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Welcome To Professional Punters Diary, where all of our Official Updates, News, practical punting tips and information are found...

To view our previous Professional Punters Diary from Autumn 2010, please click here
For Summer 2010 click here

Spring Edition
| Last Updated for :Monday November 29th

Monday 29th November: Premium had one bet for one winner yesterday and it paid better on all Tabs than on course. This sometimes happens with short priced horses. Nothing much happening today with just two meetings and both rain affected.

Sunday 28th November: Rain affected tracks down south and a good track and big fields in Perth. How does a 9yo knock off one of the best sprinters in Oz? The Premium bets had a great day, mostly at Darwin and not before time. Personally I continued my bad run that I have been having for just over a week and knocked off 25% of my Bank. But that's what a Bank is for. I've paid off $100,000 on my mortgage thanks to punting so far this year so it's not a bad result, especially with recent stress because of having an eye operation and the normal run of family matters.

Now to clean up with a good run to the end of the month. It is likely that my focus will be on races run later in the day with the Race clubs catering to all the Christmas functions and the last race likely to be 6p.m and later. The better races tend to be run towards the end of the program. I'm not fussed with the changes brought about some states having daylight saving and others lagging behind because they don't have it.

Friday 26th November:Update Robl and Shinn out for a year. Does that mean they can bet while they're out? I wonder sometimes if I will ever get this Racing game right. I once spent 5-6 hours each day reviewing the ratings as our automated program produced them and altering those that didn't seem right. After one year I found it hardly made a difference and so I saved myself all that time. I found four good betting races yesterday for two winners so a strike rate of 50% but it wasn't enough to produce a profit. The first winner I didn't get had to run a track record so great improvemnet from what was our 4th rated horse. In the last race I bet on the winner and placings came from the bottom of the ratings altogether. The $30 winner of the last at Wyong had a 20 point penalty and rated 4th. Without the penalty it rated first and there were justifications for removing it. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Yesterday I took the Quaddie and I scored the last three legs. Today I didnt and got all four which paid $12000. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Today I feel really good. Will that translate into winners? Ask me later.

Thursday 25th November: Yesterday could have been better but when you get $7+ winners it helps. At least we made a profit. It was a very good day for the C Plan again yesterday, kicked off by a $13+ winner. The C Plan was first revealed in Racing Pays More and until 5 p.m. Friday everyone who orders that book from the online store at the left, will get Winform ratings free until December 31st. The all up cost is actualy less than the cost of just one month's winform ratings and it gives you the chance to try this profitable betting strategy for yourself.

Luxbet has some outstanding offers on cricket betting this morning plus you also get a bonus joining offer. For example. For a $400 ashes series bet you get another $200 to choose another cricket bet. One suggestion is to bet England to win the series. At some stage in the game, it could look good for England so you then use your bonus bet to back Australia when the odds go out and the odds will move fast in Brisbane.

Members can follow all of the twitter comments on the Ashes series on crictwits.com. Even if you think there's too much cricket, everyone follows the Ashes. I will be (in between punting).

Wednesday 24th November: We only bet two horse yesterday and we secured $51 about the first one which I had found was goint to be ridden from behind rather than his usual burn up the track and get run down routine. The tactics were right and the horse finished on but not enough to secure even a place which we backed at $11 fixed. Our other runner had a good win previously but couldn't perfom yesterday. There are a lot more options today.

Last week, my very last Staker gave up the ghost. These hand held units were excellent but now you can get a mini laptop and we have the software so you can still take a unit with you wherever you are. I felt a pang of sorrow as the device stared balnakly at me even after replacing teh batteries. I had made probably over $100,000 using it but now do have other means and hadn't used it much and I guess what's why it folded on me. It was lonely for my constant touch and kind words as the winners went over the line.

Tuesday 23rd November: There was no loot at all to be had yesterday although we did pick up a good result in the Daily Feature Race with the Quinella and Trifecta and the winner was one of the horses not backed by the public. We have Moe today where traditionally we have not done well but the track will be upgraded, Scone has also been poor for us and Townsville has produced poor prices of late. I do think I have found a winner though.

Monday 22nd November: It looks like a tough day today, even though there are only two race meetings. I've found the winner in an early Tamworth race but not sure if the odds will allow a value result. We did well at Warnambool too last week so I am looking closely at a couple of races there. We only ended up $1640 up for the week last week on $100 bets so I need to find some more loot.

Sunday November 21st: As a professional punter, you have to put in lots and lots of work and you hope to isolate the best longshot chances. In Adelaide yesterday we sent three runners and we won, with horse two running second and the third horse always in contention at $101 each way running a narrow 4th. Overall we bet in six races for two winners and a photo 2nd and 3rd for a loss.

The same applied to the Quaddies yesterday. A lot of work but no return. In fact, every strategy I used yesterday was a losing one on the day. It's like the pro punters Perfect Storm except because I have a bank, I didn't sink but had a winning week.

In my line of work I am able to talk with punters and with bookmakers. I am one of the types of punter that bookmakers hate with a passion. The reason is that I don't win a massive profit on turnover to the extent that they can follow what I do. I don't have my wins at one particular venue which would allow a lay off philisophy. What I and many of our clients do is make a steady but low profit and stay pretty much "under the radar". I might turn over a million or two during the year but don't make hundreds of thousands of dollars but enough to be annoying. Few of my bets are big enough on their own to be noticed with $500 being the biggest, except perhaps when using Money Factory when they can get up a bit. Tough luck fellas. I'm here to stay.

Saturday 20th November: Update: Lyn Ferrarra's systen has had two wins and a place from three bets today. Richard McHutchsion's new trainers system found a $29 winner today. The SMS has one win from three races so far so that's about average but not a great price for the winner. I meet with friends from Melbourne later for dinner so will miss the Railway but have confidence of a result when I chek at home later.

Two short priced winners for the SMS yesterday so a nett loss for the day but a big win for the week. Today, eleven bets so far including a couple of longshots each way. I expect maybe another two or three bets at Ascot later. Will we be lucky today? The first Premium bet won but only places yesterday. A very busy weekend.

Friday 19th November: Our first SMS yielded a $8 winner which was great but we gave the profits back later in the Gosford Cup. A good profitable week though but little prospect of adding much today. I do expect a winner, possibly two at Goulbourn but ntohing at big prices.

Iasbet has a money back offer on the Ascot Quaddie on Saturday with your money back if you get the first three legs but run second in the last. That's a good deal as the pool will be massive this weekend. Sportsbet have gone the other way and on Sunday will give you a 25% winning bonus if you can back the Ballarat Cup winner. We are expecting Hombre to improve and will back it to cause a minor upset.

Thursday 18th November: I bet the SMS selections in Doubles and Trebles yesterday and with two horses in each of three races there were 20 possible combinations. I was able to place 8 of these bets in Running Doubles on the TAB but the rest took about 15 minutes to place but it was worth it. For a $50 bet I made over $5,000 or for a $5 bet even a small punter could have made $500. The more important thing is that the SMS service which is $2500 up for the week, is maintaining that all important race strike rate even though the worksheet clearly shows drawdowns of up to 40 units or 40% of the Bank. It can an emotional roller coaster.

You know when people bet, especially if they join us for the first time, we make it very clear that even for the very best of our plans there is a risk of losing. It doesn't matter what size punter you are, the risk is the same and the Professional Staking Plan is one that can alleviate that risk while Parlay Magic accelerates it. Both plans have their place.

My biggest risk is that soemtimes peopple join and say they have money and the risk is acceptable when they really don't have the money to continue on should the worst happen and the bank is lost. Some people can bust a bank os $1,000 and be devastated while others can lose $100,000 and not be too worried about it, Bank CEOs for example. Of course your Managed Investment fund managers can lose your entire life savings and not worry about it while collecting their huge salaries funded from your fees.

While I encourage Members to join the SMS service I also discourage anyone who is pinning their sole hopes on it even though it wins. Last Friday and Saturday were two of our worst losing days but then this week we have had two of our best winning days, although nothing so far has topped Greek.

Andrew called back yesterday to confirm his good C Plan win and he says he had four wins from seven followed by two wins from three. That's six wins from ten but that's just one more win than the average strike rate.

Wednesday 17th November:Update:Racing NSW won their appeal and punters are so much worse off as a result as it opens the gate for all States to charge more. In the end it is we the punters who will pay the 1.5% levy. Betfair is stuffed as they only make 2% to 3% average and now have to give 60%-70% of that away. Watch for developments.

One of the best C Plan results in recent months yesterday when we scored a $34 winner ($41 Unitab) at Ballina race 2. Andrew and his Dad Geoff have been doing Powerbet between them until recently when Dad went to hospital for knee surgery. As a result Andrew has been doing the C Plan as it allows him to knock off once he has made his profit betting. Yesterday with an on course price of $10 Andrew would have made a huge profit with the final price $34 best tote.

Tuesday 16th November: I am at a disadvantage betting all up/parlays when I am deciding in real time whether or not to invest in the next race etc. These decisions I make for the SMS subscribers have to disregard whether I am winning or losing, having a god run or a bad run. I simply have to try to be unbiased in my selection process and not whimping out just because we are experiencing a losing run OR leaving out risky races and opting for "safer" ones.

The subscribers have it easier as no decisions need to be made. Just get the selections and place the bets. So yesterday, using a base unit of say $50, a parlay would have returned over $42,000 profit. With that sort of pressure on a selector when the next set of bets is say a $20,000 outlay (admittedly from winnings) you start to read too much into the analysis.A level stakes bet made over $1,000 yesterday.

Monday 15th November: $2340 profit level stakes for the Winform Top Three yesterday. It would be nice to see results like that everyday. All tracks are rain affected today but conditons could improve. The final Summer Newsletter is starting to go out int the post today. It will be the last actual post we do unless somehign special comes up. Our friends at Telstra made a big mistake. I permanently diverted our main phone number as of last Thursday but I have found that instead of diverting , callers were getting a message "this number is disconnected". Today when I treid to rectify the error I found that not only had it been disconnected and not diverted but that I was no longer listed on the account as the owner. I nearly reached through the phone line and throttled the guy. They didn't have the reference number of the change of service listed either. Luckily, I am told all will be up and running as of 10.30 today.

I also learned something interesting and new at the weekend. You have to be very careful what you say in emails and that there is no such thing as anonymous. Making threats by email or even making discriminatory statements are taken very seriously by the authorities and certain IP addresses have already been tracked down by the police cyber unit. You could say something to someone's face in the heat of the moment about a person's mental state for example and it is all over and forgotten unless you are Andrew Johns or Timana Tahu, but put it in writing in an email and it becomes a permanent record that can initiate an action in the discrimination commission.

Good luck today.

Sunday 14th November: We scored the winner of both the Daily Feature Race and the Weekend Feature Race yesterday. That's where the glory ends. I've spent almost as much time reviewing my form analysis from yesterday to see if I had made mistakes. I had. Didi it make a difference? Well we would have had two short priced winners that yielded 2.4 units profit. That's not enough to worry about. Just one good winner (we had a a third place @ $7.50) would have completely reversed the result.

It's coming to the end of the year for Grandslam and this is the first year we will have recorded an actual level stakes loss. Of course a couple of longshot winners will change all that. In statistical terms, the total result for the year is but a blink. We pull our horns in and regroup because we know it will all change. Two wins from five bets yesterday was actually a small winning result and had the final runner won instead of second it would have put a dent in it but that's the story this year. Too many seconds.

Saturday 13th November: Some good winners last night but luck deserted us druing the day. Strike Me Lucky ($28) needed just one more stride to win while Marinha ($31) needed the race one hop shorter. A frustrating day in anyone's language. The worst thing is watching it happen. The place dividends on those two runners , had we bet each way, was enough to make a profitable day. The Winform Daily Mail did snare one very good Quinella.

Better Racing conditions in NSW and Queensland today should get us a good result. I am steering away from the Sandown meeting.

Friday 12th December: .Starting tonight the Night Racing Season is truly on. For the next twenty two weeks there will be Racing in Victoria, NSW and Queensland from around 7 p.m. until 11 p.m.. Tasmania's night Racing is set for Thursday nights but one can see a possible switch at some stage. Is it a good thing? Well time will tell. It does provide more opportunities for 9-5 workers to try their hand at being a Pro. We expect that some Saturday ratings subscribers may now choose Friday as their bonus day.

SMS subscribesr can expect some action today but it will depend on how certain tracks are playing and the odds.

We now have a list of the ideal meetings to operate the Winform Top Three Powerbet strategy. Current subscribers only need ask.

Now here is Richard Mc Hutchison's Free system for readers. Remember Richard has won the system comp with a similar system. The statement in the E-News that "you could make thousands" isn't a literal statement and wasn't specifically stated by Richard who is just a modest punter with great analysis skills but be assured if it goes as well as his previous systems it will go well.

Race Distance:  800 - 2000
Race Field Size:  1 - 14
No. of 1st Up Runners:  0 -  9
Age of Horse:  3 -  9
Barrier Position:  1 - 14
Days to Last Start:  90 - 999
Last Start Finish Posn:  1 - 14
2nd Last Start Finish Posn:  1 - 14
Max Distance Rise-Drop: 1600 - 1350
Weight Change Min-Max:  -5.0 -   6.0


Trainers list for November to Febuary.
T Bailey,S V Brown,D & S Brunton,A J Cummings,A Durrant,L J Griffith,G W Hammarquist,D Hansen,D R Harrison,S W Kendrick,T R Martin,J Marzol,John Moloney,K Moses,Jon O'Connor,J O'Shea,R J Price,S J Richards,T M Roles,A Scorse,B & S Wilde,L A Wells        

If you didn't receive Wednesday's Winform E-News it is probabaly because we mentioned Richards free system and that fact that I am doing "Movember" in support of men's health and Cancer, Depresson etc. Apparently all of those words cause an email to be listed as "spam." I can't believe today's Internet restrictions.

Worse still, that one email may have caused your ISP to black list us as a sender, permanently. So if possible mark us as a safe sender.


Thursday 11th December: As the gas bubble in my eye recedes, it is actually harder to use the computer. I need to close my right eye just so I can see the screen. There is aways an element of luck in Racing and yesterday it was bad. Our SMS Members scored as much as $11 about our selection only to see it open on course at $4.20. It buckjumped at the start and as a consequence, tailed the field all the way. I also pulled the plug on Warwick Farm after the track had to be downgraded, only to see our top rated horse win the last at $17. The professional punter has to shrug this off and keep going. It's just a hard day at the office. Remember, it's only one week since we won the Melbourne Cup and a $92,000 Quaddie.

Wednesday 10th December: Update: Seymour upgraded ratings upgraded..Luckily,my 24 hours is up and I am fit today.Lucky too for the SMS Members as they won yesterday and after the first race I was too ill to continue. The end result was a 40% profit, 55% for best tote. We are back on track today. The Winform E-News will arrive after lunch. I will get WA scratchings and get that up to date, the E-News and then scour the races for today's action.

Ratings subscribers should note that I have assumed an upgrade at Eagle Farm today.

Tuesday 9th November: A bloody 24 hour ( I hope) virus will make things unpleasant for me today but the midweek SMS service will be in action early on. My post op visit to the eye surgeon revealed a man who is very pleased with the operation he performed although he confirmed it would be weeks before full vision returned. The worst thing is that the right eye vision I need to do computer work is the last that returns so I am minimising that.

My son got sacked last week by the way, just weeks after he was offered to convert from casual to full time. Obviously there is plenty of work around because he started a new job yesterday but casual again. O.K. I will load up todays races and later will try to get the E-News together which will includes an annoucement regarding the Betezy/HorseRacingAustralia system competition.

Sunday 7th November: The SMS service almost doubled our outlay on the first betting race, however with my one eyed problem I had to restrict myself to one meeting and I didn't like the way the track was playing. Nothing wrong with taking a profit. As it turned out we could have had one more minor success and one oturight loss which would have left us where we started.

I took a parlay on our Premium bets all of which qualified and from four bets scored three winners and a second. My profit was a little over $8,000. Not bad for a one eyed form analyst! No update to the diary Monday as I will be in Sydney to check on progress. Hopefully I will find out when I can expect to see again. There was one bit of good news in the list of dos and don'ts after surgery. Normal sexual acivities may resume after four weeks. That could be seen as bad news for some, good news for others. I can resume mowing the lawn after 8 weeks. You can see what takes the most energy.

Saturday 6th November: Although I am yet to see anything out of my right eye I can guarantee with 100% Certainty that the Winform ratings have selected the Trifecta in the last race at Randwick today, however we have not selected the First Four I am sorry to say.

I am resuming the Saturday SMS service today but will not be able to send any selections out until just prior to selected races due to likely changes in track conditions. I see my eye surgeon in Sydney on monday and hope to learn more about when my viison will return. I don't know when I just know it will. In today's paper I have just seen an article which states that one in seven over the age of 60 will experiece my eye problem to one degree or other so get checked out.

Anyhow, because of the above I cannot say when the midweek SMS service will resume but it won't be Monday. I did look up last Saturdays Quaddie pool and can say that there were only 47 successful units paid out. I love being in that elite company. Got to go. I want to get the ratings up asap.

Thursday 4th November: Garry's operation went well and with luck he will be starting to work a little from Saturday. Here is some feedback from Members after Tuesday.

Hi Garry,
As you can see you gave me the Melb Cup fields at  5.24 pm as you were  about to head off to the hospital for your eye op.
As a business owner myself I just want to say a big thank you for going out of your way to give me this info at such a late notice, most businesses today after 5pm wouldn't even answer their phone.  I had a great day at the cup and following your form gave me a few winners for the day plus took some of the pick 4 place bookies to the cleaners!!
I hope everything went well with the op and your face down bum up exercise for the next few days puts you in good stead for the rest of the year.

Best Regards

James Downey.

On Monday Garry did an interview with the Newcastle Herald's Jeff Corbett who admits he knows nothing about Racing and wrote a somewhat sarcastic account of the Racing business but he believes in credit where credit is due after Garry tipped his readers into the Cup Trifecta.

Hey Garry, congratulations on your results yesterday! One blogger has blogged to say he had a win for the first time in his life, $450 on the trifecta!
jeff Corbett Ncle Herald.

Nice work Gary. You had the right man on-top and I took the overs here.  Thanks 

Adrian Pin

Did you realise that Garry also gave out the Cup Day Quaddie? He did. You see Unitab ran their Quaddie on races 5,6,7,8 and that paid $3600+. Garry got a nice surprise on arriving at the state of the art Macquarie University Private Hospital which has access to the Internet and TV in every bed including those in the surgery waiting area so Garry was able to get a few bets on AND listen to the great race after the operation. He scored a good solid win with Americain and his e/w bet on Maylucky Day wasn't to be sneezed at plus a healthy hit at the Quinella.


Monday 1st November: Well it's E day tomorrow but the good news is that my eye surgery takes place early morning and I may be allowed to look upfor a few minutes to "see" the Cup. I have been interviewed today for a feature article in the paper tomorrow although you never know what shape that will take but it sounds complimentry. My task? To find readers the Melbourne Cup winner and Trifecta. It's an easy task??

If you didn't participate in Vicbet's Vquaddie promotion there is good news. I had a discussion with Rod Cleary today and we may do another one in the Autumn. Members who participated are getting their bonuses credited to their Vicbet accounts today so they can play up their winnings. The biggest individual payout was over $6,000. Not a bad result for a betting bonus that was basically free.

In the last ten years I have collected at least four Quaddies between $90,000 and $160,000 for punting syndicates I have been involved with.

Over the next few days I would appreciate it if Members held back their emails. As soon as I am able to get back to checking them I will notify you in the diary and with the E-News.

Subscribers to Winform's Saturday ratings will find all the Tuesday and Thursday ratinsg under the Saturday heading. After 4 p.m. Thursday Tony will upload the early Saturday file.

Sunday 31st of October: I'm betting the VQauddie memberes are really happy with the late rain at Flemington because it gave them the result they are after. I feel sorry for those who took the Quaddie in NSW where it paid just $50,000 and the five people who scored it on Unitab at $100+ were happy too.

Two race meetings wiped out today and Tuesday sure to be Slow. I have put up Tuesdays ratings for the Memberswith Flemington Slow and subscribers should print out The Cup now as it includes my manual adjustments. On Tuesday the computer generated file will go up after scratchings and that is quite different. The computers have difficulty with 3200 metre races. (too few of them to get qualifying runs so you get Q runs on furthest distance raced e.g. a poor 2500 metre run gets priority over a good 2400 metre run.)

I'm sending out a special offer today for Sportsbet. The deal is simple. Bet in the early fixed odds market and bet each way (not win and place) and you get paid the each way part even if your horse runs fourth.

Saturday 30th October:VQUADDIE UPDATE; If you have a vicbet account and didn't participate in the top up offer to get a share in the VQuaddie pool you made the wrong choice. Today we scored the $92,000 Quaddie and we even spent some of it to bet every other runner in the race just in case, so we could guarantee the Vquaddie members a profit. I have asked Rod Cleary to credit the members' accounts before Tuesday so they can spend their share of the winnings (that's after we have taken out the money to invest on the last three Quaddiies on Tuesday, Thurssday and next Saturday of course.)

As there are a lot of members involved it will take a bit of calculating but at this stage it looks like each member will get around six times their bonus. For example someone who got a bonus of say $100 will end up with between $600 and $700 to bet with this week.

For ratings subscribers, I'm disappointed I can't say Sacred Choice was in the right ratings spot but for the Vquaddie we add information from other sources. My winnings today came from a SMS Double. It would have been a Treble except for one runner coming 2nd. In any case I collected a $7,000 Profit.

