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A number of members have been asking out the Ratings Based Programming that began last year. The following information should answer all those questions and explain the system for everyone to understand.

The Basics - Where did it come from?

  • In 2004 Ratings Based Handicapping was introduced in NSW. This meant that horse ratings would now be avialable on the Racing NSW website.
  • The ratings online meant that owners and trainers could anticipate the handicaping of their horses prior to nomination
  • The next step from using Ratings to allocate weights was to then program races based on a horse's Rating not class

How Does it Work?

  • In Ratings Based Races nomintaed horses must be Rated at or below the advertised Ratings. As an example, only horses Rted 93 and below will be eligible for ta Rating 93 event.
  • Horses that win Ratings Based Races, including in the metropolitan are, will only be penalised ONE CLASS, which is the same as winning an existing Class Race. E.g. If a 4 yo Class 2 horse wins a Metropolitan Wednesday Rating 81 race, it becomes a Class 3 horse.

Why Do It?

  • Ratings Based Rcaes enable horses that may have reached a certain class the are finding difficult to compete in, the opportunity to drop back to their requried level of competitiveness
  • It is anticipated horses will be able to race longer as they will be able to race in lesser Ratings Based Races as their Rating drops in line with their performance
  • Using Ratings and not Class will provide more racing opportunities for the majority of horses. For example, the majority of horses are Rated 81 and below, et many are Class 4 and above. At present midweek Metropolitan races are mostly run for horses of Class 3 and below, thus limiting Country horses' opportunities. Now with Rating 81 and below races programmed at midweek meetings, numerous Country horses will have the opportunity to compete, therefore increasing their racing opportunities
  • The Spread of Weights should provide an attractive betting medium.

Determining a Horses Rating

  • The RBH Policy on the Racing NSW wbsite states that horse's Ratings are updated within 48 hours of them racing. This is the practice when horse race on a Friday or Saturday, however horses racing on a Tuesday will have their Ratings updated the next morning
  • Trainers can ascertain their horses Ratings by:
    • Loggin on to Stable Assis where trainers will now find all theor horse's Ratings displayed under the "horse's trained" section
    • Loggongin on the Racing NSW website and click on the "find ratings" button on the front page/ Type in the horse's name and the horse's Ratings for it's three last starts will be displayed
    • Contacting the Racing NSW Handicapping Department/Racing Office

Determining a Horse's Weight in a Ratings Race

  • The goal of Ratings Races is to ensure competitiveness for as many horses as possible in any one race.
  • A template for all propsed Ratings Races has been produced by the Racing NSW Handicapping department
  • All Ratings Races have a minimum of a 64kg spread if the highest Rated horse nominates
  • For information on the Programming go to Racing NSW wesbite

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