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Garry Robinson's - Professional Punter's Diary- For All Your Punting Needs
Welcome To Professional Punter's Diary, where all of your Official Updates,
News and practical punting tips are found...

Spring Edition- By Garry Robinson
Last Updated: Sunday 2nd December, 2007

Please note the diary has moved to the Summer Edition, please click here to view

Sunday 2nd December : Nothing to report except that we have two Powerplay venues today and importantly the new diary for Summer 2007/2008 starts tomorrow. This will be the link tomorrow. I suggest you don't bookmark the diary or you will be wondering where we have gone. Don't forget the Powerplay Seminar Wednesday week at our office! More details below on Wednesday's entry.

Saturday evening update: Give or take a few cents the Betting Pool has grown and is final at around a 67% capital increase for the year. Not double like I would like and my desperate attempt on a certainty, $5,000 on Lil Cashy in Cheltenham Race 7 when my namesake Dale Robinson was too busy looking at himself on the infield TV screen to notice he was being run down and got beat. That would have doubled the startting bank. Luckily we did get the First Four in the last at Moonee Valley, our $120 outlay returning $4856 on a box five.

Two more winners out of the last seven didn't quite boost it as they paid just $2.70 and $1.70 and I din't think to take a rover Trifetat with Another Clanger which paid $13,000+ for $396 outlay.

In the end everyone who spent up and was in the pool for the year got a bonus return of 18.1% of what they spent on Winform products last January.

Another update. Powerplay had a successful day closing three venues with a good profit and losing a bit at Yarra Glen. A profit overall and two possible venues tomorrow.

Saturday 1st December: so far the Betting Pool is looking good even after a $3,000 loss yesterday. One horse we backed was my son's horse Harry Kay. He is in the Mark Waugh syndicate. Luckily we did not know that the track was downgraded so we were well and truly on. I didn't even realise until after that, my son was involved.

Powerplay today just missed a big win with a 20/1 shot running second. As I write this we have won our profit goal at Cheltenham and Lismore and are up to our second race at Ascot. I'll finalise tomorrow. We were very unlucky at Cheltenham because had we lost Race 3 we would be on Green Machine at $40!!

OPh, we've had two from two for Grandslam today too!

UPDATED: On Wednesday 12th December 07, Garry Robinson will be holding a Powerplay seminar in our new office located in Wallsend NSW, cost is just $295 for the day and if you decide to subscribe to the Powerplay service after the seminar the $295 is deducted from the price. The day will start at 10am and has a limit of 4 people, one seat has already been booked. So get in quick, simply call he office on 02 4950 1747 to secure your seat.

Friday 30th November: So far we had a loser, a good second, a horse broken down and a declined bet that didn't win. When I say a declined bet, I was advised that in the 1200 metre race they were in the straight. I assumed that my horse was winning and they didn't want to let me on. It wasn't it was going backwards so thank you. It does mean that my Sky Channel cast on the Internet was at least one minute behind.

I have set a profit goal for the weekend that will ensure an excellent retrun to the members of our January betting pool. Returns vary from about $200 up to nearly double that. All profits will be credited to members betting accounts next week.

Further Update: Arrived at work today only to be called back to our old office. We still have to pay rent for another few months and in the office next to ours thieves broke in once a again. They got the adjoining office's petty cash, but can you just imagine the look on their faces when they broke through the staff kitchen wall into Jenni's old office. Someone had beaten them to it, we had taken everything to the new location. Originally we were leaving a lot of gear there but the removalist had a brand new bigger truck and was keen to show it off so everything went.

Thursday 29th November: They broke in through an asbestos roof, cut themselves on the supporting wire support, spent some time breaking into the other office for a "haul" estimated at less than $50 and then the disappointment of findung us long gone. It's like spending all day doing the form and then not coming up with the winners. I just wish I had been a fly on the wall.

A losing Powerplay day yesterday when at Cheltenham we could only find one $4.80 winner in five races. Werribee was abandoned and it now seems likely a track reconstruction is a real possibility.

The Betting Pool had a poor day yesterday with a $2289 loss. It will come back just as quickly as I am playing with much bigger stakes this week.

Those who purchased Trevor John's new book: 'Racing: My Perfect Investment' would probably like to know that Trevor will be sending updates free of charge on his day trading techniques. Although this is mentioned briefly in the text many would perhaps not have noticed this vital feature.

A reminder too that we are conducting a number of in house seminars (limit four people) at our new office for just $295 which is fully refundable on the purchase of Powerbet, Money Factory Pro or Powerplay or any annual Ratings or Premium Subscription.

Wednesday 28h November: The rain didn't eventuate at Pakenham and the track was upgraded early. Powerplay had a good winning result with a $5.50 and $9.00 winner in races four and five. There is only one Powerplay venue today.

Powerbet users also had a good day with regular winners in the Top Two. Charleville, as predicted was difficult due to the track conditions and yesterday was the last of the Charleville meetings to get TAB coverage. From Saturday we will be back in full swing.

Sportsbet have a number of promotions Saturday and we will email our regulars with details. Mostly the offers relate to bets placed at Randwick and during the hours of 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you have multiple accounts like I do, all your bets in this period would go to Sportsbet to take advantage of the winning 20% bonus.

To be honest, the Randwick bonus is probably needed as all horses competing will be fresh, and to a degree, unpredictable.

Trevor Johns' new book: 'Racing: My Perfect Investment', arrived and was posted out to purchasers yesterday. It is only a small book by the number of pages but has forty years of experience behind the winning methods exposed. It is worth many many times the $295 purchase price. It is designed for punters who are serious enough to spend the time and money needed to make it all work. Hurry, click here to order yours today!

Winform's Official Opening of NEW Premises
Above: Garry Robinson, the inaugural 'snipping of the ribbon'
Above: Garry Robinson, post opening celebration

Friday could be a big day. It is the day we are expecting our friends at Telstra to finally reconnect our broadband at the office. It appears that they deliberately obstruct broadband suppliers other than Telstra from having access immediately once phone lines are relocated. One Member advised yesterday that they moved offices on October the 5th and got their broadband reconnected last week, that's a six week delay.

One last note. Because of the 20% bonus with Sportsbet on Saturday I am extending the Betting Pool action for one day to take advantage of it.

Tuesday 27th November: Thousands of magazines to put in envelopes and sent out and today. Today is also our Opening Party for our new office. The Betting Pool ended up with $1074 yesterday so we are staying above the $12,000 profit mark for the year. No action today with Charleville under heavy rain and a mud track is a brand new experience for most runners.

Pakenham is a bit damp too with more rain predicted today.

Tomorrow until Friday I will be flat out builidng the pool to a higher total for those who are still in it. Either way, it has been a successful year with everyone making a profit from the various Pools.

On a duller note, Ros and I have now sold all our properties (at a profit) and have only to decide whether or not to build a new house. I see a future where the "office" is on your lap and staff meet every now and then to refocus the business direction. Of course while we still physically receieve mail, despatch orders and print magazines that will be some time off.

Late News: Jenni Stevens leaves us this Wednesday and I know many Members will miss her just as we will. Her email is wrc@hunterlink.net.au (until Wednesday anyway) and I am sure she would appreciate your farewell message. Jenni is moving on to get involved in the Financial Planning Industry (thought that's what we did?) and I don't think she'll be writing many Magazine Articles or Books there but we do hope she finds her destiny.

Monday 26th November: Overall we had a relatively successful weekend. Sunday's results placed another good win for the Winform Country Selections at Clare Race 7. No. 9 'East Terrace' running home at $5.50. Racing today at Murwillumbah, Townsville and Stony Creek.

For some goods news, racing will be returning for Metropolitan events in Sydney and Brisbane next Saturday (1st December, 2007) but some horse movement restrictions and on-course biosecurity measures will remain in place for at least two months.

At the moment New South Wales horses can only move freely within the same coloured zones as set out by the Department of Primary Industries, as a result of the Equine Influenza shown down earlier this year.

Sydney and provincial centres to the north such as Gosford, Wyong and Newcastle are in the purple zone and horses from those areas will be able to compete at Randwick on Saturday.

Kembla Grange to the south is still classed as an amber zone, but Racing New South Wales Chief Executive Peter V'landys said horses would be able to come to Sydney after negotiations with the Department of Primary Industries.

Sunday 25th Novermber: A great day for the Top Two yesterday. Grandslam had one winner from four selections at $4 so square. We scored the Sandown Quaddie easily and the first six races at Sandown were all in the Top Two. Powerplay had a busy day with four eligible meetings and we ended up with two winning two losing. Today there is a rest day and tomorrow just one eligible meeting.

We have two Winform Gold today after yesterdays winner. If you currently don't subsribe call: 1902 210 680 for today's selections. I'm expecting a Double.

Saturday 24th November: At Grafton yesterday every single winner was in our Top Four selections and at Kilmore seven out of nine. In spite of this the Betting Pool lost $2700 as not one of my selected horses at Naracoorte or Mt Isa , won. I attempted a number of multi bets for zero return, not one cent. As a mate of mine who used to work with me says " It Happens".

Today is a big day for Powerplay with four eligible venues. We don't often see this. I will be hitting it as hard as I can as the Betting Pool close for the year soon.

In one more week we will have regular Racing in all States but a punter's life will not go back to normal. Many punters have already found other things to do. Good luck to all today, especially to me.

Friday 23rd November: (mid afternoon) Powerplay has had good success today with our profit goal achieved easily. We have started sending out the Powerplay Packages to those who have requested them and the way things are going that is all we will be doing for the next week. Of course we are also sending out the Newsletter and the Summer Magazine.

The Summer Edition of Horse Racing Australia has arrived this morning and we have plenty of copies available if you haven't already subscribed, just phone: (02) 4950 1747. Subscribers will start to receive their copies early next week.

Horse Racing Australia: Issue 8. Summer will be available in Newsagents from Friday 30th November, 2007.

For Winform Ratings and Winform Single Selections Subscribers, our Country Selections could not have gone any better yesterday. Out of six selections, all of them placed, five of them won. Our highlights included: Port Lincoln Race 3. No. 2. 'Fighting Fury' won at $7.90 and Port Lincoln Race 6. No. 3 'Dead Serious' won at $5.80.

Powerplay made a small loss yesterday at Port Lincoln and unfortunately there were no winners at Canberra. Today we have one meeting eligible for Powerplay 'fingers crossed'.

