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Spring Edition- By Garry Robinson
Last Updated:Tuesday 28th November, 2006

Tuesday November 28th: A $16 winner for the Winform Singles and Winform Single Specials was yesterday's highlight and I spoke to John earlier in the day and remarked what a great day it would be for Powerbet users as both tracks were normally very good for Winform. It proved to be all that and more and some members could have reached their weekly profit goals already.

It goes to show what a difference a day makes. Sunday was awful but on Monday the sun came up shining. You beauty, we're punting for profit again and I expect Money Factory would have reached a profit for the month too.

Monday November 27th: I received my Australian Idol reward overnight when Damien Leith won. Had Jessica won I was sitting square after saving my stake when it became obvious half way thorugh the series that she was a genuine contender. Jessica has plenty of time left to make it and she will.

As I've said before, a true professional punter knows when there is an opportunity and takes it whether that be in shares property, Racing or Sport or in this case entertainment. We started yesterday with a $144 winner at Hobart and yes I know that horse was fourth rated but as seen in my book Make Racing Pay, the opportunity was too good to miss IF YOU WERE LOOKING. It was an awful day if you were betting Powerbet, although late in the day it came good. The C plan from Racing Pays More was on fire though and I came out with a profit for the day on this plan.

I noticed yesterday that like a lot of Sundays and of course Saturdays, it was impossible to follow the race to race sequence so what to do? I always recommend that you stick to races ten minutes apart and this covers most eventualities. If along the way you get the opportunity to fit extra races in you can but even though it may seem as if the races you leave out are the winning ones, that is not true long term.

If using Money Factory and your race has not yet run but the next one is due I assume that my next race bet will be at least the same as the current one. It's not a perfect plan but once again it covers most events. In the long run you will win unless your selections are a total dud (please don't bring up yesterdays very poor singles performance). You will always have bad days so get off the canvas and come in fighting.

Sunday November 26th: Another day of confusion with Sandown first rated Dead and then upgraded. We posted our Sandown ratings to a good track on our Wednesday and Sunday pages so our regualrs could have a look. It made little difference in the end with some surprise results, none more so than Race 5 when our bottom rated horse saluted.

I had just the one Special bet and that ran third. We started well with a Best Bet winner (Tegan will be pleased) and single selection users had a very good $25 winner at Ascot and Toowoomba again provided a profit with one $6 winner from three selections. We noted that NSW country races are now starting shortly after 10 a.m. and this means there will be some Saturdays when our ratings wont be posted until after the first race. Honestly, they've gone mad haven't they? What do you think? Email wrc@hunterlink.net.au with your thoughts. Of course now that Tabcorp appear to have taken over the NZTAB there will be a lot more New Zealand events covered and Unitab will no doubt increase their coverage to keep up.

Friday November 24th: I have just made $200 with Powerbet and it has taken me all of an hour with my base bets just $20. Yesterday I finished with a profit of $1300 as I saw a later race that I could not resist. Our Market Forces book has just been finalised and I have included yesterday's results which showed a profit again with seven winning races from the first thirteen. I don't think you need to persist after that. Today there were four winning races from the first five. The Market Forces book will be despatched to purchasers the week after next.

Our magazine printers have advised that there has been a breakdown and this will delay the release of the magazine by two days, however we believe we can still despatch it to subscribers by the end of next week. Please allow 5 business days for Australia Post to get it to you.

In two days time we will have broken the record for the number of people regurlarly visiting the website. We have experiencced constant growth and are up over 50% on last years figures. We hope that readers have been able to learn something from their regular visits.

Thursday November 23rd: And I didn't feel like updating yesterday after I lost $588 with my parlay (yankee). It was also a very dismal day weatherwise with a yellow to red sky thunder and lightning and a few miserable drops of rain. Our cars are all a mess and Ros had washed all my good clothes from the Seminar and you can imagine what they look like now.

Luckily today has produced a proift of just under $1,000 on my Parlay so I am now concentrating on the job at hand. On December 12th I will be covering the Horse Racing and Sports Betting Forum at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Information on the Forum is at www.informa.com.au/racing06. I expect it will be very interetsing and I will report on it in News This Month.

The month has been great for single selections punters with a higher than usual strike rate but the average dividend of $3.88 is not impressive. Our Money Factory has lost one Bank but nevertheless most of that has been recovered and we are hundreds and not thousands down. We need a longshot winner at the right time.

Do you know Wayne Gardiner the motor cycle champion? Well Greg Horm,who attended the Adelaide Seminar, has an amazing likeness and as we stood outside Stanley's, a famous seafood Restaurant in Adelaide discussing this, Ros suggested "On the subject of lookalikes, see that man at the desk? He's the dead spit of Bob Hawke". We all agreed he did indeed look like former Prime Minister and Racing enthusiast Bob Hawke. But then Ros said " I have never liked him since he dumped his wife." Just then the gentleman turned around and guess what? It was indeed Bob Hawke and we were standing right next to his friends at their outdoor dining table.

Tuesday November 21st: Did I tell you about getting attacked by a Pelican at Fremantle? I got quite a welt. Tegan and Ros thought it was funny. It was O.K. until it realised that I had no food for it.

It's like today. I noticed we had four top rated winners in the first four races of the day. Two of those were single selections which also had a good day. The two specials, the ones I backed, both lost. One ran closer to last than first. A parlay on those first four runners paid $44,500 for a $10 base bet!!!!. I was too bloody busy.

I did manage to see the Red Bull air trials while in Perth, they were on right in front of our hotel window, and being on the 6th floor were mostly on the same level or below. Initially I was right on the waterfront getting a stiff neck looking up. I woke up when I returned to the room where it was even more spectacular.

Last week I had time to chat with Darren McCaulley at Pinjarra races and local officials. I met trainer Paul Jones and his team and got an appreciation of the strength of WA provincial Racing. There was a strong field of eight bookmakers, not far short of Ascot the previous Saturday.

Ros's mum is out of intensive care and it looks like she will be kicked out of hospital altogether by Thursday. The final proofs of our Summer edition have been delayed so we will mail now on Monday and hit the newsagencies the following Friday.

Ooops , time to go. It's Wednesday again tomorrow and bloody hot, 36+ they expect.

Later Moday 20th November: O.K. I'm back and I have many stories to tell. I actually came back early this morning as my wife ros's mum has had a heart attack and we had to bring forward our return. I wasn't happy with the extra $1200 it cost with Qantas to change flights but regardless of that we did arrive in tie to see Netta and find that she had survived the night and was in a surprisingly upbeat mood.

It remands me how little punting (and other activities such as work) ranks compared to the real life events we are faced with.

That aside, tomorrow I will be back and carrying on with finalising the last draft of the Market Forces book. The December magazine also goes to print this week and will be in subscribers hands next week.

More tomorrow.

Monday November 20th: Yesterday saw the last of the Professional Punting Seminars for the year. It was held in Adelaide and all who attended came out with an increased knowledge of racing as well receiving a FREE copy of the Market Forces book (released in December) and a FREE 12 month Subscription to Horse Racing Australia Magazine.
Garry is on his was home today and will be back in the office tomorrow. Friday was a good day for the singles with five winners from 18, with a couple of good priced winners at 8 and 5 dollars. Saturday was also a couple of good winners at $5.80, $5.40 and $5.90.
Sunday was a great day for the Best Bets Selections with four winners out of four selections. You can’t get better than that!
Yesterday for a $10 bet we received a profit of $57. This service only costs $99 for 12 months and you receive a free 12 month subscription to Horse Racing Australia Magazine (valued at $40). You can clearly see that it won’t take very long to get your $99 back and than start to make greater profits.
As we have experienced a high demand for the presale orders of The Market Forces book, to be released in December, we have extended the presale offer for another couple of days. Until Wednesday you can order your copy for $129! Save $20. To order simply call the office on (02) 4950 1747 to arrange payment.

