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Professional Punters Diary

Thursday August 10th: The month is flying isn't it? Next week is the Seminar and what a great week that is. I have never had a seminar I didn't enjoy, for the simple reason that everyone who comes is there to learn and live their Racing dream.

By week's end I expect that everyone will be able to leave focussed on what they want to achieve and knowing how they can do it. We have room for just one more person.

Yesterday was a forgettable day. Only four single selections for a dead heat first but that's better then nothing. The weather is fine today Australia wide and it won't be long before good tracks are the norm.

Competition is hotting up amongst the bookmakers and we note that IASBet (now SportsBet) has increased their bonus for new account holders to $200 and the Free bet to $50. I took advantage of one good bet at Super price yesterday and got $50 over the best price on my $150 bet. That's an extra 33% profit for just one bet. This is the sort of thing you have to do if you want to succeed.

In one race yesterday I bet on seven of the eight runners and laid the favourite on a betting exchange. My profit was never in doubt. I also laid a 9 yo favourite and it never looked like winning.

Wednesday August 9th: Sorry about yesterday, it simply slipped my mind. There were two winners from eight single selections and we are still behind the eightball, especially if you missed last week's $35 winner. Always check the website for updates after WA scratchings.

The Top Two was good again yesterday with a $25 winner to start the day which yielded 33% winning races. I still haven't figured out the way to only bet in the races we win. Maybe in my next life. Anyhow, Powerbet remains the closest thing we have to trawling the races to scoop these in.

I will be sorry to see the footy season end as we continue to reap the profits, there are only about eight weeks or so left. The AFL becomes dangerous territory now as teams out of the eight actually try to finish lower so they have first pick of the draft choices but of course they deny this. Other clubs and NRL cluns actually start experimenting as they get ready for next year. It makes it all a bit harder and surprises more likely.

IASBet (now SportsBet) has their Melbourne Cup markets up and you can even bet for the placem with some very good prices.

Monday August 7th: Another winning weekend for the sport tips with two out of three. We hear another organisation is skiting about their 67% strike rate, the same as ours but the difference is that our average dividend is around $2 and theirs $1.35.

Yesterday we had two Bravo winners from four, the Premium service had a 50% strike rate and although the Top Two was down, some dividends at $7 and up to $12 made up for that. The Money Factory work out for the singles added more profit and August is now promising.

Sunday August 6th: With 27% in the Top Two yesterday you would think it was a bad day for ourTop Two rated selections. Not so. Have a look at these winners, $8, $5, $12.40,$8.20 $17.20 and more. In addition, we scorefd A $2890 Trifecta at Rosehill R 4 just boxing the top four at a cost of $24.

The FREE system Simply The Best had four bets yesterday for two winners and all four were placed. An each way Parlay for just $5 each way returned $561.50 Profit. The Parlay Magic program comes Free with the book Racing Pays More which can be purchased at the bookshop.

There remains one spot, although we could squeeze two if necessary, at the Winform Professional Seminar which commences Monday week at Raffertys. The most recent attendee is flying return to Newcastle from Brisbane for just $195. That's so cheap!

The single selections had three winners from 14 yesterday but at prices good enough to clear Money Factory again and add to the profits. GrandSlam had two selections, both placed.

So far this weekend we have had one win and one loss from our sports bets with one to go today.

Friday August 4th: THIS DESERVES AN ADDITION!! An each way parlay for just $10 has paid about $4680! I actually recommended this play to a customer and then got involved with other matters and forgot all about it myself. Bugga! Finally, the big dividend we have been expecting! How does $35.60 IASBet (now SportsBet) sound? It was the one winner from the three selections for the singles yesterday. Mind you, as explained yesterday, I was not betting and I have already heard from some other subscribers who were not on it. The horse was not originally selected but appeared on the website along with our regular WA update. All subscribers are aware of this. Northam was the only good track yesterday and so the only place where we had any selections.

Money Factory has now closed out with a $2700+ profit.

Thursday August 3rd: It's my wifes birthday today so I have to be away early. I also have an appointment mid way through the afternoon so no betting for me today.

Yesterday, the small number of winners for the singles kept our Money Factory going and we hope today we will get closer to a successful conclusion.

The weekend Sports bets are now online and later today subscribers can access the weekend's ratings. I did have a query re Powerbet and I can tell you had I not been using Austote I would have been slightly worse off as they did not cover Belmont where we lost the first two races. I did miss out though on a couple of very good winners that accurred after I closed out my series. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Wednesday August 2nd: Today I ran Powerbet and used Austote exclusively. It was a difficult day and I took my betting one race past a bust, twice as it turned out. I don't recommend this but I was using only a $500 Bank and had decided at the start I would take it to $1,000 if necessary. From 20 races there were only five top two winners although I did skip the hurdle race (our top horse won this). The last winner was a $20 chance on Austote and I could have picked up an extra $100 or so had I bet at IASBet (now SportsBet). My other winners though, paid more on Austote.

At the end of the day my strike rate was lousy, the level stakes loss -27% but the profit using Powerbet was 10.8%, a remarkable performance.

