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Professional Punters Diary

Wednesday May 31st: And it is our last chance to make a profit for the month. Yesterday I responded to a client who was wondering about the Bravo selections. You may remember that this was a service started by Amelia Burton when she wrote her book Punting In The New Millenium. From January 1st there have been 175 bets for 36 wins and $2209 profit for a $10 bet. If anything , like a lot of figures we look at, the average dividends are down right across the board.

My feeling is that it is cyclical.

The one consistent thing I find is that the vast majority of punters are inconsistent, like the ones who follow Bravo but miss the winning days. We all miss days, family circumstance being what they are.

We have emailed all our Members who have an IASbet account about a new deal they are offering starting June 5th. If you don't have an account and open one now you can actually "double dip" but don't say I said so. Here is the IASBet link (now SportsBet). Punters can't really afford to pass up these generous offers, I mean it is money for nothing.

On that subject, who has only one betting account these days? I have about a dozen, and one of those matches whatever everybody else offers, so I am well placed to take advantage of price moves etc.

Tuesday May 30th: 1/01/2006 to 30/04/2006

74 bets 29 wins 50 places Proit $1950 39% won 26.4 % POT. $708 68% placed

Does that sound like a good betting plan? It's the results of our Free system in Horse Racing Australia magazine for the year to date. On these figures alone a subscription to the magazine at just $99 per year which includes Best Bets and Sports selections as well as the Feature Race each weekend would be a good bet don't you think? Click the link to the bookshop on our main page to order.

Yesterday we got the very good winner we were looking for. It paid as much as $21 if you were lucky and still $13 if you missed the best price. We have had some nice emails about this winner at Bathurst, a mere country meeting. It was the only winner on the day but still provided a good profit and lifted Money Factory substantially and we now look like finishing May in profit.

Monday May 29th: It has not been a good month but little harm has been done. We are right on our expected strike rate of 22% or more for the singles but at $50 a bet the average dividends achieved at $4.34 is not enough and we are $400 behind. The Money Factory had one bust only and is at -$1135 but one good longshot at the right time will fix this. Subscribers who don't do all days are possibly bettter off. Brenton Burford, for example, has not had a bust for months and so is well in front including this month and that's without the $74 winner late last month. Brenton has a number of elimination rules which can include the price he is able to get.

He also doen't like betting in races with first starters, races where there is an odds on favourite and some other rules but I don't know exactly what these are. Every punter has his own individual ideas and the results we post are the results of getting every bet on, even if track conditions change.

Here are my personal results for the past six weeks using 12 Money Factory columns which all operate individually. Every column has made a profit except Column 5 which stands at -$1101. Total profits are $3618 and with the progressive of all coulumns standing at -$3763 you could say I was behind except that we expect every one of those columns to turn a profit. When they do, I will have around $7,000.

Each week so far the current outs has averaged about $200 per column and of course there have not been as many bets this month due to wet conditions.

Horse Racing Australia magazine is in the Newsagents this week and there is plenty of good winning advice. For the first time we made the Simply The Best selections available and there were four bets for two winners. Double Coincider, the Free system from the first edition of the magazine has now hads four bets for the month for four winners! Can't beat that. Check out the magazine for details. The selections are available via the phone number in the magazine or now on the Internet for a small annual fee. Of course , using the rules and working it out for yourself is free.

Saturday May 27th: No update tomorrow as I will be visiting Mark and Kim Waugh at Rosehill to view their new synidcate nbo. 3 horses. Yesterday was poor with only one winner. Today we have the new Free system from the June magazine on the info line. The "system" is Simply The Best and readers should note that an even better result can be obtained by sticking to selections that are rated in the top four by Winform. Strike rate for these this year is 44% at an average dividend of well over three dollars . I wish I'd known this beforehand!

Thursday May 25th: What a thriller the Origin game turned out to be, and us with egg on our face. Our Weekend Sports Tips are now on the website and we are hoping for another winnning week. A lot of the markets are tight though, nevertheless we expect to maintain our 67%+ strike rate.

Today there is only one Single Selection for the day so our Members can have a holiday. Those who want to bet Powerbet or Doubles etc. can still follow our ratings successfully, it is just our special Single Selections that we don't risk on rain affected tracks.

All paid subscribers will receive the latest edition of Horse Racing Australia magazine shortly. If you haven't subscribed you can buy one at your newsagent from next week or order a subscription from our Bookshop.

Wednesday May 24th: And I told you what can happen with these days of few selections. Yesterday was a blindingly successful day with only four average priced winners. Actually the whole day was a great hit for all of our punters as winners were everywhere. We had come off a very disappointing weekend with just 27% winners from around 130+ races. We had to get winners just to bring the average back to the usual 34%. While there is really no such thing as the "law of averages" the fact remains that when you have large , many thousands of previous results to go on, you know that in the end there will be no change.

Tonight's Origin match has taken a new twist with major inury problems for NSW. All of a sudden the $2.12 available for Queensland yesterday, has become a bargain with the new quote $1.95 but you can get $2 for either side to be in front at half time. You can get $1.90 for NSW at full time.

Tomorrow night we have the Socceroos against Greece in front of an even bigger crowd than Origin. Australia are $2.25 to win, Greece $3.35 and the draw $3.25. I have no expertise whatsoever in the round ball game but I suspect there is a psychological edge to be got. While you're thinking about that, think about these few words I picked up today.

Dance like nobody's watching;
Love like you've never been hurt.
Sing like nobody's listening
Live like it's heaven on earth.

What more can I say?

Tuesday 23rd May: What's the chance NSW will beat Queensland by 3 points or less? You can bet Queensland to win outright and NSW to win by 3 or more and make 2% profit. That's $10k out for a very small profit. There are many more options such as Man Of The Match where the options are limited and the betting is wide enough to make a good dutch bet. Betting Queensland every match since the series started has produced a very good profit but can you wait till next year to recoup if they lose this one?

NSW has injury concerns and Queensland has a young fresh team. It is a big question mark.

Oh sorry! What about Racing? Well, with very few selections each day just one good winner will give us a happy result and if we get no winners it is not a disaster, just a disappointment. We still have a week to go for May so there's time to hit the front again.

To get the best odds on the Footy, if you're interested, visit the bookies page and click on the releavnt option. All the bookies listed are offering free bets so if you open an account you must win!

Monday 22nd May: I'm cheating again, it is actually Sunday night and I can tell you that it has been a fabulous winning day with a $13.50, $17+ and $5 + winners from limited selections. Our one recommended footy bet for the weekend has also won making us a footy winner ten out of twelve weeks to date and winning about 70% of matches. A family commitment today meant that I have missed out on the winnings but I know there will be many more winning days.

I have recently found that a number of our readers have opened accounts through the icon on our website and to date this has been exclusive to our Members. Canbet covers a lot of International sports and their margins are very slim so your chance of winning on sports with them is very good. Sometime today the girls will add the Canbet banner to our Free bet bonuses website so everyone can get a share of the extra dividends. I should alert everybody to the fact that the IAS website is undergoing another upgrade and you should see the new look any day soon.

Sunday 21st May: I can report a win yesterday, although not a great one. There was one $13.55 winner at the Gold Coast and a couple of $5+ winners from the single selections. The Feature race was a dud for us but we were taking a chance on a long shot. The footy results have been much as expected so far, unpredictable! We are glad we did not bet the Knights, even though they won. The odds on offer were too short and we would have lost at the margin by half a point. We have just the one weekend bet today so here's hoping. Then we can breath easy as we watch the State Of Origin match on Wednesday night.

My 12 column Money Factory Bank is working well. All but column 4 have made profits, in total $3322 since we commenced about four weeks ago. The progressive run on all columns is currently $3138 and of this $962 is column 4. Management of the columns has been very easy and there have only been a few days where we have had to do other than update the results at night.

The patchy rain around the country means that we have had far fewer bets than usual so the results may yo-yo a bit. With Winter just around the corner, we do expect to start seeing some longshot results.

Thursday May 18th: What a fight that was last night. Mundine must have a very hard head as did Greene. I hate seeing people with smart mouths winning though. They say 50,000 people paid to see it on Pay TV and venues paid $2200 each to show it. I feel for the people who paid gate money to basically only see it on the big screen. No matter what you think about boxing, it was a good gambling opportunity when you saw the markets for a points win by either boxer. A draw was unlikely and in spite of both boxers having previously won by knockouts, this was not that type of match.

Anyhow, perhaps I'm covering up for the quiet week we are having. No not really but there hasn't been much action because of rain affected tracks. The weekend sports selections is looking slim too with only a couple of good bets and these are on the HRA info line now.

Tuesday May 16th: We had a minor setback with the magazine yesterday and so it will be a week late and subscribers will now receive it next week. We had no winners at all yesterday but like everything else it is just a minor setback. It just means that profits will be delayed.

We had some interesting queries overnight and one thing that no one seems to understand is multiples like the Patent which is one of the best bets going. Rather than explain it to you I will direct you to the IAS site. When you get there look up help and multi bets and you will see a very clear explanation of all their multiples including the Patent. It can be a very lucrative bet and is ideal for sports bets.

Monday May 15th: It is sad to report that the May Money Factory currently sits at -$2453 while level stake is just -$400 on a $50 bet. The winners just did not fall in the right order, or they did not pay enough. There have been 165 bets for 39 winners at $4.03 average dividend. Just one extra winner or one bigger dividend would have been enough on Saturday.

I hope readers though to take a Patent bet (available at IAS) on the Sunday Footy selections. A $50 bets returned a profit of $1153. I didn't even think of it myself. You know, we are running at about 75% strike rate with the Footy tips after ten weeks so mutliple bets are always going to be a good chance.

Bathurst and Port Macquarie both have good tracks today so with any luck we can come out a winner, and boy, don't you have to have patience in this game. My 12 Money Factory columns are well in profit but all this is in use as each column is in progressive mode.

Sunday May 14th: And who will be betting today? Well all of you mothers who punt for a start, and those hubbies who can get away with it. My wife Ros is taking her mum out to lunch and then we will go back home to watch the footy on TV (we're away today). Yesterday was a good day with a clear level stakes profit on the singles and a Money Factory boosting double figure winner. We missed the Quaddie in Melbourne for about the 4th time lately with three legs in (as usual). We did get a $1,000+ pay three weeks ago though.

The Free System plan from Horse Racing Australia magazine, Autumn edition, scored one winner from one so it is three from three since we kicked off the 1902 info line. 1902 215 231 if you've forgotten it.

The Footy tips have started off badly with Manly trodden on and Hawthorn getting the same from the two Brisbane based teams. To top it off we took St George at -6.5 and they won by 6 exactly. We rely on the Bulldogs to beat Port and the Knights to beat the Tigers and Adelaide to win by a big break to salvage some pride and money and if you're a Mum Happy Mothers Day!

Friday May 12th: We did a review of the Best Bets over the past two days and are pleased to report that it has sustained a 42% STRIKE RATE SINCE SEPTEMBER 2004! Dividends have varied from odds on to as high as $18.30. For a $99 annual fee it is a remarkable deal.

Today we have a brand new racetrack, the Canberra Acton artificial surface. This will be in use while Canberra's course proprer is rebuilt. It is expected that this track will be used during Winter each year even after the new course proprer is completed. We have noted today that horses that finish on are the ones to be on. So far results are in line with our expectations.

Our singles are in a drought again and we are hoping for a good priced winner today sometime. Here's hoping.

For the first few races today I did a parlay and was successful. I was experimenting with the idea that diffferent size fields required different numbers of runners in each leg to be successful. In other words, how many runners do we need to take in what size fields to get at least a 50%+ strke rate?

Thursday May 11th: And the girls have put through the scrambled database for win only AND as actually happened in real time order we have made a substantial profit. My conclusion is that win only delivers in the end even if there does happen to be a fall every now and then.

A couple of winners yesterday from a small number of bets and again today a small number to be bet with more wet tracks. My past experience suggests that even with fewer bets the Winter period can be quite good.

The sports bets are up now and for those who haven't subscribed you can get them today and tomorrow on our new number 1902 215231 at $1.10 p.m. On Saturday we have the selections from the Free System in the magazine.

Wednesday May 10th: Paul Butts takes issue with our each way workout as he has made a good profit using the Single Selections each way since November last year. He did point out to me that he bets them straight out up to $3 and each way otherwise. He also pointed out that Sports Acumen gave him the best each way return and I would have to agree with that. Click on the Sports Acumen banner on the right to set up an account or get further information.

Talking of Sports Acumen, I recommended to everybody Sunday to bet the Knights with 2.5 start @ $1.90 at half time. This is a "custom line" bet which they are keen to promote ( a normal full time line bet does not qualify). So keen in fact that they gave me a Free premiership bet for $100 to match my bet. What's even better is that my bet won as well. They will do the same for you so if you have one of these bets at the weekend (we'll suggest one for you) you can have a Free matching bet up to $100 on your favourite team. That's money for nothing in my book and we should take every edge we can get.

Yesterday we made a good profit on the singles as I like many others, got caught and did not become aware of the downgrade at Taree until after my bets were on. Bad luck good luck. What can I say?


Tuesday May 9th: A check on the current Money Factory shows a $569 profit so far and the current series is at -$1539 which we assume will come back soon enough. I have to report that the Each way workout has come up negative. One of the reasons for this is that the pick up when winners come is too small. In the short term it is a good strategy as the frequent dividends keep us afloat. We are better off, however, going for the jugular i.e. the win bet, as there is much more chance of a "super" pay.

I have come to a decision not to include the Best Bets in the workouts. I have found that this too can put a "slow" on the returns and it is even worse if there is a slight losing run. The Best Bets themselves work quite well with their own Money Factory but you do bet much bigger on these shorter priced selections and therefore use more money.

It comes back to your own personal aims. I also believe a Money Factory on the football will work extremely well as you wont have any trouble getting as much money on as you want. Using best prices you can bet to 103% and Money Factory can turn that into a 7-10% profit. What I am saying is that you can actually back both sides in every match to increase your turnover. Think about it?

Monday the 8th: I'm cheating again it's really only Sunday night but I can tell you that three of our four recommended footy bets won and so a handy profit was had. I fudged on a couple of bets I wasn't game to take but they won too. The Season is starting to sort itself out and both NRL and AFL are proving very even with no undefeated teams in either code.

