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Brisbane Seminar Report 2005

The Sunshine State provided yet another cool calm and collected atmosphere for our 2005 Brisbane Staking Seminar, held at the Diana Plaza Hotel 10 minutes from the city centre.

Garry and Liz presented the Seminar to a fantastic crowd of 45 people from all parts of Queensland and a big thank you to Lance Macdonald and Barry Bidlake who flew all the way from New Zealand to join us.

The seminar started off with a few hitches as the projector was being difficult and didn't want to do a thing right, nearly half an hour later and then problem solved; alas it was in the wrong socket!! Silly Garry and Liz.

Once started Garry went into depth about various issues covered in his publication 'Professional Staking and Money Management' such as being disciplined with your punting, not just making your money back but covering your expenses as well, and what to do with your bank and back up banks.

For those new and old to Winform's Software a demonstration of all our programs were given and an in-depth display of Power Bet and Money Factory opened the minds of those new to it and gave updates and new knowledge to those who already had purchased the products.

A quick afternoon break gave time for the members to mingle and discuss the topics covered. Then we were back into it with Matt Elliot from Elk Publications talking about his Renegade Method and Sports Betting, which again opened the eyes and minds of the keen punters scattered across the room.

To end the afternoon off, we offered in conjunction with IAS a special offer to those members who attend the Seminar. All in all it was a great afternoon and to my knowledge everybody there left with a satisfied aura about them, many stayed on for drinks afterwards chatting to Garry and Myself and also the boys from Elk Publications Matt Elliot, Jess Kirley and Scott Graham.

***Our first seminar in 2006 we are hoping to visit Perth - All welcome. ***

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