Thank you- Tegan

Thursday & Friday November 16/17: We have been very busy in the office the past few days with our next issue of Horse Racing Australia. This edition is crammed full of new and interesting information, with an interview with Allan Robinson, another system The Bolter and a look at the importance of early pace. To subscribe to the magazine, ensuring your copy of the next edidtion click here.

Thursday's Single Selections has a good day with two good priced winners from five selections.

There are only a number of seats left at Adelaide, so if you would still like to attend, it's is your last chance ot book your seat. To attend the seminar for only $149 please click here or call the office on (02) 4950 1747.

Wednesday November 15th: Tegan here, I got back last night from Perth. The seminar on Sunday was great, everyone got along well and punting stories were exhange over a few beers afterwards. Perth is great, must say though its good to be back home. Garry stayed for a little holiday in Perth and is heading to Adelaide on Saturday for the last seminar on Sunday. There are still seats avaliable so to secure your seat click here or call the office on (02) 4950 1747. You will hear presentations on Market Forces with Money Factory, Betting Exchanges, Powerbet plus much more. All attendees will also recieve a free copy of the New Market Forces book and a Free 12 month Magazine Subscription.

P.s Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the hat competition.

Tuesday November 14th: Our Single Selections performed well yesterday with 3 winners from 4 bets. We are busily getting the next issue of Horse Racing Australia ready, so for all those you haven't subscribed to the magazine, do so soon as the Summer Edition will be released early Decemeber and we already have great articles coming up for our Autumn Edition 2007.

Monday November 13th: The Perth Seminar yesterday was extremely successful. Garry and Tegan are preparing for another Racing Seminar tonight, which is fully booked, unfortunately for those who missed out yesterday.

We have our last Seminar on Sunday 19th which is to be held at the Medina Grand Hotel in Adelaide. To book your seat at our Professional Racing Seminar please call us on (02) 4950 1747, email us at wrc@hunterlink.net.au or visit our Bookshop. All attendees receive a free copy of our new book “Market Forces” and a full year subscription to Horse Racing Australia magazine, along with free bet bonuses from leading corporate bookmakers.

Our Horse Racing Australia Systems were successful again this weekend with 2 winners and 2 places out of 5 selections. These systems can be purchased for access over the Internet for only $99 for three months. Or call 1902 215 231 for only $1.10 per minute to hear the selections each Saturday after 10:30am. For more information about these systems please visit our Bookshop.

Saturday November 11th: We have a great racing day ahead with two feature races. Garry and Tegan have left for Perth today for our second last Seminar. Next weekend our last Seminar is to be held in Adelaide and there are still a number of seats left so to book your spot call us on (02) 49501 747 or visit our Bookshop.

Friday November 10th: Tegan here. im not happy!!! the photo on the main page is bias (im not getting any votes). You cannot see what my hair pieces look like. I have pasted below a copy of my hair. To Vote email now, just type 'TEGAN' and send. Thanks!!!

Friday November 10th: This is my last personal contribution to the diary for a week or so as I am off to Perth for our Seminar on Sunday. I Stay in Perth catching up with Clients and promoting the Magazine until the following weekend when we reacquaint ourselves with our Members at our Adelaide Seminar.

Yesterday was a horrible day in a way. I decided to have a go yesterday and devoted the whole day to the punt. It is hard to describe exactly but it all went wrong right from the beginning when betting as many as four horses a race there were only two winners in the first ten races. Many a punter would have given up at this stage and when there were only two more winners in the next ten races, it was looking pretty grim.

A run of four winning races gave me some hope but I used up a lot of the return on the exotics with Trifectas and Quinellas. I did score one Trifecta ten times but because the Quinella was small, made no profit on the race. A series of near misses meant a severe losing day with Quinellas, Trifectas and Doubles, in fact about $2,000 out for about $400 back.

I was using the C Plan from my book Racing Pays More and as this involves favourites in certain circumstances, you would normally get about 50% strike rate. For the day it was closer to 15%. In races where there was no C plan strategy I used the 200% Plan (from the book Make Racing Pay) and finally, after waiting all day I had two very good winners, King Rex at $13 and Chandonne $20 to take me to a $1400 profit for the day after being $5,000 down at one stage. My turnover for the day was just over $20,000 and in the end I had a race strike rate of just 33%, 20% less than normal.

I bet with a number of betting agencies and TABs and I don't know what it is but I just cannot make money from betting exchanges on Racing. Is it because we can't beat the computerised robots that infest this market?

If you want to see how this all comes together, there are still seats at both the Perth and Adelaide Seminars.

Wednesday November 8th: We already had the Best Bet and the Winform Single Special Win. We remind everyone that tomorrow, Oaks Day will be on the Saturday Ratings page as well. Winners are grinners and it seems that everyone of our very attractive staff back it with their Free Melbourne Cup bet provided rather generously by IASBet (now SportsBet). The market is so competitive we are getting our Members Free Bets from everyone. Just call the office: 02 4950 1747 if you want money for nothing (Well for opening an account, although in the case of IASBet (now SportsBet) it was for all current account holders).

After The Cup: Yes we have done it yet again. Our 3rd rated horse won at $17.50 and the Trifecta was in our top four, $1100+ and the Quinella $44 and if you threw in the Horse Racing Australia Melbourne Cup system you can add the First 4 at $9000+ BUT I confess. I had a huge plunge each way on Maybe Better and doubled my money but went too wide on the exotics and didn't even box the First four. Silly me. That's another opportunity lost but we are having a great party. Prue, Jenni & Tegan all had bets on the winner.

Tuesday November 7th: Today's the day. They say the Professionals leave today alone but I have found the Cup itself to be one of the easiest races to win. I have won all but a handful of the Melbourne Cups since I started betting in them as a teenager when Galilee won. I backed the only 100/1 winner in the last 50 years Piping Lane. I missed Brew but he was part of the Melbourne Cup system as listed in the Spring issue of the Magazine. That system has selected 30 of the past 40 winners and is on the HRA information number 1902 215 231.

Yesterday we had one Best Bet for one win. From our five Singles Selections yesterday we had one second at 20/1, so no joy there.

Today, let's party and have fun!

Monday November 6th: And I hear them saying Yeats won't run if the track is too firm. My opinion is that the horse needs a firm track to do his best. His very best run at 3200 metres was on a good track and his time was about 12 lengths slower than the Mebourne Cup average BUT he does come down in the weights and has a perfect barrier. The worry is that Yeats will still be coming at the finish and he can run around Flemington again. The question is "will he be fast enough" tp be in front.

Efficient may seem like a wonder horse to Shayne Dye and we were all impressed by his finish on Saturday BUT he is not racing three year olds tomorrow and the Derby time was very slow by anybody's standards.

After the weather forecast was promising, it seems we will start with a Dead 4 tomorrow with only a chance of it improving to a Good 3 by Cup time. "Berets" on Sunrise today said the pentrometer was "4" which shows how much he knows. That's a Fast track reading. The poor boy is a little confused I think.

