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Summer Edition- By Garry Robinson
Last Updated: For Wednesday 21st February, 2007

Please click on the following link to access the NEW Updated Professional Punters Diary- Autumn 2007
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Wednesday February 21st : A testing day today and we note that our results at Morphettville, Warwick Farm are poor with Morningon and Ipswich just average.

I am committed to winning for the Betting Pool and so will be extremely selective today. Yesterday was a day off ,and as luck would have it I took off on my Laser but the conditions were pretty awful with an inconsistent NorEaster, gusting up to 25 knots.

I thought I would sail safely back, as it was no fun with very sloppy conditions and I was the only boat on the lake but like punting, the unexpected can come along and a tough gust tipped me in with my shin scraping along as I went.

Today I am bloodied and sore and what happens next...you guessed it, computer gremlins again. So what will today hold? Three Winform specials after the expected track upgrade at Mornington with the other bets at Ipswich. I'll take a patent at IASBet (now SportsBet) for the pool if value is there.

The magazine has been posted to subscribers.

Tuesday February 20th: Yesterday, even though it was a slow day for racing, was successful with a $19 winner from our Single Selections at Swan Hill. This brought Money Factory a large profit of $1000. Previously in February Money Factory went bust, but thanks to a few good priced winners and yesterday's very good winners, we are now only -$750.

Monday February 19th: Anybody who was disappointed with the results at the weekend would have to be hard to please. The last at Kilmore provided a $1500 Trifecta in the top four. All of those horses were rated less than $10 and this is generally a good guide to where the winners will come from.

I was tempted to back Australia in the one day Cricket yesterday for the betting pool at what appeared to be good odds at $1.95 outsiders . At 4/ 336 you would have expected that quote to be in to about $1.20 but the Enzedders came back to win easily. I do think Australia will win tomorrow.

The magazine will be sent out to subscribers this afternoon and here is a big test for us. The readers who were impressed enough to take a subscription in February last year are now due to resubscribe. If they do, the magazine will become a permanent part of the Australian Racing scene. We think this is our best isssue ever with UNITAB getting behind us with a $50 betting voucher offer for the first 100 subscription or resubscriptions taken up.

Sunday February 18th: No action for the betting pool yesterday but subscribesr had a great day. Powerbet, Grandslam, Winform Specials all went well yesterday. Today about seven meetings, Goulbourn is a genuine Dead but we have assumed an upgrade at Kilmore. We usually do really well there and Port Lincoln.

I reckon Powerbet would go well today if we achieve just the normal striek rates for most venues.

Saturday February 17th: $140 profit added to the betting pool today and we didn't get the best prices. A $23.37 result with Betfair could have been $31 with IASBet (now SportsBet) and several members complained they took the wrong option when the horse was backed in the fixed price market from $21 to $14 with IASBet (now SportsBet) and yet drifted on course from $21 to $26. We cleared out today with an IASBet (now SportsBet) Super price $18.03 winner which was $24 on NSWTAB but much shorter everywhere else inclduing a top fluctuation on course of just $9.50!!!

That's a lot of variation but still we won easily in the end. We can't understand how Werribee did not get upgraded today in the 35 degree heat. The Winform Specials had one win from three at Pakenham for a $3.20 return. Have fun today!!

Friday February 16th: Another $40 added to the profit pot yesterday, it was a slow day with the overnight loss of $-899 quickly recovered but here's why we missed out. I happily took $7 fixed price about a horse that opened $4.40 on course. Good deal right? Actually the winner drifted to $9 and won like a good thing. The extra couple of point would have yielded us an extra $300 profit. Sometimes it goes the other way, of course, and we get an extra few points due to a big drift in the IASBet Super price (now SportsBet).

Yesterday we backed Basha Fauragea at $61. It ran third and paid $17.40 the place. There was also Crafty Belle at Canterbury last night, winning at $35.50 while I was at the movies with Ros and Belle but you can't be everywhere at once. Powerbet users would have cleaned up with that one. Today we start our Money Factory run at -$195. For the record I am currently collecting 39% of the time and on level stakes am making 2% but using Money Factory we are making better than 7%. My normal strike rate is close to 50% so we have plenty to look forward to.

Thursday February 15th: More bad luck yesterday when my computer crashed while half way through a Money Factory sequence. So what did I do? I guessed the next few bets and cleared the series by $50 before plunging headlong into a new series which stands at -$899 but so far, fingers crossed, in spite of it all every series has cleared which is exactly as planned.

Readers who have Money Factory will be astounded to learn that a recent microsoft security update can stop money factory from opening. Today Prue is going to send all purchasers advice on how to change your security settings so what happened to me yesterday doesn't happen to you. Heaven help the ordinary punter who is not 100% up to date with what Microsoft is doing. I have worked in computers all my life and I am completely bewildered by what is going on.

The Winform singles performed poorly yesterday. Our moment will come. It is only a few days since our double figure winner last saturday.

Wednesday February 14th: A bit of bad luck yesterday as we were unable to get on Lismore Race 1. The winner we missed was $66, our 3rd rated horse. After that we picked up just one winning race from 12 then held over for today. Two more races were run at Lismore and both would have been winners but you have to have rules to protect your sanity. Mine is, bet first race after 5 p.m. then go home. Some days that's a good decision and sometimes not. Today for example, I have commitments immediately after 5 so no matter where we are I will quit. We carry over a $540 loss on the betting pool. We did make about $9 on our first bet yesterday. Exciting!

Tuesday February 13th: The Punting Pool made $100 yesterday even though there were only two race meets to bet with. The track conditions were bad yesterday so there were no selections to report back to you on. We got the mini feature race listed on the best bets page for the Hobart Cup, the quinella although it didnt pay much. It was still a win. Good Luck Today.

We had a quinella today at Lismore paying $378.

Monday February 12th:
And I am a little disappointed. Yesterday I didn't bet and I think a lot of our members didn't bet. However, it was a very good day whether you simply took the Specials, the Best Bet or the Winform Single or Powerbet or Money Factory on anything. I checked with a few subscribers at random and found a lot had decided after a run of losing Sundays to take the day off.

When we compare days of the week longterm, there is very little difference excpet for Saturday when strike rates and dividends are actually less than average but of course, no one can leave Saturdays alone because that is where the glamour is.

Anyhow, I spent the day with a very smart man : David Bendeich. David provided our members some years ago with two plans that lifted our Success Express selections from a 40% strike rate to over 50%. He has now started an analyis on our Winform Specials and to date has highlighted that if we stick to API one or two, our historical strike rate would be 48% and not 38%. Profit on turnover would be increased but of course we would be foregoing many of the longer priced selections. However, David is about maximising profit with minimum risk.

We have entered into an arrangement with David to produce a book detailing his approach which can be applied equally to our Winform rated horses and also to the selections from the Free ratings on Unitab and Tabcorp sites. And when both approaches are com ined the end result is astounding. With any luck the book will be available later this year when there is sufficient data to verify the resulst.

Sunday 11th February: We scored one treble from three with a return of just $61.45 we lost $116.55. Luckily I spotted one good Quinella bet, 'El Segundo' and Marasco which made up the difference and gave us a small profit of $27. Now some might laugh at me for having $178 on four trebles and $10 on a Feature Race Quinella when our Bank is $50,000. My aim is to make a profit and you can't do everything. Even with such a large Bank, I am only prepared to set aside a very small proportion for Exotic betting. Every year I score a major payout but this would be easily eroded by taking risks. It is not easy come easy go, this is a difficult game like any enterprise.

Yesterday it was almost impossible to lose. The results tell me that almost every suggested Winform strategy worked. Simply The Best, which has been having a tough run, scored a $9+ winner. The Grand Slam had three from ten including Mutawaajid at $9.90 and the Grand Slam sheet had winner after winner with two at double figure payouts plus a number of Quinellas and Trifectas. How many of the 200 subscribers to this service, were on board to collect the winnings? Patience is a virtue.

