled the account of a bad gambler I know only to approach him less than a week later offering to double their depsoit if they rejoined. Doesn't help gambling addicts does it??


September 21st

My attention has been drawn to an article headed "Punter wins at court" which contains a number of inaccurate statements and important omissions.
The article is therefore misleading and I would be pleased if you would agree to rewrite the piece after I return home on October 12, review my files and can confirm the following.

The bet was placed on Tiger's Image
$8,000 at 11/2

There were two entries in Holloway's ledger under my name.
One was $8000 on Tigers Image .
There was another entry of $8000 on Tiny's Finito.
The entry on Tigers Image has a line drawn through it.

After 10 years the matter was heard before a judge at Southport District Court.
I was awarded $54,000 plus interest at 10% p.a.
The judgement was for $108,000.
I was also awarded costs.
Holloway appealed and three judges sitting on the Queensland Supreme Court unanimously upheld the original decision.

Holloway has not paid me.

Winston Doyle
71 Hilly St
Sydney 2137



Hi Garry,

A recent email from you contained this gem and I felt compelled to reply that it is the single most relevant piece of horse-racing advice I know of:

**   If you read the middle paragraph on P76 you will realize why each horse must be looked at in detail and decisions made.  Hopefully, you will then understand why in chapters five and six, I set out GUIDELINES for selectingthese horses.  NOT rules.  These two chapters are not systems and cannot be run as such.  Having said that, i would hope that you also realize that rigidity in thinking is death in punting.  You hear this rigid thinking all the time, like "i never back 2nd up horses or whatever." I can guarantee none of these people are successful.  Every race is a different set of circumstances.


This was in relation to a query on a punting book.


August 29th

This from Vince

Mouthpiece for the corporates? His comment related to an advertisement we sent out for Sportsbet.

Not at all,

They pay the best place dividends in the country. A lot of my Members like that. The Winform Racing Club and our Magazine would never have survived without the support of the various companies that advertise.

The TABs on the other hand have never supported us with a cent. And they continue to rob ordinary punters through the rounding down of dividends to this day. Legal robbery. They never supported the magazine in any way but several of the corporates, inclduing Sportsbet did and still do.




August 28th

Hi Garry
Nice to C u n yours back from holidays.
Before u left i was a relatively new customer. Just Best Bets and I wanted to c how it went as i am just a small hobbyist.
Well not a lot,.... so i gave up but still followed and congrats they got a 1st n 2nd and Trifecta....today so there u go do u keep a record.
I missed out as i did loose some interest.
If u compare your best bets system with some of your other systems can u tell me if they acheive around the same %
thank you
francine l.

Yes nice to see Mr X pop up with a $14 winner and the Quinella and Trifecta in order. Just goes to show you have to have patience. Editor


Yes Garry

Betezy very generous!

Gave me another free bet for soccer ($20)

Not sure why, but for some reason I had it on Chille at 6-1 and forgot about it until I saw that my account had gone up by $100 this morning.

As you know, it would have cost them a lot if Australia had got up.

Happy holidays


May 25th

Hi Garry
Yes, I have been on them. Seven in a row at one stage.

May 25th

Hi Garry
Yesterday was quite bizarre. When the jockey came off the red hot favourite in the first at Adelaide I think it was a pointer to the day.
I will be put for the morning, so an email response at some stage would be okay. My laptop is no longer able to access the Money Factory.
Can you email me the article which outlines the Money factory betting.(You mentioned it to me a couple of days ago -I think it is in a book.
Also, what to do with the laptop. I can post it back in the package it came in via registered mail.
A losing day yesterday, but hopefully I can get it back today.

Garry: It will all come back. It always (The C Plan) ends up with about 50% winning races.


Well if you didn't win today you will never win 


May 25th

it mite had a tuff day yesterday today it won the first 5 bets today and so far it has won 8 out of 13


May 25th


May 20th

I use Bet365 a lot since jan 2014 as on metro races there is a back up of best tote/sp
or best tote for the place if it pays better than your fixed odds.
You have to stay under their radar, so my main WFM bet $25 to $50 and heaps of part saver bets
on the other 4 in the ratings down to $1 wouldnot cause too much drama.
I doubt you would have survived their cull;still I would imagine you would have introduced
a lot of Winform clients to them.

Peter S

Editor Bet365 works well for small punters (up to $100 bets) but they spike the professionalls. Still take their $200 free bets offer.

April 24th

what I like about the diary is the things about non racing (Thursday entry about your father ) tell him on Friday I will be thinking of him and his departed mates and the hell they went through to have the lifestyle we now enjoy  so what we get beaten in a photo finish at least we are alive not like all those young boys who died in all wars  paul of langwarrin


Hi Garry,
Finally getting through my email for the last few weeks.  Can I please take you up on your B4 plan spreadsheet offering from a client?  I'd love to see it thanks.
By the way, B4 recorded a $20 winner on Friday 11th April at Eagle Farm race
Cheers and Happy Easter,


To: Bonza Tips <bonzatips@gmail.com>

What a bloody win with the 1st of 2 bets today John I got $23 fixed
for it but it went to $26, well done mate


Probabaly the best B4 winner this year; Editor




Went to the Echuca Cup a couple of weeks ago for a boys weekend away.

Very limited seating and cover, certainly not enough for the crowd that turned up.

The courtesy bus cost $5, not that it is much but it is hardly a courtesy bus when you have to pay

A few tables and chairs with umbrellas’ on the front lawn wouldn’t have gone astray for the punters, since it was 32 degrees with no wind.

Apparently it was 15 minutes for a beer in VRC members on Super Saturday due to being under staffed, I didn’t attend at was in Echuca but the worst day of the year in the VRC members is ANZAC Day as they only open one or two bars with limited staff . I think this is because they don’t want to pay penalty rates, as it happens year after year on ANZAC Day at Flemington.

I could go on a  bit about the staffing during Spring carnival at Flemington in the members, but might leave that for another day.

As a VRC member and horse owner I would have to say Caulfield is the best metro track when looking after punters/owners needs by a mile


Ps. Don’t use my name on anything please. (no worries)



Hi Garry

What I'm about to tell you is probably a familiar tale to you, and I'm not so naïve as to believe that it will always be this good, or even that it will be good at all, but you should know that I made my first Any 2 bet today using your Daily Feature on the 21:05 at Launceston and cleared $82 on $10. I lost a couple of $10 to win on the same horses, but I'm still $52 up, 173%.  Together with $26.50 on $20 I made on a sample which you kindly sent of the Gold Service a few days back, I'm 117% up.

So it's early days, and I'll carefully monitor the percentages, and particularly how long a losing streak goes on, but I think I might have found a very helpful buddy in Winform!  Thankyou very much for the enormous hard work which you put into the site and service. You could just have sat back and reaped the rewards all to yourself of your rigorous ratings method, but you've chosen to spread the joy around.

Grateful Regards



Hi Gary
           I received today the replacement software and book that went missing in the mail. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
Regards Kevin Whale



Hi Garry, 
Hope your well, I would keen on the Brisbane seminar. 
I had a great weekend with the highlight being, that I got 6 out of 6 of my top selections up, all in the winform top 2. But the best was that that I got all the legs of a Lucky 31 up, on those same win bets. The highest individually paid $3.40. But the combined lucky 31 paid $52. Your a good man. 

Phil V

Phil isa legend. I don't know of anyone who got a lucky 31 up before. Good luck to you. The Seminar is likely to be in Brisbane late May/early June.The Melbourne one is September 29th.



Liked the video Garry. In fact also had a look at some of the others and they are pretty good.

Editor Robert is referring to our YouTue channel MrWinform which is free to subscribe.

4/3/2014 Robin had this to say

Vagrant thought due to some work Im doing:  have you ever looked at your strike rate versus phases of the moon.  Dont assume Im just totally silly -- a lot of animals and humans appear to be influenced by the moon  -- thus lunatic.   If  horses and jockeys become less consistent at various moon phases, it should show up.   I would expect an increase in strike rate on the leadup to and about a week after full moon then a decrease until just after new moon.  I dont believe in astrology but am reminded of the story of the nuclear physicist who noted a horse shoe nailed up on his colleague's barn and exclaimed "you dont believe in that stuff do you"   and the answer was "no, but it works whether you believe in it or not"  
     Good luck!

Got to be honest, we never thought of that. Editor.


2/3/2014 A Query

Hi Garry   

You said in the Dairy that you had a great win at Yarra Valley yesterday.  I am assuming you are talking about race 7 which paid $23.50 on the Sydney Tab.  How come it was a selection because it was only 1009m I thought they had to be at lease 1250m am I wrong or have the rules changed

Valerie Millerchip

Yara ValleyRace 1 winner was $3.50 the other was $15 which is a great result. Yarra Valley 2 another C Plan win. Yarra Valley Race 3 another C Plan win that’s 3 in a row. Yarra Valley Race 6 another C Plan win.

4 C Plan winners in four races at one venue. What’s not to like??? Of course you can only do the C Plan properly with Winform Ratings. I was impressed.




Our recent publicity with Powerbet has had some good feedback from Members who for some reason or other had stopped using it. Robert decided to clarify the method we mentioned recently and tried it today with one of his "systems".

Interesting with PowerBet today. Frustrating fall of winners however have turned over $2,100 so far for Level Stakes Pot of 9% but actual POT using PowerBet of 35%. Long time since I have used PowerBet and I have some much better models which might be really good through PowerBet - things that are large numbers of bets and level stakes profitable on their own. A couple of sequences which throw up a $10+ winner every 15 or 20 bets with some shorter priced ones always in between. Might be really really good with PB.




Thanks Gary, the book on barriers is awfully good value for money, it saves the setting up of a database and all the dissection.  Now all I have to do is to translate its information into lisp functions!!

R Hall.

The Barriers book is available from the online store.



Howdy Garry;   Last Sunday I flooked not just 8 placegetters but 8 winners and I never heard
of any runners or even had a bet at Sunshine Coast.
Markets available for 5 races only and used tipsters for the 3 maiden races.
Odds totalled $24 so a lot of favourites.
I have a $20 free bet which I will use on WFM selections this sat.
You have to make use of any free bets available to keep in front.
These selections are in fine form the last 3 months.

Peter follows the Winform Daily Mail. The WFM selections are included.



Thanks for the tips. I had the following bets I changed Boban for Law

Randwick r1 Law $1.50*$5
Caulfield r5 Earthquake $1.65*$5
Caulfield r6 Rubick $1.70*$5
plus 3 doubles and a treble. 
I outlay $23 and had a return of nearly $50

Ray Heath



Thanks Garry.  Im afraid Im old fashioned--at over seventy I bloody well ought to be--, and my opinion is that the various betting agencies would not be offering exotic betting unless they could make a better profit at it over  the situation with win or place.  So far as I could work things out mathematically a long while back, the best option was win only betting, using a level stake increasing with the bank and with a bet of two percent of the bank.  This idea assumes that you know your strike rate and therefore when to support a bet as having value. As its summer Im getting a strike rate of around thirty percent, so there is no point in supporting anything below 3 price as thats breakeven.  I like to rate  only races on good tracks and with no more than ten starters and with a minimum of five starts per horse and with a minimum of strength in the 60s or class 3
   I think this tends to tip the odds a bit in my favour.  It doesnt leave a lot of races to do, but then I do a rather crude rating which involves sixteen variables per horse such that a horse can get
something like 21 points.   This takes me a minimum of time as not all
horses are going to need the last five variables, only two or three will
    It doesnt always give favorites either, the best return this week has been over $14 on the tote.
It takes me maybe twenty minutes to do a race, so its only sensible from my point of view to do the races most likely to produce a winner.
  From my point of view a good provincial race will often be better than a good  metropolitan race, as there simply wont be as many good
horses running   In country events there might only be one race worth
    I dont use the computer to work things out as I can generally write things down faster than I can key them into a computer, and at a maximum of 160 decisions per race, you dont want to waste time!!

Robin Hall in reponse to ouexplanation of Patent betting.




I have had a great time reading your various books and there is a great store of knowledge on the past issues of Horse Racing Australia magazine.You might remember I bought the whole set a while back.

I love Trevor Johns book Racing My Perfect Investment and started winning right away.

Jeff Abbot.

Hi Gary

Had a quick peek at the diary for this, no mention this year that I saw but I'm sure you're aware of it


The V'Landy's "stuff the punter" disease just isn't confined to NSW unfortunately.

Most of the comments below the article are spot on. And, of course, in the article itself their is mention of trainers will like it........punters........nothing.





Hi there Garry.

Just received your email and just wanted to say that I enjoy reading any info that you send.  I would really love to buy more of your products , but alas, I am a punter but not in your league money wise.

The ratios are the same but my bets are a heck of a lot smaller.  But dare to dream.

All the best for the rest of the new year Garry, and I hope that you and Ros have a great time away from the digital world for a short time.

Cheers mate and all the best to the family.

Bill the Punter.




I'm not going to pay $1500 for the money factory software as I'm on a pension. You only care about the Pro punters you don't want to know the little guy who wants to make a little money by staking correctly.

How about some sort of deal just for the money factory software and no bonuses.


Editor's reply


There is one price for everyone. No need to tell me you can’t afford it and I know you are a pensioner but I send these emails out to all punters, not just you. I did send you out apersonal offer of $100 to bet with at no risk because I know you are a pensioner but you haven’t responded to that.

My job is to make solutions. A solution for all punters is Money Factory, some can afford it and some not. I’m sure you would like a BMW but if you can’t afford it you can’t, doesn’t mean you should complain to BMW and say “can’t you make a cheap one that I can afford?”

The book you bought for a very low price of just $39 (Market Forces E-Book on sale reduced from $149) shows you how to do money factory staking manually so that’s the Money Factory without all the bells and whistle that cost $1595.





Just read the magazine. Especially the article on winning long term. I have come up with a ratings method which I use as the basis for my first fours. If I take a long term view how much time should I allow to see if this idea will make me money.


Editor:Being totally honest, 1,000 races would be reasonable. Anyhting less than that would be "happenstance".



it is obvious that b4 is a consistent winner... I also point out that barriers shows apercentage winner.. refer ds/ben 5 races only 2 wins but one at $25



Hi Garry,

Just goes to show. Money Factory is the best betting tool out there!! A simple business method based on turnover! How unusual! ;-) From your stats 50%SR at  $2.10 for target of $100 would require bank of $6800. Not bad for a startup business.

From this email seems you are trialing a couple of new methods. Do I get the idea another book is in the offing?

Regards Maarten


7/12/2013 FROM Gavin

good morning -- GREAT day last week -only the 1 win, but picked up CALVO at $100 fixed - thanks, very much appreciated -- also last email - MONLOGUE what a GREAT CD - I got it as a xmas pressy years ago ""recommended""


Hi Garry

Confirming receipt of Edition 20, thanks. Congratulations on your outstanding customer service.

Best regards

James Clark


Hi Garry

Thanks for the heads up on the plans from the Best Australian Horseracing Systems.

I am aware that from time to time you refer to the ongoing success of The Bolter in particular and today after receipt of the email I did have a look at the results from July 2010 to date which are quite impressive. While there is not a lot of action the results cannot be faulted. Thanks for that. In future I will be checking for selections.

Purely as an aside, I noted that bets in WA showed a loss for the period. The finding confirms my own feeling and experience that I do not have a lot of confidence investing there.  





I just thought that I would advise you that re barrier book   . sat.m/v 2 only races 2 winners at 9.4 (esprit de bully) and 11.4 (solsay)  Randwick a small loss  ie 1 winner from 3 races. but if use f/tales price rule  Randwick becomes 1from 2 with a small prpfit(actually 50%on outlay)  interesting.   les



I found that with b4 winter, that selectionss in nz made a profit .    in addition  daily feature winner on sat. was also a barrier selection.  les

Les is referring to B4 That Start. So it is interesting that the plan works in NZ. Also he refers to the selection plan in the Barrier Book . (Editor)



Hi Garry,

I'm busy rebuilding my punting bank after a disastrous foray into foreign exchange trading! (Don't do it!!!! I eventually came out with what I started out with but my goodness what a roller coaster).

Using Money Factory is there some way to add my profits back into the bank without having to create a new system each time? I find so far that all I can do is recalulate my system to suit a bigger base bet.

I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

Regards Maarten

We suggest you stick to your Bank and when profits build up, simply recreate the system. It takes about 30 seconds to do it.

12/11/2013 John had a good result with Powerbet today

Profit for the past three weeks has hit $8,000+


Afternoon Garry

I have received my Trevor John's book, hooray!  Loved the smiley face drawn on the envelope.

You mentioned some trainers are turning their backs on traditional training methods.  Could they be using 'interval training' made famous by USA Olympic gold medal 3Day Event team decades ago.  This would make enormous difference as first-up runs would be irrelevant.  Now, all we need is list of trainers doing so to adjust rating points.  Just a thought, no expert here, but puzzled by some of these winners lately.

Still reading the magazine, lot to digest there.  Well done to the team.



Some more feedback on Trevor Johns new book Racing My Perefect Investment.

Today was my  first opportunity for me to run the system on pages 34 to 36.​   Six bets for winners at $4.0  and $16.7.  These are my kind of figures.'

I received my copy of Racing my Perfect Investment 3 on Friday and became intrigued with Chapter 4 about trainers.  Even though TJ advises not to bet on the trainers specially marked for consistency, I thought I would bet Saturday through Tuesday with small bets to see how these trainers performed.  12 wins averaging just over $4.  I'm hooked.  I am going to buy one of the software packages reviewed in the book and sort out my own.' 


Sent: Monday, 4 November 2013 8:07 PM
To: Garry Robinson
Subject: edition 3

Hi Garry,

Just got around to reading My perfect investment 3 and found that
after page 8 the pages are in backwards until page 21, even if I
unbind the book the pages that are incorrectly in would not go back
in because the spine holes would be on the wrong side, besides
that its a great update and plenty of extra good things in it that I will
be using when I finally finish working in WA and get back home to
start using all the things Ive been learning from you and others over
the years, cant wait.

thanks Jason Cole (Trevor is replacing Jasons book)



Hi Garry,
Thanks for that, fast and professional as always. (Latest magazine order)




Morning Garry

I am half way through the magazine, and appreciate your and the team's effort.  The layout with website links tis the way to go, these days.  I used to buy the hardcopy magazine years ago, and I have missed it.  I understand from reading the Diary, its a lot of work to add to your already heavy workload but well done.

Bonita Fulham


Hi Garry,
This weeks quiz answers are:
1 - So You Think
2 - Precedence
3 - Dato Tan Chin Nam (was owner of So You Think when Bart was the trainer. Precedence has Dato's interest plus shared ownership with Patrick Hogan of Cambridge Stud/Zabeel fame as well as The Dowager Duchess of Bedford and Mr B.A Schroder)
4 - Bart and James Cummings
Thank you, and thanks to Rod Cleary (vicbet.com)for the bit of fun generated with the quiz over the previous weeks of the Spring Carnival. I have enjoyed it.
Kevin Powell

Thanks for the $100 a day plan. Today(Sun) I set a target to make $10 profit a day and I made a profit of $12. Again thanks

Ray Heath.

Ray is testing the waters with a small bank as he recovers from health issues.

Hi Garry.

Just a line to say thanks for the tip on Buffering for the Manikato at at the Valley.  Got $8.20 0n Betfair.

Cheers mate and thanks again for your Winform info.

Bill G.


26th October 2013

Gary, just had to drop you a short thank you. Since I purchased Money Factory, I have, after a sharp learning curve, started to generate some consistent profits for the first time in my life. The software gives a structure to my betting that I have never before managed. Once I was prepared to commit the necessary capital, and persist in following the softwares betting patterns, I started to turn a profit. I work full time, but am still able to use 3 selection methods ( including Winform Daily ).
I am getting POTs of 15.7%, 44.8%, & 23.1%. Its a bit nail biting at times, but I have not really been tested yet, my biggest drawdown has never been more than 8% of any of my banks. I am looking forward to retiring in 2 years soo that I can really get serious.

Once again, thank you

Graham Jellis 



Previous ourchaser of book 2 Excellent book! Tom M ( he is referring to Trevor Johns new book Edition3



Hi Garry,

The C Plan is a great way to bet for the person who has to work. Ive had 8 winning days in a row now wihout having to do much work,


Terry Parnell

The C Plan is available in Racing Pays More, Race Winning Strategies and Winning Your Only Option at the online store.


Hi Garry and workers

Could I pls purchase Trevor's new edition by direct debit, like I paid for Spring package?  Husband away working and he is the credit card holder in the family.  He is working flyinflyout in North Western Australia and wont be back until end October.

