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Spring 2011 Edition| Last Updated for Friday February 10th:

Friday 10th February: $500,000 to win $20,000. The bet is on and you know which horse it is so what are those odds? $1.04. I guarantee it wont be the only bet of that size tomorrow. Tonight we have two good bets. May they have fast legs!!!

Another day, another two specials running a place only. I had good wins with the C Plan so covered myself Okay. I can understand why a lot of Members go back to the C Plan. It always finds winners.

We now have available race and pacee charts from a Melbourne Professional. Anyone serious about subscribing (net cost $30-$40 per week) can get a sample by emailing garry.robinson@y7mail.com . Final cost will depend on the number of subscribers but I am confident the cost is more than worth it.

Racing today starts at 12.30 and goes thorugh until 10.30. Big day. We expect to have two more specials today. Maybe these will win.

Thursday 9th February: Yesterday was a bit of a let down with two specials both going down. Funny though, we had great success with two good longshots at Sandown and Doomben which yielded me $2400 on a small investment.

My day was disrupted as we had to collect Mat from the airport after his stint in WA. He arrived back severely dehydrated after the heat in Perth and the marathon red eye flight home via Brisbane. He also arrived back with a dozen WA Marrons which he cooked up for lunch, however it made me late for getting onto Gogonski at $13, winner of the first at Sandown and top rated.

Today Mat is back to his normal schedule and after drinking water (which he rarely does) he is feeling much better. The mild weather will help too.

I finish, I hope, my root canal today. Three of todays meetings ARE TWILIGHTS. That does mean I will be back in time forallbut the first one or two at Port Lincoln.

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Wednesday 8th February: I was confident I had updated the diary yesterday. Obviously not.

What I did do yesterday was go through our worst ever period for the last few years of the NEW SMS/Email approach ( a win on Monday and a 2nd yesterday) using Money Factory. Using 1% of the Bank a $10 bet requires $10,000 of Capital and that is for level stakes and should never give anyone cause for concern. This same size Bank using Money factory uses a $50 base bet so in a situation where the selections are running sweetly, level stakes will outperform Money Factory but over this "bad" period where after 40 best level stakes was just equal (7 losers a $1.60 winner then 8 losers among this test) Money Factory made $1751 profit.

We have some outstanding offers for new SMS/Email subscribers which end Friday. Average number of bets weekly is about 10 and there is one today which looks okay and could be around the $8-$10 mark. Great if it gets up.

With Invest To Win, Trevor Larsen has advised that if the book is unduly delayed (getting printed and bound now) he may get prepurchased books airfreighted In that case they would be despatched in order of receipt of orders. There are no guarantees as the printers may not be able to split the delivery, that's the problem with dealing with overseas operators although I must admit I have had my share of problems with printers here.

Monday6th February: Sunday was a very productive day in the end. I spent way too much time intthe plane as when we landed the 100kmh wind meant that the stairs could not be lined up with the plane as it was rocking too much. The turbulence was so severe on our approach that those of us who were reading could not keep control of our books and had to pop them into the seat pockets. And yes, hanging on tight to your arm rests was the norm.

Recently I engaged John Furgal of Bonzatips to manage our email and SMS send to subscribers and John added his selections to the mix as a bonus. Reviewing all the selections for the past year, it became apparent that the best use is to combine both sets of selections and the overall result is very satisfying. 179 units of profit. And you could have even more if used with Money Factory. The best winners were around $10-$12 and the overall strike rate was close to 40%. So? Stick to 50% wins at around $2.20 or near 40% wins at av $3.30?

It's a no brainer as they say. Between the two services there were many duplicates but taking these out leaves an average ten bets a week which is more than enough for most people.


Sunday 5th February: , As I am off to melbourne before sunup tomorrow I thought I would update what I could Sat night. Trevor Larsen was spot on with a longshot 2nd, I couldnt have had it myself but I succumbed and took it each way for a $5 place dividend. He also scored a $7 winner in the only other race selected.

Grandslam has had one bet for a winner, the SMS service 6 bets in four races for 2 winners, not good enough really and we quinellad the Daily Feature and Mr X did get the Weekend Feature winner but a shortie.

I have a couple of meetings with Professionals in Melbourne and I hope to report on these Monday night.

Arrived in Melbourne all shook up due to the high winds. I thought I was smart booking intothe rear of the pane so I could be first out down the rear stairs. Trouble was, the wind was so strong they couldnt put the stairs against the plane. That meant last out through the front of the plane. Anyway, here now.

Saturday 4th February: Best fluc was the best option last night as I got $3 for our winner. Sunshine today, haven't seen that for a while. Below are the ratings results for January. Strike rates were good but dividends slightly down.

Top 2 33% Av $5.19

Top 3 46% Av $5.38

Top 4 58% Av $6.02

Top 5 68% Av $6.25

All our single selections services for January performed poorly, although not a great number of selections. One service that had an outstanding result was our new series for Powerbet. From around 40 selections the profit was $3690 for a $100 bet. Well worth the effort. 34% winners at better than $5 will do that. These are found in our Powerplay section. The normal strike rate is 17% and much higher average dividend. I guess the result is becuase of several winners being highly favoured which offset the longer priced runners.

Not much on for today, but a couple of possible Grandslams.

Friday 3rd February: While Melbourne sweats, we drown in NSW. Tamworth is off , Warwick Farm tomorrow and Canterbury tonight are in jeopardy.

We have a rare event tongiht with two selections in the one race qualifying as Grandslam. As I see it that's double the chance of winning so I have taken top fluc as the likely best option. The Winform SMS had a winner from the only race to run yesterday.

If you're headng to Warwick Farm tomorrow I have some good advice if you want to have a good day (this from a Sydney bookmaker) "Don't Go!"

I'm processing last months results this morning and will send out in Mondays E-News. If you don't already subscribe (it's free) to E-News then you can do so at the online store under HRA Promos.

Thursday 2nd February: I was a sht hd away from the $50,000 Sandown Quaddie yesterday after finding winners in the other three legs at $25, $10.50 and $26. Members who included the Moody/Nolen horse in race 6 would have been happier.

ON a brighter not eour SMS selection won the first at Launceston. At $2.40 it wasn't a mjor win but it did clear out by nearly three lengths so it wasn't a heart stopper.

Strathalbyn Race 6 was a good example of our Powerbet top three strategy. We don't back 7yo and up unless top rated so that race was just Savvy Smokin and Sonny Piccollo which won and paid $6.50. Five minutes later, a good winner $5.50 at Ascot. A good day for the Powerbet group.

Wednesday 1st February: I'll have yet another go at the Sandown Quaddie today. I just can't crack it lately but maybe today.

Places , Places , Places. That is all we have had this week and it'stime for a chnage don't you think?? The bonus offers in the brochure are extended to the end of this week as that makes sense. I'm having a break from the office this arvo as I have been chained to my desk processing orders for several weeks now. Back to the chain gang tomorrow though.

Tuesday 31st January: I think it might be a new record. Warnambool today we got the Quinella and Exacta in race 2. Quinella $329.30 and Exacta $2006.70. A Quinella boxing the top five is $10 and gets the result 40% of the time. In spite of the Exacta, we don't recommend them because it costs a lot more and the pools are too small. Iasbet paid $338.63 for the Qluinella.

Our first SMS special could only run a place and the next is about to run at $2.60. Here's hoping. Yesterday one winner from our two races but a very short price.

Monday 30th January: The E-News went out OK but the dipaly of Trevor Laresens workout may not have appeared correctly. If you need to see it in a.pdf file, simply email winform@hunterlink.net.au and we'll send youa copy back.

The bonus offers from our brochure end this week so make sure you send your orders in. You can call the office as I am in all day today and tomorrow solving, or trying to, computer problems.

Sunday 29th January: The Invest To Win strategy landed a $15 winner yesterday to make January another winning month. So here's my hard luck story, or good luck, depending on which way you look at it. It was my 40th wedding anniversary and we had all of our children together for a very pleasant seafood lunch, which Ros and I prepared ourselves.

Betting wise everything was done in haste and so I only had time to take out the Sandown quaddie and no time to work through the actual race strategy.

I scored three legs of the Quaddie and ran 2nd in the other at $28 for a zero return.

The "correct" strategy on the one selected race was 2 bets and a save bet. Why? The 2nd best selection was paying $10 but had a 9% strike rate so even though the "2nd best" sensibly you would have had two bets of say $50 and then $11 to get square. Outlay $111 and return of $750.

Anyhow, once our kids went home I sat down and set about a few C Plan bets and made good profits with four wins from six races. I also had a good win on Belora, our one Grandslam selection for the day. At $3.60, it paid better than expected, considering that we now expect a 40% strike rate on these.

Later I noted that from the 7 races at Toowoomba, there were four eligible C Plan races for four winners.

Today I take Mat to the airport for a long journey to Busselton in WA. He is there for ten days so his employer must be impressed with his work and last week he was training a new employee. Fingers crossed as usual. He is much more prepared for this trip.

Saturday 28th January: The Sandown Quaddie is gettable today, so I will have a go at that. The Sydney program is forgettable, not even oneOpen handicap on the card. Morphettville has two. It doesn't matter I suppose as we simply line up the best of what is there in each race. The key to Winform ratings is the answer to two questions? "How fast can they run?" and "Can they run that fast today??" From that point we apply the adjustments for weight, barrier, distance and so on.Good luck.

Friday 27th January: Mat arrived back safely from Darwin but flies out to Busselton in WA on sunday for another away assignment. To my surprise he arrived with a live Mud Crab, I didn't know they would allow items like this on the plane but there you go. An expensive treat for our Australia Day BBQ, presented with chilli and garlic...delicious.

With the abandoned meetings and heavy tracks I had a go at the Quaddie but lucked out although the last leg was a winner at $14. Our SMS service had two selections for a $10 second. That 2 units profit we are looking for just became harder.

Tonight is Balack Caviar night. What more can I say?

Thursday 26th January: Darwin and Doomben are already off but down south they are watering the track to take the sting out. We will post Vic tracks as good in anticipation. We won't be far out.

The SMS/Email service had one bet one winner again yesterday, we had two bets to come at Gosford but it was too dark to race in the end. So for the week so far Monday placed, Tuesday and Wednesday won. Would that it would always be so.

Have a good day today. Saturday only subscribers will see todays ratings under Saturday BUT after 5 p.m. they will revert to early Saturday so we suggest you print out races after this in advance.

I had some good C Plan ressukts yesterday. Three winsout of five when I had to leave for a family dinner.See Wednesday for a special offer from Iasbet.

Wednesday 25th January: There won't be any beach wars in Sydney tomorrow, too wet.

We had just the one SMS selection yesterday and it won okay. The first C Plan race of the day was a winner, the first Powerbet top three strategy race was a winner.

Mat gets back from Darwin tomorrow so organising for a BBQ at his place, yes being a hoilday tomorrow we have to get the food today for him. Ros is busy with her 90yo mum and visiting whille she waits for her turn at physio to get her tired knees working and on top of that Ros is helping Natalie with the baby as she is ill and our son in law is away for work. Still, that leaves me free to attend to the orders for Invest To Win and our netbook packages which have proved popular.

I have been too tied tot the office to do any sailing and that is one regret but silly me for putting on a promotion in January. Anyhow, here I am if anyone wants me..

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Tuesday 24th January: Our only SMS selection ran 3rd yesterday. Our Premium bets missed completely but I used some of Trevor Larsen's philosophy to find a $41 winner yesterday at Moruya. You see all three of our toprated selections in Race six, the Town Plate, had weaknesses.The winner had twice placed at this track from three runs and of his 4 career wins, 3 were at this distance and the price, well that was because of a last of 5 runners at Canberra but it was only 3 lengths and it was a fast run race. Hurriconi had good recent form but was 7yo and Sebony had good form at the track but was 8yo. A bet on all three was justified. A $41 winner the result.

Monday 23rd January: Ros sent out the E-News today from her email address. Wehave had a few reports that for some weird reason it went to junk mail so check this if you haven't received it.

I spent a lot of time processing Powerbet through December. There were 2542 bets 419 winners at better than $6 average and that was after we took out the $81 winner (skews the stats if we leave it in). I used all races that met the criteria and all meetings, including the bad ones. I did include Fillies and Mares races though as the statistics support them staying in since two years ago.

Betting level stakes made 87.4 units of profit and with Powerbet 113 units so $874 and $1130 respectively on the average bet but using Powerbet the actual cash return was $3246 on $10,000 BANK DIVIDED INTO ten series. During the months 11 series losses were recorded (when a series is lost (maximum $1,000) we start again).

Now I agree that no one would be on every bet every day.I simply put them all through to make sure I got a massive sample. Some clinets only bet Saturday Sunday and would have about 800-900 bets I reckon or betting just midweek, a similar amount, maybe even less if you cut out the twilight and night meetings. I also have to say taht the average dividends seemed a little light on to me so you can do better, I mostly took middle tote excpet for Metro meetings.

Sunday 22nd January: It was nice to see a $500 First Four for our Daily Feature Race yesterday but it was even more fun to see the $3000 First Four on the Daily Mail where we got 4 Quinellas from 8 races. For the first time that I can remember there were no Grandslam selections yesterday.

Mr X said back the 3 and 2 to win for the Weekend Feature Race and the 2 won at $5.30.

The SMS/Email got just one win from three races but the bonus Bonzatips got a $13 winner. Over 60 people took the free trial of Bonzatips last year and though the trial period was not great, overall the year's results have been impressive with a 40% strike rate and level stakes profit but more importantly a much better profit using Money Factory Professional Edition. Press the button on the right side menu here to learn more about how Money Factory works.

Trevor Larsen's book "Invest To Win" pointed to two races yesterday scoring a win in the Flemington race at $3.80 and a 2nd in the Rosehill race.

Saturday 21st January: ** We've downgraded Rosehill with more rain on the radar. Those Premium results quoted yesterday were just for last year. WE couldn't survive on 135 bets over 8 years could we?

I was overly cautious yetserday and pulled 3 selections in two races due to the expected low price. $1.30 was quoted in the morning. The two 'A" selectios won and at $1.70 which is more than worthwhile. Meantime the one race I did send out, because the odds quoted were good value, won and paid $11.70. No complaints there I expect.

We expect Flemington Moe and Morphettville to be upgraded so we have rated to a good track. It will be close enough.

Friday 20th January: Do you have the patience to sit and wait to see the odds? If you do then check out the results from our New Premium series and you only have to check Metro. Admittedly we only started this new series in December but when we looked back over the last 8 years we found the results consistent.

There were 135 bets for 74 wins and the longest losing run was four. PROFIT ON TURNOVER WAS over 30%

With our other Premium bets we now expect only about 400 or so bets a year. We no longer apply any sets of rules except the obvious ones. If track conditions change dramatically, then common sense prevails.

Commonsense or no common sense, after being 1 unit in profit yesterday, the SMS service went behind when our star runner missed the jump and was hopelessly tailed off. At least the stewards had a good luck to decide if the horses had a fair start. It reared just as the gates opened. A fraction sooner and they would have held the start. That's how it goes. Better luck today.

Thursday 19th January: It must be the start of the Autumn Carnival, we have a fabulous offer from Iasbet. Sounds good to me.

More work on my desk than you can shake a stick at but I had time to review favourites for 2011 and the striek rate last year was similar to normal at just over 30% and av div $2.87, not enough to make a profit. No surprises there but one thing that is surprising is that the favourite in the top two winform rated horses has dropped significantly to less than 35%.

You would think this would make a difference to the C Plan for instance but it doesn't because as the favourite strike rate drops off the other runners have a higher win percent to make up the difference.

We have just sent out a Newsletter to Members in hard copy with some fabulous offers. These end on January 31st, although obviously the products are still available after that at normal prices.

Yesterday Mr X found a standout winner at $3.80 for the Daily Feature Race. The SMS/Email service is going well and while zero selections the past two days, there are a couple today.

Wednesday 18th January: 4:55 Canberra Race 6 17Jan12 1300m BM55 HCP $14000 Good

No Form Horse Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
8 32424X13 Our Angelina 4.2 49.5 tcdW
2 135X1 Sydneys Destiny 4.2 49.4 T BB
10 74X13 Our Brightest Star 4.9 48.4 t W

This is what subscribers to the Winform Daily Mail got yesterday. The Best Bet won and the Trifecta was in this top three.That's the advantage of having the Winform Daily Mail. You get the top five runners in all races where we have a single selection (excluding Premium). You also get the Daily Feature Race and Mr X was hapy to tell me he had selected a winner yet again.