Tuesday August 1st: I'm pleased to say that we did get 12 of the 16 winners yesterday in our top two selections and Sunday was better than we thought. Here's what Jeremy had to say:
In the last 16 weeks I have averaged more profit than my salary. Yes, I have effectively doubled my annual income.So what's the bottom line? Winform have managed to provide a service to their customers that exceeds expectations. Whether I use the ratings every day or once every 3 weeks, the results are still consistent.Now, the cherry on the cake...I was at Flemington last Sunday and purchased the full ratings. When a horse popped up on top in the ratings I compared prices and saw $30.00 as a win dividend. That horse as we know won well and I had a return large enough

to book in my holiday and pay off the car. I also had the quinella for a handy $10 which paid $209 and boosted my bank ignificantly.Anyway, the point of all this gloating is to say a huge thank you to your team because thanks to you I am now well on the way to becoming financially secure and at the ripe old age of 23, I have learnt the hard way that there is only one method to success and that is hard work. I wish you well in the future and believe me, I have no doubt that continuing with your services in the future will provide me with the information successful enough for prolonged financial returns and enjoyment.
Kind Regards Jeremy Crawford

Monday July 31st:
A couple of excellent Trifectas yesterday with just the top three, and our sports selections killed it at the weekend with five out of seven. We have heard that a couple of clients are making a living from our sports tips.The singles had two from seven yesterday but a bad Friday/Saturday have killed our hopes of a winning month, although Money Factory has made a small profit measured in hundreds not thousands of dollars.

It is difficult to overcome an extended bad run, not because it doesn't happen, it does happen all the time. The problem is a psychological one as in human terms a run of say three months of losses can sap the life out of you and your Bank.

A sample case is our Winform Gold and Winform Winners and Success Express selections. These had an excellent run through the late 90's and early 2000+ before one losing year when 90% of our subscribers dropped off, never to return.

In the past 18 months these same selections are making as much as 30% profit on turnover and this year to date about 56% strike rate. The selections are on our Hottest selections number 1902 210 680 at $11 per day but are part of our Premium Winform service which includes our ratings, GrandSlam, Bravo and other services for a small extra charge (about $10 extra per week on an annual basis). The Premium service can be purchased online at the bookshop or call us (02) 49501747

Sunday July 30th: The Sports selections have three winners from five with two more games today. I am still thousands in front for my average $50 bets for the season.

Yesterday was a poor day for our single selections with no winners but there were very few bets because of track conditions. Powerbet users who focus on the Winform Top Two had a very good day even though at 28% the strike rate was down. The profits came courtesy of winners at $15, $7, $7.60, $8 and $13 and $11 along with a few smaller ones. Today is interesting. We actually have a Flemington meeting. Good luck.

Thursday July 27th: Only one winner yesterday with few selections. The weekend Sports bets are online now if you've subscribed and we expect a good result as we run down to the final series.

IASBet (now SportsBet) continues to provide our Members with great prices and top service and they have recently increased their opening bonus and more then doubled the Free bet bonus from $20 to $50. You can get this free bet by simply opening an account and having $50 worth of bets so effectively you get two bonuses as well as better prices.

We recently surveyed prices and found that the TAB which pays the best dividends about 60% of the time is Austote. This is because they only take 5% out of the pool while the others take as much as 119%. It may be a disadvantage that Austote does not opererate on all venues but those where it does operate will often pay much better.

Wednesday July 26th: Sorry about yesterday but we had a glitch with an ADSL outage, so what's new? The singles were successful yesterday and we have passed the $600 profit mark with Money Factory. It may not seem like much but after last month we will accept whatever profit there is. Jenni attacked the Market Forces strategy yesterday and scored eight wins from ten before deciding that was enough for the day. Profit was over $250 on an easy day. The Market strategy is being presented exclusively to our attendees at our one week live in August Seminar. Tegan made over $800 with the strategy last week in three betting days.

We still have three vacancies for the August one week seminar. It is the last that we will be doing for the simple reason that with the magazine now in full swing and our other commitments it will be too hard for us to organise.

It's a pity that we still have persistent rain yet we are still in drought. I suppose it will be floods next but it illustrates punting a little bit. We have losing runs then are teased with a few winners then we get a drought before one day, unpredictably, the winners start to flow again.

Monday July 24th: These are the Money Factory results to date.
Bets: 236
Wins: 45
Strike Rate: 19.10%
Av. Div: $5.10
Profit: $545.40

Sunday July 23rd: The C Plan continued to rack up winners and the Top Two delivered at 31% including the first winner at Rosehill which actually started at $21 even thought the best TAB price was only $11. There were several winners at $6-$8 which is always good for Powerbet.

The singles had only three winners but the placings? Unbelievable at 67% and including a $5.50 place dividend.

Two losing sports bets yesterday so we are one out of three so far with four on the line today. Here's hoping. It seems to me we have our worst results when we have more bets, still our losing streak is only two. Good luck today.

Saturday July 22nd: It's only 2 o'clock and already there are six winners out of seven for the C plan from Racing Pays More. It was only a week or two ago that we received an email from a client who said he always comes back to the C Plan on the weekend and it always gets him out of trouble. I tried an each way parlay and lost a small amount although one runner to go in my next one and maybe that will redeem me.

Anyhow, the deal is this. One horse wins but after another two races go by there is a protest.That protest fails but now I find there's a protest on the horse that just ran 3rd. Luckily that protest also failed. It shows that anything can happen.