Thursday 22nd November: I have to get this done Wednesday night as Thursday is kidney test day. Just another day in the life of an older Professional Punter... Powerplay had a small win at Cheltenham yesterday but lost at Ascot, the longshot coming one race too late at $13+. Rain is expected almost everywhere today with Canberra and Port Lincoln being the main focus.

I get back from my test about 2 o'clock and will take it from there if we havent already nailed it. Our new address is: 47 Robert Street Wallsend and we have included a demonstration lounge for our visitors. We remind you that you can attend a preview afternoon for $295, usually a Wednesday, and that $295 comes off your purchase of Money Factory or Powerplay should you decide to proceed. About 99% proceed. You need to call:
(02) 49501747 to organise this.

The Wallsend office is up and running with Internet and Phone connection.

Wednesday 21st November: The only good news is that the December Magazine has been printed and will be despatched from Friday along with the Newsletter. The bad news is that the interent dropped out at Mannering Park and we have just updated todays WA races.

Powerplay will be up by 12.30p.m.

Further update: Still no Internet access. They say five days! Why 5 days? It only takes one person to drop into the exchange and turn it on. Yesterday they turned it off on us easy enough. We will continue to operate from our Mannering Park office so Thursday races are up this afternoon.

Update: We have our main phone number (02) 49501 747 working but no Internet access at Wallsend office. The races at Cairns have been abandoned today but Moe is up this morning. I have access to my email garry.r@hunterlink.net.au if you have any queries.

Tuesday 20th November: We have our phone back but no internet yet. Tuesday and Wednesday races are up before scratchings. Hopefully we'll update and have everything ready by 10.30 a.m.

Monday 19th November: The Betting Pool lost $2171 on Saturday with my agressive parlay strategy and the loss of the Quaddie didn't help but yesterday I placed just one $50 each way bet that yielded $2184. The second leg selection got there by a head but who cares how far?

I spent yesterday sorting out my files in the new office and in doing so camre across hundreds of letter received over they years thanking us at Winform for helping them find a winning way. There were also many generous readers who had great ideas that they wanted us to pass on to the many Winfrom Racing Club Members. I had letters going back twenty years.

These days we get emails, and dozens of them each month. We rarely get a complaint so unfortunately we don't have a complaints department.

Yesterday there was just the one Poweplay venue and following the guidelines there were just three bets placed in race one and that was it. Profit goal achieved for the day. There are no eligible race meetings today so have a break.

Today our friends at Telstra should have our new office up and running by this afternoon. If they don't they won't be our friends for long. Stay tuned.

Sunday 18th November: 41% in the Top Two yesterday meant a ggod retunr to Powerbet users. Powerplay which went live on Friday had two winning venues witha $31 and $14.80 winner. Ascot, our third venue failed to providee a return but an overall profit on the day. There is one Powerplay venue today Sunday. Details of Poweplay and how to subscribe are being posted next week if you have already enquired.

Grandslam had an $8 winner early to guarantee a winning day.

The December edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine is being printed next week and subscribers should receive their copies early next week and Newsagencies will have it by December 1st.

Saturday 17 November: We moved yesterday and for some strange reason, our phones no longer work so don't waste time ringing. Some time on Monday we hope they will be restored. Yesterday the betting pool dropped $400 on the Trebles. One again we didnt even get close but we can't win everyday. I will attempt the Quaddie again today. We've had five for the year but should average ten. With about six more Saturdays to go we should just about win them all if averages are our guide.

I'll post here when we are all settled in. The Opening is 5 pm. Tuesday so I just hope we are.

Friday 16th November: Had a go at the Werribee Treble but the winners were in our bottom three and got two of the three legs at Ballina. The pool dropped $176 on those. Today is the first moving day. After we upload the races and Moonee Valley updates we load the computers but one will stay with Jenni so we will be here until 5:00 p.m. today.

Tomorrow the same applies then Jenni will move her computer to the new office. Sunday and Monday a.m. I will do the basics and Monday sometime, with Telstra's good graces, if there is such a thing, we will be all set up and ready to go.

None of this will affect the Ratings or Selections. The Top Two yesterday was 34%, right on target but no big dividends, you got those on Wednesday. I have done the Feature Race for the weekend and that is online for subscribers now.

Thursday 15th November: A win of $3232 for the Betting Pool today but there will be no more serious betting for a few days as our office is moving and we just can't believe how much stuff we have to move. Sunday and Monday I will be doing the job from my Mannering Park office and we hope to be in full swing by Monday afernoon at the new place..

Sales of Trevor John's new book: 'Racing: My Perfect Investment' which hasn't yet been advertised, have gone through the roof. We have only printed 300 to start so we can see the effect of what he has provided. Not everyone will embrace the book and go on to make the necessary investment to follow through on all of the aspects but there are so many different ideas that it is impossible to believe that anyone will be in any way dissatisfied. click here to order yours now...

In the New Year we will actually be running some seminars on the content of Trevor's book and all purchasers will get a substantial discount to those seminars, if they wish to attend.

We hope to be posting the first books out in two weeks time.

Wednesday 14th November: A win of $7400 for the betting pool has recouped much of our recent losses and we could well be back in front by today (on the current series). This will allow us to move forward towards a successful close with rebates in time for Christmas. Many Members have indicated that they will donate their winnings to our charity, the Cancer Council.

I noticed in the Ozeform Newsletter yesterday that Canbet.com has a line up of refund bonuses relating to your horse coming second and so on and this includes today's Bendigo Cup . We pinched this from their website.

If your horse finishes second beaten by up to and including a neck in this race, Canbet will refund your bet (win-only).*

To take advantage of this offer, enter the Promotional Code AU141107 on the My Account page of the website at any time before the Bendigo race.

Incidentally, we have been heard from several Members they are giving Canbet an absolute caning this month. They have learned to play the game to attract bonuses.

Trevor John's Book is off the the printers today. I am forced to remind you again that although there are many sections that will lead you to profitable punting wihtout any expenditure at all, if you wish to follow Trevor's Day Trading plan you will need to purchase the software that Trevor himself uses. Mind you, that is at a small cost compared to the profits you could make.

Tuesday 13th November: I'm a bit sick and sorry today so I'll make it a relaxing one reading the final proof of Trevor Johns new book: 'Racing: My Perfect Investment'.

Trevor's book is available online for purchase now, click here

We expect the book to be printed and sent by the end of the month. Pre-ordered books will have a bonus of the balance of this month's Powerplay selections.

Speaking of Powerplay. We are putting together an information pack and that should be ready later this week. Those who made initial enquiries will get their pack late next week.

Today we are at Seymour and Mt Isa and we've never done well at Seymour but who knows, maybe we'll be proven wrong today.

Monday 12th November: Nothing to write home about today although our Best Bet won but I did have a bad fall tonight. There was one good thing. In the past I have broken bones every time I have had a fall. Tonight I just have a bruised rib, neck and knee. I also realised when I went to lock up the house tonight that my keys are back where I fell. So I am uncomfortable as well as having backed some dud horses later in the day.

Our records show that we have not been particularly successful picking winners at Casterton and today was no different.

Sunday 11th November: Were you on the $1,000,000 plus Quaddie yesterday? Well neither were we. The best thing we did score for the Spring Betting Pool was the Running Double on the last two races at Flemington with Zavite (top rated) and Montechero(4th rated). It paid just over $300 and I had almost forgotten I had taken it. The Spring Betting Pool closed off after the last at Flemington.

I did take several all up bets for our main Betting Pool through Sportingbet and did have the odd success as it turned out but once placed you cant actually go back on the website and check your runners. You have to call accounts and have them do it. Late in the day I was coupling everything with everything to score a good pay at Morphettville, Townsville and Ascot. At each venue we scored just one win. The main betting pool is therefore sitting on a current loss in Money Factory for this series and we have another three weeks to build the Pool back to where it should be.

So how much did you need to take out the million dollar First Four at Flemington? Only one successful ticket and the cost of field field field was over $46,000 but for that much money? Why not. The Quaddie was a much cheaper collect as several people got that.

A number of Members of the main Betting Pool chose to donate their winnings to the Cancer Council and we will be offering that opportunity to Spring Betting Pool members.

Saturday 10th November: The last day of the Flemington Carnival and you will get the best price ever for Weekend Hustler. 3yo's simply dont win this race which is why they are being generous. I can't see him getting beat but my price assessment is $4.50 with a $10 shot next. Is $3.30 good value? My house is not on it.

Today is the last Betting day for the Spring Pool and I am confident we will finish in front. My reputation is at stake but that doesn't mean I will do anything silly. What I will do is bet until a worthwhile profit is shown and then only risk profits.

So far so good at 2.30 with +$1330

Friday 9th November: Yes I am writing this Thursday night but did you note the Melbourne Quaddie. We collected $9400 for our percentage but we could have nailed it for just $16. We also laid off $2,000 on the horses we didn't have in the last. We missed the race 8 Trifecta which paid $2285 as I was called away for about half an hour, however I wasn't keen on that race. Our best bet of the day Miss Marielle won and I got $6 thanks.

Anyhow, after a day on which our losses for the week had added up to over $15,000 at one stage we are now just a little bit better than square heading into the last of the Cup Carnival days. Let's hope we have some actual cash to distribute back to those in the Spring Betting Pool. One of our selections was actually returning us over $30,000 but it weakened out at the finish. We also had several seconds, anyone of which would have netted us $10,000.

After Saturday it is back to the daily grind of just making a few dollars each day but over a year those dollars add up.

On Wednesday we had abother person who bought just one days ratings, Tuesday, and asked to be taken off the list. Short sighted wasn't he. We will get a flood of eamils tomorrow from those excited punters who took our ratings today.

Thursday 8th November: We told you Kyneton was generally 'good' for us and we did get the Kyneton Treble $584 but lost $748 for the Betting Pool on the day. It's a pity we didn't take the Kyneton Quaddie which paid $5500+ and was in our top three. The fact is that we only take Quaddies on STAB on Saturday and major Melbourne Meetings.

We had one Member advise us that he used our selecions to get the last race Trifecta at Flemington Tuesday $5,000+. It shows there is always money there if you take the right options. We attacked several trifectas and failed to get any but that's the nature of the game.

