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Do It Yourself Punting by Garry Robinson

I have conducted numerous seminars over the past ten years and have been able to meet all sorts of punters, from the weekend warriors who regularly invest no more then $5 or $10 a bet to the mega punters on $3,000 to $5,000 a bet. I’ve had pensioners, grandmothers, policemen, managing directors, footy players, and millionaires attend the Seminar, as well as one or two conmen looking for an angle they can steal. I’ve had bookmakers, trainers, jockeys and owners as well as studmasters, Racing officials, investment advisers, accountants, doctors, lifesavers, and those best informed of all, taxi drivers.

To say I’ve seen and met them all would be an understatement but they all have one thing in common. They all want to win at Racing.

Since 1995, a lot of things have changed. At my very first seminar I asked around the room for people who were able to use a computer. Not one hand went up. These days the opposite is true. It is rare to have anyone in the room that is not computer literate, at least on a basic level. One thing is for sure. Most can find Racing information on the Internet and it is mostly the reason they bought their computer in the first place.

In those early days I had a computer and had been using one for the business since 1986. The Seminar attendees at the time were amazed at how I could bring up the form of a horse at my fingertips and just as swiftly, apply the Winform principles and produce some stick figure horses which represented the order in which we expected the race to pan out. Even more remarkable was the fact that on the very first attempt I was able to show the group a selection that actually won at 15/1. We even had money on it. From that moment, not one person in the room had any doubt that my Winform Ratings strategy was the way to go and it ensured that I would be getting their full attention during the next five days as I explained the various form factors.

In those days at least 99% of punters had to rely on Newspaper form guides such as Sportsman. It was my role at the time to show punters how to assess the form using no more than a calculator and a notepad. We spent most of Tuesday and Friday assessing the form manually and one by one I was able to convert this varied group of punters into fair dinkum Form Analysts. In my Seminars since, I still show attendees how to do the form manually using form downloaded from the Internet and there is a very good reason. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be obtained by finding a winner yourself. At the end of the day, we all make judgements about the form, where it was obtained, how relevant it is to today’s race, how likely it is to hold true, what odds we can expect and what we require to make a bet a worthwhile investment.

I still get punters who at the end of the Seminar, still like to make their own selections and good on them. There is a great deal of satisfaction in backing a longshot winner that you discovered yourself. When you do the form individually, you can also assess several runs of each horse and make an informed choice. When I do form, I simply use the computer which contains the many regulated rules I have devised to make Winform Australia’s most successful Rating service. Having said that, there is always room for improvement and this occurs mainly when the individual becomes involved and has a close look at what the computer has come up with.

Our weekend Feature Race selections, for example, are always hand picked. We look through the form to see whether it “feels right” and then we look at the prepost markets to see whether the “value” is likely to be there for the punter. To date I know of no computer that can do this. The computer is a tool that can perform many complex calculations and analyse all the races for every horse and every past run and come up with a ranking and value price for every runner based on our form analysis techniques. Each day there are many cases where a human form analyst can vary the ratings achieved by reviewing the situation of each runner individually in races where you feel you may wish to bet. Every race is different.

Having said all that, it amazes me to this day that the criteria I have in place within our ratings program, continue to produce the winner across the board in every race every day in about 50% of the races using just the top three rated horses at an average price way beyond any other service. For those who want to follow our selections blindly, there is the reality that using one of several specialist staking plans we have devised, there is ample opportunity to make profits.

For those who merely want to use our Winform concepts to do the form manually and get that sensational feeling whenever you get it right, there is our Free Ultimate Strategy download so you can learn to do it for yourself.

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