I tell you what, I should have parlayed the C Plan horses. Maybe next time!

Friday July 21st:
Another winning day yesterday so things are looking up. I was involved in a local Council matter late yesterday so could not finish off my parlay series. For a $10 Parlay yesterday the profit was $1900 on an each way basis just using the single selections. Money Factory cleared another series and is now $433 up for the month. New readers would say "Big Deal!" but when you consider that we blew one Bank of $3200 and have retrieved that plus a profit, it is a good deal in what has been a winning year but not a good one.

I must clarify a little. We updated the selections on the website as Rockhampton was upgraded to a good track. This actually cost us a little money as the one winner at $4.40 didn't recoup the cost of the 5 selections. Those who missed the upgrade did better.

Thursday July 20th: Thanks to yesterdays success, Money Factory is now in front. Even though we went bust and had a losing run of 24 we still managed to be nearly $300 in front for the month so far!

Also, the Sports Selections are now on the HRA Line for only $1.10 the number is 1902 215 231 or you can get access to the Sports Selections (along with Best Bets and Feature Race) when you subscribe to the magazine.

Wednesday July 19th: We said hang in there and sure enough along comes Grimm and wins at $21.33 at IASBet (now SportsBet). In fact there are three winners in a row and I am running a parlay and for a base unit of just $10 I am $4,000 up and on Scared which is our 4th. I could have quit but I am running an each way parlay and I have put the money on.

Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained, Scared is backed off the map and I am still in front but Bugga! Scared couldn't even run a place after challenging the leader on the home turn. Still three our of four ain't bad!

Tuesday July 18th: No bets yesterday and no bets again today and the wet weather continues. It has provided the opportunity to have a look back at results and say "What If?" I've just spent a few hours looking back at our Grandslam results and they are pretty special I think. This Saturday-only plan just keeps on performing and yes, it has been quiet the last few weeks with a small loss and we are waiting for our next long shot winner but it will come. I used Powerbet with it and that produced 20% better profit and then I tried the Professional Staking Plan and that was also successful, starting with just a $10 bet and tripling the Bank in just the first four months. Grandslam selections are also excellent standouts for Trifectas and Quinellas.

We have been able to get free $50 bets for readers who do not have an IASBet (now SportsBet) account. Just click through and deposit $50 or more. You will get 20% bonus PLUS a $50 Free bet when you have had $50 worth of bets. Put it this way. Never knock back a Free bet offer as it adds to your profits.

I was wrong about weekend sports, we actually made a profit of .20 because Parramatta was $2.30 and not $2.05.

Sunday July 16th: A very bad day for punters yesterday although the weekend sports selections had a neutral weekend with two winners from our four bets at $1.93 and $2.05 so 2 cents down. Today Sunday all race venues are suspect with widespread rain-affected tracks. We may well get some good priced winners but we expect the strike rate wll be down. Winform Singles will have only one possible bet today.

One BRIGHT spot! We had four bets for the Free system selections from the magazine for a $5 winner and three placings. The low cost phone number is in the Winter edition and of course the rules for DC are in the Autumn edition and Simply The Best in the Winter Edition which can be purchased in newsagents or through our bookshop.

Friday July 14th: Hi its Jenni, yesterday we went green in Money Factory after using a new strategy. We ended up with a 37% Strike Rate. Even though my computer was causing a few problems, I still managed to get every bet on. However, I sometimes missed out on the best price available and had to go with whatever was offered at that time. Still, it was an enjoyable experience and has given me a lot of insight into market forces and what happens when the public jumps on a favourite.

I also noted that yesterday the singles made a profit for the first time this week, so maybe our luck is changing.

Thursday July 13th: And we've been hammered. Our single selections after starting the month on such a high note have all failed to fire and we badly need a few winners today. How does a 6% strike rate sound? Awful? Bloody oath! But we are secure in the knowledge that everything must return to normal and when it does we will be sailing. I am not any different to anyone else and I did wake up in the middle of the night concerned about progress. In the light of day things didn't look nearly as bad as we have had these runs before and they usually end with a fabulous longshot getting up. Here's hoping.

Wednesday July 12th: It has been a bit of a hectic day here at Winform. Jenni's computer has been playing up, and there have been a couple of close calls with getting her bets on. The Newsletter has been sent to the printers this morning, so we should have it back early next week and out to you later in the week.

Tuesday July 11th: It's not a good result for yesterday and today combined, we'll have to wait until tomorrow. Our new Money Factory plan Jenni is working with made a profit today early but we found another way to lose when our selections simply fell over at Warnambool.

Today I have had a look at Sports Acumen and taken a number of Premiership doubles i.e. AFL/NRL and taken mostly Adelaide, Western Bulldogs and heaven forbid, Melbourne into Melbourne and Newcastle. The odds of the double vary from $11 (Adelaide Melbourne) out to $195 so the outlay is a little for a lot which is exactly how I like it.

Monday July 10th: Yesterday was our first big loss on the singles for the month with only two short priced winners from sixteen bets. Our hottest selections line got one win and a second from two bets and Bravo had a good winning day with a $8.70 winner and a second from four selections.

