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Novice Punting by Liz Chamberlain

When I first started working for Garry at Winform Publishing, I was very excited when I received a phone call from him to come in for an interview, as this was my first office job. Before this I had worked with horses since I was a kid, mainly performance horses, for Pony Club and then Eventing. I had little experience with Racehorses except all the ones that we had were off the track absolute freak shows and ratbags.

After High School I went to Marcus Oldham College in Geelong VIC. Half of our course was interested in Performance horses and the other half were absolutely mad on the racehorses. There were always conflicts between the class of 2004, and I could never understand why they were so mad keen on the buggers. Every time we went out we would be straight to the bar and they would be straight to the closest TAB machine. I was good friends with one kiwi and I think he was as keen as they come. Throughout the year I think he would have been in profit by $20,000 and when I spoke to him about 7 months ago, he had just won $30,000 for a $300 bet.

Once I had started at Winform Publishing, I was in the mind set that 'Oh yeah, I know heaps about horses, I'll start putting on a few bets with my 'vast' knowledge of racehorses and punting. Oh boy I was wrong; I soon learnt more than anyone could have imagined in a short few months. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline, have back up banks and extra back up banks, how to use all of Garry's software and also trying to read some of Garry's books. A lot to try and fit in a few months.

At the moment Prue has been here 10 months and I am going on 9 months, we have both learnt a great deal about the business, we are confident talking to our clients about products over the phone and in person, but there is still an enormous amount that we have to learn about punting, and most importantly, doing it properly.

Since January, Prue and I have a joint account with Sports Acumen. We started with $1000 and at the time of writing this article there is $1307.52 in our bank. So what have we actually been doing ??

We have been using a method that Garry has told us to try in conjunction with the single selections. We start with $1 bets on all the single selections that Sports Acumen covers that day, if we have a profitable day we start the next day with $1 bets again, if we do not make a profit, then the next betting day we have $2 bets. If by the end of the day we have reached maximum profit, the next day we start back again with $1 bets.

The biggest bet that we have had to place is $10, our highest bank balance to date was $1326.32 and our lowest was $667.72. We place all our bets in the morning after the final scratchings come in. I must admit that I was a little sceptical about this method, I really didn't think that you could make $300 in three months just starting with $1 bets. When you think about it, what bank gives you 30% interest on $1000 in three months, none that I know of. We actually calculated how much you could make from the bank in the same amount of time it was $1.25, and they most probably would have charged approximately $5 for account keeping charges per month.


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