Powerbet users had a frolic. Money Factory never got hot, there were simply too many winners. Pity that apart from the bets mentioned, it was a day off for me.

Today I am meeting with David from Sydney who is sharing a number of good ideas for the benefit of Members. David uses Winform Ratings and the Ratings provided on the NSW Tabcorp site to focus his punting. David is a systems analyst who consults to one of Australia's largest companies. We are hoping tto publish some of his results in future editions of Horse Racing Australia magazine.

Saturday February 10th: Money Factory recovererd from a disastrous sequence yesterday with a $9.80 winner at Canterbury. Just one more winner in the next 8 seleections will bring homea profit for subscribers.Yesterday was not a good day for betting though simply because of the staggered start times on fridays which stretch into the night. It is not about convenience for punters, it is about tempting workers at the end of the week into having a bet with their drinks.Today i will be having trbels for the Betting Pool at the four major metro meetings. Total outlay is a mere $178 but with the chance of a few upsets the rewrds could be great. we expect to collect roughly one treble in four with our staggered selections. My biggest treble was just over $7,000!

Friday February 9th: Had the Townsville track been good, Money Factory would have closed yesterday with a profit. Instead it is teetering on the brink. On a good track we would have backed a $9 winner, on the Dead track it was no bet. You can see where good luck and hard luck can be so close.

On the good luck side I have been betting for the Winform Betting Pool and seeing the track upgrade was able to make a decision and, as I have been doing for the last week, bet the selection each way. Had the track continued Dead I would have dutch bet the race and made a small profit. The each way bet produced a substantial profit. It is just the way Money Factory works. A net retrun of $3 would have made the profit goal but the each way retrun of nearly $6, gave us a bonus profit of three times our stake.

The Betting Pool has been operative for only four betting days (five if you count our Super Bowl bet on Monday) and our profit is $587.20. If we maintain that rate of return for the year, the betting bank will double.

My strategy for the week has been. Using a Money Factory bank of just $4,000 I bet the Winfdorm single selection each way. If it is a C plan race (see Racing Pays More) I bet this strategy and if neither applies I bet the Winform rated horses from the top down to make 100% or more. I use the formula in Money Factory of 40% strike rate, av return $2.50. For the week after two days it was 33% and $1.79 but at the end of the five days it was 39.6% strike rate and av div. $2.71. I bet in 96 races altogeher.

Thursday February 8th: I have to go home sometime so went with two final losing races using Money Factory and down $1300 on current run. Four of the next five races were good winners which would have cleared the series with a good profit. As I said, you can't be there all the time.

We were also unlucky as the Sydney storm delayed Randwick races and changed track condtions. This caused us to be on a horse that couldn't handle the wet and missing another winner because of the time difference. That's the "luck" part. I guess I will need some early winners today.

The Winform Singles with Money Factory for February is in profit and Powerbet is doing extremely well this week after Sunday's bad run. On a $1,000 Bank and base bets of $10 Powerbet users should be up about $1200-$1300 depending on what prices you got.

Additional: We have heard from a number of Members about a fault on their Betfair page. Somehow the check boxes at the bottom of the page have magically become "unchecked" . This means when bets are placed you are not aware of it nor can you see your profit/loss on the upcoming race. This has all appeared to happen only recently.

We suggest Members using Betfair should check and see if this is the case. It does appear form the responses we have from Members that it is likely the problem occured during the log in process with Betfair. Anybody who is affected by this should lodge a complaint with Betfair.

Tuesday February 6th:
One winner from the two Specials yesterday, the other ran 2nd. Our bet on the Super bowl lost. Fair dinkum, 46 points with half the last quarter to go and no one could score. The Chicago Bears had the least possession of any team I have ever seen and when they had it they fluffed it! Don't panic though, remember we have won over 60% of all our footy bets.

A very quiet day yesterday with only two Race meetings (boring) but I'm sure there were oportunities if you could stay awake. Three race meetings today if Townsville goes ahead (very wet up North) so should be more interesting.

Monday February 5th: We couldn't find a winner to save ourselves yesterday. Top Two was only 20%. I had problems with Betfair yesterday which resulted in me being on a loser twice. In fact it was frustrating to see that we had a lot of very good seconds. I hate being beaten by a horse with just one win from 22 starts, especially when they win like champions! I guess every dog has his day, just not us yesterday.

Money Factory is currently $321 in profit for the month.

Sunday February 4th: Friday was a lossy day, -$800+ for the betting pool and it shouldn't have been that way. There were winners galore in the Top Two and some excellent prices so Powerbet users were beside themselves. Sadly for me, the winners were mainly 2nd rated so even though I bet several selections each way, a saver bet on the second rater would have been a better option ... On the Day!!

So, we note the detail but we don't come down on ourselves, we must stay consistent and yesterday ( I don't always bet the pool weekends, I have to have some time off) my strategy would have been brilliant. I just hope we get the right results when I resume early next week.

Winform Singles were a diasaster on Friday but if we held on it came back somewhat on Saturday. We highlighted the fact that our Feature Race offered no value for win bettors but as it happened our top three horses ran the Trifecta which paid over $400!! Some of our Members always take the top horses so we expect a few of you would have had it.

Today Kyneton is listed Dead but we think that is a "fake" rating so we have gone with good. We did that yesterday and both Victorian tracks were upgraded as on Friday. The Sunshine Coast is a genuine Dead so we went with that BUT provided Single Selections in case they get an upgrade later.

With my own money added to the betting pool we now have $50,000 (approx.) to work with. Success would be a $25,000+ result for the year as a minimum and as much as $50+ should we score a few dramatic results e.g. in a First Four jackpot pool. I've imposed a maximum bet size of $500 on any investment whether that be a Quaddie (unlikely) or jackpot attempt or a single win bet.

Friday February 2nd: Yesterday was quite challenging. I was betting for our new betting pool and also for myself and it was difficult and confusing at times. As a result, I have decided to double the pool with my own money so I am simply betting to make a profit. My set bets each day will continue to run but my Race to Race betting will be all in. I found that there were bets, for example, I may have wished to place on a betting exchange but I would get on at various prices. Which were my personal and which were for the pool? Now those decisions and choices are not a problem.

In any case, Profit for yesterday was a mere $76 as there is an incomplete series in Money Factory.

Best Bets had only one winner from three but two were placed and the winner was $5.

Thursday February 1st: We fired on all cylinders yesterday and pulled some respectability back with three straight winners for the Specials, a 35% strike rate with some good priced winners for Powerbet and the Winform Singles had 6 from 16, 38%!

Our records show that there are 170 of our subscribers with Money Factory and 180 Powerbet with 90 subscribers using both. This can be a sound idea as each Staking Plan has its own uses. You would not use Money Factory on a Plan that has a mere 17% Strike rate, even though the average dividend is about $5.50 and Powerbet simply does not work properly with average dividends of less than $5, even if the strike rate is a high one. It needs dividends in the $5 and up bracket to do well.

Money Factory is ideally suited to methods which have low dividends but high strike rates, for example , if you can maintain a strike rate of 45%, even at an average dividend of as little as $2.00, you can succeed.


Wednesday January 31st: We reached rock bottom in January with the Money Factory hitting -$9,000 but strangely enough we have no reports from subscribers carrying such losses with some actually making a profit.

The reason for this is a) The timing. We assume everybody can get on every bet and even if the track is downgraded we treat the bets as having been placed. b) We have our own set price for the selections and individuals can often get better prices at the time they place their bets using companies like IASBet (now SportsBet). c) A lot of Members have their own elimination rules which reduces the number of bets but not winners. The average dividend for January was $5.20, which is good to see.

Today is the last day of our special betting pool offer for Members and the promotion has been successful. It looks like I wll be able to do Powerbet for some selections and Money Factory for others and also do some trading on betting exchanges as well as using Money Factory for Sports betting once the footy season starts.