I don't want to miss this new edition, Edition 2 I purchased paid for itself the first Saturday after I got it, with a Chapter 5 horse.

All the best,

Bonita F


Thanks Garry

P.S. (Some positive punting feedback)
I had a really good Wednesday, at Belmont in particular, starting in race 1 with Woken winning a C Plan race, and also securing the $3.60 for myself as a single selection. I plodded along with the C Plan races for the afternoon with 7 in total, ending with three wins and 4 losses, but managed to still make a profit. In race 7 I was very keen on the top rated horse Foxing, and secured $6.50, that was never in doubt as they cornered. On to race 8, I was torn between the top two, but being your Daily Feature, and it having a slow start to the month, I felt it was due, so I snatched the $11 on offer, which was too good to refuse anyway. With a stack of money coming for Wroughted, and Surrendering blowing like the wind I decided not to save on him.....if only it was that easy everyday!
Saturday started in the same fashion as Wednesday, with Multilateral winning a C Plan race and I had backed it the night before, so was glad to see it as a GrandSlam selection Saturday morning. I was also glad to see we were on the same page in regard to Long John when reading the spring package, as I thought he was close to a good thing, I managed to get $9+ at a couple of agencies with their DBL Fixed odds promo's. I got $11 for Boban last week too! I dutched the Daily Feature horses, backed the w/e feature horses, made good profit on the C Plan, and was even able to single out a few C Plan horses. The day ending with Me thoroughly enjoying, what certainly felt like, a hard earned cold beer....or two.
I've never really been an exotics punter, apart from the odd quaddie here and there. I've only ever thrown on a few tri's and first fours, without too much success I must add, but as the big dividends flash up on the screen for the first fours, and you see big discrepancies between the tab's, have always wondered how the poor bloke in VIC is feeling when his exact same numbers pay thousands less than his mate in QLD....well now I do, and its bittersweet, that's for sure. Yes I was drawn to putting on a first four on yesterdays daily feature event, which I'm sure you know paid in excess of $5500 on TATTS tab, with a difference of close to $4000 compared with STAB paying just in excess of $1700. I should have got the NSW price of $2500+, but didn't think to check before confirming my bet, ah well, lesson learnt. I would hate to think of some of the real hard luck stories, that I'm sure are out there.
Anyway Garry I just thought I'd give you some feedback on how I'm going since signing up with Winform, I'm really enjoying the products and Information I receive, and am learning as much as possible when it comes to 'beating the Bagmen'. I also appreciate the customer service I have received since joining.

Thanks Again


Editor: Some corporates pay best of three totes for exotics, some pay best of two and others just Tattsbet or you choose a selected one. With flexibet we recommend you split your investment into three then you are covered.



HI Garry,

I have opened a new account using your link
My account number isXXXX and I deposited XXXX

Thanks for a great promotion and I look forward to using the new bookie Betezy



Noel is referring to our promotion where you open a new Betezy account (an actual Australian owned bookmaker that does not ban Racing punters) and depoti $200 or more to get up to $500 in free bets PLUS the Winform Spring Package.



Gidday Garry,

I believe its Tommy Woodcock and the horses are Phar Lap along with Reckless.

Superbly crafted quiz!

Michael Mecham


Re: E-BOOK FOR NO CHARGE download worked very well on g mail very good information for maiden punters (or mugs and slow learners) thanks dennis



Note good service from winform 

You told me you would send it this after noon and it arrives in the morning I just having a joke

Cheers for the quick service


Dave Ross

Editor: Davdi forgets that Afternoon here is Mornign in WA. Ha Ha!!



I back the top 3 according to my ratings and I would like to make a weekly income of between $200 and $300 a week but I don't know what is the right staking method to make my weekly income.
I can't buy any of your software as I'm on a tight budget, but I have managed to put together a betting bank of $500 which took me a year.
Can you give any examples as to how I should stake.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Editor Tom,

I don’t see you in my database anywhere but I once turned $1,000 inot $55,000 in a year outlaying just 2% of my Bank per race. When I hit $20,000 I didn’t increase my stakes any further.

If you have the patience, no doubt you could do the same.

The main thing is to be placing your investments at the place where you could get the best dividend on each winner. Go to http://www.horseracingaustralia.info/bookmakers.htm and select from one of those. For a start at Betezy you deposit your $500 and get $500 in freebies thus doubling your Bank overnight.





Hi Garry, as I bet sometimes with Sportingbet I rang them with my concerns about their new best tote plus 5pc. Some information that may concern Greg after reading his thoughts on this matter was their answer to my queries. They said if anyone was unhappy about this change they would allow them to return to the old maxidiv with the proviso that they could no longer then return to the new 5pc plus returns. In other words one change is available to everyone. Hope this helps. Frank Dundas-Taylor 

Editor.The new Ladbrokes.com.au offers the same as what Maxidiv was. It is a good dividend for those who don't have time to watch the odds.

Well done for the weekend Garry, now for Balak:
Just having a bit of a gigtgle to myself and thought I'd get in early-
this time last year I was heading to the cup and I rang cos the ratings werent up and then a few week ago same deal.
I'm going to the cup again this wednesday, do you want me to give you a ring lol?
Look forward to a bottler

Gerard likes to head off early to get there. A long term client happy with results.



                          With the Daily Mail WFM or WFMH I couldnot remember a winner over $12 from memory.
I was happy to see Luxbet betting Favourite out on this race.
$21 WIN $6 PLACE was a pleasant surprise.
Who bet $14 the place?; think IAS was $10 Sat morning as fav was odds on at that stage.
I had a rare Trifecta with the 5 horses and was not far away with the elusive 3rd placing.
Your reference recently re minimum payout by corporates on fixed odds wouldnot concern me,
but they can  close anyone,s account or severly restrict you anytime they want to with no excuse
as per their terms and conditions which should be illegal imo.
There are a few punters who dont play by the rules which stuffs everything up for everyone else.
I have no problems as I bet smallish and spread the win bets Best of Best between 2 corporates
if need be.
Ferlax won me nearly $600 from Luxbet.


Hi Garry,

This is a question purely for if you find a moment. No urgency at all.

I followed the One Up selections for August and was hoping to check my results with yours to ensure I am doing it correctly.

I had the following 1st August – 31st August inclusive: (2013)

52 bets
10 winners
$7350 return (based on the prices I could access of course)
$2150 profit (@ $100 outlay)

Hope Father’s Day is proving much fun for you and the family.

Sue Mayer


Thanks again Garry for all your efforts especially for your Winform website.  Good reading and heaps of helpful info.

Cheers mate.


Tasmania 1/9/2013

Hi Garry,

Really appreciated mate. You have made my life a bit easier.
Happy Punting



Hi Garry,
Thanks for the prompt service.
Have a good weekend.




31/7/2013 from Nev Taylor.

I have used Winform services many times and found them to be very professional and I have no hesitation in recommending this service to other punters.

Nev Taylor

Greg Till (re our selection in the Ipswich Cup

PS. I will take this opportunity to thank you for the Anagold tip.
I was already aiming for Zabeelionaire as my mates uncle has shares
but when it was scratched I was straight onto Anagold and got 71 fxd on the friday!!


This from Phil

Hi, I don’t know where you get your info from, but you say Clanga’s Glory (no 8) & Lord Durante (no 12) have good wet track form. Both have not had a start on a heavy track, no8 has had 2 starts on a slow track for 1 win.No 12 has had 3 starts on slow track for 2 wins & a 2nd. So if it is a heavy track, what no bet? Slow & heavy is classed as a wet track. Phil

My reply "Clangas Glory has 14 starts on wet tracks for 7 wins.
 He’s a fair risk on a heavy track..

Lord Durante has won his two most recent starts and both on slow tracks.

The program we use in GTX has an inbuilt forrmula based on 100,s of thousands of races and the formula works for us.



Phil was referring to our latest video in which I try to explain how Winform Ratings are affected by rain affected tracks.


Ipswich Cup Day

Heartiest congrats Garry.  You are a genious.

No, I did not back it, as I had stopped for the day after making my profit target.  If I had not stopped, it is one of the 2 horses I would have backed in the race.

But I know you, and many others, would have backed it.

Gee whiz.


Anagold rated $3.10 won the Ipswich Cup at $51


June1st 2013

Garry,your Money Factory software would have to be one of the seven wonders of the world. I have been using it for years now and it has never failed me.

Warwick Qld.

Members attending recent seminars woudl know Warwick and he is hard working and committed. He dutch bets a couple of horses in selected races and has never looked back since he switched to Money Factory. Previously, his losing runs had been the bane of his life but with Money Factory you overcome these. I appreciate his comments.

May 22nd 2013

Dear Winform Team,
Would like to avail myself of Gary's offer on page 43 of B4 THE START. Could I please get a free copy of the PSP
software to use in conjunction with the B4 system.  Btw, have really enjoyed reading the book.  John has employed
a very friendly, conversational tone throughout the book.  His style would certainly encourage future purchases.
Best Wishes, Shane.

The Plan is indeed available at no cost and I have sent that to Shane. The software is low cost $69.


May 21st 2013

hi gary 1st I have to tell you that I cant belive my luck that I was able to buy a copy of tj book the coming winners guide on ebay for only $56 oh my god when you think somethings are looking right at you like trevors other books that you tend not to notice but the reason I am sending you this email is that not many if not any business would put micks email about a product that they were selling on their site  [ b4the start]
top marks for for your honest business integrity  hope everything turning out well with nat and the twins until next time paul of langwarrin


Gday Garry,

  I recieved the ebook, but I am dissapointed with the B4 system . I ran it through bet selector and it produced a loss so far this year of 12 units and POT of - 22.2% , last year also showed a loss . I copied the rules exactly as shown and expected better than I got. I would be very hesitant to purchase any more books from you after this. I have other systems that far out perform B4 and nowhere the price of B4, Regards Mick

Mick has been a bit shortsighted and has not for example noticed that his database gives results for one TAB only. Most novice punters would realise that everybody can get best of three totes or Sp these days which increases retturns by up to 33%. Also I would love to know where you can obtain profitable systems for any price, that have made profits over five years of actual betting with real money such as B4 has done. In the period Mick speaks of I personally made a solid profit with it which is why we accepted the authors request to publish. Mick does not dispute the overall profit figure for the period covered in the book.

We don't take on everybody who comes up with a plan they want to publish but we also acknowledge that all plans have winning and losing periods. We also acknowledge that Racing changes over time and so some plans that worked before the changes in whip rules and changes to riding weights and changes to actual race classes no longer work but B4 seems to have beaten all these.



Good afternoon Gary,

Not having a great day on the punt but you get that.  I have a couple of queries regarding B4 The Start.

1.  I can't seem to find the basic info for the B4 method as listed under the heading "Pen and Newspaper"  I live in WA and the only newspaper is the West Australian; the closest I can find to 'last start favourites' is horses denoted with a small b after their name in the form guide, which  actually means 'beaten last start favourite' not exactly the same thing.  I have looked at Risa, Skyracing, Racenet all to no avail.  Could you tell me where I can find the info?

2.  On page 63 of the book, John gives some results for his lay method(is field against the same thing?) For the month of January, I get the $6300 outlay($100 bets x 63 bets) but the return and the profit columns I don't understand.  I can see if you add the two figures together you get $6300 I just don't understand how that relates to a $4620 profit?  To make a profit of $4620 your return would have to be $10920 from which the original stake is subtracted to leave a profit of $4620.  I don't get where the $1680 return in the book comes from.

I'm sure you can make sense of it for me, I shall wait eagerly for your reply.

Warm regards,
Iain Noble.

Hi Iain,

perhaps the form is availablefrom the TAB.I think it is. Normally you would expect to see the fav. in red type. As for the lay tables, they actually show what you would "lose" if you had backed them, therefore for a lay bet you would win. It wouldnt be that much as listed in the book because you would probabaly have to lay them at a better price than what you could get otherwise.

Also, the WATAB used to provide a paper form guide. Do they no longer do this? Aha! Form guides generally have some basic headers i.e. wcd etc and a lower case b = a last start beaten fav and a Capital B is a last start favourite winner.



Is a bloody great read. I got it yesterday and am reading it again today.
Very clear, well written book.
A terrific example of applying a business-like approach to punting and being disciplined and patient with your efforts.
If I may ask one easy question, the laying system rules were provided with GTX criteria, would it be possible to see the same criteria explained for Bet Selector ?
Many, many thanks for this publication John and Garry, hear from soon, Sam.

Hi Sam, the criteria for Price Predictor havent been tested and that's why they weren't included.


Hi Garry,
    just a quick note. I have recieved my copy of B4 and it is excellant! looking forward to good profits over the years and also look forward to future publications.
Tom Mallard.



Ian sent these reports,

PROCEEDINGS: Dispute Relating to Betting – Section 85 of the
Racing and Betting Act
HEARD BEFORE: Mr Philip Timney (Presiding Member) Mr Walter Grimshaw Mr David Brooker
HEARING: 3 February 2011
APPEARANCES: Mr Malcolm Richardson, Manager Racing Mr Eddie Berry, Racing Inspector
1) Mr S is an account holder with Luxbet Pty Ltd (“Luxbet”). It is not in dispute between the parties that on 18 January 2011 Mr S attempted to place a wager of $400.00 on Reign of Courage to win in Grafton Race 2 at the advertised odds of 5.00. Mr S’s bet was rejected by Luxbet. He then attempted to place a wager of $400.00 each way on Reign of Courage at the revised odds of 4.60, that wager was also rejected by Luxbet. Mr S then attempted to place a wager of $400.00 each way on Reign of Courage at the further revised odds of 4.40. That wager was also rejected by Luxbet.
2) Reign of Courage won the race. If any of Mr S’s wagers had been accepted by Luxbet at the time he attempted to place them the payout would have exceeded $1,000.00 on each wager.
3) On 20 January 2011, Mr S lodged a complaint with Racing Inspector, Edward Berry. The substance of Mr S’s complaint was that, in accordance with the Minimum Bet Rule, Luxbet was required to accept his wagers at the advertised odds to a maximum payout of $1,000 per wager. Mr S added:
“Since Tuesday they (Luxbet) have continued to just reject bets I try to place at fixed odds without betting me to win anything, or they just turn the price off and offer me a reduced price to the price I clicked on.“
4) Mr S advised that when he raised his complaint with Luxbet they credited his account for $1,000.00 in respect of the second attempted wager at the odds of 4.60. He was further advised that the other two attempted wagers at odds of 5.00 and 4.40 were rejected by Luxbet as “he was not first in line for the other two bets” and that Luxbet was not obliged to accept the wagers even though the odds were being displayed.
5) Mr S maintains that he was entitled to receive a $3,000.00 payout, being the maximum payout of $1,000.00 for each of the wagers he attempted to place that were rejected by Luxbet.
6) On 21 January 2011 Mr Andrew Vouris of Luxbet provided the following response to Mr Berry in respect of Mr S’s complaint:
As per the below email, Mr S was not the first customer to request a bet at the initial price of $5.00. The first customer was bet at the price in accordance with the rules and a price change was initiated. I subsequently confirmed that this process was appropriate with Malcolm Richardson.
We have conceded that Mr S was the first customer at the new price of $4.60 and have accordingly paid him $1,000 as an ex-gratia payment.
7) The Commission notes the “concession” made by Luxbet in respect of Mr S’s second attempted wager and agrees that Mr S was entitled to a dividend of $1,000.00 under the Minimum Bet Rule. The Commission does not agree however that Luxbet’s payment to Mr S was made “ex gratia”. It was incumbent on Luxbet to pay the dividend to Mr S on the basis of the rules applicable to its licence and not on some ex gratia (no fault/no liability) basis.
8) The email to Mr S, referred to by Mr Vouris, was from Mr Chris Callaghan of Luxbet and dated 19 January 2011. The content of the email was as follows:
In reference to your below email, we have today paid you $1,000 for your bet on Grafton Race 2 No. 4 @ $4.60.
Per the NTRC Rules you were not the first customer at the other two prices quoted and therefore not entitled to any additional payments.
9) On 24 January 2011 Mr Vouris sent a further email to Mr Berry advising as follows:
The bet was rejected incorrectly, however Mr S was credited with the $1,000 win portion he was due to receive the following day.
We are betting the first customer at the price and continuing to reject those behind them. I am not aware of any further instances where this has happened to Mr S.
10)By decision dated 31 August 2010 the Racing Commission determined to impose a new Rule applicable to Corporate Bookmakers in respect of the acceptance of bets at the advertised starting price for thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing. For those sports, the former Rule was replaced with the following new Rule (“The Minimum Bet Rule”):
Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in these rules, if (the Sports Bookmaker) publishes, posts or quotes any incorrect betting information for any thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing event, such as posting wrong odds or lines, then regardless of the cause of source of such error:
Bookmakers must lay such odds if demanded by the taker on fixed odds betting but so that the bookmaker shall not be compellable, in the normal course of business, to lose on any bet more than $1,000.00 on thoroughbred racing.
11)Luxbet’s interpretation of the Minimum Bet Rule, as relayed by Mr Vouris in his email to Mr Berry, is incorrect. The Rule compels corporate bookmakers to accept wagers from all clients who attempt to place a bet at the advertised odds to a maximum loss to the bookmaker of $1,000.00 per wager. Under the Rule it is not open to a bookmaker to accept the first wager placed at the advertised odds and to then reject subsequent wagers from clients who attempt to place a wager at the advertised odds after the first client has got on. The Rule requires bookmakers to accept all fixed wagers from all clients at the advertised odds, to a maximum payout of $1,000.00, until such time as the odds displayed are altered.
12)On the basis of the correct interpretation of the Rule, the Commission is tasked with determining whether Mr S is entitled to a payout of $1,000.00 for one of his attempted wagers, as has been accepted by Luxbet, or $3,000.00, being the maximum payout of $1,000.00 for each of the three wagers he attempted to place.
13)Had Mr S attempted to place three different wagers (for example, on different horses or different races) the Commission would have no hesitation in determining, in accordance with the above Rule, that he would be entitled to a payout of the maximum payout of $1,000.00 for each of the attempted wagers that were rejected. Luxbet’s assertion that they are only required to accept the first wager at the advertised odds is incorrect and they are required to accept all wagers from individual clients, to a maximum payout of $1,000.00, at the advertised odds until such time as revised odds are posted or advertised, regardless of how many clients are “in the queue”.
14)In this case the Commission has no evidence to suggest that Mr S would have placed the additional two wagers had his original wager of $400.00 to win at odds of 5.0 been accepted. However, the wording of his complaint, and particularly the remedy he is seeking of $3,000.00 payment from Luxbet, infers that he may have intended to place 3 separate wagers on the one horse. It is also noted by the Commission that the second attempted wager was for $400.00 each way, a different bet to the original attempted bet of $400.00 for the win only. The second and third attempted wagers were identical.
15)For obvious reasons, no evidence was presented by Luxbet in support of the alternative argument, namely that Mr S only intended to place one wager on Reign of Courage and proceeded with the second and third wagers only because the first wager and then the second wager had been rejected. Luxbet could not have made any submission in regard to Mr S’s intent as only Mr S could know how many wagers he intended to place. Noting the lack of substantiating evidence in respect of either conclusion as to Mr S’s intentions, the Commission must reach its decision on a strict interpretation and application of the terms of the Minimum Bet Rule.
16)There is no dispute between the parties that Mr S attempted to place three wagers with Luxbet on Reign of Courage at the varying odds posted at the different times he tried to place the wagers. Each of those wagers would have been a valid bet but for Luxbet refusing to accept the wagers. Luxbet’s response that the first and third wagers were not accepted because Mr S was not the “first customer at the price” is not a valid reason to refuse to accept those wagers, for the reasons set out above. On that basis the Commission must find that each of Mr S’s attempted wagers was rejected in contravention of the Minimum Bet Rule and that Luxbet should have accepted each of the 3 bets to lose a maximum of $1,000 per wager.
18)The Commission has determined to resolve this gambling dispute in favour of the client, Mr S. In accordance with the Minimum Bet Rule Luxbet was obliged to accept each of Mr S’s wagers on Reign of Courage to a maximum loss of $1,000.00 per wager.
19)The Commission notes that Luxbet has already paid $1,000.00 to Mr S in respect of the second of his wagers. The Commission, in accordance with section 85(4) of the Racing and Betting Act and taking account of the Minimum Bet Rule, determines that Luxbet shall pay to Mr S an additional amount of $2,000, being the maximum payout of $1,000.00 each for the first and third attempted wagers.
20)Mr S attempted to place wagers one and three at the odds advertised by Luxbet. It was not open to Luxbet to reject those bets outright. To the contrary, Luxbet was obliged by the Minimum Bet Rule to accept each of those wagers to lose no more than $1,000.00 per wager.
Philip Timney PRESIDING MEMBER 1 March 2011