The VRC is doing a very poor job with their Melbourne Cup page. There is virtually no information for punters, it is more about selling merchandise and tickets with the latest "news" update being 26th October. Punters want laytest track conditions weather forecasts, information on the actual horses and so on. It's not my Race it's supposed to their signature race and there is no information other than the final field.

The weekend had a 35% + Top Two strike rate but the Winform singles have dropped off with only two weekend winners. The New Single Specials for Premium Subscribers, though had two from five over the weekend to continue their good run.

Sunday November 5th: The Melbourne Cup is ready for Members on our Internet site and ratings for all Flemington races are in the Tuesday section. On Tuesday they will move to the Saturday site and Tuesday will feature all minor meetings. The Melbourne Cup system selections are on the HRA information number (in the magazine) on the Best Bets phone line from 10.30 a.m. today and the rated selections are on the 1902 210 680 line including Quinella and Trifecta suggestions.

I personally made about $1200 from the first three races yesterday. I reinvested a little on the Single Specials with a patent but missed the payoff when only one of the three won, although level stakes bettors won at the $3.70. A great result for our Spring Package customers who have all made many times more than the $99 cost. on yesterday's results alone. Race 2 the Saab found Maybe Better at $9.50, Race 5 and 7 were a loss but Race 8 found Dance Hero at $16 and the $86+ Quinella. We missed the Quaddie but hope a repeat forTuesday to match a couple of years ago when we scored a $90,000+ Quaddie.

Saturday November 4th: Four winners from the 16 Single Selections yesterday, with a $5.40 winner the best. Close to a profit but not quite. The weather has picked up in Melbourne and if they don't overly water the track at Flemingon overnight we may well see a good 3 track today and actually see what the good horses can do.

We would want better results than what we got at Moonee Valley last night although Final Avengie at $29, one of three second rated winners would have paid back a lot of Powerbet users and lifted profits for the week.

Forget about all the hype about the Saab Quality today. It hardly ever produces the Melbourne Cup winner and some of the horses are drawn so wide from this impossible gate that they would have to be real champions to overcome it. Most of the genuine chances will be in their stables having a cup of tea and a lie down today although one or two will go around in the Mckinnon today to clear out the cobwebs. We'll have our Melbourne Cup assessments up for Members by 9.00 a.m. Sunday.

Having missed most of the week's punting I'll probably have a serious go today but i will concentrate on the good track venues. From today, subscribers will notice that everything is later due to daylight saving having well and truly kicked in. WA selections after scratchings won't be there until 12 but then again, most race meetings now start about 1 althoguh Flemingotn kicks off at 11.10 a.m. or 8 in the West. Ouch!!

Friday November 3rd: It's hard to believe that it's Melbourne Cup time again. Where has the year gone? I had a brief foray into betting yesterday and lost for the second day in a row, about $500 each day, although on both days the Winform Specials got me out of trouble. My strategy is to pick an hour or two so that I can be totally free to bet. I then use ParlaY Magic to attach as many as seven races. My aim is to score four races in a row and both days a double was the best result.

I had a visitor, Allen, yesterday, and he is using the Renegade method combined with Winform Ratings and the Money Factory program to make his profits. He says that he and wife Judy really look forward to the Green screen. They use IASBet (now SportsBet) exclusively as they have found their service and website excellent. At times they have had difficulty getting bets on when dividends change but I advised that provided the bet is $50 or more bets can be called through on the toll free number. This overcomes the built in software that can stop taking bets when prices changed because the preset "risk" has been exceeded. At this point, the Ias "trader" establishes a new price and limit but when a horse is persistently backed any new "risk limit" can be quickly exceeded.

Allen does have other accounts and we advise this, which is why you see other banners on our website. Any site can be affected by Internet problems temporarily and it is wise to have a backup just in case.

All of our nominated bookmakers readily take phone bets at fixed prices.

After the Cup and Oaks Days next week, we head off to Perth and Adelaide for the last two of our Seminars. There are about 20 seats left aty both venues.

Thursday November 2nd: Prue has continued with her novice punter strategy on the Winform Single selections and has increased her Bank by nearly 50% for the year to date with no strain whatsoever. She admits she has missed a few days, some winning some losing and it makes the point that this simple staking strategy is worthwhile.

Yesterday we had some good single selections winners and we scored a 100% result for the third day in a row with theWinform Single Specials which come as part of the Premium package.

If you're in Western Australia you will be hearing about us on TAB RADIO with regards to the Seminar in Perth which happens Sunday week, the 12th of November. I also got the good oil yesterday about a really good horse (one of our winners yesterday) Marasco which broke records again yesterday.

The weekend Feature race the VRC Derby is up and ready for Members and realistically there are only four chances. Good luck for today.

Wednesday November 1st: We thought Melbourne was the mad weather place but yesterday in the office we could hear what sounded like a freight train (no trains here) but it was a hail storm with golf and tennis ball size hail. All five of our vehicles were damaged to the extent of about $30,000+ all up. Each of us has excess of at least $500 to pay. Maybe everyone can purchase an extra book from us?

The Money Factory program made over $9000 profit for October and yesterday we had two good winners. Best bets won again as well. The single specials have been very profitable for the last week.

A reminder that next Tuesday's and next Thursday's meetings will be updated to our Saturday site. The Tuesday and Thursday pages will be for the many minor meetings that take place on these days. There will also be a service on the Grand Slam page (not phone) with just our Feature Races.

Anyone who wants to update their subscription or start a new one should call before Saturday and we can have you operating within half an hour (during office hours).

The Melbourne Seminar went off well and the venue (Crown Casino) was fantastic. We will go there again. Our Brisbane and Sydney venues were not so great so we will look elsewhere next year. We still have Perth and Adelaide to look forward to and have vacancies. Perth is November 12th and Adelaide November 19th. It is costing us about $10,000 to do these two venues so we are really hoping we can get the support we need. We have a strong belief that we should provide ongoing information and support for our Members and that is why we are doing these Seminars.

The feedback from all of the Seminars we have done to date has reinforced this view as attendees have been very happy with the presentation and information provided. You can get a lot of information reading books but there is nothing quite like having someone explain it all to you.

Tuesday 31st October:
Hi Jenni here. Garry has just gotten back from the successful Melbourne Seminar so he will be back on board Wednesday. I have updated Money Factory after the weekend's results and I am happy to say we have reached the highest profit to date for the month as we are in front $9301. This isn't out of the ordinary though as the strike rate is the same as normal. Thanks for all the comments from people about our website, its good to know that people are noticing the changes we have made and the work that has gone into it.

Monday 30th October:
Well yesterday’s 2006 Winform Melbourne Seminar went off with a blast with just over 50 people in attendance. Apart from a detailed seminar agenda covering: Professional Staking, Market Forces- by Author Tegan Lloyd and Discipline in Punting plus much more- the food was great and the atmosphere was even better as the event took place at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Racing at Moonee Valley on Saturday could not have got any sweeter as we picked the Quinella in the Cathay Pacific Airways Cup that paid: $16.20. For the following race the Tattersall’s Cox Plate, the winner was our 3rd rated Winform horse priced at 20:1 paying $22.00. As Garry stated on Saturday in Punters Diary that ‘El Segundo’ would not win, he did run close at 2nd paying $2.20.

Grandslam also had another magnificent weekend with two out of six selections winning. We would like to highlight the Grandslam winner at Ascot Race 4 No.1 ‘Coppertito’ paying a nice $18.00 on Sports Acumen.
Yesterday’s betting for the Winform Specials turned out to be pretty accurate getting two out of three.

