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Editor's Diary by Garry Robinson

TUESDAY November 29th. Yesterday I made all our members aware of a sensational offer from IAS (call us on 02 49501747 for details) that basically allowed our Members to make $500 for doing nothing more than their usual betting. Tim sent me an email that read " not a very good idea unless your are a pro punter and then it does not appeal" well that is a very uneducated statement and here is my reply "Hi Tim, I have to admit to being a bit astounded by your comments. We thought we were doing everyone a favour by obtaining this deal. It is genuinely cash in your pocket for doing no more than what most punters are doing now i.e. having a bet. The average punter would have many more then ten bets in a two week period and to turnover the equivalent of 5 times your money in an unrestricted period is just "money for jam". The average punter betting through the TAB loses at the rate of 15% on turnover. With a little assistance from a professional organization such as Winform, the average punter can make a profit. Add to this a cash bonus and it would be almost impossible to lose. Sat you deposit $200 and get $50 bonus, that's $250 X 5 equals $1250 worth of bets. At the low bet level of say $10 that's only 125 bets.Most punters would have 5- 10 bets each Saturday so what's the big deal? That is far from "professional" punting. Anyhow Tim, our main role is to educate our punting clients and to seek out the best possible deals for their punting dollar and we have done that. Yours is the one "negative" comment we have received amongst hundreds of "thank you's" from our regulars. I hope you can somehow see past your negative outlook and become a successful punter yourself."

Now I've gpt that out of my hair I can look forwrd to another good day as the weather starts to dry up here.

MONDAY November 28th. I am pleased to say I have had an email from a subscriber who assure me he did not give up, even with the bad run we expereinced last week. As a result he is well ahead for the month. Well you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink and that's why not all subscribers are sending me the same message. Some subscribers have complained that there are too many bets. My complaint is that there are not enough. Today for example, there are none because all three tracks are rain affected. Instead of betting I am now labelling 3,000 envelopes for our Newsletter. Better go, or you wont have it. Maybe we'll have another good bet tomorrow.

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27TH and I am glad to say I was right, yesterday was a sensational day. The Strike rate for the singles is still down but the five winners we had yesterday from 21 bets were at $39.70, $1.70,$4.70, $14.60 and $2.95. We also scored the Quinella as recommended in the Member's Feature Race and that paid $29 for a $6 outlay. I am no longer down $8,000 for the week but UP $2,000!!! THe very first bet in the Money Factory not only recouped the previously lost Bank but also ended the next series with a good profit. AND, Saturday was also good for another series closed.

The Winform Top Two had a 33% strike rate and as well as the above winners had a $19.80 winner at Toowoomba. I know that one or two Members gave up with the recent bad run but once again it shows that you just have to hang in there. My series of Professional Staking and MOney Management SEminars made that point particularly strongly.

I'm at our Mannering Park Office and all I can see is rain, rain and more rain. We need it, but I wont get the grounds cleaned up today as planned. Instead, Ros has a few plans of her own, relating to yesterday's winnings.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26TH. Is it just because I have had a one hour fitness session this morning that I feel so confident about today? Or is it that the results have been so lousy this week that surely they must come good this afternoon. Well actually, our week's strike rate is a mere 16% and I am down over $8,000 so far. A second Money Factory Bank is half way down. Yesterday Brenton busted his each way Bank only to find the winners (or placegetters) started immediately afterwards. It certainly lasted a long time longer than the straight out Bank. Earlier this year, Brenton showed how an each way Money Factory Bank made many thousands of dollars even though a number of bustes were recorded. One thing is certain, all Banks must bust and that is why you have to have at least two reserves. I believe today will be okay although a wet track here and there will reduce the bets.

I am going to our Mannering Park office this afternoon and doing maintenance on both the yard and the computer. On Monday the girls will be stuffoing envelopes with the December Newsletter. Members can log in now if you wish to see it. Good luck for today!

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25TH. We busted a Money Factory Bank this week and it is one of my worst weeks on record. Never fear, we knew it had to happen. Never put all your eggs in the one basket and luckily we don't. Today we've started a small Bank using the Professional Staking Plan on the single selections. I'll be betting these everyday except Sunday, and hoping for the best. For the year to date, we could have made over $4,000 even starting with a $10 bet. We'll hope to be turning the hypothetical into practical. For this experiment we will be using Sports Acumen's Club bet which usually pays a fair price. Also the best are small so the demonstration will be a good one as SA accepst bets as small as one dollar.

This morjning I tried to feed the PC into an LCD TV so I could split the screen and have the Sky Channel feed coming in one side and the computer the other. AS soon as the PC slot is used, hoever the screen refuses to split. I am now looking at feeding the computer to the TV through an AV using a video card. Will that work? Stay tuned.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 24TH and I did forget to update you on the BOMB situation. It was just a forgotten parcel. The item can be claimed at the bus depot, so if its yours please call them. I wish we'd been evacuated yesterday as it was truly a horror day. We did have one runner placed at $5 which is fantastic but where were the winners. I think they took a holiday. I recommended to everyone to bet just .3% so anyone following that recommendation is going well. Racing new?, Well there isn't any much. This time of the year it is the bread and butter gallopers that pay our way. Let's just hope some of them can read this and win for us today.

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 23RD. Five winners from 12 yesterday for the Winform Singles brought the past three days almost up to scratch for the regular strike rate. The dividends, though, were unspectacular. Today, we will hope for a continuation of the strike rate and hope for a few better dividends.
I personally made over $2,000 last week so I cant complain, and whilst not my best week, I have had no cause for panic. A few subscribers though, appear to have been unprepared for the slump of last Sunday and Monday and some also missed last Thursdays $30 winner which was responsible for most of the profits last week.
At the weekend Seminar it was interetsing to note the number of different ways subscribers use the ratings. I hope to be able to pass some of these methods on in the regular Winform Members Newsletter."

BOMBS IN BUSES. I am making this note because our building is quarantined, noone allowed in or out. A Bus outside has been reported as having a bomb on board. We are staying inside away from the windows to protect ourselves from flying glass. The Tv crews are here so I guess you will see what happens on TV tonight!

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22ND. Time flys when you are having fun. Actually yesterday and Sunday weere not fun for our single selections but Saturday was good. Sunday I was busy giving the Brisbane Seminar whioch was attended by 45 people who left the Seminar more fully informed about how to make a consistent return from Racing whether their involvement be as a hobby or as a professional punter. I believe most would have been overwhelmed by some of the figures presented. Racing is a massive industry and the turnover highlighted for just one Racing entity is astonishing. But we learn, hopefully.