PROCEEDINGS: Dispute Relating to Betting – Section 85 of the Racing and Betting Act
HEARD BEFORE: Mr David Brooker (Presiding Member)
Mr Philip Timney
1) The Northern Territory Racing Commission has been asked to determine a dispute between MyBetShop and Mr F. MyBetShop is a licensed bookmaker regulated under the Racing and Betting Act. Mr F alleges that MyBetShop have failed to fully compensate him for winning bets placed by him on the 4 June 2011. MyBetShop rely on the contents of a wagering agreement between the two parties which is essentially the only material document of relevance in this matter.
2) The issue in point, which relies solely on the sensible construction of the wagering agreement, falls to whether MyBetShop informed Mr F that successful bets placed by him would be capped to the extent that MyBetShop losses would be limited to A$5,000 for metropolitan races and A$3,000 for non-metropolitan races.
3) The online portal for MyBetShop is the access point for the Terms and Conditions of account operation by customers of the bookmaker. All clients are bound by these Terms and Conditions and are expected to have consulted them prior to opening an account with the bookmaker. It is reasonable to assume that Mr F would be aware that his account operation with MyBetShop would be governed by the Terms and Conditions on the website.
4) That said, MyBetShop also prepared a specific supplementary client agreement, where at Point 7 there was an express direction that the further Terms and Conditions that were agreed to should be read in conjunction with, ‘all other terms & conditions as per our website’. Simply, MyBetShop saw fit
to craft a bespoke document (the supplementary client agreement) for Mr F that would serve as an adjunct to the more general Terms and Conditions on the website. The thrust of the additional conditions contained in the supplementary client agreement is that they operate such as to limit the amount payable to Mr F on an event by event basis, and a weekly basis.
5) At Point 1 of the supplementary client agreement the amount payable on a win in any one event is limited to, ‘A$5,000 on Metropolitan Races and A$3,000 on Non-Metropolitan Meetings’. Further, at Point 3 the supplementary client agreement limits the maximum amount of winnings payable over the course of a week to ‘20K’. For the purposes of what follows one should also be aware that Point 4 of the supplementary client agreement states that the account is to be, ‘settled each Monday, unless otherwise agreed.’
6) Mr F commenced wagering with MyBetShop on 28 May 2011. On 4 June 2011 a series of bets were placed with MyBetShop by Mr F. These bets were placed using a method of betting known as Top Fluctuation. By the very nature of this bet type, it is impossible to calculate the liability for such wagers until the completion of an event.
7) The relevant issue that is at once obvious and problematic in determining this complaint is that without a Fixed Price being offered and agreed how is it that either party can be aware of whether the result of a winning Top Fluctuation bet will exceed the maximum payout amount previously agreed by the parties? MyBetShop claim that Point 1, as referred to above, provides a blanket limitation on their liability to the client in the event that any winning wager is placed. On the other hand, Mr F claims that it is illogical that the Top Fluctuation bet type would be included in this limiting clause.
8) Therefore, it is the content and construction of the supplementary client agreement by MyBetShop that Mr F disagrees with and which forms the basis of his compliant.
9) It is not in dispute between the parties that a supplementary client agreement existed that contractually governed the relationship between MyBetShop and Mr F. It follows then that unless it can be established that the limiting clauses of the supplementary client agreement do not apply to the bet type Top Fluctuation then wagers placed by Mr F were transacted with a cap on payment and that ledger adjustments made by MyBetShop to winning bets that ultimately exceeded the cap were valid.
10) Mr F claims that the limiting codicils in the supplementary client agreement did not apply to all bet types that were offered by MyBetShop including Top Fluctuation bet types.
11) The Racing Commission has listened to a recording of a telephone conversation between Mr F and Mr G Westropp-Evans, an employee of MyBetShop and the representative responsible for opening the account in dispute, on 13 June 2011. It is clear from this exchange that Mr F is of the belief that the limiting clause in the supplementary client agreement did not relate to the Top Fluctuation bet type. Mr F gives a contemporaneous explanation of why his expectation that the limiting clause did not apply to Top Fluctuation betting is reasonable.
12) Similarly, there is little doubt that Mr Westropp-Evans is of the opinion that he had previously informed Mr F that the limiting clauses in the supplementary client agreement were blanket caps on payments for wagers of all kinds. In a Statutory Declaration executed on the 4th of August 2011 Mr Westropp-Evans details his belief that Mr F was aware of the restrictions on his account in relation to maximum payments for winning bets. Mr Westropp-Evans asserts a confidence that Mr F was, ‘fully aware of our conditions in relation to our daily and weekly limits’. There is little else in the Statutory Declaration of use to the Racing Commission in relation to this matter.
13) Countering the assertions made in the Statutory Declaration of Mr Westropp-Evans are the statements made by Mr F during the phone call that he was of the view that the limiting clauses made little sense and that he would not sign anything because the agreement, ‘made absolutely no sense’. This statement was not challenged by Mr Evans. Further, Mr F goes on to say that he was encouraged to commence transacting with MyBetShop by Mr Westropp-Evans; with the assumption being that the matter of the document would be resolved after Mr Westropp-Evans had spoken to his superior.
14) It is the view of the Racing Commission that, on balance, it is reasonable to find that Mr F held a genuine belief that the limiting clause in the supplementary client agreement did not apply to Top Fluctuation betting. He makes a cogent case to Mr Westropp-Evans as to the inappropriateness of this bet type being subject to limiting arrangements. He further asks in the telephone conversation the simple question; why was he not told at the time of placing the Top Fluctuation bets that those bets would be limited or capped to a winning dividend of A$5,000 per event. The Racing Commission holds the view that this was a reasonable question to ask.
15) It is now necessary to establish whether there exists a nexus between the content of the supplementary client agreement and the reasonable belief of Mr F. In order to do this the Racing Commission must consider the content and construction of the supplementary client agreement. Arguably, the complaint rises and falls on establishing the true and reasonable meaning of the letter of 27 May 2011.
16) By grammatically deconstructing the supplementary client agreement the appropriate interpretation and import of the relevant points from the perspective of the Racing Commission can be established. Each relevant point will be considered in turn:
Point 1: Max win on any one event A$5,000 on Metropolitan Races and A$3,000 on Non-Metropolitan Meetings.
The word ‘any’ in this sentence is helpful to establishing that the limiting clause is in fact a catch-all determiner that suggests an indefinite quantity or number. ‘Any’ is used where the need or ability to define a quantity is not relevant or possible.
Point 3: Max win any one week is 20K.
Although this is an incomplete sentence it would be inconsistent to treat the use of the word ‘any’ in a different manner as above. That is, it is again a catch-all determiner that suggests an indefinite quantity or number.
17) On a plain English interpretation of the above points it is difficult to sustain the position of Mr F that the supplementary client agreement did not apply to Top Fluctuation betting. It can be construed from the letter that the author intended for the limits to apply to all betting forms and types with MyBetShop.
18) There can be no doubt that this letter amounted to an offer to Mr F to avail himself (that is, enter into a legally enforceable agreement) of bookmaking services provided by MyBetShop on the terms stipulated. After establishing the meaning and construction of the offer the Racing Commission must determine at what point was there acceptance of the supplementary client agreement. It is prior to this time that Mr F could have sought clarification on points that he considered needed elucidation. By his conduct Mr F agreed to the Terms and Conditions as displayed on the web site home page of MyBetShop and further agreed to be bound by the supplementary client agreement at the time he placed the wager on 28 May 2011.
19) There is one final issue that the Racing Commission must address in order to determine this matter. At the time of writing the supplementary client agreement was it the true and full intention of the author that Top Fluctuation betting fall within the scope of the limiting clauses? That is, had MyBetShop, in fact, considered the impact of Point 1 and Point 3 on Top Fluctuation betting within the context of the limiting clauses in the supplementary client agreement? There is evidence to suggest that it had not, thus giving some credibility to the claim that although an agreement existed between the parties, and that the agreement related to ‘any’ bets placed on the account, MyBetShop may not have intended Top Fluctuation betting to fall within the scope of the limiting clauses.
20) It has already been mentioned that the operator who accepted the Top Fluctuation bets on behalf of MyBetShop made no effort to communicate to Mr F that his bets would in all likelihood exceed the limits should they be successful. It has further already been established that Mr F received no credible explanation when he asked how a client can place a bet to win a capped amount by using the Top Fluctuation bet type. On the facts, it also clear that no automated or manual system was in place to alter the ledger balance in a prompt and timely manner when bets were successful and the dividend payable exceeded the limit.
21) Of particular probative value in determining whether MyBetShop had contemplated inclusion of the Top Fluctuation bet type is the fact that it was not until Mr F rightly asked why successful bets were altered by use of a ratio but unsuccessful bets were not, that complete ledger adjustments (to winning and losing bets) were made. Simply, where Mr F had placed a successful wager that fell within the ambit of the limiting clause his bets were reduced, while bets that had been placed that were unsuccessful (that would have exceeded the limiting clause had they won) were left to stand.
22) For the sake of clarity an example of each of the above scenarios is warranted.
Successful Wager that would have exceed the A$5,000 payout limit.
$2,000 to win at Top Fluctuation of $9 – The customer stands to win $16,000. By use of the post-event ratio the bet would be reduced to $625 to win $5,000. This requires a correcting entry and refund of $1375 (Initial stake minus corrected amount).
Unsuccessful Wager that would have exceeded the A$5,000 payout limit.
$2,000 to win at Top Fluctuation of $7.5 – The customer stands to win $13,000. By use of the post-event ratio the bet should have been reduced to $770 to win $5,000. This would require a correcting entry and refund of $1,230 (Initial stake minus corrected amount).
23) In relation to the account of Mr F, while the adjusting entries for the winning bets were actioned on the same day that the bet was placed it was not until three days later that the adjusting entries for the losing bets were actioned. It is the view of the Racing Commission that this is inconsistent with sustaining a position that Top Fluctuation bets were included within the limiting clauses of the supplementary client agreement. It certainly offends Point 4 of the agreement that was detailed above in relation to the settlement of the account.
24) It is reasonable to ask how an account could be settled on Monday when correcting ledger entries were still awaiting action on the following day. It is similarly reasonable to ask why correcting entries for losing bets that were limited should not be actioned at the same time as correcting entries for winning bets that were limited. The simple answer may be that MyBetShop had not turned its mind in anywhere near a sophisticated way to the potentiality of post-event ratio adjustments, and therefore refunds, for losing bets that would have exceeded the limiting clause of the supplementary client agreement.
25) In consideration of the above issues the Racing Commission is in the invidious position of having to determine a matter that;
Has conflicting statements from the key individuals involved;
Includes a poorly worded agreement that has internal inconsistencies and style errors that could be read ambiguously; Involves a clear deficiency on the part of MyBetShop in key areas of client account management (which enlivens its own separate causes of concern for the Racing Commission); and Relies on complex mathematical re-calculations that have been made by MyBetShop in error (which again is of separate concern to the Racing Commission).
26) The amount claimed by Mr F from MyBetShop is $28,000. This figure is arrived at by letting all Top Fluctuation bets stand.
27) The Racing Commission requested and received copies of all account opening and customer identification documentation relevant to this matter. The Commission is satisfied that all compliance issues in relation to account opening formalities with regard to Mr F have been appropriately completed. It is standard procedure for the Racing Commission to request all account opening and identification information for all parties involved in a dispute.
28) The Racing Commission has considered the validity and enforceability of the agreement between the two parties. The Commission is of the opinion that the combination of the Terms and Conditions displayed on the web site of MyBetShop and the supplementary client agreement amounts to an enforceable agreement at law between the parties. That said, the nature of the total agreement is at best ambiguous and at worst uncertain. The task of the Racing Commission in constructing a valid and enforceable agreement between the two parties can succeed only where the scope of the obligations and rights between the parties can be defined and established. At issue, and within the authority of the Racing Commission to determine, is whether any of the surrounding factors detailed above give reason to depart from an outcome that relies solely on the literal interpretation of the Terms and Conditions displayed on the website and within the supplementary client agreement.
29) Mindful of the fact that there is a general reluctance at law to invalidate contracts due to uncertainty the Racing Commission takes the view that the true import of the total agreement can be ascertained via the enquiry conducted above. Additionally, the supplementary client agreement is sufficiently vague and imprecise to present the Racing Commission with some latitude in construing that document and thus the agreement as a whole. The reference point that the Racing Commission must keep in mind is one of ensuring that a sensible meaning can be realized from the total agreement.
30) The principal source of confusion in this matter arises as a result of the supplementary client agreement. It is the position of the Racing Commission that at no stage did MyBetShop intend, for the reasons outlined above, for Top Fluctuation bets to be included in the supplementary client agreement. It follows then that Mr F need not have considered that bets laid using the Top Fluctuation bet type would be capped under the supplementary client agreement. It is well founded at law that a party with a bargaining power deficiency be given some leniency when considering the true intention of a disputed agreement. In this matter it is Mr F who has been presented with a document that is uncertain (and it must be recalled that he was given comfort that issues raised by him regarding the supplementary client agreement would be revisited once he activated his account).
31) Where terms of an agreement are uncertain a court will often rely upon a variety of factors in order to bring some clarity to that bargain. Such factors as prior dealings, customs, trade-specific phraseology, and business efficacy are considered as good starting points for such efforts. In the present matter it is important to keep the preceding factors in mind, for there is clearly much substance to be found by taking the lead of the courts.
32) The present matter rises and falls on whether it is rational for the bookmaker to assume that a reasonable gambler would consider that Top Fluctuation bets could be excluded from an arrangement to cap returns at a particular level. Concomitantly, the matter could rightly be phrased in the alternate with the question asked whether a reasonable bookmaker could expect to be able to include Top Fluctuation bets in an agreement to cap returns of a particular account and that the reasonable gambler would accede to this. As detailed above, it is the very nature of the bet type in issue that makes it impossible to be able to determine a ceiling on the expected payout for a specific bet until the event or race is decided. As such the Racing Commission finds that neither the bookmaker nor gambler would have contemplated Top Fluctuation bets to be included in an agreement to cap potential winnings.
33) It is not inconsistent for the Racing Commission to find that an agreement between the parties can be found and that simultaneously it finds that Mr F should be paid for his Top Fluctuation bets. To be clear, the Commission considers that the only bets not covered within the supplementary client agreement are Top Fluctuation bets. Those bets then fall within the ambit of the Terms and Conditions on the website and as such are not capped to a maximum win of $5,000.
34) It is apparent that MyBetShop failed to turn its mind to the prospect of Top Fluctuation betting when the supplementary client agreement was authored. Therefore, the Racing Commission finds that all bets stand and that Mr F be paid the winnings from his Top Fluctuation bets without the $5,000 limit per race. The Racing Commission directs that MyBetShop pay Mr F the amount of $28,000.
David Brooker Philip Timney
6 January 2012

Morning Garry.

you might like to have a read of this decision. In essence it means that if a bookmaker licenced by the NT is offering a fixed odds product the NTRC will enforce the new rule requiring the bookmaker to accept bet(s) plural while they continue to offer the price to lose $ 1,000. Now I wonder why this decision has not been made very very public. And there is a second one which is similar.


name witheld,

Hi ,

Could you please provide the password(s) for the the following machine number xxxxxxxxxx.

Installed the VM virtual machine as instructed and it installed perfectly. Actually I was looking at a similar product called Virtual box by sun systems. It seems there are a couple of these but I think   the VM ware one as highlighted by your client is the far easiest to get up and running for non techies.

However, I did have some problems installing the winform software from the CD. I kept getting the following message  - "setup is unable to load the installation script file" and I think the error number was 432. I spent about an hour and half desperately searching through the net for an answer which is why I was very late in contacting you for the password. Tried many things but what actually worked for me was simple - copy the whole folder from the disk drive and paste it into your desk top. Then run the setup.exe file from folder on the desktop (not the folder on the CD drive) . Powerbert worked first time but I had to delete the Money Factory folder on the desk top and re-copy and paste it. This time it worked. I don't now if the DVD reader was dirty (but we had no problems with it reading other disks on the day) or the actual CD was a problem or there was some compatibility issue somewhere. The possibilities are endless. In any case, it didn't matter as we are now up and running. I mention this in case you have any other clients who may experience something similar - this solution worked for me and it may work for them.


John Bisbal  


May 2013

Stan has provided us with information on how to set up your computer so you can run the Winform software on 64 bit Windows computers AND Windows 8.

Virtual PC is still available on Microsoft update site for free !!!!! I have it running on the notebook that I got from you on wndows8,  BTW the notebook goes so much faster when you upgrade the ram to 2GB :)

Here is a link to setup VPC on win7



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5GV_-ehWrs   and a youtube video how to do it on win8.

Its really easy,





May 2013

Thanks to Ron Elston for his simple solution. Our Winform software will run on Windows 8 with this solution. We personally thank Ron for his assistance and he will be receiving something in the mail shortly as a more practical thank you from us. The solution also works for Windows 7 64 bit computers.
We only received this information from Ron last night and as many hundreds of Members have our programs we are going out early.
Hi Garry
How's things ?
It took me a  very long time in research and in part your forwarding me another members solution( for XP) but I have now got Money Factory installed on my Windows 8 - the actual implementation time was very quick
So for any other unfortunate fellow users who have gone out and bought Windows 8 machine like me  I have no problem you sharing this method with them 
1. Do not activate Windows Hyper -V 
2. Find your original Windows Vista etc Product Key - there is free software that will do this in seconds 
3. If you do not have original disk I got a install disk from USA for $13 
4. Download VM Playr ( free) 
5. Install Boot Disk - enter product key 
6. Installation takes about 20 mins
7. Install Money Factory on your new Virtual Machine
8. Ask Garry for new password
And there we go - so please can I have a password for Machine Number 171523-92395

Many thanks for all your help


I asked Ron for some more detail so here it is.
Hi Garry

Thanks your a legend - just put the password in and it works - interestingly it wouldn't load using Windows Hyper V which is their Virtual Machine so I disabled it as VMPlayr wouldn't load when it recognised  Hyper  V was on my computer
By Boot Disk I mean the original disk for the operating system which was for me Vista - as my old computer came preloaded so I didn't have a boot disk but sourced one from an excellent source on ebay.
Even the product key had rubbed off the back of my computer but that was easy to get via free software .
It's VMware Playr sorry - just google VMware download and it is a free version - they have a paid version but we don't need that .
Although this has taken me blody ages I am feeling like I have had a victory - once I had all my "tools" it installed a dream - 30 mins max
I am definitely not  a techie but was determined on this one - happy to help as I can if anyone is suffering the same fate 




hi gary and the winform team just a email to tell you what a weird week it has been on ebay it has been a buyers market even if the book (coming winners guide by trevor john) was sold for the sellers price of buy it now for $120 must be the bargain of the decade trevor johns 1st ed. racing m.p.i  was offered with a opening bid of$10 I was keen on buying it as I have the 2rd ed ( never to be sold)  and was keen on seeing how the updated verson compared so I put in a automated bid of max. $25 just to get the ball rolling I got the time of the finish wrong  when I logged back on bidding had fininshed I was out bidded by $1 but the funny thing was the final bid was made 40 mins before bidding time was to end that's what I get for not double checking the correct time (a another bargain  of the decade) also two of paul segar books failed to get a  opening bid of $10 (I have both already) as was 2 of don scott  better books failed to get a opening bid of $50 I see there is a copy of trevor Larsen book for a buy it now price of $199 or a opening bid of $99 no bids yet I was given a loan of a copy for a week which beats don scott  books hands down but if you buy a book of 300 pages you must know you must put in a fair bit of work to get trevors result (acces to a good database etc) punters myself included tend to be lazy and expect untold winnings to be handed on a silver platter  I think  maybe some buyers thought that on the last page there would 6or7 rules like in dark horse or simply the best and bingo it would take 5 mins to do a meeting that's what I think for a copy to be on the market so soon sorry to trouble you with a long email all the best paul of langy ps 3 other items on ebay include 500 copies each of racetrack  and turf monthy ($500 each) and a printed tee shirt which says "work is for people who cant pick a winner"

Paul Grasso


Greetings fellow punter, I have been contacted by a mob called Pegasus Trader P/L and they are trying to sell me an expensive piece of software for lay betting through Betfair.
They claim that it makes consistent profit and is virtually fool[roof.
I am highly skeptical of this claim, and was wondering if you have come across this company.
I look forward to you reply.