We also had a good winning weekend with two out of three and Richmond at $2.80 was the icing on the cake. We would have to ose very weekend from here on to actually finish the season with a loss. It won't happen. I also personally backed Italy, but I also had France. I placed my bets going into the second round.

I have a new personal betting strategy involving Money Factory and will be getting right into it this week. I'll let you know how it goes. I expect IASBet (now SportsBet) will be sending me regular cheques.

Sunday July 9th: And it's funny how people often treat FREE stuff. We opened a Horse Racing Australia information line and put the Double Coincider and Simply The Best selections on it. The selections all won three or four weeks in a row and then we had a losing week. Immediately after that losing week HALF! Yes 50% of the callers DID NOT CALL the following week.

Yesterday again we had a winning day, Double Coincider two bets for two winners including a $7 winner and Simply The Best had only one bet for one winner.

The phone number which costs just $1.10 per minute so less than $1 most weeks, is in the Winter Edition of the magazine.

The singles had a great start yesterday with a $13.40 winner. By days end the strike rate was just 15% and a small loss on level stakes but the Money Factory plan went into profit again.

The footy selections are winning as we backed Richmond outright at $2.80 but West Coast could only beat Hawthorn by 10 points so we didn't cover the margin which was 20.5. Nevertheless we are winning the sports bets again and we still get people caling up saying they don't bet the footy because they don'e bet sports. So far this year it has cost everybody who doesn't bet sports thousands of dollars and that's just for a bet of $50.

I suppose I had better get to work and organise the web site for Sundays Ratings and selections. Good luck.

Friday July 7th: Four winners from fifteen for the singles yesterday. Premium subscribers also got three out of four for a 75% srike rate, two SE's for one winner, two Success Express Specials for two winners and one Winform Winner for one winner and you can't get better than that.

We noted that there is one form package available which includes video comments and that could be very helpful to punters, however when we anlalysed the deal in detail, it would cost over $200 per week to get these.

It would not be necessary for Metropolitan meetings as form guides such as Sportsman include this information but the comments on country and provincial meetinsg could be very handy. Is it worth it? I think the professionals have this angle covered and so it is built into the prices. What the professionals don't have is Winform ratings and this is where we have adjusted every run for every runner and adjusted the times to reflect the differences between tracks. It costs just over $30 per week to get every runner at every TAB meeting in Australia rated which works out at less than one dollar per meeting.

Good luck for the weekend. Our Feature Race is the Grand National Steeple and the footy tips are on the net now. Remember you get the Footy Tips, our Best Bets AND a subscription to the magazine for just $99 per YEAR! That's got to be the best value going.

Thursday July 6th: Hi its Jenni here. As you may know, I have only been here for a few months, however the knowledge I have gained since my starting has been pretty impressive. A short time after I strted i was offered an account to be opened at IASBet (now SportsBet) and was then given a free $50 bet. I placed money on a few teams to win the Soccer World Cup. The only team left that i had money on is Italy, and lucky for me, the odds were at $9.00 to win and I had placed $25 on them. However, to ensure a profit, today Iplaced $80 on france to win at $2.05. This means that regardless of the winner, I will have made a substantial profit, which is a clever move. If I can learn this in only 3 months, imagine what you can learn after years within the industry!

Also, Money Factory has shown profit after a few good days of singles. Our current figures for July are:

Bets:52 Wins:14 Outlay:$1457 Return:$2545.30 Profit:$1088.30 Strike Rate:26.9%

Wednesday July 5th: And it's a great day here at Winform with seven winners form fourteen bets and most Members would have recovered the majority of the June losses already.

In the Spring magazine we are focussing on Parlays and so have been tracking results. The interesting thing is that parlays cost no more than single bets but have a look at what can happen when things go right.

Yesterday our first four selections won in a row and paid between $4.40 and $12. On a straight out basis a $50 parlay returned $330,000+ and a $25 e/w Parlay returned $63678 profit.

The Parlay wins even if ony two of the selections win and an each way parlay needs three returns to make a profit. Get all four into a place or all four win and it's a MOTZA!

Coming back to reality and there is no way we could have received $300,000 back on a mid week race at the $12 dividend. The multiplying effect of the first three winners meant that effectively there was $27,000 on it. The likely dividend would have been only about $4 so a $100,000+ win in reality but would you be complaining?

The other question is that if you were using our Parlay Magic program, would you place that last bet when you are already $30,000+ in front after three races?? Most would quit but hey! It's a healthy quit point.

So what's the odds? We win 22% and place 45% of the time. A double will come up 5% of the time, a Treble 1% and a Parlay like yesterday once in five hundred tries. Make your Parlay each way and it's 20% Doubles, 9% Trebles and 4% whole parlays, a much better prospect.

You can see why bookmakers don't take each way parlays.

Using our Weekend Sports selections we would get 44% Doubles, 29% Trebles and 20% whole Parlays. Now that's a worthwhile bet.

Tuesday July 4th: Hi, Tegan here, Ihave entered results from our FREE system in the Winter edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine: Simply the Best into money factory for 2005 and the results are as follows:
Bets: 203
Wins: 72
Strike Rate: 36%
Profit: $4384.50
If you missed this edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine it can now be downloaded direct to your computer for just $10 per issue or 2 issues for $18. Click here to order.