After scribbling on the whiteboard for some hours Sunday my arm has started up with those tingling feelings again so it is as well that the Seminar season is over for me for now. Last night I attended a protest rally against a new Coles shopping centre which is proposed for an inner suburban site which has no parking and my street does not have room for two cars to pass if one car is parked. How will life be when hundreds of cars a day try to take the shortcut? What wil happen to the owners of the businesses in the Bi Lo centre just 2 k's away? Big business and Big Governement, my two pet hates.

Also last night I had a big win when Kate beat Emily in Australian Idol. Forget about who is the better singer, this was a public vote and it was obvious from about six weeks back that Kate had susbstantial financial backing. That said, I thought last night that Kate's performances were as good as any throughout the contest.

Back to Racing and this week we continue our analysis of our new Winform Gold series.


WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ECSTATIC YESTERDAY WITH THE WIN OF DANISH DANCER AT $29+ (IAS) . The problem was that every other selection during the day failed to win. When we updated for the two night meetings we came up with NIL from four at Canterbury but Four from Five at Pnjarra. Overall the winner count is fine and the $6,000 I won on Danish Prince was great but it would have been nice to bag a few more. I guess I just have to be pleased with the profit for the week to date which is more thn enough to fund the purchase of a new LCD TV.

At present my desk is cluttered with a 43cm CRT Monitor for the computer and a 51cm TV for Sky Channel and TVN. The new LCD splits so that the computer input is on my right with all the form and info and the Sky feed to the left so I can see what's gong on. The new arrangement will reduce complications and make it easier for my aging eyes to pick up the details. Can you honestly say you can pick up which horse is which as the y thunder towards the post?

ON another note, our Winform Gold series is successful but with far too few selections to be meaningful. A Strike rate of 45% plus at around $2.35 need a lot of winners or some awful big bets to make enougn money to satisfy the semi pro punter. The new Winform Gold series will be launched after Christmas and preliminary results show around 14 bets per week on average for a 34% win strike rate at $4 and better. Almost all of the selections were $10 or less with only a handful of longshots. When we take these out, a satisfactory profit is still shown. The overall profit is 42.7% on turnover. This means that a Bank of $1,000 in January, would now stand at $6120 today.

Next week we hope to have a available, a list of the month by month results and this will appear in our Summer 05/06 Edition of the magazine.

For Winform subscribers, the weekend Feature race is up now. The diary will be updated on next Tuesday on my return form the Brisbane Seminar.


My apologies for missing out yesterday but we were busy preparing the figures for our Money Factory workout. You can apply for a Free Report on the main page. It is so exciting we have already had numerous enquiries, including some from as far away as New York! Betting just the Winform single selections using Money Factory Professional Edition as your staking plan , produced over $1300 per week TAX FREE profits from January 1st 2005 to the 14th of November. The base bet on these plans was just $14 and average bet only around $53. The Maximum bet to be placed was around $250 and yes there were times when a Starting Bank of $3200 was exhausted. The worst loss experienced was around $4,500 in late January, so you can see why we suggest a minmum overall bank of $10,000.

Of course, even a Bank of just $1,000, could have produced a profit of more than $6,000. Have a look at the report.

Yesterday we had at best an even result, although we did miss a number of winners becasuse we eliminated fields greater than 14. We had a $3700 Trifecta in our Top Five (top rated won) in the Ballarat Cup and the good Quinella and Exacta.

Last night I watched the Socceroos in the World Cup Qualifier and they were always on top but never quite getting there. In the end it was our Goalie that won the game. One of our strikers even missed the net from a little over arms length. See! Our goalie is better than yours Nah!!! I still can't quite take to the round ball game. They tell me we are now a 50/1 chance of winning the World Cup but that seems a bad bet but at least we have got there. I do remember winning on the last World Cup and the money was always in the bag. Bet early and save your stake as the field decreases.

Okay, today I am planning for this weekend's Brisbane Seminar. So far this week we have been busy setting up plans for those who attended last week's. I will be at Eagle Farm this Saturday and I will be interested to see what's changed. I will update tomorrow and the take a break until next Tuesday.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15TH and I am back at work after a hectic weekend. While I was away, Leanne got all my bets on and although the weekend itself wasn't that great with about one unit in front overall, yestrday was much better with just three selections for one $16-$18 winner (depending where you bet). There are seven selctions today and I wouldn't mind another longshot. The weekend produced one $17 and one $13 winner but the remainder were well favoured.

Speaking of Leanne, this popular staff Member leaves us at the weekend after three years of service to the Members. One good thing is that Leanne has been training Liz and Prue so Members can be reassured that the usual excellent sevice will be maintained.

The Seminar in Melbourne was well attended and we believe everybody found something useful from the information we made available. Our visitors included one from oversea and another two from Interstate. At our Seminar in Brisbane Next Sunday, we will have benefited from the feedback from last week. It is not too late to book so you can have a look at the article about the Seminar on the main page, or browse through the bookshop. At just $99 and a free book supplied it represents tremendous value.

Proabaly, the most obvious benefit is that it allowed a large number of our Members to meet one another and trade "secrets" and share experiences. I am looking forward to it.


Today will be my last post until Tuesday but I do have some news. We have run our simulation on the Winform single selections from Jan 1st to July 1st the Money Factory has produced profits of nearly $30,000. Remember we were suggesting a Bank of $3200 with a couple of backups. The result is highly satisfactory. We will continue the workout until we reach the present. Any method which can present a profit of more then three times the original Bank has to be worthwhile. It remains to be seen what the final rresult will be, but Liz is working away at it.

Tomorrow is the end of the Cranival with the running of the Sandown Classic, and ratings aside, I believe that given a fair dinkum good track, Natural Blitz woulod be the one but it looks like their will be too much give in the track. For Members, the weekend Feature Race has been posted with the expectation of a Dead track.

I note that some bookmkers have already put up a market for next year's Melbourne Cup and On A Jeune is one of the favourites but he will be no chance again if they deliberately dampen the track. I'm sure in Melbourne we get more than enough of our share of wet tracks through the year wihtout having to create any more.

Good luck for the weekend.


Did I tell you that I have gone bacl to the gym after a ten year abscence to try to get fit again and get off about an excess 7-8 kgs? If you have a look at the September Seminar report you will see why there is such urgency. I've just got back and I am beat. I got my heart rate up O.K to 170+ but it has taken me an hour to start feeling myself again (no jokes there). I've just out on a dozen or so bets so there is plenty of action today, enough to keep us occupied anyway.