I also backed the first winner as my first bet of the day at Iasbet who kindly doubled my winnings as their Derby Day promotion. You beauty!

We advise participating in every bookie bonus you can get. Here's the link.

Melbourne Cup; I will be working hard tonight on the Cup Field and will certainly post the result under Weekend Feature Race. I will be assuming a Dead to Slow track.

Here's an email I got from Roger under the title "can it get worse?"

method no 115 of how to do your dough at the races

take some heavy painkillers to combat the shingles i contracted on my face on the weekend, an hour later try to place the winform daily mail suggestions on gold coast race 7.

wake up hours later to check results and become ecstatic.  check your account to find you place the bets on gold coast race 7 harness.  take another pain killer.

if you cant laugh at yourself how can you laugh at anyone else.



Point taken Roger. Let's hope for a winning day today.

It has been a profitable week for our SMS Members but not yesterday when we bet three horses in one race but failed to snag the winner. Our Premium bets were a let down too with two shortpriced winners and a place. You can't win everyday.

Most of the rain seems to have passed by Melbourne itself but another band is on it's way. It seems like a normal rainy Melbourne day rather than the apocalypse expected. The heavier rain will is now expected tomorrow. Our ratings for Dead and Slow are the same and I don't expect Flemington to go anywhere near heavy today.

All of our associated bookmakers have special offers today and over the Carnival. Click the bet now link in the main menu to the left to see the links. I've already had a $200 cash top up offer myself and I am using several money back and odds top up offers today.

Friday 29th October: Flemington Saturday: With a change in the weather prediction I have loaded good track ratings to the Tuesday file. For Saturday subscribesr I have posted the ratings to the botto of todays Daily Mail.

Friday Bookie Update:I didn't have details of Vicbet's accoun top up offer yesterday so here it is. Top up your Vibet account today and get 10% cash bonus on your top up. The extra funds must bet bet between now and next Saturday but the way I see it that is 10% cash for nothing. It'll just add to your profit. The smart punter wil take advantage of all the best bookie offers this week and may well be betting for the week for free. Well that's the way I see it. The maximum bonus you can get with Vicbet is $500 which is the best I have seen on any of the bookies offerings. Of course even if you add just $50 that's still O.K.

It's actually thursday night but I need to save time Friday. Mat's got his full time job confirmed in writing at last. That's Good News. The Daily Feature Race got the First 4 $3580, Trifecta $677 and Quinellla $58. More Good News. The SMS Members won again but not without hickups. Stupid me sent the SMS with the right race and numbers but a few people have asked could I give the names too. So I did BUT the names I gave out were for those numbers in the race I was looking at on the screen at that time. I did apologise and said "why didn't anyone call me?' So far most Members have and all but one followed the numbers thank goodness, otherwise we would have missed a $8+ winner.

Friday there will be no bets unless the track at Ipswich is good but I've just heard on the news there have been storms in that area so I don't know if that will happen.

One of our Professional Punters has a problem. He can't get his bets on so what he is looking for is someone to take hisselections place bets themselves and pass on a precentage of the profits i.e. no profit no payment. He is a very hgh profile punter who is well known through his books over the years and no it's not me.

I will take enquiries at winform@hunterlink.net.au from anyone with at least $5,000 to invest so minimum bet size of $50 or $100. The identity of this well known punter will not be revealed except to those who sign on and it may be a week or two before we can answer any emails.

Thursday 28th October: Massive profits for our SMS service yesterday and I originally thought we might be having a quiet day today but after checking the form closely it looks like another busy day. Three wins from six races yesterday but the prices were good and we passed up one winning race because of the short odds on offer (would have made just 0.7 units profit). I missed a great double when the first race produced a second at $9 and the next race a winner at $16.

Iasbet has a great offer for Derby Day with double your winnings on your first bet at Flemington.Sportsbet has some great offers too and Vicbet has reload bonuses if you top up your account on Friday, I think it is between noon and 5 p.m. The competition between bookmakers is giving us all a great chance for bonus wins and rebates in some cases for near losses. I don't blame you for not keeping up with it all. I'm trying to get this done and still remember to have some all up parlays todaywith Sportsbet, the only one I know who let's you do them each way. I'll be sending out more details with the E-News and Weekend Preview later today.

Wednesday 27th October: John had a bit of bad luck yesterday as he is now heading to New Guinea where there is no SMS reception. SMS Members had a bit of bad luck to start the day too as the 2nd rated selection knocked off our SMS special by a head and wait for it...at $91!! I couldn't give it out, not even as an each way saver. It had just one win and two places from 17 starts. That's a 6% win 12% place strike rate. The day was saved by by two good winners to make it a better than 100% profit for the day. The SMS is well on track for our annual profit targets both midweek and Saturday.

Yesterday we had a half price book sale on our E-News. Ros will have her work cut out getting all the orders to the post office so thanks to all those who participated. It is better to have the books in Members hands than simply transferring the stock to our new office. If you believe you should be getting our E-News but arent receiving it send us your details along with your current email address. Most people forget to advise change of email address.

SMS subscribers should be getting a bet today as the weather improves but I cannot narrow down the time at present. Any bets where fixed prices are known wil be sent before lunch. Any bets that look like opportunities closer to the race will be advised ten minutes (approx.) before the race.

Tuesday 26th Octiober: We'll definitely be having a bet today. The race I targeted for SMS members looked like a good contest but after scratchings there is now only one contender. Hopefully we can get it home. If the track is no worse at Taree we may have a bet there as well.

Plenty of winners yesterday but most were eliminated because of age. There are a heap of 7yo winners lately. Are the younger horses that bad this year? Luckily it is mainly confined to the country.

Richard is maintaning a big lead in the Betezy system competition, Barry and Damien are a long way behind but Damien mostly finds longshots so when he hits it has to be a big one. Barry's plan found a $28 winner earlier in the year so it is not hopless for them. The systmes were all there in black and white in the magazine. I am surprised that readers have not embraced them because four of the six plans have been profitable.

Monday 25th October: One Premium qualifier yesterday for a place only yesterday and we missed the Daily Feature Race, however the Winform Daily Mail had three races selected for two good Quinellas. Only two race meetings today so not much action. No action for SMS members who made a good profit at the weekend.

There were some good prices had on Saturday compared to final dividends with a $3 best fluc winner ( $3.60 early markets) down to $2.40 and a $8 best fluc winner down to $5.70 best tote and another I noticed at $2.50 early but starting at $2.10.

Sunday 24th October: Glintz only beat an average field of horses but it was the way that he beat them that impressed me.I can't wait to see how he goes as he steps up through the classes. I went for Precedence big time yesterday but in the end I was disappointed, even though he won. I did like the run of Shoot Out from a Melbouren Cup point of view. I never expected him to win this race as it is too short at this stage. At Flemington over the same distance it could be different even though John Wallace says that it will be his "trackwork" for the Cup.

We beat one 1/2 favourite yesterday and I always say to subscribers "don't get overawed by one race or the odds of one runner." We do see plenty of odds on favourites winning but we also see lots of them losing. My brother in law is coming out to see me today. He was coming to see how I am after the operation but I told him to come anyway. It will be a rare visit from a non racing person and a change even though it is raining and the lake view is reduced to 200-300 metres.

Saturday 23rd October: Moonee Valley is so close to Good we have put them up that way. It makes little difference at that track anyway. I heard Bart expounding the virtues on So You Think and no doubt it can win but they are all there to get beat and it does happen. Our first Grandslam has already won so evn though the price was short we do seem to be coming back with these. Another week like last week and we will be in front again.

I have to say I am getting a bit sick of the knockers. Mostly these people have nothing better to do. We don't get Awards for Customer service four years in a row for nothing. We genuinely help all our clients but of course, the knockers are mostly people who have never bought anything yet they feel free to criticise.

You know I've been doing this for just under 40 years now having developed an interest shortly after leaving school and it seems to me that it is only in recent years that a certain class of people are coming out of the woodwork. As I write we have just given our Winform Daily Mail subscribers the Trifecta in Moonee Valley Race 3 with a longshot winner which will give good value to the Trifecta at $20 the win. It paid $60+ Quinella and $700 Trifecta. The thing is , it is not an extraordinary result. We get them all the time.

Friday 22nd October: No luck yesterday although the premium selection won. Tomorrow is looking really interesting but I have a lot more work to do yet. A Cox Plate boilover is a real possibility. Today I will wait and see if expected track upgrades happen. Benalla I have treated as Good but Tamworth is expecting rain and Coffs Harbour, well you never know. SMS Members are in front for the week but it would be nice to get more.

Thursday 21st October: We made up for our bad luck Tuesday when the SMS Members scored five wins from six races including a possible $600,000 result at Canterbury with our each way bet on Gypsy Ruler. Initially it firmed from $61 to $51 then eased again to $61 and $12 and $14 fixed for the place was readily available. My pockets are full of it.

We had one Premium bet for one winner, better than the previous day. It is best to stick to the KTWC3 qualifiers. I thought the $2.40 Palomares yesterday was a generous price. I will send the E-News and weekend preview later today and include a free I Phone ap which deals exclusively with this years Flemington Carnival. Here's the webfor it. I'm expecting good tracks today so we might get amongst more winners.

Wednesday 20th October: I'm thinking that some members might wish that I was unavailable yesterday. I wish Buklava had been ridden differently as I was on a massive payout if it won. The idea was good. Track the favourite on the rails and take the shortcut home, ease out with 200 to go and breeze past. Good in theory, but it ended up full of running at $20+ and no matter where they went there was no room at the inn. It's no good blackbooking it either as the next time the class and venue may well be different.

This morning about 4 a.m. because I couldn't sleep and b) I wanted to know, I ran the top three through the database for this month. Even with an average dividend of $5.88 it wasn't pretty with the strike rate this month down 10% on normal. I hope that means that by the end of the month we will catch up because that will mean a flurry of winners.

Lyn Ferraras method. In the E-News yesterday I said that from 102 bets there was a return of 108, well that was a typo. It was 180 or nearly $8,000 profit for $100 bets. Readers must have wondered what I was on about.

SMS members. I need to see which way it goes at Geelong today where I may have just one single bet mid afternoon if the track is upgraded. I also have a bet in mind at Strathalbyn where the track is Good.

Tuesday 19th October: Guess whose eye operation has been postponed? Guess who will miss seeing his first Melbourne Cup since 1963? Oh well, health matters do take precedence. I noticed that we found the Daily Feature Race yesterday so that's one out of one for my replacement. The postponement also means that the SMS service will continue until the 31st of October before a one week, at least hiatus.

Lynn Ferrara has been a Member for sometime and has been using the Daily Feature service. I had an interesting letter from Lynn and she wished me to share it with other Members so I will be sending it out with today's e-news.

Monday 18th October: The Daily Feature Race found Our Lukas at $7.30 for Members yesterday and it filled my pockets nicely. It was another of those races selected by Greg Horn's method as outlined in his book Proefessional Punting- My Personall Approach. As you would know by now, Greg left his employment at Winform after six months as he realised he could make a lot more money continuing on with his punting career. Greg's book can be ordered by clicking the online store on the left hand menu and choosing "books".

I am currently working with a bookmaking business which is giving a lot of money back to punters. Imagine, if you will, you bet 10 favourites at random and three of them win at the average price of about $3. For a $10 bet you outlaid $100 and get back $90. Imagine then that you get 10% back on all losing bets, so 10% of the $70 you outlaid on losing bets = $7. You now have $97 back. Now imagine you could get a strike rate of 40% of winning favourites at $2.40. That gives you $96 plus 10% of the six losing bets $6 = $102 altogether. Have I whetted your appetite? Now those of you who use Money Factory, apply that to those bets. Fantastic isn't it?

I'll have more after I finalise negotiations on what I can offer Members but if that isn't a winning offer I don't know what is.

Vquaddie: We doubled our investment to take advantage of the bigger pool last Saturday but as you know we lost. That means that we are now back to square one and if all remaining quadddies lose there will remain about 40%-50% of the original pool left. There are five quaddies to go, six if we double up again on Melbourne Cup day. Of course the formiula remains the same. We only need one good one to make a massive profit.

Sunday 17th October: WE HAD A RECORD 17 RACES ON THE Winform Daily Mail yesterday and we were short on winners with just five races featuring the top two runners, although one was $20+ We did however score 8 Quinellas up to $70, 5 Trifectas up to $557 and three First Fours with the best $2000+.

Grandslam was due for a win but only picked up three. Fortunately , I had this insane idea that I would bet them all in all up and parlays but for just $10 ( I usually take $100 parlays). The three winners occured in just one of those combinations but it returned me over $3,000 profit. Am I disappointed I didn't do them for $100? To be honest, not at all. To me the chances of success meant I cut my risk. Having said that, just one more winner, even at the $10 stake, would have returned me close to $60,000.

Saturday 16th October: Caulfield Cup Day:Update :After the first, as predicted the best runs came from 5 +out from the fence. Our top rater ran well on the fence but got bogged down. The majority of the winners are a bit off the fence with Descarado winning from 15 and others from mid to wide barriers. I did well choosing not to bet there today except for a speck at the Trifecta and First four even though the ratings found three winners from the first five races.

I'm told it has stopped raining and is relatively calm at the moment but I have no doubt that if it was not for Caulfield Cup they would be running on the Geelong Synthetic track today. Now here's an interesting anomaly for those doing their own ratings. Horses which have poor form on dead and slow tracks sometimes improve dramatically on Heavy tracks. They "feel" safer on a Heavy track than on Dead or slow surfaces where the going tends to be "slippery" because as their hooves sink they actually have more grip. Well that's the theory anyway.

I'm expecting some longshots to win today at Caulfield but which ones? Yesterday I had information on two races at Taree. When the first race proved to me that the Taree track wasn't playing right I quit for the day and I'm glad I did even though the second race proved to be a winning one.

The Vquaddie syndicate has invested wider today and invested a little more than usual. That might mean less return at the end in exchange for a better chance today. Members of that syndicate will find the numbers in the usual place at Vicbet.

Friday 15th October:If you want to see a $1,000,000 view have a look at this. It's the house next to my new office. So when the photo finish seconds get too much I just look out the window. Our SMS members got beat in a photo by Majestic Gem yesterday. My son Mat has a share in that horse through the Waugh Racing syndicate. And speaking of Mat, there is one bit of good news..he now has been offered permanency after successfully trialling for the past six months. If only he can get to work and back for the next twelve weeks without being pulled up.

It's now just four days before Bradles launches his official complaint to the ACCC. No doubt it aill make all the headlines and I expect Today Tonight or A Current Affair will be on my doorstep. Bradles confided in his latest email that he finds the comments on the diary "funny". Well I am not mentioning him any more, so if he gets his kicks by seeing this, that game is over.

The Premiums have definitely picked up now that we have a few good tracks to bet on and the dividends have been great. Both yesterday's winners were around the $3 mark. That would have boosted quite a few Money Factory banks.

I've had plenty of feedback from Members living around Caulfield and the news is not good. I suggest you rug up if you are visiting Melbourne tomorrow. Maybe you can visit the new Myer store for an overcoat beforehand. The best going is five to six horses wide so have no fears about the wide barriers of some runners. I am advised that there is a move for Triple Honour at longer prices. Remember the year Veandercross ran second? It is that sort of year.

SMS users could be in action before midday today as I am expecting a longshot possibilty. We will have a small loss or a big gain or depending on the prices no bet at all. What I don't want is another photo second.

Thursday 14th October:Uodate. with both Rockhampton and Wyong now a good track I have upgraded the ratings and Powerbet.

A bit of feedback;

Hi Garry,
I closed my Sportsbet a/c. They did  me when I had two bets on the Titans at +13.5 points. There was a human error and it should have been -13.5 pts.
They sent me an email saying my $500 was cancelled which I didn't open till after the game started. I missed $450.
Read the fine print in the betting rules.
John McG

PS.Garry I renewed my Winform yesterday and I have gone from $917 down to clearing the Powerbet series. Powerbet winning bets being $108 @ $4.41 and today on Yosei $144 @ $12.50. Got the Q and Ex and Tri . Had all the numbers for the F$4 but wimped it. I could have got  25% of $102,000. Shit.! I no complain JM (I'm assuming John has a $2000 Powerbet bank).

Good on you John. The Trifecta paid $10k. It was a race that Greg Horn targeted with success too, betting $50 units on the Quinella/Exacta. Those who have Greg's book should never look back. We didn't give the third number in the Trifecta, John added that himself but we did have the second horses which ran second at 200/1.

John is just one of hundreds of subscribers who viewed the Daily Feature Race or the Winform Daily Mail yesterday. And many of those took the Quinella with the corporate bookies who clearly didn't lay off into the TAB.

Remember "Bradles" from a few days ago? He still doesn't get it. He's given me 5 days to produce the Members betting slips to prove that we would have won a million dollars had Savadan won a couple of weeks ago. What a fool. Does he really think you or anyone else is going to do that to appease this idiot. Mind you, he is launching a complaint to the ACCC if I don't produce the SMS Members betting slips. I'm shaking in my boots.

You know he accused us of hiding behind a P.O. Box number, which proves we are scam artists and untrustworthy. Maybe I should post 'Bradles" real name and address and his email so everyone can tell him directly what a fool he is. I do want to assure you all that he hasn't "got to me" but some Members wanted to know what will he say next.

I am dissappointed about today with Wyong affected by overnight rain. Rockhampton should be a good track but only six races and I am sure Moe will be quite damp for Cup day. SMS members are just square for the week after we got caught out with the storm at the Farm yesterday. I will have to watch closely for betting opportunities today.

Wednesday 13th October:Update: Who would have expected More Strawberries to miss the start? As it turned out we got the $1063 Quinella but missed the Quaddie as I stood MS one out. Have you vere backed a $1063 Quinella? Is a subscription to the Winform Daily Feature Race worth $363 for a whole year?

One Premium selection yesterday for one winner. There were several good winners yesterday even though we only had two meetings to choose from. Once again today we have an abandoned meeting, this time Doomben. The Caulfield meeting is being held on a rain affected track and that is unlikely to improve. More Strawberries stands out in the Thousand Guineas but this is her first time at Caulfield and the only thing that can beat her.

SMS Members will get advice about today's action before noon.

Tuesday 12th October: With the win of Cub Ha Ha yesterday at $17.20 the dorught broke for SMS members after we have seen some awesome longshots go down in close finishes. There was one qualifying Premium bet yesterday for one win.

Grafton has been abandoned leaving just Townsville and Echucha today. Neither meeting appeals to me although I'm sure there will still be some winners.

My dentist set me up on antibioitics so although there is nothing to see, the pain has subsided but he expects to start root canal (oh no) once the problem tooth identifies itself. I'll concentrate on the eye problem first and hope that my next mouth problem holds off until after that.

The Betezy system competition has only three runners with Richard McHutchison a clear leader with a forty point break but Barry Watson scored a $28 winner in the first pase of the competition so another one of those will have him right on Richards heels. Damien is well behind but his plan has a tendency to find longshots and just one or two of those would hev him right up there too. Readers should go back to the Winter magazine and check out the systems as it looks like there is mone to be made. The competition ends with Emirates day on November 6th so it's not long now.

Monday 11th October: None of the three premium bets yesterday qualified, although a vital piece of information from a TAB site was unavailable yesterday. to make a final check on one of those. All three failed, which does show the relevance of David Bendeich's research. His E-Book The Key To Winning Consistently 3, which applies solely to Winform Premium selections, is free with a subscription to Winform Premium (Winform ratings are also supplied to Premium subscribers).

Today's Queanbeyan and Cessnock race meetings are almost twilight meetings with the first race at each venue close to 2 p.m. That doesn't do the trainers any favours especially those who travel long distances to meetings. If they do go out of their way, it could pay to check some of these horses out. In some cases trainers wont get home until after midnight. That's a lot of effort if you are taking a horse to the races for a run.

Strong winds overnight have dried up the Cessnock track which is good, given that we have been very successful there over the years.I'll be concentraing on the later races at that venue.



Sunday 10th October: As a form analyst you are always coming across interesting information. One thing I have started to notice is that this year is a bit unique. I am now seeing horses whose whole career has been on rain affected tracks. Hores with say seventeen starts and only one run on a good track. I have seen some horses, which may have only started racing in say June, which have had nearly all of their runs on the Geelong artificial track. It makes winner selecting harder for many obvious reasons. The amazing thing is that because our Ratings program takes all these things into account we are still coming up with similar strike rates.

The above problems are problems we don't have in WA where the tracks are consistently good and it is rare for horses to have wet track form.

Cranbourne have their Cup meeting on today. Rod Cleary's Vicbet will be operating and speaking of Vicbet. The Vquaddie pool scored another Quaddie yesterday although it paid only $900 or so dollars. Last year the same Quaddie paid over $100,000 and we tipped that one in our Spring Carnival pack.It was the day we also tipped our clients the $1,750,000 Big 6. A sad da for me as I remember how I missed one number in one of the races and instead got a compensation dividend of $2,000 for getting five winners.

Saturday 9th October: As if I didn't have enough problems, including a $35 shot going down in a photo yesterday. Now it looks like I might have an abscess in a tooth, can't drink can't eat so hopefully an emergency trip to the dentist if it doesn't settle down over the weekend.

Today's Weekend Feature Race users surely would have boxed the top six for a $12784 First Four and $2,000 Trifecta. Sadly it didn't come in the top five but I always look a bit further down in these jackpot races. It certainly saved my day. And now I see Bianreel, a horse I recommended to the SMS clients last start, bolts in at Pakenham today.

