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Winter Edition
By Garry Robinson
Last Updated: Tuesday 28th August, 2007

Tuesday 28th August, 2007: Please Note: To all people who have the Professional Punters Diary Winter 2007 saved to their favourites, we have now transferred to our Spring 2007 version of Punters Diary.
click here to open the new Spring Version of Professional Punters Diary

Updated 27th August:
Authorities predict Victorian Racing to be back as early as Wednesday along with Queensland Racing back by Friday.

Monday 27th August: The good news is that we had two Weekend Sports bets for two wins!

Our best guess for Racing at this stage is Interstate venues to resume Racing on Wednesday and NSW to cease Racing until mid September.

We have been able to make a significant contribution to the New South Wales Cancer Council thanks to those Members who made a purchase over the weekend via the Bookshop. Thanks to all who participated and we will send your , hopefully, winning raffle tickets in the mail later this week.

While Racing is quiet I am recommending that you use the time off to reassess your personal punting by checking Staking Plans and the like and if you want some action simply applyt the $100 Per Day Plan principals to New Zealand Racing ro Greyhounds as we understand from Members who have tried it that it works just as well on those.

Check our News Link for further information as it becomes available.

Saturday 25th August: Imagine we get equine flu here in Australia. All Racing will cease for up to three months and the Spring will be gone. No Cox Plate, no Caulfield Cup no Melbourne Cup and NO FORM. Imagine the chaos.

Todays test is enough to cancel all Racing in NSW and Interstate movements of horses have been banned. Hard to see how infected horses in Sydney affect Racing in every other State including Tasmania. Maybe everyone just wants a day off!

Friday 24th August: From today and over the weekend 10% of every sale we make will go to the Cancil Council. You will recieve that value in Raffle Tickets from the Hunter District Cancer Council Raffle. REMEMBER TODAY IS DAFFODIL DAY. If you would like to make a donation to help support this fantastic foundation visit their webiste by clicking here

None of today's meetings qualify as betting meetings for me today. Ros is running the Daffodil Day stall outside our premises and I guess I will be taking her hot drinks and lunch. It's a pity our State and Federal governments don't do more for cancer sufferers as it should not be up to volunteers to be out there raising money.

Tomorrow looks more interesting with Group two and Group three Racing in Sydney and Melbourne.

Thursday 23rd August: Yesterdays Winform Singles had a couple of good surprises, with a win at Murray Bridge and an even better win at Belmont Park, with 'Marine Drive' settling at $7.40.

Yesterday the Betting Pool made a $685 profit using Garry's new approach with Powerbet. There are a small number of Members that are currently being approached to use the new method, and we will report on this further in due course.

Please remember tomorrow is Daffodil Day. To make a donation with the Cancer Council please click here or phone the Cancer Council direct on: 1300 65 65 85. Get involved in Daffodil Day and give hope for a cancer-free future.

Wednesday 22nd August: "The value of betting with Sports Acumen was highlighted by Perth winner 'Wild Frankie'. The galloper was one of the best backed runners of the way with us and paid around the $3 mark on all totes.
But those who took the Best Fluc option with Sports Acumen would have been on good terms with themselves as he started at $6. Bets included $1200, $1000 and $600, with the difference in profit (tote compared to Sports Acumen) about $3600 for the $1200 punter.
Sydney was also a happy hunting ground this week for our punters. 'German Chocolate' made it back-to-back weight-for-age wins in the Premiere Stakes and carried bets including $3000 at $4.70."

I've taken the liberty of cutting the above from this week's Sports Acumen Newsletter. Both the above selections were part of our suite of bets last week. 'German Chocolate' was a UNITAB Selection from 'The Key To Winning Consistently' (we have only about 6 books left now) and 'Wild Frankie' was from: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' by Jenni Stevens.

We had one Premium Special yesterday for one loser. Bugga!

Ever had a really bad month? You have? Well later this week we'll tell you how to get a lot of those losses back.

The Spring Magazine arrived on our doorstop this morning and will be posted out over the next couple of days. Also, it is the NSW Cancer Councils big day this Friday 24th with Daffodil Day. We are proud to be participating. Stay tuned on how you can help.

Today I will be betting at Sandown. We are expecting a good longshot in our Top Four.

Tuesday 21st August: Today is Jenni's birthday, so there will be lots of great food shared over lunch, all but one meeting washed out yesterday so no action. We recieved an email from a client asking to spread the following news around. Be sure to check it out if you live in Victoria.

We have just introduced a Pick Six competition in conjunction with Sport 927. Entry is free and the weekly prize is $4,500 for selecting the six winners,  with the weekly winners going into the "year end" draw to win a new Lancer valued at $22k plus. It is only on offer to residents of Victoria, but its free and worth a crack every week. Please pass the news on to whoever you think may be interested.

For further information please go to the Sport 927 website:
Sport 97

Monday 20th August: It's teeming down here in Newcastle and both Muswellbrook and Lismore meetings today are looking very wet. Yesterday the KWTC Selection won, our Best Bet ran second and our Winform Winner won. Bravo won as well.

The Spring Magazine gets printed today for distribution later this week or early the following and Newsagencies will have it in store on Friday 31st August, 2007. To subscribe now click here.

Tegan is unwell and away today but we will be right on our game. Our newest book writer Jenni Stevens, has a birthday tomorrow and she would love to see a flood of orders so we have extended the IASBet (now SportsBet) deal until 5 p.m. today.

Sunday August 19th: Being awoken in the early hours last night by my son looking for taxi money didn't improve my demeanour. My eyes look terrible but you should see them from my side.

The good news is that both Footy bets won last night to make it two from four but the Top Two yesterday was a bare 27%, relieved by a $41 winner at the Gold Coast.

The Betting Pool copped a $1728 loss (lots of seconds including one at $47) before that came up though but don't worry, it all comes back . The loss was much more severe before we nailed the Sydney Treble ten times at $269.30.

I have recently done a course that tells you to trust your intuition and in the last race at Caulfield yesterday I added 'Storm Signal' to my Quaddie picks. I missed the Quaddie anyway and our top pick 'Universal Queen' came into a shade of odds on. It didn't make sense to bet against it but I wish I had followed up with 'Storm Signal' only ten points below it in an open race (open as rated by Winform). It won at $25.

Double Coincider from Best Australian Racing Systems, had three selections yesterday and all three won! New book purchasers would have been impressed.

Meanwhile 'The Key To Winning Consistently' had four selections yesterday for three wins and a Quinella. That's a 100% result because in one rasce there were two selections and they ran the Quinella and there was only a head in it. The Premium qualifier won as well. That means only two places missed from the past 17 selections and nine winners.

Saturday August 18th: I was surprised to find that the Melbourne Storm, and the Eels, had both midified their tackling and the only penalties were for the usual high shots.

We were disappointed though. We missed by 2 points in that game and one point in the Broncos game. Two matches to go and best possibility is for two from four. Sorry about that.

A good day of Racing today with two Premiums from the 'Key To Winning Consistently' (four bets for two wins and a second yesterday which is fourteeen placed from the last fifteen I think). and we have four best from the UNITAB Selections but before you get excited about an all up, two of these selections are in one race, a rarity but it does happen. Grand Slam has seven bets today. Good luck everybody!

Friday 17th August: What A Disaster! Clients Who Have Our Software & Use GTX: Had major problems yesterday as the databases were reconfigured. By lunchtime we had worked out the problem and advised all our clients what to do. One Member, Robert, even came back with an easier fix and it's good to see Members using their own expert knowledge to help other Members (and us) Thank you.

We notice that IASBet (now SportsBet) now incorporates new security measures on log in to counter recent attacks on their web site. It's sad to say but there exist major criminal organisations who's sole purpose is to attack websites and then blackmail the owners to provide a fix. We had it doen to us about eighteen months ago although there were no demands, it did cause us serious problems for a day or two. Some "hackers" just think it is funny. We don't.

For Racing News: From yesterdays update with the John Leek Jnr. hearing, the outcome is that Leek will be appealing against his three month disqualification, which was decided by the Victorian Racing: Appeals and Disciplanary Board. Leek was found out for possessing a cattle prod and also was suspended for one month, and was to be served in conjunction, for administering medication to a horse on race day. However a charge against Leek of attempting to stomach tube the horse Gold Attire at Port Fairy in May was dismissed. His wife Andrea Leek was also convicted of the charges but no penalties were issued.