Remember our Perth and Adelaide Seminars are approaching us and were looking forward to meeting up with you at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth on Sunday 12th of November and at the Medina Grand Hotel in Adelaide on Sunday 19th November. Don’t forget; anyone who attends will receive a 12 months subscription to Horse Racing Australia Magazine, along with a complimentary copy of Tegan Lloyd’s: ‘Market Forces’ book.
For more information on the Seminars please phone: 02 4950 1747 or click here to book.

To pre-order the ‘Market Forces’ book at our price-saver of $129.00, please call us here in the office on: (02) 4950 1747 to reserve your copy now… Thanks again- Prue

Thursday 26 October- Afternoon Feedback:
Hi Guys , I've got a complaint ! Too many winners! I can't get a decent bet on the Singles with Money Factory. Could you please pick a few slower horses so I can build the bet size up ? Regards Paul
P.S. I've also been using Powerbet since last Sunday's Sydney Seminar & WOW! What a week.

Thursday 26th October: What a bonanza it was yesterday for everybody! The Winform Single Selection won at $2.70 and it was the only one for the day. That's not very thrilling but this is. The Winform Singles had a $48 winner at Canterbury amongst several other winners and Money Factory has hit a new high for the month of $7,415!! Powerbet users did even better as we had a $70 winner and two more $20 winners in the Winform Top Two.

Today is the day our new website is up and runnng. We'd love to hear your comments, good bad or otherwise.

We still have room for our Melbourne Seminar at Crown Casino this weekend. Please call: (02) 49501747 to Book. We are also taking bookings for Perth and Adelaide which are on the 12th and 19th of November. Remember, the cost is $149 per person but there are over $200 worth of bonuses to be given to everyone who attends.

Wednesday 25th October: And yesterday was extremely successful for the Winform Singles. Four winners from twelve bets is good punting in anyone's language and when it includes good priced winners it is even better. The Money Factory using the singles has now continued to make $2,000 per week this month.

The November Newsletter will go online for Members later today and is being posted tomorrow in time for the Melbourne Cup and includes our shedules for that great day. All ratings subscribers will have access to ratings for Cup Day. They will be on the Saturday page from Sunday afternoon the 5th of November.

For those of you who have not joined Winform yet, we will have a sensational offer in the mail. It is one too good to miss and one which your partner will be happy to provide as a Christmas present. If you haven't yet registered for our email Newsletter, then click the link and we will make sure you receive the flyer.

It's Wednesday again already, Geelong Cup day and we would love top see 'On A Jeune' do well again. It is only four years since a Geelong Cup winner won the Melbourne Cup and of course, On A Jeune ran 2nd last year. Today's ratings are available for just $22 and includes all venues. Click here to order.

Tuesday 24th October: Another successful day for the Winform Singles yesterday. The Specials had one from two. The second of these was second at $8,70. Bugga! Bravo had another good winner. We also had more bookings for Melbourne and have about twelve places left I think. We will accept bookings right through to Friday as we'd rather squeeze you in than see you miss out.

Yesterday was a great day for Powerbet again after a disappointing weekend (late Saturday and Sunday) and you can see why we set it out the way we do.

Shortly we will have a new updated website. We hope you like it.

Monday 23rd October: David Owen was at our Brisbane Seminar and he called me during the week to say that as far as Racing goes it was the best $149 he has ever spent. He was particularly impressed with the Money Factory demonstration and used it (manually) yesterday to make $280 with a base bet of just $20. The Sydney Seminar yesterday was another success and we answered many questions, particularly about betting exchanges and IASBet (now SportsBet) and other corporate bookmakers.

There was also an extensive demonstration of the new Dynamicform Professional Services and their website which gives directfeeds of price information from the track and bookmakers, the TAB and betting exchanges. Every attendee received a month's Free trial as well as Free bet vouchers courtesy of Sportsbet. At next weekend's Seminar in Melbourne IASBet (now SportsBet) will be in attendance to answer questions about the future of Internet betting in Australia and explain exotic bet types.

The Melbourne Seminar is at Crown Casino on Sunday 29th of October ans seating is limited even though we have now booked a larger room.

Money Factory is back up to over $5,000 profit for the month. Yesterday's Winform Specials both lost to top off a disappointing week for them.

Sunday 22nd October: And we were a neck away from tipping a long shot Caulfield Cup winner when Tawqeet reeled in Aqua D'amore near the post. Tawqueet would not have won but for a brilliant rails hugging ride by Dwayne Dunn. He pulled out at the exact right moment.

Powerbet users won $260 for a $10 base bet yesterday if they chose to quit at that stage. The remainder of the day was disastrous with a run of just three winners from 30 races in the Top Two. Fortunately, the Powerbet Plan acts to stem the losses in this situation. Overall it has been a good week for Powerbet.

I used our Parlay Magic program yesterday and the Winform Ratings to make $2500 in just over two hours. That was enough for me so I placed a few exotic bets on the Cup which lost but still left me well in front for the day.

There was a major anomaly last night in the betting on the Rugby League Test. New Zealand had 16.5 start for the game but 9.5 start for the first half. That was an invitation I couldn't refuse. Outsiders generally can stay with the opposition early but get blown away in the second half don't they? It was a bet that was easily won.

I head off this morning for Rydges Parramatta for the second of this year's One Day Professional Punting Seminars. There are just two seats available for late starters who can register at the door. Cost is $149 and we start at 1 p.m.There is free parking on site.

Friday 20th October: The Caulfield track will be dead and stay dead for tomorrow if the weather prediction is correct. This will suit 'Our Smokin Joe' who amazingly has tended to drift in the market and the favourite 'Sphenyphyta', featured on the news last night as being fit and ready and by all accounts a "weight" certainty, has also drifted half a point.

Yesterday we had a bonanza with the Winform singles with 6 winners and 15 placed from 23 selections and as predicted it was a great day for Powerbet users with the Top Two on song as well. In an ironic twist, our three "specials" all lost as did our Best Bet.

We can still take firm bookings for the Sydney Seminar on Sunday if you phone (02) 49501747 as we have organised for some extra space if needed. We have also arranged for some extra bonuses for those attending this Seminar. We will also have a good range of the Winform polo shirts, beer coolers and caps on hand if you want to pick them up freight free.

The Melbourne Seminar on Sunday week is nearly full so we have arranged with Crown Casino to move the Seminar to a larger room. This will allow for another ten places, which is not many.

It's all good as we head into the weekend. Next week it's the Cox, then Derby Day and the Melbourne Cup.

Thursday 19th October: Today looks like a good day to run Powerbet. We always do well at Port Lincoln and Moe and Wyong is average and only Northam a little bit below. The Winform Single Specials are going well and a Yankee or Parlay last Sunday for $100 per bet was a profit of $10,000.

The Sydney Seminar has just 5 places left and Melbourne next week about 8. I am just getting ready to do my Caulfield Cup assessments and that will be online by 4 p.m. All Best Bets subscribers have access to this.

Good luck for today.

Wednesday 18th October: Oh what a mixed day today. The Melbourne curators were at it again watering the track and giving us a dead track to start with. We gave out the Trifecta and First Four in the Thousand Guineas but a run of not so good luck (two successive photo finishes went the wrong way) and I have had a losing day today. Still in front this week though. Whoa! Just got the winner of the last at Murray Bridge to go to the front again.