Yesterday's Racing was alright with 6 winners from 20 but the dividends once again missed the mark. We had one Best Bet for a winner though. Our Top Two had 26 from 72 and 36% which is slightly better than average considering the heavy tracks and there were some good winners like Miss Diva $19+, Hell Of A Stand at $11.60 and Bondi Express $17 + and these contributed to a healthy profit. I expect when we enter the figure into Money Factory that will also be positive.

I have to admit that I do find it slightly amusing when I tell people how well we are doing with sport and they say "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in sports betting." I would have thought everybody was interested in making a dollar but perhaps I am wrong. Well I know I am because there are people out there who still prefer to take the worst possible odds even when they know that for a little extra effort they could be winning instead of losing.

Sunday the 7th: And it's a full week since our big winning day last Sunday. The footy has one winner and one loser with the Tigers to beat manly today to complete the round. Newcastle is at $1.50 today so it is a no bet, simply because of the lack of value. At Sports Acumen you can bet the Knights to be 3 points ahead at half time for $1.90 and that is not a bad bet.

Powerbet users should have had a good day yesterday with some nice longshots. In the June edition of the magazine we highlight a good Quinella/Exacta play and yesterday there was a great result in the 7th at Ipswich which paid $835 for a $17 outlay and in Racing Pays More the Daily Double method paid $2400 for a $63 outlay at Kembla. Come to think of it we got the Kembla Quaddie on NSWTAB yesterday at $6,000+. Our 3rd rate $90 winner helped!

Plenty of single selection winners yesterday but not enough at the prices to make a profit. Even Best Bets with 2 from 3 only made a small profit and we missed the Feature Race.

Friday: Another good day looms with a near 50% strike rate from the single selections again. Tonight's Rugby League Test is interesting with New Zealand $4.50 in this two horse race. The last few matches have been very competitive between these two sides so why would you take the $1.20 about Australia? The outsider won't win all these matches but they will win enough to make a profit at those ridiculous odds.

We have had requests from magazine readers for the selections from the magazine to be worked out as in some States form guides like Sportsman, arrive too late. Call 1902 215 231 after 10.30 Sat and we'll work them out for you. We'll even update after Perth scratchings. From Thursday we'll have the weekend sports tips too and on Monday, the results. Cost is just $1.10 per minute and most calls are brief.

Thursday Late: It's another one of our feel good days. It is probably close to a 50% win strike day with wall to wall winners. My 12 Money Factory columns are all in front but it has taken weeks to get to this point and that is the problem, but it is also the solution. Short term pain for long term gain. I actually need a column to go on a losing streak so we can reap the big pay and it hasn't happened yet. It will though. I will also lose a column here and there.

A level stakes bet has been fantastic over the same period with a $50 bet there was about $1,000 profit just today. We also had an email about a $10,000 win last Sunday by a Member with a $1600 Bank. Amazing this Racing game!

Thursday: I feel I have lost some info but there you are. We have had hardly any bets this week so far due to rain affected tracks etc. but yesterday was O.K. April turned out a good month with $4072 profit for a level stakes $50 bet and Money Factory $3118. Money Factory was unfortunate to have busted a Bank because of the timing and where the winners fell. Powerbet users have reported some good figures as well.

I am amazed to hear that the AFL have changed the result of the St Kilda/ Fremantle match from last Sunday. Anyone who backed Fremantle will feel hard done by as they have missed out. It's like the backers of a horse that ran second and days later the winner of that race is found to have returned a positive swab and is disqualified. The owners of that horse lose the prizemoney but the people who backed it keep their winings and you still miss out. I feel that the AFL decision is a dangerous precedent.

Monday: there are only two bets today for one win and one unplaced. I guess we'll wait until tomorrow to verify our April results as the girls have a lot of work on today and I am off until tomorrow. I do note that Powerbet users are having a cackle today with longshot after longshot getting up. I can't understand why NSW isn't covering Alice Springs today with just four Race meetings on. It's a unique track but punters will bet on anything.

Sunday evening: And we have won on the Sports Selections, but only just. The bookmakers wouldn't accept our Knights bet (it was available Thursday) but we scored with four winners from the remaining seven. I took two parlays and the first were all winners (Knights got counted as a scratching and a $1 dividend). At $220 for each parlay ($440 altogether) I received over $500 so a profit there plus the straight out profit which was only about 3%. Just wait until we have a good day! There is a lot of settling down taking place and some close results. Fremantle looked home and fell in a hole to just escape with a draw and Hawthorn was home by a point.

Todays Racing was brilliant and here are the five winners from 16 selections. Dividends are as paid to our Members by IAS.

BastoMan $6.26
Fine Weather $4.09
She Will Do $3.13
JestersRule $17.36
Bartfast $74.60
Total $105.44

We'll advise the Money Factory and total month Result late tomorrow. Jenni will get the results and Tegan will update Money Factory for the month of April. I expect it will be a good result as I believe we were up $2,500+ before Friday.

Powerbet was good for the weekend too!

Sunday April 30th: It's two from four with our Sports Selections, both of last week's mighty Geelong and Bulldogs clash went down and in contrast the two teams from last weekends SCG stouch, the Demons and Swans both won.

We had Richmond @ $1.90 and Melbourne in the League at $1.95 so are near enough to square. We missed getting on the Souths/Knights game today as betting was suspended due to the probability of Andrew Johns playing. This leaves us barracking for St Kilda, Hawthorn and Manly to put us in front.

Yesterday's Racing left us in despair as our 33/1 shot was caught on the line at the Gold Coast. Our 26% strike rate on the singles still left us short due to lower than average prices. I was able to win yesterday as using the 12 columns in Money Factory, I ended up with larger amounts on the winners than the losers. Single column Money Factory users would have had similar results.

Powerbet users would have had a good day due to some nice longshots amongst the second raters and the 2nd rated winner of Caulfield Race 8 gave us the Quadrella at $1617. We missed with Best Bets (one from two but $1.50) and in the Feature Race we took four horses but our fifth won it at good odds.

One day left this month and with Money Factory, all Members had to have a win even though one Bank was lost. Good luck for today.

Friday April 28th: Another apparent mistake this morning when Ballina was given as Dead and Queanbeyan Good. It is actually the reverse so we are stuck on horses losing on a wet track at Queanbeyan but missed out on backing Tabarka at Ballina which won at $10. The fact is that all the Racing information comes from one source now so if a mistake is made you won't hear about it until later. Too late for us.

We're sorry to say that this sort of thing is out of our control.

This month is a winning month but the past few days profits have reduced dramatically. Best Bets are in profit, the Feature Race is now in profit after Tuesday, Grandslam was making a good profit but lost badly last weekend, Winform Metros have a good profit as do the Provincial selections but the Country selections have been poor again, although the strike rate is there, the dividends are not. Well we can't have everything.

There are two days left in the month so here's hoping we keep our profit and can start May with a clean slate.

Thursday April 27th: I look up todays betting comparisons for the Rugby League and what do I find? Betting at the best possible odds on the Warriors V Canterbury match, I see that you can bet both sides and be guaranteed a .5% profit. Now that might not be much but taking those odds you could have another bet when the money comes for one side or the other. You cannot lose but assume one side comes in to say $1.90. You can then lay your bet on Betfair or alternatively have a bigger bet on the side that blows out. I love it when you can't lose.

I have also noticed that using Money Factory you can actually bet both teams and make money because the market is only 3% against you. We already know that the Money Factory plan gives you in most cases an advantage of about 8% so it is only a matter of waiting. Your only problem is the lack of action with onlya dozen or so matches bettable each weekend (you can't bet on matches that are played at the same time.)

Wednesday April 26th: A great $81 winner yesterday helped our Powerbet users and the Top Two came in at 42%. The singles had a 25% strike rate yesterday but no longshots in that. Money Factory is holding it's own with several green screens in the past few days, nothing big though.

My series of 12 Money Factorys (I am using 12 columns so a number of bets can be placed at once, is down a few hundred dollars but that is not a concern as several banks are operating on profits and some are on a different sequence. We assume that all banks will eventually return profits. This is the difficulty with columns. It is less work but it takes a lot longer to reach any conclusions i.e. clear profits whereas a single column will close a number of series each week. Provided we don't end up with all the winning bets in one column and all the losers in another, it must come out equal in the long run.

We are down less than one unit on our footy tips last weekend which was only our second losing round. We could have been a little more courageous and backed two more winners but give it time. Our profit to date is well worthwhile. I have discovered why the Knights lose when Andrew Johns is not playing. It is Buderus. A great footballer and a great guy, but when will he learn to shut his mouth on the field? Saturday night he had the ref offside very early and the team paid the consequences with every 50/50 call going against them from the point.

In the AFL the Western Bulldogs and Geelong both played undermanned but put on the best game for a number of years. Geelog should have won BUT they played to their pre game tactics and refused to change. In denying the Bulldogs the ball they held up their own play and it was time that cost them in the end. That said, I will not be surprised to see these two teams meet again in the Grand Final.

Tuesday April 25th: My Dad was in New Guinea in WW2 but won't be marching today. It used to be his one day of the year to have a few drinks with his mates but most of those have gone and Dad is in a walker. It is hard to imagine him as a teenager, guarding a makeshift runway carved out of the New Guinea bush with those funny Ausralian made fighter planes amongst the more well known US aircraft constantly heading off on new sorties day after day. I recently watched the new movie Kokoda and I can just imagine the conditions. Today we all have a lot to be thankful for.

That said, today is a big Racing day, a day for Aussie blokes to have a drink and a gamble so I never have any reservations about doing the form today. I hope I can find a few of our older Members a few winners. We need to improve.

Friday April 21st: A good day today so far for each way punters with Pilferquill paying $5+ the place amongst the one winner and four placings out of the first five races run. There are about a dozen single selection bets to go, so plenty more opportunity to score.

We are all hard at work today filling envelopes with the April Newsletter. When you look at our actual results for March in writing in front of you it is amazing how much we could have won had we known in advance what the profits would be. That's the trouble. We never know in advance, we can only speculate.

Using that speculation is the secret of the success of staking programs like Money Factory. We anticipate that we will eventually get enough winners to clear our profit goal and most of the time we do except for those damn unpredictable but inevitable losing runs.

Yesterday I spoke with Rosemary. She has been betting on Bravo selections for three years now and for the third year in a row is making a good profit. Rosemary has used Money Factory on these selections, even though it is difficult with the low strike rate of 17%-18%. Nevertheless with luck the winners, which average $7-$8 will come in on time and make a fortune some days.

The most important thing is to have the Bank behind you in the first place.

Tomorrow, Ros and I will be meeting with David, one of our Professional Members, and then attending the Geelong Western Bulldogs clash at the Telstra Dome. It is good to see as many live games as possible when assessing how teams are going, especially when you are betting on them.

On Sunday we will be in Crown Casino reviewing our strategies and using the Money Factory technique. Asa consequence, the diary won't be updated again until Tuesday.


Thursday April 20th: A late afternoon update: We have had a Bravo winner at $22 on
. Our ratings were off the air this morning but all back on line now. We did email everyone but a lot of subscribers misplaced their emergency phone numbers. Please make sure you have these handy for times like this as we can't always get in touch when there's an outage. I've also just put up the Sydney Cup Feature race for Saturday. Subscribers will notice I have personally adjusted the ratings. I do think that horses that did well in the Melbourne Cup have a good chance here.

At last the WA provincial came good with a reasonable winner yesterday. Winform Powerbet players had a spectacular day after being well down early with about 12 or 13 outs. At Randwick we scored with Proprietor at $44.30, happy days! Regrettably, Proprietor’s qualifying run was on a wet track and so did not meet our stringent requirements for a single selection but what isn’t picked up by one method is picked up by another.

The C plan from Racing Pays More had a good day with six winning races out of ten. Proprietor was picked up in our 200% plan from Make Racing Pay.

We chose our Weekend Sports Bets yesterday and will have them up for you by 4 p.m.today. TAB made a goof yesterday when they priced one game wrong. I didn’t see it and we may yet be wrong. Manly was given at $2.20 against the Bulldogs yet $2 was the best price anywhere else. This led to a flurry of bets and I am sure most of those people will bet back on the Bulldogs to ensure a guaranteed profit even though it is just 1%.

We will also explain on the Weekend Sports site how to maximize your wins with multiples. A subscription to the sports tips is just $99 and we have won every week except one.

Wednesday April 19th: Well somehow we managed to lose all of yesterday's info including the fact that we had won again on the weekend sports selections. Just take my word for it!

Money Factory had a big result yesterday with our third bet of the day and we are now $800 up for April which is a nice improvement. $400 a week doesn't seem much but we have to take the good with the bad, it's better than losing. The flood of winners last Wednesday meant that we are probably further ahead on level stakes. In the end I still believe that Money Factory will produce the better result.

My 12 Banks are flowing nicely but of course while some Banks are already in profit, others are behind and pull down the overall figure. I regard any drawdowns as simply a loan awaiting to be repaid with interest later on.

Sunday April 16th: I head to the football today with trepidation. The North Queensland Cowboys arrived in Newcastle a few days ago and are going to be well and truly acclimatised by this afternoon when they try to defeat the Newcastle Knights. I have tipped the Cowboys with 6.5 start and I do expect a close game but as Knights supporter I am hopng for a Knights win by less than 7 points. The game is a sellout.

Our first leg of the footy tips this weekend was a St Kilda half time full time double so we are off to a good start. We need the Western Bulldogs today. It is a shame that Geelong lost as next Saturday's clash should have been to decide the premiership front runner.

Racing yesterday saw us have a good win in the Feature Race and we were due! Best Bets have had a slight losing run but we can't make it 56% winners long term. There had to be a correction. Powerbet and Money Factory should both have been profitable, Powerbet benefited by some good 2nd rated winners at $20+. Belmonte won for the singles fo the second time in the last three runs and both at good prices. Good luck today. After I do the ratings tomorrow I will have my first Easter break. I'm goin' fishin! Back at work Tuesday though.