The NRL is changed forever from tonight. The Melbourne Storm will have to change their defensive patterns immediately and we recommended them as a 6 point plus special. That may not be so, we will have to see. I think we will now see points fests as the referees vigorously enforce penalties for defence tactics around the neck area. In the end it will be a good thing. What we are seeing today is a continuation of the tactics introduced by the Roosters from about 2002 and on.

Teams that are loose in defence will probably be advantaged as they will give few penalties away. The best defensive outfits will be heavily penalised.

Tomorrow's most interesting race features the clash of: 'Apache Cat' and 'Marasco'. It will be worth watching.

Thursday 16th August: Yesterday we only had one Selection for our Success Express, which managed to run second. Today looks very promising with many selections across the board.

For Racing News: Suspensions and charges relating to John Leek Jnr. will decided today by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board. The hearing surrounds Leeks alleged possession of an electronic apparatus that was capable of affecting the performance of a horse in a race or training gallop. Leek is also alleged to have been observed taking a stomach tube, pre-prepared drench, water, towel and a twitch from his car to the back of a horse float. His wife Andrea Leek has been charged with being a party to the race day administration of a medication. She is also charged with possessing an electronic apparatus that was capable of affecting the performance of a horse in a race or training.

Tomorrow is the last day to get your Bonus Bet Offer with your purchase of Jenni Stevens NEW Book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems'. The new book offers four great systems with successful strategies and methods to apply. Along with the purchase Stevens' new book, you will also receive a 12 month complimentary subscription to Horse Racing Australia Magazine. To order now, click here or phone the Winform Office on: (02) 4950 1747.

Wednesday 15th August: As mentioned yesterday time is running out to get your Bonus Bet Offer, with the purchase of Jenni's new book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' click here to order yours now.

There was some fanstastic results for the Winform Singles yesterday. Rockhampton produced a couple of nice winners; 'Let It Hail' at: $3.10 and 'Seranamor' at: $6.50. The big surprise was at Cessnock with 'Sir Rivercorp' racing to the finish at $12.90.

The betting pool is up to a total of $7760.90 for the year and keeps continuing to grow.

Tuesday 14th August: Please remember, Jenni Stevens' new book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' Bonus Bet Offer is only available until this Friday 17th August, 07. So if you have been thinking about purchasing the new book, get your order in soon. To place your order visit the Winform Bookshop or phone the Winform Team on: (02) 4950 1747.

We have a few more Selections today, with racing at Cessnock- Good luck.

Monday 13th August: The Betting Pool made $1700 for the weekend, the majority of that was on the Footy tips. Results were negative for our end of year final eight  bets which have all lost except possibly one, the Rabbitohs. If they make it we lose $250 otherwise $450. We are on all of the top five teams for a win except Parramatta which we laid off after poor early season form but we can save on them if they progress in the finals series.

Our Premium Selection yesterday finished second and Top Two had a second bad day. The singles failed to impress also.

The Sports bets ended up 88% Profit for the weekend. The English Premier league started up over the weekend and those interested in betting with the starts can safely back both sides using Money Factory and be reasonably sure of a profitable season. You can make money while you sleep, just adjust your betting banks each day as results become known. There are 12 games overnight covered by IASBet (now SportsBet) on Asian handicaps and there will be six winners. That is for certain and you only have to bet right with the Money Factory program which can run 12 banks for you times 12 = 144 games covered per day if you want.

Most of the Key to Winning Consistently purchasers would know by now that we have been unable to provide you with the results of Section Two: Geoffs numbers of the book as David Bendeich has been on holdidays. We have recieved the following:

Results from 1st Aug to 11 th Aug
18 Bets  7 Winners  Return  21.10 units
10 Places   Return    15.07 units

Sunday 12th August: The bunnies took us one step closer to a big win for the weekend for the Betting Pool. We are on the road to an $1100+ collect.

There was only two selections from Jenni's new book Best Australian Horse Racing Systems for one good winner.

The Winform Top Two had a big losing day yesterday with only two short priced winners at most meetings. Choice Of Colours was our only decent priced winner and it paid only $7 (not the $13 fixed price I got from IASBet (now SportsBet)). We can't complain though after the great Top Two week we have had. Allan decided to take a break yesterday except for a small incursion using Powerbet which produced over $300 profit on $10 base bets on selected venues betting only those horses in the top four that were over $4.

The Key To Winning Consistently selection and our Best Bet ran 2nd and in the Feature race we were nowhere. Mond you the KWTC horse haven't missed a place for about two weeks and just came off a run of six straight winners or thereabouts. Those doing the Geoff numbers might enlighten us as to how they have been going. We have heard from the author David Bendeich and he is having a great time in rural Bellaruse helping his father in law with his vegetable gardens. No doubt he'll be refreshed and on the go when he gets back in two weeks. He'll need to be as he is working on several new angles for a possible second book of winning strategies for next year.

My daughter Natalie and son in law, Shayne, arrive back from Dallas Texas and Las Vegas today. They will be putting together an article on their gambling experiences in the good ole U S of A.

Saturday 11th August: After just one race I am personally up $7,000 courtesy of the IASBet (now SportsBet) fixed price of $13 on Choice Of Colours in Morphettville. The horse was rated by Winform as a five to one on chance and the bet was dictated by the Money Factory program. I should be betting on but that particular Money Factory Bank had had 69 bets altogther since it was last in profit. Patience is rewarded.

The Betting Pool kicked off with a nice potential profit when the Roosters crowed last night. I still can't believe that they were odds against with the form they have been in.

Those watching my new Powerbet workouts can take heart in the fact that April only just broke square as but it was the worst month of the year for prices. I am half way through January but it looks profitable so far. Stay tuned.

Friday 10th August: I've been up since 4 a.m. today processing last month's selections using a varied version of Powerbet. It wasn't too bad. Betting Monday to Friday, no more than 3 hours per day made $11,000 with $100 bets. I wish I had the time to do it. With just a couple of selections yesterday overall, but we still managed to pick up a place at Northam Race 7. No. 2. 'Spitfighter', which was a Success Express Selection.

Here in the office, we have come to a close with the production of the Spring Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine. The magazine will be released late this month, as we know many are eagerly awaiting all the 'must have' spring information. If you are not already subscribed to Horse Racing Australia Magazine, please visit our Winform Bookshop or phone the Winform office direct on: (02) 4950 1747, as we have some great value deals available.

Thursday 9th August: The Weekend Sports results so far show 38 wins from 72 bets with a strike rate of 53%, this is 7% below last years average of 60, but we are still making a small level stakes profit. The Sports selections will be up on the Internet later this afternoon for all those subscribed.

Yesterday, we had two wet success express' one which won paying $1.70. There were no Premium and Unitab selections from the Key to Winning Consistently.

We recieved Jennifer Stevens 'Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' back from the printers yesterday and sent them out to all purchases, so you should have them in your hands shortly.

Wednesday 8th August: Yesterday we had some mixed results. 'The Key To Winning Consistently' - Premium 'S' Selection came home at Donald yesterday, which was also our Success Express Selection. Also our UNITAB Selection at Rockhampton Race 7. No. 1 'Go The Red' won at $3.20.

Three winners from seven Selections for the Winform Single Selections with even a dead heat finish at Rockhampton Race. 6. No. 1. 'Marske Prince' at $4.80 finished with 'Samkan' at $12.90.

Don't forget about the fantastic offer for Jenni Steven's new book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems'. Visit the Winform Bookshop now or phone the Winform Office direct on: (02) 49501 747 to get copy and bonus offer today.

Five venues for betting today, so were are expecting some good results. Good luck today...

Tuesday 7th August: We did it again! The Darwin Cup winner at $17 AND we scored the winner of seven out of the nine races at Fannie Bay in our Top Two!

I hope you were paying attention yesterday as we also scored four winners at Murwillumbah. We also had two selections for the Premium Selections out of 'The Key To Winning Consistently' and both won.

WE HAD YET ANOTHER BRAVO WINNER YESTERDAY AT $8.00. BRAVO IS HAVING A GREAT YEAR. Funny thing is that hardly anyone bets these selections. It's not because it is losing. It is probably because it has been available for four or five years and people seem to always want something new.

Today we have races at Donald, Taree and Rockhampton and regularly have success at those meetings. Here's hoping for another winning day.

