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Here's something for you to think about. Imagine you have just travelled 1,000 kms and paid out a couple of thousand dollars to get to the Cox Plate and then can't have a bet!

Here's how Garry Robinson got caught out.

We put this in as a warning to the unwary.

Garry phoned Tabcorp and deposited his betting funds to his Tabcorp account via credit card and was assured he could use the funds in his account at Moonee Valley on Saturday. When placing his first bet (a winning Quinella and Trifecta), the tote operator told him he could NOT use his account and this was confirmed by an on course supervisor. Garry called TABCORP direct and there the supervisor assured Garry he could do so. The Moonee Valley Tote manager was brought into play and he was able to contact the head of TABCORP's wagering division who not only refused to allow Garry's card to be used at the track, he would not even allow the Moonee Valley tote to take out the money to cover the bets that Garry had already made. Fortunately Garry had sufficient cash to cover this and leading Rails bookmaker Rod Cleary, was happy to cover any of Garry's bets for the day (although not the trifecta and quinella bets . Strangely enough, Garry was also able to place bets OVER THE PHONE to TABCORP.

Now here's the next problem. Garry would have liked to have cancelled his credit card deposit but now TABCORP will not allow the transaction to be reversed. The only way Garry can access his money is to bet it through. Only after all the money deposited has been bet, can Garry make a withdrawal.


All this happened because of Victorian legislation covering the use of credit cards for betting funds. Can you imagine the situation for a problem gambler who deposits funds by credit card but comes to his senses and tries to get the money back. TABCORP (and the government) says to him. "Sorry, once you've put the money in you must bet it so we can get out profit, bugger you and your wife and kids mate!"

You can be sure that the bottom line for any betting legislation changes is a profit for a Government or quasi government instrumentality.

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