Tuesday 30th January : Another tough day on the road for me today. I will be relying on the girls in the office to place my bets. They haven't missed one yet. Yesterday David got stuck back into Powerbet. He made a lot of money in the past and then started doing some of this and some of that. Quinellas were good for a while until the business he was dealng with started restricting how much he could win so when the big paying Quinella came in he was restricted and didn't cover the previous losses.

Yesterday he started back wiht Powerbet and made profits straight away. Not spectacular but his complaint was "too many winners" so bets were small. Little fish are sweet. It takes a long time with Powerbet but once the scales tip in your favour you are set.

Once the magazine is finished, I am going to have some fun by starting with a $1,000 Powerbet Bank and trying to close 20 series in a row and letting the base bet size build up. If successful this could return me $20,000 and I have seen it done several times in the past and the worst that can happen is that I lose the original $1,000.

IASBet (now SportsBet) released a cashflow statement yesterday and it looks like they gave away punter's bonuses of about 2.5 million to punters in the last six months. It also looks like their turnover for the year will be about 1.3 Billion making Tabcorp and UNItab the only two bigger betting companies in Australia.

Monday January 29th: Winform Members are not popular with most of the bookies at the moment as the majority are winning. This is despite a very bad January for the ratings and single selections. We have a large number of Members trialling the ratings and don't expect a rush of renewals but that's just how punter's react in general. 2006 was an average year for the ratings yet a great year for the selections. The fact is that it would be pretty dumb to expect that you could back every top rate horse or even every top rated horse that looked value and make a level stakes profit.

In spite of this, many Members using Staking programs like Money Factory and Powerbet keep telling us that they are winning. I know I did. I have never had a loss with Powerbet (apart from one experimental strategy Amelia and I tried a few years ago) and I have never even lost a single Money Factory Bank even though I know one day I must. This January I currently sit on a small profit, mostly due to a couple of good parlay results on the Winform Specials.

Yesterday was a good day all round. The singles had a 31% strike rate, Best Bets won slightly. The Winform Specials lost. Let's get January over and get on February which hardly ever loses.

Sunday January 28th: No problems yesterday with two good GrandSlam winners, one at $10. Best Bets were spectacularly successful. The Winform Specials also showed a profit. The singles were behind but in front with with Money Factory. Jenni will update this later tomorrow but we will still have a bad loss for January. I am hoping for some success today. Both Best Btes look good and the Winform Specials too.

The Autumn magazine gets wrapped up this week, then off to the printers for a late February release.

Our special "betting pool" offer runs out January 31st which is Wednesday. It's not too late to get in. So far response has been good but we need more to boost the pool.

Saturday January 27th; Bad news if you didn't check the good track upgrade for Geelong on Tthursday. you missed the $4 winner that got money factory out of trouble. We also missed the winner of race one because obviously the track must have been good for this race as it was upgraded immediately after. We can't do a bloody thing about it and it makes us mad!

On another note you would be aware that only about 3% of punters make a profit punting. We have found that over 50% of Winform subscribers make a profit. Last year Sportsbet provided us with a free bet bonus to members and attendees at our one Day Racing Seminars. We have been advised that 50% of the free bets placed resulted in a winner so congratulations to our successful subscribers.

Yesterday, Winform subscribers could have nailed the Caulfield Quaddie. It paid $4650+. I got it and I'm sure there are others that we pick but don't know about. Last year we got the same Quaddie but it paid $315,500 and no I wasn't on it but it did make me start taking notice and I won over $30,000 lasat year betting the Saturday and Public Holiday Melbourne Quaddie with my biggest outlay a 25cent unit (up until flexi betting was introduced I shared a 50c unit).

Thursday January 25th: The Racing legends stamp collection was released on Wednesday and you can see detailsin news this month. They are sure to be collectors items. we also scored two out of two with the Special. At Last!! Jenni was also successful with Market Forces yesterday and her report will be updated later.

Hi Jenni here, Market Forces worked well yesterday with a final profit of $120. 26 races were covered with 10 winners. Unfortunately I missed two races due to other work duties and the closeness of the races.

Wednesday January 24th: I had two bets for two winners at Cessnock yesterday. I don't think either were selections but I did my own analyse of the form and made a decision using the GTX program. Both bets came in a very slight lull in taking phone calls from anxious Members who were worried about how things were going this month.

Is it our worst month? Well last year we hit rock bottom in August after a very lean winter but came out of it smiling. It's all in the timing but we never know when the very bad run or the very good run is going to arrive. In 2000 to 2005 our Winter period produced average dividends of $6.00, last year it was only $5.60. In previous years our average top rated dividend was $5.00 and last year $4.80, a substantial drop. This is why it is ever more important to get the best prices.If you aren't getting best prices then go to our bookies page and click to open accounts with the best bookmaker options in Australia.

Tuesday January 23rd: Did you take my cue yesterday? Told you Moruya would be good. Our 2nd and 3rd rated selections ran the Quinella in the Cup and paid over $680!! The 2nd rated horse Southern Air paid $27.37 IASBet (now SportsBet) giving Powerbet users a great day.

The Money Factory for January is now $6900 behind, a record loss for the past two years. Let's hope we don't go down further. Sale was surprisingly upgraded yesterday before a race was run, or was there an error? We didn't make it, we rely on the TAB for scratchings and track conditions as these all come from one central point these days.

It's all good tracks today and both Cessnock and Rocky are above average venues for us with Wakkas just a little below (on Top Two). Don't expect any really big prices today but we should do O.K. At Cessnock watch for horses which have previoulsy won or placed as it is a real horses for courses affair with the uphill and then downhill run in the straight.

Monday January 22nd: Another hot day coming up, 41 degrees yesterday. I got caught speeding the other day, the first time I've ever seen anyone booked for doing 58 kmh, admittedly I had passed through an 80 zone then 60 then 50 and all within 500 metres. So that's the trivia, now to results. Only two short priced winners from the singles yesterday and our Winform Specials ran 2nd. Second Up should have won but the rider had to straighten him up three times in the last 200 metres and still he just missed. He might have been easily the best horse but like many horses, they have the talent but can't bring it out.

Powerbet went very well for users yesterday, if they quit half way. If you went all the way you turned a fabulous profit into a small loss. Only two race meeting today and we rarely do well at the Moruya track which is a sand based track and gets harder when the tide is in. Having said that, I can just about guarantee that all our winners will turn up there I suppose. Sale on the other hand has produced good winners over the years but race today on a Dead track.

Sunday January 21st: Not too many problems for most of our punters yesterday with the Top Two producing plenty of good priced winners up to $18+. In fact, the day started with a $10+ Bravo winner. The Simply The Best selection Fashfield won again after drifting in the market. The Winform singles had bugger all winners but two late $7+ winners probably saved Money Factory, we'll know on Monday when we enter the data.

The Winform Specials continued their mid January losing trot with four losers (two seconds) but I personally rounded my day out with a big win by taking a parlay on the last four singles. Cost was $11 (I bet more than that of course) for a $44+ profit or over $44+ on $10 units and $4400+ on $100 units. I also made a mistake, don't ask me how, I still don't know but I punched in the wrong number on the 4th leg. Our actual selection could only run third, so I didn't miss out but had it won I would have cost myself thousands. A computer glitch at the Mannering Park office had distracted me, I hate computers don't you, but they're a necessary evil and I've been working with them professionally since 1970.

Today is Sunday. I hope we get some Winfrom Specials up today to satisfy the many subscribers who just started betting them in the past two weeks. They do win overall, believe me!

Friday January 19th: Not much joy yesterday, particularly for specials with zero from 6 and not even a look in. It happens. Top Two was poor as well but there were a couple of mid range winners and for the Winform singles the win of Flighty at Canterbury last night was a god send. It is easy to get caught up in the negative emotion of a losing run but Rome wasn't built in a day and I have never been able to guarantee that today, tomorrow, the week or the month, will be a winning one but I have always been able to see that we win in the long run. Property owners endured a losig run of nearly ten years in most areas before the golden run from about 2001. That run has ended and all of my investments are in the downward swing.

