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by Garry Robinson

Each year, I conduct a number of Seminars for professional and aspiring professional punters. Some people come simply to meet other punters but that ’s another story. Last November, for the first time I started touring the country to provide a number of Information Seminars. The first was in Melbourne and over fifty people attended.

I explained to them that when I started my one week Racing Seminars over ten years ago, the idea was to find the best way of trying to beat the TAB and bookies. In other words, winning was not guaranteed. I was winning but for most people, learning to win was a chore and few succeeded. You did need to know a hell of a lot about Racing. We spent a whole week learning the ropes and it was only on the last day, after we had found our selections by laboriously going through the various form guides, that we looked for ways of using that information to advantage.

“Now”, I explained, “we spend just one or two days acquainting ourselves with the knowledge of Racing, and the rest of the week on money management and obtaining value.”

These days, the winner selecting is almost faultless. Instead of relying on a single person (yourself) laboriously doing the work using the form guide, you can obtain professional information for as little as $22 per week and then apply one of the professional strategies that we use. Of course, if people persist in betting with just the TAB they will still lose. Put it this way. The TAB takes a set percentage from all the money invested, near enough to 20%. It’s like playing a poker machine and for every dollar you put in
you got back eighty cents. If you have some skill and your selection method is good you may get this down to losing only ten cents for every dollar but a loss is still a loss.

There are bookmakers these days, that take out as little as 4% so if you have just a small edge with your selection strategy, you can beat this percentage and then it’s like playing a poker machine and for every dollar you put in you get back one dollar five cents. Who wouldn’t play that machine until it busts? It then simply becomes a matter of how much you want to put in and how many hours you want to play. I play until I make enough money to spend on something nice and then I play again.

The ultimate test of any selection method is this. Can you win betting in every race everyday? We can and we do. This doesn’t mean that we find the winner of every race that we bet in. Far from it. But we do make enough money when we win to cover all our losing bets and have money left over. Over the past twenty years, my method has been refined so that after
examining the last Fifty Thousand races in which we have had selections the results have hardly varied. We can and do beat the bookies on a regular basis.

Sure , there are losing periods, but these are brief, and with proper money management, are overcome. In 2004 we will be conducting a number of free information seminars throughout Australia. To register your interest simply call (02) 49501747.

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