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Welcome To Professional Punters Diary, where all of your Official Updates, News and practical punting tips are found...

To view our previous Professional Punters Diary from Summer 2007, please click here

Autumn 2008 Edition- By Garry Robinson
Last Updated: Saturday 31st May, 2008: To view the Winter diary please click the menu on the left.

Thursday 29th May: Another good Powerplay day yesterday. Profit for a $10 base bet was over $200.

There was one Winform Gold that lost, no singles and no best bets but there was a second rated horse that placed and paid $23. I bet Trevor's chapter five selections and had one win from seven bets but I did make a couple of mistakes. That's two units I could have saved so this is not a story of how I got it wrong and accidentally picked up a big dividend. Why does this keep going back to red? Computers. I hate 'em!

Wednesday 28th May:
Well Garry did work in the garden yesterday but there were more winners to come from Chapter 5 of Trevor Johns’ book: 'Racing My Perfect Investment' including a $4 and a $14 winner. There was also a $6.40 winner from Chapter Six.

Garry reckons it was like he was being paid to garden. First he gardened through the racing fields taking note of the trainers and jockeys, eliminated the no hopers and finished with the cream of the crop. It took about half an hour in all to find the bets and place them and then it was shovelling up a truckload of mulch.

Powerplay had a great day too.

Tuesday 27th May: The Winform Ratings yesterday resulted with about 19 winning races from 24 yesterday. Our two Bravo Selections unfortunately didn't run a place but Susannah's 'If you have to have a bet' won at $3.90.

Garry decided not to bother with the form today and just bet the runners from Trevor John's amazing book 'Racing My Perfect Investment'. So far in 6 races he has backed a $16 winner, an $11 winner and $30+ winner. How long has this been going on?,' forever' according to Trevor. Garry has placed his last lot of bets on for the day even though he can't lose, which should give him some time to help his wife Ros do some gardening on his 'day off'.

Monday 26th May: Yesterday was another good day for Powerplay, betting in 33 races for $281.20 profit to add to our $733.50 that we won on Saturday's Powerplay. Sadly none of the three Premium Selections won or the two Winform Singles.
But overall a good weekend.

Sunday 25th May: Grandslam had another good winning day, Winform Gold was in front and Winform Singles got square. Powerplay was a big winner.

Here are my stats:
Bets 157, Wins 25, Average Dividend $7.30, Profit with $10 Base Bet $733.50

Two Sports Bets today and one tomorrow night. I've gone all up. Yesterday our Betting Pool had three of the four in the First Four and it was second favourite Murtajil that knocked us out. We had two successful parlays form five but overall on the day we lost $1500. There is enough left to go again next week. Remember we only need one good result.

Bravo came good with one from one and Best Ausralian Horse Racing Systems had three bets for two good winners. The C Plan had three winning races from just seven races but dividends weren't good enough to finish in front.

I had a very good win on Keytomoney. It paid just $2.40 but I backed it on Rod Cleary's NEW Internet Site and got $3.60. That's a huge difference betting the size I do.

Saturday 24th May: Our first Sports Bet got up easily last night. Are Geelong vulnerable or was it just one of those things? Roger Biggs pointed out to me in an email today that the strength of the C Plan was in the favourites that lost and Top Two Winform horses that won. He's right. The problem is as he pointed out to me is the long losing runs and that is why we stick to the strategy we have. With a 54% win strike rate we have few losing runs and they are usually short. This is the sort of strategy many aspiring professional punters need.

I haven't been watching the C Plan as I have been too busy assisting with Powerplay Subscribers and getting the Winter Magazine away. It is in Newsagents next weekend by the way. I don't have to worry though because purchasers of my new book: Race Winning Strategies are hot on the spot to let me know what's happening.

I noticed a lot of talk about Daniel O'Sullivans selections in the Punting Ace forum. The knockers were out in force becasue he did have a bad year last year. An analysis of his selectiosn for the past few years though reveal a steady and profitable result. It does show that you have to stick to solid strategies even when they don't get the right results for a while. For those of you who don't know him Daniel O'Sullivan is a partner in The Rating Bureau.

Today I will be hitting hard again for the 2008 Betting Pool and once again it is all or nothing. last week we got square. Tomorrow who knows?

Friday 23rd May: Yesterday was a 'red letter' day for Powerplay, with a fantastic $44.00 up in the first up. It would be great for this to happen everyday, as it makes betting a little easier and sweeter. Should weather conditions improve tomorrow Garry will be betting for the 2008 Betting Pool.

This Weekends Feature Race and Sports Selections are now available for Members online.

Also as mentioned in yesterday's entry, Horse Racing Australia Magazine Issue: 10 Winter 2008 is now available here at Winform, to order or subscribe, please click here. Issue 10 Winter will be available in all leading Newsagencies from: 30th May, 2008

Thursday 22nd May:
All in all it was a pretty busy day for us yesterday. We may have only had three selections but we picked some winners. First was our Best Bet with Atomic Force at Rosehill and then a Wet Success Express at Murray Bridge with Princess Shawna.

We had a surprise delivery of our Winter Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine which means you will receive it even earlier than expected! We have begun the mail out and should be finished by the end of the day. Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday 21st May: Well tonights Round One of State of Origin and Queensland have won the previous two Origin Series, which gives them just one overall series win advantage over New South Wales. As you probably already know Queensland is going into tonights game as favourites at $1.62 IASbet.com and New South Wales 'the underdogs' at $2.30 IASbet.com. Although Queensland don't have a great record at ANZ Stadium, tonights game should be close and pumped full of action.

Yesterday was pretty disappointing for the Winform Selections, but today will hopefully hold some good results with racing at Murray Bridge, Rosehill, Sandown & Belmont.

For Powerplay one yesterday we had an overall six winners for a $100 profit. For our Powerplay Two selections we had ten winner for profit of $500.

Tuesday 20th May: A great winning day for Powerbet and Powerplay and Muswellbrook came through again. The number of longshot winners we find there is truly amazing! In the last our top rated selection deadheated for 1st at $10 and then after protesting we got the lot.

It looks like just a couple of selections today but Powerplay could be on song again.

Scott from the good ole US of A sent this: 'Using just the C Plan.. with the compounding and starting with $1,000 $20units. If I was too just get a 50% target hit per day. What would my account be like in 1 year?'

Here's my reply: You can work it out. One race in six there is likely to be a bet and the strike rate is 54% at average slightly better than $2.00 ($4.00 US). (In the USA all betting is in $2 units). One user told me he started with $20 bets and as the winnings came in he got up to $85 per race so far.

Monday 19th May: Only one win from four for the Weekend Sports bets so we stand at 67% wins. Here's a snapshot of Powerplay yesterday using a $10 base bet. I left out selections at $21 fixed or more.

Image Below:
Sunday May 18th Powerplay 60% Race Strike Rate, Carryover $13.40

Sunday 18th May: The Betting Pool lost the First four jackpot AND the Flemington Quaddie but we did get a good enough return on our parlay bets to get square on the day. I'll let you know when I'm ready to go again.

Grandslam was fantastic today and I just hope that all subscribers checked the update as after the Flemington track downgrade, 'Kert' was the selection and not 'Gold In Dubai' which was the dry track selection. The update went up with the WA scratchings at approx. 11a.m. I have had some feedback from Members who did get the winner and others who jumped the gun and got the 'Gold in Dubai' bet on early. It meant an extra bet but better than missing out altogether, especially at $9.30.

The Winform Singles had two our of two but Best Bets flopped with zero from two for a rare losing day.

Winform Gold is going well. One bet for one $4.60 winner. The Bolter plan had a $3.90 winner, Simply The Best $4.20 and Formula 33 a $6.60 winner.

There seemed to be a lot of top rated Winform horse today. I personally made about $2000 on the Grandslams and Singles.

Our first Sports Bet won last night but the Hawks won but were behind at half time to spoil our Double and my Parlay.

Saturday 17th May: The 2008 Betting Pool is heavily invested in the Flemington Quaddie. It is a big ask but that's when the dividend is a big one. I looked long and hard at the Doomben quaddie but the possibility of at least one very short priced winner (El Cambio looks too hard to beat) meant that a big dividend, whilst a possibility, is not guaranteed. On the other hand EVERY Flemington leg has the prospect of a longshot winning.

At Doomben we are roving a longshot to try for the Doomben First Four which is a UNITAB jackpot event. Today is an all or nothing day for the Pool so let's hope it is all. We have the funds for a crack at it with many Members participating in the January betting pool promotion.

The remainder of the betting pool is totally invested in parlays with Iasbet on a raft of today's Winform Selections. We are banking on enough winners landing in just one set to be succesful.

Friday 16th May: I'm told yesterday was a good day. I was busy working on Powerplay strategies. Prue finalised uploading the Winter Magazine to the printers late last night. She deserves and will get a day off at least after all she has had to deal with to get it there.