Friday 8th October: A lot of Members backed Mr Marju yesterday at $25 but I couldn't have the 8yold. It turned out a good day with 17 winners yet I did not like the day. Several of the winners were short priced but there was a sprinkling of long shots. It is days like these that are good for Powerbet and Money Factory users. You simply plow through knowing that the percentages will work in your favour long term.

I'm cherry picking races and individual horses after hours and hours of work and coming up blank but I too know the winning streak will return but please let it be soon.I'm betting level stakes.

Premium is picking up again and there are five eligible selections today. I am looking forward to the Wagga meeting which will be on a good track and we always seem to find good priced winners there. Don't forget the Iasbet offer for $6 fixed on Toorak Toff today for bets up to $100. The offer is good for Internet betting only between 10 a.m. and noon.

Thursday 7th October: After yesterday's disaster who could blame me for giving up the punt and taking a vow of poverty. It wouldn't be hard. At least four horses had hard luck stories, two well backed commodoties completely failed to fire and one horse simply turned his head to the side and refused to race when in a winning position at good odds and one jockey was so upset with how his horse went he threw himself over the running rail (apologies. I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt yourself). Seriously, it is at least a couple of years since I have had a run this bad. It is important at times like this not to lose your head and start betting up on the assumption the next race will be a winner.

On the eye front. It is now no certainty that the operation will take place on the 18th. I guess I will simply advise when it happens for sure. It depends on the emergency workload on the day (accidents etc.) I simply have to go to Sydney ready. In the meantime I start training Tony tomorrow, who will be attending to the ratings and selections uploads while I am recovering. He will be practising next week while I am watching.

I'd like to say I have some great bets lined up today but I don't. The Gosford fields have fallen away, Wangaratta has two prospects but it looks like the prices will not be worth the risk.I await scratchings at Rocky and Northam.

Wednesday 6th October: I did well to pass on the races yesterday. I had one good bet at Hamilton but the horse needed a good track to be a bet and it was never going to happen. It finished well out of the money. That's the problem when connections set up their horse for a set day. They race anyway, hoping for the best. It is all they can do. It can be an unlucky experiemce as I know from having been involved in racehorse ownership many times (too many times) over the years.

I don't see a lot of opportunities for our SMS subscrbers today but I have my eye on one race at Gawler where the track is listed as good. It is a different track these days with the bias no longer towards the frontrunners or inside barrier draws. It is designed to give all horses a chance. Sadly this also means that winners can be harder to find. I am keen to review my statistics after a couple of hundred races have been run there. Don't forget the late update for WA from today but I will have it doen before the first race there.

Tuesday 5th October: Well back to work for those of us who had a holiday yesterday. We have had a bad weekend with Mat who lost every cent of his $3000 pay packet, although at least he paid his rent and a sound systme out of that. We don't even know if he made it to work today. To be honest we can't afford to worry anymore.

It wasn't that great a day yesterday. October long weekend races aren't what they used to be when the Metropolitan used to be staged on the Monday. The meetings at best were ordinary. Ballina, as so often is the case, was abandoned due to the wet weather.

Braddles kept coming back yesterday with his final comment being that even if we had one of our clients say that he had backed those 50/1 and 100/1 horses that was not good enough. He (who isn't nor has ever been a subscriber) was insisting that we produce the betting slips of all our subscribers who backed those horses. I wonder if he is going to make the same demand of Paul Kent of the Daily telegraph who insisted on the front page of that paper that TAB Sportsbet and I think it was Sportingbet, had taken two $250,000 bets on the Roosters to win the Grand Final or lose by less than 3 points from him. He did tell the two organisations that it wasn't his money and he refused to say whose money it was. I wouldn't take a $250,000 bet from anyone who said he was betting on behalf of another person, especially when the "other person" stated that they wouldn't let him on if they knew whose money it was. Was it Phil Gould? Or Ray Warren who admits he has lost a fortune betting over the years or Nathan Tinkler ( we don't even know if he bets on football). Maybe it was me? Or, more likely it was that cagey "braddles" himself who is so smart and knowledgeable he thinks that we hide behind a P.O. Box number.

Enough. I agree. Timing can mean a lot in this game. The last week has been dreadful. Anyone whos started punting with Winform for the first time would be really worried but you get those down periods and nothing you can do can stop the rot until the rot stops itself. If you worry about it then you unconsciously chage your strategy. I pulled the plug on Warwick Farm yesterday as the track was downgraded to heavy. The horse I was going to back won anyway but pulling the plug was still the right strategy. The good times will return. They always do.

Monday 4th October:Every now and then I get my sheckles up. Here's what "braddles" we don't know his real name, had to say

"You guys are like kindergarten kids trying to do the HSC.

I have never read such amateurish form analysis in my life. As for your million dollar plunge that didn't come off, did you have the horse on top ? Was it a special ? And if so (as you claim your members backed it solidly to win a million dollars) why did it drift in the market ? Remember the TAB pools for Canberra races would be small , and the holds (do you even know what this means?) for on course bookmakers even smaller , so why didnt it firm from $131 into $4 or $5 if the bookies were standing it for over a million ??? Any significant bet on the TAB with such a small pool would significantly reduce the odds.

Who the hell are you people trying to con ?? Pull the other leg why don't you.

Can you give me an intelligent answer to the above with respect to TAB pools (as minimum as they are for a Canberra meeting) and why your members ACTUALLY WEREN'T on the receiving end of a million dollar payout ?


Here's our reply.

Hi Braddles,

We believe in truth and honesty. It is a basic requirement in our business. I note that you are not and as far as I can tell, ever been a subscriber to any of our paid services so have no evidence whatever to refute anything we say.

Editor Garry Robinson recently chaired the betting and wagering forum attended by all of the betting industry’s heavyweights including the CEO of Racing Victoria, the CEO of Centrebet the bookmakers CoOp, representatives of Tabcorp, Queenslamd Racing and many many others and was formerly one of the largest shareholders in a leading Corporate Bookmaking business himself. He has also been involved with the Racing Ministers in several States over the years pursuing a fair deal for punters.

The facts are simple. Yes Savadan was a top rated horse, and it was sent by SMS to the Members of the syndicate 15-20minutes before the Canberra Race and yes, every one of those syndicate Members was able to get on but not one of those bets was placed on course. Had Savadan won, those Members would have shared in a million dollars remembering that it only takes $10,000 to win one million dollars at those odds.

It is you Bradles that is ill informed and totally unaware of the depth of the Australian Racing market. In the previous week, the syndicate collected over hundreds of thousands of dollars when Greek won a low class race at Cessnock where usually there are only a handful of bookmakers in attendance.

It is we, Bradles, that are the professionals, having been in business for over twenty years providing professional punters with Racing information and advice.

I’m guessing you are anything but a professional with the only contact with us being requests for free reports."

My apologies if you think I am being self indulgent. Yesterday we had three Grandslam selections as we treated the Flemington meeting as a Saturday one. There were three bets for just the one winner, Territory at $3.90. Today the meetings will be on both the Monday and Saturday pages as it is a public holiday in NSW at least.

I thought the runs of Shocking and Shootout were very good yesterday with Zipping making a statement for aged horses. I still won't back them, as the long ter results prove that generally you can't win with them and their strike rate is equivalent to picking your selections with a pin. It is a 20% higher strike rate if they are top rated by Winform.   

SMS Members. Possible bets in two race between 3.30 and 5.30. I'll be watching track conditions and betting. Only one race selected and as expected Jeunelistic races closer to the pace than last time but got into a speed duel which killed his chances in the end.

Sunday 3rd October: Rob rightly pointed out that the SMS has had it's first losing week so those who started Monday might be disappointed. For the record, since we went "public" the results are Saturday 40% race strike rate +0. Mid week +22.3, +49.9, -14.7. That doesn't include the $18.20 place dividend from Friday because although many members backed it each way I recommended it as a win bet.

Today the Flemington meeting gets a good rating from me and I have selected Grandslam selections as this is a Saturday meeting. The Flemingotn meeting alos appears on the Saturday page as ratings subscribers are entitled to have this meeting. Also, as tomorrow is a public holiday, that meeting will also appear on the Saturday page as well as the Monday page.

I have a Grand Final party at my place today and already the "one eyed" jokes have started. You realise of the Roosters win it is all the birds (Magpies/Roosters).

Saturday 2nd October: I was as amazed as anybody when Savadan hit $131 fixed for the win at Canberra yesterday. Members of the SMS syndicate stood to collect over one million dollars yet the price both win and place kept drifitng. In the same race we bet one other horse and after we got on it firmed by three points but ran second and missed ina protest against the winner.

Members backed up though with a win at Kyneton at $6. This horse firmed to $3 AFTER our members had backed it. I don't really understand what goes on in betting markets but it is clear that we are having no trouble getting our bets on. The market seems to react after our bets are tallied I reckon.

Russell and Brad have had problems receiving their SMS's. Russell has a farm property and doesn't have good phone coverage and Brad's executive position has meant he too has missed being able to receive calls. This does leave two more places open as they have instead, credited their subs to the ratings where they can do their own pre race day assessments.

Our one Premium bet was an easy winner even though under David Bendeich's rules it was not a qualifier. Quite a few winners yesterday but not at good prices.

This weekend is punters' heaven. Two Grand Finals plus two days of Group Racing. Good luck. I will bet early and switch between channels to pick up all the action.

Friday 1st October:Update. Savadan our SMS special runs third at $18.20 the place. Thought it would win but couldn't hang on.

Five horses nominated on the SMS service in two races yesterday and all but one placed. In the first of those races we ran 2nd,3rd and 4th. We scored 1st and 3rd in the second race. The race strike rate is now right in the expected range at 39% but we lost seven races this week, coming second at least in most of them. The SMS service is now closed until further notice. I will check the effect on dividends with those that have committed so far and possibly reopen the service in November.

Betfair offer. We sent everyone a liink to a ridiculous Betfair offer yesterday. It woud be foolish to pass up such a good offer. In essence you bet a nominated horse to lose each week but if it wins you get your stake refunded and this happens each week for six weeks. You can see that by doing this, Betfair hopes that you will get in the habit of using them. Check your Winform E-News yesterday for the link.

After building up Launceston last night we proceeded to find zero winners there. It happens. Today we have good meetings at Wyong Kyneton Canberra and Moonee Valley tonight. Ipswich will still be damp. I cannot predict where the SMS selections will come from as there are several good choices both early and late.

Thursday 30th September: The more I look into my eye problem the more uncertainty I have about the future. On the one hand I will be severely inconvenienced for a while but on the other hand there are devices which will allow me to continue to update the computer as I do now. I'll know more after the 18th. What I do know is that I am certain to be able to keep finding winners even though I haven't done so this week so far. Seconds don't count.

Today is the last day I will be accepting subscriptions for the SMS service so advise me by email winformpublishing7@bigpond.com if you wish to be involved. I have several Members who have committed and will be paying and commencing in October some time to alow them to start off with an adequate bank. This is acceptable. I had planned a mail out to everyone but will pospone this until I know more about my personal position. At this stage I have postponed the next edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine until the Autumn Edition which we are planning to be a Bumper issue with better quality paper and more pages. I have also postponed changes to the website so basically all will continue as normal.

I don't expect any action for SMS members until after 3 p.m. but at least we do have some good track conditions to work with.

Wednesday 29th September: I write this with some difficulty as I have lost the sight of my right eye. The surgeon explained today that the mind has been playing tricks with me and using the vision from my left eye to make me believe all was O.K. but in the past week I have noticed my vision becoming distorted. An urgent trip to my Optometrist Tuesday meant I overlooked recording the phone services so I apologise for that.

Within thirty minutes of seeing my optometrist I had an appointment with a specialist eye surgeon. An hour later test confirmed that there was a problem. As a result I have been fast tracked for eye surgery in Sydney on the 18th. I hope I am getting mates rates. It's funny, they said it would be expensive they warned me. What good is money without your sight I say.

They suggest I will probably recover 70% plus of my right eye vision. I hope so. I am still able to work but will spend less time on the computer and for the week of the 18th I may not be able to provide full service, however after that I should be O.K. I am not allowed to drive until then. It will not affect the SMS service except that it will be harder for me to pick up selections through race videos.

To give you an idea. If I look at your face without glasses (to aid my left eye) your face is just a blur.

Other than that, I am advised by Members that the Powerbet Top Three strategy is going well. The SMS service will only operate today if I can get fixed prepost prices and trcak conditions are expected to be consistent.

Tuesday 28th September: Those that started the SMS service yesterday might have been disappointed as we lost 4 units in two races but it should have been a collect. Johny GRisdale on Fulmination rode almost the perfect race, scooting six lengths clear with 200 metres to go. I don't believe he was aware of the ultimate winner which was so wide it almost brushed the outside rail. Grisdale tried to stoke the horse up again but it was too late and he went down in a close photo. Most SMS subscribers had secured $4.40 before the on course money casued it to start around $3. Our other investment was in a wide open betting race at Albury. It was a race where the betting suggested anything can win although there was some money for a nominal favourite which I believed had no chance at all even though third rated. These are the races where we get $10 and $20 winners but we never had a hope in the running. The favourite got beat as expected but laying it on Betfair at $5 for a very minor payoff is not my style.

Today I have spotted a couple of late races after 4 p.m.. Thanks to all those who have supported the SMS service. We appreciate the faith you have shown in us and the "system". The service is stil open at the special price until Thursday and we appreciate hearing from those who have committed to take it up in October, the price remains the same for you. To those who have said they can't afford it, I appreciate that also but I would not support taking anyone on who doesn't have at least $2,000 to set aside as a Bank. That would be irresponsible of you, and me for taking you on. As well as it is going, we know from bitter experience that we will experience lean times. The last thing we need is pressure from people who "need a winner". That said, if you are on board I do suggest you take advanatge of any bookie offers. For details of these simply click the "bet now" banner on the left hand menu. You relally do want to have the option of betting fixed price or tote if that is a better option.

Monday 27th September: SMS subscribers can realx until at least 2.30. The races are being set up for daylight saving time which means a start time most days of 1 p.m. or later and finishing closer to six at least. WA races will go to nine. Each day I have to delay putting up the races until Qld scratchings are confirmed around 9.30, night races scratchings come in at 10.30 but WA I can't even start work until 11.30 a.m. I should get overtime.

It is possible that after September 30th we may have to make changes to new SMS subscribers (may cost more or we may have to restrict numbers) but for now it remains $990 for Saturdays and $990 from Monday to Friday or $1980 for all six days. Email winformpublishing7@bigpond.com if you wish to share in the profits. The cost is for 12 months with an allowance for "holiday"" breaks to avoid burnout. At $20 per week for one service or $40 for two it is a bargain. Those who have already made arrangements to start (and pay) next month will stay at the agreed rate.

Sunday 26th September: The SMS service has now had eleven wins from twenty three races since we made it available to Members. This includes two out of two Friday and three out of three yesterday. Profit for just a $20 bet is $1578. With the last five races all being winners I decided to get up at 4 this morning to see what would have happened had I parlayed all races? I use a base bet of $10 which requires an outlay of just $110 for each parlay. The result? $4640 profit.

The strike rate of 48% is above our estimated 40% long term strike rate.

Each way bets. Yesterday we recommended two horses to be bet each way. In one of those races our runner placed 3rd at $6 but we had also backed the $2.80 winner. So the win bet was $1 out for $2.8 back and the each way bet $1 out for $3 back or $5.8 on the race, a profit of 3.8 units. We won twice in the same race! In the other race we scored the winner but the 100/ shot we backed each way missed the place. We still made one unit profit for the race.

The number of longshot winners in the Winform ratings yesterday was phenomenal. Bob bet Powerbet yesterday and left these out but still turned his starting bank of $500 into $900. He then lost a bit back but rues the fact that he left all those llongshots out. I repeat the facts. Those longshots are nice when they happen but the longterm strike rate is 1.7% which means they have to pay an average of $60 just to make a profit. Last night one of those was top rated at Toowoomba and paid more than $60.

Have you checked your Betezy or Overtheodds.com.au accounts lately? Belle told me she received an email from Betezy to advise her that she had won a free $20 bet. I looked up my Betezy account and discovered I had $186 in free bets in my balance and even more in my Overtheodds account. Both these bookmakers use the same betting platform and it gives you a weekly rebate on your betting. The problem is, any free bets not used in 30 days disappear, or so I believe. I might throw these free bets on any Premium bets we get today. Yesterday we had one qualifier for the one win.

It's daylight now. Time to go for a walk and shake the cobwebs out.

Saturday 25th September: Well we won the Daily Feature Race I reckon and readers of the E-News would have been chuffed to see Precedence win at $3.50. Easy money for the free tip PLUS who backed True Pleasure at 100/1 each way? Well we actually recommnded it when it was fixed odds of $5 for the place. Last night we actually got $11 fixed and it was right in there with Hay List at the turn...so what is the better bet ? Hay List at $1.50 for the win or True Persuasion each way at 100/1?

SMS subscribers went ballistic last night with two winning races and can you beieve in one race two of our three selections ran the Quinella at $103. One email simply said Y....F....B... that You, well you know the rest. Another eleven units profit from last night and today we even have a $101 each way shot going around. Dummy me sent out the wrong race numbers at first but quickly corrected so please, please read the SMS's and drill down. One Member didn't realise there was more than one race on the SMS. I sincerely hope we do better than last Saturday when we kept running second at $15 and $20.

We are still taking subscribers for the SMS but can't get anyone extra started until Monday. Remember email winformpublishing7@bigpond.com if you want in. We will only close the books if prices start to get affected but those dills on radio and TV usually steer the public away from the good things anyway.

Friday 24th September: In yesterdays E-News we offered subscribers a free Winform polo shirt. While we will run out of some sizes we still have others left so keep sending your requests. One importtant thing though, if you are not a subscriber to the Winform Ratings or selection services you are not eligible. We'll send the shirst out next week. If you have asekd for one and you don't get it, we have simply run out.

Yesterday we scored the winner in the Daily Feature Race and a small Quinella so that's O.K. but we ran second in both target races for the SMS service. Our strike rate so far this week is 43%, slightly above expectations. The Premiums have had a good week.

Today for the SMS service I will be sending through bets for tonights racing once I get scratchings about mid morning. Once again we will have prepost fixed prices from Iasbet.

In the meantime Mat solved his problems getting to work (his mate took a couple of days offf work). He's simply driving himself. That's not a lottery I'd like to win. Did you know disqualified drivers get no appeal? They actually get treated worse than drug dealers and rapists. We even went through the Transport ministers office. While I don't support his driving, under the current law he wouldn't have lost his licence in the first place but at the end of the day everyone has to be able to get to work. At least once you used to be able to get a restricted licence just to go to work.

Thursday 23rdSeptember: You'll see that we updated Warwick Farm yesterday when trcak conditions improved. The winner of our Daily Feature Race was rated 5th based on a first up win on rain affected going followed up by a rank failure on a firm track. Once the track was upgraded we dropped it out. It won the race, beating our top rated and second rated horses. Luckily, I like most, had already placed our bets scoring a $1591 profit from Iasbet.for my $60 outlay. We did not update our Daily Feature as it was too too late. Glad we didn't as you guys are now all "lucky" winners. Maybe La Remlap just experienced second up syndrome causing her to blunder at the start that day.

Our SMS selections weren't fit enough to win but we got on our main contender at $21 to $31 early in the day before it firmed to $14 late in the betting on course. It led by four lengths into the straight but collapsed to finish last. Today we are looking at a couple of possible races between 2 and 3, dependent on track conditions and the betting.

We still have vacant slots for SMS Members. Enquiries to winformpublishing7@bigpond.com. For costs see the entry below for 16th September.

Wednesday 22nd September:Weve updated the ratings for track conditions and powerbet at 1.30p.m. sms members. It is Race 5 Not Race 3. No further selections today.Just when things are getting organised, Mat has been advised his shift is changing and Dad has to take him to work again until he can find someone on the same shift that lives close by. Just another challenge I guess.

Well we can't go bankrupt when we continue to find winners like yesterdays SMS which gave us an extra 2.5 units profit. Also the Daily Feature race followers picked up the $77 Quinella and $40+ winner. We received several more subscriptions to the SMS service yesterday but we are still having no effect on dividends. Yesterdays winner firmed on course before we started backing it and it actually eased in the best tote market in the end. Our info and ratings analysis was right even though it just won but we deserve to have some luck along the way. We are close to doubling the bank since we started just under two weeks ago.

The race also ended up being a C Plan race. Today there is just one SMS race and one of the runners is a very short favourite. We can save on that or just go with the two excellent longshots and hope. In the end we can outlay 4 units and get square or lose 4 or win 20. Or we can go with the longshots and at worst lose 2. That's what I will do.

Tuesday 21st September: Greek won at $47.80 for the SMS subscribers after $71 fixed price was bet. Altogether there were four races bet yesterday and eight horses in total. There was a $3.50 winner as well and three other placed horses at $1.80 and $4+ and $4+. Mostly our selections will be at great prices. Based on feedback from Members we reckon we ripped over $250,000 from the TAB fixed odds and corporates. So to date, dividends don't seem to be affected and we are accepting memberships until September 30th. We regret that there are some peoeple who are not eligible to participate incuding one mammoth punter who is hiding under the name "elemer".

Maree advised that being off "sick" has been great for her punting. Greg advised that due to extremely poor weather his mobile wasn't receiving. We will get other good winners. Today there is a possible betting race between 3.30 and 4.30.