Thursday April 13th: The next update will be after Saturday. Liz departed the office today and Tegan starts Tuesday. Yesterday just got better and better and my profits bigger and bigger. We did find an anomaly with Money Factory. The last 184 bets yielded 47 wins and a 27% level stakes profit. Unfortunately you know that we had a "bust" because of how the winners fell. Our profit after taking this into account is just 2.3% or $175. What does it prove? Nothing! It is just one of those vagaries of punting. I was betting level stakes and so made another six thousand or so yesterday.

From today I have switched to betting 12 Money Factory columns and all with a base bet of $14. I will probably close all 12 columns if I am in front enough in some to cover the losses in others. The problem is that if we get good winners early I am only betting one tenth or less of what I was betting for the first week or so. It will take some months for the turnover to rise enough to make worthwhile profits but my bets will go on even on days where it is difficult to follow race to race because they will be bet twelve bets ahead always. I could even have organised it so that I only bet the first 12 bets of each day as there is enough action. The game is profit on turnover. The more then turnover the more the profit.

Wayne was getting worried at one stage but he SMSed me today to say he collected over $5,000 on our first big winner yesterday. He was not the only one as John French reported in as well with a big profit. Do you feel sorry for the bookies? By the way, John say that statistically, last week was our best single selections day since we started.

Have you looked at our new Free bets and bonuses page? It will be updated regularly as we get new offers from the bookies.

Wednesday April 12th: Mindil Beach did us all a big favour when it won at $25.49. I don't know why IAS did us such a big favour as that was a better price than any of the TABs and on course the best price was only $15 and that was only at the death. We also had the Quinella as the 2nd horse was our 2nd rated horse too. The Exacta paid over $200 and the Trifecta (our 5th rated horse was 3rd) paid over $1,000. I haven't looked at the figures yet but I'd say the Powerbet and Money Factory returns would be awesome. I'll let you know tomorrow when Jenni updates the figures. I do now that I am personally up a few thousand today!

Tuesday April 11th: I'll be working right through the weekend, it's one of the pitfalls in this business but it is an opportunity to make good money from the Feature races. 'Miss Finland' was our fifth rated horse in the Slipper but such was the market we could have made a nice dutch book. The Best Bets were sensational last Saturday and the service is worth much more than a mere $99.

Yesterday was a good winning day for the winners but because of the prices we finished only a couple of units in front. I had a few calls about my $8K win but as I pointed out I am betting as much as $200 a bet level stakes. With Money Factory the bets levelled off to just a few dollars on Saturday and our Bank has recovered to be just a few dollars down for the month. The average bet on Money Factory is only about $50 on a $3200 Bank. (remember we keep 3 Banks for safety).

We often get asked what is the minimum we can use? Well, if you were short, and aren't we all at times, why not start with three $320 Banks while we learn how it all works? There is no time limit on this and we do have hundreds of bets each month if we want to.

Sundy April 9th: Firday was another poor day but I am writing this on Saturday night and we have had another of those remakable winning days. If only we had a series of all ups IAS would have trouble paying up.

Not only did we have great winners but there were a lot of them. Going into the weekend we were on a 15% strike rate for the week but we got about 40% today. Could Sunday be good too? Either way I believe we are now in front for April just like last year. I collected $8K plus today but I suspect many of you did much much better.

Thursday April 6th: Wow. NRMA assure me they are only waiting for the police report which will be available Monday. Otherwise everything is normal and my personal life goes on. No winners today though so perhaps we are going to get all our winners at Pinjarra. I hope so. Over a very difficult period for the past two months, Ian called to say he made just $600 profit, hardly enough to live on but as I explained, we don't know when or where the winners will fall. If we could just make 10% on turnover, the profit becomes about $6,000 and we are making a comfortable living. It doesn't take much to make the difference. Again, Ian points out that the two protests we lost in March were essentially the difference.

Best Bets is sittting on an astonishing 56% strike rate for this year. We have a new girl, Jennifer working here, and she can't understand why we are selling Best Bets so cheap. I'm beginning to wonder myself. Even more amazing is the fact that we are giving away the magazine, the Best Bets AND the Weekend sports tips all for that one $99 price. I must be nuts!

Anyhow, I had another client called the other day and he had been paying $11 a day to call the Hottest Tips line (which is ours) and had made over $3,000 for the month. He has now subscribed to the Winfrom Gold Premium service at $1650 for the year which has saved him about $2300 worth of phone calls. Good luck for today. P.S. Our Golden Slipper strategy is now online for subscribers.

Wednesday April 5th: Life isn't getting any better for me with the current issues now including Insurance which NRMA has "under review" whatever that means. I am leaving the office to the girls for the moment but will be getting updates and business goes on as usual.

Yesterday was a loss for the singles but not if you added the Best Bets. Ironically, March made a small level stakes profit but a serious run of outs late in the month left us $1477 short with Money Factory yet some members missed the drought and finished in front. We include every single selection although from today we are adding the Best Bets to the WFP,WFC and WFM selections.

We are continually upset by inaccurate or misleading track ratings. In Mebourne the "Dead" track is often inaccurate with almost immediate upgrades but last week Dead all day. Warwick Farm was "dead" but upgraded and we missed a $12 winner. It is very hard to be professional when the various Racing authorities use different guidelines when preparing tracks. We do our best.

Many Members have asked for upgrade information during the day. We are looking at this possibility for our Premium Members as there is a cost to us of an extra $100 per day, weekdays only. Spread over a number of members we may be able to do it starting in a few weeks where conditions mean varying track conditions become the norm. We will advise.

Monday April 3rd: My son wrote off his car last night. Not speeding but fell asleep. The VZ SS Commodore, I can tell you, does not have effective air bags as none worked but somehow he got out with hardly a scratch. You just have to believe the big guy up there has something in store.

I hope we score today but haven't checked. It was hard to concentrate but have got today's on somehow. I actually hate to miss a Cessnock meeting as we always get something. Good luck for this week When it goes bad it goes bad. The singles lost, Money Factory lost, Grand Slam lost and Powerbet lost but when they all get going we'll get it all back and more. I have Haines Hunter 5.3 metre Breeze to prove it. Oh, Best Bets did win but the Feature Race eluded us and the Weekend Sports tips made another profit.

Sunday April 2nd: Saturday was the sort of day that is a lesson to us all about getting too cocky. We have had several good Saturdays in a row but yesterday was one of the worst with only a few short priced winners. Worried about today? Well it would be hard not to be but we should go on. The number of winners and the dividends must always come back if our strategy is any good. I would have to assume that our profits from March have gone South and so we start our struggle again but it's an ill wind that blows no one some good

Our Winform Gold subscribers are having a wonderfull time with good consistent wins right throughout the year to date. In our April Newsletter in a couple of weeks we will be releasing our new Winform Gold deal which should make everyone happy.

To prove that winnings are sweet I bought a Haines Hunter 530 Breeze yesterday with my winnings for the year and will stay overnight tonight after the footy. That reminds me. If you haven't subscribed to our Sports tips for just $99, you have missed out again. Three winners from 5 matches and another good profit. That's four winning weeks for the year or 100%.

Friday March 31st: Looking back at the past six months the 2991 selections broke up into Metro Country and Provincial selections. The Provincial selections really dragged the chain with only 20% winners and a loss of more than 50 units or $2500 on a $50 bet. Worse still, I had the feeling that the WA selections are the main cause. Using my GTX database, I have gone back three years, including the past six months, and have discovered that in fact, not only have the provincial selections succeeded over that time but the worst performing state was not WA but Victoria.

Harder still, I discovered that Victoria had a great place strike rate but was slightly behind for the win. WA, as it turned out, was one of the best performers. It is all a mix. Amongst the mix are mini groups of selection e.g. Vic Provincials, WA country, NSW Metro and so on. In a group of 2991 selections like we have for the past six months, some of these groups will have sensational strike rates and dividends and some,like Provincials, will be very poor. What is revealed however, is that when the lot is mixed together a profit has resulted. So are we here for the long term or what?

Thursday March 30th: It has taken until the 7th at Cranbourne to score our first single selection winner for the day. We need more but even though yesterday and today are slow we have made a good profit for March. John called to say he was up 37 units for the month. Another Member called to say he was behind. John is using Sports Acumen exclusively for his bets and is very happy with the service, especially some of the prices.

I will shortly start a new plan i.e. I will use the Money Factory with columns. I will use 12 columns which is sufficient for most days. When there are more than 12 bets for the day I can put the early results in and then put in the remaining bets. The drawback is that you either use more capital or reduce your bet sizes. Anyhow I will give it a go. I am going to ask Jennifer to try it out on the last 2991 selections (since we started the service late September 2005).

Wednesday March 29th: Our latest Money Factory report shows $1664 in profits to date. The last 510 single bets have had 118 winners at 23% at an average of $4.53. This is not quite as good as we would like compared to our long term average of $5 but even at level stakes for a $50 bet we would be up $1200. With any luck we will have another profitable month.

Those Members who participated in our betting pool promotion last October will be getting a bonus added to their accounts at IAS or Sports Acumen by the end of next week. The August betting pool for then New Members is still struggling but has doubled in the past two weeks. We have had only one or two distributions from that pool but a profit is a profit and who's to say? We may get more money out of it yet. We're thinking of getting a similar promotion just for the Footy. We have won three weeks in a row with the NRL and with the AFL staring this week we will have a lot more action.

Personally I am assessing my position. I have been blindly putting on the singles each day but compared to Money Factory and other methods I am not getting those super profits. When I find the better way I will tell you.

Tuesday March 28th: A $11 winner has boosted us considerably and everyone should be back in front. David is a bit disappointed though as his $16,000 Money Factory Bank was proving too much of a burden. He had never lost a bank in six months of operation but got a fright recently so today he decided (wisely) to split into three $5,000 Banks. After betting as high as $900 just a few days, his new base bet of around $16 on the $11 winner was not overexciting BUT his risk is a lot less and he should never look back.

Members who bet through the misery of Sunday have cleared their series too so it's mostly just a matter of time. From April last year there was a run of six months without a single bust and we'd love to see that again.

Monday March 27th: Three winners from our first six bets today plus our Best Bet won (very short but it DID win) . A couple more winners will ensure that we end March on a profit. I've spent today sailing in my Laser. I haven't done that since October and rusty doesn't describe it. It's no more than 10 knots and for now that's my limit I think. With the long term damage to my neck (revealed by X ray last year) , I can't afford a knock on my head from the boom. It was fun though and did a lot to ease my pain from yesterdays loss. Yes, even I feel it on a very bad day even though I would be at least $50,000 up for the year so far.

With a reasonable finish to the month, the Members in the October 05 betting pool may even get a small distribution to add to those they have already had.

Sunday March 26th: Another good Saturday, although we didn't quite make the black for the week. Powerbet was very good as was Money Factory. Today I have to scramble to get my bets on as I have a Marketing meeting at Raffertys Resort. At least there's no more pleasant place to be on a fine Sunday morning. Good luck for today. Oh! Lessons for today? Yesterday I backed a couple of horses at best fluctuation. On one I scored $3 instead of $2.50. At $150 a bet that's a fair improvement in the dividend. IAS allows best fluc bets up to 40 minutes before the race. That's convenient.

Saturday March 25th: It happened again yesterday. We scored with a $10 winner only to lose the race on protest, so a good winning day became a bad losing day. Get over it and get on with it for today. There will be days when the result goes in our favour. We just hope it will be soon. We lost a Powerbet Bank again yesterday because of the protest so it has been up and down and up and down.

We can't possibly get another day today as good as last week but let's have a go anyway. Good luck.

Friday 24th March: And I was so busy yesterday that I did neglect to do the update. Robert advised that he was still doing well with $5373 profit on his Money Factory for March. Brenton had to bring in a stop loss again in his new Powerbet series but Darren who bet on through to Albany race 6 made a motza when our second rated horse won at $48.60!

I have been busy recruiting extra staff to assist with the magazine which has been a big hit! We still need subscriptions of course so keep them coming in but we now know that the magazine is viable. Yesterday was O.K. for strike rate but all four winners were in the $2 range. We hope to do better today.

It is later on Friday and I have just finished speaking to Syd. He is an investment adviser who handles hundreds of thousands of dollars everyday and carries the burden of having to get it right. Syd also is obsessed with winning using his own methods derived from every punting resource he can get. He finally realised life is far more important. The funny thing is that he knows he can win by simply using the information he has but he became obsessed with form and analysis and a short time ago was forced to admit to himself that he had become totally burnt out. I mention this so that if you at any stage start to feel trapped, whether that be Racing, Football, the Stock Market, Sex (seriously) or any other thing then quit before it's too late, before you lose family and friends and in some cases, your life.

Wednesday 22nd March: Monday's selections were about square and no winners from yesterdays three selections. The Money Factory program after operating for most of March at a loss has come back to register a profit of $1173 to date. The past 390 bets have produced 22.8% winners at $4.71 which is now a level stakes profit. Now before we get comparisons, bear in mind that this is as per our current Money Factory workout and may not tie in exactly with set dates.

Our new Powerbet series is showing a healthy profit and that is after one series encountered a stop loss. We have had good feedback from Powerbet users after the weekend. Grandslam is also showing healthy profits for the year even though we have had many more selections than at this time last year. From the first Saturday of 2006 when we had one bet for one winner, Grandslam has led the way.

Members who participated in the IAS promotion would have received there rebates (if they lost during the qualifying period) last week. We have had one or two queries but so far none of those was valid. One person failed to have the minimum number of bets required (ten was the minimum) and one actually made a profit for the period before having a lossy run immediately after. Most Members were pretty happy NOT to get a rebate as that meant their punting for the period was profitable.

There have also been queries about the new Austote set up. Commencing last week all commissions were equalised and set at 7.5% which compares favorably with the mainland TAB s at a minimum of 16% average. Austote is in the process of setting up individual rebates, details of which will be announced in a month or so. Bonuses for internet betting are becoming the norm and it is all good for the average punter. On average Austote is the best dividend 65% of the time when compared to the other TABs.

Today the Winform team will be at the Newcastle Newmarket meeting to meet with jockeys, trainers and broadcasters and bookmakers. I'll be holding the fort.