The Betting Pool members can rest easy as when Cronulla Sharks covered the 10 point line last night we scored a great all up win and and went from $2,000 down for the weekend to up $124. Not exciting? I think it is. We bet to come in front and that's all that matters. Never mind how much. It would have been more but my uncle died and after rearranging things I missed the Cup. I will also miss Wednesday because of the funeral.

Monday 6th August: Darwin Cup Day! We nearly always get the winner and it looks the same again. There are those horses from down South that adapt quickly to the dirt track and there are those that don't. Stick to those that do and you won't go far wrong. It is 6 p.m. Eastern time so everybody can have a go.

We had a 33% Top Two right through the weekend with many nice price winners. In addition our Footy bets are 4 from 6 with tonight's NRL match to go. We are .73 units in front and could end up with 2.64, which is very acceptable.

Today we have an excellent record on the Top Two at Fannie Bay and Murwillumbah. There were no bets yesterday for KWTC.

Sunday 5th August: Two from four for the Footy tips last night so three from five so far. The Betting Pool lost over $2,000 yesterday on turnover of $30,000 with losses from our last three bets making the difference. Our second rated horse won each of these races and I have one word to say. Bugga!!!

Our actual loss won't be determined until the last two sports bets for the weekend (we have a live all up) and Monday's Racing but with a little luck and good judgement we will recover by Tuesday. We have won every Darwin Cup for years.

The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems selections scored four wins and six placings from the nine bets Saturday with a head second at $10 being the only disappointing result. The book is being despatched to purchasers this week.

Saturday 4th August: A good win in the Footy last night and lots of winners today including Gunfire Messiah , our Top rated selection in Caulfield Race 6 at $16+. I have just seen a good run of top rated winners and most venues are finding winners. Patties Mate was a good winner at $5.60 at Toowoomba and the one Premium Service special from KWTC has won. I think we have only about half a dozen copies of that book left.

A big night at the Footy tonight and more action tomorrow. I'm thinking of having an all up with IASBet (now SportsBet).

Friday 3rd August: Have you seen the recent promotion from IASBet (now SportsBet)?

This Spring Carnival, IASBet (now SportsBet) are giving you the chance to become one of Australia's largest punters for a day - on them. Win a $50,000 betting bank to play with on Melbourne Cup Day - and keep the profits! Win one of five Spring Carnival Betting banks and see your dreams come true.Click the banner below to find out more.

Yesterday we had a bravo that one paying $12.50 on the NSWTAB. There were no KTWC bets yesterday. Please note that starting tomorrow we will be changing the Grandslam page, we will now be updating by 11am after WA scratchings, as last week the page was updated and a couple of our members missed the new selection. So be sure to check the final selections after 11am.

By now you should have recieved your Best Australian Horse Racing Systems flyer in the mail. Please note that this offer finishes on the 17th August so get in quick, and what better time to open an IASBet (now SportsBet) account with the promotion like the one above?

Thursday 2nd August: For Best Bet Subscribers, yesterday's 'If you have to have a bet' was again successful with the pick at Eagle Farm Race. 4 No. 6 'August Fair' won at: $8.00. One of our two Success Express Selections also came home yesterday, Belmont Park Race 3. No. 1 'Lacida' at $1.70.

There are plently Selections today, so we are hoping to get some good results.

Wednesday 1st August: Firstly we here at Winform would like to wish everyone a:
Happy Horses Birthday...

Yesterday we had a $24.80 Winform Country winner at Rockhamption. There were two selections from UNITAB and Premium sections of the KTWC yesterday. They both ran a place. Most of the purchasers of the book will have realised that their FREE one month trial has expired today. If you would like to continue to recieve the selections you can subcribe to the UNITAB alone for $250 for 12 months by clicking here, or simply continue to ring the phone line for a cost of $1.10 per call. Click here to find out more about recieving the Premium Selections.

Over the past few days decisions have been made by different associations in Queensland in relation to the Queensland Turf Club and Brisbane Turf Club merger. Today the Thoroughbred Breeder's Queensland Association put their support behind the YES vote following yesterday's decision from Bob Bentley, chairman of Queensland Racing Limited (QRL). QRL also supoprt the merger and and so to does the Queensland's Racehorse Owners Association and more importantly the Queensland Turf Club. It seems as though this merge is set to go ahead with the majority of associations being behind it 100%.

Tuesday 31st:The ratings are working suprisingly well on the New Geelong track, yesterday we had 5 winners in the top two selections out of eight races, one paying $14 on the TAB and another paying $7. Money factory is over $2100 in profit for the month of July, lets hope it keeps going to make back the losses from previous months.

The magazine is just about ready to be sent off to the printers and will be avalialbe in most newsagencies from the 1st September. There is some great articles including a GTX System Developer road test, Jockey Interviews with Lisa Cropp and Craig Williams and a close look at Golf Punting. So be sure to look out for it, or to ensure you get a copy send direct to your door, you can subscribe by clicking here.

Monday 30th: Did you see the $235 winner at Newcastle on Saturday? It rated last in everyone’s book because it had failed at each of it’s six runs since a spell and all of those were on wet tracks. It’s best run on a good track though, was enough to rate it fourth and it ran right up to that in this weak race but no we didn’t give it out. The point is that in these days when “everybody” is too “busy” to do the form there is still room for punters who take the time, to work it out and get a big winner.

Yesterday there was a 32% Top Two strike rate with Ciao For Now included in those at $30+.

July has been a great month for Formula 33. This is just one of the systems featured in “Best Australian Horse Racing Systems” put together by our Jennifer Stevens. You can order this book now on the Internet by Clicking Here and your copy will be on its way next week along with your FREE BET BONUS.

Grand Slam was successful again on Saturday with two winners from five selections and those Members who were subscribed back in April should be well satisfied with their decision. Grand Slam is our most successful service so far this year and has made level stakes profits for the last several years now.

The Key To Winning Consistently has almost sold out. There were three Unitab selections from the book on Saturday and two of those won to continue on their winning way. After this morning’s mail there are only 17 copies left and they will never be on offer again.  We simply can’t believe how much money some of our Members have been making with one Member (yes he bets big now) $30,000 up for July on PLACE bets and another $7,000 ahead and also betting place. Can’t comprehend it yourself? Don’t worry, neither could they. They simply gave it a go and all of their betting is now done from profits already made.

Sunday 28th: We had some good winners yesterday, our Key to Winning Consistently bets had 4 selections, three which won, and one which placed 2nd, you cant complain with results like that. Our 'ifyouhavetohaveabet' selection also won paying $1.80. Good Luck Today.

Saturday 28th July: Only one selections yesterday, a Bravo that came second. The Betting Pool lost $148 on Thursday but recovered most of it on Friday with a profit of $180.

There are plenty of selections today to keep all our members busy, but if you arn't subscribed to anything and would still like to have a bet, try calling our Horse Racing Australia Selections on 1902 215 231, call cost $1.10 per call. These are the systems published in Jennifer Stevens new book 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems'.

Friday 27th July: We can't believe the success of 'The Key To Winning Consistently' with several purchasers calling in to report big wins, particularly for the place of all things. It is amazing how the dividends add up with an 80%+ strike rate. One purchaser reported that after three placings in a row yesterday he had $4,000 on 'Dantickle' for the place and got $1.30+ at IASBet (now SportsBet). From the four selections from UNITAB and Premium there were two winners and all four placed. Another purchaser had $700 on it. The interesting thing is that the first mentioned punter used to bet $200 and the second, no more than $100 per bet.

David Bendeich, the author, is in Russia for five weeks so anyone seeking advice should be patient. He will still check email where possible but is unlikely to be able to comment on day to day selections. We have only about 20 books left to sell and as you can see by the above, the results speak for themselves. click here to get one the last copies NOW!

Powerbet was successful everywhere except Port Augusta yesterday.

Thursday 26th: Another respectable day yesterday for people betting the Top Two Winform Rated with a couple of great wins at Morphettville Race 4. No. 8 'Lord Emareye', Winform's second rated winning at $87.40, along with Randwick Race. 5 No. 4 'Double Elle' coming home at: $23.00. One of our two Sucess Express Selections at Sandown yesterday, Race 7. No. 4 'Bronzetta' also won at $4.80.

Don't forget Jennifer Stevens Book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' has now gone on sale. To purchase your copy now, please phone the office on: (02) 4950 1747 or visit our bookshop online - click here.