Last night Ros headed home first and as I was driving down the freeway I had this sudden premonition that when she turned off the freeway I would find her by the side of the road (Ros has had a couple of dizzy spells lately). I immediately dismissed the thought. As I turned off the freeway I saw a car with it's hazard lights pulled over by the side of the road and there she was.

I slammed on the brakes and pulled of the road myself and as I rushed back to her car the window came down and she stuck her head out but before I could ask if she was alright she said: 'Would you mind coming to the car wash with me. I don't want to be there on my own in the dark!'

Thursday 15th May: Apologies for any inconveniences to Members who were trying to login yesterday for their updates and couldn't. As many would have noticed on their emails yesterday, we were experiencing techical difficulties with our Internet Service provider, which took the entire afternoon to rectify.

Please Note: that if we are experiencing techincal difficulties in the future, all listed emails at Winform for current suscribers, selections will be sent out immediatley to those addresses. Our Phone Services are always available to current subscribers, so please if you have misplaced your Phone Numbers and/or PINS, please email or contact the office direct on: (02) 4950 1747.

C Plan won it’s first race once again yesterday but at a bloody small price. One user has advised that he has experimented with field size and by doing this he is now getting a 60% strike rate on his last 220 race selections. We are sure there are plenty of ways of doing this. By the way, he doesn't bet unless he can make 40% profit. Using Money Factory, he has made over $3,000 profit so far but has yet ti try the strategy on page 27 of Race Winning Strategies.

DON'T FORGET about our awesome new deals with Winform Ratings:
If you are new to purchasing three months Winform Ratings you can receive Garry's new book: 'Race Winning Strategies' with the new C Plan for just $545 (discount $150). Or if you are new to purchasing 12 months Winform Ratings you will receive a complimentary copy of Garry's new book: 'Race Winning Strategies'.
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Wednesday 14th May: Two out of five yesterday for the Winform Single Selections. 'Diamond Pusuit' at $2.30 and 'Sea Zulu' at $1.90, both at Townsville. Should have 'Sea Zulu' won outright yesterday instead of dead heating, yesterday would have been great.

NOTE: We are experiencing tecnical difficulties with our Members Login area this morning. Please Note all Current Members with email, will receieve their updated selections via email soon. All people using our Phone Services, our updated Selections are now available...

The very first eligible C Plan race was a winner once again.

Tuesday 13th May: One win from the two Winform Singles yesterday a Bravo winner and a Success Express. The C Plan won its first race as it seems to do nearly every day. Has anyone monitored the staking suggestion on page 27 of Race Winning Strategies? We'd love to hear from you, click here.

The past week has seen few bets compared to what we have been used to so we are expecting a pick up soon especially with the Brisbane Carnival in full swing over the next few weeks. Proofs of the Winter Magazine arrived today and so we expect to print next week and post the week after.

Canbet tell us that Winform Members are killing them at the moment and in fact a number of bookmakers are telling us the same thing. We have created a lot of interest with our Freebets & Bonuses Newsletter and it is the smart punters that are taking advantage , as they should.

Monday 12th May: The first winner of the day yesterday was a C Plan from 'Race Winning Strategies'. Powerplay looked O.K. yesterday if you followed through. We are currently looking at a comparison of follow through or quit at the suggested points and so far it seems to point to the follow through being the most profitable strategy although that obvioulsy involves more work. It's simple really, the greater the turnover the greater the profit for any profitable strategy.

We get asked which staking plan is bets, Powerbet or Money Factory, well each plan is designed for a different purpose. Powerbet requires average priced winners at $5.50 to make a profit but Money Factory works right down to average $2 dividends, hence it's success at line betting at the Footy.

Speaking of which we did get Penrith up as our only NRL bet. We selected the Dream Team as value at +8.5 but by the time we had posted the bet it was only + 5.5 and therefore no value. Lucky as they lost by 17. We think the Knights will go well tonight against Melbourne. You can get +11.5 and they have been competitive in every game so far.

Sunday 11th May: 33% strike rate on the Top Two including a $24 winner at Doomben. Grandslam only one winner but enough to be in front. Our Winform Single at Toowoomba was photoed out at $9, pity, that one win can make all the difference.

David Bendeich tells me his selections using his new rules, had a great day so we are looking forward to the new book.

Well it's Happy Mothers Day today so I won't be betting but many will, including many of our punting mothers and we have a few. I will be betting any single selections of course, and Premiums.

Friday 9th May: Into each day some light must shine and for us it was the Winform Single which won at $3.70, the other Single missed bu paid $3.00 the place.

The C Plan won it's first race for a very small pay and then missed a couple before another win. To be honest I didn't see what happened after that. Today is busy too getting the final pages finished for the Winter Edition of the magazine so I won't be doing much today either. Tomorrow I am at a Seminar and Sunday, well that's Mothers Day.

I expect to miss lots of winners Saturday so you all get your bets on you hear?

I was just speaking to Terry. He tells me he has no one to tell him what to do and organise his day so he goes fishing and if he gets sick of that he comes in and has lunch and then goes fishing for the arvo.

Thursday 8th May: Yesterday the C Plan had three winners from four eligible races which meant it reached yesterday's target easily. Our Best Bet won at $3.00 and Powerplay had a 60% strike rate including a $10.00 winner!

Tonight our New Free Bets and Bonuses Newletter with go out with some super offers for the weekend.

Wednesday 7th May: Today I received $194.89. That was my cashback rebate from Canbet.com.au as I lost last month. I place all my exotic bets there as I know I will get big wins on occasions but several losing months. My winning months do not affect my rebates so any rebates I do get simply add to my winnings.

There are some conditions to the rebate and to qualify you have to have at least $500 worth of bets and or 25 bets overall on Betaprice (I think this is right but check with here with Canbet to make sure). This is not an onerous qualification for most people. Anyhow, the $194.89 is a welcome addition to my betting bank.

Only account holders who request the bonus get it and I guess anyone who doesn't apply probabaly doesn't want it or thinks they haven't qualified. I always apply just to make sure.

One of the benefits of having such a large number of clients as we do means that several of our readers have submitted articles for publication in Horse Racing Australia Magazine. Anyone who wants to is welcome to send their ideas. Our Winter is closed but Spring will soon be starting, email here.

Tuesday 6th May: Yesterday the run continued for Winform Ratings Subscribers with this big win:

 4:55 Alice Springs Race 7 05May08 1000m Opn   HCP $12000 Track Good

No     Form Horse              Wodds
 6 14X0007- Happy Spot           1.7 1st $93+
 2 59575-22 Le Niska             5.2  2nd

Quinella $300 Exacta $1000+ Sorry, we couldn't give you the Trifecta. If this doesn't illustrate value I don't know what does. 'Happy Spot' was rated an odds on chance by Winform based on its form on dirt tracks at Fannie Bay (Darwin) and Pioneer Park (Alice Springs). At its first start at Fannie Bay it had been beaten 15 lengths then it won and won again after a 25 day break. Its first run at Pioneer Park it ran last and had a 30 day break before yesterday's run. History repeats. It's a good guide to a horse's future form.

Today I am doing a private demonstration for a client so will be unavailable. These private demos replace the seminars we used to have. It enables us to determine a client's needs and set up a program to suit those needs. With clients able to get to Newcastle and back on the one day for very little money out of Brisbane and Melbourne and being within two hours drive of Sydney there is no reason for anyone intending to be a serious punter to miss the opportunity for a live demonstration.

The tyranny of distance does make it harder for those from further afield but we are always here to render assistance to purchasers.

So did I bet 'Happy Spot'? Sorry, I had an actual day off.

The C Plan went well again yesterday getting a winner in the first race.

Monday 5th May: I'm not in today so I'm doing this Sunday night and what a day it has been with two $30 winners and a $23 winner and numerous other winners, Powerplay has been spectacular. You just have to hang in there, most people don't.

Our Best Bet missed but the Bravo won and there were no other Singles.

We had the Knights to win by -1.5 and it was just 1 so we ended up with three ouf of four or 14 from the past 18, a strike rate of 77%. Some services charge $100's of dollars for their Sports Tips but you can get our Best Bets, the Footy Tips and the Weekend Feature Race plus the Magazine for just $149 for 12 months. We can't understand why some people don't resubscribe, it seems a good deal to me.

Sunday 4th May: No such thing as everything firing at once. Two Grandslam winners from seven but the odds not good enough to win. Premium Selections one from two but just square, Winform Singles one from two. Three winners from the HRA Selections. A couple of longshots for the Top Two but Powerplay has one of its worst days. A worst week too I would say.

Our Footy Bet last night, the Newcastle Knights, won as predicted but we gave up 1.5 start and they won by just the point. Three to go.

Saturday 3rd May: The C Plan kicked off today with a winner in the very first race. It may be that today is the day we claw back the poor results from the past week on our Top Two.