Monday 20th September: We don't operate the SMS service on Sundays.I do need a break every now and then but I did bet in the Daily Feature race with our second rated horse winning at a god price and our top rater flying home to run third I then decided to bet the Dubbo Cup, which I lost and folowed up with a couple of good winners and $2k profit. "That'll do" I thought but then there was an incredible run of about 7 or 8 winners. You just cannot predict when they will happen.

Ros and Belle have been busy re-organising the garage, putting in racks and shelving as I prepare to move the business, as planned a long time ago, to home. The phone number hasn't changed. We are keeping fifty copies of each of the past 19 magazines so the number of complete sets is going to be limited but we simply don't have room for them all. We have three autographed framed copies of the very first issue, signed by the writers. It is a strictly limited edition as only nine were produced. Full sets of the magazines cost just $79.95 express posted. The limited Edition Issue One is open to a silent auction. If you are interested, send your bid to winform@hunterlink.net.au.

The good thing about the move is that it saves me two hours travelling time each day and so more time for form analysis and research. Today the SMS service is looking at races between 3.45 and as late as 5.30. It depends on the weather and the prices available, whether or not we have a bet..

Sunday 19th September: Not the Saturday I expected. The SMS service had six runners in three races for three placing at $4.80, $4.60 and $1.80, enough to make a level stakes profit but we don't bet place. With two strong closer at $13 and $17 a win would have really topped off our great week. I managed to get $71 fixed and $41 fixed on two runners which also both finished second.

I have thoughts about some of the winners looking ahead and will send my thoughts with the next Winform E-News.

Did anyone see St Kilda and The Bulldogs last night? Did someone turn on a sitch at half time? ST KIlda hit the ground running and in a brilliant third quarter everything went right, the bounce of the ball, the goal accuracy and wiht the Bulldogs fighting back in the last term we made our bet a winning one. I see little hope of beating the Magpies though as this year they seem to have the "team." The NRL is a lot more open.

Saturday 18th September: First of all a cheerio to Maree. Maree has just undergone her third round of heart surgery in the past few weeks. Two days before our One Day Seminar, Maree had to cancel as it was decided she should have immediate surgery to implant a pacemaker.Then there was a loose wire s o back for another go, then another complication and a third go. She asked her surgeon what the probem was and the reply "you're just special, this doesn't usually happen to anyone else." Well we all know you're special.

While recovering from this, Maree decided to open up her laptop on Thursday night to see how her Winform ratings had gone for the day when she noticed that Launceston had a night meeting and York was still on. Two winners later, Maree had found the solution to making your heart race. Good luck Maree. It must be hard trying to relax when you're normally such a busy person.

Yesterday we had our third losing race for the week but still 42 units in front since last Friday when we kicked off the SMS service. We bet seven races altogether for four wins which is above normal, I admit. I just hopewe don't average out today.

It is one of the really big days today with lots of good races and good horses starting to reach their peak The tracks are good as well. Have fun everyone. I know I will. Three selected races for the SMS service today. I've already bet mine using iasbet prepost fixed prices

Friday 17th September: Only a Quinella in yesterdays feature. Our SMS race resulted in just a placing yesterday so lost 2 units up a mere 23.3 for the week. Richard McHutchison's trainers system from the Winter magazine had two good winners yesterday to go to a very substantial lead and will be hard to run down. His two rivals had better find something. Richard had become a bit depressed by the whole thing as we would not allow him to change his trainers list. At this he would have to be happy with the result especially given the prices betting best tote at betezy has given him. Richard has also been given a boost with an improving health outlook. One drives the other I think. A good win always boosts my morale.

We had a questionon Staking with the new SMS service and simply put we suggest 1% of the Bank for each selection, so in a race where there are three selections bet then 3% is bet on the race, two selections 2% and so on. If only one selection that does not mean an increased bet although Brian "cheated" the other day and doubled his bet on a horse I had expressed confidence in. It won too.

Got a great email about Seymour Race six yesterday, and why not? The top rater won at $5+ and the 3rd rated ran second and he secured $15 the place. The Quinella was $227 and the Trifecta $3000+

I have another five starters for the SMS service today but I don't expect to fill the quota just yet. We will accept everyone who wants "in" up until September 30th then I'll see if I need to restrict it. To be honest, for every selection we give out Gary Harley and others are tipping the top four favourites from the mounting yard anyway to nver lass than half a million punters on any given day.

I am looking at a race between 3.30 and 4.30 today and keeping a close eye on track conditions and the betting. SMS users please check your phones around that time.

Thursday 16th September: The Newcastle Quaddie $2774, Treble $226, Cameron Handicap Quinella $300 and the Daily Feature Race Trifecta. It wasn'ta bad day. The new SMS service targeted two races and scored two wins. Profit since Monday is $506 or $20 bets. At $990 for the midweek seervice and $990 for the Saturday service, it won't take long to cover the cost.

Greg Horns book Professional Punting -My Personal Approach, led to winners in both selected races (using the guidelines in the book there is no doubt whatsoever about which races to bet in) and Greg himself collected over $11k profit with his personal staking plan as outlined in the book. When you consider the suggested starting bank of just $20,000 you can see how easy it is to make a living punting. On a $2,000 Bank, the profit of $1100 for the day, yes for the day, should leave you in no doubt. Remember, this also led to a $29000 First Four bak in February when Greg was working here in the office and providing his selections in the Daily Feature race to our 3,800 Members.

Click the online store from the menu ontheleft then books and you can have your own copy.


Wednesday 15th September: Newcastle is listed as a Dead 4 but with only fine weather expected I am treating the meeting as a Good 3. We missed most of the rain yesterday. I am expecting to win.

The new SMS service to date has had 12 selections in five races for wins at $7+, $21+ and $13+ since we went public with it. Our information was right yesterday about one single selection, that a major improvement was to take place. Unfortunately, while that happened, it didn't turn out the right way. Our horse's rider had instructions to be patient and bring the horse home. It jumped a length in front but instead of easing across and taking a quiet trail, he eased it back to second last to fit with the prerace instruction. In the straight it made up a dozen lengths to just miss 4th. As former champion rider Wayne Harris used to say " my brother did the form for me and gave me a riding strategy but once the race jumped it all went out the window and I rode on instinct according to how the horse was going." I won't be blackbooking that horse because yesterday it was a bit above the rest of the field but it was a very poor quality field.

Later in the day with our second Target race we scored a $13+ winner with the winning rider working with the track bias.

A reminder that to participate you need to email winformpublishing7@bigpond.com. I can call you back to get credit card information this morning but as I will be reporting on the Newcastle Spring Carnival I will answer any queries received after lunch, tonight when I return home.

Tuesday 14th: Newcastle Spring Stakes day tomorrow and the Cameron with the Newcastle Cup on Thursday. I will be there both days and the track will be a perfect Good 3. Neither day is a holiday in Newcastle but it should be. A Quinella in yesterday's Daily Feature Race but not the Trifecta we were after. Our Target race for the new SMS service resulted in a second and third for our two horses.

We have two target races today for our SMS series between 12.30 and 1.30 and between 3.30 and 4.30. A lot will depend on state of the tracks and the odds. And there is a curious thing. Every subscriber so far, is also a current subscriber to Winform Ratings. Confidence breeds confidence it seems but everyone is eligible to participate. The new service was designed to help those who are still working to get some serious info with enough notice to get on board even if you are currently working. Reember. All enquiries to winformpublishing7@bigpond.com.

Monday 13th September: I did forget to update everybody on the system competition.Can you believe Rock Solid, which did not make the finals, is actually the only plan that is in profit for the Spring? The three finalists are all heavily in debit although one did have a $10 second placegetter. Betezy won't have much to pay out the way things are going. Still. Eight more weeks to go.

No luck in yesterday's feature but I did have a nice win in Kalgoorlie with our top rated horse which paid $29+. I actually would have preferred to bet at the $41 fixed at Unitab but I tried three times to get on and each time my bet was rejected. This has happened before but usually only with bets that would have won, or it seems like that.I can't complain, as the return was a nice one anyway. I didn't even start betting until I returned from a stay at Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest late in the day and only placed bets in three races.

We've had more players join the new SMS program and we will be promoting the service in our email Newsletter today. The number of people allowed "on board" will be subject to whether or not dividends start to become affected. At the moment I think not as for every race there are as many varying opinions as there are services.

Today there is a possible betting race between 3.30 and 5 p.m. depending on how the betting and track conditions go.

Sunday 12th September: Our 4th rated horse won the Daily Feature Race and you could have dutch bet and included it quite easily as it turned out. The Weekend Feature race scored a small Trifecta with the top rated winning. Powerbet made $500 which was hard work because we lost a series with the very next race producing the winner we needed. Race strike rate yesterday was 35%, right on average and dividend average $6.94 which means you could have made a level stakes profit even without Powerbet.

I have had a t least half a dozen people call me about new Powerbet passwords this week as they have upgraded their computers. I need to repeat again that DO NOT BUY A 64 BIT COMPUTER if you wish to use our software. 90% of all computers are either 32 bit compatible or 32 bit including the latest Samsung and Toshibas. The 64 bit machines are better for games players etc. but Microsoft has guaranteed to support 32 bit programs which are by far the majority of all modern software programs.

I also want to point out that with the new SMS selection service, we are not operating Sundays and also we will be allowing for some periods of downtime as the program does take a lot of intense work. Having said that it looks like we will have no problem at all reaching our maximum of 100 Players.

Saturday 11th September:UPDATE: Our target race came and went and we were on. Three bets and the winner $21+, we have put the cue in the rack. John was disappointed because I was not in the office today and he has misssed todays. Don't worry John, there's plenty more to come. I'll get you on board from Monday.

A $72+ Quinella in the Daily Feature Race yesterday and our longshot nearly got the bikkies at $20+. I backed that one each way. Ratings subscribers should note that for the Feature Races my personal adjustments are in the Feature and on the Winform Daily Mail. The original ratings I mostly leave as they are.

I have to tell you that the new SMS service is similar. The selections in the selected race or races may well be dfiferent to the regular ratings as they take into account outside information which may lead me to make adjustments. Our first subscriber came straight on board and started yesterday. I am pleased to say it was a winning race with a $7+ winner with three horses backed so better than double our money.

Each day we nominate, not the race, but the approximate time to expect an SMS if there is one. Todays events will take place between 3.30 and 4.30 with one race selection depending heavily on the track condition and how it is playing. Is there a bias? If the bias is a front runner bias then no bets wil be placed.

One of the test group got a surprise early on when when a horse he owned a share in was the one of the bets bet in the recommended race. He was surprised because the trainer told everyone he was in for the run and not to expect anything. Our information and analysis suggested that the horse would at least place and it did and at good odds. Please see Spetember 10th post for information about the new service. I won't be takig phone calls about it. Simply email.

Good luck today.

Friday 10th September: You were able to dutch bet ourt top four horses in the Ballina Cup yesterday and still make more than 100% profit on the race. The one Premium bet did not qualify under the KTWC3 rules and ran 3rd. There are two Premium bets today. I checked with Luxbet and found that only about half a dozen Members have joined. With the deal that hey have on Best Of The Best it is hard to understand why more readers have not taken advantage. Centrebt have a similar offer but our Members who have bet there and won have quickly found that they can no longer bet Best Of The Best having been told that the offer is NOT FOR Professionals. Amazingly, one of those Members was only betting small change as he is mainly a sports bettor. I haven't had anybody tell me their bets have been restricted with Luxbet smply because they are winning.

My Members betting with Luxbet is not beneficial for me as with the offer they have you should not be able to lose. It is beneficial to youwhich is why I have passed the details on. I bet the Best Of The Best but quite often I can get even better than that with the Iasbet early odds. Simply learnt to work all the bookies for the best options and you will be a winner.

I am starting a new SMS service that has been many months in the making. To put it simply, I will be sending an SMS ten minutes before selected races, mostly one or two a day with between one and three horses selected. The strike rate will be high and level stakes profits will be achieved. Thanks to John and Andrew and Malcolm and Kenny, Vince, and Amanda who have all been involved in the extensive research behind the project. Thanks also to the beta testing group who have been putting on their bets with real money since April. Basic Cost is between $990 and $1990 for the year and there are three options. Option one is Saturdays only with just one or two races selected most days. Option Two is midweek only with mostly just one race per day. Both opitons are $990. The third option is Monday to Saturday and is $1990. You will need to invest between $20 and $60 a raceI suggest, to make it a goer.

The service will commence from October 1st and expressions of interest are by email only to winformpublishing7@bigpond.com. There is a limit on the number of participants but please don't bother to make enquiries if you cannot comfortably afford to give this a go. It is NOT for gamblers. If there is a target race it will be flagged here each day so you will know approximately when to expect an SMS. I will not be taking phone calls about this service. All info is by email only.

Thursday 9th September: That was a very nice Feature Race win yesterday which netted me $1,000+ . I took the early odds on the winner at Luxbet which was $4.40, a lot better than the on course price later in the day. Members who have long asked if they can bet the C PLan in advance may have the answer now that a few of the corporates offer prepost fixed odds on many Metropolitan races, especially when the favourite is obvious. I did note that Best Of The Best is not offered mid week. Still, I was more than happy with the result. Had the second horse won I would have been even happier as I had bet it best totewhich was almost double the prepost fixed price and would have scored me an extra $900+. Im happy to go out a winner though.

Only two days to go with the offer on Greg Horns book Professional Punting-MY Personal Approach. Buy this today or tomorrow and get one months of Winform Daily Mail free.

Wednesday 8th September: Canterbury has been upgraded. We have done an update.Did you notice we changed the title from "Blog" to "Diary" on the main page? When we first changed we got a lot of emails "what happened to the diary?" and it was just that many of our existing readers were not clear about the word "blog". At the cost of missing out on new readers for who the word "diary" is unknown, we have switched back and I prefer it.

Some good winners again yesterday without being spectacular and a lot of races with small numbers of runners missed. Small fields are becoming an epidemic in some places. It could have been a fun day except for the election shennanigans. I would love to see a high speed broadband network. I just can't see it happening, especially here at ManneringPark with just 2500 residents. Can you believe that "after" Bob Katter made his separate announcement yesterday afternoon, Labour was still available at $1.31 at Betfair and drifiting. I'm rueing the missed opportunity as there was a lot of money to be made in the past two weeks. I guess I will stick in the futture to footy for my sports betting, say Steve Mattai to get his suspension overturned and score the winning try for Manly on Friday night at $2.50 after a huge betting plunge.

Yesterdays C Plan score was three wins from four races. The first race had just 4 runners and you have to ask if we should eliminate those sorts of races.Has anyone studied this? I know a lot of Members do bet the C Plan. Let me know please.

Tuesday 7th September: A good winning day yesterday including the C Plan so I am told. We have 185 copies of Greg Horn's book Professional Punting My Personal Approach left and after these go no more will be printed. We have a bonus this week. All orders placed by FRIDAY MIDDAY will get the Winform Daily Mail for four weeks free. Last Saturday The Winform Daily Mail scored eight wins from the nine races selected including five Quinellas, the biggest $174 and two Trifectas, the best $441 and one First Four. Only a little one at $3514. The best winner was $44.30. This follows on from a $900+ First Four last Friday.

Mat is starting to get settled in his new place and at last after 12 months his poodle JJ has gone to the new place also. No more barking at 3 a.m. thank goodness. Maybe now I can sleep through until morning. I have been constantly annoyed at being unable to concentrate on my punting but at last it may happen and I can get back to making money on the punt instead of having the occasional stab.

Yesterday I reminded Members in our weekly Newsletter that we have several free reports on the website. I actually spent six hours yesterday responding to these requests. I don't mind as long as it helps readers to punt better.

Monday 6th September:Members of the Vquaddie Pool will be happy to learn that they were in the $2254 Quaddie on Saturday. Everyone is therefore guaranteed a return. Early days yet. The good thing is that we didn't have to outlay a lot of money to get it so ended up with a much bigger profit compared to outlay.

Yesterday with only three meetings we still managed to find some nice winners. Also, we have been able to retrieve the figures for the Winform Top Three for August and I am surprised to report that , contraray to the warnings in the latest magazine, August has made a level stakes profit. I have been unable , due to time restraints (and taking Mat to work) to do the daily workouts, let alone bet, but it is likely that August was another profitable month for Powerbet.

Sunday Sep 5th: Two First Fours in a row for the Daily Feature Race including $3500+ yesterday. The Quinella in the Weekend Feature Race too. AND five legs of the Big SIX pus the Melbounre Quaddie! To be honest we were a little lucky there as one of our selections was a late scratching and so we ended up on the substitute which just happened to win. Shocking at $18 was the one that addded valus and I was right about the favourite in the third leg being a good risk.

All but three of todays meetings have been called off. A light and breezy day for everyone.

Saturday 4th September: Another missed day for me. Friday night Mat and another electrician were at work when he became the victim of an arc flash. Not Mat luckily. The other fellow was initially taken to Newcastle's major hospital but then transferred by helicopter to a specialist burns unit in Sydney. Needless to say it is a major thing causing much stress. No one should have to witness something like that. His mate's face (and life) will never be the same.

I'll report on Saturday tomorrow.

Update: In the light of day things have improved slightly. Mat and his crew have been commended for their quick action in the emergency and his mate is in a stable condition.

Today I am allup and parlay on four of our Premium selections. Wish me luck. The VQuaddie promotion commenced today and it looks like a day for surprises, however most of the selections are "in the market" so probably no million dollar quaddies today. There is a Big Six jackpot expected of 2 million but it is a bit hard. I'll wait till the pool reaches 5 million I think.

Yesterday we scored the Winner, the Quinella. Exacta Trifecta and Firts Four in the Wyong Cup. Unfortunately our top selection was run down in the last fifty metres and just missed the place at 50/1.

Friday 3rd September: A Trifecta in the Daily Feature Race yesterday. Two out of three Trifectas in the Winform Daily Mail.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO JOIN THE VQUADDIE POOL. Remember, all you have to do is make a deposit to your Vicbet account and get 10% bonus added to the Vquaddie pool for a share in the Melbourne Feature Quaddie pools over Spring. If you don't have a Vicbet account open one and make your first deposit for a 20% bonus. It's that simple.

I have a busy day today and tomorrow as Mat is moved into his new digs. Luckily he now has a lift to work and back most days which will cut down on my workload so I might start doing the Powerbet workouts again and getting some actual betting done. If Mat stuffs up he can fall on his own sword.

I have an offer from Iasbet I will send everybody today and most Members will receive an offer through the normal mail. If you don't get an offer it may be because you don't have an Iasbet account that you joined as Member.

Thursday 2nd September:I'm not having a winning week and I don't like it.Navmann was unlucky yesterday and I am adding him to the Blackbook list.

We've had some excellent feedback about the win of Jedi Starfighter at $210 last week. It looks like our ratings subscribers have taken out a month of Iasbet's profits not to mention other corporates. That price is rare but as we backed up with a $41 winner Sunday, we do find some good longshots. There is a strong slant on longshots in the Spring magazine which is in Newsagents now.

There were some good winners yesterday but I only had time for a couple of bets and they lost. IN Weekend Sports bets we have gone for an AFL Treble. Good luck with that after last week. Sale is just a Dead 4 today and we always seem to do well there. I have found a $20 shot with a chance in the Daily Feature Race.

Wednesday 1st September: I suffered bigtime when Rosewater did nothing yesterday. The three Premium bets all failed to qualify under David Bendeich's rules and only one was successful. Overall we get around 40% winners. The qualifiers have a lon term strike rate of around 45%+ and the non qualifiers 35%.

At this time of the year we get a lot of past subscribers singing up for the ratings over the Spring Carnival. We don't mind this at all as it makes sense. In the latest issue of the magazine we raise this issue and publish tables for the past several years. It makes interesting reading.

I know it's Spring but we'll continue in the current format for now. What it does bring to mind though is that we are not far from daylight saving and that makes our life hell for six months as we get Queensland scratchings late and then WA about midday. Worse. We end up betting past six o'clock most evenings. Wouldn't it be nice to have some uniformity?

Tuesday 31st August: An okay day yesterday with a track upgrade making our Best Bet and Premium special a go.Today the Daily Feature Race features a blackbooker which has been looking for a good track. She ran last at her last run on a slow track and she has been entered and scratched from a number of races looking for firm going. She gets it today.

I tested the email list over the weekend and it is now working normally with another 500 members getting their emails now. As a test we offered Greg Horns book Professional Punting-My Personal Approach for half price. From the orders we have received it is working very well and the cut off is noon today. It will take me an effort but I aim to get all orders out this afternoon.

The VQuaddie Pool is building nicely but because we havent been able to communicate with all our Members Rod has agreed to extend the offer until noon Friday. Just to repeat. Existing Vicbetaccount holders who top up their accounts will get a 10% bonus added to the Vquaddie pool. Rod Cleary and myself will bet the Melbourne Quaddie every Saturday until the end of the Flemington Carnival and the proceeds will be distributed to those who participated.

Anyone who doesnt have a Vicbet account and opens one will get a 20% bonus on their openig deposit added to the pool. Last year there were over $112000 in dividends.

Monday 30th August: A few more excellent winners yesterday, although our Winform Gold could only manage second. We had a $22 winner and a top rated selection which was $17 on course, paid $31+ best tote and an amazing $41 fixed on Unitab and no I wasn't on it. I didn't bet yesterday as we took my Dad to an early Fathers Day lunch. Next weekend we are helping Mathew move into his new accomodation before a late BBQ for yours truly.