Monday March 20th: I'm pleased to say that all of you who were worried about how the single selections were going are not so worried now. After the last three days we have not only recovered our situation for March but have hit the front. The strike rate on Saturday was phenomenal but we knew we would have a day like that as the previous 100 or so selections had produced only 17% winners. I don't remember ever having better than 40% Winners from 40 selections?

Powerbet users won, Grand Slam users won, Money Factory users won, Ratings users won and even our Weekend Footy selections were on fire with four from 6 and a 40% Profit. Remember our current Magazine subscription includes; Best Bets, Weekend Feature Race, Weekend Sports Tips and the Winform Newsletter. Where would you get a better deal for $99?

I was away at the weekend. I went to Canberra to watch the Newcastle Knights record only their second victory against the Raiders at home in 18 years and what a win. The Knights scored 12 tries including one set of four tries in seven minutes. It was a long tiring drive there and back but worth it.

I hate to admit it but our Weekend Feature race lost but never mind, we can't hope to compete with last week's 'Roman Arch' victory. While I didn't specify the horse it was clearly 2nd rated and anyone looking at the odds would have to take it. Our phone in Members all backed it as Prue, who is putting her own view on things told everyone to back the Top Two.

so get in quick! Look at page. 58 of Horse Racing Australia Magazine where you can copy the request form and fax it to: (02) 4951 7364 or email direct@hunterlink.net.au with the necessary details.

Friday March 17th: Is today St Patricks Day? I need a little bit of the luck of the Irish, although yesterday was a winning day. To date for this month we are down nearly 30 units. I did note that our Winform Gold service (see the Newsletter in the next few days) is on a 75% strike rate and good profit not only for this month but for the year. As well as providing this on subscription for a light extra cost ($155 per quarter extra on the everyday rate) it is also is available on the 1902 210 680 number at $11 after 10.30 daily.

We did get a good priced winner yesterday too but once again WA let us down. I am begining to think the WA provincials are too hard a nut to crack but you know as soon as we go off them they will start to shine.

The Powerbet plan made another profit yesterday and some of the people who have commenced using Powerbet for the first time are doing well. The test will come the first time they have to incorporate a stop loss. It is so difficult accepting that sometimes it is better to quit and start again than to persist.

Is it better to bet in a race where the Top Two horses are both at around $3 where we are betting for a minimla profit or should we leave the race knowing that in all likelyhood we may have simply extended our losing run? It's a hard question for which we may not even know the correct answer.

The weekend sports selections are up and we have ten $50 bets to give away today. Last week we made 75% profit. Not bad for our first week of this year. All subscribers to weekend sports get a free sub to the magazine and vice versa. Simply click on the bookshop on the bar to the left.

Thursday March 16th: It might look like I'm skipping Wednesday but actually I am doing both days on Wednesday night. Brenton Burford busted a Bank last week and has not resumed Money Factory as yet. He has instead resumed the Powerbet Plan which is featured in Punting In The New Millenium. Overall the Money Factory is still a success and the plan made great profits last weekend. Then Powerbet Plan made a profit today.

It is a shame, but when we looked at the singles the strike rate has been right on the 22% we expect but we just haven't got the longshots home and there was another 2nd at $34 on Tuesday. Our Members betting level stakes are not doing well but those who stuck to Money Factory continue to stand in front.

On Wednesday night we had a "celebrate the Roman Arch Quaddie" result, then speak of the devil, one of our regular clients sat down right next to us with his family. Anthony leaned over and said "Roman Arch?" I said "Yes and I suppose you are here too because of him?" He replied; "I looked really hard at 'Roman Arch' but I just couldn't bring myself to back it. We're here because our horse won in Sydney today, admittedly at $3.90." Onya Anthony!

There are no get rich quick solutions, it is a slow grind with the occasioanl highlight. Let the highlight come soon. It seems like our luck has gone backward since that protest against our $19 winner got up. For many it was the last straw.

For those who registered, IAS will fund your account with 33% of any losses on Thursday. It was a generous promotion and thanks to all those who participated. I am hoping to talk them into doing it again later in the year.

"Please can we have a good winner today?"

Tuesday March 14th: I have received a query from Roger Coote who was disappointed with the top fluctuation bet he placed on 'Roman Arch' on Saturday. He expected to receive the $151 which IASbet on Friday and at some stage Saturday. Betting top fluctuation you get the Official top fluctuation from the track. This ensures that everybody gets the same. IAS often offers much better prices than this on the website but the prices on the Internet is not the same prices you get over the phone where it depends on how much you want to bet. Quite often you can get more than the Internet price and sometimes less.

On Saturday I tried to get a price to match their internet price but IAS would not do this. I was able to get my price from an opposition business. It's no different to going to Coles for the specials and Woolies or Safeway from your regular stuff, or the other way round. So what is my view? Don't complain, learn what the betting rules are as they are different for each organisation, and play to the rules as best you can for your own benefit.

If you don't have time to muck around then just take Superprice if it's a longshot or top fluctuation if it's expected to be amongst the favourites, that way you will end up with a fair average.

Saturday, I was so convinced that 'On A Jeune' could do somehting that I hunted around everywhere to get the best price possible. I ended up with as much as 70/1 each way which is nearly twice the best price bet.

Yesterday was a good result and we needed it, today is poor so far. We really need another block buster!

Monday March 13th: Did I forget to mention the incredibly good offer from IAS? Bet $100 on your favourite for the NRL or AFL premierships and you get a Free $50 bet on the Golden Slipper.

I thought I would start with the good news. Bad news is that yesterday was a blot on our copybook with five short priced winners for the day. Bravo was a profit and the Sports Betting made us 75% profit and I believe we should have got Souths with the start had not Adrian Morley intervened.

Our singles have been going bad for a week or more, even with that $26 shot which made over $1,000 for our Money Factory series. For March to date we are actually down $658 which I must admit we can live with.

We had an abusive phone call today because I didn't recommend 'Roman Arch'. The conversation went something like "how could we possibly select On A Jeune etc. etc." Anyone on the website could have seen for themselves that 'Roman Arch' was our second rated horse and a good bet at the $90 plus that was available and I do know that many of our Members backed it.

Sunday March 12th: And weren't we glad to see that $26 winner at Ascot? The winners finally started tom arrive Friday and the again Saturday but where were the long shots? And did you see 'Roman Arch'. It was second rated by Winform and paid $91 but I was so sure that 'On A Jeune' could do something all my cash was on this horse each way but I did do something unique.

I took a quaddie with my son Mathew (you may have seen his article in a couple of my books. Mat does do things differently so we agreed to include his horses in as well as Winform's. Thank goodness because we did get the $59,000 (NSW) Quaddie. You may remember that just a month ago we had a $315,500 Quaddie although on that occasion I hadn't taken it. Saturday's was taken solely because bothopur top two horse were both at longshot odds.

Here's another odd spot. We would hav got the Newmarket Trifecta and First Four as well as the Australian Cup quinella which paid $720.40.

Friday March 10th: And yesterday we laid to rest Charlie Philcox and I'm pleased to say a number of Winform Members were there and we thank you for your support.

Today you can find our Weekend Sports tips on line and we have three or four solid bets. Last year we did well with about 56% winning selections at prices from $1.90 (at the line) to over $4 and that's not bad for what is after all, a two horse race. Money Factory works well on those figures but so too does Parlay Magic. A Yankee is available on IAS whcih covers 11 bets over four events. Minimum investment on the Internet is $1($11 total) and by phone $5 ($55 total). Another good bet is the Patent which costs just $7. In this bet you have $1 on each event plus three doubles and one treble. I take these for $50 (all up $350) and have had returns up to $7,000.

The selecions since Monday have been ordinary to say the least and we are many units down so do expect a correction over today and the weekend. The Money Factory's latest strategy has also been in a little trouble but has been saved by some excellent each way dividends. On Wednesday, in successive Metro races we had a $19 winner lose on protest and then a $12 selection lead all the way to be run down by a sht half head on the post.

On another note, subscriptions for Horse Racing Australia Magazine have been pouring in and it is now very close to being a viable proposition for the future. We have had many kind remarks and most are very pleased with the content which has something for everyone. The June Edition will feature another Free System for all of our system nuts and an extended Trifecta section for those of you who have an interest in the exotics.

We have single copies of the magazine for sale via the Bookshop and all future issues will be available this way too. The magazine is in only a limited number of newsagents so direct subscription is the best way. From today we are offering a magazine only subscription at a cost of $40 for four issues to cover cost of postage etc. It is one way to make sure you don't miss out.

Tuesday March 7th: Garry is away today but we thought that we would give you an update on how Money Factory is going.
Money Factory Results at the moment:
No Bets: 77
No wins: 20
Strike Rate: 26%
Avg Div: $5.33
Profit: $1888.55
ROI% 48.40.
(Thanks- Liz)

Sunday March 5th: Agua Corriende at $16.40
suited me and it enabled me to close off my Money Factory series at $416 for Saturday only. Unfortunately, on level stakes we ended up behind yesterday but boy! Weren't there some close photos? Powerbet should have been O.K. but it has been a frustrating week. Let's hope we have a good one starting today.

Friday March 3rd: In a way I did get my birthday wish yesterday with three winners from just four selections and all at good prices. Money Factory can't stop winning since our bad few days. You can see why we apply a stop loss at times.

On a sadder note I know that many readers have attended our week long seminars at Raffertys and would have listened to Charlie Philcox talking passionately about his punting and how coming to the Seminar that first time changed his thinking. That was in 1996. Charlie and I became firm friends and eventually went to all Knights home games together until he was found to have lung cancer two years ago and he beat it after having one lung removed. Unfortunately, Charlie died of a heart attack on Tuesday and his funeral is in Newcastle next Thursday.

I have found that I can afford to lose money but I can't afford to lose friends. I know many of our regulars will miss Charlie.

Thursday March 2nd: It's a pity my 59th birthday is tomorrow as I really would like a few winners today. Yesterday was a good winning day with three winners at $4.80, $6.30 and $6.35. Our bad run at the WA provincials continued with zero winners from five races at Bunbury. Let's just hope it's a passing phase. Our last 631 selections have arrived at a 21.6% strike rate but average dividend is only $4.43 and our loss for the month is 27 units on our total Bank required of 150 so certainly not desperate and it confirms our ninth losing month in 48. We busted a Money Factory Bank and ended up with -$3126 for the month compared to level stakes - $1350. Remember January was plus $10.9k Money Factory and +3.7 level stakes.

I know that not everybody would get the same result. We record every bet given out including the update for night meetings and WA and we include selections even when trcak conditions change so the above is worst case scenario wa\rts and all. Subcribers who only bet selected days or selected meetings and who actively seek better prices via top fluctuation etc. could well have a different result.

Darren advised me that he DOES NOT BET on any selection that is paying less than $2.80 five minutes before the jump. He says that it has made a dramatic improvement to his profits even though his strike rate is obviously going to be less.

Brenton has a similar rule plus some others but his strike rate is 25.7% for February (see the magazine for some basic rules he applies).

The response to the new Horse Racing Australia magazine has been terrific, although some thousand or so remain to be delivered. We still have plenty of FREE bets available so send those coupons in. Photo copies are allowed, we know that many of you are collectors and appreciate this First Edition will have some value one day although I don't plan to die soon to make it so.

Wednesday March 1st: The bad news is that we have had a horrible run over the past few days and Brenton has dropped a Bank. To add insult to injury, because there is no broadcast of NSW country racing in South Australia a $3,000 payout was missed. The bottom line? A loss of $135 for February instead of a profit of $3,000. I don't think any of our Members could have avoided a bad run which has persisted since last Sunday. It might be just as well that I was committed elsewhere. I just hope March will be a better month for us.

Today I had the pleasure of the company of Andrew and Geoff who dropped into the office from Jervis Bay. Their quest was to decide between Money Factory and Powerbet and Powerbet won the day. The fact that it won more today may have had a little influence. A good priced winner using Powerbet does provide some windfall results and user find this feature exciting as opposed to Money Factory which probably requires more discipline and skill.

Anyhow, good punting for the rest of the week.

Monday February 27th: Hi Everyone, Garry has asked me to submit this today on his behalf for the benefit of Money Factory Users, who are having difficulty with the closeness and timing of races on days such as 'Saturday'. We have had a number of queries on how to cope with the situation when races are close or delayed etc. The system isn't perfect but here are Garry's guidelines. Oh yeah, Garry asked us to advise that he closed his Money Factory on Saturday with $4115 profit! (That's $4500+ for the week).

Here's my process:
I look at the expected dividends 6 minutes out and on a work pad in front of me. I work out the bets (if dutch). I then place the bets at what I believe will be the best prices, and although I missed best odds twice out of 9 races on Saturday. You can open up two extra columns in Money Factory if you need to look at possible dutch bets in future races then delete the race later.

If my race is a winner, I am on without having to alter anything, I just post the expected dividends then enter the next races calculations, which I have written previously on the pad. If a loser, I try to get the extra money on in the same ratio, better to be on than miss a winning race.

Waiting until the last minute can get you better odds but it can also cost you getting on.

The point that I am trying to prove is that it doesn't matter what the circumstances are, when you have a bulk number of races, the strike rate should be the same and therefore your result will be the same over time.

P.S. My series to date has produced only 40% wins, way below expectations.
The singles have a place strike of 50%+, we know 100% C plan is 45% and really the dutching should be 50% or near enough to. I am betting less horses, though because I used to use the TAB prices and now I use fixed which aims to win more when the TAB price exceeds the price I put on at. My future performance should be bigger and better.

Oh. Hope all the subscribers put a bet on 'New Talent' on Saturday. IASBet (now SportsBet) Racing Betting generously paid $19.65 on this horse. Amazing! (Thanks Again Prue).

Saturday February 25th: I usually don't update Saturdays but I will probably be off the air until Tuesday. Yesterday I bet until 6 p.m. and my last bet was one of our single selections Montcalm Magic at $11 on course but only $7 plus with most TABs and that includes corporates. It makes me beleive that many of our subscribers are "quite stupidly" still throwing their money in the TAB pools. Don't they realise that this affects not only their own dividends but also the dividends of all of us. Imagine just one $100 bet. The difference is $350! I can tell you that over $20,000 was invested through the TAB on that horse but the on course bookies had a virtual skinner.