Joseph Uremovic

Our reply

HI Joe,

Don’t fall for it.

In our new book that’s coming out you will have a very good lay plan and the total cost of the book is only $295. You may get a free Bot from Betfair (if they still have it) that allows you to put in your selections in the morning and then forget it and it will all be done automaticllay.

There are many schemes about as most people consider lays as easier than finding winners. It is not hardto find losers but getting on board the ones at the right price is the key.

We also have a lay plan in our book Last Start Winner Guide and it sells for lessthan $100. Instaed of spending big dollars for a "potential" winning plan use the difference for your Bank.




Howdy Garry, ( 16/2/2103)
                      A long day on the punt today;17 races,73 bets,won on 7 races and I
won nearly 4 dollars on $985 turnover. Most bets BOB so very quick to place thank god.
                      Better than loosing:SR3 no. 2 was a surprise collect fav out with Luxbet @$4-61place ran 4th.
                      MR7 no.2 was even better than $3-30 fixed viz $3-70 with S/BET prepost.
                      SR race8 no.5 4th rated was a huge go;$26 prepost with AIS and $17 to $7-50 in betting.
                      Autumn racing is here so better class of horses.
                      A heatwave here 37 and same sunday;2 weeks and summer is over?.
                      How did you fare today?

Editor:: Better than losing. Soem horrible bad lcuk stories todayinclduing one runner bit came out half way through the race. What a way to lose.


Hi Garry

Good win by Tuscan Fire in the Mornington Cup yesterday. I got 6.30 with Bet 365.Below is a little fact that you might like to use as a promotion tool.

As previously  noted history repeats and Winforms Top-rated selection in last year’s Mornington Cup netted  me the $35 fixed winner in  Norsqui.
In fact it was a standout selection with a rating of 87.5. This year's selection Tuscan Fire  is also a standout with a rating of 86 .

3:00 Mornington Race 8 2400m   LR HCP $300000 Good *2012*
No     Form Horse              BP Jockey       Wodds  AS   WPC   PPC A# Wnet
 6 1-613X25 Norsqui             5 ChrisSymons    1.4  5G  25.0  54.2  8 87.5
 7 3X611111 Power Oraylee       1 LNolen        21.8  4M  38.5  76.9  3 69.1
 2 464911-2 Western Jewel      12 CraigWilliam  24.2  5M  28.6  57.1  1 68.5
 8 71313113 Royal Mail          6 DNikolic      49.0  5G  33.3  80.0  6 63.7
11 26573324 Prussian Officer    9 DeanHolland  124.1  6G  10.0  42.5 11 57.5

3:00 Mornington Race 8 2400m   LR HCP $350000 Dead *2013*
No     Form Horse              BP Jockey       Wodds  AS   WPC   PPC A# Wnet
 7 X3722112 Tuscan Fire        12 GBoss          1.5  6G  20.9  62.8 14 86.4
 2 34327x06 Ironstein           9 BAvdulla      32.4  7G  16.3  42.9  2 65.8
15 06X24111 Award Season        7 KMcEvoy       33.4  5G  25.0  62.5 13 65.7
 1 39272x23 Reuben Percival     6 TBerry        40.0  6G  16.1  51.6  8 64.4
 8 X0X57354 Macedonian          5 LNolen        45.1  7G  14.3  34.3  7 63.7


Greg Horn



Hi Garry and team
Just wanted to give you guys some feedback,some years ago I purchased your
$100 a day plan on disc and used it to make a part time income  but after a pc crash i lost it and
couldnt find the program disc,that was about 2 years ago,anyway my cleaning business(my primary income)
recently went down the toilet(pun intended) and I found myself over 50 and with no income.
After cleaning out my spare room I came across the disc again and immediately installed it in my new PC
and straight away started making money ,Its been a real lifesaver and I`ve tuned it now to make me $300 a day and
I couldnt be happier. Takes me less than 30 mins a day and annoys the crap out of my wife because I`m making
double what she does after a 50 hour week!!  Anyway just wanted to tell you THANKS   and a great program!!
Baz from Nambour QLD



Hi Garry,

Thanks for weekly email updates, I am getting them fine using my gmail account.

I wonder whether I could ask you a question off the mark a bit?

I remember reading (I think in Racing Pays More) you did an article about Dutch betting.  You also mentioned a minimum ROI% that you suggested should be sought.  I tried to look up the article again but I cannot seem to find it.

Am I correct in saying that you were seeking at least 50% ROI or was it higher.

What is your recommendation?

Many thanks,

Kind regards,


About 50% profit is the right amount as a minimum. Editor


Jan25th 2013

Hi Garry

      Thanks for the email, it is very informative. I don't subscribe to any service and do my own thing. I have been working since 03/2006 on a program
      from scratch and it has developed over the past 7 years. It relies on two factors, prices (and fluctuations) and times. I have developed it to only do quinellas.
      I only do 2 to 3 races per week, and only open hcps and group races. I really follow the big carnivals around Australia.  I have developed my own data base and combine this with my program.
      I semi-retired on 18/01/2012 and spend from Mon to Sat on my selections. I only bet sat and major public holidays. I work with a bank of $50000 and I am now using your professional staking plan,  since it is very good. Nice to hear WINForm is going so well for you and I wish you every success. Your web site is very good and I often refer to it. My aim is achieve a POT of about 50 to 80% in the long term.


      Best wishes to you and your family



Jan 15th 2013 Just wanted tpo let you know another great day for the C PLan 3 out of 6 with the first three being winners and I quit early. And howe's nthe Powerbet Top Three? The winners kept poppoing up all weekend . Your Members using Powerbet would be excited.


(Andrew has been using Winform ratings for many years but mostly sticks to the C Plan and quites when in front but his Dad bets them all "Why stop when it just keeps winning?" Editor


Jan 13th 2013

Been a long time between drinks for me Garry but a nice winner there in Geraldton Race 4 - Kojarena. Got $ 60.65 about it so pretty happy.


Jan 10th 2013

Hi Garry and staff.

Just a note to say thank you for your prompt and very fast mailing of Trevor Larsen`s book.  It arrived one and a half days after I ordered it.  Bloody amazing service.  The book is also brilliant, and I look forward to many days of study and putting the information into practice.

Please thank Trevor for his years of experience and patience, for without that the book wouldn`t exist.

All the best for the 2013 punting year, and may all your bets be winning ones.


Jan 3rd 2013

Hi Garry

Hit the front again now, interesting after one month, 18 from 39 or 46.15% win strike since we started, so close to the 47% you promoted for exactly 46% actual profit.

The question is, I know we started light on with the bank at 10% stakes, should we lift our stakes yet or keep conservative and continue to build our bank?

What is the largest number of outs this service has experienced?

Your input would be appreciated?

Thanks Garry


Colin Bice

Hi Garry

Like many people, I was dubious as to the bonafides of your tipping service. Without getting into the finer details, I have a bit of advice to anyone wanting to win at the races, "listen to what Garry tells you then do it!"

Thanks Garry

Colin Bice JP
PH 4961 0411 "




Thanks Garry

Just a note about your ratings. They are excellent. Managed to filter top four for very nice profits. But looking forward to reading your book and the 50% strike rate...

Cheers, Pat J

Hi Garry,

Many thanks for your new book.  There is so much information packed into it, that I am having difficulty getting my tired old brain around it all.

The attached MS Excel file may be of benefit to some of your clients, particularly those involved with real estate investments.
Please feel free to distribute it to whomsoever you wish. I am putting it into the public domain for everybody.

It was designed originally to keep track of one particular loan.  When the loan was due for finalisation the other party was given a copy of the account and found the spreadsheet was amazingly simple to use.
Since then, it has been modified a bit for general purpose use.

Unfortunately, my self-education in MS Excel is thus far limited to composing formulae.  I have not yet learned how to utilise the FORM capabilities of Excel.
Hence, this plan is presented as a simple spreadsheet.
This has the advantage of displaying the details for the year in an easily interpreted sequential manner.
If someone wants to express it using a FORM, that is OK.

The whole program is automated.
Entries are to be made in the first four columns only.  The rest are devoted to calculations and display.
The opening loan details of Date, Loan Amount and Annual Interest Rate are entered on the first row.
After that, entering a DATE results in production of up-to-the-date interest figures.
There is a column which shows what type of other figure has been entered.
Therefore, if two operations occur on the same date, enter them, with the same relevant date, on separate rows.

The first worksheet contains an explanation of the program and how to use it.
The second gives a short demonstration of its use.
The third is a working TEMPLATE.

Make sure a BACKUP copy of the original is held on a separate piece of equipment and make regular backups of the account, as per usual practice.

Each month, the account statements from the property manager and from the bank can be compared and then the relevant details entered into the spreadsheet.
There is a column for adding any special notes.

The plan can be used in many situations.
For instance, I once utilised a 3 percent credit card loan facility for twelve months.  I transferred an amount from my home equity access account.  The opening lump sum from the bank was entered into this plan as a REPAYMENT and the monthly minimum credit card repayments were entered as WITHDRAWALS, as was the final lump sum for zeroing the credit card account.  This saved quite a lot of interest.  Two copies of the account were maintained.  One showed all the details of the credit card business.  The other showed what would have been the state of the account independent of that credit card manipulation.

When several enterprises are paying into your Offset Account, using a separate worksheet for each loan will help keep track of them all.

It is suggested that a separate worksheet be used for each individual investment loan, each financial year.  It is designed to be printed in LANDSCAPE Orientation.

The exact status of each loan is available for the accountant, at any time, at the click of a button.

Hopefully, this simple plan will help reduce the effort required for people to keep track of their accounts.

If someone comes up with ideas for improving the plan, please get them to approach me through you.  I do not open any emails of unknown origin, so their efforts to contact me would be sent to trash.  Coming from you, it would be safe.

Once again, thanks for your support.  It is good to be able to reciprocate.  You may like to put the plan on your website as a free download.


All the best for Christmas to Ros, yourself and all the family.

Requests for Tom's spreadsheet to direct@hunterlink.net.au



Hi Garry,

Excellent work. You did it – tipped the Melbourne Cup winner!

I thought with yesterday’s notes, to be really careful with betting and so, I only bet on the Cup. I had no idea that yesterday was going to be so good.

Smile, sing, dance and celebrate Wednesday night.

Kind Regards,


Tracey Redman-Slater

From Gavin Beckhouse

g'day -thank you for the week end! small punter but with wins on too hi tek ($301) and twin zero ($15+) made it a great day! brilliant!

Nov 5th.

30th October

Dear Garry,

Received your newbook ( Winning Your ONly Option) and I am bvery impressed. I have only read 25% of the book but already have learnt a few things.

Bruce Chalmers.

26th October from Shane Garlupp

Hey Gary,

Congratulations on your new book. Have really enjoyed reading it. Just a quick clarification on the rules of WFM on page 25 of 104.
Para 3 says to eliminate any horses that did not start at a Metro track last start. Whereas Para 10 says Metro or Prov track?

Regards, Shane.

Editor : This start has to be Metro. Last start can be Metro or Provincial. Sorry about the typo.

23rd October

Your latest book is the best Racing book I have ever seen. Anyone who can't make a profit using it should give up altogether.

There are so many actual winning options in there, I guess it is due to your long term punting experiences, Great work.

Paul Rogers, Kiama.


16th October

Hi Gary,

Just a short note to congratulate you on your latest publishing effort.

I received my book yesterday and it is compelling reading.The amount of information contained is extraordinary and the insights displayed are fascinating.

I have been an observer and non punter over the last 12 months given my work commitments and frequent absences whilst travelling.

Upon receipt of the book and the digesting of all the detail I was immediately prompted to take out a one month premium subscription to enjoy and participate in the carnival. I look forward to putting into place some of your well explained and analyzed strategies.

Keep up the great work and good luck for a successful and enjoyable punting carnival.


Paul Hedley

13th October

Hi Garry,

Thankyou for letting me know of the Spring fever Reload Bonus that you have arranged with Betezy

I have taken advantage of this offer of which I am most grateful

Thanks once again


Barrie Spanner.

9th October

--Hi Garry
    Hope your on the mend .Just read your E News which i look forward to.
     You have mentioned again Corporates banning punters .I dont think i"ll
      ever have that problem.My question is why dont these banned punters
      squeal to the media .They"ll take mug punters money all day but as soon as the boot on the other foot they close the account.We get bombarded ad nausem with their gloossy ads.How much would those adds be costing them on with the footy and other high rating programmes.
Patrick Annand

30th September

Gary & all workers, since i started
getting your best bets, (some time ago)
u have over a 50% stike rate.
May it long continue
Lot 2 live up 2, bar is now
set pretty high

Best Wishes

Mike Meakes

Makes the $149 annual fee a bargain deosn't it?

7th Sept 2012

G'day -- been away for awhile but glad to be back! resubscribed last week, didnt bet , just watched the old selection process. great to see it worked with lady of harrods paying $40 --- very keen for Spring! thanks, GAV

29th August 2012

Hi Gary and the Team at Winform,
Thought I'd let you know that one of Trevor John's book sold on Sunday on eBay for only $92 which I was very surprised for I thought it would reach $200 when you consider that I sold a Don Scott book (Winning Made Easy) on eBay for a bid of $160 (which I bought at an op shop for $2). I consider 'Winning Made Easy' was the smallest and the least informative of Don Scott's books. I feel it was just a self promotion of his selection service. Again if I was the seller of Trevor John's book I would be very disappointed as it was far far far superior than Don Scott's 'Winning Made Easy'. Keep up the good work, it's such a good site and service.
Paul from Langwarrin.

23rd August 2012


Well done on your You Tube video. I found it useful as your explanation has given me a better understanding as to how you have determined the ratings for this race.Horse Racing Australia Saturday August 25th

Keep up the great work.


Kevin Powell

Hi Gary i hope all is well - PARTHIAN thank you very much it made a good day into an excellent day-what a price i backed it on Betfair (9.60) thanks again have a good day regards Shane

Hi Garry,
It was gracious of you to remember and acknowledge my inadvertent involvement with your C-Plan idea.
As I recall, I was looking at your B-Plan and wondered whether I should be betting against the first favourite, if it was in your TOP-2.

When I asked you about it, you went to your database of race results, to check.
You were pleasantly surprised at what you found, and asked if it would be OK to pass on the idea to other members.  I think I said,"Sure! We all benefit from each other's ideas. So why not spread the good news."
Meanwhile, I tried running the B-Plan without races where the favourite was in the TOP-2, but oblivious to the implications of what I had stumbled across.
Then you arranged to process those races within PowerBet, calling it the C-Plan.  I was new to the game at that stage and had not really been aware of the benefits of PowerBet.
Later you refined the race selection criteria for an article in the HRA magazine.  Is that still the way you select your races?


Tom, we still use the Powerbet strategy as listed in the article here.

Hi Garry

Bet365 is good in my opinion.

My $200 deposit which is now about $500 after their bonus and some winners will probably last me forever unless I can bite bullet and get the nerve to bet a bit larger!
Only small thing with site that could be improved is whenever you bet on something that is towards bottom of weights, you have to scroll up to place and confirm the bet which slows the process a little.

Tony W.


Hi Garry

Just had a nice win on Bossberg, Race 2 at the Gold Coast. I have been backing the top two Daily mail horses through Money Factory. $31.70 Bet Tote. Sounds like I should be doing it through Powerbet.

There were a couple of double figure odds winners last week too.

If only the day would continue on like that.


Ken Henderson


Hi Garry,

Attended the Monday night seminar and found it very valuable indeed.

Thanks very much,

Steve Simon.

Hi Gary,
               I’m back from my holidays and like to congratulate you on producing a great seminar evening as I thoroughly enjoyed
listening to all the speakers and seeing how passionate they are into horse racing as I am also.

                                                                                    Regards EDDY

Many thanks for a good night on Monday night

Thanks again


Dear Garry,


Many thanks for sending Trevor Johns Book "Racing y Perfect Investment2" to me so promptly. I very quikcly devoured its contents, and I feel it is going to make a huge difference to my punting. It was a great read and a real eye-opener. Thanks again.

Syd Maskelyne Qld


Hi Garry
Thanks for the heads up about the book. I would also like to thank you for the my personal approach e book you have me yesterday, I found it to be a great read.

Thanks Nathan

Nathan is referring toGreg Horns book Professional Punting-My Persaonla Approach which is $195 hard copy and $149 as an E-Book via the online store.



Thanks Garry. Found the link. Didn’t look too hard did I?

An interesting, informative and comprehensive summary. A really enjoyable read.



Ross has just read our free E-Book. It is in the online store under free betting tools.


Hi Garry
I am contacting you not only because you have promoted Trevor Larsons book, but also as I consider you as a somewhat guru on all things racing.
I am 45 years old and started punting in my early twenties with mates at the local every now and then. Before long you could say I was bitten by the bug and
 became a saturday regular, studying the newspaper form and happy if I found a winner every now and then, rarely even winning my money back
but enjoying myself nonetheless.
I saw an add in a form publication for a  'system' to actually win on the horses and thought I'd give it a go. It did win for a while and I thought I was onto
something really great until I lost my bank and all my winnings plus some. Although this one failed it got me thinking that maybe there was a way to actually make
a profit from punting. I started buying these 'systems' from all different places with varying degrees of success, but they all eventually lost and I gave up, thinking
that my mates were probably right when they said there was no such thing as a winning 'system'.
 I subscribed to your Horse Racing Australia magazine when it first started and became a winform member. I haven't purchased the ratings on a reglar basis but
bought a couple of books and subscribed to the daily mail etc.
I bought the Larson book and after reading it can see why it took him 20 years to develop the formula and uses a computer program to operate it!
I got the month of free selections from Trevor and am impressed by his results so far.
 It would take me years of reading the book over and over and still then make mistakes and wouldn't get it it right.
Buying the xr15 program for xx grand one off and updating the info every week seems the most economical option rather than buying the fined down
fields every week for xx grand per year, but that is a huge amount of money for me and then you need a betting bank as well. I would have to borrow to set
myself up which doesn't worry me too much,  but what I don't want to do is dig myself a hole I can't get out of, as I have been burnt before believing the promises
and hype.
Also, say I do set myself up to follow Trevors method and start winning, I have been reading through your blog and emails how online bookmakers will stop
taking tour bets when you start winning. I know there are a lot of them but when you eventually go through them all what then? Go to the tab? Can they cut you
off as well?
I just want to try and cover all angles before I dive in.
Any advice or enlightenment you could offer would be much appreciated.
PS No one has metioned it as yet, but did you notice trevor has had two first fours in his top four seletions in the last two weeks. The first was 9500 which I didnt have, but I got a slice of the one last week at 6500. I was well pleased!

Gregs is not the first request i have recieved so here's my general answer to all those who ask.

We’ve been asked this question by a number of Members this week so rather than get involved in speaking to individuals this is my answer which is something I have said several times before.
If you had a business proposition to outlay a sum of money and it was a franchise coffee shop or ice cream shop or a dress shop or a service industry such as home cleaning even. Would you look for evidence that the proposition was genuine and that you had the money behind you to follow it through and the patience to hang in there when business was slow? Sadly many people go into these propositions without any idea how to run their business when they do buy it.
I can only say that the evidence I have seen is genuine and I also know that the people who are asking know that the current results they have seen with their own eyes is genuine. I can’t say the same about the vast majority of businesses that are on offer whether they be franchise or one off businesses.
I have to also say that I cannot look into the future.
So the answer is a simple one. If you like the proposition and you have the money and the confidence to carry it through your decision is an easy one. If you cannot afford it or you are not sure if you can carry it through yourself then the answer is also simple but it is a no.
Other than that I would like to point out that it is not for me to advise you one way or other about any propositions that are put to you nor am I in a position to query the price other people choose to sell their products at.
The reason our products are cheap, probably half the price of most others, is that we have a Winform Racing Club with over 4,000 Members many of whom are regular subscribers. 



Hi Garry

What a weekend so far!!


All my bets came in apart for Pinwheel

(I luckily skipped the Slipper, as reckoned the field was too wide to pick the winner (and had big winnings in the bag already))

Spent some time on Rosehill Race 6 after reading your comments in the newsletter. Bet each way on Miss Keepsake, took the Morning C Plan, and then reckoned there was a fair chance that the quinella and trifecta would come in - and if Keepsake was involved - should give a really good payout for both. However, puzzles me why the payout was not a lot larger for these exotics when no2 was an such high odds, and it was major meeting. Does your newsletter have that great a coverage that it wrecked the odds?! Or was all the money on the Slipper? Most disappointing as I was really expecting a monster payout when we scored 1,2,3! 