Today I will be flat out to get clear and then head back into profit. It's a big ask as it's a lot easier to lose money than to make it.

It's interesting. We bet with one company that offers rebates. We scored enough on our rebates to pay for yesterdays trebles at Murray Bridge, which lost, and Kyneton which won.

Wednesday 7th November: I knew after they rounded the first turn that Australia's finest had blown it by allowing the english imports a soft lead. It resulted in one very slow run race several seconds or 15-20 lengths slower than average. Luckily it's only one race and one of only two failures in recent memory for us.

We lost $7451 yesterday but didn't panic by trying to "get out". We were prepared to wager $4,000 on our top fancies and most of the rest went on the Quaddies, Trifectas and First Four.

Today mgiht be O.K. with Kyneton gerneally a good venue for us and tomorrow it is Oaks Day and we'll have another go.

After the Cup: And it's our worst result ever. 'Efficient' was 10th, 4th, 11th, then 9th and Lloyd Williams expressed nothing but disappointment on the morning of the race yet here is is a winner at last.

The day has not gone well and the Spring Betting Pool will need an outstanding result to recover from this but here is this arvo plus Thursday and Staurday.

The other Betting Pool has suffered a huge loss but has the whole of the month to go.

Tegan pointed out that we have a photo in an earlier magazone of Michael Rodd winning the Derby on 'Efficient'.

Tuesday 6th November: Todays TAB meetings are listed under Saturday. All minor meetings are listed under Tuesday. As of 8.45 Flemington is up on both days. The track is Dead and expected to upgrade later in the afternoon so on the Saturday file at the end we have included good ratings.


Please note if you have an IASBet (now SportsBet) account and you enter the Promotional code MELBCUP07 in the ‘My Account’ section and if the horse you backed with IASBet (now SportsBet) in the Melbourne Cup runs second, you get your money back.

Monday 5th November: One day to go and the weather radar is clear, however the Flemington course manager tells us he expects a Dead track tomorrow, probably a Dead 5 with an upgrade to Dead 4. on Saturday it was said to be a Good 3 but jockeys still drove their horses wide on the turn. The rail tomorrow will be 3 metres out which will help.

The Top Two saturday had about 40% winners, not so good yesterday with only three meetings. The Betting Pool dropped $425 yesterday.

The Feature Race for tomorrow, I won't tell you what it is, will be up by 8.30 a.m. It is another tough assignment but we rarely miss the winner. Spring and Cups subscribers can expect their email assessments before noon today. We do have a $22 Melbourne Cup Day Package for those who only want Flemington tomorrow and that will be off late today with a follow up first thing tomorrow (adjusted for scratchings) click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday Ratings subscribers will find tomorrow's ratings on the Saturday page and tomorrow a.m. all Metropolitan meetings will be there as well. All the other meetings will be under Tuesday. There are 17 meetings in all including many non TAB meetings.

Sunday 4th November: My feature race comments for the Melbourne Cup are up but you won't see the picture. To be honest I have lost it. It will be there on Monday a.m. The piece of software I need is just not on my computer in my home office. Suffice to say the Caulfield Cup form is what determines the correct order for Tuesday.

The Mckinnon was run in slow time as the track was slightly off, if not Dead then shifty. 'The Fuzz' and 'Sculptor' ran good time but it was about 11 lengths slower than the Caulfield Cup. Okay, make an allowance for the slowness of the track yesterday. The truth is that anything can happen and Tawqeet is value at the 300/1 on offer but I don't expect him to win. I won't leave him out of my trifectas or first fours though.

The imports 'Mahler' and 'Tungsten Strike', do not have good overseas form but coukd make it into the picture if it is wet or the pace is slow or they suddenly improve.

Our Spring Betting Pool took a bit of a hiding today. We missed the Quaddie but we did get the Gosford treble. We only need one good win and there are three race meetings to go. The General Betting Pool won $3200 today but was $5250 behind for the week at the start of the day. Why coudn't the rider of Princess Coup have timed her run a bit better?

Saturday 3rd November: The Betting Pool was in big trouble ith Money Factory being well down but our first Grandslam Exceedingly Good has won at $2.10 and Leica Launch also won at Rocky at $9.00.

Hold the presses. We should clear out with a profit today.

I am off later to the Cancer Council Relay For Life and many Betting Pool Members donated their profits to this worthwhile cause. I will then spend spme hours assessing Tuesdays Melbounre Cup and have that up for our Winform subscribers tomorrow a.m. I will asume a good track with rain expected tomorrow but a clear day on Monday and Tuesday.

My Spring Betting Pool report will be up tomorrow about 11 a.m.

Friday 2nd November: Don't ask me what happened to yesterday's diary. I wrote it about midnight on Wednesday and it has disappeared into the Internet electron field somewhere. Anyhow it's Friday about 10.30 and Melbourne is wet and staying that way for a couple of days and we are going with a dead rating for Flemington regardless of what they say. The weekend Feature race is up now for Members and we are just reloading Moonee Vally for tonight with the latest scratchings.

It has been a hard road for the betting pool as we have yet to clear our Money Factory but we did make $548 yesterday betting selections from David Bendeich's new experimental strategies for maiden races. These won't be released until about May next year but they are looking good with four winners from seven bets yesterday. We took a few small all ups on IASBet (now SportsBet).

We might have a little dabble with the UNITAB treble today but with the tracks all being wet we won't be going too hard. The Spring Betting Pool is only a few hundred dollars ahead and with only four betting days to go and our bank intact we will be going as hard as possible in spite of the weather tomorrow. We have already backed our Derby pick at the good odds (if it wins) of $15.

Our policy of putting all our exotic bets on canbet.com.au has paid off as althoguh we have lost on those we are getting a 25% rebate next week and who knows, we may also get some winning dividends next week.

Wednesday 31st October: Benalla has always been a good Top Two track and their were some early winners there yesterday. Today only Balaklava is below average for Top Two so it could be a good day for Powerbet. Ascot is the only Powerplay venue.

Our policy on the Melbourne tracks is that unless it is actually raining we will give out the track ratings as given i.e. Werribee is "Dead" but as the majority of tracks are now "doctored" to start dead we are also supplying "good" track ratings and selections at the bottom of the ratings sheet. For example: Moonee Valley was dead for just the first race which means it actually wasn't, similar to other recent Melbourne meetings.

It is not hot at Werribee today but as it is their Cup meeting you can guarantee that the track is in the best possible shape and the Melbourne weather radar shows no sign of rain at present with 22 degrees expected.

Tuesday 30th October: A very quite day yesterday for the Winform Selections, with just the one meeting at Warracknabeal. Maybe more chance of success today with meetings at Benalla and Charleville.

Please DON't MISS OUT, today is the LAST DAY to get your special 'Racing Pays More' Offer at JUST $99, which is a saving of $70. click here to place your order.

Also in yesterday's entry, we made note that IASBet (now SportsBet) has a new Protest Payout. The new Protest Payout is also available on: Canbet.com, using the Promotional Code: PROTESTAU
click here for Terms & Conditions

If you are placing exotic bets such as: Quinella’s, Trifecta’s and Exacta’s you tend to get a lower strike rate. By participating in the Canbet.com Cashback Rebate promotion you are destined for a ‘win- win’ outcome. Either with Canbet.com paying a percentage of your losing month(s) or you can still take advantage of the big odds when you win.  

If you would like to take advantage of the Canbet.com Cashback Rebate:

To open a Canbet.com Account: click here
Or to claim the Rebate: Simply enter the Promotional Code (new code each month) on the My Account page of the Canbet.com.au website between 29th and the 5th of each month for the previous month's rebate. Your account will be credited by the 8th of each month. The Promotional Code is updated monthly. 
Promotional Code:

Monday 29th October: What a disastrous day. But it's only temporary. The Betting Pool dropped $2700 today but as we are using Money Factory I am confident we will get back into profit. It may not be today with only one race meeting to work on but we only need six winners in a row (sorry only kidding) to get in front.

We reviewed Saturdays result further and noticed we also got the First Four in Townsville race 8 which paid $17800! On Unitab it wasn't even won. I actually chose not to bet it because with only 5 minutes to go there was only $1087 in the pool. The big Unitab First Four pools have all but disappeared since they have become available for very race.

Mark Read of IASBet.com (now SportsBet) has some sensational new offers for the next week. Have you ever lost a race on protest? I have and I hate it. Mark Read's IASBet (now SportsBet) is offering to pay, even if your horse is beaten in the protest. It is unheard of but true. Here is some info we have “lifted” from the website.

IASBet (now SportsBet) NEW! - Protest Payout
What is a Protest Payout? Protest Payout means if your horse is first past the post you get paid, even if that horse is subsequently disqualified from first place. We pay out on both horses as winners!

Winnings will be paid within 72 hours after the event, up to a maximum of $1,000

Players must register to receive this promotion. This promotion is only available on win-only bets.

Promotional code -

Sunday 28th October: Powerbet users were ecstatic yesterday with the Top Two producing 38% wins at up to $41 and others around $20. The betting pools did it tough with results not quite coming our way. Overall it was a $348 profit. We invested over $8,000 and Wonderful World cost us the First Four, Trifecta and we missed the last leg of the Quaddie.

We bet $1,000 on Barbaricus, $1,000 on the Moonee Valley Cup (2nd and 3rd) and $3,000 lost on the Cox Plate. We did collect on the Unitab treble and we had a nice all up My Time at Ascot with El Presidente in the last there for a small win on the day. Sonic Quest was a contributor too.

Jukebox Johnny would have been worth about $7,000 had it won but no use worring about it. The point is we made a profit and live to fight on over the next few Spring Carnival meetings, next Saturday then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday again to wrap up. Let's hope Flemington is kind.

Friday Oct 26th: UNITAB Treble, when our selection in Mackay ran second and our selections at Cranbourne ran first and second with low paying dividends. This resulted in a $12 loss instead of a possible $900 profit.

Today all meetings are very well suited to the Winform Powerbet Software (using the Winform Top Two Rated). You may also like to note that Ballarat usually throws up good long shot winners amongst the Winform Top 4 Rated.

Tomorrow holds the key to another BIG Spring Racing event. Moonee Valley will be hosting the Cathay Pacific Cup and of course the Tattersall's Cox Plate.
For Subscibers the Cox Plate Feature Race is now available on the Members Area.