Looking back from the future, I know I will say, "well 2006/7 was a bit of a struggle with property but look where we are today." From a punting point of view I have had two losing years in the early 90's when Racing changed a lot. They were my only losing years. There has been another transformation since 2000 but this one is in favour of the punter because of competition between Internet bookmakers and the TAB. Good luck today.

Thursday January 18th: If you were happy with the results yesterday please tell us how you made money. Once again favourites dominated and the best priced winner in our low Top Two strike rate (27%) was only $7+. We did have a minor profit from the specials (one winner from 2 at $2.20) but one from three for Best Bets and two from 18 from the Winform singles as we quickly fall off the profit ladder for the month but there is that January syndrome again. Very good or very bad? At this stage it can go either way. Last year we logged off with two successive $30+ winners. We need you now!

Andrew has called back to correct me. Andrew uses Powerbet with the Winform Top Two and advises that he got two excelent wins yesterday by using IASBet (now SportsBet) fixed prices. On one horse he got $12 on a horse that paid only $5.50 on the TAB and another he scored $11 on a $8 TAB horse. For the week using a $1,000 Bank he is $906 in front. Not bad for a $10 base bet.

Wednesday January 17th: Yesterday was unremarkable until late in the day when we scored a $7+ Bravo winner (about time) and them Al Khafra at $25+ was a brilliant winner for the Top Two and Powerbet users. The Winform singles were O.K. but the Specials let us down and worse still, we provided subscribers with two selections for Echucha with a track upgrade. Both looked good on paper but finished second. Remember I told you how January was our worst month but when good like last year it is brilliant? Well it has been good but we are in a hole right now. Will it come good this week? The Professional takes it all in his stride and continues to bet with confidence.

Yesterday Belle worked with our top rated selections (wodds to 2.0) under the following conditions. Field size 8-12, good track,distance less than 1700 metres and in the first four favourites. She used the Professional Staking Plan starting with just $1,000 last January. After 12 months the profit was over $5,000 and the bet size was over $250.

I have reviewed the information this morning to see whether subscribers who are at work or maybe golf, who simply want to place all bets in the morning and put results in at night , could operate this plan off the Pre Post market in the Newspaper. The good news is that yes you can. The trade off is that the strike rate is 2% less (Newspaper markets are less reliable than on course real time markets) but the average dividend is a few cents higher. Using the Prep Post favourite only halves the bets but retains most of the profit. There is also the risk that a good track in the morning can become a wet track in the afternoon but it shouldn't affect the plan too much.

Neither method will work for the undisciplined punter. So to put it into perspective. $1,000 Bank, subscription cost $1195 (for the year) return last year $6,000 which is a profit of nearly $4,000 and with that size Bank 2007 could make over $16,000!

By the way, many Members will remember my daughter Belle who supported the Members and worked on the website back in 1997 and onwards. She is helping out here while Jenni, Tegan and Prue are taking turns with a well deserved one week break.

Tuesday 16th January: Even though Money Factory is showing a $1100 loss for the month, our Single Selections are actually in profit in level stakes. This is simply because of where the winners fell and hopefully this will reverse by the end of the month.

More difficulty with track conditions yesterday and today as Mildura was given as dead and expected to be upgraded but wasn't. Today Echuca, another border town is currently listed as dead but with low humidity and high temperatures we would once again expect an upgrade. We have proivded selections based on the thought that the track will be upgraded.

Monday January 15th: We have an update for Money Factory for January. Even though we had a good priced Grandslam winner on Saturday, we still busted a bank. However, we regained half that loss on Sunday with the $23 winner. The current profit/loss is at -$1132 with a strike rate of 19.7%.

If Saturday's Top Two was less then normal, then Sunday made up for it. And there were some very good priced winners. Winform Singles had only 4 winners from 27 bets, but still made a level stakes profit and when we finalise the Money Factory workout we expect a good profit. Best Bets had two winners from three for a level stakes profit. The Winform Specials had two winners and two placings from four bets and our Saturday feature race made a profit even though we had to back four horses to get it. Jenni will update the Money Factory results this afternoon.

Sunday January 14th: The Top Two was disappointing again yesterday with 28% although there were a couple of double digit winners. The Simply The Best system had one form three but at $2.50 there was no profit. Two specials resulted in zip. The Winform Singles and Grandslam had only three winners from 30 selections (about 15 seconds we reckon) but Money Factory should be profitabel and of course Grand Slam has come good again with Gin Lollowitcha paying $16+ .

January is either very good or very very bad and so far we can;t make up our mind which way it is going to go. I had three legs of the Quaddie again. One day!

Damian called this morning just to let me know that he is very impressed with Market Forces and finds it the ideal method, even if he is just down at the Pub with his mates. When he's betting seriously from home he couples it with Money Factory.

Friday January 12th: Well at last I have finally been able to make an entry to Punters Diary. All morning we have had power failure, after power failure. Garry got home safely late last night after the raging bush fires on his return trip from Canberra.

There will be a full article inside Horse Racing Australia Magazine- Issue 5: Autumn 2007, (Released the end of February) on Garry's experience at Sports Acumen headquarters.

Although yesterday's Winform Single Selections were very slow, we did get two good winners at: Penola- Race 1 No. 5 'Lord Exmouth' at $7.00 and Bunbury Race 7. No. 3 'Abbott' at $10.00.

Hopefully the power will hold up till the days end. Good luck with your betting this weekend, Prue.

Updated: Thursday: Just had a call from Garry, he is held up in Canberra with Bushfires raging across the road. It's just another one of those unpredictable things that prevent you from punting.

Thursday January 11th: Tegan here, just entered the results from yesterday into our Money Factory system. And the couple of good winners brought us back infront for the month. It may only be $59.95 but to come back from a bust i think thats pretty good. Devonport produced the great winner for the Singles yesterday, Auld Acquaintance coming home to win at $17.40, aswell as Blushing Manta a $10.60 winner at Sandown Lakeside. Warwick Farm proved to be a great race day aswell with winning 4 out of 5 races from the selections. We had one out of two for the Best Bets, and only one out of four for the specials. Lets hope todays bring some more good priced winners. Good Luck, Tegan.

P.S. Garry should be back in the office tomorrow morning.

Wednesday January 10th: Garry is travelling to Canberra today to rub shoulders with the guys from Sports Acumen to get a full run down on Spread Betting, which will provide some very interesting feedback.

Our Success Express breezed through yesterday winning at $5.50- Stawell- 'Forgaballah'. Unfortunately the Winform Singles didn't produce fantastics results, with just two winners at Cessnock: 'Quest For Fortune' at $3.70 and 'Jest The Shot' at $2.00, giving the Singles a strike rate of just 14%.

Be on the look for the January 2007 Newsletter as Winform Members will receive their hard copy early next, with a very SPECIAL Offer enclosed!

Thanks Again- Prue Hawkins

Tuesday January 9th: A great day at Wangaratta yesterday with our last Winform Single winning easily (he came from last at the turn) at $16+. It saved me, I can tell you, turning a lousy day into a $500 winning day. For some strange reason I tried to get my bet on at Betfair where I averaged $15 and failed to get all the money on that I wanted (I onlt bet $160) . At IASBet (now SportsBet) the horse firmed from $21 to $14 but paid over $16 at Ias Super Price and I could have gotten as much on as I wanted. fair dinkum, Betfair is useless for serious betting on the horses and I've just drawn a chunk of my money out.

I know many of our subscribers say they are doing well but it can't be for serious money. I can say that most of our winning subscribers are using IASBet (now SportsBet) and if not sure about the fixed or Superprice they are splitting the bet to get the average , which is not a bad idea.