Friday 2nd May: I hate making predictions. Just when we expected a big day we got a bumma of a day. Maybe Friday will be better. I hope so. We welcomed over 60 people to the Grandslam Service during April although for the month we were 5.85 units down or minus $585 on $100 bets. We're still up over $5,000 for the year to date. I'm personally still well up overall but April has been a losing month for me.

Our information suggests that as a group, Winform Members are well up with one Member winning $20,000 plus. We tell his story in a future issue of the Magazine.

Jennifer emailed today and asked about what I meant when I suggested we could get very high strike rates with UNITAB and Winform combined with the C Plan. I have noted that when one of the horses coincides for both sets of ratings, the resulting strike rate is a lot higher than usual. In the example in the book we found three out of three.

Thursday 1st May: Well a very quite day yesterday with not many selections and no wins.

Today we have a few Single Selections so lets hope they get up. Also today we have racing at Rockhampton, Wyong and Wagga which hold fantastic strike rates for the Winform Top Two, so Powerbet users hopefully (fingers crossed) will have a positive day.

SPECIAL WINFORM NEWS - Wednesday 30th April 2008
: Sportsbet are holding one GIANT Super Saturday May 3rd 2008. That’s this week! The following offers are for Sportsbet members only, so click here to join.

1. Sportsbet will refund 10% of your net losses on any Moonee Valley bets placed and resulted from 10am to 6pm Saturday 3rd May 2008. (Available for win, place and each way bets only)

Sportsbet are holding one CRAZY happy hour.
2. Get 20% of your winnings added to your first 10 win, place and eachway bets upto the value of $500 each! Bets must be placed between 1pm and 2pm Saturday 3rd May 2008 and the bonus offer only available for Racing.

3. Sportsbet will match your first win, place or eachway bet upto the value of $50 with on any horse in the Champagne Stakes from 10am to 6pm with a free bet of the same value in the Sydney Cup. Any free bets earned must be placed between 10am and 6pm Saturday 3rd May.

4. Sportsbet are also offering a Super Saturday Double Up! Sportsbet are doubling their ‘Join Now’ and ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus for Saturday 3rd May 2008. Join Sportsbet from 10am to 6pm on Saturday 3rd May 2008 and deposit funds within that time and you’ll receive the normal 20% intial deposit bonus plus another 20%.

** Any free bets earned must be used from 10am to 6pm Saturday 3rd May 2008. If bonuses are not used within the designated time they will become void and be forfeited. For full terms and condition click here or visit www.sportsbet.com.au.

Wednesday 30th April: An incredibly successful day yesterday. Winform Gold had two from three with one of the winners at $8.50. My bet was a trixie and altogether I won over $6,000. Not bad when two of the winners were on the heavy track at Port Macquarie. Both selections had experience at the track, a most important factor as Port Macquarie is downhill in the straight and many horses do not like this. Other similar tracks are Cessnock and Quirindi. Some tracks such as Kilmore, are uphill in the straight.

Only two C Plan races yesterday and both won. It was worth the wait as both were later in the day.

Tuesday 29th April: What a shocker. Nothing worked yesterday, no Singles (lost by a nostril) no worthy winners at all except Quenbeyan where we usually do no good at all. There we had some good winners. The bonus Grandslam Offer closes tomorrow and we are getting the queries now from the ones who are still looking for the catch. Well there isn't one. So when you have your free bets you have to turnover your money before you can take it out. Big deal! Aren't you betting anyway? We have to query the attitude of some punters who are more concerned with hangng onto the bonuses than being adventurous with it. Have go while it's free. Bet what you might not have done with your own cash. Lose and you've lost nothing, win and you're in punter's heaven.

The C Plan had one winner from five bets. A rare losing day.

Monday 28th April: Further research into our newer Powerplay Strategy has shown that we should close our series if the next set of bets would take us over $300. If we are betting all race meetings in together, we simply continue on from there starting back at our base bet of $10. With a race strike rate of close to 55% we will normally make a profit and clear our series with one win in four races if the odds are good enough. On the first race we always outlay $40 but if less than $10 behind (we get a winner paying $3.10 or more) we clear the series and start again.

Yesterday we won our profit goal on the C Plan early. I stopped watching after that, well racing anyway. Instead I watched some of the footy matches we probably should have bet on.

No winners for the Winform Singles but there were only two bets. A pretty quiet day actually.

A reminder that our Grandslam deal closes Wednesday. After a great March, April has been a losing month but you have to have them. We are still well ahead and on target for a good year again. We did think Takeover Target would have won for us but perhaps he has finally succumbed to his age.

Sunday April 27th: I'm bruised and battered with only one Winform single winning and two Grandslam, no Best Bet winner and no Feature race winner. Powerplay was not the best either. And theweekend sports bets produced a 50% strike rate when I aim for at least 67% so now only 11 from last 14. I hate losing, don't you?

I will definitely get a rebate from Canbet.com.au this month, so that helps and next month I will win like the month before. The Grandslam offer ends Wednesday as does the canbet.com.au deal and the Over The Odds deal. You can call the office for more info on these tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope for a few winners today.Three in a row would be good, and at $20 if possible.

Saturday 26th April: Profit goal for the C Plan arrived 1st thing, no worries and our Winform Gold won yesterday. The day found plenty of winners amongst our Ratings.

Today our first eligible betting has been won and we are ahead of our profit goal already.

Friday 25th April: My Dad was an Airman in New Guinea in WW2. Today he is in a home on a walker and well past marching and having a few drinks with his mates. They are mostly not here. He has a good life though and gets on well with the staff and enjoys watching movies and occasionally we take him out for a steak (he is in a seventh day adventist Hostel). My grandfather enjoyed a punt but Dad never had a bet in his life so I guess it was Pop Smellie (pronounced Smiley) whose punting blood flowed down to me. I thank him for that on my winning days.

Yesterday the C Plan won the first two eligible races for small wins in each. That loss last week has been clawed right back and of course we had won consistently for months before then. The Winform Singles failed to find a winner, in fact none of our Premiums of Best Bets won either.

Gosford is off and many venues are rain affected like this day last year. I do think we can find the winner of the Doncaster tomorrow though.

Thursday 24th April: C Plan was harder yesterday with our profit goal not coming until bet 7. The three wins along the way were at excellent prices. Powerplay was excellent yesterday also with a highlight the $19 winner in the first at Ascot. There were no Winform singles but hopefully today. I have clawed back a substantial part of last week's losses and it is just a matter of patience. I am still hoping for a profit in May.

Tomorrows races are on the Saturday page and the early Saturday will be there tonight as usual and back up late tomorrow. Weekend sports bets are on a roll with the NRL./AFL selections scoring nine out of the last ten. The office will close at 5p.m. today and reopen 9a.m. Monday when Prue Hawkins arrives back from her annual leave.

Wednesday 23rd April: It was quiet yesterday but we did land a 100%+ profit on the very first C Plan race to make our profit goal. The Winform singles had two wins and four placed from the four selections. A $10 Place Parlay paid $1060. Canbet actually paid $7.50 for the place on one selection. Our winners were at $7 and $2.20.

Overnight we will have a generous offer from iasbet.com for the weekend racing for new account holders. Iasbet is our number one choice and we already have over 1500 of our Winform Members with existing accounts. Some have accounts for their wives and adult children too. Word of mouth is a great form of promotion.

We also noticed that both Iasbet and canbet are giving away LCD TV's. At both sites there are second chance specials each day. Firstly, if there is a protest and your horse loses you get your money back. There are the daily promos where you get a refund if your horse runs second in selected races. I always try to bet these races as this is a clear edge in your favour.


Tuesday 22nd April: By all reports our Members are generally winning this month but the continuing wet weather has meant that turnover on Racing is way down on last year. We suspect that money is getting shorter in a lot of households too as many Members are renewing their Magazine Subscription but not such a simple thing as the Best Bets which are currently averaging 52% strike rate since December.

Yesterday Kilmore was upgraded before the first race (if it was ever dead) and this led to the first race winner at $18 being a C Plan. We endeavour to update whenever track conditions change. Fortunately there is always someone who lets us know if we don't pick it up ourselves (hard to do when we're talking to clients on the phone).

There were some Bravo selections yesterday, but no winners and no Winform Singles or Premium. We have had responses from Powerplay users and the voting is Love the new strategy but keep the old too so we will do so even though it is a little extra work. I think some users have picked up that combining both strategies in Doubles and Trebles gives a very high strike rate.

Monday 21st April: If you bet the Ratings yesterday you could have made a fortune. There were several good Trifectas including Wagga race five where our Single Selection ran 2nd to our 2nd rated horse. In this race we got the Trifecta in the Top Three $2000+ and the First Four which jackpotted in every State. I would have simply been happy to get our horse home first.

