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$100 Per Day Tax Free A Real Possibility
By Garry Robinson

For about ten years now, ever since the $100 per day plan was first released in Turf Monthly magazine, thousands of people have taken advantage of this remarkable plan to make tax free dollars from racing.

The operation of the Plan, though, has proved difficult for people who know little about Racing, and as a consequence, Winform Publishing has now released a new computer program which entirely takes the guesswork out of the $100 per Day Plan.

Now all you have to do, is enter the price of each horse directly from the TAB screen on your teletext or from your computer. Once this is done, the program swings into action and nominates, not only the selections, but the amounts to put on each horse to win your $100. Of course, not every race is a winner but you will win roughly one race in two, so once in front for the day you simply collect your winings and spend the rest of the day relaxing or whatever it is you wish to do.

The secret of winning at Racing is not to be to greedy. take frequent sips from the well, if you must, but don't try to empty the bucket in one go.

For some people, it may be best to simply operate the plan to try to make just $10 per day or $20 per day, whatever your circumstances will allow. This could be achieved with a moderate bank of just a few hundred dollars. For many users, the very first race of the day would prove to be the last race of the day. For others , it may be that you have to bet several races before emerging a winner. Either way, the program works well enough to please almost any punter.

We recall one Member who had the benefit of using the plan with his own strategy, who made a profit on 42 consecutive days. He began with a very small initial bet but by the end of this period, he was confidentiy betting over $200 per race. Of course, Paul is an experienced punter.

For the inexperienced Punter, the new computer program is exactly what is needed, provided you have a computer.

For those who don't have a computer, there is a solution. We have programmed the latest Sharp PC 700 with a similar program. The Staker sells for just $880 or just $770 if you are already a Member of the Winform Racing Club. This also come with a comprehensive manual so you can't make a mistake. The unit is hand held and is ideal for taking to the races or your local TAB, PubTAB or ClubTAB.

The cost of the $100 Per Day Plan computer program is only $249 and comes with detailed instructions and a comprehensive help file on CD ROM for Windows.

Whatever you do, accept that you will have some days when winners will be impossible to find, it happens. On these days you simply walk away if you get several losing races in a row. The money will be there again tomorrow. For a $10 bet per race we start our stop loss at $100, for $20 it is $200 and so on. With any normal run, you are likley to be far in advance of this before you suffer a losing day.

If you would like to purchase the $100 Per Day Plan software or the Winform Staker, simply go to the Winform Bookshop or call (02) 49501747 during business hours.

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