Our Money Factory workout on the Winform Singles is at -$640.45 after one stop loss. Our winners yesterday recouped most of that and the singles at level stakes are showing a good profit. Where the winners fall is always going to be a matter of luck but as we saw last year, a substantial profit was made ($19,000+).

Monday January 8th: I did the right thing yesterday attending my mother in law's 84th birthday lunch and forgetting about the punt for the day. I did succumb later though, having a bet on the 20/20 match at Newcastle Sports Ground where Andrew Johns, the footballer, played for NSW. I figured that basically NSW were playing one man short but he acquitted himself well with one very good over of off spin which resulted in less runs than the overall rate and there should have been a wicket except the fielder put down the easiest of catches. I was right though, the Rebacks took the game seriously and won at $2.00.

I haven't mentioned the ratings where the Top Two had what must be the worst ever day at about 15% even allowing for the two longshot results. There were no specials at all but there was a Bravo winner and the Winform Singles found one $7.80 winner. Today is quiet with just two meetings. Moruya, which is Dead is actualy going to race better as it is a sand based track and the sand packs more solid when it is wet. We don't do well there though as horses come form everywhere and a lot of horses don't like the feel underneath.

Sunday January 7th: Told you the dam would bust. A very good day yesterday for most users. GrandSlam had none from two but Winform singles +6 units, Top Two 35% and a couple of real longshots, Bravo one from two, Simply The Best, The Bolter and Double Coincider all had winners for the Free magazine systems. Winform Specials had one from two but the winner firmed late to odds on meaning a slight losing day but a spectacular winning week.

For Sports punters there is a feast of Cricket action this week with a number of 20/20 games. I will be in Sydney for the Australia/England stoush on Tuesday night. It should be fun. On Wednesday it's off to Canberra and Sports Acumen to get the low down on spread betting. A very interesting article for the Autumn magazine will result.

Saturday January 6th: I spent the afternoon looking at houses and came in late; too late. The Winform Specials both lost but the Top Two was excellent at 39% and Market Forces had a 47% day. The Winfrom singles had a very good day with one $14 winner the highlight. So why was the day so good? Well, we do well at Port Lincoln as we only look at Port Lincoln form for our assessments there. Taree is always good, Ipswich is above average and Swan Hill is only 1% below average. Why do our ratings perform better at some venues? I wish we had the answer but most likely it is because of the "pool" of horses that race there and the layout of the track. To see how well we do at each track simply look up the chart from the link on our main page.

Friday January 5th: Top Two was only 24% yesterday. Will the dam bust today? We're possibly due. Winform Specials one bet for one winner and it was also our Best Bet. Winform singles had just one win from twelve and we have started the New Year poorly with a stop loss. The $18 winner Monday wasn't a big enough win. Personally I'm up $5,000 + for the week due to the C Plan from Racing Pays More and the Winform Specials. The 200% Plan was zero from six yesterday and Favourites, particularly when ridden by Darren Beadman, are really firing. The 200% plan is in Make Racing Pay.

Scott wrote yesterday with his plan. He skips the races until after six blanks, Winform finds a winner. Then he starts punting and says he does well. Scott is "coing in on the grouter" as the old saying goes.

Thursday January 4th: Yesterday the Top Two was 28% and the Winform Specials had three bets for two winners and a place. The Money Factory expected strike rate of 40% was not met yesterday with only 34% but some good results.

Wednesday January 3rd. I see that Jenni has updated the Money Factory workouts for the year. February through until June was a disaster for those who started late and for those who were starting in January you gave all your profits back before it came good. It's an object lesson in what Professional Punting is all about. At the end of the day your starting Bank of $9600 (three $3200 Money Factory Banks) increased by 140% and I don't see too many Banks paying that sort of interest.

A number of Members bet the selections through Money Factory each way and they achieved a similar result except that the highs were lower and the losing runs a lot less. There were six winning months and six losing months in the table below and it is a lot easier looking at the results at the end of the year than during the extended losing run. How many people can endure that? If you can or did then you have the makings of a Professional.

Yesterday the Winform Specials had one from one and the Top Two 48%. A good day.

We asked yesterday for experiences with Market Forces. Graeme was concerned as his series (punctuated by absences of a day or more) had run out to 55 and unfortunately, yesterday was a poor day with a lot of winning favourites. Jamie was high in his praise for our Winform services but was disappointed in the book because of it's step by step approach and reinforcement of Money Factory which appeared in past books. He felt that everybody with any sense would already be using Money Factory for their Staking.

As I explained to Jamie, a lot of readers have had difficulty following the reatively brief workings out in previous books whereas in this one everything is spelt out in step by step form and the illustrations of the selection process leave no doubt in anybody's mind exactly what to do in each situation. Jamie is one of those rare punters who get it right the first time and he has had considerable success at getting the best value by spreading his betting with several bookmakers and he was very happy with Sportsbet and IASBet. (now SportsBet)

Even though Jamie's letter was somewhat critical of the Market Forces book (only because he already uses the approach successfully himself and didn't find it "new" to him) he has won a $50 bet courtesy of Sportsbet. His quote " Hi Guys, Firstly I just want to thank you for providing us with all sorts of angles on punting most readers would never consider in their wildest dreams .....I wish to praise the effort with the Horse Racing Australia magazine...a MUST read for all punters.

Updated Tuesday January 2nd: We now have the results for the Money Factory software using the Single Selections since Jan 2006. December finished in front with a profit of $3368.40.

Month Profit
Jan $7646.37
Feb -$3171.80
Mar -$1477
Apr $2893.45
May -$70.55
June -$4114.30
July $590.30
Aug -$158.26
Sept $3303.10
Oct $9059
Nov $1274.20
Dec $3368.40
Total $19142.91

Tuesday January 2nd: The Top Two yesterday was only 29% but there were some very good winners. The singles had a $18 winner in the last at Caulfield but it has been a poor start to 2007. Market Forces had a 36% strike rate to be well below expectations. Maybe that means more winners today. Depending where winners fall and the prices obtained, the 36% may well have been enough to make a profit. There were a lot of favourites winning yesterday.

The Winform C plan had six winners from ten yesterday. You can read about the C plan in Racing Pays More.

Jenni is today putting the final touches to an article for the Autumn issue of the magazine about various Staking Plans and she has used the Winform Specials as her selection plan. This plan produces level stakes winners but Jenni has looked at six ways of betting the selections to try to make it suitable for race to race players as well as for day at a time players, i.e. those players who have to get the selections put it on and check the results later. The results will make fascinating reading. For your interest I can report that the Winform Bank (all of us have out in some cash and we are taking turns with the Staking so we can play seven days a week) is using the Professional Staking Plan and the Winform Specials and already we have increased our bet size from winnings to date.

We would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences playing Market Forces. Just send to direct@hunterlink.net.au.

January 1st 2007: We ended the year with a losing day. Big Deal! 2006 has beeen a great winning year for the majority of Winform players. Wins of $20,000 and up have been commonplace. The winners are the ones who put in the effort and didn't quit when we had a tough run through June/July. If you started at that time though, you couldn't be blamed for wanting to quit. The secret is in having a good Bank with reserves and not spenidng your winnings and leaving nothing left for the bad times.

Make your New Year's resolution to only bet when you have an adequate Bank and then roll with the punches. I am currently reading an American book which took several years to put together and features interviews with a number of American professionals, and boy, do they have it tough over there. Nevertheless they win and would do a lot better here with the benefit of fixed prices and generous bookmers like IASBet (now SportsBet), Sports Acumen, Sports bet and others.

I know collectively just as much as they know and more. I have focussed more on money management than those professionals. Our players have a much better chance of winning than those USA dudes who have to battle against an average takeout of 20% or more in the win markets. I'll have a lot more to say in the Autumn magazine.

I will win this year, just as I have in virtually every other year, simply because I have the Winform team behind me to monitor trends and pass them on. So do what I am doing and look forward to 2007 with confidence.