The C Plan won .8 of a unit or $80 on a $100 per race bet on the first elgible race of the day. I spent my afternoon on the Footy and saw our selection the Knights, storm home at 34/20 over the Roosters. I also saw the heartbreaking draw by Richmond against the Western Bulldogs. There are four teams in the AFL playing a similar style of footy, Geelong, St Kilda, Hawthorn and Richmond. Have a look and see if they haven't incorporated some Rugby League tactics into their game.

Anyhow, had I followed the Ratings yesterday I would have recouped all of the 10k I lost in the past week. Most of those losses were incurred trying for jackpots and parlays but I only need one to win it all plus more.

Our NRL and AFL Weekend Sports Bets won five from five and there we go. A simple allup would have done it for me but I took a Trixie on the AFL and a Double on the NRL. Both won but the return was small compared to a simple all up which returned odds of 28/1.

The updated Powerplay strategy is working well already with big wins to most players who have adopted it. Grandslam failed to find a winner this week so we have revisited February which had our longest run of outs to date. We always bounce back. I hope it is soon!

The Winform Singles had a good winning weekend.

Sunday 20th April: We now have four wining Sports Bets in a row with just the NRL game today and David Toulson's soccer top to go. We are well in front and can't lose.

The C Plan started well yesterday and finished well with 8 from 13, remember part A does not operate on heavy tracks. Those who have just started Grandslam will be thinking they've got a dud as no selections won yesterday and none of our Premium selections won either. You get days like that. The Winform singles had a great day with two wins at $7. What will today bring?

Saturday 19th April; A wet Golden Slipper day. Have fun! A winning C Plan day with two winning races to start the day but then one up one down all day from there. No other selections. Powerplay had an interesting day as did Powerbet.

Today could be a challenge with the weather. Oh , a reminder that there is two weeks to go for the Grandslam promotion. Remember Grandslam made $5810 for March on $100 bets.

Two sports bets gone for two good wins. I have them all up so come on the next couple.

Friday 18th April: Is it Friday already? John called me yesterday to say he had a good win with the C Plan Wednesday. Yesterday was different. It was the worst day I have ever experienced with it with just two winning races from eighteen. Thats about 16.5 units down. So how do we deal with that? At a one unit profit goal per day that's two weeks of work to get square. That's one view. But you can simply do that, you can't win all the time even though you do win most times. Money Factory users aren't even breathing heavy as the staking plan controls the bad run.

I'll simply carry on today as I know the Plan has better than 50% strike rate. Do we need to increase our stakes? It wouldn't hurt, as we know once again that as the plan equalises we will pull it back but what if it doesn't do it today? I feel that Hawkesbury yesterday which was downgraded to a slow seven and may have been closer to heavy. Also at Ascot, few horses had even experienced a wet track before. It's easy to be smart after the event but what if it's wet again today?

What would hurt is if on our fifty unit bank we increase our stakes and the winners don't come today so no, stick with the one unit per race. I will probably more likely try to parlay today as a run of winners will quickly pull back the loss. As I will definitely be betting again today I may even go half at regular bets and half with a parlay just to see how it goes in real time.

Maarten emailed yesterday and it was interesting. He was still working it out on paper and produced losses on days where it actually won. One of the benefits of paper trading is that you can't lose but one of the pitfallls is that it is not real so you don't know for sure of the price you got. One good example is a Hawkesbury race which after the event would have been a good win but in actual fact with less than a minute to go the selected horse was not a selection or even likely and there were a couple of races where I actually bet but anyone looking afterwards would have said "that race was a no bet."

Does it sound complicated? Well it's not. Let's hope we have a win today.

Thursday 17th April: One Winform Gold bet yesterday for one winner. I can't comment on the C plan because I simply wasn't there to check as I had a rare afternoon off with a mate. Col is in the Real Estate game and he tells me that February was his best month ever in Real Estate and March, after the latest rate rise the worst. He tells me that the smart money is still looking for commercial which has higher yields, although with the market softening anything at the low end of the market is being snapped up with a view to another market catch up in five or so years time.

At my age, I need more consistent cash flow and so punting is still the best way to go. Money Factory combined with our total selection package has made about $6,000 profit on a $10,000 bank since January 1st and that includes one complete bank bust in February.

One purchaser of Race Winning Stratgegies has told me that when he was first introduced to the basic C Plan over three years ago he started with a $25 per race bet which built up to $85 per race over the first 12 weeks while he was on a break from work.

Col and I were at a local pub for lunch and he wanted to test my C Plan theories so armed with a couple of hundred bucks and just the free TAB ratings and TAB markets won three out of five races for a small profit. He plans to follow the C Plan on Friday and Saturday afternoons to give him a break and a profit. He is taking along a cheap wireless equipped laptop to the Pub so he can see the on course market and the Winform Ratings.

My daughter, Belle, who used to work for me here, has recently started follwoing the Best Bets and Winform Singles just on Saturdays and Sundays. She has incresed her bank by over 500% just betting level stakes with Betezy.

Wednesday 16th April: Not being greedy is one way to stay on top. There were two wins from the first three C Plan races yesterday for a small profit but the ratio never got better as most races produced very low priced results.

The Winform singles had a poor result yesterday for the same reason. Our new Powerplay method won again yesterday with a $27 winner turning up late. Profit for a $10 base bet was over $500 to add to Mondays haul. Hope it goes well today.

Tuesday 15th April: The C Plan had another win yesterday with two good Winform Winners to make a successful day. We have nine Winform Single Selections today so it looks as though we should have a great run today.

Monday 14th April: I'm getting an early start by posting Sunday night. The sports bets finished in profit by a very small margin. Yesterday the very first race of the day was a winning C Plan race and there were plenty of races further on and many winners. Winform Gold had one from two. The singles had just one short priced winner from two. Anyone using Powerbet would have won with a number of longshot winners. Powerplay should have been a win. In race 5 at Muswellbrook there was only one eligible runner so our usual minimum price need not apply. The $2.90 dividend was a good result.

David Bendeich found a $16.40 winner with one of his new systems from the second edition of The Key To Winning Consistently, which will be released later this year. Initially only purchasers of his first book will be eligible to purchase the new one. It was interesting that there was a longpriced winner for the Unitab system from the first book yesterday.

Sunday 13th April: Grand Slam had a massive 16 bets yesterday but only two winners to pull us back to the field. Some of the short priced selections put in the worst performances. We started well with a $7.90 winner but there was no more until Danecay at $1.70. The singles had one from three for a small profit. Success Express had two from two, Winform Gold two from three and our Best Bet ran 3rd at $3.20. Overall I made a worthwhle profit. Powerplay found winners too and there were some nice results amongst the Top Two Winform selections.

We found the Feature race Quinella at $60 and the $11 winner in our top three and then there was the C Plan. What a ride! Our first winnning race was bet number six and we got out to two winners from ten before an avalanche of good priced winners got us in front at race seventeen. It was only half our profit goal but it was a profit. So + $50 for a $100 per race bet and on parlay magic $325. As an experiment I switched the parlay Magic program to run trebles and the profit for this would have been $650. Interesting.

Our second sports bet goes off today, having won our first Friday night. David Toulson's soccer betting finally hit the front wih a $3.25 result overnight. How you can pick a draw I don''t know but he did. Today I'll be at the Knights/Broncos game where both sides have a new team at the halves.

Saturday 12th April: Some good Autumn Carnival Racing today and the weather is not too bad although most tracks are a little damp. If the rain stays away the going at some venues could improve. Yesterday Best Bets had two from three and we are well above 50% strike rate again.

The C Plan had a rare losing day for Winform with a loss of 2.5 units but we noted the free ratings C Plan was on fire yesterday with three wins from the first three bets.

Powerplay users will not have access to the new strategy on weekends as it is a Monday to Friday strategy.

Friday 11th April: A rewarding day yesterday for C Plan users. It is a bummer when the first three races are lost and you have to continue to recoup but the C Plan keeps providing and by Toowoomba race six we were in front $35 on a $100 per race investment. The very next race won and allowed us to reach our profit goal easily. As it turned out there was only one more C Plan race for the day and that was a late race at Bunbury which was another win.

Bravo had an excellent $11 winner yesterday from one bet, the singles had only one winner but it will come. Winform Gold had one bet for one winner.

Poweplay subscribers received some new selections yesterday which should provide another option for profit. The race strike of the new plan is over 50% with average dividends above $5.

Thursday 10th April: A frustrating day yesterday with five C Plan races in a row going down before a run of six winners. However the end result was brilliant with a profit of $400+ for a $100 per race bet. Using Parlay magic that same outlay per race resulted in a $998 profit with one race to go which made $348 for a $100 outlay which is a great start for todays parlay. It more than covered the one unit loss from earlier in the week.

The Winform singles had another bad day and our luck is due to change. Powerplay had a good win but the Premium selections failed.