If want all the tools for tomorrow's Cox Plate, why not get the Winform Trial Ratings, ranging from the Winform Top Five to full field listings.
click here to order before 4:00 p.m. today.

IMPORTANT: If you are not subscribed to the Winform Ratings, or our Spring Selection Packages, you might like to give our Cox Plate Feature Phone Service a go. Cost is $11.00, and includes our Selections, Quinella and Trifecta options. (Available 10:30 a.m. daily)

Phone: 1902 210 680

Thursday 25th October: 'The Fuzz' ran a good time in winning yesterday's Geelong Cup against weak oppostion. It was about 7 lengths slower than 'Master O'Reilly' but if anything happened to that horse, 'The Fuzz' might be a rough chance. What keeps niggling at me is the continued support for 'Miss Finland'. She is running home strongly in her races but is not fast enough over the shorter distances so perhaps she could do well at the Cup distance?

If 'Haradasun' wasn't so erratic, he would probably be the horse to beat this Saturday and still might be but we'll rely on the actual figures to make our Cox selection. It doesn't get us the winner every year buit we have had some memorable wins at good prices.

Today Cranbourne returns poor Top Two two figures but does find us longshot winners in the top four. Queanbeyan , on the other hand is good for Top Two but poor for longshots. Mackay and Geraldton are good for both long term.

Wednesday 24th October: Kyneton is another venue where Winform always does well with the Top Two and so it proved yesterday. Unfortunately we did not get the UNITAB treble, missing the middle leg.

Brenton Burford reminded me of how well his strategy of taking the top rated horses from the next 8 worked. Last weekend this strategy produced many thousands of dollars profit.

One thing that disappoints us from a purely financial point of view is that we are unable under our contract to produce any more copies of David Bendeich's: Key To Winning Consistently. The selections, using his rules, continue to make healthy profits.

Good news though. Trevor Johns supplied us with his manuscript for his second and last book (yet to be named) which reveals the secret to his winning strategies from his forty year professional punting career. As a bonus, he also reveals what he does now (at age 70) and what punting tools he uses and more importantly, how he uses them. This book will be priced at $295 and in 2008 Trevor will appear at our new series of Seminars.

Today's Geelong Cup will be a fast run affair today and may provide a possible contender for the Melbourne Cup. It may also prove to be a let down. That said both Geelong and Gawler work for the Top Two.

Tuesday 23rd October, 2007: Yesterday Garry was right, we did go well at Townsville. Our first race at Townsville and our top rated selection: 'Kalahari Prince' ran home at mammoth $33.70. Many Members using the Winform Ratings could not have been more pleased, with many phoning in with their successful news. Overall at Townsville we faired pretty well with three wins, three places (in the top two) over seven races.

Tomorrow is the Petstock Geelong Cup and many Members have already ordered their Trial Ratings for tomorrows races. You can also do the same for all other major Spring races, click here.

Special Offer: For one week only the Winform Team are making a special offer on Garry Robinson's publication: 'Racing Pays More', if you haven't already got a copy of this fabulous book here is your chance to save up to $70. To order yours now, click here
(Offer Ends: 30/10/2007)

Monday 22nd October: It's my Mum's birthday today and Ros and I went to see her last night at the hostel. She doesn't know why we kissed her or who we were but my Dad is going okay but he can't help much with her now and it won't be long before she has to go to the dementia ward (there's just no nice way to say it). I lost $760 yesterday on the races although with a bit more luck it could have been plus $7,000, whatever. It just seems so irrelevant at times.

Today we have Hamilton and Townsville. We do go well at Townsville but the dividends can be a bit low. Hamilton has produced poor results in the past so I'm not expecting that to change any time soon. Yesterday we had 39% Top Two with some good priced winners mixed in. The specials failed but Powerplay had two wins from five races but the prices were not enough to meet our profit goal.

I will spend today reviewing the Powerplay guidelines but I still expect we are still some weeks away from getting it underway. This week I will be receiving the manuscript for Trevor Johns new book which contains the sum of his punting knowledge from a forty year Professional Punting career. In 2008 Trevor will be my guest at a Seminar in Melbourne. No one who reads this book will ever need to worry about winning again if they are prepared to follow his guidelines and devote themselves to it but I warn you. It is work.

Sunday 20th October: You'll see my thoughts late Saturday below. On Sunday I have seen the times and on those times 'Maldivian' probably woudln't have won. If 'Master O'Reilly' can run 3200 metres the race is over already. 'Mendala' couldn't maintain the pace and horse like 'Bluetigeroo' and 'Maybe Better' might have made ground but finished way too far behind the others.

The disruptions at the start might excuse some average performances but they might not too.

# I have just uploaded (11:00 a.m.) good track ratings for Horsham. With 32 degrees predicted there is a likely upgrade.

Saturday races are as good as over. The Betting Pool invested $4,000 on the Caulfield Cup and salvaged $1200 from the UNITAB treble and $2184 for the Vic Quaddie. Ironically, had we taken the Quaddie in NSW it paid over $10,000 because the substitute was 'Maybe Better'. In Victoria it was 'Master O'Reilly'. We did very well to end up just $620 down for the day.

I personally invested over $7,000 betting race to race using Money Factory and made a lousy $400 after a lot of hard work.

Subscribers using Grand Slam had a great winning day. Our two Winform Gold selections both won and there were 19 good winners on the day in the Top Two up to 20/1. I think I need a cup of tea and a good lie down!

Saturday 20th October: Has someone sabotaged the IASBet (now SportsBet) website? Hope it's up soon, I've been scrambling to get a couple of good prices they have. I can ring up if my bets are $50 or more 1800 818 168.

I have gone out big time today for the Betting Pools. Big win or big loss, I'll tell you later. Yesterday was about square. Today we have some good Key To Winning Consistently bets and Winform Gold. I'm not permitted to bet on these for the Betting Pool though but I do expect many clients to have a good winning day.

Friday 19th October: I just bet $500 on a 50/1 shot in the Caulfield Cup and Sportsbet gave me the money for simply depositing $500 to my betting account. I could have had $500 a place on a sure thing but what's the point? Would I or would you put $500 of your own cash on a 50/1/ shot knowing , as I do, that it will take just one bit of bad luck to stop it winning, even if I am right and the horse is a $5 chance which is my assessment? When I get the bet for free I have nothing to lose so why not have a free go at $25,000 profit!

Yesterday our 40/1 shot ran second in the first leg of the double. We had the second leg. We ended the day a little under square but up for the week.

Many of our Members would have received an offer from Canbet or IASBet (now SportsBet) this week for free bets and bonuses. The bet sizes vary form $50 to $200 and or a holiday prize draw but the point is that everyone who gets an offer should take advantage to the fullest. There are no catches and no scams and sure you have to bet your winnings but don't you bet anyway? You know what they say "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". If enough members don't take up the offers, then future offers may dry up.

Thursday 18th October: Powerbet is in front for the day but not before surviving a protest at Port Lincoln. The Moe Treble is lost but we have backed up on the Daily Double using Brenton Burford's method and our treble is alive at Port Lincoln. Cross fingers.

Our Caulfield Cup preview is up for Members now and there are some surprises. If we win it will be a big win.
click here to get your Caulfield Cup tips & ratings and more....

Wednesday 17th October @ 5 p.m: Lost the Quaddie and both Trebles. Recommended we take the exotics on the First 4 in Caulfield Race 7 and collected on the Quinella and we also backed three horses through the day includng Post Thyme at $10.70. The net result is Betting Pool + $1500 Spring Betting Pool + $1500 which means the Spring Pool is now in profit and the January Betting Pool is further in profit as planned.

Wednesday 17th October:
Alas, a trouble free morning so far with updating the ratings and selections on our Members Area. Late yesterday afternoon Members would have received an email as a reminder of the fantastic second Sportsbet 'Double-up' promotion that starts this Friday 19th October, click here for details.

Along with a couple of winners yesterday amongst our Selections, our Ratings also managed to pickup the UNITAB Treble, all in our top three Selections. The cost was just $27 for a nice $185 payout.

Today we look forward to the big race at Caulfield, the Schweppes Thousand Guineas.
Remember if you are unsure about purchasing our new: Cups & Plate Spring Package, you can still purchase the Winform Top Five Ratings or Winform Trial Ratings for all big spring race day events. click here to order yours now.

Betting Pool and Spring Betting Pool Members. Today we have the Murray Bridge Treble 1,4,6,7/ 1,5,6,14,15/1,2,3,7,13 and the Caulfield Treble 2,3,7,9/1,5,6,8,10/1,5,9,12,13 and the last leg could be our stumbling block as it is wide open. We have the Quaddie as well with the final leg 7,9,10,13,16. If we get to the last leg and we have the possibility of a big win we may save our stake somehow. The result is split three ways between the Pools and G. R. we'll post the profit if we win. Yesterday our Pool bettig was just square thanks to the Charleville Treble.

Many people are still registering their interests for our new Powerplay product that will be coming soon. If you would like receive exclusive updates on this product prior to its release please click here to register.

Tuesday 16th October:
A very topsy turvey day, with trying to get our Members Service Area updated. Finally we were able to access the website this afternoon. Today's Ratings and Selections, plus tomorrow's early ratings are now available online. We do apologise for any inconveniences this has caused you, but the issue was far from our control.

Two winners from five for the Winform Single Selections today, along with our Winform Gold win at Charleville: 'Mr. Frisco' paying $2.50.

Sunday 14th October: Yes I wrote this up Saturday. The numbers of winners in the Winform Top Two is ridiculous. We had a $78 winner, $23 winner a $19.40 Grandslam winner and so on and so on. I should have won a fortune for the Spring Betting Pool but we missed the Quaddie, we missed the First 4 (1st 3rd and 4th this time). I decided the last race at Caulfield was the ideal race for a trifecta but couldn't drop enoguh horses out of the picture to make a reasonable go of it. We had to take at least 9 horses ($504) and there were still a couple more that had a chance. In the end the $7000 dividend would have made it a smart play.

I can only imagine how much Powerbet users made on the day.

The new Power Play strategy only operated on two meetings but failed to get a winner of any proportion at Belmont.. Caulfeld was a good winning result..

The Spring Betting Pool lost $1006 for the day on our Parlay bets so there is some catching up to be done but we only need one good result. Our betting for the day was over $4,000 and we will get a Feature win. Weekend Hustler at just $2.00 doesn't count as a win. 'Bon Hoffa' was one of our big disappointments for the day.

