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One key element of being successful in the racing game is being observant and looking for set winning patterns. These patterns are there every day and every week, and this is something that punters need to learn for themselves. We all know that a lot of tracks have track bias, and track managers cringe at discussing the topic. But facts are facts and it is up to you as a punter to cash in on these facts. These patterns repeat time and time again. Always remember that History is one of the greatest teachers for predicting the future.

If you could learn to specialise in one particular area of racing it would make your job of picking a winner a lot easier. For example you could keep all the records of all 1400m-1600m at every track in Australia. You could become a 1400m -1600m specialist. What’s more it would be your little secret. The next time you are standing in a TAB watching a 1400m race you could look at the fellow alongside you and think confidently to yourself, what a mug he is!

There is a great deal of free information on the internet nowadays, and most punters won’t spend the time to use it to their advantage. On Saturdays the local form guides publish quite a bit of information on the tracks like Flemington etc, so everyone is well educated and there are few surprises left.

However, midweek on the provincial and country circuits, not much published information is available and most punters don’t take a lot of notice of track information anyway.

Winform Ratings are time based and definitely gain an edge on the country and provincial scene. You can see our top two and top three rated selections on each track and the general performance.

In using the performance tables listed below, it should be taken into account that all track conditions are included and that the larger the number of races covered the more consistent the expected strike rate will stand up on any given day. Some tracks race just once or twice a year. The worst results are recorded at some of the major Metropolitan race tracks but this is more a reflection of the fact that Metropolitan fields are larger and more competitive which spreads the results.

Winform Top 2 Winform Top 3
Av Div$
Av Div$
Above: Table 1.

Even if you don’t use Ratings such as Winform you can certainly gain an edge by understanding the different tracks and the advantages and disadvantages at that track. For example statistics show that Gawler in SA (my home state) is one of the best tracks in Australia to draw an Inside Barrier.

It seems that when the course was built the contractor building the Grandstand assumed the horses would be running in the opposite direction. They couldn’t move the Grandstand so they moved the finishing post.

Gawler Track
Barriers 3 and 4 are the most profitable at Gawler in field sizes of 9-12 horses. This may all change when the new works are completed at Gawler.

Gawler Track

State: South Australia
Circumference: 2030 Meters
Direction: anti-clockwise
Straight: 220 Meters
Comments Turning track with tricky short turn home. Wide draws a distinct worry

Gold Coast Track
Gold Coast is an interesting track to say the least. There is a definite bias towards the outside in large fields but in smaller fields there is a good spread.

Gold Coast Track

State: Queensland
Circumference: 1 885 Meters
Direction: clockwise
Straight: 400 Meters
Comment: Short runs to first turn from 1000m and 1200m

Mackay Track

Mackay Track

State: Queensland
Circumference: 1 600 Meters
Direction: clockwise
Straight: 310 Meters
Comments: Narrow 18m track. Always turning, tough away from the rails

Casino Track
Casino racetrack in NSW is one of those really interesting courses that not many punters take notice off.  

Casino Track

State: New South Wales
Circumference: 1600 Meters
Direction: clockwise
Straight:  400 Meters
Comments:  Very tricky to be wide from the 1000m. Track falls away out wide.

Bunbury Track

Western Australia has some unique tracks and Winform does very well indeed on them. On the table (Table 1) you will see that at Kalgoorlie the strike rate is around 33% for our top two and a high average dividend of $6.79 and about 22% profit.
During the Kalgoorlie Racing season many horses from Perth are stabled here.

Bunbury TrackPicture Courteousy of Racenet.com.au

State: Western Australia
Circumference: 1934 Meters
Direction: anti-clockwise
Straight: 320 Meters
Comments: Big advantage to be draw inside. Long straight runs from the shutes

Looking at the barrier tables below, you can see that it is fairly evenly spread.

Distance: 1200m
1 46 10.3 131 29.4 446
2 50 11.2 163 36.5 446
3 50 11.2 135 30.3 446
4 53 11.9 137 30.7 446
5 345 7.6 134 30.0 446
6 385 8.6 115 26.1 441
7 31 7.2 111 25.7 432
8 35 8.7 109 27.0 404
9 39 10.6 103 28.0 368
10 23 703 64 20.2 317
11 21 8.0 62 23.5 264
12 7 3.3 27 12.9 210
13 14 9.1 27 17.5 154
14 2 2.0 13 13.0 100

Most of this information can be found with little effort and little expense. It’s up to you as a punter to take advantage of this and specialise in one or two areas to gain a decisive edge and beat the average punter. I will cover more of these tracks in future editions but by then you might already be an expert on some of these tracks.

Good Luck & Good Punting





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