We predicted we would find winners at Canberra and Warnambool yesterday and we did but no big prices and the small fields at Warnambool restricted our opportunities. The first three C PLan races won yesterday but I was only on the fourth and last one of the day. It just missed..one more stride.

Tuesday 17th January: Ros's mother has been transferred to another ward where the care level has picked up.

There was just one bet for the SMS/Email service for one winner. Premium also had one bet for one winner. Yesterdays meetings were very average.

Talk about a spanner in the works, Hobart has been abandoned on a predicted hot sunny day. Wonder why? And Towsnville is off leaving just two meetings. That's a bit boring but we usually find winners at Warnambool and Canberra.

Monday 16th January: Ros's 90 yo mother had a sore knee the other night but when she got out of bed she could not stand up and fell to the floor. She could not move or even crawl to the phone and that was 11 at night. Ros found her the next day when she dropped in to take her to lunch. Since then she's been poorly treated in John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle where her calls for toilet assistance (she still cannot walk) are ignored for hours.

Ros was angry the other day and went to the nursing station where a nurse was on the phone discussing her finances with an associate. She got off the phone eventually to be told that "that's not part of my job", when asked for assistance. Eventually someone else came. Now Ros and her sisters have had to set up a roster to make sure she is looked after.

We've heard some very good stories about John Hunter but this is not one of them. One thing. It puts trying to back a winner into perspective.

Yesterday the SMS/Email service got off on the right foot with a $4.60 winner. Today we are sending out some extremely generous bonus offers which shouldreach the majority of ourMembers by the end of the w eek. It icnludes our Janaury Newsletter and there are some interesting items of Racing news that affect allpunters.

Sunday 15th January: The Daily Mail had 11 races yesterday for 5 Quinellas and 3 Trifectas and two First Fours. One of these was in the Weekend Feature where on the Daily Mail I said "include At The Heads if the track is upgraded." Thanks to At The Heads I scored the Flemington Treble which paid $417 but had the second horse won the last leg it would have been over $2,000. Pity.

Only one winner for the SMS/Email service to make up for our wins during the week. The averages always catch up...both ways.

Saturday 14th January: A very good day yesterday for the SMS/Email Profit accumulator service, in fact I think that we won everyday this week. The aim is to make 2 units of profit per week, well some weeks you make none and some weeks you lose then there is this week. A good result.

The C Plan has had an off week and by coincidence, John starte this week. It has been a bit of a let down so far but our records are clear. The C Plan wins.

We continue to get strong orders for Invest To Win,and why not,the promise of race strike rates of 60% or better once you learn the metod fully, is a worthy goal. The other promise, that it requires a lot of work, has obviously appealed to those who enjoy reding deeply into the form. That said, the task is not onerous, for example there are only four races to be looked at today. There is a lot to be said for concentating your efforts. Those who purchaed Trvro Johns book were the first to order Larsens book but now we are seeing orders from the group that wanted to do their own work rather than find out where they could get access to winning strategies that for the most part were done for them.

The ratings yesterday were a huge let down. You get days like that. Powerbet users would have incurred a stop loss early, and there were no longshot winners to save the day.

Friday 13th January: The SMS winner yesterday was $4 best fluc, so a very good result. A lot of bets today but our aim is to make 2 units profit per week so do you go on when you have made that profit? Good question. It's another busy fruday starting at 1 p.m. and going until after 10 p.m. And this will be the norm until daylight saving ends.

Some good races coming up at Flemington tomorrow and one difficult race in Sydney. Also I remembered today that ozeform.com.au allows you to look up an individual horses form for their whole career for free. as well as providing results. So if the horse had 100 starts then all 100 starts are there. And it is not only horses currently racing you can look up.The records go way way backas it was Mark Reads original data base and it includes barrier trial form.

Thursday 12th January: So much for my warning about the Devonport race track. It only took a few races to fins a top rated $35 winner and we got the $10 Cup winner close to the top as well.Looking at the form I found that most of the ratings relied on form from the other two Tasmanian tracks. Amazingly the bookmakers even bet fixed prices all day, a rarity for Tassie where we do have a good strike rate.

The orders keep coming in for Invest To Win, the new book by Trevor Larsen so it is a commercial success already. We happily send out the first chapter free , just email winform@hunterlink to request a preview. At $295 it may not sound cheap even for a 300+page book and for some people who are small bettors that might be right but for many people the price is just one or two bets and the philosophy is "if I learn one new thing that saves me a loser or two it will have been worth it." Actually that makes it worth it for even small punters as they will avoid many losing propositions and that's even before you start to find the winner as a result.

Belle is house hunting and today is the day the sale of her villa is final. The house she likes is just a little beyond budget but in time, if interest rates remain stable,will be in reach. The house is $400,000 and ten years ago would have sold for about $125. Lovely to be in the right place at the right time hey?

Wednesday 11th January: I wouldnt be relying on our ratings at Devonport today as there are too few meetings held there for us to come up with anyhting that means anything. It is an artificial track with a huge rise in the straight. That's two unique angles at the one track plus the distances are odd as well. That's a lot to cope with. In the future we will no doubt work it out. In the mantime there are plenty of other venues to bet at. Funny thing is that when it was a grass track we had a great record there.

The Morning C Plan had a small win yesterday.

Tuesday 10th January: After strugling with the computer overnight and today I finally got the E-News away.Then I started processing orders for Trevor Larsen's book Invest To WiN. Five hours later I got to have a few bets and finished on the downside but a Quinella in the last at Ballina almost got me out. It paid $40+ for the top four. I'm beginning to think Larsens book will be one of our fastest sellesr ever and PLEASE, if placing an order vai our onoine store DO NOT LOG IN. Just place the order.

I also had an emiail from Phil, who like almost everyone else forgot that I have been advising for at least the past 18 months that our software will not work on a 64 bit machine unless you download Virtual Machine and XP 32 bit from microsoft. The other way is to reload your windows 7 software and overwrite the 64 bit with 32bit. An expert can do it easily but do it before you start loading up your other software.

Monday 9th January: Spent a lot os time getting the E-News together, processed more orders for Trevor Larsen's book Invest To Win, but now I have a problem getting the E-News out as the file has corrupted. At the every least I have to type it out again.

We got a nice winner at Moruya after it looked like it had no hope, so that's a plus for the Email/SMS service but we have to do better. I ran a set of selections through two ways this morning. The first way was to bet just $100 on each horse for a profit of 12% on turnover. The second way was betting to win a set amount on each horses according to it's price. That won too of course but only made 9% profit on turnover.

I'll try to get the E-News out overnight.

Sunday 8th January: It's a big day today as it is Ros's mums 90th birthday. She thinks she is going to a restaurant with just her three daughters for lunch but instead is being picked up in a Limo and taken to her grand daughters house where a marquee has been set up and appropriately stocked.

One of our Members is considering doing the same for his family (setting up a marquee and a feast that is) after snaring the $11,000+ First Four in our Daily Feature Race and the Caulfield $9,000 Quaddie.

And Jason, another one of our semi professionalssent me this text. "Thank you very much for the effort you guys put into your Daily Mail. That Trifecta and First Four turned my even day into a erfect day, woooohoooo. Thanks Garry and crew. "

Saturday 7th January: I thought I might have a go at Caulfield Race 8 as there are some weak investments in that field. I've got it down to the 2,7 and 9 with with the 7 being the early market "plunge" horse. I expect to use these three as my last leg anchors on the Quaddie. I don't see any other serious chances, although anything can happen in Racing.

I stuffed up big time Wednesday and yesterday, sending out a draft of the Winform Newsletter instead of the preview of Trevor Larsen's new book Invest to Win, If you received the wrong file, let me know and I will send the correct one.

We should get Good tracks everywhere today so a winning day is expected although not a class group of horses going around today.

Friday 6th January: JUST GOT HOME AT 4.30 so no time to send out E-News this week and looking at tomorrows races ( I looked at these with Trevor Larsen last night) nothing stands out that would be brilliant value. I guess I was looking for another Western Jewel. The last race at Caulfield might be alright but to be honest, some of the form looks dodgy. More tomorrow.


Thursday 5th January: Well I know our SMS "good thing" could only run 2nd and the other one seems to have disappeared and as I wont be back until Friday afternoon, here's something to keep you all occupied.

1.  Two blondes walk into a building ....... you'd think at least one of them would have seen it.

2.  Phone answering machine message - '..If you want to buy marijuana, press the hash key...'

3.  I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.

4.  I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 quid that he couldn't reach the meat off the top shelf. He said, 'No, the steaks are too high.'

5.  My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in.

6 .  A man came round in hospital after a serious accident. He shouted, 'Doctor, doctor, I can't feel my legs!'  The doctor replied, 'I know you can't, I've cut your arms off'.

7.  I went to a seafood disco last week and pulled a muscle.

8. Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it.

9. Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands.  Police say that he topped himself.

10.  Man goes to the doctor, with a strawberry growing out of his head.  Doc says 'I'll give you some cream to put on it.'

11.  'Doc I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home'.  'That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome.'  'Is it common?'  'It's not  unusual.'

12. A man takes his Rottweiller to the vet. 'My dog is  cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?'  'Well,' said the vet, 'let's have a look at him'.
So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then he checks his teeth. Finally, he says, 'I'm going to have to put him down.' 'What?  Because he's cross-eyed?'  'No, because he's  really heavy'.

13.  What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

14.  So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me 'Can you give me a lift?'  I said 'Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it..'

15. Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. There are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them.  It's either my mum or my Dad, or my older brother Colin, or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu.  But I think it's Colin.

16. Two  fat blokes in a pub, one says to the other 'Your round.' The other one says 'So are you, you fat bastard!'

17.  Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.

18. 'You  know, somebody actually complimented me on my  driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice.'

19.  A man walked into the doctors, he said, 'I've hurt my arm in several places'.  The doctor said, 'Well don't go there anymore!

20.  Ireland 's worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two-seater Cessna plane crashed into a cemetery.  Irish search and rescue workers have recovered 2826 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the night.

Wednesday 4th January: I've been up since 5.30 a.m as I had several netbookcomputers to set up for clients.I sent these away plus orders for completesets of magazines. I also paid a few credit cards as last month I missed my ANZ card by a couple of days and by the looks of my latest statement they havent stopped charging me interest on my WHOLE account. I'd have already called an complained but I have been too busy sending out previews of Trevor Larsen's book Invest To Win and then processing preorders and I have just finished in time for a quick lunch before the races start.

Well actually, that might not be happening either as my left rear window is refusing to shut. It's another motor burnout. About the fourth I think. So off to the dealers I guess. I might just sek a winning C Plan race and make some tax free money for the day.

There won't be a diary entry for tomorrow, unless I think of eomething to add tonight and then on Friday I dont get back from Brisbane until the afternoon when I expect more news about the new book. I will also have to look at what race I can analyse for Saturday.


Tuesday 3rd January: A nice $3800 Quaddie at Pinjarra yesterday and the Powerbet strategy had an early exit after two good wins in the first four races yesterday. Another busy day for me today and later this week I am off to spend a day with Trevor Larsen, the author of the new 300+ page book Invest To Win. I expect it to be a very positiive experience.

Today my grandaughter leaves after a few days. I had completely forgotten after all this time what it is like to see a baby growing up with each new step, she is just starting to eat solids, and how the whole process of becoming a human being is really so complicated and time consuming.

It makes you appreciate how much easier it is to learn about just one subject - Racing and people whinge because they have to do form study at times if they want to achieve success. You also appreciate how day by day we still learn new things.

Monday 2nd January: I had the chance to place a few bets yesterday and won every C Plan race I attempted, except one. I also noticed that preorders for T Larsens book Invest To Win are flooding in. Once again I spent a lot of yesterday attending to email enquiries about the book. One question was "Is it hard to work out and do you need any special Racing knowledge. The person asking sent the email from his Iphone. Well I reckon if you can learn to send email from your Iphone, racing is not a difficult task. We learn how to use technology because we have to, just to exist in this age. How much more incentive is there to read and learn about how to win two out of every three races we invest in?

I ponted out that in 1970 I was given a book, and when I read it I put it away as being too difficult. I wished I had paid more attention as if I did, I would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 70's instead of only getting seriously into betting in the mid 80's. I read my copy of Rem Plantes' Australian Horse Racing and Punters Guide now and realise how simple it was had I taken the time to apply it.

And I had good news this morning. I took a syndicate share in the 31 million Lotto and was notified overnight that we had won. Okay so it was $124. But hey! How often do you get anything back? I only take random tickets and only when the big jackpots are on and well, as much as I know it is lousy value, you've gotta be in it to win it.

Sunday 1st January: Quite a few inners around yesterday. I missed most of them but I hope readers of the E-New didn't miss out as I correctly assessed in Fridays Weekend Preview that Western Jewell would win the race and she was certainly a great each way bet at $9.50 on Friday. We also got the Trifecta in the top three as our Daily Feature Race which I chose myself. Mr X selects the Weekend Feature and all the midweek features.

Preorders have started to arrive for the Invest To Win book by T. Larsen. I was reviewing sales of Trevor Johns book Racing My Perfect Investment and notcied that it went from on sale to near sellout within six weeks and it looks like this book will go the same way. The difference in the two books is that Trevor Johns didn't focus on just one method but indicated a number of different approachs that all work. Larsen foucses on just one method, his own, which took many years to develop to the stage where he now attains such a high strike rate. Yesterday he lost but the two horses selected , ran 2nd and 3rd so you are always close, if not collecting.

Today I am actually working, preparing a special Winform Racing Club Newsletter which will go out in two weeks. We are making changes to all of our selection approaches and we wish to advise that plus define what you get from Winform for 2012.

Saturday 31st December: I spent most of yesterday sending out previews of T Larsens new book Invest To Win. Based on the interest shown so far we are likely to sell out of our allocation before the first copies are posted out which wont happen until late February/early March. At the online store Mr Larsen has corrected us. While he uses an extensive database it is not necessary for users of the method to do so.

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing goes right. Even the tried and true C Plan had a bad day with only 30% winning races. We did win the very first race of the day but it was downhill from there. Today should be different.with the Victorian's not having a Metro meeting until the Moonee Valley program kicks off at 6.30 tonight.

If you have the time, set your punting goals for 2012 now. In 1994 I had had two losing years in a row and my retail business had a bad year in 1993. I started with a Bank of $1,000 and turned it into $55,000 by years end. I have kept my daily progress from that year as a reminder of what can be done. I used that money to invest in real estate and haven't looked back since. Ironically, this is the very first year I have had to sell a property at a loss, a relatively small one but a loss just the same.

Happy New Year.

Friday 30th December: In today's E-News we offered a preview of T Larsens new book Invest To Win. This is typical of the replies we have been getting from those who have had time to read it.

"Thank you, the encore was fantastic, can’t wait for the rest of the book.

Peter B"

Request for previews to go to winform@hunterlink.net.au.

When using Powerbet and I come across a race where there are first starters, I use the C Plan strategy. It paid off again yesterday. The C Plan strategies are fully explained in Race Winning Strategies which is free with an annual subscription to Winform Ratings or half price at $150 for ratings subscribers.

I heard from Bruce yesterday, who uses several selection methods and combines them in Powerbet to improve his profits. You don't have to be a Winform ratings subscriber to get benefits out of the Powerbet or Money Factory Professional Edition staking programs. You just need s sound selection method which loses no more than 5% on level stakes and an average dividend above $5.

It's Perth Cup day tomorrow and we will see what works best. Western Jewel and the horses that ran in that race, ran the fastest times but God Has Spoken won a race that was rated a higher class race, the Group 2 C B Cox Stakes. There are other factors at work and probably different pace factors or weather etc. so as I said , it will be interesting.

Thursday 29th December: We have been getting asked a couple of questions about the free netbook deal with Powerbet and Money Factory software.

"Do you get the books with Powerbet?" Yes you do. "Do you get the three months Premium Ratings with Money Factory with this deal?" Yes you do. The only difference with these orders is that you get the program preloaded on a netbook computer whcih saves a lot of hassles for the end user.