Today we have more selections accross the board, so hopefully some more winners to come.

Wednesday 25th:
I have just closed off a Money Factory series on Sports Bets and it was a series that got some way behind. After 45 bets there was no profit, nor a loss on level stakes. The Staking Plan produced a profit of just 2%.

On balance I would prefer 2% to zero % and a great number of Australia's professional punters operate at or near that level. IASBet (now SportsBet) is a professional betting company with the best resources of any punting organisation, and based on recent annual returns, makes a profit of just 6% on their punting. They are the best but even they do not go through every week or every month unscathed.

No I am happy with my 2% profit.

Yesterday I made $400 betting for the Betting pool. That was on turnover of $3,000, so for one day at least, I made over 13%.

Tuesday 24th: Jennifer Stevens' The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' goes on Sale today. Winform is giving away a FREE 12 month subscription to Horse Racing Australia Magazine with every purchase. The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems are winning systems that have made profits based on level stakes and even greater profits using stakings plan. Here is the combined profit for January 2005 to June 2007:

Profit ($1 Units)
Profit ($10 units)
Profit ($20 units)

Read how one plan made over $5,800 from a starting bank of just $500!. Click here to order now.

Monday 23rd July: Another good Top Two day yesterday as suggested, and 35% but no magic winners, just one at $10+. Two Footy tips successful for a 50% strike this weekend, no big deal.

Three bets from the KWTC book yesterday for a Premium which ran 3rd at $1.70, a Unitab which is still running and a Geoff which won and paid $7.20. Overall a successful weekend.

I had a phone call today about the top rated selections which are running this month at around 16%, which is way below normal. The problem in Winter is that the softer ground evens out a horse's chances creating fewer favourites winning but bigger dividends. It is a trade off that is welcomed by progrmas such as Money Factory and Powerbet.

Sunday 22nd July: The Footy tips are zero from two but that's the only downside this weekend. Grand Slam had two from seven and both at good odds. That's three winning years in a row now. Our Feature Race resulted in a $14 winner, it pays to be patient.

Form The Key To Winning Consistently there were two selections only for one winner and a second from the Premium section.

Top Two was 35% yesterday with many double digit winners and huge profits from Powerbet. Hobart, Sunshine Coast, Kalgoorlie andf Hawkesbury are our best performing venues from today's racing.

Friday 20th July: Only 23% Top Two yesterday but at our favoured locations of Wyong and Ipswich we had four winners at Wyongs and two good ones at Ipwich paying big dividends. The Betting Pool made $348 using Powerbet.

There is one unique Sportsbet this weekend. The New Zealand Warriors are at $1.87 best price with almost every bookmaker but at TAB Sportsbet you can get 0.5 start at $1.90. That's a good deal if you like them to win. The Weekend Sports Bets are online now and so is the "Feature" race which we admit to making up this weekend as the fields are a bit lack lustre.

We note that IASBet (now SportsBet) is now covering Darwin ( Fanny Bay) races leading up to the Darwin Cup. It seems Tabcorp are too busy promoting overseas racing to get involved.

Thursday 19th July: Starting today we are going to be having selections for the Best Bets service everyday. If there is not an official selection, we will pick the next best thing to ensure punters have the option of having a bet for the day. It's called our "if you have to have a bet" selection. We will be looking for a good value bet but we won't be recording them.

Wednesday 18th July: A good $40 winner in the Top Two at Doomben today as we start to see some more good tracks, mind you I think it is about to snow down the road.

The Knights season is about to come to an end with Danny Buderus out for some weeks with a couple of leg injuries and one of our other hopes for the betting pool, the Broncos are without Lockyer.

We're busy finalisng the Spring magazine and will have a great Spring ratings offer, just for the punters who come out from September on. We are happy to take the little pickings from mid week racing but it doesn't have the glamour, does it?

Just by the way. If you were thinking pf purchasing The Key To Winning Consistently, there are only a few copies left.

Tuesday 17th July: I need one more sports bet win to clear my Money Factory. Maybe I should put it on the Melbourne Storm to win the NRL Grand Final. They look invincible!

I started 3 a.m. yesterday researching an idea for Powerbet. It proved workable. By simply focusing on the best strike rate meetings June was a profitable month yet it has been the worst month of the year for Strike rate.

Geelong's second meeting on the artificial track proved that it is going to be extremely rare to see a leader win at the track. Anything with a strong finish simply stormed over the top. Murwillumbah had a rare no strike at all today with no top two horses even getting close, yet it is usually one of the best for us.

There are some interesting comments about Key To Winning Consistently on the Punters Ace forum. Some misinfomed comments as you will always get, especially from those who haven't bought the product but generally some sensible discussion.

Monday 16th July: The Weekend sports had a great weekend with Three footy wins for four bets. Outlay 4 units in 6.61  Profit 2.21 , a good return. A $10 Yankee returned a profit of $108.50 for the betting pool. For the month of July so far we are over $1000 in front, and over $5000 for the year.

The Key to Winning Consistently selections had 12 bets on the weekend for 3 wins and 8 placings. For those members who have access to the Unitab service over the internet, you should have already noticed that we have decided to provide the previous days selections and results, so you can confirm that you calcualted the selections correctly, this results service will run for the rest of July only. The results for the weekend will be uploaded on the monday.

Money Factory and the Single Selections are in Profit $1502 for the month. Lets hope it keeps up the good work for the rest of the month and year.

Sunday 15th: Belmont had an uncharacteristic loss yesterday which cost Powerbet its profit for the day, Yet taking all race meetings there was never a problem. Murtoa was excellent and the previous poor figures may be becasue of low numbers of races held there.

The KWTC selections yesteday had one win from six selections but only the one Unitab selection missed the place. Today there are three Unitab selections from the book and one Premium. I haven't looked at the Geoffs selections yet.

We had a good win with our Footy tip yesterday, two selections to go.

Today Sunshine Coast, Grafton, Kalgoorlie, Launceston, Port Augusta and Mudgee are all good venues on average for the Top Two. We'll see.

Saturday 14th: There must be something to that Friday 13th thing after all. We ran Powerbet yesterday and lost $500+. No worries, you have to lose some days. Today I will be looking at Toowoomba, Belmont, Gold Coast, Doomben and Newcastle to provide the better Powerbet opportunities. Hopefully it will be Okay.

We stumbled when St Kilda hung onto a two point lead last night against Adelaide but plety of matches to go. The Money Factory continues to win betting both sides in all NRL and AFl matches. Extraordinary!

Friday July 13th: Last week we used Powerbet to effect and made money for the Betting Pool. Since then we have not had time during the day to bet live bit we have worked out the likely result for each day. For the week we would have made $1751.

The process was simple and one which many Members have used before. It helps you sleep at night too. We selected from each day only those meetings where the Winfrorm Top Three strike rate was 46% as listed in the Winform Strike rates chart. This means that courses where the Top Two was maybe 32% would sometimes be included.

Each course had it's own bank of $1,000 and a base bet of $10 so regardless of changed race times, protests etc. you would not have any problem getting on. Regardless of where you were in the betting series you closed your Bank at the end of the day or when a reasonable profit was made. This resulted for for wins as big as $250 and the biggest loss was about the same. Only two losses were recorded for the week.

I closed the Bank when a) there were three winners at the meeting or b) I was well in front, although sometimes I would close if only $40 or so up.

I didn't bet stupidly i.e. if both selections were between $2 AND $3 then the end result was not worth the effort. Also if the odds were right I would also back the third rated horse. Say the top rated horse is rated $3.50 the 2nd $6 and the 3rd $6.20 and both these horses were at good odds. It would certainly be worth backing all three. On occasions where the top four horses have been rated close and are at $10 -$20 I included all four. I did this in the last at Ipswich yesterday with real money when our ratings were $5, $5.9, $6 and $8.1. The third rated horse won and paid $7.35 on Austote so it was a worthwhile investment. The other three selections were each $30 +. In Powerbet, horses at prices of $5 to $9 get the biggest bets so it was well worthwile.

For Key To Winning Consistently purchasers we can advise that yesterday there was just one "Geoff" bet for a third place.

Thursday July 12th: Grafton was the best strike rate venue yesterday and Belmont was the other good one. The Top Two paid off. For those with the Key To Winning Consistently there were two Punting Path selections for a win and a place so a good profit either way.