SATURDAY FLYERS was almost the death of me last year. It was going so well that I got right behind it and then the big slump. Even one of my most consistent punters gave up. The problem is that with an average of just 5 or 6 bets per week, it can take a long time to recover from a slump, but it has done that and done it wll with a steady, if unspectacular profit for the year to date of 29.5 units. Witha bit of luck, we could double our Bank this year. Compare Saturday Flyers (about 250-300 bets per year) with the Winform Single selections which had over 300 bets just last month. You can see how quickly things can change with these.

Now it's time to look for the Saturda Feature Race. That should be up by 4.

Did you know that when I come back to update the site I go over the previous days content and find so many errors, typos mainly, but I fix them if I'm not busy. The trouble is I am always busy. Yesterday, I had been at our Mannering Park Office doing maintenance. Ros was with me but still had some work to go so I left and took our garage door opener with me, she had her house keys. So I got home, had a shower and dressed for work and off I went. Ros got home and got inside. Okay but then she let the dogs out (we currently are looking after my son's dog Chloe and my daughters dog Piper). These two were reluctant to go outside so Ros went out side and got them to follow her, which they did but unfortunately, the door swung shut behind her and the lock dropped. Some hours later, I arrived home. On this day there were none of the side or back neighbours home, she didn't have her phone and didn't have her watch on either, however, she had flicked the TV on so was able to spend the afternoon watching through the window in 35C degree heat. So where were the keys? She threw them on the kitchen bench didn't she? I guess it was lucky that I didn't stay back as I so often do now that the races are put back for daylight saving. For once I wasn't in the doghouse.

Meantime, back at Winform, I was feeling the heat as there were no successful selections. I found only one good dutch betting race and that was a losing event. Eventually two of our selections at Ascot won, although the price was a bit short at $2.20 and $2.40, however, this was enough to make a small profit.


I've just finished an analyisis of the Winform single selections for the early part of this year using Money Factory and for the first 14 weeks a profit of $11239 is the result. The Ban was $3200 and this "busted" six times during the period although the worst we would have been behind was just over $6,000, so I;m thinking a Bank of say $10000 would be the minimum "safe" amount to start with, if any amount is safe. The smallest bet was just $14 and the biggest $463, although the level only occurred twice. The average bet was just $56 and at level stakes the profit to that point was $9900, not a lot of difference. The actual difference is that the Money Factory makes profits even during a period when level stakes is losing.

THIS SUNDAY AT THE RIALTO HOTEL ON COLLINS IN MELBOURNE I will be presenting the Professional Staking and MOney Managm,ent Seminar and I will be presenting a a number of programs and Staking approaches. Alex Read is my guest speaker and he will be talking about how to get value and big dividends. You can book online through the bookshop or call (02) 49501747.

MONDAY NOVEMBER 7TH and it appears that my diary is what is know in Internet circles as a "blog". I expect I would get a lot more site visits if it were registered somewhere. APPARENTLY "BLOGS" ARE EXTREMELY POPULAR. Well winners are what are popular around her.

We have just completed our analysis of using Powerbet with the Winform single selections and adding in the 2nd rated selections from those races. In all there was a level stakes proit of just 1.6% and Powerbet doubled that to just under 3%. It's not enough to make it worth the effort when betting the single selections by themselves has produced so much profit ion it's own for the year.

Today is very boring with only two race meetings and Tatura is downgraded to Dead. I think I'll go home and leave the girls to it. We have had an excellent session this morning preparing for the Sunday Racing Seminar in Melbourne. I expect everyone who comes will be very happy with the content.


I AM FURIOUS!! It is 8.45 Queensland time and still we have no scratchings for the Sunshine Coast. Don't these people get out of bed??

I am also a bit annoyed by the comments made by spokesman from the catholic Church and the Salvation Army on a TV program re Betfair. I understand the viewpoint they are coming from but they have a deep misunderstanding. This country, by the way, was built by Irish Catholics who also brought gambling to the country, so there can't be too much wrong with it. Betting Exchanges give punters an opportunity to get better odds and therefore more chance of winning. The protestations should be aimed more at the likes of the gambling companies that make their money out of Poker machines where there is absolutely no prospect of winning or the biggest gamble of all, lotteries and Lotto, and Keno where as little as 40% goes back to the players.

Unitab pointed out that Betfair was less of a threat to them because the Racing product was now only 65% of their business and the gaming e.g. poker machines, now represented 35% of the revenue and was growing at a staggering rate. Better buy some shares!

THank goodness for deadheats! They don't happen very often but they helped Winform single selections players to a healthy 50% profit yesterday after an ordinary week. We ended up with a small profit for the week.

SO BETFAIR IS TO BE LICENSED? The Tasmanian Government now has a fait accompli with $5 million dollars added to the Tasmanian Racing industry, and as I predicted some months ago, the Hobart Cup and Launceston Cup will now be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and will attract all the best Australian horses. Tasmanain Racing is on it's way. NSW and Victorian Racing are paying the price for their head in the sands attitude. They could have had a part of this windfall. Betting exchanges are not a threat to the industry, they are just a means for smart punters to trade with one another. Betfair takes a fee for handling the transaction. It is the same as a stock exchange.

The vast majority of punters will continue to bet at their local Club or Pub and be sucked dry by the machine.

Betfair and Corporate Bookmakers and Bookmakers in general will continue to take a large slice of the betting cake from professional and semiprofessional punters.

I have a suggestion for the smarter punter. Whatever your selections are, ask for a big price on Betfair. Somebody will probably give it to you, and when they do you will profit big time. My next update will be Sunday.


I have to say I am just about raced out this week. It was good to see that many readers had great success, we have had many emails. The Melbourne Cup system failed but hey, we said the only danger was Maykbe. Our form selections included Makybe Diva and On A Jeune, in fact our November Newsletter was dedictated to showing how On A Jeune's real form could be seen on a firm track.

Yesterday we had 20 single selections for 3 winners and a scratching for a small loss, today? Who knows. No tmany selections as there are several rain affected tracks. For our Members the Oaks is our Feature Race and you will notice that I have played witrh the figures a bit to reflect my individual form study. Good luck for today.


Did you know we also got the winner of the Muswellbrook Cup yesterday? These Cup races can be good. I have the thought that if everybody put as much work into finding the winner of an ordinary race as they do for the Melbourne Cup, they might even be making more money than what they do now.

You know you can be lucky. Yesterday I had all my Randwick bets on and couldn't get off when I discovered that the track had been downgraded. Luckily, Hennessey Beau at better than $16, was able to get up and give me a good win. My own Punter's Club , which was having it's first day, was also on it and the win guarantees a successful first month.