"Can I also load the program onto my home computer?" Yes you can. Each purchaser is entitled to use either program on two machines in total. The whole idea of the netbook is that it is highly portable and hand held.

Orders placed via the online store will be accepted up until Sunday. Phone orders close 5 p.m. Friday.

Wednesday 28th December: My sister, who lives in Queensland, is coming to visit for a couple of days. I'll have to try to get as much work done as possible today and it's probably one of our sunniest days of the week outside.

Oh well, in between I might be able to get a few bets on. It's clear the Members know a bargain when they see one. This week we have netbbooks going out free with Powerbet or Money Factory software. Now that'sa very good deal.

Tuesday 27th December: A successful day yesteray for the Morning C Plan with four races selected for three winners at $6, $16.80 and $28. We missed the Daily Feature top rater but did get the Trifecta. Our New Premium bets only had one eligible runner for one winner. Funny enough, one of the other two selections failed to qualify but won anyway at $6

We've had a lot of enquiries about the new book by author and professional punter T.L. There were only two eligible races today and each had three possible selections. Remember that T.L. bets one to three runners but mostly two for a race strike rate of better than 60% at average dividends above $5 to $6.

The Caulfield race wasa very open affair with little separating the final selections, one of which was a longshot and a saver bet was quite small. The Rosehill race offered three selections and one of these was $51. The top selection won the race at a best price of $8 making a nice profit on the day and bringing the December profit to over ten units profit.

T.L has also been laying horses on Betfair. So far there has not been a single winning horse in this group. The selection process involves eliminating runners one by one until what you have left is those horses which are eligible. If there are enough negative aspects about horses which are "in the market" then these horses make excellent lay bets.

So in essence.In trying to find a winner, finding the losers are an essential part of the process.

Late yesterday I went with my daughter and son in law on a kayak ride through the twilight. One thing we noticed was that many of the homes on the waterfront were locked up as the residents have gone away for the holidays while the rental homes, which let for $3,000- $5,000 a week at this time of the year were all full with their occupants doing things like fishing, skiiing, swimming in the lake etc.

The caravan park though, was half empty. So what does it mean? I don't know, I just can't figure it out. It was a magical hour though, with warm slight breezes coming off the tepid water as light slowly filtered into darkness and we used the Christmas lights back home to guide us in off the water. Then it was back to the more conventional, with a couple of movies back to back.

Halfway through the night we copped a storm with rain coming down in bucket loads driven by a strong wind. Made for a cosy nights sleep in the end.

Monday 26th December: I didn't even look at the Computer yesterday. That's a rare event. I did look up some of our Saturday resulst this morning and note that pour New Premium bets had two selections. The first won at $1.80 and the second, well, it was equal favourite at $4.20 and ran 2nd. I have to ask myself "Is a horse at $4.20 really a favourite?" . In all our analysis we don't usually operate in favoutie based plans if the favourite is longer than $4 and I think we should apply this for these selections. I will run them back to 2005 to see.

The other selection plan had just one selection but at $31 was way beyond our paramater which is $17, and it ran like it.

Since I closed the deal to market a book by long term professionall punter T.L. there have been just six eligible races and four of these have won. For December to date the race strike rate remains 60% which is right in line with expectations and past performance. Even if there are no winners in today's events it will have been a very good winning month. The title of the book is Invest To Win.

Saturday 24th December: As expected Sale and Sandown have been upgraded. Our Christmas present arrived early today with our very first race on the Winform Daily Mail. The Quinella $110, Trifecta $1953 and First Four $16388. Sadly too early for me as I was out getting Gas for the BBQ and lunch.

Another big Chrissie present. Feature Race First Four thanks to Mr X plus the Best Bet Goose at $3.40 and the Trifecta in that race,the ratings had the Sandown Treble and it's been a good day. Congratulations to Bonza Tips too. They went awful early in the year but have stormed back to win big by the end of the year. And that $50 greyhound winner too. Unfortunately one by one subscribers dropped off. It is a long term thing this punting and not hard to lose faith.

Oyr new Premium series has a first and a 2nd so far with one to go. I won't update that, well maybeMonday. No diary tomorrow.

Had a nice result yesterday with the new Plan for Powerplay subscribers and the first of these is listed there today. I am using them in Powerbet with no set prices and loading all selections on the day but being careful not to back the big longshots as generally we need them to be at least "safe" in the market, no more than say $17 fixed (16/1 in the old money).

We've also started today with the New Premium selections marked NC (New Consistency Formula) and both plans have made good profits for December. Both sets of bets are included for no extra charge in the Premium subscription.

Good luck today and have a great Christmas.

Mondays selections will appear under Saturday. Unfortunately, if you are a Saturday subscriber and are looking at our ratings via the Oddsbroker or Dynamic Race Odds they wont appear but of course you just need to log into our site , choose Saturday and then print them out or copy them to a file of your own.

We are about to end our relationship with Betfair. We won't enumerate the reasons but one of them is that we believe their markets are manipulated by some very big players for their own benefit and this is actually facilitated by the Betfair system. That doesn't mean that Betfair are doing anything illegal. It's just the way their systems are being manipulated, particularly in Racing. Be particularly careful about committing yourself to automated betting sytems.

Friday 23rd December: Our new plan for our Premium and Powerplay subscribers will show up under Powerplay from next week. Yesterday there were four selections in three races for three winners. The day before one bet for nothing. Overall expect 17% winners at $6+ average. All Premium subscribers will have access to these.

After yesterday, one more visit to the dentist and I should be right. Last time I complained that I didn't get enough juice (wore foo almost before he started to drill) . Yesterday it didnt wear off for six hours. Bugga.

Very damp here overnight but Victoria seems to be having good weather, although expected to dampen up over the weekend. Spent last night collecting various gifts to be ready for Sunday , where's Santa when you need him. I also got back my 64 bit laptop with Virtual PC and XP loaded. Everything works great. Members with new computers would be best off just handing it to a computer shop and paying a few bucks for them to do it. It's easier and less frustrating. Did I tell you that on my first attempt I accidentally downloaded an Arabian language version?

Here's an interesting story from yesterday. Domayne was offering 20% off netbooks but traffic was unbearable so I dropped into Dick Smith (seen the adds "We are doing Dick Smith Deals"?) . anyhow the item was $358 at Domayne less the 20% say $288. The Dick Smith StAFF JUMPED ON ME AT THE DOOR SO I GOT THEM TO SHOW ME THE ITEM AND THEIR PRICE $328. So I told them about the Domayne advertsied deal. They couldn't match that but they could give me extended warranty they said or do a deal on a case etc. So I said "you'll give me an extended warranty for no extra charge then? NO we cant do that. "Oh" I said" so you wil give me a case for no extra charge? NO you have to pay for it. "So what's the Dick Smith Deal then ? " $328". I didn't buy anything, well not from them anyway. If they hadnt advertised the way they had it wouldnt have mattered to me and I might have ben happy to pay the extra if it wasn't such a common item. Oh well.

Sunday is only the second day of the year we have no racing. I will probably agree not to look. Any subs that are due for monthly's I am puttig through today and tomorrow to avoi any possible hick-ups for Boxing Day.

Thursday 22nd December: The 3 out of 4 for the Premium bets yesterday was a welcome improvement after the weekend's horror result. I don't know why but it allways seems that when there are a lot of selections,you have a bad day. It shouldn't make a difference overall.

Yesterday could have been a fabulous day for the C Plan. It wasO.K. as usual but the loss of Runway Runway in a tight photo cost me and of course it was the Daily Feature Race selection. We did Trifecta that race though.

Notice how I;m avoiding the subject? Yes today is the day I get my second infected tooth drilled out. It's annoying and I can't predict when I will be back in the office. What I will do though, is answer any callers that leave a message , when I return.

For those who are due to resubscribe over the Christmas break. If you could call the office tomorrow to organise this it would be appreciated.

Mat is over the moon. He had a message from his boss by email yesterday. He rarely hears from him as head office is in Melbourne. Mat is on trial for another two months so he was apprehensive as he opened the email. It said "congratulations. I'm giving you a $1,000 Christmas bonus and hope you will be with us for some time." Now to see if he can keep his licence long enough to do so.

Wednesday 21st December: We've just uploaded all races upgraded to a good track. Today it makes quite a difference.

Had my brother around this morning for the second meeting of the year I guess. He travels for work and drops in here when his travel takes him past. It was good to see him again. I also had Ken around for some GTX training. It reminded me of just how good a program it is.

I'm still waiting for my first winner of the day. I have a new set of selections for our Powerplay/Premium subscribers and these will be added from January 1st. The winners from this plan average about $7 on a17% strike rate. Perfect fodder for Powerbet.

Tuesday 20th December: Had a few responses from yesterdays E-News. Greg B told me how the C Plan just keeps motoring on and he basically agreed with our spreadsheet except that he pointed out that betting live (we have used the final dividends) through Dynamic Race Odds or The Oddsbroker you get much better results, up around $2.20 - $2.30. At 50% + strike rate that is a steady earner.

Last night at Bulli, John FurgalsBonzatips scored it's highest ever winner $52.50. You can just imagine what that did to his Money Factory program. John only accepts a small number of subscribers to his greyhound service but they would have to be happy with that. No doubt some of them missed out for various reasons (Christmas shopping, holidays etc. and I admit to missign it myself but those that di must be over the moon.

Our SMS/Email service had two from two yesterday to make it five in a row. Only one possible so far today until we check scratchings and track conditions.

Question? If you could make a huge profit on turnover, betting Saturdays only with an average dividend $5 -$6? Would you be prepared to pay $38,0000 up front for the program and $6,000 a year for the data to run it? I already know the answer. 99% would say NO! But if I said to an average group of people, if you had the money would you pay $500,000 to start up a franchised coffee shop in a busy shopping centre the answer from a large number of those people would be Yes. Yet heres the difference. The punter with the professional program could make $250,000 a year for one days work but the coffee shop owner, and these are official figures, would average $29,000 net profit and work 60-70 hours a week.

Monday 19th December: Sunday was an inyteresting day for Trevor Johns followers. You see, Trevor recommends place bets if the place price is roughly equal to half the field size so if you get $8 a place ina field of 16 then it is worth a bet for the place. This is irrespective of whether or not the horse is bet for the win.

Sunday was a good example. How about $12.70 in a field of 13? Or $12.80 ina field of 7, or $20+ ina field of 16 or $9.10 in a field of 14. one of them won but they made great results in the Powerbet program. Altogether 21 runners for the program and only one $4.60 winner. Halve the place dividends to get an equivalent and you now have a $6.35, $6.40 $10 and $4.55 so five good results in 21 races. That's better isn't it.

On Saturday they were all running prices buit at $1.60 to $2.30 or so. No value there. But on a strike rate of just 12% we are getting an average dividend of $8.91. and stll over 36% profit on turnover after 754 bets. We havent even looked at following Trevors guidelines for eliminating losers yet so imagine how much better it would be if we got our strike rate up to 15%.

I'm impressed with our results and its good to know that even the dumbest bastard out there can back every single wildcard selection in Australai and New Zealand every day for nearly three months and make a level stakes profit. Just imagine what a good operator could do?

I'm even more impressed with the Powerbet program than ever.

The SMS/Email program had two bets today for two winners to make the weekend , thankfully, three from seven races. I was actually surprised at the prices we got today.

Sunday 18th December: Not a good day yesterday after all. One by one the favourites went down and we had a record number of Premiums with nothing to report, the Morning C Plan had 2 from 6, our SMS series 1 from 5. All our Best Bets lost although to be fair, these had been on a winning run, and I failed to collect on the Jackpot First Four, Trifecta and the Flemington Quaddie.

ONCE AGAIN I DDINT TAKE THE PERTH QUADDIE WHICH PAID $21,000. I hope our WA subscribers got onto it.

Monton won the Villiers in spite of having never won second up before.

One bright note was the Winform Daily Mail which from 14 races collected 8 Quinellas, nothign sensational nut a $26 and $48 among them plus a First Four that paid $1811 and because of a scratching, we only had to invest $24 in that race to get it.

There was further bad luck for me. It was Ros's family Christmas party and I was taking the kids for a ride on my sailing boat. I inadvertently struck the jetty, breaking a vital section. We jerried it up and carried on but now I have to find a permament part. Three of the kids had never been on the water before and they loved it so that's the good side. Oh and one of Trevor Johns methods found a $21 winner from a long list.

One more highlight. Our Powerbet series was over after a few races with a $17 winner.

Saturday 17th December: Well the root canal was easy yesterday except the dentist found that two teeth side by side are infected. The first is started the next on Thursday. At least it ensures I wont have problems over the holiday break. What holiday break? This is peak time for Racing and I will be active except for Christmas Day itself.

Another 15 race meetings today and I have a new plan which has better than 50% strike rate, Metropolitan only and favourites only. Today there is just one selection, Warwick Farm Race 2 1 Flying Empress and I had a good win on her when a Premium selection last start and she is one again today. For the new plan however, she will only be a bet if favourite and that honour at the moment belongs to our second rated selection St Beune.

For October and November the New Consistency Plan had a 59% strike rate, however those selections that did not start favourite,only had a 21% strike rate. It is a telling statistic. Is it worth waiting to see to get a 59% strike rate?? Bloody oath it is. However I will be on her anyway as the Premium selections rarely fall below 40%+ strike rate. Have a good day today.

Friday 16th December: Another day another chance to get the E-New out with the much needed book reviews. I have the fun job of a morning at the dentist for root canal. Don't you just love it?

Now we have a typical Friday, 11 , that's right, 11 race meetinsg starting at 12.45 and ending at 10.15. That's along working day if we want to cover them all. Our SMS/Email group looks like having only the one bet. That makes three races for the week. Not exactly testing material is it??

Some Members scored $51 about the only winner for Trevor Johns method yesterday. Most got $30 but who's complaining. The Powerbet has now made $7786 on $10 base bets since the release of the book mid October. The average dividend is over $9. We have only a couple of Trevors books left.

Here are some book reviews which if sent directly are regarded as spam. Ridiculous!

The Life and Times of Jack Gibson.
Okay so AFL followers may never have heard of him but his early career was as some sort of enforcer at two up schools and the like and was certainly well in with the gambling element in Sydney’s Kings Cross but he was also a motivator, Rugby League enthusiast and then coach of the highly regarded Easts and Eels football teams and he won two premierships with each of those teams.
For all of his fearsome reputation, Gibson was also highly moral and a family man and once tried to boycott an NRL game that was to be played for the first time on Good Friday, threatening to withdraw his team.  The NRL won but not without a fight. I found it a fascinating read and you can get this book everywhere.
The Master
It seems not that long ago that I read Bart’s autobiography but this book by Les Carlyon is completely different in the way it is presented, more from an outside perspective. But then Carlyon is a master story teller and that is the difference. There are a lot of unseen photos in this book which I can tell you, weighs a ton. Superbly presented it makes an ideal sort of Christmas gift at a reasonable price. Once again, it’s available everywhere, books shops like Dymocks and QBD, yes there are still a few bookshops around.

Thursday 16th December: Doomben Race 4 yesterday illustrates an ideal C Plan race. Two horses qualify, the first at $3 (eventually $3.20) and the other, our top rated horse, at $7 and this is just a few minutes before the jump. The bet is $33 on the favourite and $14 on the other so a winner will return a bit over double. I bet the $33 (well actually $330 in my case) and took the $3 to make sure of it and I was able to get $16 fixed on the other. When this horse won, instead of collecting $100 I collected $224, a race dividend of $4.76.

I am using Trevor John's chapter 6 horses in Powerbet with a $10 base bet and I have lost several series along the way as we hit the inevitable losing streaks for this type of investment. Yesterday we got a great reward when a $29 result came up with the very last bet of a series. It pushed our profit since October 19 to over $6,000. Profit on level stakes is just over 1% but using the Powerbet program we are running at over 34% POT. So my question is, is Powerbet worth the purchase price of $990? I'll let you answer that. It does show that even though it was designed to work with Winform Ratings, it can be applied to any good method that produces higher average dividends.

Wednesday 14th December: Good news for some Members and bad news for others. The Bigpoind email outage means that some Members did not get their emails Saturday but there were no selections Sunday and one Monday for a winner, very short, and nothing yesterday.