It's off to physio tonight to ease some of those aches and pains. At $60 a pop and only $13 back from the Health Fund I need a few winners to keep me going. I made $500 yesterday so that helps. Unfortunately I am not permitted to bet the Key To Winning Consistently selections for the Betting Pool as not all Members of this have purchased the book. We really do have to do the right thing by purchasers which is why we are not printing extra copies and we could probably sell double what we have but of course that would be the end of the good dividends.

The July Newsletter is now up on the internet for members to view, you should recieve your hard copy in the mail later in the week or early next week.

Wednesday July 11th: Garry is out of the office today, busy reviewing two books. The first book looks closely at how to win at UK races and the second is a biography of Might And Power, the 1997 winner of the Caulfield and Melbourne Cup. These reviews will be featured in the Spring Edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine.

Members should receive the newsletter in the next week or so as today we are busy getting them out.

Tuesday July 10th: Five winners in the Top Two yesterday and quite a few Members took advantage of the ten race Muswellbrook program.

We've had a lot of purchasers of 'The Key To Winning Consistently' ask David Bendeich for more strategies. The current ones in the book are working well and they want more selections so they can have more bets. I guess the author made the mistake of mentioning that he had been keeping tabs on many more strategies but some purchasers may be missing the point. The strategies published are the ones that:
A.) Are relatively easy to work out
B.) Actually trialled and proven while the book was in preparation
C.) Have continued to make money after publication.

We have made available an ongoing service to provide the selections from section one and will probably add a service for section three. Purchasers will be notified by the end of this month.

It is amazing how quickly odds work. As the Knights started to pound the hapless Eels last night, their semi final and end of year odds wound down as the score wound up. The price to make the semis dropped on Betfair from $4 into $2 and the Grand Final price from $70 into $38. We had already backed both possibilities earlier in the year at prices between $19 and $30. Last night the Knights played a team game and when any team is "on" the results come.

Three Race meetings today but only Townsville gives us consistent results.

Monday July 9th: The weekend was sunny for The Key To Winning Consistently selections with just one bet Sunday, a Premium selection which won at $3 after $4 was bet.

Top Two was only 26% Sunday after two meetings were abandoned but with winners up to $20+, not a bad day.

Today's Sale meeting has been relocated to Stoney Creek, which was then Abandoned.

Sunday July 8th: I'm cheating. It's still Saturday. Nine selections for The Key To Winning Consistently and one to run. Three wins and five placings for the day. Very few copies left but only selling one a day now. Unitab section had two bets for one win at $4.20 and both placed.

Grandslam had two good winners from six selections at $4.20 and $9.80. The Top Two looked O.K. today too. I've been having a few small bets for fun and profit in between sorting out the tax files for end of year.

Last bet for the day is Toowoomba Race 5 no 4 Mindil Beach. Our Footy Tip today Collingwood just won a tough encounter that's one from one so far so good.

Saturday July 7th: Garry will be to busy to update the diary tomorrow as his weekend will be spent moving house. However, Garry made a profit of $277 for the betting pool by using Powerbet on Friday. He decided to cut and run after making a profit. Unfortunately there were a few winners after this happened, but it is better to cut and run while in front than keep betting and possibly lose. That makes us well in profit for the week even after we lost $155 on the Titans who were cut down in extra time by the Broncos before a massive crowd last night.

Bet Ezy was having problems during the week with their website, however members should be aware of their free 1800321321 betting number which they are welcome to use during these periods. there's no need to miss a bet.

Friday July 6th: Yesterday Jenni spent the afternoon using Powerbet on the races for the betting pool, it made a small loss for the day of -$166.05. Garry is betting todays races with Powerbet where the best tracks are Ipswich, Moree and Nowra, so we have a high chance of winning there.

There were two special bets yesterday, one which won at $4.50, and we had a single which won at $8.80.

Thursday July 5th: Todays best meetings are at Grafton, Hawkesbury, Mackay, Strathalbyn and Werribee. Just watch the winners come up at Northam where we usually don't do so well! Here's some info from Tabcorp who have only just reached 1 Billion dollars in Internet bets for a full year. They have 140,000 Internet account holders. Note that Trifectas were more popular than place or each way bets.

• The top five racing bet types for Internet account holders on www.tab.com.au are Win, Trifecta, Each Way, Quinella and Quaddie.
• The top five sports betting events (excluding racing) on www.tab.com.au were Australian Open Men’s Final, NRL State of Origin 1, NRL State of Origin 2, NRL Grand Final and FA Cup Final.

The Betting Pool had a big winning day yesterday with $1500 profit from the NSW State Of Origin win and one good winner at Gawler yesterday. It would have been better if we also hadn't placed our Premium bet for $300 which ran 3rd. It looked like a special but was taken on in front which ruined its chances.

Wednesday July 4th: We have just finsihed analysing the response to our reader survey and note some interesting facts relating to where people bet. The total percentages reflect the fact that these days most serious punters have several betting accounts. Here's the results.

First the TABs
Unitab 35%
Tabcorp NSW 29%
Tabcorp Vic    29%
Austote           8%
WATAB         6%
TAS Tote        3%

Now the corporates
IASBet (now SportsBet)  51%
Betezy 26%
Sportsbet         23%
Sportsacumen 18%
Sportingbet     18%
Centrebet        8%

No accounts at all, i.e bet at the races or TAB outlet  6%

If you add together all the people with accounts in STab then that is 38% . Some of those WA and Tasmanian accountholders may have accounst to particpate in bet tyeps which are unique to those areas or to bet on local races which aren't covered by the main TABs.

Tuesday July 3rd: The first item on the agenda today is a wrap for Markey Insurance who are brokers and QBE. Our water damage claim was logged in on Friday and the cheque was issued yesterday. If only all insurance claims were so simple.

We used part of the funds to purchase our first Vista machine and lo and behold we have now learned how to make our Winform software run on Vista. It could not be said that it is simple because very few people could have worked it out.

It is simple though, once you know step by step what to do and Prue is compiling the new instructions today.

The Pashar Bulkar has left our shores here in Newcastle and we are all amazed. Maybe it signals a turn around. Also yesterday we paid a deposit on future new premises which while in Wallsend are above the flood zone for all but the one in a 1000 year flood. Hope it doesn't turn up tomorrow.

To racing yesterday, we only had one selection due to wet tracks: Pakenham Race 6. No. 1 'Galaway Glow' ran second at $1.20.

Monday July 2nd: Two wins from our three Footy bets and we're back on track. All tracks except one were wet yesterday but Top Two was 30% including the first winner at Rocky at $21.90. No Unitab bets from: 'The Key To Winning Consistently'.

Did you notice that we had a top rated 100/1shot at Belmont Saturday? It missed the win but placed at $20 place dividend. People often ask about if I ever bet the place. Well, on those occasions I assume a 33% lower price and bet each way. We actually ahd several large place dividends last week including a $5 and $7. Naturally we don't bet these in the TAB pools or they would disappear. We instead bet them with IASBet (now SportsBet) or Sportsbet or Betezy where the money doesn't affect the dividend.

Sunday July 1st: Using the strike rate tables you woiuld have used th best five meetings yesterday and come up with a good wining day at 36% Top Two with many longshots.

'Scattergun' was our longhsot recommendation each way in the Cup at the Sunshine Coast. It paid $9.50 the place.

One of two bets from the Unitab: 'Key To Winning Consistently' section won yesterday. The other ran 2nd. There were two Grand Slam bets yesterday for another good $6+ winner. Now I know I suggested that the Randwick Quaddie would be bad value yesterday. It paid $1200+ I think and nearly double what you would expect so I apologise for being wrong on that aspect. I also predicted it was easy to get and the winners were all in the Top Two except in the last which was our third rated horse.

The Weekend Sports bets have two from two for the weekend so far. One match to go today.

Saturday June 30th: Yesterday the Premium selection verified by David Bendeich's rules, failed to run a place. They don't all win. David now has two computers including a backup so we should have no more problems verifying selections for the UNITAB Internet and Phone Service.

Powerbet users had another great day with just Wodonga and Doomben suitable for betting. The normally reliable Wodonga had a dreadful day with the Top Two but Doomben's five winners, some at good prices, more than made up for it.

Today there is a Quaddie jackpot on the Sydney races on both Tabcorp Victoria and NSW with starting pools above $100,000. Ina a way this adds some value and they will not be hard to pick with three small fields and the last will have many people taking the field. Even though we have a good chance of getting it I am doubtful that the final dividend will be worth it. Both pools could exceed $500,000 but the Professionals will be stepping in to strip the overs.

