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The week of September 13th to 17th, at Rafferys Resort (near Newcastle) a group of about a dozen punters assembled to hear one of Australia's most experienced form analysts Garry Robinson, present a Seminar on Professional Punting.

During the Seminar, the group learned about the success stories of punters who had graduated and gone on to become regular winning punters and during the week, some of these dropped in to tell how they came to evolve their own individual methods.

During one session, the group workshopped to produce a valid selection method based on following highly consistent horses on Saturday Metropolitan
meetings. To ensure that the selection method was valid, the plan was initially tested for the period commencing January 1st 2004. This was successful. The plan was then tested for the same period in 2003 with similar results. Another slice of history was then tested with equally positive results and finally, the plan was tested across the past five years to further qualify the selections process.

The end result produced a 37% strike rate with a positive profit on turnover, even on level stakes using TAB dividends only. Now no pan can be considered valid if it does not have a decent losing run. Statistically, all plans must have a run of losers at some stage, otherwise the system cannot be real. This plan produced one losing run of twelve which, while not the worst that can be experienced, still served to validate the whole exercise.

The consensus of the group was that using IAS, who provide best fluctuation betting, a profit on turnover of better than 20% would be achieved.

But it wasn't all hard work sitting around the computer. Raffertys is a top class resort and there were many lively conversations around the dinner table as the best wines and beers were consumed along with some excellent local seafood. To keep the weight down, a group of us walked to local beaches and lake fronts to soak in some local air.

Doug Kercher, a golf professional and also part time punter, put us thorugh a series of clinics designed to explain the game and teach the basic strokes. Here you see Doug setting up Colin for his first ever golf shot.

Everyone agreed that Doug's input was fantastic and we decided that a future Racing/Golf seminar might be an option at Queensland's fabulous Gold Coast.

The next Winform Racing Seminar will be held from Monday 12th to Friday 16th Seminar 2005 and will cost $2595 per person. We are also going to be holding several one day Seminars from February 2005 at several Metropolitan locations. Anyone interested in attending one of those seminars can register their interest by emailing their contact details to Leanne at direct@hunterlink.net.au

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