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An Easy Cash Flow Business
by Garry Robinson

Now please don't misinterpret the 'easy' as nothing is totally easy but a business where you don't need premises, you don't need staff and you have minimal overheads, just has to be 'easy' when compared to the traditional types of buisnesses.

In normal businesses you need to invest large sums of money with a minimum of $10,000, $20,000 and perhaps $200-250,000 for some of the better known franchises. Returns can vary from as little as a few hunderd to a few thousand dollars per week and all of it is taxable.

Many businesses tie the owners down to working 10-12 hours per day and often six and seven days per week. Is it any wonder then, that making racing your business is attractive to a lot of people.

To operate a successsful Racing business you can start with any reasonable amout of capital provided you are prepared to reinvest any profits until your capital has built up. You will need exactly the same attributes that all sucessful business owners have i.e. discipline, your full attention and a commitment to the finer financial details.You will also need access to a highly reputable information provider.

Winform has been operating as a provider of information to the Racing industry since 1986 and that information goes beyond just supplying selections. As Racing has become a seven days a week industry, two things have happened. Margins have become tighter as more people have access to reliable information and also, the market for investing on your selections has become more competitive as the players i.e. TAB's and bookmakers, battle for an increasing share of these dollars.

In keeping with these trends, Winform not only provides selections but also consults with clients on how best to 'invest' their bets and where to bet them to provide a better return. It is a matter of record that Winform clients have been able to obtain double the profits available by simply betting on the TAB. We have even been able to obtain up to $300 worth of bets free for new clients.

We said that Racing is now a seven day a week operation. This simply means that with the increased availability of Racing it is now posssible to choose which days you wish to operate your racing buisness, and that can vary from just one or two days to the whole seven if you wish but even a person operating seven days a week will be limited to a five hour day.

At Winform we are able to tailor a package to suit the individual's availability to operate i.e the days you wish to work, the capital you have to operate with and the profit goals you hope to achieve. A profit goal of just $100 per day, for example, will provide a tax free income of over $35,000 per year. The cost of obtaining professional information and assistance to achieve this is as little as $1100 per year.

An upgraded premium package is $1995 and for the full time professional, a full on service including your own computer handicapping program and daily updated form package is about $100 per week or $4500 per year for those who wish to make their own selections.

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