The Sydney Seminar continues to fill up and there are just 14 seats left. Only 9 in Melbourne next week though. We heard today that Rosehill is hosting a Teddy Bear's picnic on Sunday but there is plenty of parking at Rydges on site.

Starting today we added the Melbourne track rated to good at the bottom of the ratings sheet. We will do this right through the Spring Carnival and include the Winform singles for "good" as well. On the phone we will give the singles for a good track.

Tuesday 17th October: Jenni's right. We had a great Seminar on Sunday with a capacity crowd. The response and interaction with those that came was excellent and we were able to provide over $200 worth of bonuses to each attendee including the soon to be released book Market Forces, Free bets with IASBet (now SportsBet), Sportsbet and Sports Acumen and a Free one month subscription to Dynamicform's Professional Services.

The Seminars continue this week with Sydney (Rydges Parramatta opposite Rosehill Race Course), although the reponse has been below par compared to the Queenslanders. We have taken extra space to cater for an increased number so come on NSW let's create a real crowd! Seriously, we will not be back in Sydney for at least 12 months so book now to secure your place. If you are already a Premium Member your attendance is Free but we do need confirmation you are coming.

Yesterday was a better day for single selection subscribers and Money Factory improved it's profits. It is a pity we dropped a Bank last Saturday but in spite of this we have still made over $2,000 per week so far this month. It pays to stick.

Monday 16th October: The Professional Racing Seminars started off great with Brisbane yesterday. Everyone had a good time and came out with greater knowledge. Many questions were asked and answered, new betting styles and systems were introduced and everyone left with a new outlook on punting as a professional.

A number of people stayed back for a few social drinks and chatting, which was good as we are able to get to know our clients better and build a relationship.

We also had a great results yesterday with our Singles with 8 winners, Double Portion was a good one paying $15.

Sunday 15th October: Jenni left this morning to meet Garry for the first seminar at Brisbane the seminar starts at 1pm and Jenni is presenting a demonstration of the Market Forces Book which will be released in December. Attendees of the Seminar recieve a copy of the book, but if you are unable to attend copies can be purchased for a presale price of $129 (offer expires 31/10/06). Call the office on (02) 4950 1747 to secure your copy.

Saturday 14th October: Hi Jenni here, I'm busy today finalising things for tomorrow's Brisbane Seminar. To everyone who has booked a seat, Garry and I look forward to seeing you there.

The Sydney seminar is only a week away, so make sure you don't miss out by booking online now or phone the office on Monday on (02) 4950 1747.

Friday 13th October: Today is your absolute last chance to get one of the last positions available at the Winform Brisbane Punting Seminar, held this Sunday the 15th of October, running from 1:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m. Garry and Jenni will be there to answer all your questions along with exclusive special guests to Brisbane ONLY: Karl and David from Dynamic Form.
BOOK NOW! or Phone: 02 4950 1747.

An ordinary day for our Winform Single Selections yesterday, but hopefully today will bring some winners in. We have a BIG weekend of racing ahead with some more major Spring Racing at: Caulfied with the Caulfield Guineas, Toorak Handicap and Yalumba Stakes, all of which are covered in our Spring Racing Pacakage, which can be purchased at our bookshop.

Thursday 12th October: Garry left this morning to get ready for the Brisbane Seminar on Sunday. There are still some places left, So if you want to come call the office on (02) 4950 1747 and we will reserve your seat. Today has not been a great day for the selections with only 1 Best Bets winner. Fingers Crossed for tomorrow.

Wednesday 11th October: BETS FOR OCTOBER 183 WINS 44, 24%. Money Factory is in profit for October at $6373! Yesterdays diary notes were prophetic as it turned out. We have had calls from subscribers reporting wins of $20,000 and more from yesterdays Bravo and single selection winners. Patience and persistence have paid off again.

Tuesday October 10th: We've had a bit of a last minute rush for tickets to the Brisbane seminar next Sunday but still a few seats left. We haven't had much luck today with our bets but as an exercise I looked back to last year and read the diary (we've been going for nearly 12 months now) and it's amazing how similar the story was then to now. The winning and losing patterns were simply unpredictable but we have made money since then so we must be doing something right after all.

The same message prevails. A good selection strategy coupled up with a strong professional staking plan almost guarantess that you will win.

Monday October 9th: Money Factory for the month is ahead $800 and on the way to increase with an early winner for the day at Cessnock.

Our new book "Market Forces" is set to be released in December. It is a fantastic look at how to bet using only the market changes. No form required! It will available for $149, but if you pre-order your copy now you can get it for only $129. Simply call our office on (02) 4950 1747 to order.

Sunday October 8th: This time next week I will be in Brisbane for the first of our One Day Seminars. I am looking forward to meeting our Brisbane Members and advising some of the new methods we have devised. We only have about 20 seats left at this Seminar so please book soon. Cost is $149 and we have a new bonus available courtesy of Dynamic Form. A one month subsciption to their professional services which we will be explaining in detail at our Seminar. It is set to revolutionise punting.

Yesterday was a profitable day for most methods , although Grandslam was unlucky not to get a protest result. Winform Singles had plenty of winners, Powerbet users were on song and we found the Trifecta in the Epsom, although with Racing To Win winning as predicted, it was not a big dividend.

A reminder that we still have $50 Free Bets available to our readers for simply opening an account with Sportsbet. Just click the banner on our main page and then advise us your account details. If you atke one step further and actually deposit money in your account there are more bonuses available on top of this.

Saturday October 7th: A red letter day for the Singles Selections yesterday. Fine Cheval won and paid $21.33 at IASBet (now SportsBet). By the start of the day, before our five winners from eleven selections, we had already made a profit with Money Factory for the month. We would have loved to have been on a losing streak coming into that $20+ winner but all winnings are gratefully received.

Today should be a great day at Randwick. The track will be good. The Racing will be competitive and you can order today's ratings (only if you put your order in by 9.30 a.m. to (02) 49501747) and be amongst the winners. One Melbourne horse is due for a win and has a fabulous strike rate at this distance being unplaced only once. For $22 you can get this and the ratings for every Randwick and Interstate race.

Friday 6th October: And I'm disgusted. The VRC is deliberately watering the Flemington track to make it a Dead 4 at the start of the day. This is so that horses racing later in the day will get a Good 3. How the hell are we supposed to do the form? When will the track improve? What if it is an overcast day and it doesn't improve? This bullshit they give out where they say "the going won't inconvenience any runner is simply a ploy to make you bet." Horses that go best on good firm going WILL be inconvenienced. Horses are just animals and they have their preferences. If you go out of your way to suit one type of galloper, you are harming the chances of another. It is just NOT RIGHT!

We, by necessity will do our form to a Good track for tomorrow and hope for the best but you have been warned!

Thursday 5th October: I've been slack with the updates and I apologise. We have been flat out getting the presentations for the One Day Seminars finalised. The first one is in Brisbane on Sunday week.

In the meantime our subscribers are doing really well. Kevin took yesterday as a stand alone day and scored with a $50, a $37 and a $20 winner he found in our Top Two. It cost him just $22 for the day's information.

Our Best Bets had a losing day but I guess after the outstanding performance at the weekend you could have anticipated a loss or two. Mother nature always seem to bring us back to the average. People can deny it but it always levels us out or lifts us back up.