Well here's the story. My dream came true. I actually though in the run that it was Makybe coming second and not quite getting there, I couldn't hear a thing. I missed the Trifecta but the Quinella was in out top Four and that paid $180+. My son and his workmates got together and added Excellent to my trifecta selections and got $7700 for their trouble. They would have won the First Four . I told them they could have a Flexi but they didn't take it and that paid $73900 in NSW.

I won about $10,000 on Makybe Diva personally but I was disappointed that I missed the Trifecta I just could not have Excellent. O.K. that Trifecta would have been a relatively small win for me but it is the fact that I was unable to get it that hurts MY PROFESSIONAL PRIDE . Hey, Trifectas are often about luck.


WE've started our Melbourne Cup party. I'm a bit disappointed with how the Flemington track is playing, although we have picked the $2250 trifecta in our top four picks in the third. I'm also disappointed that it is now wet at Randwick and I've already put all my bets on. Most of the betting agencies are dropping in and out and TABCORP is hopeless. A few of the girsl from other offices around us wanted a few trifectas. We had to walk around the block to the TAB because of Internet drop outs. Yup! You gotta bet early.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST and the Melbourne Cup is on today. The pressure worked and there is so much water on the Flemington track that we are starting with a 4.73 reading compared to a 4.4 on last Saturday. With an expected 31 degrees the track is just Dead, or the worse side of Good and will be upgraded by Race 2 or 3 and it is expected to be in the middle range of Good going by Cup time. The fact is that the track has been doctored to suit Makybe Diva and Vinnie Roe which wil disadvantage horses like On A Jeune, Eye Popper Greys Inn Xcellent and several others if the expected track improvement does not take place. We've given out our ratings today for a Good track.

The excitement is building and there is a big push to make today a National Public Holiday and it should be. 67% of all people believe this.

It is not too late to get our Feature race selection and strategy today. Call (02) 49501747 with your credit card details to join the Winform Racing Club and get 12 months access to daily Best Bets and Weekend Feature Race via the Internet which includes special days like today and Thursday, Oaks Day. You can call 1902 210 680 to get the Winform betting strategy for todays big race at a cost of $11 charged to your phone (Australia only).

I did have a dream last night and in that dream Makybe Diva is fighting it out with another horse which is obscured and there is so much noise I cannot hear the other horse's name but there is a big gap between these horses and the rest of the field. It reminds me of some years ago when I dreamed that the Phantom had a winning break past the clock tower. I was so excited I woke up. On the day my dream played out exactly as I had seen it except that in that last 100 metres, Kingston Rule came home to hit the front at the finish. Luckily, I backed The Phantom each way.

Good luck in the Cup.

MONDAY OCTOBER 31ST and for some reason bookies have been keen to lay Makybe Diva. I missed out on the $4.50 top price at IAS yesterday but took $4.30 last night. The more you look inot it the more you can like her. That said, there are plenty of other chances, Raiings in particular and some others. The weather will be fine and the track will be good and don't worry about Tony Santic saying he will scratch her. The track was good when Makybe Diva broke the 2000 metre record in winning the Australian Cup at this track earlier this year and if it all pans out and she wins it may well be Kingston Rule's track record that will be going. I have backed a number of horses and will at least double my money if I get the winner. I will also be having a good hit at the Trifecta, and First Four and maybe the Quaddie. I have promised to put my strategy on our 1902 210 680 $11 phone line by 5 p.m. today.

Did I mention that anyone wanting to become a Winform Member and get 12 months Best Bets and Weekend Feature Race (including tomorrow's Cup) can join for just $99? Click the Winform Bookshop on the left or call (02) 49501747 with your credit card details.

Okay, a busy day today but if I do everything right I will be much better off financially tomorrow. I have missed thew inner only rarely in the last 40 years and would very much like another win like two years ago when I took home $50,000 profit for the day.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 30TH and it's pouring rain here in Newcastle. I have a number of single selections today, a relatively large number, in fact, on what is a "slow" day for Sunday racing in Australia. There are only two race meetings tomorrow before the "deluge" on Tuesday where there are more meetings than we can keep up with. Why isn't Melbourne Cup Day a national public holiday?

The Winform office is open tomorrow for anyone who wants the ratings on Tuesday for any or all meetings. There is just one price $22 for an email on Tuesday or $15 for our best five chnaces in each race emailed tomorrow afternoon. Both choices can be purchsed from the Winform Bookshop. Just click the menu to the left.

Here are the "system" horses for the Melbourne Cup. Railings, Eye Popper, Umbula, Kindjhal, Bazelle, Lachlan River.

My actual selections based on the form is online at the Weekend Feature race and is accessible to all Winform subscribers now.

Today was a winning day for the Winform single selections. I won over $1,050. I also backed a 100/1 winner at Doomben. The horse was second rated and won easily. Because it was just a part of my dutch bet on the race I did not get the full effect of it, however ot did contribute to the many valkue ducth betting situations that arose today. Once again I found Austote had some very good prices. One big result I was able to get though was $5.50 for my best fluctuation bet on Shanikov at Morphettville.


SATURDAY OCTOBER 29TH and the books are full as we have many single selections today across the country and only rain affceted tracks in Doomben and Toowoomba prevent us from having more. We selected the Toowoomba Cup winner Precise Timing as a standout yesterday and he won like it.

Tonight I expect to have the final Melbounre Cup field and my comments here about 9.30 or so. I'll be as curios as anybody.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 28TH and the winners are still elusive. We did find a couple at Canterbury last night including Then Again at $7. I'll be happy with the situation if it measn that we get right amongst the winners again tomorrow for Derby day. I've already posted the Weekend Feature race, the Wakeful, and I'm confident I've found the winner. I've recommended that if you want to bet a horse other than Makybe Diva, which is still not a certain starter, you should get into IAS and bet now as the odds will almost certainly be better than what you will get in a day or two.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn with my mind in full gear but all day I have been caught up in running the business. I'm now watching the races on the internet and I've noted that Starcraft will run at 8.35 a.m. our time on Sunday (dont forget daylight saving) and it will be on the interent and skychannel and Austar . I'm not sure of the Tri Nations game is on Sunday a.m. too.

DAYLIGHT SAVING means that our ratings will have to be put back a half hour at least and our updates one hour. We will still have the ratings and selections done by 10.30 a.m. EST but we often beat that target by an hour or more.