Have you ever noticed the typos in this diary? I try really hard to eliminate them and I think I have it all right but then as sson as it goes up on the website I see more that I have missed. The worst examples are in the latest magazine as in error we sent off the files pre edit instead of after edit. Research shows, however, that it doesn't matter as our minds allow us to read straight through the errors, as I seem to do everyday in this story. We were even thining the other day whether we should have a reader competition to see how many errors there were.

Today I am starting on the Summer Edition of the magazine and already we have several good articles from outside contributors. I am also introducing some "Way We Were" stuff after yesterdays lunch discussion with My Dad revealed something of his past and we compared reminiscences. For example. I could remember things in my childhood that Dad couldn't, about my Nan and Pop's house for example. A lot of the shared histories will bring back memories from readers who are also from that same era. There is a lot to like about the simplicity of it all.

So what's it got to do with Racing? Well it is an attitude thing. What typified us then explains what a big part Racing paid in people's lives for example. In one article I compare Then and Now to see what's the same and what's not. What was better then and what was not.

It looks like we will have three good meetings to work on today.

Sunday 29th August: A really good Saturday in my book. IN the Weekend Feature Race we backed Ilovethiscity each way at $40+ and were unlucky not to score a win. Toorak Toff was another of my bets at Best Fluc of $8 as was the second rated horse at around double figures. I netted a cool 2k profit with my dutch bet. Both Premiums won with two Winform Gold selections winning at $4+ this week. That would be good news for Money Factory users.

Centebet are keen to do a deal with us for Members but before we do wewould like to get some feedback from existing Centrebet account holders. I have already had plenty of negative feedback with Members having their accounts closed or a restriction placed on their bet types. Are there some good stories out there? Email me direct@hunterlink.net.au.

In the Weekend Feature Race I stood out the top three from down to the ninth rated horse and although the First Four was healthy at $30k my $200 outlay didn't buy me much of a percentage. We scored the Rosehill Quaddie easily but it didn't pay much.

Saturday 28th August: Can you believe I missed betting our Daily Feature Race again yesterday? I was organising a trial ratings file for a client, cost $22, and missed a $500 non taxable profit. Comes with the territory I suppose. One Premium yesterdayfor a $4 winner and won by two lengths.

Todays top rated horse in the weekend Feature Race has already been backed in from $67 to $26. That was probably Greg Horn's money. I know he got on board at $51. I have backed it each way allup with a COUPLE OF OUR GRANDSLAMS. Both of these horses are first up specialists. I hope for better luck than last week when I scored the $41 winner but both of my other selections missed the place.

Friday 27th August: Ros and Natalie arrive back from their Las Vegas trip today but I guess I won't get much of a report until they get over their jet lag. I've got a lag of a different kind after yesterday. I took off to get Mat to work early and in the process forgot to place my bet on the Daily Feature Race.

Well that is good news for all you followers because you got $17 at Overtheodds.com.au and my money wasn't there to dilute the betting pool (well I was only having $100 on it anyway so no big deal). I heard the race just as I was delivering Mat.

We've worked thrugh the night to get all the subscribers'magazines into envelopes and they are out in this mornings mail. We think we've got it right but if anyone doesn't have it by next Friday give us a call and we'll chase it up.

It's funny how you always seem to lose consistently with one bookmaker while wining with another and then the cycle reverses. I used to bet consistently with Sportingbet but last year I only had $174,000 worth of bets. I guess since overtheodds.com.au and others went to best tote on the country and provincials my betting pattern has changed. I actually llost 30% on turnover at Sportingbet and bet with them on only 110 days. My biggest win with them was only $3628 but with IIasbet for example it was $37000. At the moment I find Iasbet and Sportsbet are my bets Metropolitan betting options with overtheodds.com.au the best for other venues.

Thursday 26th August:Coalition $1.60 Labor $2.17. It looks like a coalition win now. Yesterdays events in Canberra had the makings of a circus fanned by the media. Bob Brown must be getting concerned with how many trees are going to newsprint.

Yesterday our Premium bet was in a protest situation again, this time finishing second, then being unsuccessful against the winner. Of our three bets the first was at Strathalbyn, which was called off The other two were both unlucky and both ran second. I had a multi bet which was a treble and three doubles. Because in this situation a scratching is treated as a $1 winner I lost all four combinations. Had it been a simple scratching I would have lost only the one live double. Those are the rules and we have to live with them but boy, did it cost me.

One Premium today. I spoke to David Bendeich and he will not be putting out a new book as he says "None of the current rules are going badly enough to exclude them except perhaps Rule C and Rule S which could still bounce back." It has simply been a losing year so far on level stakes but not a disaster yet. A lengthy winning history gives us hope that once we get a fair share of good tracks we will bounce back.

Wednesday 25th August: No problems with winning yesterday. I scored a $334 win in my only bet of the day. We could have made a fortune punting on the election as at one stage yesterday Labour was back into $1.55 but is now back out to $2.35. I wonder if the 4th Independent now comes into play. Will Andrew Wilikie side with anyone or will he be happy to just sit on the sidelines? The uncertainty of it all WILL affect businesses and even property sales. It seems stupid but the fact is that these things are affected by the politics. At least a Coalition minority government will be able to get their legislation through while they still maintain dominance in the Senate.

I haven't seen any odds yet but if I was a betting man I would expect to see a double dissolution by mid 2011.

One Premium bet yesterday for one win and we had to survive a protest. I was way off the mark on our Daly Feature Race yesterday.

I was reminded about Luxbet yesterday as several Members took Best Of The Best on Kennys World and got the $41. Luxbet have advised that only a few of our Members have taken advantage of this bet type on Sydney and Melbourne Saturday races which simply can't get beat. It's hard to understand. They alos cannot understand why prctially all of our Members who have accounts with Luxbet are winning.

In the meantime the Vicbet Quaddie promotion is into it's last week and we desperately need more of our Members to take advantage of it to boost the VQuaddie pool. Remember. If you have a Vicbet account you only have to top up your account before August 31st to participate for free and if you don't have one yet you get 20% bonus on your opening deposit.

We are still having problems with our E-News as only about 25% of our Members are getting it. We are having another go tomorrow and don't forget. If you don't get it you can pick it up by emailing us direct at direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Tuesday 24th August: Our sporstbet last night was succesful @ $2.35. The Political punters are still waiting for a payout. Both Liberal and Labor voters still have hope. The current market is Coalition $1.83 Labor $1.91. It's a lot different from this time yesterday when it was $2.65 Labor. There's no restriction on Australian Electoral Commission employees from having a bet. There is a lot of money being won I reckon.

A good punting day yesterday even with just the two meetings. I was too busy to bet sadly. Today the meeting at Hawkesbury is a transferred Randwick meeting so treat it as one. And it is a good track. You beauty!

Today at Geelong Makybe Diva's 3yo colt Rockstardom makes his debut. He is aimed at the Derby.

Monday 23rd August: I'll be sending out a full report written by Greg Horn, on Kenny's World, in todays Winform E-News. If you don't get it email me direct@hunterlink.net.au and I'll forward a copy. When people have asked me If they should buy Greg Horn's book Professional Punting- My Personal Approach, I tell them that they will get their money back with just one winning bet. Kennys World typifies why Greg Horn bets in races like this and you only need a couple of winners like that to cover all your expenses for a whole year. It justifies everything.

On another note. Have you read some of the reviews of that win. Some dumb journalist wrote that "Kenny's World sat five wide from barrier twelve and was still able to win while Pinwheel couldn't make ground on the fence from barier one." He even had the temerity to say that perhaps we should reverse our (punter's) long held theories if we want to find a winner like Kenny's World. What an idiot! Doesn't he know that the run from the 1200 AND the 1400 is straight all the way to the turn? Horses drawn outside at Warwick Farm cover no extra ground at all except when they make the turn. Most 1200 races have two turns so therefore the wide barrier WAS LESS OF A PROBLEM AT WARWICK FARM then elsewhere.

Sundy 22nd August: It's been an historic election and it ain't over yet. At the end of the day 50% of us vote for one side and 50% the other. With Racing it's a margin of about 10% and so much harder to predict. It's winners and losers, just like yesterday at the races.

II hope you all remember what I said about longshots in Listed and Group races. Kenny's World ended up at $41 and you could see the influence of the movie Kenny in the best tote of just $25.70. Those who have Greg Horns book Professiona Punting- My Personal Approach had to be on it and using Greg's staking plan would have had a nice collect on the Quinella too

There were quite a few other winners too although our Daily Mail seemed to avoid most of them worst luck . Today looks iinteresting enough with lots of races to be decided.

Saturday 21st August: In the Spring magazine you will see an article which shows that this time of the year produces the worst losses most years and I pose the question. If you knew this, that there were two consistently bad months most years "could you avoid punting in those two months (which are consecutive by the way) ?" I suppose you could always take a holiday and talking of which, Ros managed to fall while crossing a road in Las Vegas and now has skinned knees and a cracked sternum. The group also lost $500 sampling the Casinos and have brusied egos as well.

Today I expect impoved track conditions in Sydney with strong winds sweeping the moisture away. It is new ground for most runners and may see some surprise results. Moonee Valley will continue to be horses for courses I expect and Vicbet account holders will be able to see our Quaddie selections from today even though the VQuaddie Pool doesn't start for two weeks yet.

Now I have to tell you about the Vicbet VQuaddie pool. If you open a new Vicbet account you get 20% bonus on your first deposit and that bonus goes into the VQuaddie pool which will be placing bets with the on course tote on every Quaddie over the Melbourne Spring Carnival. The return will be paid back into your account after November 6th.

So. You already have a Vicbet account? You have not been forgotten. Your next deposit to your account (excl credit accounts) before August 31st will entitle you to a 10% bonus into the VQuaddie Pool. So effectivey the whole promotion costs you nothing and all you have to do is bet your deposit once before you draw out any winnings.

Just on that. I did not get our weekend email out so "No"you have not been forgotten. I'll get one out on Sunday evening I expect.

Friday 20th August: I know that the weekend feature race picture is wrong. I'll get that updated later this morning. I wish I could update a different set of ratings for yesterday. It was a stinker of a day with conditions at Morphettville deteriorating badly instead of improving as expected.

My Feature race selection needed a track no worse than a Dead 4. It happens that way sometimes. I won't blackbook him because he is not a good horses but in the filed he was in he had a chance if conditions had been right. I am a little excited about todays Daily Feature Race, I just hope she isn't scratched.

Today is the third day in a row for the Geelong Pro Ride track. It won't take too long to see if our updated ratings for the new ttrack are working. The difference with today's meeting is that it was alwasy going to be here, not a transferred meeting that trainers had entered their horses for somewhere else.

Thursday 19th August: UPDATE : Today's Premum is a Winform Gold. Today's transferred Bendigo meeting needs to go better than yesterdays Geelong Pro ride track did for us. Belmont was excellent and we did get the good priced winner of the Daily Feature Race.

I have to be careful about what I say about the girls as they are reading this. Hey It's tongue in cheek you know! I did text Natalie and said hey "Dopey" but to put it in context they were at Disneyland at the time. It's so easy bto get into troublewith the opposite sex isn't it?

Our Premium bet was extremely disappointing yesterday and it was one of our best "rules" for performance. I lost big time as I was expecting a great result. I went heavilly all up into our Feature race and would have colected thousands with a win in the first leg. The kid's inheritance is taking a hiding.

No worries, they are on again today.

Before I forget. If you are using Money Factory a lot of the rules I apply for Powerbet I don't apply for Money Factory such as small fields. These are ruled out in Powerbet because of the low average dividends. Low dividends don't bother Money Fcatory users as it is an entirely different style of betting.


The girls have struck a second problem. We organised a prepaid travel card from Commbank in US dollars. They didn't try to use it until today and it doesn't work. Why didn't they test it before they left? And it's in Ros's name so the only hope is for me to find the same staff person I set it up with last week. More work for Garry. At least they won't be losing much money in Vegas until I sort it out.

It looks like a fun betting day today. If it is as much fun as yesterday it will be another big winning day. It's just a pity I was too busy to bet. I even missed the winning Premium bet. Not much value but a winner is a winner. I have a few orders to process overnight so will be busy again.

Tuesday 17th August: Natalie isn't a genius. She called from Vegas today to advise that she left her phone charger at home as her phone ran flat. No daily reports from the girls then. I hope they remember the email.

I also hope you are using the systems that made the Betezy final. Here's an email from Barry Watson, one of the finalists. His story appears in the Spring edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine and the system itself is in the current (Winter) Edition. Each of the three finalists scored $1,000 in Freebets for reaching the finals.

Hi garry,

Thought I should tell you we had a call from betezy to say the $1000 in free bets was in the account. This is a most generous offer from you and betezy and I am so grateful to still be in the competition. It makes for a very interesting Spring Carnival. Those of us still left in the competition should be feeling very lucky.
Thanks again for your generosity.
PS .Have still continued to bet the system as was and have had some luck in the past two weeks with three winners from 6 bets.
have turned the original $100 into $240. Got to be happy with that!!!. Need the luck at the right time? Such is the nature of the game( most games)


Yesterday our each way selection in the Daily Feature Race ran out of puff. It just can't get further than 1000 metres. We did get the Trifecta though. I'm also adding Testarhythm to our Blackbookers. He should be in the Spring Stakes at Newcastle next month before heading to Melbourne for the Caulfield Guineas. I'm keen to see what he can do on a dry track.

Monday 16th August: I'm a genius. I nominate the best most reliable jumper and he falls when in a winning position. If you took my advice and bet with vicbet please be sure to email vicbet to claim your refund.

I did get a lot of entertainment watching the race and it's hard to say on viewing that that jumps racing is dead.

In the meantime Natalie and Ros left for LasVegas and their trip started well when V (the Virgin airline that flies to the U.S. ) bumped them up to Business Class for the trip. I recouped a major partt of the expenses when I picked up $8 fixed on Broms Girl at Casino which led all the way for a two length win.

Greg Dougal purchased the Powerbet program a few months agio and is delighted with it. Recently there was a comment on a forum "bagging" my book Make Racing Pay as a load of "trash" etc. etc. It doesn't worry me because it has been so popular that I have reprinted it over ten times now and it is Australia's biggest selling punting book since the 80's. Here's what Greg said this morning.

Hi Garry,

Just to let you know I am still very happy with your Powerbet program - best money I ever spent!!

Since reading your book Racing Pays More about a month ago, I changed my Powerbet rules to only bet in the races where I am getting value ie I like to back 3 horses where possible each race, but at least one of them needs to be 8-1, and the other 2 must be paying better than $3.50. This cuts down the number of bets I have a little, but that also takes the pressure off sometimes of having races only minutes apart. Since doing this, along with my other rules (and some of yours), I have had 1 losing bank in the last month, and my average dividend is $10.70, with a ROI of 48%!! This is brilliant!!

I do have a question for you - I have noticed several winners (top rated) in the last week are 8 year olds, and have paid really well. Am I right that these horses were 7 year old 2 weeks ago? If that is correct, have you been backing these horses? I know you have to draw the line somewhere, it just seems a bit silly and frustrating when I would have backed these horses 2 weeks ago. Just wondered how you handle it??

Thanks again for your books, advice and programs


Greg Dougal

Here's my answer" You have to draw the line somewhere and I did back research testing this i.e. top rated 8yo’s in August but no go".

Sunday 15th August: A huge bonus today at the Grand Annual. Vicbet.com will refund your bet upt to $50 if you bet on a jumps race and your selection falls. I'll be taking advantage myself as I beieve I have a good thing in the Daily Feature Race so check it out and gte on early as the three big jumps races are race 1,2,and 3 at Sandown today.

Two wins and a place fro the Premiums yesterday but no luck with the Grandslam. Shoot Out won for us and Testarhythm placed at $2.90. I was happy with that. I accidentally backed Shoot Out twice as bettign through dynamicracesodds my first bet came back as unaccepted, notifying me of a price change. I assumed I wasn't on but I was so on this occasion I scored twice.

We had Grandslam or Winform singel selections in each of the last three races at Belmont and so I bet these each way all up in a treble and three doubles and made a small profit when all three were placed. Just one winner would have given me a $3k result, two winners $8k and three winners about $20k. I do get these occasionally.

Sportsbet are one of the only ones that I know who will allow you to do each way all up bets in a multi. Others allow only win or place.

Saturday 14th August: I cant believe I just got $11 fixed win and $2.95 fixed place Testarhythm Rosehill Race 6 on Unitab. Best $9.50 elsewhere. If it runs fourth the bookmker at Unitab gets my respect. Ive rated it odds on to win and the word from the stable is they are exoecting big things and will take it to Melbourne for the Caulfield Guineas.

Armidale is abandoned. It could be a good day today. Also I attempted to send to everyone overnight and was hoping our database problems wiht the email would be O.K. now but still having some issues. I'll have another go Monday, don't want to bombard you eith emails but there are some good tips in there today.

Friday 13th August: Unlucky for some. So now we know that Hello Hero CAN win on a rain affected track. Eight lengths was the margin. I had a couple of good wins yesterday including Overboard which was backed in from $9 to $4 at Rocky and at Starting Price that is what I got.

Three Premiums today. Now I have to tell you about the Vicbet VQuaddie pool. If you open a new Vicbet account you get 20% bonus on your first deposit and that bonus goes into the VQuaddie pool which will be placing bets with the on course tote on every Quaddie over the Melbourne Spring Carnival. The return will be paid back into your account after November 6th.

So. You already have a Vicbet account? You have not been forgotten. Your next deposit to your account (excl credit accounts) before August 31st will entitle you to a 10% bonus into the VQuaddie Pool. So effectivey the whole promotion costs you nothing and all you have to do is bet your deposit once before you draw out any winnings.

So who chooses the Quaddie selections? Last year Winform found over $120,000 in Quaddie dividends over Spring and addded to this will be Rod Cleary's hot market movers information from the track. The selections will be posted to the Vicbet site for account holders so you can follow your money through the afternoon. Will we get the big one? Who knows but with an average of three Quaddies over each of the past few Spring Carnivals there is every chance the Fat Lady will be singing our song come November.

Hey! I'm putting my money in too and so is Rod so I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I can't wait.

Thursday August12th: I made a small profit yesterday but lost two units on the Winform Gold selections. These selections are part of the Premium group and they run hot and cold. They do find some good priced winners on ocassions and that i why I keep them. More than once they have been the selection that made the big parlay result.

Two artificial tracks today, Naracoorte has been abandoned and that leaves us with just Northam and a six race program at Rocky. Too boring for me although no doubt there will be some winners.

Our ISP have advised us that some of the hundreds of websites affected by last weeks outage are still reporting isolated problems. That means that there will be periods of an hour or so while our website and others could be down. Don't panic as iit is all in hand.

Here are some phone numbers and pincodes to access the single selections up till the end of this month. Best Bets 1902 210 865 pin 1611 Grandslam (Daily Mail) 1902243017 Pin 58758 Daily Feature Race 1902 210 868 pin 2612 Please write these down.

Today I am working with Natalie on the magazine and Ebony on the website.

Wednesday 11th August: UPDATE 4 P.M.Sorry, another bug in the website. Ebony will be back tomorrow a.m. to work on it. Fixed by 5 p.m. thank goodness.

Wasn't it galling to see Dantes Alert win the last at Belmont? Last week we tipped it as a special and it scraped in third. This week it wins at $9+!

I have been very busy today with orders and I slept in until 8 a.m.. So sorry about the laet update. Ebony has started work today and she is an IT expert. She doesnt answer phones and she doesnt send orders or does she know anyhting about Racing. Her sole role is to maintain the website which gives me a bit more peace.

We are currently working on making the online version of the magazine available to all Members. I'll let you know when that happens. A reasonable day yesterday in spite of the weather. Today we start with a good track at Belmont and we have a couple of Premiums, one at Broome and I notice that a few Members have openede WA TAB accounts just so they can bet there.

Tuesday 10th August: midday uodate. Randwick is heavy and new files on site.A lot of people did very well out of the ratings we supplied everybody free of charge yesterday. Here's just one bit of feedback.

Dutch betting the top 2 selections for the win...

Profit   7.7 units  *based on SuperTAB dividends

A good result considering they were country meetings......

I had a couple of small bets......standout exactas and trifectas......
I missed the trifecta in R9 at Swan Hill.....
I took a multiple but I didn't have Numerosa on top......followed the ratings order :(
I didn't overdo it though ......
Jas Ent

We do get regular feedback and some of it goes here but the rest in the feedback section at the bottom right of the home page.

I feel "dudded" after yesteday. I only had time to bet two races and came second in both, losing $625. It was such a good day after all.

You will get a new look magazine in a few weeks. I hope you like it.

Off to physio first thing this morning, then the usual chores such as collecting the mail, processing internet orders, banking and so on. Then I take Mat to work and he seems to be on perpetual arvo shift which disruots the possibility of betting no end.

I am bringing in an IT expert to rip through the site to get all the links working to provide a better service if I can. It is likely that several of our phone services will cease as the vast majority use the Internet exclusiveley. Even over the weekend when the phone service was the only access, few Members used it. Good luck today.

Monday 9th August: All is back to normal. I hope. It is 4.45p.m. and at last I can get back to normal. I sent the ratings to all Winform Racing Club Members by email and it will be interesting to see whthere that actually geneartes any business. The results have been quite excellent but I guess we will more likely be judged on the nine Grandslam and single selections Saturday when we scored just one winner.