I spoke with a long term Professional Punter the other day. He has been a winner for the past 20 or so years but he never ever bet level stakes. "It's simply too unreliable" he said. "using a quality Staking Plan is a necessity for anyone who wnats to be sure of winning."

Monday 2nd October: That's it the Footy season is OVER!! The Melbourne Storm lost their composure last night and that was that. I won for the season again in both codes but not a lot. Better than losing I say.

The Single selections needed just one more winner yesterday to hit the front but it didn't happen. Best Bets had another two winners, that's six from eight for the weekend I think. The Winform Single Specials had one bet for one winner by four lengths yesterday so that's two from two for the weekend. These come with the Premium Service, as does a Free ticket to the upcoming one day seminars. We are putting the finishing touches to those this week.

Good luck today for those having a holiday. Oh. Got his from one of the Members"

I love these free bets from IAS.On 21st June I had $50 on the Broncos at $8.50 to win the premiership so last nights game netted me $375. GO THE BRONCOS." JOHN

Sunday 1st October: The Swans and West Coast reversed the last year's result. What odds that happening? Mind you they made some silly errors. West Coast kicked straight in the first quarter and that won them the game. I made a profit no matter which side won as I took a position four weeks ago. The same applies in the NRL Grand Final tonight.

The Races yesterday? Well? It didn't matter what you did as every strategy we have worked. The two Free systems available in Horse Racing Australia magazine both won, Best Bets won four from six, the Top Two was fantastic and included the last winner at Randwick at $40+ and Powerbet users would be over the moon.

Every possible Money Factory strategy worked, and that is over $750 a week ahead for September.

Some days are diamonds and we have just had one. The rewards come to those who apply patience and discipline to their betting.

Friday 29th September- Take 2: Grand Final footy for AFL and NRL will launch this Weekend. If you wanted to get your bets on quick before the finals action begins, IASBet (now SportsBet) are offering $1.70 on Melbourne Storm head to head with Brisbane Broncos at $2.25, in the AFL West Coast Eagles at $1.72 head to head with the Sydney Swans at $2.20.

Also you can now get your Official Winform Beer Cooler to be the envy of all your mates this Summer! Fresh new stock today, get yours by logging on to our Winform Bookshop or call our office on: 02 4950 1747 to order over the phone!

Friday 29th September: The Money Factory continues to build profits with over $3,000 for the month even though our singles are behind for the month. Best Bets has really fired this week again and has been very consistent.

Readers who responded to our survey in Horse Racing Australia Spring Edition have had their $50 Free Bets allocated but we still have a few to go so send that survey in.

The first One Day Seminar is just over two weeks away on October 15th. We have about 20 seats left for the Brisbane Seminar which is at Diana Plaza where there is plenty of on site parking. The guys from Dynamic Form will be there to show you the new features of their site. It is really the most interesting new site on the web with access to on course betting odds as well as TAB divs and IASBet (now SportsBet) Superprice.

Tuesday 26th September: There was no diary Sunday because my entire area was blacked out due to severe weather conditions on the Central Coast of NSW. No TV, no hot food (the nearest non blackout area was an hours drive away) no reading once it got dark and of course no betting or writing up results on the diary.

I was due an early night anyway as I had to drive to that wonderful metropolis and all day gridlock traffic area Sydney. After nodding off I was rudely awakened by the lights and every other electrical device in the house coming to life all at once.

Yesterday after a loong trip to Sydney I attended the forum on NSW Wagering and the future as a guest of the AJC at Randwick. On my left was Mark Read of IASBet (now SportsBet), on my right, Malcolm Knowles, across the next row was Roger and Larry Hawke, behind me was Robbie Waterhouse and Matt Elliott and Jesse Kirley of Punting Ace and David and Karl Begg of Dynamic form. I also spotted author Clive Allcock and a number of other well known identities.

I think every major bookmaker was there and a who's who of Racing.

Presenters incldued Bill Saunders of Cyberhorse, Michael Sullivan Sportingbet, Andrew Twaits Betfair, Con Kafataris, Elmer Kupper CEO of TABCORP and Aidrian Domnhall and Dennis Moroney of the Australia Punters Association.

The speakers were surprisingly frank, Elmer Kupper of TABCORP admitting to the failures of his businesses in providing quailty service to punters. He was also keen to say that he personally was committed to rectifying the years of neglect for in particular the NSW punter. He could not of course, do anything about the non competitiveness of the tw major Australian TABs as this he said was tied up by Racing legislation.

It was pointed out that althought the State agreements limit the TAB takeout to 16%, there was nothing preventing TABCORP from reducing the takeout. It was also estimated by Mr. Kupper that the rounding down of TAB dividends alone, provided $30 million dollars a year profit, although to be fair, I do believe that this is shared with Goverment.

All speakers agreed, including Kupper, that the Corporate Bookmakers provided a much better deal and would like to be able to do more. It was unfair to NSW bookmakers that they were not allowed to compete by betting on the Internet, nor were they allowed to take bets except at the Racecourse. If trends continue, it was envisaged that NSW bookmakers would lose as much as 50% of their turnover within the next five years.

My personal opinion is that we must have bookmakers. Without them we cannot win. Apart from being able to bet a fixed price, the bookmakers' markets are the best guide as to where the money is going and how we should bet the horses we like.

A full review of yesterday's forum is available at www.ajc.com.au/news

P.S. Did you like the $54 and $24 winners yesterday?

Monday 25th September: Hi Everyone, Garry is away today, as he is attending the 2006 Racing Forum at Randwick, where all the honcho's of racing are meeting to share their opinions on the industry. Hopefully something good will come out of it for us punters.

Our Spring Racing Selections went really well this weekend 2/3 Selections winning, including $7.40 winner ‘All Black Gold’ at Rosehill. Our Horse Racing Australia Selections also proved their while this Saturday with two winners also at Belmont Park.

Weekend Sports were on cue for our League tips winning 2/2. Brisbane qualified on Friday Evening beating the Bulldogs and Melbourne Storm on Saturday beating St. George. The war between these two teams will be played out this Long Weekend and should provide some interesting betting. This will coincide with the AFL Grand Final with the Sydney Swans and West Coast Eagles qualifying for the 2006 Premiership Cup Decider.

Sunday provided some interesting results with Best Bets resulting in three winners out of four including ‘Emergence’ running at Echuca paying $6.50. Winform Singles only provided a handful of Winners, with too many place getters coming close to number one.

Please Remember the Winform Punting Seminars will be hitting the road in a couple weeks in:
Brisbane 15th October
Sydney 22nd October
Melbourne 29th October
Perth 12th November
Adelaide 19th November

Garry’s Winform Seminars have proven to help many punters who are struggling to find their niche strategy or just simply need some guidelines for further education to improve their betting. Garry will also reveal how to really build your winnings, along with talking about the attributes of Professional Punting, Exclusive- Market Forces talk, and the long awaited Betting Exchanges discussion, plus much, much more.
If you would like to attend a Winform Punting Seminar in a location near you: PLEASE BOOK NOW!
Or Phone our Office on: 02 4950 1747.
Hope today's a good one- Regards Prue

Saturday 23rd September:
At last a great day for Grandslam with five winners from eight bets. Our Feature Race, Rosehill was also successful and as suggested Desert War did give Eremein a run for his money. How good is El Segundo? And has the Pompeii Ruler bubble burst? These are just two questions from today's Caulfield Racing. Also watch out for Show Barry, although you wont get those good odds like today when just run down at $30.

