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In conjunction with the up and coming Spring Carnival Dynamic Form have released a new version of their popular Web Site. Their latest version represents a significant step forward in 'Online Punting' for Australasia and possibly some world firsts for the industry. The new version features improved performance while consuming only minimal computer resources. Dynamic Form's objective is to provide Punters with a diverse set of quality punting tools making their Web Site an impressive 'one stop shop'.
Below is a list of the FREE products and services available to all members.

FREE Membership Includes:

LIVE Market
- 6 Win Market Comparison
(on separate page)
- 6 Place Market Comparison
(on separate page)
- Live Results
- Lightning Fast 10 second refresh

- Free 3 Start
- Career Statistics
- Electronic Sectional Data
- Gear Changes

You have the ability to setup email alerts for a single Runner, Jockey, Trainer or any combination thereof. You will be notified of a scheduled start matching your alert 24 hours before the race. (Up to 3 Entries)

TRACK Reports
- Updated Live
- Track Condition
- Track Rating
- Rail Position
- Local Weather - rain (including within the last 10 minutes), wind and humidity.

(Activation Fee Applies) Punting Tools:

LIVE Market
- 13 Win Market Comparison
- 13 Place Market Comparison
- Live Results
- Customisable Columns
- Customisable Colours

This feature means that the LIVE Market will only download new Market Data if it has changed since the last update. This option eliminates unnecessary downloading of data which is one of the main issues with a standard refresh system. This will save you significant internet bandwidth usage while also freeing up your computer resources.

SMART Wagering
This feature allows you to send bets directly to Betting Agencies. You simply 'click' on the odds you wish to take up on the 'LIVE Market' screen and follow a few simple steps. This means bets can be placed on multiple runners and sent to multiple Betting Agencies in a matter of seconds. This web based feature is a first for Internet Punters in Australia and New Zealand.

MULTI Betting Agency Signup
This service allows you to open accounts with multiple Betting Agencies by filling out only one application form. You tick the Agencies you wish to open accounts with, agree to each of Agencies Terms and Conditions, then 'click' the 'Submit' button. The Betting Agencies you have applied to will then contact you and finalise your application.

You can monitor the money being placed on runners in a race by the way of two graphs. One graph monitors dividend movements on each runner up until jump.
The other monitors the total amount of money placed on each runner through the T.A.B.'s (Including AUSTOTE) up until jump. You have the ability to select which runners to display and with which betting agencies to base the graphs on. You would normally expect to pay hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for software that shows graphs similar to these.

- Short Form
- All available starts
- Career Statistics
- Electronic Sectional Data
- Gear Changes

Same features as free service except:
- Unlimited entries

- Scratching List - Live
- Gear Change List
- Runner, Jockey & Trainer A to Z lists
- Rating Comparison - 3 Source
- Personal Rating Column
- Tipster Comparison - 2 Source
- Late Mail
- Results Service
- FREE @dynamicmail.net.au email

LIVE Racing Media
- Racing Radio Integration
- Racing TV Integration

EXCEL Interface:
Many of their members have been asking for this feature which gives the punter a 'Live' Excel Spreadsheet Interface to their Web Site Data. This Excel Interface will allow you to have access to the majority of their products and services on offer.

RACE Ratings:
Race Ratings integrated into the LIVE Market for easy comparison.

'It's the tool the
thinking punter needs'

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