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by Leanne Thomson

We tried this last year, didn’t we? We failed again, didn’t we? Let’s try again in the year 2004, shall we?

1. I will not be suckered into backing short priced favourites that are there simply because of sentiment. I will only accept short odds on horses that are genuinely entitled to be short priced.

2. I will not be suckered into changing my bet simply because my horse eases in the betting, in fact I will be thrilled to death to see the odds go out, the further the better. My horse simply can’t read and doesn’t know that he isn’t favoured.

3. I will not be suckered into accepting the miserable deal offered by the mainland TAB’s on place betting. They can keep their rounding down which is simply a device to separate the uneducated money from the unfortunate punters unable to exercise their choice because of their stupidity or financial circumstances. Most punters simply don’t know they are losing up to 5% of their rightful winnings when this rounding down is applied.

4. I will not be suckered into investing my money into pools or Lotto where the odds are millions to one against me. I will stick to Horse Racing because with a little effort and good information, e.g from Winform, I know I can beat the odds.

5. I will not be suckered into betting more than 2% of my betting Bank on any investment because I know that this will cost me the lot in the long run.

6. I will not be suckered into betting on horses because of ill-informed tips from owners.

7. I will not be suckered into similar tips on the stockmarket on the grounds that this is a safe place to put the unused portion of my Betting Bank.

8. I will not be suckered into investing into betting plans or selection services provided by people or firms I don’t know.

9. I will not be suckered into betting on horses simply because they have firmed in the market because I know that several horses in every race firm and they can’t all win.

10. I will not be suckered into keeping all my betting funds in one Betting Bank with the aim of making my fortune this year. Instead I will split my Bank into two so that I have a reserve Bank should the worst happen. One Bank may well go but hopefully not two.

So there it is, my best resolutions for this or any other year.

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