I met with a professional punter from Brisbane on the weekend and the news about him is all good. He gets a top two strike rate of 67%, bets only two to three races each Saturday and averages better than around $6 to $7. He has put togeher a magnificent 300 page book telling all which we are hoping to be able to offer Members in about three months. It's as if he has read some Members minds. Isn't that what everybody wants? Just a couple of races a week to bet on and a top notch strike rate with very good average prices.

Our old phone number has finally gone (02) 49501747. It is a number we have had for 20 years but our current number is (02) 43592779. The problem is of course that if you call the old number you are advised that it is disconnected. If you ask for directory asisstance it is also hard to find us as you have to tell them where we are. Great system huh? Just Google Winform. So far 3 out of 3 for the Morning C Plan today.

Saturday 10th December: It's the first day that you can get Winform Ratings at The Oddsbroker and I hope there are no hiccups. It all looks simple so let's hope it is. One good aspect is that peoepl wanting to get the ratings for just one day can do it easily from there. You cna also purchase ratings from other providers and thus create a consensus, so in other words as well as creating a page where you can compare prices you coudl also compare ratings. Is it worth it?? Without trialling the other two ratings services I couldn't say but I do know that many of our ratings subscribers also subscribe to at least one opr two others for this purpose.

We still have our Oddsbroker offer where if you jopin and depositt $100 or more you get a free copy of Make Racing Pay. The promo code is included in the Oddsbroker link.

I won't be updtaing the diary until Wednesday a.m. as I have meetings on the Gold Coast, a belated weekend off (Sunday/Monday) before a return to Sydney for the Gambling and Sportsbetting conference. Good luck until then. I won't be monitoring emails either, I dont think there is anything urgent happening before then.

On a personal note, my mother in law just had a bout in hospital and is resting at home. She should still be in hospital but prefers to stay at home regardless of what might happen. It is an interesting choice and I guess none of us will know our own attitude until we reach 90ish. Family is keeping an eye on her though.

Friday 9th December: If you used the Morning C Plan yesterday there was only one race and the top rated selection lost as did the second one but it ran a place at $9.60. At the price you could have bet it each way and still made good money.

There were 14 Quinellas yesterday with the best $46 from 41 races so only 34% yesterday. The best results obviously come from being selective so small fileds and races where the top five reflect the oncourse market won't make you money.

Another big friday today with a twilight at Canterbury and nighttiem the tailend of Bunbury plus Sunshine Coast and Moonee Valley. Have a good day. Don't forget that from tomorrow you can access winform ratings from The Oddsbroker. but to do so you must have an account with some money in it.

Those who just want to purchase a day at a time can do so at their site. Regular subscribers still deal directly with us.

Here's the Iasbet promo for the weekend.

Get a 25% Bonus on Race 5 at Flemington!
A fantastic day of Summer Racing at Flemington this Saturday!
To celebrate, IASbet.com will BOOST YOUR WINNINGS by 25% on Race 5!
Place your very first bet of the day (Saturday 10 December from 12:00:01 AM AEDST) on Race 5 at Flemington (CITY SuperPrice or Fixed Price), and if your bet selection wins, we’ll increase your winnings by 25%!
Want to BOOST YOUR WINNINGS but don’t have an account? JOIN NOW for a $200 Free Bet – 200% Deposit Bonus!

Thursday 8th December: I've been a bit free with the dates lately, posting yesterday as October. I bet that confuses a few. It confused me how I did it in the first place.

Yesterday we scored a three State Treble winning at Gawler, Ascot and Warwick Farm. No Quaddies though but some nice Quinellas. We got 40% Quinelas which is just normal but some were huge, $138, $47, $144, $48 and $88.

Wednesday 7th December: I am currently outting together the SMS/Email report for October so anyone who wants that can get it. Just email as per yesterday. Race strike rate was 62% WITH THE BEST WINNER $21.40.

I'm looking outside and it's very gloomy. I missed the winner of the first at Sale and that was gloomy too. I also missed a C Plan race that didn't end up a C Plan race with the favourite drifting in the last couple of minutes. Bugga! I will carry on.

Tuesday 6th December: I have finalised the C Plan workout for November. Anyone wanting a copy can simply email wrc@hunterlink.net.au and I will send it back. Strike rate was 49% but average dividend was well down on normal. Most Members report getting around $2.20-$2.30 but our figures are based on the final market which can be a lot less than what you can get betting live.

The first two weeks of the month actually had us at 53% strike rate. Over the past three months it has proved highly consistent and a large number of Winform ratings subscribers use it. See your feedback for the latest.

Monday 5th December: The E-News is out early today as I do have an early Christmas present for punters. We are giving away Greg Horns book (E-version which sells for $149) with a quarterly subscription to the Winform Daily Mail for new subscribers or with an annual subscription ($695) to those renewing or coming back. The Winform Daily Mail is a great way for punters new to ratinsg to learn the ropes or for those who want to have the races weeded out for them so they can concentrate on just a few, especially Saturdays when there are over 100 races on offer.

Sunday 4th December: Please forgive me. Well I'm sure that's what some of those losing horses would be saying to me if they could. It wasn't a total write off though as we did get the Quinella in the Kingstown Town Classic at $34 and the equal top rater Playing God got back to what he does bets......winning but at $19. That was our Daily Feature Race.

The Perth Treble at $1471 was childs play for Winform subscribers and the Quaddie at $21,000 was ours to keep just by including the Trevor Johns runners. Unfortunately for me I stuck to the Caulfield Quaddie with no joy there.

The Winform Daily Mail struggled all day but the last three winners in Perth $19, $2.80 and $32 plus two Best Bet winners and a place from four selections was a win.

Saturday 3rd December: Some good looking opportunities in the Winfom Daily Mail today. Scone kicks off at 10.45 and holds sway until 12.40 at Stoney Creek. The first Metro race isn't until 12.55 at Caulfield and it is a full day then until the Ascot program ends.

I never thought it would happen but the powers that be are now watering the Ascot track to keep it to a Good 3 at best so I am disregarding the likely Dead reating they are now giving the track each week. Caulfield and Rosehill could improve too and I will maybe reset these venues around midday after I hear from local sources.

Don't forget, we are giving all book orders a 50% discount this weeknd if placed via the online store. It excludes Trevor Johns and Roger Biggs books though. The sale ends tomorrow at 5 p.m.

Friday 2nd December: A good day again for Powerbet yesterday and I am yet to hear any reports of anyone having a bad month with it. I heard yesterday from a Member who uses Powerbet all the time but only in conjunction with his own selections. He told me it was the best betting software he had ever seen.

We had no luck again yesterday with our new service. One of our runners was involved in some odd interference which probably cost the horse a couple of lengths but then lost in a three way finish. The run looked odd. We ran second in our other race.


The Winform Top Two was again 33% at av div $5.41. The Top Five was 68% at $6.32 which indicates a strong Doubles Trebles and Quaddie result.

Using the top five we had 43% winning Quinellas and 34% if you stood out the Top Two from the Top Five. Box Trifectas came to 27% which is well above normal and standing out the Top Two from all five was 14% strike rate.

Thursday December 1st: The problem with a late scratching when you have taken two horses in race is that the tempo of the race may well have changed so it doesn't make the other runner a good or even better thing. Yesterday we missed with our first race with a close second but in the other race our only runner was 3rd.

I was asked yesterday to chair the Racing and Sportsbetting Forum in Sydney Tuesday week but because of the timing of my flight back from Brisbane on the day I have had to decline. I will still be there of course, but depending on transport could be a little later than the starting time of 9am.

Wednesday 30th November: One of the drawbacks of doing the diary is that you become more aware of how fast time goes by. And now it's all Christmas parties and holidays for most and fitting everything in. Inbetween I am fitting in a trip to sunny Queensland the weekend after next followed by a rushed flight into Sydney for the annal Gambling and Sportsbetting conference in Sydney on the Tuesday. After that a trip back to Newcastle airport to pick Ros up who will be coming back on a separate flight.

As well as fitting all that in I will be assessing the fields for our SMS/email service and this week we have started off well with two winning races from three yesterday. Our last selection failed as the track was upgraded from a slow 7 to dead and improving instead of the deteriorating conditions we were expecting for later in the day. Unfortunately the loss of this race absorbed all the profits of the previous two and then some. This is where quitting when in front seems like a good option.

Today is the last day we are holding books for people who had asked for them to be held for later payment. We could have six or seven available after today.

Tuesday 29th November: Busy busy morning. Anyhow, sometimes you look at the selections for the day and say "yes we should have a god win". Yesterday our Best Bet won at $5. That's great. Today we have three good races to bet on for the SMS/Email service. I am very confident BUT David Toulson tells me it looks like heavy rain at Port Macquarie. We'll see what happens. A t east one of the selections in one of the Port races is a nob in the wet so I can't afford to worry too much.

Monday 28th November: The C Plan is tunning at 52.7% race strike rate this month but on level stakes is -3% so the dividends have been a little less than normal. Of course we use middel tote and most players can do better than this so we are probably in a slight level stakes profit. Of interest is that 25 of the 128 winning races were won by the non favourite. That is also a bit higher than normal. Using Money Factory makesa ncie profit with figures like these.

We only expect less than 15% of races woudl be won by the non favourite. Over the weekend we had a run of 11 outs for the C Plan.On a race strike rate of 50% + that is a rare occurrence but it must happen sometime.

Sunday 27th November: The new SMS/Email service accumulated nothing but losses during the week and new subscribers woud have been entitiled to be disappointed but yesterday we came good with five winners from eight races selected and a profit of 10.7 units, possibly more, depending where you bet. We got $10.40, $2, $8.80, $4 and $3.40. Not a bad haul. For a number of Members yesterday was their first day. It's all in the timing.

We got the Sandown Quaddie through being allocated the substitute and winner in the last after our selection was scratched. No biggie. I wn't be up to much today with my daughters both coming over. Belle heads home early for a street partyand this is interesting. The local council gave them a grant of $2,000 to help set it up. This covered two courses for nominated persons to learn how to close off a street, apply for closing off the street, and traffic control. Aparently anyone who applies in Newcastle Council area can do the same. Their street has about 20 house s in it.

Saturday 26th November:At 10:46 we have already updated due to changing track conditions. we'll update again once we have WA scratchings.

Embarrasing. That's what I'd call it. The first week we have new subscribers to the SMS/email service and we can't find a winner anywhere. The culmination was last night when our star selection jumps with the jockey still looking for the irons. Plenty of winners around, just not the ones we wanted.

It's true. You can't win every day or every week. I reckon no racing at Canterbury today is a given. It's funny. The STC and AJC have merged and they have $160 million for a new stand at Randwick but no artificial track to race on when it's too wet for the turf.

Friday 25th November: Here's our example race for tomorrow. We are expecting a good track.

5:25 Ascot Race 4 26Nov11 1200m LR 3YO  SWP $80000 Good

No     Form Horse              Wodds Prepost
 4  23X7316 Success Park         2.3    9.00
 6 X2124X2- Flying Affair        3.5   3.5
 7   61X62- Venetian Prince     13.7     6.8
 1  1X251X1 Night War           30.2     2.5
 3    41X22 Gracetown           67.0    4.5

You can see that our top two horses are rated $2.3 and $3.5 and Success Park is well over our rated price with Flying Affair just mathcing our rated price. The other runners are well short of the required odds. In this instance we would see an abvious strategy: back the top two runners and if either wins we will make a profit. And even thoguh this is a listed race, it is restricted to 3yos and last start Success Park faced all ages over a shorter distance which may not have suited at this stage of his career.

Flying Affair has had a break since second to the talented King Saul which last week won the WA Gunieas.

Now we may be right or some other horse will improve out of sight or bad luck may occur but if you analyse all of your races the same way you will be finishing in front.

Todays big Orange meeting has been moved to Monday.

Thursday 24th November: The Winform Staker is reborn! One of the most popular products we have ever had available, The Staker sold in various versions for up to $2200. Our NEW version is 24 cms by 16 cms so not exactly pocket size but much more powerful. Battery life is 5-6 hours so just right for an afternoons punting and small enough take with you. Cost is just $1100 and comes with the Staking programs you need.

Watch this space for more info. We do know that most of the Stakers out there have eventually died as all out of date electronics do.

Our new SMS/Email service looked like it was going west last night as our first race lucked out with a 2nd and our second race looked like being another 2nd as the racecaller gave the race to the inside horse. I had given up hope and was about to switch off Sky when an astonished host announced the resut had gone in favour of our $7.70 selection. Beauty! With a 50% race strike rate I had gone all out on this one and cleaned up.

Our C Plan folowers alos cleaned up yesterday with race after race dropping more profits into our lap, well I gave up looking after the first few.

This afternoon, Ros has a day surgery so we will be closing the office at 1 p.m.

Wednesday 23rd November: The C Plan spreadsheet shows 50.3% winning races for September and 51.7%winning races for October 2011. You can understand why so many Members keep going back to it. Yes it has bad days, like anything but I am going to look at the original concept of quitting when ahead for the day. Most days you would quit in front.

David Toulson is investigating using the Parlay Magic program with it.

Brenton Burford once worked for me using the C Plan and we made very good money betting $100 per race. Brenton then experimented by betting the longer priced horsesas a saver so that when the shorter priced horse won (which happened much more often as you would expect) you would get a better dividend. That created problems in the Money Factory program by taking us to the next divisor too quickly and we abandoned that approach although it might have worked if you deleted any transaction that were revenue neutral.

Anyhow, we're happy to send a copy of the spreadsheet to anyone who is interested. Just email direct@hunterlink.net.au


Tuesday 22nd November: A sticky wicket today at Cessnock and Moe but Townsville looks O.K. All three tracks meet our criteria for the Powebet day trading strategy from Trevor Johns book and I can confirm that the strategy is to combine the three meetings rather than treat them singly like the 2007 strategy.

I'm off to the bookkeepers this morning but will be back in the office by lunch and Ros is here to take any calls. I got a late start as Natalie and the bub are here and her car had a puncture which I just had fixed. My son in aw arrived here from Sydney late last night and his car also had a puncture which we spotted and so at midnight we were changing his tyre. It was almost on the rim it was that bad. Last week Mat had a puncture thereby confirming that bad luck comes in threes so hopefully that's our share of horrors for the month.

We have three selections for our SMS/email subscribers today. And we've had some more positive feedback from Trevor's followers.

Monday 21st November: Trevor Johns followers had an awesome weekend following a lean trot with 44 units profit. Those using Money Factory and Powerbet would be delighted with the outcome. Powerbet dropped three series in a row duirng the "outage" but is now over $4,149 in front since the 19th of October. Money Factory is not that far ahead at $4976 but didn't get as far behind either.

Placegetters at $11 or more and winners often at $20 and sometimes $50 or more. Who wouldn't want that? I wonder why the prices haven't been affected with over 400 people now following the method?

Only two race meetings today but lots of interesting races. We normally do well at Hamilton and Tamworth.

Sunday 20th November: 12 from 16 is the score from the Winform Daily Mail. That is from the top five selections we give in selected races. The winner of Ascot Race 1 at $55.70, our very first race, was the highlight. There were only four Qinellas this week, the best $34.60 and two Trifectas the best $196 so no profit from the exotics. The Grandslam had just four bets but two winners.

Our SMS service had just one very short priced winner from our three selected races but is miles ahead, however the C Plan had a shocking day. Yu get one of those every now and then so from Thursday when all but one saluted, the reverse but still much better than 50% race strike rate which is why I allocate each race to take out $1,000. And yes I started many years ago just taking out $50 a race so you can build up.

We hand our grandaughter back today, and my daughters two dogs thank goodness. Isla at 3 months now knows all about Sky Channel and how exciting it can be watching those "horsies" run around a track. A good start, well at least she didn't cry when I missed the $70 winner right on the line. She finds lots of other things to cry about though so I have had to learn to type and get bets on with a baby in one arm. Hey I'm not in a club with a poker machine.

I did miss one race through a damp patch but luckily for me it was a loser. So now for a new week and new challenges.

Saturday 19th November: More good feedback yesterday and your comments are always appreciated. I didn't have too much luck with the C Plan yesterday, losing 2 units although I didn't stay all day. What disappointed me was the Cranbourne meeting being available on Sky 2 only. You know what happens, you switch to watch a race then forget to switch back and you miss a race. It's just dumb programming. I wonder how they covered it on radio?

