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Tegan Lloyd & Jenni Stevens

As part of my punting experience here at Winform, a system was created in Money Factory. I was using the Dutch betting system where a strike rate of over 50% and an average dividend of $1.80 was anticipated, I punted on every race meet, everyday for a period of time until I made a profit. Garry Robinson has achieved a profit of over $4500 doing just that for one week.

My week started on a Tuesday, an easy day to start as there were only two race meets on that day, I thought this is easy I can do this, 20 - 30 minutes between races, nothing too it. The first six races on that day were great, with Money Factory going green; Profit; yes. Even though it may have only ranged between 70 cents and $8.20 it was still money in my pocket or rather the company's pocket, but either way it was a profit, which I liked, winning, it's definitely more fun when you win.

But then it started to go down hill, although I had an even amount of winners and losers, the winning horse majority of the time was the favourite so it wasn't returning enough to give me a profit. I finished the day $11.80 behind, which isn't too bad I thought, I'll just make a profit tomorrow.

Wednesday was a little too stressful for my liking; it started alright, the pace was a little faster but I could handle it, well that was until the Western Australia meeting started which gave me five venues to bet on. It started to get a little frustrating after that.

It meant I had, on average, eight minutes between races to determine how much I would be betting. Which meant six minutes before each jump I had to get the fixed price from the IASBet (now SportsBet) website, listen to the previous race to determine the winner, enter that result into Money Factory, then enter the new selections for the next race meet, calculate the bets, then place the bets on Sports Acumen, while deciding which price is going to give me the higher return, club* or fixed; In between printing envelopes for the Winform Newsletter, formatting articles for the Spring Magazine, and the Editor ringing me to see how it all was going and whether we were in profit yet. Talk about frustrating and stressful, at this stage I began thinking how the professional punters do it everyday?

The next few days I began to stress less, as I started to get the hang of it, although the bank was still decreasing, I was able to relax a bit. But then there were a few stages when I was getting really frustrated that the races weren't being run on time, like Port Augusta for example, every race meet was running five minutes behind which freaked me out about getting all my bets on, as I didn't know exactly when the race was going to be run. But I was successful, only missing one race meet; I came close to a few others though, but just slipped in with a few seconds before the betting closed.

Well the profit just wasn't happening and the decision was made to finish $312.80 behind after seven days. It wasn't a complete loss though; the theory behind the system worked as shown by the strike rate of 51%, it was just that the winners that I was getting had an average dividend of $1.61 and I wasn't betting enough on the winning horse to allow me to make a profit.

After discussing this with the Editor, we decided that it would be best to cancel the series now while the company had only lost $300; we made this decision due to the divisor change in Money Factory; because I had either low dividends or losses the divisor in Money Factory kept increasing, we finished the week with a divisor of 22.2.

The Editor informed me that The Money Factory program determines the divisor and when the divisor should change to calculate the bet amount, and the bank is worked out using the strike rate and dividend amount and that it is very difficult to decrease the divider once it rises higher than 20 and due to the small dividends on the winning horses it meant that my bank will keep decreasing; eventually leading to going bust.

Amongst it all, it was a great experience; I had a couple of good selections, on the last day for example, I had a winner at $17 returning $74.40 for a small outlay, not enough to produce an overall profit, but still a good win. I also made some good decisions on the fixed and club price decision, one example for instance is when I chose the $6 fixed price and the club dividend ended up being $4.40, so I made the company a bit of extra money.

I compared my results from using Money Factory to betting on level stakes. The turnover for Money Factory was -17% and for level stakes -18.4%. After six losers Money Factory increased the divisor so that our bet size would fall; and prevent our bank going bust.

Personally, with my limited experienced in the racing industry and actual betting, I don't think that I could be a professional punter and do it everyday, as I fidget way too much, and can't sit still. However, I did find that it was a great experience, and contributed to my knowledge and understanding of punting in general and the Money Factory program that we supply here at Winform. Who knows though, maybe one day down the track when I'm older, I might take professional punting up. But for now, I'll stick to working.

*Bets in the Club give you the better of the on-course starting price (SP) or the final Sports Acumen price at the jump.

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