Monday July 3rd: The drought is well and truly broken with two $8 winners on Sunday and our Sports tips continue to win with a $1.90 and $3.40 win from our only two matches selected. We left the NRL matches out due to State Of Origin and we are glad that we did. We may well have picked all matches but would have had problems with the margins. Better to get two out of two and I know many members took the juicy $6.46 odds about the double. As it turned out the results of both matches were never in doubt.

JUST A REMINDER. The August Punting Seminar is only six weeks away and there will be no other Seminars of its type this year.

Sunday July 2nd: Actually it is late Saturday night. The drought has broken. Today we are back to normal with 35% winners in the Top Two. The single selections made a good profit including Classic Alibi at $10. Cheltenham was downgraded and so selctions here could have been dropped, although there was one winner anyway. Toowoomba came to the rescue with three winners from five selections.

Let's hope Telstra has solved the Internet problems that prevented some 10% of subscribers from accessing the website yesterday morning. The problems occurred randomly as some Members in Melbounre had no trouble and others did. Has your service provider paid there Telstra bill??

Saturday 1st July: To All Current Winform Subscribers, have been experincing outages on access the Horse Racing Australia website, Australia wide. These problems have only occurred in selected regions of Australia and selected ISP's (Internet Service Providers). Winform has be in communication with their ISP, in hope to find a problem, but everything appears to be running smoothly. We believe it is an issue with connections between various Internet Service Providers.
We do apologise for any inconvenice that this may have caused you.
If you cannot access your subscribed service, via the Horse Racing Australia website, in future it would be advised to use the Winform Phone Service Numbers that were provided in a letter on the commencement of your subscription. These Phone Services cover: Best Bets, Single Selections, Bravo, Flyers, Winform Winners, Winform Gold, Success Express, Grandslam and HRA Selections.

Friday 30th June:
It's the end of the financial year and I have made another good profit but not as good if the year had ended in May. I have actually given about a third of the last six month's profits back. Let's just get this month over with and hope for a good start to July.

Here's GOOD NEWS. We have just done a deal with a Melbourne firm who can supply Toshiba lap tops that are ex lease (still with warranty) and preloaded with the Winform Software suite of Dutching, Winplan, Winrate and $100 Per Day Plan. In addition we have agreed to supply one month's Winform ratings to purchasers. Cost is only $995 plus delivery. I'll advise details on this page by Wednesday next week.

Wednesday June 28th: I am beginning to understand why people who are ill lose all interest in anything. I have not even had a look at the races in the past three days although I still managed to watch the Socceroos go down.

Yes, I have a combination of the flu and tonsilitis and anyone who called the phone lines Sunday would know what I mean. Luckily, there were few bets and no winners so nothing was lost, I am better off if anything. Not so the hapless punter who was well enough to invest. June has been our worst losing month since April 2004 and it would take a flurry of longshot winners to get us back in.

Bravo is winning for the month and Best Bets is O.K. with a great level stakes profit for the year. It's hard for the punter when it all appears to be going wrong day after day. The reality is that our best for the month are less than half the average so with a bit of good weather we could recoup it all in no time and have a record good month. Last year, all our profit was made between May and August.

The message of the day. "Hang in there."

Sunday June 25th: And we're back to a winning sportsbet weekend, which is just as well because we have had our third losing Saturday in a row and probably the worst one I can remember. Last night I had to sit thorugh the Knights denied two possible tries, either one of which could have been awarded under "benefit of the doubt" then to add insult to injury the Sharks got awarded a try in the dying minutes which was equally as dodgy as one that was refused.

Simply The Best has now had two losing weeks but is so far in front for the year it doesn't matter.

Our email Newsletter tomorrow will include a fabulous betting offer for next weekend and we will be taking advantage of it. If you don't get our Newsletter please email direct@hunterlink.net.au and we will send you one.

Winform Top 5 ratings performed well on the weekend with a number of god paying Trifectas and first fours such as Saturdays big money winners Eagle Farm Race 2 Trifecta - $2091.70 Quinella - $118.50 Exacta - $189.5, Grafton Race 1 Trifecta - $347.00 Quinella - $24.70 Exacta - $31.90 First Four - $1694.60 and Randwick Race 1 Trifecta - $253.30 Quinella - $38.90 Exacta - $82.30 First Four - $1677.90 and Mowbray Race 2 Trifecta - $1842.50 Quinella - $82.60 Exacta - $48.60 on Sunday amongst others. For only $15 for the whole days top 5 rated horses, it seems to be a pretty good deal.

P.S. Have a look at our new main page for details of the August one week live in Seminar.

Friday June 23rd: At last we have moved to the front with our World Cup soccer tips! Did you know that by match time you could have bet both sides and the draw and made a guaranteed profit? Australians bet so much money with the TAB that a bet there, Croatia and the draw at best price enabled you to back Australia elsewhere. For a $10,000 can't lose investment there was as much as $500 guaranteed profit to be made!

We did not have as great a time on the horses yesterday as there was only one winner. Again I remind you that as it is winter we are not having as many bets. Now I've just finished a little research and noted that if you bet all Winform top rated horses that were rated at even money or less on good and dead tracks, you made a clear level stakes profit, over $30,000 for $100 bets in the last 18 months. The strike rate was over 25% and average dividend better the $4.00. The longest losing run was just 20. Call (02) 49501747 or email winform@hunterlink.net.au if you would like information on how to get these selections.