Using Money Factory with a base bet of just $50, there has been a profit of over $5,000 for February March leaving us about $7,000 up for the year to date.

Wednesday April 9th: A very bad day yesterday with the website having to be taken down. We appear to have suffered a hacker attack with many times more people loading up the ratings than what have subcribed. The stolen files aren't the big issue though, it is the increased bandwidth used which slows the site down.

We also had an issue with our back up which meant we couldn't recreate all the latest files so some areas of the website remain hard to access but we have recovered the important files such as the Bookshop, the Members log in area and of course the Diary.

There was only one C Plan race with Winform yesterday and that lost. One unit down. The C Plan using other ratings had a great winning start according to David. Our Winform singles must have been running at another race track because I simply couldn't find any of them in the results. Maybe today?

Tuesday April 8th: One losing race then a good winning race for the C Plan yesterday. Not a lot of action but the win was good enough to make a small profit. Only two bets for the singles for no result. Powerbet had a good day but Powerplay had only the one meeting for no result.

Today looks interesting. Pakenham is having a jumps day with three jumps races and we don't bet those.

Monday 7th April: Another brilliant day for the C Plan yesterday. Profit goal achieved after race one and three winning races in a row if you wanted to continue on. The Grandslam bets for Ascot weren't run until Sunday but that didn't stop them from winning with two bets at $13.10 and one at $5.60. I looked up my bets and found that they had been cancelled. Hope you didn't miss out.

A great weekend for the Sports bets again and the Knights just missed. There are two sports bets to go in the UK. David Toulson finally found a winner and he could be on a roll.

Best Bets is continuing to astound with winner after winner and Grandslam had another mammoth profit. I wish I had more on. The Grandslam/canbet offer is on now but is strictly limited. It is for first time Grandslam and canbet.com.au account holders only and the deal was only finalised midday Friday and must end April 30th.

Sunday April 6th: There were four winners from the first five C Plan races yesteday but let's look at two of them. In one race the expected profit was just 5%. Does this represent a reward? Not enough for me, and the same applied in the following race where projected profit was just 13%. You have to draw the line somewhere and that will depend on the potential of one of your two horses paying along way over what is expected. Generally 20% or less is not worth the effort. The other three races made 47%, 170% and 86%, all returns that are worth the risk.

I scored the nil takeout Daily Double yesterday but didn't stake it right and made a small loss. I missed the Jacpot First Four on Unitab with a 1,2,3, result and just missing the 4th place. The First Four paid $4700+ on Unitab, more than double what it paid elsewhere. It is a great payoff if you can strike a jackpot pool.

Grandslam had two wins from ten but there were two of these placed at $4.10 and $3.30 as well and the Winform Singles had a day made by a $10 winner. Best Bets continued on with phenomenal success and the Premium selections were good too. I had to be satisfied with a $2k profit for April to date.

Speaking of Grandslam, we had the benefit of a sensational bonus offer from canbet.com.au, the likes of which we don't expect to see again. All of our registered readers have been notified but if you haven't seen this offer (we can't make it public), register through our Newsletter link and specify "Grandslam bonus" in the comments section or call the office on Monday (02) 49501747. The offer applies to all new Grandslam subscribers from April 6th who open a canbet account. The offer is limited, obviously.

An unprecedented rainstorm left us with no Ascot meeting and no Powerplay selections yesterday but there are some today.

Saturday April 5th: We didn't quite make our profit goal with the first C Plan winner yesterday but we creamed it with the second one. Our one Powerplay location found three winners from the first five races but all were just borderline prices and no longshots. There was one Winform Single winner and in that race we nailed the Trifecta one two three.

We did find one good Bravo top that almost did it. It placed at $13.30 for the place! My focus today is on the AFL game this arvo. As I am in the office every day I am actually taking today off from Racing although my Grandslam and Winform singles will be spot on as usual.

Friday April 4th: 340% profit from the very first eligible C Plan race yesterday and it was another surprise. The actual fixed price betting showed that the favourite was well overs on all TABs and the TAB favourite was so far under it wasn't funny. It was another situation as described on page 76 of the Race Winning Strategies book.

All of yesterdays race meetings were good for almost any Winform Strategy you could think of which is pretty much what we predicted yesterday. We also scooped an $11.50 Winform single winner which is only to be expected given the recent drought.

We had to laugh this morning at the report suggesting the Newcastle track was too hard for horses on Wednesday. The course is always well watered and well grassed and with all the recent rains it has stood up well. Who are these trainers that are complaining? Do they have a lot of mudlarks in the stable? Well Falaise won the Newmarket and that is one good mud runner so it can't have been too hard!

Thursday April 3rd: My sister in law is recovering well and thanks for all those who asked. It is appreciated.
Yesterday the C Plan had a positive result in the very first race of the day and made the profit goal. I had Malcom here for a one on one seminar and was able to demonstrate four winning races in a row by simply dutch betting sensibly using the Ratings and the C Plan. I have actually made our dutch betting program a free bonus to purchasers of the Race Winning Strategies book this month. It is easily the best dutch betting software around and yes we know there are a number of websites offering basic dutch betting software for free but you do get what you pay for.

Malcolm did get to observe one mitsake I made when I inadvertently entered one runner at $2.70 instead of $2.20. It won of course and I got less than what I wanted but we're not all perfect. Today looks like a good day.

Wednesday 2nd April: I was away all day yesterday and at a guess there were two losing C Plan races yesterday. That makes three in a row counting Monday. I didn't of course see the actual betting so I cannot be sure. Colac was abandoned because of the track conditions. This wouldn't have helped. The end result is that we need three winning days now to get square. The temptation is to bet on and maybe that will pick up the loss more quickly but there is also the possibility that we could simply add to the loss. Depends on your point of view I guess. Remember we have 90%+ winning days when we take our one unit profit goal. We have better than 50% winning races at a level stakes profit but in seeking that we will inevitably have runs of losses as well as runs of winners. In one chapter of Race Winning Strategies I found a run of seven winners from eight races and another of twelve and that was just on random Saturday.

Tuesday April 1st: Only two meetings yesterday and Terang was heavy. Only one opportunity for the C Plan and it misses. A losing day. No singles for the day. Today there are three meetings Albany, Colac and Randwick. We have one single selection today so here is hoping!

Monday 31st March: Four out of Five for the Footy Bets but David Toulson is still waiting for our first English Footy winner (another draw). The Singles had just one winner, Winform Gold won yesterday and I wasn't following it but it looks like the C Plan may have had a neutral day with loser, winner, loser, winner etc. It's hard to tell as there were no markets for some venues. It can be hard on days like that. You don't know whether to keep going or quit. Still, only about three days in March when we did not make a profit.

Prue heads off on hoildays Thursday for a month so I'll be in the office virtually every day. The Winter Magazine is well into production so that will help and the Seminar and books have been completed so it looks as though it could be smooth running for a while.

David Bendeich came up with another good winning day yesterday too.


Sunday March 30th: Five winners for Grandslam yesterday but no great prices. The Best Bet won, we got our third Sport Bets in a row up but the Winform Singles were nil from seven. Today? Maybe.

Each day David Bendeich gives me a list of his selections from: 'The Key To Winning Consistently' and selections from his stratgies that will appear in his new book later this year. Yesterday he gave me twelve selections for eight winners and two placings.

Trevor Johns' book continues to find winners too. Last week a number of Professional Punters were briefed on Trevors methods and we were advised that they 'laughed themselves silly to think that such a simple method could work', well two days later Trevor found a $21 winner that the pros missed. Altogether, purchasers of 'Racing My Perfect Investment' have trebled their starting bank since December and that's no laughing matter.

Saturday March 29th: 12.40 p.m. and we have already achieved our C Plan profit goal. Don't blink. You might miss it!

Can the Grandslam keep going? Our current strike rate is slightly above average and lost of bets again today. Maybe we are making up for the loss of races with EI last year.

Our first footy bet won easily last night. The C Plan creamed it again yesterday with an early profit. Don't forget the current Early Bird Offer ends Monday so dont call today (02) 4950 1747, or place orders on the Bookshop if you want but do call Monday. I'm pleased to be able to say that I have had many purchasers tell me it is my best book yet. I hope so. It is all working for readers and I expect to be able to retain many new clients for the future becasue of it.

Friday March 28th: The C Plan amendement which is in the new book found a winners straight up yesterday, followed by another C Plan winner immediately after. No joy for Singles followers with just one short priced winner, maybe today. They certainly look the goods.

The Sports bets are up and we have crossed our fingers.

Powerbet users found a real winner yesterday at Kalgoorlie. Race seven, number 13 Dabbleon was a $31 winner on the VIC TAB. What a find that was!

