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1st May, 2006- Questions & Answer

Your article in Horse Racing Australia Issue #1, page 40-41 does not tell you that many of these casinos are linked and will only pay the bonus once. When you deposit money in a related casino they do not highlight this information. Then when you attempt to remove your own money after being denied the bonus, they can throw the gaming regulations at you and demand photo ID, bank statement and utility bill for a minimal $50. This may occur even if you have used Neteller to deposit money. I wonder why they do not demand the 100 point ID before depositing? . Karl


Dear Karl,
The casino stripping has worked for the last couple of years with many of our readers having done well. There are numerous Casino sites and I am not surprised to hear that many are linked. The ID thing is standard practice for all government authorised sites. It is probably just as well as I wouldn't like your chances of getting paid by a non legitimate enterprise. You would do well to search the net for non linked sites.
Garry Robinson

21st March, 2006:
Hi Garry,
Just a note to say thanks for the continuous correspondance over the past. I hope it continues, as you can see I have entered my free $50 bet, that i hope to win on. I enjoy a bet whenever i am able to. I hope this $50 becomes a good investment. Keep up the great work!
I. Clifford

13th March, 2006:

Thanks Garry,
Congratulations on picking Roman Arch as one of the top two selections in the feature race. And the Best Bets for Saturday were also spot on as were the footy selections.
My Unitab account has had a serious injection of funds thanks to you and 'Roman Arch'.
Many thanks and best wishes with the new magazine.
Brian K.

Hi Garry,
Thanks for the complimentary copy of "Horse Racing Australia" magazine.
I found the peripheral news and items of most interest. In particular the "Double Coincider" method is one I haven't seen before. Has it performed with consistency since it's inception? It doesn't appear on initial investigation to be over optimized.
I'm probably a minority here, but why sports betting? Has gallops lost the punter's interest?
Cheers Andris

7th March 2006:
We make no comment on the contents of Peter's correspondence other than to say, 'be wary of any such offer'...

Hi Garry,
Thanks for your informative report in the Autumn 2006 edition of Horse Racing Australia Magazine on the Scams doing the rounds at present. I too have received similar glossy promotional material and have refused to pay out the exhorbitant prices they want for them stating that I haven't got the required amount of money. "Put it on your credit card" is the usual response. When I advise that I haven't a credit card the price suddenly drops by a couple of thousand.
I thought you may be interested in a new one I received last week, this time via email after the original phone call enquiring if I would be interested in an investment opportunity. This latest one comes from XXX Marketing Pty Ltd with their Thoroughbred Wagering Systems for Australia and Hong Kong. They claim that they stated trading in Hong Kong approx 2 years ago as they have better returns than in Australia.
You can purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year Licence with the prices being $5250, $8250 and $11250 respectively. She then lost me by stating that you get a $2000 discount on the 2 year licence and a $4,000 discount on the 3 year licence but I'm not sure how that works.
Again I stated I didn't have that sort of money she stated that I could be put on a waiting list for an old 1 year licence that someone has upgraded which would reduce the cost greatly. I will be interested to see how soon they ring back with a better offer!!
Their claim was that if I started with a $1500 bank in January 2005 the closing balance would have been $26,000 Very tempting but will not be taking them up on their astounding offer.
Regards- Peter Gibson

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