The Strike Rates of the Top 2, 3 and 5 Winform Ratings has been analysed and are now available to view on the link provided on Wednesdsay.

Wednesday June 21st: Hi Jenni here, today we have been analysing our ratings and updating the Top 2, 3 and 5 Strike Rates for our Winform ratings. If you want to view the orignal article vist the following link http://www.horseracingaustralia.info/strikeratetables.htm.

By Friday we will have all new information with 64500 races analysed.

We had a $44 winner today at Warwick Farm Race 6 "Main Game", which was our second rated horse.

Tuesday June 20th: A losing day yesterday and I was not happy with the look of the Narrendera Racing surface. It looked very sandy and shifty. I'd love to hear from any locals who know the track but it looks like it may be added to our list of no go tracks for the future.

Today we have Kilmore and Cessnock. We generally go very well at both tracks and last Cessnock meeting was a disaster so we are expecting a correction. It's funny saying that, because many would argue that it is nonsense but if I were a stock market guru my words would be accepted without question. The point is that I see no difference between the stock market and Racing. They are both affected by public perception and comment.

Monday June 19th: Okay a losing weekend all round. We actually about 2.5 units behind on the Sports bets but still well in front overall.

The Racing was poor again yesterday and it can be patchy. This time last year we had two of our most successful Saturdays ever!

If you took every single bet you are now behind on Money Factory for the month yet strangely, I am personally well ahead. You may remember I am doing twelve columns and so it tends to break up the losing runs, although they can still catch up but not so far. More winners required!

Our Sports Selections were just entered into our database and I can happily tell you that we have a 62% strike rate for AFL and 75% strike rate for NRL.

Sunday June 18th: One World Cup game right and one wrong. The Czech Republic are now in trouble in their group. We are getting further behind. One NRL match right and one AFL match wrong with one NRL match to go. We can still get in front for the weekend. The Winform singles made a profit yesterday and there were some good winners in the Top Two even though the strike rate was down to just 27%. I made a good profit when the Sandown Quaddie fell into the top four ratings. We even had two Quinealls in the mix and when we had a protest in the third leg we still came out in front as it was our 4th rated horse protesting against our 2nd rated selection. The Quaddie paid $1848.

A Reminder that if you took the free $50 bet option with IASBet (now SportsBet) then that Free bet will be in your account tomorrow.

Friday June 16th: Overnight we lost when Sweden scored right on the 88th minute. We had it up until then. We are now behind 1.2 units on the World Cup so far but there is plenty of time left.

The single bets have been non existent with the wet tracks at all venues yesterday but we have some good bets today. IASBet (now SportsBet) has some good value in the weekend sports as the Winter Racing carnival winds down.

As a professional I have to admit to being beaten this week with nothing going right, although as I suggested Wednesday night the penalty goal as the first scoring play hit the right note at $6.50.

Racing sees the infamous Ipswich Cup tomorrow and we do have some affection for this course as we do seem to find good priced winners there. We'll forget about the protest that cost me personally seven grand last week when Rin Tin was demoted from first to second.

Do I need to remind you that Horse Racing Australia Winter Edition is on sale at Newsagents now? Good luck for the weekend.

Thursday 14th June: Our World Cup selection Spain has won overnight 4-0 and we have now collected two from four matches. Our overnight bet tonight between Sweden and Paraguay offers value and we thank our expert David Toulson for his insight (we might change our mind if he got it wrong!)

Wednesday 13th June: We did get a good winner in the World Cup with Czech Republic over the USA. There were no Single bets yesterday due to poor track conditions and only six today. The Weekend Sports results were good, but this week we have come up with very few and they will be up tomorrow. The Newsletter is now up for members.

For Rugby League followers State Of Origin is on tonight and for once I am not sure. I'll just watch the game but I have had a couple of bets on either side to score a penalty goal as the first scoring play. I reckon both sides wil want to put two certain points on if they get the chance.

Monday 12th June: Hey the sun's come out for the first time this long weekend. Yesterday was notable for two more of our sports bets getting up, although the Western Bulldogs only won by 14 and I took -14.5, so a near miss. Two left today so fingers crossed.

There were some memorable outsiders yesterday and our Powerbet users should have been happy with a $27.50 winner.

Bravo had a good $10 winner Saturday which I missed. Jenni didn't so she's happy.

Today you will note that on the Weekend Feature race I have personally changed the ratings. The program does things automatically and I rarely intervene. 3200 Metres races are difficult because few of the runners have any 3200 metre form. I am hoping for a longshot.

Sunday 11th June: The header may be mussed up but the profits have rolled in in spite of an ordinary day around Australia with wet tracks everywhere. Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Eagle Farm were all downgraded which makes our ratings different for those races. Nevertheless Powerbet users had a blinder early with longshot after longshot arriving nullifying the 29% Top Two strike rate.

Money Factory users should have had fun for a while too with more then enough early profit to keep things going. The $15.50 Grandslam winner should have cleared the current series too. It cleared mine with a $3400+ profit. It also punched GrandSlam into profit for the month.