Friday June 29th: Members using the Unitab Selection line and Internet Service should check at 11:00 a.m. after all information is in. Yesterday, for example, there was one selection for one winner which paid at IASBet (now SportsBet) $2.44. Initially we were unable to verify this selection due to a computer malfunction. It was finally posted at 11:00 a.m. in plenty of time for Members to get their bets on. I am happy to say that we now believe we have gotten all the bugs out but we would still prefer to record the selections at 11:00 a.m. as there are always going to be a two hour wait for Western Australia which is where most of the good tracks are at the moment.

The Betting Pool for the Members who participated in our January promotion has made $1918 this month and that is in spite of the many days missed because of wet tracks and abandoned race meetings. In total we are up to $4029 and we still have a number of end of season bets in the NRL on Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Manly and the Warriors and Cowboys as well as some who now can't make it like the Panthers and Rabbitohs. We also have saver bets on the Bulldogs, the Eels can get most of our money back. We are in a litle bit of trouble if the Titans or Tigers win but this is unlikely.

The Weekend Sports bets and Weekend Feaure race selections are now online.

We have some serious betting and staking articles coming up in the Spring Edition of the Magazine as a result of the reader surveys coming back. The onsale date of our Spring Edition will be September 1st. It seems a long way away but we have to do a lot of research on every article and a simple one page article can be the result of weeks of work by our writers.

David Bendeich has been unable to work out the selections for his strategies for the past two weeks due to his computer breaking down. He hasn't been able to do it manually either because he has had no access to the Internet (except through work and he can't do it there), which shows how dependent we have become. Fortunately he now has not one but two computers so there is alwasy a back up and he is back tracking to check the selections that would have occurred.

For June, for the selections we have been able to get so far the strike rate has been a little disappointing at just 48% winners on about 25 selections altogether. A good profit was shown though. We have noticed a lot of discussion on forums about the book, manly by people who have not seen the book but simply judge it on price. For feedback from actual purchasers click here.

Thursday June 28th: Yesterday we had 33% wins at our higher strike rate meetings at Belmont and Balaklava including a $32 winner in Belmont Race 8. Powerbet users would have been beside themselves.

Just a reminder that The Key To Winning Consistently promotion ends on the 30th June.

Wednesday June 27th: Only one meeting went ahead yesterday and that was at Kyneton where the Winform Ratings always go well. Four winners from ten races with excellent prices, the first winner was $12, was great for those with patience. Only four more days for the Key To Winning Consistently bonus magazine offer. Here's a little feedback The Key to Winning Consistently

'Hi David, I’ve just received delivery of your book from Winform Publishing yesterday and I must congratulate you on a wonderful publication. I may have a couple of questions for you after I’ve studied your different strategies. But in the meantime I was just curious and wondering what the translation of the Russian caption was below your photograph on page 1. I’m guessing that it could be a dedication to someone you know. Kind Regards, Joe'

The russian caption is a dedication to Davids wife.

Tuesday June 26th: No bets today due to poor tracks and Townsville has been abandoned. Only 4 days until our two current promotions expire. The first ,The Key to Winning Consistently promotion where you receive a full year subscription to Horse Racing Australia magazine for free and secondly our software sale. For more information on these offers call us on (02) 4950 1747.

The very first race at Mildura yesterday was a C plan race according to the book Racing Pays More. We took full advantage of the opportunity winning $300 for the Betting Pool.

Prue is away till Thursday on a property in the Northern Territory where they definitely get involved in shooting wild pigs. It’s certainly different from working in our office listening to the rain come down.

Monday June 25th: Yesterday we had one win and three places from our Premium selections. The Top Two was very good and Powerbet looked good too. We are running a special promotion on Powerbet later next month. Details will be announced in the Newsletter.

Please note there was some confusion with the UNITAB selections on Sunday. There was a selections under strategy 4. If you had Kalgoorlie Race 2 no 1 Campbells Chariot you were correct. Sorry for any inconveniences. We have one sports bet remaining tonight.

The Key To Winning Consistently purchasers all received a letter with their books. We are finding that many purchasers may not have noticed it and thrown it out with the envelope. The letter includes details of how to access the Unitab selections free for one month via our website. Just mentioning this for those people who have not yet received the book. All of them should be in your hands by the end of this week (If purchased last week).

A quiet day today with just two meetings. It has been a hectic weekend. The office will be busy as we have received many orders and will endeavour to despatch all of them by 5 p.m. today.

Sunday 24th: Saturday was a good puting day. The Key To Winning Consistently had just one selection which ran 3rd in a NTD race. Grandslam had three winners from nine and Powerbet won easily. We also had the winner in our Feature Race Ice Chariot at $8.50.

There were no sports bets yesterday. The Betting Pool made $145.

Saturday 23rd: The Top Two is starting off well today. Yesterday there was one Premium selection for the Key To Winning Consistently to make it three winners from four bets this week. Today Belmont, Toowoomba, Randwick, Gold Coast and Newcastle should all find winners, maybe even Benalla where every race is a maiden. Quite frankly I find maidens the easiest races to win.

Our Footy bet lost last night and we are relying on a long shot to get us out for the weekend.

Friday June 22nd: A bit of a breakthrough today with three selections from the premium section of the David Bendeich book the Key to Winning Consistently. Two of these won. This section of the book has shown winning strike rates of up to 70%

It turned out an overall good day for Powerbet too, in spite of my reservations. We've found two good bets for the sports bets this weekend and they are online for subscribers now.

For the Betting Pool we placed a couple of exoics but only made $17 on the day. We have bet up big on the weekend Footy Tips.

Thursday June 21st: As predicted yesterday was good for the Winform Top Two with 40% winners including a $50 winner. Today Sale and Rockhamptoin have been abandoned but for the first time in a week there is a meeting in Sydney, and even though the track will be heavy, it is a fine day. I will be staying away today unless I can find something special from The Key To Winning Consistently.

I'll be spending my morning assessing the weekend Sports bets.

Wednesday June 20th: Well just two meetings yesterday due to the 'lovely' weather most of us are enduring. In our first race the Winform Ratings come home with a Trifecta. In the second race we missed out, only to find that the following races were all abandoned...

Today seems to be a very reasonable day for betting with all tracks posting an average 33% success in the Top Two. Thankfully Warwick Farm was abandoned as it has a lower success rate.

Most pre-purchasers of the 'Key To Winning Consistently' will be soon, or already have received theirs copies in the mail. We must stress that there is only a limited number of copies left, so please get in fast. click here to order online or phone the Winform Office to place your order on: (02) 4950 1747.

As for yesterday's suggestion to stay at home and do some knitting, this worked out to be a great idea!

Tuesday June 19th: The Knights led 22-6 with 5 minutes remaining. Our bet was secure, then a couple of lucky bounces later it is 22-18 and we lose our last footy bet. Bugga! The signs were there though that the Knights will feature come finals time so our Top Eight bet for the Betting Pool is on track. That pool ended square for the weekend instead of $600 up.

Tracks remain wet with only Moe to run today and with a heavy 10 that meeting is in danger of abandonment too. Stay home and do your knitiing or better still, do some analysis of your past betting and look for mistakes. The vast majority of: 'The Key To Winning Consistently' orders were despatched yesterday with the balance in the mail today.

A couple of Pre Purchasers weren't happy to see that current orders receive a years subscritpion to the magazine (value $49.95) but forgot that instead they received a bonus of one month's Premium valued at $185. Powerbet users would have been ecstatic with yesterdays results with winners across the board.

June 18th: Today will be spent sending out The Key To Winning Consistently. In the past week there were only four UNITAB selctions and all four won. The Footy bets have won three out of four and there is still tonights game to go. Sorry to be brief but lots to do today.

Sunday June 17th: Grand Slam had but two selectiosn yesterday for one $6.20 winner. Our Single Selections were successful with: 'Barabba Star' paying $17 on Austote. The Top Two strike rate was well done yesterday but that was compensated by some big winners including 'Dee Picked' at $29.

Our Footy bet last night won at $1.96 which leaves just one bet. We can't lose this weekend but to win the next one would be very helpful.