Friday 22nd September: A great day yesterday with Money Factory hitting another profit high for the month (+$2845) on the back of Yolo. This horse was as much as $11, depending where you backed it. The first at Newcastle we not only had a $23 winner but our first four selections ran 1,2,3,4 for a $1900 result. Even the Quinella was $66. Singles for the month were almost on target at 22% (expected 22.3%) and average dividend $4.50. This is a problem. For the past three or four years we have maintained an avergae on these selections of $5. The difference is the reason our profit is a lot poorer than in the past. We will maintain our strike rate as it has hardly varied all year but on the dividends we average, Money Factory represents our best chance of making clear profits.

The new singles specials have averaged $4.06 in the same period on a 28% strike rate and this represents a solid 13% profit. We are only making these selections available to our Premium service subscribers. For an extra $155 per quarter or $50 per month, we believe the extra investment is going to prove worthwhile.

It is some months now since we scored our last Saturday Victorian Quaddie. The past several tries we have been knocked out in the first or second leg so maybe we are due. I know it sounds silly but facts are facts, we do get 18% of all Quaddies run in our top five. Good luck for the weekend.

Thursday 21st September: The Money Factory recovered from what looked like a bust when 'Missklarragray' saluted at $7.60. Prue's Novice Staking Plan put her in front again (see the Winter Edition).

I won another $1200 on Tuesday but gave back about $1500 yesterday and I did miss the last winner as I had promised to undertake the role of bartender at the Cancer Council's Movie promotion last night. My, My, they were a thirsty bunch of girls.

There were only four guys altogether and about 400 girls and ladies and although I offered water, wine orange juice and champagne it was opening the champagne bottles that took up most of my time.

IASBet (now SportsBet) is offering a $200 top up bonus for existing account holders and that finishes on September 28th. To take advantage simply log on to your IASBet (now SportsBet) account and type in AFL117W in the promotional code box. If you pay in by Bpay or bank deposit, simply call 133773 and advise that you have done so and the extra dollars will be credited. If using credit card your bonus is almost instant and there is no credit card charge. If you don't take advantage of Free money when it is offered you would have to be nuts. Unfortunately , as a credit customer I can't take advantage so I will just have to win my money.

We're off to the Newcastle races now for a promotion but Ros will be in the office to take messages etc.

Tuesday 19th September: The weekend Sports selections are up already and the outsiders look good. Using Money Factory there is a profit of better than 30% for the season to date.

Yesterday I won over a thousand but it did take me about three hours. You know win, lose win lose etc. until along came a 200% race at Scone and Libbys Rainbow saluted at $21.80 then a certainty at Leeton and it was all over for another day.

The singles missed.

Tomorrow, Premium Members will start receiving our Winform Specials which replace the Jockey selections. The strike rate is about the same but the average dividend is much higher at $4.06 for the past 12 months. There's nothing else to do , just check the Winform Gold page.

Monday 18th September: Apologies: if you recieved our e-mail newsletter. Escadaire was actually one of the Best Bet selections and not a Simply the Best. The actual Simply the best selection was Morphettville Race 4 Horse 4: Tip the Dip that paid $9.90. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Sunday 17th September: The actual day. Only 24% Top Two winners yesterday and once again Toowoomba was hot. We have one subscriber who keeos a special bank just for Toowoomba.

Yesterday we had a $9.00 Winform Winner and Winform Winners Special. When you consider these selections have a 50% strike rate, it is a mammoth result. These selections are only available on Hottest Selections phone line (1902 210 680) or by subscribing to the Winform Premium Package.

I noted we also had another great day with Simply The Best which is Free in the magazine (Winter Edition). One reader told us yesterady he is 154 units up and that was before yesterday. Let's see, for a $100 bet that's $15,400! And that's since June!

Sunday 17th September: Well late saturday. Only one winner from out three footy bets and I know neither of tonights matches is over yet! I have had a poor result on the punt today as well with a big miss in the Quaddie, the Feature Race, GrandSlam and on it goes and our Best Bet was backed as if unbeatable and couldn't even run a place. It's lucky I don't rely on any one day.

Last night I had to go to the hospital to visit my mother in law who has had a second heart attack but is O.K. if weaker for a while and so on and so on. I had plans for tomorrow but my enthusiasm is lacking.

The challenge in this busines is to overcome all these obstacles and overcme them I will. In the next magazine we will have an interview with jockey Allan Robinson that will shock every male reader. You won't believe what this guy will do to win not only on the racetrack but elsewhere, maybe he should be a politician, he'd shake up the establishment for sure.

Friday September 15th: No action for me personally yesterday as I was helping my son move into his new home in Sydney. Actually, helping is not the right word as my wife and I did the lot. To be fair he is starting between 4 and 5 a.m daily til 4.30 seven days a week.

Anyhow, I missed another winning day and today after physio (that's the problem with moving furniture) it looks like I will miss another day.

We think everyone who attends our One Day Seminars will benefit from the new information we have, even those that attended in the past. The new market forces strategy, continues to work and Tegan is currently putting together a book on the subject which we expect will be released in December.

Tonight and tomorrow night is action time for the NRL and AFL elimination finals and there has been a huge shift in both markets with Sydney now a short priced favourite in AFL betting and the Bulldogs firming in the NRL. My personal position is that I can't lose no matter which team wins. It's a position I have been adjusting throughout the year. Our weekend sports tips, which are averging just under 70% wins at an average of better then $1.90, are on line now.

Thursday September 14th: Another reasonably good day for the Winform Singles Selections yesterday, with 2 Winners out of 4, 'Newgrange' at Sandown and 'Gamatron' at Kalgoorlie. Don't forget that our Punting Seminars will be commencing on the 15th October with the first one in Brisbane. If you are looking for a fresh start for your punting strategy or even a hint of guidence or new ideas to suppliment your existing strategy, you cannot miss out on this unique opportunity. If you require more information or would like to book for a location near you, please click here or Phone: 02 4950 1747.
Thanks again- Prue

Wednesday September 13th: Hi, just a quick update on Money Factory and the Single Selections. September has been great so far for Money Factory with a $1813 profit and 20% strike rate with $5.60 average dividend. Pretty impressive for only two weeks.

The Single Selections are in front for the month to date with a 19% Strike Rate and $580 profit for $50 bets.

Monday September 11th: If you've registered for our free Newsletter you'll read about my dramas later on (which was why I couldn't bet yesterday). In the meantime our last selection, The Western Bulldogs won easily for us and secured a profit for the weekend for our Footy tips. Only three weeks to go.

The Money Factory has made extraordinary profits from the footy bets this year. I think the longest losing run was just four. Our run for the past two weeks was W W W W L W W L L W. If we could achieve this with our Racing selections we would all be millionaires.

Late Saturday we had a winning double at Toowoomba. As some Members would say Toowoomba has saved us again!

Sunday September 10th: Three Grandslam Winners yesterday from nine bets and Newtons Rings a nose second. Our sports bets were on the nose too! Just one match left today to get us in front but we will be in front with a bit of luck.

The heavy tracks in Sydney and Melbourne showed us no pointers for the Spring unless it is wet but of course Eremein did show us his class to reel in Newtowns Rings and Reewaa did handle the dampness well.

Saturday September 9th: One win one loss last night so only 26 ways left on the Heinz. We are also out of the finals race with St Kilda but still have Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs as a back up.

Yesterday was one of those golden days with the single selections . Three winners from ten bets including a $30 winner. Powerbet was phenomenal yesterday.