Took the first 3 Morning C Plans and skipped the last as had already won the most ever for a day and reckoned it would be pushing our luck for 4 out of 4.


Disruptive day so missed the first Morning C Plan. Got on the second and thought I should not try the third as already you had scored 2 out of 2. However, on close analysis of the form for the top 5 horses, I reckoned that Jobeth had a fair chance of pulling off the Cup, and she did.

So that must be one of the best winning streaks for the Morning C Plan - 6 out of 7!?

Keep up the good work (including more of the Keepsake variety)





Hello Garry and Ros
Received Trevors book last week a bit flash for an old punter like me. I think if you want to work at it should be good. Anyway I hope it leaves a gold tinge on my punting bank.
Thanks Garry and Ros
Regards. Laurie.


Hi Garry,

I don't know how you did it or whose backside you booted but the parcel post turned up this afternoon with a driver.

The package was a little worse for wear like it had been to war and back but the book was in great condition due to your expert bubble wrap skills.

Thanks again mate, really appreciate the follow up.


2nd April 2012

Hi Garry 

got the book !!! There is a lot to digest but I am pleased I bought it as it offers a very different perspective on punting. The book is very beautifully presented as well.

,As I go through with it I will let you know what I got out of it

I also have already registered on Trevor's website


31st March 2012 (re Invest To Win)

Hi Garry and Team,

We received the long awaited Trevor Larson book and it is a masterpiece indeed.  Not one to “high-light” and “underline” in though. 

Trish Mills

Hi Garry,
just recieved the book and my god what a flash arse book didn,t expect that. Would have to be the best looking racing publication I have ever brought, it almost seems a sham to finger it.
John Bolstad.


Hi Garry
Just received my copy of invest to win.what a great book,have been punting for 20 years,seriously for the last 8 years and have learnt heaps already and only half way through it.
Many thanks
Greg Laing

Thanks Garry. You are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate your help. Also I think you are right the book may be more useful to me in narrowing my own selections down, We will see!
Regards Tom Mallard.

Hi Garry

I just received my Invest to win book looks fantastic

Ray Qld ( don't knowhow he got the book in outback Qld in just four days but credit to Aust Post)

Hi Garry,
               am in reciept of Trevor larsens book invest to win and it is excellant. The hours he must have pu in boggle my mind! I
Tom Mallard.

Ps, would loved to have attended may seminar but one of those things I will be out of the country at the time. Hopefully another one will be organised.

I enjoy using the Daily Feature Race service because, for someone on a pension who likes to try and get a bit of extra pocket money for minimal outlay on one good race, it is very well priced for 12 months of top-class selections.

Graeme Brewer Qld.

(A Daily Feature race subscription is just $363 a year that's $1 a day) Order at the online store.

Hi Garry,

I've been betting the Morning C Plan selections since January as I find they save time looking for C Plan races.

In that time they've been averaging slightly over 50% winning races. I apply a few simple rules (such as excluding
slow and heavy tracks) which lift the average to over 60% winning races and increase the profits.

I'd like to mention too the new selections for Powerbet. I don't how you came up with these but they've been
brilliant. My spreadsheets show you could have bet these level stakes and still made a great return.


Best regards,



Hi Garry

I am using this information daily as I am using the C Plan regularly along with Money Factory.

Though I can look in advance with Dynamic Odds software to anticipate when races may qualify as a C Plan, I often do not have the time available and odds can change markedly.

So when time is limited, I find the Morning C Plan info invaluable. I can time my activities so as to check out the Race within 5-10 mins before running, or alternatively, place bets in advance.

With regards

Jeff Knapman

Good Morning,

I noticed on your C Plan selections this morning you requested feedback if I use this information. I can advise that I do indeed use this information and would love for it to continue.


Steve Simon

Gday Team,    for a small punter i had a cracking week end last week end --- mainly due to DANCE WITH HER. my fav system using the winform ratings -- DANCE WITH HER  was the top money drop/ fixed odds $20+ so i placed 5 a win to return $500 - made up for the other losses for the week end, plus some extra funds to restock the BEER fridge. Found an interesting top rater in this week end's form with  PRIZUM  at a rating of 91 -- very high!!! --- cheers, and thanks once again to superior ratings! GAV

Thanks for the comment Gav. Just another way to use the ratings. Go Prizum. I worry about unusually high ratings though. Editor


Monday 19th March

Good morning Gary.

I have been having a good run with the quinellas.

What is your suggestion to staking/flat stake or what can you suggest to read or do to improve the bottom line.

Ian Newton

With a 40% strike rate you can use the Money Factory Professional Edition, remembering that you will be using the flexibetting option for bet placement. You will have to be careful about maximum bets sizes as at some stage they could affect the smaller pools but this wont happen if you are betting via the corporates such as Iasbet.


Sunday 4th March 2012

Well I had a great day looking forward to the rest of the  carnival then I will take some other  of you of your services for sure Thanks again Alex (Bali)

Alex has retired to a quieter part of Bali, is enjoying life and has started subscribing to the Winform Daily Mail after a break for family commitments. See Professional Punters Diary for 4th March and you will see why he had such a good day.

Monday 20th February:

Thank You Again,
Excellent service & it worked,
Hope you have an outstanding year on the punt sorry your investments in 2012

Sunday8th January:

One of our Members is considering doing the same for his family (setting up a marquee with lots of goodies) after snaring the $11,000+ First Four in our Daily Feature Race and the Caulfield $9,000 Quaddie.

And Jason, another one of our semi professionalssent me this text. "Thank you very much for the effort you guys put into your Daily Mail. That Trifecta and First Four turned my even day into a erfect day, woooohoooo. Thanks Garry and crew. "


Tuesday December 20th 2011:

Hi Garry 
I used the odds broker all day Saturday and found it very easy and great to use. 
I didn't get the ratings as yet I'll try that on this weekend. Winnings were updated quickly being able to pick which TAB to bet with was also good I found it very easy betting race to race in a hurry. I have been using betfair of late but i never liked it if I was betting race to race. The odds broker is easy to access and use and I'll be using to from now on and with winform ratings being in there I'll be using it for sure. I don't have the ratings yet I have been waiting for the new year so I'll let you know what it's like to access the ratings on there once I subscribe.

P.s you still having the seminar in Melb in the new year ?


Les hunter
We are advising seminar dates in January.


Friday December 16th:

Dear Gary
  I havent had as much fun punting before thanks to Trevors books very little study is needed, only one thing i am disappointed it nearly cost me a $30 winner today that is i use Raceform for my guide and they dont always have the form for all the racing form we need even just the fields would be nice
 Thanks again for a good service
  John O'Grady


Monday December 5th

To Garry Robinson

I would like to subscribe to your SMS service. Alsosince using your ratings I have won back my Winform Premum subscription.

Geno G NSW

Morning Garry
I happened to switch on the computer (as you do) after a hard day’s work in the yard (It’s a big yard) and the first race I happened on was Lismore Race 7, a 1516m benchmark 50 handicap. At the time, with about 5 minutes to go, top rated Atum Ra was showing $3.60 with Sportingbet for the win and second rated Gundy Moon (?) was showing $16.00. What a perfect C Plan race. Atum Ra was available at  well over $4.00 with some sites (using Dynamic Odds). As it turned out, Atum Ra won with a leg in the air. What happened to Gundy Moon? Who cares. By Dutch betting the two, the profit was well over 200% depending on where you got on. This type of result makes up for the ordinary ones and the losers.
I use both Powerbet and Money Factory on the one set of selections for another service provider. I don’t like the suggested staking strategies they suggest. Anyway, both work well. I wouldn’t stop betting that way with either program. It’s about time we got an iPad version in the works. What a magnificent addition it would be to the punting world. Garry, someone must know how to do it.


Ken Henderson


Friday November 25th

          Thanks, very interesting and seriously considering . Have recently retired and now have time to establish what to do with my love of horse racing. Bought Trevor Johns edition 2 recently and am loving it. Am ploughing thru it and its great so far.

Appreciate your valued comments at your convenience. 

Thanking you in anticipation. 
Doug P****   


Monday 21st November 2011

Hi Garry,
I hope Winform members heeded your ' value ' advice today- I certainly did, though it felt weird omitting a favourite in W.A. with W.Pike aboard. It paid off. I looked at the first 5 rated horses, against Mr.X's guidance and came up with 3 horses including Grey Monarch, the winner. It was lovely as I made 7.73% of my bank profit, through dutching and I had a winning day after adding some losses with Trevor's Chapter 6 horses.

Thank you for once again doing your best to make a winner out of a client.

Have a really great day:-)

hi gary, michael xxxx from adelaide talking to you. had the first opportunity to use the chapter six section of t.j.book yesterday, last race at ballarat,bondarchuk fitted all the rules,so i put 4units (200$)on at 15$f/p on unitab.nice result,paid for my book in one bet and themsome!!.trev"s book makes for very interesting reading,chapters seven & ten especially with your gtx package,if you could send me any additional imformation on this it would be greatly appreciated.cheers for now.                    

                                                       michael xxxx

Friday 18th November 2011

Hi Garry and team.
Many thanks for the express post of Trevors book late October..It was appreciated as I did explain over the phone that I was about to move house but wasn't sure exactly when.
Trevors book is absolutely brilliant and now that the dust has settled after the big move (14 years at the one place...NIGHTMARE ) I will realy get into it and I have had a few good wins from your "best bets" in the meantime which was a bonus that I didnt know came with the book.


Thursday 10th November 2011


I wasn’t going to say anything until I read some other posts about some of the books arriving in poor condition but my book was also rain affected. As you know I have purchased many books from your library together with Powerbet and Money Factory  and surprisingly the only ones that have ever arrived in less than pristine condition have both been Trevors books. This has obviously just been weather related at the time but as I keep all of your books in A1 Condition ( in fact my kids know not to even touch them )  I was wondering if it would be possible to get a PDF edition at a reduced price off the normal price. If this is not possible I understand the commercial responsibilities and will still  continue to purchase books from you in the future as I believe they are the only books on the Australian market that help punters win in this market.

Best Wishes

Paul Fuller.

(We have arranged to send Paul a fresh copy of the book.)


Saturday 5th November 2011:

6 in a row for Premium and WGs. WOW That includes two otu of two yesterday.

John French Qld.


Sunday 30th October 2011:

Well since my last email, Powerbet results have picked up and it's going well.

Yesterday though, I thought I'd concentrate on Greg Horn's approach (Gregs book is $195 or $149 as an Ebook ED.).  
It was a good move, with top raters Glass Harmonium and Sangster both winning.

Between Flemington events I had a look at the other metro races. Not a lot stood out,
but Rosehill 6-15 Assertive Billy sure did, top-rated at 100/1 and 25/1 a place. No bush
bolter, but a city winner up in class, down in the weights, with a recent win and second
last start. Definitely worth a nibble at those odds.

I managed to get on for the win at Betfair but place betting was closed, too late. Damn
I thought, should've put my place bet on first. Well it didn't matter. Assertive Billy started
and settled nicely, moved up to lead before the turn, was overtaken briefly in the straight,
but fought back for a great win !

It may well be the longest price winner I'll ever get, 228/1, after Betfair's commission.
Absolutely fair dinkum amazing !

Hope you have a great week in Melbourne.


Cheers, Ron


Monday 10th October 2011:

This from Sam after the weekend.
 WOW !

Thanx for putting me onto theoddsbroker, the poli system is fantastic, deposit and bet on the same day !

can't wait to attack the cranbourne meeting today.


p.s. am looking forward to the ratings trial and can't wait to get my trevor book

ciao again !! and then this morning.

Hi Garry, Trevors Chapter 5 horses had an interesting day today. (Sam has Trevors first book and has already ordered the next one.)

Sticking with the "feature" meetings today at Coonamble and Cranbourne we had 12 selections 3 places up to $22.30 Orbitor Coonamble 4 and a nice win up to $17.40 Zigzag Coonamble 9 !

Keep'em coming  Trev ! Busting for the new book. Thanx, Sam.


Wednesday 5th October:

Hi Garry,
We had a very good punting weekend thanks to your tips.  It’s alright in hindsight to wish we had put more on Secret Admirer, but we are happy just knowing what you are capable of. Good work, very impressive.
Thankyou, our thinking has turned from negative to positive.

Trish and Deane


Tuesday 4th October:

Good Morning, Garry and Team,
Just a short note to say thanks for a great weekend of racing. Besides Manly winning the Grand Final (recommended at -6) listening to the Race with Secret Admirer
was unreal, at one stage the caller stated that the horse was last with 800 MTRS to go and I thought with such a huge field how can it win
but once again your selection method is unreal as it was a great feeling to hear it fly down the outside and win. I missed the good Quinellas
on Saturday but the Ratings we purchased have been nothing but unreal. It is a pleasure to be a Member of your Club.
Kind Regards


Sunday 2nd October:

Winform E News rocks.It was my bet for my punters club this week .Normally have a crack at the Weekend Feature Trifecta.When i saw the E News went straight on the nose Secret Admirer.Amazingly a mare had"nt won since 1976.The drought broke.Cheers Patrick (Our tip SEcret Admirer won at $10.80 best tote)

Sunday 25th September: Re C Plan


And another good winner!!  Chittlin’ Switch @$19.00 Betfair.

Well done!!

I can believe the double figure winners I’ve backed this weekend. I’m not complaining though……




Thursday 22nd Sept:


Am very interested in finding out more about the new Trevor Johns' book. I already have The Coming Winners Guide and Racing My Perfect Investment and found them both excellent and educational. I would certainly be keen to get my hands on his new work.

Please let me know more about when it become available, possible price etc.

Thank you

Guy Hand


Friday 16th September:

Dear Garry,
I hope you're enjoying being a pop:-)

Without Winform and you at the helm, I'd be still buying dud horse racing systems I'm sure, hoping for the "real deal" someday. Trevor Johns' book, particularly Chapter 6, is the best method I've ever seen to win long term at thoroughbred racing, without ratings, tips, etc. You've basically helped to set me up for a lifetime of profits, at a game that attracted me at a youngish age. I'm doing very well thank you very much, in a style of bet and forget that suits me in every way. Best of all it REALLY WORKS. I'm much more patient now with my betting and can get on with other aspects of life instead of following prices, for the most part. That's really liberating.

I hope you're very well yourself and go the 2 horses you selected for the Newcastle Cup today- I'm on. By the way I made a nice $140 on the Darwin Cup thanks to your e-letters, on a smallish bank. That's an added bonus- you give out winners often, at no charge. One day I hope to get to meet you, and I'll shout lunch and the bar tab.

Have a really great day:-)

And then after the Newcastle Cup.

Hi Garry,
thank you for the Newcastle Cup mail which was spot on. Added to the $40.60 winner of the chapter 6 method horses from Trevor's book, I managed to make just over 30% profit of my betting bank. It's a good thing you recommend bookies that don't close winning accounts, as mine are taking a bit of a hammering lately!

How is Matt going after all the drama with the fire etc? Life's tough enough for him as it is without this sort of goings on.

Have a top weekend and which club was it you wanted to catch with me at:-) Remember, lunch, when it happens, is on me!

Have a really great day:-)
James Day

Tuesday 13th September:


Thanks for supplying the codes so fast. I still can't believe you rang me back when I didn't even leave a message. It takes customer service to a whole new level.

I have been speaking to some computer buffs who tell me if you buy certain TOSHIBA laptops you can choose whether to initiate in 32 or 64 BIT mode which solves the loading problem of Money Factory and Powerbet. I went to the Good Guys Electrical store in Brisbane and bought a Toshiba Laptop ( cost $700 ) and loaded in 32 BIT mode and at last I have all programmes on the one PC.

Thanks again for all your help and I understand why you keep getting all the plaudits you do for customer service.


Paul Fuller.

Monday 12th September:


Hi Gary
I purchased the top 5 for the weekend just past being the first time I had purchased your selections and I would like to say thanks for a great and useful product.
I have recently purchased a few books from yourself and have read them and keep reading over them trying to improve my own punting.
I wanted to know if you have a package for the top 5 and the days I can get the selections.
Thanks for a great service and keep up a great job.
Thanking you
Les Hunter

ps hope you backed the $63 winner from race 5 at Toowoomba and the $357 quin. I was out for dinner with friends and suggested the quin they to were very happy.

Les Hunter


Monday 5th September:

Hi Gary, As I have had an accident at work ( fell off back of semi traler & busted my shoulder, Broke collar bone, dislocated collar bone,broke shoulder blade & very very badly bruised), not much give in that bloody concrete,I am home recovering (was very painfull). Thankyou for your tips, they seem to ease the pain when I back a winner. I am trying to crack a decent first 4, very hard to do. Keep them coming, this is my third week off work, off for probably another 3-6 weeks, will go back on light duties prob. next week , paper work would you believe ,not my scene being a truckie, ha ha. Once again, thanks a lot. All the best, Phil 

and from Bruce D

We had a wonderful day at the balaclava cup and backed candle each way at 31  also had a little on the verimator  with ias thanks again hope all is well with the family i know you have  been having a hard time


Saturday 3rd September:


I made a statement to a few people that the Bobbie Lewis today is the best field ive seen in years.

It was my stand out feature race of the carnival. Had a big go at the exotics and got early fixed odds of $34 on Lone Rock.........$$$$ripper!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous odds for a G1 winner.


Ps nice work on top of The Mona Lisa $8.00 & Wyong Cup $6.00 and bloody stiff in the Balaklava cup at $34


Greg Horn


Tuesday August 23rd:

Hi Garry,
I would prefer Sunday as my bonus day.
I had remarkable success on Saturday. Backing the top two thru Powerbet in the first series I had 24 bets for 4 wins Av Div of $5.90 and closed the series with a profit of $96.60. This was off a base bet of $10.The highest bet I had was $28. I also had R/D in Brisbane ,Melbourne and Sydney for $2 which each cost $4 .I picked up one double which returned . $253.40. The second series was considerably better .I had  16 bets  for three wins S/R 18 % and Av Div $11.07  and  I closed off with a profit of $363.60 and two doubles which returned $385.20. I retired at that point with a profit of $1006.80. Doubles were $546.60 and bets $460.20. That was my first day but I will start from scratch next Saturday and who knows when you are hot you are Hhhhhhhhot.
John McGregor


Thursday August 18th.

Hi Garry,

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of Isla. I hope all are happy and healthy.

Thanks for the advice on Parlay Magic. I spent half the night feeding figures in to it, and thought you might be interested in the results.

Since January 1st this year, my selections won 56 from 155 races (36% win strike rate), for an 18.2% POI. LLWS 8. Betting level stakes at $100 per race, I would have made a profit of $2830. I then put the same figures in to Parlay Magic, the way you suggested in your "Racing Pays More" book. ie starting $110 , betting races 1,2,3,4, then 2,3,4,5 then 3,4,5,6 etc. Because I only had 155 selections over the last 7 months, some of the series took a week or more to complete, but would not have taken too much effort, and I would be about $22,280 in front!! Not a bad result for less than an hours "work" a day!!

What a great program!! Thanks




Wednesday July 20th (about Winform E-News)

What a great article/reminder.
Articulate, cogent and timely.

Thank you Belle (or Gary) or whoever the author was.


Grant Doyle

Hi Belle

Your excellent article in today’s email headed “A REMINDER OF WHAT WE ARE ABOUT” is absolutely spot on and should be statutory reading for any punter whether budding or experienced.

I am now retired and over the years have had firsthand experience of the points you made in this article. It is only in recent times that I have managed to bring it all together. The ratings plan that I use involving being very selective, taking multiple selections in each race in a dutch book, has an excellent strike rate, a reasonable return but with some losing races which is to be expected. I do not bet on horses 7 or up and no slow/heavy tracks. As a result there are often days with no bets so that is what I do – close shop and wait for the next day. I know that over the long term I am on a winner so I have developed the discipline to follow my plan and not to bet on other events just for an interest etc. as I realise that such bets if unsuccessful merely erode my main betting bank.

I live in Grafton and as an example of discipline over the two main days of the Grafton carnival – Ramornie and Cup my plan operated on only one race at Eagle Farm on Ramornie day and a lesser race at Grafton on Cup day – I won on both. In previous years I would have been betting on all races on both days of our carnival with the inevitable losses.          

Again – a great article!!!


