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New Starter At Winform

Liz Chamberlain - Well I've been working here at Winform now for just over a month and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Working with and around horses is something I have done since a little kid. I did the entire Pony Club scene until just recently. Last year I completed the Diploma of Horse Business Management at Marcus Oldham College in Geelong, an hour south of Melbourne. Throughout the year we visited many of Australia's leading Thoroughbred studs, such as Coolmore, Arrowfield, Darly, Woodlands, Collingrove, Vinery and Widden Stud are just to name a few, while visiting these studs many of the stallions were brought out and paraded for us.

Throughout the year we also had two weeks over in New Zealand we visited the prestigious Cambridge, Waikato and The Oaks Studs, plus many of New Zealand's top trainers. In September of last year I completed three weeks studwork experience at Baerami Stud, which is located in the Hunter Valley, NSW. It was a fantastic three weeks, and I was involved in every inch of stud operation, from foaling down mares, feeding up, farrier to mares and foals, preparing mares for service, teasing the mares, preg testing and helping out in the breeding barn are just a small number of the tasks that I did for those three weeks.

For 2 weeks of the year we had to go and work for a local trainer in Geelong at the track of a morning for 3 hours. From this I learnt a lot more about the competitive racehorse and how important the fundamental basics of walking them, so they don't tie up are. The duties were as any other racing stable, mucking out stables, tacking up, walking, swimming, leading horse and rider to the track, washing down, walking again and grooming.

From my experience with horses it has helped out a great deal, when I first started at Winform, it would have been a lot harder with out it. At the moment I am looking into the recent history of Winform selections and using the Powerbet Staking software to see the potential for stay at home punters. Which so far is proving very interesting indeed. The current figures on the Trial are; after 741 bets we've had 157wins. So that's a strike rate of 42% and an average dividend of $5.34.At the moment the profit is $15709, after two months. So for the time being, I am still learning all the ropes here and trying to adapt to office life, as I am usually outside and working around the four-legged beasts.

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