Members who bet at the $11 (available at Sports Acumen among others) not only cleared their Money Factory banks but also made a huge profit to the extent that February could now end up making another profit as it is only $200 or so down.

Brenton bet on untill just after 6 p.m. and cleared his Money Factory Bank on the multi bet scheme we discussed earlier in the month to be up about $1000 for the week with tomorrow to go. My own bank is still down although not as much as at the start of yesterday. I can't bet for long this afternoon due to family commitments (it's my sister's 50th) and may resume tomorrow.

I did hear from two new subscibers that they had made profits of $3,000 and $4,000 for February on the single selections but both of them were lucky in that they missed a couple of bad betting days. In then long run we will all end up the same but short time it can go either way.

Friday February 24th: Today better be good. Using our Money Factory plan I am currently -$2210 on a $10,000 Bank. Once again, my last bet was just after 5 p.m. and there were at least two more winners. Brenton was on these so he is in a better position than I. My Bank needs wins of a value of 10 points in the next seven bets to clear the currrent series which is on a low of 34% returns, compared to our usual 50%. With 53 races to be run today I dont see any problems coming to a conclusion one way or the other.

Our single selections are 43 points down for the current month on a 150 unit Bank. This will be the ninth losing month in the last 48 or so. You cant win all the time. So why are we down this month? Our projected strike rate is 22.3% and for the month to date we are on close to 20%. Our long term average dividend is better than $5 but for this month we are on only about $4 and there's the difference, a shortage of longshots. We all know though, that they do come along, at times with monotonous regularity but this month I think, about $11 was the best. The month has been a lesson in "hangin' in there.

Thursday February 23rd: It's pouring down and I have arrived at 10.38 after attending the Mannering Park office after dropping off a shipment of magazines that went astray. I see that the form for the Winter Olympics was off with Alicia Camplin getting a bronze after entering the final in 14th place. Hope you had an each way bet.

As a punter I see the $3 about Toby in Dancing With The Stars as a good bet. Simone Warne danced terribly on the first night and is favourite to go home early but I reckon public sympathy will keep her in there so don't take the $3.25 about her going. Instead Kate? Is it Kate? She's bloody awful and stirs everybody up. Who would vote for her?? A good bet to go next week.

O.K. forgot the horses for a minute. At Murray Bridge yesterday the commentator got it all wrong when he nominated our top rated horse as the winner. Most of us would have already got our next lot of bets on so what to do when we find out that he has called it wrong and we have lost instead of won?? In the current series write down your actual upcoming bets and the prices then "delete current bet". When you have done that click "edit current bet" and re- enter the correct result. The program will adjust so when you re-enter the current race details you need to adjust the total outlay (because you have probably bet less on the new race than the program now shows).

My current Money Factory series, which I had to leave at 5 yesterday si down $750. I am using a $10,000 Bank for this one. Brenton's series is differnet beacuse he is using a much smaller bank and also he bet on for another hour and got three more winning races. I have also noticed he does things differently to me. He got $34 fixed about a $21 winner yesterday and I got $22. He believed the odds were too good to resist and I missed the price. Also, in one race I backed the top rated (favoured horse) and saved on the second rated at the longer price while he did the opposite. In another race I bet the favourite and didn't try to save at all (it was top rated) and he skipped the race because he wanted to back bot the top two but the value was too poor to do this.

You can see how Money Factory is flexible enough that both of us are in profit for the week.

Can I plug our new magazine? Click here to subscribe......

Wednesday February 22nd: We are in trouble. All of our magazines were delivered here and so I have been stuffing around trying to get them out. The result? I am driving to Sydney tonight to drop off the magazines for Laurel Oak Members and I've been loading magazines here there and everywhere for each delivery point. With 15,000 magazines to go out it is a lot of hard work so I hope you all like it.

Also today I have been working Money Factory and have made $400 plus between yesterday and today. The single selections just coudln't get home yesterday and we are not any better off today with three short priced winners. Maybe later. I'll be updating quite late tomorrow as I will be returning from Sydney. Good luck for now.

Tuesday February 21st: Yesterday was mmorable for two reasons the first of course, is the success of the single selections. There were 5 winners from 14 selections including a nice $11 winner, the Best Bets had two from three and Bravo had one from one.

The other occasion was the lunchtime party to celebrate the First Issue in hard copy of our Horse Racing Australia magazine. The first issue is being distributed FREE to all our Members and we expect a strong take up of subscriptions (it cost us about $50,000 to produce each issue). The magazine is issued four times per year and contains a Free system, helpful articles for all who punt and in this first edition, an eight page bonus Sports betting supplement including The World Cup Soccer. The June issue will include Greyhounds and we also hope to be able to include coverage of Trotting and Pacing.

Let's hope the rest of the week is as good as the start.

Monday 20th February: A small loss yesterday with just 4 winners from 33 bets which takes away from our win on Saturday. One of our Professional clients bets each day until he makes a worthwhile profit. He won yesterday usig Money Factory. With a base bet of just $15 and four winners from the first 24 bets his profit was $384 and his average bet just on $46, so we're not talking mammoth risks here. He has made regular profits for quite some time but his philosophy is that if he can make a few hundred, especially if it's early on, then he can then relax in his vege garden for the rest of the day.

Sunday Febrary 19th: There were a number of good winners from the Single Selections on Saturday and it was a winning day. Brenton increased his winnings again to a total of $1744 for the week. Grandslam had a very poor day with just one odds on winner from seven selections. You can't have winners every day. Our Feature race was a total failure and the first losing one for five weeks.

My daughter and son in law found out yesterday just how difficult it is to build that first home. Since we built just four years ago, site cots have risen from less than $6,000 to $18,000. The new laws in NSW since July 1st last year have added another $30-$50 thousand ( the higher end in "bushy" areas for fire protection). They've asked me to let them know the next time we can pick a $315,000 Quadrella so they can get on. They also suggested they might need to win Lotto, excpet that these days it would take more than a lotto win to build in Sydney.

With Brenton making around $1500 a week tax free, I would suggest it is possible for someone totally disciplined and focussed, to build a sizeable chunk of cash in a relatively short time. A weekend usually has 18 meetings or around 140 races compared to Monday to Friday 150. You could work all week and still make a few hundred Saturday/Sunday. Hard work? Sure, but at 22 I was punting, working three jobs and owned a block of land. In two years I also had a new house and was paying it off. A lifetime of working hard means that I may not ever be able to "retire" i.e. "veg out". Maybe that's a good thing.

Saturday February 18th: I did indeed return yesterday at 3.40, a few minutes too late to back a winner. For four hours yesterday and less than two hours today (Friday) I bet in 29 races in all with a mix of each way, Plan C, from Racing Pays More and dutch betting. I got a return in only 8 races and remember, some of these returns were just a place where I only got part of my bet back and others were saver bets where I only got my stake back. At the end of the day Friday I was $211 in front. Brenton bet from 1 p.m. and finished a race before I did. His bets were smaller than mine because he was picking up winners that I missed in the first two hours of betting on Friday, nevertheless he won just over $400 for the two days. His profit on the new method is now $3960 with Saturday to go to make the three week mark.

I wont be operating today, although I will have my single bets on. My day is being spent with my daughter and son in law who are looking for a house to build. I honestly dont know where they will get the money to pay for it even though I have been able to give them the deposit from my winnings.

Friday February 17th: Yesterday I ran my own Money Factory and lost $1313 so far. Brenton Burford also ran his Money Factory but lost less than half of that. I quit at 5.15 p.m. and bet the remaining single selections only. Brenton bet Ipswich Race 7 where we selected a $17 winner in our Top Two. You can see how different people using the same strategy, can get different results. Brenton is in South Ausrtalia so while I had finished, in his time zone he was still going. Today I am a guest at a Sportsmans' Lunch and so will not be able to look at anything until at least 3.30. Brenton will start with the first race. We will both win at some point although there is always the risk that one of us will lose a Bank simply because of the timing. There is also the possibilty that because I am further behind and thus betting bigger bets that a longshot will make me a bonus payoff.

The truth is that you simply can't afford to be paranoid about it. The method we are using is averaging 50% strike rate at an average payoff of $2.07, a small level stakes profit. The Money Factory process has turned that into a profit on turnover of 15.7% and over $3,500 after two weeks and four days with the big day Saturday to come up.

Thursday February 16th: Another winning day all round yesterday and the Money Factory we are running with the new strategy has now made $3500 in two and a half weeks. The very worst run saw our Bank drop 30% so no worries at all and this, as regualrs know, is during what has been a very soft period for us.

Brad just called from W.A. to advise that since he upgraded his subscription to Winform Gold, he has noticed a much improved strike rate. The Gold service costs only about an extra $20 per week but includes Winform Gold, the SE and SES selections as well as Winform Winners and Specials. We also have an experimental section which includes at the moment Jockey selections where we look for only the best bets with the best qualified riders.

We've noticed that the readership of this section has increased by over 50% since January so please feel free to email us your experiences as there are many other punters out there anxious to hear what you have to say. We got correspondence this morning from Charles who wanted to let us know that he anchored our two Feature Race selections with his choices for 2nd and 3rd and got the Trifecta. Needless to say , Charles is happy with the service.

From today I am running my own Money Factory Bank in between phone calls and other obligations I have. I hope to be able to prove that it doesn't matter if you miss races or even whole days, you can still win with the overall approach. My overall profit will be less simply because you make more money the more you turnover and I will be turning over a lot less. I wont be staying back after 5 o'clock just to place bets either. Instead I will be going home to take my son's and daughter's dogs for a walk and then have a relaxing evening with dinner, a couple of current affairs shows and maybe one of the better offerings on TV before reading another chapter of the latest Harlen Corben mystery. By the way, I started reading Corben a few years ago when I bouthg some of his books from a 3 for $10 pile. Now he's sold a few you have to pay $35 a hit. They're still good stories though and while the punt is paying I can certainly afford it.

Wednesday February 15th: Well they loved our selections on Valentines Day with six winners from 16 bets for the Single Selections and for the Powerbet users there were some bountiful winners too! Life is sweet when it all comes together.

As I've explained before, there are more profits to be had by simply making sure you get the best possible price. As you know I am taking a couple of days off to do maintenance at our Mannering Park office. I therefore could not wait to see prices. Instead I used the IASBet (now SportsBet) Horse Racing and Sports Betting top fluctuation service for our bets at Wangaratta where I believed our horse would start favourite or near favourite. I didn't go the whole way though, instead I bet half my stake at best fluctuation and half at Ias Super price. In two instances the best fluctuation price was more than half a point better so on average I was ahead.

Similar situations occur in every race we look at in real time and this is why some Members query the prices we get. While watching the live market on IASBet (now SportsBet) Horse Racing and Sports Betting we might see a fixed price of $5 and the TAB is currently paying $4. Clearly the fixed price is the better option however sometimes the prices are a lot closer than this at say $5 and $4.50. In this case I take half the bet at fixed and half Super. This way if the TAB price drifts to say $6, at least I have half my money at the better price and my average is better than taking a risk on just one or the other.

The good thing is that you can place these two bets virtually together by simply ticking the two boxes with your bet. They are two bets but at IASBet (now SportsBet) Horse Racing and Sports Betting they are in one group if you know what I mean. Other online bookmakers need you to place a fixed price first then come back for the second bet and that can take precious time when races are close.

A half point difference on every winner could become a mammoth profit by year's end.

Tuesday 14th February: On Sunday a Money Factory bust happened courtesy of Southern Air. That leaves us well behind for the month to date but still a long way ahead overall. We did have 8 or 9 busts last year but still cleared $60,000 profit. Remember we did win $10k+ in January.

Monday was a winning day with only five bets but two winners.

Monday 13th February: The weekend was not good but I am sure Money Factory once again kept us in the hunt. Did you notice that our selections The Lanz nearly did it again for us? He finished second and paying $5 for the place. A win would have put us in front for the month like in January. The Best Bets and Feature race were once again successful, extending our winning run woth this incredibly cheap service (only $99 per year). We have only 263 subscribers to this service and we simply can't understand the reluctance of some people to take it up. Of course our current Ratings subscribers get this service for no extra charge.

Brenton Burford has now made $2696 for the new plan after just two weeks and his single selection plan with his amendments has made $2601 in the last four weeks. The reason less money is made is that only one third of the bets are placed and so even though profit on turnover is higher, the actual amount is less. Once this plan has proven itself, a much larger Bank can be used to boost profits or profits can be added to the bank which in itself will feed on itself.

Sunday 12th February: Today I am taking my Dad and Mum out of the Hostel for a seafood dinner. Can you believe we are catching up on Christmas and my Dad's birthday from New Year? They were busy with other family members over Christmas and then there was an outbreak of a virus at the hostel which meant visitors were not allowed in. This is actually my first relatively free weekend since although I am working this morning as usual. I can't remember my last whole day off but it may have been around Christmas. I am actually not going back to work officially until Thursday but between you and me I will be spending the next few days a) doing ground maintenance at our Mannering Park offices b) doing computer maintenance on our systems out there c) writing some new articles and d) putting on my bets as usual and some people think that the life of a professional punter is so free and easy.

On Friday night I worked at The Gardens which is Australia's newest Greyhound facility. We have pictures and an interview with broadcaster John McDermott and a story on greyhounds generally but that's coming up.

Anyhow, yesterday we saw the benefit of taking the noon update as one of our Grandslam selections was replaced by the next rated horse which also qualified and it was the winner that put us in front for the day. Also on the update were some Gold Coast selections, missed earlier because the scratchings were late.

Our new Money Factory workout only made $1,000 this week, down 50% from last week but a good profit under the circumstances as it has not been our best week.

Friday 10th February : At last I've been able to verify our figures for the period January 25th to February 9th and I can tell you that in spite of our loss of one Money Factory Bank we are $803 in front for the period. Okay, that's a lot of work for not much money but it is better than losing and it is on top of the money we had won up to that point for January. For the record we had 275 bets for 62 winners at better than $5 and yes I know that level stakes over that same period made a better profit. It's all in where the winners fall.

