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by Garry Robinson

On a recent day at Sandown in Victoria, Winform selected three of the first five winners on top. It was a great performance, especially as all three winners were at better than average prices and even better than bookmaker prices on course.

Most punters have at least one TAB account and some two or even three, because there are differences everyday between the dividends on the three different TABs. But even if you have three accounts (one on STAB, one on TAB limited and one at Unitab) and can see which TAB is currently paying the best dividend, you are still guessing which one will end up paying the best dividend.

One Australian company, IASBet (now SportsBet), shows the three different dividends plus their current fixed price, on their internet site. This means that you could take the fixed price or call your TAB and get their price (less or plus any deviations before the start) but you still wont know exactly how you will end up. Have you got the best price?

There is one other choice. IASBet (now SportsBet) offers Diviplus. This is a dividend guaranteed to be greater than any one of the three major TABs. All of a sudden the only guess work is whether or not the final TAB dividend will be greater than the fixed price. This is obvious most of the time.

On the 6th of March we compared the winners prices of the first five races as you will see below. (* indicates a top rated Winform selection)

Race and Winning Horse NSW STAB Unitab Diviplus
Sandown R1 Rorys Babe* 6.70 8.80 7.60 8.90
Sandown R 2 Yaremiss 11.30 11.70 12.40 12.50
Sandown R3 Monroe* 7.10 6.80 6.30 7.20
Sandown R4 Berezney 6.50 7.10 6.90 7.20
Sandown R5 Mrs. Tendulkar* 5.50 5.50 5.20 5.55
Totals 37.10 39.90 38.40 41.35

It is clear that the diviplus option at a difference of more than 10% is the way to go and we recommend it. All of a sudden you only need one account and you get either the best TAB dividend (on all Metropolitan races in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane) or if you choose, the fixed bookmakers price.

These options are available on the internet up to one minute before the jump (minimum bet $5) or on the phone (minimum bet $50) up to four minutes before the jump.

When you consider that even the NSWTAB (TAB Limited) requires a minimum phone bet of $10 on their 13 2822 phone line, and Unitab steering customers towards their voice activated service, then the options offered by IASBet (now SportsBet) are a good option.

Winform has a number of selection services and hope to select enough winners to make a profit. Winform does not have any control, though, over the prices. We recommend that you always try to get the best possible price.

When you consider that the difference could be as much as 10%, it is too much to lose.

Figures we have available suggest that the average punter invests $9,000 per year, that 10% difference on dividends works out at $900 extra profit in your pocket. For the above average punter the differences could be enormous.

Readers who would like more information, and wish to learn how to get up to $300 worth of free bets, simply by opening an account with IASBet (now SportsBet), can click here.

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