Sunday 31st December: The Top Two was 32% yesterday and Market Forces reached a 53% strike rate. The Winform Singles had a 26% strike rate but average dividend was low. The Winform Specials had a 50% strike, three from six. There were some exceptional Quinellas and Trifectas as well as a spectacular $28,000 First Four, not that I took that one but I did land a $40 Quniella in the last at Pinjarra. The singles had enough wins to clear the Money Factory series again.

I beat myself today. I looked into the form, and while this can be a good thing it wasn't today. Betting just the Winform Ratings as they stood provided plenty of opportunities. I tried the Quaddie at Mooney Valley (three legs) and Rosehill (two) and you can see that I actually had five winning races from eight. Anyone could have profited from that.

Our Grand Slam sheet produced five winning races from five selected including the Feature Race (about time we got another one.) Not too many ways to lose today but I found one. I'm actually reading today about a number of American Professionals and what they have to say about punting is worth the read. I'll let you know when I've finished. My week ended up down a few hundred but the month is well up.

Happy New Year for tomorrow!

Friday 29th December: The specials and singles both had a good day yesterday and the Winform Top Two was once again on fire with a couple of double digit winners. The Money Factory Bank for December has crept up to over $3,000 again. For a change the Best Bets actually lost yesterday.

To those of you who took advantage of one of our special Free Bet offers I would like to remind you that you also get a 10% bonus on whatever funds you deposit yourselves but only the very first deposit. If you are trialling the ratings you may have a number of questions. The first is easily answered. Always look for value. Recently we discovered that if you only bet the top rated horse when it was at a rated price of $2.00 or less, that was enough to make a level stakes profit over time. Also if you could dutch bet the top two rated horses and make at least 100% profit, that is also a strategy that leads to long term profits.

Good luck for today. Now Saturday ratings subscribers will also get access to New Years Day. To find the ratings for Monday just look under Saturday when you log in.

Thursday December 28th: Don't believe everything you read. I see we got yesterday's date wrong! A healthy profit from the Winform Specials yesterday and Best Bets had 2 from 4. The Top Two was a bare 31% and no double digit winners. Winform singles remain about $2900 in front for December in spite of dropping a $3200 Bank over the weekend. The last twelve months will end up over $20,000 in front at a guess. The Single Specials will have done better than that.

Tuesday 27th December: Two winners from two for the Winform Specials, Best Bets had a blinder but Winform singles which had a great day Sunday and a $22 winner were off target. Market Forces struck at 36% Boxing Day (about 4% less than expected but the Top Two were way off with just 25%. Our new Winform strategy we are looking at averages 48% but yesterday was only 38%. We don't know why but often the Holiday races let us down or maybe it just seems that way. I must have a look at the percentages one day but I suspect bookies markets are way above normal on these days with thousands of holiday only punters having a flutter at any price.

It's a quieter day today.

On Saturday 6th January all NSW Race meetings plus Toowoomba in Queensland have Free Entry for Horse Racing Australia readers. Just take the voucher on Page 25 to the gate for your Free admission. It's our Holiday Treat on behalf of the magazine and the Race Clubs involved. You can go to Mudgee, Bowraville, Rosehill Gardens and Newcastle and also Toowoomba under lights. Have a great day on us!

Money Factory has had a bust from Friday betting, but because of a good weekend plus good results from earlier in the month, we are still $2941 in profit, with only a few days till the next account begins.

Sunday December 24th: One more sleep to a total day off. Saturday was a good day I guess. The Winform Specials had just one winner at $2.80, so a losing day there. The Powerbet users may have had a very good day at + $800 or minus $200, just depending where you started. Races were so close some had to be missed but did you miss a losing race or a winning race? With 37% winners at average $4.65 it is an above average strike rate but below average dividend.

One Best bet for one loser, one Double Coincider for one winner. I could go on. Readers of this page often tell me when they call that they can't figure it out. There's nearly always one system or several that win. What happens to the others? Well we have hundreds of readers using the various Winform and Horse Racing Australia magazine strategies and we reckon that the majority of these readers use strategies that are as diverse as the results we show. The main strategies are Powerbet which utilises the Winform Top Two, Money Factory and the Winform singles, Market Forces (because it is new we are watching) when we can watch it as it's happening and the various systems from the magazine.

I also report on what I am doing if I try something different.

Happy Christmas.

Late Friday 22nd Actually: IASBet (now SportsBet) today settled a $17 million dollar action by the Commonwealth Bank. They were required to issue a statement that the settlement was a just result. It wasn't. The fact is that IASBet's (now SportsBet) limited resources could not stand out against the Commonwealth bank's bullying tactics with their litigation team and their corporate attitude. The WA Police and authorities could find no fault with IASBet (now SportsBet) when they accepted $17 million dollars in losing bets from Kim Faithfull and neither could the Northern Territory authorities.

Before today's settlements IASBet's (now SportsBet) legal bills were running into the millions and for years the company has been hamstrung by the ongoing drama. The $17 million settlement allows the company to concentrate on what they do best, offering competitive prices to punters and punting themselves. The settlement allows for a staged series of payments which should be covered by future earnings. Shareholders cannot expect dividends in the immediate future (my opinion) but further down the track there is more than just light at the end of the tunnel.

My Super fund owns shares in IASBet (now SportsBet) but let me assure readers that my comments are not coloured in any way by this. As a mere shareholder I do not have any power in this matter. A more comprehensive report appears in the Autumn issue of the magazine. My brief on this issue is large companies preying on smaller companies that simply can't afford to defend themselves to the bitter end. It is no different to individuals such as myself being forced to defend a legal action where innoncence does not protect you from the legal bills.

It reminds me of being in business as a retailer many years ago when the ACCC threatened me with a $50,000 fine when my very small retail outlet ran out of just one colour of a toy that was on sale. I had the temerity to ask why they didn't pursue K Mart when they ran out of items five minutes after they go on sale. The answer? The ACCC spokesperson admitted to me that they did not have the resources to fight Coles Myer. And that my friends is how the world works. I won my case by the way (it never got to court) but I shouldn't have had to fight it.

Oh. On another note, sadly we had no winners today except for one winner from the two best bets.

Friday 22nd December: Top Two was 35% yesterday with some good winners incluidng a $20 winner at Pinjarra. The Specials had one bet no winner and the Winform Singles went zero from 12. Today we have more important things to do than punt, it is our staff Christamas Lunch. The staff assessments were done yesterday and thanks to various recommendations by clients, we are able to confirm that everyone passed with flying colours.

Jenni has become somewhat of an expert on Staking Plans, Tegan is extremely creative with her magazine articles and is justly proud to be the author of a Racing book when eight months ago her knowledge was confined to having a few bets at the Pub TAB and Prue, of course, well she has done a great job of steering the ship while I was "on tour" . Brenton continues to assist with his insightful article on Winning With Ratings and we continue to get great support from many of our Professional Members who are always happy to pass on their knowledge to other Winform Members.

David expressed some disappointmnet yesterday with the fact that he always seems to get the call from his clients when Winform finds a winning race. He rarely misses the losing ones, or so it seems. As I suggested to David yesterday; his problem is solved by simply getting the Premium selections and getting them on with IASBet (now SportsBet), Sports Acumen or Sportsbet early in the day, even splitting his bets between all three if he wishes, and picking up the best average dividend. Last year this simple strategy ,made over $33,000 even though there was a serious losing period through June and July. A Bank of $10,000 covered all bases and the very worst losing runs so to trebe your Bank in just one year is outstanding. On David's normal bet size, his winnings could have been over $130,000. Nothing wrong with that!

Thursday 21st December: We didn't get any gifts from Santa yesterday, in fact although we did get 20% winners with the Winform singles, the dividends were ordinary yet they were enough to close another Money Factory series. Top Two was only 24% and some Powerbet users were left lamenting. It is one of the things we all have to put up with as punters. That is why all of our Winform punters who have undergone at least a smidgin' of training, are still in the game and making profits.