IVE HAD TO COME BACK IN. This is one of the worst days I have seen, 24 races gone by with only three of our top two runners winning. It makes me feel that the Cantebury meeting tonight must find a few to balance up. We'll have to wait and see. I did just bet Pedros Belle which paid a whole dollar better than the TABs. Better in my pocket than theirs.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 27TH and our website has been repaired and all is working well again. I have posted the Members Feature Race for this weekend and I expect another stand out winner, similar to last week. I note that in the Mckinnon Vouvray and Lachlan River are the only hopefuls starting whilst in the SAAB , Flemington Race 3 a number of hopefuls atre there to see if they can qualify. The majority of the starters are backing up from the Geelong Cup and I am not impressed with the overall quality of the field. Mr Celebrity shows in the form guides as having a let up but he did run in the Geelong Cup and would rate on top, hiwver, as he missed the start bt several lengths he has not been counted as a starter. Surely he can win this with a fair start!

We had not one single winner from our WFM, P and C selections yesterday but there were not many bets. Some of them were short priced favourites but they all decided to lay down on this one day. It happens.

We've been reminding our clients today about the IAS Free $20 Melbourne Cup bet offer. To take it you simply click the banner opposite and fo low the simple instructions.

Another few people have booked and paid for our Brisbane and Melbourne seminars to be held next month. We have people flying in from Adelaide and even Hobart for the Melbourne one, whish is good to see. The epope who do well at punting are constantly learning.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 26TH and we have a minor disaster on our hands. Our log in files disappeared from our website for no reason that we can work out. This means that no one could log in to get ratings or selections. We have uploaded our copy of the log in file but this is playing up somewhat at the moment. More later.

TUESDAY OCToBER 25TH. and its off to the eye specialist today with my Mum. She has Alzheimers and the trick will be to see if we can convince her of the reason for our visit. It will also be interesting to see if she recognises us. She will have a good time though. I personally think and hope that people with this disease have perfectly happy lives in their own diminishing world. I know she is well cared for.

I have just backed all the horses from the Melbourne Cup system. All but Sarrera are qualified and at 500/1 on IAS I am prepared to take the chance. The other contenders from the Moonee Valley Cup are at 66/1. I now just have to check any qualifiers from the Mckinnon on Saturday but I don't expect any of the serious Cup contenders to run. It was disappointing to read that some of the horses "should be running in the Mckinnon but we have to start in the 2500 metre Saab to try to qualify". To me this means that these runners will flog their guts out to get a start in a race which because of the hard qualifying task, will be beyond them. There are very very few Saab/Cup winners.

Now I know the Melbourne Cup system works even though on actual real form I would not personally pick some of the horses but it just wins too often to ignore. I will do my actual form analysis on Sunday when the final field is known and I will invest big on the Cup using a combination of dutch betting, First Four, Trifecta Quinella and maybe even quaddie betting.

Yesterday we had a couple of losers at Coonabarabran before the meeting was called off but once again a meeting, this time Lismore, was upgraded. There would have been a couple of bets and one of these won at $4.20. We can't know in advance about this, nor can we know when a good track is going to end up a wet track but if we do watch we can make sure we dont put our bets on until we are sure that the track conditions are O.K. It is a little extra work but it can save us having possibly bad bets.

Last night we had an incredibly violent storm which rattled our windows for several hours. The views to be had though, were spectacular but we are looking after my son's and daughter's dogs and they didn't like it at all. We all had a sleepless night.

MONDAY OCTOBER 24TH and we've just had another thunderstorm. Yesterday there was one winner out of one selection BUT had Cessnock been posted as good from the beginning of the day we would have had another three selectiosn for three more winners. It hurts to miss out like this but a 100% strike rate on the day is always good even though there was only one.

The Melbourne Cup system now has Railings and Eye Popper from the Caulfield Cup and Umbula, Bazelle Kindjhal and Sarrerra from the Moonee Valley Cup. Of those only Eye Popper and Railings are certain to start. Makybe Diva doesn't qualify under the system but if she starts she is the natural danger.

COX PLATE NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK. This year's Cox Plate was not run at a fast pace, as a matter of fact, Makybe Diva ran twenty lengths below her best for the distance, even after allowing for the slow track. Then again, most of the field ran a lot further than they needed to and some of the jockeys should have beemn shot. As an owner I would have been very upset as there was little initiative and then little patience but it is all over for another year. Have a look at the run of Nicanero which should have been beat but his rider was a wizard in this race and in the last Danny Beasley rode a ripper on All Bar One.

SUNDAY OCTIBER 23RD and the sun is shining. The GRandslam yesterday was a great success and the win of All Bar One in the last at Moonee Valley would have given redesr of the Barrier book a great lift. It's worth waiting for isn't it? Today the sun may be shining but we have little action as all tracks Australia wide are rain affected. We can still bet but most of our superior betting plays require a fast or good track. We may get that at Northam where there is but one selection. There were a number of good winners for the Top Two rated Winform horses yesterday.

Anyhow, with the reduced action today I guess I'll be consigned to domestic duties such as mowing the lawn.

ON the Melbounre Cup front, Lee Freedman is non committal about a start for Makybe Diva. Also this year the form about the Moonee Valley Cup does not look too good but we will see on Tuesday week if any of the placegetters will run. I don't expect any penalties to be applied.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND well what a trohbled time we had today. The website was fine but we couldn't upload any information at all. Prue was able to organise for a software engineer to come in but it was after 12 before anything was sorted out. In the meantiome all subscribers to the Winfgorm Ratings were emailed with their info and of course Best Bet bsubscribers simply had to call the 1900 number using their pin. Our 2nd rated horse has just won Moonee Valley Race 5 and we got the first winner. No big prices yet but we had a 40/1 shot run 3rd earlier. O.K. I'm back to having a punt and watching.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 21ST 4 P.M. So no bets today because of all the wet tracks and I guess tomorrow will be a low betting day now that the rain has come. It won't affect Makybe Diva though and Lad Of The Manor can handle it alright. Today I have had a few doubles as the rain affected track mainly affects the order. I take five runners in each leg so can expect to get about 50% of them. So far I have scoreed in all three Extra Doubles we got on but have not made a clear profit although all thee doubles paid $43, $49 and $63 becuae I "dutch" bet them.

Tomorrow is one of the great days in Racing and I am looking forwrd to it.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 20TH. Well just when I thought all was well I copped a terrible setback. You see August was a poor month for the single selections but using Powerbet it was fantastic. September was a big winning month but using Powerbet, it has been a big lose with a $6000+ loss. This means a two month result of -$2000+ I will be testing further because the figures say it must win, it is all in the timing. On one September day every selection won. This means that there was no progression and every bet was a base bet, a poor result when you consider that several longshots which normally provide the "kicker" were wasted by being bet at the lowest possible level. The two months represented a loss overall of 5% but the Powerbet loss was just 2.8% so at least that showed improvement. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I have just perused our results since the single selections were first provided to subscribers. There have been 257 bets for 64 winners and a profit level stakes of 22.6. This represents an excellent result to the 15th of October. Since then I know that we have won but the data wont be entered until later today. The strike rate of 25% is 10% better than expected but the average dividend is only $4.36 which is down on our wverage of $5+. The reason this has occurred is because we have had no longshots. The average will change once this happens and it will. Yesterday we had a $40 longshot run 3rd but soon enough we will have one of those win.