Tomorrow the ratings, the Powerplay, the Winfrm Dailly Mail will all be up an running and in afew moments I will post the Tuesday and Wednesday early ratings.

Darren Hall got Sunday's ratings. Read this and weep.

How good were we at the Kal yesterday it was amazing. What about race R3 the Major Canny led all the way after a ping out of the gates at a million miles an hour and I thought well its going to die in the backside after using up all that juice and it held them all at bay to win by a length at $10, strong win.
Hey Garry you top rated the winner of the Cairns cup as well with Line by Line it paid $8. I have never seen a race with so many 8, 9  year old horses in a race it should have been called the veterans cup at one stage this horse Line by Line was 20 lengths out in front in the mid section of the race and after getting the stitch it only just got home.
Betting at Kal yesterday was like being in Punting Heaven.

If it is possible can you email me the full ratings for today I would sure appreciate that. Monday's even though two meetings can be great days for a bet attack.


Hally got back to me a couple of hours ago thanking me for the $18 winner at Swan Hill.

Many Members did not get the ratings. Not because we didn't send the or had the wrong email address but because different ISP's choose to send emails to the junk file. We even found our copies of the emails in our junk box and we bloody sent them. Where's the "spam" in Weekend Preview?? I'm getting acbit jack of the Intenet and have been tearing my hair out since early Friday.

I do think I ended up about $3k in fron last week and I had a few Quaddies at Iasbet and luckily, the 10% bonus Iasbet offers just got me square.

Friday 6th August: We continue to have problems with the website but we are working on it. I'll advise when it is right.

Thursday 5th August: Iasbet continues to offer great value with their fixed price odds. Yesterday they offered nearl half a unit extra on eventual winner Promontory which was our top pick at Grafton yesterday. In the end best tote was even better but those of us betting big money need the certainty of fixed odds.

The two Premoum bets yeserday failed to qualify under David Bendeich's KTWC3 rules. Both lost, even though I personally thought they both looked like they would be winners after reading the form. It goes to show the benefit of his experience and micro analysis. There is more of it in the next issue of the magazine. The KTWC3 rues are now included as a bonus for all Premium subscriptions. If you currently subscibe but haven't had access just notify me direct@hunterlink.net,au and I will switch you on.

The Winform Daily Mail (click the online store, selection services to order or call (02) 49501747 to order, scored three good results yesterday. With the first two selected races getting the 2nd rated winner and a Quinella. The third race at Sandown we scored the Trifecta in the Top Three. The Daily Feature Race found the top rated winner after we recommended the winner would be in the Top Two. We alos scored the Quinella in all three races. It costs $225 a quarter or $695 for the whole year and is avaiable seven days a week.

I hope to get the rest of the June results on the website by early next week. With the magazine due to go to the printers next week we have been too busy to look at the past.

Wednesday 4th August: Only Townsville to bet on yesterday but with happy results. The Win of Chabal at $14 in Race 5 was a great result for the C Plan. It was the very first race I got to look at and my last as I simply took the profit. Later I noticed that the very first race of the day was a winning C Plan race. Many of our subscribers use the C Plan regularly. It does have ocassional dips, and don't forget that we don't bet on heavy tracks with it unless there is a first starter favourite involved,

The C Plan as it pertains to first starter favourites is in the Autumn edition of the magazine ina two page article on pages 26 and 27.

Today looks like a fun and active day. The first day of the Coffs Harbour Carnival is being run at Grafton and we have chosen a Feature race there today. Click on the Online store in the menu on the left to purchase the Daily Feature Race subscription or the Winform Daily Mail which also includes the Daily and Weekend Features.

And yes , we had a fun night last nigth, no more so than when the owners of the restaurant enlisted the whole crowd to embarrass Ros on her birthday with a rousing rendition..

Tuesday 3rd August: It's my wifes birthday today. Yesterday we scored the Quinella in the Darwin Cup again but misse the Trifecta. Had we included the 6th rated horse we would have scored the Trifecta and the $1200 First Four. Like most previous years we had winners all day in our Top Two.

Our weekend Sports Bets were brilliant. It's about tie we had a win with Craig Boots putting his job on the line. Three wnners out of four and two of them odds against outsiders. How did he get the Knights up after their 50 point loss two weeks ago to knock off Manly, one of the top four sides. Profit was 75% this weekend. That's a massive win for Sports.

Monday 2nd August:Today's Blackbooker: General Truce. A Sht Hd second in Adelaide at $9+.

We had a great Seminar yesterday, a small group of people with input into how we best use Money Factory and Powerbet and on the day we bet with real money and made some good profits. We missed a couple of races. Ed forgot to turn on the radio once or twice and we missed the result but we also had a fun dinner later.

Today I am annoyed as received this email from an idiot. Am I getting older and grumpier? You Bet!!!

"Please take me of email list dont use anymore not worth the money." Eddie calls himself a mad punter and I agree. Best Bets, which he gets and in fact got for zero cost in a special promotion, clearly shows a level stakes profit over the period of his subscription. To be honest, I am sick of dealing with idiots and have told him so.

My day yesterday was spent with real genuine punters who really appreciate the ebb and flow that real puners experience and are prepared to learn and put the effort in. In the past I would have tried to placate Eddie but not any more. If you are genuine and need my help I am mopre than willing to help..

The Darwin Cup is on today. We rarely miss the winner.

Sunday 1st August: Reprobate demonstrated a good example of taking the early odds at Iasbet. I secured $5 in the a.m. market. That was well over the price availble in the afternoon. My biggest disappointment was the sht 1/2 hd Defeat of the General at Morphettville.

II am setting up what's left of today's races after both Quirindi and Bendigo were abandoned. Shortly I will head off to Raffertys for today's Money Factory and Powerbet Seminar. Luckily there are still five meetings to demonstrate the various strategies.

Saturday 31st July: No betting yesterday. Two artificial tracks and two rain affected tracks, one where there were small fields in a lot of races. Geelong has reached the stage where we can't bet until we have had a chance to rerate the track. We are now finding horses that go well at the track down the bottom of the ratings. We might as well pick it with a pin

I've transferred my Thursday carryover until today. Unless I fail to complete the series I will end up with a nice profit for the strategy for July.

Consider this. If we bet to make 100% according to the fixed prices we are actually going to lose 17% -18% consistently uness we have an edge. One of the edges is when the tote prices pay substantially more than the fixed price. The other edge is when your ratings are good enough to minimise that loss and over the years the Winform ratings do go very close. When we score the big overlay is where we hit our edge and collect. This is why our Members don not lose 97% of the time in fact our Members win 1100% more often than the average punter. Good luck today.

Friday 30th July: Todays the test. We have had the floor of the Seminar Venue at Raffertys repolished and move the furniture back in today. Belle is hosting the event on Sunday and responsible for refreshments, not that we will have that much time to eat or drink as it will all be go go go with eight meetings on.

Yesterday we scored $364 and have a small carryover. The two Premiums let us down. Other than that it was a good day. We scored the Quinella in the Daily Feature Race but a downgrade to the track meant that my best hope wasn't suited.

Starting today I am blackbooking a horse or two and two runners that should be watched when they hit a good track are Dictatorial in Adelaide and Rosewater on the North Coast of NSW. Neither of these horses can handle the wet but both will improve out of sight when they get a good track.

Thursday 29th July:Here's a note from the sunny North.

Hey Garry

Easy one Saturday ,  with the exception of WA & NT  everywhere else is slow to heavy tracks SA, VIC , NSW, QLD. Now I have  two points of interest for you.

Firstly I hope we can repeat the start of last years new season as the first three black type races on Aug 1 last year were Lets Go Thomo $21 in the Blenchingly , Teasing $21 in the Missile Stakes & Far Horizons $3.00 in the NT  Palmerston Sprint ...........whow what a start ........you can use that for a promotion Friday. They were all Winform top rated.

Now the interesting point which I think im the only person in Australia has picked up on........... this Sat they are running the Blenchingly Stakes ........however its only July 31 so we are seeing this event twice in one horse calender year and its WFA........... how can that be ????????

Regards Greg Horn

I might have been too hasty closing early last night. Here's Hally again. Oh, before that, it looks like Wyong will get their meeting in today as the raion has stopped for now.

Get the party Hats out, Trumpets and your spinning Clacka cause today we are off at Darwin. We need to get the machine that counts the Aussie plastic dollar notes as well because Darwin Race 5/5 Phantom Verde the 2nd rated horse at $21 fixed???? Oh what Joy.



Wednesday 28th July:LATE UPDATE: Muwullimbah has already been abandoned and I think I can guarantee we will lose Wyong tomorrow too. That still leaves four good meetings. I quit Powerbet after the last at Eagle Farm. It'smiserable and raining and Mat's giving me grief today so I'm burying myself in Karin Slaughters novel.

Not too many responses to the query "did you back it?" Damian saw it but he was at the races with a social group and so concentrated solely on Sale where we did have some good results, including a last race Trifecta. His mates think he is a genius. I'm glad I'm not trying to wake up to go to work today after the day he had. Still, hospitality is what we go to the races for these days isn't it? Winning makes it an even better day and we always seem to do well at Sale.

For the month we retain a slender lead over bankruptcy and I had an interesting call from Andrew. You may remember he and his Dad share Powerbet and up until the end of June had not had a losing week since they started in January. That has changed in July but you can't win all the time. The ones that started recently are the ones you have to feel for. It's not fun starting at the bottom of the downhill slope.

For myself, I have still only encountered three series losses with two of those occurring in the last week. That is pure luck on my account. Even carrying all possible losses for the year I estimate a profit approaching $60,000+ year to date on a starting bank of $20,000.

Tuesday 27th July:Update 3. Closed my series at a loss of $2400 the race before Wagga race 3 where the opening prices of the top three were $21, $5 and $21. The third horse paid $77.60 at ovetrheodds.com.au for a return of $1552. If you waited too late you missed it as the third horse blew to $26.And yes I noticed after thre race there was a short priced favourite on the heavy track at Wagga which would have negated all that. Did anyone back the winner?

Update 2.Hope you didn't fall for the $1.30 first starter favourite at Sale. It won of course but not worth the risk. Remember the 1st starter favourite automatically becomes the top rated horses in our assessments unless it is longer than $4.

:Update. I jumped the gun in the first at Taree, betting three horses. Had I waited till 4 minutes out I would have only bet the top two, saving me one losing bet. Second again. Bugga! The odds really came in on all three horses.

Our profit from July hit $2,000 early yesterday but a poor run late leaves us with a carryover of 50% of the current series leading into today. It would be a nice treat if we find a couple of early winners. I have found one standout bet today depending on track conditions at Taree.

We are experiencng problems with hotmail and live mail in that we can't reply to those addresses. Isn't the Internet wonderful? More cost to see if we can rectify the problem. Sometimes I wonder if I'm better off punting but then again I'm dedicated to my clients, many of whom have become friends. That's what happens when you share these punting experiences. I wouldn't mind sharing a winning experience today.

Monday 26th July: Two Premium bets yesterdayboth qualified and both won. A nice double except that mine should have been for $100 but I clicked it through at $10. I was wrong about Dinomak on Saturday. Initially it was a Grandslam but afer scratchings the field size was too small for a bet to be made. You have to watch those updates.

The Top Three strategy is in front for July, just. It won again yesterday. It is paying the price for a savage first week which saw the overall bank fall 40%. I do point out that I use almost every qualifying race but few would be on everything. There have been 18 winning days and 7 losing days. I still fondly remember January and February when there were only two losing days altogether.

How good is it to get fixed odds on Tasmanian races? We are making a killing lately. You have to have a Unitab account which I maintain solely for their fixed price product.

Sunday July 25th: N0 WORRIES YESTERDAY. The Daily Feature Race, The Weekend Feature Race both found a top rated winner. The top three strategy worked a treat. I was able to get on at all but theTamworth meeting as Townsville took the Gold Coast times. Profit was $1694 and it was relatively easy with just one worrying run wihtout a winner but with an average dividend yesterday of $7.73 you were never going to lose.

Grandslam was desperately unlucky when Dino Mak missed by a lip at $9. The weekend sports bets so far have a slight loss with St KIlda dead heating with the Hawks and Canberra not covering the line against the improved Sharks. My team the Knights levelled the scores in North Queensland but lost in extra time. Good luck today.

Saturday July 24th: With Ballina abandoned due to the heavy rain, there was little to do yesterday. I had my hands full with other stuff anyway. Today is another Saturday and you will have to sort out what meetings and races you willl operate on. I am excluding races which aren't getting radio coverage. It's hard enough keeping up with the schedule without being denied even the results until minutes after the event finished. What I have done in recent weeks when betting is to treat the close races as a single event even though this means having up to six horses in Powerbet. The upside is when we win both races. Let's not talk about the downside.

I have had mant requests in recent days from members who have purchased Money Factory or Powerbet over the years and now have new computers and the answer is 'Yes" you do need new passwords as the programs lock onto the new machine as a security measure. We don't mind giving you two passwords. One for your home computer and a second one for the laptop.

Don't forget. Luxbet is offering Best Of The Best on all Randwick and Moonee Valley Races today. That is the better of three totes OR best fluctuation. IT is hard to beat.

Friday July 23rd: I Wrote off my series and even at -1946 the past week or so is up substantially at +$4500 overall. I ddi pick up another couple of hundred yesterday but don't expect much of a day today with us not betting at Canberra Acton, leaving just three venues.

Premium had two bets for two winners yesterday at $1.90 and $4.80. Money Factory users would be ecstatic. Our rated prices for these two horses was $1.80 and the second one $1.20! What a brilliant overlay the second one was. Jeff called to make sure he didnt miss yesterdays bets as he was away from his computer. Imagine if you had missed those two? You'd be pretty down on yourself. I missed them but as most of you know I am diverted by other problems at the moment.

Mat is in day surgery today getting five years of back dental care done. A family frriend is doing the dentistry for whatever his health fund pays. That is about 20% of the normal price. We havefound a good rental for him which is almost mpossible these days and with luck he can move in, in three weeks. I will still be driving him to work and back however, so not out of the woods yet.

We got another excellent article from one of our contributors yesterday and hope to have all articles here for editing by the end of next week. If we don't the magazine wil be delayed again. The weekend sportsbets are online now and so is the Weekend Feature Race. We don't expect another Mr Unforgettable ($20 winner last weekend) but we do hope to win.

Thursday 22nd July:Update: My series closed out with a loss. A second then a short priced winner then nowhere. I have to take Mat to work and then organising paperwork for him to rent so no more betting today. Watch them come in later.

I wasn't able to close my series yesterday and I made a mistake. Aftre a winner at Canterbury (race 5) I got the message "transfer and end series now". It is a warning message and in my case with a $20 base bet the series stood like this. Total Loss column $426 actual loss $63 or three $20 units.

For a $20 base bet we use $2,000 as our back up. Our bets start at $20. At the above point however the program will bet $20 PLUS it will try to recover the $426 total loss and that is the reason for the warning. You are trying to win the $63 PLUS $426 and so bets will be too big for the actual bank you have left in the series. My next three bets therefore were betweeen $60 and $70 which is fine if you win but way too high if you lose.

I continued on but came up with seconds at $25 and $16 and had these won, my decision to "bat on" would have been justified but at the end of the day my series is at -$1500 and total loss column is $2104.

So how could the total loss column be greater than our actual loss? Well here it is. The reason it works and the reason for cautionary messages. As you bet along you will have races where you win one bet (obviously) but the other horse or horses you bet in that race lose. These losses are added into the total loss column so you can actually be at a point where you are in profit on the series but the total loss column is still in debit. It doesn't matter of course because you are in front and you close the series at that point. Anyhow, food for thought for those 500+ Powerbet users.

So for today I need an early winner and then some more.

Wednesday 21st July: Not a good start for Gawler.

The race meeting scheduled for next Thursday (29th July) at the redeveloped Gawler racecourse has been put back by one week to allow the new track to further recover from the heavy rains which shortened the facility’s opening event.

** Update** John brought up the issue of the delayed Port Macquarie race yesterday. So what to do?The way I treat it is this. I simply enter the next race details to get the next bet sizes, place the bets and hope it turns out O.K. At that point we were at an early part of the series so no great difference in th size of bets. As it happened the Geelong race was a winner and cleared the series so just cancel the bets placed on Port Macquarie (in your program only as you cant cancel the bets with the TAB or bookmaker). Restart the next series, entering the actual bets already placed on the delayed race or simply ignore those bets and just start from scratch.

We got the very last bet of the series and landed a $15.80 winner. In fact, only the first bet of the last race made it under the series limit. You simply have to bet the selections even thugh if they lose you will lose your series plus a little more. The other alternative is to call the series closed without that last race. It will be swings and roundabouts, sometimes winning, sometimes losing.

Including Monday there were 34 bettable races for 12 wins, 35%, right on average and dividend $7.59, a little above. Profit was $1158.10 .

The Seminar Sunday week (August 1st) is now closed with a full book. I will take standby bookings though just in case anyone pulls out at the last minute but that is unlikely. The unit we are using at Raffertys is being refurbished and we await the finishing touches like new cushions, and a repolished timber floor. I hope we make it.

Tuesday 20th July: I closed a couple of series early yesterday with a profit before I took Mat to work. On returning it was too late to continue but I did pick upa great winning C Plan race at Dubbo. Members betting through have a good profit and will carryoverto today with their last series. Many would have said "ony two race meetings, day off." Today there are three so a bit more action.

I now pick Mat up at 11.30 p.m. so what to do when you don't like what's on TV? The greyhounds of course! Boy, those markets are hard to read. With less than a minute to go at many venues there is a mere $1k and $2k in the pools. You can hardly use these as a race guide but I did and actually closed out two Money Factory series using the local tote as my price guide. Centrebet which we don't normally recommend (way too many of our clients have had their accounts closed for winning) actually had fixed prices on two meetings. I should have got 45% winning races but ended up with just 25% so it is an anomaly but only one night. I have had many clients use the $100 Per Day Plan approach and make money on the doggies. Time will tell. Mat is on afternoon shift until Thursday.

I placed my bets at Iasbet where you get the best of two totes plus a couple of cents bonus. It seems to be the best offer although Overtheodds bets best of three on selected races. You have to check their website each day to see which these are. Usually races 1-4 but it's worth it in those races.

One person has had to cancel the one day Seminar on Sunday August 1st. This opens up one spot. You need to call me (02) 49501747 to book this. Cost is $595 for the day. Have a fun day today.

Monday 19th July: We eliminate Canberra Acton meetings and so missed out on a steady stream of winners the last two meetings there. We didn't need them though with a profit of $630 yesterday from a mere 25% race strike rate and av div of $5.83. I cambe back to the office disgusted as the Knights were down 40-0 at half time. I checked where the bets were up to in Powerbet and after two races had won $1600. That was enough but I plowed on but then had to bet Kalgoorlie to the death to clear the next series.

Two wins from four sports bets at the weekend, not good enough Craig, maybe next week. Two race meetings today a quiet one but just the start fro Andrew and his Dad who only bet monday to friday as do many of our members.

Sunday 18th July: The Weekend Feature Race we said bet the top three. Our top rated horse Mr Unforgettable won at $20 best tote. We had a few hiccups getting all the information up yesterday but we did get there in the end. The top three Powerbet stratgey was successful again with $2878 profit on a $20 base bet. We've had a good week. Yesterday there were several times when races were so close that we couldn't bet but with some races not meeting our criteria we were able to avoid missing many winners. The average dividend achieved yesterday was amazing at $12.30.

There are only three places left at our one day Raffertys Seminar on August 1st with people now flying down from the Sunshine Coast and up from Melbourne. I definitely cannot fit more then eight people in the room comfortably so don't delay if you want to come.

The Premiums and Winform Gold were disappointing yesterday as I just managed to get my money back and if you didn't get the best price you lost a little. Money Factory users should be allright. Our last selection at Toowoomba was updated late, about 11.30 after we found that the Toowoomba file had somehow become unattached to the main body of ratings. It's a mystery but thanks to David Bendeich noticing we tracked it down and got it up there in time. Good luck today.

Saturday 17th July: Well lashing out yesterday didn't reward me at all. Powerbet and the Top Three strategy worked a treat. Profit was $737, which is not bad for just four meetings. The average dividend of $7.66 was a big help. Race strike rate was only 28% but a small sample size. The winners came at the right time. Today most of the tracks around Australia have improved so we may see some more consistency than we have recently.

As many of you know I am taking my son to work as he is in an isolated setting with no public transport and has no licence until Janury 7th. Can't wait. It has stopped me doing Powerbet properly but I did land a couple of the best winners yesterday with a $12.40 winner just before I took him to start afternoon shift and a $7.70 winner when I got back. It helped defray the cost of my all ups. Mat actually got the Geelong Quaddie. He can pick winners he just can't discipline himself to stop.

To be honest we have all had that fault at one time or another. Ever said "Oh bugga it, let's just keep going" only to see our profits dissipate and then take a sizeable chunk of our Bank with it.

Today my focus is on the Doomben Quaddie with a million dollar pool expected on Unitab.

Friday 16th July: The past two days have been quite good for the strategy with 35% race strike rate at better than $6. Actually that's just back to normal so let's hope it satys that way. I did have feedback from a couple of players who did make a couple of mistakes which meant that they lost instead of winning.

Today I am lashing out again with a Double on our two Premium bets today and the Winform Daily Mail has four races selected so I am running Parlay Magic with them.Here's hoping.