Thursday March 27th: The C Plan struggled to make its profit goal yesterday but was in front after four wins from six races. After that it was up and down which demonstrates the wisdom of putting down the tools at some stage. One race in particular cost me with our two selections being at $3.80 and $4.40. The easing $3.80 horse firmed dramatically at the finsish to pay $3.10 and I shouild have taken the $3.80 I guess at Starting Price Guarantee but I was being greedy as the TAB was paying $5.50 at the time. Anyhow, that put me in front and I quit to do other stuff.

Later in the day I spotted a very good bet which was Winform Top Rated but didn't make it as a Winform Single. It won and paid $7.10. I followed up with the last of our singles which won easily at $2.70 while I was waiting for dinner to cook.

We have had a very poor response to the latest Over The Odds offer which suggests to me that most people do not understand what a great offer it is. As a consultant to both professional and hobby punters I have one word of advice. Take advantage of every free bet offer that comes along. The betting market is now so competitive that anyone who doesn't take advantage of every offer that comes along simply has no respect for their betting money. And I do understand that some people simply bet for fun and while they like to win don't really care if they lose. Yes they are the majority so please don't take offence. I am just trying to help those that do. click here to see the latest Over The Odds Offer exclusive to Winform clients.

Wednesday March 26th: Not much action yesterday with only two Bravo Selections that unfortunately didn't place. But the C Plan was in swing with the first race a winner, but not enough to make a strong profit. The rest of the day didn't possess anymore C Plan qualifiers, except the last race of the day, may of been a qualifier, but by then I had given up watching.

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Tuesday 25th March: It's been a dud weekend for the Footy Bets but hey! You can't win all the time. The Favourites Plan in Race Winning Strategies had a winning weekend and three bets for one good winner yesterday. The C Plan came back to earth with just four winners from thirteen races yesterday, that made 16 from 26 for Sunday & Monday which is still above average.

Most initial purchasers would have their books by now so call the office when you are ready for your bonus Winform Ratings and a reminder if you haven't purchased: Race Winning Strategies the bonus is available until March 31st 2008.

Winform Singles had no bets on Sunday but two out of two Monday at $8 and $3.70. The Winform Singles come free with Winform Ratings for the days you subscribe or you can simply purchase the Singles on our daily SMS Service sent 11:00 a.m.

I made over $5,000 for the weekend after missing most of last week with the Seminars. I could have made a lot more if I was betting race to race but as it was I still managed to read a 673 page book and have the family over for Easter as well. I guess I am just multi skilled.

Monday 24th March: Another good day. My new C Plan had 12 winners from 13 races. Of course, following our guidelines you could have made your profit goal after the very first race. Our Sports Bet for the day won easily but we need the last one tonight. I made about $1100 for the day with the Premium Selections and a simple each way bet on Sir Clase in the Albany Cup which ran 3rd at 40/1. I spent about 15 minutes placing the selections as like most of us, we did have visitors.

I think I'm about $40,000 up for the year to date and my biggest bet for the year so far has been $300.

I'm stunned to think how much money I could have made using the C Plan yesterday with parlay magic. With a starting bank of $100 per race it could have been well over $2,000 profit.

By the way, if you are ever in Melbourne needing a ride to or from the airport, give Tony a call 0411 778 578. For $60 from the city you will get a very comfortable ride in a Holden Caprice. At about $10 to $15 more than a standard taxi ride it is worth the extra.

Here's a question. Why are they running on the artificial track at Geelong? We though that was only for days when it was too wet to run elsewhere? Watch for Conzeal in the Steeple at Oakbank today and enjoy Gold Coast.

Sunday March 23rd: One win from three matches for the footy bets so far. Penrith were just inept. Talking about inept, the website bookiering.com is pathetic. Last night after five minutes their website was still saying bet pending acceptance. More in the Newsletter this week.

Grandslam won again, the Winform Singles ahd a great day and Best Bets won with our Feature Race winner Casino Prince at $7.10

There's lost of holiday action today and tomorrow so off to work again for me, Oh and the C Plan won again too. If you are serious about being professional you can use Race Winning Strategies to achieve your profit goals. This week's broadcast will go on Tuesday.

Saturday 22nd March: Its my first day of betting action since last Sunday and as the rain pours down I probably had nothing better to do anyway. Also with the book finished I now have some time to make money. Saturday Ratings Subscribers will find Mondays ratings on the Saturday page after WA scratchings Monday. Everyday subscribers will find them on Monday as usual.

Good luck and Happy Easter.

Thursday 20th March: Well the Melbourne Seminars would have to go down as one of our most enjoyable seminars yet. The food was great and the venue was excellent and the best thing of all was that everyone walked away with something new to add the their betting strategies, including more discipline and better money mangement and staking skills.

Garry Robinson's Official Book Launch at Crown Casino was also very successful with many purchasing his book on the night. The new information inside Garry's book: 'Race Winning Strategies' has proven it success already for purchasers and in cases like the one below has already paid for itself:

Garry, Love the new book, I tested the C plan strategies today my first bet I recovered the cost of the book and after only 4 bets my profit goal obtained. Spend the rest of the afternoon watching a movie. Brilliant! Regards, Kieran

The Saturday Ratings are now up and available for subscribers who like to get in early as their is no racing tomorrow. The Weekend Feature Race and Sports Selections should be available some time this afternoon.


NSW and VIC TAB punter will get chances to win bigger Daily Double dividends following an extension to Tabcorp's latest betting promotion. The Golden Daily Double commenced on last Saturday's Tooheys New Golden Rose meeting at Rosehill Gardens. A similiar 0% commission will now operate on every Sydney Saturday thoroughbred meeting through to the end of the Autumn Racing Carnival on 10th May 2008. The promotion includes a Golden Daily Double on AAMI Golden Slipper Day (19 April.) The Golden Daily Double has 0% commission, which is guaranteed to deliver a bigger Daily Double return to successful punters.

Wednesday 19th March: Garry Robinson's Melbourne seminars are over but we hope that everyone who attended had a fantastic time and went away with valuable information. Garry and Prue put a lot of time and effort into the production of the seminar and I'm sure those who attended were very impressed with the outcome. Prue will be back in the office tomorrow whilst Garry will return after the Easter long weekend.

No winners yesterday but Stralara one of our Winform Singles ended in third place. To subscribe to any of our Winform Selection Services visit our online bookshop or if you missed the Melbourne seminar you can still learn Garry Robinson's newly ammended C Plan by purchasing his new book Race Winning Strategies.

To place an order visit our online bookshop or call us direct on (02) 4950 1747

Have a great day! Susannah

Tuesday 18th March: Day one of Garry's explosive two day seminar line-up is over but day two is just about to start. He will be revealing his new book Race Winning Strategies with his newly ammended C Plan. You may be disappointed that you missed the seminar but you can still get all of Garry's tips and strategies by purchasing his new book Race Winning Strategies, simply by calling our office direct on (02) 4950 1747 or by visiting our online bookshop. Make sure you order before the 31st March to receive our special bonus options!

We may have only had two selections yesterday for Armidale and Mildura but both came out winners. Armidale Race 1 Horse 1 Youthful Jack was a Winform Gold with a win price of $1.20 and Mildura Race 3 Horse 2 Hoodwinker was a Bravo with a win price of $8.20!

Today we have two Winform Singles, one Best Bet, One SEC and one Bravo. Let's hope our winning streak continues today!

Remember Liz and I are here to take your orders or answer any questions you may have so don't hesitate to give us a call!

- Susannah

Monday 17th March: Garry and Prue have just left the office to fly out to Melbourne for tonights seminar. Remember there are still 3 places left for people to attend and it's not too late for your last minute phone orders. With Garry and Prue gone that leaves just Susannah and I (Liz) to run the office for the next few days. How exciting.

Don't forget we are launching Garry's new book tomorrow at the Crown Casino. Remember it's not too late to still scoop up an early bird special bonus when purchasing Garry Robinsons Race Winning Strategies. Order before the 31st March 2008 and choose 1 of 3 options.

Option A entitles you to 2 Months Internet Access to Winform Saturday Ratings, Option B entitles you to 1 month Internet Access to Winform Everday Ratings, and finally option C is for members who are already subscribed to our ratings, and can purchase the book for only $150.

Sunday 16th March: I hate to admit it but I just rang up gloating to a mate how I'd tipped the Panthers to beat the Broncos and they had just done it again. I also told him how the game had started early and I had missed most of it. When I got the telly back on to watch the sports show I realised that what I had been watching was a replay of last year's match. They even spoke about Civoneceva now being with Penrith (he signed up a year ago), talk about confused.

Three out of five for the Footy bets so far this weekend. Grandslam 2 from 7 Wgold 1 win one place, Winform singles two wins $2.70 and $20. C Plan won first two eligible races. Best Bets, we are having a phenomenal run! The strategies I reveal at tomorrow nights Seminar all made money yesterday.