We have been operating a betting pool for clienst who participated in a recent promotion. These clients have all received a distribution of the profits of that pool and those that are in for three months or more are now certain to receive another distribution in November which will be even bigger if the profits continue.

Today we are preparing the November Newsletter which we hope will reach Members by the 1st.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19TH and it has been a hard night. I continue to experience nerve pain in my right arm. I am now on prescribed pain killers but if nothin improves I may have to have an opertaion to free up my carpal tunnel (I assume the nerves travel along this). I started later this morning with some correspondance with Alex Read who is to be our guest presenter at the Melbourne Seminar on November 13th. After agreeing to some sensational offers he has lined up for punters who attend either of our Melbourne or Brisbane Seminars I have then restarted my Powerbet workout for September. September was a very good winning month at level stakes. Yesterday we had an average number of winners but both of these were short priced and a loss occurred.

TODAY IS MUCH BETTER Brenton has just called to advise that one of our punters pools has made over $1500 for the day. Considering we are using a $3,000 Bank this is good profit. Our biggest bet was $80 each way and our smallest $8 each way. My arm feels better already (no it doesn't). I have a profit of $1500+ with two bets to go but I placed all my bets this morning before the rain came to Murray Bridge. I would have saved five bets but luckily there was one $4 winner so I only dropped one unit. Not much you can do about the weather. My best possible result today would have been our bet at Canterbury which ran third at $41. It paid over $7 for the place, by the way.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 18TH I started at 7 a.m. as usual and had a customer phone call at 7.20 a.m. just in case someone was there. John was keen to start his new software and putting it in perspective, I would be too. The most important thing is to read the help file though. Our software does not have Microsoft style help files but simple "computing for dummies" type help files with actual pictures and minimal gobbledegook. John was soon under way.

My next task was to use Powebet but restricting myself to races where we had an actual system selection, in other words, I looked only at races where the strike rate of my top rated selection was better than average and thentook this PLUS my 2nd rated horse in the same race. Powerbet uses two horses per race with a rather unique staking strategy which I have not seen used anywhwere else. August was a particularly poor month so I though if we could win in August you could win anytime. To make a long story short, my $2,000 bank with a base bet of just $20, had made $4564 profit by August 13th and instead of betting in all 600 races available at this point I only bet in 120. Of course, there was a lot of rain in August.

Well that's it for now, except , oh yes, Monday was a profitable day and there were a number of races where the Winform top three ran the trifecta, including one that paid over $700. More later.

HERE'S THE MORE LATER I've completed my reveiew of the August races using Powerbe and I have ended up with a $4257 result from 361 races where level stakes showed 1.4% profit and using Powerbet it is 10.3%. The reason I chose August was that it was the worst month this year and aven though all the losses occurred in the second half it is good to know that using the Powerbet strategy has been successful. The strike rate for the month was 36% betting the single selections and the 2nd rated horses in those races.

Craig called earlier and told me he was using Powerbet this way from Saturday but he had forgotten to split his Bank. This means he was betting with $100 bets and so he ended up with over $5,000 profit for the weekend. He doesn't intend giving it back, but will instead set his bets at the right level from now on.

MONDAY OCTOBER 17TH is the first day of a new week which I hooe will bring new opportunities. On the main page of this site you can click onto the One day Seminar page for Brisbane and Melbourne. They are the last two Seminars for the year and at $99 represent excellent value as each attendee will receive a copy of my book Professional Staking and Money Management.

There is s bit of rain about today so I don't know how many good bets we will find but there were some good results yesterday amongts the Top Two. Unfortuanetly, once again, the top rated single selections achived the required strike rate bit hte dividends were too low to make a profit. Our Best Bet Super Langfur won though at $5. Our other Best bet ran 2nd.

This morning we are having a staff meeting to reinforce our commitment to excellent customer service. We have a number of Free services and we do our best to service these in a timely manner, however, I will be emphasizing that the paying customers come first. I will also be looking at the adjusted markets for the Melbourne Cup after a very intersting Caulfield Cup. I note that Plastered and Leica Falcon whoch both finished well behind Railings, are at the same or a shorter quote than that horse. Perhaps the bookmkers are just playing safe. I dont see any reason to get off Railings unless the handiacpper treats him really badly.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 16TH. Well yesterday was amazing. I was able to dutch bet the top six Winform rated horses to make 140% profit on the Caulfield Cup. Not only that but we got the first and last winners at Caulfield, both at around $10 and we got the last winner at Randwick at $46+. Once again we had many callers at the office and once again I must ask that no one call the office until after 10.30 a.m. We are totally focussed on updating the website until then. To add to our probelms yesterday, an error had been made in renaming our GrandSlam file. It was just a simple typo but the Internet is unforgiving in this regard. All file names must be right.

For the future, I expect we have to back Railings and Eyepopper in the Melbourne Cup. Lecia Falcon showed his immaturity somewhat, yet still finished a close up fifth. It may be one year too early for him. El Segundo may not be mature enough yet either. Of course if Makybe Diva goes well next week and backs up then it's all over anyhow. It's a great time of year to be a punter.

Personally, I am in pain with my shoulder and arm so have booked tests for Monday. It wont stop me from punting though. The usual remedies of "rest" don't help my systems as I am experiencing some numbness here and there.

Can you believe we also got a winner at Wagag yesterday? It paid $65.40. Not all the pickings are at the major Metropolitan tracks. We actually achieved a 40% Top Two strike rate Saturday. Our new single selection service was a bit of a disappointment with only one really good dividend but thoe using those races with Powerbet would have done very well. It's 9.30 now and I am just about to post our Winform Ratings to the Ineternet. Track conditions are good excpet at Hobart, slow, Gosford Dead and Sunshine Coast heavy. Not a lot of Sunshine up there perhaps?

FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER and I have just arrived after extensive physio. I dont know exactly what the problem is but I left early yesterday with pain in my upper bicep and I had difficulty sleeping last night. I had twisted my neck a bit over a week ago whle sailing. Now I feel a bit better it will enable me to concentrate. I have been given a number of stretches to perform and it has also been recommended that I use a headphone instead of the telephone to the ear routine but unfortunately, our phone system doesn't have this facility. When I tried this out a few years ago I didn't like it to be honest.

