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I hadn’t until his name came in up in a conversation I was having with one of Australia’s most successful bookmakers Mark Read.

David Walsh is one of Tasmania’s favourite sons, especially since the disclosure that he was planning a spectacular $55 million dollar private art gallery at Berriedale with over $100 million dollars worth of art to display in his non profit venture built into the Cliffside at his Moorilla Winery.

Walsh also owns the Moo Beer Micro Brewery. The gallery is due to open this year and I for one will be looking forward to viewing the many unique art pieces in the themed gallery which mostly relates to sex and death, and aren’t we all preoccupied with these themes?

So what does this all have to do with Horse Racing? David Walsh discovered at an early age that he had a head for figures and so he like many others, applied his talent to gambling and is part of one of the world’s largest betting syndicates and with all his wealth with his Wineries, Art and other interests he is still only in his mid forties.

His Moorilla Resort features villas at $395 per couple per night which include access to his Moorilla Wines and Moo Beer. Overlooking the Derwent from high above they look like a great place to hang out for a few days or to stay in after one of the high quality concerts at the winery.

The moorilla.com.au website will give you a clue as to the style of art that David Walsh is into and some of the pieces are world famous and stunning.

This is one professional punter that has put his profits to work in bricks and mortar and other profitable areas. So how does he punt? We understand it revolves around computerised betting around the world wherever a dollar can be made.

David Walsh

Moorilla Museum
Above Photos: David Walsh discovered at an early age that he had a head for figures and so he like many others applied his talent to gambling. Bottom Photo: Moorilla Museum. Images supplied from: www.moorilla.com.au
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