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Spring Markets for 2005

Caulfield Cup 15/10/05

$8 Plastered
$9 Dizelle
$11 Xcellent, Confectioner
$13 Vouvray
$17 Hollow Bullet, Perlin, Tick By
$21 Shes Justa Tad, Railings, Binding, Free At Last, Mr Celebrity
$26 Demerger, Lachlan River, Count Ricardo, Wild Iris, Sir Dex
$31 Kindjhal, First Character
$34 Grey's Inn, Maraahel, Stella Grande, Accumulate, Mummify, Yeats, Uprize, Zingam
$41 Activation, Collate, Calveen, Ace, Norse Dancer, Nevis, Portland Singa, Powerscourt, Storm Hill, Matras, Grey Song, Lad Of The Manor, Eye Popper, Fantastic Love, Devastating, Distinction
$51 Desert War, Fields Of Omagh, Fight Your Corner, Gee Thats Tops, High Cee, Hugs Dancer, Ike's Dream, Irish Darling, Mahtoum, Mandela, Rizon, Razkalla, Pacific Dancer, Mullins Bay, Natural Blitz, Willy Leica
$67 Zumanity, Bandaru, Battle Maiden, Cherry Mix, Notable Guest, Philosophe, Renewable, Songlark, Swick, Swift Tango, Kamsky, Lake Charlotte, Frightening, El Segundo
$81 Gunfire Messiah, Men At Work, Moscow Ballet, Timbourina, Soi Cowboy, Strasbourg, Roman Arch, Reclaim, Nothin Leica Win, Cedar Manor, Zagalia, Utzon
$101 Tosen Dandy, Barley A Moment, Basra, Andean, Cheerine Kid, Collier Hill, Carpanetto, Break The Vault, On Jeune, Niconero, Regal Punch, Processor, Russian Charm, Tails Of triomphe, Middlemarch, Majestic Minstrellm Hinest Politician, Landsdown House, Kosi Bay, Lions Gate, Emerald Jack, Econsul, Empyreal, Douro Valley, Don Raphael, Fooram

Melbourne Cup 1/11/05

$6.50 Makybe Diva
$7.50 Plastered
$10 Dizelle
$11 Xcellent
$13 Vinnie Roe
$15 Vouvray
$17 Distinction, Westerner
$21 Accumulate, Demerger
$26 Count Ricardo
$34 Greys Inn, Kindjhal, Lachlan River, Mahtoum, Railings, Shes Justa Tad, Stella Grande
$41 Bazelle, Binding, Hollow Bullet, Mr Celebrity, Perlin, Phoenix Reach, Portland Singa, Rizon, Storm Alert, Willy Leica, Yeats, Zingam
$51 Activation, Cherry Mix, Eye Popper, Fantastic Love, Fight Your Corner, First Character, Hugs Dancer, Mandela, Maraahel, Orpington, Swift Tango, Tick By, Uprize
$61 Carte Diamond, Collier Hill, Devestating, Frightening, Mummify, Pacific Dancer, Songlark, Wild Iris
$67 Confectioner, Framklins Gardens, Gee Thats Tops, High Cee, Irish Darling, Lad Of The Manor, Philosophe, Powerscourt, Razkalla, Renewable, Simonas, Sir Dex, Storm Hill, Sweet Stream, Zeitgeist, Zumanity
$81 Free At Last, Grey Song, Lost Soldier Three, Matras, Men At Work, Policy Maker, Regal Punch, Soi Cowboy, Zagalia

Cox Plate 22/10/05

$3.30 Maykybe Diva
$10 Plastered
$11 Lad Of The Manor, Ace, Fields Of Omagh
$13 Confectioner, Greys Inn
$15 Xcellent
$21 Lotteria, Mummify
$26 Maraahel, Hollow Bullet, Binding, Dizelle, Shania Dane,
$34 Shes Justa Tad, Activation, Mr Celebrity
$41 Nevis, Vouray, Stratum, Domesday, Epalo, Calveen
$51 Super Kid, Denmarket, Mullins Bay, Perlin, Ikes Dream
$61 Kindjhal
$67 Gods Own, Natural Blitz, Pendragon, Carry On Cutie, Danehill Express, Storm Alert, Tick By, Undoubtedly, Uprize, Simple Exhange
$81 Sir Dex, Regal Roller, Barely a Moment, Battle Maiden, Tosen Dandy, Desert War, Danni Marine, Outback Prince

**Please Note the Prices are on a "All In" basis ie: If your horse is scratched you will not recieve a refund.**

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