Saturday June 16th: We couldn't get the recommended margin on Souths last night and it is just as well as they failed to score with any of their five line breaks . The -7.5 we took on Hawthorn was easily covered as the margin was 100 points and the Broncos scored with 2.5 start and at $2.25 no less so two good wins. Two more matches, one tonight and one Monday night. Here's hoping.

The Racing remains frusrating with the big wet continuing. We had a rare losing day at Grafton yesterday, Mornington sucks as usual and Townsville kept getting downgraded. They couldn't even run at Queanbeyan. As a Professional you need time money and most particularly patience.

The Key To Winning Consistently only identified three selections in the past week. The results were unspectacular. THEY ALL WON. We wish we'd known that in advance! The book is being posted to all purchasers on Monday, so hopefully by next weekend most should have it.

The Brisbane Winter Carnival blinks out with todays Ipswich Cup. There is good track Racing today at Ipswich, The Gold Coast, Belmont and Morphettville. Rosehill and Kembla are abandoned. We hope they change the race times to give more time between races.

Friday June 15th: The Weekend Feature Race and Sport Selections are on the net now to view for those who are subscribed. .

Thursday June 14th: The weekend sport selections will be up on the internet this afternoon. Those who are subscribed to Best Bets have access to these sport selections, if you dont have access via the internet you can access the selections by calling the best bets phone number after 4pm on Friday. If you have misplaced the phone number simply give the office a call and we will be happy to help.

The Key to Winning Consistently should be in the office on Monday if all goes to plan, we will all work together to get them out in the mail by monday afternoon (depending on what time we recieve them from the printers) so people who pre purchased a copy should receive them by the end of next week.

Wednesday June 13th: Six winners in the Top Two yesterday from 18 races as we got back to work. We are sending out the June Newsletter this week but some mail is still slow so Members can log in to view the Newsletter in the Members section.

I don't wish to trivialise th events of the weekend butI do want readers to experience the lesson. We all tend to make assumptions about Staking Plans, the "law of averages" and so on. How often I have heard callers "gasp" when advised that some of our Selection Plans, even those with 50% strike rates, have experienced losing runs of up to 18. Further I point out that statistically it is then possible to have another such run immediately after a winner.

When I told local shopkeepers on Friday that they could expect a metre of water in their shops I was scoffed at. Ever seen those disaster movies where people refuse to move? Sadly I was right but also wrong, the water rose to 2.5 metres and many of the businesses affected will never reopen. At a community meeting following the disaster, two of the people I had warned were angry with me. They had just lost their business and they were angry because I was right. Even with the warning I gave them the best they could have done was save themselves and perhaps their cars. Fortunately they were saved. I take no satisfaction from the fact I was right even though, had no flooding occured I would have been looked at in that funny way people do when you are proved wrong. Am I an alarmist?

Quite often when I alert punters to the reality that one day, no matter how good their Staking and Selection Plan, they will experience disaster, they tend to think that there is a weakness in the plan. From my point of view I am merely trying to convince the punter to split their available cash into at least two and probably three Banks even if this means that they start off with a very low bet level. Better safe than sorry.

Tuesday June 12th: Well things are starting to look a little brighter today. Here at the office and surrounding areas of Newcastle, Maitland and the Upper Hunter have all being declared natural disaster zones. We finally have power, phones and off course the Internet back up and running. On behalf the Winform Team, we do apologise for any inconveniences over the Weekend, but we can't control the weather. Take a look at the action on Friday / Saturday just outside our office:

Above: You can see the disappearing foot path, road and bus stop below our office along with the underwater car park at the top of the photo. Luckily for us Garry had experienced this before and got our cars out and us just in time.

We would like thank everyone for their support and kind comments over the weekend- they were very welcomed.

On a brighter note, despite the limited racing activity over the weekend, the UNITAB bets got three winners from three Selections for Saturday Racing. With everything happening here in Newcastle the David Bendeich book is getting printed today. Copies should be sent out as early as Friday or Monday next week.

Monday June 11th: Todays Ratings are in the Saturday space so Sat/Public Holiday subscribers can access it. This morning I went back to view The Pasha Bulkar again at the beach. The flood waters did not inundate the Maitland area and the leveees there held. We have some power at the office but no Interent access. I am still operating off the laptop. If our office number is unanswered please call 0425374266 or 0402839192 as we will use those numbers tomorrow. Please do not call today.

One bit of good news, we are two from three for the Sportsbets this weekend with only the Demons Magpies game to go.

Sunday June 10th: Today's website details were loaded at 4 p.m. That's how long it took to get a location with Power. Imagine a City with very few food outlets with power, the little corner stores that had power were inundated. We had to travel in ever widening circles to find one of the few remaining supermarkets still able to trade. Most people have only spoilt and defrosted food that can only be cooked on outside BBQ's before it goes off. All remaining quantities of ice have gone. Many roads remain half closed due to fallen trees. A large tree has fallen across the road from us.

Today I was able to buy coffee and sugar but no meat of any kind. See how we depend on electricity? At home we have electricty and gas but had not been food shopping. My mother in law and daughter are here also as they have no power. They say it may be up to a week to get everyone going again and the Hunter river is yet to get the water from the upper reaches. When it does Maitland and below will be flooded even worse.

The sun is out and the Knights game is actually on. I will be there. The Winform business will operate from my home until we have power and the Wallsend area is cleaned up. The new book Key To Wiining Consistently will obvioulsy NOT be going out this week. Maybe the week after. Don't worry, there are plenty of future races.

Sundays ratings and selections are up and tomorrows will be on the Saturday File as well as Monday.

There has been an emergency here at the office we are flooded in. In the meantime we are trying to get our cars that are currently under water. The Canal near our office is over-flowing.
*** We are temporarily CLOSED at the moment***

Friday June 8th: With all the problems and kaos with this weather their is not much betting going on, but have a look at this below.......

It is highly possible that we may not be able to reach our office tomorrow but the Saturday ratings( without scratchings or track conditions) are already up.

Above: Images from our home town Newcastle, where a container ship has ran aground.

An operation was under way in our home town 'Newcastle' to rescue more than 20 people from a container ship which ran aground in wild seas and is now stranded on a sandbank off Nobby's Beach.

Garry was there just before 9:00 a.m. this morning only to find he had missed all the action, but just goes to show how quickly these things can happen in such a short period of time.

Thursday June 7th: I revisited Austote yesterday, the Norfolk Island based TAB and found that as in the past dividends were generally better than anywhere else. I ran Powerbet using a base bet of just $5 and after half a dozen races had made over $400 for the Betting Pool. The last dividend was $29 and this was a along way better then the $21-$23 available on mainland TABs. In that last race our selections ran 1st and 2nd for a $177 Quinella (not that I had it) which shows that there is still value out there in some races.

The only race meeting that anyone betting seriously could consider yesterday was Belmont where we have an excellent record of finding winners. Yesterday there were 5 winners from the nine races.

The wet track season is obviously with us. Last month over 51% of all races run were on rain affected tracks.

Wednesday June 6th: Nine winners from 17 races yesterday if we did the sensible thing and left out the Heavy track at Warnambool and it included a $20 top rated winner. The one Winform Special ran second. There were six Winform Single winners from 12 selections. Level stakes betting $1 per selection would have made a $29 profit, thanks to some good priced winners including a $20 winner at Muswellbrook Race 8 Tee Gee, as well as $7.90 and $5.00 winners.

The Betting Pool didn't bet yesterday but if we had we would have lost. Today most of the meetings are wet and marginal betting opportunities. If you have a look at the Winform Strike Rate table, only Belmont in WA looks bettable. One lesson Professional Punters learn early on is that you don't have to bet.

We want to bet, we have to bet to make any money but you do get to choose when to bet. All that aside we will probably find that today there will be many good betting opportunities if we can be patient and wait for them to come. I genrally find Winter is a good time to bet because the average punter gets confused by the form. They just see the results and don't take into account that a poor run may simply be caused by a good horse running on an unsuitable surface only to win as soon as he gets good going. Watch for those.

Tuesday June 5th: Yesterday was great for our Winform Specials and Bravo Selections with our winner at Bairnsdale Race 1. No. 1. 'Bingham' at $1.40. Winform Singles were moderate with 3 winners from 11 Selections. David Bendeich's new book: 'The Key To Winning Consistently' should be mailed out to all pre-sale purchasers mid to late next week.

