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Beadman Appeals Ban

We received the following email from Lawrie Carlton. As readers would know, Darren Beadman was suspended from Racing last weekend because of intererence he caused when riding Lonhro to yet another Group victory.

So far the Racing media has picked up only one side of the argument with strong support from people like Mike Gibson in today's Daily Telegraph (16/10/2003) pleading for the ban to be reduced by one day so that Beadman can ride Lonhro in the Cox Plate.

There are others I am sure, who will remember his ride on Lonhro in last year's Cox where he gave the horse no hope with an uncharacterisic bad ride and hope that the suspension stands.

The other school of thought is that Beadman should be treated exactly the same as any other jockey and that the suspension should be served as given. He did after all, admit to causing the interference, interference that could have caused harm to his fellow riders.

Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 8:29 PM
Subject: Beadman/Lonhro


Can I suggest that you contact all of your members and urge them to email Racing Victoria asking them to reconsider the implications of the 14 race ban on D Beadman?

Anyone with a heart can see that it is most unfair not to allow Darren to ride Lonhro considering the minor indiscretion.

The contact at Racing Victoria is:


Lawrie Carlton

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