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Nothing wrong with Winform Ratings

Garry, There is nothing wrong with Winform Ratings. Yesterday I bet the two feature listed races in Launceston Race 8 and Ascot Race 8. BOTH WON! Blazonry at $8.40 and Royal Lott at $17.30. Can’t ask for any more than that. $5140 for a $400 outlay.

I was going to put on a $50 all up on but thought I was pushing my luck! Would have returned an extra $7179. I was then a bit rotten with myself.

Now I have a bit of a bone to pick with you but I will be kind because I know your heart, professionalism, and guidance is in the right spot. Please, please don't take this email the wrong way. I’m just going to be open with you.

I hear you loud and clear about punting race-to-race placing bets just prior to the start. I know it works and its bugger all work.

However, firstly I will be back in the work force soon and just punting professionally on the weekends.

Secondly if you had sat in front of a computer for 10 years as I did, 50 hours a week you would understand my hate for sitting in front of them. I am looking for a lifestyle change you know.

Also a punting strategy has to fit your personal circumstances. I also enjoy playing golf competitively. This requires an enormous amount of practice time. I’m also tied up with coaching Junior Clinics. I put in long hours on everything I approach. I am a Virgo – we are perfectionists. You get the picture.

Now apart from all of that I do actually listen to you and take heed of what you say. Its because of a couple of things that you have mentioned recently that I have totally reshaped my whole punting strategy. And now have never been more confident of success.

When I was quizzing you last year about how you arrived at the Best Bets so I could pick one Best Bet per day you replied “Greg you should have a set criteria and if that throws up no bets or 10 bets so be it!” That one comment stuck in my brain for 2 months and I had some sleepless nights. GARRY IS SPOT ON! I thought.

Three of your New Years resolutions were:

  • Only bet when you feel like it
  • Have more fun
  • Take your own advice and stick to what you know

Well I agree with all three points and started to reshape my approach. The problem with my punting that last 4 or 5 years is that I lost faith in my own approach believing that I could not surely match it with the best in the business.

I have been betting race and horse and other people’s methods, selections, staking plans you name it instead of putting my hard earned on what I’m passionate about and know consistently works. I’ve watched these neddies go around for 30 years now and got thousands of manual stats.

My criteria are to select the Feature races and races with depth. Good exposed form and open markets. Then apply the ratings if they are suited to the tempo of today’s track and conditions. Its not everyone’s cup of tea. Certainly not yours, but it is mine. No one method in this crazy game is right.

I will no longer ever accept a bet under $2.75 because at $2.50 you have to achieve a strike rate of 40% just to break even + 10% profit= $2.75. That’s the minimum price any best bet should be according to its winning chance.

I don’t enjoy backing maidens at $1.90 who find a way of getting beaten and then I let a bet go on a group 3 only to see my selection that is near a champion with a 80% SR, bolt in at $7.

There is plenty of action on the Black type racing eg. 21 group races this week. That’s what I specialise in and that’s what makes my heart sing. That’s where the huge overs are if you have half an idea. I often wish Winform would cover New Zealand as there is so much MUG money on those races it’s not funny.

I have a nephew that just specialised on Wet Sires, he is unbelievable and makes a small fortune because Joe Public doesn't have a clue.

So I am following your resolutions to the tee.

Set Criteria, Stick to what you know, Bet when you feel like it, Have fun, Reap the rewards and Enjoy.

Now I’m not saying that I will not succumb to betting race to race one day, I know the Power Play and C Plans are the ultimate professional approach, but first I just want to do my way for a while. I might just surprise myself and get passionate again (Oh and make much more profit too!!!!)

Regards; Greg

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