I quit at 4.30 yesterday at plus $2400. I could have made another $1,000 and I made one awful mistake in a patent. Instead of collecting $1000 I lost $555. Big turnaround. Always check your ticket. I guess I was a bit woozy when I put it on.

Took advantage of the Tabcorp zero commission Daily Double which I got five times and with Brenton Burford collected over $300 0n a $1 unit Quinella and Exacta play.

Saturday updated: A couple of placings for Grandslam and a $20 Winform Single winner. Not a bad start. I just backed a horse at $60 which was 2nd in a photo. Bugga! The first two C Plan races of the day both won. Profit goal for the day actually achieved in the first race. Easy day heh?

Saturday 15th March: Is it too much to expect a repeat of last Saturday's fantastic profits? We can alays hope. To be honest I have a bit of a bug today so may stay down for a while as I am only two days away from the Seminar and I have to be at my best for tonights opening NRL round.

Funny how everything looks perfect until you see the fianl product. My book looks great but in no time I found several typos and this after it has been checked by three different people up to a dozen times. There is only one error in the selection tables and that sticks out like you know what but has no affect on the overall result. I should probably award a prize to the person who finds the most errors.

Friday 14th March: Garry Robinson's new publication "Race Winning Strategies" has arrived! We received Garry's new book fresh from the printers late yesterday afternoon and we have to say that it is the best racing strategy book we have ever seen!

Garry used his newly ammended C Plan from his new book yesterday which worked out with no problems. You too can try out Garry's newly ammended C Plan by simply purchasing "Race Winning Strategies."

We also had a great day with two of our Best Bets coming out on top! Hostility brought it home with a win price of $2.30 and Lamiraqui with a win price of $3.20. It was a great day!

Don’t forget, EARLY BIRD purchasers of Garry’s new Book get a bonus of two months Saturday Ratings and one month for those who want to bet Monday to Friday or every day.

Visit our online bookshop or call us direct on (02) 4950 1747 to order your copy of the best racing book to date, "Race Winning Strategies."

Thursday 13th March: We just can't get those Singles home at the moment. One placed from two bets yesterday. When the next winner arrives let's hope it's a biggie.

The new amended C Plan won again yesterday, two from the first two actually, but I was busy and only placed a number of trebles with the Premium Selections and there were three winners so I had a number of doubles and just one treble.

My doctor advised me that my kidney function has returned to normal after I have been consuming at least two litres of plain water each day and that is a relief. Mind you, my function is normal for a 61 year old. I still have a lot of back pain from various old injuries and that won't go away.

Today I am finalising the presentation for Monday and Tuesday Seminars and there is one vacancy for the two days but about six left from Monday night. My NEW BOOK comes off the press today so will be despatched tomorrow to purchasers.

Wednesday 12th March: For some plans there will be no bets whatsoever today but for readers of the new book Garry Robinson's: Race Winning Strategies, there will be bets and over 90% of the time there will be a worthwhile profit.

The point is that you can choose what days you wish to bet and which days you don't. It rarely matters. Unless all tracks are rated heavy, there will be races to bet on. Yesterday the profit goal was achieved in the very first race of the day, leaving you free for the afternoon. Those who bet on these Selections would have made more profit but not until the very last race of the day.

Monday night at Crown, those who attend will learn of ways to make consistent profits. Trevor Johns will guide with many examples, which horses are worth backing and which are too risky. His Selections can be placed first thing each day once scratchings are known. Garry Robinson will reveal some of his unique methods and advise on changes that are happening in the industry which affect your betting. He will also show you how to "strip" cash from Australia's ultra competitive markets.

Following the Seminar both Garry and Trevor will be having supper and will be available for guests to answer your questions informally.

The second day, the Racing Workshop, has only two vacancies. It is not too late to book but it's getting that way.

Tuesday 11th March: Received correspondence from Centrebet today to remind me that free bets and bonuses are for recreational punters only. One of our Members has been advised that he may not have more than $200 on any of his bets at country or provincial tracks with Centrebet. Needlesss to say neither myself or Allan will be doing much business with them.

IASbet has guaranteed that they will not close the accounts of any of our referred clients and Allan has been making up to $1500 a day with them. Occasionally he will try to get a fixed price on the internet and find the amount he can bet restricted. This is only a temporary glitch and indicates heavy backing for that horse. Within a few seconds the price has been reset and available and in any case this only happens on the Internet. Phone betting is always available.

Whilst I have experienced this myself I have also experienced many instances of the bet being held up while the price is being reset to a better dividend. It happened ysterday with Lets Loushe which looked a good bet at $2.20. It got out to $3.00.

Monday 10th March: It's a big day of racing today with a comeback meeting for Murwillumbah. Due to the Labour day long weekend for QLD, VIC and WA Saturday subscribers get access to todays ratings which are displayed on the Saturday's ratings page. We had a number of Members who did not get their ratings hours after the website was up and running. We received an email from one of our members:

Hi, I am frustrated to read Garry notes that 2 winners have happened already & I still see 1st March on the site! I have accessed Best Bets & the 'no bets' for Unitab ok??????????????????
I have been checking on & off all morning, now it is 12.30 Qld, 1.30 your time???????? This has also happened before. Regards, David

Our reply was:

Hi Dave, You may need to refresh your pages as the page was posted and checked by both Liz (who did the Grandslam) and Garry was online within 15 minutes of obtaining the WA scratchings (11 a.m. EST and 10a.m. Queensland time.) to do this simply follow these instructions from our FAQS page:

Q. How do I bring up today's Ratings instead of last week's?
A. With your mouse over a piece of white space on the old Ratings page, right click and select the Refresh option while holding down the Control key on your keyboard. If this doesn't work, then place your mouse over the link for today's Ratings and right click and select Open In New Window. When the new window opens, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and press F5 on your keyboard.Please remember that you have access to the phone service if there is a problem with the Internet.   We have only ever failed to have Grandslam online because of Internet problems that were Telstra related or Disaster related as per the Flood last June.   If you have any further problems don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Sunday there were three premium selections for three winners including the Premium selection sanctioned by David Bendeich. The david Bendeich book is no longer available but for those who have it the Premiums now stand at a 50% strike rate since publication. David is working on two sensational new strategies for Best Bets and these are returning 23% Profit on Turnover and if the trend continues will be available for Members late this year. It is rumoured that Garry helped himself to another $5,000 profit yesterday by taking the three premium selections all up.

Sunday 9th March: What a wonderful day it has been but there are always some losers. I just realised I forgot to put my bet on our Winform Gold selection at Fannie Bay and it has won. The single selections have six bets and so far four have run for no result. Grand Slam has had another sensational day with wall to wall winners. You don't expect to get two bonanzas in a row. Fourteen selections, six winners (43%) and 34 units back or 20 units profit, $400 for a $20 bet.

The C Plan was successful in making its profit goal as per the instructions in my new book. Best Bets had two from three but lousy prices, we have no control over that.

Did you lose Saturday? Almost impossible if you followed our ratings and selections.

I'll have plenty to talk about at the Seminar and Trevor tells me his plans have done well too. If you are able to get to Crown Casino monday week then I urge you not to miss out.

If I have one regret It is that being a winning week I was on my base bet of just $100.

Saturday 8th March: Yesterday was fantastic with our three winform singles all placing. I had an all up with my free bets at canbet and with the last one paying over $6 for the place I made OVER $1500 profit. So with my minimal deposit and free bets I am miles ahead. They're too generous.

The first Grand Slam has won today at $16 and Greg just called to tell me he got $21 fixed price on Iasbet. And as I write this Gamble Me has just won at $8.70. Unbelievable! And we had one client demanding their money back because Grandslam had a bad losing day a couple of weeks ago!

Greg scored the Quinella too by the way and is over $5,000 in from today already. I am on my base bet of $100 but already $2,000 in front.

Friday 7th March: A bumper day yesterday with a great $9 Bravo winner and several Winform singles winning as well as three Winform Gold in a row at good prices starting with $5. The 3rd Gold only arrived in the update at 11 a.m. so it is always good to check.

We won't admit who won over $22,000 on a Trixie with Sportingbet but it has been coming following an $11,000 all up win a couple of weeks ago.

Garry's NEW Book keeps finding winners with an absolutely brilliant day today. The proofs came back from the printer today and this 100 page A4 size book is seriously, the best he has ever done. There can be no mistaking any of the strategies as they are all spelled out with very clear images.

The March Newsletter wil be despatched next week to make sure veryone gets the latest news before Easter.

Thursday 6th March: A good winner for the Singles yesterday but Winform Gold had two more seconds to ruin my day. Our best winning services for the year are Grandslam which is winning heaps, even after a losing run of around 20 in February, and Best Bets which is sitting on a strike rate of 49%. These are our two cheapest services. The Weekend Sports bets which cost just $99 has two from three to start the year.

Powerplay had a winning month in February and has started off winning in March. It's about time.