I did make some money early using Money Factory.

Saturday 13th October: Yesterday our one Premium bet won at $2.80. Given that it was a six horse field that is an excellent result. 'Marron Dor' while tailed off to the turn, was never going to lose.

Here's how to find a dead set loser. The favourite in the last at Wangaratta had 20 starts. From ten starts in the wet there were 2 wins and five placings. From ten starts on good trcaks there were zero wins and zero placings. Yesterday's track rating was good and this horse was well beaten. Those that backed it were fooled by the last start four lenghts win on a rain affected track. I have rarely seen a more obvious case of a horse where its preferences were so clear cut.

Occasional showers should not spoil what is a very good day at Caulfield. Winform consistently finds longer priced winners in the top four here. To help bring uo the quaddie odds, the last at Caulfield is the most open race of the day.

Friday 12th October: Those Members who made purchases during the promotional period in January this year will have their betting accounts credited before the end of the month. Because some Members were only in the poll for short time some of these payments will be small but let's put it into perspective. The minimum payment represents a return of 3.2% for eight weeks. Compared to bank interest that is equivalent to 21% per annum tax free. Those who were in the pool until April got a return of 3.5%, June 6.3% and September 14%. Those Members who are in the pool until the end of November can expect a return of about 20% or more.

Yesterday, we did actually find a few winners at Mt Isa but there was nothing to write home about. There was a 3rd rated winner at Northam which paid $22 and a 2nd rated winner at Bendigo at $10. The Betting pool scored a small profit. Today we have only one day meeting and Moonee Valley tonight.

Thursday 11th October: We will probably surprise ourselves today with the form at Mt. Isa, but please be cautious as we dont accept form from any far north tracks and every horse get the same net rating, adjusted only for weight difference and barrier position.

There were plently of winners yesterday and Powerbet users would have had a great time. The Winners included a $9.50 Top rated winner at Belmont Park, $10.00 top rated winner at Ballarat, a $11.00 top rated at Strathalbyn and a $23.00 2nd rated winner at Albury.

The Key to Winning Consistently had 2 wins yesterday for 3 bets, these are still performing great for purchasers of the book. We only have 2 copies left of the book, so if you were thinking about getting it and were putting it off, don't stall any longer otherwise you will miss you.

click here to view: Equine Influenza: Impact on NSW and Queensland Racing

Wednesday 10th October: Plenty of winners at the one meeting yesterday but the one that counted 'Zwahilion', ran 2nd at $18. As a result the Pool lost $1100 but could have won nearly $18,000. Surprisingly the track was upgraded very early but it didn't change the ratings much, which were updated mid afternoon.

We were called by a TV station yesterday to discuss the possibility of the Melbourne Cup being cancelled as the rumour was about. We called Racing Victoria who comfirmed that there was no threat at the moment. We have to wonder though. The latest cases of EI have occurred in horses that have been vaccinated. Funny, but I seem to remember that people sometimes get a mild dose of the flu within days of getting vaccinated for flu.

Tuesday 9th October: Yesterday's proved a couple of good winners. One of Single Selections at Cairns, 'Citi Boy' paid $2.40 whilst our Success Express Selection, 'Royal Charades' also won at $5.50.

Only one meeting today on a wet track. Don't forget to get in for our 'Cups & Plate' Spring Offer, click here for details.

Most horses throughout N.S.W. and surrounding areas were initiated with Equine Flu Vaccinations last week, our local Broadmeadow Track (Newcastle Jockey Club) was also among the 4,000 in the state to recieve the vaccine and scheduled booster shots in a fortnight. To our dismay more horses this week are expected to test positive to the virus at Broadmeadow with 12 horses testing positive yesterday.

Jockey Club CEO John Curtis says: "It's just unfortunate that this occurred," he said.

"We're into our sixth week as an EI (Equine Influenza) free zone, with only a few more days to go until the horses had their booster needle after their first vaccination last Saturday week. So it's devastating for all concerned."

Monday 8th October: Garry used the new Winform Powerplay method on Saturday on Saturday and for a $10 base bet returned $306 profit. Again he used Money Factory and after 48 races had only 19 winners for $278 profit. Resuming on Sunday it took just 3 wins from 15 races to make $183.00.  Okay that’s about $45- $50 per hour but the base bet for Money Factory was only $20. The maximum bet over the two days was $180.

At the moment we have been recieving a lot of enquiries about the all new Winform Powerplay, but although it is trading profitably he does not want to release the product until a comprehensive guide is written with all the pitfalls and potential profits clearly explained. click here to register your interest.

We also had some successful results for those members who purchased the Spring Carnival Pacakage that started this weekend. If you missed out on getting the Spring Carnival Package before the 6th of October, then here is a deal for you. We now have the Winform Spring: ‘Cups & Plate’ Package including: BMW Caulfield Cup, M
oonee Valley Gold Cup, Cox Plate, AAMI Victorian Derby, Emirates Melbourne Cup, Crown Oaks and Emirates Stakes.  

You will score Winform's Selections on the above feature races, along with the Winform Ratings, All for JUST $99.00, click here to order now… 

Sunday October 7th: It was hard day at the office yesterday. The First Four on Race 8 at Flemington was particularly hard to take. We had 1st, 2nd and 4th having left out 'Haradasun' deliberately. We spent a lot of dollars on the Quaddie, The First Four and The Trifecta and ended up one horse short of a $200,000 payout. My son had 'Haradasun' and simply adding that, well you can't have them all.

We did score a good Double which recovered our outlay and added $200 to the Pool.

Now you may not believe this but I thought I had placed three bets at Canberra. Having thought so I was ecstatic when one of them won at $50. Then when I went back to check the dividend I discovered that the confirmation had not gone through. Luckily, well it's not luck, I continued to use Money Factory to record a closed series later in the day.

Saturday 6th October: We put big money out on the Flemington Quaddie, Treble and First Four on Race 8 where UNITAB has a jackpot pool for the Betting Pool and Spring Pool. We have taken some big risks like leaving 'Haraduson' out but that is my opinion. If I am wrong I am wrong but most of my big wins come from sticking to my opinion. I left 'El Segundo' out, a great horse when he is right but is he right?

We've given out Flemington as Good today so that is a test of the new drainage plan. Subscribers will see Flemington Dead ratings at the foot of the page if they want them. Unless there is serious rain about we will adopt this policy for all Victorian race meetings.

Friday 5th October: Over $7,000 is what one of our Members won using Powerbet yesterday. After Wednesday's effort when the winners were regular and profits unspectacular, we scored with a $32 longshot at Narrogin and another $16 winner and a top rated $17 winner on the dirt at Charleville.

Prue and Tegan and I were out of the office early attending a Betfair Seminar in Sydney. The Seminar is free and well organised at a training venue in the CBD. Well free if you don't count the cost of parking etc. Everyone had their own terminal and it was all hands on. If you want to learn about betting exchanges this will do it for you and yes you actually got to place bets in real time but with their money. Sandwiches and juices were supplied so we were well looked after there too.

Maybe the fact that it was free kept the crowds away as only half those listed actually attended. Those that did went away satisfied with the concept and we all learnt soemthing new even if it was which buttons were where. If you don't know, navigation of the Betfair site can be difficult.

Today I am in Sydney again, so I might get a shot or two off with a multiple early. I have already organised a bet tomorrow on a $100/1 shot for the Spring Betting Pool. You'll know if it wins!

Thursday 4th October: The Betting Pool lost $375 yesterday, we ran 2nd in the last leg of the treble and Daily Double, it happens. I could have saved our stake but decided we would be O.K.  Wrong again!

Today we have the first ever TAB meeting at Charleville in outback Queensland. The track surface is sandy loan and the grandstand, I am told, holds 500 comfortably and is a recent addition. There are meetings each week for the next few weeks so we will be seeing more of it. Our Winform history is that we do well on these types of tracks so you should have no fear of betting here and some of the horses race in more familiar territory anyway.

Geelong is racing on the grass today so watch for Geelong Thorough track form. It may not relate. We have updated the Results for September on our results page. Click here to see them. Have a great day.  

Wednesday 3rd October: With two wet tracks yesterday it was time to take a break for me with no bets at all. Top Two still came in at 28%. Today we have more meetings to play with. At Moruya our Top Two is not that great but we always seem to find a longshot or two in the top four selections. Mt Gambier is similar. Geraldton is generally very good to us and Seymour is so so. I may try for a treble at Moruya today.

Turnover at the various betting agencies is as much as 20% down on last year without the NSW and Queensland Metro content. As a professional you have to keep betting to keep your turnover up. You can't stay in bed and make money and you can't stop betting and make money either.

Our Spring Betting Pool promotion is now final and we have sufficient money to play with to put in play some good multiple options over the Carnival. Betting on the Spring Pool commences Saturday.

Tuesday 2nd: Garry has a laid back day yesterday, but threw on a Yankee for an amazing cost of $44 and aquired a return of $297 and a profit of $253, not bad.

Today is your last chance to get a position for the Spring Betting Pool. Make a purchase from the Winform Bookshop of $149 or over and secure your position, remember to enter 'Spring Feature' into the comments section when placing your order online.

Monday October 1st: What a rotten day yesterday was (if you're a Manly supporter). If you were in the Betting Pool IN MARCH, $1200 went into the March section and $ 1650 into the September profits. It could have been more but in exercising caution I adjusted the bets throughout the year so that no matter who won we could not lose.

I got beat badly today when I bet from Race 1 through. After 44 races I struck only ten returns and one of those was a refund for a scratching. I didn't get to see Port Lincoln race seven due to stuff ups by Sky Channel, nor did I get on Coleraine race eight but believing that Port Lincoln hadn't yet been run I placed bets at Mowbray. What did happen was our Port Lincoln selection won and cleared Money Factory by nearly $800 but instead of this I had to settle for $400 profit for the Pool.

The Money Factory program didn't even know about the stuff up, it just recorded the bets that I had and gave me the total. So the profit was only 5.75% for the day and I only made a bit less than $100 per hour. Tough day at the office and then of course I had the Grand Final BBQ and celebration to put on.

My son and I backed Matt King and Anthony Quinn to be the first try scorer and paid for the drinks with the profits and as you read this I am probably still asleep.