Greg Horn emailed me about a lost opportunity. He also selected our top rated horse Sandusky City on Wednesday and passed up the $22 offered by Iasbet in the morning. He ended up with just $7 which was the best price at the jump. In his book Greg recommended taking the early fixed price but on this occasion he expected it to be more than that later in the day. I would have taken half my bet at that price and risked the rest later. I did this on Wenesday and got $3.50 about a horse that got down to $2.30.

It looks like a good day today with four solid meetings. We did not do well at Grafton although we usually do well but that is often the case when you get lots of visiing horses from here there and everywhere.

Thursday 15th July: Now here's something that may be of interest to some of our entrepreneur members. If you have a website why not promote some of the Winform products on it? As they would be extra sales for us we can give generous commissions.

I really am mad or it seems like it. I lashed out on a few good bets yesterday and got badly stung, the worst was a sht hd second after looking the winner. I missed a $4k pay out. The Powerbet Top Three startegy won about $300 yesterday. I actually had collected half of that before I started on my path to destruction. Mind you had my horse won I would be gloating, as we do.

Today is Grafton Cup Day. It's a disappointing field but you never know. We might find the winner, just not a good price. The Weekend Sports Tips are up and this week Craig assures me it will be four out of four.

A few Members are off to Darwin for the Cup. It's not so much the race but the associated events that get everybody going again and again. I will actually get there myself one day, probably next year. There are still spaces at Raffertys for the one dayer on August 1st. You need to call me personally to book (02) 49501747.

Today I'm doing tax work!

Wednesday 14th July: The date of the Seminar at Raffertysresort is confirmed as August 1st, so just three weeks away. It is a Sunday and already we have bookings so don't delay if you wish to come. It is $595 for attendance only although we will provide drinks and a light lunch. It will be a practical demonstration of Powerbet and Money Factory. There is plenty of accomodation at Raffertys if anyone wishes to stay overnight. It is 11am to approximately 5 p.m. so plenty of time to answer your questions. Once again, we are available to rebate your seminar costs on purchases from Winform of a full price Money Factory or Powerbet program or a new 12 month Winfrom Ratings subscription.

A bit bloody unlucky at times yesterday but the winners were there. We had two really good winners in a fillies and mares and in a 2yo. The C Plan had two consecutive winning races and three wins and two losses on the day. As advised in Race Winning Strategies, you are advised to simply take the win once in front for the day.

I have been diverting my phone to our mobile at times so if you get to a messagebank please leave a message. We have three lines but at times all three are on the go. On Monday while I was speaking to a client I had missed calls at 3.17, 3.17 and 3.18. I think I got back to everyone. Unlike other businesses, I actually ring back.

Tuesday 13th July: I have already had some response to the possible seminar at Raffertys on, I expect , Sunday August 1st. I have only room for a maximum of eight people. Please email if you think you can come but don't book flights yet until I confirm the date.

Graham started with Powerbet officially yesterday after first Bigpond (with a cut cable) and then the Energy provider let him down since Thursday last week. He happily scored a 37.5% race strike rate yesterday which is about 2% above average for this time of the year. It's better than a losing day.

I was way too busy to bet as those Members who received their special software offer have responded. The offer ends tomorrow I think. It is for Powerbet and MoneyFactory owners only and only if they have one but not the other. Later this week I am considering a special offer for those who wish to purchase both. You might as well take advanatge of those tax refund cheques before your other half finds a good use for them.

How's this for Australia Post? I sent Wayne an express post parcel which was inadvertently addressed to no 29, not 28. Wayne even went to the local P.O. and explained. Still no go and he queried the neighbours across the road. I duly sent out the goods again which he got this morning.

I also got the origina lpackage back this morning marked (not at this address). Funny, they insist on you putting your phone number and the clients phone number on the package but then don't use them. Apart from which most local posties know their stuff. Weird or lazy. You be the judge.


Monday 12th July: The Weekend Sports salvaged a bit with the Bulldogs win over Carlton and the win of Spain. Premium had two Winform Golds yesterday for a $3 win and a second. The Top Three Powerbet strategy did well but the old Powerplay strategy , which is no longer available, struggled again.

I have decided not to continue updating the Daily Feature Race and other highlights pages. It is time consuming and a waste of time as our records show how succesful we have been over the past 20 years or so. Instead I'll talk about them here if need be.

Next Monday and Tuesday I am away at a seminar but I wll get the ratings up as usual. The new turbo boost wireless arrangement means I can be away from the office and do that. The Seminar will open new opportunities for me and give me a break from the day to day grind. In a few weeks I will be doing a one Day seminar at Raffertysresort. The maximum number of guests is eight and the cost $595. Accomodation can be arranged for anyone wishing to stay overnight. It will be from 10.30 a.m to 5 p.m. and focus on Powerbet and Money Factory. The cost of the Seminar is $595 but will be refundable against the purchase of either program or a 12 month rating subscription. Anyone interested can let me know at direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Sunday 11th July: I had a couple of disappoints in the Queensland Cup where we got 1st 3rd and 4th and Flemington Race 7 where we got the winner but no Quinella or Trifecta. That cost me. Belle took the ratings to Newcastle yesterday and on the heavy track there were some nice results including at least three Trifectas in the top five, the biggest paying $2300 on Unitab. There was also a very good First Four. The Winform Daily Mail had 14 races yesterday for five Quinellas, two Trufectas and one First Four. Not a profitable day. Belle did O.K. though making $100 as well as covering her entertainent costs from just $6 flexibets.

The best winners arrived after race 4 at most venues. Grandslam had four selectons for two winners.

My daughter and son in law took me out for a nice dinner last night and a Master Chef influenced dinner it was. The food was excellent, the presentation on the plates appealing and the dessert to die for. The waiter service was ordinary.

Today I'll be going solo at the footie and hoping the Knights can win to be just one win away from the eight. Our footy tips failed when the Wets Tigers won but failed to cover the line friday while the Richmond Tigers upset Fremantle. Two more bets today and if they win we will make a tidy profit.

Saturday 10th July: I didn't enjoy seeing the Premiums go down, especially as the first one was such a great price. I did enjoy winning with the strategy and Powerbet. My week is up about $3k overall so very satisfactory and the good thing is it wasn't hard.

I had a C Plan shocker yesterday. The favourite in Ipswich race 7 eased from $3.50 to $4 with a couple of minutes to go and ended up $4.20. $4 is our limit for the C Plan but I had no certainty so went with it. It ran 2nd. Geelong race 4 was a good result for the C Plan and as the first one of the day ran 2nd this one got us square. The next win put us an easy unit in front so no need to go on. I bet the first one and the last one so lost two units. I am simply stuck with betting when I get the chance.

Okuma was a standout for me in an earlier Geelong race and it was so obvious I wonder why I didn't have more on it. It features in the next magazine as th "We Laughed All The Way To The Bank" article. Good luck today. I have other stuff to do so I will probabaly miss a good day.

Friday July 9th: Lots of good news yesterday. A good winning day for Powerbetters and a solid day from Premium with a win at $3 and a second (in a photo I think). The Daily Feature Race scored the second rater at $7 and we did say you had to bet the top four but I got carried away and bet the top rater at 50/1 each way instead. And I lost the Quinella/Trifecta as well but the last Premium got me well in front and up a couple of grand for the week to date.

We have five very good footy bets at Weekend Sports Bets so log in and get on. I will try for the Canadian at Iasbet. That costs $26 for each $1 unit but will pay brilliantly if it gets up. David Toulson is confident with his World Cup bet and Craig Boots reckons he is back in form with his tips.

**Odd Spot of Trivia" If Spain wins the World Cup. New Zealand will be the only team that was undefeated.

Thursday July 8th: At last you say, no Feature race win to boast about. The Premiums had one win and a place from three selections yesterday. Jeff bet early on the first winner and just missed $3.00 but did get $2.80. It eventually started at $2.10. Nice difference if you can get it. I blew a grand on the Patent but did get half that back on some C Plan bets.

I'll be tryng to organise my 2009/2010 accounts today. Yippee! I hate MYOB. I did notice though that my punting Bank has fluctuated between $5,000 and $75,000 over the past year with it sitting in almost the peak spot at the moment. As my Bank is $20,000, it has been a good year. It also doesn't take into account what I have spent e.g. $4400 on a 3D TV last week. $4000on Easter and $2500 on a weekend in Melbourne among other things.

I didn't enjoy it when I hit the low point of $5,000 but that's probably the point where a lot of people drop out and never recover.

Wednesday July 7th: Another big Daily Feature Race win yesterday with a $235+ Quinella in the Jungle Juice Cup. Pity I was elsewhere. We also got the last race winner.

Today we have three Premiums including a Winform Gold. I have played around with our Daily Feature today and I have updated the ratings accordingly at 10.45a.m.I had a horse with a 9.5% strike rate which gets a 20 point penalty (less than 10%) but the horse's current form doews not merit that in this field where a 10% striek rate is good? Anyhow. It alters the top three so watch out for it.

We've made a special offer to Powerbet and Money Factory software owners for a limited time. We've had a good response and we remind you that it is a limited offer. If you order it overnight on the online store we will be aware of the offer so no need to worry about the online prices.

Tuesday July 6th: It was a bit frustrating yesterday. I bet three races and got in front with a nice C Plan winner at Mildura. Coming to the very last race of the day I found it was a race I had considered for our Daily Feature Race. I took a 3x6 Trifecta i.e. top three horses to win and then the top six to score the placings. Cost for a one dollar unit is $60 and I shared this with a good friend.

Our $21 second rated horse looked like it had stolen the race with a clear length advantage with 100 metres to go but he couldn't hang on and our top rated runner won at $6. Our sixth rated horse, the second favourite, came out on top in the photo for 3rd. Bingo, a $1400+ Trifecta and $130+ Quinella. I had also taken the Quinella ten times.

So why did I choose this race? It was an open betting race with no clear favourite. Three horses were between 4's and 5's and the rest anyhwere. If there was to be a pay it was going to be a decent one. I mean why invest big money in a Trifecta to get back a hundred or so dollars? Trifecta betting these days is not all that profitable excpet in situations like the above. I also took a Trifecta in the Caloundra Cup. I didn't even get close. Am I in front with Trifectas, probabaly not even though I can easily score one in five or six. No, take them when there's value. This way if you do score you will get a pleasant surprise like yesterday.

I'm taking my wife Ros to hospital to participate in a trial for arthrititic conditions so won't be in the office but Jennifer will be there all day to assist and process orders. I will be happy to call you back tonight so if anyone has any queries, simply leave a message with Jennifer or email me at garrry.robinson@y7mail.com.

Monday July 5th: Just got an email from Greg D. which says in part "

I am VERY happy with the Powerbet program. I lost 5 banks for the (June) month (including 2 last Saturday), but I still had 25 winning days for the month, and finished with a very nice profit!

I use most of your rules using the top 2 or 3 selections, and I stop for the day when I reach my target profit."

Greg goes on to say he is going to try to switch to betting from Race 5 each day.

I am redoing this as I accidentally closed wihtout saving. Bugga! Premium had two bets for two winners yesterday and the Daily Feature Race had yet another big Trifecta win making the run four days in a row! For one dollar a day I can't believe how few people get on board with this service. i think it is only about 500 yet the dividends continue to hold up with yesterdays about $500. Imagine the dividend if I kept it to myself? Anyhow, the majority of our Members bet the Trifecta wth the corporates who don't bother laying off the exotics due to the massive margins which ar usually about22% -25% at the Tabs.

I have received a long awaited article from Darren J Hall (Hally) re the Warnambool three day Jumping Carnival in May. It reminds me that I always wanted to go and will try to get there next year before it's all over. Hally recommends booking your accomodation well in advance, like today is probably not too soon.

Not much action today with only two meetings but tomorrow includes the Jungle Juice Cup at Cessnock which is always a great race day.

And yes. I am in the office today.

Sunday July 4th: Well we did hit the jackpot yesterday but notin the way we intended. The Daily Feature Race scored the $5.50 winner, $13.80 Quinella and $190 Trifecta. The Weekend Feature Race scored a Quinella and our selection finished second at $1.70. From eight races covered on the Winform Daily Mail we scored five Quinealls with the best at $68.70 and Four Trifectas including $358.90 and $454.10. We also scored three First Fours at $219, $1401 and $716.

The suggestion that we make more profit from races 5 and onwards held true ysterday with some nice double figure winners late.

Long term members will remember my daughter Belle. She works full time but has now joined me in putting the races up Saturdays. The next edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine is well under way with some exciting new articles from new authors with different specialities. Have a good day today. We now have Trifectas in the Daily Feature Race three days in a row.

Saturday July 3rd: Not a great day yesterday for a number of reasons. I somehow managed to enter the wrong numbers on my last race Trifecta at Tamworth and didn't collect the $560 Trifecta that all our Daily Mail and Daily Feature Race subscribers did. That's two great Daily Mail and Daily Feature Race Trifectas on two consecutive days. I reckon we will go close again today.

The Caloundra Cup is on today and a nice program to boot. It's called Sunshine Coast of course but no sunshine expected there today.

II had a meeting with Over The Odds yesterday and have negotiated a fabulous deal which I'll be offering in the next few days. The owner of the business has had a bout of ill health which has delayed my negotiations which I started in May so he has offered me more than I expected for my Members. He had one thing to say though "If we're giving something away then you should too" so I have agreed to match their offer dollar for dollar on any product in the bookshop. An example might be that you get $500 in free bets and then hit me uo for $500 credit on Powerbet or Money factory or maybe a subscription to the ratings. I'll get the details to you as soon as I can.

I wouldn't mind another weekend like last weekend with a $26,000 parlay. Don't expect it but I will be trying fot the Quaddie jJackpot on Unitab at the Sunshine Coast. With the wet track it could be a bit of a lottery but worth the effort if you collect.

Friday July 2nd: The wireless doesnt work so well at Mannering Park, logging in at just 312 compared to ADSL 1300. We got dozens of entries for our Broodmare book giveaway yesterday. PeterJenkins, the author, will be pleased with the response. The winners will be announced next week. The Answer, and the majority got it wrong, was July 15th. The Grafton Cup is normally run on the second thursday in July but not this year.

A horror day yesterday. I broke two series in a row. Had Fillies and Mares races been included I would have recouped with a $31 winner. Andrew and his Dad would have been on it as they bet evey race up to 100%, ignoring all the other rules.

I tried Luxbet's Best Of The Best option again last week with happy results. It applies only on selected Metropolitan races, mainly from Sydney and Melbourne and pays the best of the three TABs or The Best on course betting fluctuation so if the three sTAB dividends were $4, $4.20 and $3.90 and Starting Price $4 but Best Fluctuation $5.50, you would get the $5.50. If there's a better deal I don't know what it is.

Their plan is to get you to do all your betting at that one location of course but serious punters, our punters, will probably go to Sportsbet for Perth, for example, because that is the best deal for that city. For midweeek country and provincial, Betezy is the best option as they pay best of three totes.

I'm all alone today with Jennifer on a day off and Prue away. I'll be here until 3 though if anyone has any queries or orders.

Thursday July 1st 2010:Update. Just installed wirelss broadband for my laptop with Telstra 3G. Download speed 4404, my ADSL connection 1277. Why would you use ADSL? I paid extra to get the new Turbo Boost modem.

No help for anyone after yesterday with a race strike rate of 20%. We will get a catchup , hopefuly today. If you got the Daily Mail and Premium before 10 a.m. reload later as there is more to come. Got to go and organise that now.

Wednesday June 30th: I forgot to advise that I didn't write the Winning With Muddies article in the latest magazine. That was Mark Hall who has a beauty coming up for the next one too. Mark has a website devoted to Quaddies it is www.quaddie.com and he invests for punters each week.

-1 today. I felt really cold this morning but the $1100 win yesterday on Geelong and Randwick warmed me up a bit.

Today’s Sandown meeting has been transferred to the Geelong Pro Ride track and they are racing there tomorrow too so we will really get a feel of it by weeks end. Hally has sent this comment.

Howdy Garry

I must say I think this new surface at Geelong looks impressive and appears to race very well with the ratings doing very well there today.

First race was a beauty with Top Rated Horse General Calm hitting the finish line like a real winner. Wide draw resulted in horse being wide most of the going but came from behind to score nicely and fixed at $6 to $5.50 was a perfect start to the day. Not a long home straight at Geelong.
Interview with Steve Baster rider of General Calm on TVN after race declared the track a real winner and likes the surface as it has a nice feel and sponge to it while riding. He rated the surface a dead rating while the indicated rating was good but he said that he does track work on the course as well and feels that it is a ‘Dead’ rating all the time in his opinion.

Interview with President of Geelong Turf Club on TVN was interesting as he declared the Geelong Track and Surface a Punters Track with the majority of winners at the track being in the top 3 favorites and that’s why it's well liked and a fave of the punters. He also said that the surface will race well in all sorts of weather and they are going to accept other canceled meetings from other tracks in Vic. with just 24 hours notice and they are more than happy for as many meetings as possible to be held at the track. Looks like the new Geelong Track will get a good work out in winter. He said racing on it every day will not affect the new surface. Bring it on Baby. Hally”

My opinion is that anything can win and in time we will see the usual mix of prices.

Last Day for Winform Bargains
I’ve been getting asked "how much is that software deal in the Newsletter. Well it is $249. Today is the last day. You get the software pack (four programs) plus Professional Staking Plan and Parlay Magic Plus Racing Pays More. Bloody good deal if you ask me.

Tuesday 29th June:UpdateForgot to tell you those World Cup bets from David Toulson are on fire. Craig Boots will have to do some catching up after DT got both World Cup bets up last night including First scorer at $6.50. Check out the weekend sports for tonights winning tip.

By the way I'll be posting daily to Twitter with any events ALSO if our broadband is down I can notify everyone on Twitter as I can run that from my phone.

II forgot to file this report from Greg Horn.

Hey Garry

Karen & I went to our local Tavern Saturday just to watch 1hrs racing in Qld- as I said I opted for a quiet day.
Whilst sitting there I noted one thing watching Sky channels one two & three.

On numerous occasions there where 4- 5 races due to run within a three minute period. On several occasions  there where 2 races and I even I even saw 3 race meetings racing at the same time. I kept saying to Karen ...........how the bloody hell could you powerbet today 5 races in 3 minutes F ,,$^&^$&^$&$^&$&$&^%  .
And the couple of metro meeting bets that I had bet on you only got to hear the winner cross the line then bang, off to somewhere else.

Too bad if you wanted to see/ hear how your horse finished or black book another runner.They reckon the punter has never had it so good.
I reckon it is sheer bloody madness on a Saturday now and they wouldn't know about about service if it hit them in the face.

I've been betting over 30 years and Ive never seen anything like it.
Oh by the way if we didn't have enough races jammed in they decided to toss in Singapore mid arvo as well!


That's my spit for the end of financial year.




After Quenbeyan was abandoned there were only two meetings left. For those who stayed with the action they were well rewarded. There was only one Premium Selection and it won at a good price. The Powerbet and Winform Top Three strategy was also a good winner for the day, even winning the last race and avoiding a carryover.

Starting next week, I will be operating on different office hours from 8.00 a.m. to 3 p.m. generally. The earlier start allows for conversation and assistance before we have to upload the day's races. The earlier finish (although most days we will still be there) allows me to concentrate on the later races. With Prue on leave we will be understaffed for the next seven weeks.

Well today at Geelong. I'd love to hear feedback from any Members who attend and also from Members who are viewing the races on Sky. I don't have the service at the Wallsend Office so won't get vision. Have a good day.

Monday June 28th: Another busy day. I found out yesterday that a lot of people have a lot of money. I found big screen TVs O.K., but everywhere I went they were sold out of the big ticket items.

Premium had another winner yesterday. The first selection was a non qualifier and at 11 a.m. in the first race of the day it was probably missed anyway. We did quite well at Hobart yesterday using the fixed prices from Unitab which was the only fixed price market.

Geelong Proride track is in action tomorrow. We will bet there to start with as none of the runners will be experienced on that surface. We'll need about twenty meetings before we can reassess things. Three meetings today Our Daily Feature Race is the Silver Bowl Race 7 at Echuca.

Sunday June 27th: A busy day today as I will be looking for a new TV I will be buying with part of yesterdays $26,000+ profits when four of the six Grand Slam selections won. Five of these were also Only The Best selections and it included the four winners. I had a $50 Parlay series with Iasbet based on Doubles and Trebles and a $25 Parlay. I wasn't able to Powerbet yesterday due to a domestic requiremenst , if you know what I mean.

Now to have some fun, look at this, sorry Kevin.

Saturday June 26th: In the past four years we have had four consecutive Australian Achiever Awards for excellent customer service and this comes from our clients not from anyone else. I'm very proud of our service, a service you simply don't get elsewhere.

My MYOB program woudlnt work on todays computers'. It is not the fault of the software. I simply bought a new program. Computers are so cheap these days, you can get new ones for less than $500 or second hand ones for $100 so why all the fuss.'

Anyhow. We guarantee our product but we warn new purchasers of the limitations these days with it being necessary to check your computer to ensure that it is the right type to take the software, not just ours. Check our record. Zero complaints at Fair Trading in every State of Australia. Over 1,000 copies of the software sold in the last ten years and zero complaints.

Friday was a good day for Powerbet and the Top Three strategy. $562 for a $20 base bet. Two qualifying Premiums for one win .

Friday June 25th: Greg reckons yesterday was a bad day. One narrow photo decision probably cost us. I was luckier as I didn't have a chance to bet until late in the afternoon and picked up the series a couple of races before an $8 winner at Northam.

