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Australian Racing is Big Business

The 2001 Edition of the Australian Racing Fact Book was released earlier this month. This book contains an extensive record of industry statistics as well as a comprehensive directory of the individuals and organisations involved in racing both in Australia and internationally.

The 2000/2001 edition assembles a range of useful facts and figures as a handy guide to any person wanting information on major aspects of the industry, including: -
· Prizemoney - Prizemoney is a key indicator of the economic health of the industry, and continues to rise across the nation, with national prizemoney currently standing at over $311 million. Prizemoney plus incentive payments amount to a national purse worth $324 million.
· Million Dollar Horses - There were 10 horses during the season to earn over $1 million in prizemoney, with Brew, winner of the 2000 Melbourne Cup earning over $2.2 million. Sunline, the highest stakes earner in Australian history, this year became the first horse to earn over $8 million in prizemoney.
· Racing - Australia has 454 race clubs, more than any other country, that is the 2000/2001 season ran more than 21,000 races. Australia has the second highest racehorse population in the world with over 31,000 horses.
· Thoroughbred Sales & Exports - Total sales have increased since 1999/2000, with gross sales and prices of yearlings continuing to rise. Exports have almost doubled since 1997, with imports dropping 24% from last year.
· International Standing - Australia produces around 16% of the world's foal crop, second only to the United States. Australian prizemoney is the third highest in the world, and offers more than Britain, Ireland and France combined.

For more information, or to obtain a copy of the Fact Book go to www.australian-racing.net.au

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