Magazine subscribers must have been having a great laugh too as both Free systems had a ball. Double Coincider had two bets for a winner and placing and Simply The Best was alive again with two winners and a second from the three selections.

Our Weekend Sports tip are going well too with St George winning last night and Manly the night before so two from two so far. The first of our World Cup tips runs overnight too.

We had a go at the Quaddie again yesterday and had three legs up and a second. That doesn't pay!

As a professional, I was able to spot a certainty yesterday in the Stradbroke. The field was wide open but Cog Hill, out top rate horse firmed from $8 into $7.00 before easing slightly. The place dividend was between $3.50 and $4 on all totes which is way over value. It should have been $2.50- $2.70. I had a big go with IASBet (now SportsBet) and got back $3.55. I had a small bet on the Trifecta to win with eight other chances which was a better bet then the straight out win bet evben though it lost.

The point is that if you always bet when the odds are in your favour you must come out in fromt long term.

Friday June 9th: We will have our World Cup selections up tomorrow. Today has been a disaster for our single selections but you get those days. Yesterday a protest cost us big time, I personally missed $3,000 when the protest against Rin Tin was upheld. There was little in it and we can only assume that senior jockey Colless got it over the apprentice.

Our selections will bounce back so hang in there time. Our Money Factory is still ahead for the month, about $535 the last time I checked.

It looks like a big day tomorrow so good luck!

Thursday June 8th: The Weekend Sports Selections are ready to go. There are three AFL games and 3 NRL games and I am outing my bets on as three patents. This is a bet type you can have at IASBet (now SportsBet) and costs $70 for a $10 bet which gives you $10 on each of the selected teams plus a treble and three doubles. If all three bets are successful you will make a very good profit. If two win it will still be O.K. and if only one wins, well you are well behind but nothing ventured nothing gained. There is a better than one in four chance of getting all three bets up and a potential return of well over $200.

So far today we have two singles up from five and need to get more after yesterday failed to spark. We did note that there have been some good results lately from Brenton Burford's strategies (see the past two editions of the magazine which is on sale now at Newsagents).

If you haven't acted on the IASBet (now SportsBet) top up offer you shuld do so now before it expires. I can't afford to pass up Free Betting money can you?

And on the matter of offers, I just took Sports Acumen up on their offer. You simply place one bet on the World Cup and then add cash to your account and get 10% up to $100 added to your account. Well I'm not a soccer person but I wanted to have an interest so I did a dutch book for $100 on four teams and topped up my account so efffectively I now have $100 worth of Free bets on the World Cup and I can enjoy following my four chosen teams.

Wednesday June 7th: Did I forget to update yesterday? This is what can happen when you get distracted. We are actually betting the new Money Factory Plan and as it is race to race it is pretty intense. Today for example there is sometimes only a minute or two between the races, as a matter of fact because I'm writing this we just missed getting on Sandown Race 5 and yes, of course we had the winner. It is a setback but we move on, it can't be helped. If the figures are right we will recover.

No joy with the Singles yesterday but we have a report from one of our Members that shows a profit of $1789 for a $10 bet and that is just betting Saturdays so does not include our $74 winner from last month.

Today so far we have had several races where we have been able to get much better odds by just keeping our eyes open and taking fixed prices where these are obvioulsy better.

Monday June 5th: The Money Factory has started the month nicely with $437 profit already and with two good priced winners today already, we will add more. Our weekend Sports tip just missed getting even. We had two wins from four bets but at $1.90 that comes to just $3.80. Never mind, we will get there. A reminder that today is the first day you can get the IASBet (now SportsBet) top up offer so take advantage while it is there as it applies this week only (until next time anyway).

Sunday June 4th: A very good day for Powerbet users yesterday and in researching an article for the Spring Edition of the magazine, I tried an experiment with Money Factory. All Premium service Members will find the details on their internet sheet today. In a nutshell, the result was a profit of $953 profit for the day. I've also trialled this on some past results and scored $200 a day and more.

Part of our Premium Service is that Members get to see what we are thinking about new methods and are first in. It is too early to declare the new method an outright success, but it is promising.

Simply The Best had two winners from five bets so a good result for the first two weeks since this appeared in the magazine. Double Coincider finally had a loss so now four winners from the last five bets.

Our Weekend Sports bets have one win and one loss with two bets to go today.

Friday June 2nd- UPDATE: I am obliged to clarify the IASBet (now SportsBet) offer. Yes you do get a $50 Free Bet and yes you do get a bonus on your opening deposit BUT to get the second top up bonus you will have to make an additional deposit in accordance with their top up rules. I didn't think anybody would think they got two bonuses for one lot of money but apparently a few have tried.

The IASBet (now SportsBet) offer is a very generous one and all professional or semiprofessional players would tell you to take whatever bonuses you can get. If you are a hobby player I am sure you would like some free betting money too! Good luck for tomorrow.

Friday June 2nd:Two major things happened yesterday. One was the issuing of a prospectus by Centrebet who are floating a significant portion of their business and second, the bid by Tabcorp for Unitab which has the potential to create one national TAB pool. In Lastest News and Current Edition there will be a reprot by lunchtime today outlining a) Our thoughts on the Centrebet float and what will happen to your punting if we end up with a national TAB pool.