Wednesday 20th December: The ADSL in NSW has caused us endlessproblems troday. Suffice to say another great day yesterday with another longshot winner and Money Factory well over $5k in profit.

Tuesday 19th December: The good news it that Money Factory is $4961 in profit for the month so far and our Winfrom Singles are making a level stakes profit. The current strike rate 22.3% and av div of $4.98 are spot on the expected average.

We are currently reviewing the results for the Single Specials using them as stand outs in Trifectas, Quinellas and Exactas and the results while promising aren't any better so far than level stakes but we'll let you know. The big mover was three horse win parlays and four horse each way parlays. When Jenni has finished we'll let you know.

Yesterday the three Single Specials all won ending a one week losing streak.

Monday 18th December: It was a successful weekend for most although the Winform Specials continue to let us down with no new profits for over a week. The Money Factory workout for the Winform Singles reached another new high with a profit of $4825 so far and we must finish the year at least double and possibly treble our starting Bank. We have started a new staff punting fund but the girls have decided to continue with their own personal ones as well. Good on them , that's double the profits. Prue looks like she will end up with a 50% return on her investments and Jenni and Tegan will be in front as well.

I am currently waiting for a lift from the Horse Racing Australia Mobile so it is just as well the girls put my bets on for me each day. I don't mind missing the losers but I hate missing the winning bets.

The new Market Forces approach performed very well over the weekend and yesterday's 49% race strike rate was exceptional.

Powerbet users would have gone O.K. at the weekend although there were some ordinary patches. I was just looking at the Singles and Saturday was 10 units profit and Sunday 17! I only had the one bet on the last at Bunbury last night and that was Yeah Yeah, a single winner at $8.50.

Saturday 16th December: Not a good day yesterday and the Top Two strike rate was only 28% but surprisingly Powerbet users came out on top with a 17% profit on turnover and it came right on the very last race of the day with a longshot winner at the Valley. This is what Powerbet thrives on. The stop loss was called on only once and in spite of this users came out on top as they always do.’

There will be no diary tomorrow but we will report on the weekend Monday afternoon.

Friday 15th December: Money Factory is now over $4000 in front for the month on the Winform Singles which have had 60 winners from 285 selections at and average now of $4.92, close to what we predicted. That's only 3.3% on level stakes but Money Factory shows 23.3% . It is a lot harder work using Money Factory but we have several subscribers who are jointly sharing in the betting so all bets get covered.

Our Specials missed again, both running placed behind our second rated selections in the race.

Hally sent in his printout of his bets on the Best Bet selections since September this year. Using a substantial Bank of $20,000 (remember half of this is merely reserve and using IASBet (now SportsBet) and best fluctuation he is over $10,000 in front as of December 2nd. Using a $1,000 Bank that would be $500 in front, more than enough to justify the annual $149 fee which includes access to the Sports bets and copies of every edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine for the year. Given similar results for the other nine months of the year you could anticipate a profit of $40,000. "Why am I working here" we might ask.

Thursday December 14th: Yesterday was another great day for Powerbet with many longshots getting up. The Winform Singles had only ten bets but three winners and a PROFIT of $1600 for $100 bets. Good money in anyone's language. The Specials, on the other hand, all failed. Best Bets had one from three but it was at a very short price. It is a rare day where nothing works and those using the C plan were rewarded early with some good winners. The C Plan is in Racing Pays More. The 200% Plan from Make Racing Pay had some excellent pays yesterday too. We also had a top rated horse run 3rd at $90, now that's good each way value.

Money Factory reached a new peak for the month and since October has made incredible profits. It is early days but even if we were to drop one bank this month we would still be well in front.

Wednesday December 13th: Hi Jenni here, over the last week I have been running the Winform Specials through a number of our staking plans and have come up with a profit for each plan. I just finish using Money Factory and achieved over $9000 in profit based on 37% strike rate and $3.73 average dividend. In the next issue of the magazine I will be looking at each of these plans and providing you with exactly how successful the Specials were with each one.

And December has been good for Money Factory and the singles so far with over $3300 profit. That's from over 200 bets with a below average strike rate of just 20.6%. Level stakes was a slight loss with average dividends $4.72 but the Money Factory profit to date is showing 20% Profit on Turnover.

Members have been trialling the new Market Forces approach with mixed results. One Member started with his base bet at a high level, good for a normal run, not so good for an abnormal run. He dropped out when he hit a minor losing run because the stakes got too high. Another Member realised he had exceeded his acceptable risk level and after recouping his losses with several good wins he has restarted at a lower more comfortable level.

If betting Market Forces or any strategy, you must be prepared to follow through to the end. To do this you must be comfortable withe the MAXIMUM BET LEVEL, everyone is comfortable with the base bet level.

Yesterday I attended the Informa Horse Racing and Sports Betting Forum at Darling Harbour where a lot of Industry matters were discussed and some valuable information was obtained. It was good to hear the views of regulators like John Marin from the ACCC which is still active in closing down companies offereing Racing scamas but he warned there are more out there and asked consumers to send in any materail which they believed was a scam.

There were some valuable insights into how technology will update Racing and Sports betting with interactive channels to be available through mobile phones. With new punters being in the new generation there will be a new breed of punters who want more of everything, inclduing possibly betting on electronic games.

The main feature of the forum is that it brought together all the main industry players who were able to network informally.

Tuesday December 12th: The Winform Singles made up slightly for the bad weekend with a couple of little winners and one at $16.70. The Best Bets had nothing special with another losing day, but they will pick up again soon, like they always do. Garry is at the Racing Forum in Darling Harbour today, learning lots of new things which im sure he will relay back to you tomorrow when he returns to the office.

Monday December 11th: Sunday was a massive day, over 40 selections but the strike rate was spot on and a 10% profit made.  Best Bets missed out but the Top Two was 36% for Powerbet users and the Winform Specials had a good win to more than catch up on Saturday.

On Saturday our 3rd rated horse Niconero won the Fruit and Veg stakes and our top horse Scenic Shot filled second for a $22.90 quinella. I had a “flirt” with the exotics and thanks to the Quinella squared up on the race. Our Specials had two winners form  seven, one short from making a profit. The Top Two was 31%, just a little under average and Grandslam had a couple of good winners.

The Bolter system (free with the latest magazine) had its first big winner since released on December 1st with an $8.50 winner. Double Coincider (Autumn 2006 magazine system) and Simply The Best (June edition) had winners as well. Just a reminder that there is a 1900 number in the magazine which you can call for one low cost to get all the magazine system selections. Those who prefer can get them from the website for an annual fee of $250 which has been easily recouped from profits to date.

Last Friday I had Jenni put the Winform Specials through the Professional Staking Plan software. Using a starting Bank of $5,000, the plan ended up $200,000 in front for the year but that is unrealistic. At the end the plan was doing so well the bets were up to $6900! Realistically we would have set a Maximum bet size of say $500 and using this option profits of over $70,000 would have been achieved easily, although you would have been betting level stakes since March.

Friday December 8th: Our losing run on the Specials continues(once again a 2nd placing) BUT yesterday one Best Bet winner from two and on our Special $11 Phone Line 1902 210 680 two bets for two winners. 'Likely Bird' at Canterbury was selected by five plans yesterday so effectively five bets. 'Likely Bird' was a good winner at a good price. I expect Money Factory would have closed off at some stage yesterday with another profit. It is a hard road at times but in the end it is worth it.

We are running through the past twelve months of selections for the Winform Specials using the Professional Staking Plan. This is the easy "professional" way for those who need to go to work and just want all bets on in one go. It is designed so that your bank is always fluid and in control. We do recommend that you print out your results each day just in case you have a computer problem. We do this ourselves and use Sports Acumen for these bets as the best option when you are not sure whether to take a fixed price or tote. We find the Sports Acumen Club price is always a fair result. You can bet up to $200 on country races $500 Provincial and $1000 Metro which covers most people. For country races we place our balance with IASBet (now SportsBet) at Superprice or Sportsbet.