Today we see them get serious in the west with the Winterbottom and Railway Stakes. Tough races both and soem bookmakers are paying 4th place for each way bets. Good luck.

P.S. We are using Bonza Tips for delivery of our new SMS and email service as there is a limit to how much we can do on Race morning. This is not related to Bonzatips own service. Don't worry if the tips turn up at odd places as long as we get the winners. Only 3 selected races today but the Winform Daily Mail is enormous.

Friday 18th November: I had a wondeful day yesterday with the C Plan etc. Ros caught up with Trevor yesterday and they compared war stories (Ros has had a few problems, apart from coping with me that is).

This morning I spent a pleasant hour or so with Trevor on the phone and he has had a good result and is feeling better than ever. He noted how the chaoter six horses had a lower strike rate and dividend this month but he feels that is maybe the time of the year. I had a good win on a chapter five horse at Port Lincoln yesterday which was also a top rated winform horse.

I guess anyone who decided to do solely one thing, might have some very bad runs but it is the end result that counts.

The Promotion we are running with the E-News expires 5 p.m. today so don't miss out. If you do you can still get involved but you will have to pay. Have a good day (and night) as we have have twilight meetings plus the Sunshinee Coast night meeting.

Thursday 17th November: I hope to hear how Trevor John's operation went later today. I myself am having X rays on my jaw to seek the source of the infection I had last week. Antibiotics have settled it down.So I will be out this morning and the E-News will go out after lunch.

I had just the one C Plan bet yesterday as some long over due work was undertaken on the website. We have been abel to restore many of the broken links from when the Saudi mob hacked the website last year and demanded ransom. Luckily the one race I bet in was a winning one and as the longshot of the two horses was $61 the overall result was a good one.

Good news. Trevor called Ros and had a good chat so the op went well. Even better news! I just had too good C plan wins and $1500 profit.

Wednesday 16th November: Not a lot to report from yesterday. The Powerbet Day Trading strategy won. Only three race meetings and litle extra action. Yesterday we accidentally sent ou two promotions. They were different and not intended to both go out. Both are great offers but some Members were confused. They are not the same offer.

Yesterday we resolveed several issues for Members re Trevors book. And after returning from the post office we had one Member call to say his book had been delivered that day and he wouldbe returning the second copy. Well I suppose the good news is that that's one to sell.

Five race meetings today and a retrun to a more average week I guess. We're still not sure about Gawler but the numer of race meetings is on the rise and now we are getting a few good tracks. Have fun today.

Tuesday15th November: I've come through my one year eye check up with flying colours. My right eye that is. One of the after effects of macular surgery is that your eye becomes more prone to developing cataracts. It hasn't happened but wait! I have a cataract develping on my left eye. That is a minor operation these days where they replace the natural lens with a permanent one. It will probably be well aftr Christmas before that one is done.

In the meantime Trevor Johns called me yesterday to advise that this morning he is undergoing heart surgery. We will know in a couple of days how that went.

Not a lot of action yesterday but one from three for Premium and two from two for the Morning C Plan and in the second of those races our Number 1 selection won with the number 2 selection running second.

Monday 14th November: The Morning C Plan 2 wins from three races, Premium 2 wins and a 3rd. and The Best Bet won making it three from three for the weekend. So Sunday was a good day.

One method I am using has had just 5 winners from the last 60 bets and that's not unusual for this winning plan. In Powerbet it needs the first winner of the day or a second series in a row will be lost but that is also not unusual. In Money Factory the same series of bets is only down 25% of the Bank but will need several winners at good prices as the divisor is out to 14.9. Exciting days ahead.

Only three race meetings today and I have my 12 month eye check up which is the final one after my macular degeneration operation this time last year. An easy day ahead for me. I'll be in the office until lunchtime.

Sunday 13th November: A good day yesterday with some great results on the Daily Mail. Our Weekend Feature Race had Rothera 3rd rated at $27.80. We had 5 Quinellasand 2 Trifectas but nothing big. Both Best Bets won, the Morning C Plan had 8 selected races for seven winners including six in a row and wouldn't you have liked to have them all up.

The new SMS service (old service but new strategy) had 12 races selected and 21 selections all up (sometimes 1 but mostly 2 horse per race)for 8 winning races including a $14 winner at Eagle Farm.

I have my daughetr and grandchild coming over today for a week. Can she be 3 months old yet?? Just finished assembling a cot. I hate that stuff, a handyman I ain't!

Saturday 12th November: Mat's giving me grief again. He won over $400 between 4pm and 5 p.m. yesterday on the pokies and the races but came home broke a coupleof hours later with no money for food for the weekend and angry at himself and the world. We all have bad days on the punt and we all lose more than we should at some point but this cycle for Mat repeats week after week after week. It's ironic that I make my living trying to educate punters to make their punting like an investment yet I am a strong advocate for helping problem gamblers to the extent that over the years I have turned a lot of potential clients away. It will be days before Mat functions again, in th e meantime refusing to work because "what's the point?"

I hate the way that Clubs are going on right now. My situation causes family grief but luckily no one is dependent. In many families the kids suffer from problem gambling and the main culprit is not Racing, where we get a fair go and a chance to do the work and make somehting from it but the iniquitious Poker machines which give you zero chance of winning, creating massive profit making centres which justify their existence by giving back a minimal amount of funds to the community. mostly whatever is legislated.

Have a great day today but work hard at making your Racing bets investments, not gambles. And don't get carried away. They are racing again tomorrow.

Friday 11th November: Night Racing is here with a vengeance with three meetings tonight, four if you count the WA meeting at Geraldton. Talk about punting heaven! Or hell! Maybe it just means lot sof opportunities or does it mean when you have made enough profit take the rest of the day off. Or if you are at work today it may means you simply start punting when you get home. Hey there's no footy to watch!

I have a few tasks today. A few orders to get off, a few renewals to process and a few winners to find. Then I intend to have a good look at the Sandown meeting tomorrow.

Thursday 10th November: There is new feedback on our feedback page and I received this from James.

Gday Garry

Using a staking plan has helped me to profit from the SMS service, thanks for the info on your website and the SMS’s.
Your website shows strike rates for the Winform ratings, are they win only strikes or do they include places?
Is it possible for you to send an old example of the ratings you provide?


James **ller

We are always happy to provide a past days ratings to view. We do warn that it is for sample only as one day on its own does not reveal the overall pattern. The strike rates on the website do and they are for the win only. Last month was one of our best with a level stakes profit just for all top rated horses regardless of track condtions field sizes or class of race. Last June's worst ever result is long behind us.

Updated results will be in the E-News today.

SMS/Email service. In conjuction with one of our long term Members we have put together a new SMS service which we are looking at providing as an email service as well. Current SMS subscribers will have seen a noticeable improvement in the results.

Wednesday 9th November: My abscess is drained and I am on antibiotics so I feel much better. I actually finalised Powerbet and Money Factory workouts for Trevor Johns chapter six horses. I am very proud of my two Staking Plans as I invented Money Factory Professional Edition from scratch and Powerbet with the assistance of Amelia Burton and our programmer. I don't mention him because these days he is long retired and does not welcome the attention.

Anyhow, the Money Factory workout since the 19th of October shows $2178.90 profit at 54% POT and Powerbet for the same period $2770 at 56.8% so not too different. Money Factory is using s $6,000 Bank and base bet of $10 per selection and Powerbet five * $1,000 series. and $10 base bet.

Now Powerbet wil llose a series ($1,000) if we get 29 losing bets in a row and that will happen with those horses and that is guaranteed. With Money Factory, you would need a much longer run of outs but ultimately is still vulnerable, which is why I always keep a back up Money Factory Bank.

At the moment it is all going so well that you couldn't lose, evne level stakes is well ahead.

Today I will be working with Mike who has come all the way from Melbourne so I am unlikely to answer phone calls but leave a message and I will call back after 5.


Tuesday 8th November: The Carnival Is Over is right Trevor. I have a tooth abscess and went throug a packet of NeurofenPlus yesterday. Luckily I am at the dentist today at 11 a.m. and overnight some of the fluid buildup has gone (dont tell me I *&^%&* swallowed it!).

Anyhow, I have caught up with many of the phone messages and sorted out most of the lost or missing orders fro Trevors book. I alos managed to process through Powerbet all the Chapter six horses that ran while I was away. So how was it? Well overall since October I have found (I have actually had a Member betting these everyday since October 19th) 205 bets for 33 wins at alevel stakes profit of 40% or $821 for a $10 bet. Using Powerbet with a $10 base bet the profit was $2745 at 59.7% and it only came close to losing a $1,0000 series once. The average dividend was $8.70 so it looks like the sales of Trevors book have made little or no difference to the average dividend.

One thing we have noticed is that very few purchasers have chosen to get the book as an E-Book. THis means that while the allocation of hard copy editions has been reached we are a long way from the E-Book allocation. As a result we have now reduced the allocation of E-Books and ordered an extra 30 of the hard copy edition.

Anyway, I will send out the E-News and then head off to the dentists chair, after which I expect the swelling of my jaw will reduce to a manageable level, and Mike, don't panic, I am sure I will be OK for our one on one training session tomorrow.


Monday 7th November: Trevor Johns made the following observation about my trip to the Flemingron Carnival: I take it in good spirit.

As the heavier Robinsons clutching all they have left (their credit cards), fly out of
Melbourne to the sounds of the Seekers singing THE CARNIVAL IS OVER, they will be very
happy to know the Bookmakers Retirement Fund is most grateful for their generous
contribution to their worthy charity.  So much so, that the BRF is thinking of inviting
them back next year to run the new Carnival Punters Club, hoping to scoop any money left
in circulation on the course.          Ah well, back to work.

So I paste this up Sunday night after seeing that my lawn has risen above my knees in just over a week, I have over 300 emails to check and search for the reason why over a dozen of Trevors books have evaded AustraliaPost. I see a lot of hard work over the next few days.

Sunday 6th November: After a week at the Carnival I can hardly do my pants up ( that's what eating away from home does to you, pass another pancake will you?) but at least my pockets are empty so I dont have to worry about my winnings weighing me down. From 16 legs of the four Quaddies we had 12 winning legs including a winning Quaddie on Cup Day but the dividend didn't make up for all the near misses in the Trifecta and First Four, for example, yesterday in the Emirates we took six runners to find five of the first six horses. Yes we missed 2nd and the payout.

We found some longshot winners and placegetters up to $6 and $7 the place but just could not get the ones we wated at the right time. The Spring Betting Pool did not makea profit this year after being nicely in front with three weeks to go.

Well it's back off to Newcastle today and an answer to dozens of phone calls, emails, and luckily orders, which will take me until well inot Tuesday to sort out. On Wednesday, MIke from Melbourne, flies up to spend the day training on Powerbet and Money Factory. Ironic isn't it?


Saturday 5th November: One of our Members, Gary, has advised that he has a well used copy of The Coming Winners Guide he is prepared to sell, along with some personal notes sent to him by Trevor Johns. The value of his book and the notes obvioulsy depend on whether or not the notes are hand written, which back in 1986, mught have been the case. Sadly, due to mishandling by Post staff, soem Members have reported that their books have arrived in poor condition. Trish in New Zealand was upset about it but she has printed out a copy of the E-Book version we sent her as we simply have no replacement copies.

Les, in the meantime, tell me he travels around Australia and a lot of the time has no access to any Racing information at all but he is very confident he will find enough winners in the six months he is in the towns to enjoy his Racing experience with Trevor Johns book. With hundreds of potential selections a month it makes for lots of winners (and losers) but overall you would have to be dreadfully unlucky to only find the losing days.

Of interest is that one of the selection services Trevor recommends in his new book picked the Melbourne Cup First Four, specifically mentioning Red Cadeaux as a good chance.

I wont update the Diary until late tomorrow night as I have a business meeting in the morning. Mr X had another Daily Feature Rasce win yesterday with a small but welcome Trifecta. Also, John has advsied me that we have had six winners from the last six Premium selections. I have been too busy to notice so thanks for the update John.



Friday 4th November: It could have been a big winning day but again yesterday we had a $50 winner in the Quaddies but could not nail the other legs. There were some great winning dividends including a $24.90 Quinella and the Quinella in the last paid $132.50. The Spring Betting Pool has one last hope at redemption tomorrow but as I said early on it was an all or nothing plan and we did hit the ground running with three successful Quaddies, just not the big one we all wanted. Anyhow those that participated got in for free just for placing orders for products that they wanted.

Ros is ill today after a busy week and a lot of different foods to what we are used to. Mamasitas in Collins street is amazing, you have to fight to get in but it is very spicey and delicious.

The Coming Winners Guide we had for sale is gone. It didn't take long and no surprise.

The planned Melbourne Seminar is a goer with enough people interested already so we will organise a venue for probably February.


Thursday 3rd November: I suppose you could say a day off yesterday. Ros and I went to a most disappointing Love Never Dies last night. It was the equivalent of backing a great each way chance only to see that it ran last, very depressing at $125 a seat. I did organise a meeting with one of the corporates whose headquarters are in Melbourne and also arranged a meeting with another information provider. I'll let you know the results next week so at least I got some work done yesterday and I did do some work on our data base.

Today is Oaks Day and a more "normal" set of races but still there are opportunities. The other good thing about yesterday is that Trevor Johns bookholders betting just $10 got back more than the price of the book with just one of his many methods. You can guarantee that 99% of them agree that it is probably the best money they have ever spent. I still find it hard to put money on some of the selections with one wnner having just an 8% win strike rate, admittedly amongst a field of non winners but there you go. As one Member told me yesterday "I know the strategy wins but after 40 years of doing my own form analysis I just can't back them.

Right now, I am 20 minutes away from Flemington scratchings and looking out the windowI see no sign whatever of the "early drizzle" instead I see nothing but sunshine and a probaballe Good 3 if not at the start of the day then certainly shortly after.


Tuesday 1st November: Another Melbourne Cup win with our 2nd rated selection winning at $9.30. I scored the Quaddie for our Spring Betting Pool but lost it and $100 more on the Trifecta/First Four etc. We still have two more chances and if Top Drop had won the 9th instead of running second the Quaddie would have paid $10,000 + instead of $1890.

We've had some great feedback from Trevor Johns book purchasers and thanks david for your comments it's good to hear you are well on your way to recovering the price of the book.. I tried to load your comments into feedback but there was a computer glitch.

It's not raining and there is no rain in sight. I expect the track to stay a Dead 4 all day. It is cold and yesterday was very cold except for a brief perIod yesterday afternoon. Sportsbet is paying fixed place odds up to 4th place so that is something to think about and traditionally for the Cup, tote odds pay poorly for the win but exceptionally well for the place in this race.

Ratings subscribers should not ignore the 20 point penalty on Lucas Cranagh. There is no way it rates 90, also be wary of horses with win strike rates below 15% . Our Saturday computer program applies a 20 point penalty to horses with a win% less than 15%. Being a Tuesday the computer wont pick these up but you can. Mourayan has a 12% win strike and that is unlikely to change today but who knows, now that I've mentioned them will they Quinella the race? The same applies to Race 8 where the ratings are dominated by 7 and 8yos. These normally have a win strike of 7% except if top rated 11%. But the 4yo favourite Blackie is several lengths slower on recent form. It makes for a hard Quaddie.

Iasbet is paying a 50% bonus on winnings on Race 2 at Flemington today and all the bookies have something to offer so click the bet now button for details.

The Spring Betting Pool will be on the Quaddie, Treble and First Four and Trifecta and is now about $1500 down so we need a win but three days left.


Monday 31st October: Will update when I get a chance. Didn't get a chance was busy having a portugese chicken pizza at the Irish Pub down the road after spending the day with Trevor Johns. We were supposed to be having a meeting about business and ended up taset testing bangers and mash at his favourite pub then on to St Kilda for the dessert taste testing. I can report that Trevor is really pleased with how the results of his methods are going AFTER everyone has bought the book. There has been enough profit just from Thursday to Sunday to pay for the book and more with just $10 bets and those longshots keep coming.

Sunday 30th October: I meant to tell you. Mat got isued wirth a band new company car on Friday. We hope it will lead to a long term future as a fire technician.

I'll let Ron B comment on yesterday.

Well since my last email, Powerbet results have picked up and it's going well.

Yesterday though, I thought I'd concentrate on Greg Horn's approach.  
It was a good move, with top raters Glass Harmonium and Sangster both winning.