My new strategy is working well with only $230 profit so far this week to follow the $1664 last week but considering we have not had a lot of winners up till Thursday, the fact that we are in profit says a lot for the strategy. Moonee Valley is rated as Dead tonight and it is a pity as we have not had a lot of luck there lately and some would say we are "due". With a dutch betting strategy being the only option it could be worth a go.

Our Feature race tomorrow is an interesting one in that if the trcak is rain affected our top two selections may well turn around in the ratings. Either way, one of them should win to give us a fourth Feature race win in a row. To subscribe to the Weekend Feature race and Best Bets package simply go to the Winform Bookshop or call (02) 49501747 with your credit card details.

Thursday February 9th: You might have noticed a few more typo's recently and some people wold say "well that's a bit unprofessional" but hey! I'm only human and I'm just tryng to keep you up to date and we've been so busy lately the girls haven't had time to reformat my notes.

A losing day yesterday with just one more winner after Camp Calani but Brenton reports that the Money Factory we are running on my new strategy (see previosu entries) is now over $2,000 up for the month and that's on a relatively small Bank (abt $4K). Of course you could run one for as little as $400 and the result of +50% would be the same.

Brenton is also running another Money Factory based on win only and and making his own eliminations. This has resulted in a slightly higher strike rate and is up about $1500 but there are far fewer bets. I'm sure there are plenty of subscribers doing something similar.

Wednesday February 8th: We are having a hard day today. Yesterday ended up with a good $7 winner with IAS. The TABs only paid $5 -$5.50 although Austote paid $7 as well. Today is desperate so far although Powerbet users would have been beside themselves with a $14 winner early on. Still it's early days yet. Whoa! As I write Camp Calani has just won at $6.50!!

I did hear from one member who has been following the strategy we recommended mid last year and that was using Money Factory each way with our single selections. He told me he had not lost his first bank yet. He is also using a top rated Money Factory Bank for the win and has had only one loss and that was late December. Thanks for the info Paul.

The IAS special offer is getting the response we expected. Well, how could it not, it is so good. Don't foret, once you've registered you can start betting straight away and remember, you now have the advantage so try out those special strategies knowing that if it falls apart you will still get all that extra cash.

It's amazing how little you need to do to get a Money Factory in front! Every little helps.

Tuesday February 7th: and things are a lot more cheerful at home now that Desperate Housewives has started again. For me it'll be the footy. A level stakes loss yesterday but not much. The Money Factory made a profit again and several other strategies are working. There was a good second rated horse win yesterday which helped Powerbet users.

We are working on our new version of the Newsletter which will be posted late February. It is fantastic, well we think so anyway. In the meantime a lot of peoeple have receiced the info from IAS and are delighted with it.

Okay, lots of work to ctach up on and bets to place. Today could be good. Just missed by a lip at $7

Monday February 6th: Bravo won again yesterday. There was only one selection Saturday and one Sunday and both won although Boy John had to withstand a protest. Plenty of single selections yesterday and several winners but the lack of any big dividends meant we have started the week off with a loss. Sale was upgraded and I found five selections there but all lost.

Dave Lingard lives in an idyllic locale and spends a lot of his time on the water. He uses the Countdown To Profits staking plan which is in my book Professional Staking and Money Management and to date swears by it. It is difficult to lose with this plan which requires $316 for each dollar. Bets start at $1 and max out at $25 and it is an ideal plan for punters who want to take on any selection plan tyat can find the ocassional $6 or $7 winner. Of course with the Winform singles you get the occasional $30, $40 and $50 winner and that makes it even better. Chances of losing with this plan are 1000/1 against.

A reminder that the Winform Newsletter wont be sent until late February.

All of our contacts have been sent a letter outlining a very special offer we have negotiated with IAS. On that invitation will be a unique website address where you can apply. IAS don't really want the world to know about the offer. We reckon if everyone got it IAS would go broke in a month. It really is unique and special. If you have somehow missed out on receiving it by Friday then you can email us at winform@hunterlink.net.au.net.au and we will send it out to you.

The special method I outlined to you in the Diary last week has made $1664 for the week ending Saturday.

Sunday February 5th: We had to wonder what was going on on Saturday when our first five single selections won in a row. If you count the two Best Bets as well that is SEVEN IN A ROW and a $100 bet was $1700 up. Naturally the Money Factory moved into profit, as did Powerbet and the only drama is that the next few bets were all at the lowest level. This picked up later though, as there was a disappointing run of seonds, some quite close, and then two successive winners at Ascot, Cat In The Hat $8 and Fleeting Angel $3.60 rounded out the night.

As I have the GTX program, I was able to pick up some extra bets at Flemington when the track was upgraded to good and found one extra winner from the three, Biscayne Bay at $8. This is one advantage of having the program. Grandslam had a large number of bets today compared to expected and Bravo had one bet for one $6.30 winner. Flyers missed the mark with no winners from seven yesterday.

The day was good but the week was poor. Let's hope we can kickstart the week today with a couple of longshots.

Friday February 3rd: What do you want first, the bad news or the bad news because that's all there was yesterday. We ost our first Mney Factory Bank for the year but stll $7800 up. The loss was $3101 and at hat point you have to be prepared to let go and start again. The strike rate wasn't such a disaster, about 17% but the average dividend of just $3 was. Our first runner yesterday placed at $11+ and a win would have given us a $4,000 profit. Those Members using the each way plan are probabaly going O.K. I've stuck to win simply because everything happens faster i.e. win more/ lose more perhaps but overall the profit on turnover is greater.

I started a Bank on Monday fo the strategy I suggested last week i.e. singles each way or if no single selection the C Plan from Racing Pays More and if no C plan then dutch bet the top two three or four runnesr if you can make 100%. This plan has made $984 for the week so far on a $4000 Bank. We also didn't bet late, you have to have some life, so bettng stopped around 6 p.m.

Thursday February 2nd: It seems IAS shares are fluctuating in line wih the results we are getting. A good winning weekend to Winform clients saw IAS shares drop but then with three successive days of losses by our clients, the shares have gone up. Today we are due for a catch up again so perhaps we will see movement again tomorrow but I'm not a share adviser and this is not investment advice.

Our Money Factory workout for February is at -$1500 so plenty of cash left to recover. One selection yesterday ran third and paid $11.10 just for the place. A win would have left us sitting pretty. They do win sometimes. Those Members operating their Money Factory program by simply betting the top three to make 100% have done O.K. and there was one winner yesterday at 50/1 that made the Powerbet people very happy.

The IAS special offer has been posted out. The offer commences Monday February the 6th and is available ONLY by going to the website disclosed to recipients.

Wednesday February 1st: and another new month. January has been successful and I guess our Members betting at IAS last Saturday must have had an effect. IAS shares are still strong but in the past two days have lost ground. Welll on the basis of our betting Monday and Tuesday, they should go up again today. Actually, the strike rate was fine but dividends were down and as we know, it is the longshots that bring those up. We missed yesterday with two double digit longshots going down but placing.

Well it's Wednesday again and we are looking for winners. I've already made plans for my winnings last weekend or at least my wife has!

Tuesday January 31st: More news of possible successes from last Saturday. Using a $110 parlay betting Grandslam bets as 1,2,3,4 then 2,3,4,5 and finally bets 3,4,5,6 the first parlay or yankee returned $664, the second $44,000+ and the third $49,000+ and in this third series the last bet was $28,000 on Mono Rock which didn't win.

One Member had Mono Rock going for $11,000 in that last race as a result of his multi bet.

A number of members also pointed out that had we combined our top three rated selections in last Saturdays Quadrella we would have collected. It paid over $300,000!!! Why didn't I think of it? It's because the odds of collecting are about 6%. Still, you dont need many at this price to makea profit!

By coincidence I was writing a story about a way to get the First Four for a $105 outlay. This stratgey on Saturday would have landed you the $30,000+ First Four on The Lanz. In fact we gave out the $1500+Trifecta in our First four rated horses.

Yesterday we had two winners from eight but the prices were once again too low to make a profit. For year to date we are now showing over 60 units profit at best price and even the TAB prices now show a good profit. Our average dividend has risen to over $5.

The Best Bets are showing a 64% Strike Rate and Winform Gold has had seven winners from eight bets this month.


Monday January 30th: We have had a number of Members take exception to Saturdays profit report as they wrongly believed we should not have backed "The Lanz" and "Umaquest" because of the change in track conditons. In our most recent PRINTED communication to Members explaining the Grand Slam service we stated and I quote "The New and Exclusive Grandslam service operates on all track conditions". In fact ,our qualifying conditons ensure this. Note that "The Lanz" ran second at it's previous start in the wet, "Umaquest" had won on a heavy track and even the $3 winner had won last start in the wet!

We were getting ready to gloat about yesterday with a run of winners early in the day but those dried up with a run of losers. Here's hoping we get back in front today again.

Sunday January 29th: Is it possible to have a better day than yesterday?? Hardly. Three Winning Grand Slam selections at $3.30, $29.90 and $36.20 from only six selections and it enabled our single selection strategy to hit a new high for January. In addition to this, the Money Factory profit stands at $10906 for the month. Remember, we use a $3200 Bank with two back ups so total investment is only $9600 and we now have double our starting Bank. Actually it's more than that becasue we have to add all the profits since we started this strategy on October 1st. Even December when we lost two lots of $3200 we still ended up with $2000 profit to add to the previous total.

Last Monday and Tuesday we had two subscribers worried because they were "down" for the month. We told them there was nothing wrong except their patience. WE do recommend a Bank of 150 units for those betting level stakes. I do that as well and yesterday I hit a new record high profit since starting on my $200 per bet level in October.

Even small punters won yesterday and their winnings were over $1000.

Friday January 27th: It really was a day for celebration yesterday as we had 10 winners from 34 selections and all subscribers are now well in front since the Christmas break. I made $3300 yesterday while I was out celebrating Ausralia Day at Raffertys. I simply placed all my bets and hoped I would get Best prices. While I missed some I did not miss Fuji Unkai and bet Best Fluctuation with IASBet (now SportsBet) Horse Racing and Sports Betting to secure $3.50. It firmed to $2.60 so this one bet yielded an extra $180 in my pocket. In wo days I picked up all my losses from last weekend and am now $1,000 in front for the week with two days to go.

Money Factory has made another $864 between the 25th and 26th and the last bet was a winner so we are fresh and ready for today. Even if we lose a Bank between now and next week we will finish with a substantial profit for the month. A reminder that we have a Free report available for our 2005 action. The link is on the Main page.

I have been looking at an interesting strategy for Winform Ratings subscribers. his invloves the single selections, the C plan from Racing Pays More and in races where nether of these plans has a selection, the 100% plus dutch betting strategy.

'Australia Day' Thursday 26th January: Sorry, I'm only here to skite today. We live in Australia and it is really the best place to live, I have travelled a bit you know. It is also home to the second largest thoroughbred industry in the World. We also have the choice to bet on around eight TABS and hundreds of bookmakers plus now betting exchanges and there'll be plenty of those around by the end of the year.

It's not all good news though as some of our individual State legislation aims to restrict free trade by banning advertising i.e. effectively competition between Australian TABS and bookmakers is stifled in the false belief that somehow each State's Racing industry will be harmed by the other. Anyhow, enough politics. We had five winners from 23 bets yesterday for a 16.6 point win or $166 for every $10 invested. The Money Factory profits have gone through the roof and the beer tasting and BBQ is on today along with umpteen Race meetings around the country.

Happy Australia Day!!

Wednesday 25th January: ***Here's some late news*** Our second winner today has paid $15.30 and the resulting profit through Money Factory has now reached $7646 for the year to date. That's after 371 bets 86 wins at an average of just $4.16

I'll be looking forward to tomorrow. It's Australia Day and after setting my bets I will be going to Raffertys Resort where for a mere $5 I'll partcipate in a good old Aussie BBQ with wine and beer tasting. Did I say BEER tasting? YUP, sure did. I'll take Ros as my designated driver of course. Yesterday was a winning day with five winners from 12 bets to take our average back to 20% for the last 75 bets but the average dividend is not too flash at just $3.35. Money Factory is still running within its preset limits and it just needs the right sequence of bets to get clear. Maybe today.

I had a look at the various TABs and what was paid yesterday. We take the better of NSW TAB or Starting Price and that was $15.30 for our twelve bets. SP only paid $12.8, Unitab $14.0, STAB $14.4 and NSW $15.10. IAS Super Price was $15.02. You can see why it doesn't make sense to bet just with the TAB or for that matter just with Bookmakers unless you can get Best Fluctuation. Let's look at the closest comparison, NSW TAB and better of this or SP. The difference is just twenty cents. I bet $200 on each selection, so yesterday my difference was $40. Multiply this by say 300, the minimum number of days I would bet. That's $12,000, TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS DIFFERENCE.

I f you bet just $20 per bet that's $1200, TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Can you believe some people still tell me they bet woth the TAB because it's convenient! Convenience costs. The TAB has it's place, there is no doubt of that, especially for certain bet types but for win only betting there are too many other options.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THE PRICE OF IAS? It is only a few months since we mentioneed that they seemed well priced at between 25 and 30 cents. I bought at 32 cents. They are now 57 cents and rising. The Sunherald last Sunday recommended them as a buy with an expected peak at $1 or more.

Tuesday 24th January: The Money Factory is currently $1766 behind and it has been 63 bets ago on Janaury 18th that we last made a profit. The two winners yesterday at $7.50 and $3.20 were not enough to clear the Bank and the number of seconds was frustrating. We remain at better than $5,000 profit since December 30th. The past 63 bets have produced just 10 winners, so the strike rate will pick up soon. We have one member who doesn't bet until we gte ito a bad run like this. It used to be called "coming in on the grouter" and it seems to work for him although he must miss a lot of winners when we're going well.

We're busy working on a great project for February and we've organised an incredible incentive deal which will make Februarys punting at the Autumn Carnival a great opportunity to take risks. If you haven't registered but would like to receive these two offers in the mail simply email your contact details to direct@hunterlink.net.au

Obviously I didn't make money yesterday so I will be looking for extra opportunities to catch up today.

