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The Winform Plan takes Dutch Betting to a new level. The program uses six betting windows, each having a specific task to help you make a profit. The first section is the accounts window which allows you to flick easily through your various accounts, the next is the race selection window which allows you to pre enter or enter as you go the different races for the day. The betting window allows you to enter your selections for the respective race, you need to include the TAB No. and the current price or pre post price of your horses.

Next is the Winform betting window which displays all entered selections, the next window is the expected profit percentage panel which will display your betting options depending on how many selections you have. The sixth window is the Bet Statistics window which displays total outlay, return, profit and profit %. This window also includes editing options for your outlay and profit. The best way to explain the program further is through the demonstration as follows.

We are looking at the Belmont meeting on the 18th June and we are using the Winform Ratings for our selections. In Belmont Race 5 our top three horses are, Classic Lad (9), Keys Ace (3) and London Court (6). When using the Winform Plan Software we watch the Bet% column because this indicates the Profit Percentage as bets are entered progressively. By using this column the program prevents us from placing bets that will not return a profit adequate enough to cover our stake. We enter horse 9 for a 700% profit, and horse 3 for a 153%, and horse 6 for 102%. If I was to enter the next rated horse which was Urban Waltz (7), the price of this horse would make too little profit, so we discard it as a bet. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software 'Betting Window' (All Bets have been entered)

Once all our bets are entered click the ‘Show Profits’ button, the Winform Plan Software generates the different staking options we have. We have three selections and therefore are given three options. We have chosen option 2, to save on the lowest rated horse to boost our profit by putting a little more on the top two horses, and just enough on horse 6 to get our money back if it wins. If either of our first two horses wins we can expect to double our money on the race. See below

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Betting Window (Expected Profit Percentage) three different Staking Options

We then click ‘Calculate Bets’. The Winform Plan Software calculates our bets and predicts our return and profit. In this case we are staking $50 for a possible return of $114 dollars including a profit of $64. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan (Outlay Calculation) bets are calculated

We place our bets and cross our fingers. Today we are lucky enough to find a winner with ‘Classic Lad’ (9) at $7.60.

To enter the result simply enter the TAB number and win dividend into the results section and hit ‘Process’.  Because ‘Classic Lad’ fell in price we didn’t achieve our predicted profit, but a win is still a win with a return of $106.40 and a profit of $56.40 which is still 100%. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software (Dividends have been entered)

In next race, race 6 we have Tambrey (10), Powerfully (9) and McDrumin (8) as our top three rated horses. We enter all the selections and calculate the bets for an outlay of $38 and a profit of $49. See below. In this particular race we are feeling rather lucky and want to up our outlay.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software (Bets have been calculated)

To do this manually we’d have to get the calculator out but with the Winform Plan we simply enter the amount desired into the outlay box and click ‘Change Outlay’. The program recalculates our bets to the nearest dollar, in this case our new outlay is $49 for a profit of $64. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software (changed current outlay)

Lets say we are feeling really lucky and we want a profit of $100 instead of $64 once again the program does all the calculating for you. Simply enter the desired amount into the change profit area and click ‘Re Calculate Profit’. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software (changed profit)

The Winform Plan also has a report system to help you keep track of all your results, the first report is the Current Bets report. This report is designed to keep track of all the transactions through out that day, after the day is finished click the ‘Transfer’ which transfers all this data to the Master Accounts Report. This report contains details of every transaction conducted through out the history of your account. See below.

Winform Plan Software
Above: Winform Plan Software
The Div 1 is the dividend of the race winner. Profit Column shows wins or losses of each race.

The Winform Plan Software has all the right tools to help you come away with more in your pocket each time you use it. This simple to use program comes with an online tutorial to help get you into the action straight away. It is perfect for use with any set of ratings or your own selections.

The Winform Plan is available from Winform Bookshop in the Software Package which contains the Winform Plan, the Winrate Plan, Dutch Betting and $100 Per Day Plan or sold separately.




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