Between Flemington events I had a look at the other metro races. Not a lot stood out,
but Rosehill 6-15 Assertive Billy sure did, top-rated at 100/1 and 25/1 a place. No bush
bolter, but a city winner up in class, down in the weights, with a recent win and second
last start. Definitely worth a nibble at those odds.

I managed to get on for the win at Betfair but place betting was closed, too late. Damn
I thought, should've put my place bet on first. Well it didn't matter. Assertive Billy started
and settled nicely, moved up to lead before the turn, was overtaken briefly in the straight,
but fought back for a great win !

It may well be the longest price winner I'll ever get, 228/1, after Betfair's commission.
Absolutely fair dinkum amazing !

Hope you have a great week in Melbourne.

Cheers, Ron

Mr X will post the Cup in time for tomorrow under Weekend Feature Race. You will be surprised at some of the odds but this is the way I've worked the Cup out for the last 15 years or so and at least 10 winners since then has proved that it works.

I f you are going to Flemington this week please be aware that your mobile phone wont work and your Ipad wont work or wireless broadband of any kind. It cost me a fortune as I didn't expect it. Surely the phone companies should have enough bandwidth or is it that the signals are blocked. Now that's being a bit cynical but eh EFTPOS lines were 80-100 people long all day. I will be placing all my bets before I go and using the Prepost fixed prices .

I dropped a heap for the Spring Betting Pool as I got that on before I went but I missed being able to back the Rosehill Quaddie which paid $24,000. Worse, even if I had cash I had emailed myself the selections but with no signal could not retrieve anything.

Saturday 29th October:*****FLEMINGTON RATINGS ARE NOW UP UNDER BOTH TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. I have done the Cup adjustments .personally. It's the toughest in memory and good luck to all who try. I have it $8.30 the field.

I said I would have nothing more to say about Trevor Johns methods but I can't pass up that after 600 people (those with the first edition plus the purchasers of the 2nd edition) the dividends are still holding up. Yesterday $28 winner (paid $14 because of a dead heat) 2 favourites which don't matter and a $9 winner pluse sevral runners yesterday at prices uo to $60. On Thursday a $41 shot beaten a hd and a nose. hat's it NO MORE. Now if you are a new purchaser please READ your letter which has Trevors email address on it. I cannot answer queries on Trevors methods, I am busy answering my own clients enauiries which I am very happy to do. P.S. I won $1600 on those selections yesterday which cleared a debit and left me $800 in front for the week on a $1,000 Powerbet bank. Paid for my first night at Soffitel.

I'm off to Flemington where the sky is clearing, thank goodness. Have a good day. I am having a go at the $4,000,000 Quaddie jackpot for our Spring Betting Pool.


Friday 28th October: We are on our way with matching outfits for each day of the Carnival. More importantly I have my Ipad on hand to record all the action over the next week and I will be able to maintain the website daily either early in the morning or later in the evening. We have meetings with Iasbet, Vicbet, and others as well as a conference with Trevor Johns over the next week and next month I meet with all the important people in Australian Racing, regulators, bookmakers and major players at the Informa 7th Annual Horse Racing conference on December 13th at the Radisson Blu Plaza in Sydney. For anyone interested in attending you can get a brochure from info@informa.com.au.

As expected Trevor Johns book sold out yesterday. We are holding 19 copies for Members who are sending cheques or money orders. On our return on the 7th we'll match these up and any unclaimed will go on sale on the 8th. We also have a few E-Book places left. This simply involves a $20 discount for printing the book out at your end. It is 60 A4 pages but you may not need all these. In other words you can skip the pages you simply read and print out the pages of the methods and info that you actually wish to use.

So, you can still order online as these orders are stacked in preference. At the bottom of your order form online you will see a box marked "notes to us" It is here where you advise if you want the E-Book and we will charge accordingly. On our return we will check the orders and send out any that are available in hard copy and the same with E-Book requests. We wont charge you at all if no stock is left and you don't want the E-Book.

Apart from the showers expected overnight today and early tomorrow the weather picture is great for the rest of the week at Flemington. We are excited, as is the rest of Australia.

Our SMS clients had a good day yesterday with three wins from the four races selected. If you want a peek at how Powerbet and daytrading goes (slightly different process to what's in Trevors book) check this forum link I spotted.

Thursday 27th October: An opportunity lost yesterday when there was a false start at Bendigo in the first leg of the Quaddie. I decided to have a go but I couldn't get a bet on because the race was simply closed for betting even though it was delayed. It paid many thousands. I should have though of it sooner but I was still busy with orders. Congratulations to the Members who got on and there would be a few.

Trevor Johns book will sellout today but we will honour all orders receievd in the mail and by phone or Internet up to 4 p.m. today Thursday. We are holding a number of copies for Members who are supposed to be sending cheques or money orders and when we return from Melbourne on the 7th of November we will release any copies which reman unpaid for. We will also confer with Trevor about how many copies we will release on E-Book but it may not be many.

Personally I had a good day as I lost money on only one race yesterday. I also spotted a late jockey change and withdrew a bet I had planned. Did it win? As I write this late Thursday I don't know.

In the 9th at Bendigo we had the Trifecta in the top three. ($1600+) You beauty! And Mr X got the winner of the Bendigo Cup. The omens are good for Cup Week. Thanks to all the feedback including from John O'Grady who enjoyed the $1200 Treble at Bendigo yesterday.

Greg Horn commented that winnin at Bendigo yesterday using Winform ratings was as easy as shelling peas. The Race 9 winner at $30+ was the icing on the cake.

Wednesday 26th October: I ran Trevor Johns chapter six horses for the last week through both Money Factory and Powerbet. I operated this way. In Money Factory I addded three horses and called it one race. In the dutch bet module I entered each runner at $9 (the average win price of chapter six horses). As at the end of the last series completed the profit was $643. I used a $6,000 Money Factory Bank using a set up of 42% strike rate and av $3 dividend.

In Powerbet I used 10 * $1,000 series which meant that the bets started at $10 each, the same as Money Factory. I left the price blank as I entered three runners at a time. The result? $643 profit. What did amze me is that the outlay in each workout was the same. We have backed 15 runners since the last winner.

I havent done any work at all on Trevor's Chapter five horses but back in 2007 these horses were making twice at least what the Chapter six horses made. The difference is that Chapter Five does need a little more work as many of the trainers involved in this chapter are a lot less well known.

I ended up with a nice profit yesterday. I took Trevor's chapter six horse at Taree but I checked the ratings and found that it was 2nd rated in an open betting race. I teamed it up with both the top rated and 3rd rated horses for a good solid win. I then followed up with a good bet on the top two rated horses in the next race for another easy win.

Mr X came up with the First Four in the Daily Feature Race yesterday. His approach is completly different from Trevors approach and we were asked was there any chance that we could include some articles from him ina future publication. That's not a bad idea and one we may well include with the best methods by several of our magazine writers.

Tuesday 25th October: Too busy taking orders today so we're already more than halfway through the afternoons program and my only bet of the day runs second. Do we have any stock of Trevor's book left? Well we are getting low with about 30 books going out today but as luck would have it we realised we had 11 copies sitting in our "ready"pile where we keep a small stock of every book we sell. We ahve about 20 copies held for Members who have advised us they are sending in cheques or money orders and any of those not claimed when we get back from Melbourne will be made available the week of November 7th.

In spite of the run on Trevor Johns book, we are also getting orders for Greg Horns popular book Professional Punting -My Personal Approach and I can tell you that Greg is getting ezxcellent results with a big win on Testa My Patience last weekend being a highlight. We wish all our winners drfited out to $6 and won like he did.

I just missed Daily Feature Race due to talking to a client so maybe that is why he found the winner and First Four today. Bugga!! It Paid really well too. Townsville Race 3 if you want to sneak a look.

Monday 24th Ocrober: Some days there are a dozen or more meetings and then there is today, just two, and the question is "would you bother?" Well for some who are less astute on the keyboard, today is a great day, with more than enough time between races to get your bets organised and placed.

Well, I said no calls over the weekend and so did family things like Belle's birthday (not till Cup week but we are away) and watching Natalie on the catwalk (in the paper again today, talk about hogging the limelight) and today the relaxation ends with a stack of online orders arriving in my inbox. Feel free to phone order as one of us will be here until Thursday 3p.m. to organise phoen orders if not sold out before then.

A reminder that Saturday Rating subscribers will see their Cup and Oaks ratings in the Saturday file. The Cup itself will appear in the Weekend Feature Race spot. Mr X will be on the job while the reast of the team are in Melbourne.

Sunday 23rd October: So I'm looking through the paper the other day and there's a bevy of beautys staring back at me from some fashion runway event preview and I just pass on. Later in the day, Natalie, my youngest daughter says "did you see me in the paper." That's when I find out she's picked up some modelling assignements including a Melbourne Cup Day function. Today she's making seven appearances before a crowd of 10,000 people at a local fair, and this just weeks after our grandaughter arrived. So a) Ros and I are in a little bit of trouble because we didn't recognise her and b) of course we have to go and watch, so no betting today.

I had a bad day with the C Plan yesterday, finishing 4 units down, about the same as Friday and at $500 a unit it hurts. At least five of the losing runners were at odds on. You know how you sometimes get a bad run? On the other hand the Grandslam selections, all four of them, won yesterday, although they were all short priced.

Talking with a client, I said how I would not be backing Trevor's chapter six horses after today as I thought it would not be fair after we had just sent out hundreds of orders of Trevors new book. But it's hard to do when we had another good result yesterday with 18 bets for a return of $30.10 or $130 for a $10 bet and I wasn't betting $10 on them.

Twice this week I have experienced a problem with the Iasbet website. I bet $1 on a Trifecta which came up as a $10 unit and I had clicked it through beacuse I checked the selection numbers but not the bet value and yesterday a .50 unit of the Cox Plate First Four became a $5 unit. Even at the level I bet, it hurts when you get it wrong but twice in a week? I am wondering if there is a fault. Also , I have noticed I have clicked say 5 selectiosn and gone to bet and only 4 have shown up. Has anyone else experienced this with the new site? Please let me know your feedback at direct@hunterlink.net.au and yes I know. Had the First Four been won it would have been one of those "accidental" good news stories.

ON another note, how good is the Epsom form with Pinker Pinker winning and Secret Admirere finishing close up? And how good is Americain?



Saturday 22nd October: I'm getting the jump on Saturday because Ros and I are exhausted from packing sending and taking orders for Trevors Racing My Perfect Investment. We will accept orders via the online store from 5 p.m. Friday until 8 a.m. Monday and mail orders are fine. We will accept phone orders from Monday a.m. We won't be publishing any more results as it isnt necessary, there are plenty in the book and that is just one small part that we have been reporting on (2 today but no luck). Orders for Saturdays ratings have now closed sorry.

Any orders that didn't make the post today will be delivered to the mail exchange tomorrow and there are only about 50 copies of the print run left, if that.

Fridays Powerbet was looking disastrous but then as so often happens along came Mann MAGIC AT $16.30 TO save the day. Hallelujah. Good luck at Moonee Valley.


Friday 21st October: The trim of Trevor's book is not as good as we would like. It would have been nice to have a few pages of coulourful horse pictures inside to make us feel good about spending our money but this is a text book on how to make money on the Races and Wednesday there were about 10 selections for just one winner at $10.90. Yesterday we couldn't believe it, some 22 selections but 7 winners and another 7 placed and 30.3 units profit! That's $303 for a $10 bet.

Today I can see only two eligible bets. Talk about swings and roundabouts. Ros and I will be spending all day packing and sending out the orders. We have several copies set aside for Members who wisely don't use credit cards and are sending cheques etc. We are holding these until next Thursday and by then we will be close to selling out and we have decided to restrict sales to one per person as we don't want to see Trevors new books appearing on E-Bay at outrageous prices, although it is probably worth it.

There is no way we can get all the orders out today but definitely over the weekend. All orders received up tunil 5 p.m. today will be express posted.

Thursday 20th October: ***Good News*** If you've purchased Trevor Johns book already it will be posted out tomorrow. Also we have had some readers ask if they can pay half now half later as they don't want to miss out, i.e. layby, and we have said yes. Obviously we will send it out when the second half arrives We are into the last third of the print run so it looks like we will sell out of this Edition too.

The 9yo Greig was 2nd rated at Winform and a $20+ winner yesterday. Under our guidelines for Powerplay we wouldn't have backed it. It hurts but it happens so seldom, we are still better off without these horses. The Morning C Plan had two races yesterday for one win and a placed effort. A losing day. For A $6 OUTLAY THE RETURN WAS $3.40.

I had some good luck and some bad luck yesterday. In the last at Geelong I accidentally took a Trifecta for $50 instead of 50cents and once placed you can't cancel.It's a massive mistake and I backed our top rated horse, which I thought was a good thing to cover the outlay. I didn'ttake the Quinella as I was intending to do because I simply couldn't afford to outlay more money on the race. In the end my 5 horse Trifecta became a 3 horse trifecta as two of my selections were scratched at the barrier. From my remaining 3 runners I got 1st and 2nd and Top Drop won, giving me back a nice profit as I also got a refund for the reduced number of trifecta combinations.

The bad bit was that I missed out on the Quinella which paid $61.

I had investigated yesterdays Geelong Cup winner and couldn't find any reason to back it. After watching the race, I have to admit it will be a chance in the Melbourne Cup as it ran the best time of its career so far. Tanby will also be a chance but he is a bit of a plodder. Green Moon would probably be a better bet but we are a long way off still. Our three tips finished 2nd and 4th.

Iasbet have a great offfer for the Cox Plate. We think it is an outstanding opportunity. Winform has a wide market on the Cox Plate and we have two leaders and a backmarker in our Top Three at $3.40, $11 and $13. You can purchase our top 5 selections all races this Saturday for just $15 (emailed from tonight) just click the button on the right panel to order. No need to log in.

Cox Plate Day: Double Your Winnings or Get Your Money Back

Place your very first bet on Cox Plate day on the Cox Plate (Race 8)or the 1300 Australia Stakes (Race 3) and if it wins, we’ll Double Your Winnings! If it loses you get your Money Back! Either way, it’s a “Win-Win” Cox Plate day!

My son got his first pay for his new job yesterday. It went to the pokies. Don't tell me precommitment is a bad idea. I hope if you are reading this and you have a problem, that you get help before it is too late.

Wednesday 19th October: Monday was a day with race meetings that are usually good for us but no joy. Yesterday only one of the meetings was good but the winners all came from the two "bad" meetings. It can't be helped. You see even a bad race venue will still have a Top Two strike rate of around 30%, sometimes more. A Good race venue generally has either a high strike rate, probably 34% or more or a high average dividend. For the C Plan there are no bad venues and for Trevor Johns methods it is more likely to revolve around the trainers and jockeys and sussing out the trainers intentions.

As an aside , I note that Trevor's old book is on E-Bay with an opening bid of $325. I can't imagine any of our readers paying that when they can get the new updated book for $295. MInd you, the way it is selling, a second hand copy might be the only way you can get one, although in our case we still have an E-Book allocation once the print run sells out.

It's Geelong Cup Day today and it will be windy and warm. The curator will water the track this morning but the Dead 4 rating he is trying to achieve will be gone after the first one or two races.He told me it is impossible to keep the track down because of the wind. Beauty! That means fair dinkum Racing like we used to have.

Tuesday 18th October: To date this month there have been 137 eligible C Plan races for 69 winning races and a profit of 13.8% on turnover. I bet $500 per race on these when I can fit a bet in. If I win early in the day I stop looking as I figure a $500 profit is a good result. Many of our Mmebers bet $100 a race and quit when in front. Either way it is a relatively easy and painless approach. For those who can't sit and wait we have the C Plan Morning Plan and subscribers report they are going well.

We had a good story about Iasbet this morning. On of our Members told me how he got a $20 freebet and turned it into $800 but then he went overseas and on his return the cash was missing from his account. He then realised that to get the bonus he had to turnover the freebet and profit within 30 days. "Bugga!" he said but then he thought "I will call customer service and see what they say. They were very understanding" he said"and restored my balance in full. I then soon turned over the money and I am very happy with Iasbet after hearing many sad stories about other less cooperative people. So I just though I would tell the other Members that there are fair dinkum bookmakers out there."