Yesterday was a winning day for our new single selections, so that was good but there were no sensational prices, $4.60 was out best priced winner. I found it interesting listening to the radio how every caller was asked for their opinion on the Caulfield Cup and everybody was given some credence. We will simply stick to our ratings and we know that we have a 50% chance of finding the winner in our top three, although I have to give Railings some hope too. El Segundo has had very few starts and therefore has not produced a rating suitable for comparison at this distance even though we know he will do so, possibly as soon as tomorrow. If that happens we will lose, that's tough but it's better than jumping on the bandwagon like everyone else at a very short price in what is traditionally one of the toughest races on the Calendar.

Yesteday too, we failed to send out an order. Our credo is that if we get an order today we send it today so now we will have to send the order by express post. We are all looking to lift our game, and it starts today.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 13TH It wasn't a good betting day for me yesterday but I am still up for the week. Profits aren't decided on one day, one week, or evening a month or more sometimes. One Member reported that he missed out on a winner because it interefred with his weekly bowls tournament. It highlights that you can't allow your punting to dominate your lifestyle, if possible the two should be reasonably compatible. This week the bet missed was a winner but on future and past occasions it may well have been a loser.

We've had a lot of calls from Members lately and the office is very busy but that's the way we like it. I am constantly amazed to hear people say "I'm sorry for taking up your time" The fact is that that's exactly what we're here for. We don't really want to spend our days tied to our desk twiddling our thumbs.

On the Caulfield Cup front I note that the track was good yesterday and there is hope that it will be even better for Saturday. We will be posting our ratings for the Caulfield Cup shortly.

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 12TH and I suggest you reread October 11th as that has been updated. Today Liz is handing over her assigned task to Prue. Liz has been Powerbetting our specially selected races and has come up with $38,000 profit for a nine month period. A return has been achieved on 42% of races at an average of just under $5. Before that assignment starts, Prue will load up the latest Caulfield Cup market which is for the final field. As expected El Segundo will be a short priced favourite. Confectioner which has been one of the favourites, failed to qualify.

Yesterday, our specials had five selections for just one winner at approx. $5 depending on where you placed your bet. I expect a lot more bets today.

TUESDAY OCTOBER 11TH I am starting with a training session with Liz and Prue. Our ratingsa and selections are already up by 8.45 a.m. It is important that everybody who works here has a full understanding of what it is like to be a punter. It is also important to be able to look at a form guide and see, from the overall view, what the main chances will be. I will be using this exercise to make real selections today. More to come later.

Well the horse we selected didn't win but it did run 2nd at a good price. It was the best option on the day which had only two race meetings, one of which was on a wet track.

Paul called this morning to express his disappointment with the Bravo selections and he is right. The perfomance of these selections since July 1st has been abysmal but when you are seeking longsshots you are always going to have to be prepared to be f there for the long haul. The fact remains that for the year to date, Bravo has met it's targets. It is disappointing when you get a huge profit and then see it whittled back as the results become normal. Of course, those who started in July have yet to experience any hoghs at all. They will have to wait for the next surge. It takes patience and persistence to be a good punter. On paper we look at the rsults and can clearly see that this plan has made good profits year after year but we don't live our lives on annual blocks, we live day to day, week to week and month to month and many people simply don't have the patience to wait.


Kerry came into the office today. He is an ex hotelier, sick of government regulation and now ready to settle down for a life on the punt. For Kerry it is the more action the better so he has opted for the Money Factory Professional Edition software which allows him to make his own decisions on each race, whether that be a dutch bet or a single win or place bet, depending on the value and his judgement on how easy or difficult the race is. The software will do all the work of managing his money and recovering any losses that occur during a short period. At the end of each week, Kerry will know exactly where he is financially. His main task is to bet for value.

MONDAY OCTOBER 10TH . I have just completed my weekly email to regulars and advsied that yesterday our 200% strategy from Make Racing Pay was successful in the Canberra Cup when our selection Beat The Tide won by over three lengths at $317.50 , OUR HIGHEST PRICED WINNER EVER! It beats my bet on Constant Rhythm over thirty years ago which won at 250/1.

I note that Clark Little , the trainer of El Segundo has confirmed that he will contest the Caulfield Cup this Saturday and that Darren Gauci will ride the horse 1 kg over. Even so Gauci has to lose 1.5 kgs to ride at that weight. Saturday's race is tougher but if the conditions are the same it is hard to see any of those other runners beating him. The VATC has a chance to show fairness by only allowing fully qualified horses to run next Saturday even though connections of some unqualified horses are trying to pressure the committee into using their discretionery powers. Let's face it, connections of those other horses knew long ago what they had to do to qualify. Let's leave it at that!

This Spring is proven wetter than any we have had recently and I can't see next Saturday providng a fair Racing surface. I am hoping that the following week's Cox Plate will be run on a good track and the Strathyr should give us a go shot at that if the weather picks up. On a personal note, our Special Winform selections and a good winning day yesterday.

SUNDAY 19TH. Saturday was just too busy for me to diarise anything. Prue in the office received numerous phone calls but it is hard to answer queries and get the racing information formmatted and loaded at the same time. We ask that queries on Saturday be left until after 10,30. My personal results were not good. It wasn't a lack of winners as these were close to set targets but the prices we got were below average. The Saturday Grandslam had six selections and one winner which paid right on average at $5. This minor loss hasn't dented profits which were great last week. We saw some sensational Racing yesterday but don't get too carried away. The track was rain affected to start with and got worse as the day rolled on. With consistent good weather we could see some major reversals, although God's Own produced the run of the week to signal a genuine Cox Plate chance. El Segundo confirmed the recent form was no fluke but it is my belief that we should all treat the big Spring races like any other event. The way things are shaping up, we will not be getting any generous prices about the main hopes.

Last week Sportintgbet would have looked at my account and though "typical punter" as it went up $4,000 early in the week to a minus $700 at the end. IAS would say the same with five bets for five losers yesterday but Bill Murphy the Sydney rails bookmaker and Rod Cleary one of Melbourne'sleading bookmakers, would have differnent opinions as virtually every bet I placed won and those that didn't got lopped in a photo. My end result across the board is a satisfactory $2500 profit.

FRIDAY Oct 7th.

One task I set myself yesterday was to look back at our September results. In a nutshell we had 19% top rated winners, 33% top two, 47% top three, 59% top four and 69% top five. Betting the top rated horses only we would have lost $14 for every $100 outlaid, in other words, our performance was ordinary if we backed every one of the 1,315 selections for September. The REALITY IS THAT NO ONE WOULD DO THIS. Instead we looked at maing some logical exclsuions like no betting iof the track was wet and so on and instead of betting over 1,000 horses we bet less than half of these and our strike rate was 22% winners and a profit of $510 for $10 bets. Our Best Bet service was very selective and only came up with 28 selections and of these fourteen won which is a great 50% strike rate.