Saturday subscribers will find today's Ratings under Saturday. Good luck.

Sunday 30th September: Time to punt all day and then watch the NRL Grand Final. Our Betting Pool has both sides running. Manly to get square on our long term bets and Storm to win and we also have bet doubles on Geelong/Manly and Geelong/Storm. We can't actually lose but we aren't making as much as we first planned due to us saving our stake as the season unfolded.

We did get a top rated winner at $51+ at Wagga yesterday and Powerbet should have done well with a 31% Top Two strike rate. The Wagga bet was in a short sprint race where fitness wasn't so critical. Our Betting Pool took a hiding with no collects at all but I'll summarise tomorrow once the Grand Final result is in. Our last four specials had two placings and we bet to win.

I plan a few strikes this afternoon in an effort to bring up the Pool for September. The Spring Pool will commence next weekend and you only have two more days to get in.

Saturday 29th September: It's Grand Final Day in Melbourne and their Metrpolitan meeting was run and won last night at Moonee Valley. They love the aerial game in Adelaide too so they are running the equivalent of a mid week provincial meeting. This means that Belmont in Perth is the only genuine Metropolitan meeting run today.

The Wagga meeting, like Coffs Harbour earlier this week, consists of mostly horses that haven't raced for a month or more and luck will play a big roll. The meeting listed at Cairns is actually at Atherton and normally a non TAB meeting but some of the form is sound and Rockhampton features horses that have not been affected by EI at all so should be a good meeting.

I might have a few small bets early on but then I will watch the Grand Final with all it's hoopla! Tomorrow is another good solid Sunday. Monday has only three meetings and Saturday subscribers will be able to access this meeting on our Saturday Page.

Friday 28th September: Today's Selections should make some interesting results. Please note that Saturday's Feature Race Meeting has been moved forward to tonight's meeting at Moonee Valley. All information on the Feature Race is now available and has been updated online and on the 1902 Phone Service.

Again yesterday the Winform Singles came through with another decent win at: Bendigo Race 1. No. 11 'Mio Mio' that paid a nice $5.40.

Yes, the excitement is building for the AFL and NRL Grand Final matches which will be played out this weekend. As always our Weekend Sport Selections are now available online, with our comments.

DON'T FORGET: The Winform Spring Betting Pool Promotion will be closing soon. So if you are thinking about making a purchase $149 or over, now is the time to do so you can become a participant in our Spring Pool. If you would like to know more about the promotion, click here for details.

Thursday 27th September: Not many bets today with only one race meeting but David Toulson has been continuing his study of Asian Handicap Betting and for a small outlay was $1,000 ahead since September 18th. IASBet.com (now SportsBet) has the greatest range of these bets and for our many Professional players this is an opportunity not to be missed. You do need Money Factory Professional Edition to run with this but that is a small investment ($990) and you only need $680 for a $3 base bet if you want to have a play before you get serious.

Yesterday Powerbet users had a ball with some nice priced winners including a $25 shot. The Betting Pool made $202 as I played around with the $100 Per Day Plan on the greyhounds and trots last night. I also slipped a couple of Hong Kong races in on the side.

Wednesday 26th September:
Yesterday was a little slow, but a good win at Ballarat for our Winform Single Selection with 'Dingle Bay' coming home at $4.60. From the book: 'The Key To Winning Consistently' Geoff's Numbers had three selections for one win at $4.50 and a place.

Today should pose some good selections, with racing at five meetings today.

Don't Forget: The Winform Spring Betting Pool closes on the 30th of September 07, so if you are thinking about making a purchase with Winform, click here to view the offer online.

As mentioned yesterday's late diary update, Queensland Racing is facing the brink of the Equine Influenza which could exclude racing from Brisbane until February next year. Losses are now certain after a Geelong laboratory confirmed two positive E.I. test results from horses at Hendra Racing Stables of Queensland (Trainer Peter Hulbert).

Queensland Racing Limited Chairman Bob Bentley said race meetings in other major centres - the Gold Coast, Caloundra, Toowoomba and Ipswich - would not resume until racehorses there were vaccinated against EI.

Tuesday 25th September II Update:
Racing Cancelled in South East Queensland until February 1st 2008, due to Equine Influenza?

Today's race meeting at Ipswich has been abandoned for fear for an EI outbreak. The news came not long before the first race and stemmed from a jockey, scheduled to ride at the meeting, having been in contact with horses in a suspected infected area.

News has just broken that horses in the Deagon area are showing signs of the flu and elevated temperatures.

The jockey in question is believed to have ridden half a dozen horses in trackwork at Deagon this morning, then travelled to Ipswich and had arrived on course to fulfil his riding engagements.

At the time of trackwork the Deagon facility hadn't had a reported case of the EI virus but given the latest developments, the Department of Primary Industry felt it too great a risk to horses at Ipswich, until now also without a reported case of the virus.

They hence decided to abandon the meeting for fear the jockey may have unknowingly brought the virus to the country course on his clothes or gear. The outbreak at Deagon, if results return positive, comes hot on the heels of yesterday's outbreak at Hendra, nestled between Eagle Farm and Doomben that has brought city racing to a standstill. - Source: Racing & Sports

Tuesday 25th September: Another small win for the Betting Pool yesterday but every bit helps. What we need is a Geelong/Melbourne Storm result in the footy and we are home.

Asian Handicap betting at the Soccer is proving a worthwhile enterprise with hundreds of bets available each week on IASBet (now SportsBet). As all matches are payed overnight it is only a matter of entering the results daily and placing your new bets the next night. Money Factory does all this in it's stride. There are only about 400 bets in a NRL/: AFL season which means you have to bet bigger stakes to make any worthwhile profits. With 100's of soccer matches played around the world even small bets multiplied many times will produce a very satisfactory outcome.

We have had a good response to the Spring promotion but we need a lot more to make the Spring Betting Pool worthwhile, The more sales we make the bigger the Pool will be and therefore the more combinations we can take with our exotice betting. The promotion ends Sunday.

Coffs Harbour has been abandoned today with just one full Ballarat meeting and a half Ipswich meeting to keep us going. No wonder we are looking at Soccer to improve our action.

Monday 24th September: An amazing 46% strike rate with our Top Two yesterday and a $50 winner at Northam. I relearnt yeterday to not put too much faith in what I believed was a dead set certain winner, Blackstone Rose at Murray Bridge. It was a good second but at its previous start the excelleartion had to be seen to be belived and the time was there to match what I was seeing on the screen. Maybe next time over a longer distance. The winner was an 8yo mare with 67 starts for just four wins. You never can tell. The Betting Pool dropped $650 yesterday.

Our Betting Pool fortunes also took a little bit of a dive with now only the Melbourne Storm left to win us our end of year prize. If they can win and Geelong do likewise it will be happy days. Otherwise we end up square for the year on our end of season play.

We have sponsored two races at todays Kilmore meeting, and we hope to win both races with our Winform selections.

Sunday 23rd September: Our Betting Pool made $70 on the footy yesterday. Not much but hey it's a profit. I missed a lot the days Racing but I did note that we had a 36% Top Two strike rate yesterday. I missed the Quaddie with Rubiscent being well down the list but it was a very slow run race. No wonder they couldn't match Rubiscent's sprint home. Bluetigeroo and Maybe Better need to do something serious soon if they really do have a chance in the Cups.

Our Grand Slam selections failed totally yesterday but Winform Gold had one bet for one win and our Winform Winner won easily. The David Bendeich Geoff bets yesterday had just one win from four but three of those four placed. I'm not totally certain but I think The Key To Winning Consistently is now a total sell out.

I just heard on the radio that today's Storm/Parramatta game is holding over a million dollars in bets at TAB Sportsbet and a Storm win is a disaster because of all the multiples on the three favourite AFL/NRL winners so far. I am surprised that you can still bet the Storm at -6.5 if they are really that dominant a favourite.

Saturday 22nd September: Everyday this week I have taken a Parlay formula bet on the TAB backing three horses each way with a parlay formual 2 and 3 for the Betting Pool. This means I have all possible doubles and trebles, twenty bets in all. The cost is $20 a time for a one dollar bet and I have lost each day until today . I ran two Parlay Formulas today because in one race there were two selections.

I used the selections from The Key To Winning Consistenty at Toowoomba and the Best Bet and from the four selections (remember two were in one race) there were three wins and a place. The parlay formula bet where one of the horses only placed paid over $60 for the $20 outlay but the one where all three horses won, and remember this was for one dollar or $20 in total, paid over $760!!! The Betting pool still has a parlay formula running at the greyhounds tonight but either way will have won over $800 today.

It is not a good idea to bet big as when you win your winnings affect the last leg dividends.

One Member called late this afternoon to advise that he bet all four selections on two different patent bets with IASBet (now SportsBet) for $50 each. This means that with one of these he was paid for two winners and a double and for the other patent he had three wins a treble and three doubles. He collected over $20,000 profit!! Not bad for a $50 base bet .

For interest we looked at the same bets using a Yankee by adding todays Best Bet which won at $5.70. The return would have been $138,000 profit which would have been a new record for IASBet. (now SportsBet)

I have to attend a meeting of Raffertys Resort owners today so won't be able to watch the races. I tell you what. I will be having a parlay bet before I go.

Spring Betting Pool Members, and there are a lot of them, are advised that your Pool starts October 6th once we have calculated the pool size. We will advise returns here as they happen and it could be a race to see which pool wins the most as they each will have separate strategies.

September 21st: Penola was downgraded to dead yesterday and altered our selections, Narrogin had 3 from 6 and Rockhampton had a couple of $4 winners. Not enough there to make a profit on Top Two yesterday. The betting pool nevertheless made a profit of $177.

The Spring Betting Pool Promotion is still on and we still have excellent offers for our Members from IASBet (now SportsBet) and Betezy. If you didn't receive our email, please click here.

Anything can happen so in spite of the fact we are well covered with our Melbourne/Geelong double I am covering that bet with the possibility that one of those sides fails. It won't cost much at the very good pricves on offer.

Thursday 20th September: Today's almost like a regular raceday except there is no NSW meeting. We always do well at Rockhampton and made a good profit there last time. Narrogin and Penola go alright too but Cranbourne is always hard and we don't really know why.