Thursday February 3rd 2011

Hi Garry,
thank you for your reply. I just realised I'll be working some Saturday mornings as well as won't be home 'til ~ 10.30 EST most weekdays so the SMS service is not really for me. However Ferrara method did well the last 2 weeks and I applied Prizemoney change system successfully too- in fact I accrued 18% of the bank profit in 1 week doing both, using Professional Staking Plan, so it looks very promising.
Have a great day!
James Day.

Monday January 18th 2011

Hi Garry
Thanks for pointing me to the new Readbet site.
I found it easy to use, soft on the eyes, and the prices on offer reasonable.
I had my  $100 on Karuta Queen, so it was a good result at $3.89.
As well, I get 10% back on my losing bets!
I used the site all day, and signed up another 2 family members.
They were on Pepper Jet, but hey! they get their $100 back!
ED Covey



Tuesday January 11th 2011

Hi Garry,

Just a note to let you know that I am really enjoying being back as a WInform member.

I had a bit of time in the wilderness doing my own thing, but not as effectively as with Winform.

I find your methods simple, but effective, and more importantly they provide direction which I lacked by myself.

I have found that knowing the strike rates is imperative for successful punting.

I have also found the Saturday and Wednesday ratings to be superior, when the better class horses are running.

Would you agree with this comment?

Thanks again.




Thanks for Wednesday. The win paid for my whole year's subscription. Phil Hunt.

Wednesday October 13th:

Hi Garry,
I closed my Sportsbet a/c. They did  me when I had two bets on the Titans at +13.5 points. There was a human error and it should have been -13.5 pts.
They sent me an email saying my $500 was cancelled which I didn't open till after the game started. I missed $450.
Read the fine print in the betting rules.
John McG
PS.Garry I renewed my Winform yesterday and I have gone from $917 down to clearing the series. Powerbet ,winning bets being $108 @ $4.41 and today on Yosei $144 @ $12.50. Got the Q and Ex and Tri . Had all the numbers for the F$4 but wimped it. I could have got  25% of $102,000. Shit.! I no complain JM

Quinella paidup to $1063 for $1 and Trifecta $10,000+

Thursday Sept 2nd: Just one of many emails re the $201 winner Jedi Starfighter selected by Winform Ratings last Saturday.

G'day -- you guys are brilliant -- I've finally recovered from celebrating a win on jedi starfighter and wanted to praise your commitment and dedication to striking these sort of winners -- I love reading your magazines and newsletters to help myself with my own strategies and most important my betting account --- I'm not a big punter but 3 a win on jedi at $150 makes up for it --- my goal is to ensure i build an account to be able to purchase these ratings every year -- you guys are high on my priority list - i dont bet unless i have your ratings with me-- fantastic work!  cheers, GAV


Monday August 9th:

Hi Garry and the team,

Just wanted to say thankyou for providing Customer Service beyond expectations during the very unfortunate and stupid attack (our website and others wrer attacked by a cyberhacker and was donw for three days) against a very reputable company, you made the below point in your blog Garry,you wrote:

"The results have been quite excellent but I guess we will more likely judged on the nine Grandslam and single selections Saturday when we scored just one winner".

I disagree with the above I believe you will be judged as pulling out all stops to provide all your members with their subscription in an attempt to provide superior customer service, I think you and your team need to be congratulated, and I am sure over time it will return in increased purchasing of your ratings, also as far as spam is concerned there are many things we as the end user can do to help this, example adjust settings within your internet security software, ensure your menu tabs on your email program are visible when you view emails by doing this the tabs will highlight when you have received a spam email, outlook and many other free email programmes have this?

Thankyou again Garry
Kind Regards


Monday August 2nd:

Thanks for giving me a mention Garry, I just hope Shoot Out stands up for the rest of the spring and through to the Melbourne Cup or I will have egg on my face!
We need to give those Japanese horses a run for the money.
Another one I am predicting to go well in Sydney also, is -  Charing Cross, brilliant trial, should run very shortly! I think it is one of Gai’s. Put it in the black book!  Also Decision Time, brilliant trial. I am a long term great believer in trial form. It has never let me down.

I will sign up for the full ratings around the 20th August, just before the big Warwick Farm meeting.
I love Warwick farm! It was the scene of my greatest selection ever – Pablo’s Pulse – won at 500 to 1, I had 1 dollar on it!!!! The poor little Asian rails bookmaker was retiring that day that I placed the bet with, poor bugger! I don’t think Pablo’s Pulse ever won a race again? Thanks for the seminar yesterday it got me revved up again!
I think you should consider holding them once a year as a refresher for anyone that’s serious about it, and to get old clients interested again. And thank Belle, she makes a great sandwich!

And thanks for dinner.



Ed Covey.

Ed's right. We should have and will have a refresher Seminar, maybe a couple of times a year.

Thursday 29th JUly:

Get the party Hats out, Trumpets and your spinning Clacka cause today we are off at Darwin. We need to get the machine that counts the Aussie plastic dollar notes as well because Darwin Race 5/5 Phantom Verde the 2nd rated Winform horse at $21 fixed???? Oh what Joy.


Monday 19th July: Have purchased every issue of Horeseracingaustralia magazine 1-18 from day one and find that each one contains a wealth of information for finding that ever elusive winner. Great job Winfrom team. David George NSW.

and this one

Hi Garry,

Just a quick thanks for your book, Racing Pays More. Very interesting and informative book.

I am still VERY happy with the Powerbet program. I have lost a couple of series, but am still a long way in front. I am still fine tuning it to my own preferences, but mainly sticking with your rules.

I was just reading your weekend review email about Luxbet. From what I could gather, if I join Luxbet and deposit $200, they will match the $200? If that is correct, do I type something in their promotion box when I join? At the moment I use the NSW TAB and UNITAB, but mainly IASbet. 

Thanks again



Tuesday 13th July: Enjoy your magazine greatly. Full of great information and articles which has certainly helped my punting. Keep up the excellent work. Murray Qld

Tuesday 27th April: Garry, I just read your email and would like to say thanks to Jennifer. I rang up and ordered 3 months of your ratings and even though she didn’t sound sure of herself (which she admitted) she was really helpful. I have always found all of your team helpful in everything I have ever asked especially Prue.

I have won over $200 today on your Powerbet system albeit with my own modifications but that has been on about 3 hours work. I think this is incredible and I would also like to thank you for introducing me to Roger Biggs Ratings which are the most consistent week in week out that I have ever come across. I have to work out how to bet your longer priced winners and use Roger’s Ratings on the C Plan and then I will be set.

Once again, thanks very much for all you and your teams help. Best regards, Paul F.

Friday April 23rd: Hally's back! Hi Garry and Princess Prue, Well I am back into it and enjoying the punt again. I must say I did need a couple of weeks break away though as usually I look froward to the days investments but towards the end of my last ratings cycle I was not enjoying it and I think those bob of the head finishes and the odd protest I lost had started to get to me a bit. I now going to have at least one day off a week as well as this seems to make a big difference to the mental attitude towards it all as well. Its good to be back into it .

I have sent a chq today for another 12 months of ratings, its a good deal getting in before the 30% increase. Powerbet with the new filters you have come up with Garry is exciting.

I have also eliminated the following tracks due to mainly the very poor strike rate of our top 3 there and in some cases very low div. - Benalla, Casino, Echuca, Flemington, Goulbourne, M'Valley(Night Only), Orange, Terang, Warracknabeale, Wadonga, York.

Hey Garry, if you think I should include any of these can you let me know and I will advise you on my proceedings by leaving them out, I am also thinking of bailing on Heavy tracks but I will wait for more data on that decision as well.

Great news about the discussion forum for the new site. Is there any chance it can be for subscribers of winform services only. My feelings are it would keep the quality of discussion high and keep alot of the shit stirrers out. Ideas and input will be great for the forum.

Dad and I are off to the 3 day Warrnambool Carnival for the 3 days again coming up in a couple of weeks.
It really is a special 3 days. I met a jockey in the old Grandstand last year in his seventies and he use to ride in all the jumps events as a young man and while he never won he did run some placings and he had some great stories to tell. Jumps races sure are a big topic at the moment and I hope we can keep them.

I hope you are feeling better now Prue.

All the best, Hally

Monday 1st March, 2010: Hi Garry, No I didn't get the first 4 or the trifecta, I usually take the Quinella with the first 5 but I didn't think much of the selections this time (I should have learnt by now as when I don't like them they usually come in) so instead I took a duet and lo and behold much to my surprise I got $175.70, so I am very happy, Keep up the good work. Valerie Millerchip 

Tuesday 23rd February, 2010: Dear Garry and team, I've been doing Trevor's Chapter 6. Horses once again after a lay off and am eight days into the renewed action. Well! I am very ecstatic to report 61.68 units profit today mainly thanks to 50.5 and 3.9 winners, which are on top of two decent, wins last Wednesday.

The 50.5 winner is the third highest win price I've had- funnily enough the highest at 83.45 was a Chapter 6 horse also; both in Maidens thank you very much!

Using the Professional Staking Plan I have over doubled my betting bank in those eight days and am happily about to re-calculate my new betting bank- whew, what a problem to have- I'll take it any day.
I realise it won't always be this stellar; however in Racing I know you have great and disastrous days. I hope you're all well and please thank Trevor for me. James Day, Brisbane.

Wednesday 4th November 2009: Hi Garry & team, Thought I should extend my sincere gratitude for those wonderful Winform ratings and advice about free bets you gave Friday.I too got my IASbet letter informing of the free $200 bets relating to the rollover of the Canbet accounts. So Saturday I played some parlays. Should King Pulse have won (beaten by the barest after looking a certain winner 50 to go) total collect would have been $6k on those all ups. Not to be so kicked off Melbourne Cup day with a fraction less than $400 in the account. Used the money playing Tri’s and First 4’s in the Cup. I got Tri 18% return $1700. Had some ammo to work with now. I like taking the top 3 Winform raters in boxed quinellas especially in WA. Outlayed $30 on each of last 5 races in Ascot. Every bet got the cash with total return about $2.5k. With 3 races to go I noticed 2 premium selections bookend and the 8th race had a clear top rater so thought a $50 Trixie bet would be nice. Actually typed in $100 and thought don’t be greedy cut that outlay down by half from $400 to $200. The rest is history. $32.5K later courtesy of IASbet and their free bet, Winform Champion ratings and that very nice advice about playing those free bets. Thank you and Regards, Dave ter Hedde

Monday 12th October: Just a short note of congratulations on the $61 winner plus others. Lucky to have a few dollars fixed with Sportsbet Friday night. Should have had more on but we always say that when they win not when they get beaten. Once again keep up the excellent work. Regards, Bill Lamb and David Barnes

Thursday 17th September: I enjoy Horse Racing Australia Magazine very much. I am an old timer and not into the computer world. My bets are not big but I do enjoy the various tables you print and the staking methods. I am thinking of sending you a sample of my own staking method which I have developed over a number of years. From the checking I have done with 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems', I think I have developed a method that produces results above those in the book, keeping down the outlay on the dreaded "bad runs". But it takes me time to produce the sheets for checking. Thanks again, Graham Walker

Tuesday 15th September : Dear Prue, Thank you for 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' book. It arrived okay a couple of weeks back and I studied the rules more closely over the next few days. Like any punter I am elated winning, but there is something extra to be said for winning a book. Thanks. Here in New Zealand there are not enough good races to properly analyse what seems a good system method. So, the book enabled me to clear up some ideas I had. The Prize Money rule I was never able to sort out. I have been interested in racing for many years so that is a real bonus. My humble comments for what they are worth are as follows:

Double Coincider: I think that the double form shows that a horse has potential. Putting together a viable system is a lot harder.

Simply the Best: I knew that the handcapper's number one rule is the best horse, but putting it into a viable system I found a challenge. The fact is that number one immediately lowers the start price if it has recent form. If it has genuine win potential, the recent form may not disclose it. Hence I have often seen win dividends of $4 to $10, and in hindsight it has still been difficult to select that winner. Most of the bettors have the same difficulty selecting, as shown by the high win payout price. It is a good feeling to be betting on a top weight but it is not so good if it doesn't win or the return is poor. So, a wider selection is the answer.

The Bolter: An intriguing system. I have observed many times, horses that literally seemed to take off and win. As you are aware one of the trade secrets is horses that can run 1400 metres or more are stronger horses. The trick is coming up with rules that capture this.

Formula 33: Looks very promising in that it is looking for strong horses but not attracting too much attention from the handicapper. The logic is definitely good.

That is how it looks to me in theory. Regards, George Nuemer

Friday 28th August: Hi Garry, Susannah, Prue and all at Winform, Just a short note to say thank you for your gift of The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems. Recently, I had begun reading the Professional Punters Diary on a regular basis and was surprised to see the comment last week that a client was extremely ungrateful for your generous offer of the book.  Personally, I felt the book provided some interesting ideas both in terms of selection criteria and optimal staking options.
I hope that the negative comments from that 1 client does not discourage you from these types of future promotions as they are a welcome addition both as a reminder of how you value your clients and a point of differentiation between yourselves and other suppliers in the market place. Once again thank you. Regards, Greg Sadler

Monday 25th August: Correspondance between Peter and Centrebet:

Hello, This new race betting option is of great interest to me and I had been hoping to use it a fair bit.
I have placed one bet online using the option but now every time I attempt to place another bet the system says "This Price Type is Unavailable" Why is it so? Cheers Peter Kirkham

Hello Peter, Thank you for your email.
Best of the Best is a New Race Betting Option introduced for Centrebet's recreational punters.
Unfortunately our Bookmaker's have advised this option is not available to you and the first bet you placed on this market was accepted in error.
Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards, Corrin - Centrebet

Thanks for that explanation Corrin but I really don't understand why I'm being discrimated against as I've not won very much at all from race betting with Centrebet and I'd like someone to give me a call to explain why this is happening to me. Alternatively let me have the name of an appropriate bookmaker and time I could best call to discuss it with him please.

Hello Peter, Thank you for your email.
Your request was referred to our bookmakers.
Their response is that we reserve the right to limit betting options to certain clients.
They have also advised that they will not be making any contact over this issue and that Centrebet will not enter into any further correspondence on the matter.
If you have any unrelated queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards, Lily - Centrebet Supervisor

Tuesday 11th August: By the way congratulations to the Winform Team for your ongoing high professionalsim and credibility. It's indeed a pleasure being assosciated with you...Ross Alexander

Sunday 19th July:
Dear Prue, Many thanks for the friendly and efficient service when opening our new account.   I like Vicbet’s Website too!  It is user friendly and Rod will certainly get a lot of our business.  I am getting lazy with my punting (form study, I mean) and so believe I will make better use of your services in the future. Certainly Winform are, (in my opinion), the most reputable and trustworthy of any service in Australia.  My husband is a sceptic preferring to rely on my hard yakka than to rely on more sophisticated ratings and selections services but I have assured him that we can expect honest, expert assistance.  What we do with what we get is then up to us. Many thanks and good wishes… Susan

Tuesday 23rd June 2009: Garry, Abandoned meetings etc didnt worry me yesterday as my top rated winform Best Bet bolted in at $9.60. It was a standout on the day.  Had $235 win on it for a $2256 collect. Keep them coming! Regards, Greg Horn

Friday 12th June 2009: Girls and Garry, Just wanted to tell you how well I am going with Best Australian Horse Racing Systems. I have been playing around with the staking and on a $1,000 Bank made over $650 on one plan and on the Double Coincider over $1,000. Very pleased with the results so far. Brian Isaac

Wednesday 10th June 2009: Hello Girls and Boy! The latest edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine is the best edition so far! Each one betters the previous one! Regards, Ian Dalton

Wednesday 10th June 2009: I must say, money factory has delivered the answer to my prayers. I have a pretty good strike rate with the puppy dogs (26.3% @ $4.09), but until I got Money Factory, I was frustrated with my staking plan and busting banks frequently. Now I can finally see the light. Thanks again, John

Tuesday 9th June 2009: Howdy Gary and ladies, I record selections each day from the internet but do not bet them as I follow three other strategies. From 23/5 to 6/6 there have been 6 Best Bets for 6 winners and over $15 in dividends. Peter

Tuesday 9th June 2009: Hello Susannah, This must be my lucky day! By winning the book it must be a good omen. Maybe I'll start winning some $. Thank you and thank you to Winform. Julio Valeri

Julio is refering to The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems which he won in a lucky members draw.

Sunday 7th June 2009: Hi Garry, I stayed home specifically for Kalgoorlie today knowing Winform does so well there, and a good track must help.So far two C Plan winners which is great: Race 1 Twin City Gambler (won), Race 3 ( Not C Plan qualified as 1200m) Caribbean Cruise (won), Race 4 Power Torque (won). Thanks, Tom

Wednesday 3rd June 2009: Dear Garry and Staff, Here is some feedback regarding comments about Bet Angel and alternatives. I use a system called Bet Trader Pro that is provided by Racing Traders that has a free version that works extremely well. I have used this without any problems whatsoever on Betfair for some three years or so now. There is also a paid version which obviously is a better version than the free one however the cost is quite low.

Racing Traders is run by a mad pom by the name of Adam Todd who I sometimes think is as mad as a cut snake. The reality however is that he is an extraordinary nice guy, (yes even for a pom), and he is also a pleasure to do business with. His personal story is well worth a read.

In case you are wondering there is nothing in it for me in relaying this information to you except the benefits that may flow on to other members.  Any technical questions regarding Bet Trader Pro please refer them to Adam whose email address is below.Hope the above information is helpful. Kind regards, Brian J Kennedy

Racing Traders Website: www.racingtraders.com and contact email for Adam Todd is: atodd@racingtraders.com

Wednesday 3rd June 2009: Dear Susannah, Garry and Gang, I appreciate very much my winning a copy of 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' as notified with my latest edition of 'Horse Racing Australia Magazine'. I nearly missed seeing the offer as the sheet of paper was slightly stuck within the envelope and was only apparent to me as I was discarding the envelope today..

As you would know I am a long-time "member" yet am only a "sometimes client" - spending much time refining my own methods, inspired somewhat by the efforts of yourselves. Against this backdrop your "lucky prize" to me represents a most generous gesture, which I trust will be repaid to you by my future support.

Thanks once again - I look forward to studying this book. Sincerely, James R Young.

Thursday 21st May, 2009: Thank you very much Prue all working great All accolades again to you and your great crew use me anytime  as an example  off a complete success story of your wonderfull service and knowledge of all requrements to be a successfull full time punter. Regards, Alex (Bali)

Wednesday 1st April, 2009: Hi Garry, I hope you had a bet on the horse I pointed out to you. You noted to me it's best form was second up. It continues a great run of success for Trevor's horses, eh?
Keep up the excellent work, James Day. (James is using Trevor Johns' Book Racing My Perfect Investment)

Wednesday 1st April, 2009: Dear Susannah, It was with great surprise that when I received the lastest Winform Newsletter, it also contained a letter from yourself informing me that I had been a winner in your random prize draw and that I had won a copy of The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems. Thank you to yourself and everyone else at Winform for this prize and I look forward to reading it and having the opportunity to put into practice the systems within the book.
Once again thank you, Kindest regards, John Dwyer.

Tuesday 24th March, 2009: Hi Garry, my betting accounts are still recovering from Saturday's Premium selections whitewash- I believe you when you say it's a long term thing. I owe you a huge thank you for asking me if I was on the 40/1 winner from chapter 6 of Trevor's book, when I rang you 16 days ago. I wasn't and tend to be flighty about sticking it out through losses and profits. One weakness of mine. Anyway after hearing of a $26 winner since then with the same strategy, 8 days ago, I decided to grit my teeth and start using that strategy since 20th of this month. Well today was a great day as I backed Echuca R4 # 11 Leconfield. It won paying $84.35 win and $14.43 for the place! That's the best dividend I've got in all my years of betting. I hope you're well and your house preparations are going OK. Keep up the fantastic work. James Day.