For those readers who don'thave an account you can still get $200 added to your account when you deposit your first $100 or more. Just use this link.

Monday 17th October: Trevor admonished me yesterday as I missed out a winner at Darwin. I didn't even think to look there, but it was to my detriment as a $7+ dividend went begging, however it made me more alert and from ten bets yesterday I made over $1500 profit ($50 bets). We also had excellent feedback from a certain person yesterday about how well he did following the methods in Greg Horns ProfessionalPunting -My Personal Approach over the weekend. It included backing the winner of the Seymour Cup yesterday at $30+. He doesn't really want me to publicise the results as I guess he expects dividends might fall but to date the bets of the hundreds of Winform Members who are using Gregs methods have not affected dividends in any way.

So here's why. The races that Greg chooses all have massive pools and that's why he concentrates on them. You can get a decent bet on them without damaging dividends and the figures we see for pool sizes of races are only a fraction of what is bet when you take into account all the corporate bookmkars and what they hold.

Sunday 16th October: Trevor Johns method had 19 bets yesterday, so it was with some trepidation that I placed them as for the first time I included New Zealand, and by the way, I had no trouble getting the form that I needed as it was free from the TAB website over there.



THE OTHERS PAID $4.70, $30, $13.60, $8.20 AND $25.80

FOR A $10 BET THAT'S $850 BACK OR $660 PROFIT. SO HOW CHEAP IS RACING MY PERFECT INVESTMENT AT JUST $295?? Take away Fridays ten losers and you are still laughing. Even more if you applied one of the staking plans in Trevors book.

The prices quoted are what I got personally. You might get slightly better or slightly less depedning where you bet.

Green Moon was erratic in the straight yesterday but would he have won with a more patient ride? I believe Green Moon is an out an out stayer and will be much harder to beat in the Melbourne Cup in which few horses could match him over that longer distance. I got my money back from Luxbet in their promotion yesterday, well actually not so much money back as a replacement bet to be had on soemthign else. Green Moon to win the Cup for instance?

Saturday 15th October: No joy for me punting wise yesterday inbetween taking numerous orders for Trevor Johns new book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition 2. One of the methods had ten runners for no winners but a couple of longshot placings. To get these longshots you have to endure some losing runs and this is where the weakkneed drop out, which after all ensures that the dividends stay up fo those of us with more guts. In his book Johns includes some staking ideas which have been used with success by those who bought the first book back in 2007 and still use his Chapter six method.

Did I tell you I hate daylight saving? I am writing this while I wait for Qld scratchings so I can out the ratings onto our site. Our subscribers are used to getting the Saturday stuff nice and early so they can do their own assessments. It'll be up by 9.30 a.m. but then I have to hang around until 11.30 to get WA. Lucky there are only six more months to normal time.

Friday 14th October: I had to head off to the Drs. with Ros right after 5 yesterday and in my rush to get away backed the wrong horse in the last at Wyong. It won. My other mistake was that I didn't put enough on it.

Anyhow, I did get to a late session to new movie "The Cup" after I was unable to attend the preview I had been invited to the previous week. I have to say it was worth seeing just for the closeups of the Racing action that was recreated fror the movie. Ros thought it was a great movie so you can take your partner, wife or girlfriend no worries.The only part of realism missing was that the jockeys didn't swear at each other in the running and I have to say the punters discussion panel, as much as it is really like that, was embarrasing. Fair dinkum I cringed as I watched and hoped they would soon get off that. Luckily they did. You will enjoy it. Guaranteed. At the end of the movie they replay the actual Cup.

I have delayed Trevor Johns book going to the printers for a week to take the pressure off him as he wants to get it spot on and current. The new edition is very much NOT a promotion for Winform ratings, even though Trevor has used our ratings for many years. In this book he reveals the majority of ratings and selection services he has used personally and to be honest, there are some I was not even aware of myself. I guess that in all the discussions I have had with Trevor over the years, we only talked about aspects of my ratings and form analysis techniques and that's as it should be. It truly is a frank and honest assessment. It was Trevors birrthday yesterday.

Anyway, for all those who were wondering. We hope to start mailing the book last week of October but if not, definitely the week after Melbourne Cup. If you phone in your order please appreciate that we now have just one line, so leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we have dealt with the client on the line.

If you want to double your winnings tomorrow just go to Iasbet. It involves placing your first bet tomorrow on one of three selected races and you can Double your winnings up to $200. I'll be doing it and I did get the extra bonus a couple of weeks ago. So do Double Your Winnings.

Thursday 13th October: My early assessmenst for the Caulfield Cup are online now under Saturday. Yes you will be surprised but it is after my rewriting of the overseas form. Yesterday we did get the Quaddie for the Spring Betting Pool BUT the dividned was not good enought ot cover our outlays so just square for the day.

Those who followed Greg Horns principles in his book Professional Punting-My Personal Approach would have backed Hi Belle at $11 and possibly even the Murray Bridge Cup winner War Ends at $30. The Quinella in Hi Belle's race paid $39.80 the Trifecta $475 and First Four $4702. and all in out top five. Being busy with Trevor Johns new book, I missed it.

At 4.30 a.m. this morning I particpated in an open line with Trevor Chappel on abcovernight. It went for about 35 minutes and the discussion was about Black Caviar and how she compared with great horses of the past. At some stage today the podcast will be available, just select 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. At the moment yesterdays recordings are still there. After going back to a well earned sleep I am rather late catching up today.

The Morning C Plan continues to impress with another win yesterday. The Morning C Plan is given out as part of the Winform Premium service at $695 a quarter or $2295 for the year. It is not listed as a separate service at present but will be in the New Year. Anyone wanting to trey it ca have the rest of the year for just $295 but you have to email direct@hunterlink.net.au with your contact phone.

Wednesday 12th October: Everyday ratings and Powerplay subscribers will find an update under Wednesday for Doomben and Murray Bridge. Both now Good.

Some quick summaries from last month: Boxing the top five in Quinellas 39.4%, Using the Top Two as bankers 31.7%, Box Trifectas 21.5% (Best $3500) First Fours 10% (Best $18627). These are average figures so in the end it comes back to "do the dividends cover the outlays?" There is no simple answer because sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Bettting flexis of say $10 a race could give you a very good run for your money. The biggest problem with the exotics is that you can't run staking plans effectively because the returns diminish if you end up taking them multiple times.

Yesterday was disappointing with three good meetings producing just five winners although we did have one 3rd rated selection win at $47.

Today is Caulfield Thousand Guineas day and the Murray Bridge Cup is on. Saturday ratings and Spring package subscribers will find todays meetings listed under Saturday. Good luck everyone! This meeting last year at Caulfield produced a $37,000+ Quaddie.

Tuesday 11th October: I didn't get yestedays E-News away as I hadn't quite finished my book reviews. They will be away today. The C Plan for the month so far is at 58% strike rate and the Morning C Plan continues to find some good priced winners. Yesterday the one race was profitable using the two unit toprated bet.

I have to take Ros for her hand check up this morning so will reply to any calls about lunchtime. The hard copy Newsletter has gone out to everybody today. Trevor scored another very good win yesterday at double figure odds.

Monday 10th October: We had very good feedback about the new operator at Bet Now. Early days of course. Don't click the wrong buttons when you place a bet. You can have several options open and when you click the betsize it applies to every bet in your list. A coupleof Members have bet triple what they intended but it's easy to get it right when you get used to it.

I made an erro last week and missed one of Trevor Johns selections. Funny how the one you miss is a winner. Anyhow, there have been two New Zealand winners for Chapter six at $17 and $30. I wasn't on those. Sam has sent feedback about Trevor's chapter five horses yesterday which found a $22 placegetter and a $17 winner amongst others. He's very happy.

I'll be sending the E-News later with some interesting book reviews. It's Melbourne Cup time. You can tell.

Sunday 9th October: We won six of the nine races at Caulfield yesterday and in Black Caviar's race that includes betting our second rated horse Strling Grove for the place at $3.10. That'smuch better than $1.10 for the win. The Sprng Betting Pool lost big time with no returns. In the Toorak we lost the Trifecta, 1st and 3rd and the First Four 1st 3rd and 4th. Inspite of this we remain $1469 in profit.

Readers can get our ratings for the remaining Spring races free. Just click the Bet Now button to the left for details.

Yesterday both Gold Coast and Eagle Farm were downgraded dramatically. Gold Coast from Good to Slow and the Farm went to heavy. Seriously, you think you should keep betting?

Saturday 8th October: I have just posted new ratings for Gold Coast (now slow) anf Eagle Farm (now heavy). Ive also updated the Powerplay files.

We've nailed the first four races at Caulfield with the First Four in the Winform Daily Mail in Race2. BUT. IT's the winners of the last four races we want for the Quaddie. The Big 6 today means you are probabaly betting the BIG 5 with Black Caviarprobabaly as close to a cerainty as you can get in the first leg but remember Ajax ? Lost at $1.025 .

A busy day yesterday as you can see. No Diary posting. I was too busy, for instance, to back the Morning C Plan winner at $17! Trevor was anxiously trying to access the Internet and I was at physio trying to resolve an elbow problem which is giving me grief. They say No Pain No Gain. Well the physio gave me the pain and acupuncture too but so far no gain. I'll give it time.

Would you like to have Winform Ratings for free for the next few weeks? Tomorrow there will be a limited offer at bet now. We are running a trial of a new website and we need as many people as possible to trial it so we can negotiate a few new initiatives. The info will be at the bet now link some time tomorrow.

Thursday 6th October: No sooner did we suggest in the E-News this morning that someone should be taking bets on how far Black Caviar will win by than Sportingbet puts on exactly that bet.

Here are the other Racing offfers

  • 10% Winners Bonus on Favourites in all Listed and Group races at Moonee Valley, Caulfield, Randwick & Cranbourne.
  • Racing Special Market on the “Official Winning Margin 2011 Schillaci Stakes”
  • Last Man Standing kicks off this weekend! Must register before midday Saturday 8th October AEDST to be in the running to win $50,000 cash!

Further to our E-News aour $81 shot has not accpepted for the Cranbourne Cup. That means that Saturday is the day to get on. If you didn't get the E-News register above and we will forward a copy.

Wednesday 5th October: We have been receiving lots of preorders for Trevor Johns book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition 2. So far one third of the total allotment has been sold. The average dividend OF HIS CHAPTER SIX HORSES OVER SEPTEMBER WAS BETTER THAN $10.

Today Ballarat has been upgraded to good so I've updtaed the ratings and Powerplay to refelct this.

Tuesday 4th October: There were only seven runners in yesterdays Daily Feature Race but Mr X found the First Four which paid over $1,000. Not a bad effort. Our SMS subscribers only had one race to bet in and made 0.7 units profit or 35% profit on the 2 unit outlay.

We discovered this morning that a lot of people were trying to call us yesterday. As it turned out we had a power outage yesterday so apologies for not taking your calls.

Monday 3rd October: I made a mistake in our E-News today. We actually got both weekend Sports winners so doubled our profit for the year!As usual as today is a public holiday in most States, todays races will alo be posted on the Saturday page. And what a great day yesterday! Some good winners at Flemington and three out of four winning races for the Morning C Plan, including one at $10. It wasnt a good race for dutch bettore but f you folowed the 2 unit top horse and 1 unit supporter horse you did well. I know that many Members are using this and also the Professional Staking Plan which we provide free to anyone who wants it. Just lodge your request under the betting tools on the home page. We also provide the software version for $99 which allows you to keep track of your betting and recalculates after you lodge results.

For those on a day off (not me though as I am working on the new Trevor Johns book coordinating cover art and printing etc.) may the sun shine for a change.

Sunday 2nd October: SPRING BETTING POOL HITS 2K PROFIT. Well thats the headline. It would have been much much more except for the outlays on the Big 6, Trifectas and First Fours. I noted that Kingdom Of Fyfe had never won after a 28 day let up so left him out. I was nearly right as the horse pulled up lame and the trainer admitted the horse wasn't fully fit.

Patrick sent welcome feedback. Well I'm in the middle o fa cloudburst here and we've lost our satellite wireless coverage so I'll make another attempt to load this up and settle down to read a good book I guess.

Saturday 1st October: The final figures are in. For the three months July to September, the Powerbet Daily made $8930. The race strike rate was 38.3% averaging 2.2 horses per race. There were only 14 losing days and any days profits were racked up after just 2 or 3 races, making a lot of days very easy. Yesterday we were $588 in front after just three races. Two Winter months were included and these are usually the hardets months to make profits yet we covered it easily. The worst we were ever behind was July 22nd at -$1437. From that point we were never headed being $1300+ ahead for July,the worst month of the year last year and this year. The spreadsheet is free from direct@hunterlink.net.au. You need the Powerbet program and a subscription to Winform Ratings to run the program.

Racing My Perfect Investment the Second Edition is going well. Foe September just one of the methods had these results (as supplied by Trevor Johns.


On Readbet.Dear Garry,
Firstly,I must inform you that with the notice of the closing of Readbet I applied to transfer my credit back to a bank Account.ReadBet transferred the funds with no hassle and the funds were in my bank account within 24 Hours.It is good to know that there are businesses out there that are still ethical,I am sorry they have seen fit to close their online site.
It would be appreciated if you could send me a copy of the Powerbet spread sheet as offered in your diary today.
Geoff B. Sydney 


Friday 30th September: I told you it would be a good day and Powerbet made $588 early in the afternoon which sort of means an early mark. The sad news today is that Readbet is closing their internet business as of Monday but the good news is that all account holders will get paid in full. There are responsible bookmakers after all. The rebate they were paying on losing bets attracted all the best punters and so you can't beat the legislation and the punters and still make a profit which is why basically three major UK companies now control the Australian betting market. You have to be the biggest to survive.

Mark Read used to tell me that a a whole, the pounetrs we referred to him lost less than half of whatt the average punter lost and our own figures show that one in three make a regular profit compared to one in 50 of those who are not Winform cients.

Thursday 29th September: Two good venuus for us to bet at today with Grafton and Gold Coast both good tracks. I've sent out the E-News for today with a special in Saturday's Epsom. If you don't get the E-News then simply click the button to the right and we'll get it out to you.

Wednesday 28th September: I can see me spending my day today processing orders for Trevor Johns new book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition 2. And why not. Yesterday there was a ten unit profit. That represents over 100% profit on turnover and that was from just one section of the book which is completely logical and took me just 10 minutes to work out. If ordering at the online store it is on page two of our list and don't get confused by the log in. That is not required and has nothing to do with being a Winform Member. All orders received prior to printing will get their copy express posted. At this stage we expect you will have it in your hands mid to late October.

Tuesday 27th September: A nice $40 Quinella for the Daily Feature Race yesterday but the winner was not in our Powerbet qualifiers. It was also a losing C Plan race so you can see there are various ways to win or lose in any race. The good thing about Powerbet is that it works on averages so while specific races can be negative, overall the plan works nicely.

We now have the cover art for Trevor Johns new book and it is online in the bookshop but you have to go to page 2 of the books section to do so. Don't log in to order simply fill out the form. If you purchased the first book simply let us know in the messag to us section (filled in at the end of the order) as all charges are processed manually.

Monday 26th September: Over 5,000 people view this diary, according to Google anyway, so I suppose I had better udate before I take Ros to the dentist. I have just finished checking the C Plan selections for the past month and the potential to make all ups happen is definitely there. Six ot the last eight C Plan races yesterday resulted in a win but there were two very bad losing sequencesfor the month with just 2 out of 10 winning. Nevertheless, we made asmall level stakes profit and a satisfactory Money Factory profit. The last resultt yesterday was $4.10 which is way above the average of a touch over $2. Strike rate was around 50% as expected. We're happy to send out the spreadsheet just send your email to direct@hunterlink.net.au with the subject C Plan.

Sunday 25th September: The Morning C Plan was our bright light yesterday. One race had a $1.20 favourite so there was no way we could win unless we only bet that one selection. In the other four races there were three winners at $2.70, $5.60 and $1.80. Bet 2 units the top horse and one on the 2nd resulted in an outlay of say $120 for a retrun of $210. Not bad, especially if you bet in $100 bets. The Morning C Plan costs $395 which covers everyday from now until December 31st.