The overseas footy (soccer) is well and truly on and using Money Factory and Asian handicap betting (similar to line betting in the NRL and AFL) there were about 20 matches last night and another 30 to go tonight. I personally made about $300-$500 a week just betting on the 16 AFL/NRL matches each week but with these games there are many more of them. The one problem is creating more banks to cover them all. Still, there is so little risk I might do it. You do need at least a $7,000 Bank to make a decent profit. The Money Factory costs just $990 and once purchased is yours to keep for life.

We have only found one value bet for the Weekend Footy but it does look safe.

Wednesday 19th September: We are waiting on the verdict on the Johnathon Thurston dangerous tackle charge before we make a decision on the Sports Bets this weekend. So we should have them up and ready for subscribers by 10am tomorrow morning. So far for 2007 with the bets are are extremely well with a profit of over $500 for $50 bets. To view all the results of every selection method that we profit, month by month up until the 31st August click here.

The Spring Feature email went out yesterday with details on how to join the Spring Betting Pool, remember that all orders must be received by the 30th September and you MUST enter the promotional code (listed in the email) on your order.

Tuesday 18th September: Just one meeting again today at Warrnambool, which will be ran on a slow track. Yesterday's success was with our Bravo and Single Selection at Wondonga Race 5. No. 7. 'Blueberry Ice', that paid a very nice $10.60.

The Wait Is Over! Yesterday all Winform clients were told about Spring Betting Pool being released today. Shortly all Winform clients will recieve the details to our very special Spring Betting Pool promotion. I must stress that this is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss. If do not already receive updates from Winform, please register here to get your Winform Spring Betting Pool details, News & Information.

Monday 17th September: The Betting Pool has been a success and a lot of people have wanted to be in it. We can't have new people at this stage but we can have a new Betting Pool. We are emailing all our clients today along with our regular weekly Newsletter and a special one tomorrow. The new Pool will be strictly for the Spring Racing and will focus in Trifectas, First Fours and Doubles, Trebles and Quaddies. It's an all or nothing play. If you don't receive an email by Wednesday contact us if you want to be in it.

Yesterday was ordinary. With the new Powerbet strategy Ballarat lost and Pakenham won. We have had lost of people enquiring about it but we won't release the new strategy for some months yet.

Sunday 16th September: The betting Pool made $220 on the Footy bets this weekend. We outlaid $1900 and were unlucky with the West Coast game and last nights World Cup game when Wales missed beating the line by 2 points.

Oh. The Racing. Top Two 33% with some good wins and Grand Slam can't win every week. We actually got beat by the track upgrade at the Valley and bet two more losers than we would have on the dry.

The Money Factory went from 8 winners from 56 to 17 winners from 75 or 9 from 19 yesterday. Even though the best dividend was only $5.50 we cleared the series with a 23% overall strike rate and average dividend of $4.42 which is level at level stakes but in profit 10.84%. Name me another staking plan that could have performed at this level. There is another divisor type staking plan on the market which would have really ramped up the bet following that long losing run while Money Factory actually did the opposite. That other program would still be in the doldrums now while we are $916 in profit. That seris of 75 bets took a week but returned a fair take home pay for 4-5 hours work a day.

Saturday 15th Spetember: The Money Factory now has eight winners from 56 selections after a good result yesterday and we are now just 20% into the Bank. 14% winners isn't much but you can see how Money Factory is holding us together. I hope to come into a profit for the Betting Pool today.

Last night the Pool dropped $500 on the West Coast game after it was all tied up at 72 all. In any other games this year we win but because a result is needed to determine who would face Geelong next Friday, extra time was played and we went down.

Mooney Valley today and the first Group One of the Spring. Fun to watch. At Newcastle there are few fit horses and we will be backing these.

John A. sent us through an interesting fax yesterday. He deposited $500 into his account six weeks ago to fund his daily Powerbet series and he quits every day when in front. If behind he carries the loss and starts fresh the next day. As of yesterday courtesy of the last two Deagon winners, his Bank has reached $3482 and John is having fun. So at the only meeting in 67 years at Deagon Winform has found a $4.30 and $13 .40 winner for 33% Top Two.

Friday 14th September: Five winners now from 51 bets and that extra winner at $1.40 but still Money Factory is coping at 57% of the Bank. I do need winners today though. Place betting yesterday would have produced profits.

The Weekend Sports Selections are online and my bets are already on. IASBet (now SportsBet) is offering our members free bets of up to $100 so watch your mail box for these.

I will be watching Sky Channel today to see Deagan race for the first time since 1941. Only six races but at least they are racing. Tomorrow we have a great meeting at Moonee Valley. It should be fun and profitable.

Thursday 13th September: I am currently betting a Money Factory on a number of systems. I have had only 4 winners from 44 bets, a new record low I would think, but in spite of this I am only 30% into the Bank as Money Factory manages your money extremely well. None of the systems has had a losing run longer than six . It is just that most of them have had their losing runs together. One Plan has had one bet for one winner and another four bets for one winner. I have mixed 15 systems in this one plan. Now if they all have their winning runs together?

Using my new Powerbet strategy is positive for September after a neutral August (we lost a lot of opportunities through the EI virus). It is now 13 winning months on the trot but still we test with real money. The problem is that looking back we see horses that we did or didn't back based on the final prices. In real time that winner we didn't back, we did back because we looked around and got a better price or there was the winner we didn't back which eased out to the right price AFTER we decided not to back it. That's why we back test first then bet a few months in real time to assure ourselves that what we think we have is viable.

Starting today we have a NEW Winform Gold formula which is totally different to our previous one. This is because we were getting too few bets. The NEW formula is finding 45% winners at a profit onturnover of 21%. There have been 181 bets for the year to date for 85 winners..

SPRING RACES from October 1st our Selections for all the Major Spring races will be on our: 1902 210 680 phone line after 10.30 a.m. (AEST) each Saturday.

Wednesday 12th September: The two winning Singles talked about yesterday ended up being the only winners for the day, There were three selections from the KTWC, one was scratched and and the other two ran third. The Newcastle meeting for today has been postponed.

Tuesday 11th September: A good day so far today with two Singles winning, 'Matinee Idol' at $10.12 IASBet (now SportsBet) and a $4 winner at Belmont as well as 'Lusting' at Rocky. We always seem to do well at that track. We even did well at Kilmore where it has always been a bit risky and in spite of the wet track.

Monday September 10th: 32% Top Two yesterday was great for most of the day but there was one very poor period which cost us dearly. I had a bad day with only one of our specials winning and at $1.50 it dosen't make up for the losers. We know what it's like to run 2nd or 3rd.

The Betting Pool has secured an over the odds double on Geelong/Melbourne Storm but it's not all over yet. Port Adelaide recently beat Geelong at Skilled and Manly did scrape in a win over the Melbourne Storm earlier in the year. They can get beat but it's not likely.

Sunday 9th September: And we saw yesterday a number of anomalies. Warwick Farm and Eagle Farm were both meetings for horses trained on the track. As a consequence neither meeting can be used as a good reference tool for future form and both were run on heavy tracks.

We scored with a $50 winner, Fighting Fund, which was 3rd rated and our Grandslam special Falaise was also a winner at $8.

We actually had two Grandslam winners yesterday, the other was Rose Ceremony which won the first at Flemington at around $9. Anyone who doesn't take advantage of our cheap annual price on this service ($445) is really missing out.

Our weekend sports had just one out of two winners this weekend in which we have been overly cautious. We are well in front for the year as usual.

Saturday September 8th: The betting pool lost yesterday and we race today at Flemington for the first time since Last year's Cup Carnival. It is a different layout with banked turns. We'll watch with interest.

Next Friday Queensland Racing will run a meeting at the Deagon training centre as 220 horses are trained there but have been unable to race.

Friday 7th September 2007: A $1150 profit for the Betting Pool so far this week. The Betting Pool has invested heavily in the Geelong / Storm double. If we lose that then all profit for the year (only on the finals betting) could be gone but if we win? Anyhow if things get tough we can still save our stake.

Tonight the finals series start. Great viewing.

Powerbet was good yesterday even though the Top Two had a low stirke rate. The strike rate was offset by a $24 result at Ballarat and a $11 result at Northam. Today our best chance looks to be at Sandown Lakeside where we have a good record. That doesn't mean we can't win at the other tracks and in fact our Top Two at Toowoomba is an enviable one. Not sure what track conditons we will encounter there yet.

Thursday 6th Spetember: We've lost the Sunshine Coast meeting today but still three meetings to go on. Northam isn't that great for us but the top four at Ballarat and Mount Gambier often produce good priced winners.

No great results yesterday. The other two missed out. Our Best Bet won. This morning we are getting ready to post our Weekend Sports selections and there you may be surprised.

Tuesday 4th September: Hope you took notice of yesterday's diary. Cheltenham is always good we said . $41 winner top rated we got! Maybe bet at Bendigo we said equal rated second horse won at $113.80. Where was I? Busy wasn't I? Where were you? Good question. Love to hear from you if you backed them click here.

Some kind words from Greg in Victoria: Hi Gary and Team, Just a quick email to say CONGRATULATIONS on your Australian Achiever Award. Well Done. Cheers Greg.

Monday 3rd September: One Bet One Winner. That's the result from the UNITAB 'Key To Winning Consistently' Selection yesterday. The Top Two had 33% including a $25+ winner at Launceston and The Weekend Footy resulted in three wins from four at a profit of 65%!

Today there are meetings at Bendigo and Cheltenham and we usually go well at Cheltenham. (Maybe you better bet at Bendigo?).

For the Betting Pool I have saved our stake progressively through the season and although we will win less, we simply cannot lose as we are on all eight NRL Finals teams to either win or get square. We suffered a small loss on the top eight with two of our five selected teams getting in. We will win if we get Melbourne Storm, The Broncos (unlikely) or the Warriors home.

Sunday 2nd September: Don't get carried away with the success of: 'Miss Finland'. It looked good but it was a slowly run race, 15 lengths slower than other races on the program. The Betting Pool is square after a loss on 'Maybe Better' (pace too slow to suit) but wins at the Footy. We have a profit on the Sots bets with ine game still to go.

The Top Two yesterday was 38%, so a wonderful start back into the action. The Bet you have to have when there's no Best Bet won with $16 available at one stage. I got $13.50 Austote but the final best mainland TAB price was $9.00 Still not a bad result. You can thank Prue Hawkins for that selection.