Another very busy day today. Mat is in trouble again but not his doing. He is supposed to be working this weekend but the workers have an overtime ban and he has been threatened if he turns up to work. Of course if he doesn't he may lose his job. Oh well, back to work for me. Good luck. Remember Canberra Acton is one of our banned tracks.

Thursday June 24th: Trouble trouble and more trouble. That's what I'm getting with computers today. We're battling to get everything organised before Prue's big holiday. I did manage to get a couple of bets in yesterday and had some nice wins, everybody did. That's all folks!

Wednesday 23rd June: More wet tracks yesterday and today but hey, it's Winter, let's get over it. I think I already said that wet tracks weren't a problem because while the strike rate is down the average dividend is up.I've queried Betezy about their new policy which reduces the number of meetings where you can get best of three totes. The reason: - at some of the smaller meetings the percentage on the race is less than 100%, because of the smaller pools.

That is a punter's paradise. The Dynamicraceodds site which shows the percentages illustrates this. What is needed though is a program to take advantage by betting every runner in the right proportions and that means you couldn’t possibly lose.

You can actually achieve this result anyway by betting the best possible odds and the top three strategy takes full advantage and in fact wouldn't work without it. It relies on getting better than the fixed odds overall and that works.Prue has spent endless hours updating the website and we hope you like the new look.

Prue is on leave from next week and it is her very first extended holiday. Previously she has never been away for more than a week or so at a time.

Tuesday June 22nd:Not much action again yesterday. A few winners at below average prices, not enough to lose a lot, not enough to win. I was lucky starting late in the day and catching three winning races in a row.

The C Plan was interesting with three wins from six eligible races. There was one race where the two selections were $2.30 and $2.80 leaving little if any profit had you won and the race was well left alone. On level stakes there was $130 profit for a $100 unit. Many would have taken the $83.60 profit on the very first race. For the day it went win/loss/win/loss/win/loss. Using Money Factory it simply went win all the way.

Monday June 21st: Another brilliant winning day for the Winform Ratings with two wonderful long shots. IASbet.com Super Price has come back into its own with restrictions on best of three totes at minor country and provincial meetings elsewhere. I did say make hay while the sun shines because anything this good is never going to last.

Sportsbet offers the better of NSW or Stab on country and provincial and this is also a good option as with both of these you can often get a fixed price as well. We all just have to play the game to our best advantage. A good instance was our Winform Gold winner Saturday which was $4.70 on both of those totes but only $3.00+ at Unitab. The fixed price was $3.60. Sadly for me, I took $3.20 early in the day which I though at the time was over.

Sunday June 20th: It rained winners again yesterday and I missed out on a lot of it. I started the day with 7 winners from 17 races (41%) and a profit of $819(including betting two horses that dead heated with one another). And believe it or not we did that trick again a few races later. Unfortunately my brother, who lives in Sydney, chose today to drop in and I missed conservatively another $2k of profit by being polite and refraining from betting while he was there. It happens to us all.

The first Premium did not qualify under the KTWC3 rules and did not even place. From the next six, yes six, there were two wins at $1.80 and $4.70, a profit of half a unit but I had coupled them strongly in all ups and parlays and dropped a ton. Of course as you have read it comes back in massive dollops when the stars align. If you add yesterday’s one from one at $4 you have a good profit.

More on the Andrew Johns issue. It is reported that at the bonding session he made disparaging remarks about several of the white players in the Queensland Origin team. None of that has made the papers. There wasn't enough space to print all the expletives but I'm sure he said Lockyer was a f*^%$#g W**()^%er among other things.

Saturday 19th June:With Orange abandoned and our strategy not operating at the Sunshine Coast Cushion track, there were few betting opportunities yesterday but we still found winners. I bet in only one race (too busy otherwise) for a handy profit after one of the runners was scratched.

I spent two hours yesterday trying to talk to someone at Microsoft who understood my problem. I had a product key which was not giving me access to my new Office software for my new Samsung 32 bit laptop. I had to hire someone to solve the problem for me at a cost of $300.

Later on I had cause to be red faced when I tried to load up my Adobe software which cost me $3800. My box was marked upgrade and it was a black and red box with the discs inside. As you can imagine I was a bit frustrated by this time and was quite agitated with the call centre girl. Eventually it was pointed out to me that I should have my discs in the office as the Üpgrade" was actually purchased three years ago and the new software last December. They were able to contact Fedex and get a proof of delivery, and guess who signed for it? Regardless, they did the right thing and provided me with a new product key. Then I took an order from a client and while looking for his book I saw a black box right next to it. Brilliant. Here were the discs that I thought I didn't have. Now the software is up and running. It is what I use to update the diary and produce the magazine.

Yesterday's Premium Winform Gold was a great winner at $4.

Today's Daily Feature Race is wide open but our top rated horse looks like a little bit of a smokie. He'll probably be last on the turn. Our Weekend Feature Race has two horses equal on top and one of those is the favourite so it looks like a C Plan race.

Today's country NSW meeting is Grafton and no matter what I will be including it in my Powerbet series today as we do well at this venue where the track is good today. There is a clash with the first at Morphettville but I think I will add those selections in which could mean up to six horses in that bracket, maybe we'll win both races?

I have had correspondence from some Members about Heavy tracks but my research shows that this does not stop the Top Three strategy from working. In some months the profits actually have come from slow and heavy tracks. Don't ask me why, I just observe the facts. Statistical studies have revealed that the betting is wider on heavy tracks so that is the likely reason for it.

Betezy is only paying best of two totes at Grafton, Kemble, Sale and Rockhampton today but Unitab will be offering fixed prices.

Friday 18th June:Plenty of winners yesterday, and before I forget. I did do what I promised and ran the Top Three Strategy by race number and here is the result year to date.

Races 1-4 RSR 41.6% -4.4%
Race 5-9 RSR 39% +1.5%

To put this into perspective, the earlier races are generally smaller fields so slightly smaller dividends. The later races each day are bigger fields and more open with a lower strike rate, but higher dividends. What it means and confirms is that it doesn't matter where you start. Also, don't take too much notice of the above figures as it doesn't mean we are losing as these are before the price eliminations which cut out over 15% of the selections.

Here's an email we received I response to yesterdays Newsletter

“Firstly, though I don't have an SSD drive myself am seriously thinking of getting one so have done a bit of research. Everything I have read backs up David's comments on the benefits of an SSD drive.

He mentioned the need for TRIM support. Can I add that support for TRIM is a mandatory must have, do not buy any SSD that does not support TRIM. This needs to be strongly emphasized. Not all current model SSD's support TRIM.

Be careful when buying SSD's as SSD design has improved greatly from the first designs produced. If you are offered a great price reduction make sure the SSD is not an older model.

Due to the smaller size of an SSD you may need to have a special bracket or plate to be able to install them in your PC. I have read that the fittings often come with the SSD but it's something to watch out for.

Finally there is an excellent article on SSD's in the December 09 issue of APC (Australian Personal Computer) including a photo tutorial on installation. If your library stocks APC it's a good way to access the article. Laurie

Thursday 17th June:With the racefields legislation thrown out of court, NSW Racing will be refunding millions of dollars. Common sense will prevail though and there will be a voluntary agreement that works for all parties.

Our Daily Feature Race turned out to be a C Plan race and I actually placed my bets in the morning at Iasbet where I got the fixed odds of $2.50 and $101. I actually bet this second horse each way. The eventual prices were $1.80 and $26. We are finding that early odds are up for many races now and why not take advantage of it? Getting the early odds at fixed prices actually opens up the market to a whole new cross section of punters who can't bet race to race and for those wanting to bet the C Plan it is a godsend.

Failing that, for those who want to use Prepost Markets we have a guide to this in the latest magazine which unfortunately won't arrive at Newsagents until next Thursday. You can order a copy directly through our bookshop. Simply nominate the issue you want.

Wednesday June 16th:****THE SPORTSBET JUDGEMENT COMES DOWN TODAY AND AFTER YESTERDAY'S BACKDOWN BY TABCORP YOU CAN SEE THE DECISION IS IN THEIR FAVOUR WITH BIG REPERCUSSIONS FOR NSW RACING.Hendo emailed to tell me he made a small profit with Powerbet yesterday and he also bet the Premium selection which won. One bet for one winner. We have three people today doing nothing today but putting magazines in envelopes. The majority of subscribers will have their magazines on the way by this afternoon. Newsagents should have their copies either Friday or Monday depending which State. I love the cover.

The six systems chosen to be the best are in the magazine. Janet Watson and her husband Barry actually have the two leading systems after six weeks of action. Barry scored a $29+ winner Saturday to take the lead away from Janet who is doing very well just the same. Each competitor places their bets with a special Betezy account. Those accounts are the final audit of all the systems. Who will be the finailists for the Spring stage of the competition with $1,000 in bets added oi their account for the Spring Racing and who will win the major price of $10,000 worth of bets courtesy of Betezy?

Tuesday June 15th: A quiet day today with only two meetings. I did notice some good winners later in the day yesterday and did bet one of them when I finished my diary. ‘Pleasure Time’ was a brilliant winner at $5.50 although I had inadvertently backed it at that. I should have taken best tote which was $7. I simply didn't pay attention and it cost me a point and a half. It did give me a nice bonus which helped pay for my weekend so I can't complain.

Monday June 14th: Craig Boots and I are shaking our heads after yesterday. The Western Bulldogs were far too good for the Lions, winning by 65 points but the stats of the game tell us that Inside 50's were about the same, tackles were good for both sides, the Lions actually held more marks and had plenty of possession. The Free kicks favoured the Bulldogs but the Lions frees were better placed and two resulted in goals from in front.

Watching the game it was a different story. The Bulldogs were everywhere in defence and when they had the ball it seemed like there were always two Bulldogs to every Lion and saloon passages opened up everywhere. Bad barry had one of his best games ever and didn't have to cope with any biff but he did give a couple away when aggresively attacking the ball. Maybe the bullies are the real deal after all.

Now both codes have gone weird on us or should I say allcodes? After last nights abomination I don't know. I haven't caught up with Toulson yet but I have to ask what's going on with the Cahill send off. No wonder many observers think the round ball game is for pansies. Isn't it 'allowed to go hard fo the ball?'

Got to feel sorry for Inglis though. This tough as teak League great felt 'hurt' by Joey Johns remarks. For those who don't know, he tried to tear away the mystique by sayng he's nothing but a "black c**t" which in reality is probably a compliment. Funny thing . You can see just about everything on TV and the Internet has porn sites galore but the daily newspapers print "black c**t". Wow! How adult! And you have to feel sorry for Akermanis. He missed the big win by the bulldogs for expressing his discomfort with having known homosexuals in the dressing room, which I suppose is like having naked known senior male heterosexuals in the girls swimming teams locker room, not that I'm saying they are there to prey on the girls.

And what about the betting. Ban those officials who dare to place huge odds swinging bets of $5, $10 and $20 on the footy. Ignore all the really big bets from the insiders we don't know about who are smart enogu to get their bets placed by someone else, and anyway, they are all still taking a risk. There is no such thing as a good thing.

I hear that there were four Premiums for Saturday and Sunday for three good winners. I told you that this time last years was great for Premium and let's hope it can continue. Saturday had a few good winners in the Top Three but a difficult day overall just the same. Sunday I am told it was raining winners while I can see today is not great but at 2 p.m. there's still a lot to go.

The Magazine is expected back from the printers tomorrow and so it will be all hands to get them into envelopes and get them out so no betting for me tomorrow. Prue will breathe a sigh of relief as she can now get on with her annual holidays which she is planning to spend with her family in Hawaii. It is the first really long hoilday she has ever taken with two weeks being the previous record.

Friday June 11th: A few Members will be carrying over today so we need a good winner early. Premium had 100% places yesterday but no winners. According to David Bendeich the first horse was not a qualifier but the second horse was.

I am off to Melbourne for the weekend and the girls will keep things up to date. All the files have been checked and are ready for, we hope, a good winning weekend. Subscribers will find their normal pages may have changed so please check now as you will be unable to contact the Winform Team on the weekend.

We have an early start early finish today with Grafton at 11.22. Good luck. Did you notice the number of offers arriving in the mail for money back on World Cup bets? I reckon the bookies are expecting a bonanza. They can leave me out. After that fiasco four years ago I am finished with that game. I might be tempted to have a flutter on the overall winner though. Perhaps a little Dutch bet.

We have a stocktaking special on all our books which ends at 4 p.m. today. Go to the bookshop (see the link on the home page) and when you order (all books except Roger Biggs) mention Half Price in the notice to us section on your order form and you will get anything for half price.

Thursday June 10th: Lots of information in the e-news today so watch for that. The printing press broke down just as they were printing our magazine so what else can go wrong? Well Powerbet didn't go wrong yesterday as good results abounded. David noticed that the 2yo Feature at Gold Coast was our Feature Race and we reommended a bet on the Top Two runners so he ignores the 2yo Rule and this makes sense. The winner Paris Blu was $18.50. Members also scored when the longshot owned by golfer Peter Gow was backed from $41 to $21.

Wednesday 9th June:If If you are having problems accessing the new files please email hradesign@hunterlink.net.au and Jennifer will check your access. If we have any errors in the database this is when we find them.

In the meantime Yale, one of our more experienced Powerbet users had this to say

Subject: My Results and Rules for Powerbet
“Hi Garry,I'm a little late with this email, I just ran out of time. I'm in Thailand (Bangkok) still, it's quite safe here now. Thought I would let you know about my experience with the powerbet strategy. I don’t have exact figures with me, but I can tell you I had great success, I  averaged more than $1000 each week from I think late Feb. til mid May,  using just a $10 base bet. I did lose a bank quite a few times along the way (twice in a row during march) however usually after a bad run, I would almost always recover with a good run of double figure winners. My rules are basically the same as what u have laid out in the diary,  although I do have a couple of things I do differently, I don’t know ifit makes a lot of difference either way. Ok, here are my rules:

  • Up to 3 horses per race as long as I can get 100% (will allow to 98%).
  • If 1st horse is odds on, I don’t bet as it is less than 100%.
  • I use IASbet opening fixed odds, only b/c it lets me use the same price no matter when I place the bets, and also lets me check results at the end of the day using those same prices, better or not? I really don’t know.
  • NO Fillies and Mares races, No 2yo races.
  • NO 7yo or older, UNLESS it is top rated.
  • NO meetings rated to a HEAVY track, or downgraded to HEAVY.
  • NO races with 7 or less starters.
  • NO horse with opening fixed odds greater than $21 (unless in a group or listed race).

That's about all the rules I use, so basically it's what you published, with one or 2 changes. I also did miss some days due to other commitments, and I still managed to make $1000+ per week. So I call that a big success.
I just wish I didn’t have to take this extended break from it all, it's costing me money.

Cheers, and keep up the good work, Yale.”

My comment: Using Iasbet's fixed openers is working for Yale, and I know he has used these for years. No reason why you couldn't too, if you want. Everything works to some degree, so it is often a matter of personal preference. Obviously Yale is very fussy about the percent. His 98% is probably about 51-52% on our chart. I sometimes go to 55% if I can see that the likely return at best Tote will be better than that but we all have to draw the line somewhere.

Tuesday 8th June: Update: Subscribers Please Note: Grandslam has been changed to Winform Daily Mail and W/Winners/WGold to Premium. You have not been logged out.

Too many winners yesterday and too many longshots winning with not enough on them. We reckon yesterday was catch up day and I had many people calling up and saying "I'm $1200 in front, should I quit now?" Well that's an individual choice. As it turned out there were more longshot winners to come. Personally I wasn't able to bet yesterday but when talking to Gary I suggested " Here's a good betting race, our Top three are all double figure odds" and so I threw a few dollars at them as I was talking and he did too. We got 1st and 2nd with the winner paying $23.50.

Monday 7th June:Brenton Burford amended my rules further over the weekend and turned $500 into a $1700+ profit by letting the profits build up. I'm guessing all will be revealed when he has given it an extended try out. Premium had one winner from two yesterday and the first of those was a Rule C. After the update results we made available to subscribers last week, I have stopped betting Rule C. I did back the second Premium yesterday which was Rule H and also has a poor record.  The horse itself looked the goods and duly won at $3.30. Either way there were six Premiums for the weekend for three winners.

Sunday 6th June: Winners in the right order yeserday produced great results. We split up country/provincial and Metro yesterday and with $5 base bets made $200 for the day. The Winform Daily Mail had a great day. From six selected races there were five winners in the Top Two, three Quinellas (50%) and Exactas, two Trifectas and a First Four paying $956.

Premium had two wins from the four selections.

Saturday 5th June: Mat is driving his car1km each day to get a lift to work. It's worth risking an added two year disqualification to save walking for 20 minutes. I mean, what are the chances he will get picked up, partuclalrly at 5 a.m. About the same chance of us getting a $100 winner today but it happens. I give up and you know, sadly we have customers who think the same way when I warn them about the risks they are taking with inadequate capital.

There is an article in the paper today about the 2007 flood disaster in Wallsend and the Council acknowledges that it is a certainty to reoccur unless the required mitigation works are undertaken and Council says "The Federal Government could have given us the money under the Stimulus spending but we have no way of raising the $60-$100 million we need."

Disasters occur in both our ordinary lives and with our punting that could have been mitigated with the right funds. Good luck today, hope you get flooded with it.

Friday 4th June: Update: Couldn't go past letting Greg have his say. As he says, he missed the bad wednesday.

Garry, Just read the diary for this week. I don't know why you guys are struggling. If you just powerbet   the top three in order upto 100%  with no elimination rules or price restrictions, seriously Its like shelling peas. I may have been lucky this week as I have done 4 days of contract work for an agency and have only hooked  into it today ( Friday ) but seriously how good is this. I wont Pbet on Saturdays as I'm too tied up with my group races and race times are ridiculously tight however Mon- Friday is money for jam.( now is that the kiss of death). For those clients that want to PBet on Saturdays without the presurre , heres a noval idea...........just stict to the 5 Metro Meetings.....how simple is that! Greg

The spoils were pretty even yesterday with a couple of nice priced winners but nothing spectacular. Two Beauties, 2nd at $15+ would have been the icing on the cake had it got up (a $4k payout for me for example). Most players would have a carryover for today which is probably going to be a light day with Hawkesbury abandoned and Tamworth may not get through their program.

Let's hope for a better and brighter weekend than we're having in NSW.

Thursday 3rd June: Another horror Wednesday. Needless to say we didn't back our 3rd rated horse ‘Gold Lens’ because it was a 7yo and $51 fixed price and furthermore had a very bad wet track record with just one placing from eight starts on rain affected going. It won and paid $60.

Just got off the phone from Damian Carroll. Damian has been having a go at the UK races using the Market Forces strategy which he says "goes alright". He did report a losing run of seven at one stage but generally he finds all those races except the really big fields and jumps work quite well.

Today we have a good book of Premium coming up so cross fingers. I have a carryover from yesterday for Powerbet so will need an early winner or three too.

Wednesday 2nd June: Our Punting Partners reported a small profit yesterday. I was demonstrating to Ron and also clipped a small profit. The last four races missed the winner. Last night I was able to review our strategy prior to the 100% market amendments and for the first time this year there was a loss shown for the month. Using the eliminations a small profit has eventuated making it approximately $43,000 for the year on a $20 base bet. Being conservative, we use a $20,000 overall Bank so looking at it another way, we have trebled our Bank since January 1st from $20,000 to $63,000.

David Bendeich has provided me with updated statistics for all of the rules in 'Key To Winning Consistently III' for the Premium bets. If you are currently a Premium subscriber I can send these to you. Simply email winform@hunterlink.net.au with the subject: 'PREMIUM UPDATE'.

Tuesday 1st June: Is it Winter yet? Sure feels like it. There was a very good winner at Ararat yesterday but under our rules at $31 fixed, it was not a bet. However..... here it comes. When I bet a race like this I check the distance. It qualified as a C Plan race. In these races I tend to treat it that way. I know it's something else to look for but it's only an option. More than once I have bet the top two horses in a C Plan race even though it fails to meet out other criteria. For example: I might have the top rated horse $6 and the second rated $2.50 favourite. If this is a qualifying C Plan race I know the strike rate betting both horses is 54% so I at least have enough on the second rated horse to get my money back on the race.

The Top Three strategy we are using has a race strike rate of 36%. The Strike rate of the C Plan is 50%+ . It is something to consider once you feel you are competent enough to be able to operate it that way. Yale Stevens operated Powerbet using just the C Plan selections for three months last year and won enough money to travel overseas for 12 weeks. I don't recommend this to anyone, as the odds can be too short. The majority of the winners, about 38%, are favourites. That's fine when you are betting big money on the three or four races per day which meet the C Plan requirements but not on Powerbet which needs constant feeding.

Matt emailed me a question “How many losses can Powerbet stand”. Here's my brief answer
“Hi Matt,
Firstly Powerbet is split into ten series each equal to 10% of your Bank.
You need average dividends of $5.50+ to operate successfully.
Your series closes whenever it makes a profit and you start back at the base bet. It is mostly a level stakes staking plan with a recovery option to pick up the cost of any lost bets over the series. It rarely attempts to win back any losses in one win. Generally though, because there is always a level stakes bet on the runner or runners you have selected, a winner in the range $5-$9 generally clears the series.
To lose the series from scratch you mostly need fourteen losing races in a row or 29 bets (so average 2 bets per race)
Have a look at Professional Punters Diary at www.horseracingaustralia.info where there is plenty of feedback from existing users.
Regards, Garry “

Looking at the above, to exhaust your entire bank would take 140 losing races in a row. It won't happen.

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