This weekend I am taking a break from the Racing to concentrate on the finals footy. Wet tracks everywhere have dulled my enthusiasm along with computer problems at home.

Spare a thought for Andrew. He planned on starting backing the singles yesterday with a $150 bet on each. We had a detailed discussion about the commitment required. He missed a $5,000 payday as he deferred his start and couldn't believe it. Luckily there are many more winners down the track.

Friday September 8th: I am having a bet today and I took a close look at Canberra Race 5. The Acton track is new and so I looked only at horses that had raced there. Our top rated horse Volcaic Attack was the second fastest horse to Ciro which had one run for one win there. The odds on favourite Wrapped In Gold was slower. I found the information I wanted in the Winform version of GTX which is on special for just $995 for the program itself plus three months ratings and form.

At $24.10 Austote I had a very good win even though on my dutch bet the majority of the money went on Ciro at $5. Readers who open an Austote account should use our promotional code 4752 to qualify for free bets and bonuses.

That will do me for today and I will now head off to the Newcastle Manly semi final. Newcastle is the first leg of my Heinz bet on IASBet (now SportsBet) in which I have taken six bets 57 ways. A win will give me about $30,000 for a base bet of $10 and I only need four of my bets to win to make a good profit, five would be good and of course six is the bonanza!

Thursday September 7th: It's raining, pity about the Wyong Cup. One of my neighbour's is going and It's a Plumbers Picnic day. Luckily they have a Marquee and a few drinks to fall back on. I can say the track won't be too bad. It is now one of the fastest courses in Australia.

The feedback from readers continues to pour in. TABCORP obviously can afford to lose a lot of customers. Can you imagine what it will be like on Saturday when the once a week punters try to activate their accounts. So far only the people who bet mid week are going over. Many are simply finding it all too hard and closing their accounts , when they can finally get in touch.

I deposited $1,000 to my account on Monday. It is still not in there and I still get messages advising me that I should call back the help line "later". I don't know the definition of "later". Perhaps I should look it up. Luckily, I only use my account to bet on the Victorian Quaddie on Saturdays, that gives me three more days to sort it out although the pool may be too small to worry about if the punters can't get their bets on.

Money Factory is going very well for the month with a $900+ profit after 65 bets and 12 wins.

Late Tuesday 5th September: I will be away tomorrow so let's let it fly now. Firstly we started with a $12.50 single selection winner. You Beauty! Then I successfully logged into my "new" Tabcorp account and found the $1,000 I deposited yesterday was no longer there. Here are some of the comments by readers we've received about the changes:

'I have had similar problems,not being able to log into my two TAB Vic accounts. I hope they have it fixed by Thurs otherwise I will go into a TAB withdraw my funds and put it with IAS where I have an account. You would think that the TAB would be professional enough to advise the situation on their radio station in Vic Sport 927 who were still advising customers to ring 1800 056 066 which has a recorded message of how one can bet.! Why bother! Cheers'. J. McGregor

'Stuff the TABS, I took my money out three months ago'. Wayne

"still can't log in after 5 1/2 hours". Tim

"Filled in my five steps and now they're insisting I deposit at least $50 to keep the account open" Please help me!

'I have spent 1000's of hours developing systems using the Stab ratings and the time before the race ie. 15m, 12m, 9m, 6m etc. My whole life has revolved around this end for the past 2 years and today they took away my site. Is there any hope of getting it back or having the new one incorporate the betting information in increments before each race.I am devastated.' Peter

'Hi Gary, Thanks for that message about the TAB. I have been on line for 2 and a 1/2 hours trying to re-activate my internet account. I don't know what a 4 digit pin number is . I have a 6 digit acc. no. A 3 digit secret no. a 5 digit password and a digit that I'll stick somewhere if I get hold of someone from the TAB. Tried ringing like you but got the out of action message . At least I know that I'm not alone. thanks again for the news. Back a winner.' John

'Hi Garry I haven’t spoken to you or emailed you for a while, but I can’t believe the balls up with the TAB’s. I have an account with both TAB’s and received a letter that didn’t specify which TAB was sending the letter. I assumed it was NSW as the new account number they allocated had three numbers the same as my old NSW number. I don’t use either account at this stage, but keep them open for backup. I rang the 1800 number for assistance and received a message that said the assistance line was experiencing technical difficulties. Now that’s terrific isn’t it? You can’t even contact them.' Ken

'The corporates will be delighted. People will be unable to bet with TABCORP for a few days and then they will realise how much better off they are without them.' Edward

Tuesday 5th September: What a disaster yesterday! This TABCORP changeover is not going well. I know what I am doing but I had nothing but problems. When I did get my accounts up and running I found many further problems. I am just thankful that I have accounts with IASBet (now SportsBet), Sportsbet, Austote and Sports Acumen and others.

The weekend was kind to our Sports Bets with 4 from 4 and a $600+ profit from a Parlay or Yankee for just $10.

Our Single Selections using Money Factory are $682.20 in profit for the month, so that's a good start.

Today I have not yet been able to log into my TAB accounts and I started trying at 7 a.m. this morning. A lot of information that used to be on the site is no longer there and scratchings are a nightmare. We used to be able to double check with the STAB site but not now. Subcribers bear with us please as we will have to work harder to get it all right. I can't wait until daylight saving when the more reliablel Unitab site is one hour behind us.

Seriously, the only reason we still have Tabcorp accounts in NSW and Victoria is to access certain bet types which are unavailable elsewhere. And it won't hlep to ask questions at your local TAB either as so far we have found staff are as much in the dark about the new bet types as we are.

Saturday 2nd September: I had a serious bet yesterday for myself for the first time for some weeks. To tell the truth it seemed all too easy as the money came in. I ended the day with a + $1,000 result after about two hours punting. This represented about 30% profit on turnover. I was unlucky too with our last single selection missing in a photo and then being denied the protest. At $14+ IASBet (now SportsBet) it would have doubled my result for the day.

If you are reading this and do not yet have an IASBet (now SportsBet) account then click the IASBet (now SportsBet) banner for a pleasant surprise! Not only will you receive a 20% opening account bonus but alos a $100 Free bet for simply betting $100 or more in total. You can use your free bet for Melbourne Cup or Caulfield Cup win and place or either of the footy premierships or another of the many choices. the main thing is that it is Free and you can't lose. You must enter the promotional code which is highlighted in red when you click the IASBet (now SportsBet) banner. This is a limited offer so get in now.

Friday 1st September: Our first five rated horses in Bendigo Race 4 were all multiple overlays yesterday and Maximumgum won at $301.75 on IASBet (now SportsBet)! We think that is an all time record and the best result since we selected the winner of the Canberra Cup at $200 plus in 2005.

The interesting thing is that one of our Members actually backed it in the quinella with the favourite as well!

Thursday August 31st: It's the last day of Winter and from tomorrow afternoon this journal will be in the Spring Edition. Five winners from 14 yesterday was a great effort and our profits from August go a long way to make up for a poor Winter we would rather forget. We did do well with the footy selections though and now just one week out from the finals we tread carefully going into the last round.

I am ignoring matches that have no significance for the finals which is why we have reduced our selections. The key is getting good value and you will find a guide in the Spring magazine which is in Newsagents from tomorrow. If you can't find it where you shop just call us and we can send one out direct or order from the bookshop.

The Spring Racing Carnival officially launches this weekend but it has been in the air for the past week or so. Fun, Fun, Fun!

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