Don't forget our Winter Edition articles and punting tools are now available online, just click on News This Month to the left of this screen or click here. Also Horse Racing Australia Magazine Issue: 6 is now available online, to order yours please click here.

Monday June 4th: Okay it's actually Sunday night and I have been in Sydney with my son Mathew who is 29 tomorrow 'today' (it's also Prue's birthday tomorrow and as well, Tegan's partner, who is also a Mathew is celebrating today. We had a lunch at Darling Harbour and in the background later we saw the Titans take down the Raiders to give us two from three this weekend and a Betting Pool profit of $800 for the weekend. It has been a good day.

Anyhow, I'm home now and I note Bravo had three winners from five bets today with Sclavos paying double figure odds. Also today there was one UNITAB selection from David Bendeich's Book and it won at $5.90. The Top Two only struck at 25% but included three longshot winners and that's what our Powerbet program is about. It scoops up those winners.

Sunday June 3rd: A Quaddie win at Sandown yesterday was the highlight. It paid nearly $7,000. There were eight selections from the three methods from the David Bendeich Book yesterday for three winers and a return of $8.60. The UNITAB section had just one bet which started favourite and lost. We expect to post orders next week.

The Footy bets had two goes last night for one win and a loss by 2 points. Bugga! However we were right about the AFL with some unexpected results continuing. One match to go tomorrow night. The Money Factory continues to show it is the best way to attack the footy and we could have taken the $2.00 starts last night for no difference to the result.

Our Weekend Feature Race scored a Trifecta at over $500 and the winner Exacta and Quinella. We recommended backing the Top Two and Quinella. Only one winner from the six Grandslam Selections yesterday but at $7+ that's a nice profit and there were other winners on the Grandslam sheet. Those people who took the April offer would be very happy.

Saturday June 2nd: A lot of readers may have missed the diary as we change to the Winter Edition. Yesterday the Betting Pool snared a good profit on the Taree Treble which is one of the two tracks yesterday which had the best strike rates.

How as the footy last night? Brisbane, the equal bottom team last week beats the Knights by 71-6 in a power display but last night gets beaten by the very bottom team St George/Illawarra 11-6!! And Penrith, equal last beats the top team Manly 22-6! I actually had a small investment Penrith 1-12 into Saints 1-12 for a pleasing result for the Pool. It's been a good start for June.

Friday June 1st: We are hoping for a much more active month for the Betting Pool. In May we actually finished $420 in front so the total builds steadily if not dynamically. The tracks are continuing to be rain affected and that always makes it harder. Looking at yesterday’s races we notice that Hawkesbury and Townsville continue to produce strong strike rates for our Top Two rated horses and we came away with 40% winners including a couple of near double figure winners.

The footy action is on the website for subscribers and we are confident. For the first time this year we are actually behind after starting on a run of nine winners.

Good luck for Oaks day tomorrow. That is actually our Feature Race which we provide with our NEW Clubstar Promotion as advertised in the new magazine.

Please See Comment from Winform Member below regarding the progress
of the Winform Best Bet Selec

Winform Member: 'Where have all the best bets gone? Seven bets since May 7th one Winner at 14.3% Strike Rate. How are we better off?'

'We never ever have best bets on rain affected tracks and we have to consider whether some Members prefer to have a bet each day knowing that the chances of winning are not high.

 Remember that we have been providing these selections now for 21 years so we do have a fair idea about what we are doing. In the winning and losing cycle it is certainly possible to have one winner from 7 or even more but it is also possible to have six or seven winners in a row which has happened too.

 We often find that winter can be fairly dry and all of a sudden the winners come.
Let’s hope that’s the case. Regards;

Thursday May 31st: As predicted yesterday was a god day for the Winform Top Two with 40% Strike Rate. The Winform Singles had two wins from three bets and the WSE (Wet Sucess Express) bets from Premium had a winner and 2nd from two bets. We suggested the Doubles and Trebles yesterday but the only one that was successful was the Canterbury running double which paid $1354.50 with our $141 winner: 'Eddie Rapido'' which was rated 5th on the Dead track. Had the track been rated Good this runner would have been our top rated selection. The Double in Victoria only paid $251. What was going on there?

Today was to be the last day for acceptances for the Special Offer on 'The Key To Winning Consistently' but in fairness we will accept orders until 3 p.m. tomorrow (WA residents pleased note). We did get several calls yesterday after closing time, luckily we were still here.

The latest Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine will be in Newsagents tomorrow.

Today is D Day for our Betting Pool for May. So far we are well down but I am plunging today (sensibly) and will let you know tomorrow how I went.

Wednesday May 30th: A number of Members have advised that they get the message that our Bookshop is "insecure" and our security license has expired. This is simply not true. It just means that we have not paid a certain worldwide organisation a fee to say that it IS secure. You could call it a form of blackmail. It all depends which browser version you are using and which software to access the Internet. I have long held the theory that viruses were invented so that firewalls and virus checking software could create massive profits. I think most computer users feel the same way. It is a massive industry.

Anyhow, just a reminder that the Members Special on the David Bendeich book 'The Key To Winning Consistently' ends tomorrow. It then goes on general sale without Member bonuses but we will honour any mail orders placed sent this week.

Todays races have an average top two strike rate of 33.7% so Powerbet should do O.K. The Top three is 46%, Top Four 58% and Top Five 68%. Maybe a good day for Doubles and Trebles.

Tuesday May 29th: Sad news today with the loss last week of two of our Members who had both attended the week long Seminars we ran over the past few years. Paul Egan was our unoffical breakfast cook and a great bloke who enjoyed a drink and a feed and a good punt. Trevor Pope attended many meetings of our Members and the GTX focus group in Melbourne. He is the person responsible for me making the Winform Strike rates available. Each day he checked the tables and only bet in race meetings where the strike rate was in our favour. They will both be missed.

On a brighter note the David Bendeich Premium selection won today by about six lengths.

Monday May 28th: Our Winform Special ran 2nd and we had a Bravo winner at $6.30. The Top Two was on song at 33% but our Sports Selection busted big time when the Bulldogs "home" game looked more like a Swans picnic. Our record in Aussie Rules this year is, in a word, hopeless!

I hope Members noted my note to not bet the Knights. With three of their top four players out they were never going to be a chance against the team that until today was bottom of the ladder!. The Broncos won 71 to 6, a new record win for them and a record loss for the Knights.

There's always next week. Just one bet from the Bendeich book today and it ran 2nd but should probably have won.

The Winter Edition of the magazine reaches Newsagents on Friday. There is a new system and the opportunity to get a free book by filling in our reader survey plus many great features.

Sunday May 27th:
Not a good strike rate for the Top Two yesterday but Winform Specials had one win and a 2nd from two bets, our Best Bet was 2nd. The UNITAB Selections from the Key To Winning Consistently ran 2nd and the only selections from the Punting Path To Heaven had one bet for one winner. There are just over 40 copies left for Pre-Orders to our Winform Members which must be in by May 31st. The book will be available to all comers from Friday 1st June but without the current bonus offer. We expect orders to be despatched the second week of June.

Th Betting Pool had a disaster last night with a $500 bet on Manly at -2.5 going astray. I got too greedy. Had I accepted the $1.74 on offer for an outright win it would have been better. Those viewing the Weekend Sports bets should now NOT bet the Knights as three of their starts are now officially out. Even at the new start of 12 points it is a big ask, not that the Broncos are that good anyway at present.

The Simpy The Best pan from the magazine had a great $12.20 winner yesterday and three other plans all had the same selection and winner in a previous race. the Bravo plan had a good day Friday and is now looking good for the year to date. We also had a fantastic Winform Single Winner on Friday also: Casino Race. 4 No. 10. 'Remington Steel' at $31.10. There are four selections today.

One thing that I did notice on coming back to the office is that as far as betting opportunities I did not miss much as tracks have been consistently rain affected.

Friday May 25th: To all Winform Members don't forget the fantastic 'Key To Winning Consistently' Bonus Offer for Pre-Sale purchases ends next week, so please get your orders in quick. You can express your orders to the Winform Bookshop or Phone the office on: 02 4950 1747.

Don't forget last weekend's highlight was the Winform Grandslam Selections with three fantastic winners from five Selections: 'Tonlyn Spirit' at $3.20, 'Lasoron' at $6.00 and 'Masked Assassin' at: $5.50 that's better than 60% wins. To access to the Winform Grandslam click here

Good luck this weekend...

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