The Free plan from Garry Robinsons new book: 'Race Winning Strategies', won on the very first race yesterday and the day’s profit goal was reached effortlessly. The amended C Plan had to work harder as there were only a few opportunities to bet yesterday but finally cracking it with a double profit goal result at 5 o’clock. It’s unusual to have to work for a whole 4 hours to make $200.

Don’t forget, EARLY BIRD purchasers of Garry’s Book get a bonus of two months Saturday Ratings for the Weekend Warriors and one month for those who want to bet Monday to Friday or every day.

Wednesday 5th March: Only one winner for Winform Singles yesterday at one of North Queensland's first meetings back since the recent monsoons. It might explain the mixed result. The new strategy from: 'Race Winning Strategies' produced two winners early for another profitable day.

Today we can expect firm going and perhaps a flurry of good results. Harder and faster always produces that winning feeling and allows the real racehorses to stand up. I wouldn't be surprised to see every selection win today. I noter that Adelaide is getting the Summer we missed out on in Newcastle.

Tuesday 4th March: A lot of mixed results with yesterday's overall Selections, but many that just couldn't beat the front runner, slipping back into second or third. Although we did have a Best Bet winner at Kyneton yesterday 'Fraoch'.

Many Winform clients would have already received their copy of the latest edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine for Autumn 2008. You will notice on the back of the Magazine, we have some great new subscriptions offers to take advantage of for the Autumn Months, including the: Autumn Fever Offer and the 'SUPER Subscription'. On the inside back cover you will find the offer for Garry's new book 'Race Winning Strategies' that a great early bird offer available until 31st of March.

Places are filling for the seminar, so if you are thinking of going, please book now- click here

Monday 3rd March: Great day again for Powerplay yesterday and Lismore was on song too. Plenty of money to be made for those who concentrated which wasn't me as I spent my afternoon with my daughters and their dogs at the Brewery (Queens Wharf Newcastle) listening to the funk jazz band. Mind you there were a few queens there who had obviously strayed from Mardi Gras in Sydney the previous night.

I'm expecting a good result today again as we have five Winform Gold selections. Mind you a bad result if they don't win as I have them grouped in threes all up.

Sunday 2nd March: Seven winners for Grandslam yesterday plus three Winform Gold winners, a Powerplay at $49 and the list goes on. Our Powerplay subscribers possibly will see changes in the next few weeks as some tracks have simply not been performing.

I sometimes get angry at what people say in online forums and the like. It is mainly people criticising cost. Some people seem to think it is unfair that BMWs and Mercedes Benz are so expensive so they get angry. Some people see the benefit of having a BMW or Mercedes and so go out and get one or at least aspire to get one.

Some people want everything for free but most of what you get for free does not give you the results you want however there is plenty of information for free that will work for you if you were prepared to do the analysis OR pay for the results of someone else's analysis. Trevor Johns' book shows people how to make as much money as they want if they do the research the day or night before the races. That information costs $295 but those who did the follow up work could be making two and three times this much every month since publication using just $10 level stakes bets.

My new book sells for $295 and shows how you can make money using Free Ratings from the Internet but purchasers also get a free trial of Winform Ratings so they can compare and see for themselves where you can get the best results with the different strategies presented in the book.

By the way, three winners from the first four races bet yesterday and only one losing day for the past week.

Saturday 1st March: Still Saturday and we have backed 'Forensics' at $17 for the Grand Slam. There was also a $40 winners second rated on the Grandslam sheet. Good start

Well today is the first day of Autumn and it sure does feel like it too. Again yesterday we had another win for Premium with 'Mr. Mumbles' at Taree.

Yesterday most major Newsagencies accross Australia would have received the Autumn 2008 Edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine in stock. For Western Australian readers your copies will be hitting shelves this Monday morning. Alternatively if you would like to subscribe direct to Horse Racing Australia Magazine, please click here for some fantastic NEW Subscriptions Offers.

Many Winform Customers have already taken advantage of the EARLY BIRD OFFER on Garry's new book, 'Race Winning Strategies' click here. Garry's new book will be launched officialy at our Seminars in Melbourne, Monday fortnight.

At Winform we have a commitment to educate those of our Members who wish to be educated. At our evening Seminar at Crown Casino Monday fortnight we can show in a three hour no nonsense presentation by two of Australia’s most genuine and professional punters, how even the weekend hobby punter can make thousands of dollars a year. Considering the $295 cost is minimal. Those attending the evening and the following day seminar will leave with the knowledge that they are on the path to a $50,000 a year tax free income with a substantially smaller investment than most small businesses and for a lot less work.

This is the only opportunity to meet and learn from Garry Robinson and Trevor Johns together.
So if you a looking for a positive, genuine direction and resourceful knowledge to add to your betting, please come along to our Melbourne Seminar this March, click here

Friday 29th February: The last of the Autumn Magazines left yesterday and our Autumn Edition will be available in all major Newsgenecies from today (Western Australia: Monday 3rd March).

My new book was finished yesterday also. The new C Plan lost the first race but won the second at a good price. With all the wet tracks that was it for the day.

click here to order Garry Robinson's new book: 'Race Winning Strategies' and to take advantage our the
, valid until 31st March, 2008.

The Premium Selection won and Powerplay scored with a $27 winner in the second qualifying race at Bathurst. This is the last day of the Summer Edition of the diary. To see the Autumn Diary commencing March 1st click the Punter Diary Link link on the main menu to the left.

Thursday 28th February: I admit I didn't make my profit goal for the C Plan today. A rare failure. The first race won but today I continued on only to see my next race selections go down in a close photo. The photo went my way yesterday, not today. Our Premium Selections had one win from three, the placings don't count.

Brenton and I now have $863 from our starting bank of just $250 seven weeks or so ago. Brenton's Quinella and Exacta Plan works and the basics of it are in the Magazine several issues ago. Back issues are always available, in fact we have a whole room full of past issues. Funny thing. When people see the magazine for the first time in a Newsagent they nearly alwasy call us up looking for past issues.

We desin the magazine as a product you can keep so you can build up your knowledge.

Just by the way. Brenton is using Canbet.com for his Quinella betting. The idea was we would get the 25% rebate for losing months. Well so far we can't claim because we haven't had any.

Wednesday 27th February: It took me two races to reach my profit goal for the C Plan today and both races ended up in photos. In the first race I was on both Selections and the photo went the worst way (but I still won), otherwise that would have been the IASbet. You see we try to organise to get the same profit no matter which of our Selections wins but prices do change and so it is always better or worse. In the second betting race I got a bonus as the price of the winner had drifted.

Powerbet had a wonderful day in spite of landing only 23% winners. There was one $16 winner and Powerplay won at both venues.

One of the two Premium Selections won. We missed five good singles bets when Townsville was washed out yet again.

My NEW Book is selling extremely well so thanks to those early purchasers, so don't miss out on the limited EARLY BIRD OFFERS. The printers start work next Monday once we have got back the final proofs. HURRY click here to order yours today...

Tuesday 26th February: Today is Elizabeth's TAFE day so she misses out on loading the envelopes with thousands of Magazines.

Yesterday was a winning day unless you were using Powerbet, well you can't win all the time. The Premium Selections won and he Bravo was placed at $6.60.

Readers can purhase my new book 'Race Wining Strategies' from today, just click here. The book is being posted in three weeks and there is a bonus offer for earlybird sales. It concentrates heavily on the C Plan and the latest strategies I am using. Yesterday my profit was in very early.

One thing I suggest. I bet yankees and so on with IASbet and yesterday had trouble with the website getting the multiples to work. Silly me. In future I will just ring them because I missed out getting on. All three selections won, the two specials for the win and the Bravo for the place. IASbet is the only site I know whiich will allow mixed multiples. Mostly the others will only allow win bets. The decision to persist with the Internet (it was slow because of our Email Newsletters going out) cost me at least $4,000+.

We really need to finalise our Seminar Bookings, so please don't leave it until the last minute. It is less than three weeks away, click here.

Monday 25th February: Spent most of yesterday moving my Dad's stuff into his new room. fair dinkum, it's like a five star hotel. Pity you have to be too old to look after yourself to get in there. I got back so late yesterday I only had time for one C Plan bet but it was an easy collect so I can't complain. I was also surprised to hear Steel Giant win on the way home. I wasn't surprised it won but I was surprised it paid so well and was actually $4.00 second favourite. It was a Winform Gold and a Best Bet too from memory.

I'm putting the final touches to my book this week and then off to the printers for proofs and it should be going out straight after the official launch at Crown Casino on March 18th. You can order it from tomorrow in the Winform Bookshop or by phone and there is a special early bird offer which is detailed in the new magazine which gets posted tomorrow and is in Newsagents by Friday (except WA which is Monday the 3rd.)

I expect an upgrade at Seymour today but I have to admit, it is not our best venue for winners (now that should guarantee a result).

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