Monday 23rd January: The Winform Top Two was excellent yesterday with a 44% Strike Rate and winners, well $40, $15, $19 and several more like this heralded a great day for Members using Powerbet but for our Winform Singles followers there was little joy as all these horses were second rated. Since December 30th the singles had 288 bets for 69 winners, 24%, at $4.21 average which is a small level stakes profit but over $5,000 profit on Money Factory. The recent few days stand at minus $968 on the program with 47 bets but just 8 winners at average $3.04. A run of three or four short priced winners or a winner at $10 or more will put us back in profit.

I was smart over the weekend. I found a lot of extra bets from track upgrades and so on and managed to bet just two winners from 34 bets. This included a run of 32 losers in a row. It cost me $5k loss at the weekend afte the previous weeks +$13k so still over $8k in front. A day off yesterday would have saved a lot of money.

Sunday January 22nd: 31% winners from just 48 races yesterday with a $12 winner at Ascot late in the Winform Top Two helping Powerbet users. The single selections failed, although there were a limited number of selections. With only two winners from ten selections on Friday at ordinary prices we have finished the week behind th eightball but the Money Factory is still within normal limts. We are nowhere near busted yet.

Last week, those Winform Members hat participated in our October promotion, got a second distribution courtesy of our single selection bets on Austote. The bank has a distribution everytime it increases by 20% so we have distributed 40% in dividends since November 1st and still have our original Bank. Austote does not cover all races but it does operate on a 105% market so it is not so hard to win.

Today is Sunday and I am hoping for a good day today with the singles. We have been operating at the right overall strike rate so all we are waiting for is the next longshot, the surfers wave that will take us to the beach.

Friday January 20th: It was a bit of a washout yesterday with all those unexpected storms. My bets were on early so I was stuck and couldn't get off and as far as our records go those bets will be in our data file as "ON". If you were watching, you would have had just five bets for one $2winner, not good but not a major loss either. Being stuck with all the bets you ended with eleven bets for three winners at $2.50, $4.40 and $2.00 and about the same end result.

Looking at tomorrow's races I can see it is a pretty ordinary day with no Feature races. We made one up. The Open Handicap in Adelaide. We should get the winner in our top three with ordinary luck. Funny thing, these ordianry days with ordinary races often provide the best results.

Thursday January 19th: I have just finished updating Money Factory after yesterday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all losing days on level stakes but yesterday we were able to clear the current Money Factory series with an $18 profit. We are still in front on level stakes for the year, make no mistake about that but the above illustrates how careful money management can make profits even when your luck is a bit down. The current profit is $5745.

I had a query from a client who works during the day. He also has been doing a Money Factory workout based on what he sees when he gets home. He used ONLY TAB dividends for his workouts and queried our figures. According to Wayne, we would have lost over $2,000 to this point using the TAB exclusively. We use the dividends we actually get by getting best price from our recommended bookmakers, as you would do if you were betting with your own money. Here you can see the difference is over $7,000! Who wouldn't make the effort to get the best odds?

You know there are many punters out there today who are consistent losers simply because they don't know that they can do better. If this is you, you can call us (02) 49501747 for Free advice or email Editor@hunterlink.net.au

Wednesday January 18th: Yesterday I was out for the morning waiting to get my car serviced. If you promise not to get upset I'll tell you what it is. You see some people, for reasons of their own, don't like people who are successful, we even got an irate letter once which stated in part " I am sick of hearing about your successes. When are you going to write about the ordinary punter." What upset me was that the inference was that the "ordinary" punter isn't capable of winnning and I can assure you that it is not true.We have many "ordinary" punters who started betting just $10 or $20 who now bet in hundreds, or in some cases, thousands. Anyway, I drive a BMW, in fact I have two, I worked hard to get it and I deserve it and if Racing wasn't successful for me I couldn't afford it.

Anyhow, I spent the morning wandering around inner city Newcastle and I even took a trip "overseas" to Stockton and back. On returning to the dealer it was suggested I might like to read the paper and have a coffee while they washed my vehicle for me. I didn't mind.

The rest of the day was not as kind with the single selections providing two winners at prices insufficient to cover our outlay, however, I did make $400+ when I backed four horses in the Open Handicap at Murwullimbah. I did however, have a minor problem with IAS. Their website is being updated and I was unable to get my bets on there because I altered my original betslip. I was a bit annoyed but then later I noticed a "notice" on their website warning that during their site upgrade this could happen. It also gave details on how to fix the problem.

Monday January 16th: Sunday was very good again with 47% in the Winform Top Two. It really is going well and as I write we have just found a second rated winner at $15 at Moruya. This unusual track gets firmer as the tide comes in as it is built on a sand base and quite close to the sea. Expected rain later today will actually improve the track condition as the sand base packs in the wet. Yesterday saw the Money Factory improve to $5571 for the month with another $200 profit.

I have been a bit distracted today with a blown solar hot water system at my house and a number of other commitments. Well, that's Mondays I guess. We've launched a New phone service for people who don't want to use the Internet and this features just our Grandslam selections. Last year these selections made 40% profit on turnover with just a few selections each Saturday. All bets are Metropolitan and so betting best fluctuation can be the best option. Our reglar subscribers get these selections included for free with the ratings.

Sunday January 15th: And we wake up to a great couple of days. Our single selections, as predicted, have a slightly higher than average strike rate (23.4%) but lower average dividend ($4.35) for a minimal profit at level stakes but it's a hell of a lot better than losing. The Money Factory has now cantered to a $5371 profit for 2006 to date. This means that we have our three $3200 Banks intact and even if we gave up one we would still be in front for the month.

Because I am personally making sure I get the best possible odds betting a mixture of top fluctuation, IAS super price, and Austote and Rod Cleary in Melbourne and Bill Murphy in Sydney, my personal profits for the past week are approaching $13,000 but it all starts again today. Each week is a challenge. After a great start, both Wednesday and Thursday were wipeouts with not a single winner, although I did manage a great dutch bet win on Wednesday that took some of the sting out.

You know, a lot of so called professional people who have looked at our publications and our Winform rating strategies are quick to dismiss it all as having no value. This is because of the popular belief that weight ratings and pace etc. are the keys to successful punting and of course, following the money. These people also believe that professional punting is all about having a few solid bets and stacking thousands on them. My total betting for the week is probably equal to this strategy yet I never bet more than a couple of hundred dollars per selection. This keeps my betting "under the radar" and that way the dividends are not affected. The most successful professional punters are the ones who graft away and keep turning over the money. Look at the Banks. They are extremely profitable yet they make their money by lending it out, getting it back, lending it out again. If we see ourselves as doing the same it brings a whole new light onto the punting game.

Friday 13th January: Well I might as well have let my bets go yesterday as we had a second successive day of no winners. The Money Factory program is still in control with only a 30% drawdown at this stage and that is one of the reasons why we use it. Forget about bad luck today, we are certainly due for a correction. We update the ratings about 11 a.m today after we get the scratchings for the night meeting. Tomorrow is Magic Milions day and the Gold Coast gets a stand alone meeting. It will be interesting to see how the weather affects things. Subscribers can have a look at our eary ratings on the race now.

Thursday January 12th: Today I am helping my son move so wont be able to track any results, watch any races or any price moves. I have arranged for someone to place my level stakes bets and the girls at the office will track Money Factory. Yesterday we had few bets and no winners. The last two nghts the WA selections have let us down badly. Neither Albany nor Bunbury could find a winner from seven selections. Many of those selections had superior city form but they could not translate that into success at the provincials as they often do in NSW Victoria and Queensland. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing.

Wednesday 11th: I arrived at 7 a.m. this morning ready to have a final look at Place betting to see if those people who really prefer to bet this way would have any chance of success. The answer is a clear "No". Looking at the single selections for the past month we have a 48% strike rate at $1.88. Using IAS to get slightly better dividends and Money Factory to look after the Staking, we should have been able to do something but no. Here's the problem. We end up starting at a moderate bet of say $33. If we have a losing run of just five or six and then get a few $1.10 or $1.04 dividends, we end up moving up to a higher bet level but never quite reach our profit goal. Instead we ended up after 200 or so bets, blowng the Bank because in this sequence our strke rate of 47% at $1.70 was below the threshold necessary to make profits, even though there were some place dividends as high as $6.

The other problem is that when you have a bet of a few hundred dollars for the place on a $6 dividend horse, you could signal a bet back which could reduce the dividend and so negate any advantage you may have.

The single selections made a good profit yesterday and the Money Factory is arond $2,000 in profit for the month to date. There will be few selections today because of the wet tracks, still, just two winners would be enoug to make a profit today.

Tuesday January 10th: The Money Factory sits another $800 higher after two quick winners today at $22 and $7 and there are still a few to run. The Members login was fixed last night but dropped out at 12 noon today for a few hours. Back on line about 3, apparently the engineer forgot to screw his head back on. Let's hope we get some of thse Albany selections home later tonight.

Monday January 9th: Our Members login was in and out all day yesterday and is still not right. Luckily, all subscribers also have our 1900 phone numbers and pins for just such an emergency (if you have misoplaced this please call. For Best Bet subscribers there were two bets for two winners at $2.03 and as much as $6.53 depending where you bet. Our single selections were successful and once again the profit you made was dependent on where you placed your bet. At IAS you scored better on all but one winner yesterday and Austote had good prices on the selections at meetings that they covered.

On our Money Factory workout we are at +$1900 since January 1st on our $3200 Bank. This is a good start and comparess favorably with last year's $62000+ total. One anomaly in the program that can make a difference is that when your profit goal comes within reach, the bets size may suddenly reduce. This is a protective measure to make you take stock. I always make sure that after a winner I repeat my bet.

Another problem that can be encountered is where two or more races virtually run into one another. This happened yesterday so I assume that the first bet will lose and place the second bet at the same amount. If the first bet wins then the next bet will normally be the same size and if it loses you have at least 80% of the required bet on. It's a bettre strategy than watching your second selection win at a good price without you on it!

Sunday January 8th: Having the advantage of using the Winform GTX program I was able to exploit the change of track conditions at Toowoomba last night. In races 3,4 and 5 the second rated horses came to the top in the better conditions. I linked these up as a treble and three doubles for a $7 K pay off and an investment of just $200. Winform rayings are expecially effective at Toowoomba.

There were some good results for second rated horses yesterday too with Play To Win a spectacular winner of Adelaide Race 7 at $17. Grandslam had just one bet for a winner and continues on its winning way.

Saturday January 7th: Yesterday was quite O.K. with five good winners, although the dividends didn't allow us to make a profit. Today our Money Factory should go into profit even though there are few selections because of the rain affected tracks. I have done a lot of research and from today am eliminating all fields of less than 8 and more than 14. The winners in small fields averaged only about $3.70 and the winners in big fields were still on the average. I had to cut Mt Billy in race 7 at Morphettville this afternoon even though I like his chances. Still, a system is a system. Maybe I'll have a go if the price is good. Even though the Doomben track is heavy I am having a go at the First Four which on Unitab has jackpot of $67,000. This will attract a lot of business and the final pool could go over $300,000 so it's worth a go, especially as the Winform picks are quite long in the market.

Thursday January 5th: The good winner at $8+ yesterday was partly responsible for a lift in the current Money Factory profit to over $800 for the New Year. It's 4 o'clock and we have had no winners today but the majoirty of the selections have yet to run. We have five selections at Canterbury tonight. I have had two extra bets today resulting in a first and a second. I have seen no opportunities so far for a trifecta or quinella play.

Wednesday January 4th: And the year is racing ahead already. A very good winning day yesterday with over $1,000 profit. I found a good Quinella and rifecta play at Port Macquarie. The Trifecta was $24 and Quinella $60 for a $10 unit. It was a very ordinary race and the short priced favourite which had relatively good form, although slow form, was the only horse outside our three that had a realistic chance of winning. The Quinella returned me around $200, so an extra $100+ for five minutes work.

Sometimes, we have to look beyond our ratings and take into account market factors, as I did in this case. It doesn't mean we include favourites willy nilly, it simply means "have a look" to see if you should include it, especially in multiples, as favourites fill a slot over 60% of the time. In the race I looked at yesterday, all of our top three selections were at double figure odds. This is the other factor. It was our second placed runner that made the good Quinella dividend.

As you can see from the above, you don't need to invest huge sums of money to be a professional. The average "mug" punter honestly believes that professional punters spend their time betting in thousands at a time. It's simply not necessary. The true professional punter grinds away making small but regular returns with the occasional "windfall" win.

Tuesday January 3rd: We had a good wining day yeterday again. I spoke to John French this morning. He is an absolute wizard in that he has so far (and he has been going since October) failed to bust a Money Factory Bank. Of course he was lucky that he was away for a critical few days when we had that bad run. The prices have been nothing to write home about and that is just a normal thing at this time of the year when there are few wet tracks. Horse are definitely more consistent on good tracks.

I have some work to do but I am looking at a few more ideas that might make it easier for people who work, to run the Money Factory idea. Stay tuned and I'll let you know when that is ready.

On a completely different front, I have been able to secure two Real Estate sales for my son's and daughter's houses. The market has not only bottomed but is starting to bounce up. A lot of financial pressure is about to be lifted and that can only be good. Only a few bets today as the Racing scene recovers from the excessive number of Race meetings conducted over the holidays.

Monday January 2nd: Here's an update for the week. The single selections had another hard run but rounded out the year with big winning days on Friday and Saturday. One Member who only bets from Tuesday to Saturday was able to make $11,000 for the past two months from a Money Factory Bank of $3200. Our workout, which inludes all days, and started on November 15th made over $2,000 even though level stakes for the last four weeks is in slightly negative territory.

The number of 2nds, many in photos, has frustrated the hell out of us. There was also a run of 19 losers last Wednesday which extended to over 20 if you indluded the last few bets from Tuesday. In spite of this, the Money Factory had slipped neatly back into profit a day later.

The evidence proves that Staking Plans can work. Racing is just a faster running version of the Stockmarket.

The first day of January was a let down. A number of meetings became rain affected and Gosford was called off because of the heat! We ended up with a reasonable day on the Ratings but the singles were poor. Summer can be either very very good or very very bad. We shouldn't even begin to guess.