Thursday 7th December: Powerbet users are having a great week. Andrew tells me that on a base bet of $20 he is up about $2600 profit so far. I reckon I'd take the profit and quit, maybe go Christmas shopping. The Winform Specials are on a losing run, I think it's four or five in a row. Wow! We were certainly due but I don't like losing. My bookmaker on course has joined a long list who will no longer accept parlay each way bets from me. This simply means I will have to use the Parlay Magic computer program and put the bets on in accordance with the results as they come in.

Wednesday 6th December: At last, the Magazine is in Newsagents today. It has been a bit of a stuff up. What isn't a stuff up are the results for yesterday which have been pretty good and included a $14 winner in the last. Money Factory for December is $596 up so far. David called yesterday complaining about the lack of winners. I guess yesterday made up for it.

Tuesday 5th December: Yesterday the Top Two had 6 winners from the 16 races, the Winform Specials one from two, best Bets one from three. I forgot to mention that on Sunday there was one massive Quinella in Sunshine Coast Race 3 $281.77 on IASBet (now SportsBet). Also, the winner at Moe yesterday was in the top five in EVERY race so the Race To Race doubles were all winners as well as the Daily and Extra Doubles in all States and the Quaddie of course $17014. In Taree there was only one double and the Quaddie didn’t go close.

Monday 4th December: Winform Specials two from two, Winform Singles seven from twenty, Top Two back to normal for Sunday and so perhaps the mini drought is over. Market Forces scored with five winning races from the first nine which sets up our profit for the day.

Only two race meetings today, so a quiet day. Many of our regulars take the day off but if there are many specials I will certainly be on them. We dont want to miss put on one like last Mondays $15 winner.

Sunday 3rd December: Friday and Saturday were not good punting days, although the Market Forces plan looked good Friday and on Saturday would have been ahead early before a run of odd results. The practice of NSW country meetings starting early and the last races not being covered is confusing to say the least. It is all about Tabcorp covering every minute of the day with a gambling product and this will only increase with many more New Zealand races being covered after Christmas , if not before.

The Winform Specials had one win and two places from three bets, the normal singles lost about 7 units and there was little joy for system punters. December has started in the doldrums but it won't last.

I have carried my loss for the week as I spent the weekend cleaning up for Christmas. Have you noticed that punting is not controlled solely by the punter but also by your partner and family commitments. This is one reason why we steer aspiring professionals to the lucrative mid week betting market.

Friday 1st December: The day has been a disaster for my punting, it has been one of those days where most photos have gone against me, the last at Gosford a good example. The second last at Gosford was a dead heat which cost me half a win too. I am now well down for the week even though the Winform single specials won yet again yesterday.

The annoying thing is that I have spent two days betting and been unable to complete other projects. Today is a day where all meetings have been historically poor performers, even Bathurst which was very good, has been poor over the last two years. Because I simply have to complete some work, I will be taking few bets today, virtually locking in a loss of $4,000 for the week. Sounds bad? This week I have received $3500 from IASBet (now SportsBet), $1100 Sports Acumen and $1,000 elsewhere. $1600 profit for two weeks doesn't sound quite so bad.

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!

Thursday Late: It's a hard run today so far even though we trifectad the top three at BENDIGO. Historically we have done well at Gosford Bendigo and Rockhampton but not today so far.

Money Factory has closed with a profit of $1274 this month and that is after the loss of one bank. We have started the new Money Factory for December . November to date has had 443 selections for just 91 winners for a small level stakes loss but Money Factory shows 5.3% profit to prove once again how good the plan works.

Thursday November 30th: Yesterday was a very bad day for me. Not for Winform singles users though as the three winners were at prices good enough to make us a 10 unit profit. The one single special (there were two but one was scratched) was a good winner at $5+. I bet throughout the day but had interruptions. It may have been because of this and not because I only had one winning race from the first seventeen I attempted, that I misread the message from IASBet (now SportsBet) and ended up placing $1187 instead of $129 on Northern Dan in the last at Sandown. As it turned out my bet was $129 and I had inadvertently added a zero. You will sometimes get a message "price has changed" click confirm to accept the new price. Instead I now know that the message read more like "limit has been reached" which is a message to let you know that only a part of your bet wll be accepted at the price, in this case $1187.

I was lucky. I had time to lay a part of the excess back on Betfair plus I worked out that I would recoup the extra if one of my other horses won. They didn't and I lost $900 on this race instead of the planned $500 outlay.

The message is a simple one. Don't bet when you are distracted and two , always read and comprehend the message you get back, if any. So how did I end up? Minus $1800 on the day which means I am now only square for the week.

Wednesday November 29th: Three winners from sixteen bets yesterday and Money Factory cruises through this type of sequence. Powerbet had a very successful day again and users betting the Monday to Friday plan would probably have enough in the Bank to quit and enjoy the rest of the week off. I had a small win as my afternoon was interrupted and we had a mid afternoon storm which always knocks out our race broadcasts.

This morning I received my winnings from Dancing With The Stars. These competitions are so easy to make money on, simply bet against the obvious duds and it's like taking candy from a baby except you can't hear anybody cry. In case you were wondering? I only use Money Factory or Powerbet occasionally because I quite often have to interrupt my betting to assist clients with their queries. I don't mind at all, in fact I enjoy sharing my knowledge. If I really do need to place a bet I will say so and it only takes a few seconds. Instead I keep the odds and selections in the background on my computer and when I see an obvious opportunity, I bet.

Yesterday I bet in six races and made a profit in four of them and neer looked like losing. I made enough to cover my loss on the special yesterday, bugga! Only $2400 uo for the week so far. Winform Singles and Winform Single Specials was yesterday's highlight and I spoke to John earlier in the day and remarked what a great day it would be for Powerbet users as both tracks were normally very good for Winform. It proved to be all that and more and some members could have reached their weekly profit goals already.It goes to show what a difference a day makes. Sunday was awful but on Monday the sun came up shining. You beauty, we're punting for profit again and I expect Money Factory would have reached a profit for the month too.

Tuesday November 28th:
A $16 winner for the Winform Singles and Winform Single Specials was yesterday's highlight and I spoke to John earlier in the day and remarked what a great day it would be for Powerbet users as both tracks were normally very good for Winform. It proved to be all that and more and some members could have reached their weekly profit goals already.It goes to show what a difference a day makes. Sunday was awful but on Monday the sun came up shining. You beauty, we're punting for profit again and I expect Money Factory would have reached a profit for the month too.

Monday November 27th: I received my Australian Idol reward overnight when Damien Leith won. Had Jessica won I was sitting square after saving my stake when it became obvious half way thorugh the series that she was a genuine contender. Jessica has plenty of time left to make it and she will. As I've sid before, a true professional punter knows when there is an opportunity and takes it whether that be in shares property, Racing or Sport or in this case entertainment.

We started yesterday with a $144 winner at Hobart and yes I know that horse was fourth rated but as seen in my book: 'Make Racing Pay', the opportunity was too good to mis IF YOU WERE LOOKING. It was an awful day if you were betting Powerbet, although late in the day it came good. The C plan from Racing Pays More was on fire though and I came out with a profit for the day on this plan. I noticed yesterday that like a lot of Sundays and of course Saturdays, it was impossible to follow the race to race sequence so what to do. I always recommend that you stick to races ten minutes apart and this covers most eventualities. If along the way you get the opportunity to fit extra races in you can but even though it may seem as if the recaes you leave out are the winning ones, that is not true long term.

If using Money Factory and your race has not yet run but the next one is due I assume that my next race bet will be at least the same as the current one. It's not a perfect plan but once again it covers most events. In the long run you will win unless your selections are a total dud (please don't bring up yesterdays very poor Singles performance). You will always have bad days so get off the canvas and come in fighting.


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