Today's biggest race is the $100,000 Coolgardie Cup at Kalgoorlie. Winform has always gone well at Kalgoorlie.

It's also the start of the Finals Season as the last round of the Footy progresses through the weekend and we are already in front with a win to the Cowboys last night at $2.80.

Today we have a load of Grand Slam Selections at Caulfield and our Feature Race is the Memsie Stakes. It is online for Members now. Jenni Stevens' new book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' has several Selections at Caulfield also Morphettville and Belmont.

Don't forget yesterday was the release of the all new Spring Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine in Newsagencies. Get your copy today or for some fantastic subscription options, please click here

Friday 31st August: We have just received an email this morning if any Winform clients can help out, please see below:

Email: an15848@bigpond.net.au
Sent: Friday, 31 August 2007 10:11 AM
To: Winform Racing Club
Subject: Re: Equine Flu Future

Hello Guys & Girls, having fun with $100 Per Day Plan Software, is there any members that are willing to have a chat to see what success they are having with it & how they go about using it? Thanks. Frank Goodwin

Frank's been a Winform Member for many years and as you can see he would welcome any feedback or ideas from Members who have the software or have used similar. You can see his email above.

The wait is over and we have Racing again from tomorrow. We believe most of the winners will come from horses who have raced in the last 21 days but even more than usual. I will be attacking the races with relish and pass on this interesting tidbit. The Top Four Winform Rated horses at Morphettville produce a lot of longshot winners over the years. That's where I expect to have some fun tomorrow.

If you are not a Ratings Subscribers you can get tomorows Ratings by going to the Winform Bookshop and purchsing the Winform Top Five for $15 or the Winform Trial Ratings for $22 showing every horse.

Updated Thursday: We are very pleased to inform you that racing will resume this weekend. As of Saturday the 1st of September Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria will be hosting meetings at: Belmont Park, Morphettville, Hobart and Caulfield.

For Members who are subscribed to the Winform Ratings, Saturday's early ratings file is now available. The Weekend Feature Race has also being posted and all Selections via the website can be accessed as normal from Saturday.

For all Members and Non-Members not subscribed to the Winform Ratings this is a a fantastic opportunity for you to order Saturday's Trial Ratings or the Winform Top 5 Selections. click here to order yours now...

We have a good feeling about Saturday with already some pre-selections for Jenni Steven's new book: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems'. If you haven't already got your copy see our Bookshop.

Thursday 30th August:
We've had a weird response to our Canbet.com.au Promotion overnight and one punter said:

'I thought you were on the punter's side but not anymore'. Peter

So here's my reply:

'Hi Peter, We were a bit taken aback by your comment. A number of Winform Members were selected to take part in a trial of the 25% rebate last year and reaction from these Members was extremely positive. It is because of this that the canbet.com.au deal was formulated.

The fact is that the smart punter can take advantage of this. 99% of all punters lose, you know that and so do I. The other fact is that even professional punters like myselfI have losing months. The smart move is to bet with the 25% rebate (provided you are not taking lesser odds) and if you are having a losing month you get your winnings from elsewhere, e.g. IASBet (now SportsBet) or whatever, and you get a rebate on top of your winnings.

I bet with a number of agencies and two of those pay me a rebate on my losses. Some other places I bet with give me a bonus on my profits. By balancing these out I get much more profit than by betting with just one agency.

Our promotion will be very popular with those punters, and there are a lot of them, who are hobby punters and regularly top up their betting accounts. Not everybody is smart enough to subscribe to a reputable selection service.

Does that clarify it for you?' Garry

We've been working hard to get an excellent Canbet.com.au deal for readers. We hope there are enough smart punters to take advantage of the deal.

Saturdays Caulfield meeting is now up to 12 races. That will be an early start. My question to the restriction on the number of race meetings to be held in Victoria next week is "Is it political?" I can see no reason why Racing cannot take place at more then one venue, given that there are zero cases of Equine Influenza in that State.

In the meantime, we are hard at work lining up some reliable Footy bets for the weekend. We are focusing only on matches where they count towards the finals. Dead matches make poor returns as many coahces use these matches to trial for next year.

Wednesday 29th August: Updates are now available for the 2007 August Results, which you can click here to view online.

Most updates for racing on Saturday 1st September in all states (except N.S.W.) can be found on each states official websites. Most racing will be confirmed by Friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Please see the websites below to keep update with racing announcements:

- Racing New South Wales
- Racing Victoria
- Racing Information Service Australia
- Racing & Wagering Western Australia
- Queensland Racing

Many people have already received their copy of the Spring Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine. Many of the comments can be best reflected in what Dan from Queensland had to say:

Morning Team, Received the latest Horse Racing Australia Magazine and believe it to be the best yet. I have read it from cover to cover and believe it will benefit me as a keen punter. 'Punt Smart with Quinella's' and 'How To Find A Future Winner' by Garry are excellent articles. I'm looking at either the Spring Carnival Package Deal or  Jenni's book on: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems'.
Thanks for the update on the Equine Flu as it is affecting Australia and as you say there will be some positive consequences come out of it at the end of the day.Have a good day.
P.S. Back to my second read of the Magazine.

Tuesday 28th August: We expect Racing to resume by this weekend in every State except New South Wales. You will notice that our Spring Edition has hit our website. All Ratings Subscribers have had their Internet Subscriptions extended by one week.

Updated 27th August: Authorities predict Victorian Racing to be back as early as Wednesday along with Queensland Racing back by Friday.

Monday 27th August: The good news is that we had two Weekend Sports bets for two wins!

Our best guess for Racing at this stage is Interstate venues to resume Racing on Wednesday and NSW to cease Racing until mid September.

We have been able to make a significant contribution to the New South Wales Cancer Council thanks to those Members who made a purchase over the weekend via the Bookshop. Thanks to all who participated and we will send your , hopefully, winning raffle tickets in the mail later this week.

While Racing is quiet I am recommending that you use the time off to reassess your personal punting by checking Staking Plans and the like and if you want some action simply applyt the $100 Per Day Plan principals to New Zealand Racing ro Greyhounds as we understand from Members who have tried it that it works just as well on those.

Check our News Link for further information as it becomes available.

Saturday 25th August: Imagine we get equine flu here in Australia. All Racing will cease for up to three months and the Spring will be gone. No Cox Plate, no Caulfield Cup no Melbourne Cup and NO FORM. Imagine the chaos.

Todays test is enough to cancel all Racing in NSW and Interstate movements of horses have been banned. Hard to see how infected horses in Sydney affect Racing in every other State including Tasmania. Maybe everyone just wants a day off!

Friday 24th August: From today and over the weekend 10% of every sale we make will go to the Cancil Council. You will recieve that value in Raffle Tickets from the Hunter District Cancer Council Raffle. REMEMBER TODAY IS DAFFODIL DAY. If you would like to make a donation to help support this fantastic foundation visit their webiste by clicking here

None of today's meetings qualify as betting meetings for me today. Ros is running the Daffodil Day stall outside our premises and I guess I will be taking her hot drinks and lunch. It's a pity our State and Federal governments don't do more for cancer sufferers as it should not be up to volunteers to be out there raising money.

Tomorrow looks more interesting with Group two and Group three Racing in Sydney and Melbourne.

Thursday 23rd August: Yesterdays Winform Singles had a couple of good surprises, with a win at Murray Bridge and an even better win at Belmont Park, with 'Marine Drive' settling at $7.40.

Yesterday the Betting Pool made a $685 profit using Garry's new approach with Powerbet. There are a small number of Members that are currently being approached to use the new method, and we will report on this further in due course.

Please remember tomorrow is Daffodil Day. To make a donation with the Cancer Council please click here or phone the Cancer Council direct on: 1300 65 65 85. Get involved in Daffodil Day and give hope for a cancer-free future.

Wednesday 22nd August: "The value of betting with Sports Acumen was highlighted by Perth winner 'Wild Frankie'. The galloper was one of the best backed runners of the way with us and paid around the $3 mark on all totes.
But those who took the Best Fluc option with Sports Acumen would have been on good terms with themselves as he started at $6. Bets included $1200, $1000 and $600, with the difference in profit (tote compared to Sports Acumen) about $3600 for the $1200 punter.
Sydney was also a happy hunting ground this week for our punters. 'German Chocolate' made it back-to-back weight-for-age wins in the Premiere Stakes and carried bets including $3000 at $4.70."

I've taken the liberty of cutting the above from this week's Sports Acumen Newsletter. Both the above selections were part of our suite of bets last week. 'German Chocolate' was a UNITAB Selection from 'The Key To Winning Consistently' (we have only about 6 books left now) and 'Wild Frankie' was from: 'The Best Australian Horse Racing Systems' by Jenni Stevens.

We had one Premium Special yesterday for one loser. Bugga!

Ever had a really bad month? You have? Well later this week we'll tell you how to get a lot of those losses back.

The Spring Magazine arrived on our doorstop this morning and will be posted out over the next couple of days. Also, it is the NSW Cancer Councils big day this Friday 24th with Daffodil Day. We are proud to be participating. Stay tuned on how you can help.

Today I will be betting at Sandown. We are expecting a good longshot in our Top Four.

Tuesday 21st August: Today is Jenni's birthday, so there will be lots of great food shared over lunch, all but one meeting washed out yesterday so no action. We recieved an email from a client asking to spread the following news around. Be sure to check it out if you live in Victoria.

We have just introduced a Pick Six competition in conjunction with Sport 927. Entry is free and the weekly prize is $4,500 for selecting the six winners,  with the weekly winners going into the "year end" draw to win a new Lancer valued at $22k plus. It is only on offer to residents of Victoria, but its free and worth a crack every week. Please pass the news on to whoever you think may be interested.

For further information please go to the Sport 927 website:
Sport 97

Monday 20th August: It's teeming down here in Newcastle and both Muswellbrook and Lismore meetings today are looking very wet. Yesterday the KWTC Selection won, our Best Bet ran second and our Winform Winner won. Bravo won as well.

The Spring Magazine gets printed today for distribution later this week or early the following and Newsagencies will have it in store on Friday 31st August, 2007. To subscribe now click here.

Tegan is unwell and away today but we will be right on our game. Our newest book writer Jenni Stevens, has a birthday tomorrow and she would love to see a flood of orders so we have extended the IASBet (now SportsBet) deal until 5 p.m. today.

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