ON another subject, yesterday was a good wining day. Only two bets for a first and a second so June has started in profit.

OH, in case you didn't know IASBet (now SportsBet) is giving away $50 to every account holder who can find the error in their brochure "Queensland Guineas". The answer is that the Queensland Guineas is a Group 11 race not a Group 1 as stated in the brochure but we didn't tell you that. So now go and get your Free $50 bet. See below May 31st for details about how to get this and even more money if you act today!

Thursday June 1st: We did well yesterday and May is now a winning month on level stakes for the single selections, thouhg no by much. One selections just missed at $31 but paid $7 the place. Now wouldn't that have made a difference? The Money Factory finished at -$70 so almost get square. The timing of some of our winners meant a small loss but then not everybody bets every bet every day. We have many subscribers still reporting that they have never lost a single Bank yet and some of those have been betting the plan since before Christmas.

Andrew called to say he is still winning with Powerbet. He visited the office in March and has completely turned his betting around. It took some time to come to grips with betting horses at all sorts of prices. Previously the vast majority of his bets were on horses at $5 and under. It is a mind set that many long term punters have.

These days of you want to be a winner you have to be prepared to change your thinking. The weekend sports bet page is now up and some of the prices will change as there is some great value.

Wednesday May 31st: And it is our last chance to make a profit for the month. Yesterday I responded to a client who was wondering about the Bravo selections. You may remember that this was a service started by Amelia Burton when she wrote her book Punting In The New Millenium. From January 1st there have been 175 bets for 36 wins and $2209 profit for a $10 bet. If anything , like a lot of figures we look at, the average dividends are down right across the board.

My feeling is that it is cyclical.

The one consistent thing I find is that the vast majority of punters are inconsistent, like the ones who follow Bravo but miss the winning days. We all miss days, family circumstance being what they are.

We have emailed all our Members who have an IASBet (now SportsBet) account about a new deal they are offering starting June 5th. If you don't have an account and open one now you can actually "double dip" but don't say I said so. Here is the IASBet link (now SportsBet). Punters can't really afford to pass up these generous offers, I mean it is money for nothing.

On that subject, who has only one betting account these days? I have about a dozen, and one of those matches whatever everybody else offers, so I am well placed to take advantage of price moves etc.

Tuesday May 30th: 1/01/2006 to 30/04/2006

74 bets 29 wins 50 places Proit $1950 39% won 26.4 % POT. $708 68% placed

Does that sound like a good betting plan? It's the results of our Free system in Horse Racing Australia magazine for the year to date. On these figures alone a subscription to the magazine at just $99 per year which includes Best Bets and Sports selections as well as the Feature Race each weekend would be a good bet don't you think? Click the link to the bookshop on our main page to order.

Yesterday we got the very good winner we were looking for. It paid as much as $21 if you were lucky and still $13 if you missed the best price. We have had some nice emails about this winner at Bathurst, a mere country meeting. It was the only winner on the day but still provided a good profit and lifted Money Factory substantially and we now look like finishing May in profit.

Monday May 29th: It has not been a good month but little harm has been done. We are right on our expected strike rate of 22% or more for the singles but at $50 a bet the average dividends achieved at $4.34 is not enough and we are $400 behind. The Money Factory had one bust only and is at -$1135 but one good longshot at the right time will fix this. Subscribers who don't do all days are possibly bettter off. Brenton Burford, for example, has not had a bust for months and so is well in front including this month and that's without the $74 winner late last month. Brenton has a number of elimination rules which can include the price he is able to get.

He also doen't like betting in races with first starters, races where there is an odds on favourite and some other rules but I don't know exactly what these are. Every punter has his own individual ideas and the results we post are the results of getting every bet on, even if track conditions change.

Here are my personal results for the past six weeks using 12 Money Factory columns which all operate individually. Every column has made a profit except Column 5 which stands at -$1101. Total profits are $3618 and with the progressive of all coulumns standing at -$3763 you could say I was behind except that we expect every one of those columns to turn a profit. When they do, I will have around $7,000.

Each week so far the current outs has averaged about $200 per column and of course there have not been as many bets this month due to wet conditions.

Horse Racing Australia magazine is in the Newsagents this week and there is plenty of good winning advice. For the first time we made the Simply The Best selections available and there were four bets for two winners. Double Coincider, the Free system from the first edition of the magazine has now hads four bets for the month for four winners! Can't beat that. Check out the magazine for details. The selections are available via the phone number in the magazine or now on the Internet for a small annual fee. Of course , using the rules and working it out for yourself is free.

You know, a lot of so called professional people who have looked at our publications and our Winform rating strategies are quick to dismiss it all as having no value. This is because of the popular belief that weight ratings and pace etc. are the keys to successful punting and of course, following the money. These people also believe that professional punting is all about having a few solid bets and stacking thousands on them. My total betting for the week is probably equal to this strategy yet I never bet more than a couple of hundred dollars per selection. This keeps my betting "under the radar" and that way the dividends are not affected. The most successful professional punters are the ones who graft away and keep turning over the money. Look at the Banks. They are extremely profitable yet they make their money by lending it out, getting it back, lending it out again. If we see ourselves as doing the same it brings a whole new light onto the punting game.


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