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My Favourite Book
by Garry Robinson

If you have ever backed a favourite or bet against one, then this book has something for you!

Everyone knows the strike rate of favourites, don’t they? But when do favourites achieve results that are above and below the average? This is the key to improving your strike rate, whether you are using the strategies from Make Racing Pay, or another source, you can use the statistics we have gathered to improve your results.

By looking at over 55 000 races we have been able to collect the data that you need to decide whether to back the favourite or not in a particular race. Whether you are backing horses for the win, the place or for trifectas, you will find the information we have gathered in this book can increase your strike rates considerably. There is no longer any reason for not understanding the results that favourites are capable of.

Here are some of the factors that we have analysed and discussed:

Last Start Beaten Favourites; Last Start Favourites; Last Start Winners;
A.P.I Rank; Distance; Barrier;
Pre Post Market Position; Field Size; Time Of The Year;

Race Number; Career Starts; Age Of Horse; TAB Number; First Starters; Area; Runs From A Spell; Wins At This Track And Distance; Places At This Track And Distance; Metro Favourites By Last Start Area; Provincial Favourites By Last Start Area; Country Favourites By Last Start Area; Track Condition; Track; and dozens more were considered.

You can see from all the factors that were covered that there is a wealth of information that can assist any punter. No matter what kind of betting you are interested in, there will be some useful information that can be used to increase your strike rates and your results.

No matter what you think you know about backing favourites,
this book will change your views.

Don’t rely on out-dated theories any longer, get the statistics that can tell you the answers that you need. The difference between winning and losing is often your knowledge. You can develop a greater understanding of favourites, when they are good value and when they are not. Simply spend the time looking at this statistics provided and apply them to the races you follow. The data is clearly discussed so that anyone will be able to understand the results, regardless of your level of experience.

Aren’t you tired of backing favourites only to have them beaten? There is a better way. You just need to know which favourites are worth backing and which aren’t. There is also the issue of whether or not to include the favourite in your exotic bets. When should you bet against the favourite and when should you include it in your selections? These questions are much easier to answer when you have the statistics for the kind of race and favourite that you are looking at. Increase your strike rate and your profits today? Order Now!

My Favourite Book is available to Mon-Members for just $89, and $69 for Members

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