Monday 9th March, 2009: Dear Garry, Prue and Susannah, Thank you for the addendum to the 'Make Racing Pay More with Powerbet Series'. The latest addition to my library is much appreciated especially as it is free (to Powerbet owners) and has sparked a few ideas on different methods of tackling certain monetary brackets that some systems appear to range in. The main focus of this e-mail is the quality of the latest Horse Racing Australia Magazine I have received, I am always happy to receive information in print, so that I can refer back to it at at a later date at my leisure, but the information and presentation of this latest magazine is truly professional and not only shows Garry's commitment to his clients, but also the committment of Prue, Susannah and the Assosciates of the Horse Racing Australia Team which  is shining through in this latest publication. Regards, Roger Sumner

Wednesday 4th March, 2009:
How about the return of the Singles today. 10 units out and 19 return with a 50% strike rate is that good or what. Really we should have had 6 had Mr.T.Turner on Vain Strike before the turn at Ascot understood that he had a lapful of horse under him and that perhaps letting the leader get 15 lengths in front was not quite a good idea and we storm home for 2nd, not good TROY. Had been a bit quiet of late the old Singles but what about that little slap across the back today, this all leads and builds to what I believe will be a sensational day for the Singles this coming Saturday, get ready the volcano is a rumbling and a shmok'n. Cheers, Hally

Sunday 1st March, 2009: Garry and Team, Just a quick bragging email. Hope to celebrate with you next time I'm in NSW. Which should be real soon...

07/02/2009 14:06 Single- Ascot 2-1 Great Destiny CITYBEST WIN $228 |16.00 Resulted | $3,648.00 | $3,420.00
08/02/2009 13:48 Single-Colac 5-8 Larbies COUNTRYBEST WIN $304 | 9.80 Resulted | $2,979.20 | $2,675.20
08/02/2009 13:57 Single-Naracoorte 6-2 Nylstoem COUNTRY BEST WIN $357 | 10.00 Resulted | $3,570.00 | $3,213.00
19/02/2009 13:22 Single-Bathurst 4-12 Denrena COUNTRY BEST WIN $288 | 33.30 Resulted | $9,590.40 | 9,302.40
01/03/2009 13:37 Single-Balaklava 5-5 Thumb Prints COUNTRYBEST WIN $200 | 71.10 Resulted | $14,220.00 | $14,020.00

As yo can see I'm having a good trot. It will be interesting if the acc will remain open. Anyway thanks heaps POWER PLAY ROCKS! Regards, John

Thursday 26th February, 2009: Hello Garry, Just to let you know I've begun betting the Pplay and PP selections and have the Powerbet program working well. Good results last week with Swiss Ace ($37 !) the highlight on Saturday. This week has started slowly but I have learnt from your writings to be patient, and the winners will come. The Autumn Horse Racing Australia Magazine has arrived today and looks like another good read. Cheers Ron

Wednesday 25th February, 2009:
From the Media & Communications Executive at the Sydney Turf Club: Hi Prue and Garry, I just wanted to say I have received the magazine and it looks fabulous. Thank you for giving our Festival such fabulous coverage (that we are so very proud of). Kind regards, Larissa

Sunday 15th February, 2009: Hi Garry, I am writing to thank you very much for the time you spent talking to me the other day. As always you were very informative and straight to the point. To be honest, I have been looking at Powerbet for a long time. As mentioned, I do quite well with Money Factory but I believe that times are changing. There is so much information out there for the average punters.  I see ‘Market movers’ at TAB and all such things – which I believe leads to grinding down the prices of some of my ‘high strike / true favourites’  selections.  Some of my selections which I put on in the morning and expect around $2.60 which I place on ‘best price TAB’ – end up around $1.80 (at a price I would have never accepted).

I have some nice systems with GTX which have around 19% wins@ $6.50 average price with plenty of action. I had been using this with $20 flat stakes with reasonable success.  Most are based around fitness and have good ratings.
 This price range - is where I believe the value is now. Well, Of course it is early days, but I have started testing your product and can see some wonderful results. I am following your idea regarding ‘4*4 selection plan’ using some of my GTX systems which I have been previously been placing $20 flat stakes on.

I made $2,249.80 from 185 bets with a win strike rate of 21%. I used $10 starting units and found that my average bet size was $22 (pretty close to what I was flat staking!).  I came close to losing a bank once (a bank is 10% of your total bank)  – but apart from that, I was in no danger. It always brings a smile to my face when I can see a run of 18 losses in a row followed by a winner at $7.80 clean up the series.  I have also been working on some of my historic figures and have considered Trevor John’s angle of calling it quits - when down 33% (ie $330 of $1000 bank). So far, from what I see - is that it is better to press on and play right up to the end of the series. Of course I am expecting to lose some banks. I expect to have at least a run of up to 40 losses in a row in every 2000 or so bets. But I am calculating on the fact I will be ready for them when they do come. Ready to hand this over to the Mrs  now. Thank you for the documentation (very well put together), and thanks again for my new equipment to keep me ahead of the average punter.

I enjoyed reading your $2 re-coup bet story.(This was in one of the magazines) I perhaps can see where the base of this wonderful plan developed from. Also, please forward my thanks to Prue for her time and great service (as always). Regards, Mark Burkhardt

Sunday 25th January, 2009: Howdy Garry and Winform Team, Albany Race 4 No. 6 Kings Tribute is Top Rated by Winform Ratings at 56.8 Wnet and Wodds at $1.50. Heads above any other horse in the field. All of the Top Four Selections were great value and a small investment was a 200% guarantee. Kings Tribute wins and pays $19.10 and once again I declare that a very comfortable living can be made just by following the supreme Winform Ratings in WA and NT. What about the Premium and Single selections today. Six in total and every one of them won. Sunday afternoons on the punt continue to be very enjoyable and profitable. Cheers, Hally

Friday 23rd January, 2009: Hey Garry did you see that one. Permatilla was top rated and Tahnee Topaz second rated. Tahnee Topaz scored all the points after research and with the top Jock Rawiller on you had to make this a key bet, but top rated Permatilla started at around $42 win and $10 the place and lets face it all previous runs for this horse were all quite competitive. This was not a total donkey and well on the overs I thought, came home nicely for a 2nd. Mate a couple of lengths behind the winner and at least a couple of lengths ahead of the rest of the pack but was amazing was the $10 place tote. That's as good a return as what you would expect with on the win punt and be very happy with and we only needed to land in the top 3. How could a Fella not have just a little E/way. Goes to show you can still make great Doh Ray Me following the ratings for value and betting E/way or place. What a start to 2009 and the ratings to date have been exceptional with some great value races and how good was Pinjarra yesterday, I can still see Star Buck leading most of the way and past the post at $21 after blowing from $10. This is without a doubt the most enjoyable Hobby a bloke can have. Hally 

Thursday 15th January, 2009: What a day for me to run Powerbet! 'Grand Slam Lady' came 1st with huge odds on Betfair.
Kingston Town has got nothing on you guys. You're a freak Garry! John Azzopardi

Monday 12th January, 2009: Prue, I just wanted to  say thanks for the service I have received in ordering all products from your company. I ordered two books through you for two of Roger Biggs Books and within one working day I received them in the mail today. From Sydney to Brisbane in one working day is no mean feat. Thanks again. Regards, Paul Fuller

Saturday 10th January, 2009: Howdy Garry, The smile does not get much bigger than what's on my face right now. Three Gslam bets in total for a winner at $15.50 and when your into the Money Factory at about bet 14 in your second series the bet size dictates a most beautiful profit and the slam comes through with that over $10 job that many of us new including yourself just sat waiting in the wings. Awe Man what a delight the computer just hums and the bookies spit chips. Chomp Chomp Chomp. Magnificent start to the New Year and two bets later the singles salute with an all the way lead on Rikbat at $8.00 and then Toowoomba turns it on with a nice collect with Petro Vannucci and a final single bet at Toowoomba in race 7 for the after dinner port salute at $5.70. We did not have a huge strike rate today but the collects all fell at a great time and at great prices and it was really a work of art day. Cheers, Hally

Saturday 10th January, 2009: Hi Prue, Thanks for the books & the missing magazines. Congratulations on a very informative book. You looked at the subject from so many angles. It made me realise once again what a wonderful creation we have inside our cranium. When we study 'Form' our brain has to consider so many different factors and come to a final conclusion. I find it advantageous to feed the brain with information such as yours, by reading it over and over again. I am also finding a further advantage in comparing your figures with the Tables in Garry's "Favourite Book". Thanks for the replacement copy. I had lost my original copy. It is good to brush up on the ideas once again. Be Happy! Tom Clippingdale.

Wednesday 17th December 2008: Hi All, Congratulations and thanks for that top rated winner in the last at Cessnock. A losing day was turned into a very nice one. Greg Reid

Hi Winform Team, Excellent result (again) for Powerbet today. Cessnock R9  No. 10 Jomidale....Top rated and won at 120/1 Beautiful! and I've just paid for my subs renewal. Garry, you are the king! Cheers Bob Byrne

Saturday 13th December, 2008: Hi Guys, After reading your coverage of the recent racing forum , I must say thet I am a little concerned with this V'Landys character. I have never had much time for his arrogant attitude but I am a little concerned with his comments that the average punter wouldn't know what the deductions were. I feel this bloke is out of touch with the real issue and in my opinion the most important one and that is to increase the punting turnover and not look at ways of taxing the main player ( the punter ) which is what will happen unless he is prepared to swallow his ego and work with others instead of against them. The industry cannot survive without punters and owners, yet every body expects these main players to bail them out for years of incompetence. I must say that I enjoyed your article and well done to Garry for asking the question "what about the punter". Cheers Guys. John Clibbens

Tuesday 9th September 2008: Hi Winform Team, Excellent result for Powerbet followers yesterday. Wangaratta R5 Heyday. IAS fixed price 34/1. My hard luck story is that I took the $34 only to see the race postponed for half an hour or so and Heyday drifted out to about 50/1! Still, who’s complaining about a 34/1 winner. Bloody terrific! Keep up the good work you guys. Cheers Bob

Friday 12th July 2008: Garry, I have had a GREAT run on the punt last 2 weeks. Having said that... Is it just me or how bloody silly is racing becoming lately. Today is typical of what has been happening a lot of late. 10 race cards everywhere... and because of the 1/2 time difference most races are starting at 10am SA time! and don't get me wrong I am a early bird .up 6am everyday sharp. But breakfast punting is just getting silly.

If you throw up a best bet at say a Geelong I like to take advantage of Top Fluc. That means most mornings if a bet was to be placed on Race one then it needs to be phoned though about 9:30am! You are only just getting the ratings sorted by that time.

Last Sunday I went out to Breakfast at a coffee and when I opened the Sunday mail it came to my attention that 2 races had already run at Hobart! The dog races start about 8am in the morning these days... What ever happened to Thursday nights. who would want to be at the track in winter at 8am having a beer & bet ?
You would have to be a desperate. And I read a report recently that there WILL be wall to wall punting on Friday nights on thoughbreds. You better set up a bed in that office it looks like. What are they aiming for? Remember when life was easy and you would just go to the races or football on a Saturday afternoon. Regards, Greg Horn

Thursday 19th June 2008: Of all the plans I have purchased over the years the C Plan strategy would have to be about the best I have seen. It is straight forward, simple and successful, but I suppose the most amazing thing about is that you only included it in a previous book as an afterthought. May you keep having afterthoughts! Regards to your and the Winform Team. Kevin

Monday 16th June 2008: Horse Racing Australia Magazine is easily the best racing magazine on the market. Keep Up the good work. Grant

Saturday 31st May 2008: Hi Garry, Great winner for Powerbet....Bendigo 6-7 Quadruple. Top rated and paid 40 to 1. Cheers Bob

Thursday 22nd May 2008: Hi, I purchased and recieved the book: 'Race Winning Strategies' .As soon as I opened it the first 3 pages fell out and now I have read 30 pages the first 18 pages have now come apart and I have had to tape them together. At $295 for the book I would have expected it to be made properly. After that I hope it is a good read. Just thought I would let you know... Cheers, R.

Reply: 'Dear R, Thank you for your email. It is disappointing to me also to know that your book arrived, in such poor quality, considering that we took the time choosing a good print quality and paid near next to $30 per copy.
To make things easier, I have secured another copy in the mail for you this morning, which is in a padded postal pack which should minimise the damage to your book.
I do apologise for any inconveniences, and I hope that this read is more enjoyable for you.

Should you have any questions about any of the Winform products or services, please phone our office direct on: 02 4950 1747 or email me on: direct@hunterlink.net.au Have a great weekend'. Prue

Sunday 18th May 2008: Hi Garry, I just felt I had to write this. I just want to convey my thanks for the job you are doing with the Best Bets and Feature race. I am only a very small punter but I do enjoy it. The selections for Best Bets has improved since you do your extra filtering and, as I bet each way I am having great success. Yesterday when your Feature came in I thought no way are you going to win this, and you didn't, but I still put money on them, and lost, but I also put the first 5 on for my quinella. Thanks for that it paid $158 and thats about the 4th big payout this year so I am laughing. It has paid for the next years subscription and given me lots of money to play with. Thanks again and keep up the good work. V. Millerchip 

Tuesday 18th March 2008: Garry, Love the new book, I tested the C plan strategies today my first bet I recovered the cost of the book and after only 4 bets my profit goal obtained. Spend the rest of the afternoon watching a movie. Brilliant! Regards, Kieran

Monday 10th March 2008: To all at the Winform Team, reading Saturdays entry in the 'Professional Punters Diary' I can't see how or why someone would ask for their money back because of one bad week, I see this as a long term thing and if your in it for the short term to make a quick buck well you shouldn't be punting. Anthony

Monday 10th March, 2008: Hi Garry, Wanted to say congratulations on a second week of outstanding results. Very impressive. Kerry

Friday 29th February 2008: Dear Tegan, I read with interest your article on the Ratings Based Handicapping article for New South Wales. I agree that this is the best way to handicap a horse, unfortunately I believe there are flaws. I have spent hours formulating ratings for races in all states along with NZ, UK, HK and Singapore for my own betting and feel that I can put forward constructive criticism to the racing authorities. Sincerely Rob

Friday 29th February 2008: Hi Guys, Thanks for the Mag. I have just read the continuing saga of Brenton Burford (my hero). Was interested to read about bet selector in your magazine as this is the software program I use. I had reason to ring your office yesterday to enquire about Professional Staking Plan and I must say that Prue and another girl who's name escapes me could not have been nicer. I have posted my order off and you should recieve it soon. Thanks again guys and may your winners be many. John

Thursday 28th February 2008: Hi Garry, Prue and Susannah, Thankyou for sending me 'Racing My Pefect Investment', 'Market Forces' and 'Racing Pays More' books and Parlay Magic Software. I have started betting everyday using the stategies in Market Forces, and am having succes! John

Friday 25th January 2008: Here is Greg's Reply: Dear Louis, Thanks for your email regarding your concerns with Ratings Based Handicapping. One of the significant benefits of RBH was the intention to provide transparency of weights allotted, these weights being derived from the handicapping template. This was a significant driver in the Boards decision to move to an automated RBH system in March 2004, such that integrity and accuracy of handicapping assessments were to be achieved.

Trainers would be able to obtain their horses ratings and refer to the RBH Template on our website and in the calendar when planning a horses program. By referring to the template they would know in advance the precise weight their horse would receive in each specific ratings race.

The template was originally designed to accommodate a diverse cross section of tiers within the NSW horse population, with a one size fits all approach off a rating derived off a single number line. The concerns regarding these technicalities associated with such an approach were raised by the handicapping panel at the time, and have resulted in a thorough analysis by the Racing and Analytical Departments following a trial period of Ratings races in late 2006 and early 2007. The analysis took a considerable amount of time in the last 12 months.

In addition, the implementation of AR103 (effective1.1.07), which stipulates the top weight allocated for handicap flat races must not be less than 58kg, has led to more races being scaled to conform to the rule, thereby rendering the current template deficient as an accurate weight forecasting tool. Compounding this and adding to the confusion is part 2 of this rule requiring weights to be further raised at acceptance time to 57kg, should the topweight decline to accept. It is now possible that a horse can have 3 different allocated weights for a race:

(a) the weight the template states prior to nomination,
(b) its allocated weight upon weight release after scaling to achieve the 58kg top weight and
(c) the amended weight, if weights are raised.

During the trial period, statistics were collated by the handicappers, highlighting examples such as the one you have given with Sea Eye Pea, whereby some horses coming from the country sector to the metropolitan sector were disadvantaged under the way the template had been designed.

Despite the use of displayed ratings internationally, no major racing jurisdiction in the world ties its handicappers down to allocating weights off a displayed template. The transparency argument can be countered by generating a set of weights that have integrity, fairness and thus promote competitive racing, as opposed to the situations that have arisen with the derivation of some sets of weights relying purely on the template. This does not necessarily mean the abolition of the template as such, but rather using it such that a rating figure determines eligibility, but not necessarily weight.

Ratings have proven to be a reasonable guide in handicapping horses where they have substantially established their rating in a single sector, be it metropolitan, provincial or country. It is proposed that where nominations for a race are drawn from a single sector, that the handicapping of the race be done with reference to the performance of the horse in that sector. In effect, the handicapper has exercised discretion in issuing the rating figure the horse brings into the race. We proposed that the handicappers retain some discretion to vary the weight a horse carries where its rating was achieved at a distance or class substantially different to the race being handicapped.

Frequently, nominations draw horses that have substantially achieved their rating from racing in different sectors and the weight applicable to the rating differs across several classes of race depending on the sector. In these instances, the handicappers will not be tied to using the RBH template in their assessments, but rather be given the discretion to allocate a weight according to the sector in which the horse is nominated, having regard to where the horses rating has been derived. This is similar to the current method used to re-rate horses that come from interstate or overseas.

The Board has resolved that the role of rating figures be used as a means of establishing the eligibility of horses to contest races, however the handicapper has discretion to vary the weight of any horse, which, in his opinion, would be more competitive with a discretionary allowance or penalty, based on where the rating was earned. Ratings should be published in accordance with the handicappers assessment of the relative ability of a horse compared to other horses in that jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the Handicapping panel, led by Senior Handicappers Colin Denson and Greg Pearson has attempted to tweak the current template to more accurately address the variances in horses accumulating penalties across sectors, and carrying the same rating.

We are currently planning a series of consultative sessions across the State in the next month whereby the feedback of participants (like yours) will be welcomed. Like anything that is new, it is important that education of the way the system operates, quells any inaccuracies in information that may be currently out there. Once this occurs we will report back to the Board with regard to the future policies of both handicapping and programming. Regards, Greg

Tuesday 15th January 2008: Below is a copy of an email Louis Mihalyka of Laurel Oak Bloodstock sent to Greg Rudolph from Racing NSW about his concerns with the new Rating Based Handicapping. This email was sent over a week ago now and we are still waiting to see the reply from Greg; we will post it on our website when we recieve it.

Hi Greg, I appreciate that you would be flat out with bigger issues at the moment but I have some serious concerns about an aspect of ratings based handicapping that should be addressed as it could have long term implications on NSW Racing as trainers and owners become more familiar with it.

The concern is how country winners are treated relative to city winners under the ratings system. I have attached an ever so brief summary of a couple of instances that highlight the problem. (Click here to see summary)

The problem became apparent to us when our filly Sea Eye Pea won a 70-rating race at Cessnock worth $4,500 to the winner and went up 4 rating points from 67 to 71. While that in itself was not a problem and I even argued in the handicappers favour with trainer Gary Portelli after she was handicapped on 59.5kg in 71-rating fillies race at Randwick on New Years Day.

Before Cessnock, Sea Eye Pea was rated on 67 just as her stablemate Weekend In Paris had been before she resumed in a 75 rating handicap at Wyong on 19 December. The latter earned $2600 and went up 1 rating point to 68. I argued with Gary that it was not unreasonable how we were weighted relatively because as we earned $4500 and the other filly $2600 we were entitled to get more but perhaps we had one rating point more relative to Weekend In Paris.

However the real problem became apparent after the race. For winning a $29,500 first prize, Weekend In Paris received 5 rating point increase. Sea Eye Pea received 4 points for a Cessnock $4,500.

I looked at a few other results and noticed that another of our horses Steel Titan received 5 points for $9,750 first prize for winning in Canberra, the same as Weekend In Paris received for winning at Randwick. That seems totally unfair.

While the ratings seems reasonable relative to other horses when comparing country to country and the likewise the city handicapping, they seem totally out of whack when comparing country to metro form. For horses to be handicapped equally when the prizemoney is so massively different will discourage owners from racing in the country. If we had a better grip of the system, if a suitable race like the New Year's Day event was coming up for Sea Eye Pea, we would have been better off given her a first up run somewhere where she could not win and turn up at Randwick just as fit with a 66 rating (original 67 likely less 1 for a first up unplaced) and give herself a better shot at $29,500 first prize rather than severely cruelling our chances for that richer race because we earned $4500 with a soft option (I have disregarded BOBS factors here as that should not come into account in the handicapping). As it was there were only 6 runners at Cessnock so you should not be dissuading horses from going to country races.


