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by Garry Robinson

As I sit here in my air conditioned office with my jacket done right up and while I listen to the winter wind rattling the windows, I am not at all concerned about the prospects of having another winning day. From nine eligible races yesterday, there were two winning races, each returning a substantial profit. The day before it was four winning races from six and an overall profit of $1400+ for the two days.

It didn't worry me that the track was wet or the wind stirred the horses up, or that the jockey got mud in his face (sorry guys and gals) or that there were only two bookmakers and fifty people at the track. It doesn't concern me that my profits came from the losses of the thousands and thousands of mug punters out there that blindly follow the latest tips on Sky Channel or Racing Radio or "our man at the track".

In my latest book Make Racing Pay I revealed the strategy in detail and it doesn't involve backing favourites. In spite of this, we believe that 90% of all books sold are read once or twice and put away in the drawer. That's O.K. as it leaves plenty of money in the pot for the few who take it on and continue to prosper.

Looking back, I can see that there have been some losing months, mainly over the Summer when Racing is more predictable and the longshots are less obvious. As we move through late Autumn and early Winter we get our share of wet and dry tracks which tends to camouflage the form to the ordinary punter.

We, armed with complete form and histories of each horse's likes and dislikes, are in a much better position to exploit the lack of knowledge exhibited by the mug punter. Of course, it costs money to get the right information, yet hardly a day goes by when we don't get phone calls and emails from readers searching for sources of cheap or free form. These same people are the ones who get upset when the free form source proves to be less than accurate.

Well, accuracy is what you pay for. We can tell you though that there is some free form at nswracing.com.au . That form is intended for the use of the owners and trainers of the horses in upcoming NSW races who pay the acceptance fees. Take advantage if you want. There are other good sources in other states if you care to look.

Now where were we. Yes, the way to make money at this time of the year is to be prepared to bet more than one horse in a race. The results recorded above were achieved because of this. We don't pretend to know enough to be able to consistently select single selections when conditions are so variable yet we do continue to find the winner in our top three selections just slightly less than 50% of the time, Summer and Winter, Autumn and Spring.

My 1993 book The Ultimate Strategy can be downloaded free from our website. My new book, which highlights today's successful strategies, is available from the Winform Bookshop.

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