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Don't Gamble With Your Health

Over 40,000 men and over 30,000 women develop cancer in Australia each year.

But the good news is that while 50 years ago nearly all cancers were incurable, today thousands of people are cured each year. Many more benefit from new treatments that help to replace the years cancer intend to steal.

Changing the habits of a lifetime isn't easy, but even small changes could help you avoid cancer, or find it earlier when it's easier to treat.

Scientists have shown that as many as one out of every two cancers could be avoided by giving up smoking, exercising more, taking extra care in the sun, cutting back on fatty foods and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables instead.

Cancer often goes unnoticed. It's easy to mistake some of its symptoms for signs of age or for other problems that are less serious and much more common than cancer.

See your doctor if you have any lumps, sores or ulcers that don't go away or show blood, a hoarseness that hangs around, or a loss of weight that can't be explained, a mole that changes shape, size or colour, or any changes in toilet habits.

They don't mean you have cancer, as there are lots of reasons why changes happen. But it's signs like these that can help spot a problem at an earlier stage, when it's easier to treat.

Remember compared to other health problems, cancer is a rare disease. Many health problems that are far less serious and much more common than cancer, often have the same warning signs. It's important to see your doctor if you have any unusual symptoms. Even if you do have cancer, the chances of a complete cure are usually better if the disease is treated early.

So don't gamble with your health because following these steps is relatively simple and will put you on the way to living a cancer smart lifestyle.

For More Information on Cancer prevention or support of people with cancer, call the:
Cancer Council Helpline
13 11 20
Or Visit: www.cancercouncil.com.a

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