Yesterday was also a good lesson for two reasons. Yesterday was a losing day for me when from 21 selections I was successful with just three. Our Bravo selection service has had a poor run in recent months even though it has produced our best profits for the year. A client called Liz yesterday to say he was very disappointed. Liz remarked to the client that "at least today's selection has won and at a very good price of $8.40" and guess what? The client hadn't backed it. The Bravo is a plan that seeks longer priced winners and the only way to ensure that you win is to make sure you are on every bet. Later in the day another Bravo selection won. All of a sudden , everyone is back in business.

This morning I have discussed this very aspect of punting at our staff meeting. Discipline and the ability to follow your plan through to the bitter end is a necessary part of being a successful punter.

O.K. I am off to study for tomorrow's major Spring meeting at Caulfield. Unfortunately, rain is expected, so I wlll have to add this aspect to my study.

It’s September 30th and I am busy organizing flights for myself and my staff for the two One Day Seminars to be held in Brisbane on Sunday November 20th and Melbourne on Sunday November 13th. Each event will commence at 2 p.m. and finish about 6. The footy season is over and we figure that most people will be able to make it to town by that time and still be home in a reasonable time.

So what’s it all about? I’ll be demonstrating to people, the Staking solutions we all need and bringing everyone up to date with the latest profit making solutions in Racing. I hope to be able to show those who attend, a way of making a steady profit using one two, three or even more horses per race whenever the opportunity presents itself. I will also be looking the future of race betting once the STAB and Tablimited pools merge.

The rest of today we will be fully occupied in labeling envelopes and despatching our monthly Newsletters.

Yesterday I was able to make over $2400 using the new Winform single selection strategy to be released to Members who subscribe to the Winform Ratings on October 1st. Hey! It’s only four weeks to the Melbourne Cup. I wonder if the new strategy will find a winner. It was three winners from nine bets and today we have another five. I might try a Canadian on IAS. That’s 26 possible doubles and trebles and the like. I’ll let you know what happens.

Okay, it’s just gone 3 and the first two legs of the Canadian have got up so that’s a sweet start. May the remaining horses be fleet of foot. In the meantime, it looks like Ranwick will be a good track tomorrow and there look to be some very open races. Unfortunately, the bookies aren’t being generous with their odds. Our best two look to be Dream Ballad and Mr. Celebrity although Mummify could be ready to win again. War Of The Worlds is worth a look as well.

Well, 5 o'clock and the last three selections have resulted in two places and a loss for the day. On level stakes we are just square.

Saturday October 1st. Today is fine in Sydney for Super Saturday at Randwick. We have several top class selections and are loking for a good day. Today is also the first day we are providing our new WFM (for Metropolitan) WFP (for Provincial) and WFC (for Country) selections. In the past three and a half years these selections have made over $229,000 for a $100 level stakes bet. Our staking policy on these selections is very conesrvative at .3% of our Bank. It will take a long run of bad luck to put a dent in things.

I have just downloaded a copy of Malcolm Knowles Inracing & You magazine and noticed Malcolm's scathing attack on Tabcorp which is to close Pubtab and Clubtab outlets with low betting turnover. I concrurr with Malcolm. If the TAB doesn't want to service these outlets, let someone else do it but oh no! Only the TAB has the right to do this as it has exclusive rights ineach State. If that is the case perhaps the States need to introduce legislation that insists that Tabcorp cannot shut these outlets down.

On a better note for the TAB, from yesterday you can now view Skychannel on Racetab if you are a NSW account holder. My trial yesterdya was quite good but the 300 download failed after an hour and I had to use the 128 download which is inferior but watchable. Not if you use fullscreen however. It is good to see the TAB actually provide a service to it's customers.

SUNDAY 2nd October has started wiith a review of Saturday and ther Top Two rated horses in all events scored a 36% strike rate. Betting only in selected events (those where there was a WF selection also achieved 36% with some good priced winners). 41,000 peope were at Randwick to see Desert war, our 4th rated horse, win the Epsom and the old warhorse Mummify, defy all attemtos to run him down but his time of 2.3+ did not compare with Makybe Diva's outstanding effort in Melbourne.

My focus today is to get my bets on for the day and then settle down ready for tonights NRL Grand Final after our family BBQ dinner.

I've skipped the 3rd. Let's just say I escaped with a small profit on the NRL Grand final. The strategy we proposed on our Weekend Sports tip was successful and the long shot strategy was also successful. Just to remind you of that, I took haf time fulltime doubles at $7.50 and $8.00 and at half time backed the leader to save my stake. My new selection stratgey for the horses was just short of successful with three winners but needing just one more to make a profit. Our Money Factory each way strategy was successful as fifty percent of the runners managed a place.

October the 4th is looking bleak with some showers forecast. I have several good bets lined up and the tracks are all listed as good so I am expecting a reasonable day. I have just finished maintenance around our Mamnering Park office and will take the afternoon off before returning to the Wallsend office tomorrow. You know, once upon a time there was no Sunday Racing and I could always get at least one day a week off.

I skipped yesterday, sorry, but my results for Tuesday and Wednesday have been astounding. On Tuesday we had seven winners from ten bets and only two were unplaced all day. On Wednesday I forgot to tell our clients we no longer provide a Grandslam or fax sheet for Wednesdays as there have been too few selections. An average Wednesday produces only one or two races and Feature races are rare, although we could have done the Crambourne Cup yesterday perhaps. Our Wednesday service comes free with Saturdays and we will still provide this service on major public holidays and next month we provide a service on Cup Day and Oaks Day.

Yesterday, Liz and Prue were busy stuffing envelopes for the monthly snail mail Newsletters. It takes a couple of days to get this done but we know that Members appreciate receivng their four page Newsletter which contains industry news , advice on making selections and advice and reports from the members themselves. Also yesterday I won $2,000 to add to the $3,000 I made Tuesday and I made no big bets.

Today I am hoping to win again and will spend the day reviewing the results for September. At first glance our resulst are terrible, with the lowest Top Two strike rates for some months, but when we look only at our proven strategies, the strike rate is right on average and a profit of $5,100 for the win and $2300 for the place was achieved for $100 bets. Our bets were somewhat limited because of all the wet tracks but our Grandsalm strategy was on fire with a 50% win strike on Open handicaps on Satudays and 75% placed. Could we have dne even better? Well that's what I'll look at today.

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