FRIDAY December 23rd: The office may be closed from lunchtime but the bets are out there and hopefully working for us. Yesterday the Money Factory moved back up past the $1,000 profit mark. Out of interest, I ran off the results of backing the top rated Winform horse in every race every day for the past year. Our average dividend was just over $5 on a strike rate of just under 20%. This was sufficient to make a small profit and an astute punter would have eliminated those horses where it was obvious the expected result was simply not worth the action e.g in afiled of 90% first starters where the only horse that has started is the top rated horse by default for running last or near at it's only start.

There are many more eliminations that could be made based on prices available etc. that would be obvious to most regulars. There is no other set of ratings we know of that can boast results like this.

The Winform bookshop will operate as normal and our office for phone enquiries will be open next Wednesday-Friday. I hope to finish the year with a round of good winners today and tomorrow but if not there is plenty of Racing left before the year comes to a close.

THURSDAY December 22nd: A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the past few days. We had that Money Factory bust but we retain $800 profit still. We had 91 wins from 456 bets at an average of $4.80 so we are not far from our norm. Today we were unable to update as early as we would like due to Internet malfunctions but it is all clear now. We emailed every client with the selections and by 1.30 our ISP had recified the problem. Mid afternoon, and our first three selections have all run 2nd. Our first bet won at $9 but lost what to the commentators was a frivolous protest.

I had a look today at using Money Factory to bet the single selections for the place only. I found it necessary to use a $10,000 Bank, otherwise the base bet was too low. There were never any problems but profit per month came to only about $800. When you get four losers and then a $1.30 placing, it can take a long time to get out of the hole. We had already proven that each way betting with these works and so does the win only strategy so I think we're best to stick to those.

MONDAY December 19th: Saturday we experienced the unthinkable. Twenty two bets without a winner and Sunday was three from 17 so 3 from 39 for the weekend. The Money Factory is hanging on by the skin of it's teeth with a $5 winner with the very last bet before BUST. However, over $1,000 came in late so we have enough in the kitty for another 6 or 7 bets. Even if we do bust, however, we have over $3900 in profit.

Personally I am down about $5k for the week. So much for Santa and his presents. We need a few winners now! Looking back, I can see that we are still in front for December! A Punter's lot is not decided on a single day, week or month, although it seems like it at the time.

FRIDAY December 16th: This is the last update for a day or two. A couple of good winners early today which will help make up for yesterday which was poor. We still have a good profit for the year to date and month to date even though the last ten days have been a struggle. It is now still 7 losing months from the last 47. Forty wining months is good form in anybody's language.

THURSDAY December 15th: I had time to look at our results so far (well up until December 13th) and found that we were actually 19.85 units ahead for the month in spite of the bad results over the past few days. I also noted that if you were betting level stakes the GrandSlam selections should be counted as separate bets. This would have added another 10 units to the profit. For $100 bets that's $1985 in front plus another $1,000. In addition to this we had a good profit of $676 for yesterday. The overall strike rate this month (without yesterdays 6 from 21) is 21% at an average of $5.26. The trouble is that I have spent all of my profits and that's why it feels like I am losing. at the moment.

You would think that there was less Racing action coming up to Christmas week but in fact there's more (if that's possible) with everyone running a Christmas Cup of some sort. The weather is mostly clear today so we can expect lots of good tracks and many selections over the next few days. The more the merrier I say.

WEDNESDAY December 14th: Anoher bad day with one winner from eleven but once again plenty of placings including one very good longshot place dividend. It's keeping the each way players in the game. Here we are at Wednesday again which means all Metro or Provinicial tracks and there is a little rain about. Yesterday we backed off Kilmore because of it and "missed" two good winners but of course, we look at the "big" picture. It is easy to understand how punters fail when they see a big series of losing days. These losing runs can end as early as the next day or it may takes weeks and that's with about 400 bets per month.

Imagine the patience punters need when tehy bet only a few bets each Saturday? A similar losing period would take months to unfold. The majority of systems players probably only bet 200-300 bets for the whole year! On of the best systems we have sold over the years the Double Coincider, has had only about one bet per week but it's profits keep coming in year after year and this has been the best to date. There is nothing wrong with this but you need several systems like this to get the numbers up.

Today my accountant is coming to show me how to generate meaningful reports from MYOB. Note I said "meaningful". Good luck for today.

TUESDAY December 13th: One winner from five yesterday but the $3 dividend was not enough to make a profit. Today I have spent the morning kayaking, now that's a change of pace. My shoulders are burning from the exercise and you know you are alive. Only 11 bets today so if we get just two we are right on average. I'm hoping for something at a reasonable price.

MONDAY December 12th: Yesterday was not the great day I had hoped for although we did get a 22% strike rate, our average dividend meant a loss for the day of 8+ units. Our strike rate for the past week is down AND the average dividend is down along with it, the two pronged sword. It was only a week ago that we started the day with a $20 winner. We'll see how today goes. The Money Factory made a nother profit yesterday and we are in the middle of a series starting today but we wont need much luck to get clear again. We are $3600+ so far.

SUNDAY 11th December: So it's off Christmas shopping today. I started by dropping off some gifts for less fortunate kids at St Vincent De Paul. IT helped me forget about yesterdays lossy day. Six winners from 37 bets was about two less than needed and I was amazed at how many of the selections started very short priced and completely failed. It happens and my week ended up down about a thousand. I'm hoping for a better start today.

Using Money Factory yesterday, there were three ocassions when races were going off on top of one another. What to do? I assume the bet will be repeated, so on one ocassion I had three bets oin three minutes of the same amount. One of those won at $5 and I would have missed it had I waited for the previous result as both races ran together. At the end of the day the Bank was only down $20or so on the $3200 Bank so well in control in spite of the poor showing.

Brenton Burford was using the Money Factory for his dutch bets and although only achieving a 39% strike rate for the week, was able to make $954 profit at 25.6% when level stakes would have returned only 13%. Powerbetters had a good day too and the day's strike rate for top three would have been impressive..

SATURDAY 10th December: Today we have had problems with the Internet but I got to our Mannering Park Office in time to get it all up and running. Thansk for your patience. The Grand Slam sheet has lots of typos, bugga! Big wins yesterday got us out of trouble with Money Factory cleatring the current series and continuing on it's merry way. I picked up $3K to get in front again for the week but now I have to go. Ascot scratchings due and I simply have to get my bets on!

FRIDAY December 9th: What a horror run we had yesterday. Plenty of winners but no prices and plenty of good priced placegetters up to $3.40 amongst the Winform singles. The Winform Top Two did well with some good double digit winners at Ipswich. My personal tally at minus $2900 stings a bit and has turned my week into a small minus but it is the year and not days, weeks or months that tell the tale.

Yesterday we made a decision to introduce a single selection phone service for Saturdays only for the Grandslam selections. This service previously included ratings (as on our randleam fax and Inteent sheet) but it is clear that is not what was wanted by our phone callers. For the year to date there have been just 138 Grandslam selections for 27% winners and a profit good enough to double the bank at level stakes. The new service is extremely cheap at $395 per year (or $149 per quarter) but is included Free with any ratings subscription.

Today will be a busy day, with two night meetings to follow. Another chance for a massive win or loss. You beauty!

THURSDAY December 8th: I hate MYOB. With first Amelia leaving and now Leanne, I am doing the company's books myself now, what a pain! You have to get it all so precise but they don't pay a dividend if you get it right. I remember that when I first started my own music busines back in 1975 I was so bogged down in paperwork that I gave up punting altogether (no computers to help the form analysis then). That wont happen this time, but I can do without it.

Yesterday was a poor day for the singles but the Powerbet players had a great time and our Money factory is currently only about $700+ down but there is already $3500+ profit in the till. A $6 winner earlier today should have got us back in order. We have had more bets today than we have for over a week and tomorrow with two night meetings as well as the day we will have many more.

42 degrees here yesterday, only 30+ today, you beauty! I did get one excellent dutch bet win yesterday. That made me $690 for a small outlay and helped offset the single selection loss, although I am still well in front for the week.

WEDNESDAY December 7th: It had to happen and yesterday we failed to back a winner. There were few bets, though, with Geelong downgraded to slow before the first bet there. Money Factory users have everything under control.

TUESDAY December 6th: I hand an interesting email from Glenn overnight and he was considering taking the ratings just for Saturday and he was asking how to use them. I took the opportunity to reply in no uncertain terms:

Hi Glenn,
Don't be stupid and get bound up in the most idiotic cliches in Racing "all I want are a couple of good bets on Saturday" because that's why the majority of punters get nowhere.
The fact is that Saturdays are such a blessing for punters as you get 10 meetings to work on. On a Saturday with good tracks everywhere we can have 40+ single selections "You beauty" !! Because the single selections make a profit you want to have as many of them as possible to bet on. The more bets the more profit , it is as simple as that.
I have a lot of Members doing Powerbet and Money Factory on Saturdays only and with Broadband you dont have trouble getting on, you are only restricted by how fast you think (deciding where to place your bet). For example, a couple of weeks ago one Member explained he had trouble with the Internet and missed getting on a 40/1 winner, well what was wrong with ringing his bet through? The aim is to get on.
The cost of Saturday ratings is peanuts (pardon the expression) at $275 per quarter or $825 for the year and you have plenty of opportunity to experiment with various methods until you find the one that suits you. We have some great Saturdays and some awful ones but it's all part of the mix, there's some weak reeds out there.
When you consider we charge the same price to everybody and some Members make thousands per week and others consistently lose with the same information you can see that even with our expert help, you still have to get involved yourself. Flyers is a case in point. How many gave up on this winning method? There's one lesson Glenn, patience and persistence. If you have it then welcome aboard.

Yesterday we got a $20 winner with our very first bet, so a profit was locked in for the day. Unfortunately, that was our one and only winner but who would knock a 50% profit? Oh, it was a close win too...only four lengths or so. Let's keep collecting the goodies and keeping them aside for when our luck goes sour (mind you we don't operate on luck but you know what I mean).

If you've missed getting our Free report on the single selections, click the following Link to check out the $1300 Per Week Report. Good luck today.

MONDAY December 5th: Already and only 19 more sleeps but the old fellow in the joly red suit is delivering already. Another $1800 for me yesterday with 3 winners from 13 bets including a $22 payout at Murray Bridge. Needless to say Money Factory users were never in trouble and Powerbet delivered again as the Top Two was on song for the day. The good news is that the strike rate is having a correction after a month of below average returns (20% compared to a more normal 22%+). It would be good if we could regularly get 22% at our expected average dividend of $5+ but it doesn't happen like that. We either get it all at once or not at all. You have to be prepared.

Today there are plenty of bets but I am wary as always about Kyneton. This track has a unique layout and although we can select horses to win there the form coming out of Kyneton is unreliable elsewhere. I saw a number of horses yesterday which were backed based on strong Kyneton performances, rolled easily. When I look individually at horse form I look for a substitute run if Kyneton form is their best.

SUNDAY December 4th: A great day yesterday and almost as good as it gets with six fabulous winners including Dee Picked at $14+. My personal tally $5K plus. Regulars using Powerbet would have had a ball with winners coming at the right intervals and some good priced ones at that. The damp tracks didn;t stop us. It did restrict our single selection numbers though with only 13 selections all up. We went from 4 winners from the previous 30+ selections( about 10%) to ten from about 50 which is right on the button as far as strike rate goes and was only thrown out by the wet track selections we shouldn't have backed on Friday.
The Money Factory workout returned a very healthy profit for the week and the worst losing position for the $3200 Bank was a drawdown of just $1300 or so.

Today again, we will have a restricted number of bets because of the track conditions but even if all 14 bets lose we will still be showing a healthy profit for the weeekend and I don't expect a loss.

I've had good news today. My daughter and son in law, who are both working in England, will be leaving next weekend to spend Christmas at home. Both are doing well in their London based jobs and will return in January to do a full year so they can save for a house deposit for 2007 back home.

SATURDAY December 3rd: Yesterday was a bad betting day with Wagga abandoned after four races were run and Moonee Valley downgraded to a slow track. The Winform single selections, if you did the right thing, should all have been abandoned but I , like many regulars , had already placed all my bets. Fortunately, there was one $4.80 winner which meant that from five bets only a small fraction was lost. This is one area where punters who monitor the track conditions and prices before they place their bets, can have an advantage over people like myself, who because of work commitments ( I still have little time for actually watching current races due to my commitments to the Winform business) have to place all the bets up front.

Today, there will be few single bets due to the many rain affected tracks. That said, those who get the Ratings will find that these have been adjusted for the conditions, and there are still many opportunities to make profits by watching the markets and dutch betting. Although our performance in wet conditions is not as good as on the more predictable dry track conditions, the price of winners is frequently higher.

FRIDAY December 2nd: and I have the completed figures for last month's Winform Single Selections. For a $10 bet the profit was $484.00 and for a $100 bet $4840. This was in spite of a drop in strike rate compared to last month. There were 484 bets (the profit figure is right and just a coincidence) and 99 winners for just 20.4% win strike. Last month the win strike was better than 23% compared to our all time average of 22%+. This simply means that in November we had a larger number of long shots to make up the difference. Winform clients using Money Factory have reported to us that the strategy was also very profitable for November.

This week started on an excellent note with good wins on Sunday but the rainy weather has restricted our bets, and unfortunetely our winningsand we need today and tomorrow to be winning days for a firm start for December. No matter what happens this month (it is some time since a losing month) year 2005 will have been memorable for it's success.

THURSDAY December 1st: Last week I decided to keep a Money Factory running on the Winform single selections. The Bank is $3200 with two back ups to cover the inevitable losing runs. Since Sunday two weeks ago I actually lost a Bank but in spite of that have made $1834 net profit. Since Tuesday there have been 26 bets for just three winners at average $5.03 and the series is down just $453. On level stakes the previous series had 142 bets for just 28 wins (19.7%) at $5.53, a loss of $1653 on $50 level stakes bets. Even so, the month of November was a winning month to add to the winning October and September. There have been just seven losing months since January 2002. Hawkesbury is a heavy track today for the Cup so there is little hope of this race being the usual good guide to the Villiers later this month. A planned trip to Hawkesbury has been cancelled.

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