Further highlighting the unfairness is comparing Sea Eye Pea to a horse such as Angel Girl who won at Rosehill last Saturday. Her last two starts have yielded a city 3rd and a Saturday win earning $37,000. Sea Eye Pea has had a Cessnock win and a city 3rd earning $8,950. Going on the before and after comparative ratings Sea Eye Pea would only meet Angel Girl 2 rating points or 1 kg better off relatively if they met before and after their two races.

Perhaps a good example of why it would be better off not winning than earning $4,500 for a country win, is Three Swallows. He nearly fell first up and finished unplaced. He went down 1 rating point and then came out and won $29,500 on New Years Day, and accordingly went up 5 points which does not seem unfair in the circumstances. But again after the two races he has earned $29,500 compared to her $8,950 and comparatively we would meet 1 rating point different than before our last two starts.

The relatively harsh penalty for country horses trying to win through the grades compared to their city counterparts will have the effect of owners: Not starting in the country Move to Queensland where they do not have ratings racing but have one, two or three metro wins.

I have used the comparative examples with Sea Eye Pea but from what I see they apply across the board for all country winners relative to city winners. I welcome your feedback as I want to support NSW racing but not to the detriment of our owners. Best Regards, Louis

Wednesday 9th January 2008: I am very sad to see George Moore died. He was the best by far in my book. Over the years I have heard the smarties talking about George in a derogatory manner, along the lines of he was only good because of T.J Smith. I have seen George Moore ride incredible races at every race meeting, and I used to attend them all when I lived in Sydney. I well remember a race which is indelible in my memory. It was a midweek, and the race was a 10F graduation with the usual field of poor horses. From the top of the straight, two horses started a war to outplod the other, Sir Bradford and Kerricola. George Moore lifted his horse hands and heels all the way down the straight, and I mean lifted. It would have been an exhausting ride and it wasn't a T.J Smith horse either.

He always had his horse in a position to win on the turn if it was good enough, backmarker or otherwise. More often than not he would go for inside runs where angels feared to tread, leading to the George Moore whistle stories. I can truly count 'bad' rides on one hand. Trevor Johns.

Editor: There was a little article about George Moore in the Winter 2006 edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine, on page 29.

Friday 30th November, 2007: Thanks Prue, Got the book today (Trevor John's: 'Racing: My Perfect Investment') and have already finished it. I will read it several times again but some really great information!

I’ll get the software and put it on my computer, may have to start work a little later in the day, or I might give up working altogether and just punt from now on! (I’m sure my wife would let me do that). Cheers Bob

Thursday 8th November, 2007: Dear Garry & The Team, I normally do my own ratings using my own added variants from the Autumn 2006 Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine, but due to work commitments I thought I would give your special 'Two 4 One' Ratings deal for Oaks and Emirates Stakes days a go. 

I would now like to congratulate you and your team and thank you for your top 4 selections for race 8 even though your comment was: “leave me out of this one” and at first I was going to take your advice, but lucky I did not as this was the trifecta that paid the jackpot of the day with a return of $2657 with IASbet for an outlay of $24.

So once again I would like to thank you and congratulate you (as I am sure you get more complaints than congratulation from some of ill informed punters who are looking for the quick fix) on the ratings supplied and I look forward to receiving the information for Emirates Stakes Day. Good luck & good punting, Kindest Regards; John.

NB: Just a quick note to let you know that out of all of the punting and racing magazines on the market, Horse Racing Australia ( I am a subscriber) would rate as the best and the most informative and I look forward to your next edition.

Wednesday 31st October, 2007: Hi Garry, What an email! At first I thought it was a joke. Last Saturday I won about $350, including the Mooney Valley Treble. Today, I stopped after winning $594. I have been using Powerbet software with your Top 2, for a month & find it very good. Previously, I was using Powerbet manually. I have found you & your team very supportive & your products excellent. I have a thirst for knowledge in all things racing, so I also enjoy your punting diary. Regards, Jenny

Tuesday 30th October, 2007: Hi Garry and Team, Moonee Valley was a disappointment but don't let a grumpy punter bother you. Your service is the best available and I'm with you all the way. Dennis

Monday 29th October, 2007: Mate, they are the worst tips I have ever received from any on line Racing web site, you call yourself a tipster? What a joke, I certainly will not be using/recommending you to any of my friends

Your 1st pick only got one winner, your 1st or Second pick only got 4 winners out of 10. All your five picks in each race only got four quenellas and one Trifecta’s which was really hard to get considering you put Mrs. Andretti as the outsider, And flicking through the rest of the main meetings you did not do any better.

Please take me off your list as my own tips are a hell of a lot better then what you come up with, a RIP OFF, is what you are. If you were sincere and honest you should refund everyone’s money for Saturday Garry.

Garry Robinson's Reply: Hi Garry, I received a very short sighted complaint from you about Saturdays Moonee Valley ratings.

We supply ratings for every race meeting every day seven days a week and are renowned for our success in finding longshot winners. Four winners in the Top two is just fractionally over our long term average but whereas many services do the same none come anywhere near our average dividends which is above $5 consistently for the past twenty one years. The fact that the winners prices at Moonee Valley Saturday were less than average is just a “blip” in ten races whereas our record is over hundreds of thousands of races.

On Saturday for example, we had a $41 winner at Kembla, a $20 top rated winner at Rockhampton, a $12 winner at Yarra Glen, a $8 and a $9 winner at Ascot, an $11 winner at Hobart, a $2262 Trifecat at Rockhampton and a $3248 Trifecta in the last at Townsville as well as the First Four $8722.

The Trifecta in the Kembla Grange race paid $4947 and was in the Top Four.

As I said, your view is rather short sighted and as one of Australia’s longest serving and most respected form analysts I do take offence at your remarks.

In keeping with even handedness, however, I have published your complaint as we publish not only the good feedback we get but also the bad. Respectfully, Garry Robinson

Monday 22nd October, 2007: Garry, I would just like to congratulate you and your Team on your excellent level of service in regards to reminding me of the: Double Deposit Day at Sportsbet. No other organisation i have been involved with has taken the time to inform me of free bets and information as often and informatively. It is glaringly apparent as to how you received the Award for Excellence and I feel it is more than well deserved and totally represents your Mission Statement. Theres no 'I' in Team, your all doing a fantastic job. Regards; Roger

Sunday 21st October, 2007: Thanks Garry & the Winform Team. Using some elimination rules for false favourites, found in your books I took: 'Master O'Reilly' in the Caufield cup, using my $500 free bet from Sportsbet at 11 to 1 fixed.What a fantastic thing to see the 'Master' storm home by over 2 lengths. This sure makes up for the losses in photos and protests. This business has its ups and downs but I know if you stay in it and stick to your rules you will win.

Many thanks for your help and inspiration over the last few years. My punting has definitely improved since being a member at winform. All the best for the rest of the Carnival. Regards; Robert

Saturday 20th October, 2007: Hello Garry and the Team, Took your advice and got a $200 free bet. Put it on: 'Master O'Reilly' at top fluc. Result was $840 net profit after a 48 cents (to the dollar). deduction. Thank you. Kind Regards, Tony

Sunday 10th October, 2007: Hi Garry, Just thought I'd like to thank you for the feature race yesterday, I must admit I wasn't that impressed with your selections but still went ahead and backed them, including the first 5 for the quinella, you can imagine my surprise this morning to find out that it came in, paying $857. I had to get my husband to check the price as I thought my eyes were playing up. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Valerie

Saturday 22nd September, 2007: Good Morning Team, Oh joy,oh joy. It was wonderful to get the good-priced winners with the UNItab selections today. Best Regards, E. Goodwin

Tuesday 4th September, 2007: Hi Garry and Team, Just a quick email to say 'CONGRATULATIONS' on your Australian Achiever Award. Well Done. Cheers Greg

Thursday 30th August, 2007: Morning Team.Received the latest Horse Racing Australia magazine and believe it to be the best yet. I have read it from cover to cover and believe it will benefit me as a keen punter. 'Punt Smart with Quinellas' and 'How To Find A Future Winner' by Garry are excellent articles. I 'am keen on last start winners and have had good success in the past. Thanks for the update on the Equine Flu as it is affecting Australia, as you say there will be some positive consequences come out of it at the end of the day. Have a good day. Dan P.S. Bback to my second read of the Magazine.

Wednesday 1st August, 2007: Hi Garry, Many thanks for going to all the trouble to retrieve my TAB dividend. Not many people would have done the same. I hope you back many winners in the future and thanks once again. Regards Frank.

Wednesday 18th July, 2007: Hi Garry, Decided to try your new Powerbet strategy today. The winners came regularly, and at good prices. Gave it away after Race 7 Geelong. Just over $400 clear profit.You little beauty! Regards; G. Wilding

Comments about The Key To Winning Consistently: Good Morning David, Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on producing one of horseracing's superb publications. You state your truths simply and confidently and I have read it over four times and will continue to do so. Some of the photographs are well chosen. What the book has brought home to me is that I have been a lazy punter for the concept is simple but involves a lot of hard work.Yours faithfully; E.G. -Western Australia

Dear Garry, Thank you for being astute enough to make available to the mug punter the new book. Excellently put together, David certainly has thought it through. Having come up with a deal for newbies, could be an idea to do something with the other top strategy. Best Regards Bill Fraser.

Hi David, I’ve just received delivery of your book from Winform Publishing yesterday and I must congratulate you on a wonderful publication. I may have a couple of questions for you after I’ve studied your different strategies. But in the meantime I was just curious and wondering what the translation of the Russian caption was below your photograph on page 1. I’m guessing that it could be a dedication to someone you know. Kind Regards, Joe NOTE: The Russian text is a dedication to David's wife.

Tuesday 12th June 2007: We would like to thank everyone for their kind feedback after the weekends flood and storms- it's greatly appreciated. Thanks; The Winform Team

Comments: To Garry & the Team, Extremely well done under the great difficulties you've encountered, and much appreciated. Hope it gets sorted quickly and without complications. Regards, R. Connolly

You are all safe and well, that is the main thing. Cheers; Ken

Glad to hear you are all safe and well. Certainly something I wouldnt want to go through and there are many people giving you all up there plenty of thought. Best of luck; Heath

I wondered why things where a little slow and now I know. Hope everything is OK now.Here's hoping for a better run for both of us in the next few weeks. I read where the flooding could have been a lot worse but that's not much consolation when you're up to your knees in mud. is it? Good luck with the clean-up. D. Phillips

Good to hear that the worst did not eventuate, bad as the situation was. Experience of a given situation has always been a great help, so well done Garry, a Captain always sees to his crew first, hope your home was ok and your family. Keith

To The Winform Team, Commiserations on being flooded, I think you have done a terrific job keeping the show on the road under extremely trying circumstances! Well done for that & hoping that you & your possessions are ok. Kind Regards; G. Tarplett

Get dry soon people. We used to own a service station in Jesmond, so I know Wallsend and its flooding capacities. Regards; John

Hi, Good luck to you guys and glad all are safe. Tony

Don't worry the races or betting just get your lives back on track. We did pray that the girls and Garry where okay. My niece has been living in the back room of where she works in Hunter Street for three days no power at her unit. B & D

Sounds like the weather we get up here in Townsville in the wet. L. Parker

Good news nobody got hurt. Plenty of time for winners; Alex

Hi, Good luck to you guys and glad all are safe. Tony

To All, My thoughts are with you all after what has happend. Glad to hear none of you suffered any pyshical damage during the weekend. While you are running a business, nobody should be complaining about not recieving any services. Take your time and get organised. We understand your predicament. With Regards;
F. Cubbit

Sorry to hear of your hard times. Hope you are all safe and that there wasn't too much damage . Regards, Denis.

Sunday 10th June 2007: Hi Garry, You and the team are having a bad time at the moment, but it will stop and you will then be able to talk about the rotten floods and rain in 2007. in the meantime keep your spirits up and the better days are just around the corner. Cheers W. Harvey

Saturday 9th June, 2007: To Garry and Team, I sincerely hope that there was no serious damage to your vehicles and other goods from the downpour you had.From the news reports it looked for all the world like the cyclones we get up in the north. My best wishes to you all. K. Scott

Monday 23rd April 2007: Hello Garry and the Team, I recently found myself in Denmark W.A. for a month with plenty of time to spare. As there was no racing coverage on radio, and an internet delay time on my wireless card that made racing investment on my computer impractical I ordered some reading material from your bookshop expecting about a ten day delay from time of order. As I ordered on the Monday preceding Easter maybe two weeks wasn't unrealistic. To my great surprise the books and disk ordered lunchtime on Monday were delivered across the continent to my door at lunchtime on Wednesday. 48hrs. Unbelievable. A big thank you to Jenni and whomever else was involved, it made Easter very enjoyable. Keep up the good work. Brian.

Sunday 22nd April, 2007: Hello Garry, Your service and information since becoming a Winform Member has been a great help, allowing me to develop my own selections and using Money Factory to manage my bets.

Since attending your week long seminar in September 2004 I have been using your Winform Selections, strategies and to great benefit not to mention the Horse Racing Australia Magazine, full of good information and will renew my subscription. With regard to Windows Vista, have any of your members been running Money Factory using Vista as I remember you mentioning in a news letter that there maybe some problems. Can you please let me know as I could be upgrading, networking from my home PC to a laptop. If there are any known problems regarding Vista I’ll probably stick with XP Pro as an operating system. Regards and all the best to you all at Winform, Les.

Winform's Professional Punter (Les) from New Zealand, amazing setup...

Friday 20th April, 2007: Garry, I thought I might comment on your recent punters diary article "on tightening of the best bets formula" (you wanted feed back from members). Mine is, " If it isn't broken don't fix it " the Best Bets have been making about 70 units profit a year ..... Sensational! & its only a $100 survive! The Best Bets have always performed.I wished I had just only bet that for the last 10 years Greg. Thursday 12th April, 2007: Garry, sorry I have been meaning to draw this to your attention for a month or so but have been busy. Firstly, I have to say that the Money Factory has proved to be a great product. In fact on a Place Selection method betting in earnest which always focuses the mind it has doubled the level stakes profitability to over 100 % POT which is pretty impressive and whilst I still use level stakes on selection methods that dont lend themselves to its magic I think it is a useful tool in any punters tool kit. Usual proviso's to using it sensibly of course.Cheers. Happy punting, hope that you are making a fortune. Robert M.

Monday 3rd March 2007: Please wish Garry my best wishes for his birthday. People like him and yourselves represent the professional, fun and honest side of punting fraternity. Keep up the great work, and thank you for all your efforts. Angelo.

Thursday 1st February 2007: Just a quick note to say thank you. I recently subscribed to your Best Bets Service and in the first week (24th to 31st January 2007) I have shown a profit of $155 (I am only betting the Metro Best Bets). At only $25 on each selection I had not expected to pay for my subscription of $149 in the first week! While I know I can't expect five out of six winners every week, it is certainly a good start!

Thursday 18th January 2007: Hi Garry & Team, Just want to tell you, that my Betezy Account now stands at $399.00. I have doubled the $150-00 Free Bet, by making small investments. I take the top rated under $2-00 for a $5-00 Win. Top four boxed for the trifecta =.01 = $2.40 = 10% of the best price. Fields 8-12 all have at least 3 starts. No Slow or Heavy tracks. Naturally Winform Selections. Keep up the good work. Once again thank you very much for the free bets, Kindest Regards; Michael L.

Friday 15th December, 2006: Hello Garry, I ordered Market Forces via the internet yesterday arvo and received my copy today in the mail. Talk about excellent service! Thanks. Just had my first read through and I'm looking forward to trying the method out.

Thursday 14th December, 2006: Dear Winform, Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone there at Winform. I also wanted to thank you for your Best Bets this year, I work for The Cancer Council NSW and we have been using your Best Bets every week since March for our work betting syndicate to pay for our Christmas Party. Thanks to your selections we have made 70% profit over the year! And we are looking forward to a great party tonight. Thanks again, Shayne Connell

Wednesday 8th November, 2006: 'Congratulations in order as well for your Winform Ratings. Trifecta in the first 4 rated runners. Pretty good effort.' R. MacMillan

'Hi Garry & Staff, Just a quick message to thank you all for my Melbourne Cup Trifecta & Quinella success, it paid very well here in Adelaide. I did a lot of deliberating before finally deciding to box all selections for $15 Q & $120 the Tri and even had thoughts of adding a few selections of my own, but I'm very glad didn't now. Thanks again the best $11 I've spent in a long while.' Tony.

Tuesday 31st October, 2006: Hello Gary, We just wanted to Thank You and your team for your prompt and professional service in setting us up last week with the Premium Service. It was an excellent week to start with, great returns a good positive start. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar in a few weeks. Regards, G & K Horn

Monday 30th October, 2006: Hi Garry, Ros, Tegan and Staff, Enjoyed the Seminar yesterday. It was very good to meet people with the same interest (punting and enjoying the great food that Crown Casino put on). Regards; S. Clark

Monday 30th October, 2006: Like the new look Garry. Very crisp - loaded fast also although I can not remember speed ever being an issue. Cox Plate interesting race this year, one of the more interesting fields for quite a few years. R. MacMillan

Thursday 26th October, 2006: Hi Guys , I've got a complaint !
Too many winners! I can't get a decent bet on the Singles with Money Factory. Could you please pick a few slower horses so I can build the bet size up ? Regards Paul.
P.S. I've also been using Powerbet since last Sunday's Sydney Seminar & WOW! What a week.

1st May, 2006- Questions & Answer Question:
Your article in Horse Racing Australia Issue #1, page 40-41 does not tell you that many of these casinos are linked and will only pay the bonus once. When you deposit money in a related casino they do not highlight this information. Then when you attempt to remove your own money after being denied the bonus, they can throw the gaming regulations at you and demand photo ID, bank statement and utility bill for a minimal $50. This may occur even if you have used Neteller to deposit money. I wonder why they do not demand the 100 point ID before depositing? . Karl

Answer: Dear Karl, The casino stripping has worked for the last couple of years with many of our readers having done well. There are numerous Casino sites and I am not surprised to hear that many are linked. The ID thing is standard practice for all government authorised sites. It is probably just as well as I wouldn't like your chances of getting paid by a non legitimate enterprise. You would do well to search the net for non linked sites. Garry Robinson

21st March, 2006: Hi Garry, Just a note to say thanks for the continuous correspondance over the past. I hope it continues, as you can see I have entered my free $50 bet, that i hope to win on. I enjoy a bet whenever i am able to. I hope this $50 becomes a good investment. Keep up the great work! I. Clifford

13th March, 2006: Thanks Garry,Congratulations on picking Roman Arch as one of the top two selections in the feature race. And the Best Bets for Saturday were also spot on as were the footy selections. My Unitab account has had a serious injection of funds thanks to you and 'Roman Arch'. Many thanks and best wishes with the new magazine. Sincerely Brian K.

Hi Garry, Thanks for the complimentary copy of "Horse Racing Australia" magazine. I found the peripheral news and items of most interest. In particular the "Double Coincider" method is one I haven't seen before. Has it performed with consistency since it's inception? It doesn't appear on initial investigation to be over optimized.
I'm probably a minority here, but why sports betting? Has gallops lost the punter's interest? Cheers Andris

7th March 2006: We make no comment on the contents of Peter's correspondence other than to say, 'be wary of any such offer'...

Hi Garry, Thanks for your informative report in the Autumn 2006 edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine on the Scams doing the rounds at present. I too have received similar glossy promotional material and have refused to pay out the exhorbitant prices they want for them stating that I haven't got the required amount of money. "Put it on your credit card" is the usual response. When I advise that I haven't a credit card the price suddenly drops by a couple of thousand.

I thought you may be interested in a new one I received last week, this time via email after the original phone call enquiring if I would be interested in an investment opportunity. This latest one comes from XXX Marketing Pty Ltd with their Thoroughbred Wagering Systems for Australia and Hong Kong. They claim that they stated trading in Hong Kong approx 2 years ago as they have better returns than in Australia.
You can purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year Licence with the prices being $5250, $8250 and $11250 respectively. She then lost me by stating that you get a $2000 discount on the 2 year licence and a $4,000 discount on the 3 year licence but I'm not sure how that works.

Again I stated I didn't have that sort of money she stated that I could be put on a waiting list for an old 1 year licence that someone has upgraded which would reduce the cost greatly. I will be interested to see how soon they ring back with a better offer!!

Their claim was that if I started with a $1500 bank in January 2005 the closing balance would have been $26,000 Very tempting but will not be taking them up on their astounding offer.
Regards, Peter Gibson

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