The Winform Daily Mail had ten races selected for four Quinellas which is right on average but all very small. A losing day. There was one small Trifecta. Our Weekend Sportsbets scored just one win from three bets so while still in front for the year we are disappointed. Do you reember when the finals started? In the NRL I had six of the final eight, only missing The Warriors and North Queensland and I said that if you wanted to win get on those at $16 and $29 they were. Ironic as it turrned out.

Saturday 24th September: Some exceptionally low priced winners caused us to lose a Powerbet series yesterday but we remain well in front. The Morning C Plan had one race for one win but no big price there either. Weekend Sportsbets had one win and one loss when the Collingwood Magpies limped into the Grand Final. The C Plan up to last Sunday was in front on level stakes in spite of two very poor days at the beginning and the end. Both Money Factory Staking and Parlay Magic (all up) made good profits for the month to date.

Trevor John's chapter six horses had six selections yesterday for one $9+ winner and a placed runner paid $15.20. To order your Trevor Johns book Racing My Perfect Investment, register at direct@hunterlink.net.au for notification of release date or sign up for the Winform E-News. For todays best punting offers click here.

Friday 23rd September: Andrew took issue over yesterdays remark about only 25% winners. As he pointed out, Powerbet Daily made 12% profit or over $400 and yesterday it made over $1,000 to take profit for the month to $3324 and that is after the two losing days of $1339 and $656.

Many of our associated bookmakers are offering money backin Group races. Sportsbet are offering money back on each way wagers up to $100 for the first bet placed on any of the six Grooup Races at Rosehill and Caulfield tomorrow. With Luxbet run seocnd in a Group 1 this Spring and get your money back (uo to $250) if your horse runs second.

I chose a good time to purchase an Ipad, although I do have an I phone. Iasbet is offering a bonus 25% if you back the winner of the Rupert Clarke Stakes using their mobile application.

I notice also that Sportingbet have changed their website and like most others, they now focus on upcoming races which does make it difficult to navigate to where you might be interested to go. This is a drawback on mobile applications in partciualr due to the smaller screen. I will be using my Ipad at the Flemington Carnival where it should prove to be very effective. Ill keep my mobileon me as back up. Sadly, I notice that Uniba is yet to provide a mobile application.

Thursday 22nd September: A pathetic 25% winners in the top three rated horses yesterday but less than 40 races is a very small sample statistically. Unfortunately my bank balance is not a statistic.

I've just posted the Weekend Sports Bets and as the season draws to a close we are in front on level stakes and ten times that using Money Factory Professional Edition software. Three of the four matches this weekend are bettable and I am taking a patent on Iasbet. That is a seven part bet giving us three single bets, three doubles and one treble.

The Morning C Plan had two bettable races yesterday but both lost.

We have settled on pricing for Trevor Johns new book Racing My Perfect Investment Edition Two. The original book was $295 and so this edition will be the same with a $25 discount if your purchase the E-Book edition. Also, those people who purchased the original book will get it for $195 for either version. We expect to have it all ready for printing by mid October. If you wish to get priority notice email direct@hunterlink.net.au. The New Edition will include a critique of several rating and selection services as well as staking plans and software.

Wednesday 21st September: We received an account from Tom Waterhouse today with part payment of my Sportsalive money in it. I discussed Sportsalive with them today and I am advised that all 37,000 account holders should hear something within the next week. As you can understand it must have been a momumental task and I didn't realise there were anywhere near that number of accounts. About 100 or so of our Members signed up when they were Sportsacumen some years ago. Hopefully all of them will be looked after to some extent. It's obvious the receiver wont be doing anything.

Tuesday 20th September: Trevor John's big idea has always been that Racing can be operated in the same way as Day Trading on the stockmarket but it is much more fun. I agree with him.

Monday 19th September: I was working from 3 am this morning and crawled back into bed at about 5 a.m. only to wake up at 9.30. I can't believ it. Anyhow by the time I get to my computer after sorting out all the requests for Trevor Johns second Edition or Racing My Perfect Investment, the first at Mornington has been run and won. And now the Morning C plan race is about to happen but with the first of our two horses at $1.40 I think I'll pass. The second horse is $61 and has to be worth a touch for the place. Well the first horse wins and the place bet goes down. No big deal. Those subscribers who already have their 2 units on Godspeed and 1 unit the win the second horse are just short of getting square.

Trevor Johns had no intention of writing another book but he has been quietly putting his thoughts together and we decided yesterday that we would go ahead and publish. We announced that yesterday with our E-News and already we have more than enough orders to go ahead and out it into form. At this stage we will make it available in both E-version and Hard copy and it will be available just as soon as we can accumulate the results and new chapters into order. If you are interested, you can register for advice when ready to direct@hunterlink.net.au.

Sunday 18th September: We sent out our E-News as usual last week and along the way gave out some winners. We don't know if readers followed up but James Day did. His feesback is here.

The attitude of the Receivers of Sportsalive is an interesting one. All outstanding monies are to be pursued in full but all account holders who are owed money have to stand in line behind the banks etc. All future bets, including on the NRL and AFL Premierships, for example are cancelled so good news if you backed St George but very bad news if you backed the winner of the Elimination final last night, the Broncos. I didn't back the Broncos with them but I did bet Melbourne Storm to win $22,000. So the only thing I can do is hope they get beat.

The same applies to anyone who backed Geelong or Collingwood etc. with them.

Also bad luck if you want to know how much you have in your account because if you haven't been betting with them lately and aren't sure of yur positon, the receivers are refusing to supply you with a copy of your betting statement which does make it rather hard to make any sort of claim against them. I'm not even sure if that is legal.

And if somehow you managed to get paid in the weeks before Sports Alive went under, the receiver is investigating if they might be able to claim those funds back from you. Have a nice day.

Saturday 17th September: We've done it! The Money Factory for Weekend Sports cleared our latest series and so we are $970 in front. Had we bet level stakes we would be only $50 in front. It has been an ordinary year by anyone's measure but the beauty of Money Factory Professional Edition has come through again. We have potentially a maximum of seven bets left for the season so cannot finish behind no matter what the result from here.

The Warriors have struck gold in the last minute of play with an absolutely fluke try. It goes to show that all things are possible. At half time you could get 19.5 start at $1.90 and their price had drifeted to $7.50 and $60 for the Premiership. That price is now $8 and will be shorter before the weekend is over. They are the only team that can beat me this year in the NRL.

A great days Racing today. Have fun.

Friday 16th September: We are hearing good news about our Members who had Sportsalive accounts. We are actually in the process of negotiating with Tom Waterhouse for our Members and we hope to advise soon. Already one Member has advised that Tom Waterhouse has given him an account with the balance of his funds intact. Needless to say we will advise further.

Powerbet just scraped in a $21 profit yesterday. I had one excellent C Plan winning race early in the day and gave most of it back at Newcastle in Race 6. I backed off betting the Newcastle Cup winner yesterday because I was disappointed with the price. Silly me. It was an outstanding performance and a very disappointing one for my other runners. I should have at least saved my stake.

Thursday 15th September: The Newcastle Quaddie paid over $20,000 yesterday and was included in the Top Five that many readers purchased for yesterday. Tony had a share of it. For his outlay, for fun, of just $8 his return was $535! On you Tony! Tony sent me a copy of his bet statement from the TAB. The Newcastle Cameron Handicap turned out to be a C Plan race and Raspberries at $8 was the winner. Our 3rd rated horse (following the track upgrade) ran 3rd and paid over $16 for the place. Joe Pride is in a bad place after yesterday as he declared that Neeson was as good as over the line. Neeson did hang on for 4th and did look the winner in the running but Raspberries just kept coming.

Our SMS subscribers added to their profit this week but still a long way to go to catch up after last week.

It's Newcastle Cup Day today and Robert Hickmott has brought Green Moon up from Melbourne. If there is a "smokie" in this race then that is it. Sepchenka on his best form would win this easily.

Years ago, when Mat moved to Sydney, we took care of his dog Chloe, and she became our dog. Yesterday we found out that she has an inoperable tumour and so will no longer be with us. Chloe used to sleep with Mat and so he came out last night to spend probably her last night with him. Dogs are so loyal, she looked her old self for a while before she succumbed to the pain killers. Ros Belle and Natalie have visited to say their goodbyes. It's not a happy house at the moment. The girls definitely get hit the hardest emotionally, don't they? I tend to accept the inevitable.

Wednesday 14th September: Half way through the month and Powerbet Daily is going well. The SMS took a new direction yesterday. After a rotten week last week we hit a profit for the week. I was stunned.

It's Spring Stakes and Cameron Day at Newcastle and I was to be there but a medical appointment for Ros has coincided and yes I know what my priorities should be but I will take her to the appointment instead. Well actually, my bets will be on anyway and Sportingbet are giving Maxidiv or best of three totes or starting price on all Newcastle races today and tomorrow. I still hope to make Cup Day tomorrow. I have to be honest and say that the fields today are not impressive and I wonder if the 100 metre rise in the Cameron from 1400 to 1500 metres is the cause? The Spring Stakes never gets a big field but it is alway a quality field with half of the 8 starters all having genuine chances.

Tuesday 13th September: We have a couple of good venues to bet at today. Yesterday there was one Morning C Pan race for a loss. We've had a lot of people lately looking for past results. I honestly don't look too hard at these anymore as I PREFER TO CONCENTRATE ON WHAT'S AT HAND. It is a good idea to keep records of all your punting as these are real results. Then if you like you can go back and review for any mistakes or obvious errors. I try to expose our results here.

We've sent out dozens of copies of the Powerbet Daily spreadsheet daily so readers can see how they go in real time. All those results are daily and real. They are not based on "past"history even though now they are history if you know what I mean. The whole idea is to show what results you might get if you used that same strategy. It doesn't means you have to bet each day but it does show that there are very few losing days which is something we have been telling everyone for the past ten years.

We do have an out and out special for the Cameron handivap at Newcatsle tomorrow. Click the top 5 ratings butoon on the right to see what you get and order before 4 p.m. today and get the selections by email tonight.

Monday 12th September: Two wins from yesterdays Morning C Plan and good winners prices too. Those who are using it should keep records to see if there is a better way to stake it as there is no problem with the strike rate. At 50% it is right on target.

And congratulations to Slammin Sammy! I did notice though, at the presentation you would be convinced that Willams had won the way they fawned over her.

Sunday 11th September: It's not our best Saturday and I had expected to do really well at Moonee Valley. A nose separated the Spring Betting Pool from the Quaddie and even though we got the Moonee Valley Treble, it was nowhere near enough to cover our outlay. Even so, we are only minus $149. The Bank is intact and there are plenty of Quaddies to be won.

The Morning C Plan had three wins from four races, and athough the prices were low, a small win is much better than a loss. The Winform Daily Mail had 14 races and 7 Quinellas and four Trifectas but nothing you would get excited about.

Powerbet won again yesterday and we retired early with over $300 profit. Five of the nine venues look O.K. today but that includes Kalgoorlie. Eastern staters will probably be watching the football before that kicks off.

Saturday 10th September: We came home with a $10 winner yesterday which put a dent in our bad week. The Powerbet Daily had a good week though and has reached $400 + profit even after losing $1339 last Saturday. Of course we were already up over $4600 for August so never in danger. The Weekend Sports bets kicked off with two out of two last night and we look to the aftrenoon and night with interest.

The Winform Daily Mail has 14 races selected today which is surely a sign that the action is heating up. Unitab has a Trifecta jackpot on Rosehill Race 6 and an Exacta jackpot on Rosehill Race 7. You can bet into these through Sportingbet. and not affect your dividends.

Friday 9th September: The Powerbet Daily has a small profit for the month and the loss last Saturday was picked up by yesterday. Today I like a couple of races at Geelong. I am just waiting for prices although I am confident of a bit of a longshot in the last.

With all that is going on and the rumours in the gambling industry I took time to contact all the corporate betting agencies we recommend. Those we trust can be found here.

I was reminded yesterday that Betezy will be betting in play and online on all the preliminary finals this weekend and phone bets are available at 13live. As far as we know they are the only agency that can do this online.

Thursday 8th September: Mat's kitchen caught fire late Wednesday night but with the help of neighbours it was quickly under control. Yesterday I viewed the result after NRMA's assessor had arrived, he was quick. Not only is the kitchen being redone but the house is being repainted internally due to smoke damage, appliances replaced and all remaining surfaces cleaned. Luckily we had opted for a $500 excess. The work will be completed by the end of next week. It is hard to complain about service like that.

The Morning Plan C Plan had just one race yesterday and one winner Offer which paid $15+. For just $395 (until Dec 31st) this plan is proving excellent value for those wanting to hop on each morning about 10.30 and check results later. To order you need to email direct@hunterlink.net.au with your contact phone number.

Our SMS selections continued their hard run this week with just a second.

Check out this week’s great promotions at Sportingbet Australia

Wednesday 7th September: My figures indicate today could be a good day concentrating on Sandown, Strathalbyn and Eagle Farm. On the Sports front last night I backed Manly and the Brisbane Broncos to get me square in case Newcastle,West Tigers, St George or the Storm let me down. There is an NRL calculator called NRL 2011 Calculator which showed me that under most scenarios, the Broncos and Manly were the most likely teams to fight out the major semi final with my other teams more likely to eliminate one another. Only the Warriors or North Queensland can beat me. I can see you all rushing to back them both now that you know my position.

Tuesday 6th September: I was looking forward to a good day yesterday, we always do well at Warnambool and Wagga but it was not to be. I had three short priced favourites in the mix but only one of those won. In the last at Wagga one horse missed the start but flashed home for 4th so what if? And Studious got the worst check I have seen when full of running in the straight and both runners at doublefigure odds. Not happy.

Neither meeting appeals to me today, Mornington is up and down and Goulbourn is not where we get the best prices. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if we blitzed it today.

The Powerbet Daily has started off poorly but that too is part of the ups and downs of punting. On the other hand we have more good feedback.

Monday 5th September: More feedback today. Can't complain and it's good to see that subscribers are making profits. Today I am busy at Wagga and Warnambool and I wont be doing anything tomorrow, at least I don't think so.

Sunday 4th September: Nice feedback from Greg Horn after Lone Rock, our top rated selection, won at $34. Also Andrew Boyce chimed in yesterday after the C Plan landed six out of six on Friday. The Morning C Plan landed three out of four yesterday. Our Winform Daily Mail, though , had an off day yesterday with only two Quinellas from the seven selected races. One of them did pay $98 though. The Weekend Sports landed two from three. The Spring Betting Pool is in the red for the first time after a nil return yesterday from two Quaddie attempts and two Trebles and missing the jackpot First Four.

Happy Fathers Day. I hope the kidsare taking you to the footy or the races or maybe a bang up family lunch.

Devonport races on their synthetic track for the first official time today. It may well be a season before we can have any confidence in our figures for that track.

Saturday 3rd September: I suppose I should be happy that we gave our clients the $5400+ Wyong Quaddie yesterday but I wasn't on it and I suppose that I should be ecstatic that we gave out four straight winning races to our SMS subscribers yesterday for an all up return of $45000+ but although I do this almost every day, yesterday I didn't. Does that sound like most punters? I just have to accept a $3k plus profit from my win bets and a winning week so far.

Greg Horn's Professional Punting - My Personal Approach found two wins from two races yesterday and it is juts a so sensible approach once you have read it. It was designed to point average punters in the right direction yet so many professional and semi professional punters have told us it helped steer them back on course. Gregs book is available via the online store (see left hand menu) and there is no need to log in. Have a good day today.

P.S. Good to see the Knights win last night.

Friday 2nd September: The Powerbet Daily started off with $361 profit yesterday. A good start. While tgis was going on though, I was having a few skin cancers burnt off my face. My bets yesterday afternoon were a disaster so I am hoping for better luck today, Wyong Cup Day.Hopefully the track remains Good. It should. The day has dawned brightly, with just the hint of a light shower at some stage. We are 20 minutes from Wyong.

Thursday 1st September: The Powerbet Top Three for August had a comfortable $4178 profit after yesterday. C Plan users might do what I did in Ballarat Race 8 yesterday and eliminated the top rated horse as it was 10yo which made the 2nd rated now top and the 3rd rated, the favourite now 2nd. The result was that the new top rater won at $18 and produced a very good profit. We nearly landed Candle in the Balaklava Cup (2nd and paying over $30) to make a good day great.


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